2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar Design Candidates

Next year, the United States Mint will mint and issue commemorative silver dollars to recognize and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the March of Dimes Foundation. This nonprofit organization was founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 to combat polio and now works more broadly to improve the health of mothers and babies.

The commemorative coin program was authorized under Public Law 112-209 enacted on December 18, 2012. Under the authorizing legislation up to 500,000 silver dollars may be issued during the 1-year period beginning on January 1, 2015. A surcharge of $10 per coin will be distributable to the March of Dimes to help finance research, education, and services aimed at improving the health of women, infants, and children.

The design of the coins shall be emblematic of the mission and programs of the March of Dimes, and its distinguished record of generating Americans’ support to protect our children’s health. The designs will be selected by the Secretary of the Treasury following consultation with the March of Dimes and Commission of Fine Arts and review by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The CFA reviewed the designs today, with the CCAC scheduled to review the designs next week.

Shown below are the 22 obverse and 18 reverse design candidates for the program. Full coverage of the CFA and CCAC’s review and recommendations will be forthcoming on CoinUpdate.com.

Obverse Design Candidates

MOD_O_01 MOD_O_02 MOD_O_03 MOD_O_04 MOD_O_05 MOD_O_06 MOD_O_07 MOD_O_08 MOD_O_09 MOD_O_10 MOD_O_11 MOD_O_12 MOD_O_13 MOD_O_14 MOD_O_15 MOD_O_16 MOD_O_17 MOD_O_18 MOD_O_19 MOD_O_20 MOD_O_21 MOD_O_22

Reverse Design Candidates

MOD_R_01 MOD_R_02 MOD_R_03 MOD_R_04 MOD_R_05 MOD_R_06 MOD_R_07 MOD_R_08 MOD_R_09 MOD_R_10 MOD_R_11 MOD_R_12 MOD_R_13 MOD_R_14 MOD_R_15 MOD_R_16 MOD_R_17 MOD_R_18

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  1. says

    There was one Red Star Buyer that was quite active yesterday. He bought 3 Gold BHOF coins that I found. He bought 2 Best Offers for $1,200 each. He bought 1 as highest bidder on an auction for $1,325 and he got outbid on 2 others. He was 2nd highest on 1 that he bid $1,299 and lost and he was 2nd highest bidder at $1,199

  2. simon says

    Casual : It could be a mechanically doubled feature which is pronounced given the curvature.

  3. Louis says

    Steve- So it’s not true you need 50 sales per month to open a store? I got some info. from them that did refer to sales, not dollars. Also, there are other places you can sell with lesser fees, which is better for the higher value items.

  4. CoachMike says

    @Louis. What are several of the other places they use to sell coins other than eBay. Never sold a coin in my life. Got a bunch of HofF silver $ coming I’d like to list?

  5. KEITHSTER says

    I’ll vote for what simon says almost makes me want to open the box and peek:>:>:> But then I drift back to the missing and think whatno way but did see the photo and was thinking curvature also! So there should be more of them out there so check them if you have them and let us know? Would think the mint will be screening for them now but who knows?As for the SM5er’s look sold out to me they just aren’t addmitting it yet building up their waiting list should there be cancellations. Have an order on the 30th. for 2 that still says ready to go on the 15th but now that they are over ordered they can press the last of them here’s to making a boo-boo on the rest and cutting us breakon the full price ones* Oh well a old man can dream right?Ialso let the extra script for the Shenandoah ride seeing a lot were cancelling but 20 grand off the bat seems large so it should make it past the SM’s although it will be a while? So Good Luck All:>:>:>

  6. Louis says

    CoachMike- There are auction houses like Great Collections, Teletrade (which is now part of Stacks-Bowers), etc. and some have lower fees than e-Bay esp. on higher value items (like over $1k per coin).

  7. says

    Louis….yes you can open a store and sell only 1 coin if that fits your needs. 6% instead of 10% ebay fees.

  8. bg35765 says

    Steve – there is definitely language on ebay that says you need 50 listings per month to have a store. I’m not sure if they enforce it though.

    My first month as a store I didn’t make it. This month I listed a bunch of ATB quarters to get my sales volume up. I’m still uncertain on the details though. I can’t find anywhere that says for sure if it is listings or sales.

    If I list one auction for a quarter and say that I have a quantity of 5, does that count as 1 or 5 listings? Does it count as 5 sales if they sell to 5 different people or if 1 person buys all 5 at the same time? (Those are rhetorical questions, I don’t expect anyone here to answer.)

    But anyway, it only takes a few $2000 gold coins per year to justify the extra cost of the store.

  9. says

    When I open a store it is to sell a few high priced coins….not a lot of low price coins.
    I opened a store in June, 2013….closed it in October 2013
    I opened a store in Jan., 2014….closed it in February 2014
    I opened a store in mid April 2014…and it’s still open.
    I’ve never sold more than 10-15 items each time….sometimes less.
    Like I said, you can pay a monthly fee of $19.95 or you can pay for a whole year and get a discount.($159.95 for the year I think.). But I don’t want to commit to a year at I time.

  10. says

    Also, I have what is called the “basic” store. There are two higher levels that cost more “Premium Store” and “Anchor Store”…and those stores probably do have min. volume levels, but a basic store doesn’t.

