2015 United States Mint Silver Proof Set

Today, May 14, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2015 Silver Proof Set. This 14-coin set includes seven coins struck in a special composition of 90% silver.


Each 2015 Silver Proof Set includes the following proof coins struck at the San Francisco Mint and carrying the “S” mint mark:

  • 2015-S Proof Lincoln Cent
  • 2015-S Proof Jefferson Nickel
  • 2015-S Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • 2015-S Proof America the Beautiful Quarters – featuring Homestead National Monument of America, Kisatchie National Forest, Blue Ridge Parkway, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, and Saratoga National Historical Park
  • 2015-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2015-S Proof Native American Dollar
  • 2015-S Proof Presidential Dollars – featuring Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson

The dime, five quarters, and half dollar are each struck in a special composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. The remaining coins are struck in their standard copper-nickel compositions.

This represents the first availability of the 90% silver 2015-S Proof Roosevelt Dime and the 90% silver 2015-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar. The other coins included in the set have been incorporated into various other annual sets or products released previously.

The 2015 Silver Proof Set is priced at $53.95, unchanged from the regular price of the prior year set. The 2014-dated set was available for a discounted price of $48.55 under the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program. The subscription discount offer has since been discontinued.

The US Mint has not indicated a product limit and there are no household ordering limits in place.

In recent years, the annual silver proof set has seen historically low sales levels, although the previous pattern of declines seems to have ended. The 2012 Silver Proof Set sold out with last reported sales of 395,443 units, more than 30% below the prior year level and establishing a new low for the product offering. The 2013 Silver Proof Set sold out with last reported sales of 419,721. Last year’s 2014 Silver Proof Set still remains available and has last reported sales of 420,062 units.

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  1. Jim_D says

    I apologize in advance if this has been discussed at length before, but what happens to the presidential dollars next year? Do they stop the series or do they skip Carter and add Reagan?

  2. Naga says

    Mint site is working great. In and out in less than a minute for the Silver Proof Set.

  3. jeff says

    Everyone stand by Mark as an announcement to make on the $1 presidential spouse metal set ok Mark clear to pump n dump.

  4. Jim_D says

    @cagcrisp Thanks, it seemed obvious, but poor Carter and the other living presidents may never get their coins.

  5. Erik H says

    It looks like subscriptions have already shipped (or at least have tracking numbers).

  6. Dustyroads says

    Erik, I did get the email late last night letting me know that the Silver Set in my sub list was processing, but that’s all, no tracking number yet. You would think it would not take a couple days to get a tracking number, but it has been that way for me.

  7. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, OT

    I saw on FB a posting for a 55 bedroom and 55 bath, 60,000 sq foot house for sale in foreclosure in the Houston area. I just wonder if that is not some of the fallout from the oil drop…

  8. JBK says

    “55 bedroom and 55 bath, 60,000 sq foot house “…

    Sounds more like a hotel.

    As a house, I guess if you kept rotating rooms/bathrooms you would just have to change your sheets and clean the toilets once every year or two.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    Billy the kid says
    MAY 14, 2015 AT 11:36 AM

    If the mint is making silvers dimes, why not make the penny out of solid copper?

    I would buy into the set if a copper was included.

    “Pocket change in Arizona”.

    Cost less to make that silver dime to make a copper penny…jus sayin…

  10. Zaz says

    Have any of you been bothered by the “currently unavailable” status on the website? It’s lousy business practice when there are more items seemingly not for sale. It occurred to me with the Truman Coin & Medal “sellout” this morning that the ’14 sets have been in CU limbo longer than they were offered for sale. Someone at the Mint is being lazy and if these CU products are not going to be produced, why leave them up there like a series of broken promises? As a short term placeholder, I get it. As a long term one, it’s just lazy and allows them to skip cleaning out the detritus on an ongoing basis. The backorder button at least has an anticipated restock date in if you put the product in the cart. How about just making the page disappear when there’s no more inventory and no anticipated restock like some bullion dealers do? Very poor salesmanship, these kind of lazy excuses would last about five minutes in the real world.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    I looked up that house, looks like a David Karesh type compound that maybe was started by that guy they put in jail for child whatever..

  12. Dustyroads says

    Finally received the two MoD’s in two separate shipments that I ordered in minute 1, and around 15. I know the stars of the set are the dimes, but I have to say that the dollar impressed me. I swear, the babies skin has some color, more so on the first ordered set than the later. The first coin actually looks slightly dark to pinkish, while the later doesn’t have the same pinkish look, but still retains the dark. The color is in the rolls and intended. I’m just wondering about the slight pinkish on the first ordered coin and how that could be possible. Of course I’m looking through a loop, so the color is not evident without it. One other thing I like about the dollar is the right eye in FDR’s profile. The pupil is etched so well that I get a strong sense of exactly where FDR is looking.

    Oh, and jeff… not pumping, just sharing.

  13. Tinto says


    Though I bought the set for the RP dime, I did notice that the dollar looks much better than in the photographs especially FDR’s image. Too bad they couldn’t use that image or a similar one for the regular dollar …

  14. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp~ 60,000 is hard to wrap ones mind around. The sellers are probably anticipating a Fed rate hike later this year.
    We know that many have lost jobs, but I doubt the carnage has reached the top yet. The price is coming back, so I’m guessing we’ll continue to have a steady climb. It’s anyone’s guess to where, but our President may have the answer to that.

  15. Boz says

    It’s the Fed lady Janet doing it. Most powerful person in the world next to the leader of China. US President don’t have a clue how to manipulate the economy.

    Speaking of manipulations…

    Instead of putting off getting the Mamie’s until my credit car recovers from the Louisiana pucks, decided to do it today rather than run the risk. Mint’s oddball website popup messages cold block purchases later and force paying a higher price if gold goes up.

    Maybe this is the idea, mint is trying to scare us into buying now rather than later?

  16. Dustyroads says

    Boz~ I beg to differ, the Saudis and the US are tighter than you’re giving credit for. We have a long running relationship. We have been scratching backs since the early `70’s.

