2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar Design Selections

Yesterday, the United States Mint announced the design selections for the upcoming 2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar. The commemorative coin was authorized to mark the 75th anniversary of the non profit organization founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to combat polio, which now works to improve the health of mothers and babies.

Under the authorizing legislation, up to 500,000 silver dollars may be issued in proof and uncirculated qualities during the one year period beginning on January 1, 2015. The designs for the coins are to be “emblematic of the mission and programs of the March of Dimes, and its distinguished record of generating Americans’ support to protect children’s health.” Even more specifically, the legislation provides that the design shall “contain motifs that represent the past, present, and future of the March of Dimes and its role as a champion for all babies, such designs to be consistent with the traditions and heritage of the March of Dimes.”

The US Mint had originally released a large slate of design candidates for the program, including 22 different obverse and 18 different reverse designs. Many of the candidates carried depictions of mothers and babies. Some carried images of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and/or Dr. Jonas Salk, who discovered and developed the first successful polio vaccine. A number of candidates also incorporated images of the Roosevelt Dime, the Mercury Dime portrait, or the dime books associated with the organization’s fundraising efforts. Images of all design candidates can be found in his article.

As provided by the authorizing legislation, the design candidates were reviewed by both the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The final selections were made by the Secretary of the Treasury, taking into account he recommendations of the two groups as well as the March of Dimes Foundation.

March of Dimes Silver Dollar

The selected obverse design features profile portraits of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Jonas Salk. The depiction of the two leaders in the fight against polio is intended to represent the past of the March of Dimes Foundation. The inscriptions read “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “2015”. The obverse was designed by Paul C. Balan and will be sculpted by Michael Gaudioso.


The selected reverse design features a depiction of a baby sleeping peacefully in the hand of its parent. The image is intended to represent the Foundation’s present and future mission of advancing work that supports healthy pregnancies and addresses prematurity. The inscriptions read “United States of America”, “March of Dimes”, “$1”, and “E Pluribus Unum”. The reverse was designed and will be sculpted by Don Everhart.

During their review, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee had recommended the selected obverse design featuring the portraits of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Jonas Salk. For the reverse they had recommended an alternate design showing a mother cradling a baby in her arms. Full coverage of the CCAC’s review and recommendations can be found here.

The Commission of Fine Arts had recommended an alternate obverse design carrying an image of Dr. Jonas Salk, a 1946 Roosevelt Dime, and a dime fundraising card. For the reverse they had recommended an alternate design showing a dime being inserted into a collection card slot and a pair of leg braces and shoes. Coverage of the CFA’s recommendations can be found here.

Although the designs for the upcoming silver dollar will not incorporate any dime images, it is still possible that the US Mint may create a special numismatic offering incorporating one or more dimes. Over the summer, the Mint had distributed a survey to customers gauging the potential demand for a numismatic product containing a special silver proof dime and/or reverse proof silver dime, possibly carrying the “W” mint mark.

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  1. says

    This is a rather bland design, and I will probably pass on this one without something like a reverse proof dime to sweeten the deal. And that’s only if said dime isn’t available in the rumored special proof sets coming up.

  2. Ends in Error says

    This is one product I will ignore. Lately I’m finding a lot of Dimes on the ground, they’re easy to spot because of the bright shiney silver color. I’m thinking what do dimes and pennies both turn people off? Not finding Nickels so that can’t be it. Just the same, I don’t want any Commemorative involving the Rosevelt Dime.

  3. jeff says

    What’s new inferior products superior pricing how’s that for ya. The mint will tell you what you like and you will buy it lol

  4. Brad says

    Ends in Error,

    Yes, I find a lot of dimes on the ground around where I live as well, and also very few nickels. Pennies and dimes are by far the most numerous coins I find. I always pick up coins I find regardless of condition or denomination. They all spend.

    When I spend a day out, I enjoy shooting for what I call “Finding for the Cycle”, which is my way of referring to finding at least one penny, nickel, dime and quarter on the ground over the course of the same day. I’ve only done it a few times over the years. I’ve had several near misses that were spoiled by the nickel! It’s always frustrating to get the difficult quarter out of the way, but never come up with that elusive nickel.

  5. TimTom says

    I don’t hate healthy newborns or whatever that imagery is supposed to engender. But this stuff won’t fly on coins. Was there seriously nothing better to demonstrate what a pioneering effort Salk put forth or that of FDR in championing it? Even those ideas/ideals are hard to make beautiful on coins, so just don’t do it. Commems are repeating the classic commems route regretfully, in a different manner however. We need new “classic” designs and ideas, Mint/CCAC/CFA/Congress/Special Interests/etc, etc. Sorry for the rant.

  6. AkBob says

    Sorry but I have to say this is one of the ugliest “coins” I’ve ever seen. Are you serious? I will NOT be purchasing this “coin”. If you’re going to produce commemoratives then do it with some designs that actually look like a coin and are appropriate. This is why the commemoratives (like TimTom just stated) are a BUST!!! If this is the best they could come up with then they need to STOP doing these commemoratives at all. One out of 100 are decent. Not a very good batting average IMO.

    TimTom – have to agree 100% with you my friend:)))

  7. stephen m says

    The reason more pennies and dimes and not nickles. Could be dimes and pennies are more plentiful in our change than the nickle.

  8. Jon in CT says

    FDR was long dead before Jonas Salk even began his work on polio and, of course, they never met. All of which means, in Mint-Think, that they should depicted on a coin as if they’re standing together side-by-side. 🙄

  9. NC_stacker says

    @Jeff sounds like you are referring…. if you like you coins, you can keep your coins. 😉

  10. AkBob says

    I’m seeing graded 70 coins from the JFK silver set going for $200-$250 each which would come to $1000 – $1250 for a complete graded 70 set. This seems like an awful lot of money for this. Yes, indeed it’s a fine set but……….

