2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today, June 29, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for bags and rolls of circulating quality 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters. This represents the twenty-eighth overall release within the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.


The reverse design of the coin depicts the grace and curvature of the road hugging the side of a mountain, with the North Carolina state flower in the foreground. This was designed by Frank Morris and engraved by Joseph Menna.

The United States Mint had initially provided six different reverse design candidates to the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) for review and comment. The CCAC had recommended an alternative design depicting the Parkway at the Linn Cove Viaduct. The CFA had offered no recommendation from the provided candidates, expressing concern that the characteristic curvatures of the parkway were not accurately depicted. Ultimately, the authority to select the design rested with the Secretary of the Treasury.

The obverse design of the coin features the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan. This design has been used in common for all issues of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

The United States Mint is offering the standard six different numismatic products containing circulating quality examples of the Blue Ridge National Parkway Quarters. The products feature coins from the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint facilities, carrying the “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marks, respectively. The coins from Philadelphia and Denver are also released for circulation, while the coins from the San Francisco Mint are only available within numismatic products.

Products include 40-coin rolls with “S” mint mark coins available priced at $18.95 each, two roll sets containing “P” and “D” mint mark coins priced at $32.95, and three roll sets of “P”, “D”, and “S” mint mark coins priced at $46.95 each. There are also 100-coin bags available containing coins with either the “P”, “D”, or “S” mint mark priced at $34.95 each.

All bags and rolls feature wrappers or tags containing US Mint branding and including the name of the site, state abbreviation, mint mark, and face value of the contents. There are no stated mintage limits or household ordering limits in place.

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  1. Zaz says

    OT-Down to the finish line for HP1 Florence Harding FS proof coin, only 5 left as of today. Grace Coolidge is not far behind from sellout with 29 coins left. Both will finish slightly above Eleanor proof in low 2,400s. Woo hoo!

  2. Kevin says

    The turkey was nice, but the Blue Ridge Parkway design is by far my favorite of the year. I’m definitely going to pick up both of the 5oz versions when they are finally available.

    I’m still a little unsure as to whether the bullion or uncirc designs will be the better plays 25 years from now. Uncirc is by far the better quality coin, however with all of them entombed in plastic straight from the mint, will the bullion pucks in better condition be the true winners as the less perfect ones are intentionally or unintentionally abused over the years?

  3. MLA says

    As listed on MNB for all of bagged and rolled 2014 AtB
    “There are no stated mintage limits or household ordering limits in place. The US Mint indicates that the products will remain available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year time frame.”

    I talked with an assistant director on the 17th, as to why the Shenandoah S AtB bagged and rolled are still on sell. The jest was that the mint over produced and it will remain on sell till the inventory level is low enough to melt down the remaining, “to save the tax payer money”.

    It sounds like what the Mint did to the FS 2013 / 2014

    Just looking at what’s sold of the Arches and Great Sand Dunes S AtB bagged and rolled. There’s NO RUSH TO BUY, as they will be on sell for a while yet, assuming the mint over produced these also. Everglades ?????????
    Looks like sales are slowing on the remaining 2014, based on last sales report!

    The bright side is there maybe some opportunities with the 2015 forward, if they start restricting the mintage “to demand”!
    But, then again they could be like the AtB 2010 unc and circ sets ( N86 & N89 ), a never ending story.

    One thing that struck me as ironic, I was told the mint didn’t want to create any rarities (low mintage), paraphrased.

    Good luck and enjoy

  4. KEITHSTER says

    Got two of these in change yesterday don’t remember where though? Did check My bank last Friday after reading here that they were out but they had none. but the should in about a week or so. Well good luck all that are in the mint site for the C&C’s should be interesting? Did get a $20 pay forward at the gas station yesterday well it was mom who saved the money but it was cool thanks lady at pump 7 ! Let the games begin and Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:> :>:>:>:>:>?

  5. Kevin says

    Screw it, rather than melting all the extra S mint quarters down just release them in circulation. Cut through all the red tape and just do it…

  6. Teach says

    28 down…..28 more to go. I like the design too, should be a higher pop. of these in both of the puck versions.

