2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set

Today, June 16, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. This set contains the uncirculated versions of six different dollar coins issued for this year.


Across the six different coins included in the set, three different series and three different production facilities are represented. Specifically, each set contains the following coins:

  • Four 2015 Presidential Dollar Coins featuring the 33rd to 36th Presidents of the United States, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. A bold portrait of each President is featured on the obverse of the coin, paired with a common reverse design depicting the Statue of Liberty. Each of these coins are struck at the Philadelphia Mint and carry the “P” mint mark.
  • One 2015 Native American Dollar honoring the contributions of the Mohawk Ironworkers. The revere design depicts an ironworker reaching for an I-beam as it swings into position against the curved city skyline. This coin is struck at the Denver Mint and carries the “D” mint mark.
  • One 2015 American Silver Eagle struck in collectible uncirculated or burnished format. This coin features Adolph A. Weinman’s rendition of Walking Liberty on the obverse with a heraldic eagle designed by John Mercanti on the reverse. This coin is struck at the West Point Mint and carries the “W” mint mark.

The six coins are mounted within a display folder illustrated with flag imagery and containing coin specification information and a certificate of authenticity.


The 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set is priced at $46.95 per set. This represents an increase of $2 compared to the price of the prior year set.

The product is offered without a stated product limit or household ordering limit. The prior year set had carried a product limit of 50,000 units, but has only sold 26,768 units since being released more than nine months ago.

The United States Mint has previously offered the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set in 2007 and 2008. The product was canceled for the following three years due to low silver blank supplies amidst high market demand for bullion. The set was reintroduced in 2012 and has been offered each year since.

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  1. Clark says

    The Mint sent me a confirmation order number for this set this morning at 12:55 a.m. EDT. I guess subscriptions to Mint products help one to get a jump start.

  2. JagFan says

    I like this series and I have all of the others. I will pick one up down the road – I usually place a couple of large orders each year to save on shipping..

    On a side note – the 2007 & 2008 sets does not contain the Burnished Eagle – they come with the regular uncirculated version.

  3. D Rittenhouse says

    This set seems incomplete to me. Why have the “D” uncirculated Presidential dollar coins and the “P” uncirculated Native American dollar coin been excluded?

  4. Sith says

    @D Rittenhouse – Its to keep costs down, while you are at it why not throw in the proof ASE. Besides the packing looks nice with the current amount of coins, adding the additional coins IMO would make it too bulky.

  5. D Rittenhouse says

    It would be ridiculous to include a Proof ASE coin in a set labelled Uncirculated. Since the set doesn’t include all uncirculated dollar coins issued in 2015, maybe it should be called the “2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Sampler Set” to be truthful with the label. 🙂

  6. thePhelps says

    I am pretty sure these have always contained the burnished Eagle … these started the year after the mint started releasing the burnished eagles as a collectible. I don’t believe the mint has ever sold a bullion coin in a set of collectible coins… might be wrong – but I believe the only way to get bullion is through a reselelr.

  7. Brad says


    There was one time the bullion coin was sold directly by the Mint. The 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set had a bullion eagle without the Mint mark in it, but as I recall there was something slightly different about them that made them distinguishable from the other bullion coins. The Annual Uncirculated Dollar sets always had the W Silver Eagle in them, though. Unless there were some error versions that slipped out with a regular bullion Eagle in them. Anything is possible, I guess.

  8. thePhelps says

    @Brad… yeah – I thought there was an exception – just couldn’t put it in context. The 2011 set would be the exception tot he rule…

  9. Louis says

    National Parks commem designs reviewed today. You folks are going to love one and hate one! Also be sure to ask your congressional rep to support H.R. 2726, the moon landing commem program bill. I have something on it over at CW. Some very interesting aspects like the first 5 oz proof coin ever and curved to boot!

  10. GoldFishin says

    OT- Ordered my NC Dogwood 5 oz bullion puck presale from Gainesville today. Best cash price I could find at $2.39 per oz. over spot, but shipping is not free and may not be the best deal depending on how many or few you purchase, but it was the best deal for me. Good Luck>>

  11. Louis says

    GF- I did the same. If you buy one and pay by check (esp. as we have to wait a couple weeks anyway) that was the best deal. I paid $97 with shipping. I got the last one from them too and quality was very good.

  12. Dustyroads says

    Louis, I read your article earlier today, love the idea of the curved proof 5 oz., but surprised the Mint would be thinking about another curved coin release in the same sizes as the BHoF releases. I’m not complaining, I just thought the Mint would move on.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Some very interesting aspects like the first 5 oz proof coin ever and curved to boot!