    I’m wondering how the JFK silver half with the “D” mint marks are going to grade out. That may be the key (sleeper) to getting a complete 70 set. Hopefully with them being made from “silver” it will make the strikes a lot better/nicer because I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) the clad coins are harder, therefore making them more difficult to produce perfect/almost perfect coins.

  11. Hawkster says

    At least the image of FDR is a good likeness of him, as opposed to the one on the Presidential dollar –which may have looked like him on the day he died.

  12. Dave SW FL says

    AKBob & TimTom

    Agreed. Worse than first spouses. Quit it with the PC coins. Look like trinkets

  13. Jake says

    I think you find more dimes than nickels because the dime is smaller. Easier to slip out that hole in your pocket.

  14. Tom P - MA says

    I know it’s too late but I’m with EagleOne on this. They should have changed the design on the circulating dime and made a silver, gold and platinum dime set.

  15. MN says

    I received five K13’s via USPS Priority 3-Day to our PO Box today; the box arrived in good shape and was just taped shut (no grip glue). The box was filled to the edges/box top so nothing sharp should be used to the open the center seam! The package weighed 6 pounds (the sets were larger than I thought they’d be). UPS won’t deliver my other order to our street address until next Wed. There was no way to make a good 4-set from the five sets I got today…I used a thin nail head placed under the capsule, in the finger opening to pop any capsules out that I wanted to look at better. I mostly looked at the Obverse sides and the Proof and Reverse Proofs have better qualities than the other two coins do. The coins I got had various problems black grease dots, chips, flat spotting, rim dents, shiny tic marks, raised globs and angled striped lines on the enhanced (not all had that issue though). I looked at my US Mint order history then clicked the return bar and read…it says the Mint will send you an email with a return postage label if you have quality or damage issues so apparently they will pay return postage. I am leaning towards buying NGC 70’s on eBay but not all four, if the prices are as high as I’ve seen so far. I would be sure to ask sellers if there’s any visible black grease dots, as they don’t seem to grade lower with them (part of the process but eye appeal used to be too). Good luck all!

  16. CasualCollector says

    Just got the Kennedy Silver set. Like others have said, box is much larger than I expected (which isn’t a bad thing, just not what I expected). I think it’s because the picture of the display on the Mint’s site doesn’t have a common object in the background to give it a scale perspective.

    One tiny grease spot on the Uncirculated, and the EU had spots similar to those “water stain” spots on alot of the Kennedy Clads (but not as noticeable — only at certain angles). I think it would grade well considering how the Clads with “water spots” graded well.

    My one gripe with the presentation — the slab that holds the 4 coins should have had velcro so you can easily detach it and look at the reverse sides.

  17. CW says

    Yuck from a design standpoint. I am glad my generation has no love for FDR given what he did to people’s possessions, e.g. silver and gold as well as mines. As more people find out about the outright theft and crushing of private business from this man, his legacy will decrease. How about we honor some people with actual morals like Salk and leave a man with a very questionable legacy off our coins? And yes , he won WWII…..

  18. Jon in CT says

    And don’t forget, CW: FDR was the benevolent dictator who ordered the internment/imprisonment of many thousands of Americans for the “crime” of having Japanese ancestry..

  19. Larry says

    With gold tumbling, I wonder how low the Gold Kennedy will go before the mint pulls the plug. I guess $1100. Anyone else want to guess?

  20. Joe says

    I’m surprised they are making this coin. It was on the mint survey earlier this year. I can’t imagine it got a good response. I indicated I wouldn’t buy it and based on the posts here it appears many agree with me.

  21. Eagle One says


    You should probably get a bottle of Lindner Coin Cleaner, a can of compressed air, and a pair of dipping tongs from the Coin Wizard on line. Rinse the coin in distilled water after the Lindner Cleaner and blow it off with compressed air. The grease problem will be an issue down the road after the coins are encapsulated – unless they are dipped in a degreaser prior. With the UNC Silver D only, it will be ok to agitate the stains with a Q-tip. Something the old pros do; something the high volume flippers don’t do. However, the white milk spots are there for good and are probably stamped into the coin. Additionally, coins do grade well with spots, they just don’t sell well.

  22. GoldFishin says

    @CC – agree with Eagle one, the water spots just get worse over time, they are stamped in and can’t be cleaned. I absolutely hate water spots, from what you and MN have shared, it doesn’t sound like this set will have a high percentage of 70’s unless you are a preferred bulk submitter. My package will be here Monday I think, I am hoping for the best.

  23. Ends in Error says

    Wow the comments are agreeing with my feelings on this design. I think this Coin may surpass the Jackie Robinson Gold BU for a record low mintage modern Commemorative. Unfortunately who would buy it off an investor or flipper? That baby doesn’t look asleep to me. Not a good image for a Coin.

  24. thePhelps says

    With each year – the mint appears to be trying to get collectors to stop purchasing commemorative coins. I don’t mind the obverse so much, but they really should have selected something better for the reverse. This is another I’ll purchase elsewhere when the price drops.

  25. GoldFishin says

    @Eagle One-thanks for the information on the possible error coin! We were just discussing the possibilities a couple days ago….can’t wait to get my package and check them out.

  26. Louis says

    As far as graded 70 sets of silver JFK’s, wait til the big boy retailers get them. I don’t put any stock in a few early e-Bay sales. MCM and others will sell them for much less than $500. I am thinking something between $300 and $400.

  27. VA Bob says

    They had many nice designs to choose from for this March of Dimes commemorative. Seems they chose none of those. When are the people in charge of these decisions going to start asking the people that BUY the coins? My only regret is that this coin is not in gold, so I can feel even better about not buying it.

