2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set

Today, June 30, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set. This represents the first of four special sets to be issued for this year’s Presidential Dollars.

The United States Mint has used the Coin and Chronicles Set format in the past, incorporating coins and/or medals with other collectible items and related historical information. The sets have typically carried limited mintages and have often been popular with collectors. Previously issued sets include John Marshall (2005), Benjamin Franklin (2006), Abraham Lincoln (2009), Theodore Roosevelt (2013), and Franklin D. Roosevelt (2014). This year, the format will see its broadest use across all four 2015 Presidential Dollars.


The Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set will include one 2015 Harry S. Truman Presidential Dollar struck in reverse proof format at the Philadelphia Mint, one 1.598-inch Harry S. Truman Presidential Medal struck in .999 silver at the Philadelphia Mint, and one 1973 Harry S. Truman eight cent postage stamp. An informative booklet about the 33rd President is also included with the set.

As confirmed previously and stated within the Mint’s press release, the reverse proof Harry S. Truman Presidential Dollar is only available within this product.

The coin, medal, and stamp are displayed in a red folder covered a soft-touch material with a textured appearance. The sets are limited to just 17,000 units. There is an ordering limit of five units per household in place. The price of each set is $57.95.


Recent previous Coin and Chronicles Sets have had sales around the maximum mintage level established for the present set. The 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set had sold 15,145 units. Last year’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Set, which still remains available for sale, has sold 13,093 units.

The US Mint may have used these sales levels as the basis for the 17,000 maximum mintage established for the Harry S. Truman Set. However, while the two previous sets had contained specially minted medals, this year’s sets contain specially minted coins. Such limited mintage specially produced coins have seen strong demand from collectors. Recent examples include the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set, which contained an enhanced uncirculated Native American Dollar, and this year’s March of Dimes Silver Set, which contained two specially minted dimes. These two sets had sold out quickly at respective mintage limits of 50,000 and 75,000 units.

Collectors interested in the 2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set will want to be ready to place their orders early when sales open today at 12:00 Noon.

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  1. Brad says

    Someone had said that this product was already showing “back order” on the wish list. Since it’s already backordered, we’ll have no real way of knowing if our orders were placed in time to get the product. I hope we’re not left hanging in limbo for too long!

  2. Teach says

    Nothing to see here, move along…………. 🙂 I would think this will be a quick sell out.

  3. Zaz says

    @Brad, that was me. I think that all products prior to sale date always seem to start out as “backordered” probably against accidentally selling it earlier than stated. It is listed as “in stock” as of this morning. Since the bulk buyers didn’t get access to early sales, it’ll be mad the first hour or so. Who knows how long these are going to last?

  4. NcCoinCollector says

    It seems inevitable that the next sets will have a higher mintage and lower household limit.

  5. Brad says


    That’s good to hear. I figured it would be the same way as the Kennedy proof FS coins, staying backordered even after sales began. I’m still ticked off about the wait on that one. I ordered in the first minute. The uncirculated has shipped, but the proof is still backordered. I’m glad I don’t care about grading!

  6. gary says

    @NcCoinCollector… if these Truman sets are a fast sellout for the Mint you could almost bet on it that the subsequent sets will have much higher mintages but will probably still have the 5 per HH limit as well.

  7. Leo S. says

    FS Collectors

    The Unc. Harding Gold Spouse coin Is no longer on the Mint Web. Does anybody know how many of the other 2013 FS gold coins are left for the other presidents? Maybe these aging FS coins will finally disappear.

  8. Mr. Kairu says

    Can’t wait… only an hour and 12 minutes left to go (since I am central time it would be 11am, right?)! 😛 hope I got the time right here lol

  9. Jerry says

    Nice to see the U.S. Mint producing unique products finally, Reverse proofs, Concave/Convex, Special Mint issues, and the like. Just hope they don’t get involved in colored coins as other foreign countries have. To me it just sees to cheapen the hobby.

  10. bob r says

    Can I sign in on the mint web site before 12 noon and be logged in and wait for the release ?

  11. Larry says

    MOD sets seem abetter value. One ounce Dollar plus two silver dimes. This is one ounce silver medal that I don’t want, plus a clad dollar for about the same as the MOD set. Unfortunately I do like RP coins, they sparkle under bright lights like no other coins.

  12. Frankie says

    These could be sleepers for sure, esp. after the fourth one has been released. I suspect Kennedy to be more popular despite the higher mintage. Just imagine how much 4 sealed parcels of 5 each of these sets will be worth…

  13. Kevin says

    I’m in for 1 set, and this will be a good indicator on whether or not I’m in for the others. RP may not be a good look for this coin.

  14. says

    Well, you can add me to the list of people whose uncirculated Jackie spouses shipped. The person who ordered them for our group informed me he got a shipping notification. Sounds like they had stocks of uncircs on hand but not proofs, which is pretty strange.


    There wasn’t a lot of buzz, but some people noted in the comments that dealers seemed to want people to buy and flip these sets to them, so there does seem like there’s some demand. I think these will sell relatively quickly.

  15. Coin Collector says

    Where will the order page be for the Truman Coin and Collector set? Is it on the home page? Or is it on the product notification page?

  16. Zaz says

    CO — not really, the uncs did not all get bought out by the bulk purchasers, but the proof definitely was gone before 12noon on the 25th. The uncs lasted for about the first hour and they , too, went on backorder. The Truman proof is gone again. It’s a coin toss whether or not they”ll reappear for sale due to the higher than normal Kennedy sales.

  17. Two Cents says


    Likely, the big dealers ordered the proof Jackie Kennedy gold coins in their Bulk Purchase orders instead of the uncircs. When the coins show up on their websites and coin shows, there will probably be way more proofs than uncircs.

    To me, the unc. coins are just as beautiful as the proofs. While the portrait pops out on the proof coins, the uniform finish on the unc. gives the entire coin a soft glow and more natural look. There is also a tendency of “washed-out” features on the proof coins due to the laser frosting of the portraits.

    As a bonus, the unc. mintage will be lower (50%?) than the proof, giving it a higher price appreciation in the future.

  18. jhawk92 says

    I’m going to try to get a couple sets for the RP/dollar coin aspect as I’m working on a modest collection for my kids. However, I’m unsure whether I should get the 5 allocation and have 3 available for folks here in case they can’t get in? I was helped on an earlier release that way and might try to return the favor…

  19. says

    Hi Zaz,

    Did the mint actually have the nerve to confirm they pre-sold all of the “first run” of the proofs, or was this still speculation on our parts? I hadn’t been following the controversy too closely after ordering day, so I honestly don’t know.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    I have to say that was the fastest ordering process I have ever had with the Mint website.

  21. says

    I’ll go ahead and post my number too. My order was completed within the first 30 seconds of the product going on sale, before even 12:01.


  22. Louis says

    Me too! In and out by 12:01! Seems too easy and makes me wonder if the skeptics are right. At least it will make a nice gift.

  23. JBK says

    Too easy – something must be up. I was done in less than 20 seconds, and my order even shows up in order history as “processing” status…..

  24. jhawk92 says

    Done here as well. Decided on only 2 sets. There may not be quite the demand on these as originally thought? I was in/out quickly too, same first USM digits as Matt, (03355).

  25. A&L Futures says

    USM03354XXX (1st order of 5)

    USM03356XXX (2nd order of 5)

    Easily over 1,000 orders placed in the time it took me (< 30-sec) to switch from one account to the next.

  26. Tinto says

    Order number 33554XX order history says “processing” Remembering the wait for the MOD because I ordered less than the HH limit, I ordered the HH limit of 5 this time.

  27. Zaz says

    In for five, superfast again
    12:01 ET

    @CO – not confirmed by the Mint, but it is one of the few products aside from the annual sets thats available for preordering by bulk purchasers. Probably got added so they can estimate how many they need to mint of each issue? JKO was going to be popular even though the buzz was rather muted.

  28. Larry says

    That was painless! Ordered 2, maybe I can sell one to pay for the other one. Otherwise, will make a nice gift!

  29. says

    Same as all of you. 5 sets in under a minute. Almost too easy……….hmmmm……we’ll see, time will tell. The motto of our hobby!

  30. Ends in Error says


    Had a few hangups like I pressed add to bag twice and it added 10 to my bag. I’m sort of surprised these were still available at the opening bell.

    Now to see how long to Sell Out, or Back Order?

  31. Jeff says

    @gary – unlikely that the mint will raise production numbers, especially since they have been publicized for some time now. 17,000 for Ike and LBJ, 25,000 for JFK. Haven’t seen definitive confirmation that we’ll have any next year, but at most Nixon, Ford and Reagan, then the series ends.

  32. Mr. Kairu says

    Hoping for the sake of my 10 sets that they go out of stock very soon… we will see. Very painless order though was done in about 20 seconds at 11 (central)

  33. Bolete says

    Got my 5 in 5 separate orders as fast as my little fingers could click. Here are the numbers:


  34. Ikaika says

    The mint web server handled all this activity without a problem. Ordered within the first minute!

  35. Erik H says

    If these sell out quickly they will help push demand for the the upcoming issues, if not then demand should remain low for remaining issues.

    Reminds me of 2010 ATBs all over again. We’ll see???

  36. jhawk92 says

    And just for giggles, I checked on the bay for Truman auctions. There are already a number of them up, pre-sale. I find this one fascinating…


    Someone already bought one yesterday, for basically 2x the price.

    Or this one…


    34 already sold, with 20 at $120. I suppose getting 5 and selling the other 3 might cover my own two sets. But I guess it doesn’t really matter…set is showing unavailable now.

  37. A&L Futures says

    We are currently out of this item, but more may be available later. Provide your email using the “REMIND ME” button and we will let you know when we are taking orders again.

  38. paul G says

    judging by the comments today it looks like the mint has got it’s fairly new system running the way it was intended. i did not have any trouble getting on the website as i did during past purchases on the old system, when i was frustrated more than once.

  39. JBK says

    A no brainer as far as I am concrned. I presumably will have a few extra sets and may just sell the low minateg RP $ coin and keep the Truman bullion rounds as a silver investment. If the Trumans are worth about 20 as bullion that makes the cost of the $ coin about $38. With the way the enhanced unc from last year has performed I think this is worth it.

  40. Mr. Kairu says

    So the Unavailable means that probably what they had made and ready to go is gone but the 17,000 total may not yet be sold out, correct? And was it around correct with the 4,000 orders since the first I saw was 3354xxx and the last before posting this is 3358xxx?

  41. I started collecting yesterday says

    I logged in at 12:10 and the site said the product was in stock. I ordered my 2 sets, completed the transaction, and went back to the product page and it said back order. I wonder what that means. My order says processing. This sure is exciting!

  42. Brad says

    Boy, that didn’t take very long, did it? Does anyone know what time the “currently unavailable” message started displaying?

  43. Kevin says

    I don’t recall if I saw it here or on another blog – I wonder how many of these orders were related to MCM’s offer of $450+ if you gave them your 5 set limit.

  44. VA Bob says

    Ordered two sets in thehope of getting one that’s decent and to keep my collection of C & C sets complete. Order # 33556XX (for thoses keep in track). Still can’t help but feel the Mint is laughing all the way to the bank on these, with a little hype to boost sales. The RP might do OK long term, provided we don’t see more of them (as in a set after the C & C’s are issued). But it is base metal without much intristic value. You’ll notice the PRODUCT LIMIT is 17K, but the mintage is left BLANK. We’ll see if the Mint gives a sucker punch late this year.

  45. Teach says

    No sell out yet? What’s going on???? Haha………I really don’t see these lasting too long. My order # was 033550xx. Very painless this go around, something must be wrong 🙂

  46. Brad says

    Yeah, I would wager the entire 17,000 of this one were ready to go. The Mint likely had faith that all of these would sell. It seems kind of dense of them not to expect them to go this fast, though. Who knows, this could be the first time the Mint exercises that clause that goes something like “reserving the right to limit orders when it deems it to be in it’s best interest.” Those orders for five sets might be adjusted downward after the fact to spread these out a little better.

  47. john says

    I try to make a phone order at 12:20 was told sold out,put my name on a list for return.

  48. Mr. Kairu says

    Wish I got that MCM email… oh well have to sell them the old fashioned way I suppose. 😛

  49. VA Bob says

    Cag – at least folks will be able to take thier time with ordering the HR. BTW is that proof?

  50. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- so glad now I didn’t bite on the Jackie’s……I knew the Mint was not being honest about the sales date. Just got caught with their pants down releasing sales date on the HR just before the Jackie Kennedy was going on sale. So funny!

  51. I started collecting yesterday says

    Order 33590XX. So if it says “processing”, does that mean I win the 2 sets I ordered? So exciting.

  52. Ends in Error says

    17,000/5 =3,400

    But since not everyone ordered the max 5 sets it’s anyones guess how long it took to get a sell out number of orders.

    Given the hot and heavy action though, I’d say they are sold out.

    Even with the hang ups I had ordering over my “Smart Phone” I did get my order for 5 sets in. I’m really surprised at that. Thought for sure Cousin Jethro and Aunt Sally Sue had taken em all out the side Door in Memphis.


  53. Brad says

    Aw, man! I just saw on my order history that these will be coming via FedEx Dumbpost! The $294.70 amount was just under the $300 threshold to trigger UPS delivery! Crap! I should have thrown in an ATB Circulating Coin Set or something!

  54. Blair J. Tobler says

    Got my acknowledgement and confirmation emails, but I also ordered the Annual Unc $ set, so I doubt mine will be one of the first to ship….

  55. Tinto says

    Placed my order at 12:02, just got a confirmation email from the Mint with a 12:25 time stamp.

  56. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, Agreed on Both counts. Opted out of Jackie and the Mint got caught with pants down. Once they Never put a date back up on the website, you had to know they didn’t want to interfere with the Jackie release. One week later. Funny

    @VA Bob, Looking at the coin, I would say that it was Uncirculated…

  57. Erik H says

    It seems like orders of 1 set & 5 sets always ship first. Looks like I will have to flip these to help pay for the H.R.

  58. creepster says

    Ordered 5 at 12:003354xxx, thought there was a problem and re-ordered 5 at ~ 12:10 3358xxx. it appears they accepted both orders and sent conformations. I assume they will cancel one.

  59. Jeff says

    Congrats to all , I really don’t think these will sale well RP really does not mean much unless you are a collector/flipper the general public has no idea what RP means. Now on the other hand I think the real sleepers are the $1 Presidential & Spouse set much cheaper lower mintage that’s where the public can relate (rare) several thousand vs 10’s of thousand. JMHO I thought really hard and wanted a set but I will pass hope they are fantastic in person.

  60. Jeff says

    Creepster showing his real colors you knew HHL are 5 but just in case I’ll order more .FLIPPER, that means you would take from someone else to satisfy your selfishness

  61. Erik H says

    Brad, invest in a PO Box that way you’ll not have to worry about FedEx shipping. Also, I’ve noticed that the new fulfillment company seems to ship out USPS items about 24 hours before FedEx & UPS items. The old company did the exact opposite.

  62. MLA says

    Sounds like the mint did this one right no snafus, approximately 4,000 in 14 minutes, awesome

  63. cagcrisp says

    People, People, People…The Truman C&C are GONE. There may be a few cancellations, cc checks and returns, but for all intents and purposes, they are GONE…

  64. jj says

    @Brad, i hate that too – learned lesson and now ship to work address – somebody is always there (or should be)

  65. Ends in Error says

    A 50,000 mintage on that Hi-Relief Gold seems a bit on the hi side. 😉

    But given the Games they are sure to play ( Back Order – at the opening bell) I’m sure they will sell all 50K.

    Get ready to flip from the Mint website to MCM on opening day, they will have “First Day” 70’s for your buying pleasure.


  66. mark says

    Jeff..this reverse proof is a coin. Your talking about a medal. ….yes iam a evil flipper. But I like medals too…flipped over (100) 2014 spouse sets. Never had to threaten anybody to buy them.

  67. Jeff says

    We’ll see what happens as the Mint vets the orders. Those who have multiple orders above 5 total for one address/credit card may lose the entire order, so we may have a repeat of the 2014 Coin and Currency set where a few days after the apparent sellout there are some available (that’s how I got mine!).

    Definitely want to get an early start for the next rounds.

  68. mattarch says

    My single set Truman C&C order went through at around 12:05 and received a confirmation order at 12:25. Website worked fine. Holding my breath on the shipment center.

  69. cagcrisp says

    Anyone NOTICE but the price on the bay offering (34 Sold currently) for the 2015 Truman C&C has been INCREASED from previously $129.95 to CURRENTLY $169.50. Price was change 15 minutes AFTER launch when the coins became unavailable…

    Those that have them to sell, keep that it mind…

  70. Louis says

    Brad- good point. I should have done the same but didn’t want anything to delay sending them out. Apart from the holiday delays I’ve generally gotten dumb post in a week.

  71. gary says

    I ordered 5 within the first 30 seconds of availability and my account shows processing and also ON HOLD.
    No order email confirmation from the Mint yet.
    If my order is not among the earliest shipped I will just cancel.

  72. Mr. Kairu says

    Hmmm… forgot about the address thing… well we will see if the 5 or 10 sets come since my wife ordered some too. If nothing ships that would be a real bummer… oh well.

  73. Mr. Kairu says

    Also weird about the mint website… my order history shows it as processing, but also another order I made in December (which I received already) shows “processing” too. Does that mean I will never know until they get here??? Odd.

  74. VA Bob says

    Cag personally I’d suck it up as a missed opportunity before i’d pay that price. I believe that >half the sales were to resell any way. I really don’t have a problem with someone trying to make a littel money, but then I suppose we should have any complaints when the big dealers put the same screws on us. I’m willing to leave a few slip by, take what I need, others like to dredge it clean. It does make it harder to determine what the true collector base is for an item.

  75. Kevin says

    My order @ 12:08 initially displayed as ON HOLD but then switched to PROCESSING while I was talking to a customer service rep. She mentioned that I shouldn’t be too concerned with the order status during the 1st 48 hours.

    I’m in for a single Truman set along with a proof & burnished ASE and an S-mint roll of quarters. Hopefully all the extras don’t delay the shipment of the Truman set, and by the looks of it, me putzing around with other offerings almost put me in backorder status.

  76. mark says

    The reverse proof dollar and silver medal is only available in this set. Then we should be able to send in just the coin and medal for grading.

  77. VABeachEd says

    I had 5 Truman sets in my bag and went to order 1 Roosevelt, but then wanted it in a different order (not in the same shipment box), so I changed and then ordered my 5 Truman sets first. I am glad I did, because my order # was 33591xx.

    I went back and ordered my Roosevelt after seeing this on ebay…..http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/252011512288?rmvSB=true

  78. GoldFishin says

    50 K on the HR coin is an adequate mintage to meet demand. The ’13 RP buffalo gold coin ended with sales around 48 K I believe. The ’09 UHR gold coin ended with sales of 115K. As was discussed earlier, if we go down the road of lower and lower mintages, we will end up with a bunch of overpriced bullion coins as time rolls on. 50K is high enough for everyone that wants one to have plenty of time to purchase, but not so high that it sits around for eons like the JFK gold has. It is a much higher price point for many collectors and will be very difficult to sell out quickly, if at all. But, the obverse and reverse are very nice and will be a good coin to have in one’s collection, especially if it does indeed become the first of a series of Modern Liberty coins. Just tossing it around in my head…..

  79. Jeff says


    Try not to put words in my mouth. I know it’s a coin DUH I was not talking about a worthless silver medal thanks
    enjoy your flip of 5 silver bullion metals..

  80. Zaz says

    Next time for Eisenhower throw in two or three backordered dollar coin & spouse medal sets. To trigger the sig priority mailing type, cancel them after the C&C sets are shipped. Got hit already for $294.70… Just sayin ‘ with the pricing so near to the $300 threshold.

  81. paul G says

    out of the billions of presidential coins the mint has produced, there will only be 17,000 of the RP Trumans. ever! quite a distinction.

  82. Louis says

    Be careful about listing now on ebay before you have them in hand esp. with the dumb post shipment. I once did a pre-order for something that had shipped and got delayed in the mail and the buyer had a fit even though I shipped his order the very day I got them. He tried to screw me with a negative rating but I got ebay to remove it because it was not justified.

  83. Tinto says

    My CC just got dinged not once but twice …. but it is still in pending territory … I won’t mind if they ship me 10 instead of the 5 I ordered.

  84. fmtransmitter says

    I want to buy Mark and Jeff a drink…Are any of you in the Tampa area! Whatever you want fellas!

  85. fmtransmitter says

    @Tinto: 1 may just be a PRE AUTH. I had that happen with rental car company. Sometimes they just appear. Then when it ships it does the final ding DONG!

  86. smalltimecollector says

    I have the feeling these types of offerings are solely to increase sales of the other products.

  87. A&L Futures says

    @ cagcrisp,

    Once word broke about the U.S. Mint’s ‘Currently Unavailable’ statement, all sets on eBay jumped.

  88. Coin Collector says

    A production limit of 17,000 sets with a maximum order of 5 sets per customer is ridiculous. What was the US Mint thinking? And I’m not so sure that the US Mint will produce more than 17,000 sets (other than JFK’s) because the Truman sets sold out so quickly.

    I’ll bet that the other Presidential sets have already been assembled.

  89. Mr. Kairu says

    Man those prices are a lot higher than I was going to sell mine at… maybe that means mine will move along quick 😀 I was thinking around $110 for a buy it now that is a little under double my money right there after fees. But hey if people want em for more than sure thing!

  90. JBK says

    Louis – I would tend to agree on pricing but since I have a few sets (hopefully) to sell, I am biased. I would ideally like to find a way to sell a few of the extra $ coins and be able to keep the medals. (I’d use the stamps on outgoing mail).

  91. JBK says

    It is a safe bet that they will continue this product with the last 3 coins next year. So, the RP dollars (and silver medals, for that matter) are going to be a mini-coin series. I think that will help the value of all of them.

    I just hope I can get all the rest of them. I expect it will get harder with each subsequent one once people carch on….. And JFK and RR might be near impossible to get at issue price.

  92. Larry says

    Who wants to bet on what the HSN guy will sell these for? I say at least $400.00 to statrt.

  93. Dave SW FL says

    Got a shiny turkey quarter in change today – first one, and it really is an attractive coin!


    Many here are hoping you are right! Good luck to all flippers.

  94. Frank says

    Just curious where did the US Mint get the Truman stamps issued in 1973? How comes these are still around 40+ years later?

