2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set

Today, May 4, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set. The set is released as part of the commemorative coin program and includes two specially issued Roosevelt Dimes exclusive to the set.

The March of Dimes Commemorative Coins were authorized under Public Law 112-209, which provided for the issuance of up to 500,000 silver dollars in proof and uncirculated versions. The obverse design of the silver dollar is intended to represent the past of the March of Dimes Foundation and features profile portraits of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Jonas Salk, two leaders in the fight against polio. The reverse design represents the foundation’s current dedication to the health of babies everywhere with a depiction of a baby in the hand of a parent.

The United States Mint began sales for individual proof and uncirculated versions of the silver dollars on March 13, 2015. Opening sales for the coins were somewhat tepid at 16,436 proofs and 7,940 uncirculated coins for a combined total of 24,376, representing less than 5% of the maximum authorized mintage. The most recently weekly sales report shows sales now reaching 42,424 proofs and 19,434 uncirculated coins for a combined total of 61,858.


The 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set, which goes on sale today, contains the proof version of the commemorative silver dollar, one 2015 Reverse Proof Silver Roosevelt Dimes struck at the Philadelphia Mint with the “P” mint mark, and one 2015 Proof Silver Roosevelt Dime Struck at the West Point Mint with the “W” mint mark. The two dimes are struck in a composition of 90% silver and stated as only available within the special set.


Each of the dimes represent different firsts within the Roosevelt Dime series. The silver reverse proof dime will represent the first time that the reverse proof finish has been used within the series. The silver proof dime will represent the first time that a 90% silver dime has been struck at the West Point Mint. Both coins will also gain status as the lowest mintage issues of the Roosevelt Dime series.

The March of Dimes Special Silver Set is priced at $61.95. This compares to regular pricing of $51.95 for the individual proof commemorative silver dollar.

A maximum production limit of 75,000 units has been assigned to the set. Orders will initially be limited to five units per household. The Mint will re-evaluate the order limit over the period the set is available for sale.

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  1. Louis says

    Thanks, CC. I am going to call and ask if/why they changed policies.

    Phelps- I am in the same boat. I just wish there were a capsule for them.

  2. Mr. Kairu says

    @The Phelps and others…
    Yeah I bought three of those Privateer Rounds also. They are amazing! Got the first one and I needed more so bought two more (one for son down the road and another possibly for pocket piece). I plan on raising my son thinking they were handed down from pirate ancestors and contain cursed powers. 🙂

  3. mark says

    Just called Denver shop. Said you have to order directly from U S Mint. Because of household limit.

  4. Teach says

    @Louis – please let us know what you hear back concerning their current policies.

  5. D Rittenhouse says

    The Mint made this statement on Facebook about the MoD Special Silver Sets:
    “they will not be available at our retail locations.”

    Since the Mint operates only a single retail location (its store inside the D.C. HQ), the plural “locations” would have to be interpreted as including the Philadelphia and Denver contractor-operated retail locations.


  6. Teach says

    I think the reason for less comments was due to the EU Sacs being a surprise offering. No surprise here. Plus all of the mystery when ordering the Sacs. Windows opening and closing on sales. There were just things happening that we hadn’t experienced before. Maybe that is why there are not as many comments. I wouldn’t think it would be due to lack of interest, sales seem to be as strong as expected.

  7. mark says

    Told the guy at the Denver shop. Somebody has them in hand on ebay already. His response was WOW dont know how he got them already..his final word was (Interesting).

  8. Teach says

    First day FS slabbed DC dimes! Good thing everyone didn’t know about the DC shop selling these sets, it would have been like Chicago ( Gold Kennedy ) all over again 🙂

  9. Dustyroads says

    Called the DC Mint store, MoD sets were indeed sold from that location at noon.

  10. Louis says

    Dusty- But did they say any where left? They told me yes, but they guy who answered was not one of the folks I usually talk to, and I wonder if he was confused. Seems very odd to post a note on FB and then do the opposite!

  11. mark says

    I think the mint has some explaining to do. If I would have known that I would have hired homeless people and brought them in by the bus load.

  12. Teach says

    The DC shop must have been selling more than the HH limit at their store because the guy on eBay has 10 available for sale right now. Unless he had someone else go in and buy more for him.

  13. Louis says

    I would have jumped in my private jet and hired out of work actors to run across the street and scream “they have the MOD sets”!!! and then bought a nice mansion with the profits.

  14. mark says

    They were indeed sold there. The guy on ebay says he has the receipt from the DC Mint.

