2015 Proof American Silver Eagle

Today, January 2, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2015 Proof American Silver Eagle. This represents an earlier than typical start for the Mint’s most popular numismatic product as measured by unit sales volume.

Last year the 2014-dated Proof Silver Eagle opened sales three weeks later in the year on January 23, 2014. As of the most recent sales report, orders have reached 741,379 units and the product continues to remain available on the Mint’s website.

Notably, the 2015 Proof Silver Eagle is beginning sales prior to the bullion version of the coin. The US Mint announced that they would begin accepting orders from authorized purchasers for the bullion coins starting on January 12, 2015. This may spur some additional demand for the proof from collectors eager to get their hands on the first 2015-dated coin from the US Mint.

2015 Proof Silver Eagle

The 2015 Proof Silver Eagle obverse design features Adolph A.Weinman’s classic depiction of walking Liberty enveloped in folds of the flag with one hand extended forwards and the other holding a bouquet of laurel and oak branches. The inscriptions include “Liberty” in widely spaced letters above, “In God We Trust” to the right, and the date “2015” below.


The reverse design of the coin by former Chief Engraver John Mercanti features a heraldic eagle with shield. A ribbon is in the eagle’s beak bearing the words “E Pluribus Unum” and a bundle of arrows and olive branch are clasped in its talons. Thirteen stars appear above. The inscriptions “United States of America”, “1 oz. Fine Silver”, and “One Dollar” appear surrounding.

Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver to proof quality. The diameter is 1.598 inches an the thickness is 0.12 inch. The coins carry the “W” mint mark to signify production at the West Point Mint.

The 2015 Proof Silver Eagle is priced at $48.95 per coin. This represents a reduction of $4 per coin compared to the opening price for last year’s issue. There are no stated product or household ordering limits imposed.

The next numismatic product releases from the United States Mint are scheduled for January 13, 2015. On this date, the 2015 Birth Set and 2015 Happy Birthday Coin Set will go on sale.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    @Silky – Concerning your post about the availability of the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set…. Michael wrote on this blog, dated December 31, 2014:

    Final note: Many readers have been inquiring about the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, which is still listed on the US Mint’s 2014 release schedule as “TBD”. According to the Mint, the coins for the product have already been produced, but there have been delays with the packaging. As such, the set will be released in early 2015.

  2. VA Bob says

    thePhelps – Good point about keeping a coin in an unopened box. Personally, I’m like a kid on Christmas day when that Mint box arrives. There is a fascination however for unopened boxes (perhaps for the RE/FS label gimmick), and people should just be wary on either end of such a transaction.

    Also a good point by Bob R, the Mint doesn’t care about the coins after the 7 day waiting period, nor should they, but fraud/theft can happen between the Mint and the original buyer. I don’t believe it to be too much to ask for a tamper seal, and would actually help the Mint with a straight up return.

  3. says

    I also agree with you. What is the point of buying the coins in the first place if they will be stached away in the far recesses of a closet in their still sealed shipping boxes? Not to offend anyone, but isn’t this a type of hoarding behavior?
    I realize that coins are far from the most displayable type of collectibles, but to keep them hidden away from even yourself is a bit puzzling to me. The only exceptions I can think of where collectors should never see most of their coins are products such as Mint rolls or cello sealed offerings. In these cases, opening the product will diminish its value.

  4. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Hawkster says, January 4, 2015 at 8:58 am
    “Cool” Dave,
    Again, I would like to express my appreciation for your nightly sign -offs, putting this Blog briefly to bed until another commenter pipes in shortly thereafter.”

    Yeah, kinda puts closure on the day, eh? Thanks, glad you like it!

  5. thePhelps says

    stephen m… a sniper is a last second bidder trying to steal the purchase at the very end and avoid a bidding war.

  6. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Uh, no offense –I am not too concerned whether people open their boxes or not — their problem. I have bought mint sealed boxes before — ended up with 2008 reverse of 2007, and other such fun. As far as my own — I almost always open the shipping box to check in; however in some cases, such as with a few sets of Lincoln Chronicles, did not get around to it (open shipping packaging) within 7 days, so what the hell, left them sealed. Any one interested?

