2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar Design Candidates

Next year, the United States Mint will mint and issue commemorative silver dollars to recognize and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the March of Dimes Foundation. This nonprofit organization was founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 to combat polio and now works more broadly to improve the health of mothers and babies.

The commemorative coin program was authorized under Public Law 112-209 enacted on December 18, 2012. Under the authorizing legislation up to 500,000 silver dollars may be issued during the 1-year period beginning on January 1, 2015. A surcharge of $10 per coin will be distributable to the March of Dimes to help finance research, education, and services aimed at improving the health of women, infants, and children.

The design of the coins shall be emblematic of the mission and programs of the March of Dimes, and its distinguished record of generating Americans’ support to protect our children’s health. The designs will be selected by the Secretary of the Treasury following consultation with the March of Dimes and Commission of Fine Arts and review by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The CFA reviewed the designs today, with the CCAC scheduled to review the designs next week.

Shown below are the 22 obverse and 18 reverse design candidates for the program. Full coverage of the CFA and CCAC’s review and recommendations will be forthcoming on CoinUpdate.com.

Obverse Design Candidates

MOD_O_01 MOD_O_02 MOD_O_03 MOD_O_04 MOD_O_05 MOD_O_06 MOD_O_07 MOD_O_08 MOD_O_09 MOD_O_10 MOD_O_11 MOD_O_12 MOD_O_13 MOD_O_14 MOD_O_15 MOD_O_16 MOD_O_17 MOD_O_18 MOD_O_19 MOD_O_20 MOD_O_21 MOD_O_22

Reverse Design Candidates

MOD_R_01 MOD_R_02 MOD_R_03 MOD_R_04 MOD_R_05 MOD_R_06 MOD_R_07 MOD_R_08 MOD_R_09 MOD_R_10 MOD_R_11 MOD_R_12 MOD_R_13 MOD_R_14 MOD_R_15 MOD_R_16 MOD_R_17 MOD_R_18

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  1. says

    It is a good thing the US Marshal coin will be out next year, otherwise, I would not have any commemorative coin to buy in 2015

  2. A&L Futures says

    I’m rather impressed with the overall design choices offered for consideration. My only concern is CCAC, and the direction they’ll go. Perhaps Michael can do one of his polls. I’d be interested to see what the general Blog community thinks.

  3. posterhunter says

    I hate to say it but this coin reminds me of the Girl Scouts coin which turned out to be a dud financially.

  4. Blair J Tobler says

    I agree- I don’t see this one being too popular. And if that’s not bad enough, there’s a bill for a Mother’s Day commemorative. While the beneficiaries of the surcharges may be worthwhile causes, that coin will do poorly.

  5. Hawkster says

    While theThe March of Dimes is an outstanding organization, I don’t think think having a commemorative coin to honor it will garner much interest from the coin collecting community. It’s probably, sorry to say, not going to be very successful.

  6. Two Cents says

    What if the US Mint really thought outside the box and created another “circus coin” for collectors?

    I envision a two-part silver dollar, with an outer ring with a March of Dimes design — maybe icons representing different aspects of the theme, such as DNA, testubes (scientific), baby (human element), crutches, wheelchair (polio).

    Then there would be an inner core, the same size and design as the current Roosevelt dime, with some significant difference such as a non-reeded edge or dual dates (1946-2015), or even 1938 to signify the organization’s founding year.

    I like the idea of incorporating the Roosevelt dime into the design of the commemorative.

  7. Jeff says

    Give me a break Another waste of time, money, resource I’m out on this one ..

  8. gary says

    I like your idea Two Cents. Very creative! The Roosevelt dime could be at center (on obverse & reverse sides) and the outer ring dimensions dedicated to March of Dimes themes. Of the existing designs, I like MOD-Overse 18 paired with MOD-Reverse 17

  9. Hawkster says

    Two Cents,

    The “thinking outside the box” concept could be effectively applied to the upcoming Kennedy commemorative. If you do a search of “images of2014 Kennedy half dollar commemorative”, there is a beautiful looking suggested image of a Kennedy obverse which shows Kennedy’s bust, as well as the lettering, numbers and rim in a gold plating over silver. The flat field of the obverse is silver in a mirror-like finish.
    Using gold plating would keep the cost of the coin down while providing a beautiful looking commemorative.

  10. stephen m says

    Well there certainly isn’t a lack of designs to choose from. I believe each and every commemorative has it’s own following, audience and place.

  11. oldfolkie says

    I actually like some of these designs and think they cover the subject, and the history quite nicely. To each his own I guess.

  12. GoldFishin says

    I wouldn’t want to have to choose from these options. Having said that, for an obverse I think that O16 embodies what the cause should be about. I don’t think a wheelchair makes for a good coin though. O20 and O21 would probably have the most interest for collectors for obvious reasons. O18 is not so terrible.
    For reverses I am at a loss, maybe R1 or R2.
    I have one question…..where are the dads in these potential designs candidates? Don’t fathers care about their children also? Personally, I am not crazy about coin designs that look like they could be in my family photo album. I think a little more creativity should be expected.

  13. says

    ot…just got my grades from PCGS on BHoF coins.

    2 Silver Proofs….both graded PR69
    5 Gold Proofs….4 graded PR70….1 graded PR69

  14. GoldFishin says

    @Steve.. congrats on the gold grades! I wish I would have the foresight to buy double digit golds. Thanks for the info.

  15. Jerry Diekmann says

    Unlike several bloggers who have already posted negative comments about this coin (and I thought the Girl Scouts coin was badly designed), I find very little to dislike and much to like in these coins. Being an older dude than most of you (I will turn 70 next month) I can still remember my parents, and other parents too, worrying every year about the summer “polio season”, staying out of water, and wondering if their chilren could escape one more year from this terrible scourge. In grade school – the older classes, my class, and some younger classes, all had one child in class who was afflicted by polio, mostly with one leg being affected. These children, although struck by this terrible disease, were better off than the children whose lungs were attacked by the polio virus and could only live hooked p to an “iron lung” and their lives were completey dependent on electricity and backup generators. I remember when Dr. Jonas Salk first created the polio antivirus – it became available in 1957 – back then all us kids had to have shots, but it was one of the greatest advancements in medicine in the 20th century. I very much approve of the conjoined busts of FDR and Salk. As for dads not being ivolved, bioth FDR and Salk were both fathers. Also, back when FDR was alive and Salk was developing the preventaive antivirus vaccine, fathers were the breadwinners while the mothers looked after the home and took care of the children – this element of society sadly does not exist as much in today’s world.. To each his own, but I plan to buy several of these coins – many of the designs are very good, but it was the designs represent that is important to remember. And another thing to remember – Dr. Salk never patented the polio vaccine – he created the vaccine for the betterment of everyone. Some of you younger people might have suffered the ravages of polio if it had not been for the work of researchers like Dr. Salk. Now, I’ll get off my high horse.

  16. GoldFishin says

    @Jerry…nice commentary…I remember being in church when I was very young and seeing a man in a wheelchair up in front. I asked my mom what was wrong with him and she told me he had contracted polio as a boy. She explained to me what polio was and how terrible it had been in her and her parents generation. I was thankful I didn’t have to live with those fears as a child. I also liked design O20 because I think it is a decent design, but I also remember having little booklets in which we collected dimes to later donate to the March of Dimes during my grade school years. The booklet dime holders looked exactly like O20 I thought maybe that would be dating my generation and maybe wouldn’t mean a thing to younger readers of this blog.
    The things I think folks need to remember is some subjects may be worthy of high praise for the things that have been accomplished, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into great coin designs that will popular to a wider customer base. Should that always be the most important thing, well no, but it has to be considered.

  17. Clark says

    I have to say that I find many of the designs very appealing largely because they convey the emotions that polio, or just the threat of it, created during 20th century America. I wasn’t around then, but I clearly recall the genuine fear that just the mentioning the disease caused my grandparents when I was growing up. Several of the designs also do a nice job of portraying the great relief the vaccine brought about. O-16’s depiction of a little boy walking away from his wheelchair is my personal favorite.

    That said, I agree with those who predict the relative unpopularity of the MOD commemorative next year. I hope we are all wrong, but the fate of Ethel Kennedy’s Special Olympics coin is hard to ignore.

  18. posterhunter says

    There is a difference between the value of the March of Dimes program and the coin they are trying to sell. I went door to door raising money for the march of Dimes many years ago but that does not mean I think this coin is any better off because of it. As the Girl Scout coin showed you have to have a great design to sell and to make money for the organization it is representing.

    These designs are not good enough i think to make money for the march of Dimes. Only time will tell but based on past sales it is unlikely the March of Dimes will see one penny from this program unless they force the mint to do better.

    The BHOF coin asked outsiders to submit designs and the baseball glove was chosen. Had it been left up to the mint they would have had some guy sliding into second base or something else that was not as realistic on that coin.

    maybe the mint needs to ask outsiders for designs of all these coins now. If they could do it for the BHOF coin why not this one too? We couldn’t do any worse and they could always reject outside designs.

    I think the Girl Scout coin could have had a much better obverse had they asked for outside help. This coin looks like it as well.

  19. says

    I think I would definitely like O21 as the obverse for reasons I’m sure most of you will understand. 🙂

    I agree with those who say the coin will be unpopular, but I will probably buy these when they come out unless they choose something really terrible. I hope they sell well, but I suspect it’ll be another girl scouts in terms of sales.

    I also think Two Cents’ idea is great.