  28. TimTom says

    @EagleOne – I hope that person who found a “triple struck reverse” has discovered a true double die, or in this case a TDR. That would be AWESOME and on the reverse proof to boot. Talk about all the makings for a cherrypickers guide variety! With the assumed QC on these coins at West Point (being a big ticket item mint), I would think true errors rarely get out. But if it’s in the die that’s a different scenario. With them lasting at least a 1000-2000 coins (I think I remember reading), it could lead to some lucky people out there. If it’s just a simple error though, that’d be a windfall for that one person but no variety. I can’t wait to hear further info on it!!

  29. TimTom says

    correction – that comment by the coinnews discoverer should read as a possible TDO on the reverse proof coin. he/she mentioned the PUP as the date and mentioned the hub specifically. so they know what they are talking about it seems. could have found something special!!

    btw- i think BOLO means “be on the lookout” perhaps? so look at your sets closely for spreads in the legends and devices with at least a 5x loupe.

  30. jeff says

    I see no real appreciation on the Kennedy silvers on the bay maybe $25, the graded one’s will be the sleepers due to quality issues at all 4 mints. I think the TPG will grade many of the first wave higher than normal then the secondary submissions will get hit with the 69’s so business as usual .. Mint & TPG in cahoots.

  31. Eagle One says


    Here is the post I left in response to his find.

    “I have a 1994 Silver Eagle that is noticeably doubled on the reverse. I sent it to PCGS thinking it was a double die. They explained over the phone that the doubling was due to die hubbing. Meaning that the die was loose and rotated during the stamping process. They would not assign a special attribute to the coin. In addition, they down graded it to MS-68. Hubbing is an unfavorable condition.”

  32. CasualCollector says

    I checked my 5 sets and one of them did have an appearance of being Tripled — but I think it is just MDD (or what EagleOne mentions as “die hubbing”).

    Regarding the “water stains” on the EU — luckily only 2 of them had the “spots”. They are not terrible and you really don’t see them looking at the coin head on. You have to look at the coin at a certain angle before you can see them (eye appeal head on is terrific — they look much better than the clads with the water spots).

    And again, 2 of the 5 Uncirculated coins had tiny grease dots. one coin had one dot, and the other coin had 2 dots.

    Thanks for the tips above on grease dots — I might try it on other coins first just to get some practice. I’ve never even opened up the OGP Capsules before.

    btw, I haven’t looked at all of the reverse sides — too hard to get those capsules out with my fingers. Those things are stuck in there harder than the Baseball HOF Silver Dollars were…

  33. TimTom says

    @EagleOne – Thanks for the clarification. I have been fooled by machine doubling a few times. I guess I jumped the gun on that one. It would have been cool for a nice DD or something akin to the 08 rev 07 ASE with all these different mints in play with unique finishes. One would think it’d be just the situation to produce a variety. Someone mentioned it earlier. I hope someone gets lucky and finds something new, that isn’t minor. Come on mint, lower that QC threshold with the dies. Everything else, keep that QC up LOL.

  34. posterhunter says

    Sorry but this is a losing design, the Mint learned nothing from the popularity of the Hall Of Fame coin.

  35. Dave SW FL says

    With the popularity of reality show voting, the mint could open up design choices by having their selection group’s votes count 40% and mint customers (with purchase history) votes count 60% for the final decision. Notify account holders by email, Set a voting window, sign into your account, vote for your favorite obverse & reverse, and advertise at the mint site and in their mailers . Could be a win -win for adding new accounts,popularity of design, and collector interest.

    Come on mint, think outside the box! With sales dropping in the commems, you’ve got to get creative….or just go back to minting circulating coinage and maybe their proofs. Think of the time and money spent on the specialty coins. Artistic (?) design, getting people to decision meetings, production of dies, minting, advertising, etc. all to sell a few thousand coins that are not popular.??? Learn something from the HOF experience, guys.

  36. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Coin design is pretty good. I think FDR was one of our greatest presidents. WWII he did all he could not to involve us in Europe opposite of the recent president from Texas.

  37. CasualCollector says

    Did that other poster upload some pictures yet of his RP coin? I am curious if it looks the same as my coin (in which case I think it is MDD or Shelf Doubling / Tripling).

  38. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Off topic, but JFK half rev. has 50+13 stars, that’s 63 stars total. coincidence?

  39. Jon in CT says

    merryxmasmrscrooge wrote on November 1, 2014 AT 8:17 AM:

    I think FDR was one of our greatest presidents. WWII he did all he could not to involve us in Europe opposite of the recent president from Texas.

    You’ve obviously confused FDR with Wilson, but you’re right about LBJ and Vietnam.

  40. fmtransmitter says

    They have some shipping to website updates to do for sure. My set is already to local PO and still says processing on website…

  41. fmtransmitter says

    @Hawkster: No confirmation on price change for pucks, just the general statement beginning with “but”, with all PM’s, the Mint could change their pricing at anytime…

  42. Sith says

    @stephen m
    You don’t find nickels because they are being horded. The even after the blood bath in the metals market the current value of a nickle is about 5 cents, at one point it was 9 cents.

    “he did all he could not to involve us in Europe”…Yes by embargoing Japan, then exposing the Pacific Fleet to attack. I guess that is not Europe, but then how about our lend leasing of ships to Briton, and pulling escort duty for British shipping, and attacking German U-Boats. Not saying lend lease was a bad thing but it definitely destroys any pretext of neutrality

    Arches is sold out

  43. Dave SW FL says

    If memory serves me right, didn’t they wait until silver had remained at a lower level for a while before adjusting prices down? Anyone remember?
    I think these dramatically lower price will have a severe effect on the Glades P puck. My guess is at least a month below $15 before they drop the price. And not until the Kennedy silver set is closed out.

  44. Small time collector says

    All the yucks in the world won’t change the (un) desirability of the dime.
    Let the speculators start lobbying!
    I might get a couple, only because I was among the first to line up and eat sugar cubes when they first came out. FDR was dead by the time I was born, yet I know and knew many older than me that were permanently marred by the disease.
    Perhaps the mint should have considered a wavy planchet a’la a pringles chip. I would be a fitting tribute coin. I am serious in this statement.

