2015 Native American Dollar Rolls, Bags, and Boxes

Today, March 19, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for products containing circulating quality 2015 Native American Dollars. This represents the seventh release within the series which has featured annually rotating reverse designs celebrating the contributions and accomplishments of Native Americans.

The design for this year honors the Mohawk Ironworkers who worked from 1886 onwards building prominent landmarks in New York City and other skylines. Some of the prominent buildings included Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the George Washington Bridge, and the World Trade Center. The Mohawk Ironworkers had a reputation as top notch workers on high steel who did not fear heights or dangerous conditions.

2015 Native American Dollar

The revere design of the coin depicts an ironworker as he reaches for an I-beam that is swinging into position. A high elevation view of the city skyline appears in the background. The inscriptions include “United States of America”, “Mohawk Ironworkers”, and the denomination “$1”. There are rivets on the left and right side of the border. The reverse was designed by Ronald D. Sanders and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.

Initially, the United States Mint had prepared 20 different reverse design candidates for the theme. During the design review phase, both the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and Commission of Fine Arts had recommended an alternate design featuring a Mohawk iron worker waking across an I-beam against a stylized city skyline. Find coverage of their discussions and recommendations here and here. Under the authorizing legislation, additional groups also review design candidates and provide their recommendations. These groups include the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate, the Congressional Native American Caucus of the House of Representatives, and the National Congress of American Indians.

The Secretary of the Treasury had the final authority to select the reverse design after weighing the recommendations of all of these groups.


The obverse of the coin features the familiar portrait of Sacagawea and child designed by Glenna Goodacre. The design has been used for the previous Sacagaewa Dollar series from 2000 to 2008 and the current Native American Dollar series from 2009 to present. The inscriptions include “Liberty” and “In God We Trust”. The additional motto “E Pluribus Unum”, the date, and mint mark appear on the edge of the coin.

The circulating quality 2015 Native American Dollars are available within six different product options. This includes 25-coin rolls from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint priced at $32.95 each, 100-coin bags from either mint priced at $111.95 each, and 250-coin boxes from either mint priced at $275.95 each. The price levels for the products remain unchanged from the prior year.

All products come in US Mint branded packaging with wrappers or tags which indicate the date, face value, and mint mark of the contents.

The latest circulating coin production figures for the 2015 Native American Dollars show 2.8 million pieces struck at the Philadelphia Mint and 2.1 million pieces struck at the Denver Mint. These figures are below the prior year levels of 3.08 million pieces struck at Philadelphia and 5.6 million pieces struck at Denver.

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  1. Ends in Error says

    I’m holding out for the EU ( enhanced uncirculated ) version. And hopefully they’ll put a $deuce in there with it.

  2. Larry says

    Dear Mint,
    I like these coins, but PLEASE put the date an mint mark back on the front. It just looks wrong without it!

  3. Tinto says

    Somebody at the Mint made this boo boo of a date on the rim a while back …. probably got promoted and maybe in the upper management ranks now with a good pension to boot …. wonder how much they paid for this machinery …

    All the “regular” dollars look like medals or tokens IMO …. but I might get this one hopefully like Ends in Error, I too would like to see it as an EU set …. 🙂

  4. gary says

    The Goodacre obverse was DESIGNED to have the date to make for a balanced design. The absence of the date makes the right field look barren. I’m not against changes that may improve the look of a coin but sticking the date onto the edge of the coin is just a capricious change for the sake of change.

  5. mark says

    Just received my gold Eleanor Roosevelt uncirculated….coin is absolutely flawless under 16x…..quite pleased.

  6. RSF says

    I entirely agree with your wish for the date and mintmark to be returned to the obverse.

    I remember receiving mint wrapped rolls that if the end coins were tails-tails, you had no way of knowing what year and mint they were from! (without breaking open the roll, of course) The Mint didn’t start putting those identifiers on the wrapper for a couple years after the move to the edge. So it was the luck of the roll whether you got a heads-tails roll. Heads-heads was at least identifiable.

    Maybe those unidentifiable rolls I have will be considered a rarity some day?

  7. A Bob says

    I was disappointed that I could not view the edge clearly on my enhanced sac sets last year. The packaging was not edge view friendly.
    The mint should run EVERY decision by us on this blog.

  8. Dustyroads says

    I’m in agreement with Sith, the Silver Proof Set will suffice with it’s nice proof example of the coin.
    IMHO, the design is nice, I just don’t like the mintage of these coins. I personally would rather see them closer to the million level.