  95. Mr. Kairu says

    Well saw auctions for sealed box presale one at $599 and another at $620 instead of the ridiculous $700 or more. Don’t know if those will be gone soon. We will see. Hope mine do well too! 😀 GL all!

  96. Mark says

    Seller had 15 sets buy it now for $2700.00 or best offer. He accepted a offer of $2400.00

  97. Clark says

    With many here, yours truly included, breaking these Truman C&C sets up for various reasons, I can’t help but think that the number of complete sets will be far lower than 17000…perhaps as low as 5000, but it’s anyone’s guess.

    After online warehouse dealers and others who only want RP$1s finish harvesting their Truman sets, collectors of C&C sets may discover that a complete Truman set has become the key C&C set of the series.

  98. A&L Futures says

    @ Mark,

    $800.00 / case of 5 = $160.00 (pre-eBay fees). Assuming the 10%-rule ($16.00 / set), that’s not a bad deal for 2-hours of work.


  99. JBK says

    Where did the Mint get the 1973 Truman stamp? …..Vintage stamps are common – so common you can buy stamps as much as 50 years old or more for well under face value. Someitmes I buy stamps from a dealer to use on letters – I pay 70% of face since I am willing to have to use 4 stamps to get to the 49 cent rate. If that equation includes 5 cent stamps, they will be from the 1960s (that is what it cost to mail a letter back then). There were some great designs back then, and most stamps were printed by the intaglio method (engraved, like our currency).

  100. says


    I agree, $200 seems like a good target. Given the initial supply squeeze, we could see premiums go even higher this week before settling.

    Anyone here know if this is the fastest product sellout in mint history (or at least fastest going to unavailable)?

  101. Mr. Kairu says

    Hooray already pre-sold my sealed box! Nothing like almost doubling your money with 30 minutes of work… now hope they ship quickly…

  102. fmtransmitter says

    That is why I like auctions. It will help determine the true market value for these sets. I didn’t want to sell a set for BIN, I want to see a bidding war and what the market will determine the value is. I haven’t been for up for 2 hours and have a cpl hundred hits and I think 10 watchers, tire kickers…

  103. Hidalgo says

    The U.S. Mint should have known that there would be a quick sell out of the sets. I can imagine how frustrating it would be for the average collector to add this Presidential Coin and Chronicles set to one’s collection when quantities are so limited and demand is so high.

    Fortunately, I was able to purchase a set. I will add it to my John Marshall,, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln,, Theodore Roosevelt,, and Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicle sets.

  104. JBK says

    I was checking out the medal on the Mint site and I noticed the name Sinnock under the bust of Truman. No doubt that is John R. Sinnock, who also did the Roosevelt dime obverse. The styles look similar….

  105. thePhelps says

    figures …I got stuck having to take an employee to get a new vehicle and missed all the fun…

  106. fmtransmitter says

    @Mr. Kairu: U may have just LOST double your money as they may have been worth more…But, each to his own on what they do with their items…Happy collecting all!

  107. A&L Futures says

    @ Mark

    If I recall, the U.S. Mint sold approx. 100K 25th Anniv.(5-coin) Silver Eagle Sets in 2011. The sell out occured in what, 4-hrs? That’s roughly 25K sets per hour, or 6,250 sets every 15-min.

    Yeah, I’d say this was the fastest on record.

  108. fmtransmitter says

    @Hidalgo: IMHO, these are KEY coins to have for the million who have been chasing a complete PREZ dollar set. The set will NEVER be complete without them. And at 17k I can’t wait to hear HSN guy rev up the clearing of the throat and repeat himself…

  109. fmtransmitter says

    He will have one set on air or a picture/rendering of one with a low mintage and series number via ANACS, then he will go into the rant about the single most important coin to be produced by the Mint in the last 100 years, and how important it is to own these and get them NOW because they will always be for sale but the price will go up and up so get them now!!!!

  110. Mr. Kairu says

    Well @fmt I may be kicking myself later but I ordered 10 sets with my wife’s help. I still have 5 (well 4 since I am keeping one) to sell. These I am going to wait on but in the mean time I basically got the 5 I have left for total $66 since I sold those other 5. That way our money is not too tied up since I still have Wedge Tailed Eagles to sell too. I am lucky my wife let me do this at all… lol 😛 so we will see! I am still happy making money for minimal work even if I could have gotten more.

  111. JBK says

    I actually would not be surprised if the Mint did not know what to expect. After all, earlier C&C sets took many months to sell this many sets or went off-sale before that ever happened. Same with the enhanced Unc last year – they had no clue.

    Of course, the limited issue RP dollar makes the Truman set different from the other C&C sets, but I would not expect a bureaucrat to know that, or at last understand how much of a difference it can make. I expect that not many Mint employees, at least in upper management, are coin collectors.

    All of this is what makes it possible for the astute collectors (like MNB readers) to get in on the ground floor of what will be a hot issue.

  112. JBK says

    Mr. Kairu: that sounds like a brilliant plan. I would do it myself but I am not quite bold enough to get involved with pre-sales to the general public (might do ut with a dealer I trusted). You were not greedy, made a killing, and mostly paid for the sets you still have. I did something like that with the 2011 SE sets and the MOD set a few months ago. It is a great feeling to have covered the cost of the sets you still have, even if you could have squeezed out a few more $$ by waiting. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush….

  113. Dave SW FL says

    It will be interesting to see the quality of this first RP clad coin. Any guesses on % 70,69,68,etc?

    Clark adds a valuable perspective regarding complete sets down the road.

    These sure went from lukewarm to chili pepper hot in a hurry! I am impressed by the rapid sellout. I remember flipping the first of my HOF proofs at what I thought was a nice premium only to continually raise the price continually. This may play out the same way, although all 17,000 may have been ready to go. If so, it will be an interesting watch on the pricing changes. The sellout surely sent a jolt!

  114. Mr. Kairu says

    Yeah it is my second pre-sale (first was the C&C sets with the EU Sac) and told the guy (with 100% feedback and over 4000 feedback) he didn’t have to pay until closer to me getting them but he still did anyways. Just got to keep them informed and things should be fine 🙂 Most importantly though, as long as I play it safe and make a good profit then my wife will keep letting me do it 😛 I even may try and save a set or two of what I have left to help out some collector friends if they missed it. Happy hunting and can’t wait for the next one!

  115. KCSO says

    Clark, good point, I was tracking along the same thought.

    Cag, thanks for the breaking news!

    GF, appears pandemonium will be avoided in Chicago, release 2 weeks early and then have the show release ceremony, sounds practical

  116. says


    I agree with you on the importance of the RP dollar coins. I also think these superfast sellouts may create sort of their own logic in terms of a “feeding frenzy.” Plus it seems like this is the fastest sellout the mint has ever had!

    It’s days like this where I regret not flipping – I could have probably made good money if I’d bought 5 instead of just one for myself.

  117. Leo S. says

    FS collectors

    I can’t keep up with the Mint changes. Several hours ago the Harding FS Proof disappeared and now it is back and the Truman proof is listed as ” Currently Unavailable”. What the heck is going on. Things are appearing and disappearing at light speed.

  118. Clark says

    Days like today make it fun to be an informed collector.

    Glad I didn’t have to be somewhere else at the 12 o’clock hour.

  119. cagcrisp says

    @Leo S, I have been tracking the Harding Proof for over 3 weeks. I have a google alert and I keep track of the numbers available. This morning there were 5 proofs available. I have never seen where there were unavailable. Currently there a 4 available. Someone could have easily placed an order for 5 this morning and when you viewed it, it was gone, then someone could have cancelled that order (or a combination of orders) and it appeared again…

  120. fmtransmitter says

    Damn, I spelled Chronicles wrong and my ad won’t let me change it because I have bids. lol I don’t see it but I see all the flippers flipping. There’s about 50 on there. lmao

  121. fmtransmitter says

    @CaptainOverkill: I don’t flip either Captain but geez Louise, I do SOMETIMES when it’s obvious. I think I made a G on the gold that one other time….It’s not fun but it is ONCE in awhile…

  122. fmtransmitter says

    The triple deuce sets have sold out with just 3k printed, got a few of those up there too…Those are some cool sets.

  123. fmtransmitter says

    Mr. Kairu: Are you using a different name from an old blogger aka AK??? he hee

  124. Mr. Kairu says

    Nope I have always been Mr. Kairu. Don’t post too often mostly just read the other comments as they are all much more knowledgeable. 🙂 I think I remember an AK but don’t quite understand… over my head it is lol

  125. KCSO says

    2,000 orders were placed w/i 90 seconds between 12:02 and 12:04 for the C&C set.., that’s rather smok’n!

    If you assume 2.5 sets per order at that rate, in 10 minutes, that’s over 13,000 sets sold.., yeah, this puppy is SO!

  126. Boz says

    Bless Truman proof was gone from the mint website when checked just now. Big day for the couple from Independence Missouri or just more game playing trickery?

  127. Mark says

    @FM..Yea those Triple Deuces came certified mail from the U.S. Treasury…Freaked me out at first….. Until i opened them up..

  128. Tinto says


    ” …1 may just be a PRE AUTH..”

    Yeah, probably so, but I wouldn’t mind if the Mint did charge me for 10 and ship 10 …. 🙂

  129. GoldFishin says

    I would not be 100% sure that the Truman Set has completely sold out. I also would not take the word of a CS rep from the Mint. If it isn’t Sold Out, it is very close, but you never know, they could open it up again to allow a different crop of purchasers the chance to get a set.. they have done it before after we thought an offering had sold out. Just a thought…

  130. KCSO says

    My bad, at 2 sets/order at that rate for 10 minutes it’s over 26,000 sets sold, so their may have been some latency in the system if the full amount of orders were allowed to be placed.

  131. KCSO says

    GF, very true, or the opposite could be, more orders accepted than could be fulfilled, this will one will be a good test of the website, and the stop measures in place when a stampede is on! Always interesting…

  132. Clark says

    @GF–I ordered next day delivery for a mere $21. I’ll let you know if that gets me faster turnaround.

  133. Mr. Kairu says

    Lol @thePhelps… not at your predicament but your comment… how does one PM on this site? I may be able to help you out good sir.

  134. Clark says

    Some of the goofy things happening with the Mint’s online inventory may be related to end of quarter maneuvering. I believe the Mint follows the US Government fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30th, but quarterly benchmarks often drive changes that don’t make sense from the outside looking in.

  135. thePhelps says

    Mr. Kairu… I have no idea how to get a message through… if I come up with a way – I’ll will certainly be interested in a C&C set.

  136. Mr. Kairu says

    Matt is that you? Unless you are another Matt who sold their 4 sets for $600… lol if so good to see you on another site I fancy! 😀

  137. D Rittenhouse says

    I suspect this set is not totally sold out and those who missed the brief opening order window should still sign up for the Remind Me notice and visit the catalog page frequently. I say this because I expect the Mint’s Household Order Limit screening algorithm will ultimately reject many orders. For instance, it would not be unreasonable for the Mint to classify all orders originating from the same IP address as having originated from the same household. That would mean logging on and off to place orders using different account numbers might not fool the Mint’s software into thinking the orders were from different households if it detected they were ordered from a single device/computer.

  138. Mr. Kairu says

    Yeah that is true… thePhelps while you are thinking of a good way to get a message through (are you a member of the CCF website?), you may want to keep an eye on the set to see if they do become available again to get it at the very best price. If it doesn’t though I could possibly hook you up as long as all my sets actually do arrive to me (had a little error on my wife’s side billing address was wrong… so that may actually be a real bummer). We will have to see how it goes but will get back to you.

  139. Mr. Kairu says

    Wow I guess since you got next day yours would ship quickly 😛 the Mint website only shows my orders as processing… even when I get them. So I have no clue.

  140. Matt says

    Received an email from UPS telling me they will be delivered tomorrow at 10:30 am PDT!

  141. Mark says

    I think the mint might ship UPS 2 day for orders of 5….they have done it before with some of my orders just shy of $300.00

  142. hilo says

    Or is the Mint counting the orders to see what everyone got. There is an email notification notice up now

  143. Mark says

    With no back order status showing up, these are sold out. They must have had all 17000 ready to go. Now just sorting all the orders looking for errors, credit card verification.etc. ..So some might still pop up due to that but at a slow trickle.

  144. Louis says

    Thanks, Gary. I know that won’t make me any friends, but I felt I had to speak out this time. I don’t want a graded coin, but it is annoying that Paradise, Coin Vault, etc. are already selling them when loyal collectors never had a chance.

    Remember on the C&C sets, sometimes people sell too fast like with the Sac sets. Then again a profit is a profit. I want to wait til my sets ship and see where this thing goes first. Peak time is probably still weeks away.

  145. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- and THAT is why you should be on the CCAC. The public needs someone that is not afraid to tell it like it is. It may not make you the “King of Popularity” with them, but I think they should understand that you are only writing and expressing the shared experiences of their most loyal customers. Cheers!

  146. Clark says

    Well done, Louis! Bulk purchasers have saved me a lot of time and trouble over the years (for a premium), so I do personally benefit from their largesse and rapid distribution channels, however, your article causes me to wonder if the Mint imposes any limits on bulk purchase quantities. If not, then it’s possible that available Jackie O proofs went quickly to them and it might be time to consider reasonable limits.

    I’m also wondering if availability of unc Jackie Os will shift the usual ratio of proof to unc first spouse gold coins. Only time will tell, but we at least have a bit of context if the ratio ends up being a bit lopsided.

  147. Zaz says

    Good article, Louis, and very, very pertinent questions that deserve serious consideration for a plausible explanation. I am beginning to suspect the JKO proofs might be like last year’s BHOF silver dollars, the backordered wait times stretched month after month. On the other hand a plum like the Truman C&C set is thrown to us every once in a while, but does it make up for consistently favoring a handful of special trading partners with favorable trading terms?

  148. hilo says

    Why would a collector want 5 sets anyway? Let us know if you get an answer from that Mint rep Louis.

  149. cagcrisp says

    Good article Louis… I’ve advocated a monthly press conference for the Mint before. Just once a month. 12 times a year Mint. Transparency Mint. What say yea Mint?

  150. gary says

    Still no email confirmation from the Mint on my Truman C&C order that I placed within the 1st minute of sales! I’m sure not counting my chickens yet. Maybe they have been set aside for one of those big pig dealers.

  151. cagcrisp says

    @Clark, According to the Mints Sales numbers, the Jackie Gold Proof is 66%. That would be the Highest ratio of Proof to Unc. for any FS coin. I look for that ratio to actually increase. I think the ratio was skewed by the Proof being backordered from the opening bell. Some ordered the Unc because they couldn’t get the Proof in a timely manner. The Unc. didn’t go backorder until about 53 minutes into the sales offering…

  152. ike says

    Great article Louis. I still have a hard time believing the mint did this. There must be another explanation.

  153. Louis says

    I was careful not to assert facts I can’t support, but something is fishy. I m not aware of any proof sales other than a limited number in DC, so how can Paradise have 50 proof coins in stock with first day release labels today? And Coin Vault must have more than that. I’ve never seen this before with a coin in this series

    Paradise is a FL co. probably not too far from NGC, but if the only sales were in DC, they would have had to fly someone there and back the same day with receipts showing they were purchased on day one, and the Mint staff in DC limits how many coins one person can buy in these cases and if they see someone offering people money to buy for them they ask them to leave (after the JFK fiasco). So maybe there was a bus of buyers like before. If so, we should be informed.

    Anyway, if you want a graded coin, wait til prices drop.

  154. Dustyroads says

    Louis, Thanks for going out there and being that defender, I think it was well timed.
    It’s still shocking to me to think that with questions like these it will be next to impossible to ever get a satisfactory answer. I like to think that you and other writers can somehow bring some clarity. It’s just a shame that we are dealing with an animal that is so untouchable.
    The FS coins are out of my reach at the moment, so I didn’t have anything to do with the release the other day, but am perplexed by what I see.
    Could it be that the large dealers are using some sort of software that speeds up the buying process? It’s easy to see that a mega buyer could easily clean out all inventory if they were only able to insure that they were first at the table.
    There’s more than meets the eye here!

  155. VA Bob says

    I’ll say it again, I would not be surprised if after this years C & C sets are offered, that the Mint releases a RP set this year. With the 4 RP presidents and the dime made this year, plus the leg work done for the RP half last year, that’s nearly a 1/3 of the set complete, more if the quarters are left out. The Truman C & C description states the number of sets , but leaves out the mintage number. Shouldn’t that be 17K as well? If so plenty of people paying the high secondary markup are going to be furious.

  156. SmallPotatos says

    Confirmation of my order 33590xx (@ 12:12pm) being shipped. I only purchased two as a collector, not a flipper. (No offense to flippers). But I would hazzard a guess that lower amounts are being filled first, then limit of 5, then multiple orders of 5 from the same address/purchser.r.

  157. Louis says

    Thanks, Dusty. But software would not enable them to get a receipt from the first day of sales. Those are only given when coins are sold by the Mint in person either at coin shows or Mint sales facilities. There was no announcement of a first day ceremony and the Philly and Denver shops are not likely to have had the coins on day one as they are private stores. Something just does not add up for me and many others.

  158. Dustyroads says

    VA Bob, We most likely will see a RP set, but it would be minted in San Francisco.

  159. Louis says

    And the big pig went oink, oink, all the way to the bank! Sorry, could not resist. Personally, I have nothing against dealers but if the Mint is playing with a new rule book, it would be nice to let us know.

  160. SmallPotatos says

    Louis, I just read your article. Well written. I purchased only the Liberty subset, but I would have been extremely upset if ibwas collecting the whole lot. Thank you for your passion in this field.

  161. Louis says

    Thanks to all. I think someone here had a link the other day to some info. from NGC about first day coins but I don’t remember if it was for the jackie coin. if so, please repost. I could not find anything on their site. Since there was no announced first day sales or ceremony, it seems odd to me that a dealer could get coins with those labels.
    Just to be clear my inquiry to the Mint, which may get a response eventually, was about why the proof was backordered from the get go since they knew demand would be high. At the time I was not aware that dealers would have graded coins in stock a few days later.

  162. Dustyroads says

    I remember a TV sales person a few years ago say he had a friend at the Mint. I know it’s only a line, but maybe someone was able to personally pick up the coins the other day.

  163. Ends in Error says


    In time I think it will be known that you attempted a great open field tackle but the Pig carrying the pigskin slipped across the line for the score.

    I think in time, these Coin Games won’t even be staged. All the Inventory from the Mint will be turned over to ” authorized resellers” . Sort of like what’s now done with Bullion Coins.

  164. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- Tinto and I were discussing CV having the JK proofs in stock last evening. This is the post and here is the link. You have to be a bulk submitter to NGC in order to receive the First Day Of Issue label, although I fairly certain you may be able to receive them at a show that NGC attends without a bulk submission.

    GoldFishin says

    June 30, 2015 at 12:51 am

    @Tinto- what is most likely means is CV was a bulk purchaser of the J. Kennedy coin and whereas nobody on MNB has had a proof coin shipped yet, the CoinVault already has them graded and in stock. Just as many surmised here, it looks as if the early available supply, especially in proof, was purchased even before sales began.


    NGC may from time to time designate FIRST DAY OF ISSUE on select coins that have an official release date. In most cases, NGC will make the First Day of Issue designation available only to submitters of bulk quantities or at select trade shows. In cases where the First Day of Issue designation will be available instead to all submitters, an article with submission instructions and grading fees will be posted to the NGC website prior to a coin’s release. In all cases, the First Day of Issue designation is available only by special request and will require a higher grading fee. To qualify, coins must be received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository by the official release date or on the business day immediately following the official release date.


  165. Jerry Diekmann says

    JBK – Do you think the Mint would offer C&C sets next year for Nixon and Ford? I can understand a C&C set for Reagan, but is there anything good to ever remember Nixon and Ford for? BTW, Ford is the ONLY president never elected to office in the entire history of our country. When he exonerated Nixon for his Watercage crimes he doomed any chance he might have had to become an elected president. Instead he lost to a very weak Democratic opponent, Jimmy Carter, who lost in the biggest landslide any incumbent president has ever suffered after four years of inflation and failures in Iran.

  166. Boz says

    Not to encourage a stampede but there will be a sales kiosk at the essence festival in New Orleans tomorrow. Maybe that is where all the missing coins will turn up.

  167. Jerry Diekmann says

    Frank – the Truman stamps are readily available, as are the FDR stamps that were issued in 1945 and 1946 on his death. You can buy many new stamps going back to the early 1930s for very reasonable prices. You can learn a lot about American history and the people who made this history through stamps, but it is not a field where you can make money.

  168. Louis says

    Thanks, GF. Bulk sales, as far as I know, are done by mail, not in person. It’s not like the Mint lets dealers drive up to some big warehouse and buy coins in the parking lot like gun show sales or something.. First day sales, like I said before, are at shows or Mint sales counters.
    And thanks for the football metaphor, Ends in Error.
    At one point I was considering a Jackie proof, but now I kind of like the idea of not buying it in protest and saving my limited funds for the HR Liberty.

  169. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- to be clear, I believe the First Day Of Issue labels that you are seeing at various retail sites are available to ANY bulk submitter to NGC. The magic is how they are able to purchase coins and receive them in a timely fashion in order to have them either at NGC or an approved NGC depository no later than one business day after release.

    I always check NGC before a major release to see if any special labels or grading instructions are given, just for my personal information. There was nothing about the Jackie coin. Sometimes the First Day Of Issue is available to any and all submitters, but they post that ahead of time. There was no such posting for the Jackie Coin or the Truman Set. The last time I remember it being available to the general public was for the USM coins. Here is that link.


  170. Louis says

    Please feel free to return to your regularly scheduled C&C postings. I don’t mean to hijack the thread.

  171. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    Today was a rush. Kind of like Christmas. Weeks of anticipation followed by a quick high when you see you got what you want. Hopefully the post-holiday low doesn’t set in.

  172. Mark says

    Never saw the attraction for the first spouse gold….ugly portraits on obverse and boring reverses….. HR Liberty all the way.

  173. Louis says

    Thanks, DR. But all the spouse coins are minted at West Point. Maybe there is a provision for the big hog exchange there too. Maybe that explains it.

  174. D Rittenhouse says

    I think it’s very similar to the way that silver AP purchasers can send their own trucks to the West Point and San Francisco mints to pick up their bullion purchases.

  175. Louis says

    The # of comments even if not all about the Truman sets would seem to be a pretty good indicator that this was a big deal.

