2015 United States Marshals Commemorative Coins

Today, January 29, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2014 US Marshals Commemorative Coins. The $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars are issued to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the establishment of the Nation’s first federal law enforcement agency, the United States Marshals Service.

The program was authorized under Public Law 112-104, enacted on April 2, 2012. The designs for the coins were officially unveiled in July 2014, with each coin taking focus on a different aspect theme related to the US Marshals Service. The authorizing legislation provided very specific guidelines for the themes and elements to be portrayed on the obverse and reverse of each coin.

Prior to the official start of sales, the US Mint provided the US Marshals Service with a limited number of coins for display and presentation during the official 225th anniversary ceremony which took place in 2014. A small number of half dollars were also apparently inadvertently sold early due to a systems error with the Mint’s website.

2015 US Marshals $5 Gold Coin

The 2015 US Marshals $5 Gold Coin obverse design features a depiction of the US Marshals Service Star superimposed on a mountain range evoking a western landscape. The reverse depicts an eagle holding a draped American flag with a shield at its chest carrying the inscription “U.S. Marshal”. The words “Justice Integrity Service” appear to the left. This design is intended to be emblematic of the men and women of the service who lost their lives in the line of duty. The obverse was designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Jim Licaretz, while the reverse was designed by Paul C. Balan and engraved by Don Everhart.

The gold coins are limited to a mintage of 100,000 pieces across proof and uncirculated versions, which are both produced at the West Point Mint. Each coin is struck in 90% gold with a weight of 8.359 grams and diameter of 0.850 inch. The opening pricing for the individual coins is $407.60 for the uncirculated version and and $412.60 for the proof version. These prices are based on an average weekly gold price in the range of $1,250 to $1,299.99 and will be subject to potential weekly change.

2015 US Marshals Silver Dollar

The obverse of the 2015 US Marshals Silver Dollar features the US Marshals Service Star with a silhouette of US Marshals riding horses across a flat landscape. The reverse design depicts a frontier US Marshal leaning against a post and holding a “wanted” poster. The words “Justice Integrity Service” appear above. This design is intended to be emblematic of the US Marshals legendary status in America’s cultural landscape. The obverse was designed by Richard Masters and engraved by Charles Vickers, while the reverse was designed by Frank Morris and engraved by Joseph Menna.

A maximum mintage of 500,000 pieces has been established across proof and uncirculated versions, which are both produced at the Philadelphia Mint. Each coin is struck in 90% silver with a weight of 26.73 grams and diameter of 1.500 inches. The initial pricing for the coins is $43.95 for the uncirculated version and $46.95 for the proof version.

2015 US Marshals Half Dollar

The 2015 US Marshals Half Dollar obverse design features the image of an Old West US Marshal with horse and a modern female US Marshal in tactical gear. The reverse design depicts Lady Justice holding the scale of justice in her left hand and the US Marshals Service Star in her right.  Also included are a copy of the United States Constitution, a stack of school books, handcuffs, and a whiskey jug. This design is intended to be emblematic of the role that the US Marshals had in a changing nation, including their ties to the Constitution and themes including the Whiskey Rebellion, slavery and the legacy of equality, and the struggle between labor and capital. The obverse was designed by Joel Iskowitz and engraved by Michael Gaudioso, while the reverse was designed by Susan Gamble and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.

A maximum mintage of 750,000 has been established across proof and uncirculated versions. The proof version is struck at San Francisco, and the uncirculated version is struck at Denver. These coins carry the standard copper-nickel clad composition and specifications of the current half dollar. The initial pricing is $13.95 for the uncirculated version and $14.95 for the proof version.


A three coin proof set is also available, initially priced at $473.60. This pricing is subject to potential weekly change based on the average market price of gold. The multi-coin set carries a product limit of 15,000 units.

The initial pricing for each of the products includes an introductory period discount. The introductory sales period ends on March 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM ET, when regular pricing will go into effect.

All prices include surcharges of $35 per gold coin, $10 per silver dollar, and $3 per half dollar. The first $5 million of the surcharges will be distributed to the US Marshals Museum for the preservation, maintenance, and display of artifacts and documents. Additional amounts will be distributed in thirds to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation, and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

The United States Mint will be selling the six individual 2015 US Marshals Commemorative Coins at their booth at the Long Beach Expo. Sales will open January 29, 2015 at 12:00 Noon local time. The Expo runs from January 29 to 31.

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  1. TMMSR0127 says

    The three coin set is very attractive. The mintage seems right, and while the price is high, I am in on this set.

  2. KEITHSTER says

    These sould have a good run at it & will get some don’t know when but not at the gun here in a few min. Did get my FDR’s yesterday they were #20 Good Luck With These All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  3. Evan says

    I just got my order in for 3 piece set. It looks great. No problems on the website for ordering. A smooth transaction.

  4. Louis says

    in and out in a flash, e-mail received, all good. time to hop in my private jet and fly to Long Beach! I will strong arm my way and get a label that says “sold online during the first five minutes”!

  5. cagcrisp says

    For those Keeping Score. I filled One order and Printed Order @ 12:01. Did Order 2 that processed @ 12:03. Difference in Numbers was 1165…

    That’s Substantial in 2 minutes…

  6. cagcrisp says

    my first order was 28991xx. Anyone have an Earlier number OR One later than 29002xx?. Post the Time also

  7. says

    We had no problems ordering here either. Two proof sets, and one group of uncirculated coins. I am really hoping the mint will begin to offer these “full set” options more frequently. I would have liked one for the “uncircs” too.


    Don’t post such ideas here! Next thing you know, NGC and PCGS will be making those labels! 🙂

  8. says


    Because it’s a much more convenient way to collect the coins. Wouldn’t you much rather have one set with three proof coins than three individual boxes, each with a coin in it? This is part of the reason why the Perth Mint’s Lunar “typesets” are so popular, even though each coin in the typeset can be ordered as an individual piece.

    On a more personal note too, I think the three coin set looks a bit nicer as well.