  20. Zaz says

    I was surprised by the designs, I found O-15 the conjoined portrait of FDR and Salk to be visually effective for $1 commem. O-7, O-8, R-7 all scream “Mother’s Day” as well as some of the other reverses. You can bet the designs were created for a dual purpose if the legislation for the Mother’s Day commem will be passed eventually. The dime in the slot for the MOD folder ought to actually BE a dime, a dollar sized coin is a head scratcher… Interesting designs but it’s a limited special interest commem much like the Girl Scouts coin last year.

  21. VA Rich says

    Ok, so I’m sitting in dark from the storms that just hit, glad I have candles to find my phone to pull up MNB…, & then I see these MoD designs.., I’m shutting it all down to go back to sit in the dark.., don’t have the power to read everyones comments, but -006 needs to reveal more… 🙂

  22. posterhunter says

    Well here is my idea for the coin design, since the March of Dimes was founded in 1938 I would use the Mercury Dime design entirely for the coin. On the obverse it would say 2015 for the year and one the reverse where it said One Dime I would change that to March of Dimes.

    It would sell 400,000 coins and make millions for the March of Dimes.

    Simple is best, this is like the 2001 buffalo commemorative.

  23. oldfolkie says

    I appreciate the energy and effort that a few took to present the history behind these coins, this is what commemoratives should do, it is what the boy scout coin should have done. Sometimes I think some on this blog just look at coins as potential flips. I do think the recent Civil Rights coin missed the boat completely and this could still be a failure if they pick the wrong design. Jerry you were right on in your comments, as one older guy to another, “Thank You” for sharing your memories. I certainly have no problem with flippable, high demand coins but commemoratives once in awhile should reflect higher ideals and our history.

  24. VA Bob says

    I don’t believe a coin on coin image will look all that great. Sure, might look good in the picture, but to get that detail in the strike. IMO if the mint wanted to commem the March of Dimes, they should just issue a modified Roosevelt Dime in silver, with a special finish, and perhaps a “75th” super imposed over the reverses torch’s to signify the difference between a other dimes. It would be accessible to more collectors, and I believe it would do well. Put it in a two coin proof and UNC set and sell it for $25.95. make the mintage 250K of each type, cause I don’t believe if they make a silver dollar version it would come close to selling that many.

    The idea is to get a coin all collectors can get behind, even those that might not ordinarily buy a commemorative of this type. They could probably get the same surcharge per unit to the MoD with my idea as they would have with a $1 version.

  25. bg35765 says

    I agree a Mercury dime obverse would look good and sell well to support the organization.

    The kid walking out of a wheelchair would be OK. But please no kids with crutches.

  26. fmtransmitter says

    I don’t know why but collectors sure don’t seem to like medals and commems very much. Newest episode of Pawn Stars had a fake Presidential Indian Medal on it tonight. Fillmore to boot! The guy siad after he found out it was a fake said why would anyone want to fake a Fillmore. Had the guy from NGC come in to authenticate.

  27. fmtransmitter says

    Oh, Nate’s advice into the camera for all collectors, “Buy the book before you buy the coin.”

  28. fmtransmitter says

    He’s NGC Ancients guy and I been looking hard at ancients lately, what a can of worms that is. Hours and hours and hours of research if you get into ancients…

  29. GoldFishin says

    I like VA Bob’s idea…maybe work in a privy mark or something with the march of dime’s logo. Don’t get upset, just thinking out loud folks. I think a privy mark would be awesome on a commemorative silver dime or dollar. I guess it would be hard to fit one in on a dime, however. I think the dime set is a very good idea, would be affordable and would represent the march of dime’s mission of how dimes can add up to cures.

  30. VA Bob says

    FM – Your coin on coin photo looks all right, but the images do look flat, with little room for any real relief that only the full canvas can bring to a strike, so I’d still have to go without the coin on a coin for a preference, even with your fine example.

    GoldFishin – a privy would be good, but as you say, difficult for a dime. I’ll tell you the more I think about it the more I like the use of the dime size. For this issue there would be little down side about it. It would be the first dime commem, stay true to the subject, and allow more people to collect it. The dollar, half, and five dollar gold piece, while nice, have been done to death. Too bad the powers that be would never go for it.

  31. GoldFishin says

    Va Bob- I love the dime set idea. Legislatively, I am not sure if they can do it. We’ll put Jon in Ct. on that investigation and maybe he can let us know if it can be done. The US mint does read this blog so who knows? If the Mint wants to keep innovating while remaining true to our traditional numismatic history, the dime set would fit the bill. No legislative pun intended.

  32. Jerry Diekmann says

    I like the idea of a dime commemorative for the March of Dimes, in addition to the silver dollar. Make it 90% silver like the Winged Liberty head dime was and put the dual dates 1938 – 2015 on the obverse. Choose one of the reverse selections above.. Make it a proof would be a plus – how many of us have ever owned a proof WLH dime? Mint it in West Point. Put in a mint set, like the 1996W dime, with the regular 2015P and D dimes, and it would sell out for sure. Issue it in a 2 dime series – silver 1996W proof and silver 1996S proof, or jazz it up with silver or clad proof P and D dimes. Did you know the last proof coin struck in Denver was for the 1983-84 LA Olympics – that’s 30 years ago. Anything that would help this worthy cause would be good for collectors, and flippers would probably benefit too. This is a win-win proposition!

  33. GoldFishin says

    Awesome! I am in for multiple dime silver proof sets with various mint marks including D. When do they go on sale? I hope someone is listening out there!!

  34. thePhelps says

    I like a lot of the Obverse designs, but I don’t see a matching reverse that grabs me. It does appear there are a lot of anti-commemorative posters on the thread. This is a very good and notable program and well worth a commemorative coin. It is one of the few recent coins that I have no issue with a surcharge being placed on it as well.

    My father-in-law was a polio survivor and it was through programs like the March of Dimes that he was able to recover and serve time in Korea.

    That said – my faith in the selection process is pretty low if we base it on the recent coins they have issued. I’ll buy whatever they issue – done right I might buy several – done wrong it will be limited to coins for my personal collection alone.

  35. Pittsburgh P says

    I’m jumpin in to the conversation late but the dime idea with a privy mark would be great… I’d be in. As for these designs IDK. The simplier the better, not sure if I will get one or more of these. I am excited for the Marshall commemorative next year. Unless they screw that design up!

  36. gary says

    @Hawkster, I like your idea of selective gold plating on the Kennedy commemorative. It would make for a MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE (and beautiful) coin as an alternative to an expensive approx. 3/4 ounce gold half dollar size coin.

    @Jerry, As usual, I enjoy reading your astute comments! I turn 62 on Monday & yes I remember classmates afflicted from polio as well. Salk was a great man indeed!

  37. MarkInFlorida says

    I don’t like many commemoratives, but this coin-within-a-coin idea is neat.

    OT My P-Puck has been charged to my CC for days but not shipped, yet my gold eagle set and buffalo proof already arrived but are not yet on my CC!

  38. says


    Agreed with your comment about the organization which is why I will probably buy one.

    If they do actually do something like a straight up proof mercury/winged liberty observe like some people are suggesting, I think this piece will sell like hotcakes and be another hot commemorative. The mercury dime is widely loved among collectors and I don’t think it’s really been re-released like, say, the buffalo nickel has been on the gold buffalo.

  39. Pittsburgh P says

    As for the idea floating around about plated coins… I am not for a gold plated JFK or any type of mint produced coin. If I am goin to buy a gold coin it’s gonna be real… Preferably 24k. Yes it makes it more affordable therefore more attainable for more collectors but imo just get a silver or clad coin. Most silvers are just as, if not more, stunning than the gold offering due to size and are a precious metal also. I dont know how popular a plated offering would be too… Yes they would sell some but Imo most would be of the same thinking as me… Could be wrong though!(probably am :-))

  40. thePhelps says

    As for the plating… really? I don’t think a real mint needs to plate coins…period.

    I think doing a Mercury coin – when there is an FDR dime – is ludicrous.

    Roosevelt – had polio – the March of Dimes was created to find a cure for polio – I am not sure how you can get any more direct link to the theme than some form of Roosevelt dime included in this design.

    While I am a huge Liberty/Classic coin fan… I think that is straying off into a fantasy coin and not on the mark for this commemorative offering. The Mercury dime would have been the coin of the day – but once FDR was put on the dime – that link ended pretty much there. (IMO)

  41. gary says

    @Pittsburgh P…. as a long time collector I would preferentially not want a plated gold for myself. I just thought it might provide an affordable price point collecting option if it were tastefully plated & not made gaudy.
    A bimetal coin may be an even better alternative. I was hoping for more U.S. Mint bimetal commemoratives after the 2000 Library on Congress gold & platinum issue, but in a silver ring & gold center paradigm. The Kennedy commem could be made as a full size .900 silver center core half dollar with an outer ring of gold to frame it.

  42. thePhelps says

    I should also have added to my diatribe above – Roosevelt was one of the primary driving forces for the March of Dimes… so putting a Mercury dime themed coin out is almost a slap in the face of history and his legacy. (and no I am not a huge Roosevely fanboy).

  43. bg35765 says

    thePhelps – They are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes. There was no Roosevelt dime 75 years ago.

    For the Kennedy 50th anniversary they are using the original design from 1964 as the starting point. Is that also ludicrous?

  44. smiledon says

    I have to say that the MOD-O-09 is what I remember as a child in grade school; having my later mother give a dime to each of my siblings to put into the slots in school. I have the hope and wish that the PC crowd please stop trying to show FDR in the wheel chair. He did not want the world to know he was not able to walk. Therefore my vote is for the MOD-O-09. I would cast my vote for MOD-R-02 since this is all about the March of Dimes.