  9. stephen m says

    The date and mint mark on the edge isn’t all that bad. I like the clean look it gives the front of the coin. Just me.

  10. Jerry Diekmann says

    I’ll chime in with a lot of you – the date and mint mark need to be on the face of the coin somewhere – not the edge! Put it on the obverse or reverse, but put it where people can see it! The current Sac dollar needs the date and mint mark in that empty space where it used to be.

  11. David says

    I also agree the date and mint mark should be on the obverse of the coin. The edge lettering really killed the dollar coin program for me. I don’t want them. Also I think on the reverse it should have ONE DOLLAR, not $1. I will not collect these monstrosities until the edge lettering goes away.

  12. CasualCollector says

    OT: 2014 First Spouse Medals
    ok, so my order from 2/10 changed to “PROCESSING” several days ago, and my credit card was “pinged” for the amount. However, the charge has not actually been applied to my credit card, and I have yet to receive a shipping/tracking number from the Mint. Has anybody actually received a shipping/tracking number and also seen the charge actually hit their card (not just pinged)?

  13. Goat says

    $250 for $250 free ship ? Now we pay the mint to store the coins . Like the coins but not the price. I guess I am old school find coins in my pocket was more fun. My son found a 2009 dime in change now that’s a good day! I agree nothing should be placed on the edge.

  14. Eddie says

    Why do they sell ASE bullion’s $4.50 over spot? Isn’t that a lot to pay for bullion when it is $16.50 and they sell for $20.50?

  15. MarkInFlorida says

    I’m holding out for the Reagan dollar. I’ll spend them everywhere, especially where there are lefties hanging out!

  16. Billy the Kid says

    Eleanor Roosevelt gold coin (HP8) arrived yesterday, it looks to be perfect.

    Thank you US Mint.

    Billy the Kid

  17. Dave SW FL says

    The U.S. Mintcontinues it’s illogical (and costly) shipping policy . My SINGLE $1 US Marshal coin is coming UPS with signature required!!!! Talk about absurdity and wastefulness… A USPS priority box would arrive in my mailbox, INSURED, and in less time for a ton less expense.

    Then, since I’m a working stiff, I get to wait for 3 delivery attempts and go 40 miles round trip to UPS holding facility to pick it up using 2 hours of my day off.

    Why oh why cannot the customer choose the shipping method on the cheap stuff?

    Why oh why does our governmental agencies not use their OWN DELIVERY SYSTEM whenever possible? It might even help,the postal service stay out of bankruptcy !!

    PLEASE mint……use your brain once in a while

  18. ips_stuff says


    Same status on my spouse medal set, shows fedex smart post but no tracking number and status in process.

    Time will tell.

  19. Sith says

    @Dave SW FL – Nothing I can do about the 40 mile trip, but you don’t have to wait the three days (3 failed deliveries) call the mint and request a hold. They will hold it for you, just don’t expect them to have it available on the same day you call, for some reason UPS can not get the packages out of the truck within 24 hours. I understand the frustration, and wanted to make sure you did not drive down only to be told sorry, but the package is in the truck come back tomorrow.

  20. Goat says

    @ Eddie ; Over spot? The companies buying PM’s have to make a profit (they are the middle man) but in times like were in now (PM’s reducing in price) they place a higher( over spot) price on the PM’s not to loose money. With that being stated if you research older coins will sometimes draw more of over the spot price due to age. Case in point I was looking at 2004 silver it was trading at $26/oz. on e-bay, back in 2004 the purchase price was around $7.36/ oz. nice little increase over time. Some say that over spot price they can tell if the market is going up or down wish I had that knowledge . My advise is buy and hold when you can maybe in twenty years the cycle will return?

  21. gary says

    Must be some sweetheart deal the Mint has with FEDEX.
    You would think that the USPS would be their defacto shipper especially with the overall superior customer service that you usually get with the USPS!

  22. Brad says


    Yeah, my medal set order is still “processing” with a pending charge on the CC. So, it’s remained unchanged for the past several days.

  23. CasualCollector says

    OK, it’s like we post something here, and the US Mint is reading this forum! I just received an email that my FS Order has shipped!

  24. Teach says

    The Mint is always lurking somewhere…….black helicopters 🙂 They hear what we say, but the Mint will do what the Mint wants to do.

  25. Blair J. Tobler says

    CasualCollector – I haven’t gotten the email yet, but order history shows “Shipped”.