  17. jeff says

    Just an assumption if the mint is only striking 3500 presidential $1 & spouse metals coin make sense the next four in line will sell out in less than 2 weeks. I’m just thinking out loud. Hope this helps someone.

  18. jeff says

    Mark I have 6 sets for family and close collector friends. I would sell one to recoup my money but that would be it.

  19. sharks2th says

    I picked up my order from last week at UPS (I was unable to get home to sign for it Monday) and I am extremely disappointed and angry at how this shipper packages items. I usually try to combine items to reduce the number of orders. This order had the MoD sets, boxes of NA dollars, boxes of the first two quarters for this year, Mint sets for gifts and some other proof sets. The box stated the shipping weight was 43 (?) pounds. All of my items were packed in the box with little to no internal padding, which allows items to move around. Needless to say, some of the packaging was banged up. This amount of weight should have either been double boxed (like an order last year) or shipped in separate boxes like they normally do. The Mint’s shipping/boxing is just as erratic as the POS website with its Currently Unavailable status. The tape was detached on one side of the box as well. Luckily nothing fell out of the box. I’m just beginning to check the items for damage, but wanted to vent on the POOR packaging/packing of the current shipping company. The Mint ask about this in their surveys but evidently does not write into the contract documents specifics on how to handle packing of shipments and the related quality control.

  20. Teach says

    The mint is not doing all that well lately. The website still needs work, with receiving “page not found” when trying to check out, the remind me button that doesn’t seem to work very often, and the back order, out of stock, sold out status issues. Opening up and closing sales on certain products at random times. Sold out products that are no longer sold out and become available again for a short time. The QC issues with their products lately, who is checking these products before they go out? Some of the products don’t even have the COAs in the package and people are having issues trying to get these COAs from the mint without having to return the products. Then they state the MoD sets won’t be sold at any of their retail stores but they show up at the D.C. shop. These issues need to be cleaned up at the mint. I’m sure there are other issues out there I haven’t even heard about. Who is watching over all of this? Maybe they need some better leadership at the mint that can work on all of this? Do they ever actually read any of the input from their surveys?

  21. JBK says

    Some places take pride and care in packing, some do not. I assume that when I get a badly packed box it was packed by someone who never receives packages, otherwise they would understand the issues.

    It is sad to say, but it is probabaly necessary to plan mint orders so that heavy items will not ship with smaller or more delicate items.

  22. fmtransmitter says

    @Dusty: “The color is in the rolls and intended” Please clarify this, thank you…

  23. fmtransmitter says

    @JBK: Maybe the site is down and they are having a meeting today to discuss all the issues we are complaining about…I have a feeling they know about them, they just don’t know how to fix them…

  24. GoldFishin says

    Received my Kisatchie P 5 ozer’s today. Out of 6, I have to return three. One has spatter milk spots all over the Northeast quadrant on the Reverse. One has a large chuck out of the rim on the obverse, and the other has black scars about 1/4 in size on Washington’s face. I think I remember somebody else here that had that issue with theirs. 50% keepers…..they are improving! 😉

  25. mark says

    Large chunk on the rim…if that is a planchet clip. You might want to keep that one.

  26. GoldFishin says

    I believe it did come from the planchet, but not large enough to qualify for a planchet clip. more like a “dropped it gorilla hands clip”. 🙂

  27. mark says

    Does not have to be large to qualify. Did you see the recent article of the 2015 silver eagle planchet clip. Pretty darn small for such hype.

  28. Dustyroads says

    Frank~ The entire area of skin has life like movements, or rolls. The rolls have more or less frosting to make them look more life like by the razor technique I guess. The skin and rolls of skin appear to have color because of the technique. It almost looks like there is color from another source, but it looks like it’s natural and intended to be there by the technique used to create the dye.

  29. Teach says

    I only ordered one turkey P puck and it came without issues for what that is worth.

  30. Ends in Error says

    OMG. From the sounds of it a lot of you guys must be living in modern day America. That is a place where companies hire unmotivated ghetto ratts at low wages. Trying to get those people to care about anything at all is an impossible task.

    Could someone get a tour of that shipping contractor and do an article? I’m sure there’s an audience for that type of information.

  31. GoldFishin says

    fwiw -my package was packed sufficiently with paper. It wasn’t closed at the flaps correctly, had about a 1/4 inch gap which makes it rather easy for the tape to be cut or busted open by another package or rough handling, but it made it intact. Overall an improvement over my last large package. My MOD set packages were all packed nicely and glued tightly shut.

  32. fmtransmitter says

    With this list of clients and the Mint being the newest one, you would figure they would have it worked out but I think they are ONLY responsible for the fast shipping from order to going out the door and the actual packing is subcontracted out…Could be wrong…


  33. Dick Soule says

    Wondering if there’s even been much discussion, or a challenge to the Mint, about the “Silver” Proof set. It makes no sense to me to include the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Native American Dollar and Presidential dollars in a silver set, when there isn’t an ounce of silver in them. If collectors want these clad proofs, they’re in the regular proof set.
    I suppose some might suggest the Limited Edition Silver Proof, but that includes a Silver Eagle, and it’s massively overpriced. I mean, a proof Silver Eagle lists for $48.95, and the “Silver” proof set is $53.95 = $102.90, but the LE Silver Set is $139.95 (2014 set), and the “Silver” set includes $5.06 face value in non-silver coins. Does that mean the packaging of the LE set is worth $42, or am I missing something. Is there anything special or unique about the coins in the LE set?

  34. cagcrisp says

    @Dick Soule, You are not missing a thing. Nothing special or unique about the LE set. Just Marketing 101 at it’s finest…

  35. GoldFishin says

    @FM, et al- remember what I said about that the MOD coins might sell for more individually than if you bought them as a set priced at $219, at least in the beginning.? We have some individual coins for sale today for the first time and they are off to a fast start. I mentioned you FM because I know you were looking to purchase at some point.
    Hope the link works…


  36. Erik H says

    I just saw an article about the average age of a minimum wage worker in America is 36. So the Mint’s shipping & C.S. problems go beyond “unmotivated ghetto ratts”.