    Hmm…..That gets the salivate going…

  14. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: Do you know of anywhere that has a pre packaged letter with a link to support the bill? I have sent my support for various things that way before and find extremely convenient…

  15. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: So convex would be Earth and concave side would be the moon crater with the lunar module and astronaut standing next to flag? Just trying to picture it…I guess wait for the renderings…I may draw something up and try and submit my idea if I qualify…

  16. GoldFishin says

    @FMT- it’s the 114th Congress… some of those bills you find on a google search are from previous Congresses. That’s one reason why you should reference the bill’s name.

  17. Louis says

    Make sure you are searching the current congress. It is definitely 2726. You can read the text of the bill for all the details. As for using the concave/convex approach again, the designs will be totally different, and as I have argued before it’s not the curved shape in the abstract that people like. They like it when it suits the topic. and I believe this is one that would work well.
    As for form letters, I do not know of one on this, but I can tell you having worked in the office where they used to send all the letters that were not from campaign contributors and friends of the Rep, you may want to call their office. they get a ton of emails and letters and send most to CRS, which responds with a report or articles on the topic. Also try calling the office in your state which is known as the district office as the staff there may have more time to talk to you. When you get them ask them if a letter to the member would help. Go to congress.gov as indicated above for contact info. The member’s web site will have all the dets.

  18. Louis says

    Also keep in the mind the 50th anniv is 2019, so that would be 5 years after the baseball coins. And I noticed there is something about accepting pre-orders with a discount! I wonder if the USM will go for it, but I like the idea.

  19. Louis says

    For those who said MCM would be the next GM- MCM is selling the Tanzania PF70 high relief lion coins for $169, and these were bringing about $300 on eBay. They also have the new HR elephant. The lions are terrific.

  20. Louis says

    Everything is at congress. gov, the web site created by the Library of Congress for the Congress. I was there when they set it up.

  21. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    “For those who said MCM would be the next GM”

    I think it is too early to reach a conclusion. At least I have not received any phone calls from an MCM account manager trying to sell a coin 😉

  22. D Rittenhouse says

    Louis said:
    Everything is at congress. gov, the web site created by the Library of Congress for the Congress. I was there when they set it up.

    I believe the Library of Congress was created by the Congress, and not vice versa. I doubt you were there when the Library of Congress was set up. 🙄

  23. Louis says

    Anyone can tell I am referring to the web site, not the creation of the LOC, which actually was established using the library of Thomas Jefferson. But good to see you have nothing better to do as always than try to twist people’s words. Maybe time to get a new hobby, not to mention a life.

  24. Jerry Diekmann says

    Louis and GolFishin’ – is there any kind of bill for silver coins to commemorate next years trio of the Wingwd Liberty Head Liberty dime, Standing Liberty quarter, and Walking Liberty half dollar? Apparently the Mint has found a loophole in the laws so they can mint these coins in gold or platinum, but I would love to see them minted as they opriginally were – in SILVER, and in uncirculated and proof, and better yet, at all three mints that first minted them. Has there been anyone in our dysfunctional Congress who has thought about anything else than not working with the other side who could introduce legislation for silver coins for this beautiful trio?

  25. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks all for the info. You get used to typing a google search and then expect that to be the answer. Not true. Found out the hard way. Trying to have a local auto repair done and had to have car towed to dealership duw to a lock out feature on the car than neither myself or the repair facility was aware of. Cant find anything about the feature online either. After two days i am thinking an attempt to steal the auto may be why it happened because it sat there all night. Appreciate the information and if you find the correct link to notify my rep please post the link.

  26. fmtransmitter says

    Don’t understand why one would continue to attack/ nitpick after so many ask politely to please stop it…

  27. cagcrisp says

    The Mint is continuing to go down the same road as the RCM and Perth Mints. Some of you’ll seem to like that. To each their own. Not for me. I have bought from both the RCM and Perth Mints, but not again.

    IF the Mint does Platinum in 2016 for the Merc, Standing and Walking, I will Pass and only be interested in Gold Bullion and picking up some Classic Gold…

  28. Sith says

    @D Rittenhouse – Technically a proof coin is uncirculated 🙂 But I agree it would be ridiculous.

    Not sure about the price on the 5oz in other places but I just got mine from APMEX for $96 and change, with free shipping

  29. cagcrisp says

    My daughter called me last night from Dallas to talk about an email attachment she had just sent. Someone in the greater Dallas area were selling to the highest bidder some coins. From the picture I could see about10-12 slabbed Silver Kennedy’s and a stack of cardboard holder coins. Stack of about 25 coins. No idea what was in the stack. Looked like One commemorative Gold coin and some Morgans. Looking at the PCGS I was able to see the highest price guide on one Kennedy was $35.