  7. gary says

    Rather than lose the seignorage on the “S” mint quarters I’m sure the Mint will simply unroll the leftover inventories of these and mix them in with future minted circulating quarters and ship to the Fed banks. Much easier to do.
    I’m looking forward to the Blue Ridge Parkway silver P-mint 5 ounce! It’s a nice design!

  8. Sith says

    @Kevin – IMHO, the real winners in 25 years will be the MS-69 DMPLs, then it will be followed by the uncirculated, and then bullion. Of course I’m not following my own advice and I don’t own a single DMPL.

  9. mark says

    Do not think they melt clad coinage. They waffle them then sell to scrap yards. Not worth their time effort and cost of energy (natural or propane gas) to melt non precious metal coins.

  10. cagcrisp says

    Spreadsheet is OUT. It is Notoriously Wrong concerning Gold sales in Particular. Very Seldom is it Correct concerning the FS coins. That being said the numbers for the Gold Jackie are as follows :

    Gold Jackie Proof 7,936 66%
    Gold Jackie Uncirculated 4,072 34%
    Total Gold Jackie 12,008

    First Day Sale Gold Jackie Proof 7,102 65%
    First Day Sale Gold Jackie Uncirculated 3,792 35%
    Total Gold Jackie First Day 10,894

    Total Gold Jackie Proof After First Day 834 75%
    Total Gold Jackie Uncirculated After First Day 280 25%
    Total Gold Jackie After First Day 1,114

  11. thePhelps says

    The idea that the mint melts clad coins… leaves the conversation with the “assistant director” in doubt. They don’t melt the excess they waffle it as already mentioned. While he may indeed be suggesting they aren’t going to send the excess to the waffle machine – the “over produced” seems to be the main problem.

    I agree with gary…just roll them into the same room the other clads are and let them loose into the main stream…

    cag… that seems to suggest there isn’t a pent up demand for the Jackie coins… I doubt they sale 30k of them myself. That said…the mint is probably off producing 15k more and will have them on sale until 2017…

  12. maddogdday says

    Anyone else having a problem with the Mint website login today. It is saying that I don’t have an account with them and it won’t accept my username and password. Only been a customer with online ordering for 15 plus years.

  13. GoldFishin says

    @maddog- no problems here, make sure you don’t have your caps locked. I have an all cap password and sometimes I forget that and leave them locked and then I go to another site and have problems logging in.
    Other than that, just give it a while and try again. Call CS if all else fails.

  14. maddogdday says


    Many thanks. I ended up having to call them. Had to reset my password over the phone and all seems well at the moment. They offered no explanation on what happened with my account. Was beginning to think it was a conspiracy to keep me from ordering tomorrow at noon. Good thing I checked today. 🙂

    Thanks again for both of your replies.

  15. Ends in Error says

    Called Mint a while ago and canceled one of my orders for 2 Jackie Proofs. I’m considering canceling another order consisting of one each Proof and Unc. Or maybe the one with 2 Uncs.

    I like fast shipping, the Memphis team be draggin they ice. They snoozin they loosin.

  16. Boz says

    Enrollment orders of the parkway coins have shipped today, according to a email. They finally seem to have gotten the order email system up and going.

  17. says

    I just logged in without a problem other than finding out my Jackie O proof is on ‘back order’! Until Monday @ approx. 1500HR ET both coins were in processing.

    Same day as I ordered (Thur.25 June 2015) my credit card was ‘pinged’ for full amt. as if both coins were being sold: $1,564.95

    So aggravating, I completed my 25 June 2015 order within the lst ten minutes of 12 noon start. Order# USM03343XXX.

    Sense/MHO the US Mint is:
    #1) Selling large numbers (bulk) to commercial sales (TV guys) – ahead of those who – earlier – have placed single coin orders.
    #2) Selling items they do not have in stock.
    #3) Minimal retailing competence.

    Telcon this date to US Mint a challenge to understand not so articulate with minimal enunciation capability lady on the other end.

    Very frustrating. Buying coins should not become a test of will.

    Semper Fi

  18. GoldFishin says

    @Silky said-
    “…minimal enunciation capability…”
    “Very frustrating. Buying coins should not become a test of will.”

    Best laugh I had all day! 🙂 To be clear, laughing with you, not at your experience with your order. Cheers!

