2015 Coin and Chronicles Sets to Include Reverse Proof Coins

The United States Mint has provided further information on the 2015 Coin and Chronicle Sets to be issued for Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. In a surprising development, each set will contain a reverse proof version of the corresponding Presidential Dollar.


The first mention of the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Sets came back in December when the US Mint posted their 2015 numismatic product schedule. At the time, the sets were listed for each President, however no information was provided as to the contents of the set, pricing, or product limits.

The next mention came in April when the price for the first set was indicated as $57.95 within a notice published within the Federal Register.

The US Mint has now revealed that each of the four sets will contain a reverse proof Presidential Dollar, Presidential Silver Medal, and stamp, with each item specific to each President.

The reverse proof Presidential Dollars were a surprise and should generate excitement with collectors. According to the Mint, the reverse proof dollars will be exclusive to the sets. They will be struck at the Philadelphia Mint and carry the “P” mint mark.  This will be the first time that the reverse proof finish has been used for the Presidential Dollar series and also the first time the finish has been used on a non-precious metal coin.

The 2015 Coin and Chronicles Set featuring Harry S. Truman is scheduled for release on June 30, 2015. A product limit of 17,000 units and ordering limit of 5 units per household has been indicated. The price as previously published will be $57.95 per set.

On sale dates and pricing for the remaining sets remains to be determined. The Mint has indicated that the product and household ordering limits will remain the same, except for the John F. Kennedy set, which will have a product limit of 25,000 units.

First impression- the product limits seem incredibly low compared to the demand these sets should generate. While previous Coin and Chronicles Sets featuring Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt had sold 15,145 units and 12,473 units (to date), respectively, these sets did not have the draw of a unique special finish coin. A more apt point of comparison is the March of Dimes Silver Set, containing a reverse proof dime, which had first day sales of 52,540 units.

Also recall back in 2009 when a Coin and Chronicles Set featuring Abraham Lincoln sold out of a limit of 50,000 sets with an ordering limit of 1 set per household in just a few days.

March of Dimes Special Silver Set Sales

The US Mint has provided update sales data on the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set, which contains the proof silver dollar along with two specially minted dimes.

As of today, sales have reached 66,109 units from the 75,000 production limit. This accounts for 88.15% of the production limit and leaves just 8,891 units remaining to be purchased.

The daily sales history for the product is as follows:

5/5- 52,540

5/6- 58,129

5/7- 63,882

5/8- 66,109

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  1. mark says

    17000 / 5 per household…this will be the best andrilian rush. Good luck. Will have 3 computers jammin.

  2. thePhelps says

    These will probably kill the system in the 1st few minutes based on the slow response and errors for the MOD sets… should be a fun time had by all

  3. Tinto says

    Wow got to get these too for the RP … but IMO the HH limit of 5 is way too high for such a small production of 17k … I think the Mint just wants to get the stuff out the door … damn the HH limits ….

  4. Larry says

    You better be logged into the mints website at 12:00. By 12:01 they will be gone. This is insanity!

  5. Jag-Fan says

    Makes you wonder if they will release a special 4 coin Presidential Reverse Proof set later in the year?

    With such a small population I wish they would do a lottery of some form to make it fair for all parties and limit it to one set per person.

    Even better yet, it you bought the prior two sets (Roosevelts) directly from the Mint over the past couple of years, you would automatically be given the first chance to buy one…

    There are going to be some Happy People and many, many Cranky People here on the blog!

  6. Mint News Blog says

    “Makes you wonder if they will release a special 4 coin Presidential Reverse Proof set later in the year? ”

    I wondered about that too, so I asked the Mint. They said, the reverse proof Presidential Dollars would be exclusive to the Coin and Chronicles Sets.

  7. Ends in Error says

    God D*mn the pusher man. You figger the mint wants to sell crack to the collecting world they’d do it in a little more civilized way. This is gonna be more controversial than the bus people at Chicago.

    Good luck US Mint. Go back to smokin and jokin. I’m starting to get a feel for your methods – definitely total madness.

    Sell out in 4. Except for the JFK. Sellout in 5 for that one. Minutes!

  8. Raphael says

    Medals are typically known for Not holding their worth. I still have not forgotten the 2003 NWRS Roosevelt Medals, production on most of those four was 25,000 each. Today most sell at what they sold for originally or in many case less depending on the price of silver. These maybe different because of the reverse proof finish.

  9. Ends in Error says

    Hey US Mint why not take it Nuclear?

    Put out 500 Reverse Proof Jackie O Gold Spouses?

  10. A Bob says

    I am only interested in the medals from the sets. I’ll wait until they are dumped on the bay.

  11. Boz says

    Don’t need em and don’t want em. Not gonna get suckered into starting any more multi year sets either.

  12. Tinto says

    I guess I’ll have to get ready to make my RP collection a type set sooner than later … hopefully the Mint will issue a complete RP proof set in 2016.

  13. Brad says

    It’s always possible the Mint may reduce the household order limit to one set prior to starting sales. Even if they don’t, you can rest assured that the sets after Truman will either have a higher production limit, a lower household order limit, or both.

    So, if nothing changes prior to opening day, Truman will be the most valuable of these sets.

  14. Clark says

    I’m all in even though my Dansco album for this series has no slots for RP varieties. I’ll need to add a new page, so here’s hoping the Mint plans to include RPs in all future presidential coins and chronicles sets.

    And I’ll pursue them even though JFK looks like he just noticed a spider crawling up his right arm. That image of him makes sense only when you see the full photograph of him deep in reflective thought; the head-only view is out of context on this coin.

  15. Boz says

    I hope there is a reverse proof Morgan. Now that would get the computers humming.

    Here is a question for the experts. A set comes out in the mailing box and then sent unopened to third party for grading. Does the third party pop it out of the original lens to grade it, or just do a cursory look thru the lens?

    If the grade is not what the buyer wants, can it then be popped back into the original packaging, sent back to Memphis for refund , replacement, and recycle to another un suspecting customer?

    Does the government contractor accept returns after being popped out and returned loose?

  16. Goat says

    That’s a new game now. Hope IT is on hand to get the Mint’s system back up, this is a test. I see smoke.

  17. says

    Only 17,000 units will be produced and yet the ordering limit is a whopping 5? Talk about the feeding frenzy that the Mint is setting up. Orders should be limited to 1. The big boy dealer shenanigans will erupt again.
    As one commenter posted about a week ago, there will indeed be a 2015 RP set. It’s just that it is broken up in several Mint offerings throughout the year.

  18. Eddie says

    On the Kennedy coin I guess they were going for the open top convertible look………..I know that is terrible.

  19. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    My SUGESSTION to US Mint management — STOP SMOKING CRACK!!

    What are thee clowns thinking — besides NOT!

  20. says

    This is going to be absolute madness on release day. If the mint holds to the ordering limit of five per household, these will sell out within minutes. The only solutions would be to increase the mintage (which isn’t happening) or else drop the household limit to one per person.

    Stampede ahoy! And just when I thought we wouldn’t be seeing anything too interesting after Jackie O!