    You can have a college education but still end up living at home and working a minimum wage job with thousands in student loans. I’m glad I didn’t fall for that trap.

    This brings me back to coins, the “flippers” (that get bashed) are making money doing what they enjoy, making money with money. So don’t hate. Try it you might like it!

  37. Dustyroads says

    I also had a piece of waded up shipping paper in the latest Mint shipment, which was good. It’s an improvement.

  38. Jerry Diekmann says

    Erik H. – That is really sad news if the average age of someone making a minimum wage here is 36. And yes too about those college graduates that have racked up $$$ in student loans and can now not even find a job, or just a minimum wage job. Something is fundamentally wrong with the American way of life if these staistics are true. Lots of colleges, many of them for profit, turning out graduates that the country either doesn’t want or doesn’t need. The middle class is disappearing, and it’s a bad omen, as it is the middle class that made this country as strong as it once was. I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren and people their ages. Did my generation screw up so badly, or was it something beyond all of us? I wish I had the answer.

    As for coins, I liked the MoD silver dollar from the first time I saw it, and I bought several proofs, uncirculated dollars, and the special set. I think the set especially will be a winner over the long run. Actually, it is already showing to be a winner in the short run.

  39. Tinto says


    Thanks for the link. Interesting … haven’t seen a PCGS slab yet …

  40. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    In recent years, the annual silver proof set has seen historically low sales levels

    True, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. Total mintage is what matters.
    Limited Addition Proof Set adds mintage to the Kennedy half, ATB quarters, and dime,
    therefore for total mintages you should add about 50,000 each.
    Silver ATB set recently adds another 150,000 to 200,000 to the ATB quarters.

    BTW, wow 2015 silver JFK half cool new portrait!! “Half” to pick up one set!! Yahhhooooooo!!

  41. GoldFishin says

    @Tinto- you have to change out the PF70 for PR70 in the search criteria and you will get the PCGS coins or just put 70 to get both. I put the -Day is my search to keep the First Issue coins that were released earlier from coming up. Here is the link.


  42. GoldFishin says

    @Jerry- Glad to hear from you…you have been silent for a while and I missed reading your insightful and retrospective posts. I wrote a rather long response to your question, but it is not being allowed to be posted. I am not sure why.
    About the MOD sets, it took me a while to warm up to the idea of buying the sets, but the more research I did, the more excited I became about the opportunity to buy a couple of very special dimes(along with the MOD $1 coin)….that will possibly never be repeated. I am thankful to a lot of people here that the saw the opportunity from the beginning and wouldn’t be talked out of it. I think these sets will be something that collectors will want far into the future. I think the US Mint did a nice job with this set and I hope the money donated to the charity will be spent wisely.

  43. Tinto says


    Thanks. Got to see the PCGS now …. shows how much I know Ebay … sure glad I bought the sets when I did …

  44. says

    I have to say I am completely baffled at what has been happening with the Presidential $1 and Spouse bronze sets lately. How could they be out of Truman so fast and why does the Mint continue to list all of the 2013 and 2014 sets as currently unavailable? It has been that way for months. Are they making more or not?
    I was collecting these sets from the start and there was very little interest in them until that craziness with the sell out of the 2014 bronze spouse sets.

  45. Larry says

    I was buying just the silver quarters sets, but this year I will splurge and buy the silver proof set, just because I grew up with the presidents on the dollars. In the past I used the silver quarters set to decide which 5 OZ pucks to buy, plus it always seemed like a good bang for the buck.

  46. Blair J. Tobler says

    mark – I was going to wait until next Friday to order one of those, but after seeing what happened with the Truman, I ordered one yesterday – glad I did!

  47. Zaz says

    Terrible quality control of late. Anyone that’s returning a defective product should hide a note somewhere indicating that it’s defective return. Latest is a bad turkey puck with brown oily staining and a major gouge on the bust. Also looked to be a reject in the first place, the outer sleeve was ripped so someone had definitely looked the coin and passed on it.

  48. Hidalgo says

    It’s interesting that the Dwight D. Eisenhower 2015 Presidential One Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Set is currently unavailable. Based on this change, I’m beginning to think that the US Mint made a limited initial quantity of these coin and medal sets to prevent waste. If that is the case, we should see more of these go on sale in the future. I sure would feel sorry for those who purchased scores of the sets in the hopes that they could flip all of them at a higher price.

  49. Brad says

    Wow, three days of availability on the Eisenhower? The website will slow down on the day the Kennedy sets go on sale!

  50. Boz says

    Louisiana P turkeys received from the first day were spectacular. So ordered a couple more and they had the sneeze spots and hair that others have fussed about. Win some lose some I guess.

  51. Samuel says

    bobo, thanks for the link. i saw it the day it was posted, then it was gone, and, I can’t find it anywhere at coinupdate.

  52. art says

    Has anyone tried removing the MOD dollar from the capsule ? Since the Mint continues to include debris inside capsules (thanks again Mint), I tried removing one. I successfully opened it, but it was impossible to remove the half that held the coin without damaging anything. It almost seems that the capsules are too small for the coins when you cannot get the coin out.

  53. jeff says

    Sam what if they don’t . I think the mint is in the mist of not telegraphing mintages if this is the case I think it’s great keep everyone guessing collectors and flippers. We are going back to pre social media where mintages were never reveled and it took years to find out what the exact mintages were. Hope your right be bet your wrong mints done with Eisenhower moving on to JFK don’t miss the boat many thought the C & C RP set is something these are better presidential dollar first spouse metals but what do I know. Get on the train oh the train has left many waiting on the dock. ALL ABOARD

  54. says

    Now with the Eisenhower spouse set I have begun to order everything I want to collect at noon on the first day of availability as these things are going “unavailable” (whatever that actually means) rather quickly. Maybe the spouse packaging, the hard plastic cards, is made in China and requires months of lead time to reorder. I sure don’t know. You would think that with renewed interest in these sets the Mint would make more of them.