  19. Larry says

    From Coinnews.net, dates for the releases of the rest of the C&C sets:

    2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower Coin & Chronicles Set – Aug. 11, 2015
    2015 John F. Kennedy Coin & Chronicles Set – Sept. 15, 2015
    2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin & Chronicles Set – October 2015

  20. MLA says

    @ thePhelps
    Mr Stump called me said he was Assistant Director in Public Affairs.
    Call 202.756.6468 if you feel the need to verify.

  21. mark says

    Wonder what cost the U.S Mint more money. (Over producing coins and having them hang around forever.) Or (under producing) and slow sales because no one wants to wait for months to receive their order.

  22. thePhelps says

    MLA… it isn’t a matter of how he presented himself to you – it is more about the information he passed on – as is typical information from the mint – bad. I am close to pulling the plug on mint buying for a while again myself.

  23. Ends in Error says

    With Puerto Rico all Greeced up and ready to slid down the hole, will the whole show go down with it? Maybe I better stop pitching my pennies at the Mint for a while. This stuff I’m hoarding is gonna just be baggage for me. Just something to slow me down.

  24. john says

    Got a email from mint about a order today,I did not make.someone use my account to place a order for over 3000.00.It was stop change mt Id and password.

  25. hilo says

    Way OT, but is anyone seeing those 09 Lincoln pennys, or 07 Lewis & Clark nickles in change ??

  26. TMMSR0127 says

    @ Louis:

    Congratulations on your JKO coin being shipped.

    I am still waiting for my shipping acknowledgment, I placed my order within the first 2 minutes (my email confirmation for my order is time stamped at 12:02 pm June 25). I hope to get a shipping confirmation email from the mint soon…

  27. Louis says

    Thanks, TMM. My order was not placed until about an hr. in, so this is evidence that “first in, first out” is not exactly what is happening as far as I can tell, but I am pleased nonetheless.

  28. Louis says

    CC- Yes indeed. The HQ kiosk today told me they did get some proofs but are sold out and of course don’t know if or when they are getting more.

  29. TMMSR0127 says


    I am curious – did you order the JKO coin as a stand alone purchase? Or did you order both the Unc and the Proof on a single order?

  30. Ralph says

    Seems to be a slow down in the interest in the 2015 Presidential $1 & First Spouse Medal Set’s. Even the upcoming Kennedy isn’t doing much and it’s available for under $20. Just cancelled my Truman & Eisenhower orders. All geared up for noon tomorrow!!

  31. hw says

    My JKO Unc shipped today. I cancelled the other half of my order for the proof which is still on back-order. I am thinking of refusing delivery of the UNC as well in light of all the shenanigans by the US Mint. Very disappointed in the ordering process.

  32. Ends in Error says

    Bess Truman 3 Proofs, 87 BU left before Out of Stock…. or will it be Sold Out?

    Probably not.

  33. Tinto says

    The US Mint has been giving regular collectors the fat middle finger for a long time IMO the most glaring being the non-issuance of the 2009 proof silver eagle just so they could churn out more bullion to appease the big boys … glad I was never collecting proof silver eagles. Been weaning myself from the Mint, I haven’t bought any gold or platinum this year and much less after 2016 … except for the 2019 Moon Landing (if it gets approved)

    This HH limit is totally within the Mint’s control yet they choose not to reduce it to say 2, not even for the first week or rest of this week, so that it gets a wider distribution to the collector base … but noooo they don’t want to anger the big boys …

  34. charles says

    So anyone jumping In on the Truman C & C set tomorrow? Do you expect a fast sell-out?….and how sells go may give us a good idea as to whether the reverse proof dollar with a mintage of 17,000 will be an indication as to how the other C & C sets will do.

    Appreciate anyone’s thoughts..Charles on my tablet aka Steve on my pc.

  35. Ends in Error says

    My one order of 2 BU Jacqueline FS Golds shipped today. The order of the BU & Proof is still on Backorder. Of course I canceled the order with the 2 Proofs. I think I’ll cancel that mixed order also. I ordered a BU Mamie Eisenhower today. No idea why.

  36. Dustyroads says

    Charles on my tablet aka Steve on my pc, There have been some mixed feelings here about the sets, but 17,000 is a good number, plus it’s affordable to most. I expect the sets to be active.