  45. Eddie says

    Why all of the haters of the MoDs? I think it’s a pretty good design. I have seen a lot worse.

  46. Sith says

    Not sure why everyone is “hating” the design of this coin, yes its uninspiring but IMHO their is nothing wrong with it. None of the design candidates were very good to begin with…

  47. Sith says

    @Dave SW FL – Yes they wait about 4-6 weeks after a major price drop to ensure that it sticks before they start to lower prices. Longer if the coin\set has been out for a while as that alienates collectors who buy early.

  48. Eagle One says

    Some PCGS population data has shown up for the “2014-D 50C Silver 50th Anniversary Set”

    MS-65: 1
    MS-66: 2
    MS-67: 1

    Total Graded to Date: 4

    Looks like the “Silver D Mint” will be tough to acquire in a 70.

    No other data can be found for the three remaining coins in the set.

    They Clad UNC Set population data hasn’t budged in the last two months.

  49. Jerry Diekmann says

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I think this is one of the nicest designs the Mint has issued in a long, long time. I think we have had enough of the militaty and sports themes by now. This is the USA after all, not ancient Sparta.

  50. Jerry Diekmann says

    Jon in CT – if you carry out that logic, then we ought to remove Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt from Mt. Rushmore. Washington was dead when Lincoln was born, and Jefferson was dead when TR was born. Lincoln never met Jefferson and TR never met Lincoln. Sometimes, thank God, great people come from succeeding generations. Think about it.

  51. Tonyw says

    Bad design – I will not be buying because:

    The irony of MOD and their support of abortion. Yes they do a lot of good but I can find other places for money to go that is more in line with helping babies.

    Bad design….

  52. TimTom says

    @EagleOne – Just like the clad halves, the business strike is always hard to get in perfect condition. I wonder what would happen if someone snaps up these auctions for all 70 coins when the only true 70s I’ve seen are PF70. It will be interesting to see if they indeed grade any of the MS coins as 70s. As an aside to this some of these listings on ebay don’t explicitly state pre-sale. IF that’s that case aren’t the obligated to deliver all 70s?? Maybe it has something to do with NGC, as I’ve yet to see an auction offering all 4 coins in PCGS holders with PF-, RP-, EU- and MS-70.

    TL;DR – Some (smaller) dealers/flippers might find themselves in a tight spot delivering on these 70s, especially if the auction terms/conditions are not articulated properly. Could be overthinking this though… 🙂

  53. GoldFishin says

    @TIM TOM- I was thinking the same thing….if those unc. grades are accurate that Eagle One provided and if they grade that poorly, those expensive sets that sold for $495 or whatever will not be able to be delivered. The Ebayer will just have to cancel the sale and take his lumps with his feedback rating. I lot of if’s and speculation, but I guess we will see. But, I have no doubt that the seller of such pre-sale 70 sets will have no choice but to cancel the sale.

  54. GoldFishin says

    @Eagle One- what is the PCGS coin# you are referring to. I find it very difficult to believe that a specially struck silver coin would grade that low. What the heck did they do, just use the same dies they used for the clad coins. Something doesn’t sound right here.

  55. CasualCollector says

    After seeing 5 sets, I have no idea how the 2014-D Silver Uncirculated would grade so poorly (65 / 66/ 67). 2 of mine have a tiny grease spot on them (that I think will come off). Other than that I don’t see anything wrong with them. The other 3 I have are beautiful. In my opinion, they are MUCH nicer than what I have seen graded as SP69 for the High-Relief Clads. No Water spots, and really look nice.

    So worse case scenario, I would think they grade as 69 at the minimum (not 65 / 66 /67). But they actually look like 70’s to me. They actually look better than 2 PCGS 70’s of the Baseball coins I have (one Gold Uncirculated, and one Silver Uncirculated).

    Once you see these sets for yourself, I think you will understand why it’s difficult for me to think alot of these won’t grade as 69 or 70 (69 on the cautious side, but I really think a high percentage will be 70).

  56. GoldFishin says

    @Eagle One- never mind, pcgs coin# is 530179. I see what you are talking about, but I have to believe it was placed there by mistake. It is in the category of modern silver/clad. I think it must have been clad coins that were graded and placed in the wrong coin#. If not, that is so very poor that a special set would have ANY coin that would grade that low. I just can’t believe it.

  57. GoldFishin says

    @CC- I agree with you. There is no way they would grade that low. They should all grade between 68-70. These are not business struck coins. I believe it was a clerical mistake.

  58. AZ Dan says

    Hopefully everyone passes on this coin for one reason or another and it becomes a sleeper (low mintage). Might then just pick up 2 or 3 and flip them.

  59. CasualCollector says

    Here is the one Reverse Proof (out of 5) that had the MDD defect (I think this is what the poster is talking about in the other forum, but I am not sure).

    He mentioned he would post some pictures, and I wanted to compare them to my coin. But I have not seen any of his pictures yet — so maybe his is different and he has a true error?

    I think my coin has “regular” MDD. The “tripling” is in the following:
    -The Year
    -The Mint Mark

    And here is a picture:

  60. Eagle One says

    GF & CC,

    Here is the link. It says “2014-D 50C Silver 50th Anniversary Set.” They have the 50th Anniversary Kennedy coins in the Comemorative Section and it is listed in the MS group. The Silver D was just added to the population report in the last day. IMO, the Silver D will be the one to watch.


    Coin #530179 at the very bottom.

  61. GoldFishin says

    @CC- What awesome pics!! What type of camera do you have to take pictures like that? What would be the magnification equivalent of the photos you gave? The highest loupe I have is 20X.