  15. GoldFishin says

    OT- Received my Kisatchie bullion pucks from Provident today. I have to give the US Mint a shout out for so drastically improving the quality over the Everglades and Homestead coins. I would not be surprised if we see a couple of 70 grades come out this offering.
    Also I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the large pine tree on the left and the tall grass at the bottom of the Reverse create a really large “L”. To me it really jumped off the coin, had never noticed it until I had them in hand. Maybe it was the strong tea I just drank! 🙂

  16. Boz says

    I would have told my friends at the Amtrak police to come down at 2 minutes before noon and force the waiting line to relocate across the street. Then make a video of people falling down in the street and sell it to America’s Most Funniest.

  17. JBK says

    If they intend to chase labels then the joke might be on those who bought in person in DC. I am pretty sure the dollar coin will not be slabbed as being from the special set since they are not sealed in a shipping box.

    If they just want to sell raw (which is how I collect them) then it is not an issue, of course.

  18. Ikaika says

    Person on the Bay selling the MOD has this note: “Brand New – Purchase on 5/4/2015 12:06 PM from DC US Mint Store. Receipt indicates purchased on 5/4/2015 11:06 AM (instead of 12:06 PM)”

    Question: DC is Eastern time. US Mint started the sale at 12:00 pm EST. Why would the receipt be 11:06 am? Doesn’t the mint go by EST? Or only for internet sales?

  19. Teach says

    My guess is that they didn’t change the time on their register when they were to spring ahead one hour.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Where’s the guy with the you-tube video of coins falling out of his mouth? He always posts a quick video of in hand products he gets from the D.C. shop….

  21. fmtransmitter says

    Nope, he’s in VA, he has them, the actual pic helps…lol, he changed the time. Hello ebay flipper, we know u are here!

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Maybe it’s KCSO! He’s been undercover for awhile…Jade Helm 15…

  23. Mark says

    SALIVATEMETALS…has changed his youtube intro….no more mouth full of coins

  24. cagcrisp says

    Still not OOS. Not good for those planning on retiring on the Sales Proceeds…

  25. TMMSR0127 says


    I am surprised that there is not an OOS yet. I really thought that there would be a quick sell out considering the fact that 15,000 buyers maxing out their purchase of five would very quickly wipe out the 75,000 available. Oh well I have been wrong before, and I will be wrong again…

  26. Brad says

    There’s no way that all 75,000 of these sets have not been sold yet. A lot of orders are going to be cancelled due to lack of inventory. The problem is, it may take 2+ months before that happens. The Mint really shouldn’t string people along like that.

  27. D Rittenhouse says

    cagcrisp says
    MAY 4, 2015 AT 1:53 PM
    Before you guys Count all the money you are going to make on these coins, …

    cagcrisp says
    MAY 4, 2015 AT 6:53 PM
    … Not good for those planning on retiring on the Sales Proceeds.

    I wonder whether this person realizes he’s the only one here actually talking about wild profits.

  28. Dave SW FL says

    We need a statement of how many sets were available for sale today.

    Also, a statement of who made the decision to sell these at the DC store after the release stating they would NOT be sold there.

    Is ANYBODY in governmental positions accountable for ANYTHING anymore??

  29. cagcrisp says

    They have 5 more back in Inventory to Sell. I just Cancelled my order…

  30. GoldFishin says

    Earliest reported order#03186xxx 12:01EST
    Latest reported order #03209xxx 2:18 EST

    That’s about 23K orders if my math is correct…..I would make an educated guess that there were at least 2.5 sets per order, probably closer to 3. For every customer that buys one or two sets, I believe there is another customer that purchases the max 5.
    8/3= 2.66 multiplied by 23K comes to around 61,180 set sold by 2:18 est. I think this is a rather conservative estimate. I expect if we are not sold out already, we will be by tomorrow sometime.

    From the posts here on MNB when backorder status was first implemented I would guess there were in the neighborhood of 40K units sold. I am thinking maybe that is what they had in stock ready to go, could be less than that. Again, just guesses based on the posts here….don’t shoot the messenger. 😉


  31. Louis says

    By now it should be apparent to anyone who has followed the changes to the Mint’s site that there is an ongoing problem with how products are tagged as out of stock, backordered, etc. My first article for Coin World was about that very issue and was written in part in hopes it would have some impact, but it continues to be an issue. So no assumptions can be made from the lack of OOS. It seems pretty safe to say they either sold all the sets that were ready and then backordered it, or may have sold all of them already, in which case those ordering now will be disappointed.

    I did my part to try to get things straightened out, but the Eleanor Roosevelt situation alone showed it is still a problem.

  32. SilverFan says

    cagcrisp says
    MAY 4, 2015 AT 7:47 PM

    They have 5 more back in Inventory to Sell. I just Cancelled my order…

    Why? If a few sets were sold in DC, that means that they have stock on hand and should ship soon.