  176. Samuel says

    I think this time the FS proof coin is an issue that has to be clarified. at the same time, I do know that people can use computer programs to buy a thing automatically.

  177. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks everyone for paying for extra shipping so they can get all those late stamped RP coins out the door and then mine will ship from when the stamping first started nice and polished for that beauty 70 grade RP 17K golden dollar…

  178. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: Just got email about Jackie O. Thanks sir for keeping it real. You have much respect from me and many others. Whats right is right. Theres plenty of room for dealers to make a living in this business without being shady. There is no room for that in a hobby like this but we live in different times and you Sir are to be commended for your truthfulness and dedication to keeping our hobby sacred and fair…hats off

  179. Louis says

    Thanks so much, FM. I try. And like I have said I have nothing against dealers. I know some of the biggest in the country and hold them in high regard. I just want to know what’s going on here.

  180. Ends in Error says

    I be thinkin we be headin in da right direction now. The problem – Logistics ! How when where does the US Mint be shippin its Coins? Do the authorized Bullion guys go pick up dey Bullion AND some Numismatic items also?

    I’m starting to think that’s the way the games been rollin all along. No foul down in Memphis. Memphis never got any Proof Jacqueline Coins.

    Corruption in a Gubmint Agency. I suppose there really IS something new under the Sun, after all.

    *** extreme sarcasm mode was enabled for that last sentence***

  181. EricTheRed says

    Screwed again! The mint rewards only the flippers. The flippers sit and watch a computer screen all day then glom up everything they can get their hands on. Those of us who work all day and collect for a hobby are always screwed. They should have put a 1x limit on these at least for 48 hours to allow the collectors to buy an example. I was screwed the same way with the 2011 25th anniversary silver eagle 5 coin set missed it by about a hour. I am done!

  182. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: We ALL want to know. We been wanting to know. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Dealers are not the problem IMO either. It is SOME people have contacts at the Mint and are able to get their coins first. And the big orders are sold by spot price plus a % profit margin period. It cost the mint more to have the C & C set made in printing costs than it did to make the coins.

  183. fmtransmitter says

    Did anyone get Salzburgs email about eBay picking PNG for the official grading company for paper notes?

  184. fmtransmitter says

    The issue here is there is so much e commerce now and it is for items of value with potential investment ideas (not smart IMO) but because it is sight unseen buyers are nervous so to combat that we have the grading companies in place to authenticate said items to give the buyer peace of mind. Great idea. Now one can buy knowing what they are getting is really as advertised. Theres millions and millions of dollars to be made doing that. Sucks for the buyer as they need to pay for that peace of mind IF they choose to buy online sight unseen. Solution: Buy from a trusted dealer or Mint direct. For instance on my triple deuce set. I did not have to have the paper graded but based on my feedback buyers will be assured that they are getting what they ordered as in i didnt go into the set and cherry pick paper. Coins you cant do that and so a grade can mean a big difference for authentication from fakes from China etc…same as paper too for that matter. If a buyer bought my paper and was suspect it was counterfeit and asked for a refund it would given via eBay protection. If the notes got sent for grading and came back fake my reputation would be ruined and all the years of honesty put into ebay since i think 1999 would be out the door. That is why feedback is so important. It is not a chance i want to take to ruin all that hard work.

  185. Louis says

    I’m following the progress of my Jackie UNC and it is in my state now for delivery tomorrow. Yeah, baby!

  186. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Thank you for the article in CW. I was one of many that questioned the “Backorder” status of the Jackie Kennedy proof at the time it went on sale. I see some similarities with what Perth has with GM on the WTE’s. Collectors can’t get them right away, but GM have them graded and ready for sale. I hope you follow up after you hear from the Mint’s Office of Public Affairs. Is the US Mint undergoing metamorphosis into Perth?

    Regarding the Jackie Kennedy proof, if history repeats itself, those “highly coveted FS labels” in 70 grade will be available for under current mint prices (30K is a lot for the collector base). The JFK gold coin in 70 grade (chose a label) have been selling for less than $1240 that many of us paid for the raw coin.

    On a more positive note, kudos to the US Mint web server. It took a beating today and passed with flying colors. I hope it continues to operate this way. Can’t wait to see how the C&C set looks like 🙂 Cheers to all.

  187. Louis says

    Thanks, Ikaika, I agree with everything you said and I was thinking of the Perth/WTE situation too. Perhaps those who say our Mint is becoming like the RCM and Perth for better and/or worse are right. But I did not get the memo. Still, imagine if our coins were priced like those of other mints. We’d all be looking for new ways to separate ourselves from our hard-earned money.

  188. fmtransmitter says

    If you have a DVR, July 3 @ 4am on CNBC is a rare coin con game for $40 million. American Greed. One of my favorites on tv to watch…New episode is Sat @ 10pm EST.

  189. MLA says

    Re JK FS Proud

    Has this not created an artificial rarity by keeping the mintage from the general public……..letting the special interest have the big profit potential……. Just don’t buy from the pigs, prices will come down……let the pigs wauller in the mud hole they made.,,…be patient……rest assured that improprieties (if any!!!!!) will be tracked down, by the Mint, an honornable and ethical institute.

  190. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: you missed my early morning rant about Perth being at US Mint facility to help? They said a long time they were working with them on ideas…I agree 100% about WTE BUT GM had to become official distributor to US market for those and States as such when you try to purchase from Perth direct. Kennedy FS not so…

  191. Tinto says


    I read you article. Good one! About time the Mint got called out …… the playing field is so uneven I am not sure the collector is even on it, having fallen off a long time ago IMO. The Mint talks about collectors but when they NEED to talk, like on this FS proof they have been totally silent. Is it that hard, if this was some “honest” mistake to let the public know?

  192. Ends in Error says


    Last time I got $2 singles from the BEP was the Millennial $2’s . I still have my 25, all with consecutive serial’s. Are those worth anything?

    I also got uncut sheets of all denominations except for the $100. I’m a bit thrifty about getting any 16 note sheets of those. Maybe one day.

  193. JBK says

    I am sure that the mint will issue these C&C sets through the end of the series. It is just not worth the blowback if they try to skip one.

    As for Ford bring the only unelected president, that bit of trivia is usually misstated. There were a few in the 19th century who took over from a deceased president but did not run for their own term. The technical angle with ford is that he was not elected as vp either. He was appointed to vp, then took over the presidency when nixon resigned.

  194. Jeff says

    @fmtransmitter – If the American Greed episode about the coin con game is the one I am thinking about, it’s about brothers on Long Island who ran several shady boiler rooms pushing basically BU rolls of Franklin half dollars. They’d start their marks at rolls of late mintage (’57, ’58 etc.) for reasonable prices, then slowly up the prices until they were getting $30,000 or more for a roll of really high grade Franklins. Trouble was, due to the manufacturing methods used back then, there weren’t enough high grade (that would be an MS66 or MS-67 for those keeping score) coins for them to accumulate the number of rolls they were selling. Most of the coins would actually grade at 60 to 63, which are basically worth melt for most dates. Moral is: know who you’re buying from and most importantly, know how to grade!

  195. Jeff says

    For those keeping track of shipping vs. order time, I ordered 3 C&C sets 33554XX (9:05AM); confirmation email at 9:23 AM (PDT), Standard shipping (i.e. cheap and slow). My order is still PROCESSING. I suspect those who chose the priority shipping are getting theirs processed and shipped first; those with more time on their hands will be sent out later in the week. I was only going to order 2 but decided to get a third for an elderly friend of mine who doesn’t do email or web commerce and may or may not have gotten his niece to place a timely order. I had told him a month ago that I thought this might very well be a first hour sell-out.

  196. Jeff says

    Reiterating an OT comment in another topic a few days ago (as the thread began to stray into the Truman RP dollar): Consider this in OGP part of a set of Presidential dollars which not only includes the 2013 TR and 2014 FDR C&C sets, but also the 2007 and 2008 Historical Signature Sets. Those were all release in 2008 without a lot of fanfare, never sold well and were removed as a product at the end of 2008. While these RPs are a distinct type, the collection together marks an interesting and very low mintage subset of the dollar coins, but only in OGP.

  197. Ends in Error says

    I just followed a link to a Proof Jackie Kennedy NGC FDI PF70 for around $1200. So how is that possible when they were Back Ordered from the open on the US Mint website?

    I think there needs to be a Congressional Investigation. The U.S. Mint is colluding with private business to gouge the US Public. If it looks like a crime…..

  198. Ends in Error says

    There is a Truman Coin & Chronicles set on the bay for $995.00 . Is this the most ridiculous offering yet? Anyone out there thinking theirs are worth even more?

    I suppose a person could ask for a $Million but we need to be reasonable. What seems to be a likely peak on these?

  199. Peter says

    The truman set was available just before now. After refreshing the “add to bag” was replaced by “remind me” button.

  200. SilverFan says

    There is a Truman Coin & Chronicles set on the bay for $995.00 . Is this the most ridiculous offering yet? Anyone out there thinking theirs are worth even more?

    I suppose a person could ask for a $Million but we need to be reasonable. What seems to be a likely peak on these?

    I only look at completed sales. Listing price does not mean much.

  201. Ikaika says

    Adding to the insult, last night received an email from Parad***mint selling the Jackie Kennedy proof in NGC holder first day of issue 70 grade. The dealers have plenty for sale.

  202. Clark says

    I also finished placing my Truman order with $21 overnight delivery within the first minute and I received a 12:23 p.m. confirmation, but it is still “processing” and “on hold.” Credit card is good. They must be using a method other and first-in-first-out to process; possibly batching by ZIP code or some other random approach.

  203. Zaz says

    About 7:45 ET, the C&C set went on sale again for about a minute or two. Did anybody manage to snag sets?

  204. J JONAH JAMESON says

    Since my work internet allows access to limited sites, and I don’t posses a smartphone, I had to go the phone order route for the Truman C&C. After multiple busy signals and “our menu options have changed” (really?), and the ever so annoying “you have been selected to take part in our survey” (lucky me) message which slows down my redial time, I got through at 12:09. By the time the CSR got through the litany of unnecessay verification questions (I long for the old days where a customer number and name verification got you through to order) and telling her all the information hasn’t changed, and hearing “Truman” and “Five” in the background from nearby CSRs the whole time, she finally asked me for the item number, and sure enough, the background chatter turned to “that item is sold out”. Insert game show loser music here.

  205. Ikaika says

    American Liberty 2015 High Relief Gold Coin: 50K mintage according to the website.

  206. Mr. Kairu says

    C&C sets still processing, but since I got the budget shipping I am ok with this… just hope they all arrive soon. Has anyone had an error in their billing address? Does that make a huge deal since we paid online and the shipping address is correct?

  207. gary says

    @Clark… I was among the very earliest orders within the 1st minute and I still do not have an email verification from the Mint for my order. Since I just went with Lamepost for shipping I have reason to believe that my order has gone to the back of the “line”. No buggy though but this is the 1st time I have not received a Mint email for an order within a few hours.

  208. hilo says

    I don’t understand why everyone wants these coins YESTERDAY. Is everyone here flipping? Times sure did change and I don’t deal with the Mint and the circus coins anymore.

  209. GoldFishin says

    @ Louis- I Call BS on the mint. I guess everyone in government office now just thinks they can prevaricate and we are all too stupid to know the difference. The US MINT knew there would be enough demand to raise the maximum mintage to 30K from 10K over 6 months ago if not longer. If they don’t stop the shenanigans and start being honest with folks, I will personally protest every offering they have from now on.
    Just as they told you Louis that they had “not determined” when the HR coin was going to be released after “accidentally” posting the release date on their site. Less than a week later, it is magically back up with a one week later release date. Just be straight with us, I have NO problem with honesty. whatsoever. I need to go drink my tea now, I am getting a headache. Que tengas un buen dia’ !

  210. Jeff says

    Hilo times have changed. These posters are now addicted to there own hype. But that’s cool let them buy the hype I’ll buy those issues that fly under everyone’s radar. Posters are hyped into doubling there returns not bad buy I’m interested in even better returns non hyped , non PM offerings.

  211. Clark says

    @gary–Who knows, you may get your Trumans before I do. Arbitrary is the norm for the Mint’s business practices. And, when you’re a monopoly, you can get away with being arbitrary, all others go out-of-business.

    @hilo–Why do you care so much about when other people want their merchandise delivered?

  212. hilo says

    Gold Fishin: I’m amazed @ how this site has changed over the years. I still remember the rant here about the 2011 annivrs sets, now we got a jackie O scam going on LMAO !!

  213. Larry says

    When my two sets come, I think I will take the extra one , along with my extra MOD set, and my two extra Enhanced SAC sets, sell them, take the profits add a couple bucks if necessary, and buy a couple 5 OZ P pucks. If you have bought wisely from the mint recently, (many thanks to this blog!), you probably made out pretty good.

  214. hilo says

    Clark: It just shows how many here want that special graded designation. That’s all 🙂

  215. Joe #2 says

    On the new HR coming out July 30th, I wish they would have made a small solid wood box for the coin.. I do like the 50k mintage.

  216. Zaz says

    I always thought the best job in gubbermint was spokesperson for some agency that deals with the public such as aforementioned Mr. Stump (perfect name, btw) that uses the tricks of prevarication and dissimulation to fool a beguiled public. Look here, a disappearing coin, when the real trick is shady dealings with “preferred” clients after hours. That’s my next goal: the art of saying much while saying nothing useful at all. Lol.

  217. JBK says

    Mr. K.: in regard to your billing address issue, I might be wrong, but as a retailer once told me they need to verify the card with EITHER the billing address (only parts of it) OR the security code on the credit card. Since the mint asks for the code, I assume/hope for your sake that the address discrepancy won’t be an issue. Also, I think they do try to contact customers with bad cards to give them a chance to fix it.

    The issue that could arise, though, is if you and your wife have the same billing and/or shipping address. The five set limit is a household limit, so any duplication there could be an issue….

  218. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    “Coin World’s Paul Gilkes has a new article in which the Mint says it underestimated demand for the proof Jackie coins, but no explanation of how dealers got them:”

    The numbers in the next few weeks will tell the story. Explanation may never come if this was “insider trading” between dealers and US Mint.

  219. Leo S. says

    FS Jackie O Problems

    Heard another good one on why the Jackie O gold was on Back Order right after 12 Noon. Talked to a rep and they said that there was on One (1) Jackie O coin in stock when the bell rang. Said the Mint made a mistake and hadn’t minted but a few coins. Believe it Or Not.

  220. Mr. Kairu says

    JBK that is true. We will have to see. If I don’t get the other five, I will just be sad that I didn’t get one and will have to wait to just buy the RP dollar by itself (cheaper at least than a full set). We will see how things play out.

  221. Mr. Kairu says

    Interesting… out of the three orders (my wife accidentally bought 1 and then another 4 sets) the first to show “SHIPPED” is the one with the wrong billing address. Well whatever they are on their way now! 😀

  222. Tinto says


    Yeah, still waiting too for an email about my sets being shipped. I placed mine at 12:02, my card got dinged but I went to the Mint website just to make sure and it still says “Processing”

  223. Blair J. Tobler says

    Website says mine shipped, but haven’t gotten an email and tracking number yields nothing – usually means it’s ready to go and will actually ship later today.

  224. Dustyroads says

    Leo S, That sounds like what the US Mint customer service would say. I just hate it though!!

  225. Tinto says


    That “explanation” by the Mint is the stupidest I’ve heard so far! Or they think collectors are SOOO stupid that they will fall for this stupid “explanation” And they can get away with it because there is no publicly available way to determine how much proofs were made initially and how many of them went to their buddies the big volume buyers (and when) who cornered the Jackie Kennedy FS proof market at a critical time, because it looks like a lot of the regular collectors may not be able to get the TPG first strike in time (if they wanted it) . So the only place to go to are the big boys who got their first strike and first day of issue coins from the TPG

    Wow …. so glad I decided to reduce my purchases of Mint products …

  226. ike says

    I ordered 3 separate C & C sets. I received an e-mail that all 3 have been shipped. All different shipping #’s. I will sell 2 unopened & keep 1 for my collection. I was in & out with all 3 orders with-in 5 min.

  227. GoldFishin says

    I was in and out in 20 seconds and nothing but crickets. It does appear they are shipping mostly 1 set orders at the moment. FIFO is nothing but a myth, right up there with Bigfoot, Unicorns, and The Mint Underestimated Jackie demand. 😉

  228. Eagle One says

    I just received my 5 Truman C&C sets this morning at 9:20 AM Pacific time. I paid the extra $20 for the Next Day Air Delivery.

    The Truman RP dollars look great. The devices, fields, and rims are very clean. Also, the strikes are very well centered. They will all most likely grade PR-70.

    In all: the web order went flawless, delivery was within 24 hours, the shipping container was acceptable, mintage was attractive, and the coins were great. I can tell that the Mint has been listening to all of the complaints posted on this blog and has made great strides to improve their performance in the last year.

  229. Louis says

    Exactly. Not to mention they go through this blog and see who complains the most and push back their shipments! Just kidding.

    Got my Jackie UNC, nice coin, but I would have got the proof instead if I could. Silvertowne, big surprise, has them.

  230. JBK says

    The upside to the Jackie O proof coin scandal is that maybe it will help bring down the system of first strike/early release/first day labels. If the system is truly and verifiably rigged, then that should kill off the label scam.

    Maybe the mint needs to go back to the old days – order months in advance and then coins get shipped all at the same time. They could prohibit exchanges and only issue refunds for defective coins. That would end the “first this” and “early that” label chasing and also end the practice of using the mint as a coins-on-approval service to try to get the best grades.

    I for one would welcome the collapse of the TPG label shenanigans.

  231. SilverFan says

    Louis says
    JULY 1, 2015 AT 1:00 PM

    This is crazy. Order by 12:01 and still processing. So much for FIFO.

    FWIW, I ordered exactly at noon. Clock on computer just turned 12:01 when finished. The email I received from the USMint said order was at 12:02. FIFO?

  232. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Does the mint have the power to readjust orders after they were placed? Food for thought 😉

  233. Roy says

    Re: Silvertowne- they have 164 raw proof Kennedys in stock. Guessing these are NGC rejects (below 70) from Coinvault?

  234. Louis says

    Ikaika- I don’t know.

    Even if one were to accept the “underestimated demand” idea for the sake of argument and to give them the benefit of the doubt, why would it be just the proofs, esp. when those are always the more popular ones? By the same token, why would this supposed collusion or backroom deal or whatever, if there was such a thing, have been just for the proof coins? It just seems strange. The Mint said they will get back to me.

  235. mark says

    Must be shipping out fed ex smart post first for orders less than five. Still think orders of 5 will ship ups 2 day.

  236. Eagle One says

    The Truman Metal is large, like a silver eagle, and the edge does not have reeds. Its finish is flat. But attractive, sort of like a large BU silver coin, but not burnished or antiqued. As far as Metals go; it looks pretty good.

  237. JBK says

    Thx for the reprot on the medal.

    We’ll have to see if they develop milk spots….

  238. Zaz says

    @Loius– what? Really the Mint is getting back to a journalist that serves the collecting public with an appropriate statement at a later time after “duly” investigating the issues? The mint surely is not giving enough credit to their clientele, who aren’t that stupid and gullible. It’s just more prevaricating by them mint who obviously do not want to reveal their sales methods. The more dissimulation the more it looks like there is something to hide. On paper at least the bulk sales channel is a shrewd business tactic, knowing that certain lines of inventory will not sit static for long. How it’s actually administered is another query altogether. It strikes me as odd that two releases in a row could be so bungled and mismanaged, as if no one’s running it at all.

  239. Tinto says


    The only way IMO to try to bring it to rest is for the Mint to provide irrefutable proof (couldn’t resist) to the public on what transpired ….. from the time the mintage was decided, the initial production, how many were purchased by bulk buyers, when did they take possession of the coins, how many were left by the time high noon came around and made available to the rest of us, etc. But the Mint has been thriving under an opaque veil, shielded from the public eye so I doubt they will provide any details that would lay this to rest. (Maybe they know it will kick up a bigger firestorm and are choosing the lesser of two (maybe more) evils all IMO)

  240. cagcrisp says

    1. Has Anyone had a order for 5 of the Truman C&C SHIP?
    2. Did you have Expedited Shipping?

    It appears to me that Singles are going out first…

  241. Eagle One says


    My 5 arrived this morning here in California at 9:20 AM Pacific Time via UPS NEXT DAY AIR.

  242. Tinto says


    I ordered 5 this time after having to wait longer for the MOD when I order less than 5.
    Still waiting for a notification from the Mint that they have been shipped, but I used the regular shipping FedEx PO box option . Maybe the Mint read MNB earlier comments about the MOD being ready to be shipped in sets of 5 and are now teaching us a lesson…..

  243. Louis says

    Over at the pcgs message board there is thread about my CW story, calls for FOIA requests over this, etc.

    And the Mint says the Trumans could come back as 220 are left – maybe.

  244. Louis says

    on the other thread at pcgs someone says they called the Mint kiosk and were told they did get the proofs on day 1 and got a lot and they went that day (so why did they tell me “they were not sure about the proofs” unless they got them after I called), but that would not explain the kind of volume turning up at dealers like 164 raw coins at ST, 50 graded at Paradise, etc. so some kind of bulk deal seems more likely. also a dealer on that thread claims the usual discount did not apply for bulk sales this time.

  245. GoldFishin says

    Whenever there is a void of the truth, the void can be filled with anything but the truth.

  246. cagcrisp says

    @Louis, The problem that I have with the Mint’s “I’ll get back with you” is just THAT ANSWER. I doubt there is anyone with any knowledge of the insides working of the Mint that does NOT know the answer to your question. The answer should have been “We KNOW the answer, everyone here KNOWS the answer, yet we haven’t figured out how we are going to spin it yet”

  247. GoldFishin says

    There are now 5 set Mint sealed packages showing up on the Bay. They were all shipped Next Day Air. So, now the upgraded shipping gets you not only faster shipping, but priority fulfillment. Great, just great.

  248. Tinto says


    Is that person over at the PCGS message thread who said the DC sales counter had lots of Jackie Kennedy proof, reliable?

  249. Rudy says

    I got my ship notice today. UPS. I ordered 5 Trumans and some S rolls…used el cheapo shipping method.

  250. JBK says

    (Jackie O gold) Reported by someone on the other site: MCM has 517 available for sale on ebay atm. This doesnt include earlier sales or sales on their website.

  251. cagcrisp says

    @Rudy, Approximately how much after the opening bell did you finish your order?