  26. CasualCollector says

    @Blair J. Tobler
    My order is Fedex Smartpost — do you know if yours is also? Maybe they do FedEx first then the UPS Orders? (for the email confirmations)

  27. Blair J. Tobler says

    Mine’s (NotSo)Smartpost as well. It’s got a tracking number, but FedEx tracking has no info yet. That usually means it labeled and ready to go out the door, but may not actually leave the building till tomorrow. Oh, and I just now got the email.

  28. mark says

    My 02/12 boat load order has shipped UPS. My 02/10 boat load still processing. So much for first in first out.

  29. mark says

    Fedex smart post…first takes a tour around the world…then gets delivered to its rightful place.

  30. jeff says

    Dave that’s what elected officials do what ever the hell they want. They make policy around their business not yours, mine or others you sent these j**s to represent you, however there representing themselves . They know what’s good for you trust them LMAO

  31. MarkInFlorida says

    Dave SWFL is a PO close? Just use a PO box for your order and get the pre-signed signature authorization service and they put it in your box to pick up 24 hours a day.

  32. Mark says

    My 2/12 FS Bronze order has been picked up by UPS….Expected delivery Tuesday 3/24…My 2/10 order still processing.

  33. fmtransmitter says

    That is good quick sell out of Homestead. Looks like proof Marshal next to sell out? Any thoughts? Anyone know last sales numbers on that coin? Thanks in advance..

  34. fmtransmitter says

    From here on out I expect quick sell outs of all P pucks regardless of design. Too low of mintage for large amount of silver. They are the best thing the Miby offers IMHO.

  35. fmtransmitter says

    Has he EVER offered a puck on HSN, NO,.because that is what goes in HIS collection…

  36. Dustyroads says

    Mark Rex~ That’s interesting. I can’t help but wonder if the Mint has decided that they didn’t like Sands and Everglades taking so long to sell out. Hopefully the mintage of the Homelystead is not going to be higher than the Everglades at 21,445. Now I can’t wait to see the #’s and if they are going to be below 20,000. Not the prettiest coin in the world, but just may be the rarest 5 oz. P puck to date. Glad I’m picking mine up at the PO tomorrow. I’m guessing we’ll see the OOS designation disperser briefly while the pipes are flushed like what we have been seeing to be the case these days.

  37. Dustyroads says

    fm~ All I know are the almost week old #’s, they are at 6,683 for the gold proof. What makes you think they will be the next to go OOS? Or are you being sarcastic? It’s a great looking coin, but I think I should be able to buy one from the Mint at the end of the year if I can crank out the cash. These coins are nicer, but will most likely archive no different than most of the other commemoratives the Mint has produced….gotta love it.

  38. Ralph says

    Seems Rainman no longer works at the Mint’s shipping center. My order for 50 1st spouse set’s were sent in one box. Last several times I ordered 50 of an item, like the C&C set’s, they were split into 2 shipments. One for 27 & one for 23.

  39. cagcrisp says

    The Homestead P pucks are not SO.

    ” The expected in-stock date is Thu Apr 30 2015.”

  40. cagcrisp says

    I Sure Don’t see the Proof Gold Marshal Selling Out. Mintage across all lines are 100,000. Current sales of the Gold Proof are 6,683, Gold Unc are 5,671 and the 3 coin set 14,763. Long Way from 100,000.

  41. Dustyroads says

    “Just might be the rarest P puck to date”…Sorry, I clearly was not thinking straight before I wrote that.

  42. Teach says

    The pucks are not sold out and it will be awhile before they stop minting them. I bet they sell at least another 5K of pucks before they would think about stopping to produce them. They haven’t been for sale that long and they know there is more money to be had out there. It could be another 6 months, who knows?

  43. says

    I’ve also wondered why the HSN guy has never offered the 5oz pucks on his show. You would think that his target audience, those who don’t realize that most of his offerings can be bought directly from the Mint, would go nuts over the pucks because of their uniqueness.

  44. thePhelps says

    I got another package from the mint yesterday. $250 worth of coins sitting in the bottom of the box and 3 layers of packing sitting on top of them. No chance the packing would have helped prevent damage – once again it is just used to fill the space left in the box.

  45. mark says

    Back in 2010 HSN guy did offer ms69 pucks. Can’t remember the price. But it was for the full set. It was in the thousands though.

  46. Ends in Error says

    This year Mohawk Iron Workers.

    One day the unsung heros that feed America and the World. The often looked down upon , the often unappreciated , underpaid backbone of lunchtime…..

