2015 Presidential Dollars Proof Set

Today, March 10, 2015, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the 2015 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set. This represents the first availability of the proof versions of this year’s Presidential Dollars.


Each set includes proof versions of the 2015 Presidential Dollars featuring the 33rd to 36th Presidents of the United States, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. A bold portrait of each President is featured on the obverse of the coin, paired with a common reverse design depicting the Statue of Liberty.

The coins are struck at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark. Struck to proof quality, the coins feature sharp relief with frosted sculpted foregrounds against a mirror like background to create a cameo effect.

The four coins included in the set are packaged within a single plastic lens, placed in an illustrated outer box with a certificate of authenticity.

Each set is priced at $18.95. There are no stated mintage or household ordering limits imposed.

The 2015 Proof Presidential Dollars will also be included within other annual sets to be released later in the year. These products include the 2015 Proof Set, scheduled for release on March 24 and priced at $32.95, and the 2015 Silver Proof Set, scheduled for release on May 14 and priced at $53.95.

Price Decrease Likely for Numismatic Gold Products

marshalsBased on the available data, it is likely that the prices for the United States Mint’s numismatic gold products will be decreased tomorrow.

The US Mint determines prices for numismatic gold and platinum products based on the average weekly prices of the metals. The average is calculated based on the London Fix prices from the prior Thursday AM to the current Wednesday AM. If the calculated average moves into a higher or lower tier established at $50 intervals, then a pricing change may take place. A secondary criteria requires that the Wednesday PM Fix price must agree directionally with any change.

The available data places the weekly average price within the $1,150 to $1,199.99 range, which is one tier lower than the range used to establish current prices. In the most likely scenario, as long as the Wednesday PM Fix price is below $1,200, then the price decrease would take place.

Prices would be reduced by the equivalent of $50 per ounce of gold content, impacting the available 2013- and 2014-dated gold coins and 2015 US Marhshals Commemorative Gold Coins. Price changes have usually been made effective mid-morning on Wednesday.

The lower pricing tier would also be used to establish the initial prices for the 2015 Proof Gold Eagles, scheduled for release later this week on March 12.

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  1. MarkInFlorida says

    I’ll pass on the 4 proof dollars for $18.95 and get the 8 unc dollars for my 2 little sons for $16.95. And it would be nice for gold to drop just in time for the new gold eagles release!

  2. gary says

    With a possible price drop on Mint gold coins, does that mean that the Marshal gold coins might be selling for LESS than the Mint’s introductory pricing that expired March 2?

  3. GoldFishin says

    @Cag- we had a contest going for the Homelystead- first reporting period I think. Maybe I missed it.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    MARCH 10, 2015 AT 4:16 PM

    New numbers out from the Mint:

    Homestead 5 oz 16,216
    P or bullion?

  5. fmtransmitter says

    With so many Kennedy coins, I think they wanted to put a twist on it. I don’t think it will not turn out too bad…

  6. says

    @fm….the 16,216 is for the P version
    The bullion version got updated today and is now at 28,000….dang, I was hoping for a low mintage bullion Homestead.

  7. Dustyroads says

    Steve~ At this price any analyzing of this market is now officially out the window, as we can see with the sales of these 5 0z. coins, both bullion and P versions.

  8. Louis says

    The JFK coin is indeed a disappointment, but it may have something to do with a painting of him in the WH where he is in that pose that I saw in a tv show recently.

  9. GoldFishin says

    @Dusty- I am not really surprised by either of the mintages for the P and bullion pucks. I believe there is a solid collector base of about 12-14K units for the collector P pucks and relative to initial series prices they are still a decent deal, although I would personally like to them at $134.95 or slightly lower. I have not purchased one ungraded since they dropped the 10% discount. I think the other issues for the year will follow similar sales trends, however I think follow up sales will be weaker than last year because of the net price increase and at least two poor designs.