  37. VaBeachSteve says

    Couldn’t help but notice MCM is now pre-selling the Jackie O PF70 ER/FR for $995. They have sold the last 4-5 previous FS coins for $919. I wonder if this is the GovMint influence beginning already? With only 10k sold and slowing sells, I expect to pick this up on the Bay at a lower price in a couple weeks.

  38. Tinto says


    I’m jumping in tomorrow for the Truman … need the RP otherwise I wouldn’t have given any thought to it. Don’t know how long before it sells out, but the novelty of it could bring in other folks who would otherwise not touch it with a ten foot pole. (probably not for their collection but to flip it … IMO)

  39. VA Bob says

    The funny thing about the 17K mintage on the Truman C&C set is if the Mint never announced the mintage, this is probably around the number they would have sold anyway over a longer time period of course. Now there will be a feeding frenzy. Always amazed at what a little hype can do to a sale.

  40. D Rittenhouse says

    VA Bob,
    You’re probably correct. The FDR Coin & Chronicles Set has sold only 13,093 sets since as of last Sunday.

  41. says

    @Dusty…sorry for the confusion as to my identity….we go back a long ways and I have the utmost respect for your conributions on this blog.

    I’m still unsure of what to do tomorrow….would I like one set…yes….do I wany to buy five, sell four and see how it works out.

  42. Jerry Diekmann says

    Tinto – you reminded me that the Mint did not mint any proof SAEs during 2009, the only year missing since they began in 1986. I know some people think Mint Director Moy was some kind of great guy, but he should have left when Obama became Presidernt – all those appointed positions are supposed to give their resignations and do that when a new President comes in, but I guess Moy considered himself somewhat special. He created a gold UHR piedfort in 2009 (why?) but ruins the silver eagle set for collectors – why? I just thought Moy was an egotistical jerk, but now I think he was just doing what the big dealers wanted. And you’re right about the Mint giving the finger to collectors – they absolutely don’t give a damn about them, and they have no accountability for their decisions, many which make absolutely no sense from a customer’s point of view. I can understand people not wanting to deal with the Mint, but really, is Ebay any better? i really think that there is some favortism and dishonesty going on at the Mint. The GAO should really look into how the Mint operates – I bet they would find all kinds of corruption and bad business practices going on there. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

  43. ike says


  44. GoldFishin says

    @Steve-I think this C&C set tomorrow is a little expensive and I expect the aftermarket performance in OGP to be in line with the MOD Set. Both sets have about 1 troy oz of silver, both have a never been done before RP, and both are priced about the same with the MOD set at 61.95 and the C&C set at 57.95. After a couple of days the MOD sets were selling for about $95-$100 each. Until the last couple of days the presale C&C sets were selling for between $80-$95. What few sales there are now are selling for north of $100. I believe there will be more folks buying the C&C set with the sole purpose of flipping the sets, which may mean an adequate supply with everyone trying to get them sold as fast as possible. I don’t believe the Truman RP will carry the C&C set like the Roosevelt RP carried the MOD set for a couples reasons, First, the Roosevelt RP is a one and done deal, where as the RP Truman is to be followed by 3 other RP Presidential coins this year, with how many future Presidential RP coins yet to be determined? Also the Roosevelt RP dime is silver, as opposed to the Truman RP being a multi-vitamin, as I affectionately like to call the composition.
    I would like one set for my collection, other than that, I am not going to be really upset if I don’t get any. At the moment, I do not plan on spending any money on grading. I could change my opinion depending on the quality of the RP’s.
    As always, IF the US Mint only has a minimal amount of sets ready to go, the initial aftermarket performance could be quite a bit higher than if they have the entire 17K mintage ready to go, which I highly doubt. I see very little risk in buying the household limit of 5 sets and seeing how it shakes out.

  45. says

    I would also just like to make a general comment to you guys that I respect soo much. I used to comment much more often and plan so express my opinion (whether you agree or disagree) much more in the future. I’ve been through a rough time for over 9 months and my Dad at age 89 (married to my mother for 68 years…unheard of these days), passed away last week.
    He got my into collecting when I was about 10 years old….I was born in 1955…..we used to go through change and try to fill lup our blue Whitman albums…Mercury dimes at that point were my favorite.
    My Dad taught me that integrity, honesty, respect for others were how we should live our lives. I wish I were half the man my Dad was.