    …. the McDonalds Burger Flippers…….

  47. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Hey, all you coin lovers. COIN WORLD: A Reverse Proof set or sets: This set will mark the 50th anniversary of the production of Proof coins at the San Francisco Mint.

    1968=s is first mintmarked, but as I know it the no mintmarked SMS sets of 1964 and ’65 were minted in SF.

    The Mint may offer one or possibly two sets — a Reverse Proof set in base metals and, and possibly a set with the silver dime, quarter dollars and half dollar.
    Meeting Aug. 7 with Coin World at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Ill., Landry said each of the coins in the 2015 Reverse Proof set would exhibit mirrored design devices against a frosted background. Regular Proof coins exhibit frosted devices against mirrored fields.
    Whether the coins in the 14-coin Reverse Proof set will all be base metal or will include .900 fine silver versions of the Roosevelt dime, the five America the Beautiful quarter dollars and the Kennedy half dollar has not been decided. However, U.S. Mint Deputy Director Richard A. Peterson said that if just one set is issued, he would prefer the Reverse Proof set to include the silver versions of the dime, quarter dollar and half dollar rather than the copper-nickel clad versions.
    The Reverse Proof sets would also include Reverse Proof versions of the copper-plated zinc Lincoln cent, copper-nickel Jefferson 5-cent coin, and the four 2015 Presidential dollars and single 2015 Native American dollar, all in their manganese-brass clad composition.
    The coins for the planned sets will be struck at the San Francisco Mint and bear the production facility’s S Mint mark

    If this is true, no need to buy the Special Roosevelt Set, since rev. pf. set will be made shortly thereafter.

  48. A Different Jeff says

    @ merryxmasmrscrooge:

    It is true that there was an article in August last year describing potential changes to proof sets, including a reverse proof set. However, ALL of the proof clad coins have been issued, in one form or another already, and none show the ‘multiple finish’ that was described in the article. Moreover, the mint’s description of the 2015 set is:
    “With sharp relief and mirror-like backgrounds, U.S. Mint proof coins have frosted, sculpted foregrounds giving them a special cameo effect.”

    Also, the full calendar does not list any reverse proof set; the only reverse proofs mentioned are the special March of Dimes set with the W and P proof dimes.
    While the mint may do something unannounced later this year, they have quite a number of items still to produce, and with the trouble they seem to have with packaging, I would be surprised if anything unplanned was announced.
    In addition to 4 Coin and Chronicles sets, all of which will be different and may generate some interest, we still have the High Relief coin and medal which will be unique, the always troublesome LESPS, not to mention gearing up for all the special gold issues for the dime quarter and half series which started in 1916.
    I would expect that to commemorate the 50th anniversary of S minted proof sets, we would see the reverse proof in 2018, since the sets made in in 1965 through 1967 while made in San Francisco, were by no means ‘proof’ sets.
    Buy the MoD special set. The dimes will only cost $5 each

  49. says

    If this 2015 reverse proof set is produced, the RP coins already in existence will go from fairly unique to ordinary. I’m not in favor of seeing this set happen.

  50. gary says

    50th Anniversary of the S minted proof sets? Just another birthday party, this time it isn’t for a coin’s design, it’s for the little letter S. How preposterous!
    Just another dreamed up item by the Mint’s marketing department to add to their nauseating jumbled variety of special and not-so-special coin finishes.
    But it is another item for the big modern coin dealers to squeeze profit from!

  51. Tinto says


    Not to mention the TPG’s who will rake it in, especially if they “manufacture” specific labels for a special price.

  52. Eddie says

    I would very much like for the Mint to produce a RP set…….that would be a killer set to have with all the other coins that have never had that treatment done before. It would truly be an amazing set to have..
    But it would be a big seller so we all know the Mint would never do it.

  53. Hidalgo says

    I mentioned this before…. The US Mint will continue to produces coins with different finishes. That way, it can sell more product by diversifying metals, finishes, and mint marks.

    Different metals include gold, silver, clad, copper, nickel, etc.

    Different finishes include, but are not limited to: regular proof, reverse proof, matte proof; business strike, brilliant uncirculated, enhanced uncirculated, satin finish, etc.

    Different mint marks include P, D, S, W.

  54. gary says

    @Tinto… yes TPG’s make a killing on the stuff for sure. Makes you wonder if you should just stop buying any coins for investment potential and simply buy stock in the TPG’s! LOL

  55. says

    What you are pointing out is that the Mint has a large number of permutations and combinations to play with in coming up with its coin offerings. When there is an overkill of reverse proof coins, our Mint will move on to something else—a veritable candy store of coin products.