  21. Louis says

    Mint has already announced all these sets will be 17K with 5 per HH except 25K for JFK. Let the madness begin!

  22. says

    It’s pretty disappointing when a very limited mintage Mint product comes out which a collector wants–but will only be able to get if he or she gets lucky in the very short ordering window before sales shut down. Many collectors face the prospect of getting shut out entirely.

  23. says

    17K seems to be a strange limit to use. Maybe has to do with the 20K FDR still for sale some 5/6 months after release?

  24. says

    Does that mean that the Mint will not or cannot revise the mintage or HH limit before the offering date?

  25. says

    Yes, at least in the case with legitimate lotteries. Do you think the chances of winning Powerball are higher than getting a Truman set?

  26. Ends in Error says

    How about HSN Guy buys all 17 k a month ahead of release date ?

    On first sale day everyone gets a SOLD OUT message then is directed to graded sets at HSN.

    Then let the hostilities begin.

  27. gbotz says

    OT: Received my 5 March of Dimes Special Silver Sets today.
    They were shipped in the standard 11′ ‘x 6′ x 2.75’ box.
    The box is bulging and showing crush marks on
    top. bottom and sides and I can hear shuffling of
    the contents in the box.
    I didn’t plan on opening the box, but now I think that I
    have no choice.

  28. Brad says


    The Mint has revised previously announced household order limits prior to a product going on sale. I remember that the original order limit for the Lincoln C & C set was five sets per household, but was reduced to only one set per household a day or two before sales began. It would surprise me if something similar doesn’t happen with the Truman C & C sets. The Mint will likely read and hear plenty of negative comments about the low product limit and ridiculously high household order limit prior to June 30.

    If no changes to the announced limits are made, the five-minute sellout and subsequent outcry from the buying public will most assuredly result in some changes for the subsequent 2015 C & C sets. That won’t help anyone who’s left out of the Truman ordering window though. If I miss it from the Mint, it looks like I just won’t own a set. I’ve bought every high demand limited item since the Gold and Silver Eagles 20th Anniversary Sets in 2006, and I’ve never missed anything I’ve wanted from the Mint. This may prove to be my first failure. 3,400 orders could wipe out the entire mintage. There’s no way I’ll pay $200+ for a set, which is probably what they’ll bring by 12:30 pm June 30th!

  29. thePhelps says

    Looks like the MOD set could be sold out by Monday … or even Sunday – 5000 set a day being sold.

  30. thePhelps says

    On the C & C sets… it is odd that only 15,000 of us were interested in them and now we hear how ridiculous the mint limits are. I have the previous sets and never heard whisper one here about how low the mintages were – other than people chuckling at us for purchasing them.

  31. Gary not Dave says

    I love the low mintages! If I get in or not..I love the rush!!! Well done US MINT!! Everything should have a production mintage! I hate the made to order!

  32. Tinto says


    I think the excitement is because the C and C dollars will come in reverse proof . and for someone like me who has for now a complete RP set it is a must … I normally don’t care for these sets and bought only those of TR and FDR (even with the Rumsfeld dollar) because of who they were

  33. cagcrisp says

    Stock market UP 1+%. I wish I had me a 7 figure income. I don’t. I only count digits Left of the decimal point. Oh well…

  34. Louis says

    Hawkster- No, they could change ’em as has happened before.

    Eddie- We won’t know if they sell the sets in DC until it happens or they announce it.

  35. thePhelps says

    mark & Tinto… I get it – but also have bought these sets because I enjoyed the entire contents. I am fine with the mint limits, although I imagine the 5 per household will drop to 1 per befoe they are issued. I hope to get a set of each when they are issued as well…and personally the RP really isn’t all that for me.

  36. Brian says

    Why does it look like someone took an eraser to Eisenhower’s forehead in the line drawing above?

    Feeding frenzies like this often take the joy out of coin collecting.

    I recently watched a few minutes of HSN or some other TV-coin-scam-artist-show hawking common coins for exorbitant prices. Preying on ignorance. Do you guys know if they (i.e., HSN, etc.) are also selling these modern coins from the mint? Seems there should be consumer protection against this sort of thing. They stopped the dollar coin direct ship program because people were purchasing with credit cards just to get points and dumping the coins at banks asap. Now we can’t even order direct ship at face value anymore. Mass profiteering on these modern coins turns my stomach because the federal government is selling collector items for people who enjoy a hobby, that is the purpose. Not to bankroll HSN’s business plan.

  37. GoldFishin says

    @MNB, Louis- Michael, if either you or Louis find out how many MOD sets were ready to ship that will ultimately be the population that is eligible for FS/ER….would you be so kind to post the number. I think it is a very important piece of data when trying to determine shorter and longer term valuation for the graded examples. Thanks!

  38. mark says

    @Goldfishin..Louis said the mint offical did not have that information…which I say hes full of B/S. The offical that is. Of course he has it, but just not saying. Which is what he should of said.

  39. GoldFishin says

    @mark- what is your guess based on how the first day orders went and how many you have seen on the Bay? I am guessing it is more than 25k, but less than 40K. I would really like to know, it could make a big difference. Everyone that ordered here seemed to have received theirs, but most ordered early. Maybe the early backorder was just a fake out…who knows?

  40. mark says

    My guess based on previous amounts in stock is about 20-25%. But that was on higher mintages.

  41. thePhelps says

    I doubt mintage total are the issue with the MOD set. They knew they would be minting 75,000 dime sets and probably had 40 to 50k of the silver dollars on hand. The packaging is the problem – since they seem to like to try and order only so many boxes and then try and get the rest on the fly…

  42. says

    O.K., here is the Mint’s probable rationale for its decision to limit the Truman C&C set to 17,000:
    A) There is a limited collector base for C&C sets.
    B) There is a decreasing collector base for Presidential dollars.
    C) Collectors are becoming jaded by the steady steam of reverse proof coins.
    D) C&C sets take up too much storage space for the coin collection.

  43. Call it Square says

    I think you are all a grouping of old almost broke men who cry like women. STFU!! The mint can’t help your Internet speed is from the 1980’s, the mint can’t help you are too stupid to press submit, and the mint can’t help your stupid a$$ is unable to comprehend they are business which sells for PROFIT. Perhaps all of the cry babies on this forum should stop sitting down to pee, grow a pair, and actually get a job so they don’t cry about shipping costs blah blah blah. Here is an FYI – if you can’t afford to buy something for $61.00 without blabbering on the Internet about what a ripoff it is I can assure you there are bigger problems in your life than the MOD set.

    Lastly, the 17k mintage for the C&C set – get the fu$k over it! Your stupid a$$ wouldn’t even know what to do IF you got one.


  44. Mark says

    Only trying to guess how many will be eligible for first strike / early release. If in fact the back orders do not ship until August.

  45. KCSO says

    john says -I bet that guy at hsn will buy them all.

    No, just 16,985.., I will have the rest 😉

    Wow, & the lesson here is boys & girls.., the mint has learned how to throw a curve ball (quite well)! Gotta love it!

  46. Call it Square says

    Someone start a new thread titled: I am a bit$ch who complains about everything.