    The first ATB bullion issue of each year tends to be at or near the highest mintage of the year and silver is very affordable right now. When the Homestead debuted you could pick them up for $98 or less depending on how many you wanted to buy. They are also unique in that each design is retired from production after a relatively short time compared to the ASE which hasn’t changed since the first issue other than the date. I would have bought a couple Homey’s but I didn’t like how the quality was(thanks for your report). I am glad they sold another 8K to the distributors as I was hoping for an improvement in quality over the earlier releases. I am going to wait a couple months and see if I can get some of the second batch. The second batch of the Everglades was better than the first. Hoping it works out that way, but you never know.

  10. Tinto says


    “@Jerry Diekmann-
    I agree with you on your post from the previous thread about not having the ’09 proof ASE ( or the burnished ASE for that matter). It sucks that those two collections will always have holes.”

    I knew there was something else along this line from the Mint but couldn’t put my finger on it until now. Though the never to exist 2009 Proof ASE springs to my mind right away when I think about the Mint catering (sarcasm here) to collectors, I got reminded of something just as bad IMO.

    I’m talking about the UNC “S” ATB clad quarters .. what made them issue these 2 years in, is totally beyond me ….. I would have collected the S mint Uncs perhaps in rolls if the Mint had issued them right from the beginning ……but not to be …

  11. Louis says

    @Dusty- Didn’t move to another planet, though that sounds tempting, but I did move to another web site/publication that has the same initials as the old one.

  12. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- Nice article….I ordered 2 USM Silver Proofs and 2 USM Clad Proofs on 2-6 to use for replacements for my 3 coin set. I wasn’t happy with the quality of those 2 coins buy my gold was perfect. Anyway, since that time my order has gone from backordered to processing at least 4 times and still “crickets” on my Silver proofs. They did ship me out 2 previously returned clads that I had to return back to them. Now, they are going to refund the money for my 2 clads, so I guess I have to reorder them again, rinse and repeat. It is extremely frustrating to say the least. I am so unhappy with the service that lately I am just buying bullion coins that arrive in 3-4 days with no hassles. Thanks for the SD Bullion tip. As Keithster says “Good Luck To Us All”. 😉

  13. Jerry Diekmann says

    Tinto – I share your thoughts on the “no S mints” for 2010 and 2011. The MInt doesn’t seem to do anything logically. Sometimes the fault lies with those denizens of the deep we call Congress, but other times the fiascos are solely of the Mint’s doing. The missing 2009 ASE dollars are one of the biggest blunders that the Mint has made since the “modern age:” of coins started in 1982. Another big screw-up was the “S” mint quarters starting in the third year of a 10-year program. What next – how about “W” mint quarters in the last two years of the program? Maybe it would be a good idea to drum up more customers, as I see this series getting worse and worse until it finally expires, “not with a bang, but a whimper” in 2020 – or is it 2021? Another boondoggle in the making – will there be six coins in the final year, like the state and territorial quarters, or will 2021 be devoted just to the Tuskeegee airmen on the Alabama quarter? Will this meet the PC test? What is “Liberty” going to morph into?. Some of this stuff is more than just nonsernse – it’s just a sad reflection on how “diversified” some people have decided we need to become. I thought that all children were taught in school that we are a nation of immigrants – European, African, Asian, plus the native Americaqn people who were already here. Some people in this country seem to need to reinforce that fact with images on coins – it’s been going on for a long time now. I personally think Liberty should resemble the lady who has been standing in NY harbor since 1886. Also, she has been leading this country since 1776. We have shown a lot of representations of native Americans, blacks, whites, and even Asians, on coins and medals. Let Liberty be Liberty!

  14. Jerry Diekmann says

    Louis – what is the article and what is the web site others are referring to? Thanks.

  15. jhawk92 says


    Yep , I have to agree with you on the AtB S quarter rolls. Pretty stupid blunder there, though not as bad as the ASE hole. I have been buying the S mint rolls, but at times wonder if I should with the 2yr early gap. My 50 State Quarter roll collection looks just fine with only P and D. Pretty funny idea on the W rolls to end the series.

