2015 First Spouse Gold Coins Design Candidates

The First Spouse Gold Coin Program will draw closer to its conclusion next year with the release of coins honoring the spouses of the 33rd to 36th Presidents of the United States. The coins will feature the First Ladies Elizabeth Truman, Mamie Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Claudia Taylor Johnson.

Under the authorizing legislation for the one-half ounce 24 karat gold coin program, the obverse design of each coin is to depict a likeness of the First Spouse and the reverse is to contain images emblematic of the life and work of the First Spouse. The United States Mint recently released five to eight different design candidates for the obverse and reverse of each coin. The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) will provide their recommended designs from the field of candidates. Ultimately, the final designs will be selected by the Secretary of the Treasury after taking into account the recommendations of each group.

Full coverage of the CFA and CCAC reviews and recommendations will follow on Coin Update. For now, here is a look at the design candidates for each of the 2015 First Spouse Gold Coins.

Bess Truman First Spouse Gold Coin Design Candidates

FS-BT-O-01-C FS-BT-O-02-C FS-BT-O-03-C FS-BT-O-04-C FS-BT-O-05-C FS-BT-O-06-C FS-BT-O-07-C FS-BT-R-01-C FS-BT-R-02-C FS-BT-R-03-C FS-BT-R-04-C FS-BT-R-05-C FS-BT-R-06-C

Mamie Eisenhower First Spouse Gold Coin Design Candidates

FS-ME-O-01-C FS-ME-O-02-C FS-ME-O-03-C FS-ME-O-04-C FS-ME-O-05-C FS-ME-R-01-C FS-ME-R-02-C FS-ME-R-03-C FS-ME-R-04-C FS-ME-R-05-C FS-ME-R-06-C

Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse Gold Coin Design Candidates

FS-JK-O-01-C FS-JK-O-02-C FS-JK-O-03-C FS-JK-O-04-C FS-JK-O-05-C FS-JK-O-06-C FS-JK-O-07-C FS-JK-O-08-C FS-JK-R-01-C FS-JK-R-02-C FS-JK-R-03-C FS-JK-R-04-C FS-JK-R-05-C

Lady Bird Johnson First Spouse Gold Coin Design Candidates

FS-LJ-O-01-C FS-LJ-O-02-C FS-LJ-O-03-C FS-LJ-O-04-C FS-LJ-O-05-C FS-LJ-O-06-C FS-LJ-O-07-C FS-LJ-R-01-C FS-LJ-R-02-C FS-LJ-R-03-C FS-LJ-R-04-C FS-LJ-R-05-C FS-LJ-R-06-C FS-LJ-R-07-C FS-LJ-R-08-C

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  1. Jon in CT says

    Sith wrote on September 24, 2014 at 10:34 AM:

    Jon in CT – And a two bagger is the best you got?

    Well, it’s only been a year, so I think it’s too soon to tell whether PFSweb will turn out to be a Peter Lynch ten-bagger.

  2. Sith says

    Jon in CT – True enough, but then don’t state that your tip was”one of the best stock tips you’ll likely ever see.” It is way to early to tell. As one of the “zhlobs reading the Mint News Blog” maybe I should be impressed but somehow I’m not…now pat yourself on the back for that two-bagger and move on. Just curious did you cash out, or are you still waiting for it to become a Peter Lynch ten-bagger.? Just a word of advice “a rising tide lifts all boats,” but “only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

  3. Dave says

    @Harry Baskins: September 24, 2014 at 8:34 am:

    “After the completion of the First Spouses series, the Mint should start the First Mistresses series, of course also in gold”


  4. Dave says

    @stephen m says– September 24, 2014 at 8:14 am:

    “Is Jon in CT rude and arrogant or what. Just her silly game playing but it’s real to him.”

    Is “Jon” a male or a female? (or Hermaphrodite?)

  5. Sith says

    @Dave – Thank you for re-posting that comment it was funny, but yuck Monika, and once again all I would care about is Kennedy’s coin (Marilyn). I’m also not sure if Condoleezza Rice deserves a coin.

  6. Dave says

    Gold price suppression covered fully by GATA’s Chris Powell on ‘The Larry Parks Show’

    Among the aspects discussed were the U.S. government’s having authorized itself to rig all markets secretly, the U.S. government documents recently disclosed showing that central banks are trading secretly in all major U.S. futures markets, the other documents GATA has compiled proving the gold price suppression scheme, why the gold mining industry refuses to do anything about it, why the scheme will keep succeeding until gold investors shun “paper gold,” and the treason of the central bankers in developing countries.

  7. Dave says

    @Dave SW FL says — September 24, 2014 at 2:51 pm:

    “Monica would never get a 70 grade due to stain on her dress. But it’s an easy 69!”

    Plus the slabbed coin would then later develop the dreaded white spots!

  8. Dave says

    Hey, did you hear? I guess at some point (before they took it down), the Mint had info on a possible “Terrorists Take Down series,” by US Govt; starting with Ben Lauden.” obverse would show a picture of Ben Laudin wih a hole in his forehead and reverse would depict, the American Eagle pecking out his eyeball.

    Series would be produced only after each successive confirmed strike/kill.

    The reverse side would also have inscribed, “Revenge is A Dish Best Served Cold!”

  9. Leo S. says

    I’m old enough to remember what they all looked like so here is my vote on the Ladies.

    Bess – BT-0-07-C
    Mamie – ME-0-05-C
    Jackie – JK-0-08-C (If they pick any of the other ones the committee is crazy.)
    Lady Bird – LJ-0-02-C

  10. Dave says

    No determination yet on what precious metal would be used and what denomination. Rumor has it, maybe Platinum to help boosts sales.

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    VaBob – You must have got a Washington or Lincoln coin that I missed. I just finished counting all of my Lincolns and Washingtons (no duplicates, if you can believe that) and I only have 501,236 coins. I wonder which one you have that I don’t have????

  12. Jerry Diekmann says

    Jon in CT – Not to discount what you have said about PFSWeb having a good run this past year, but many stocks have doubled inprice in the last year. Sometimes a rising tide lifts all ships – it works in reverse too, like in 2008 and 2009.

  13. Louis says

    For those who had doubts about whether the CCAC members would like obverse 8 for Jackie, read the article in posted just now in Coin Update and you will see they agreed with us.

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