2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollars

Today, March 13, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollars. The coins are issued to recognize and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the March of Dimes Foundation.

The commemorative coin program was authorized under Public Law 112-209 and provides for up to 500,000 coins to be minted and issued across proof and uncirculated versions. Under the law, the designs are to be emblematic of the mission and programs of the March of Dimes, and its distinguished record of generating Americans’ support to protect our children’s health.

2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar

The selected obverse design for the silver dollar is intended to represent the past of the foundation. It carries profile portraits of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Jonas Salk, two leaders in the fight against polio. The inscriptions are “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “2015”. The obverse was designed by Paul C. Balan and engraved by Michael Gaudioso.


The reverse design is intended to represent the foundation’s current dedication to the health of babies everywhere. It depicts a baby cuddled in the hand of a parent. The inscriptions are “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, “$1”, and “March of Dimes”. The reverse was designed and engraved by Don Everhart.

The United States Mint had initially prepared 22 different obverse and 18 different reverse design candidates for the program. In addition to depictions of President Roosevelt, Dr. Salk, and babies, some candidates had included images of Mercury Dimes and Roosevelt Dimes associated with the organization’s fundraising efforts. View all design candidates here.

During the design review phase, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) had recommended the selected obverse, but an alternate reverse depicting a mother cradling a baby in her arms. The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) had recommended an alternative obverse carrying an image of Dr. Jonas Salk, a 1946 Roosevelt Dime, and a dime fundraising card. For the reverse they had recommended an alternate design showing a dime being inserted into a collection card slot and a pair of leg braces and shoes. Find coverage of the CCAC and CFA recommendations here and here.

Under the authorizing legislation, the Secretary of the Treasury had the final authority to select the designs for the coin, following consultation with the March of Dimes and Commission of Fine Arts and review by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

The 2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollars are available in proof and uncirculated versions. The proof version is struck at the West Point Mint and carries the “W” mint mark. The uncirculated version is struck at the Philadelphia Mint and carries the “P” mint mark. Each coin is struck in 90% silver with a weight of 26.73 grams and diameter of 1.500 inches. The maximum mintage is 500,000 across both proof and uncirculated versions.

The silver dollars are initially available under introductory pricing of $46.95 for the proof and $43.95 for the uncirculated coin. After April 13, 2015 at 3:00 PM ET, regular pricing of $51.95 for the proof and $48.95 for the uncirculated coin will go into effect.

A special set containing the proof silver dollar and two specially produced 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes will be offered for sale on May 4, 2015. This set carries a product limit of 75,000 units and an ordering limit of 5 units per household. Additional information on the special set can be found here.

The prices for all 2015 March of Dimes Commemorative Silver Dollars include a surcharge of $10 per coin. These surcharges are distributable to the March of Dimes to help finance research, education, and services aimed at improving the health of women, infants, and children.

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  1. Ends in Error says

    Number 9.

    Number 9

    Number 9

    What can I say, I got a little obsessed.

    Last I checked it was down to 10 left.

    I think 9 is enough. Ordered one at a time.

  2. Ends in Error says

    Wow 9 left.

    I got enough.

    9 is such a cool number.

    I remember Delaware Tag #9 sold for something like $600,000 a few years ago , maybe 2006 ?

  3. Ends in Error says

    Hawkster , maybe so but I got em all sealed in separate boxes.

    I just love sealed boxes.

  4. Rick says

    Folks, well done. Just one caveat, because we bought the last batch. Many of them may be defect returns. In case that you want to return those defected ones to the mint, make sure let them know that they are defects. So the mint won’t resell them. Otherwise, it will take the Mint forever to annnouce the official sold out.

  5. says

    Ends in Error,
    After reading Rick’s caveat, maybe you’ll want to open those sealed boxes

    Folks, it’s been fun watching and commenting on this successfully concluded countdown.

  6. Ends in Error says

    I got one of the Proof Eleanor Roosevelt’s in the last countdown – it seemed to be A – OK .

    No worries about the Uncs x 9.

  7. Hidalgo says

    The First Spouse Eleanor Roosevelt uncirculated gold coins are no longer available, as of this writing, on USMint.gov. However, as I found with the proof version, they can still be purchased at other government-run locations.

  8. Brad says

    They may re-appear on the website briefly a few times as well in the next few days, due to possible cancellations. That happened with the proof coin as I recall.