  45. thePhelps says

    @bg35765 – yeah 75 years ago there wasn’t a March of Dimes or a Roosevelt Dime. Today there is a Roosevelt Dime – and a March of Dimes – which Roosevelt directly helped establish. The Mercury Dime ended and Roosvelt was put on the Dime – you don’t see any direct correlation to the reason why he is on the Dime?

    Roosevelt was the President that helped establish the organization which led to the cure of the disease he was afflicted with. How can you ignore that historical legacy is beyond me.

    To some how link the March of Dimes to the Mercury Dime is ignoring why the organization was established – and link it only to the coin of the day. I like the Mercury Dime – but it wasn’t because of the Mercury Dime they created the organization.

    The Kennedy coin – is the Kennedy coin – and not even in the same conversation as the history of the March of Dimes. Which coin in the evolution of the Kennedy half is up to them – but they are all related to the same coin.

  46. bg35765 says

    I understand why he is on the dime. But he has already been on the dime, a gold commemorative, and a presidential dollar.

    The Mint has a duty to come up with a design that will sell well to support this worthy cause, and a Roosevelt dime on a silver dollar (coin on a coin) will not sell well.

    Putting just the winged Liberty head on the obverse (basically a giant dime) would be a winner with collectors, much like the Liberty subset in the gold spouse series. It might even sell out, which would provide a nice financial boost to the March of Dimes.

    I would bet that Roosevelt would prefer that as opposed to putting his face on yet another coin and having another unpopular commemorative that yields little for the organization.

  47. Pittsburgh P says

    @Gary It’s not that I didn’t understand your point or was trying to say it was doltish in anyway just that imo the US mint should not be producing gold plated coins… It would be hard for them to be tasteful and of good quality no matter what the subject matter. like I said before I really don’t feel they’d be too popular either… Kinda like a novelty item.
    I do agree that, if done properly with a solid subject matter, a bimetal coin could do well… I would be interested. Idk if the Kennedy would be the best one to start with though. It’s an iconic coin and it looks as if they are not trying to alter it to much. That being said if they did do a platinum/gold or silver/gold bimetal JFK it would more than likely be a huge hit.

  48. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Too bad the FDR design sucks so bad. I was looking forward to buying a few rolls to pass coins out to my students, but the design is garbage and I totally lost interest. Why did they make the lesser presidents like W.H.Harrison whio mercelessly killed many American Indians under Tecumseh, Tyler, Pierce, Buchanan, and Hoover with such good designs.

  49. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    It(s too late to fix FDR’s Presidential dollar design now, This commem does not make up 4 it. Sorry.

  50. posterhunter says

    The purpose is to sell as many coins as possible as had been said and these designs are losers. Everybody already has a Roosevelt dime in their pocket so it is a common coin already. The designs with wheelchairs has already been done in 1996 and was the lowest selling coin of them all.

    If the March of Dimes wants to get money for the organization then they need to tell the mint to scrap all of these designs and go with something that many collectors would want. The have a rare opportunity to use the Mercury Dime as their coin and place the March of Dimes name on it. It would sell out and give them millions for the organization.

    otherwise I hate to say it but they will not get a penny in all probability based on what has been presented here. The coin market is a very cold place as the Girl Scouts found out. I wish they had made money but it didn’t. The Civil Rights coin, which is also an important movement but tough to translate onto a coin, looks like it will not make money either.

    If the March of Dimes wants to see what the potential sales could be for a better coin look at the 2001 buffalo silver dollar. Compare those sales to the Girl Scout or Civil Rights coins. They have to act fast though before the mint pushes them into a bad coin design.

  51. J. Allen says

    For some unknown reason, I never associated the Roosevelt dime with polio, its cure, and the March of Dimes before, and my guess is that a lot of over people don’t either, which is why I would choose the obverse of this commemorative to be either 15 or 12. I like #15 as we have Roosevelt and Dr. Jones Salk, and #12 showing Roosevelt in his wheelchair, due to polio, the Roosevelt dime, and Dr. Salk, although I don’t think I would leave the DNA strand out. For the reverse, I would go with the stylized mother and child, so number 02, or make the obverse #22 a reverse side, to symbolize more of what the March of Dimes represents its mission today. My reason for this choice is that all of the mother and child representations are of white mothers and babies, which may turn off non-white coin collectors, and since we are a country with a pretty diverse mix of citizens, the stylized mother and child represents, to me, “all” children. This coin would then represent a very teachable, historic event along with an inclusiveness of all Americans.

  52. says

    merryxmasmrscrooge, I agree with you as far as FDR’s image. I also was going to buy many copies/cases to give away but they ruined it and I don’t know why… Political?

  53. Blair J Tobler says

    We’ve got a bunch of commenters wanting the Roosevelt dime and a bunch of commenters wanting the Winged Liberty. I say we compromise and have one on the obverse and the other on the reverse! Win-win, I’d say!! (lol)

  54. MarkInFlorida says

    Does this web site automatically delete comments when a dealer name is mentioned? I wrote about getting good quality Shenandoah bullion pucks from 2 dealers, but it didn’t post.

  55. says

    @MarkInFlorida, I think it does. That has happened to me too. Also if you write negative things about TPG companies.

  56. Jon in CT says

    MarkInFlorida wrote on May 16, 2014 at 1:03 PM:

    I wrote about getting good quality Shenandoah bullion pucks from 2 dealers, but it didn’t post.

    Did you get an error message like this one?
    Error — March of Dimes discussion not found!

  57. Jayarejr says

    Once again, the work of Dr. Albert Sabin, who invented the type of polio vaccine that has actually been in use all these years, has been forgotten. He is the Nicola Tesla of the medical world.

  58. Jayne says

    poster hunter hit the nail on the head. It’s so obvious but those making the decision don’t see it. The Mercury dime is one of the most beautiful coins ever minted.

    The Mothers Day coin will be very popular because everyone will want one to give their Mom. Like the baseball Hall of Fame the Mother’s Day coin should bring in new collectors.

  59. Blair J Tobler says

    I can only speak for myself, but my mother has no interest in coins, so it wouldn’t be a great gift for her.

  60. says

    This has been an exceptionally interesting discussion. I’m obviously in the camp favoring a silver dollar with the Mercury dime design on it, and I kind of like the idea of putting the Roosevelt dime on the reverse, but I think it’s unlikely to happen.


    A number of presidential dollars recently have had very subpar designs, not just FDR. Nearly all the 2015 candidates were awful, I thought.

  61. says

    CO, You’re right, there have been a number of un-complimentary images on the presidentials. It just seems to me that the FDR one has so far been the worst one, IMOO…

  62. bg35765 says

    My reason for this choice is that all of the mother and child representations are of white mothers and babies, which may turn off non-white coin collectors…

    There are non-white coin collectors?

  63. VA Rich says

    My Shenandoah bullion pucks arrived from APMEX, I must say the design on the 5 oz is quite impressive – more so than expected. The silver contrast between the granite, pool of water, the road, trees and Blue Ridge turned out really nice.., I think it’s one of the best multi-dimensional designs on a puck I’ve seen and while I’m a big, big fan of GSM, SNP really pops!

  64. Dave says

    Is there a gold for MOD commem? If so I’d buy MULTIPLE $5 gold with winged Mercury obverse matched with R13 .

    O10 or o14 with R16 for the silver dollar.

    O16 with R18 for the half.

    How about a set with the above gold, silver, clad PLUS , W mint mark proof dual date Mercury silver dime and S mintmark MS Roosevelt silver dime. That set would be a sellout, IMO. I would HAVE to have at least one set. And put it in the cherrywood box!

  65. says


    I believe (but don’t want to say for sure) that this will only be a silver circulated/uncirculated release. I think only the US Marshall coins are doing the full six coin set.

  66. bg35765 says

    Dave – that post was mostly tongue in cheek, but it is OK to admit that the demographics of coin collectors do not mirror the demographics of the country as a whole. They are obviously much more white and more male than average.

    The thought process that I originally responded to above is how we keep ending up with the “3 people on a commemorative coin” designs that nobody seems to like. A girl on the boy scout coin. A white woman on the civil rights coin. Three girl scout faces so that they can cover multiple ages and races.

    My former employer was a March of Dimes supporter and I am a fan of the organization. I want to see this coin sell out so they can maximize the amount of money they receive. The big mercury dime idea would accomplish that.

    If that isn’t going to happen the next best seller out of these designs will be an attractive woman with a baby. (See the success of the “freedom girl” silver round.) Not a pregnant woman. Not artwork that vaguely resembles the shape of a woman holding a baby.

    We should acknowledge the demographics of the typical coin collector and take advantage of it to make money for the March of Dimes instead of being embarrassed by our collective whiteness.

  67. thePhelps says

    bg – I get your logic…but there also has to be some semblance of connectivity to the actual history of the program.

    Read the history here – from the organizations own website.

    More than 75 years ago, Americans answered the call to send dimes to March of Dimes founder, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, at the White House to fight polio. Those coins helped pay for Dr. Jonas Salk’s research and the vaccine that ultimately wiped out the disease.

    The founder of the program – is also on a dime – but lets ignore that and focus on the Mercury dime portion of this program.

  68. bg35765 says

    The more I think about it, obverse 21 is a nice compromise in that it has both designs. I would like so see Liberty completely unobstructed though. That design was always on such a small coin that it is tough to appreciate the intricate details, which is most of the reason I want a giant dime.

    The 1938 in the same font/relative location as the dime date mark is a nice touch. But now that I did the math I am a little annoyed that they didn’t come out with this commemorative in 2013. I don’t think there was anything year specific about the 5 star generals one.