    Of course, the ideal would be a full six coin set, or at least a three coin proof set and a three coin uncirculated set, but it doesn’t seem like we’re there yet.

  9. Mark says

    Did the mint ever announce how many 3 piece sets they had ready to ship? Seems they are being quiet on that, as opposed to the past new releases.

  10. says


    I would not be surprised to see the three piece sets go “out of stock” today. I am expecting them to ultimately sell out pretty quickly.

    It’ll be pretty interesting to see if the sales of the Marshals in comparison with the BHoF coins. The Marshals have a good set of designs, but not nearly the same levels of hype.

  11. jj says

    order placed! so what does “budget shipping” mean? i hope it isn’t via UPS. i prefer post office because they will hold it for you if you aren’t there to sign.

  12. Tinto says

    Just ordered 2 ea. of the silver proof and unc Marshals … no glitch at all.

    Ordered around 12:30pm order number# 029044XX

  13. Louis says

    even if you picked budget if you order is over $300 they will upgrade you to UPS and it will come much sooner. budget goes by Fed Ex slow boat and then USPS and can take 3 weeks or more.

  14. Bernie in FL says


    I just remembered. They are selling them at the Long Beach Show too. Any idea how many will be sold at the show? Someone in a later Thread mentioned 3000. That would mean half are already Gone!!

  15. Tinto says

    My order says – Being Processed

    Shipping – “Budget PO Box” … Yeah I forgot the mint gives you a “free” upgrade if your order is over $300 … (or whatever the current limit is) Guess I’ll have to wait another 3 weeks .. hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised and get my order sooner ….

  16. jj says

    @Louis – true, but i can wait. UPS tries 3 times and then returns to sender. why should i have to rearrange my life’s schedule to be there to sign for something after spending >$300? shouldn’t the mint ship how i want? oh well, it’ll all work out. it usually does 🙂

  17. cagcrisp says

    @Bernie in FL, I don’t know where you are getting the 3,000 or that that would be half. The 3 coin set has a limit of 15,000 and with a HH limit of 5, they will take Some time to sell. Long Beach will Probably sell well because they can get them graded on site. That helps those that want the label… The number I posted Earlier as to 5300 orders. We have No way of Knowing how many of those are Even Marshal orders. Presumably most would be Marshal’s but many may just be for the Silvers or the Clads.

  18. KEITHSTER says

    Be thankful you didn’t have to try to order by phone! 40 min. of bizzy signal had to give up couldn’t take it anymore. Seem’s like they left the phone off the hook must go to lunch at noon ? Oh did try on this computer but it won’t let me comfirm order so– did try the live chat that was fun till she got to the use the phone? Ya sure that might have been but back on the hook? So will sit back till this one chill’s a little sure seem’s hot atleast by phone Glad you all got some with no prob’s Good Luck To The Rest”>”>”>”>”>”>”>?

  19. gary says

    Big price drop in all precious metals this afternoon. Maybe building to a price drop next week???

  20. Bernie in FL says


    Thanks for the update. Here is where I got the number for the Long Beach Sales:

    Keep Calm & Stack On says
    JANUARY 28, 2015 AT 3:42 PM

    Bernie – remember, the mint will have 3 -sets in Long Beach tomorrow, by my estimate, 500-1000/day…, SO, that’s 2,000 to 4,000!

    I think the 3-set Sell Out will surprise some…, but I’m ready.., though I’ve been wrong before!

  21. cagcrisp says

    @gary, To get a price Drop the next 8 London fixes will have to Average $1,244.46. Current level is $1,254.70

  22. MK says

    Diga4- IMO the 3 coin proof sets at a low 15,000 mintage makes the set special. The coins individually have too high of a mintage. Plus the proofs look much nicer than the uncs.

  23. Ikaika says

    Even if gold prices drop there is a risk that the three coin proof set might be gone. Risk vs Reward here 🙂

  24. D Rittenhouse says

    The Mint’s booth at Long Beach isn’t selling any of the SR7 three coin proof set. They’re only selling the individual coins SR1-SR6.

  25. says


    That was my thinking. I still think a price drop is unlikely, but with only 15K units, I don’t really want to gamble.

    Also, I just really like the coins too and want to see them sooner rather than later. 🙂

  26. Ikaika says

    @ CO

    Agree. I purchased the three coin set today. No looking back. On to the next release 🙂

  27. jj says

    captain overkill – i agree. these are beautiful! i wish they would do a gold/silver/platinum set. maybe a 1/4 oz gold, 1/4 oz platinum, and 5 ounce silver. that would be sweet.

  28. fmtransmitter says

    gary says
    JANUARY 29, 2015 AT 1:27 PM

    Big price drop in all precious metals this afternoon. Maybe building to a price drop next week???
    continued manipulation…

  29. Billy the Kid says

    Let the price of gold fall.
    If it does, I will have time to order the gold coin when it cost less.

    With so many coins being produced, what’s the hurry. 500,000 golden opportunities.

    And, the coin is a bit busy with so many dates on one coin…
    1789-2014, 2015 and 225 years of sacrifice. The mint should have cleaned the coin up a little before selling it.

    Reach for the sky partner.

  30. MK says

    The Philly mint gift shop had none of these coins for sell today. That coupled with the fact the Long Beach show has no three coin sets, make these a keeper IMO. I don’t know if the other mints had any for sale today, I would be curious to find out.
    @jj that would be an awesome set, I’d be in for that.

  31. VaBeachEd says

    I was going to wait until next week (with the price of gold dropping). but I also think with the mintage of only 15,000 sets, there will be a sell out by tonight, so I ordered 1 Proof Set at 1:56p.m. order # 29085xx. I am sure a lot of orders do not contain the Proof Sets, but why take a chance if you would like to own one set.