    I generally do not open the sealed white boxes on rolls and the like, aa “Phelps” mentioned.

    HOWEVER — DO NOT, recommend doing so, with this new Mint contractor. For one, they are new and do not appear to know what they are doing. Two — unorganized and three, I suspect they might have some theft issues.


  7. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    HOWEVER — DO NOT, recommend doing so, with this new Mint contractor. For one, they are new and do not appear to know what they are doing. Two — unorganized and three, I suspect they might have some theft issues.

    As far as the Mint shipping packaging, from the shipper, that is . . .

  8. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    One of my posts said,

    “Speaking of Mint sealed boxes, I still have 2 sealed boxes of the special Mint bags? What do you think those are worth? I will have to check secondary market.”

    Didn’t open these since they were, “FREEEEEEEEbies” and shipped separately — figured they would have a higher future resale value this way — oh, by the way I know the bags are in there, I did check without opening the original ship packaging.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    Any NEW chatter about redesigning the reverse of the SE for 2016? 30th year Anniversary?

  10. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @fmtransmitter says, January 4, 2015 at 10:38 am
    “@Cool Dave: I got a bad planchet . . . ”

    Thanks for the info — I too looked to see a sale out.

  11. Ends in Error says

    My Eleanor Proof is comming Priority Signature. Paid for the bargain shipping , got a free upgrade. So far it hasn’t moved. Dont have a clue how the shipper decides the priorities in shipping the orders out. Doesn’t seem to be FIFO.

    I’m still sitting on 2 C&C Orders of 5 each from the 4th. Don’t look good on those – why don’t they just cancel.

  12. Teach says

    A different reverse for a 2016 would be something they haven’t tried yet. That would be interesting? I’m sure there will have to be some kind of special set. I think they should make a 5 oz. puck ASE that’s worth a buck instead of the standard where they are worth a quarter. Any other rumors out there for the 2016 ASE? Another question about ASEs for 2015, are there only four this year? Proof, UNC, bullion struck in WP and bullion struck in SF.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    2014-P Everglades National Park 19,373 323
    That is surprising but not really with the drop in silver…Hope it stays below 20k

  14. Teach says

    Thanks fmt, that was an interesting article, not sure how I missed all of that earlier this year. I’m kind of torn if they should change the reverse or not. Keep it the same, change it for
    just one year, or change it forever? Maybe a set with 5 different reverses? Maybe each with a different finish? Maybe change nothing and make an UHR. Lots of things could happen. I would love to see one on a 5 oz. puck.

  15. stephen m says

    @the Phelps, thanks. I suppose a seller may not like a sniper. I didn’t know I was but have been a sniper and it does seem to work out if you are a buyer sometimes.

  16. NC_Stacker says

    In regards to keeping the Mint box sealed or not. For those that do, do you criticize the label chasers or are you enabling them to chase the First Strike labels?

  17. jhawk92 says

    @ “Cool” Dave-I would be interested in one of the Lincoln Coin Chronicles Sets. I purchased one when they came out, but now that my kids are taking an interest in coin collecting, I’d like to have a second one so I can give one to each of them.

  18. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- in case you are interested, PM has the new 2015 coins that you bought from that Canadian website for 2014. They are on the other major site but $3 more. Vague enough for you.

  19. Erik H says

    Congrats to those that took advantage of APMEX’s eBay pre-sale price for the 2015 ASE rolls. I just checked the price and it’s now $428.33 (was $379.99 for those that missed my first post).

  20. Bob R says

    I’m still holding onto my unopened mint boxes containing only the free mint bags which required signature conformation.