    You pu$$ies can start sub topics to complain about the mint, conspiracy theories about the HSN guy, and how you had errors on the mint website due to using dial up Internet. Then you can have a final topic titled cheap douchebags. This area can be left reserved for the dumbfuc$ks who complain about shipping costs, packaging costs from the mint, and crying over your life in general.

    Sound good?

  47. Gary not Dave says

    Ladies and Gentlemen…Its time for THUNDERDOME!! 2 man enter 1 man leave!

  48. Erik H says

    From previous thread: SteveF saysMAY 8, 2015 AT 10:27 AM@Erik H so how would you recommend cleaning the sneeze spots? 

    Since cleaning coins improperly can ruin them I’m not going to recommend a method for removing the spots on this blog, but I have removed spots successfully on the 2 or 3 of my “P” pucks that had them.

    The main point of my post was to differentiate “milk spots” found on many bullion coins vs. the type of spots found on the vapor blasted ATBs. If anybody else has a comment on this subject please chime in.

  49. Ends in Error says

    Damn sounds like someone finally got HSN Guys goat. Never seen such a hostile troll making multi rants. LOL

  50. Dustyroads says

    Erik H ~ It’s been my understanding that the milk spots are present before the minting, so they therefore are pressed into the silver. I’ve seen spots removed from coins on youtube clips. I just don’t know if that’s something I want to do if it’s unnecessary, I would rather just get it replaced. I’ve removed haziness before on proof coins that have been wrongly stored in a high humidity environment with MS 70.

  51. Mark says

    What ever happened to HSN guys short partner . At least he knew a little about coins. Now he has a few women that are completely clueless.

  52. Dustyroads says

    Hey KCSO, nice to see you. Come on in to the square dance, we’re all having a ball here in cow town.

  53. Dave says

    It’s a shame they didn’t do a reverse Proof Dollar for the last
    2 sets of the C&C sets!
    It figures it would happen that way since I was able to buy 2 sets each, oh well my luck….just like I got in an order for 3 sets of the Saq
    C&C sets with confirmation, and then all of a sudden it was cancelled? Then I had to buy from 2nd hand market, but luckily I acted quickly and got 3 raw sets at double, and 3 graded coins for under $40 each in NGC Retro slabs!

  54. Brice says

    I’m with Dustyroads, let’s keep him, I’ve not laughed this had in a while.

  55. Dave says

    What’s the best way to place an order for these C&C sets?
    By phone or on their site?

  56. Brice says

    @Dave – I had no problems with the MOD set via on line, order completed within the first 5 minutes of availability. IMO

  57. KCSO says

    Dusty – not sure if ‘square’ dance was an intended pun, though you’re pretty bright, so I’ll Assume yes and counter with – the same ole circus, just a change up in clowns.., ;). Though speaking of circuses, this 17/5 split has BHoF written all over it.., hey, whatever sells coins, I guess.

    This RP this, & RP that is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig, which will run its course within a year or two.., though I should watch what I say, next we’ll see a muppets Miss Piggy coin from the PM.

  58. David says

    $57.95 for two $1 coins made out of zinc, that the general public has no interest in…..the HSN guy can have them all. A smarter buy would be the infomercial gold plated buffalo copies for $29.99 each…at least they contain 1/20,000 of an ounce of “pure gold”. Reverse proof finish or not, that kind of premium for a worthless coin made from worthless metal is insane.

  59. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- I think the US Mint bought stock in Revlon….I don’t see them running out of lipstick for a long time. I think we are heading into RCM and PERTH territory over the next few years. I sincerely hope not. RCM somehow had record profits this past year and I think the mold has been cast. Colored coins can’t be far off now, encrusted with real abalone shell. 😉

  60. Eddie says

    Most everyone complains about the Mint but at least it doesn’t put a different coin out every other week and charging 4 times the price of what silver is going for.

  61. Dustyroads says

    KCSO~ Oh, definitely pun intended. Just another clown.

    GoldFishin~ MCM must have been on the edge, and their assets are what Asset Marketing Services was needing.

  62. GoldFishin says

    @Eddie- I agree that the US Mint is fairly priced the majority of the time, especially when compared to Perth and RCM. However, have you actually looked at the Product Schedule in a while? Just too much in my opinion and adding more all the time. It doesn’t bother me all that much, as I really only buy the silver and gold offerings that I like.


  63. says

    You’re right. How many flavors does Baskin Robbins ice cream have now? The Mint is apparently trying to outdo them in the menu department.

  64. Gary not Dave says

    I was never a big fan of GOVMINT….but did make some MCM purchases on EBAY.

  65. Dustyroads says

    Hawkster~ He’s done it before. It even took a while before we recognized his personality, at this point though I don’t see any resemblances. Don’t be surprised to see him reach out in the future, this a good place for expressing ideas, he likes it.

    GoldFishin~ I agree. Hopefully the US Mint can continue to provide the kinds of special coins we’re looking for and not average or overpriced. The real heart of coin collecting isn’t really packaged in a box, but it’s a discovery. The US Mint can end that if they are not very careful.

  66. Ends in Error says

    There was a time when the Mint put Stars on their Commemoratives to differentiate them. Maybe when reverse proofs get a bit worn out maybe they’ll go to using Stars again.

    Then again maybe they’ll just use free shipping again – to appease all the old farts here on the geezers complaint forum.

    God please appease the squaredancer. My heart can’t withstand another round of flamethrowing.

  67. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Call it Square says-May 8, 2015 at 8:25 pm
    “I think you are all a grouping of old almost broke men who cry like women. STFU!! The mint can’t help your Internet speed is from the 1980’s, the mint can’t help you are too stupid to press submit, and the mint can’t help your stupid a$$ is unable to comprehend they are business which sells for PROFIT. Perhaps all of the cry babies on this forum should stop sitting down to pee, grow a pair, and actually get a job so they don’t cry about shipping costs blah blah blah. Here is an FYI – if you can’t afford to buy something for $61.00 without blabbering on the Internet about what a ripoff it is I can assure you there are bigger problems in your life than the MOD set. ”

    “Lastly, the 17k mintage for the C&C set – get the fu$k over it! Your stupid a$$ wouldn’t even know what to do IF you got one. ”

    Alright tough guy — are you done with the whiny crude/personal attacks? I don’t disagree with you entirely; however, if you do not comprehend that this site is a forum, for expressing views and opinions (some do that more intelligently than others); then GTFO it.


  68. A Bob says

    Predictions: mint will increase the number of sets and decrease the household limit. They do read.

  69. Gary not Dave says

    @The Real Cool Dave
    Your a little late to the show…I think Michael put him in a headlock and escorted him out.

  70. Eddie says

    I wished the Mint would stop using FELT LINING in the coin boxes because you have little blue fibers in with coins in the capsules all over the capsules I mean that stuff is everywhere. I don’t know they put the sets together but it looks like they put the capsules in the holders then put a coin into it and place the top part of the capsules on. How else would the blue felt fibers get in with the coins?

    I received my MoD sets yesterday and they look great except for one of the RP. It has a little hole-like on his cheek. I thought it might be a milk spot but after getting a better look at it I found that it is a little tiny hole.