  55. Tinto says

    @Stuart Bradley

    Either they become “unavailable” or if someone waits too long (like me) to buy because of $$ they could end up getting someone’s rejects (like me a while back before I knew of MNB) Now I too order what I want on the first day at noon (learned it from MNB) even if I have to put some stress on my CC ….. and the result of this is the MOD sets (3) which I have in my hands …..

  56. Ends in Error says

    Used to be no one wanted those little Spouse Medals. Now, when it looks like they are scarce, everyone wants to get onboard.

    It’s a bubble. Watch out or it will pop at the worst time.

  57. Zaz says

    Five years out, no one will remember that such a series even existed. The gold coins might fare a bit better, but many of the earlier spouses are going to languish as bullion for some time despite the ultra low mintages for moderns.

  58. A Bob says

    First spouse medals are not scarce. In a few years you will be able to be able to buy each one for under issue price. AND there is no reason to think they will not be reissued sometime down the road.

  59. gary says

    @Ends in Error… It may well be that since the First Spouse was always available as bronze medals it caused the gold versions to flop due to the extremely high expense to maintain a full edition of proof or uncirculated. Certainly the First Spouse series is one of the biggest flops of U.S. numismatics. It should be a lasting reminder to have Congress stay out of any proposals for special coin issues and just attempt to govern responsibly like they are supposed to do.

  60. JBK says

    I agree with those who say that the medals will be available cheap a few years from now. They are the Beanie Babies of 2015 and at some point people will move on. Anyone who is serious about collecting them will be able to get them for reasonable prices.

    As for the gold, the best hope is that gold prices rise considerably and thousands of the FS coins are melted. Then the ones that are left may be rare and impossible to find.

  61. ABC says

    Almost all the FS series coins already have low mintages except for the first 4 spouses. Some have appreciated nicely regardless of the price of gold.

  62. Megawatt says

    Been collecting the presidential / first spouse combination sets since 2007. In 2007 and 2008 there were quick sell outs of these sets as well. I don’t recall the mint EVER producing a 2nd batch. The Washington sets and Jefferson sets quickly ran up to $75 a set. But the mintages of the pres & fm combo sets back then were about 20,000 sets each. They are packaged by a 3rd party contractor – might be outside of USA. . I’ll bet the mint does not make any more of the Truman or Eisenhower pres / fs combo sets and pretty much guarantee they won’t make any more of the 2014 and 2013 sets. You’ll still have the 4 medal spouse sets coming out at the end of the year though.

  63. jeff says

    With only 3000-3500 metals minted by the U.S. Mint. I guess if you were left out these are the comments you would expect TRAIN LEFT THE STATION WITH MANY NOT ON BOARD. How do you compared to beanie babies when they were in the millions . Great comparison is that the best you can come up with.

  64. MikeinPa says

    I expect the FS gold to hold their own, with most doing very well in the future

  65. Bernie in FL says

    Seems strange that if First Spouses are going the way of the Dodo Bird. Then why does PCGS, one of the Most respective Grading and Investment Advisers, that know a hell of a lot more than all of us put together. Put 7 of the First Spouses on the “List of the Top 100 Modern Coins” to own? Seem a lot of us here have Opinions, but seems strange PCGS recommends them, Just saying…..


  66. Boz says

    If the 96W dime is on the list at over 1.4 million, then one will also guess the two special MOD will be too. I would say this list will always be a work n progress unless it is expanded to a top 250.

  67. Bernie in FL says

    This Blog reminds me of Common stock Blog that Companies could do nothing wrong. Enron, Pan Am, Eastern Airlines, and on and on. Everyone jumped on Apple when it came out and then died. Now we look back and say what where we thinking. Sound familiar with the First Spouses?

    When it comes down to it. Buy when everyone hates it especially with the adage “Mintage Population always Rules”. When did you see a Popular Gold Kennedy that everyone jump on appreciate.

    Those of you that collect the First Spouse stay the course. You will not get Rich now. But when the adage “Mintage Rules” hits the Numismatics Collector Society you will be rewarded.

    Not to mention the possible increase in Gold value over time also.

    Just saying……..

  68. Louis says

    Bernie – The list of top 100 in PCGS is taken from Jeff Garrett’s book, the Top 100 Modern Coins- it is exactly the same list as the book.

  69. Zaz says

    List is rather outdated there’s no coin after 2011 on it. Chief among the modern coins to have are the illegal gold 2000P Sackies and a transitional 99P SBA as a golden dollar. Did you know that such a coin existed?

  70. Dustyroads says

    While there’s so much talk here about coin fads that will probably end and be forgotten, don’t forget that all of these coins are legal tender. They will be followed and assessed for ever. Some of them will only have inflation to help their values, some will sore, but all will be cataloged. We do have the upper hand, that’s the benefit of being here and talking about this.

  71. m.a. hess says

    An ULTRA RARE 2014 $5 Gold Eagle Narrow Reeds (POPULATION of 2) sold yesterday for just under $29,000. There are the only 2 that have been found and there is likely no more. Darrell Hicks of North Carolina found both of them and they are NGC certified MS69. He says that if they ever go to auction and no more are found, they should start at around the $100K mark. Someone out there would love to have one of these so they can say “I have one and you DON’T” and with only 2 in the world it might get expensive to own one.

  72. fmtransmitter says

    Wonder if HSN will sell FS medals…seems to like to sell non PM along with way overpriced pennies…

  73. bob r says

    Off topic but what is the deal with the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof sets selling for near the $400 price on the bay?

  74. fmtransmitter says

    What a snake. He’s selling 40% Kennedy’s hiding the dates, not once saying they are so, and totally pushing them as 1964s. He even showed a rev. Obv close up.and hid the date. Makes me laugh and wanna smack his azz. don’t trust that guy y’all

  75. Hidalgo says

    @m.a. hess – the value of a coin is what someone is willing to pay for it. I could care less about “narrow reeds” gold coins, so if I saw one of these for sale, I would be willing to pay the price of its bullion content. Clearly, the coin you reference above is worth $29,000 to someone, but not to me.