  62. CasualCollector says

    Thanks GF

    The picture of the entire coin I used a Nikon D3200

    The closeups were done with my iPhone 5 plus a little lens attachment I bought on eBay for about $6. It’s really pretty good at zooming in for those closeups.

  63. Eagle One says


    Thanks for that great image. It definitely has minor tripling. If a number of coins show up with the exact same tripled PUPs, then further investigation is necessary. However, back in 1996, the Mint put implementations and controls into their die fabrication process to eliminate any possibility of doubled dies from reaching the pressing floor. The last known double die produced by the US Mint was the 1995 Double Die Penny. This may be a call for the grading companies. I’m sure the numismatic media will pick up on it soon. One thing is for sure, there is obvious obverse tripling.

  64. GoldFishin says

    Gator, Gator, chomp…chomp…chomp!

    @VA RICH- how about an update? how is the trip going? are you going to have your JFK’s graded by PCGS on site if you can? I think I would get my best 2 coins out of each different version and go for it! Why not? Have you floated away from all the beer yet?

    @CC- thanks….I guess I will have to learn to use my son’s Iphone 5 for the close ups. I will check out the bay for the attachment. I am sure my son could help me out there, he repairs Iphone’s for extra cash while he is in school.

  65. TimTom says

    @EagleOne – The “IN” looks JUICY to jump at as the PUP because of the splitting of the tops of those serifs, along with the indentation running along the diagonal stroke of the N.. If only the separation were greater we could truly see the lack of a “shelf” or ghosting and we might have a bonafide chance at a DDO (TDO in this case).

    If they have put these die prep checks in place how do we have the QDR on the DC State Quarter IIRC. Was that not true doubling? I’ll have to check my CP Guide.

    @CasualCollector – Thanks for those pics. I gotta pull out my usb scope and see what’s on my set.

  66. Eagle One says

    Actually, 2009 “Education Years” edition of the Lincoln Cent (doubled fingers) and the 2009 “Duke Ellington DC Quarter (doubled piano keys)” were the last known double dies.

  67. TimTom says

    As for the 2014-D Silver, I would think that IS the MS coin because at the top of the page, the previous coin is http://www.pcgscoinfacts.com/Coin/Detail/530177 which is called 2014-S Silver 50th Anniversary, Enhanced Mint State. I don’t have a CoinFacts subscription so I can’t delve any further. Also, that would go in order of the coins if you consider the MS Denver coin the 4th coin, the previous coin would be the 3rd coin or the EU coin, right?

    Things are getting vewwy interesting. Or I’m senile.

  68. GoldFishin says

    @TimTom- the coin#530179 is correct, but I believe there was a clerical error in entering the data. I believe those were 5Oth anniversary clad coins that the submitter either put the wrong coin# on the invoice submission or the employee who entered the final grade data, entered under the wrong coin#. I am 99.99% sure of that. There is no way these coins will grade that low. I will quit buying from the Mint altogether if the unc, MS coin grades that low.

  69. Eagle One says


    It could just be a clerical data entry error. They seem awfully low to me too.

    Maybe someone at Baltimore that had their coins graded can provide some feed back between beers.

  70. TimTom says

    GF – Don’t give up bc of me!! I’m just being hopeful that these have some degree of conditional rarity. It’s no fun if the mint just stamps 70s 100% of the time. Where does the fun of the hunt go? I understand a made to order commem set like this being extra special in prep and execution. But it can’t all be 69/70s, even tho I know it probably is LOL…

    I do understand the clerical error is most likely. Who would pre-screen coins presumably that badly or just blindly send in a set for pcgs grading prices. It doesn’t make sense. Then add in the QC the Mint has developed with these special offerings each year and a 65 just isn’t in the cards for a modern of this spec.

  71. jeff says

    AZ Dan they will be great flippers in 15 years got time? Buy away nothing unusual about these they will surpass the BHOF in mintage so go ahead buy more than 2-3 lol

  72. GoldFishin says

    @TT- Well stated TimTom….I think time is also an issue…the earliest I know anybody received their coins was Wednesday I think, and that was because he lived in Memphis. PCGS’s fasting grading service is 2 days unless you are at a show then it is 1 day. Just the time to get your coins, go to Baltimore or PCGS, and have the grades entered by yesterday(they don’t work on Saturday) into the database seems improbable to me also. They have made mistakes like this before and they correct it eventually in most instances.
    I submitted some of the unc. 5 oz. Shenandoah pucks earlier this year and I got an email one day and the message read “I’m sorry, but your coins don’t qualify for First Strike” because I missed the in house cutoff date. They asked me to contact them if I had a question. Well, I contacted them because I made the cutoff date by over a week. After I explained how timely my order was and what the cutoff date was for the SP versions….she said, “oh, I thought they were the bullion coins, I was looking at the wrong date”. Now, if hadn’t checked my email for a couple of days they would have graded and holdered my coins and I wouldn’t have received the First Strike label AND they may have entered the data into the bullion category, because that is how she had it entered into the system. Take my word for it, some of the support staff that works at PCGS are just ordinary folks, some of them quite young and are just working a job without much, if any, coin experience. They are super nice people, but as people they do make mistakes.

    Now, if those grades are correct, and I have to walk all this back….well, I apologize in advance. But I still will never buy another US MINT product, guaranteed! 🙂

  73. VA Rich says

    GF – I’m impressed anyone actually remembered.., I’m even more impressed I that survived the trip around the belt way a few times over…, some bad, bad wrecks occurred.., obviously not coin collectors as we can multitask, right? I learned a lot, it was good and I’ll share a bit tomorrow. BTW – I had 5 sets available and choose not to have any graded. The contents of the Coin & Currency set is still a well kept secret among mint employees or they’re not talk’n. It’s been a long day.., more to follow…

  74. Hawkster says

    Dave SW FL,

    I think that you are suggesting that the Glades puck might start off at the $154.95 price and then later show a price drop if silver continues to languish. If that’s the case, the early buyers may get burned and the more patient buyers rewarded. Correct?