  71. Sith says

    @longarm – I would disagree, I don’t welcome his opinion. I find it amusing but that is another story. Also as Michael makes short work of trolls I would say he agrees with me on that point.

  72. Ikaika says

    @ Call it Square

    Good grief man! I never seen such anger among all the great folks in this blog. You must been the person that paid $100K for that first Kennedy Gold Half Dollar at the Chicago ANA show or was abused when young or both.

  73. paul G says

    “call it square” seemed lto be an offended employee of the mint or related company as he chose to disparage the readers and bloggers of this website rather than provide constructive criticism or comments on mint products or policies as most of the folks here do.

  74. Jerry says

    I totally agree with Ikaika ! Some of these comments are really off the wall. What ever happened to the coin collectors ? Are so many of these people in it just for the “almighty buck” ?

  75. longarm says

    Jerry–“Are so many of these people in it just for the “almighty buck” ?” Unfortunately yes, what else would explain the proliferation of the TPG’s?

  76. mark says

    Definitely a mint employee. Glad the household limit is five, because they probably cannot count higher than that. They dam sure do not know how to pack.

  77. Larry says

    I really like RP coins, so this will be a tough decision. It will cost about $240.00 to get the set of four dollars. Oh sure, you get the silver medals, which I have no interest in. So maybe you can get melt for them. Still a lot of money for four clad dollar coins.
    But 17,000 is 17,000. Look at the enhanced Sac at 50,000. Ungraded, what is it now, $50-$60? I think it’s safe to say anyone who gets these RP’s will probably do OK.
    If the silver medal was a silver coin, like a silver eagle, it would be a no brainer.

  78. Tinto says


    And not to mention the growth of companies that live off the TPGs by determining whether some of the TPGs’ graded coins are correctly graded or under graded, for a fee.

  79. longarm says

    Tinto — exactly, “for a fee”. It’s all about the money and it’s the collectors who pay thru the nose in their attempt to find the best example possible.

  80. says

    Besides banning the troll from this site, I hope our moderator directed him to an anger management facility. He was one angry dude, although somewhat laughable.

  81. Larry says

    MOD set just came in the mail. The coins look perfect as far as I can tell! Good job mint!

  82. Eddie says

    My Turkey P puck was packed pretty good this time except there was nothing on the bottom to protect it. The sides and top were packed like they use to pack but like I said nothing on the bottom.

  83. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Gary not Dave says -May 9, 2015 at 3:18 am
    “@The Real Cool Dave
    Your a little late to the show…I think Michael put him in a headlock and escorted him out.”

    LOL! Yeah, he hasn’t shown again — hopefully, he was removed from class by his little “Troll” ear. And given a spanking. And told to never ever stop taking his medication.


  84. Gary not Dave says

    Its totally ok to have a strong opinion on these topics…..but attacking people is totally uncalled for. I use to be on a website called US Coin Collecting and their motto was Truth Honesty and Integrity…..and they had a couple of knuckleheads that just attack members and the 3 moderators just allow it. So I left that place and so have many others. Michael has always done a great job here. So I get all my coin info from here and Coin Update and Louis and value everyones opinions on here, whether I agree with them or not. Knowledge is Power!

  85. says

    Cool Dave,
    I do have to admit though, his brief interlude was quite laughable before our moderator blew him off.

  86. says

    I would like to nominate “Call it Square” to the MintNewsBlog Hall of Shame, joining such luminaries as Jon in Ct and D Rittenhouse.

  87. Louis says

    So time to ask you folks for advice. I have 2 bullion Kisatchie pucks and 1 P version. The bullion is low risk at about $105 a piece, but with the max for the P now set at 23K since 42K bullion have been sold, that could mean a good premium as it would be one of the low mintage P’s esp. if they perhaps only made 20 to start and end it there. So should I buy another P or another bullion? Both won’t work because I am stretched by a lot of recent purchases.

    *By the way, in case anyone is wondering- I have no affiliation with MNB and am an independent coin writer. I don’t always have a lot of time for this blog but I weigh in when I can.

  88. Dustyroads says

    Louis, There’s no rush, one more or less will make no difference either way. The Kisatchie is awash in high mintage now. If it’s bullion you want, then wait for a lower spot price.

  89. Hidalgo says

    @Louis – here is how I see it. The bullion Kisatchie silver coins, with a mintage of 42,000, is fairly common. ATB bullion coins with similar mintages are selling for near-bullion prices on the secondary market. Perhaps sustained consumer demand or higher silver prices will drive up the price, but that remains to be seen. (Note: I believe there is demand for the bullion version).

    The US Mint’s Kisatchie P version, if the US Mint stands firm on its mintage limits, may be the more desirable coin. However, long-term demand for the coin is too difficult to gauge at this time.

    Bottom line: If I were to buy more than one Kisatchie silver coin, I would go with the US Mint’s version.

  90. Sith says

    @Louis – I would pick up the “P” version.. It has the fewest question marks.

  91. Zaz says

    If you want the turkey P puck I’d advise on getting it soon, there seems to be a heavy groundswell of support for this design, its true popularity may outstrip its mintage in the secondary market. Design seems to play a big part of how they are received in the aftermarket,

  92. mark says

    @Louis ..good choice. Highly waiting for my 2015 ..7 coin proof libertad set. Managed to snag one on presale a few months ago. Only 250 sets produced. Yes I will flip it, to support my expensive coin hobby.

  93. Louis says

    Mark- me too, though I think I will keep that one.
    If the rumors are true in 2016 mintages will be higher.
    I flipped some extra 2 oz proofs from last year though.

  94. Mark says

    @ Louis…now you have me thinking…Maybe i will hold for a year and see what happens. Have plenty of other stuff i need to recoup some profit on. Did you hear the 2015 bullion silver wedge tailed eagles now have unlimited mintages. Unlike the 2014 which only have a mintage of 50,000. Sitting on a box of 20 ms70s that have hardly moved in over a year. Now they are starting to creep up $$$ every day.

  95. Dustyroads says

    Yes, it’s almost time for the 7 coin Libertad set to arrive, waiting with great anticipation. Did you know that in some years the smoke from agricultural burning down in the Yucatan and Southern Mexico is so heavy in the air in the United States, that you can smell it.

  96. Hidalgo says

    I wanted to share the following. I went to my local gas station and asked the attendant to exchange two dollar bills for quarters. He handed me the quarters. I noticed that one of them appeared different than the others. I checked the date and mint mark, and to my surprise, I saw that I received a proof 1969 S Washington silver quarter.

    Perhaps a child broke open a 1969 proof set and spent the coins. Or maybe a collector purposely placed the coin in circulation. The coin is likely worth the price of silver. However, it’s really a great find. Lady luck must have been on my side. 🙂

    Happy hunting to all of you!

  97. Louis says

    Hidalgo- Neat find, but there are no 1969 silver proof quarters, only clad ones. After the 1964 silver proof sets and the special mint sets of 1965-67, only clad proof sets were issued until 1992, when silver proof sets were resumed. Check out a Red Book. You may have been thinking of half dollars which were 40% silver in 1969.