    @bob r – the price of the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set has perplexed me. The primary reason for the higher price is the low number of sales of the 2012 S proof coins. The 2012 proof set is selling on the secondary market for around $180 – $210. Other factors may be playing a role, e.g., the set being the first in a series, packaging, the inclusion of the 2012 W silver eagle, etc.

  76. bigboy says

    L and C coins have first strikes pcgs MOD sets fro $240.00,right now 19 sets in stock have 69 sets for $130

  77. thePhelps says

    I have no desire to purchase a graded set of coins for those prices… especially when I purchased my coins for $62 straight from the mint.

    On the other hand – perhaps it is time to pull the 2012 set out and sell it… I’m not much of a seller but getting over $200 more than I paid might be worth the effort. 🙂

  78. Mark says

    Now gone…and the expected in stock date moved up to August 10. I expect it to keep moving up, fairly steady.

  79. Clark says

    Each time a new first spouse coin is released or sells out, we have the same discussion with views from those who say the series is a flop, and others who see potential long term value. I’ve contributed to this pattern of comments. Although repetitive, it’s a good discussion to have because our comments here on MNB create a searchable record of what collectors were thinking while the fs series was still in production.

    The timeless law of supply and demand transcends numismatics, and ultimately will determine the fate of the controversial first spouse series. With a few exceptions, demand for fs coins thus far has been low and the Mint has adjusted supplies accordingly. Future demand may vary, but the supply of fs coins* can never increase beyond final annual mintages. Each year some 24KT gold fs coins will be melted and untraceably reduce the available supply. However, as Dustyroads aptly noted, the FS series will be forever cataloged as an official, long running series and never forgotten…much as the statehood quarters series, which ran 10 years, will not.

    On the supply side, a complete set, even today, is difficult to complete. There is no other long running, gold content US Mint series like first spouse coins. Add the guaranteed low mintages and ugly controversy (see Alice Paul) they’ve generated since 2007, and I think Congress may have created a numismatic anomaly with potentially high future demand-low supply dynamics among collectors who have yet to be born.

    *Unlimited numbers of fs medals can be produced anytime, forever, but the supply of fs coins is fixed once the year of issue ends.

  80. Hidalgo says

    @Clark – well said. What may be unpopular now may be popular in the future. No one can predict the future accurately.

  81. says

    Can any more American Eagle 2014 One Ounce Platinum Proof Coins be minted in 2015? If not, that makes this a very scarce item as it is the last coin of a 6 coin series.

  82. Clark says

    @ Hidalgo–Thanks.

    Another long term advantage of the first spouse series is that current criticism of the series subject matter (first ladies) as an exercise of political correctness is likely to become an odd curiosity to future generations as society evolves away from sexism, racism, homophobia, and the like. Those generations probably will wonder why minting coins of first spouses angered so many collectors of the current era.

    Today’s popular disdain for the coins helped drive low demand and low mintages, and ironically adds color and collectability to the first spouse series now and well into the future.

  83. Sith says

    I don’t think they have low mintages because they are being disdained, gold is simply too expensive. Even with the initial mint price of $430 I had to balk at the series, and that was a bargain compared to today’s prices…not to mention when they went to just over $1K .

  84. mark says

    @Teach…There were 89 available when I noticed it back up. If they are returns then I should get a shipped notice here in a couple days. But I doubt thats going happen. Said in stock date of August 10 when I placed order.

  85. Billy the kid says

    The ” first spouse gold coin” series first attracted our attention because of the on going “world wide financial crisis”. We were and are very concerned about the potential problems that may occur from American printing presses trying to create wealth out of paper and thin air.

    We enjoy the “first spouse gold coins” partly because they are solid gold. Some of the odd coins produced whenever a president occupied the white house who was unmarried are very noteworthy.

    The Liberty “sub set” is extra special and the Alice Paul coin is another beauty.
    We congratulate the United States Mint on all of the first spouse coins.
    This series is very enchanting.

  86. Barry says

    The correct way to have done the fs series would of course be to have the presidents put on the gold coins ( change the series name of course ) and the spousal coins issued in other metals. The men held the office not the women. It is the truth regardless of the politics.

  87. Barry says

    @Billy the kid- just read your post. I have no problems with the fs coins except I felt the past presidents were not properly recognized. The could have made a two coin gold set for each president and his wife but, that would be even more expensive to complete a set. I’m didn’t intend my comment to criticize your posting.

  88. Dave SW FL says

    They could have done both the pres & spouse in 1/4 oz gold rather than 1/2 oz.

  89. Zaz says

    I always wondered if the govmint could produce cupro-nickel clad for the last fifty years, why they couldn’t have done 50/50 or 25/75 gold clad silver, aka electrum in its natural form? Would have made it cheaper and more accessible to a wider collector base. As it is only the 1% can afford the entire collection as it stands. The FS was a good idea on paper but not realistic in the marketplace.

  90. says

    VABEACHSteve & Clark –

    – The bay offering for $1 BHoF (across all slabbed/OGP options) is down ~50% from 6 months ago; of that, OGP represents <25% of offerings.

    – Slabbed sold offerings are all over the place depending on WHO's signature is on the slab and whether FS/ER. I see the signature fluctuation as a very good thing as BB fans may now be more engaging. And there's more Team sets available – also a good thing equating to continued interest/market movement.

    – $1 PRF seems to have firmed up at $75 OGP for the most part, once the supply from clueless Clowns running poorly executed auctions which are driving down price points (and a couple of dealers in auto-sell mode) evaporates, things should begin to look up, perhaps by this World Series year – Cheers!

  91. Boz says

    Yes the timing of the FS was horrible. Not just that the automotive, banking, and insurance sectors sectors were in the process of making huge corrections when the program was starting, but that a third of the way in, gold prices were spiking. It is ironic to think that, despite the low mintages lately, the early ones might turn out to be the most sought after in the. Future due to so much of the original sales being melted down.