  33. Louis says

    Dave SW FL- I agree there is a contradiction that needs to be addressed and will try to find out what happened, but how accountable are people in non-governmental positions these days? When CEO’s run their companies into the ground, or help cause a global economic crisis, what happens? They get paid even more than they did before and get bigger bonuses. So there are problems all around esp. at the top.

  34. Barry says

    @Goldfishin- Sorry for the delay in responding. I had a family issue for a couple days. Thank you for the reply. The Guardhouse capsule was labeled 39mm but, it fit a 38mm Canadian Maple Leaf coin. I bought a silver round ( Hercules _ Mares ) that they mint and they list it as 39 mm. The round didn’t fit the 39mm capsule. Their is an issue with the capsule ( labeling or Manufacture ) or ,the round is a little oversized, Provident denies any error on their part and only said to order Airtite capsules on future orders.

  35. Tinto says


    And those at the top make sure there are layers and layers of defenses (all at the expense of share holders) between themselves and accountability IMO

  36. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- I think we agree on a couple of points(see above post), I would pay absolutely ZERO attention to whether or not the Mint has placed the MOD set as OOS, Sold Out or Backordered. Recent history has shown not only are they not timely or even erroneous with these indications, but sometimes completely ignore them and offer more supply once an offering has been listed as Sold Out.

  37. cagcrisp says

    @SilverFan, I got my order in Before the BO was shown so I don’t think I would have any problem getting my coins during the initial shipments…
    I have strict criteria for what I do. Not having an OOS 8 hours after Initial sales started was a criteria that was not met. I understand what Louis and GoldFishin are saying. I just think the Mint will put up an OOS before they hit the 75,000 mark…
    I was going to give these away anyway so it wasn’t a big deal to me one way or the other…

    Good luck to those that have purchased them…

  38. Dave SW FL says

    Thanks for your efforts, Louis. Hope your connections can shed some light on the subject at hand.
    I guess I am just an old fashioned fool, as I was raised to expect only the best from our public servants and to always do the right thing and and give my best as a public servant (which I am proud to say I did for 33 years.) We do live in different times. I was lucky to grow up In the 50s!

  39. says

    FM – while I’m flattered, no it wasn’t KCSO.., I’m just catching up on all the fun you guys had this afternoon; besides, I really couldn’t bring myself to spend $61 on two dimes that I don’t collect and a $1 Comm that’ll be had at auction a year from now for $30+. Though with that said, I did over pay too much for two HR Kooks today, go figure, so as we say, ” buy what you like. ”

    GF – “….don’t shoot the messenger” – ah man, you always have this stuff figured out! 🙂

    A couple of week ago, someone asked if anyone has experienced $1 BHoFs in PCGS coffins tarnishing? The answer is “Yes” – it’s a light tan/orangie tarnish that has developed on the Observe predominately starting on the outter rim at the 7-8 o’clock position and lighter inward. It looks like crap and I’m F’n p’ed as these were my graded ones that were perfect. Needless to say, I stopped collecting any moderns slabbed, to include P Pucks, and it’s OGP for me from here on out.

    Is it 2016 yet???? Good luck collectors!

  40. Louis says

    @Dave SW FL- Thanks. I know what you mean and when I worked for the gubamint at a couple different agencies almost everyone was top notch except some of the managers who were in way over their heads or had no idea how to deal with people. I guess my point was I tend to see the same flaws of human nature in all walks of life and that hear so much criticism of feds all the time that fails to recognize 1.) all the incredibly dedicated federal folks many of whom risk their lives every day 2.) that the private sector has more than its share of problems Okay, back to coins………All this typing has aggravated my carpal tunnel, so I will stop hogging the blog.

  41. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Good to see that you are still reading the Blogs. Hope you had a chance to get some of the bullion Turkey pucks. I got 4 tubes in today for some Turkey hunter friends. All look good to me, however, these are my first so I really don’t have anything to compare them to…

  42. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- Awesome to hear from you! I could have saved you some money on the Kooks. You could get them a couple of hours ago on Ebay for much less and free shipping on the 1 oz coin. Gone now…but they were still too rich for me.
    I remember the discussion we had here about PCGS holdered gold coins tarnishing. I have concluded I will only buy NGC holdered gold coins or keep them in OGP. I have been lucky so far with my PCGS gold coins. I had a few classics that have darkened quite a bit since I bought them, but at least they aren’t hunting vest orange.
    Hope the new job is going great and thanks for checking in. It has been somewhat slow around here without all the extra chatter! 😉

  43. Jeff says

    It looks like the helpful folks at the fulfillment center are still not clear what the various tags actually do as far as letting orders be processed.
    After several weeks of not being able to order the 3 coin Marshals set,it is available to be ordered (on back order) with 251 still available based on last week’s sales figures, but the Silver proof dollar is ‘Currently Unavailable’ (more may be available at a later date) with in excess of 370,000 remaining silver dollars (across all options) remaining as authorized.
    Who makes these decisions?