  98. Hidalgo says

    @Louis – you’re absolutely correct! I forgot that the 1969 S Washington quarter was clad. I think the shiny, mirror-like surface of the coin made me think it was made of silver. Nevertheless, it was a great find. How many folks can say that they received a proof quarter in everyday change? 🙂

  99. KCSO says

    Lou, the turkey P puck is a winner any way you carve it! Unfortunately it’ll likely be far from low mintage for ’15, With the influence of ’16 offerings, the C&C sets, & $50 HR, would expect Sara’s sales to be quite dismal.

    GF- it’ll take a lot more than a tremendous amount of Revlon for me to buy into it, though an ‘enhanced’ version of a Kate Upton coin would help pump up sales. Frankly, RP on clad just doesn’t do it for me.

    Dusty – my Privateer coin came today – love it! HR across the board, there’s a wave cresting aft of the ship that just jumps off the coin, I’m in for another.

  100. Louis says

    Yeah, those Privateers define UHR. I may get a 2nd too, but keep in mind everyone is selling them, even APMEX, so there seem to be a lot out there.

    Hidalgo- Didn’t mean to rain on your parade! Enjoy. By the way, at your lofty income level you should consider getting in touch with someone like Doug Winter or Jeff Garrett and having them purchase high grade, classic rare coins for you with some of your stock winnings. That sector has continued ti vastly outperform just about anything you can think of.

  101. Erik H says

    Gary not Dave ,

    Both the 1950 & 1951 Proof Dimes show a retail price of $50 in my Redbook (2012) so I think these will hold a nice premium now & in the years to come.

    I saw one eBay sale for the dimes only close at $90. For $5 dollar more the purchaser could have got the Silver Dollar, Box & C.O.A. too, oh well.

  102. GoldFishin says

    @kcso- I don’t think they have airtites that will fit the privateers do they? I was wondering since they are 40MM, will they fit in an empty ASE tube? I have a few of those laying around and would rather place it in there over a flip or poly bag. I do think the design is cool, but don’t want to put the money into buying a tube, just a couple to look at. Did you order yours from Provident or Apmex?

  103. Dustyroads says

    KCSO~ I haven’t bought any of the Privateers, but have to say they are tempting. Every time I see a coin with a ship on it I think about that guy who used to comment here by the name of Hi Ho / Hi Lo.

  104. Louis says

    someone said you can take an ASE capsule and tape the edges for a privateer, but I have not tried it.

  105. Hidalgo says

    Observation: I decided to check out “sold” eBay auctions for the 2015 March of Dimes set. The US Mint’s retail price is $61.95 per set. Seems like they are currently selling in the $90 – $99 range. If those prices remain the same in the long run, then sellers will earn approximately $20 per set when flipping them on eBay (subtract the eBay and PayPal costs). Profits will be less if the sets are shipped for free.

    Will prices for the sets on the secondary market rise? fall? or remain the same? Only time will tell. 🙂

  106. Hidalgo says

    @Louis – I would never advise anyone to invest in collectibles (e.g., coins, stamps, baseball cards, comic books, etc.). The market is far too volatile. What might be hot today may be cold tomorrow.

    I collect coins for pure enjoyment. And that has been my ongoing message to others – collect to enjoy, not to profit. If you buy a collectible for $100 that you really like and its value falls, you’ll still have an item that you like, despite its value. 🙂

  107. thePhelps says

    @Hidalgo… while your message holds true for modern collectible coins. I think it is a safe bet to collect classic coins as an investment.

    Modern coins are subject to the price fluctuations of the market price of the PM content, and many will follow your guidance. The classics are traded at increased values regardless of the price to melt value, and true rarities have a large collector base. Many classic coin collectors don’t even deal in modern coins of any sort, because they are too volatile.

  108. Sith says

    @thephelps – That is true, but I started my Peace Dollar collection when the bottom fell out of the market. I was picking up coins at a 30% to 50% discounts as compared to the Red Book price. The issue as with any collectable as an investment is the same, you have to sell during “good times” to ensure a profit, it’s not so clear if you sell when their is blood in the water. IMHO if your holding them for the long haul you should do fine, but you need to know if you have to sell in a hurry, or if your selling when everyone else is selling, their will be blood in the water.

  109. thePhelps says

    @Sith…I think of classics more in the realm of the 1800’s coins. I don’t consider a Peace dollar to be a classic in the real sense. It and even the Morgan were minted but not circulated a lot…and it is easy to find high quality coins at lower prices. (albeit they have some rarities)

  110. says

    I think a household limit of three on the RP Coin & Chronicles sets would be more fair.
    As far as the classic coins, I agree, as I have been collecting them for 50+ years. But I stopped buying Morgan silver dollars because of all the Chinese fakes. At least when I order something from the Mint I know it won’t be a fake.
    I flip a few things in order to support my collecting habit, such as the P pucks, the 100 S quarter ATB bags, proof sets, 3 coin sets etc. The only people that are getting rich are the shareholders of eBay and Paypal.

  111. SilverFan says

    I think the US Mint will decease the household limits to one on the 2015 C & C sets just like they did with the 2009 Lincoln C & C set. That one was originally 5 as well but later changed to one after much anticipation.

  112. Ends in Error says

    It would seem to make sense for the Mint to grow a brain and put in a , one per, household limit. But what if they value turmoil and publicity over fairness? At the current limit of 5/household there will be a lot of chatter. And a good flip for those that get in.

    I think this is exactly what the Mint wants.

  113. Hidalgo says

    I am hoping that the US Mint will place an initial limit of one set per customer (sorry flippers and dealers!). If demand is less than supply, the US Mint can reassess its ordering limit and allow customers to purchase additional sets. That seems to be the fairest policy for all.

    I would like to add all of the 2015 Coin and Chronicles sets to my collection. I have all of the previous sets: 2005 John Marshall, 2006 Benjamin Franklin, 2009 Abraham Lincoln, 2013 Theodore Roosevelt, and 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt. I have no intention of selling any of them on the secondary market. 🙂

  114. Zaz says

    What is the use of the market research firm the US Mint retains if they never send out a timely useful survey such as asking, “Do you think the HH limit of 5 sets is too high on a product limit of 17,000?” Vaguely asking if I want one or two special dimes in set to be offered next year is fine, but the Mint really needs to hear how collectors feel NOW about impending product offerings. It almost seems they are are afraid to hear the answer and get another gold Kennedy half fiasco, I suppose.

  115. Tinto says


    And in the meantime the Mint is paying the survey company …. maybe they are listening to their customers … those big shots that order in bulk that is, .. and limiting the C & C to one or two HH limit will probably crimp their process of accumulation …. the Mint probably doesn’t want PO’d favored customers ….

  116. Zaz says

    Tru dat, tinto.

    Meanwhile I can envision the Mr. HSN and his henchmen figuring out a way to get around the HH to acquire 5,000 sets, so they can offer you a special one time deal of a “true US Mint rarity,” the unique Harry S. Truman reverse proof minted in Philadelphia for the low, low price of $99 each or the next ten minute special, 5 coins for the amazing price of $450! We’ll even throw in the cardboard folder it came in for FREE!