    ONLY 6 actual coins were visible and I would GUESS that the person knew enough to make the most expensive coins visible so FOR ME, I told her a couple of hundred dollars because you really cant SEE a Gold coin, just a Gold coin box.

    The last I heard Someone offered $1,150.00.

  30. Tinto says


    Thanks for the link.

    If there is only one coin I can lay hands on out of the three, it would be the Standing Liberty quarter.

  31. cagcrisp says

    @Tinto, See it takes all kinds. The Standing Liberty is my least favorite of the three. The bare breast will be a winner. It is just amazing to me that in the year 2015 SOME would find that offensive. I can only imagine how controversy the bare breast on the Standing Liberty OR the wings on the Winged Liberty head was in 1916…

  32. Tinto says

    And no dual dates …. thank goodness .. gotta start saving …. I was going to cut back a lot after 2016 so nice way to end my major purchases from the Mint (until 2019 …. if they approve the Moon Landing comm. then, I’ll buy one of each proof and unc …it’s something no other nation on Earth has accomplished )

  33. Tinto says


    And if I can get all 3, I will fork over additional $$ so I can put them all in a custom packaging display which the Mint says they might also make. … (20 – 40 bucks according to the survey)

  34. JBK says

    I like the idea of the gold replicas, and the placement of the gold content is better than I expeted, but the fonts and type styles userd are horrendous. They should be in the style of the orig
    inal era. The date on the Merc looks especially reduculous.

  35. Louis says

    Interesting CCAC today that ended with discussion of the 1916 anniv. coins. The Mint is proposing business strike gold in the weights I noted yesterday and with the original diameter. They have not worked out the thickness, but since gold is twice as dense as silver, it seems to be they would have to be thicker, not thinner as suggested yesterday. Some members would like to see platinum or silver and proofs, and coins with different mintmarks but that has not been worked out yet. I have a lot to do right now, but I thought I’s share this info.

  36. JBK says

    Thx Louis foe the CW article – I am old school so I will print off a copy to send to my Congressman.

    As for the thickness of the gold replicas, I am not sure I fully understnad it yet, but my assumption that they would be much thinner then the silver originals might not be correct. A silver dime weighs 2.5 grams, which is .08 ounces, but that is regular ounces and not troy, so I am still not there yet as far as what thickness they wpudk have to be.

  37. cagcrisp says

    Winged Head Liberty Dime is 2.50 grams = .0804 troy oz
    Standing Liberty Quarter is 6.25 grams = .2009 troy oz
    Walking Liberty Half Dollar is 12.50 grams = .4019 troy oz

    The proposed Gold for the 2016’s are .10, .25 and .50 troy oz ….SO…..the 3 coins will All be Thicker (assuming same diameter)

  38. Tinto says


    Business strikes? The survey I received just two days ago talked about proof finishes for the 3 . I guess the Mint made up their mind on this rather quickly ….

  39. cagcrisp says

    For the Troll:
    0.080376866421568 troy oz
    0.20094216605392 troy oz
    0.40188433210784 troy oz

  40. Louis says

    CC exactly. When you factor in the density of gold, that means if you replicated the original half, you would only have .2 oz of gold, so to make it a half ounce, it would have to be more than twice as thick. So maybe the first piedforts for the USM?
    I got a survey too but have not had time to answer yet.
    Bottom line is everything is fluid and can change.
    Next mtg is oct. 8 and maybe we will know more by then.

  41. JBK says

    I have a PO Box in another state where there is a family cottage, so I will also write to “my” congressman there, too, to urge passage of a Moon Landing coin program. I hope that people get on this and let their congressmembers know – it helps to hit them hard and build some momentum.

    That is what I did in response to a MNB piece about recent coin-related legislation that included Senator Vitter’s bill to end the Prez dollar coin program. He has introduced that bill for the past few years, but we are now 3 coins short of the end of the series, so it makes no sense at all. I sent out about 10 letters to key people who might be interested in this abomination, and I got my first reply back already. The Director of the Reagan Library is on the case now that I alerted him to it, and I expect a few others I wrote to will “inquire” with Senator Vitter as well.

  42. Zaz says

    Y’all are forgetting that gold & platinum are twice as dense silver and the base metals, so the correct diameter on the fractional gold pieces would have to be increased respectively 16.5 = 17.9mm, 22 = 24.7mm and 27 = 30.6. So they would be thinner coins than usual. There was a reason the gold Kennedy half dollar was .75 oz.

  43. cagcrisp says

    In my above comments I was using Silver and Not Gold. I did not consider the Greater density of Gold vs Silver

  44. Tinto says


    Thanks for the link.