  9. Hidalgo says

    Edit: I should have said that they may still be purchased at other government-run locations. I found that the proof version of the First Spouse gold coin was available for several days (after the coin was no longer available online) at the US Mint’s shop in Washington, DC.

    I did not buy the proof gold coin in Washington, DC. I buy coins for the long term. After seeing how the First Spouse gold coins I bought during 2010 – 2012 dropped in value with the fall in gold bullion prices, I decided that I would no longer play the speculation game. I will buy what I will enjoy.

  10. Ends in Error says


    Yeah I used to live in Delaware. I remember when those tags ( #6 followed by #9 a few years later) sold for the big bucks, it made some headlines. Crazy stuff , paying the big bucks for single digit tags.

    Best I ever had was a 5 digit tag. I think those could sell for a couple hundred. If you asked the right person at the DMV, you could get hooked up for free.

  11. says

    I think you have unwittingly set up the potential for Monday morning stampedes in Washington, Philly, and Denver, with coin nuts attempting to get the last quantities of theses now coveted Eleanor FS products. Extra security personnel are standing by.

  12. Mark says

    Everyone must be taking a nap now…I did buy one. Dont know why…Hate selling big dollar items on feebay.

  13. says

    Do you think that some of those possible cancellations might come from MNB participants who just wanted to speed up the final couple hours of the countdown?

  14. TheCoinKeeper says

    I see the opposite for the metals and miners. Gold and silver should have a third leg down in this cyclical bear market to $900 and $12, respectively–possibly lower. Any bounces now will likely not last. A deflationary bust is already emerging in oil and will soon spread to other commodities. Economic conditions for the globe are rolling over, the dollar continues to surge and could move another 25% before it stops. That’s bearish for metals. A cyclical bear market may see the bottom later this year, but for now, gold has more downside.

  15. Rick says


    Generally equity price leads fundamental roughly by 6 months. I expect PM to bootom out later this year. That’s why I expect big V reversal in Gold equity very soon. If you are risk averse, buy SLW or Royal Gold now.

  16. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp, et al- just got my call back from a CSR supervisor from the US Mint….couple days later but she was super nice and understood my problem. She said they were working on trying to clear up the return/exchange problems and was aware that customers did not like having to reorder items that they only wanted to exchange. Long story short….she gave me the introductory pricing I had when I placed the order and credited me for my shipping, so net net it didn’t cost me anything extra to reorder my USM clad proof coins. Just thought it was worth reporting something good from the Mint. This supervisor was well aware of the issues we are complaining about, said they were trying to clarify and fix things, and was VERY nice and professional!! I vote we put her in charge. 😉

  17. jeff says

    I think you need to wait before you call a sellout. We know the mint can and has minted more even though the sold out status . Anyways you must wait because it’s not a sellout until Dusty says so. I concur gold, silver heading south who’s the DA making an uneducated guess it’s going higher gave no insite comment voided.

  18. Dave SW FL says

    Rick, Ralph, Brad
    I must admit I completely misread demand for ER FS Unc. Hope anybody wanting that one didn’t pay attention to my post.
    I am a believer that the mint has abandoned the policy of announcing sell out status and removing sold out product from the ordering catalog. This is quite unfortunate as it gives false hope to their customers who might otherwise use the funds they are saving for a product that will NEVER be available to buy something else from them. Then at some point, the customer just loses interest and goes out and buys a big screen TV or something else that tickles their fancy.
    Too bad. Bad business decision. Who could possibly benefit from this crazy policy?

  19. Dustyroads says

    GoldFishin~ I like it when I get some genuine help, nothing makes me more happy. Those are the people I want to give gift certificates to when I’m able.

  20. Hidalgo says

    In general, there is an inverse relationship between the strength of the US economy and the value of gold. I have been saying this for years. When the US economy is strong, the dollar tends to strengthen (as we are seeing now) and gold prices fall.

    However, I am uncertain how much longer the US economy will continue to grow. The economy has been strengthening since June 2009 — or for nearly 5.5 years. During that time, my stock portfolio has done exceedingly well (much, much better than my portfolio in precious metals). I won’t speculate as to a timeframe, but will say that all good things do come to an end — at least temporarily.

    When the next recession hits, expect the prices of precious metals to rise again. That will be the best time to sell your coins (as we saw during the 2011 timeframe when gold was around $1,800 per ounce, and silver was around $44 per ounce).