  252. hw says

    I think there is some credence to Louis’s statement about the US Mint business practices. The seeming reality is that the US Mint can do anything they want in order to maximize their profits. That’s free enterprise. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dealers or bulk purchasers paid a premium to have first digs on the JKO proofs. Those are guaranteed sales to the US Mint. The old adage “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” (or something like that) applies here.

  253. Harry Watkins says

    Hopefully the mint will make a nice enough profit on these Truman sets to be able to continue to offer limited mintage products. A whole new type of collector is being created: One who specializes only in reverse proofs. Thank you U.S. Mint!

  254. D Rittenhouse says

    Clearly the Truman C&C product drop has demonstrated the Mint’s new order management system can be ramped up to efficiently handle just about any conceivable level of demand. There were also some other little-noticed enhancements to the Mint’s new order management system which were added in support of Bulk Purchasers. These were briefly described at http://www.usmint.gov/websiteinfo/improvements/NewShoppingSite/?action=FAQ:

    What kind of upgrades and improvements can bulk customers expect from the Mint’s new shopping site?
    The new shopping site will allow bulk customers to order products online and by phone. Additional features include:
    • A unique log-in that will show bulk products online
    • The ability for bulk customers to request wire transfer payment online, in addition to paying by credit card
    • Products for bulk customers will be updated and purchased in real-time, eliminating the need to receive forms and replies by fax to the United States Mint

    I wonder just how powerful these special Bulk Purchaser accounts actually are.

  255. Dave SW FL says

    Here’s my take on the JKO Proofs:

    The JFK 3/4 oz was a proof coin. Any idiot at the mint could figure out that a vast majority of the JFK purchasers would want to pair up their JFK with the JKO FS coin in the same finish. Thus, they knew they had a winner. Thus, no discount for bulk buyers.

    Bulk buyers, being at least a tad smarter than the mint’s marketing team ( sarcasm intended) decide the only way to guarantee huge profits is to corner the market (they probably found out how few of the proofs were minted.)

    More later – the boss is calling!

  256. cagcrisp says

    @Rudy, Thanks.Your number is the earliest one that I have seen posted on this or other blogs so maybe the Mint is adhering to FIFO within “classes” of orders…

  257. JBK says

    DR explans it. Special log in, orderignjkust liek the rets of us – a few of them log on, order 1000 coins each and BAM! out of stock.

    Bulk order shoud be delayed a day or a week until the individual collector has gotten a chance.

    In this new environment, the large customers of the grading companies can always corner the market. The “game” for the little guy is officially over.

  258. NcCoinCollector says

    From what I have read a lot of the dealers took a loss on the JFK gold half dollar. Maybe the Jackie proofs are a way for the mint to smooth any ruffled feathers.

  259. Jerry Diekmann says

    Was notified by the Mint Email this morning that the 3 HST Coin & Chronicles sets I ordered yesterday have shipped. I believe this is the fastest turnaround I have ever experienced with buying coins from the Mint. They obviously had already minted all 17,000 sets before they went on sale.

  260. HiCal says

    Cag, I ordered 5 sets with regular shipping and got shipping notice and tracking number this morning. USPS hasn’t gotten the package at this time.

  261. Louis says

    Well, the Mint did get back to me and said the Jackies were sold at all three retail locations – DC, Philly, and Denver, and said nothing about bulk sales.

  262. Eagle One says

    I concluded that a 6.93% premium for Next Day Air was worth it and I also figured that the line for Next Day Air in the fulfillment center would be shorter. In the world of supply chain management; a shipping algorithm will exist. Personally, I feel that the Mint was on par or better than Amazon with this Truman C&C offering. I hope that they continue with this model. Having the entire mintage ready to ship on opening day significantly reduces their costs and their grief. They now have the Web Site bandwidth to accommodate this method of commerce and I hope they continue with it. This is as good as it gets. However, some may dementedly expect, when we place an order with the mint, a little door on our PC opens in seconds, and drops your order out on to your desk. The reality is, if you pay the 6.93%, your order should arrive in 24 hours.

  263. Louis says

    And my 12:01 Truman order for 5, wait for it, has not shipped, but my orders seem to ship at the end of the day or at least that is when get the e-mail, so there is still hope.

  264. cagcrisp says

    @HiCal , Did you have a low number similar to Rudy?

    @Samuel, Did you have another order from the same IP address?

  265. Louis says

    Has anyone who got 5 sets and did not pay for exp shipping been upgraded to 2nd day UPS? Mine is a 3355xxx order and nothing despite being placed at 12:01. Must be because of the dart board with my face on it.

  266. paddy says

    my order USM033561 has shipped with tracking number not yet received by PO had 5 sets and bags of dollars and quarters.

  267. cagcrisp says

    my order was 33550xx and Processing for 5 . My card goes through a brokerage account so I have never received things as fast as some of you do that have a Higher order number than mine…

  268. GoldFishin says

    @louis- you are on your own…just accept their excuse and apologize or you may never see your coins. 😉

  269. cagcrisp says

    With all orders being completed in 12 minutes they may just throw out FIFO and load up by geographical areas. They has to be SOME rhyme or reason to their methods…

  270. Mr. Kairu says

    My order is also still processing… but then again the order of the NA C&C sets in December still shows processing too… lol so no clue.

  271. Zaz says

    Curiouser and curiouser — did anybody get an explanatory email from the
    Mint talking about the 17,000 mintage level for the Truman C&C set? On another blog someone got such an email. It’s very strange.

  272. Goat says

    The mint’s web sight handled the 17,000 on the CC much better than the 75,000 MOD but the MOD sets shipped quicker . Then there is the backorder on the proof spouse gold ? Good news is you can still order some of the 2013 and 2014 spouse gold question is do these ship quick ?

  273. Zaz says

    Copied the email from the poster:

    Yeah, here’s the text of the email:

    Based on our sales forecast, which took into account the popularity of reverse proof coins and the demand for the two previously issued Coin and Chronicles Sets, the Mint established an overall production limit of 17,000 units for the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Set – Harry S. Truman (product code: AX1). The demand for the 2013 Coin and Chronicles Set – Theodore Roosevelt was 15,141 units. The 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt, which went on sale December 22, 2014, with a product limit of 20,000 units – had sold only 13,255 units as of June 29, 2015.

    To ensure fair and equitable access, a household order limit of five sets was established for the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Set – Harry S. Truman. The product went on sale at noon Eastern Time June 30, 2015. By 12:15 p.m., available inventory had been depleted, and the product’s availability on the website changed to “currently unavailable,” with the “Remind Me” button and message activated. (i.e., We are currently out of this item, but more may be available later. Provide your email using the REMIND ME button, and we will let you know when we are taking orders again.)

    A total of 16,780 sets were sold in approximately 15 minutes. All accepted orders will be processed and fulfilled on a first-in, first-served basis according to existing United States Mint policies. The product inventory is at the fulfillment center for immediate shipment to customers. No additional inventory will be produced. Product shipments, returns and exchanges will be monitored daily over the next few weeks.

  274. Goat says

    @ Zaz
    Was that statement sent to a buyer that made a purchase after the 15 minutes ?

  275. JBK says

    Thx for posting that Mint email.

    I especially liked this line: “Product shipments, returns and exchanges will be monitored daily over the next few weeks.” Exchnages? What exchnages? They don’t do thsoe any more….

    The comparisonto other C&C sets was fair enough, but then they added the bit about knowing about the popularity of the RP coins. Maybe they are considering increasing the mintage for the next sets? If so, Harry will be the key coin among a key series (RP) within the Presiential dollar coin series.

    On a separate note, how many times in the past have we heard that the hobby was getting killed with modern coins (commem and otherwise) that never appreciate and even go down in value? Many people wanted lower mintage coins to add some excitement. But now, some are upset that all who wanted one could not get one. The irony is, if they were open-ended production, no one would want them.

    All I can say is, stay informed and do what you have to do to play the game and get what you need.

  276. mark says

    I received that email also….my order 33550xx in first minute still processing.

  277. Zaz says

    it just screams at the Mint management what kind of stupid are you? Particularly in light of discussing the popularity of reverse proofs. The only special items in both of the Roosevelt C&Cs are the medals and we all know medals ARE NOT COINS! Sheesh. To pick 17,000 as the arbitrary number to distribute based in the earlier C&C sets. SMH.

  278. Tinto says


    Mint management is not paying for their mistakes, that is why they can do what they want and keep collecting their salary and maybe get their routine promotions.

    They will keep doing this same old crap until they get a thorough review and investigation by GAO and similar folks and get called to account. Right now, any huge blowups, why they will issue some stupid news releases/updates designed to throw a smoke screen and/or remain silent till it blows over.

  279. Zaz says

    @Tinto — somebody needs to sicc FOIA on them to disclose their management processes. As said before and better, in the real world such a performance like yesterday’s 15 minute free-for-all would result in someone getting terminated.

  280. JBK says

    On the bright side, ordering yesterday was flawless – no crashes, waiting rooms, etc. like we have seen in the past. Maybe the new system is too good? (It allows people to actually buy coins.)

    I will be very interested to see if the Mint raises the mintages of the next RP Pres $ coins.

  281. Eagle One says

    I wish they had snubbed the Kennedy Gold at 50K and the Kennedy Silver Set at 150K. Both would have sold out in short order, both would have had after market appreciation, and both would have been cherished by collectors. Such a shame that such a beautiful series has……

  282. Dustyroads says

    PSFweb has all the non-overnighters in a long list after the other orders being processed. We are about to very soon begin getting notices. Should be this evening or tomorrow.

  283. john says

    order #33561 shipped today,but will not get till 7-09-15. I live in AZ. I have had mint order take two weeks.

  284. Dustyroads says

    Eagle One, Absolutely agree, now we will have to watch the JFK’s linger until they quietly disappear.

  285. Mr. Kairu says

    Yeah hopefully the order will change to shipped soon… we will see how it all works out! Can’t wait to see them in hand. Kind of wish you could post pics of the RP Trumans 😀

  286. cagcrisp says

    I made 2 orders. The 2nd just got “shipped” notice. Over 1000 order in between 1st and 2nd . The Mint does Not like dealing with brokerage account cards…

  287. Zaz says

    Ok folks here’s the latest twist in this Alice in Wonderland saga… More drama as expected. My five Truman C&C sets shipped in get this, FIVE SEPARATE shipments. The CSR gave me five tracking numbers. Is that crazy or what? Are the inmates running the asylum mint now???

  288. mgm says

    email received Wednesday, July 1, 2015 12:25 PM
    2015 Coin & Chronicles Set – Harry S. Truman
    Shipped one coin

  289. john says

    On ebay per sale about 1800 sets sold five set from 620.00 to 700.00, one set 85.00 to 150.00,the prices has been going up 5-26-15 at 85.00 to 145.00 today. I will keep mine it will keep going up,I think the mine will make more set for the next ones.

  290. Frank says

    I place an order of five sets in the first minute (XXX33548XX) yesterday, but the order did not show up in my order history for a while. Afraid of not hitting the confirmation button in the first order, I went ahead and placed another order of five sets. The second order went through w/o hitting the household limit. Later, both orders showed up in the order history and both were on hold. Today, the second order of five sets got cancelled although the first order is still not shipped yet. So I guess the Mint is doing its due diligence to enforce the household limit and this probably why the orders of five sets ship later than the other sizes.

  291. fmtransmitter says

    NcCoinCollector says
    JULY 1, 2015 AT 3:12 PM

    From what I have read a lot of the dealers took a loss on the JFK gold half dollar. Maybe the Jackie proofs are a way for the mint to smooth any ruffled feathers.

    That is one of the smartest comments I have read. They want to try and make everyone happy and it isn’t easy but at they DO try…Let the dealers make their living by throwing them a bone and make us base buyers happy by throwing us a bone…I see no problem with it at all…

  292. SmallPotatos says

    I agree with you about the Mint weeding out double orders. How efficient are they? who knows. My order just got in at 12:12 for 2 sets, and I have confirmation that they shipped. I say they are fulfilling some of the lower count (1 and 2 sets ordered) first, then working their way up.

  293. fmtransmitter says

    Yeah, I just checked my set for sale, it’s at $126 and change…There are a lot of people wanting that coin to complete their series and I want to give kudos for the Mint for the foresight to pump some life into that series as it comes to an end….Smart move…

  294. Clark says

    Finally, my 5 Truman sets with $21 “next day” shipping order 033549XX is now marked as “shipped,” but UPS has not picked it up as of 5:44 EDT. Guess “next day” is not to be read literally.

    It is said that Anticipation is itself a sensory delight, however, when one pays $21 not to be delighted, but are, other senses are aroused.

  295. MikeinPa says

    got my order in in less than one minute still processing, hasn’t dinged credit card either

  296. Goat says

    I love it ! It’s like everyone calling Bingo at the same time. Mine shipped. But dads order number is 1600 units from the lowest order # above and that order is still in processing. Hope he gets his he the one that got me started collecting/ buying/selling. Thanks Dad

  297. doebrmn says

    Is there a strong likelihood that they are going to include these reverse presidential dollars in a reverse proof set that is planned to be released this year. While it is unknown whether the set will include silver proofs (i.e., whether it affects the MOD reverse proof dime), whether silver or clad, the set will likely include the reverse proof dollars just as the regular proof (silver and clad) do.

  298. sharks2th says

    I received a ship notice at 2:26 this afternoon, but my order for 5 plus some S quarters was posted before noon today on the Mint website as being shipped. I had the smoothest order I’ve ever placed on the Mint website on a busy day. My order was completed at 12:01 with the order number of 33557xx. I selected the usual cheap 4.95 shipping option. The order has not been picked up by UPS as of 6:15pm. The sets plus the quarters are shown as being in one box (the same shipping number on all of the items).

  299. Dustyroads says

    Yeah, mine just shipped too.

    BTW, I think it’s worth watching the weekly sells of the PM7 Uncirculated gold double eagle from now on, we could see much lower numbers with the UH8 selling along side it. But if I know the Mints strategy now, it will be on sell beyond December. It presently has sold 3,294 as of the 28th.

  300. A Different Jeff says

    Got my shipping notice this morning around 9AM PDT. Shipping container dimensions, according to FedEx, is 22 x 17 x 11. Seems large for 3 C&C sets. Hasn’t been received by FedEx yet, but based on prior orders I should probably have it by mid next week. Order number 33554XX, bound for Sunny (and parched) California.

  301. Tinto says

    Didn’t get my shipping notice yet … 5 sets ordered at 12:02 …. I called up the Mint CS who said that it would take two business days for me (made it sound special too ..) so gotta wait till tomorrow…. I did ask her what’s with orders that were placed after mine with regular shipping …. answer …… two business days ………

  302. Tinto says

    But…. I did get the Mint’s “Coins Online Newsletter” at 2:03 EST ….. I guess I should be happy (sarcasm …..)

  303. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, Most of the Gold Proof American Eagles and the Proof Buffalo are all looking like Potential record lows…

    AND….then you have 2016 Gold offerings?

  304. Zaz says

    @Dusty: the Burnished AGE has been running with lows the last three years, with
    commensurate secondary market prices in the $2,300-$2,800 range. This year the proof Buffalo is certain to join that group of low mintage winners. Not only the American Liberty coin, but as cag says the 2016 Anniversary coins if they’re made in gold or platinum will also cannibalize from the other gold offerings. I don’t know about the others but I only allow myself 3-4 oz of premium gold a year. Mostly it’s been the proof spouses.

  305. Larry says

    Received shipping noticed, yay! Order was place at 12:00. Coming Fedextraslow post, but who cares as long as I get it.

  306. mark says

    My order of 5 shipped Dumpost….most of my Dumpost orders arrive in exactly 7 days including weekends. Was really hoping for a UPS upgrade.

  307. Ikaika says

    @ cagcrisp

    There are just too many products sucking the money from collectors right now. New lows will eventually come for some coins.

  308. cagcrisp says

    JUST got an email from the ever efficient Mint :

    “Don’t Miss These Great June Collectibles!”

  309. cagcrisp says

    @Ikaika, the FUN is trying to guess which ones a Low Mintage REALLY matters…

    Just a hint: I would not chase a 2015 Low in Proof 1/10 AGE. In 2016 with the Gold Winged Head Dime, I would think that would be the time to look at the low…

  310. Larry says

    Say what you want about the mint, the ordering system is way better that it used to be. I remember trying to get in to order the 2011 anniversary set. It took hours. Then you had to wait months to get it.

  311. Louis says

    Feeling pretty cynical about our hobby after the response I got to my follow-up from the Mint. I have worked as a public affairs officer and if I used those kind of arguments I would have gotten in trouble. Was told there is no difference between ordering online and waiting to receive your coin and buying in person. Wouldn’t the difference be having your coin in hand. which is imp. for lots of reasons? if it did not matter, how would dealers be able to get the prices they are getting for proofs in stock?

  312. Mister Kairu says

    Well got shipped status for my order! Hooray all sets are on their way!

  313. Zaz says

    @Louis, it’s gotten kind of clear to those of us that think about these things that Mint management is really divorced from realities of the marketplace. To put out a communique “explaining” the mintage level of the Truman C&C in the same breath talk about the popularity of the reverse proof series took my breath away in having the correct constituent parts of the analytical process but WHOLLY unable to connect them together to form a meaningful conclusion. Voila a bone thrown to us in the form of an instant rarity. And don’t forget the US Mint is not in the business of “creating artificial rarities.” Duh.

  314. Mister Kairu says

    @thePhelps, are you a part of the Coin Community Forum? Can PM on that if you are

  315. Ends in Error says

    Oh my luck. Mine shipped today – FedEx Genius Post. I suppose I might see it next week sometime. The holiday gotta slow it down. Order completed about 12:02 pm.

    Also 3 BU Jackies are on the way. Might keep one but probably not.

  316. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    Shipping confirmation sent this evening. Estimated arrival date: N/A. Currently creating label in Memphis. Not too shabby.

  317. GoldFishin says

    Both of my orders have shipped from the Mint, latest one was 03357xxx. Yea, Mint, you have done wonderful work I really appreciate the superb service. I hope we can still be friends. >>

  318. hw says

    Wow. 462 posts and counting in this thread. Hate to start from the beginning . . .

  319. GoldFishin says

    By the way, one order was my son’s, not mine. Thanks again US Mint! 😉

  320. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks Larry for link to picture, that is one shiny rare coin….Is there a link to the silver medal? Maybe I didn’t scroll down enough?

  321. D Rittenhouse says

    hw said:
    Wow. 462 posts and counting in this thread. Hate to start from the beginning . . .

    Don’t bother. It’s mostly just squawks from the “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

  322. jeff says

    @ fmtransmitter, congrats, but not as profitable as you think. $58 + $5 Mint/Shipping, Fleabay $26, Paypal $5,shipping $2 = $96 – 125 = $26 I don’t know if that’s worth it, not for me glad your happy that’s all that matters.

  323. GoldFishin says

    If FM sold at $126(still receiving bids)
    10% Ebay = $12.60 3% Paypal =$3.78 Shipping =$3 First Class Total Sales Fees= $19.38

    126 -63 -19.38= $43.62 profit That’s a 72% Return on Investment(ROI)

    Also if FM purchased 5 sets, his shipping expense from the Mint for each set is $1, not $5

  324. D Rittenhouse says

    Didn’t you once comment here that you were assured by a Mint spokesperson that kiosks at DC HQ and Denver/Philadelphia would never attempt to sell coins on the first day of availability which also had household limits?

    Whatever happened to that?

  325. Eagle One says

    You guys should wait a couple of weeks before selling. I’m sure the price will climb to at least $250 per set. They are already listing at $179.00. A PR-70 may end up selling for at least $400.00. First Strike does not matter with this issue since it sold out in 12 minutes. I recommend to hold for now.

  326. D Rittenhouse says

    Ha, ha. Eagle One has a few he wants to sell now and is trying to clear the field for them. 🙂

  327. GoldFishin says

    I think others are correct that the mintages for the subsequent C&C sets may be pushed higher by the Mint, considering how rapidly the Truman sets sold out. The possibility is definitely there. Even if the mintage remains at 17k, the Truman set will become the key for folks that missed out this time or won’t hear about it until the next couple C&C offerings.

  328. thePhelps says

    @Mister Kairu – yes I am – but I didn’t see your user name there… Doug58s

  329. D Rittenhouse says

    Pure genius. To restate your position: the Mint might, or might not, change the maximum mintage of future Presidential coin & chronicles sets. Your comments never cease to amaze!

  330. Mr. Kairu says

    Hey thePhelps if you are Mt. Rushmore you would have to turn on your email it says you don’t wish to get emails. And I am the same just Mr is spelled out Mister.

    And on topic since I have a couple sets left to play with I think I am going to hold on to them for now since I made all my money back almost. Lowest mintage coin in both RP sets and Pres. Dollars to date so gotta be a winner I think.

  331. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, How do you get $3 for First Class? I was guessing a lot more than that. Do you not do tracking or insurance?

  332. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- Jeff gave $2 as shipping(see above post), I assumed he was using First Class in his example. I ship a lot with First Class, Ebay gives you a discount and includes tracking. I will be able to ship the C&C for $3 with tracking, and that is in a video type box. In many cases with First Class you can add signature confirmation and still be around $5. And to answer your other question, I don’t shipped insured, unless value is over $200. I have never had a package that didn’t make it to its destination. I used to purchase insurance on every package above $100, but found out it was a waste of money. I guess I will eventually lose one, but yet to happen.

  333. Eagle One says

    @D Rittenhouse

    Sounds like “Jon in Conn” or “Pool Shark” fell off his meds again.

    You were doing so well.

  334. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, I went to “discount on ebay shipping” and I don’t see anything close to what you are talking about. You got some type of link? I’ve got a friend that is going to make a sell and I would like to get the cheapest shipping for her and I don’t get close to $3

  335. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- you may have to sell the item first. I just entered a 10 oz package with First Class and free tracking. It is $3.07. I have shipped 5 oz PCGS ATB’s for $3.44 and like I said, that is in a video box. not a padded envelope. I prefer boxes over padded envelopes for extra protection.

    Postage cost: $3.94
    USPS Tracking™: Free
    Your eBay Discount (22%): -$0.87
    Total: $3.07

  336. Louis says

    @DR- Yes, they told me that and when they had the MOD sets, they had no explanation. the Jackie gold had no HH limits, however, in the past when any high profile coin was released, buyers were limited to 1 or 2 per transaction, and in the aftermath of the JFK gold fiasco, they told me, they were on the lookout for buyers trying to pay others to buy for them. So how did the dealers get thousands of Jackie proofs in person given these rules? Answer is the Mint is full of crap!! There are no rules! Rules are made to be broken apparently. Not that I have become cynical or anything.