  21. GoldFishin says

    @BOB R- I have 4 mint sealed boxes with the free bags. I had no idea what to do with them so I just put them in the corner and will wait until the voices in my head tell me what to do with them. 😉

  22. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @NC_Stacker says,January 4, 2015 at 7:09 pm
    “In regards to keeping the Mint box sealed or not. For those that do, do you criticize the label chasers or are you enabling them to chase the First Strike labels?”

    First of all, unless you submit within 30 days, it does not matter if box is sealed or not.

    Secondly: “Coins held in NGC-approved depositories must be submitted for certification no later than five years after the Cutoff Date.”

    Thirdly, I could care less about label heads — LOL!


  23. says

    Having an unopened, Mint sealed box with the free Mint bag is not a big deal, as these infamous bags are pretty much worthless. It’s hardly worth the effort to open the box and pull out the bag, which is why there are probably many of these still boxed and thrown in the closet by disgruntled collectors. It’s a case of the good, the BAG, and the ugly.

  24. Bob R says

    I bought the BHOF Golds not for the coins but for the free bags, I KNOW what’s really going to be the big hit, 30 years from now the bags will be priceless!

  25. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @jhawk92 says, January 4, 2015 at 7:50 pm
    ” “Cool” Dave-I would be interested in one of the Lincoln Coin Chronicles Sets. I purchased one when they came out, but now that my kids are taking an interest in coin collecting, I’d like to have a second one so I can give one to each of them.”

    I have a Mint sealed (ship packaging) box of three (3 sets) and box of two (2) sets (I think) (sealed ship package) of Lincoln Chronicles; I however can’t seem to locate them on my MINT history, yet I know I have them, not at house (in divorce with Ex, had to play the shell game with some things, her lawyer could not find (LOL!). I of course prevailed on that one, they were so damn mad. I would have to locate physically. I think they might be shown on the “Ex’s” history — problem is, I can’t seem to get into that account, but neither can she 😉 nothing like hiding something in plain site.

    Note: Managed to hold onto the most important asset (my boy); duked it out in court four times – good lawyers are not cheap. She rolled through three, before it ended; brings back memories – sorry!

    Anyway, I do however, have a complete single set here in safe. It is in the white mint box, which I had carefully opened without tearing up; a little “Elmer’s” glue could fix that. They have been kept in climate controlled safe; last look revealed them to be beauties. it is one set, but not in sealed shipping box.

    Of course, if you would like those, I would give good deal. *Let me know!

    Disclaimer: Any reference to divorce and lawyers is purely fictional and for entertainment/amusement purposes only. Your experiences may be different and it is recommended that you consult with your own attorney’s or three, before attempting such feats or writing your own fiction. My lawyer’s make me say this stuff.


  26. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    “It’s a case of the good, the BAG, and the ugly.” Riiiiiiiiiight!! LOL! 🙂

  27. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Bob R says, January 4, 2015 at 11:36 pm
    “I bought the BHOF Golds not for the coins but for the free bags, I KNOW what’s really going to be the big hit, 30 years from now the bags will be priceless!”

    You too — huh!! Especially since the bags by themselves required signature confirmation. LOL!

  28. jhawk92 says

    @ “Cool” Dave-I am not hung up on a sealed shipping box as I would be showing the sets to the kids, and I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate a brown box as much as others here might.

  29. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    “SOLD OUT” “Not actual photo, but representative of the set you will receive.”

    ONE SET, not five for 45 bucks, 1 for $45.00.

  30. NC_Stacker says

    I took it as 5 set in 1 order

    “Each one of the (5) sets you will receive includes a Native American $1 Coin”

    And by the looks (s)he had 3 sets of 5

  31. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @jhawk92 says,January 5, 2015 at 12:27 am

    So, would you like to purchase this set?

  32. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Well — “the Good, the Bag & the Ugly;” that puts another day into the books. Time to sign off now with the National Anthem and then either a long (TV) “beeeeeeeeeeeeee” sound or white noise . . . then disembodied voices talking about Mint bags in that noise.

    Good Night all !