  75. GoldFishin says

    @VA Rich- I hear you about the beltway….my son used to play youth travel ice hockey and from time to time we would have tourneys in D.C. and around the area. I COULD NOT live there just because of the beltway system. IT is a madhouse. Get some rest and let us know tomorrow about the trip and if anyone graded any of the Kennedy’s silver coins. Happy trails>>>

  76. Bob R says

    With all due respects for the current prices and inventories for the gld hof coins in the bay running at 418 all categories, kennedy gld 450 units, commodities crashing with the strong dollar, now slv getting crushed along side gld, I see absolutely no upside to all the modern mint coins at this time. I will not buy these mint products with a 70% to 100% markup over the price of the commodity.
    I have been buying all the ATB pucks in double since day one from the mint, I will wait until the price drops for FL, if and when it does I will jump on them like a bird on a bug, but only then.
    One last rant, I am still shorting the Russian stock market, the little “runt” running the country is chasing investments away.

  77. Jerry Diekmann says

    Why would someone want to buy a HOF baseball commemorative coin with the “autograph” of Mickey Mantle, who has been dead for more than 19 years? Last I heard dead people can’t write, but crooks can use facsimile signatures to sell products at very inflated prices. Next we will have Washington quarters in capsules “signed” by George Washington! What if someone came up with a Byzantine gold in a TPG capsule coin showing Jesus Christ that was signed by Him? When is this TPG lunacy going to end – probably only when they run out of marks. “A fool and his money are soon pared”.

  78. Eagle One says


    Just goes to show that it is so hard to make money legitimately in this country right now. The unethical SBs are willing to try just about any freaking thing.

  79. Jerry Diekmann says

    About the nickels. Some day – eventually, when Congress finally decides to act, nickel will be removed from the nickels and replaced by nickel-plated steel, as Canada has been doing for over ten years now. However, I don’t think hoarding nickels would be practical if the Mint does switch to a baser metal. The nickel only contains 25% nickel – the rest is copper. This is a far cry from silver coins, which contained 90% of the precious metal, which was worth far more than nickel. I’m guessing that when the Mint finally goes to a cheaper alloy it will mint billions of them as it goes about reclaiming all the older nickels. I don’t see the value of the older nickels increasing, though, even after millions of them have been melted down to recover their copper and nickel. This will be a lot like Europe, in which many countries switched to euros and the marks and francs were no longer specie – they haven’t gone up in price because they were replaced by euros.

  80. Eagle One says


    You are right. We are becoming more and more like Europe every day. Fewer and fewer property owners and more Peasants. The Proletariats continue to be reduced to the Vulgar as the Bourgeois continue to encroach on the World’s economy. In Europe, families hoard metals and the possession of metal is a source of family income and a sign of family wealth. But the greatest index of wealth in Europe is property or dirt. The same is true for Asia. The same behaviors – identical but to varying scales. But far more deep seated than that observed in the US where we buy stocks and dirt. It just hasn’t gotten that bad here yet. I have traveled the World and observed it all first hand. When there is no income avenues for the common people; they tend to hoard metals, engage in unethical business practices, and work for grossly depressed wages. So, this may be the trend of things to come here at home. As far as your concern regarding circulating coinage, hardened aluminum alloys would serve better.

  81. posterhunter says

    The March Of Dimes probably will not get a single penny out of this commemorative because sales will be horrible. They have to sell enough to cover mint costs and I doubt they are able to achieve that level.

    The Civil Rights coin has also had horrible sales so far this year, not enough to make money for the charity.

    They should have made the March Of Dimes coin an exact replica of the Mercury Dime and they would have made millions.

  82. VA Rich says

    GF – trip was good, glad I went. I walked the bourse Friday afternoon and popped in Saturday and the only JFK sets I saw was the one I had in my hand and the two on display at the mint kiosk (they weren’t selling, just had a single display and computer/phone for purchases). PCGS would have graded them for $75 for standard JFK/FS label – I passed. Too expensive and too iffy, my Enhanced do not look like the pics I’ve seen on line, of the 5 coins, I have one that has a consistent laser polish. A couple of my proofs have issues as well so I will wait a while like you and grab a set at a reasonable price as I suspect a tuck load will be graded as a result of the quick shipping.
    Learn a lot from the class, and appreciate the openness of the dialogue- it was really insightful. I learned that I can’t tell the difference between 1926-D 5c that is spliced and halved back together with a different reverse to make a MS67 and the real thing! I’ll share some highlights that relate to past discussions/comments over the past year as I recall.
    – Grading is FAR MORE subjective than I realized. I think we’re our on worst enemy thinking these grades are the end all. It was interesting to hear that someone submitted a coin 23 times to PCGS and finally got the desired grade, talk about grading fees!
    – There was discussion on grading practices and policies that was in a very profession context, I can’t go into the details here, though I WILL NEVER buy a slabbed coin from any TPG other than NGC/PCGS, which also guarantee their product.

  83. VA Rich says

    – All grading is done by hand. NGC attempted to use a computer with software written to grade Morgans, though couldn’t get height determination right – so no computer grading. There’s only like 22 graders which 9-10 focus on moderns, 10 world graders, and 1 ancient.
    – If you want to be a grader you won’t be taking vacation January thru March as you’ll grading Eagles at a rate of 1 per 3-5 seconds. Yeah
    – My hats off the individual graders as they seem to have such a passion for coins. The impression that I got is that they know coins so intimately they need 10-20 seconds to make a grade, unless it’s a rarity.
    – NGC’s process is to have 3 graders review each coin, unless it’s a bulk run or moderns and if they agree it gets slabbed I recall. They have no idea whose coins they are grading, the First Baseman receives the coins in a flip via a runner, after the second review the Finalizer approves the grade or made the final determination.
    – We were taught just a use our vision and rotate under incandescent light. Only used a 5x magnification to go into problem areas. I used my loupe too much!
    – Rotating the coin under good light is key. Start with it upright and then turn 90 degrees and rotate again.