  337. Clark says

    That you may draw your own conclusions and make your own comparisons with the current C&C sets, it might be useful to review stats on the 2009 Lincoln C&C set:

    — 1 per household limit
    — Issue price of $55.95
    — Product limit of 50,000
    — Sold out by 6 p.m. the next day (although Mint’s website crashed for hours during the first day)
    — Mint reported 29,919 units sold by 5 p.m. the first day
    — Currently listed on ebay for $79 – $199
    — Were selling for around $75 before Truman, now selling for over $100


  338. Dave SW FL says

    It’s called crony capitalism. The ” rules ” only apply to the little guy. My bet is that anything the mint produces is available to Congresspersons, Senators, and other muckety-mucks at the DC store.

    This will NEVER be investigated nor explained (with the TRUTH.) If they can’t do Bengazi (sp?) justice, why would they bother with the little old mint.

    You don’t have to be a genius to know the mint is giving the collector the middle finger and the Big Boyz a wink & a nod. Proof JKO will be readily available soon after the BBs supply is exhausted!

    Just the opinion of yet another NNN as DRatnhaus would say 🙂

    Just to be a NNP, congrats to the mint on the vastly Improved ordering system. Handled the tremendous volume flawlessly!! Also appears that they will have a vast majority of the product shipped within 48 hrs of the orders.

    Note to all – I am now refusing to participate in any mint surveys. They are obviously only used for an attempt at PR. I don’t think anyone there really cares.

  339. Mike.T says

    My order USM033550XX for 2 sets Placed at 12:02 still hasn’t shipped what a JOKE.

  340. jeff says

    fmtransmitter says

    May 13, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles set is still available from the U.S. Mint, but the sets coming out this year are expected to sell-out quickly because of the inclusion of the first reverse proof presidential dollars.

    marketing 101…I hope it is obvious to all of you that the RP is new goto facto to move inventory from here on out. NO turning back so any EARLY RP I see as a go but am jumping off the bandwagon now on CLAD RP offerings, low mintage or not, just not worth it for what I collect and again, we collect what we like. I suspect most who want that set is to flip it and not enjoy it for what it is meant to be…IMHO

  341. Dustyroads says

    My 5 oz. Blue Ridge Parkway is on it’s way from APMEX. Wondering if they will mint more bullion. They could mint 10,000 without.

  342. Dustyroads says

    Jeff, I like them. I probably won’t keep them all for long, but I think having all 5 unique sets this year will be cool. Plus, they should hold their value, and that’s all I need to win here.

  343. Erik H says

    Since Saturday is a postal holiday, those that shipped USPS today will probably arrive Monday.

  344. Erik H says

    Who thinks they will increase the mintage of the next C&C set? Who thinks they will lower the household limit? Who thinks they’ll do both?

  345. bob r says

    FYI my order 0335533xx shipped 7/1, my 2nd order was canceled so the mint is on their toes about order limits.

  346. bob r says

    It is kind of funny how many people here down played this set up to the very release, then most of the naysayers jumped on it at the release time. Low class in my books.

  347. Jeff says

    Checked again on the FedEx site – my 3 sets in Southaven, arrived there at 11:56 PM local. FedEx is forecasting arrival on July 10. Long trip cross country. It’s been curious to see how Fed Ex routes packages between the same address so many different and perplexing ways. Sometimes via I-40 to CA 99 to Sacramento, sometimes to Chicago and then out via I-80, once it sat for days somewhere in the midwest with no updates whatsoever, not even an email from FedEx saying there was a delay, then suddenly on the move again, once ended up going to a wrong distribution hub and took an extra couple of days to finally make it here. I figure it should take 3 or 4 days of driving, plus the extra day for USPS to process it and get it delivered, so I’m thinking July 8. We’ll see who’s right.

  348. Jeff says

    The packaging is already made for the C&C sets, so won’t be any changes in total numbers. The medals have been struck, and with demand for ASEs, not likely there would be planchets available anyway. No restriction on striking more RP dollars, but with the other limiting factors I don’t see any changes to the total production. They did promise the RPs would ONLY be available in the C&C sets, and I don’t see the Mint changing that commitment.

    The household limitation is another story. Remember the JFK golds were originally going to be 2 per HH, but was changed to 1 given some of the pre-sales hype. It’s entirely possible that there may be a reduction on the HH limit in an attempt to allow more access to the product. Given what MCM did, I think it is possible that the limit could be reduced to 2. This would effectively negate the action that MCM took, even though if everyone who was contacted actually participated in their scheme, it took out about 10% of the total. A limit of 2 would yield 8500 orders, about double the number this time. This would effectively quash the flipper market without impacting the desirability of the product. If you’re collecting, the you’re in for all the RPs; if you’re only in it for the flipping then there’d be no point

    It’s still 6 weeks away. We’ll see what happens. Still will be a sellout.

  349. Dick Soule says

    My order (USM03355341) for 2 Truman C&C sets (one to keep, one to sell) and a 1.5″ Fighter Aces medal, which I placed within a minute of the noon opening Tuesday, shipped yesterday, arriving at the Southaven at 9:47 p.m.

    Any predictions on the sellout time for Ike in August? It won’t be a first-of-kind, but certainly a more popular president than Harry.

  350. Zaz says

    Yee haw! My 12:01 6-25 order for one JKO proof is now processing! They are finally moving, boys and girls. The BO of 9-01 was just a placeholder date as suspected. Check your early orders from the 1st hour.

  351. Zaz says

    @mark: not interested in the TPG so as long as it looks ok w/o magnification, we’re keeping it.

  352. bobo says

    The mint needs to institute a restocking charge on returned coins. That the mint sends out returned coins really hurts the little guy and is unethical, because these coins are typically damaged or subpar. The present policy benefits the big outfits who pick through the coins to find the likely 70s, and then who send the likely 69s back for the little guy to buy. One way to stop this immoral activitiy is to charge a restocking fee of 10 percent for any returned coin. Right now there is no disincentive to do this. We need a monetary disincentive to stop the mint from giving us little guys the shaft. If a coin costs $1540, the restocking charge would be $154. Case in point, I bought several quarter ounce gold commemoratives all of which were scratched because the lids were off and bouncing around inside the box. Obviously someone had opened the lids in a hurry and then returned them, without putting the lids back on properly. Of course I returned them to the mint too. How much money does the mint lose by not disincentivizing this game of over-ordering and then returning the losers?

  353. says

    Yes, my Jackie proof order from 12:01 is processing, as well as 2 orders of two March of Dimes special sets changed from backorder to processing overnight.

  354. bobo says

    Only two Florence Harding Proofs left, and 24 Coolidge proofs. Seems the number minted was just over 2400. Going going gone.

    What is money better spent in terms of coin appreciation down the road? Getting a low mintage unpopular spouse like Harding or getting the high mintage but popular Kennedy? Choices choices!

  355. says

    I agree with Jeff that reducing the household limits on future Coin & Chronicles sets, such as Eisenhower next month, makes the most sense for the US Mint to avoid the embarrassment of a 15 minute sell off and to be fair to the collectors and discourage flippers and dealers.

    I would add one limitation however. I believe their shipping contractor has invested in boxes that fit the 5 Coin & Chronicles sets perfectly and plan to ship most orders in boxes of 5. That specification may well be in Mint’s contract with the shipper and therefore be hard to change at this late date.

  356. bobo says

    I do not see why anyone would order the 2013 Spouses at this point, for investment purposes, given that the 2014s will definitely have a lower mintage than any of the 2013s. My guess is that the 2014s will end up being the sweet spot for the whole series, with the Eleanor Roosevelts being the crown jewel of the whole series, worth as much as $4k in 2015 dollars ten years from now. Time will tell.

  357. Ralph says

    Thanks for the heads up on the MOD set’s. The 5 I ordered on 5/12 are now processing.

  358. Samuel says

    not only the Pf FS is “processing”, ALL MoD sets are as well! check ur account!

  359. Olde Sailor Bill says

    To all the fedex post I know your pain! Knowing the wheels stop for the holiday & weekends & then usps for parcel post delivery. Amen.
    I placed my order in the first 20 minutes (with my Kitty walk over the keyboard) with order # 03359xxx it shipped ups 2 day ground shoud arriving Friday 3rd in Norfolk (with 3 stops in Tenn & 3 stops in Va.
    I will keep cat on standby for the Ike C&C , Just in Case she knows how to work the system!

  360. Frank A says

    I submitted a few different 2014 FS Gold Coins for grading (Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and Roosevelt (PF & MS)and all were ordered over the last few months. To my surprise, they all graded 70’s. That’s a first for me. I have never had 100% grade in the 70’s.

  361. Ends in Error says


    At first glance your solution of a 10% restocking fee sounds like a it might work but what happens when you get stuck with one of those subpar returns? If YOU elected to do a return wouldn’t you also get hit with the return fee?

    Seems to me that the Mint needs to start doing some inspections. But how good would uninspired Government Coin inspections go? Even TPG grading is suspect these days. Worst, even the sticker industry is losing its place.

    Guess the Mint just needs to stop sending out returns?

  362. Goat says

    Thanks for the post on checking mint orders. It’s like the lights have been turned on all the back orders. WOW someone got a lot done in the last 16 hours. I can image the workers running over each other like mice in a tight space just to get orders out before the holiday. To all the people that make it happen I THANK YOU !

  363. Goat says

    @ Frank A
    That’s great was that NGC or PCGS . I need to try to send in for grading just slow to do something that I have never done before. I need to wake up the coin value is worth much more when it’s a 70..

  364. sharks2th says

    MOD sets from 5/22 are also processing. This may finish up the orders on these.

  365. D Rittenhouse says

    bob r said:
    It is kind of funny how many people here down played this set up to the very release, then most of the naysayers jumped on it at the release time. Low class in my books.

    I recall only one person who did that. Just 3 hours and 15 minutes before the Truman C&C set went on sale, he wrote: I don’t get the Truman C&C. At All… And then he subsequently bought five sets and had the gall to complain the Mint wasn’t processing his order fast enough because his CC was issued by a brokerage.

  366. Boz says

    I was glad to get the Truman stamp for my album. Have discarded the rest of it. Please let’s put thes brass presidents to rest! Is the series over yet?

  367. Ends in Error says

    My hope is that these Brass Presidents prove to be so unpopular that people throw them down in parking lots. Might be a bit more fun than finding pennies nickels and dimes.


  368. KEITHSTER says

    Oh Oh here we go seems the Jackie O’s in unc. are also in the process mode! Ordered mine when it did not show backorder but still it went into it ? Fearing the return turnover plus with the other stuff to order later will let Her rest at the mint for now! Catch you later Jackie but the sweet thing is did it on the live chat mint site pain less give it a try? Good Luck To Us All:>:>:>:>:> :>:>:>:>:>

  369. Ends in Error says

    Well looks like my Proof Jackie is in process. I’m still really P.O.ed about that back ordered at the bell thing. If the Coin is really good I’ll keep it, else it goes back. Mintage is going higher I’m sure. This will be a bullion piece just like the Proof Gold John.

  370. The Original Brad says

    I am looking forward to collecting all the presidential coin and chronicles sets. I didn’t care much for the signature C&C sets and consider the presidential sets to be the most collectible series, but to each her own!

  371. Mr. Kairu says

    Well a couple of PR69s have sold on the bay $130 for one and $189 for another. I wonder how many will grade 70 and how much those would go for? I am thinking about sending some in think it would be worth even if they came back 69 but 70 may be the jackpot…

  372. MLA says

    WHAT A DEAL …….for no limit on issues items
    The large dealer have got to love the mint and the mint has to love the little guy!!
    The large dealer get to order large quantities before the little guy ( the tax payer).
    Then sends them to tpg, telling them to only slab the 70’s, sending the rest back to the mint for credit.
    The mint in turn repackage the culls and sends them to the little guy.

    Equals big profit for dealers @ little to no risk. The mint has a clean up system for the culls……US!

    The only way to level the playing field is to place limits for the first day of issue on all items.

  373. Brad says

    I guess I may have to change my handle. Someone else is calling themselves “The Original Brad” on here now. Technically that’s me, but oh well.

    I was glad to see that both the March of Dimes order from May 12 and the Proof Jackie Kennedy are both “processing” this morning. I was beginning to get a bit frustrated over the seemingly endless back order on the March of Dimes sets!

    On a personal note, Clark I forgive you for calling me a fool a few months ago. Yours are among the best comments on these posts, always well-written and intelligent. From some of the things you’ve said over the past few months, I can tell you’re the kind of guy I would actually get along with very well in person. I hope you don’t still harbor a grudge against me over our disagreement a while back.

  374. Goat says

    @ MLA
    I would hope the dealers would have the same policy as the little guy. That is us little guy’s have to send the whole order back if we don’t like one or two coins. If you are correct , WOW

  375. Tinto says

    Got email from the Mint, Truman order from 12:02 shipped … FedEx POB …. checked FedEx with #, it says label being created I’ll probably get it by end of next week

  376. cagcrisp says

    To set the record strait. I Ordered 10 sets. 5 Sets with my brokerage account and 5 sets for someone else with their cc.

    I Don’t get the Truman C&C, At All. Never have and Never will…
    I Don’t get the Roosevelt dimes. At All. Never have and Never will…

    That does NOT mean that I didn’t buy them. I made 3 orders of the Roosevelt dimes, cancelled 2 orders and STILL don’t know IF I will accept the 3rd order. I do NOT want them or the Truman C&C for myself. Have no interest in them, however, I do have someone that IF They can sell them and make money that’s ok with me. I take all the risk and someone else makes all the money (IF there is Any to be made)

  377. Dave SW FL says

    Folks, the truth will never be revealed regarding the mint’s dealings with the Big Boyz. The only possibility is a whistleblower , and we know what happens to Gmnt whistleblowers!!

    Maybe the release of all these sets is an attempt to appease the angry mob. Another tactic of our friends in DC.

    Sorry to be so cynical , but just too much shenanigans going on with these releases over the last year. Still think that pre-order, then mint all, then ship all at once for all but bullion and circulating coinage would solve most of the problems. NEVER HAPPEN though.

  378. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    @Tinto: they have been creating my label since 6 pm last night. Welcome to the club. I hope to see some progress today.

  379. cagcrisp says

    According to the FedEx website a box of 5 is 9x9x9 not as the Mint said of 22x11x7. Anyone here that has received a box of 5, care to say what the dimensions of 1 box actually is?

  380. JagFan says

    The easiest way to stop the bleeding from the large Dealers is to stop buying from them.

    On the flip side to make it fair for everyone is to limit the product to one per person for the first week. After that let them fly.. Of course this should only apply to those that have a stated mintage.

  381. mark says

    Not sure about the box size. ..but the pictures of boxes on ebay are are not 9x9x9.

  382. fmtransmitter says

    D Rittenhouse says
    JULY 2, 2015 AT 10:20 AM

    bob r said:
    “It is kind of funny how many people here down played this set up to the very release, then most of the naysayers jumped on it at the release time. Low class in my books.”

    I recall only one person who did that. Just 3 hours and 15 minutes before the Truman C&C set went on sale, he wrote: “I don’t get the Truman C&C. At All…“ And then he subsequently bought five sets and had the gall to complain the Mint wasn’t processing his order fast enough because his CC was issued by a brokerage.

    lmao, this better than ANY Soap Opera…

  383. Dustyroads says

    cag, Don’t worry about any influence you may be thinking dr is having on other posters, we all are above it. Now if he will only fly straight, HE may be a little more at ease. But one the other hand, I think his jabs add some entertainment quality to the reading here. I actually missed his jabs while he was writing non-confrontational comments for a while.

  384. Clark says

    @Brad–Thanks for your kind words. I harbor no grudge and hope my use of the word “fool” was directed at an opinion and not at you as a person. There are so many Brads here, it’s hard for me to know or recall which Brad the conversation involved. If you are the Brad who also collects first spouses, then we certainly have much in common and I would be pleased to call you friend.

    I just received my Truman sets and have to say the RP $1 coin is remarkable. Looking at it side-by-side with the 2014 enhanced Sacagawea $1 heightens subtle differences in both coins. Both are coins to hold and behold. Very cool.

  385. Clark says

    One other Truman C&C set observation:

    The Certificate of Authenticity (printed on the outside back cover) is signed by Matthew Rhett Jeppson, “Principal Deputy Director” of the US Mint. I wonder why Deputy Mint Director Richard Peterson didn’t sign? Did he leave? Some of the Mint’s inexplicable and arbitrary decisions of late may be partially attributable to a permanent, accountable leader at the helm.

  386. JBK says

    Glad to hear the first hand opinion on the RP. Pics I have seen did not impress me so I am gald they look better in person.

    The enhanced unc Sac is incredicle, so I am glad the RP also looks good.

  387. Tinto says

    I read somewhere on this blog about Prez C&C and how not that many have been issued. Makes me want to complete a collection (in OGP) of Prez C&C sets since I am only missing the Lincoln (if there are others, pls. let me know) … and the series will end in 2016 …. short, sweet, not that expensive and nicely packaged.

  388. Mr. Kairu says

    Seeing comments about he EU Sac and how I am 99% sure I sold them all makes me sad I didn’t keep one… oh well. Definitely keeping these RP!

  389. cagcrisp says

    I just got an ALMOST GONE email from the bay.

    “23 people watched this hot item in the last week. Only 7 left in stock!”

    $1165.00 for the Proof Jackie….Wow… Only 7 left in stock…Wow…

  390. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, I WONDER if dr took it personal when I said if we were playing Family Feud HE would be the #1 Answer for the person (troll) that we would vote off the blog?


  391. Erik H says

    Didn’t the mint produce restrikes, special strikes, release coins that were supposed to be recalled (such as 1933 Double Eagles) throughout the 1800s & 1900s. Seems like nothing ever changes with the big boys.

    As for restocking fees, for damaged coins that a bad idea. Restocking fees for buyer remorse that a good idea.

    I charge a restocking fee on eBay, the problem comes when a customer lies and claims that the item is damaged so that they don’t have to pay the fee. Big pain in the — but it’s necessary sometimes to just take the loss in order to maintain that 100% feedback.

  392. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- The 11x6x4 US Mint box will fit into the USPS Medium Size Flat Rate box if that is what you are thinking. It just fits in at the longest dimension and has plenty of room for packing on the top and the sides. The Medium Size Flat Rate I speak of looks sort of like a shoe box, but not quite as long.
    By the way, I knew exactly what you meant about the Truman Sets…..I don’t get it either, but if everyone else does, that is all that matters. I have actually starting collecting one example each of all of these special sets. NEVER did before until the Sacabucks came out. I have been just a PM guy before that.
    Oh, also I have it on good authority that there are bulk buyers on Ebay looking to purchase sets in bulk at rather fair prices. I am not sure what they are doing with them, but it really doesn’t matter. If I can be of any help, just nod!

  393. Clark says

    @Hawkster–Even though these $1 coins are made of lesser metals, I offer you the perspective that $1 Presidential and Native American coin series open an inexpensive entry level door to new (young) collectors and potential collectors who may not be able to afford the precious metal coins which so many regular MNB commentors collect. This week’s Truman set demonstrates that it is possible to obtain a valuable key element of the $1 Presidential coin series without a lot of money if someone simply did their due diligence on the offering.

    The 50 statehood quarters program attracted many new collectors who eventually broadened their collections to include precious metal coins and other more expensive Mint products. Our hobby needs new blood to survive and, selfishly, if our collections are to have collectible value in the future. If $1 coin products attract new collectors, then I’m all for them.

    I remember what it was like to think that this hobby was only for the wealthy. Fortunately, I realized I was wrong and have enjoyed years of putting all sorts of sets together.

  394. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, Yep. That is what I was asking about. Trying to save some money on shipping for somebody…

  395. GoldFishin says

    OT- Trolling to me is not entertainment. I have witnessed countless of newer posters get pounded by the troll and never come back. They may still lurk, but they don’t post anymore. I enjoy a joke or playful banter as much as anybody. But, to demean and trash someone personally, there is nothing funny about it. A few folks just don’t know how to joke around without crossing the line into harassment or bullying. DNFTT’s

  396. JBK says

    I understand that silver is a more desireable metal for some collectors, but I do not quite understand the scorn some heap onto base metal coins. If this dollar coin had been made in silver, it would have a melt value of several dollars. But, the value due to limited mintage is many times higher than that, even as a base metal coin. In other words, that $150 dollar base metal coin would be worth, what, $156, if it were made of silver?

  397. JBK says

    As for collecting all the C&C sets as someone had mentioned, the early ones did not have a Pres. dollar. So, the ones this and next year will have the RP (except FDR), and the TR and FDR had a normal $ coin.

  398. Tinto says


    To me it’s to have the Presidents’ C&C sets with a dollar, any dollar included.

    And too bad I did not catch the RP fever until 2011 and I ended up having to buy the earlier ones (all PM) from resellers (all TPG’d 69’s ) but at least my RP collection is currently complete. I’ll buy at least two sets each of the future Prez C&C releases (hopefully 2016 will be RP also) and keep both collections intact. And when I have to sell (I do not have anyone to leave it to and better to monetize it when I can and before I get too old to know what I’d doing) I can sell off the RP and maybe keep the Prez C&C since those are not that expensive and I’ll need something to enjoy looking at. Just my thoughts

  399. bobo says

    Ends in Error, I see your point. One solution would be to have the restocking fee only apply after the first, say, four returned coins of a given type from a given account. Very few of us small time collectors order or return more than that. What we need to do is find a way to disincentivize the giants, who order 250 of the same coin, from returning 180 of them and keeping the 70 or so that will likely be 70s. The mint loses money by not disincentivizing this kind of abuse, and it leads to the alienation of the collector base.

  400. JBK says

    Tinto: sounbs like a well-thought out plan. Most collectors (myself included) don’t have an “escape plan” for when the time comes to find a home for their collections.

  401. I started collecting yesterday says

    I cannot believe there are over 500 comments on this thread. I just wanted to add that my order of 2 Truman sets have shipped and are due to arrive next week. If was logged on to the site only 60 seconds later than I did, then I wouldn’t have made the order. Anyway, I’m glad I could get in on this since this is my favorite product line by the US MInt. Thank you US mint for selling directly to the public.