  32. says

    Does anyone believe the possibly exists that the Mint manipulated the release date of the Marshals coins to coincide with a major coin show (Long Beach)? Or, was it just coincidental? You just gotta laugh.
    I guess the Mint determined that the Marshals was a just a luke warm release, as opposed to the hot release of the Kennedy gold, with all the accompanying public safety concerns.
    Start checking ebay tonight for those super special “Long Beach Show” and “First Release” labels that are surely about to sprout.

  33. MikeinPA says

    15, 000 mintage for the three coin set really doesn’t matter, as stated on a earlier thread all you would have to do is buy the packaging and coa on the secondary and create your own, unless there is a special coin, which is unlikely

  34. Samuel says

    i won’t buy the set. because, first, it is just the box. second, if the silver coin got white spots later,the set will look bad.

  35. VaBeachEd says

    Billy the Kid says
    JANUARY 29, 2015 AT 2:14 PM

    Let the price of gold fall.
    If it does, I will have time to order the gold coin when it cost less.

    With so many coins being produced, what’s the hurry. 500,000 golden opportunities.

    And, the coin is a bit busy with so many dates on one coin…
    1789-2014, 2015 and 225 years of sacrifice. The mint should have cleaned the coin up a little before selling it.

    Reach for the sky partner.

    Billy the kid,

    There are only 100,000 total of GOLD coins not 500,000.

  36. says


    The spot price of gold does seem to be increasingly disconnected from reality these days. I stumbled across this story relating to Zimbabwe’s mining sector a couple days ago: http://af.reuters.com/article/investingNews/idAFKBN0KT1EM20150120?sp=true


    I am happy enough to see the price fall if it gets me cheaper mint products!


    I am expecting sales much more in line with past commemorative releases given the relative lack of hype. I am hoping the above-average designs will give these a little extra shot in the arm, but I don’t anticipate anything except the three coin set coming remotely close to a sellout.

  37. ScoBo says


    IMHO it does matter. Since the Marshal sets are not being slabbed as 1 (all 3 coins in 1 slab as set) the only legitimate 3 coin set will be those in the original packaging with COA. Regardless where the box is ultimately purchased, there are only 15,000 of them and therefore provides value by distinguishing it as the “official” mint set.


    “15, 000 mintage for the three coin set really doesn’t matter, as stated on a earlier thread all you would have to do is buy the packaging and coa on the secondary and create your own, unless there is a special coin, which is unlikely”

  38. Mark Rex says

    Why are some of the Marshall coins listed as “Limited” on the Mints site? None of them could be close to maximum mintage or is available stock just low and they will be out of stock soon?

  39. Ikaika says


    You might be surprised on how many people on that auction site does not know of the mint’s webstore.

  40. says

    Because of the inclusion of a gold Marshals coin, resulting in a higher ($474.) price point, I don’t think the 3 coin set is going to sell out as quickly as many are anticipating (or hoping).

  41. VaBeachEd says

    Mark Rex,

    Someone at the mint shipped some out early. They are already selling them graded with lable to match.

    View this email in a web browser | Forward to a friend


    January 29, 2015 will be the official US Mint release of the US Marshals Commemorative coin program…

    But did you know that you can actually buy coins that were released JANUARY 5th? More than 3 weeks BEFORE the official release date?!


    One of our vendors received a shipment from The Mint on January fifth that contained 99 of the U.S. Marshals proof half dollars!

    All our years in the coin business and we have never heard of anything like this.

    To document the fact that he received these coins long before the official release he took them to NGC at The FUN Show (Florida United Numismatist Show) on January 7th and had them graded and sealed in official FUN Show holders. This absolutely documents the fact that the coins were received over 3 WEEKS in advance of the official release date.

    The entire population of these amazing pre-release coins is now and will always be just 99! Don’t hesitate! With a population this low, it is certain to sell-out quickly! Certified coins start at $499.95!

    Call your favorite CSN Representative today toll free


  42. Ralph says

    Just placed order for 2 – 3-coin set’s.
    It seems the 99 in the bag trick is working again. I think the Mint tried to prevent us from seeing the quantity left on items near sold out and made some changes. For a few days you could only add 1 to the bag. Then you’d have to go to checkout and adjust it there. You can now once again enter 99 and it will go through. Tried it on the 3-coin set’s. There are over 99 left as of now!

  43. says

    I really like these coins, but I have to budget my purchases, so I’ll have to pass. Recenty picked up a nice
    1914-S Saint Gaudens, NGC MS63 for $1358…and while the obserse does look 63, the reverse looks like MS64+.

    @cagcrisp, I know you’ve been putting together a lot of raw Gaudens, and finding great deals if take your time. I just couldn’t pass this up…..I wish you well in your collecting of these and keep us updated when you find a bargin.

    As for a sellout on the Marshalls 3 coin set, I say at least a week, maybe more.

  44. D Rittenhouse says

    @Mark Rex
    All of the US Marshal products are listed as Limited because both their availability and their maximum mintages are limited by law. The word Limited here doesn’t necessarily mean “Almost Sold Out.”

  45. Ikaika says

    @ VaBeachEd

    What surprises me most is not the fact that there was a technical problem with the mint’s website. After orders are placed you need real people to process the order. They will receive the order, locate the coins, package and ship them out. I am not sure what kind of people are working for the mint these days. This a failure of the entire system.

  46. JagFan says

    Off Topic – the 2 coin Star Trek Set by the Perth Mint, limited to 1,500 sets is available at directcoins.


    Both Direct Coins & Downies have already sold out their alotment of Goddesses of Olympus, if you are interested, you will have to fight with everyone else tonight..

  47. Ralph says

    Keep Calm & Stack On: I have seen so many times where a seller is selling the item at just about cost. If you figure it out, what’s the guy making, a dollar? Silly I tell you!

    Ikaika: It is true, a lot of people just don’t know they can order directly from the Mint. I was one of them 13 years ago! I don;t tell this to too many people, but my first coin purchase was from the coin vault on tv!

  48. Clark says

    I thought about buying these, but decided against spending money to honor obscure federal agencies. They get plenty from me already. If this federal agency theme continues, we’ll have to collect commems for the IRS, NSA, EPA, etc. … thousands of federal agencies one-by-one as they reach anniversaries.