  84. VA Rich says

    – I learned a lot about toning, and would NEVER buy a toned coin that wasn’t certified. Saw a 2006-W ASE that was toned, someone had drilled a hole in the top on the slab and pumped gas in to it. That resulted in a criminal case.
    – There’s a Type 3 Buff, in 1917 they made Chiefs nose a little smaller! lol
    – They don’t screw around with people altering slabbed coins and apparently criminal prosecution is rather frequent.

  85. VA Rich says

    – They spend a lot on technology and trying to stay ahead of counterfeits. We may see the hologram soon whereby you shoot a laser at it and NGC is projected on the wall – that’s cool.
    – Accidents to happen in the process of slabbing a coin. If a finger print is left and like tones, they will buy it back as part of the guarantee.
    – If cleaning a coin, you had better know what you’re doing, especially use of a Q tip as hairline marks may be left.

  86. VA Rich says

    – Had an interesting chat with a nice gentleman from the mint. I found it intriguing that they really view themselves as vendors just like everyone else at the show and not like in charge of a show when a new release is offered. The mint just wants to stick to their charter and bring new offerings out to collectors and sell coins, period. They could care less about dealers and there’s no cahoots going on. They really didn’t expect the high sales of the JFK clads and were taken back on the bus loads after the gold JFKs, the level of demand at the show totally unexpected . Due to the complexities of production, packaging, shipping, etc., they often don’t know how much product will be available for shows.
    – Many of the questions we ask on MNB and want answers too, due to the complexities of production, packaging, shipping, etc., they often don’t know either. Everything is gauged by demand trends to meet demand and minimize cost.
    – We may see UHR sales at a show next year though timing of the release may be altered from what we’ve seen in the past, if I understood correctly. I see several possibilities here for the good.
    – All in all, I walked away with strong appreciation for just how much these graders must know all about all the various coins and varieties, very impressive, and I have sooo much to learn!

  87. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- very insightful…..I already practice most of the precautions about purchasing non graded coins that you mentioned. I am skeptical almost to a fault. I don’t even accept that is coin is authentic even if it is in a slab. I report sellers on ebay all the time and I am surprised how many people fall for their feits and leave great reviews.
    Cutting a coin in half I haven’t heard….wow on that one. I would like to think I could spot something like that by the deviation in polish marks, but if you couldn’t tell I am not so sure.
    How much attention do they pay to strike? I know PCGS places a huge emphasis on Strike and Eye Appeal….sort of gives them the last say when you dispute a coin’s grade.

    My take away is….not enough grading time is given to grade the coins. I rotate my coins under my recess lighting if it is at night or if during the day I stand near a window without direct sunlight and do the same thing. If outside I stand in a shaded area on a sunny day and rotate the coin. I have found that either indirect sunlight from a window or outside in the shade makes imperfections jump out at you. I use 5x because you can see the entire coin better, I then go over it in detail with a 10x before I will submit them(to save money). I probably spend minutes checking a coin out, but the most obvious things you can see right away. It seems to me that the bulk graders still gain an advantage because of the lack of time spent grading their bulk submission. I think you could still interpret that as an intentional bias towards the big customers.
    I never clean a coin and I never use a Qtip on a proof coin. I have used Qtips to remove foreign objects(arm pit hair) from a coin, but all you have to do is lightly touch it and it will pick it up. I never swab the coin at all.

    It sounds like you learned a lot and now we have your comments archived so we can use them as a reference. Thanks!!
    I have one question, how many beers does it take before a MS61 coin looks like a MS67 coin? 🙂

  88. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- also I never buy a ANACS or an ICG coin,,,,never. I don’t care how ANACS started out. I have been shouted down here on MNB by a very prominent poster because I made that comment once, so I just leave it alone, obviously stepped on the toes of someone’s collection. 😉

  89. Tinto says


    “….not enough grading time is given to grade the coins.”

    Totally agree …. how on earth can a limited number (have NGC/PCGS/ANACS given information on how many graders they employ?) of graders truly assess and correctly grade perhaps thousands of coins in a short time span (have these TPGs broken out the number of coins one of their graders grade on an average day?) is something I find totally puzzling.

  90. Hawkster says


    After a grader has examined 100’s of coins during the course of a day, I would think eye fatigue would eventually set in, compromising the grading. Or, the grader being ill. Or, the grader not sleeping well the night before. Or, the grader being in a bad mood after a fight with his wife. I think you get my point: There are too many variables that make grading far from objective.

  91. Joe says

    I see they are selling TPG coins ( ASE’s) with the MLB licensed SF Giants and KC Royals labels. What is the connection ? There is none. The extra money to be made by selling the labels is all. They will probably expand to all the professional sports teams in time.

  92. TimTom says

    On ANACS/ICG/PCI etc … if you are a single collector, grading with them just for authenticity and most problems seems fine. But when you see that FDOI or whatever pedigree name on the slab, run away, because it’s most likely been graded “differently” or it’ a crap coin to begin with. I’m referring to the hucksters on shopping channels, tv commercials, non-PNG dealers or just cheap e-bay dealers. It’s sad to say but not knowing where a submission originated makes it almost impossible to trust the grade/value of the coin inside the 2nd tier slabs. And that’s why we refer to them as 2nd tier slabs.

    On a personal note – I prefer PCGS for some coins, NGC for others and would not be against submitting to ANACS on my own just for grade/authenticity. But if I tried to sell that coin on the bay or any other avenue, I know it won’t realize as much as I think it should/would in NGC/PCGS even if the grade is “right”

  93. Hawkster says

    Getting back to the March of Dimes, which is supposedly a non-profit, charitable organization: The executive director makes $102,000 per year and the average salary of its employees is $45,000 per year.
    So yes, a good percentage of contributions go toward paying salaries.