  402. Mr. Kairu says

    Yeah I will have to catch up on the RP and EU stuff… except I just need one of each type of coin (not all the RP silver eagles, for ex.). Luckily all the stuff except gold (too rich for my blood) are not terribly out of reach financially.

  403. Mr. Kairu says

    I thought that also about the post count… this is the highest I have seen it since being here. Anyone else know a higher thread?

  404. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    Mine has said that it’s is printing label since 6 pm. Last night. How long do you think I should give fedex before I call to see what’s up. It won’t give an estimated arrival date.

  405. Goat says

    @ The Real “Cool” Brad
    That might be a switch over to the USPS , I have seen this many times in the past that Fed X brings the package part way then switches over to USPS. Hold on at least it’s on the way. With the holiday might be next week.

  406. Dustyroads says

    Mr. Kairu, On the day of the BHoF release there were 200+ more comments. That was the most excitement I have ever seen on this blog since I’ve been here, and I joined in early `12.
    There may have been a lot of buzz about the 2011 5 coin ASE release, don’t know.

  407. cagcrisp says

    I previously mentioned that I was OUT on the FS Jackie, However, I did buy a Proof for a friend. I waited exactly 1 hour after opening bell before purchasing. The one hour late Jackie Proof just shipped…

  408. GoldFishin says

    Real Cool Brave- They don’t call it dumbpost for nothing. I have had packages show ZERO FedEx scans until the day it was delivered at my Post Office Box. More frequently it takes a couple of days for FedEx to show an arrival scan with large shipments. If I had known it was going by FedEx dumbpost, I would have either purchased a roll of ATB quarters or paid the upgraded shipping for USPS Priority to my PO BOX. Just happy they are on the way.
    Hasta luego!

  409. ike says

    My Jacqueline Kennedy 2015 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin has shipped

  410. Dustyroads says

    Hawkster, I’m not sure why, but your mention of the word manganese brings to mind a nomadic people who’s diets consist of berries, worms, and rats. Or did you intent that? lol

  411. Clark says

    You won’t be disappointed* with the quality of the Truman sets. I’m off this week for the holiday so I had some time to trot out all C&C sets since Lincoln. Individually, each set is beautiful; Together they are exquisite and made me want Ike, JFK and Reagan now.

    I said earlier that I would send three of my five out to be graded in order to have barter items in the future. However, the more I look at these beauties as a collective C&C library, the more I think it may be wiser (and cheaper) to keep my Truman sets whole…especially in light of my previous thought that warehouse buyers are harvesting 1000s of Truman sets and thereby reducing the # of whole sets to perhaps ~5000.

    * One set arrived missing the small pamphlet covering Truman’s bio. No big deal.

  412. Jerry Diekmann says

    Just received an Email from the Mint that my Jacqueline Kennedy proof coin has shipped. I wonder why the Mint told all buyers that the shipping date would be September 1. Maybe they had to ship now because of all the criticism about the “big boys” having proof coins for sale now while the rest of us have to wait. I think the operations in the Mint need to be reviewed by an independent agency, maybe the GAO.

  413. a Bob says

    I passed on this set.
    I would like to see someone try to sell them to a dealer at a show. My experience with trying sell special modern sets to dealers at shows is a big no thank you.

  414. Dustyroads says

    GoldFishin, We are talking about one particular poster and not a drive by. I have priced it in, so to speak, it no longer gets to me. That’s the only reason I feel I can refer to it as entertainment. I just hope everyone can deal with it. For the same reason you mentioned, it can be very upsetting if someone new doesn’t understand that someone here likes to bite.

  415. Mike.T says

    Finally received shipping email for CC order USM033550XX . Thinking about leaving sealed until some 70’s come out and evaluate prices.

  416. says

    I Started Collecting Yesterday,

    In your above comment you express your amazement that there are already over five hundred comments on this thread. It does seem that a good majority of them are from purchasers of either the C&C set or the Jackie FS. The commenters are letting every one know when they placed their order, the status of their order, and if they are ticked off or pleased with the Mint’s service. Now that the feeding frenzy is over the digestion process is taking place.

  417. JBK says

    @a Bob: you might well be right about selling to dealers at shows, but I sold a box of 5 2011 ASE sets to a high-end coin dealer (B&M storefront) for over twice what I paid for it. True, some other local B&Ms tried to lowball me, but I found one who knew the value and was willing to give me a decent deal. I will try that with a box of 5 of the Truman sets and if no takers I will dump it on eBay and deal with the fees.

  418. GoldFishin says

    @Dusty- You know I think a lot of you and really appreciate your contributions on MNB. I just don’t want “nameless” to get the idea that he is entertaining like this scene from “Gladiator”. Such a classic! Warning* Some scenes may be graphic in nature.


  419. I started collecting yesterday says

    Thanks, Hawkster. I’m glad I bookmark the comments because it would take forever to go through these. THANK YOU to all of the wise and experienced authors here. If it wasn’t for your help, my coin collecting hobby would suck and I wouldn’t have been able to participate in the Truman offering. Have a great holiday all!

  420. John Q. Coinage says

    Truman, who cares, he was an anti-dentite b*stard, says so in his C&C pamphlet…

  421. Hidalgo says

    Interesting. I just checked eBay and the Truman Coin and Chronicles set seems to have peaked at around $140 – $150 this week and now seems to drifting a bit southward (to around $135). As more buyers receive their sets and post them on eBay, prices will drop.

    Of course, there’s a possibility that, as supplies dwindle, demand can remain strong, and prices will head north again….. Time will tell.

  422. JBK says

    And WAY off topic:

    Evereyone have a good holiday weekend (mine starts tonight – not sure if tomorrow is a holiday for everyone), but also have a SAFE holiday weekend. Be alert and be careful. The rumors are that ISIS wants to make a splash on American soil to “celebrate” in their own sick way the 4th of July.

    Let’s make sure we are all here next week to carry on the discussions…..

  423. doebrmn says

    Can anyone tell me why there is such a high demand for this coin. I understand it is the first RP dollar coin, but it is clear from the US Mint website that the mintage is not limited to 17,000 only the product. The Mint already announced it will be issuing a RP set so it is clear that by stating there is no mintage limit that the RP dollar coins will be included in the set. It seems like everyone is jumping on this coin because of the low mintage, but once the RP set is released these sets will clearly drop. Of course some people will want it now to get first day designation etc. but that is whole different conversation.

  424. SilverFan says

    doebrmn says
    JULY 2, 2015 AT 6:18 PM

    Can anyone tell me why there is such a high demand for this coin. I understand it is the first RP dollar coin, but it is clear from the US Mint website that the mintage is not limited to 17,000 only the product. The Mint already announced it will be issuing a RP set so it is clear that by stating there is no mintage limit that the RP dollar coins will be included in the set. It seems like everyone is jumping on this coin because of the low mintage, but once the RP set is released these sets will clearly drop. Of course some people will want it now to get first day designation etc. but that is whole different conversation.

    If they do issue an RP set later on (and that’s a big IF), the coins in the set will likely have S mint marks and not P mint marks like the C&C sets do.

  425. ABC says

    You should re-read the mint’s description for the Truman C & C set. The first sentence of the description states that the RP will only be available in this set.

  426. SilverFan says

    Interesting. I just checked eBay and the Truman Coin and Chronicles set seems to have peaked at around $140 – $150 this week and now seems to drifting a bit southward (to around $135). As more buyers receive their sets and post them on eBay, prices will drop.

    Of course, there’s a possibility that, as supplies dwindle, demand can remain strong, and prices will head north again….. Time will tell.

    If the mint raises mintage limits on all remaining C&C sets, prices for the Truman set will soar.

  427. JBK says

    doebrmn: this topic has been covered many times. The mint has said that the RP coin is only to be available in this set, and the sets are limted to 17,000. So, the coin is limitd to 17,000.

    Also, this is a P mint coin, and a RP set would be S mint coins.

    The HT P mint RP $ has, and will only have, a mintage of 17,000. That is why it is a hot item.

  428. JBK says

    By the way, “knowledge is power”. Regular readers of MNB get that power.

    It helped me get in on the 2011 Silver Eagle sets, the Enhanced Unc. Sac $ from last year, and this set. All winners, all sell-outs, all doing well in the secondary marlet. Time here is well spent.

  429. Brad says

    Right, this particular reverse proof coin was to be exclusive to this set. So, the 17,000 mintage should be all there is. I guess the existence of an “S” coin later could still impact the value, but the “P” versions from the C & C sets will still be the lowest mintage ones by far, and should retain a very nice premium. However, I don’t think there will be a San Francisco reverse proof set this year.

    Clark, yes I am the Brad who collects the First Spouse coins. You and I will be among the very few who actually own complete sets of the proof and uncirculated versions of these great coins. I think they represent the numismatic opportunity of our lifetime, but it seems most would just prefer to dump on the series and the entire concept. I can’t believe it’s winding down now. The end seemed so far away back on June 19, 2007!

  430. Dave SW FL says

    I’d add the TRoosevelt C&C set to the list. It was a sleeper and is doing pretty well aftermarket. It was so well done that I decided not to flip but to keep all sets!

  431. doebrmn says

    JBK I have not seen where the Mint has actually said that. If the mintage was limited then why would they designate it as product limit. My sense is the Mint is playing games here. The first product schedule included the RP Set TDB but has since been removed. While I could be wrong, I believe they removed it to create a high demand for this product so it would sell out (so they could sell the medals). The MOD set was hot until it was pointed out that the RP dime would likely be included in a RP set and then cooled off. Of course, the MOD also includes a silver proof W dime that would not be included in the RP set so it ultimately appears to have sold out. it was also about the time that sales started to cool that the RP set TDB was pulled from the Products schedule. Finally, if you notice, the MOD set does include a distinct Mintage and Product limits. This leads me to believe that there is a chance the Mint will include the RP dollars in the set.

  432. cagcrisp says

    Wow… My 05/28/15 set of the MOD Special Set just shipped… My order was one of those orders taken for about 1 minute at approximately 6:23 AM…

    There were 170 sold in that 1 minute and totals sales were listed at 74,976 at that week end…

    SO….IF mine has shipped, Most all have shipped…

    I guess the Mint just made the decision as to whether or not I was going to Cancel the order…

  433. KEITHSTER says

    Yup 538,607 Truman proofs so far 8,260,000 Truman unc’s but only 17 grand in the reverse proof what more can be said for the polished turd’s? Look sweet to me then throw in the free oz. of silver and it’s a done deal! Don’t look like it will ever come down to issue price. Did have to take a couple of paid hours off to make sure to be there but hey you got to do what you got to do ! Did snag 5&5 which will slowly rust away in the boxes ya go hoarders!! Did stop at the bank today and picked up 5 rolls of the Parkways in D so they are in! Happy 4th And Good Luck To You All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  434. doebrmn says

    ABC, if you notice it says “One of four presidential special sets to be available in 2015, includes a Presidential $1 Reverse Proof Coin minted in Philadelphia.” And on MOD it says “Only U.S. Mint set in 2015 to include a reverse proof silver dime from Philadelphia.” It doesn’t say the only set to include the RP dollar or RP dimes. It also makes me wonder if the Mint is not going to release the RP Set until 2016 as it did with the Special Silver set a few years ago (since it has removed the RP set TBD from the 2015 schedule). If the is true, then both statement are true, but do not limit the RP Dime to the MOD or the RP dollar to the C&C.

  435. Gary Not Dave says

    I like the First Spouse series!! I just cant afford them! A completed MS/PF Set will look AWESOME!!

  436. SteveF says


    You need to look farther down the page past the price, under a tab that says descriptiion. It states :

    “The 2015 Coin and Chronicles Set includes a 2015 Harry S. Truman $1 Reverse Proof Coin minted in Philadelphia (found only in this set!)”

  437. hilo says

    Is anyone going to Baltimore Expo mid July ? Here is where you will find this sets real value.

  438. SteveF says

    Similarly from the MOD set page:

    “For the first time, the U.S. Mint will issue both a reverse proof silver dime from Philadelphia and a proof silver dime from West Point. These coins are only available in this special silver coin set commemorating the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes. “

  439. JBK says

    If mintmarks don’t matter to you then all RP are the same, but the Truman $ and the MOD dime are unique to their respective sets due to mintmark, regardless of whether or not the mint issues a RP set,which I suspect they will not as they have their hands full with the products scheduled for the rest of the year.

    The mint coudl have been a little clearer in the descriptions (that “mintage limit: none” is confusing), but if you read all the details and descritions for the sets, it is clear the coins have a mintage that matches the product limt. A=B, B=C, so A=C. It is the long way around, but the end result is the same.

  440. doebrmn says

    I agree in reading further down. I still question why they would leave off the mintage limit. Somehow I just don’t trust the US Mint. The Mint never misses a chance to make a $ and if it had limited the C&C with the P-RP Dollar to 50-150,000 every set would have sold out.

  441. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    @cagcrisp I work in government reading policy. They left that language vague enough to cover themselves. It is “One 2015 Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Reverse Proof Coin–available in this set only”. That doesn’t mean it’s the only type that will be available.

  442. Clark says

    @doebrmn–You are correct: 1) in your literal interpretation of the Product limit: 17,000; Mintage limit: none language. All other disclaimers notwithstanding, no mintage limit means they may produce as many as they like or they would have limited the mintage; and 2) in not trusting the Mint to do what it says.

    We have learned the hard way that what the Mint promises and what it actually does aren’t always the same. Months ago I raised the same concerns you are raising now. I hope our optimistic friends are correct, but the Mint ultimately will do whatever suits its interests de jure.

    I remember a special silver proof ASE from a special anniversary set mysteriously appearing out-of-the-blue in what was then a new “limited edition silver proof set.” Folks here were livid and rightly so. Since then, I’ve held my breath on all “limited product” offerings until the calendar year has ended.

  443. Goat says

    @ JBK
    Amen to that. Good group of people. Works both ways I hope I have been able to help or keep spirits high . Some of you are what I call true friends and don’t know me. Thanks to all information it is key.

  444. Barry says

    @ ike- I bought a Jackie proof 20 minutes after the opening and it hasn’t shipped yet. I will need to call the mint.

  445. Mister Kairu says

    I agree with you hilo, I did not expect the price to get up to $150 basically the RP dollar went from $17.95 to over $100

  446. Dave SW FL says

    Thanks, Mike. Excellent summary of the RPs. Beware if printing it from an iPad , only the coins print out……none of the text 🙁

  447. Mister Kairu says

    Well I see the bullion rounds like the Perth mint or RCM stuff like that. But for an actual coin already part of a large set (state quarters for dollars :P) I can see it being expensive I just didn’t think THAT expensive. But we will see once the prices stabilize. It is still in the hype period

  448. SteveF says

    Here’s the press release from the 2011 25th Anniversary Set:


    There is no statement that any of the coins would be exclusive to the set,.

    I have a print out of the ordering page dated 10/29/2011 from shortly after I bought my sets, and it’s language is very similar to the press release.

    Although everyone reasonably assumed that the two coins would be only sold in the 25th anniversary set, unlike with the C&C and MOD sets the mint never stated that was the case.

    So because of the Mint’s history it’s important to to look for statements from them that a coins mintage is truly limited. But I have seen no cause to doubt them when they clearly state that a coins mintage is limited to a specified number.

  449. SteveF says

    hilo, I was responding to Clark’s statement:

    “I remember a special silver proof ASE from a special anniversary set mysteriously appearing out-of-the-blue in what was then a new “limited edition silver proof set.””

    Which is in reference to the 2011 25th anniversary set and the 2011 LESPS

  450. smalltimecollector says

    just received notification that my 2 Jackie o’s ordered 3hr + 20 min in have shipped.
    My status has shown back-ordered to be shipped sometime in sept. from the time I placed online order. I checked today at noon and it still showed back-ordered.

  451. mark says

    The enhanced sac dollar set stabilized at about $50. Over 3 times issue price and the mintage was 50000. These pres dollars at 17000 are 3 times rarer.

  452. mark says

    Yes i think the phrase exclusive to this set was adopted right after that 2012 scouring.

  453. Brad, my brother Brad, and my other brother Brad says

    Does anybody know which posts of Michael’s has the most comments? This one is around 640 at this point.

  454. a Bob says

    I’m glad I purchased the reverse platinum set now that they are making a good variety of reverse proofs. Profit wise it has been a stinker so far but who knows.

  455. Clark says

    It is more likely than not that the Mint will not issue more Truman $1RP coins, but it defies logic to place more credence in a Mint press release than in a coin’s official mintage limits.

    The Mint has made statements in previous press releases which changed without explanation, e.g., that first spouse coins would remain on sale only until replaced by subsequent issues, yet 2013 gold spouses remain on sale today.

    The Mint also claims that bulk purchasers of numismatic products, like Jackie O FS coins, do not get first pick, yet proof Jackie O coins were on “backordered” status the moment they went on sale, and I can buy graded first day of issue Jackie Os from bulk online purchasers right now.

    So, SteveF, believe the Mint’s press releases if you like, but I’ll accept government agency double speak for what it is.

  456. Louis says

    Clark- I get the reason for being skeptical, but the Mint at some point recently (I can’t recall when or where) said they have no plans to make more RP Truman dollars or put them in other sets. This is it.

  457. Clark says

    @Louis–I realize the Mint probably won’t issue more Truman RP $1s, but they invite skepticism with internal contradictions which confuse customers and allow wiggle room to produce more if financial pressures warrant.

  458. says

    @StuartBradley, if that is the case with my order my order history will show additional returned items and new order placements. I’ve had to do this a few times in the past, and more than once with last years kennedy collection with the s mint coins repeatedly showing visible marring.
    I have no intention to order mint offerings and accept a product less than mint.

  459. VA Bob says

    I wonder how these coins, the manganese RP dollars and for that matter the proof manganese dollars, will hold up over time. I was looking at some SAC dollars I had laying around, they weren’t encapsulated or anything, but they sure look like they have dulled over the years from that nice golden color. I suspect the coins in capsules or slabbed will without a doubt last longer, but we all know they aren’t air tight. These golden dollars color is definitely more fragile than other clad coins. They look great when shinny and new though. I guess time will tell.

  460. ABC says

    @VA Bob
    Actually, the dollar coins are mostly copper. According to the specs, it’s 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese
    2% Nickel, Balance Copper. So, it’s 88.5% copper. Except for the penny, the rest of the business strike coins are mostly copper.

  461. JBK says

    A golden dollar actually looks nice when circulated. They take on a brassy color with lighter high points on the design. Of course, an ugly toned unc coin would not look so nice.

  462. Jeff says

    The supposed 2015 RP proof set was touted has being in commemoration of the proof sets being struck in Sam Francisco. While the SMS were produced in SF for ’65, ’66 and ’67, they weren’t proofs. The first SF proofs were 1968. I believe the mint quietly removed these from the schedule when this was brought to the marketing department’s attention. There was big hype in August of last year:
    and then nothing. Now we’re haring about a full RP set in 2018, which would be a 50 year commemoration of the first SF proofs.
    And by then no more pres. dollars, so these WILL be the last of them.

    As far as the confusing text from the web site, look no further than the K13 and K15 Kennedy sets. One has a product limit but no mintage limit, the other is just the opposite.

  463. Grampa Dave says

    mark says

    July 2, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    The enhanced sac dollar set stabilized at about $50. Over 3 times issue price and the mintage was 50000. These pres dollars at 17000 are 3 times rarer.

    So true, but the demand may not play out after the hype because Pres dollars have lost their earlier demand. Complete dollar sets sell for little above face value. I think these special dollars sets will sell at one and a half their issue price (or less) a year or two from now. I remember the 2007 president and first spouse sets selling for $150 each and now your lucky to get issue price. $15

  464. VA Bob says

    ABC – Yeah, I’m aware of the composition, but since the manganese is what we see and is exposed, that’s the property of oxidation we have to deal with. personally I’d like it if 95/5 copper/zinc (the pre 82cent composition), a composition that can have a very nice patina or look good if it’s red.

    JBK – I would agree to an extent if the coin was continually “polished” by handling, but I’ve seen a lot of ugly ones too. The few I threw in a box, were nice and shinny at the time I spared them from circulation, now they are just a hazy greyish tint to them. It will be a long time before we know how the proof finishes will stand up or if there will be the golden dollar version of the coppers red, red-brown, brown classifications, or even if the oxidation will be attractive or not. All speculation at this point, but something to consider with all the prez dollar hoopla.

  465. Eagle One says

    @VA Bob,

    Manganese (Mn, atomic element number 25) was originally discovered in Magnesia Greece and was named after other various black minerals such as magnetite. Manganese has numerous isotopes and these isotopes range in color from gray to green to purple to pink. It is actually a highly complex element and has a number of oxidation states with free electrons. Manganese is naturally a silver gray metal that physically resembles iron. It is hard and very brittle, difficult to fuse, but easy to oxidize. Manganese has a natural propensity to return to its silver-gray color as it oxidizes or rusts when exposed to nature. Manganese is often used to alloy with brass, acts as a hardener, and increases tensile strength. Steel with 12% manganese was used for military helmets in Europe. Also, Manganese can be used to change the magnetic properties of an alloy. Manganese compounds are also less toxic than those of other metals, such as nickel and copper.

    The Sacagawea dollar and the 1$ Presidential coins, are made from a brass alloy containing 7% manganese with a pure copper core. For vending machine purposes, the use of manganese in U.S. Dollar coins was intended to duplicate the electromagnetic properties of the previous dollar coin – the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. Additionally, the Brass Manganese composition was chosen because it would give the coin an attractive golden color. Also, Wartime Nickels were alloyed with 9% manganese.

    My experience with the Golden Dollars has been, (1) do not dip them in any type of coin dip because these dips contain sulfides, (2) do not dip them in IPA alcohol because the carbon in the alcohol will accelerate the oxidation state, (3) finger oils will be permanently absorbed and oxidized at an accelerated rate, (4) any exposure to moisture and humidity will cause oxidation and rust, and (5) sunlight and heat will accelerate the oxidation process. They have their unique sensitivities.

    My advice, don’t touch them with your bare fingers, don’t dip them, don’t breath on them, don’t expose them to humid air, and do not allow them to be exposed to direct sun light. Keep them in an air tight holder or get them slabbed. Store them in a cool dark place. Additionally, I believe that Silver and Copper are far less stable than the Brass Manganese alloy. However, Silver and Copper patinas can easily be stripped away with sulfides. My feeling is that the 100 year old Golden Dollars that are still shinny and golden will command a premium – similar to red cents. Also, they may produce some rather vivid rainbow toning. Yet, I agree with You – time will tell – but it will be a long long long time.