    It is tempting even now to consider taking Dolly and Martha over to gold r us for a quick 100% ROI.

  92. Dave SW FL says

    Good idea if gold keeps going down ……bad idea if it goes up!
    Me – I got a Martha 70 at melt a few weeks ago. I think that will be a good investment down the road.
    I am hoping that gold has finally found a bottom. If not, lower prices are a gift that I will graciously accept!

  93. says

    Wish I had me some more of those ‘Sacabucks’ – with the exception of a few fleabay sellers which appear to be a sleep, those sets in OGP are pushing $57-$65.
    Glad to see OGP right up there close to SP69s…, 68s take it in the shorts.., man that was fun back over that Thanksgiving holiday week!

  94. Dave SW FL says

    Well, they’re asking $2500 for Bess on 70. Good luck with that, fleabayers!

  95. mark says

    Yes ..I am always thinking the same thing..those sacbucks were perfect. Fit perfecy in large bubble envelope and small flat rate box. Still have 10 with unique serial numbers. The same with these president spouse medal sets. But the 4 coin medal sets are somewjat of a pain to ship.

  96. sharks2th says

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed or brought up the capsules seem to be made differently on the MoD sets. The corners are rounded rather than squared off like they have been in the past. There also seem to be more internal flaws in the plastic which makes it challenging to view the coins through the capsule if it has one of these flaws. The coins are also tighter as mentioned yesterday. You have to shake the part holding the coin until it loosens and you can catch it in the large half of the capsule to remove the debris. All of my recent purchases seem to have issues with debris in the capsules.

  97. Dustyroads says

    sharks2th~ I also see debris in one of my dime capsules. The outside of the capsules do have what may be stress fractures as a result of the halves being pressed together, not a big deal, but not something you want to see either.

  98. Mark says

    Yes..these are not in the normal u.s mint capsules with the extra lip overhang. They seem to be in a regular airtite, and i do mean tight. Sure the tpg,s are loving it and most likely causing damage along the way.

  99. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The Jacqueline Kennedy gold FS I was thinking of buying. Drawing design looked very good.
    But the from the Mint website, the actual coin design looks different, her face is too wide and eyes look like a shark so I think I will pass.

  100. sharks2th says

    @Dusty – I’m wondering if the Mint has switched vendors for the capsules. The new ones are tight, but since I keep them in ogp I like the snug fit as opposed to the rattlers a lot of the square edged capsules seem to have. It does make it more difficult to shake out any debris. Someone needs to change the process to have a clean room and dust free area for the coin insertion into the capsule and packaging. Even the proof sets I received have debris in them which is especially visible using a loop.

  101. Ends in Error says

    For what it’s worth , I remember a “First Ladies ” Exhibit at the Smithsonian which displayed dresses worn by the Ladies. They were probably Inaugural Gowns but as I didn’t pay much attention to the show, I’m not really sure.

    Anyway, I’ve always felt this exhibit was the inspiration for the First Spouses Coin Series. Anyone else ever see this exhibit at the Smithsonian?

  102. sharks2th says

    I went to see the gown collection back around 2012 when some friends were in town. It was a new or updated gown exhibit then. It appears the Smithsonian has been presenting a first ladies collection since the early 1900’s. The links seem to be held up in moderation. You can do a search on the Smithsonian first ladies exhibit and it has pics of the gowns on display.

  103. Tinto says

    It seems there are two more entities aside from CAC that will certify that your TPG’d coin has received the appropriate grade … but only for modern coins (one said 1940’s and later) … wow it’s getting to be a racket …..

  104. says

    Does anyone know what Gov Mint was selling their 2015 Australian 5 oz Wedge Tail Eagles in PCGS PF70 DCAM for a couple of weeks back? Was it $699, or $799, or somewhere in between? Thanks, just curious

  105. says

    sharks2th – ole Bill is going to make an interesting addition to the first ladies exhibit.., perhaps they’ll just showcase Monica’s dress in lieu of…

    …of course his ugly mug imparted on a FS coin will be in perfect keeping for the FS series.., now, what what would have they to work with to put on the reverse?! 😉

  106. sharks2th says

    @KCSO – If Bill falls into this category I could see him working on the diplomatic front with Cuba. If this were his first spouse “contribution” he could have Cuban cigars on the reverse:). The reverses generally try to show the accomplishments or causes of the first spouse on the reverse so this would have a double meaning in his case.

  107. says

    Thanks Mark, suspect we’ll see more of GM “exclusives” flow through MCM by year’s end, if not jacked up S&H rates.., time will tell and if not, it would fall into the rarity column for a new acquisitions.

  108. Larry says

    Are we entering an era of very low mintage circulating coinage? Here is a list of modern circulating coins with mintages <100K (if I missed any, let me know).
    1997P Matte Jefferson Nickel 25,000
    1998S Matte Kennedy 62,000
    2000D Special finish Sacawagea 75,000

    I am not including any silver or gold Eagles, or commems. These are not normal circulating coins.
    Note that all of these coins have done pretty well.
    We have to wait 14 years to see another one!
    Now in a relatively short time we have the 2014 Enhanced Sac (50K), the 2015 W Silver Proof and RP dimes (75K) and the upcoming 2015 RP Presidential dollars (17K).
    I wonder if this is just an outlier, like the above listing, or a new era?

  109. Ends in Error says

    If they really wanted to create some hell they’d a 500 mintage Jackie Kennedy reverse proof. Come on – I dare you.

  110. Ends in Error says

    Package it with a gold pair of Medals of John Jr and Caroline. The high price would justify the low mintage. Maybe even throw in a reverse Gold JFK Half.

  111. Mark says

    Getting closer to NGC cut off for early release for sealed boxes. Prices seem to be creeping up a tad. Some buyer on the bay seems to be getting all he can.