    That said, there is a wonderful irony about one federal agency (Treasury Dept.) honoring another and charging folks to participate.

  49. cagcrisp says

    with HH limit of 5 I don’t see the 3 coin set Selling Out Any time Soon… I think the Mint made a tactical error with even listing limits. The Mint waited until 1 hour before Show Time and put up the limits. If you are that close, why not just Monitor sales and If you see something irregular THEN put up the limits…

    With the Australian Open going On, I would say this was an Unforced Error on the Mint’s part.

    If I am the US Marshal museum people I want to see Product pushed out the door…Not Artificially limited when it is Not warranted…

  50. I started collecting yesterday says

    Bought mine from the D.C. sales counter today. The coins look great! I especially like the symbolism on the reverse of the half-dollar commemorative.

  51. cagcrisp says

    @I started collecting yesterday, Was there lines at DC today? What did you think about the Reverse on the Golds and Silvers?

  52. thePhelps says

    cag – I think we all expected the HH limits – so it wasn’t a great surprise. Plus we had no idea what the demand would be – so to slow it down to allow joe blow buyers a chance for the first few weeks is fine.

    These coins will be on sale all year and the only limited version of it – is the the 3 coin set – which is also the only HH limited version. If sales aren’t spectacular…I expect the HH limit to be gone in a week or 2.

  53. I started collecting yesterday says

    I stopped in after the lunch rush, so there wasn’t much of a line. Though, still a few customers hanging out. The sales desk staff had to call upstairs for more uncirculated silvers. I think the reverse on the Silver has great detail and was well executed. I just don’t feel any emotion from it like I do from the reverse of the half, especially the blindfolded justice holding the star. The reverse of the gold is stunning. Stunning!

  54. MikeinPA says

    ScoBo, so what you are saying is you are buying the packaging rather than the coins, i could easily buy the packaging and the coins seperately, and create my own “3” piece set, how could anyone determine if they were the original coins, don’t believe there is much value to be gained by purchasing three coin set, more of a convenience

  55. says


    Agree with your guess of a week for the three coin sets. With the way gold prices are falling though, that may slow sales as some buyers await a discount. I’d like to see these releases do well, but commems usually have a bad track record.

  56. fmtransmitter says

    @Clark: I know it seems like it but the IRS is NOT a Federal agency, sadly they have MORE power than one!
    collect commems for the IRS

  57. fmtransmitter says

    Any and ALL proceeds should go towards reducing this debt and line item by line item budget cuts IMHO…

  58. Louis says

    Jag Fan- How can Downies have sold out? I signed up for the expression of interest as soon as it went up
    because my contact there notified me, but they did not get back to me yet. What makes you say they sold out?
    Don’t they start at 8pm tonight EST? I am trying to find out from my VIP contact.

  59. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Louis – you are VIP, so I’d say your good. Downies is pretty squared away

    GF – hey, in the last hour, the lunar goat privy is back in and in on the drop.., doing the “Doubling Down” double check here in ole Virginia at the moment!

    Which I can afford now due to the direction of the ’15 HR program.., thank ya CFA & CCAC! 🙂

  60. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster says
    JANUARY 29, 2015 AT 5:00 PM

    O.K., it now begs the question: Did you ever use the 4 free grades?
    Oh, of course. That was the ONLY reason I bought the coin…I had four classics I wanted graded…They came back properly graded…

  61. Louis says

    KCSO- where are you getting your goat privy?

    as if there were not enough new issues- the new RCM birds of prey is coming soon- great hawk design, really nice art

  62. Louis says

    Downies normally lets me pre-order way in advance and charges when they ship, but this time they said their allotment was so small I had to put in an “expression of interest” Well, I expressed but we will see……..

  63. Ralph says

    fmtransmitter: I have always wanted a Pez dispenser that shoots out silver dollars! lol (Star Trek)

  64. ScoBo says

    MikeinPA – I agree.

    My primary point is that regardless of how the set is constructed (buying the original set or assembling it yourself) the packaging is critical. Regardless of how it is put together, there are only 15,000 original packages on the market, therefore only 15,000 actual mint sets…..if that is important to anyone.

  65. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- my order around 2:00 EST was 02908xxx. In the ballpark of half way through 8000.

    Story on Bloomberg OPEC making case for $200 oil in the future. More of that kind of talk let’s you know big boys are in or they are in panic mode, I think the first option. As I mentioned before about the slanted H&S, upside target was reached on Gold and Silver also at 18.50….watching Gold 1220-1225 for neckline support. I want to see how it acts when it gets there. Clearly defined parameters now.

  66. Louis says

    Downies came through again! Great price too. Good luck to everyone esp. on the Perth site at 8pm.

  67. Mohawk says

    Wow…..that guy on the silver dollar looks like something out of a Tom of Finland drawing ( warning, if you look Tom of Finland up….he’s VERY NSFW). This is definitely a pass for me.

  68. VaBeachEd says

    Eleanor Roosevelt 2014 First Spouse Proof Coin is not listed anymore, so I would say they are “SOLD OUT”. I do not know why they do not list it as sold out. They just removed it.

  69. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- thanks for the heads up! I would love to see another 50 cents down tomorrow and I am in for what I can afford(which isn’t much). I placed my loose coins in capsules, they are gorgeous coins. Bought one USM set and the much maligned sibling, the unc. gold.

    oh and don’t forget the circus coins 😉

  70. CasualCollector says

    The ER 2014 FS Proof is there for me (still OOS). Sometimes you have to wait to let that page load fully…

  71. Mark Rex says

    I just made my first order though Downies for the Hera coin. Was super easy and considering the hype hard to believe it was that easy. Any chance they could cancel me? Can I still order though Perth or would that be a conflict? Can my wife, same address order one though Downies as well? Thanks in advance for your replies.

  72. Mark Rex says

    See the HH linit of 1 on Downies now – overlooked it. Seems cheaper than Perth too but dunno.