  56. Hidalgo says

    @Hawskter – you got it! Another variable (among many) is that the US Mint can use different metals, finishes, and mint marks on any of the 6 basic denominations (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar), bullion coins, and commemorative coins (to name a few). And then, there’s the variable of creating high-relief coins (two of which we’ll see this year).

    Finally, other countries are using finishes that the U.S. Mint hasn’t even touched, e.g., colored coins, glow in the dark coins, etc.

  57. gary says

    Yes Hawkster & Hidalgo… yes that seems to be the Mint’s current approach and direction for the future… churn out Baskin-Robbins style “flavor of the day” offerings that require only a whim to produce. After more years of this the collector will have a veritable bushel basket of stuff, all with capricious tweaking of surface finishes and mint mark additions.
    The (at one time) uniqueness of the Reverse Proof technique is gone to those early RPs. With more RP’s planned for the future, look for the early RP’s to get dumped as ordinary (as they and future RP’s will be commonplace.

  58. fmtransmitter says

    I told ya’ll this awhile ago….Perth Mint guy is running the show, maybe RCM joined him for lunch…

  59. RSF says

    I hope the decision to make an RP set hasn’t been made yet. Otherwise, I believe this will become the – “and I’ll throw in” item when a full set of RP coins is traded.

    Mint, Just as I’m sure you are, we’re all curious to see what proof set coins would look like reversed, but please announce that it is just a one-off type project. And please do it in 2018, when it won’t seem like such a made up anniversary.

  60. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    First Spouse 2014 Bronze Medal Series/Set — I think that this will be the last produced/shipped, for these puppies?

    LOUIS — are you still needing a couple sets, as previously discussed? Since they are shipping FED_EX Smart Post, they should arrive by June __ LOL!

  61. stephen m says

    gary, I have to agree that the current RP’s we have may become ordinary, for a period of time anyway, if the Mint produces any kind of a RP sets other than a one time appearance for a RP set. Unrelated, do you think the classic silver money, such as dollars, quarters and dimes have lost any value with the decrease in silver prices? Those coins did rise in value up to the time silver peaked to it’s last high.

  62. Larry says

    A reverse proof set would be awesome. If that makes the RP dime in the MOD set not worth so much, so be it. To see all of the quarters, the Lincoln cent, and the dollar in RP would be worth it! If you go back and read the Coinworld article, the mint said they would produce the set or sets (silver, clad) in 2015. So, unless they changed their mind, they will do the RP set. Can’t wait!

  63. gary says

    @stephen m… Well yes all of the .900 and .400 silver coins have gone down in value in tandem with the spot price of silver. When precious metals are in a period of high prices a great number of circulated silver coins and some proof silver coins are rolled up and sold in bulk to cash in. Quite a few of the proof silver state quarters were popped out and rolled up to sell as bullion in 2011 around the peak price of silver. I remember back in 1980 during the very brief silver spike of $50 an ounce that it resulted in a lot of 1950’s-1960’s silver proof coins and solid date rolls and sealed bags of gem uncirculated dime, quarters and halves were off loaded if you were quick enough to go about doing it.

  64. says

    So, we’ ll have the very odd situation of five 2015 ATB quarters and four Presidential dollars executed in RP, while the other coins in these series have not been done this way.
    As a commenter pointed out in a previous Blog topic, why not wait until the ATB and Presidential series are concluded before coming out with a reverse proof set. This anniversary excuse for a RP set is ridiculous.
    I do understand that there are some RP lovers who can’t get enough of these, but the stream of these offerings needs to slow down.

  65. Sith says

    @Hawkster –

    Why slow it down? They sell like hotcakes, and don’t require much effort.

    Why wait? Well I would be forced to buy at least one reverse silver proof set, because I collect the ATB silver proof sets. If they waited it would affect sales. The next coins bearing the “S” mint mark will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the implementation of indoor plumbing at “The Granite Lady”.

  66. Dustyroads says

    The US Mint has enough feedback from the public to know that the RP sets are something the public wants. Yes, we may continue to see RP coins on a regular basis, but in reality, they are very similar to the standard proof coins. What would be so bad about having them sold side by side on a regular basis. The RP coins are nice looking coins, just RP.
    Don’t forget that the Mint has been very good in the past about not reproducing special one off coins, I believe they will continue to honor that tradition.