  112. GoldFishin says

    @Mark- as of this morning I counted only 18 sealed MOD 5 set boxes with three of those auctions with bids, the majority of the rest are Buy It Now. Overall supply of OGP MOD products have declined from around 170 auctions at the peak about 4 days ago to around 125 now. As you mentioned, the sealed boxes that qualify for ER/FS are starting to disappear. 6-3 is the cutoff date at NGC, after that they will only be good for PCGS grades. which are bringing slightly higher prices at the moment.

  113. fmtransmitter says

    All the capsules in MOD have cracks in them, cheap vendor used for those.

  114. says

    Larry – you bring up a very valid question, one that parallels a concern that I’ve had that may help answer your question, or at least address one aspect. There are far more qualified collectors on this blog to address the trend/reality you’ve identified, though I’ll chime in as my perspective is likely to be from the a minority representative group out here and promising to be unpopular with the collective bloggers on MNB – one caveat first, I share the same enthusiasm for the hobby as you all do and wish I had more time and $ to spend on it – so with that ~

    We speak of the WWII generation as “The Greatest Generation” and that is so true, I would add that they (and the vast majority of MNB’ers) are the Great Coin Collecting Generation – you guys got to experience and live through the changing dynamics of coinage and conducted transactions in silver, or get in on gold coins when the get’n was good. You also experienced and can appreciate the history and historical significance of various administrations that someone in the early 40’s may not be to associate with. I say this because if relates a lot to ‘themes’ that we see today in the Moderns.

    I can say with a very high degree of confidence that my generation and the two behind it do not have an appreciation for coins and their historical significance like you gentlemen on the blog do. And that is for various reasons, such as:
    1. The coins we grew up with have no value from our perspective, intrinsically or monetarily. There made of clad and what does 50 cents buy (and when’s the last time you saw one).
    2. Technology – the masses are consumed with their gadgets, and what’s next, it’s self feeding.
    3. Attention Span – the American society has become the most myopic, self consumed gaggle of “make me feel good now” sheep, well, they’re not likely to get into coin collecting
    4. Things are good, but not Great right now – while the markets are performing well, it’s still very tough for folks, and many are having families later in life, or the expenses associated with maintaining a family and sports, and lessons, and scouts, it all adds up, & it shows in savings rates, etc.

    What does that have to do with answering your Q? Given the aforementioned, I believe it is more reflective the collector base and the trend that will continue.
    I think we share an enthusiasm for numismatics here on MNB that is a rare minority within the popular as a whole, and I question the ranks to follow. I making an investment in an offering, I’ve started to ask myself, is this something may have a following or interest from the two generations behind me in 15-20 years from now? These are tough questions.

    I do question the ‘liveliness’ of Moderns as we move forward, given the trends and preferences of the generations following you guys. I don’t know, and I’m about 10-20 years behind most of you Gentlemen, I hope I’m wrong, though I don’t see in the follow up crew. I also feel that the number of collectors for Moderns is inflated – when I view the hoard of BHoFs that I have, or how things transpired with Sacabuck or MoD.., let’s face fact, we’re all a bunch coins whores! (laugh, that was funny) – but the collector base is inflated.

    Do I think that you all that want to liquidate in 10 years won’t have an eager base to jump on your prize possessions – Absolutely Not!

    Do I think that I and my generation of collectors may have some difficulties transitioning our collections – Absolutely Yes.

    So with that, I expect to see new era in lows, and I’ll continue to buy what I like, will appreciate it in OGP where can you slap 5 oz of Ag in your paw or use it on the shuffle board when the times arrives, and plan to pass if on.., it’s easier to let figure out what to do with it! Haha! Hope that helps answer your Q (somewhat).

  115. fmtransmitter says

    These later Mint offerings seem to be especially popular I assume to the fact that many still remember these people alive…Dwight was a tad before my time but I enjoy reading about him and I may be grabbing some more items if the wallet allows as we get into the ones that I remember as President..Umm, not Nixon, but close! lol

  116. fmtransmitter says

    Whoa KCSO: Off today bud? Just saw that post…I am ALWAYS working and sneak a post in here or there..

  117. fmtransmitter says

    In short (lol) KCSO says that we are young and dumb and the market and makers will change to meet the demand of the ones with the money to burn, older now, us later. We mostly got into this seeking PM’s as a hedge, and then realized that because that is so manipulated we would be safer with collectible coins having the TWO factor, PM/Collectible. Right KCSO?

  118. fmtransmitter says

    I could go on but buy what you like and don’t ever look back would be my best advice!

  119. Larry says

    Buy what you like, but use some common sense. Someday you probably will have to sell. It is far easier to sell one MS65 standing liberty quarter, than a whole roll of average circulated ones. At least for more than melt value.

  120. Goat says

    When times are good , we have bad times coming. ( Vise-Versa ) Will PM prices today be equal or higher in 30 plus years ? (as long as cycle’s continue, YES) Now that I stated that lets look at the word prices. The word prices meaning to me is that what ever goods is bought today for an ounce will equal that good for the per ounce in the future. Inflation or deflation that is the question. The best advice that has ever been giving to me was to play with the house’s money, trade to save or be rich at the start of your collection. If you are a collector and you are not trading UP when you see that you can better your collection, well your loss. So with all this if you are not buying and selling (some call it flipping) how will you gain ? Some say I don’t have the money, then sell some old surplus stock. If you can’t sell you fall in category of hoarding.
    @ Keep Calm & Stack On , I missed out on that knowledge “The Greatest Generation” myself they had silver in pocket but many did not know the worth today. I truly believe that the clad or copper today may be bringing a new message to us in the future, the value is there ? We have to find. Silver then may be our copper today? I think new lows equals tight money supply (look at population of nickels and dimes in 2009 and the stock market 2007-2009) and a opportunity to hoard. By the way it was funny and I laughed.

  121. Clark says

    @KCSO–Thanks for the BHoF update. The baseball theme and shape of BHoF coins makes them timeless in a sense. Baseball in years to come will, I hope, continue momentum while supplies remain fixed.