  69. Dave says

    If it’s silver dollars only, that’s too bad. However, I’d still like to see the halves in a set with special dimes in silver. I just think they really need to do something very special to honor one of the greatest medical research discoveries ever…..and no drug company or individual got rich off of it. Just proof & Unc SDs won’t get there!
    Come on, mint……get creative! Give us something unique here.

    I am weary of the PC crowd, too. As far as tongue in cheek, I just didn’t see it that way. Your later post was much clearer and objective. Thanks for clarifying.

  70. smiledon says

    @ J Allen,
    I have looked at the females, and I am wonder how you can say that the females are white?
    Long hair that is straight could be long to almost anyone.

  71. VA Rich says

    Some EXCELLENT posts above – I’ve learned a lot already just reading through them all. That’s one of the things that makes this blog so great, you can read up on upcoming mint offerings AND get a history lesson in America’s past as well as coin evolution.

    While likely to pass on this offering, I’ll make a donation to the MoD as a result of the impression that some of the aforementioned posts have left, & would encourage other’s passing to do the same.

    posthunter – your argument really resonated here, you are so on money.

    Guys – this MoD design is big litmus test, a really big one. Look at it this way, the mint incurred a complete commemorative program failure last year. The mint may experience another failure this year. That’s really unacceptable when you think about the intent of the legislation, the energy that goes into the legislation, the time and effort behind the designs and production, and so on. If the mint on this go around puts forth a design that is not marketable in the coin world and does not sale , then the litmus clearly indicates that the committee selection process, and perhaps leadership is rogue and biased towards their own political agendas or ideologies, over the intent of the commemorative program which is to make the charitable organization money, again, to make money, period.

    So, with that, we shall see what show’s in due time. This one is going to be very interesting to watch with the recent GS failure, I’m curious to see what’s been learned a long the way. TGIF!

  72. fmtransmitter says

    If the Mint wants to sell a bunch of these to raise money for the MOD, they need to put a simple MERCURY dime on the Obverse period! On the reverse, something classy, and historical. Mercury all the way! If they want a privy of the Roosevelt on the reverse, fine but they make a Mercury full face, sell out imminent! Just like the Buffalo Silver dollar…

  73. fmtransmitter says

    VA Rich: I passed on the puck and I know you live in VA and why you would want one. I will be all in for the Everglades as I have read many others have said. People buy what they like, we see that. I am glad the market resists inferior offerings from the Mint. It is our way it seems to send them a message. Anyone there reading this won’t act, they want their retirement check!

  74. gary says

    @bg35765… I see nothing at all inappropriate with the usage of three figures on a commemorative coin. The problem is, three figures have not be used appropriately and to best advantage. For instance, Moe, Larry and Curly would look super on a U.S. commemorative! And on the reverse side could appear the immortal words of Curly (just to capture the essence of The Three Stooges), “I’m tryin’ ta think, but nuthin happens!” Can the Mint do it? “Cointney!”

  75. Louis says

    I don’t like the idea of using commems to raise money for organizations no matter how worthy. Send them a check if you want to support them. The money goes straight there with no middleman or risk they won’t get any surcharges because the design fails to sell enough coins.
    Our commems should be like those issued by other countries which reflect iconic national themes and major historic events. I know this won’t happen as long as Congress is involved, but this is my view.
    I mean why would we have a Mother’s Day coin (only [proposed so far] but not one for the 150th anniv. of the Civil War?

  76. Jeff says

    I knew these BHOF would be spread out numerous months. My 3/27 silver order at 4:05 is pushed out till 6/19 really.

  77. Face 1004 says

    I think the obverse MOD-0-15 looks good and MOD-R-17 for the reverse but make it the winged liberty dime instead and put March Of Dimes on the Edge of the coin.

  78. GoldFishin says

    HOF Gold Pf70 NGC sold for $1650 on the bay. I only have one and I am determined to keep it, but this is getting very tempting.

  79. VA Bob says

    Louis – the mother’s day coin will probably see the light of day because some marketing consultant will convince someone backing the coin legislation that they can get a piece of the annual multi-million (billion?) dollar Mothers Day industry. Sadly the concept will be bought into, without consideration as to who buys the coins. A demographic that perhaps over 50% of their mothers have passed, and the other 49%’s mothers aren’t coin collectors.

  80. Mk says

    @Terry &CB-I’ve been watching eBay auctions as well and there’s a couple of NGC 70 sets in the $420+ range. They’ve been up for days with nobody buying/bidding. Yet someone was willing to spend $200 for one ungraded OGP. It’s really interesting watching it play out. Though I will say the proof eBay ad was exceptionally dramatic.. No wonder it sold. Lol

    Oh, and to stay on topic, IMO these coins are just blah. I support the March of Dimes, Scouts, etc. but I’d rather do so with my checkbook rather than via a coin that is just so unappealing.

  81. Natatack says

    Pity with all these new commemoratives in the pipeline that the pan pacific had to die. The $50 octagonal would have been another winner IMHO.

  82. GoldFishin says

    OT -The HOF OGP vs. graded 70’s selling for nearly the same price is very interesting. I have been involved with a few auctions and dealers are definitely bidding prices up to a certain point on every auction, but what I think may be happening could be the prospect of getting coins graded and adding signatures of hall of fame baseball players. To me that is the only thing that makes sense from a financial standpoint. But, I have been tracking prices since the beginning of this offering and as long as dealers are as active buying as they are, prices may continue to grind higher on offerings with little supply like the Silvers in OGP and any $5 gold. It seems to me the dealers have the closest pulse to what kind of demand is actually out there. There is ample supply of graded 70 silvers, hence the stagnation in pricing. If the big boys ever run out, it could be a different story. But with 400,000 mintage it may be a long time before they run out.

  83. GoldFishin says

    HOF OGP with No Coin is selling for between $15-$25 for crying out loud. I’ve never seen anything like this. The closest thing I can remember in recent memory was the 2008 gold buffalo’s when the Mint suddenly announced they would stop producing the collectible fractional sizes and the mintages which were low, created a huge supply-demand imbalance and prices went ballistic as a result.

  84. Bob R says

    I really feel the HOF $5 will go up (a lot) in value and the $1 will increase too over time because of one thing, this is such a unusual coin with very low mintage as far as Joe public is concerned. This is a winner home run coin!

  85. Mk says

    I never realized that the dealers were bidding them up. Very interesting indeed. I’d be curious to know the all early release designation totals. I was able to look up NGC’s final tally but I’m not a member of PCGS so I have no idea. Anyone know?

  86. GoldFishin says

    @MK just look at the bid history on the auctions, when you see Ebayers with Red, Light Green, and Yellow stars bidding on these auctions, you can see they definitely have a price at where they will purchase. Unfinished OGP auctions right now have dealers bidding from $125 -$150, anything after that is usually the small low volume or first time buyers or collectors.

  87. Sith says

    I hate to say it but the designs are lacking something. I’m not sure why if you support the March of Dimes you feel you have to buy the coin. If you want to support this worthwhile cause you can do better than giving them $5. If they make a special package for it with the history of the March of a Dimes (or a young collectors set) I’m in, if not it would depend on the design

  88. Jon in CT says

    Some folks object to how much the MoD spends on its employees. For example, the president received $526,679 in compensation for 2012 and 111 employees received at least $100,000 that year. Other folks, who’ve actually donated to MoD have complaints about aggressive and wasteful tactics used to solicit new funds (see, for example, http://greatnonprofits.org/reviews/march-of-dimes-foundation/role:7/ ). People should do some research before donating to a charity.

    The MoD achieved its founding goals over thirty years ago. But instead of declaring victory and dissolving, they simply changed their name and created a new “mission.” I guess if you’re running an outfit like that, it’s hard to walk away from all the free money.

  89. Pittsburgh P says

    @Jon in CT thanks for the link. It was actually very compelling and I always do research any organization before donating. Those were some interesting facts and opinions you brought up also… You should really credit those who came up with them. I always thought you did a lot of research for you posts but it seems you just take other peoples comments and make them your own. Seems like this one was a combo of two comments from the link you provided… I won’t paste the one with the salary numbers but let see if this one sounds familiar:

    July 29, 2011
    3 people found this review helpful

    March of Dimes is a sham. It was originally established by Teddy Roosevelt to find a cure for polio. After the cure was found, they did not dissolve, but instead made a new mission statement that is very open, “working together for stronger, healthier babies”

    After doing a little research, I’ve come to find out that the CEO is making $600k+ a year! I understand that nobody’s time is free however that amount is VERY high. The simple fact that this website has such a bad score for them confirms that they are not running the charity in the proper manner.

    Also, a side note, March of Dimes did NOT find a cure for polio. Both vaccinations available were funded by PRIVATE organizations/Universities.

    Before donating your money to March of Dimes, please do you research and consider donating your hard earned money somewhere else.

  90. Jon in CT says

    A good starting point for deciding whether a charity deserves your money is http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=4045, which is generally highly regarded. They conclude that only 66% of the money raised by MoD is actually spent on it stated goals. According to Charity Navigator:
    Our data shows that 7 out of 10 charities we’ve evaluated spend at least 75% of their budget on the programs and services they exist to provide.
    People can decide for themselves whether MoD is too self-serving.

    My earlier post was meant to alert those who were considering a direct contribution to MoD. If you donate indirectly, via purchase from the Mint of MoD coins, then you won’t be subjected to any of MoD’s aggressive fund raising tactics in the future.

  91. Dustyroads says

    Hello MBFC’s and Jon in CT, Charity Navigator is one of the first sites that I pulled up and viewed after wanting to know more about the March Of Dimes charity. It’s clear that the US Mint chose this organization for its link to our former President and not the organization itself. I have to agree that the March Of Dimes is nothing close to what it once was, and as far as I can see, is a “cash cow,” please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m sure they do some good somewhere, but I can certainly think of many much more effective, and efficient ways to give. Platelets are in high demand and you can earn a stack of movie tickets for donating.