    I thought of another similar issue like the S quarters. For the first several years of the 50 State Quarters program, the Mint only did the Silver Proof sets with all the coins. Then, about half way through, they started offering just the quarters in a single lens, like they do now with the AtB silver quarter set. I have to just keep notes so I can explain to my kids why it seems like their father couldn’t complete a set of something.

  16. Dustyroads says

    GoldFishin~ After the 2014 AtB P subscription discounts ended I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but by that time I had decided that I liked them and wanted to continue collecting both issues. I suspect that there are many more who have come to feel the same way.

  17. Jerry Diekmann says

    jhawk92 – good point on the state quarters S mint as a separate issue. Yes, you are correct – another case where nothing is the same on any series the Mint puts out. The Presidents series started with “In God We Trust” on the edge of the coin – that lasted I think for 2 years. Then someone got a bee in his bonnet about “Godless coins” and so it was placed on the obverse since then. The dates should have always been on the obverse too, IMO. Then we come to the Sacagawea dollar – dates on the obverse from 2000 until 2009, when the date(!) was moved to the edge of the coin. Why the date would ever NOT be on the obverse or reverse of a coin is a question I cannot answer, becaause I couldn’t think of a decision so stupid coming to reality, but we’re talking about the Mint and its logic, or lack thereof, so there are no rules in this game, and changes are made without any logic or thought getting in the way. These two coins are both set to end in 2016, and what happens after that is anybody’s guess. I think we all know that no dollar coins should ever be minted until the decision has been made to stop printing $1.00 bills, something that every other advanced country has seemed to have taken years and years ago – Canada dollar, UK pound, Euro, etc. When that decision is finally made – and it will be made – the Mint has enough SBA and golden dollars to satisy the demand for several years, so they won’t have to crank up the presses for awhile as there are plenty of the small dollars around lying in the Mint vaults. And then, recall all the Ike dollars that are still out there and melt them and use the metal for other clad coins or whatever. If the Mint would just listen to what bloggers on this site have posted, everything, at least as it comes to coinage, would run smoother for a change. And the Mint really needs to make sure it doesn’t become another RCM or Perth Mint, which I see happening, with all these finishes and special strikings over the past ten years.

  18. CasualCollector says

    OT: Regarding Sac C&C Edge Lettering Orientation (PCGS – Position A vs. Position B)

    Sorry for the re-post (I had this in the prior thread, but this new thread started so I think it got missed).

    Can anyone with a PCGS Graded Sacagawea from the 2014 Coin and Currency Set tell me exactly what they determine as Position-A vs. Position-B.

    The label seems to have the “reverse” showing (Native American man offering a pipe, while his wife offers provisions of fish, corn, roots and gourds).

    So given the “Reverse” (Tails) side up — if the edge letters are readable, what “Position” do they call that?


  19. Ralph says

    CasualCollector: From what I remember, when the reverse is facing up and edge lettering is right, that is position A. When obverse is facing up and edge lettering is right, that is position B. Kind of seems like they got it backwards though!

  20. Ralph says

    CasualCollector: Just found article about this that I had clipped. Here is how they word it:

    Position A – Edge lettering reads upside-down when the portrait of Sacagawea faces up.

    Position B – Edge lettering reads normally when the portrait of Sacagawea faces up.

  21. CasualCollector says

    Thanks. I have read how they describe it, but I wanted someone with an actual PCGS Coin graded for the Sac C&C Enhanced coin to confirm the positioning. That way I know for sure how to reference the Positioning in terms of the Sacagawea coins.

  22. Markjcu says

    With silver continuing to fall well below $16 an oz. how does everyone feel about US mint issued ATB being priced at $150. Is this just a terrible buy and are we stuck buying the series at this price and we can’t get out.

  23. cagcrisp says

    @Markjcu, Current price of Silver is $15.59. So you are paying a 92% premium for 5 oz pucks @ $149.95.

    16,216 collectors of the P version Chose to pay the 92% premium.

    So why would the Mint lower the price? There is a base of collectors that collect the series. Whatever the price is.

    IF you want a price in line with Silver then you can buy the Bullion version and only pay a 20+ % premium.