  73. Louis says

    You can order through Perth or other companies but assuming your wife lives at the same address, I do not think you can get a 2nd from Downies. Plus you have to have signed up before today, which is why you got the e-mail. They will offer to the public at midnight est if any are left.

  74. Mark Rex says

    @Louis; you had to already be registered at Downies to get the Hera or are you refering to Perth?

  75. Louis says

    Downies. Perth has them now but site is slow and you never know if you will make it through the queue at the very end. I am happy with one and am not speculating this time. I think they will go up but maybe not as much. Some people at least here in the US think it looks weird or whatever, but that is the style for this series.

  76. Louis says

    Perth price even with shipping is a few dollars less. For the hell of it I wanted to see how far I could get and I just got booted out. Probably gone.

  77. Clark says

    @fmtransmitter–Hee hee, Right you are. With the sort of power the IRS has, it would be fitting to issue the IRS gold commem coins on April 15th and authorize the Mint to withhold payments for it from every paycheck, with penalties and interest imposed on all who don’t purchase IRS commem coins.

    It might also be fitting to have Lady Liberty leave one other body part exposed on the reverse of the new IRS coin. I might just buy one.

  78. Ikaika says

    Is the Star Trek coin being sold by the Perth mint? Did not see it on their website. Wanted to know what is the deal with that large capsule. That Hera thing is still up for sale.

  79. Erik H says

    Tinto, if your package ships USPS it shouldn’t take 3 weeks like some other poster stated. I get mine in 3-4 days vs. FedEx smart post which has taken as long a month! Sometimes USPS gets it wrong but smart post always seems to get it wrong IMHO.

  80. Louis says

    @Ikaika- Star Trek does not come out until Feb. 16, but you can pre-order at Downies and some other Aussie dealers. Perth will list it later. I wanted to get everything together to save on shipping, which Downies let me do. You can also buy each Star Trek coin separately.

  81. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Thanks. I am just curious about that white capsule that contain the coins. It seems like it has an illuminated display. There is a switch that appears to control the light intensity. Can we beam these coins to PCGS or NGC to save on shipping, hehehehehe 😉

  82. VaBeachEd says

    CasualCollector & D Rittenhouse,

    I checked and now it is there, but before I was signed in and checking my order when I looked and only 6 coins were on the page. I even went back about 10 minutes later and the 6 coin were still the only ones on the page??? You are both right, all are on the page now.

  83. Louis says

    the queue is 30 min long at Perth for hera, but direct seems to still have it. I think the design was seen as inferior to last year’s but if you watch the video and see the finished product- the coin looks much better than that black and white drawing. I like it.

  84. diga4 says

    Packaging is just a good marketing ploy, if this was the only way you could get these coins as a collector than simple, this is how you buy it, but as you can see there are people buying these coins now eBay that don’t know that they can buy from the mint?! If they have a computer and buy on eBay than why don’t they just google the coin and than they will find out were you can buy direct , and since it is not sold out they can get it for retail.
    The guy on HSN is selling the Kennedy reverse proof from the set alone, not graded for like 80.00 and you can go to the mint and buy the whole set for 100.00 plus shipping as you know, most of the buying public are pretty much stupid, that is why the guy Coin Vault HSN has a show.

    The Marshal set is nice but since you can buy then indivdually I know you guys don’t want all the boxes , there still is too high of a premium and too high mintage on each coin

    I like how they look but I will wait and gold and silver will probably go down more like today and since there is such a high production I think there will be deals down the road especially graded, and graded is always easier too sell if and item does go up in value if you hold, but the again it can go down

    I am probably wrong ….
    Wish I could see the future, would have bought Tesla stock when I was looking at it when it was 50 bucks
    I guess that makes me stupid too Ha

  85. says

    Louis, and all others….thanks for the info on Hera…my order was just completed ($141.92). My waiting time in the queue started at 53 minutes, so I really didn’t think it would go through…but it did.
    I missed out on the Gods of Olympus…I know this series will not do as well, but having the first coin
    in a new series is always going to be the top dog.

    I feel kinda foolish in that I just said my budget would make me bypass the Marshall coins….but when a unique coin with a 2000 mintage comes along, well, I’ll sell a 5 oz ATB to cover the cost. It seems I’m doing that more and more….seeing something new I want to buy, and then looking at my inventory to see what I would be willing be sell.

    But thanks again for all who gave a heads up on Hera.

  86. Critter says

    I’m with you Mohawk, it does look like a Tom of Finland depiction. I just want to see something zesty and exciting . Instead we get the same old same. I’m going to pass on this, and Mr. Finland is very NSFW LOL! 🙂

  87. says

    btw, has anyone been buying the Biblical series exclusive to APMEX. These are very similar looking coins to the Perth Gods series(antique finish) 2 oz, low mintage of 1499…and what is cool is that the serial number is laser etched on the edge of the coin…which of course will match the paper coa #.
    Check this out if youar interested


  88. says

    Mark, I agree…they haven’t been selling well and just seemed to copy the Perth coins. I was just curious if anyone was buying these.
    I’m much happier with my Hera coin. Does anyone know how many “Goddesses” are in this series and what their names are?

  89. Louis says

    Steve- I ordered one of the biblical coins and ended up returning it. They are nowhere near as nice as the Perth coins. Not terrible, but not that compelling at least to me. And too many- 6 a year for a decade!

  90. says

    I thought about Hera, but after viewing the artwork I decided to pass. I really like the coins with the “antique” style finishes, but this series just isn’t doing it for me.

  91. Jerry Diekmann says

    cag – I received this Email from the Mint at 11:03 am PST, not too long after I had ordered several coins, including the 3-coin set.

    Dear JEROME,
    We are currently processing your recent catalog.usmint.gov order. You should receive a confirmation E-mail in the next 24 hours with more details.
    Order Number: USM02908747

  92. says

    Thanks for the feedback Louis, Captain. In looking at wikipedia it looks like the other “goddesses” would be Demeter, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite and Hestia.
    Of those Aphrodite has the most appeal to me…I guess because I’ve heard of her since I was young….and as the Goddess of “love, beauty and disire”….well, I’ve always desired her lol. She is also the daughter of Zeus….so she may be a popular coin in this series.