    So I can’t remember everyone I would like to acknowledge….I would like to thank Louis, Captain Overkill, FM,
    Dusty, Goldfishin, Cagcrisp….just to name of few of the respect I have for you guys….my Dad taught me a lot and I would love to exchange thoughts on your opionions on upcoming Mint releases….looking forward to the 2016 dime, quarter and half. And we will also have the 30th Anniversary Eagle coins. Personally, I hate the mint to demand 30 day window….would rather see a 150-200,000 set mintage with household limts of around 3. Anyway, 2016 looks to be one of the most exicting years.

    Would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, etc on these upcoming releases….and the 2015 High Relief coin.

    While I never really express it, I would like to say how much I’ve enjoyed this blog and everyone’s opinions. None of us are right or wrong, but what you think is what matters most.

    Take care my friends,
    Steve Dixon

  46. Clark says

    The always correct law of supply and demand suggests that Truman C&C sets will significantly outperform the MOD set. The biggest difference between the MOD set (product limit 75,000) and Truman C&C (product limit 17,000) is the number 58,000.

  47. says

    Goldfishing….I tend to agree with you….I doubt I would make any mony by trying to flip a set of 5.
    Thanks so much for your input!

  48. mjinden says

    I like this blog but too bad few can stay on the topic. What do you think of the Blue ridge coins in circulation?

  49. GoldFishin says

    @Clark- the mintage difference is significant and the big retailers seem excited to buy all they can, so I think it is a possibility. I just have a hard time getting excited over non PM coins, I admit it. Another thought, since this will be sort of an ongoing series, those who miss out on the first couple offerings, will have to go back later and pick them up, if they want to collect them all. It may be worth holding on to a few extras for later on.

    @Steve- I WOULD buy the 5 sets if I were you, you can always return or cancel if you change your mind. I think you will be able to sell the extras easily and at the very least, end up with 1 set for free. Also, I am very sorry about your dad. I know it is hard on your family and your mom especially. You will be in my prayers.

  50. Tinto says

    Just saw Coin Vault selling the Jackie Kennedy proof for around $1,200 … proof 70 NGC “First day of issue” … (whatever it means..)

  51. Clark says

    @GoldFishin–I know what you mean and I’m also not excited about the Truman Sets, but I will buy 5 and send the better $1 RPs to NGC for grading. I see more value in the RP as a key coin of the otherwise ho-hum $1 Presidential coin series as a low mintage coin, which in grade 70 will be valuable to trade for coins I need in years to come.

    Re: the discussion about what the Mint should do with stockpiled non-precious metal coins, I can only add that there are still untold, but vast, numbers of Susan B. Anthony dollars still waiting to enter circulation…since the 70’s. Our Mint has shown no rush to circulate even coins intended for circulation. Perhaps they’re just waiting for the usefulness of paper dollars to run its course.

  52. GoldFishin says

    @Tinto- what is most likely means is CV was a bulk purchaser of the J. Kennedy coin and whereas nobody on MNB has had a proof coin shipped yet, the CoinVault already has them graded and in stock. Just as many surmised here, it looks as if the early available supply, especially in proof, was purchased even before sales began.


    NGC may from time to time designate FIRST DAY OF ISSUE on select coins that have an official release date. In most cases, NGC will make the First Day of Issue designation available only to submitters of bulk quantities or at select trade shows. In cases where the First Day of Issue designation will be available instead to all submitters, an article with submission instructions and grading fees will be posted to the NGC website prior to a coin’s release. In all cases, the First Day of Issue designation is available only by special request and will require a higher grading fee. To qualify, coins must be received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository by the official release date or on the business day immediately following the official release date.