  21. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, interesting and agreeable comments on the economy and the value of gold. I’m not looking for a recession any time soon as the economy is in early growing stages and it may be many years before that recession hits. If we only knew when, meanwhile the gains in our stock portfolio will continue to do well for the remainder of this year.

  22. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, Good to see that you got a Favorable outcome from the Mint. IF you buy a product at Said price and have to return it, it is only fair to give you a replacement at Said price…

    OFF TOPIC….I was out all day yesterday as I went to Oaklawn Park to see American Pharoah run in the Rebel Stakes. American Pharaoh is the Current favorite for the Kentucky Derby and was making his first start as a 3 year old and first race since September 27, 2014. Very Very Impressive….

    Gold coins, Silver coins and Circus coins…

  23. Louis says

    Hidalgo- As a general principle I agree with your comments on metals and the economy, but remember that at the height of the latest recession in late 2008 precious metals were down sharply – gold and platinum were $800 an ounce and silver was about $10, and in the summer of 2011 when metals peaked the economy was doing quite well and as you noted the recession was over by then.

  24. D Rittenhouse says

    The National Bureau of Economic Research assigns the “official” begin and end dates for US economic contractions/recessions and, according to the NBER, the “Great Recession” began in December, 2007 and ended in June, 2009. See:

    The London AM gold fixing on Dec 31, 2007 was $836.50. On Oct 24, 2008, during the depths of the last US recession, the London PM gold fixing had fallen to $692.50. Be careful.

  25. D Rittenhouse says

    Correction to my previous comment.

    The Oct 24, 2008 London AM (not the PM) gold fixing was set at $692.50.

  26. Billy the Kid says

    There is a major glut in the oil patch…and in currencies.

    Many countries that have been major sellers of oil now need to sell their gold reserves to keep from going bankrupt. Expect more revolutions. Russia and South American countries will opt for new leaders. The old guard will fight to stay in power.

    Expect gold to shine bright.
    Dump inflated currencies and stocks now.
    Be long Gold and Silver coins. Hold for the long haul.

    Billy the Kid

  27. fmtransmitter says

    Billy the Kid says
    MARCH 15, 2015 AT 12:44 PM

    There is a major glut in the oil patch…and in currencies.

    Many countries that have been major sellers of oil now need to sell their gold reserves to keep from going bankrupt. Expect more revolutions. Russia and South American countries will opt for new leaders. The old guard will fight to stay in power.

    Expect gold to shine bright.
    Dump inflated currencies and stocks now.
    Be long Gold and Silver coins. Hold for the long haul.

    Billy the Kid
    Thanks for your HUMBLE OPINION

  28. Brad says

    Yeah, and they weren’t even careful enough to be certain their description is for the correct coin. Read it and you’ll be reading about Ellen Wilson!

    I wonder if APMEX was the one that took the number remaining from 50+ to 25 in one drop? I figured it was someone with deep pockets who bought that batch!

  29. Ends in Error says

    There are 68 2014 Florence Harding Proof First Spouse Coins left on the Mint website. Is anyone interested in those? It’s looking like those might come in a little under the Eleanor Roosevelt Proof as the new low mintage proof FS. Of course Eleanor wins in the popularity contest so 10 or 20 less mintage might not be a factor.

    I got 1 Florence proof, no more for me.

  30. says

    Called the Philly & Denver gift shops this morning…neither sells ANY First Spouse Gold coins…only gold they sell are Buffalo’s and Eagles

  31. says

    I called the 202-354-6800 number at 10am and was told they do not take phone orders….only over the counter sells. He told me to call 1-800-USA-Mint.
    Does anyone know if the guy I talked to was misinformed?…he seemed like a jerk to me.

  32. Louis says

    The DC sales counter only does in person sales. It is different from Philly and Denver, which are privately run. In DC it is mint employees who work there, and it is just a couple glass cases and 1-2 clerks in the lobby of the Mint’s HQ.

  33. Sith says

    I never called the DC gift shop I did call the Philadelphia mint’s gift shop (215-408-0230) and had them ship me a couple of coins.

  34. cagcrisp says

    Excel spreadsheet is Out. For Most Non Gold/Silver items the spreadsheet is accurate…

  35. Rick says

    ER uncirculated gold sale number by Sunday –1924! New Key by a significant margin!! Lowest mintage for any US Mint gold coin for over 100 years!!!

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