    The irony in the MoD set and these upcoming Coin & Chronicles sets are the “throwaway” coin is a solid chunk of silver. LOL. Which really means the RP proof set should have been offered.

  117. Gary not Dave says

    I think the US Mint produces enough high mintage products…its good to have a couple chasers every year.

  118. fmtransmitter says

    Why the hype for the C&C sets? If I remember, it took awhile for the other one to sell out?

  119. A Bob says

    I set an email to the customer service at the mint requesting they lower the household order limits on the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Sets. Just in case they are not reading this awesome blog.

  120. fmtransmitter says

    All joking aside, this man is and has shown to be exactly what a modern day Jesus would do…I like what I read about him and the medal is well earned IMHO…

  121. Sith says

    @thePhelps – Not sure what your point is, older coins have the same problem in spades, in order to sell a coin you need to find a buyer. I have no idea how many collectors that are out there, and, their may be millions of collectors of 1800 coins and hopefully any “investor” in these coins will be able to quickly liquidate their investment at the price desired. As for myself I have a few of those coins, when I get them close to spot, but their are for the most part, too rich for my blood, and have way to many variables for my taste.

    One of the keys to getting a solid return on your coin investment is to choose U.S. coins that are perennially popular with collectors. Numismatic coins also depend on the demand of collectors. Collectors are people who have a lot of discretionary income. Again to many variables with the older coins. To quote Peter Schiff’ “But just like buying an Armani suit is not an investment in wool, numismatics are not an investment in gold. The only people who should be buying numismatics are those who appreciate the coins for their aesthetic value and take pleasure in owning them, not those hoping to preserve their wealth.”

  122. Zaz says

    @ A Bob– good idea. The bronze medal dupes of the Congressional Gold medal recipients are an overlooked area of the US Mint in favor of the coinage.

    In fact, if there is going to be a Ronnie Coin & Chronicle set offered next year, hope the Mint decides to enlarge the Congressional Gold medal given to the Reagans in silver instead of the Presidential medal. That administration was about her as much as it was about him. The Congressional medal is a classic conjoined portrait recalling the commemorative halves of the 20’s and 30’s.

  123. Dave SW FL says

    MOD set has $15 silver melt, so to me I’m getting key date proof & RP low mintage dimes almost certainly 69 or 70 quality for $25 each. I think in the long run that will be a good value. Mine were here Friday, but the working man could not play hookey to sign. Should have broken the order up – if I knew they were using Priority Mail instead of DumbPost, I would have done that!

    C&C should be HH = 1 for a week and then reconsider if sales are weak.

  124. thePhelps says

    @Sith…you missed the first point to start with. Louis pointed out to a poster here that they should focus on high grade rare classic coins. I agree with that – and more to the point – if I am collecting “high grade rare coins” I am not looking to dump them for quick cash during a down time and take a loss. If I had the money to purchase high grade rare coins – which are not as volatile as you keep insisting they are – I’d also know to hold them through the ups and downs…much like a stock. That is the point – they are not as volatile as modern coins – and haven’t been for quite some time.

  125. SilverFan says

    March of Dimes special silver set will likely sell out this week. Many of those on backorder will either be filled with returns or never filled. Two unique dimes exclusive to this set will lead to increased demand in the secondary market.

  126. Louis says

    @thePhelps- You seem to be from what I can tell the only poster who got my point. There are simply no truly investment-grade coins you can buy close to spot. My point to Hidalgo was that truly rare, high-grade coins that cost $5-10K a piece and way up have done extremely well over a period of many decades and demand for them never really goes down. There are many, many comparisons that have been done between different asset classes and truly rare coins and fine art are consistently at the top of the list, but they are also beyond the reach of most people. I am not saying that to give advice or to suggest all the millionaires go out and put their money in those areas, I’m only pointing it out and it is always good to be diversified. Every other type of coin and bullion is much more volatile and I have always maintained it is far easier to lose than make money on all that stuff. That’s also why I don’t recommend continuing to accumulate and accumulate without doing some selling and getting a feel for how things work or someday you or your heirs will discover you lost a ton of money.

    As for Schiff, he owns a company that sells bullion and is a gold bug, not an expert on numismatic matters and was referring to more common coins.

  127. Sith says

    Everyone missed my point…”IMHO if your holding them for the long haul you should do fine.” However my definition of investment is not to put 5K -10K in a coin, then lock it in a safe and hold it for 10 years, especially when we know the dealers were caught creating their own market by buying and selling among themselves.
    I’m a collector not a numismatist, I know how to research a company and can plunk 10K on it and collect the dividends while I wait for it to appreciate in value. I have no clue how to choose a 10K coin. I would have to hope I picked the right coin, and then depend on the “greater fool theory” to find a buyer. On top of that I would have to hope inflation does not savage the coin over that 10 year period, and that my money was no better served investing in something else. FYI I use the “greater fool theory” because their is no market for investment coins, and we have already determined we are not buying them for aesthetics.

  128. D Rittenhouse says

    Why do so many of you hate grandparents?

    I’m talking about those Mint customers who have been conscientiously buying $1 President coin products for each of their grand-kids since 2007. And now, just as the series is nearing an end, you haters want to restrict their purchases of the 2015 President Coin and Chronicles sets to only one of each? Which single grand-kid should get the Truman set? What about the rest of the grand-kids? Restricting purchases to one per household is a lousy idea.

    A better scheme might be to provide any account which had purchased more than four different $1 President coin products in 2014 with a special pre-order period of ten days. During the ten days immediately preceding general availability, any such authorized accounts would be permitted to order up to ten 2015 $1 President Coin and Chronicles sets online.

    IMHO, the Mint should try, somehow, to favor those of its customers who are clearly collectors.

  129. Dustyroads says

    Hi D Rittenhouse, Just where did that come from? You know these people don’t hate grandparents. It’s just simply pointless to argue why they want the limit lowered.

    I want to jump into this discussion on moderns and classics. I would most definitely invest in high grade classics if I could afford it, then I would necessarily need to keep then for 20 or 30 years before considering selling. The reason I like moderns directly from the Mint is because one cannot find a better price anywhere. I’m not trying to sell coins, I want to collect and hopefully have a valuable asset someday.

  130. A Bob says

    I believe a preferred frequent buyer program sound great in theory. Do you think this government agency could pull it off ? I don’t. It would only end up benefitting the big guys like the telemarketers.

  131. Brad says

    Heads up, I noticed tonight that there are only 68 Bess Truman proof coins left in stock, and 59 uncirculateds left. Maybe an initial production level of 1,600 and 1200 respectively? It looks like they didn’t have much faith in those.

    There’s plenty of time to make more, but with anticipated high demand for Jackie Kennedy shortly, will they bother to? The blanks may just be sourced to the Kennedy coins.

    If anyone was waiting to buy the Truman coins who really wants them, you’d better act fast just in case. Don’t be a victim of the months-long “currently unavailable” status, only to have them vanish entirely!

  132. Samuel says

    I think they probably will make more. these days the mint makes everything in batch.