    We ALL would like to have a lower price for the pucks but it Ain’t going to happen as long as 16,216 pucks are bought in the first 4 days…

  24. Louis says

    I think CC is right. I asked the Mint last year about this and they said that the cost is not just based on silver values, so I doubt we will see a price drop.

  25. cagcrisp says

    3 BHOF Golds Sold as Buy it Nows in the last 2 days in OGP for $599.00, $644.99 & $650.00…

    Previous to that was an Auction for $499.00 and after the 3 was an Auction for $540.07…

    BIN’s vs Auctions: You Will Only Sell @ a Price That is Acceptable to You vs. You will Sell @ Whatever Price is Acceptable to Someone Else…

  26. stephen m says

    Causal Collector, There still isn’t many 70’s on that Sacajawea CC set. As far as I know there has only been one without edge lettering. Still say that one was possibly smuggled out of the mint. Shady deal on that one in my opinion.

  27. CasualCollector says

    @stephen m
    thanks but I’m not really looking for info on the 70’s. I am asking if someone with an actual PCGS Graded Enhanced Sacagawea can tell me what they consider “Position A” vs. “Position B” (by looking at a real example of their actual PCGS Graded Enhanced sacagawea).

  28. Dustyroads says

    Oil cannot stay this low forever, nor will the ECB buy bonds as part of it’s QE program. Eventually the USD has to come back down to earth, plus it’s been no walk in the park for the Middle East lately, in fact it’s starting to look like WW111.

    Concerning the P puck…buy them because you love them! The high number of sales for the Mint only signifies a healthy crop of Numismatists.

  29. cagcrisp says

    There are Currently more than 99 3 coin Marshal sets available for Sale. The pricing has NOT been reset as yet.
    Total YTD Sales as of Sunday was 14,648…

    I would say a LOT of orders have been canceled to get the drop in Gold pricing…

  30. fmtransmitter says

    Louis says
    MARCH 10, 2015 AT 8:36 PM

    The JFK coin is indeed a disappointment, but it may have something to do with a painting of him in the WH where he is in that pose that I saw in a tv show recently.

    Correct, that was mentioned here as well with a link to the painting when it was first announced…

  31. fmtransmitter says

    When do the prices change on the website or do you have to call since there seems to be no website maintenance. I saw interview with owner of that company, he seems so umm special…

  32. gary says

    Oh well, looks like no downward price change to the Mint’s gold coin offerings after all!

  33. thePhelps says

    Regarding the Kennedy pose on this coin… it can be based on anything they want… it is still not a good coin. The pose is garbage and the profile is terrible considering the person they are using and all the images available to use a poor image and justify it to a painting still means it is bad and just points out there is also a bad painting with the same pose.

  34. Dave SW FL says


    Thanks for so elegantly expressing the opinion of so many MNBloggers! Maybe with some national exposure , the mint supervisors will recognize they need to continually service their website until it serves their clientele ( we can always HOPE.)

  35. cagcrisp says

    Prices are listed for the AGE’s available Tomorrow at Noon EDT:

    1 oz Gold $1,510.00
    1/2 oz Gold $770.00
    1/4 oz Gold $397.50
    1/10 oz Gold $170.00
    4 coin Gold Set $2,797.50

  36. Ikaika says

    The only good that came out of the new US Mint website is the ordering process, especially for the highly anticipated products. “Remind Me” button is mostly for decoration purpose 😉

  37. Dustyroads says

    Ikaika~ Hau`oli, Not to argue your point, because I can testify to the troubles myself, but one of the commenters here actually did have the “remind me” button work for him.

  38. ike says

    The US Mint New System
    I had 2 items back ordered in my cart. They became available & a few people ordered & received the items. My order did not ship when they again became available for ordering. I can’t understand why the would fill a new orders before they would fulfil backorders. I also received a partial order. I called the mint & was informed they split the order(just one shipping # listed) & it would arrive 2 days later. It did not & I called again. They stated they had no record of the split order. I asked why they could not ask the first rep where he got his info. They could only verify he did tell me that from his text. I guess they could not just call him up and ask. Any way I had to put in a Non Receipt form.

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