  93. Mark Rex says

    I was able to get the Hera coin on Perths site but in the excited rush to get it ordered I accidently added the 2015 50th Anv RAM 6 Coin Set ($18) to my cart first (Still dont think I clicked it but it was added) and didnt want to chance getting hung up removing it. Total charged was $165 and I was going thru it too fast to read but I checked the FedEx shipping box (may have been only option?). Really excited that I got it as I only got 1/3 (Poseidon) Gods coins. Started with 61 mins in que but got finished around 758 EST. Downies sent me an email conf and I didnt see anything about preregistering so I emailed them. Very happy with 1 though.

  94. Jerry Diekmann says

    I thought the topic today was the Marshals coins – guess I was wrong. I have a feeling that all these Australian coins from places no one has ever heard of, and all of them with the same boring reverse of the Queen, will suffer the same fate as those who bought all those Franklin Mint collections years ago. Just my opinion , as I never bought any of any of the sets from any of these “mints”.

  95. Dustyroads says

    I checked out the Exodus coin at APMEX not long after it became available. The antiqued finished coins seem to really be popular among a lot of collectors today, so I expected this coin to be a pretty nice looking one. To my surprise it’s way under done, at least from my point of view. To me it looks rushed, or like a rough draft. This one is certainly not something that will ever be viewed as a piece of art.

  96. says

    @Addielise….I just saw that as well….thanks for getting the info out earlier than others.

    I must say, considering that this is only going to be a 3 coin series (Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite) makes these coins even more appealing to me. I like low mintage, short series issues.

    Louis, yeah, that APMEX Bibical series with 6 coins a year for a decade is ridiculous…sorta like our spouses series(no offense to Brad and others that collect the spouses)

  97. Dustyroads says

    Jerry~My father is no longer with me, but when he was living he bought so much stuff from the Franklin Mint in the `70’s and `80’s, I really wish he would have tailored his collection differently. He had quite a few of the wall hangings with worn coins occupying the slots. The truth is, when I saw the overall quality, I decided that I would never take that rout. It must be similar to what HSN is doing. It’s such a shame that his collection could have been much better if he had not bothered with the Franklin Mint.

  98. says

    Jerry….sorry to be off topic on the Marshals, and really this should be discussed on World Mint Blog….my apologies!. But while we’re here, let me give you an example of why there i interest in these coins. (nothing like Franklin mint….as you can make money on these)
    The previous series “Gods of Olympus” had a mintage of 1500, while this new series has a mintage limit of 2000…so that will lower premiums a little.
    Here is a ebay Zeus auction:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tuvalu-2014-Gods-Of-Olympus-ZEUS-2oz-Silver-High-Relief-Coin-Mintage-1500-/291359858542?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item43d6669f6e#ht_643wt_1267

    Here is a sold complete set of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades:

    So, yes, these should be discussed on World Mint Blog, but I’m just trying to show you that these coins have proves very profitible

  99. MikeinPA says

    Think i’ll just save for next years offerings, nothing too exciting this year, unless there is a suprise coming in the next few months, you never know

  100. VA Bob says

    2000 mintage. They must have made one for each person on Tuvalu. 😉

    I pray the US Mint never goes to boutique coins, but I doubt it. If the US Mint reads this blog they will probably realize there is a market for this stuff and they are leaving money on the table. Dusty, don’t throw out you dad’s Franklin Mint collection just yet.

  101. Ends in Error says

    Sometimes I get the odd feeling this is just a US Mint shill site. Also it seems those Zombie pieces get too much mention also.

  102. A&L Futures says

    I read this on another blog; can anyone confirm if this is true?


    Ilovesilver on January 29, 2015 at 8:45 pm
    I saw Reverse Proof silver dime @ the coin show, The mint’s official told me , it come as a set of March of dime,
    I think it will be extremely valueable ,since it only have 10k ,

  103. VaBeachEd says


    I do not see anything about a set. This is all I could find on the mint webstore. I also think the U.S. Mint would do more than 10,000 in any set. JMHO

    3/13/2015 2015 March of Dimes Proof Silver Dollar TBD
    3/13/2015 2015 March of Dimes Uncirculated Silver Dollar TBD

  104. VaBeachEd says


    I did not look hard enough, they do have a special March of Dimes Set coming out, but the date is TBD.

    2015 March of Dimes Special Set TBD

  105. MK says

    @Scobo – it matters to me. Im glad I purchased the Marshals three coin set, not because I want to profit off the three coin set, but because I find the fact that after 225 years, the US Marshals still exist and yes they may be just another US government organization, but there are still a lot of US Marshal’s out there who took an oath to serve this country and God knows LEO’s can use a little positive press these days, so I’m still in for the set and I’m happy to contribute to a such worthy cause. -sorry off soapbox. Plus I really like the old west theme. 😉

  106. Jerry Diekmann says

    Dustyroads – Several years ago one of my brothers got me for Christmas maybe half a dozen or more of those framed plaques with different coins in them and some remarks about them – Lincoln, the Old West, buffalos, etc. All of the coins were pretty well worn and some of them had been shined up, polished, or whizzed. I told my brother “thank you” for remebering that I liked coins. A couple of years ago I gave them to a friend to sell on Ebay for whatever she could get – I couldn’t be bothered dealing with Ebay and all the horror stories I have heard about them over the years. She sold them for me – they went fairly quickly – and I got 60% of the proceeds. Of course, I never told my brother. As for your dad, I’m sure he enjoyed them and maybe you might even break even with the medals as the silver back then was probably in the $4.00 to $6.00 an ounce range and now it’s in the $16.00 to $18.00 range. I’m pretty sure that Franklin Mint medals sell for a fraction above melt, but I don’t know since I never bought any of them. I seem to remember that some of the series were kind of nice, but they were high priced for the amount of silver they contained. Maybe everything has evened out now – at least I hope so for you. Cash is king.