  92. Dave says

    I’m thinking the purpose of the Commemorative program is to recognize significant contributions to American life. While in its current state fault might be found, as it originated and for its purpose recognition is deserved. The same can be said for unions, political parties, news organizations, and a host of other groups.

    Jon’s point regarding a great way to make a contribution without opening yourself to their marketing is valuable! Thanks Jon.

  93. Hidalgo says

    @GoldFishin – I checked out sales of “sold” certified silver and clad 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame coins in recent days. There appears to be a general softening of the market and it seems that prices, in general, are starting to drift downward.

    Sure, there will be exceptions, but again, the general trend for prices does seem to be downward.

  94. joe says

    The $1 BHOF Silver Unc MS70 ER coin is now officially selling below $200. There are four listed for $195 on eBay. That is a drop on the BIN price of $30 over the past few days. I expect it to go at least $20 lower in the next couple of months. And once the Mint starts delivering the BHOF coins again, it could go even lower (sub-$150 for a MS70 coin). I also expect the $5 BHOF coins to drop once the Mint starts delivering the gold coins again. The problem is that once that drop occurs people will have started moving on to other interests, so it will be a slow rise from there. BUT…these coins (excluding the clads) will be long-term winners for those who purchase at the bottom of the drop. Obviously, they are already winners for those who purchased directly from the mint (if they are ever shipped).

  95. Dave says

    Another post vaporized. NSA, is that you?
    Grrrrrrrr. Really frustrating for a hunt $ peck typist!
    No reference to TPG, etc. anybody have an idea of how this happens? I am not the only one this has happened to.

  96. Dustyroads says

    Dave, I don’t know, but I think it may have to do with the server dealing with multiple posts. You would think that the server here would be able to handle our comments.
    Speaking of the blog, I’ve noticed the add space at the top right of the page, looks like the owners making a little money. Selling meta data is also a probably a good source of revenue for the owner, but one I really don’t appreciate.

  97. Hidalgo says

    @joe – I have, for the past few weeks, believed that secondary market prices for the Baseball Hall of Fame coins would start to fall. As the frenzy subsides, there will be less demand for the coins and prices will fall. The steady drop in prices will be exacerbated when the second batch of coins ship.

    I am not so sure that prices will rise again after the second shipment. If you look at the trends for previous “hot” items, prices fall then stabilize in the short term. In the long-term, prices could go up, down, or remain relatively the same.

    As I’ve recommended in the past, we are currently in a seller’s market. If anyone wants to buy any of these coins, it’s best to wait until the frenzy subsides. More than likely, that will happen when the US Mint ships its second shipment of coins. Or it may happen when buyers rush to obtain the next “hot” item (the gold Kennedy half?). Or it could be a combination of both.

  98. Jeff says

    We know nothing ever goes straight up , but don’t fool yourselves there will not be much change in prices. What’s more the FS/ER will be the sleepers in all grades for most won’t have a chance to send them in for these labels. Clad as well I suspect will in the long run maintain a decent premium. You can buy silver eagles, Kennedy half, Washington quarters and so on but the BHOF are cool different texture and feel they’ll want them in OGP . I’m still new at this still believe these coins are or will be the coin of the year and probably the century. OK I’ll take my beating ..

  99. Dustyroads says

    Jeff, Same here, I think the FS/ER coins will remain hot. Along with a great sell out story, these have a lot of appeal.

  100. GoldFishin says

    @Hildago I don’t follow the clads at all. I am not interested in clads. If a coin doesn’t have some kind of intrinsic value it just doesn’t interest me as an investment. That is just me, I find no fault whatsoever if other collectors like them.

    In my post I wrote “There is ample supply of graded 70 silvers, hence the stagnation in pricing. If the big boys ever run out, it could be a different story. But with 400,000 mintage it may be a long time before they run out.”

    I guess I could have wrote downward drift in prices, but I was taking into consideration the meteoric rise in OGP silvers in the last week or two. I mean I sold a few OGP silvers two weeks back for a little over a $100. Now they are selling for around an average of $165-$175. And like I said, ebay is basically flooded right now with ER/FS Silvers by the big internet and ebay sellers. I have no idea how many they own. Some have been selling relentlessly now for a month. I think it is rather remarkable that prices on the 70’s have managed to withstand that onslaught as well as they have. 400,000 is a lot of silvers and we haven’t even seen the brunt of that mintage hit the market yet, so I think we will definitely see a drop in prices across the board in all categories when that happens, but from what price base will that happen from, nobody knows right now. I just know the dealers are in there buying all silver and gold categories now. I have never seen that before to this degree. To me it means something, they are not in the business of losing money.

    Personally, I have what I want to keep both graded and OGP(except for my unc. gold that I might get in 2015 🙁 . I have no pony in this horse race. I hardly ever chase a hot item. It just doesn’t fit my investment strategy. If I can’t get what I want at my price, I don’t buy it.

  101. GoldFishin says

    @Jeff….you were good until you said “coin of the century”. Most of us here won’t be around to evaluate that statement! 🙂

  102. ClevelandRocks says

    March of Dimes Obverse #21 with an actual FDR relief/ edging superimposed on Mercury would be a winner.

  103. Pittsburgh P says

    @goldfishin speak for yourself I plan on bein cryogenically frozen when my time comes. I will be stored in cryopreservation with my BHoF coin sets until the year 2099… When I am revived I will know if the Moronic Baseball Hall of Fame coin Minions or the SCHADENFRUDE Circus Coin Acolytes are correct in their opinions… I will either purchase one of the Hawaiian islands from the proceeds from an auction on one clad MS 70 or be so broke I won’t be able to pay attention to @clevelandrocks great grandchildren throwing stones at me…

  104. Dustyroads says

    @Pittsburgh P~lol, Right on, right on…clap, clap, that one’s hard to beat!

  105. GoldFishin says

    @ Pitt P….Some might say that certain grey matter parts of you were already cryogenically frozen. Not me, just some. 🙂

  106. Dustyroads says

    Wow, my then girlfriend told me the same thing back in 1986, freaky. Really though, you do know that we can all function just fine without our grey matter, right?

  107. Mk says

    @Gf- I wish I had some ponies in this race as well, but since I don’t, I’ll be taking mine to the grave, especially if the prices drop. I, like many, went through an excessive amount of drama to get the circus coins, I refuse to give them away. Also, going through the whole sending in for grading and hoping they make it back fiasco, is reason enough to hold on to them.

  108. GoldFishin says

    @MK These are long term keepers. I don’t care if they fall to $100 per silver coin, which will never happen. If you look at price history of any previously hot issue, with the exception of the 2010 5 oz. ATB bullion pucks, prices establish a range within the first 6 weeks of issue. Almost always highest prices are in the beginning when there are quick sellouts. Demand is high and fear of missing out drive buyers to purchase at any price. Then you get a dip once big ebay sellers drive their stock hard into the market. Once the biggest sellers are done and move on to the next issue, prices begin to stabilize and depending on mintage and continued demand prices will rise in accordance or remain stable. I believe their will be long term sufficient sustained demand that will keep prices well above issued prices even with the 400K mintage which is quite high. I just wish I had bought at least 2 sets of the gold so I could take one set off now with the exuberance we are seeing. But I am glad I have my one gold proof and hopefully one unc. on the way sometime this century. Maybe I can will it to Pitt P. and he can pick it up next century when he wakes up from his deep freeze!

  109. VA Rich says

    Pitt – that’s frigg’n hilarious! LMAO was cut short after snorting coffee while reading that posting. Hey, you may want to hedge your bet on that Hawaiian island or two and pack up a 2016 FHoF oblong domed circus coin.

    Jeff / GF – I’m in your court and the ride is far from over. Here’s why – Joe commented above that the BHoF silvers are dropping.., well, yes and no.

    The NGC dollars are seeing considerable price drop in the last 10 days or so, presumably because there’s so many of them. They dominate the fleabay listings, though that will right itself in a couple of month IMO.

    PCGS coins have come off their highs some though have been standing on firmer footing, presumably because they’re drying up and you don’t see them all that often, anymore.

    Here’s the kicker – Dollars in OGP continue to TEAR IT UP. Five weeks ago today, OPG Dollars were selling for $87, since then, they have continually increased ~$20 per week. There was enough sales in the $170-$185+ price range in the last couple of days establish a new floor. If you do a fleabay search on Dollars now, there’s only about 120 coins when you kick out the extraneous stuff that shows up.., not that long ago, there was over 700+ on a search. OGP will continue to rise for the next few weeks.., sustainable? – of course not, but when the OGP begin to back down, then the pedigrees will be in limited supply.., not gospel, just my two cents for my MBFCs – enjoy the ride, more fun ahead!

    Oh, & by the way, the ’13 WP ASE is selling in a comparable price range per respective packaging, though that’s for 2 ounces of 100% pure ASE Ag…, you can draw your own conclusion as how that may be applied to the long term potential of BHoF – just say’n! 😉

  110. VA Rich says

    Hey FM – my 5 oz WTE from Direct showed yesterday – SWEET!!! Just can’t enough of that one in raw state!

  111. says

    When I do an analysis of sold pricing I try to throw out the high and the low for the day. This particular OGP link is one that I have followed from early on. Currently there has been 57 Silver sold in OGP. As you can see pricing started out at $84.70 where he sold a total of 14 coins and pricing has continued UPWARDS until the current price of $184.70 where he has sold 3 coins.


  112. thePhelps says

    That is a ridiculous amount for the coin… but then we have to be proud of the generously buyers!