  44. fmtransmitter says

    KCSO: Shoot an email to them and tell them your issue. They want to keep you and may beholder and fix for you with preservation. Not sure but I have heard this many times and my prized coins are in NGC and any older, like way older pcgs are with as much patina as they started with. Great hearing from you. Buy the stabbed dimes six months from now. Great job on hr kooks. Say hi once in awhile.

  45. fmtransmitter says

    Mark says
    MAY 4, 2015 AT 6:40 PM

    SALIVATEMETALS…has changed his youtube intro….no more mouth full of coins
    Thank you, forgot his handle, didn’t forget his voice.

  46. Louis says

    Salivate Metals is the man! Gotta love that enthusiasm!

    GF- Talisman has the 1 oz kooks for $70 and I am getting the 5 oz from Downies for issue price (about $330) and free shipping. Were they cheaper than that on eBay earlier?

  47. fmtransmitter says

    BTW, Royal Mint agreed to send me a new butter box that was crushed in shipping free of charge so kudos for standing behind your product. Was assured packing would be done right to avoid same mistake.

  48. fmtransmitter says

    I just watched his latest video about them Louis. He wasn’t able to mention those prices. AUDirect was $440.

  49. fmtransmitter says

    I always get my kooks slabbed a few months later for my registry set for about same price.

  50. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- with shipping same price on 1 oz, Kook(same seller) , the Downies price on the 5 oz is cheaper. I was comparing the 5 oz price to DirectCoins, which was quite a bit more expensive, even with the AUD/USD conversion. Nice buys on both for you…still too rich for me on the 5 oz, but I did purchase a 1 oz Piedfort.

  51. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Now saving for the gold Jackie Onassis coin, hope gold is down then.

  52. CasualCollector says

    Interesting guess as to product sold and amount left when the “Backorder” sign went up.

    I had a spreadsheet of order numbers (but I am guessing 2/order only because I feel alot more eople order one at a time — just a hunch).

    My guesses were close to yours.

    1) about 25k – 30k on hand ready to ship
    2) when the “Backorder” sign came up, I think they had about 40k to 45k left to sell
    3) based on slow-down of ordering (my friend placed an order late last night and told me his order number), I think they still have about 15k – 20K left to “Backorder” (just a guess)

  53. thePhelps says

    I suggested yesterday they would have about 50k on hand to sell. I still think that is probably close. I think many early buyers would have been in for the max number – prior to the BO. Compared to many of the recent offerings – this had a very manageable price to max out your purchase if you are looking to resell – which it appears many had plans on doing. Personally – I only wanted a couple of sets – which is what I ordered.

  54. Clark says

    – Ordered 1st MOD set @ 12:38 EDT and 2nd set @ 1:22 EDT. Set 1 is “backordered,” Set 2 is “processing.” I must have these two dimes to rub together for my Roosevelt Dimes collection.

    – By year’s end, I predict that anyone who wants these special dimes will be able to buy them directly from the Mint because it will include them in products such as the “2015 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set” and who knows what other combos. It would not be the first time the Mint pulls such a stunt without full disclosure at the start.

    – KCSO: Good to see you. Glad you’re still around. Sorry to hear about the bhof tarnish. I’llck mine at the vault next time I visit, but they’re all in NGC holders or raw.

    – What will the market do with the growing pile of unwanted MOD silver dollars that aren’t sold for melt prices?

  55. Larry says

    @ Clark, directly from the mint’s website ” These coins are only available in this special silver coin set commemorating the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes”. So unless the mint is making a boldface lie, this will be the only way to get these dimes from the mint.

  56. Blair J. Tobler says

    Stuart Bradley – Thanks for the heads up. That certainly works better for my budget than all of them coming out in December as was previously reported.

  57. longarm says

    “We’re going to determine how many we’re going to get for our customers,” he said. “I try not to get too carried away with getting too many because I want the collector to get their hands on it as well. It’s better if everyone gets one instead of one person getting 100.”

    With a household limit of five sets, Crane said that L&C Coins will do their best to have a supply of them as well.

    “We’ll have to buy many on the secondary market,” he said. “We’ll have to at the end of the day.”