  53. Tinto says


    Thanks for showing NGC’s determination on their First Day of Issue label. I am glad I decided not to buy. And I’d wonder if proofs become available in a week or so whether these are the rejects from the TV sellers …

    Makes one wonder about the US Mint too, how totally they are in bed with the big boys … and their empty (to me) talk about collectors leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t know how much of a chance someone like me has vying for the Truman C&C ..if I can’t get it then I will convert earlier to a type RP set. I’d think the Kennedy C&C will be easier to get … but who knows? At least I will spend even less than planned on Mint products …

  54. Jeff says

    @Clark – not sure of the ‘untold, but vast, numbers, of Susan B’s still waiting to enter circulation. While there are very few in circulation today, they were only produced for circulation in 1979 and 1980. The ’81s were collector only, and all told, the circulating coins totaled about 3/4 of a billion. The 2000 Philly Sacabuck was produced in greater numbers, plus another half a billion from Denver. Supposedly there was a shortage of Susan B’s while the Golden Dollar was in the final stages of alloy brewing, requiring an additional mintage in 1999 of 40 million more. If there had been sacks of them around, I’m sure the Mint wouldn’t have produced them. Remember the Statehood quarters were just being rolled out, and they would ultimately produce about 4 billion quarters. Firing up the Susan B’s couldn’t have been a high priority unless truly needed.

  55. Zaz says

    3 hours and 50 min. to go. Just looked at my wish list, Truman C&C set says “in stock” now, heh heh. Who knows how this is all going to pan out in a few hours? Good luck all!

  56. cagcrisp says

    @Steve, so Sorry for the loss of your father. Condolences to you and your mother…

  57. cagcrisp says

    I don’t get the Truman C&C. At All…

    OT…I’ve said for some time that the Mint is going down the road of RCM or Perth. Just saw today where Perth is selling a “limited” 1500 Gold half soverign. All you guys that are chasing Lows, just what are you going to do when the US Mint comes out with a 1500 limit High Margin/High Dollar coin? Just wait , that’s the way it seems to be going. Instead of coming out with good designs, the Mints just comes out with “different finishes” or “different mint marks”. Not good in the long term…

    Chasing Low Mintages is just not the way to go. Instead of focusing on supply/DEMAND some of you guys just focus on the supply side and don’t think the DEMAND side has ANYTHING to do with it and then at SOME point you THINK demand will pick up BECAUSE of low SUPPLY…

  58. Ends in Error says

    Oh lorde i just had a thought – inspired by these upcoming C&C Sets. What if the Mint stopped selling Proof Sets and started selling each Coin individually, with a Silver Medal of some sort? And how about a low mintage to go with it all?

    No doubt the era of low mintage is upon us. How it plays out, after these C&C Sets, is the only unknown.

  59. Louis says

    @Steve- It’s great to hear from you, buddy! Very sorry about your father. I miss and think of mine every day. We have missed you here and hope you have a chance to drop a line from time to time. Happy collecting.

  60. gary says

    @Cagcrisp… it’s all about the RP Truman dollar and the possibility of getting a TPG slab 70, that’s all. The silver medal will be a bullion item eventually and the stamp can be used for postage (lol). You are right, to make a buck the U.S. Mint now turns tricks like reverse proof or enhanced whatevers with an assortment of mint mark letters to make a set of polished turd trinkets.

  61. NcCoinCollector says

    The downside risk with the Presidential reverse proof is that the novelty wears off.
    Would it not be awesome if the US Mint included a circulating 2015 S Kennedy in that set? or a Ike dollar in the Eisenhower set? Given the FDR and Lincoln sets had coins with those presidents it doesn’t seem right to exclude Ike and JFK.
    I may purchase a Truman set today but I am certain to get the Kennedy (the silver medal is too good to pass up given its link to the Kennedy half dollar).

  62. TMMSR0127 says


    I did NOT receive an email from the US Mint concerning the shipment of my JKO’s…

    After reading your post, I called the US Mint, and they confirmed that my UNC JKOs have also been sent – my Proofs are still ob back order. The customer representative provided a UPS ground tracking number and told me they are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday July 2.

    Thank you for providing the “heads up” on calling the mint for a shipment status.

  63. LurkingTroll says

    Same issue with my JKO FS order: online order status went from processing to backorder; after reading your post, called CS and sure enough Unc plus other item shipped with NO NOTIFICATION either via email or under my order history/summary page online. Proof still on back order

  64. LurkingTroll says

    Correction to previous (under moderation) post –
    I did receive email notification RE order shipment, but still no indication and/or tracking number on order history summary page online

  65. Clark says

    As we wait for 12 p.m. to arrive, I am wondering if we will ever see a Vice Presidential and Second Spouse series in the future after the Presidential and First Spouse series ends next year?

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