    Mr. “Cool” Dave 😉

  33. CasualCollector says

    Regarding the topic of Sealed Mint Shipping Boxes and whether or not they are submitted in the first 30 days. I thought PCGS allows you to submit the unopened box even AFTER the 30-day window. As long as the shipping box is postmarked (and still sealed) prior to the cutoff date, they still accept them for “First Strike” eligibility.

    I have never submitted anything for grading (so I do not know this for fact — just comments I have read on various forums).

    I do have a box of K14 Kennedy High Relief (5 sets) still sealed that I thought I might someday send to PCGS for grading. Heck, I saw the other day on eBay a set of SP69’s FS PCGS asking a pretty high premium. I do think there’s probably very little chance of getting SP69’s from those 5 sets — but perhaps an SP68 might let me break even regarding the grading fees.

    Does anyone know for sure whether PCGS accepts sealed mint boxes AFTER the 30-day cutoff for First Strike eligibility?

    Another reason I kept the box sealed — you know once the box is open it’s so easy to cherry pick the nice sets. It’s a low-cost lower-risk to keep it sealed (imho). For higher value items, I think it’s better to check the contents…

  34. Ends in Error says

    Cherrypickers rejects resale value is harmed by the presence of sealed boxes. Think carefully before offering up sealed boxes on ebay. Do I want to hurt some cherrypivkers business model. Just a kind thought for the day. 😉

  35. Brad says

    I cancelled all of my bags before they ever shipped. That was back in the good old days when we could cancel items on the website. Just in case the orders for Baseball HOF gold coins didn’t work out, I didn’t want to end up paying $4.95 each for my “free” bags. I didn’t trust the Mint to refund the shipping costs if the coins themselves ended up being cancelled later due to lack of inventory.

  36. Hidalgo says

    I have several US Mint shopping bags that I plan to donate to Goodwill sometime this year, perhaps when I do my spring cleaning. I have not seen much interest on secondary market sales sites for these bags at this time. And even if there were, the time and cost for materials to advertise, sell, and ship a bag would not be worth it to me.

  37. Hidalgo says

    I just received my 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt. I opened the US Mint sealed box as I do not intend to sell my set on the secondary market. Every sealed box I have received from the Memphis, TN Fulfillment Center has been sealed tight. I am uncertain how anyone could open their sealed box without a buyer knowing that the box was previously opened.

    The set is beautiful. The stamps are individually enclosed in plastic. The medals are secured — perhaps too tightly. If I try to remove the medals, I could damage the cardboard set cover. Also, I am surprised that the silver FDR medal is 1 ounce of pure silver. I thought the medal might contain the same amount of silver as a commemorative coin. It helps to read before you buy…. LOL.

    For me, the set is well worth the $57.95 I paid for it. It is a nice addition to my other Coin and Chronicles Sets (John Marshall, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt). And my Coin and Currency Sets (Thomas Jefferson, Botanic Gardens, Millennium, American Buffalo, Lewis and Clark, Making American History, and American $1).

  38. says

    O.K., you’re a big fan of these various sets, but that 2012 Making American History remains as possibly the most puzzling set ever put together by the Mint. A 2012 S Silver Eagle was married up with a 2009 $5 bill. This was to celebrate the epic 220th anniversary of the Mint and the monumental 150th anniversary of the Bureau of Engraving. Anything for an excuse to make up a coin and currency set–you gotta love the Mint’s self serving fascination with anniversaries.

  39. fmtransmitter says

    Hidalgo, look at the corner of the black velvet holder, there is an opening to put a tip, say a screwdriver with tape around the end, in and it comes right out. It is MEANT to be able to be removed. Glad you got a nice one. Let us know after you look at the silver under a loupe also please…

  40. VA Bob says

    Hidalgo – Just let the box sit in the warm sun or use a heat gun, with a little patience, it’s easy to open a Mint box without signs of tampering.

  41. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    The package mailed to PCGS has a postmark date prior to the PCGS cutoff date for that particular coin/issue. Only the coins need to be mailed to PCGS and received within the first 30 days of issue.