    I agree, the $5 is great looking to me …. the rest not so great ….. especially the $1 musical instruments reverse ….

  45. D Rittenhouse says

    Gold versions of silver coins which maintain the same diameters of the silver coins must necessarily be thinner. How much thinner? Here’s a simple ballpark number that doesn’t anyone to remember (from their high school days) the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

    The 2014 Kennedy gold half-dollar is exactly the same diameter as a silver half-dollar and it weighs exactly 0.75 troy ounce. In order to produce a gold coin which weighs exactly 2/3 of a Kennedy gold half-dollar (i.e. 0,50 troy ounce) and with exactly the same diameter, it is necessary to reduce the thickness to exactly 2/3 the thickness of a Kennedy gold half-dollar.

    This leads to an interesting question: “What, exactly, is the thickness of the Kennedy gold half-dollar?” The Mint coyly omits the thickness of this coin from it specification page: http://catalog.usmint.gov/K15.html#tab2.

  46. Two Cents says

    Regarding the complexity in figuring out how thick the 2016 gold anniversary coins would have to be, you would also have to factor in the original silver content of the three coins, which was 90% — not pure — silver.

  47. Louis says

    @DR- That’s what I was getting at. By the way, I knew you were joking last night and should not have reacted so strongly. But of course I used a time travel machine so that I could be there when they used Jefferson’s library to start the LOC.

  48. Louis says

    I had the same reaction to the parks coins and think many collectors will see it that way too. Read the excellent (not by me) article in the July issue of Coinage on the CCAC and coin designs for the views of real artists and sculptors on the issues with designs and the process too.

  49. cagcrisp says

    All 13 Kennedy coins issued in 2014 had the same diameter and thickness =30.61mm diameter and 2.16 mm thickness. Assuming the 2016 Walking Liberty will have the same diameter, you can say the Gold will be 1.4400 mm thick. The 1916 Silver Walking Liberty was 1.8 mm thick SO…the 2016 Gold Walking Liberty should be 80% thickness of the 1916 Silver Walking Liberty…

  50. D Rittenhouse says

    In conjunction with these three possible 1916 anniversary gold proof coins, I would like to see the Mint also issue the fractional Buffalo gold coins next year, with one wee change. The 1/4 ounce ($10) fractional Buffalo gold would have its diameter changed from the old 22 mm (0.866 in) to 21.21 mm (0.835 in), the exact diameter of the original Buffalo nickel, which was also minted back in 1916.

  51. Two Cents says


    Did you view the July issue of COINage online? I am a paid subscriber to the digital version of the magazine, but only the May issue is up on their website (though their June and July issues are currently being sold in their Back Issues section). Numerous emails to them have gone unanswered.

    Or did you buy the physical copy of the July issue at a store?

  52. Louis says

    @Two Cents- I get the paper version and it came on Monday. Made for much better lunch time reading than my usual fare of NY Times and Wash. Post. Strange that the online is so far behind. They’ve been touting a tablet version. Maybe that is more updated. I recommended the article to the outgoing CCAC chair.

  53. Dave SW FL says

    I cannot understand why a Walker in gold would be any different than the Kennedy half in gold if it were standard issue. Was the gold Kennedy thicker , thinner, or the same thickness as the silver Kennedy?

  54. Louis says

    The difference is the Mint wants the half dollar to weigh 1/2 oz of gold whereas the JFK weighed .75 oz. and they also want the diameter the same as the original, so if they stick with that, it would have to be thinner.

  55. Dave SW FL says

    Thanks, Louis. Given 3/4 oz reduced to 1/2 oz on the same diameter, that would make the Walker only 2/3 the thickness of the Kennedy gold. That doesn’t get me excited – seems they are cheapening the concept. Once they did the Kennedy, why change future gold halfs??? There is no logic here.

    As I posted (last post of 6/15 article) before, I’d really, really , really like to see these done in silver. Reasoning given in that post.

    Come on Mint. Do the right thing…….go SILVER!!!

  56. Two Cents says

    Thanks, Louis. I used to get the print version of COINage every month, but it took so long to get where I live, the covers would often be ripped up, and the digital version is cheaper. What bugs me is that they have not responded to my emails going on three weeks now. Coin World is much more responsive, and their weekly magazine is online every Saturday without exception.

    Dave SW FL, I agree with you, I’d like to see silver versions of the 1916 anniversary coins. Maybe even a silver Lincoln cent and buffalo nickel (dated 1916, of course) in a single set. I think to get away from congressional action, the US Mint could change the diameters/weights of the coins — 5 oz for the half, 2-½ oz for the quarter, and 1 oz for the dime.

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