  466. Ralph says

    I have carried a 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar for my lucky coin for 14 years. Color is now a light golden brown. Amazingly, there is still quite a bit of detail on the obverse and reverse. Eagle’s feathers are very clear. Hair on child’s head very clear. Maybe due to the high ridge around coin. I know it’s been discussed here before, but I sure do miss the old design with the beautiful eagle on the reverse. And please US Mint, ditch the edge lettering. It looks like crap. Because it is done after they are minted, the coins take a 2nd beating being dumped into the edge lettering machines. And who can read it?

  467. Ralph says

    2015 Homestead S quarter roll and P mint bags are “currently unavailable”.

  468. thePhelps says

    Just got my confirmation John…Thank you for placing your recent order on 07/03/15

    Order Number: USM033657XX

  469. SilverFan says

    Mint must have cancelled some orders due to CC problems or limit violations. These will go fast!

  470. Dave SW FL says

    Amazing….STILL AVAILABLE! Got some – thanks to MNB 🙂
    Happy 4th holiday weekend to all.

  471. D Rittenhouse says

    I wonder whether those who signed up earlier for a “Remind Me” were ever notified the Truman C&C set was about to become available again.

  472. says

    My proof Jackie shipped yesterday. I got the shipping notification about 3:30 in the afternoon, if anyone’s curious. I guess I’m one of the very first web orders to go out.


    I am pretty worried that I am getting a defective coin sent back by the dealers too that couldn’t even make the 69 grade. Anyone know if the Mint allows for dealers to return coins bought via the bulk ship program? If so we’re going to want to check ours pretty carefully.

  473. thePhelps says

    You guys and your defective returns… this blind theory that after the first shipment nearly everything shipped is a return is ludicrous. I’ve been buying from the mint for about 35 years… and have returned less than a handful of defective coins. Which is probably on a par with most buyers.

  474. thePhelps says

    @Mister Kairu – thanks for trying to help me out on this set! I was actually pretty happy to be getting it since I missed the earlier window – but – was really shocked to see these available again this morning and jumped all over it at the mint!

  475. Samuel says

    i worry about the same thing too. the coins shipped recently should be in the ware house a couple of days after the release date. so there is no reason for a 9/1 backorder date.

  476. thePhelps says

    @Samuel – same limits applied to this round of sets.

    @MK… yes I pulled up the mint site when I got up this morning and found these were available to order. Naturally I placed my order and then came here to let people know as well.

  477. D Rittenhouse says

    So, the “Second Availability” of the Truman C&C set lasted just over an hour, more the 4 times longer than the “First Availability.”

  478. says


    We are concerned about defective returns because the first “print run” of the proofs were sold to the dealers.

    We don’t know if these coins being shipped are newly minted pieces, or flawed/damaged coins that dealers returned and the mint is desperately pushing out the door so they avoid looking bad due to any further delay in getting proofs to web/phone customers. We don’t really have any way of knowing how many coins are going to ship in this first wave.

  479. thePhelps says

    @CO… every release gets the same “I am getting returns” posts here. It appears most believe the mint sells about 20% production and resells 80% returns… the reality is no where near the truth (IMO)

    While I find the lack of proofs being available to be pretty despicable – I also don’t see any reason to suspect that the mint suddenly got a flood of returns and magically started to repack those and fill orders. It is all blind speculation and conjecture based on no real fact.

  480. Dave SW FL says

    I would bet teases sets were the result of over the limit orders ( as reported on MNB) and/or credit card lack of authorizations. If you recall, it was reported ,I believe, yesterday that someone’s second order that “went through ” was cancelled.
    Unlike the JKOs, I don’t think the Big Boyz had an advantage on this one. JMHO

  481. thePhelps says

    @Dave…yeah these weren’t in the “Bulk” list I posted the other day. So that pretty much left the big boyz to have to find people willing to sell to them. I know I was holding out a little hope that they would return and was glad to see my persistence paid off this morning!

  482. Mike says

    I wish I had not seen them available again this morning. A slow Internet connection, messed up voice recognition, not having my pin number for the saved card and a few other things meant that I missed them.


  483. MLA says

    The Truman dollar limit 5 would would be 99.9% never issued to anyone……from the warehouse.
    The FS proofs no limit would have a good probi!ity of return s from large dealers culls,
    plus any the mint has made since original issue date.

  484. thePhelps says

    MLA – there is a higher probability the mint is selling proofs they are making – than they are repackaging a large volume of returns. Stop speculating and actually think about the low number of defects most here ever get on initial orders – and how most who do get their items and submit them seldom get less than a PF69. Then consider most of the large dealers are also selling PF69 as well as PF70 and you’ll have a hard time convincing me they are culling out large numbers of coins that will grade less than either of those numbers… the fact is almost all proof coins sold by the mint will grade either 69 or 70… so what are they actually culling out? Maybe a handful of coins at best and again that would be highly unusual.

  485. Dave SW FL says

    You say potatoe, I say pototo.

    Also, on the availability – everyone knew about the initial release. NO ONE knew about this one.

    The Phelps , THANK YOU. More working stiffs got a shot!

  486. GoldFishin says

    @thePhelps- Glad you were able to swim your way to the surface with the concrete boots of despair and purchase you some of those C&C sets! 🙂
    I think people believe they are always getting returns because of the lack of quality control at the Mint these days. I have thought the same thing with the multiples of ATB’s that I purchase for grading. However, I order them first day and still they have quality issues.
    It would be nearly impossible for the sets that came up today to be returns. Most customers have not even received their sets yet and those that have would flip them on ebay with the kind of money being made there. Also, even if somebody was to return a few sets, they wouldn’t have had time to arrive back in Memphis and be turned around to be shipped out again.
    In my opinion the US Mint does recycle some returns, but I don’t think the percentages are nearly as high as some here have speculated.
    Congrats on your win!

  487. VA Bob says

    thePhelps – Hey so glad you were able to get your sets. I know there was another commenter that missed out, and I hope he got his too. I try to do my part by only ordering what I need for my personal collection, so it’s always good to see another collector get an example without having to resort to the crazy prices on the secondary market. It’s also nice to see others that do have extras, try to help out, good karma coming your way.

    As for returns, I don’t believe that is possible at this point. The turn around is just too short with the Tuesday release. No, I believe this was due to CC’s being declined and others trying to sneak in more than the household limits. This phenomenon is quite common, we just don’t see it due to the rarity of super quick sellouts.

  488. GoldFishin says

    Was anyone that had already household limits able to order this morning? My C&C dumbpost packages are finally showing arrived in Southaven, MS with a projected delivery date of 7/11. Thank you US Mint for not using USPS priority mail! What a joke Smartpost is!

  489. thePhelps says

    @GF… yeah the ATB’s are an item I have returned, but they are not proofs, and the manufacturing process for those is a little sketchy. I also doubt most proof coins straight from the mint grade anything below 69 these days. I know there are some, but in my experience, that number has to be relatively low in comparison.

  490. VA Bob says

    BTW – If there are any recycled returns, I would expect them available in a week and a half or two. So there may still be a chance for those not concerned about a 69 grade.

  491. D Rittenhouse says

  492. Zaz says

    @DR — correct, the coin celebrates her life as Mrs. John F. Kennedy, First Lady, but legally she died the widow of Aristotle Onassis in 1994. She did not legally change her last name back to that of her first husband’s during her lifetime. So JKO is appropriate as is JBK for the purists.

  493. Goat says

    @ thePhelps
    I’m in the same boat maybe returned a hand full in past 30 years. I had made a statement in past post (when some were at dealers for keeping the good and sending the rest back ) that I thought when a person wanted to send a coin or two back from the order, that whole order had to be sent back. The ones ( handful ) that I sent back that was the statement from the mint, so they could verify the order. Someone made the statement I did not have to do that, with little sent back over the years I don’t know if that statement is true ?

  494. cagcrisp says

    Per Mint “Orders with Merchandise valued at $300 or more with a budget or standard delivery option chosen will receive a complimentary upgrade to signature-required Ground Shipping. ”

    Why did an order for $624.45 go Fedex smartpost POB?

  495. Goat says

    It takes me forever to type and before I make a post today 5 of us are talking the same idea. I was talking about my yesterday’s post that I had made, except the 30 year part. Man I wished I had a typing class in school. Guess I thought it was not need 20/20 ???? LOL

  496. Zaz says

    The C&C sets and the other low value coin & medal sets all got shipped 2nd priority sig confirmation and are waiting to picked up at my PO Box this morning. The JKO FS proof should have followed but got sent fedEx Dumbpost no auto upgrade for a PM coin? Gotta wonder who’s minding the store these days. Go figure.

  497. VA Bob says

    I’ve returned partial orders in the past, but it had to be about two years or so now that I’ve had the need to return anything. The rules may have changed, but it would seem pointless to send it all back. The old invoices asked what was being returned. I haven’t looked so close on the newer invoices to make a determination. At work now, so it will have to wait.

  498. Goat says

    I know in my area a independent trucker can contract mail hauling. Maybe those people took the holiday and Fed X was the only way to get the product out fast so mint customers would not be unhappy ? Just looking for a bright side.

  499. Dave SW FL says

    You can return any number of items from an order, but not part of a set.
    Go to order summary, choose items, request return mailing label, repackage , and send back the damaged items. Easy peasy!

  500. KCSO says

    FYI – with respect to the HR Liberty coin finish, just saw the following description, “these lustrous high relief coins are” – I really never recall seeing the word “lustrous” applied to any mint coins in the past few years, so perhaps we’ll see a finish along the lines of “proof-like”

    They sure aren’t saying uncirculated, proof, enhanced, satin, .etc., so there may be a surrpise when we get these in hand.., a new first coin with a new finished look…

  501. Zaz says

    @KCSO: did you also notice the coin is 1.205″ or 30.6mm? The exact size of the Kennedy gold half dollar but with 1/4 oz more metal. Now I see where they were going initially with yet another 3/4 oz gold with FV of $75 before going with a full ounce because of the HR properties.

  502. Goat says

    Thanks ; Hope I never need to send back, when I do something a handful of times in 30 years I tend to forget the correct way or change of policy. Guess I have been lucky or/and thanks from above. Someone might have to remind me again be patient with me. LOL

  503. Goat says

    Question ? With the reverse proof only 17,000 mintage will these coins command a price close to the (5000) 2000 P Goodacre $450 + or (5500) Wounded Eagle $425 + any ideas ? Not been seeing/hearing of any 70 grades

  504. Zaz says

    @Goat: those are far less in total population. The set that comes closest to the C&C sets are the 1997 Botanical Garden Coin & Currency set which has a silver dollar, $1 bill and the matte finish Jefferson nickel to the tune of 25,000. That nickel is currently the key to the Jefferson nickel set as most have been left in the OGP and have been toned. Currently the coin is about $200-$225. Wouldn’t surprise me if this first C&C is going to stabilize around the $200 mark.

  505. KCSO says

    Zaz – I had not, good catch! It’s going to be a real thick puppy, I like that. I love that 2 oz Pivateer for it’s thickness. The mint also indicates a “modern digital and manufacturing technology” so I would anticipate high deifnition as we’re seeing in the hi-resolution photos.
    I more I think about it, the more this coin seems to have going for it.

  506. Goat says

    Yea , made and spent much money over the years on those two coin and currency sets. 70 grade nickel (“94″ P and ” 97 “P ) commanded at one time close to $400 + I have never sent coins off for grading always sold mint package. (or I purchased graded form someone). Would it be worth sending for grading ?

  507. mark says

    My dumdpost C/C sets are moving right along. Departed Atlanta last night. Next stop Florida…. I bet I will have these Monday.

  508. Hidalgo says

    1994 Jefferson Coin and Currency Sets, which include the matte Jefferson nickel, have sold for $40 – $50 on eBay.

    1997 US Botanic Garden Coinage & Currency Set, which includes the matte finish Jefferson nickel, have sold for $150 – $175 on eBay.

  509. mark says

    Text my best friend this morning and told him to go online and create a U.S Mint account and order 5 Truman C/C…he was successful. Said just give him what he paid and I could have them…but I will give him more.

  510. KCSO says

    Hey Lou, how about these apples? 😉

    MCM – 2015-W $10 Jackie Kennedy First Spouse 1/2 Oz .9999 Proof Gold in OGP – $799

  511. Hidalgo says

    Modern Coin Mart (MCM), like many secondary market coin dealers, inspect their coins before sending them to third party graders. The Jackie O First Spouse gold coins likely have been inspected and determined to be less than PF/MS 69.

    Regardless, the prices that MCM offer are a good buy for those collectors who do not care to have a perfect or near-perfect coin.

  512. Zaz says

    @KCSO: In Royal Mint terms, the 2oz Privateer and probably the American Landscapes 2oz Grand Canyon (haven’t bought mine yet in the excitement of the mint offerings), would be termed a piedfort or double the thickness of typical in its size range. As far as I know, the US Mint has issued slugs ($50 PPIE commems) and I UHR $20 which they did not term a piedfort as it was way smaller than a traditional double eagle. The 2oz rounds are really nice, looking forward to the next privateer issue.

  513. Louis says

    The Mint’s prices for OGP are less than MCM’s- $10 less for the proof and with gold where it is there may be a price reduction next week. Only their 69’s are less – MCM that is.

  514. Brad says

    Anybody here want to buy the last Florence Harding proof coin? Only one left on the Mint website this morning! 🙂

  515. Louis says

    Remember that the Liberty coin is supposed to be a continuation of the 2009 UHR and that is part of why they are the same size. But the silver is supposed to be the size of an ASE though I don’t know how they can do that and still make it HR. That is probably why the silver is delayed.

  516. Hidalgo says

    For all collectors, flippers, and speculators:

    The Truman and Eisenhower 2015 Presidential One Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets can now be ordered again on USMint.gov.

  517. D Rittenhouse says

    TMMSR0127,/b> said:
    Interesting, MCM has both the Proof and the Uncirculated Jackie Kennedy’s for one dollar less than the mint…

    That would be a clear violation of the Mint’s Bulk Purchase Agreement:
    9. A bulk purchaser must agree that products purchased through this program may not be advertised for retail sale at prices less than the United States Mint’s current price for the same product, as long as those products are still available sale from the United States Mint and/or under wait-list status.

  518. mark says

    If MCM reads this blog…lets see how long before they raise their prices. ..too funny

  519. gary says

    Actually, the Jackie Gold Proof in OGP is about $35 LESS THAN the U.S. Mint’s price if you pay by check or wire & the shipping is free. Wow, talk about a product dump here! Must be that MCM is looking for cash flow to buy & sell the probably more profitable High Relief gold releasing on July 30.
    That bulk purchase agreement is worthless as far as I can tell.
    Wudda Racket! Happy 4th to ALL.

  520. Zaz says

    @Brad– Wanna go halfsies on the Harding and put the lady finally to rest with her other late lamented FL sisters? Incidentally, she’s rumored to haunt the upper floor hallways of the Palace Hotel here in San Francisco by suddenly appearing and chastising rowdy guests by hissing, “The President is resting. No noise!” In period flapper garb and all. She would be quite the formidable ghost in death as in life. Lol.

  521. Louis says

    Maybe the dealers overestimated jackie demand and are about to experience a JFK gold situation? I’d wait it you want one as they will be cheaper later it appears.

  522. Tinto says

    “Maybe the dealers overestimated jackie demand and are about to experience a JFK gold situation? ”

    I sure hope so! And the JFK gold (and silver set) coins are still on sale at the Mint.

  523. Zaz says

    It seems like MCM over calculated their turn over needs and the FS coins just aren’t selling fast enough. Seems as though they like turn over inventory every ten days or so and will start discounting to get those metrics.

  524. GoldFishin says

    @Hildago- You are correct sir, MCM is most like offering their below 69 grade rejects, they don’t have to sort them, NGC does it for them with the bulk submission agreement, doesn’t cost the submitter anything.

    @Louis- The graded Jackie gold’s are not selling all that fast. If you take into consideration the inventory of 69 graded coins, of which the dealer is doing good if they break even, it has the potential of being another boondoggle. I will not personally purchase a Jackie gold in 70 grade, unless I can get it below US Mint cost just as a matter of principle.

    PF 69’s – Sold 3 out of 151
    PF 70’s- Sold 23 out of 135

  525. GoldFishin says

    @Dusty- looks like you have DMPL obverse, and a probable DMPL reverse, possibly PL. Overall very nice and clean like you said, I LOVE the way the far tunnel looks, the design really looks nice, much better than I thought it would. Mine should be on the way from Gainesville. I haven’t checked my account lately. Thanks for the photos!

  526. cagcrisp says

    My guess is that demand for the Jackie decreased considerably with One week to Go the Mint releases the 07/23 date for the 2015 Liberty HR and pictures showing a much improved version vs. the mock up. Even though the Mint disavowed the listing as being a mistake, it was a mistake, a mistake on listing it in the first place. There is No way of knowing just how many sales of the Jackie was lost by releasing a picture and date of the HR. There is just so many dollars around for Gold and one product that does well (2015 Liberty HR) will have to take from some other Gold product. Look at Sales of the AGE’s ,the Buffalo and the Marshal Golds and you can see what effect the 2015 Liberty HR is having…

  527. Louis says

    Dusty- great coin! Love the design. I have one that shipped from gainesville and another coming from MCM. And next week the P’s! Whatever happened to summer being a slow time for coins?

  528. Zaz says

    I am really on the fence about the American Liberty gold. 50,000 is a generous mintage for a coin of that weight, fineness and size. It’s a beautiful coin and got much going for it. It’s resembling the RP Buffalo with it’s 47K+ and plentiful today. This really should be a limited mintage of 10-12K, that’ll really fire up the flippers. In its wake it’ll create the lowest proof FS, Truman keeps coming on and off of sale, will definitely impact the Lady Bird gold a month afterwards, both of them might just crack 2,100 proofs? Anyway the Liberty coin is a wait and see prospect.

  529. sharks2th says

    The packaging on the Truman set seems to have a waxy feel to it. I hope whatever this treatment is does not off gas and cause toning for the dollars stored in OGP. Mine arrived via UPS just before noon, signature required. My S NC quarters were in the order as well which put me over 300. The box looked like it had been bent in half but none of the contents were damaged. They also used large bubble wrap material as a space filler in the box. This is at least a little better than the sheets of crinkled paper they have been using. The silver medals do have some water/wash spotting on them.

  530. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    My shipment started in Memphis and was sent to Mississippi. Logical next step in route to Pennsylvania. Now I know why you all call it dumbpost.

  531. paddy says

    UPS just dropped off C&C sets….Will check them out later …Looks Great. Good Luck

  532. Brad says

    I think I was the first one on here who called the FedEx postal delivery system “Dumbpost.” I’m glad that several here embraced it! The Mint won’t stop using it, though. Too bad.

  533. KCSO says

    Zaz, I’ll pick up my Grand Canyons Monday evening, looking forward to seeing the HR & Proof combo, will post first impression here

    Dusty, great looking coin, that reflection through the tunnel is wild

  534. KCSO says

    Silver HR Liberty coin –
    legally, is there anything permitting, or prohibiting the mint from manufacturing them as a 2 oz coin?

    Curious as to the demonination they’ll carry as well, but then again they’re supposed to be a medal, right?

    So technically, they could show as a hefty 2 oz medal…

  535. MikeinPa says

    real cool brad – same here Brad same here, taking the scenic route i guess

  536. Eagle One says

    According to the Mint’s Material Specifications for the Truman Reverse Proof 1$ coin, the composition contains only 3.5% Manganese. They have obviously reduced the amount of Manganese over the years since the very first Sacagawea and Presidential Dollars were issued. I have been collecting the Sacagawea Dollars since 2000. I have a BU Sacagawea set in a dark green Intercept Album with the sliding plastic windows. All of the coins still look great. I have boxes of Mint wrapped rolls and the coins on the end of the rolls still look great too. However, these are Intercept Storage Boxes. One thing is for certain, when the Golden Dollars circulate, they eventually turn a nasty gray-black color. When they are properly preserved; they appear to maintain their shinny golden appearance over time. The only problem is; the material is not ideal for dipping.

  537. Brad says


    Were you the one who posted the progress of one of your FedEx Dumbpost packages here a few months ago? I remember someone whose package bounced around several out of the way states for 2+ weeks before ultimately arriving to Pennsylvania!

  538. D Rittenhouse says

    The Real “Cool” Brad said:
    My shipment started in Memphis and was sent to Mississippi. Logical next step in route to Pennsylvania. Now I know why you all call it dumbpost.

    In case you haven’t seen a recent map of the US, the southern city limit of Memphis is formed by the Mississippi state line. Companies frequently use such spacial serendipity to build/operate warehouses and depots on opposite sides of a state line to take advantage of differing rules and regulations.

  539. Zaz says

    Good point, DR. The word that seems to trip people up is “SOUTH” as in Southaven, MS, which is just south of the state line but properly part of the Memphis MSA.

  540. Erik H says

    Brad you maybe be right on “dumb post”, I was calling it “not so smart post”

  541. MikeinPa says

    Brad, wasn’t me but i believe the post, i’m stuck in mississippi for the weekend looks like

  542. KCSO says

    “Collectors snapped up all the sets in very short order. Sales kicked off at noon on Tuesday, June 30, and they ended within 13 minutes when the United States Mint tagged them as “currently unavailable.” On Wednesday, Adam Stump, the U.S. Mint deputy director for the Office of Corporate Communications, said that 16,780 of the maximum 17,000 sold in about 15 minutes. He added:

    “All accepted orders will be processed and fulfilled on a first-in, first-served basis according to existing United States Mint policies. The product inventory is at the fulfillment center for immediate shipment to customers. No additional inventory will be produced. Product shipments, returns and exchanges will be monitored daily over the next few weeks.”” – CN

  543. GoldFishin says

    The MCM link I provided above for ASE’s is now out of stock. It is tough on business having a good deal I guess….

  544. Zaz says

    Picked my five big boxes from the mint, as if I ordered five proof sets, separately. The first C&C set was wrapped in green bubble wrap. The quality of the RP is nice but not exceptional. Might not be that many 70’s about. Maybe I’ll think about buying a graded SP70. Similar to the FDR with waxy type covers to booklet and cardboard holder. What’s different from FDR C&C is the return to the ridged holders for the coin and medal. The dollar is inside the Mint’s typical 1/2 oz FS and AGE capsule. Medal has a nice hefty feel. Not a bad set for $58. I’d really be hard pressed to want to pay $200+ for this. Flip while the iron is hot?