  11. CasualCollector says

    @Pittsburgh P – Here are the BHOF pics — the original CLAD pictures and I just added a picture of the Outlined “P” from a Silver Uncirculated (the lower right of the loop of the “P” looks a little smashed).


  12. says

    @Louis, I read your article in CoinWeek today. Must be frustrating asking questions and getting boiler plate answers.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Larry says
    MAY 19, 2014 AT 8:22 AM

    @fmtransmitter – 600 million in the US? Where are the other 300 million hiding? There are about 317 million folks in the US.
    Sorry, typo..like the illegals figure…

  14. Pittsburgh P says

    CC, yeah those are definitely interesting and I will keep a lookout… Thanks again

  15. VA Rich says

    cag – that seller ‘j-coins’ looks to have sold about a 3rd of his coins to those with really low or no feedback ratings, that just seems really risky to me and I can’t help but to think he may have a lot of cancellations off those orders as the wait continues to drift in June and possibly July.

    For those that have sold a lot, can you share your 2-cents on selling pre-sale, it looks lucrative though looks like it could be awful risky and a big head ache as well when folks get anxious, thoughts? Thanks

  16. CasualCollector says

    @VA Rich – for some reason I had in my head that the seller you mentioned was the same “Jxxx” person who keeps posting on this blog that he’s been selling Silver OGP like hotcakes… Perhaps I made the wrong connection?

  17. says

    @VA Rich, I think he gets his money up front when the sale is made or he moves on to another party willing to do the same otherwise he shoulders all the risk

  18. Jim says

    I got my 6 HOF coins back from NGC and they put the three $1.00 proof label on the Half dollar proof and the three Half dollar proof label on the $1.00 proof. All six coins are label wrong. Jim

  19. Louis says

    Thanks, CC. I know what you mean. At least they said the coins are being made. From what I can tell the delays seem to be a much bigger issue with the gold coins. But when they are shipped many will go to dealers who are paying extra for hand-signed labels, so we will see whether prices actually decline. Plus a lot of coins are being bought by baseball fans who have no plans to sell.

  20. CasualCollector says

    @simon – Thanks for your insight — I searched for the terms you mentioned and found an interesting site that explained the differences between “MDD” (Mechanical Doubling Damage) and “Doubled Die” This is very interesting stuff. Thanks!

  21. CasualCollector says

    @VA Rich — yes, that’s the seller I thought you were seeing on eBay. It is pretty amazing he’s getting those prices for Pre-Sale OGP. The next shipment I’m hearing from the Mint is 6/12 for Silver Proofs. Does anyone else know of an earlier date than 6/12 for the Silver Proofs (or for any of the BHOF Coins)?

  22. Mk says

    @Jim-that’s terrible, I hope NGC is expediting the whole process to fix your labels. I too got my coins back from NGC today. I paid extra for the “scratch resistant” Edgeview holders and the surfaces look like they actually tested a Brillo pad on them. I’m disappointed, but still like the way the coins look in the holders.

  23. Mk says

    @Louis-thanks for another very informative article. Especially in regards to the commemoratives that no one wants to see minted, other than the special interest groups. Mother’s Day coins-what a bad idea!

  24. VA Rich says

    CC – I have a 03/27/2014 at 07:12 PM for SILVER PROOF on 6/06 & in the same order, SILVER UNC on 6/19

    It’s getting bad that we’re not even into the 7th hour of Day One!

  25. CasualCollector says

    @VA Rich. That is getting close I wonder if that is why some of the big sellers are lowering their prices on the graded coins. Lowest I’ve seen is $400 for the pair of MS70 and PF70 Silver. What is interesting is the same retailer has not sold out of Gold 70 sets for $2,750. Either they have a boat load of them or people are taking a breather ahead of their next shipments. Kind of a wait and see on where the pricing goes for gold 70s

  26. VA Rich says

    CC – it could be that there is an abundance of NGC slabbed coins up on listings and their holding stock of them as well as see that’s a potential risk so dump while the get’ns good. I believe the real demand right not is for those in OGP, as evident by what’s selling the price they’re willing to pay.

    Regardless, I think the enthusiasm for this offering will have a long tapper to it< very long. & the golds, well, you & I will be thankful we won't be in the market looking for one a year from now.., this one has been, and will continue to be, a different animal. 🙂

  27. Zaz says

    The CCAC got it right this time, picking O-15 and R-07. The other designs while interesting were far too busy and would clutter a small coin as the silver dollar. If the Treasury secretary picks this design pair, it would a be a real winner for the MOD organization.

  28. CW says

    More proof the CCAC is group of stodgy old folks who cannot pick an innovative design if jumped at them. Yuck. Is MOD-R-04 supposed to be a welfare case? Who would by that depressing coin (or any of these for that matter)? Roosevelt was no firend to gold, silver, or those who owned them. How ironic that a thief would be honored in metals he stole.

  29. says

    How about the mint do the coins on the dime format. They could do them in silver and clad for circulation coins.
    Do a one time design change for the year. Think of kids collecting dimes for school projects ect. I remember doing
    that in grade school. For the collector they could do a proof, unc., reverse proof set. Just a thought.

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