    “We also are making a contribution to Little League Youth Programs for each baseball coin you buy from Jeffs Coins. So please be generously and buy now! “

  113. VA Rich says

    That’s an excellent link cag- a perfect track history. Thanks for sharing!

  114. says

    I wish this were my auction. Here is a classic example of two bidders trying to outbid eack other. If you click on the “bids”, only two people have placed bids once the auction hit $1200…it’s now up to $1825 with 12 hours to go. What’s funny is that when this happens, usually there is another auction with a “buy it now” price that they could buy the same coin for less….I see one for $1595.


  115. stephen m says

    Steve, look for them to go higher if the mint drags it’s feet on their next shipping dates and shipping gets pushed farther out for these coins. Don’t know really why they aren’t shipping but it sure is adding a lot of drama to the BBHOF coins. Maybe time will slip by and what has shipped will be all of them? No matter the scenario these coins are definitely a hit.

  116. says

    Expect to see a LOT more PCGS Gold coins on ebay soon. I’ve been watching the pop report and the gold proof was going up about 20 coins/day…..this morning the number jumped by 400.

  117. Samuel says

    Steve, I heard there is a delay in the pop report usually 1 or 2 weeks. So they may already in the market.

  118. hw says

    Speaking of PCGS, here are some statistics for perfect PRFDC/MS70 BHOF coins only, as of 05/18/2014:

    2014 $5 Gold BHOF PFRDC70:
    First Strike – 73%
    First Pitch Balt – 82%
    First Strike/First Pitch Balt/Cassie M Sig – 94%
    First Strike/Cassie M Sig – 79%

    2014 $5 Gold BHOF MS70:
    First Strike – 70%
    First Strike/Cassie M Sig – 73%
    First Pitch Balt – 78%
    First Pitch Balt/Cassie M Sig – 89%

    2014 50c BHOF PRDC70:
    Overall – 40%
    First Strike – 34%
    First Strike/Cassie M Sig – 44%
    First Pitch Balt – 45%
    First Pitch Balt/Cassie M Sig – 64%

    2014 50c BHOF MS70:
    Overall – 44%
    First Strike – 42%
    First Strike/Cassie M Sig- 36%
    First Pitch Balt – 47%
    First Pitch Balt/Cassie M Sig – 57%

    2014 $1 Silver BHOF PRDC70:
    Overall – 66%
    First Strike – 63%
    First Strike/Cassie M Sig – 68%
    First Pitch Balt – 61%
    First Pitch Balt/Cassie M Sig – 67%

    2014 $1 Silver BHOF MS70:
    Overall – 55%
    First Strike – 46%
    First Strike/Cassie M Sig – 59%
    First Pitch Balt – 64%
    First Pitch Balt/Cassie M Sig – 54%

    Not responsible for any typos . . .

  119. gatortreke says

    I know many here are ignoring the BHOF clads but I purchased a few of the Proofs and UNC’s with my original order of $5 and $1 coins. We gave away the clad proofs as gifts to my daughter’s youth baseball league coaches but when checking eBay, I saw the clad coins were going for a premium as well so I put the 2 UNC’s up for bid. One sold for $38.98 and the other sold for $58.99 (shipping included in total sales price). I ordered replacements for those sold but I thought I’d post this just to show that the clads are selling for a premium as well.

  120. fmtransmitter says

    @VA Rich: Glad to hear! Does it REALLY look like a hockey puck?
    As for BHOF, I finally got a REAL offer of $1400…Decisions decisions…I only have one and I see this going up is one is at $1800+ already…What to do?

  121. fmtransmitter says

    What is the fleabay and paypal fees for $1400? I didn’t use any discount’s…Like posting with mobile or selling a large amount per month etc…

  122. CasualCollector says

    I would be tempted to sell that and buy a PR70 (either now for about the same, or later when the price comes down as projected by many). I’m one who would rather have a graded PR70 than an unknown in a sealed box. Just make sure if you buy a PR70 now that it comes with the OGP materials (including the clear coin holder it comes in). But that’s just my preference…

  123. GoldFishin says

    @fmt With Paypal and Ebay fees you are talking 13% of sale price which is $182 unless you get volume seller discount. Add your shipping costs insured to that.

  124. CasualCollector says

    Oh yikes, I didn’t realize eBay fees and expenses were that high. Would be hard to buy a replacement PR70 for what you would net. But if prices do come down you might have a shot at it. I am thinking that prices could come down — but long term we will kick ourselves for not buying evey coin available at today’s prices… (for the Gold coins anyway)

  125. says

    @fmtransmitter, the same person that has a bid for you has another bid on a $1499.99 coin so you probably only have one shot with this guy

  126. says

    @fmtransmitter, he has the top bid on 2 different auctions that I have found and the 2nd highest bid on another. I am not looking at all the auctions so he may have more but you can at least say that he is a player

  127. GoldFishin says

    OT While we are talking ebay fees, this is something I have thought about so far as aftermarket performance of a potential JFK 3/4 ounce gold coin offering. Say for example the JFK 24K coin is offered by the US Mint for $1200, just using a number tossed about here on this blog. By the time you add:
    Cost of coin $1200
    Paypal, Ebay fee of at least $156(assuming $1200 sale price)
    Shipping + insurance cost of $22-$25(depending on if you use registered or not)
    Grading Fees, Insurance, and shipping costs if you sell graded, roughly $85

    You are talking approximately $1466 in costs, assuming a $1200 ebay price which we know will probably be higher. So, in other words you would have to get a grade of 70 and have the sale price on Ebay be at least $1466 before you even make a dime. If you got a sale price on Ebay of say $1800 you are ok for a decent risk/reward ratio.

    Your ebay fee is capped at $250 which would require a sale price of $2500 or a sale of multiple coins at one time. About 4 Years ago it used to be capped at $50, which made it much easier to make a dime on higher priced products.

    Just something to chew on.

  128. GoldFishin says

    OT again-The old ebay cap may have been a little higher, but no more than $100. My memory fails me right now, but it is something I was very upset about at the time when they raised it and caused me to stop selling higher priced ebay items at the time. The seller does all the work and gets nothing back for it.

  129. fmtransmitter says

    Wow! Thanks fellas for all your input! I will counteroffer at 15. If he doesn’t buy, so be it. I am not a flipper and don’t buy gold so I will keep it if he doesn’t want it for that. Sounds like a dealer with buyers lined up.

  130. Samuel says

    fm, just curious, you said you are not flipper, how did you get the 1000+ feedback?

  131. VA Rich says

    Samuel – I thought I had an addiction to these coins – FM has it worse than me! He buys a lot, I could only wish I had that bank roll! Those highs numbers are from buying so guess I have a new goal, catch FM! LOL

    FM- I like the 5 oz WTE raw a lot more than the slabbed DCAM 70, I thought you got in on the raw ones? If not, you have to find a way, the size and weight coupled with the stunning design feels like it belongs more in an art gallery or hardware store than a coin locker, if that makes sense.

    On the coin, dude, just throw it in the closet and forget about it for 6 months, I got my PCGS coins back and locked them up – they’re going to sit and age like a fine wine.., in time you’ll know what to do with it. This one is a no brainer.

  132. gatortreke says

    Re: postal insurance on coins, it’s my understanding that the ebay system allows you to purchase insurance but if you try to collect, the fine print states that insurance doesn’t cover coins shipped so seems to me a waste of $$ insuring the item if this correct and a bit of a scam on ebay’s part to allow you to purchase something that is valueless.

  133. Hidalgo says

    @GoldFishin – I agree with your analysis from May 18, 2014 AT 1:51 AM. However, I question if prices will rise after the current frenzy ends. Like you said, 400,000 silver coins is a lot of coins. I do believe that prices will fall to a certain level and stabilize. Where that price range is remains to be seen. I believe it will be above the US Mint’s “retail” price.

    @Steve – regarding your post from May 18, 2014 AT 9:44 AM. I noticed this phenomenon years ago. If one sells an item using the auction (vs. the Buy It Now) option, one could be lucky and have two (or more) buyers engaged in a bidding war. The desire to win the competition drives prices higher and higher.

  134. fmtransmitter says

    @Samuel: Buying stuff and selling non numismatic stuff. Been on there since 2000! That is not a lot for 14 years!

  135. fmtransmitter says

    Is anyone getting calls from a guy in Colorado to buy your collection?

  136. fmtransmitter says

    @Samuel: I am basically done responding to you for calling me a liar. You seem ignorant..

  137. GoldFishin says

    If someone called me from Colorado to buy my collection I would call the police ASAP!

  138. Mk says

    @fm- Tell him if he calls back, you’ll file a criminal complaint for harassment. Unfortunately, Gf police can’t do anything unless it’s threatening in nature and if it’s out of state or heaven forbid, country…absolutely nothing can be done. IMO a big heavy safe, specifically the ones with security bars on all three sides of the doors, is the way to go and a really good camera system. Alarming that someone knows you have coins though.

  139. Steve says

    I might have to list some of my baseball silvers on Ebay at these prices. It’s amazing what people are paying. For $200 each I’ll part with them. It seems like all you have to do is include a few buzzwords and people will go nuts.

  140. thePhelps says

    fm…I’m not sure what your looking for? You have a standing offer for more than 3 times what you paid for the coin. The coin itself is still in a box, you haven’t even opened it to take a peak at it. That tells me your not too attached to it, and I don’t know what price you expected to get with an offer when you listed a $425 coin at $1600.

    I’d have hit accept and started looking for a replacement – either now or in the near future.