  58. JagFan says

    man – has anyone seen the boatload of Looney Tunes Coins released overnight? I’m surprised that they didn’t extend their Superman line? I think will TUNE this series out.

  59. Clark says

    @ Larry–The operative word here is “SET” and the Mint is very practiced in the art of playing SET limits against mintage limits for marketing purposes. We know there is a firm mintage limit of 500,000 MOD silver dollars. We do not know if any mintage limit exists for P and W dimes.

    The Mint’s product description for the DM5 MOD set states, “Only U.S. Mint SET in 2015 to include a reverse proof silver dime from Philadelphia and proof silver dime from West Point, along with March of Dimes proof silver dollar.” This statement gives the Mint flexibility to create any SETS that do not contain these three particular coins. It’s already produced different MOD SETS so far: two containing just the MOD dollar (DM1 and DM2) and now this 3 coin set (DM5). I wonder what DM3 and DM4 will be?

    For example, later this year it could sell a SET of just the P and W dimes, the P and/or W dimes in combination with other coins that are not the MOD silver dollar, etc. The 2015 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set seems like a good candidate.

  60. Micro says

    I agree with Larry that the wording in the description explicitly limits the dimes to only this set. If the mint subsequently makes them available in any other form they will be liars. Not that that will necessarily restrain them.

  61. Louis says

    JagFan- I agree on the Tunes. Did you see the one for 50K? Dollars, that is! But there is one new RCM product I like, the new bald eagle fractional 4-coin set in a box. Only $150 delivered from Gatewest and they say they are in stock.

  62. Broadwing says

    I liked the comment about the sets versus total mintage for these dimes. Realistically I can’t see the mint holding this mintage at 75,000 coins for each dime., when they can make more money off the collector. Heck they have been sucking us out of money for years.

    I don’t collect for a profit but it would be nice to get back what I paid when the time comes to cash in my collection. Unfortunately very few of my modern coins and sets will pan out.

    The commemoratives especially have been losing value. For awhile I got one proof/unc of each yearly issue sine the Buffalo Dollar came out, all silver issues and clad 50 cent pieces also. Now I only buy it if I really like it. The designs lately are not very motivating since the BBHOF coins. The U.S. Marshall coins are okay but the MOD is a real dog in my humble opinion just like the Civil Rights coin was.

  63. Louis says

    Phelps- It is a nice design and about 2 oz of proof silver and mintage of 7500. Not bad overall. And it comes in a nice wooden box.

  64. SteveF says

    The description tab makes it very clear:

    “For the first time, the U.S. Mint will issue both a reverse proof silver dime from Philadelphia and a proof silver dime from West Point. These coins are only available in this special silver coin set commemorating the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes. The set also includes a 2015 March of Dimes Proof Silver Dollar.”

    There’s no room in this statement for the coins to appear elsewhere.

  65. Dave SW FL says

    I would hope that the decision making team at the mint would consider how many customers they would permanently lose if they sell these dimes in any other way which takes the mintage beyond the limits set up in the MOD set?

    I will state right now that I will NEVER buy another numismatic product made by the U.S. Mint if they pull those kind of shenanigans !! The DC store sales have me on the fence as it is.

    When you lose faith in the government, the results are not pretty. At this point in ti,,e every agency should be trying harder than ever to maintain the respect of the American citizen.

    I’m getting off my soapbox now.

  66. Dave SW FL says

    There are certain words which seem to automatically put your comments up for moder a ti on!

  67. SteveF says

    @Dave SW FL, was that for me? possibly something to do with my e-mail address?

  68. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks Louis! You need a YouTube channel so we can see some of your coins in real life. I feel that is lacking for this hobby. Real pictures/video really helps other’s decide if they want or not if you have to buy online and cannot travel as in your case and many others I assume…

  69. Mammoth says

    Ordered mine this morning.
    Estimated delivery date: Aug. 14

    I don’t mind the wait, since these two dimes will be a rarity for the Roosie series.

  70. Dave SW FL says

    Steve F
    No, just sayin every time I mention the word ” gubbermint” , my post goes under moderation.

  71. ray says

    ordered 5 MOD by 12:10 on 5/4,, # usm03195xxx, shipped within 24 hours 5/5, already in twon according to ups tracking and will get them tomorrow. anyone know if these sets are sold out yet?

  72. Christopher Williams says

    I brought my laptop to work to order these coins and ordered from my car in the parking lot. I assumed I would have a difficult time logging on to order the March Of Dimes 3-Coin Set, but I had no issues at all.

    I received my coins on May 7th.

  73. Cochisz says

    recieved my two sets of March of dimes coins in the mail today,much earlier than they told me on the web site. They told me to expect delivery on the 20th of August got them today. 06/20/15

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