  545. Naga says

    Requested my C&C via cheap $4.95 rate. Arrived in HI today 7/3. Current system seems to work well for me at least.

  546. Mark says

    If you stack silver bars…check out JM Bullion new 1 oz Sunshine American Flag Silver Bar (New)

  547. GoldFishin says

    @Naga- makes sense to me….FedEx crew wants to spend July 4th weekend in the Islands. 😉

  548. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    Thanks D Rittenhouse. Your explanation makes, and instills a little confidence in FedEx. Let’s hope it shows up on or before the estimated arrival date because I leave that evening for a wedding in Maine. It would sucks to come home to a box that’s been sitting in front of my door getting rained on. Though in a positive spin it would be an excuse to meet my new neighbors.

  549. ABC says

    I would advise people here not to buy raw/ogp modern coins from any coin dealer since it is more likely than not that those coins have already been cherry-picked. Someone in an earlier post mentioned that there is a seller who is selling the Kennedy FS gold coins for less than the mint. There is a reason they are selling the coins at a lower price than the mint and it’s not because they are trying to be nice. You are better off buying from the mint; at least you have a shot at getting a 70 coin.

  550. KCSO says

    Brad, my brother Brad, and my other brother Brad says
    JULY 2, 2015 AT 9:52 PM-Does anybody know which posts of Michael’s has the most comments? This one is around 640 at this point.

    A 2013 WP ASE set and a 2014 Wedge Tail Eagle thread both accumulated appx 750 posts, so we’re banging out a new record currently, with 2 more days to go till the next article, most likely.

    A Bob- your post a few hundred back, so true! You know the one, funny how it changes overnight 😉

  551. Erik H says

    KCSO,previous threads usually had a follow up post within 24 hours stating how many have sold plus further analysis. This time there was none. This thread has also included FS & HR comments. I think this thread will end up with more comments but only because of the points that I’ve made.

    I was thinking about the HR coin today, and I think it will sell out. Yes the Reverse Proof Buffalo sold less than 50k but the Gold Kennedy sold over 60k in one day. At first, few (like myself) liked the design, now all of the sudden everybody wants one. The mint had several thousand buffaloes & Kennedys ready to ship, if the mint under estimates demand like they like to do, this could cause a similar frenzy to past offerings and cause an artificial supply & demand crunch that causes a sell out.

  552. Hidalgo says

    Prices on eBay for sold Truman Coin and Chronicles Sets have started to drift slightly downward. The latest selling prices seem to be somewhere in the $135 – $140 range. That’s a slight drop from the $150 range that we saw last week.

  553. paddy says

    Looking over the five sets that I received yesterday….only 2 spots on the Medal.
    water, rinse. The RP look flawless. I have no intention on selling any of them.
    The Mint has stepped up a Little bit, hope they continue.

  554. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Although it is waaaay beyond my budget the gold Kennedy has one drawback. It’s the 0.999 gold mark on the reverse makes it look like private jewlery.
    I hope in the future the Mint decides to put the 999 on the edge of the coins, esp. the 1016 gols coming out next year.

  555. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    …2016 golds coming out next year. maybe i can adfford the thin dime, will probably go for $400.

  556. JBK says

    I agree. The fineness needs to be more discrete or at least melded with the design better.

  557. cagcrisp says

    @merryxmasmrscrooge, with current Gold prices the “thin dime” should be under $200 according to the Mint’s survey…

  558. VA Bob says

    I believe I read somewhere that the 2016 gold Mercury will use the 1/10 planchet. So unless the price of gold spikes between now and then (EU troubles like Greece) it should be affordable. The question is will the coins be sold separately? Since it will be less than a full oz. of gold, I can see it as a three coin set.

  559. KCSO says

    I’ll 2nd that VA Bob, Happy Independence Day fellow Americans.., excuse me while I’ll go celebrate and exercise our 2nd Amendment today!

    Bob, you in on the HR? I’ll be watching day 1 sales closely though don’t anticipate that it’ll be grossly overbought like the gold JFK by dealers, flippers and those caught up in the moment.

    Hey, the Live Chat feature on the mint’s website works now, pretty sweet feature from a smart phone

  560. KCSO says

    Hopefully a 3 coin set with a nice wooden display box, something truly classy like the ’09 UHR coin box!

  561. Dustyroads says

    paddy up above mentioned that his coins looked good, only a couple small rinse spots.
    The US Mint will use the same rinse until it becomes saturated. I’ve complained about this in the past, but I honestly know of no solution other than adding additional baths. I think it’s feasible.

  562. D Rittenhouse says

    merryxmasmrscrooge said:
    Although it is waaaay beyond my budget the gold Kennedy has one drawback. It’s the 0.999 gold mark on the reverse makes it look like private jewlery.

    If you’re looking at a Kennedy gold half-dollar coin and it says .999 fine gold on the reverse, then you’re looking at either a poor counterfeit or a very valuable error coin. The reverse is supposed to indicate the purity is “four nines” as shown in this hi-res image.

  563. Dustyroads says

    KCSO, I don’t always exercise my 2nd amendment, but when I do, I prefer to use ear protection.

    Stay safe there where the hills are green.

  564. Dustyroads says

    VA Bob, The Mints intentions are to sell the 2016 gold coins separately, but to offer a three slotted presentation box for them.
    Sounds to me like the Mint is either trying to cut back on waste, or are tying to speed up delivery.
    Probably the reason for the cheap presentation box the UH8 is going to be sold with.

  565. KCSO says

    Dusty, thanks Bro, you read about your neighbor down there that said “F the alligators” last night and jumped in anyway? Bet he wish he had exercised something other than his mouth, as the gator got the last word in! 😉

  566. Larry says

    An article in Coinworld states that the upcoming HR gold coin will have the same surface finish as the 2009 UHR. That should make it a great looking coin. As usual, the pictures on the mint’s website probably do not do the coin justice. I wonder why the mint can’t just put real pictures on their website. The real pictures of the RP Truman look much better than any on the mint’s website.
    So I got out my 2009 UHR which I only do a few times a year. If the new HR coin is half as good, it will still be a great coin.
    What about the 50K limit? The UHR sold 100K, but it took a year and it was cheaper, initially about $1200. This coin will probably be similar in cost to a gold buff, around $1540. Maybe the gold Kennedy fiasco will temper some folks desire to buy a coin like this right away and wait for the dust to settle, hard to say.
    This coin probably will not have the draw of the 2009 UHR, because, let’s face it, it is not a St. Gaudens UHR. I still want this coin, but nothing like I want the 2009 coin. It is such a beautiful coin.
    All that being said, since I learned the surface finish will be the same as the 2009 coin, I can’t wait to see the real thing. I would really like to see real pics of it before I buy it. But if I sense it will be a quick sellout, which I doubt, I will buy it anyway.

  567. Clark says

    The discussion of mint packaging causes me to renew my suggestion that the Mint consider offering expensive boxes and packaging as optional items for purchase. Theoretically, this would allow customers who only want the coin, and not fancy packaging, to pay only for the coin and not unwanted packaging. Others who prefer keeping a particular coin in OGP could opt for higher end OGP products.

    I keep many of my collections in OGP, but I choose to have NGC grade all my first spouse coins and medals. First spouse packaging is a swanky combination of high gloss wooden boxes inside a cloth-like outer box, inside a cloth-like sleeve. These packages add at least a few dollars to the cost, yet I neither want nor need them. I have four heavy banker’s boxes filled with first spouse OGP which I’ll never use and isn’t worth selling, but is too nice to toss off as rubbish.

  568. Clark says

    I’m also compelled to note that the Mint has been known to delay shipments because all elements of OGP were unavailable. My proposal not only would reduce the incidence of such delays, but also arguably make storing and fulfilling orders more efficient because coins without bulky packaging should require less room to store, pack, ship, etc.

  569. gary says

    50,000 will be a pants’ load of the HR gold and it will be available all year. It will be interesting if the 3rd party grading companies will assign the erroneous “Proof Like” adjective to their slabs. The 2009 UHR in “proof-like” are in fact struck from worn dies and worse, if labelled as “first strike” is outright false.

  570. Ends in Error says

    It would be cool for the Mint to sell hi-end Wood Boxes only for those wanting them . They could be limited in number and really costly like a Coffin for Coins. Maybe there would be those few misguided souls who would only collect Mint Packaging. Ha ha wouldnt that be an odd twist? If a person waited long enough the Coins would drop in value on the market. Maybe the limited Coffins would go up in value.

  571. Clark says

    For a brief time, MCM sold OGP, but quickly realized the lack of demand and high cost of warehousing space-consuming OGP. It would be interesting to learn what they do with all that empty OGP left over from grading 1000s of coins.

  572. Brad, my brother Brad, and my other brother Brad says

    @KCSO & Erik H, we are now over 800 posts (804 at this post) . I am guessing MZ is on holiday as he hasn’t updated the CoinUpdate sales post (typically evey Tuesday). He will have a lot of catching up to do!

  573. Dustyroads says

    Clark, Well just don’t through them out. Where ever your collection ends up, the boxes will still be considered part of the package.

  574. VA Bob says

    KCSO – Depending on gold prices at the time, I believe I’m in. The funny thing is I showed the wife the design and she wants one too. So I’m probably in for two. The finished product image did it for me as I wasn’t excited by the line drawing. I was going to get a JKO, which would have be my only FS, but passed when I saw the HR.

    Dusty – Thanks for the 2016 packaging clarification. I can see people wanting a single of a certain type, but as a collector an example of each is a no-brainer provided on has the funds. Which they have a three coin option., though, as it is usually a little cheaper. I would like to pick up two of each if possible. IMO it doesn’t matter how many of these sell, they will appreciate the moment sales end. People passing in up, especially flippers, will be leaving money on the table.

    I’m all for the plain packaging, but I’m under no delusions that the cost savings to the Mint will be passed on to the customer. I believe we will still pay the same premium we do for other gold items. I’d really like to be wrong on these.

  575. Clark says

    Dusty–Not to worry, I’m keeping them in those heavy banker’s boxes for just that reason, but I don’t plan to be around in 50 years when my heirs remove the complete First Spouse collection from the vault and assess its value then. Here’s hoping all that OGP survives 50 years, but I doubt it.

    VaBob–Sadly, you’re probably correct that the Mint will find a way to pocket savings from sans-OGP coin sales. Still, I think my theory is sound.

  576. Clark says

    @Brads: 1, 2, 3, et al.,–

    What are you doing with all your first spouse OGP?

  577. a Bob says

    Let’s post our own coin news in michaels absence / well deserved vacation.
    The boys town comments are going to happen.

  578. a Bob says

    I would like to see the mint continue to produce one ounce presidential medals when there is opportunity. They should go back to George W.

  579. KCSO says

    Thanks Larry for the heads up, great thoughts, & perhaps we’ll have another shot at a proof-like MS!

  580. Eagle One says

    Golden Dollars Worth Keeping

    Native American:

    2000-P Sacagawea Cheerios Dollar (Enhanced Tail Feather Variety) : 60-70 known $12,000 in MS-68
    2000-P Sacagawea Goodacre Dollar Mintage: 2000 $1,000-1,400 in MS-68
    2009 Sacagawea Missing Edge Letters Dollar $70 in MS-66
    2010 Sacagawea Missing Edge Letters Dollar $100 in MS-66
    2014-D Sacagawea Enhanced Dollar Mintage : 50,000 $90 in MS-69


    2007 Washington Missing Edge Letter Dollar $100 in MS-66
    2007 Jefferson Missing Edge Letter Dollar $150 in MS-66
    2007 Adams Missing Edge Letter Dollar $100 in MS-66
    2008 Vanburen Missing Edge Letter Dollar $200 in MS-66
    2008 Jackson Missing Edge Letter Dollar $200 in MS-66
    2008 Q. Adams Missing Edge Letter SF Dollar $250 in MS-66
    2009 Taylor Missing Edge Letter Dollar $200 in MS-66
    2010 Fillmore Missing Edge Letter Dollar $300 in MS-66
    2010 Pierce Missing Edge Letter Dollar $300 in MS-66
    2010 Buchanan Missing Edge Letter Dollar $300 in MS-66
    2015-P Truman Reverse Proof Dollar Mintage: 17,000 $125 in BU

    *Double Edge Letters and Over Lapped Letters have similar values to No Edge Letters

  581. ClevelandRocks says

    These are all basically fake coins. St. Gardens were real coins as were classic commemoratives. Some people used them as real currency. I’ve collected since the 1970s and am sad that the Mint has morphed into the Franklin Mint and so many follow like Lemmings. You guys even fall for these pre-determined fake mintages to get yourselves excited about. I was excited about the ’09 UHR, but nothing really is special anymore. Gimmick sell-outs, tons of “varieties”… I’m sure my comments will be ignored, but once in a while I need to vent. I’ve been on this blog longer than 90% of you and am not happy with the hobby anymore. Big business and not much else. Happy 4th!

  582. Gary Not Dave says

    Just wait until a Truman Reverse Proof with no edge lettering pops up..Yikes!!

  583. Erik H says

    (this may show up twice, the one with links is under moderation for some reason)

    Eagle One,

    How about this, 2009 D Zachary Taylor Presidential $1 coin bearing the date 2010 D. Only one known.

    I’d love to own one of the 2000-W Sacagawea 22k dollars.

    Or one of the Washington mules on a Sacagawea planchet.

  584. gary says

    @Cleveland Rocks… you are absolutely right! These special sets and surface finishes are all just trinkets junk, i.e.: polished turds.

  585. KCSO says

    Hey Cleveland.., did you see any of those first domed BHoF coins? What a Win, Win!
    Amazing definition.., were you able to pick any of those babies up?

  586. Eagle One says

    @Erik H,

    The Sacagawea “Mule” is one to watch for. Eleven are known to exist and the last one sold for $200k.

    I myself continually watch for the 2000-P Sacagawea Enhanced Tail Feather Variety. It was estimated that 5,500 were made for Cheerios and only 70 or so have shown up in the hands of real collectors. It is believed that the remaining 5,430 found their way into circulation. That was due to the variety being discovered so late and the obscure notion of rare coins in a cereal box.

  587. Eagle One says

    I will put the “2009 D Zachary Taylor Presidential $1 coin bearing the date 2010 D” on my radar.

  588. KCSO says

    Gary, no polished turds in the shape of a football for you, I presume?

    I concur with that, the BHoFs was a nice start till the 2019 Apollo landing coin. Anyone that counters that initiative needs a ball check.

    Otherwise with a NFL coin, I might have to suffer through an entire year of hearing about what a great team that piss ant gaggle coined the Browns is… 🙂

  589. Ends in Error says

    I just can’t for the life of me get into any “plain edged” coin. It’s about as exciting as a “narrow edge reeding” bullion piece.

    Now let’s talk about a ” Kennedy looking at Lincoln” Cent. Now that is a collectable. Well the price is right, anyway.

  590. Brad says


    All of my First Spouse coins are still inside the OGP, since they’re raw.

    Do you have your empty capsules returned after your First Spouse coins are graded? I need a replacement 2008-current size capsule to replace one of my uncirculated Eleanor Roosevelt ones. There was a chunk of the edge broken off of one of mine, but the Mint insisted I had to return the entire coin to get it replaced. Since the coin was sold out, there was no way I was going to do that. I wouldn’t have done it anyway, since the coin itself is fine and I wouldn’t risk getting a bad coin over a broken capsule. The broken edge of the capsule does not expose the surface of the coin in any way, but it’s just so unsightly. All I can find for sale from dealers and on eBay are those cheap knock-offs on the red backer cards. I want one of the official capsules the Mint uses.

  591. says

    John Roberts,

    It’s remarkable that you have taken the time to comment on this Blog in light of all the U.S. Supreme Court opinions and rulings that you have been involved with lately. Thank you.

  592. Tinto says

    I like the Gold HR coin with the final tweaked design, but still on the fence … but will definitely get some of the Silver medal version when they are put on sale.

  593. JBK says

    The mint did experiment once with a simpler packing option once. I think it was the Capitol visitors center coins. I got the unc half in a mylar packet instead of a case and box.

    It was a good idea, and I wish they would offer that type of option again.

  594. Clark says


    I’ve had to return so many spouses to the Mint for poor quality that I usually purchase them graded (pf/ms70) and request OGP. However, I think I have a couple of 1/2 oz FS capsules left over from the few times I submitted directly to NGC, which you are more than welcome to have.

    Do you collect spouse medals?

  595. Barry says

    Sorry to go off topic- Has anyone had any bad experience purchasing coins direct from foreign mints ? I read some stories here and there about having to drive hundreds of miles to the airport due to customs or else having the merchandise returned. The purchases were not that large as I remember. Any pointers on the subject would be welcome.

  596. Zaz says

    Brad– I wouldn’t leave your spouses in the fancy shellacked clamshell box for long term storage. I recently bought a proof Helen Taft on the Bay who was outside of the capsule in the box, and I guess the original owner never checked nor noticed. It had toned a beautiful shade of rose gold with merlot highlights. I’m guessing the toning happened as a result of the trapped gasses with the box as it still smelled strongly of lacquer. I’ve never seen 24K coin toned in such a way. Fortunately the seller took it back. I notice the Mint’s capsules aren’t always airtight, silver coins have toned within them. All my spouses have always been taken out of the OGP but left in the Mint capsule and put into T size AirTite rolls and thus into the SDB. You do not want an unpleasant surprise 10 years down the road especially after all the money you’ve put into them.

  597. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Barry …. I’ve ordered numerous coins from the Canadian Mint, Perth Mint & Royal Mint over the last few years. Never once have I had problems with shipping.

  598. Brad says


    That sounds great on the capsules! I’d be glad to send you a “friends and family” no fee PayPal payment to cover the postage to send them to me. We just need to figure out a way to swap contact information without putting it on here for all to see.

    Yes, I do collect the First Spouse medals in the form of the Presidential Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal sets. They’re my favorite way to collect those, even though they cost a lot more than the 4 or 5-medal sets in the envelopes.

    Zaz, thanks for the advice on the OGP. I examined each of my First Spouse coins on arrival over the years, but I don’t get them out too often. I last looked at them about a year ago, and the 2007 and 2008 coins still looked exactly the same as they did when they were new, with no toning or storage damage. All of my coins arrived securely inside their tightly-closed capsules. I’d never had a problem until one of the extra Eleanor Roosevelt uncirculated coins arrived with the chunk broken off the edge of the capsule. It was like that before the Mint sent it to me, as the broken piece was nowhere to be found inside the OGP or the shipping box. However, like every other conceivable defect that can arise, they always insist that you have to return EVERYTHING to get a replacement. How hard would it be to send just an unbroken capsule to correct their mistake? It’s so frustrating!

  599. Eagle One says

    Have you ever wondered why this blog has a number of absolutely bitter dissenters and why that may be? Maybe a number of them are blogging from the big house.

    Two former Mint employees were found guilty of selling some of the Mule dollars, resulting in imprisonment and fines for both individuals.

    A 20-year mechanic at the mint, who admitted smuggling rare error coins out of the mint and selling them to collectors and over the Internet for about $74,000.

    A former U.S. Mint police officer pleaded guilty Thursday in Camden Federal Court to stealing $2.4 million worth of “error” coins and selling them to a coin distributor in California.

    A former employee of the U.S. Mint stole and sold coins that had been stamped incorrectly, raking in about $80,000 from collectors, authorities said Tuesday.

    THEFT: GOLD FROM MINT IN HOLLOW FALSE LEG; Skilled Worker at Denver Held for Theft of $100,000–Ingots Are Found at His Home.

    San Francisco Mint Thief. — Albert Houser, an employee in the U. S. Mint at San Francisco, was arrested on May 14th, charged with stealing $400 worth of gold.

    All since 2001.

  600. Rudy says

    Ends in error, speaking of Kennedy looking, did you notice on the Mint’s home page that JFK is “eyeballing” Jackie. I mean, he is seriously “checking her out”. Maybe this is why they made his dollar different, it makes for a perfect set. Now if they only did a Marylin Monroe medal…

  601. John Roberts says

    Hawkster–Sometimes my work at the Court does take away time from collecting and commenting, but I make it work.

  602. Erik H says

    One time I had a cracked capsule and the mint said that they would replace it. Long story short, they kept sending the wrong size capsule and after several months of back and forth, I just gave up.

  603. Zaz says

    @Brad: Having dealt with the PSFWeb distribution center and the CSRs in Dallas, the only thing Memphis can do is refund your money, so you were wise to keep the damaged capsule. You can get replacements on the Bay for a couple of bucks. Just search under “US Mint capsule 1/2 oz.” Your LCS might have some on hand if they submit coins to TPGs and could comp you one too. I had a broken capsule with the Buchanan proof, and when I got a spotted Alice Paul a year later, I merely swapped capsules when I sent it back to Indiana for replacement.

  604. Bernie in FL says

    @ ClevelandRocks says

    Couldn’t have said it Better!!!

    The place has started to sound like the Guy on HSN 🙂

  605. Gary Not Dave says

    The Last Ebay sale of 5 sealed Truman Sets went for $655.65…not bad.

  606. Goat says

    (5) Five 2015 Coin and Chronicles Harry S. Truman Sets 121692561126 on July 1 sold for $699.99 someone stated earlier that might get $200 max per set. If someone hears/sees/feels a 70 grade reverse Harry S. Truman $1 could you let us know here ? (NGC,PCGS) Thanks

  607. GoldFishin says

    Could anyone that has received their Truman sets, please post what the dimensions are? Like 4×6, 5×7, Etc. Thanks


  608. Goat says

    That was a post here July 2 that I found. I will find out Monday I hope. My question should these be sent off for grading ? Never done that before by not to old to learn.

  609. GoldFishin says

    @Goat- that was the dimensions of the shipping package size that Cag was asking about….I was just wanting the set itself. Thank you.

  610. MarkInFlorida says

    FedEx “Smart”Post looks like it’ll take a week to get to me. When the Mint used Priority Mail it used to take 2 days, and $4.95 just about covered it. So now the Mint is using an inferior service, and presumably making a couple dollars profit on the shipping. That’s how a lot of businesses operate these days, try to squeeze a few more dollars profit out of a product, and alienate your customers.

  611. Jeff in TX says

    I like to see the different coin products. I hope the mint doesn’t over due it like the royal mint. Laser this and laser that on coins. This may serve good for the 30 year American silver eagle set next year

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