  133. Brad says


    Yeah, but just in case I figured I’d let everyone here know they were getting low. There’s no guarantee that more will be made. I’d hate for anyone here who collects the spouses to be taken by surprise!

  134. says

    It strikes me as quizzical why many commenters are speculating that there will be an unusually heavy demand for the Jackie Kennedy FS coin. Either one pursues the series of FS coins, or one has absolutely no interest in laying out hundreds of dollars for each of these issues.
    Does it mean that many collectors will suddenly abandon their non-interest in the FS series by making an exception and buying the Jackie issue? For what reason? Is it because of her beauty? Is it because some collectors want to pair the Jackie FS up with the John Kennedy gold half dollar? Wouldn’t an Aristotle Onassis gold coin be needed for a truly complete set?

  135. Sith says

    I have absolutely no interest in the FS coins, and I will buy a Jackie O. I nearly bought Jackson, but passed big mistake, and I would prefer a Caroline, and John Jr coin to complete the set.

  136. says

    I only mention Marilyn because of two reasons: 1) the coin would lend itself to a high relief version, and 2) the reverse could feature Marilyn at the mike singing, “happy birthday dear Jack. . . “

  137. says

    When did I suddenly become a hamster? I did have one as a pet when I was a young kid–until I rolled over on the floor and accidentally squished it.

  138. Sith says

    For all you prospective coin investors I read this a while back…I will post the link but not sure if I can, the author is Van Simmons

    The Secret to Successful Rare Coin Investing is Paying a Fair Price for Properly Graded Coins.
    The easiest thing to do in the rare coin market is spend money. It’s not quite as easy to receive fair value. If you are lucky, you are buying coins from a dealer who marks his coins up 15% to 30% above his cost. Many dealers mark coins up 50% to 100% above their cost. Some telemarketing firms use mark-ups of 200% to 300%, even 500%!

    Rare Coin Investing Allows No Bargains…There Are None.
    You probably have neither the expertise nor my exposure to the marketplace. If it’s difficult for experts to find bargains, it’s probably impossible for you to “rip” one. You will have enough trouble receiving fair value, i.e. buying a $100 coin for around $100. If you are offered a $100 coin for considerably under $100, there is a good chance the coin is being misrepresented (possibly counterfeit, but most likely overgraded).

    Most Dealers Have a Limited Knowledge of Rare Coin Values.
    Dealers are good businessmen, tough negotiators, and many had great marketing expertise. However, many of them can not grade accurately, and even more of them could not tell you what a particular coin was worth without reaching for the latest copy of the Greysheet (Coin Dealer Newsletter).

    Auctions Are a Good Deal for Auction Companies.
    You have no control over prices realized. All auction companies charge a 10% to 20% commission on your rare coin investment, though some of them disguise part of the commission by calling it a “buyer’s charge.” Dealer collusion is blatantly practiced at most major auctions.

    Value is Relative in Rare Coin Investing.
    Coins do not have absolute values. Coins have relative values that are constantly changing. This lack of accurate pricing information is often reflected in price guides and dealer, collector, and coin investor thinking. Often, the coins that are more common are priced higher than ones that are more rare, because recent transactions provide a frame of reference.

    Rare Coin Investing Fact: You Must Sell Your Coins.
    When a coin reaches its full price potential, it should be sold. A stock market sayings helps illustrate this fact:
    “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs don’t.”
    You will also find out for sure who has been selling you properly-graded coins at fair market prices. Once or twice a year you can weed out the weak parts of your portfolio. Don’t be afraid to take losses on mistakes – consider it tuition. Move into areas with more potential. Learn about the selling side of the rare coin investment market, because the fact is, eventually, you must sell your coins.

    High-Quality Coins Increase In Value Faster Than Off-Quality Coins.Now this certainly seems logical. The best quality is in the greatest demand; therefore, prices of high-quality coins increase more rapidly. So, buy the best quality. If you cannot afford to buy Gem gold, buy Gem Mercury dimes. If you cannot afford to buy Gem Mercs, buy Gem Roosevelt dimes. Do not settle for less than the best…. on a personal note I can’t afford 10K per coin so I buy what I can at the best grade…yes Peace Dollars are a far cry from 1800 coins but it is what it is…and I had fun collecting them.

  139. cagcrisp says

    @Brad , I enjoy Reading your observations concerning the FS series. I think what you posted tonight is very helpful to those interested. You don’t seem to be a Pump and Dump type person and I for one appreciate that…

    I just Wonder IF your mintage observations of the Truman are correct, will the Mint have done the same thing for the Eisenhower? IF the Mint is saving blanks from the Truman then maybe they will save blanks for the Eisenhower also?

    And…IF what you say is correct, it does Not bode well for those chasing the Lows from the 2014 series…

  140. cagcrisp says

    In the Above post I meant to say ” IF the Mint is saving blanks from the Truman then maybe they will save blanks FROM the Eisenhower also?”

  141. GoldFishin says

    @Sith- I am right in there buying Gem mercury dimes….I was able to pick up a couple this past year with gorgeous rainbow toning, CAC certified, and top 10 coins in population and I didn’t break the bank doing it. I think I got the deals because the dealer bought a very large estate lot with the pedigree set and either got a steal on them or overpaid and needed to liquidate. Either way I am happy about it and won’t have a problem selling them IF I ever choose to. Many of the great rare coin collections weren’t built by paying 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars for each coin, but put together by purchasing near top quality coins that were affordable relative to disposable income. You should be proud of your Peace dollar collection, just as I am proud of my still burgeoning mercury dime collection. Maybe some day my grandchildren will be the beneficiaries of the enjoyment I had from this hobby.
    If I had more disposable income I would love to buy a few true classic rarities from the 18th and early 19th centuries.(It is a goal of mine) . There are so many gorgeous coins from that era, but that just isn’t in my realm of expertise and I really don’t have the time for it. Like yourself I am much better at finding a good discounted stock that pays a consistent dividend that outpaces inflation and hopefully gains in price over the long run. My oil stock purchases from late last year are working out just fine and maybe in a few years I will be able to sell some of my shares and buy one of those Seated Liberty or Flowing Hair dollars from a fool looking for another fool. 🙂

  142. Eddie says

    Sorry about that HAWKSTER .
    I was typing on my “smart “phone and didn’t see it until after I had pushed post.

  143. Brad says


    Thanks. I was surprised to see that the Truman levels were getting so low, and just wanted to be sure those here who collect the spouses weren’t taken by surprise. While most of them probably did like me and ordered theirs on the first day, none of us really expected the first batch of Trumans to sell so quickly.

    I had the same thought regarding the Eisenhowers, and they may have had the same numbers struck. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

    Regarding if a second batch will be made, I guess it all depends on how many gold blanks the Mint has available for spouses and how high the demand for the Kennedy coins turns out to be. Maybe there will be more Truman and Eisenhower coins later this summer after the Kennedy demand has been determined. The 30,000 estimate may turn out to be excessive. If not though, it’s always possible that the Mint may not revisit the Truman and Eisenhower coins. While logic would dictate that more should be struck, we all know we can’t count on the Mint to do what makes sense or follows past procedure. The fact that the 2013 spouses are still for sale in 2015 speaks volumes about that. Six years of the policy of ending sales of prior year coins after “approximately one year” was seemingly abandoned in favor of a “sell ’em until they’re gone” policy, despite the fact that it ticks off the customer base.