  141. Dustyroads says

    Mk, It’s been discussed here before, and I have to agree that a safety deposit box at your local bank is the safest way to store your coins. Just take them out of their boxes and they don’t use much space. I have both a box, and a safe at home. I don’t trust most home safes though, because the walls are simply not strong enough at 12 gauge steel. Some better safes have 10 gauge steel, which is much more difficult to penetrate, but can still be done with a cutting torch very easily. My approach to security is to make the safe at home more difficult to breach. I’m very proud of my own safe, it’s fiscally two safes, one in the other, both bolted firmly to the floor. When I access my safe, I have two doors, double walls, double tops. Then I even have the safe disguised. I think the important thing to remember is that most home safes can be broken into, never believe that your average safe is secure.

  142. GoldFishin says

    I store all my valuables in mason jars with stainless steel lids and bury them in the back yard within the radius of my pit bull’s chain. 🙂 But what do expect from a single digit IQ?

  143. thePhelps says

    Dusty… if they have the time and a cutting torch and are in my home…something is seriously wrong with that picture..

    I have my safe bolted to the floor – if they can’t get it out of the house they are going to have a tough time bring the torches in…

  144. Mk says

    @Dusty-I agree would with most of your plan however, I’m not a fan of safe deposit boxes and paying a bank to store my valuables. Trust me, no ones getting into my safe. 🙂 Coupled with cameras/motion activated alarm system, I feel quite confidant. Besides most burglars don’t spend time trying to get into a safe, they grab as much jewelry/cash as they can and get out quick before the police show.

  145. fmtransmitter says

    None of my coins are with me, I have a video surveillance system connected to me and local Police. I don’t know how the guy got my number but somebody is selling our personal information to Dealers. I must have a stack of Dealer cards. He sounded nice and left his number. Just a Dealer looking to buy…I just want to know who is selling my information. He called me twice in 90 days. Next time I will post the information here to so others can be aware…

  146. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    MAY 18, 2014 AT 10:11 PM

    $1825.00 for a PCGS PR70DCAM.
    Why I still have it Phelps!

  147. fmtransmitter says

    50k coins in the World, 600 million people is US alone…I like the rarity factor of the HOF…

  148. fmtransmitter says

    I am connected to it but everything has a price and mine is stated. 16 percent fees Phelps…Maybe I will advertise it elsewhere with less seller fees…

  149. Dustyroads says

    Interesting Simon.

    fmt, Wow, I’m not sure how you’re paying 16%, unless it’s due to insertion fee’s. It’s 10% to ebay, and then the roughly 3% the paypal. Having a store, in my understanding only costs around 6%. but there are charges that have to be factored in.

    thePhelps, There are some some tanks that are smaller than diving tanks that fit easily into a hand held carrying case. The lines and torch handle are already small and compact. All that is needed to cut out the wall is a small amount of gas, 40 lbs. of oxygen, and 5 lbs. of acetylene and you are cutting steel.

    Goldfishin, I certainly do not think you have a single, or even a double digit IQ. I do to the contrary think that you are an intelligent person who doesn’t like throwing any more money into the trash, that’s why you’re posting here! Congratulations to you, you are going to have what you need.

  150. fmtransmitter says

    I did it! I found a die clash 1983 quarter! Been looking forever and I knew it was a matter of time. Sending it in to NGC…

  151. fmtransmitter says

    Darn it, false alarm. Had to get home and look under loupe. The hunt goes on. Maybe for a pair of glasses next.

  152. NATATACK says

    When you sell on Ebay don’t forget about the Uncle Sam factor. They ask on your income tax form if you sold anything online now a days and Ebay is required now to send sale information not sure if it is on total sales for the year or over a certain amount. I heard they implemented this tracking info a few years ago. I think the tax is close to 18% unless you are a dealer.

  153. bc says

    Off topic – my credit card has been charged for the US Mint’s Shenandoah P 5 ounce silver coin. It should be arriving soon.

  154. GoldFishin says

    Same here cc charged for my Shenandoah pucks. I think I nice way to stack no matter the mintage.

  155. Larry says

    @fmtransmitter – 600 million in the US? Where are the other 300 million hiding? There are about 317 million folks in the US.

  156. stephen m says

    FM, could be a call from anyone fishing for your info. about any coins you may have. Beware!

  157. joe says

    Some interesting comments about MCM’s BHOF prices:

    The silver $1 coins are starting to drop at MCM. They now have the MS70 ER coin for $219; a drop of $20 over the week.

    The gold $5 BHOF coins are another matter. MCM has increased the prices and is currently sold out, which bodes well for these particular coins. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the price of the gold versions once/if the Mint starts shipping them again. At that point, the price will be more about TPG label chasing (ER/FR/FS vs. regular) since the number of available coins should significantly increase (compared to the number available today).

  158. Pittsburgh P says

    just lost another comment to the vapor

    Hello to all my BHoF Morons out there:-) GFishin, I just thawed some of that frozen grey brain matter you were tellin me about in the microwave on defrost. I’m pretty sure I jumped my IQ to a solid 12! Try it, it might get you out of the single digits.

    Anyway… I took my semi-annual trip to the local casino yesterday and took a BHoF clad unc. with me to use as a card protector. First, it must have been lucky cause I won a good amount for once. Second, I sold it for 50$! The guy sitting next to me kept staring at it the entire game. Finally after I knocked him out he asked me about it and offered to buy it. I explained it could be bought at the mint still and there was no precious metal in it. He didn’t care, just loved the coin was a huge Pirates fan and had to have it! Thought it was great that it was US currency and had a curve to it. Didn’t want the box or COA, just the coin and the mints website address. He was so happy I sold it to him he didn’t care I just knocked him out of the game…. At least 5 others asked me if I had more or where they can get one. THIS WAS FOR THE CLAD… Told them the mint and be ready to wait. This shows me that there will be a huge demand for these IF people actually get to see the coin and know they are out there!

  159. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P – Nice story…I really do believe these HOF coins will bring people into the hobby that haven’t been in it before. I assume you are playing Hold’em and if so looks like you had things going your way. Some card players will use anything if they think it will bring them more luck. Just think if you had taken a Silver Proof with you. They might have been looking at your coin instead of their cards and you would have won even more. On the other hand, you gave away your lucky coin, so watch out next time. 🙂

  160. MK says

    @Pitt-that’s a great story. I may have to break out one of mine for my next monthly trip to the casino. I could really use some luck for a change!

  161. VA Rich says

    Throw down an AtB BU puck on the table.., you can blind them from the reflection!

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SM MTN – 24,043 5/12/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SM MTN – 25,421 5/18/2014

  162. GoldFishin says

    @Dustyroads…in order to make a Ebay store pay off, you have to sell an average of 50 items a month. I don’t think most people that (post) here sell that kind of volume, so I am speaking to the average person who just wants to sell a few coins here and there.

    @Natatack…you are right, anything sold on Ebay, by law, you are supposed to pay taxes on the gains. Paypal is the company that actually reports your sales to the IRS if you sell over $20,000 and receive over 200 payments. Again, I didn’t think that would apply to most people here. The taxes do, however. Good point!

  163. says

    Goldfishin…re: ebay stores. It’s not the volume of sales, but the total dollar amount of sales that makes an ebay store worthwhile.
    Say you have 5 BHoF gold coins to sell. You can open an ebay store for $19.95/month…and you can close it at any time.
    If you sell the coins for $1500 each, your ebay fees are $90 instead of $150. So, selling five coins, your total ebay fees are $450 instead of $750. You’d save $280 ($300 – 19.95 store fee.)

    I open and close an ebay store all the time.

  164. Eddie says

    What do you think a complete set of the BHoF coins still in their OGP will be going for?
    If I remember correctly there will be only 18,000 or less of these available.

  165. GoldFishin says

    Thank you Steve… seems if you sell higher price items it pays off even if you don’t sell that much…thanks, I have looked into an Ebay store a few times and they say you have to sell more items, so I never have. Once upon a time I sold of lot of higher priced coins on ebay, but backed away because they raised the max final value fee.

  166. Pittsburgh P says

    @goldfishin your right maybe I shoulda held on to that coin:-) yeah I was playin hold em and did win the tourney… That and a little roulette is all I play. I don’t play that much anymore so maybe it’ll bring some luck to someone else. I was thinking about taking a silver down but glad I didn’t because I want to keep the rest of the ones I have. This guy was really persistent about buying the coin… I even took one lady’s e-mail and told her if I decided to sell another I would call her. I was really surprised about the excitement it brought from non-collectors.

    MK any day your luck can change… I am not truly superstitious but as VA Rich said an AtB puck would be and attention grabber if you threw that down… Good luck

  167. CasualCollector says

    @Pittsburgh P
    Nice story on the Clad Uncirculated coin. Did you have it actually out of the clear holder it comes in? I’ve been thinking of carrying one around also — can’t decide whether to keep it in the clear plastic holder or take it out and let it make contact with other change in my pocket (just like the conveyor belt when they are producing them — lol).

    Side not — I do hope you checked the mint mark to make sure you weren’t letting a potential double mint mark get away…

  168. says

    The Mint’s excel spreadsheet is out and there is a total of 6 Gold BHOF coins that were reduced from last week. The total is 60,922. That’s 10,922 potential unhappy sales.
    Silver BHOF sales numbers dropped by 114 but still sets at 436,658..
    Clads sales were 17,377 for the week. That’s an increase in sales by 7,884 from previous week.
    Buffalo Gold in total has sold 11,242. Those that had predicted that the BHOF Golds would cause mintage of Buffalo Golds to decrease, it has not happened yet…

  169. Pittsburgh P says

    CC I had the same thought as you but ended up leaving it in the capsule. Yet, the first thing that guy did was ask me to take it out because he didn’t know how to and was afraid he would damage it taking it out. I didn’t check for it specifically but have looked over all of my coins fairly meticulously and think I would have noticed it. Is it only on the uncirculated clads and do you know if it’s been verified?