  107. Tinto says


    Another teaser from the Mint ? If there will be a reverse proof only for this set I’m in with both feet. But I’d think the mintage would be higher than 10k ….

  108. Dustyroads says

    VABob~ It was his wishes that his grand kids have his collection. Last year my mother says one of them called from Dallas, he was in trouble and needed money fast, she gave him $7,500. He now tells my sister it wasn’t him and must have been a scam, but he does have a reputation for not paying his bills and hiding from collectors. She’s 81 now so I have links to her accounts for emergencies, it’s a good thing for her that I had move some of her money or I’m pretty sure he would have gotten it as well. She has a heart of gold, but just a bit too trusting.

  109. MK says

    Second order placed at mint for marshal silvers at 12:23pm has shipped USM02905XXX, however first order placed at 12:04p 2900XXX for three coin sets have not.

  110. Dustyroads says

    I’m going to pull a “cool Dave” and say good night everybody…then I’m going to hang around for a little while just to see if anyone says anything back…here go’s..

    Test pattern now on…

    National anthem playing..

    and then nothing but static 🙁

  111. VaBeachEd says


    That is what I told A&L. I can not see the U.S. Mint making any set with only 10,000. Most of the Gold runs more than 40,000 and silver never below 100,000 and that was with the ASE 2011 set.

  112. MikeinPA says

    reverse proof dime may be the suprise offering that has been tossed around the last several weeks, overheard a conversation in Nov. while waiting for a haircut from a former mint employee of a possible spring suprise, i’m in for sure if it bears fruit

  113. Tinto says


    Hopefully we should know more by mid March or before. …. but with this Mint … they can’t seem to get their act straight .. they haven’t even released the 2014 LESPS yet … I think they should pass a law that prohibits the Mint from selling any new product which contains a coin or coins with the previous year’s date.

  114. GoldFishin says

    My 12-11 C&C Set order is now processing….CC pinged again….yippee yippee!! I hope it’s not another false alarm…

  115. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    A&L – Yes, including a RP Dime in the MoD set was mentioned last summer in a mint meeting/discussion last summer. Not buying the 10,000 mintage though

  116. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Oh, and as I recall about the MoD Special Set, and this was just preliminary discussion over the summer, it would include the MoD Comm Dollar, RP Proof Dime (perhaps the RP Dime that the mint is considering for the ’15 RP sets?). Can’t remember if the FDR silver medal was among the discussion points. We’ll see in a couple of months…

  117. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    MK – your second order, is it less than $300? And was it sent Fedex Dumbpost?

    My 12:01, USM02899090 order for 3-coin is Processing and being sent UPS Ground Sig Adult, hence why I’m thinking it hasn’t shipped yet, or at least the shipping number hasn’t been allocated, though likely by noon today. It’s a Dumbpost vs. UPS processing thing.

  118. thePhelps says

    I am confused on the mints shipping policies… I just got a shipping notice for my order from yesterday. I placed the order and was under $300 and still have signature required UPS shipping. I hate when they do that because generally I then have to track down the shipment because there is no one home when they come. I looked back at the last couple of orders and see the sig required has been random – my CRA uncirculated was also sig required for the single coin, and a couple of other orders after it were over a $100 and were shipped smart post…

  119. CasualCollector says

    FYI – only 4 of the Marshal 3-Coin Proof Set left in stock (of the amount they had initially — but probably NOT the entire 15,000 Product Limit). I’m guessing they had about 9,000 – 10,000 ready yesterday…

  120. cagcrisp says

    BOTH the Marshal Silver Proof and the 3 coin Proof Set are Out Of Stock

    The 3 coin set being Out of Stock is Not surprising, the Silver Proof is. One day in and Out of Stock? Come On Man…

  121. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    OH, it’s the OOS without the “Remind Me” button – so it’s the gone for a while type of OOS….

  122. VA Bob says

    I recall talk of a reverse proof set this year. Sounds like this dime might not be special. Remember the San Francisco ASE debacle three years ago?

  123. Ikaika says


    I have a feeling that the 3 proof set is soldout, while the individual silver proof will become available sometime in the near future. Not sure how many proof sets were sold by the end of the day yesterday.

  124. cagcrisp says

    The Mints Webpage REALLY has a Problem. Depending on How you Search, The Marshal Gold Proof is Listed Twice if you search “Coins/Commemoratives” and there is No listing for the 3 coin set. If you Search “Coin Programs/Commemoratives” you Don’t get Gold Proof and you get the 3 coin set Twice. IF you Search “What’s New” you get to see all 7 Offerings….

  125. TMMSR0127 says


    Thank you for the update on the C&C sets. I just checked my order from 12/10 and it is also processing, and my CC has been charged – here to hoping…

  126. cagcrisp says

    @Ikaika, I HOPE you are Correct. IF the 3 coin set is Sold Out, I Drastically Underestimated Demand…

  127. cagcrisp says

    Now we Wait and see IF the Mint release Day 1 sales numbers to see how close everyone was…

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 8,500
    • cagcrisp 8,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 12,250
    • Tinto 7,700

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 4,750
    • cagcrisp 4,036
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 3,500
    • Tinto 3,000

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 13,650
    • cagcrisp 14,127
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 17,500
    • Tinto 16,000

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 6,550
    • cagcrisp 7,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 5,000
    • Tinto 4,000

  128. Ikaika says


    Since you seem to be a “numbers” person, I hope you can provide us with estimates on the sales of the proof set today 🙂

  129. Larry says

    With a mintage limit of 500K, the proof silver Marshal will be back. Probably for the whole year.

  130. says

    Not that it will provide me with an incentive to buy it, but I must say that the reverse of the $5 gold is possibly one of the finest flag/eagle designs ever seen on an U.S. coin. I would like to see this design as part of a future reverse update for the Silver Eagle. The only modification would need to be using the regular heraldic shield design instead of the lettering “U.S. MARSHALS”.