    Submit the coins in the original unopened shipping box from the U.S. Mint with a postmark date prior to the specified PCGS cutoff date.



    Submit within 30 days, it does not matter if box is sealed or not.

    “Coins held in NGC-approved depositories must be submitted for certification no later than five years after the Cutoff Date.”

  42. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Hawkster says, January 5, 2015 at 1:30 pm
    “To speed things up, why not just pop that gorilla glue sealed box in the microwave? ”

    Yikes! No — just use a blow dryer or heat gun.

  43. jhawk92 says

    @”Cool” Dave-If you are wanting to just move that opened set, then yes, I am interested.

  44. Brad says

    What is the deal with the Memphis shipping center always splitting things up into multiple boxes? I ordered five of the Eleanor Roosevelt proofs Friday night in the same order, and they shipped today. Two boxes with one coin each, and one box of three. Every time I order multiples of the same product now, they always split them up into multiple packages. They also seem stuck on the number “27.”

  45. says

    Perhaps the Fulfillment Center is trying to increase the odds of you receiving at least some of the product that you ordered.

  46. Hidalgo says

    In case you’re interested…. I just checked secondary market prices for the 2013 Uncirculated Coin Set on eBay. According to Michael (as of about 2 weeks ago), the set the “lowest mintage for the product type since 1963.” Even though the set has sold out and its mintage is low, you can buy the set for around $30. Modern Coin Mart has multiples available right now for $29.95.

    So if you believe that all low mintage products will eventually go up in price, here’s your chance to own the 2013 set at a great price!

  47. Hidalgo says

    @Olde Sailor Bill – go to the first page of comments (the first 100) for this blog article. Review the comments from Ralph, Brad, Casual Collector, and myself. The countdown applies to all US Mint products (not just First Spouse coins) sold on USMint.com.

  48. Hidalgo says

    @Ralph – tilltheeyefallsout is a visitor to this blog site. Just because he lists the coins for $2,500 does not mean they will sell.

  49. says

    Did you happen to notice on the Eleanor FS PCGS label that the bogus “First Strike” designation has, by far, the largest lettering? It makes me laugh, while at the same time also makes me annoyed. Of course this is true with all their “First Strike labels. Give it up, PCGS.

  50. Ralph says

    Hawkster: You have a very good point there! I am also amazed at what people will pay for a label! Is a coin that is graded 70 First Strike better than a coin graded 70?? This whole first strike thing is a sham. I doubt it very much that the Mint keeps the coins in the order they were minted. Once they start getting shipped out, I’m sure they go out in random order. If you have a coin with a mintage of only 2500, they are all First strikes pretty much!

  51. VaBeachEd says


    I placed an offer with him (at that time) for $950.00 and he gave me a counter offer for $960.00 and I was watching on two windows and clicked the $999.00 instead of The $960.00 and did not know what happened because at check out it charged me the $999.00 price, so I contacted him and he let me have both for $960.00 each. It was my mistake, but he was nice enough to work with me. Like I said before, he is a great guy to do business with.

  52. Samuel says

    VaBeachEd, Very nice. i did not buy the 70 ones because i think the bet is a little too big, considering the low demand and other 2014 coins might have even lower mintage. time will tell.

  53. VaBeachEd says


    I know , but sometimes you will win and other times you will not. I bought 3 of the first 1oz. Proof Buffalo 2006 then bought 2 in 2007 did not buy any in 2008 (lowest mintage year until 2013), but in 2013 I thought everyone was buying the Rev Proof, so I bought 4 PCGS FS PR70DCAM, 2 Rev Proof PCGS FS 70’s and 2 PCGS FS MS70’s. It turn out to be the new low mintage on the 1 oz. Gold Proof Buffalo.

  54. 64 US Marine says

    Does anybody know what the 4 coin ASE Proof set is about that comes out in March? Thanks!

  55. VaBeachEd says

    64 US Marine says

    It is the 4 gold coin complete set $5, $10 $25, $50. Comes out each year.

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