2015 Coin and Chronicles Sets to Include Reverse Proof Coins

The United States Mint has provided further information on the 2015 Coin and Chronicle Sets to be issued for Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. In a surprising development, each set will contain a reverse proof version of the corresponding Presidential Dollar.


The first mention of the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Sets came back in December when the US Mint posted their 2015 numismatic product schedule. At the time, the sets were listed for each President, however no information was provided as to the contents of the set, pricing, or product limits.

The next mention came in April when the price for the first set was indicated as $57.95 within a notice published within the Federal Register.

The US Mint has now revealed that each of the four sets will contain a reverse proof Presidential Dollar, Presidential Silver Medal, and stamp, with each item specific to each President.

The reverse proof Presidential Dollars were a surprise and should generate excitement with collectors. According to the Mint, the reverse proof dollars will be exclusive to the sets. They will be struck at the Philadelphia Mint and carry the “P” mint mark.  This will be the first time that the reverse proof finish has been used for the Presidential Dollar series and also the first time the finish has been used on a non-precious metal coin.

The 2015 Coin and Chronicles Set featuring Harry S. Truman is scheduled for release on June 30, 2015. A product limit of 17,000 units and ordering limit of 5 units per household has been indicated. The price as previously published will be $57.95 per set.

On sale dates and pricing for the remaining sets remains to be determined. The Mint has indicated that the product and household ordering limits will remain the same, except for the John F. Kennedy set, which will have a product limit of 25,000 units.

First impression- the product limits seem incredibly low compared to the demand these sets should generate. While previous Coin and Chronicles Sets featuring Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt had sold 15,145 units and 12,473 units (to date), respectively, these sets did not have the draw of a unique special finish coin. A more apt point of comparison is the March of Dimes Silver Set, containing a reverse proof dime, which had first day sales of 52,540 units.

Also recall back in 2009 when a Coin and Chronicles Set featuring Abraham Lincoln sold out of a limit of 50,000 sets with an ordering limit of 1 set per household in just a few days.

March of Dimes Special Silver Set Sales

The US Mint has provided update sales data on the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set, which contains the proof silver dollar along with two specially minted dimes.

As of today, sales have reached 66,109 units from the 75,000 production limit. This accounts for 88.15% of the production limit and leaves just 8,891 units remaining to be purchased.

The daily sales history for the product is as follows:

5/5- 52,540

5/6- 58,129

5/7- 63,882

5/8- 66,109

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  1. says

    It’s known as port wine birthmark and the Mint is to be congratulated on its realism in portraying it. You have a rare variety, which should command a nice premium on the secondary market. Talk about something having face value.

  2. Jeff says

    @ Dave SWFL –
    Order additional proof dollars, swap the with the ones in your MOD sets and return the bad ones in the single $ box as defective product.

  3. kww says

    anyone find it odd 3 of 4 are looking directly fwd while 1 is looking down and to the right? i wonder what the logic was behind this decision?

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