  67. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – Burn out…then add it lacks innovation, lets slap a different mint mark, or make a RP to commemorate something. I think the complaint is they do this halfway through a series, IE it is never given much forethought. So yes it would not be a bad idea to have RPs sold side by side with regular issues, if they did that at the start of a series, but to implement it halfway through demonstrates a lack of planning. But even that argument does not hold water as the mint markets\sells these yearly RPs as “special” commemorative, and when everyone is special..

  68. Dustyroads says

    From 1965 to 1967 the production of proof sets was suspended and Special Mint Sets were made in their place. They were made at the San Francisco Assay Office but bore no “S” mintmark.

  69. mark says

    Whats everyones experience with the — remind me button — do those products usually come back up for sale. Or is it a flip of the coin guess.

  70. Billy the Kid says

    In 2011, I purchased several sets of the 25th Anniversary AE 5 coin Silver dollars. At the time they were approx. $ 300 per set. There were only 100,000 sets made so their was great demand for the coins.

    Recently, I saw some on the Bay site selling for approx. $650.00 ask.
    Looking at my coins today I find them to be quite ugly.
    Monetary value increase aside, these types of sets no longer interest me.
    The mint needs set the bar higher, please return to more classics designs.

    Billy the Kid

  71. John c says

    Just opened up my ten unc Eleanor’s and they were all great, so I think it’s probably a misconception that the mint ships the rejects at the end. I know some people got crappy ones, but I think it is just the luck of the draw. I’m going to send these into NGC, I’m hoping for 9 out of ten 70’s, that is the current NGC ratio and I don’t see these as being any worse than average. I think the mint has gotten better at striking these coins, perhaps it is due to the low production?

  72. John c says

    The funny thing Billy, is that if you were to ask me in 2011 what the value of this set would be in 2015 there is now way I would of guessed 650. With a mintage of two key keys in the set of only 100,000, and coins like the 1995 w with a mintage of 30,000 bringing thousands of dollars and the 2006 RP silver eaglein the 70 grade at the time bringing in 600 or so dollars not to mention the crazy prices of 3500 dollars a set in PCGS first strike for a few weeks imeadately following the quick sell out, one has to wonder what happened to the silver eagle collector crowd? I still have 10 complete graded sets of these and I have a hard time wanting to part with these for the current prices. I really thought that the value of this set in an early release 70 would be close to 2000 by now, boy was I off. It leads me to believe that the 1995 w is way over priced. My only conclusion to this is that the RP demand is much smaller than the proof demand. Had this set had a standard. Proof coin in it with a mintage of only 100,000 in it then this set may have been a much bigger winner.

  73. John c says

    Dusty, I think the remind me button is there for looks. I don’t think it has reminded anybody. I have used it 4 times and it never reminded me once even though the products came back on sale.

  74. says

    If you feel “forced” to buy the complete 2015 RP set to keep your ATB quarters proof collection going, why don’t you just wait until they turn up on the Bay in their OGP five coin holder? I’m sure many ebay sellers will break up the sets and offer the separate lens.

  75. Eddie says

    I really do like the thoughts of a RP set that to me would be so freaking awesome especially with the Kennedy dollar coin.
    I have always wanted the Mint to mint an all silver proof set. By that I mean the dollar coins nickel and of course the penny. I know know it will never be done I don’t know if the coins have to be minted to a certain standard or if it is all the red tape that would prevent it from happening. To me a complete silver proof set would be so damn awesome.

  76. says

    I’m pretty sure you meant to say the Kennedy half dollar. There were plenty of reverse proof Kennedy halves made in 2014–so it’s been already done. And, they are readily available on the secondary market.

  77. D Rittenhouse says

    I’m certain that Eddie did, in fact, mean the upcoming 2015 Kennedy dollar coins and is looking forward to buying reverse proof versions of them.

  78. Jerry Diekmann says

    frmtransmitter – yes, Perth & RCM are either running the USM, or acting as advisers. The net result is a disaster – too many different coins, with too many different finishes (uncirculated, satin, burnished, cameo ultra cameo, proof, reverse proof, etc., too many mint marks, and too many nonsense anniversaries of the mint doing this or that. This is some kind of fad or bubble that in the future will burn out, fade out, or burst, IMO.

  79. Eddie says

    Hawkster & D Ritten
    I did mean the Kennedy Dollar coin. If you remember it is coming out this year. A RP Kennedy Dollar coin would be awesome.

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