    Hopefully no one is really counting on the remaining 2014 coins to be anything very special. Their mintages are most likely similar to the Eleanor Roosevelt levels. Some of them may end up beating them by a small margin, but I doubt anyone will really place much value on that. The Eleanor coins are most likely the 2014 winners due to the quick sellout and her popularity. Their value may be impacted by some 2015’s though, if they end up beating them by too large of a margin.

    I think all of us First Spouse collectors are glad the program is nearing completion. Not only are we spending stupendous amounts of money keeping the sets going, we’re getting tired of all the guesswork! 🙂

  144. Dave SW FL says

    Thanks, Sith……that’s some good advice in the article. I might be able to buy a few rarities, but for me it would be like scuba diving with an empty tank. I just don’t know enough about it and wouldn’t know who to trust . I’ve been accumulating OGP moderns because I hope my grandchildren’s children or further down the line will find their ancestor was wise enough to buy that low mintage dime set and Sac enhanced surprise type stuff.
    Admission – paid my tuition on gold Indians .
    Fav old coin is my Antitam Commem. In PCGS OGH.
    Fav mod is BBHOF Proof dollar and gold $5 ( sold none of the golds)
    Ok, I’ll quit rambling and go to bed!

  145. GoldFishin says

    @Hawkster- I sort of like “Hamster” and think that it could stick! I got a nick chuckle out of the typo. 😉

  146. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: I understood completely what you meant and it is ridiculous to try and get somebody who doesn’t understand to understand. He could call Tomaska or hang out with the old timers to learn this. It was the very FIRST thing I learned when I got into this..

  147. fmtransmitter says

    Oh. I just saw it was Sith. Now I get it. While back in the day his point is well taken, but with the internet there has,and always will be, a huge market for you to seek out a buyer for classics. And if not, there are so many other ways and you can always hold your asking price until you get it on the free websites. Local coin clubs, the coin shows, the list goes on and on. Classics have indeed seen much much larger value increases with the internet and eBay but on the flip side when the market slows down and begins to drop, it would be time to sell and it may be too late for some. It is a HOBBY IMHO and I agree with others, if you are here for investment reasons I can think of flipping a property to make a quick 25k than I can with coins. There are only so many HSN’ers. There is money to be made doing this but I feel that those are the folks that do not view this as a hobby. I will try and stick to the reason for the season and enjoy looking at them, putting them on display, conversation pieces, etc.

  148. fmtransmitter says

    With ANY thing you want to sell, there MUST be a buyer and what said buyer is willing to pay, THAT I will always agree with.

  149. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, a new lighted keyboard makes me want to keep typing away and away. Much easier now, shall I drag it on? No, BLEEP out or whatever he says about the TV going off and white noise..

  150. says

    Yeah, I got a good laugh over being addressed as HAMSTER. And I probably would have been tempted to change my handle if hamsters didn’t fall out of popularity as pets long ago. I think there was a gerbil phase for a while, followed by the rise in popularity of ferrets.
    When I had my hamster, I would watch him on the treadmill wheel and think what a monotonous activity that was. Now, I’m the one exercising on a treadmill and still thinking what a monotonous activity it is.

  151. Larry says

    Many years ago (too many to admit to) I took my Redbooks and tried to find which coins did the best over the years (about a 20 year period). The best quality type coins seemed to do the best.

  152. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – I got one of those a few months back…lighted keyboards rule 🙂

  153. joseph zemel says

    march of dimes 3 coin set should have sold out by now, the reverse proof dime will be a winner.being a key coin prices will rise fast.

  154. EvilFlipper says

    I flip new issues to buy older quality coins. That’s why I do it. I got to buy a gem Mercury WWII dime set because of some of the coins I flipped. I don’t always pick winners (lost out on the BHOF coins because I didn’t play) but I do some homework and reinvest the money I make into coins I really really want. The next coin I would like to buy is a stellar 1921 HR peace dollar in MS65 minimum with a good deep strike and brilliant luster. I may not make a ton of money flipping the new dime set but every dollar counts when one saves long term.

  155. MarkInFlorida says

    I got my MOD sets today, they are probably now flooding Ebay, crashing the prices.

  156. JBK says

    I sense a little softening on eBay for the set, but once it sells out it should rise again.

  157. fmtransmitter says

    joseph zemel says
    MAY 11, 2015 AT 10:52 AM

    march of dimes 3 coin set should have sold out by now, the reverse proof dime will be a winner.being a key coin prices will rise fast.

    It will but I also believe the novice collector is always thinking troy ounces and SE’s and the dime is just scary for that kind of buyer. They seem to buy for the bullion value FIRST which is the exact opposite of how it should be down and why we see guys the the Wolf of Wall Street living large…

  158. fmtransmitter says


    @sith: That keyboard is a life saver literally as I got a new PC Game rated Mature, ummm some kind of first person shooter game, hooked laptop up to LED flat panel and a nice set of deep base speakers and instant immersion into wartime Africa! Totally cool.

  159. Dave SW FL says

    Got my MOD sets today. Anyone else get silver dollars where FDR has purple chicken pox from his ear all the way down his chin and into the field? Only 2 of the 5 sets had good silver dollars.. BUT THEY WILL NOT BE RETURNED because the dimes are just awesome!!! I’m keeping all but my brother’s Christmas present.

    The P Turkey Puck is really nice looking – may just have to get several more……sure miss the subscription discount!

    Small Doolittle – sure wish that one was a silver dollar!

    2014 SPS – what in the world did someone do to Sacajawea dollar? From 10:00. – 4:00 only in the field it looks like someone used an old paint brush to wipe it down. Too bad because all the rest of the coins are beautiful . Guess I’ll try again on next order.

    Fingerprint on the U.S. marshal coin – it goes back, too.

    I’m not a big dime fan or FDR fan, but if you see these from the set, I just don’t know how you can’t like them. Just cannot wait to pair them up with next year’s Mercury proof & RP dimes.

    On the packing – three was a 2 cm gap on the top flaps . Looked suspicious , but all ordered was in there.

    Prediction : proof W dime $20, RP dime $40+ , Silver Dollar $ spot.( like the dual portrait obverse but not enamored with the baby in hand. Would have liked mom & child walking hand in hand. I know that was not an option.

  160. Eddie says

    Prices for the MoD dimes should be going up as soon as some graded ones show up on e-bay.

  161. says

    It’s known as port wine birthmark and the Mint is to be congratulated on its realism in portraying it. You have a rare variety, which should command a nice premium on the secondary market. Talk about something having face value.

  162. Jeff says

    @ Dave SWFL –
    Order additional proof dollars, swap the with the ones in your MOD sets and return the bad ones in the single $ box as defective product.

  163. kww says

    anyone find it odd 3 of 4 are looking directly fwd while 1 is looking down and to the right? i wonder what the logic was behind this decision?

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