2015 John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin Cover



The U.S Mint has announced that it will begin selling the 2015 John F. Kennedy $1 Coin Cover at noon on Thursday, July 16. The Kennedy $1 Coin Cover is the 35th release in the cover series and includes two circulating finish presidential dollars, showcasing both the obverse and reverse of the coin.

As with other covers in this series, the coins are mounted on a display card that rests inside a larger envelope. The envelope features a U.S. Red, White, and Blue Forever stamp, postmarked with the date of the cover’s issuance and President Kennedy’s birthplace: July 16, 2015, Brookline, MA. The President’s portrait is featured beside the coins, placed over an image of the American flag. Beneath the portrait is mintage information stating that the dollars were sourced from the first day of production at two U.S. Mint facilities–one dollar was made on March 5 at the Philadelphia Mint, the other on March 3 at the Denver Mint.


It is worth noting that the U.S. Mint will produce 35,000 Kennedy $1 Coin Covers, more than twice the number made for the each of the two previous installments of the series. At present, the 2015 Harry S. Truman $1 Coin Cover, first issued on Feb. 26, has sold 13,486 of its 15,000 total, while the 2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower $1 Coin Cover, released on May 5, has sold 11,661 of 15,000 units.

The 2015 John F. Kennedy $1 Coin Cover will be available for purchase for $19.95 at the U.S Mint’s page for Presidential $1 Coins.




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  1. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, I can live with $50 more than the Buffalo. We just need to drop below $1,150.00 and save that $50

  2. KCSO says

    With the $50 increase, probably safe to assume the HR silver medal will be near or a little above the ASE PRF price, though just speculating…

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