  131. cagcrisp says

    The Marshal Silver has now been listed as Back Order. You can Purchase just Not currently in stock..

  132. Larry says

    I wish the proof silver Marshal had the eagle from the gold. I may buy a silver proof anyway, but it sure would have been nice with the eagle. I bough the Medal of Honor and the Star Spangled Banner golds, and they are OK, but just too small.

  133. thePhelps says

    Larry – I agree these are small. That is why I am on the fence about the gold coins for that reason – but the design is pretty sweet and you can’t find it on other mint offerings.

    cag – it seems many of us might have under estimated the demand. The 3 coin set might have sold quickly – only because of the 15k limit. The 3 coin sets do typically sell out on this type of offering.

  134. Ends in Error says

    Looks like the 3 Coin Set did sell out. That was fast. Looks like flipermania is at work here. Now when 15,000 sets all ship wthin a week and hit the bay in a sunami of desperation selling, just watch prices drop below issue. Oh when will they learn? This is Kennedyville all over again.

  135. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Thanks MK – yeah, I’ll be KCCO’ing here around 5 pm!

    GF, et al., – when you guys receive your Sacabuck C&C sets, would you list your serial #1 range, e.g., the first S/N and last # of your sets please.

    I’m really interested to know how these delays sets may be different or how serialization of the $1 may alter, if any. I’ll do the same. Thanks!

  136. says

    I am impressed that both the three coin set and the proof silver coin made it to out of stock status. Seems like initial demand exceeded supply. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the three coin set is outright sold out.


    It’s not really so surprising when you think about it. The proof silver coin is usually the most popular option with commemoratives, so if anything would run out of launch day supply, it’d be that one.

  137. Chuck says

    I’d given up on my Dec 4 C&C orders so I managed to pick up a Hera from Perth Mint last night, Then I wake up this morning and find my CC dinged for both C&C orders. Isn’t that the way of it, but no complaints. Hera is going for $80 + over purchase price and the C&C is cruising along as well.

  138. john says

    Call mint today,about my c and c sets.Was told it was ship back in dec.I never got it and no tacking #.on mint web.AND my c c was refund last week.my order was Dec. 5.I need to talk to some one that know more,this person I talk to did not know anything my-be I will get them yet.

  139. Tinto says


    I agree the eagle should have been on the silver … it would have looked awesome. If the Mint is planning to have a regular HR gold coin and a silver medal offering maybe they could reuse it in the future, without the “US MARSHALS” wording of course.

  140. cagcrisp says

    Initial Sales Numbers for the Marshals:

    SR1 2015 Marshal Gold Proof 2,698
    SR2 2015Marshal Gold Unc 2,323
    SR3 2015 Marshal Silver Proof 24,057
    SR4 2015 Marshal Silver Unc 10,200
    SR5 2015 Marshal Clad Prooft 14,212
    SR6 2015 Marshal Clad Unc 7,649
    SR7 2015 Marshal 3 coin set 9,421

    SO….If you wanted a Gold Proof you Opted to go for the 3 coin set instead of the Individual Gold Proof.
    Once Sales Open back up for the 3 coin set, They will Not last long…

  141. cagcrisp says

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Proof US Marshal coin:

    • thePhelps 8,500
    • cagcrisp 8,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 12,250
    • Tinto 7,700
    Actual 2,698 +9,421 (3coin set) = 12,119
    Keep Calm & Stack On Winner

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 4,750
    • cagcrisp 4,036
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 3,500
    • Tinto 3,000
    Actual 2,323
    Tinto Winner

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 13,650
    • cagcrisp 14,127
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 17,500
    • Tinto 16,000
    Actual 24,057 + 9,421 (3 coin set) = 33,478
    Keep Calm & Stack On Winner

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 6,550
    • cagcrisp 7,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 5,000
    • Tinto 4,000
    Actual 10,200
    Winner cagcrisp

  142. R dignan says

    A 3 coin box is out of stock
    So the suckers will paying more for a presentation box

    Plenty of these coins still left

    It’s just a box

  143. Ikaika says

    @ cagcrisp

    Many thanks for the info! People that still wants the proof set and missed out will have another shot at it.

  144. cagcrisp says

    $1,036,096.00 was raised in first 12 hours for the Marshal museum. I was hoping for $2.5 million in Total for CY15 so 40% in first 12 hours is a start…

  145. cagcrisp says

    @Samuel, First 12 hours. They didn’t go Out of Stock until approximately 7:30 AM EDT today. Now way of knowing how many sold between midnight and this morning. Probably had 10,000 on hand for Day 1…

  146. says

    R dignan,

    No one paid “more” for the three coin set. In fact, the three coin set costs about a dollar less than if you bought all three proof individual options.

    On a more general note, presentation counts. There is a reason the Perth Mint’s Lunar typesets sell out so quickly; they’re a convenient way to buy, package and present the four coins inside even though you can buy all four individually.

  147. thePhelps says

    cag – thanks for the numbers. It is a nice start for the Marshal coins – not earth shattering – but respectable. I think the series will do fine this year – obviously not BHoF sales – but much better than recent offerings. Actually – looking back it might take some digging to find a set that this compares to – since all the coins are acceptable.

  148. A&L Futures says


    (ref: LE MoD Set)

    I received this reply from the U.S. Mint (via Facebook) —


    The dimes are currently on display at the Long Beach Expo.

    The special set will contain a proof silver dollar, a silver reverse proof dime produced in Philadelphia with a P mint mark and silver dime produced in West Point with a W mint mark.

    We do not have any information yet about the on-sale date, pricing, product limit or Household Order Limits.

  149. Blair J Tobler says

    A&L Futures – awesome news! Thanks for the info. I think there’s no doubt the set will fly off the shelves, while the individual coins languish for the entire year.

  150. VaBeachSteve says

    Wow ….. Ordered my 3 coin set around 2pm and just received a “shipped” notice from the Mint. That was fast!

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