  94. sharks2th says

    Metals are continuing their slide in Asia right now. Silver is down over 2% and below $16. It looks like gold and platinum could drop a tier this coming week at the Mint. If the slide continues they could possibly drop 2 tiers.

    The Mint is going to have trouble selling the upcoming P pucks if they don’t lower the price. $154.95 for less than $80 of silver is a bad deal. The premium wasn’t this high when silver was pushing $50.

  95. jeff says

    There’s a new cowboy in town his name is Peterson he could care less about the collector. It’s max profits that’s it his republiturd buddy’s will see to it. The plan will be to close down the mint or at least out source it to the Asians lol

  96. says

    Sharks, You’re right on in your expectations, I’m with you. I am pretty certain though that at the present price of precious metals the US Mint is now in negative earnings territory which may rival 2012 Mint losses. This will undoubtedly be an interesting end of the year watching for what mintages will look like.

  97. NC_Stacker says

    VA Rich

    Thank you for the posting. I learned something new today because of your trip.

    About the splicing of a coin, it reminds me of the spy coin. Google spy coin

  98. Bob R says

    Interesting thing about the Kennedy silver set now…a lot of what if’s…
    I don’t see the mint selling near 300k at these prices, what a joke.
    I am old school, 18th, 19th, and early 20th century coins are really collectables.
    They do not and will never follow the whim of SLV & GLD prices.
    The new modern coin collectors only hope to get back into history for values
    only to be crushed with the strength of the dollar, the fall of the VIX,, and the
    hope of a cheap metal to make a come back.
    Sure SLV & Gld will come back again some day (it may hit $6 before it hits $50), and oil will too. As long as the dollar gains strength, Sadie Arabia controls the prices of oil (they are holding prices low to hurt competition, from Russia, South America, Canada, and Northern US) that is the business of commodities.
    Forgive me for my long rant, I enjoy collecting coins, just hate losing values in investments.

  99. Tinto says


    Agree ..

    Totally dumb but there’s someone dumber who will buy the MLB label on an ASE …… so the TPG makes out like a bandit … IMO …

    what next, horoscope labels … ?

    Maybe they have it already for the Chinese lunar coins …..

  100. Pittsburgh P says

    Damn I didn’t even see this thread til now, was still watching the JFK thread…

    VaRich you meet up with any of the MNB crew in Baltimore?

  101. cagcrisp says

    With the Morning fix in the books ($1,170.75) it would take an Average of $1,216.78 the remaining 5 fixes Plus an Afternoon fix of Over $1,200.00 for there to NOT be a price reduction..

  102. CasualCollector says

    I see on eBay a few sellers with Kennedy Silver (K13) graded 69 (NGC and PCGS). Some as 4-coin sets, others as individual coins. One seller has 10 available 4-coin sets graded 69.

    I wish I had the statistics regarding how many sets that seller submitted to get 10 of each coin as a 69. How many were 70 (or how many were lower than 69)?

  103. cagcrisp says

    @Mr. Kairu, There really is no set time. The past two weeks IF it was not out by Now it would not be out until Tuesday morning. Since the change over to the new Mint’s site, things have changed.

  104. Mr. Kairu says

    Ah that makes sense, thanks Cag. I (along with others I would suspect) are anxious to find out what the numbers are for the Kennedy silver set. 😀 Soon I suppose.

  105. Eagle One says

    I just placed another order for a K13 at 12AM Today (+144 hrs.) and the invoice number was 2,663,7XX. However, I think the counting of invoices is no longer an accurate method of estimating K13 sales. I am waiting for the official number from the Mint too.

  106. fmtransmitter says

    CasualCollector says
    NOVEMBER 3, 2014 AT 9:03 AM

    I see on eBay a few sellers with Kennedy Silver (K13) graded 69 (NGC and PCGS). Some as 4-coin sets, others as individual coins. One seller has 10 available 4-coin sets graded 69.

    I wish I had the statistics regarding how many sets that seller submitted to get 10 of each coin as a 69. How many were 70 (or how many were lower than 69)?
    Email them via ebay and ask…They may be willing to share their experience and if you could pass it along to the rest of us, that would be welcome too! 🙂

  107. fmtransmitter says

    NC_Stacker says
    NOVEMBER 2, 2014 AT 9:59 PM

    VA Rich

    Thank you for the posting. I learned something new today because of your trip.

    About the splicing of a coin, it reminds me of the spy coin. Google spy coin

    Also that coin that opened up into a locket on Pawn Stars..That was really cool!

  108. Dave SW FL says

    Even junk silver coinage is catching a high premium – now above 15% ! That has doubled in the last few weeks. Think my cancelled puck subscription will go to a bullion puck and some of that ” junk”!

  109. Samuel says

    how to delete the “My Product Enrollments”, since there is no 10% discount?
    have to call?

  110. NC_Stacker says

    I just received the 2nd order first of K13. I have to send one set back as there is something on the West Point coin right in the middle of Kennedy’s head and it looks like its growing ( could be Ebola). It’s not a coin defect but something when the capsule was placed to seal the coin. I’ll post an image of it later.

    Now the bigger question, do I open the 1st order when it arrives to make sure everything is OK or take my chances down the road. Oh the options.

  111. John Q. Coinage says

    Maybe sell like 10,ooo unc & 50,000 proof IF lucky; maybe if it was to research EBOLA cure the people would care…..maybe an opportunity for a low mintage coin, but who will buy it from YOU or ME? melt value v. cost, melt now @ like $14 & the mint will charge almost $50…yeah that FAIR!

  112. says

    Hey, I was looking at my enhanced s haves I noticed that some are frosted in lines from noise to neck, but one of the 5 shows almost no lines where the laser enhanced the head. Has anyone else noted this?

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