  170. CasualCollector says

    @Pittsburgh P
    I don’t think it’s been verified by any of the TPG’s. At least I know mine has not because I haven’t sent it in to anyone. It might not be a double mint mark — but it sure is a strange looking mint mark — and at certain angles it looks like the “D” on top is pressed into another “D” on the bottom (I don’t know what to call it other than a D pressed into another D).

    I have seen something strange on one Silver Uncirculated (out of about 30 coins I have looked at) — but it’s more of an additional outline to the “P” (not quite the same as the Clad “D” issue). I will try to post some pics of the Silver “P” when I get home tonight.

  171. VA Rich says

    Thanks for the analysis cagcrisp – I’m beginning to lean to the side of the very rare few that think prices for the BHOF Dollars may actually go up when the more coins are shipped by the mint.., at some point in the not-too-far-distant future, the mint must send notification of “no coin for you” – there’s 20-30k of orders that won’t be fulfilled which may lead to a stampede.., & word is only spreading! It’ll be interesting to see what the next move is for that seller in the link you sent on Sunday does, will he ups the ante or hold for a while at $184.

  172. says

    There was one Red Star Buyer that was quite active yesterday. He bought 3 Gold BHOF coins that I found. He bought 2 Best Offers for $1,200 each. He bought 1 as highest bidder on an auction for $1,325 and he got outbid on 2 others. He was 2nd highest on 1 that he bid $1,299 and lost and he was 2nd highest bidder at $1,199

  173. simon says

    Casual : It could be a mechanically doubled feature which is pronounced given the curvature.

  174. Louis says

    Steve- So it’s not true you need 50 sales per month to open a store? I got some info. from them that did refer to sales, not dollars. Also, there are other places you can sell with lesser fees, which is better for the higher value items.

  175. CoachMike says

    @Louis. What are several of the other places they use to sell coins other than eBay. Never sold a coin in my life. Got a bunch of HofF silver $ coming I’d like to list?

  176. KEITHSTER says

    I’ll vote for what simon says almost makes me want to open the box and peek:>:>:> But then I drift back to the missing and think whatno way but did see the photo and was thinking curvature also! So there should be more of them out there so check them if you have them and let us know? Would think the mint will be screening for them now but who knows?As for the SM5er’s look sold out to me they just aren’t addmitting it yet building up their waiting list should there be cancellations. Have an order on the 30th. for 2 that still says ready to go on the 15th but now that they are over ordered they can press the last of them here’s to making a boo-boo on the rest and cutting us breakon the full price ones* Oh well a old man can dream right?Ialso let the extra script for the Shenandoah ride seeing a lot were cancelling but 20 grand off the bat seems large so it should make it past the SM’s although it will be a while? So Good Luck All:>:>:>

  177. Louis says

    CoachMike- There are auction houses like Great Collections, Teletrade (which is now part of Stacks-Bowers), etc. and some have lower fees than e-Bay esp. on higher value items (like over $1k per coin).

  178. says

    Louis….yes you can open a store and sell only 1 coin if that fits your needs. 6% instead of 10% ebay fees.

  179. bg35765 says

    Steve – there is definitely language on ebay that says you need 50 listings per month to have a store. I’m not sure if they enforce it though.

    My first month as a store I didn’t make it. This month I listed a bunch of ATB quarters to get my sales volume up. I’m still uncertain on the details though. I can’t find anywhere that says for sure if it is listings or sales.

    If I list one auction for a quarter and say that I have a quantity of 5, does that count as 1 or 5 listings? Does it count as 5 sales if they sell to 5 different people or if 1 person buys all 5 at the same time? (Those are rhetorical questions, I don’t expect anyone here to answer.)

    But anyway, it only takes a few $2000 gold coins per year to justify the extra cost of the store.

  180. says

    When I open a store it is to sell a few high priced coins….not a lot of low price coins.
    I opened a store in June, 2013….closed it in October 2013
    I opened a store in Jan., 2014….closed it in February 2014
    I opened a store in mid April 2014…and it’s still open.
    I’ve never sold more than 10-15 items each time….sometimes less.
    Like I said, you can pay a monthly fee of $19.95 or you can pay for a whole year and get a discount.($159.95 for the year I think.). But I don’t want to commit to a year at I time.

  181. says

    Also, I have what is called the “basic” store. There are two higher levels that cost more “Premium Store” and “Anchor Store”…and those stores probably do have min. volume levels, but a basic store doesn’t.

  182. CasualCollector says

    @Pittsburgh P – Here are the BHOF pics — the original CLAD pictures and I just added a picture of the Outlined “P” from a Silver Uncirculated (the lower right of the loop of the “P” looks a little smashed).


  183. says

    @Louis, I read your article in CoinWeek today. Must be frustrating asking questions and getting boiler plate answers.

  184. fmtransmitter says

    Larry says
    MAY 19, 2014 AT 8:22 AM

    @fmtransmitter – 600 million in the US? Where are the other 300 million hiding? There are about 317 million folks in the US.
    Sorry, typo..like the illegals figure…

  185. Pittsburgh P says

    CC, yeah those are definitely interesting and I will keep a lookout… Thanks again

  186. VA Rich says

    cag – that seller ‘j-coins’ looks to have sold about a 3rd of his coins to those with really low or no feedback ratings, that just seems really risky to me and I can’t help but to think he may have a lot of cancellations off those orders as the wait continues to drift in June and possibly July.

    For those that have sold a lot, can you share your 2-cents on selling pre-sale, it looks lucrative though looks like it could be awful risky and a big head ache as well when folks get anxious, thoughts? Thanks

  187. CasualCollector says

    @VA Rich – for some reason I had in my head that the seller you mentioned was the same “Jxxx” person who keeps posting on this blog that he’s been selling Silver OGP like hotcakes… Perhaps I made the wrong connection?

  188. says

    @VA Rich, I think he gets his money up front when the sale is made or he moves on to another party willing to do the same otherwise he shoulders all the risk

  189. Jim says

    I got my 6 HOF coins back from NGC and they put the three $1.00 proof label on the Half dollar proof and the three Half dollar proof label on the $1.00 proof. All six coins are label wrong. Jim

  190. Louis says

    Thanks, CC. I know what you mean. At least they said the coins are being made. From what I can tell the delays seem to be a much bigger issue with the gold coins. But when they are shipped many will go to dealers who are paying extra for hand-signed labels, so we will see whether prices actually decline. Plus a lot of coins are being bought by baseball fans who have no plans to sell.

  191. CasualCollector says

    @simon – Thanks for your insight — I searched for the terms you mentioned and found an interesting site that explained the differences between “MDD” (Mechanical Doubling Damage) and “Doubled Die” This is very interesting stuff. Thanks!

  192. CasualCollector says

    @VA Rich — yes, that’s the seller I thought you were seeing on eBay. It is pretty amazing he’s getting those prices for Pre-Sale OGP. The next shipment I’m hearing from the Mint is 6/12 for Silver Proofs. Does anyone else know of an earlier date than 6/12 for the Silver Proofs (or for any of the BHOF Coins)?

  193. Mk says

    @Jim-that’s terrible, I hope NGC is expediting the whole process to fix your labels. I too got my coins back from NGC today. I paid extra for the “scratch resistant” Edgeview holders and the surfaces look like they actually tested a Brillo pad on them. I’m disappointed, but still like the way the coins look in the holders.

  194. Mk says

    @Louis-thanks for another very informative article. Especially in regards to the commemoratives that no one wants to see minted, other than the special interest groups. Mother’s Day coins-what a bad idea!

  195. VA Rich says

    CC – I have a 03/27/2014 at 07:12 PM for SILVER PROOF on 6/06 & in the same order, SILVER UNC on 6/19

    It’s getting bad that we’re not even into the 7th hour of Day One!

  196. CasualCollector says

    @VA Rich. That is getting close I wonder if that is why some of the big sellers are lowering their prices on the graded coins. Lowest I’ve seen is $400 for the pair of MS70 and PF70 Silver. What is interesting is the same retailer has not sold out of Gold 70 sets for $2,750. Either they have a boat load of them or people are taking a breather ahead of their next shipments. Kind of a wait and see on where the pricing goes for gold 70s

  197. VA Rich says

    CC – it could be that there is an abundance of NGC slabbed coins up on listings and their holding stock of them as well as see that’s a potential risk so dump while the get’ns good. I believe the real demand right not is for those in OGP, as evident by what’s selling the price they’re willing to pay.

    Regardless, I think the enthusiasm for this offering will have a long tapper to it< very long. & the golds, well, you & I will be thankful we won't be in the market looking for one a year from now.., this one has been, and will continue to be, a different animal. 🙂

  198. Zaz says

    The CCAC got it right this time, picking O-15 and R-07. The other designs while interesting were far too busy and would clutter a small coin as the silver dollar. If the Treasury secretary picks this design pair, it would a be a real winner for the MOD organization.

  199. CW says

    More proof the CCAC is group of stodgy old folks who cannot pick an innovative design if jumped at them. Yuck. Is MOD-R-04 supposed to be a welfare case? Who would by that depressing coin (or any of these for that matter)? Roosevelt was no firend to gold, silver, or those who owned them. How ironic that a thief would be honored in metals he stole.

  200. says

    How about the mint do the coins on the dime format. They could do them in silver and clad for circulation coins.
    Do a one time design change for the year. Think of kids collecting dimes for school projects ect. I remember doing
    that in grade school. For the collector they could do a proof, unc., reverse proof set. Just a thought.

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