    I like your analysis of modern coin collectors and harbor similar thoughts about the demographics of current participants in our hobby. Although I’m probably closer to your age than a lot of collectors, I will say that my passion for collecting really took off when I reached the point in life where I had the financial ability to fully participate. There’s absolutely no way I could have collected all gold First Spouse coins or even the silver coins I currently collect when I was fresh out of graduate school or early in my career.

    Perhaps there’s hope for the hobby when the generations behind you acquire more discretionary spending money and thereby become more interested in collecting things that are currently out of reach for them. If not, then the hobby’s future could be very bleak indeed.

  122. Goat says

    OHHHH, If your rich buy two of everything minted every year. You can’t go wrong. My wife ask, why two of everything ? reply; When we separate it makes it easier.
    I am a happy married man for many years but KCSO that’s my wife and I funny for us.
    P.S. also were not rich. LMAO

  123. Tinto says

    For someone like me with no one to pass on to, the time to start the liquidating process is coming and given my experiences with selling here and there (not Ebay) the need to have some of my collection TPG’d (not their labels) is a necessity if I want the best possible prices. Wish it wasn’t so but this is the reality today …

  124. Tom P. - MA says

    @KCSO I think we are mirroring the stamp collecting collapse. Do young people even care about anything less than 1 dollar? No. I’m talking bills, the $1 coins are nothing but an annoyance to most people. Most transactions now by young people are by card.

    When I started collecting back in ’68 you could still find mercury dimes, wheat pennies and the occasional silver quarter. What do you get now in change that is worth more than face value? Ironically silver dimes and quarters because vending machines reject them…. and your average young person has no clue. Modern circulating coins are technically worthless now and will be worthless in 50 years. Not a good place to start a collector base.

    Do any of my nieces and nephews appear to be the slightest bit interested in coin collecting? No. Would they “appreciate” my collection? Of course. There is also the problem of announcing you have a coin collection being like holding up a “rob me” sign.

  125. fmtransmitter says

    @Tinto: Agreed but you can find a dealer who can get a much better price if your slabbing a hoard of them than if you submit yourself. HA will slab and grade them all for you just for their buyers premium so you have options, do your homework! BTW, what are you selling? You may get better prices dealing with fellow collectors that are in the beginning than you will with the internet/auction houses…Just ask us if were interested!

  126. Dustyroads says

    Rich, Just keep calm and stack on…you’re thinking too much. You don’t actually think that there’s not going to be a market for these coins in 30 years, do you? Every option you have for protecting your money has risk, the difference here is that you can buy at you convenience in very small amounts, no pressure. The important thing to remember as you go is that the market is fluid, and so are people. There will ALWAYS be a new group of buyers coming through the door, so you really should give the next generation a little moar credit..pun intended. BTW..you’re my friend, have a nice day.

  127. GoldFishin says

    @Dustyroads- sounds like our friend Rich is mad about something….maybe he has a plethora of coins….or maybe he is turning 40 today…or maybe he has a hot date coming up. 🙂
    I understand completely what KCSO is saying, and I tend to agree that circulating non-PM coins may have a tough time in the future capturing the attention of collectors interested in diversifying their savings. Rich is a very smart cookie and he makes a compelling case. He is also a good friend of mine!
    However, I won’t go out and hang myself just yet, there are a whole new generation of collectors that are buying on online auction sights and discovering coins in an entirely new medium. Who is the world is buying all of these coins from those us of who flip a few coins on Ebay? It certainly isn’t most of us here at MNB. My experience selling has shown me that there are a lot of 30 something couples and singles that are buying coins online. When I first started get serious about acquiring some bullion I didn’t have any clue that I would get involved with buying classics or moderns. But, the more I learned about the hobby and how diversified it is, the more fascinated I became with the numismatic side of collecting.
    I think in the future the younger generation is going to learn about REAL money the hard way, just as the generations that came before us. One can observe principles of nature and understand that everything living and breathing experiences different seasons in their life cycle. This season of easy money and easy living is going to end…it goes against the principles of work, of storage, and personal responsibility. Real money is nothing more than a medium of exchange that represents these principles at a very basic level. I feel confident that precious metal coins will do very well in the future. Stamps were never a medium of exchange that had intrinsic value, just like baseball cards or confederate dollar bills, they are nothing more than paper. Maybe some day a sliver of paper will have substantial intrinsic value, but that day is not yet.(Gladiator quote). They are nothing more than the artwork and a person’s perceived belief of value. Art collecting can be fleeting as interests change and in some cases become obsolete.
    I would also add that the United States and its sheeple are not the entire world. Here in the U.S., sometimes we forget that we are not the center of the universe. In most countries around the world, especially developing countries, the people understand that gold and silver ownership is critical to their very survival as fiat currencies come and go as fast as the latest despot is deposed in favor of the next one. In the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, India etc. gold and silver ownership is vital to preserving one’s work and savings. As this unprecedented era of worldwide easy fiat and digital money comes to an end, many more people will discover what our older generations already know. You can’t go wrong being self sufficient and owning things of real intrinsic value, like silver and gold bullion or coins. (unless you bury them somewhere in your backyard or hide them in the walls of your house and forgot where you hid them.) 😉 JMHO SoRRy So LonG

  128. tito says

    Wow. Getting philosophical tonight. Much better than the usual bitching about mint website and packaging.

  129. Tinto says


    Many thanks for the tips and link. Mulling things and thank goodness I am not in a hurry …. yet ….

    I have dealt with HA in the past and they are good people in my book. The gentleman whom I dealt with from the very beginning years ago is still there and that is a reassuring thing for me should I go that route. I no longer have that much, the ones which MNB folks know of, the 6 Preamble platinum in OGP and a so far complete RP collection (gold and platinum were bought slabbed), the UHR gold in OGP and the 2 or 3 EU A bit of raw stuff mostly OGP silver proof sets since 1999, world coins some of which I will have to slab …. I am in the second year of a PCGS membership having decided that I should start slowing down a few years back, but haven’t used the second year’s voucher (for 8) as yet and deciding if I should get all 6 platinum slabbed and then the UHR gold and perhaps the remainder for a gold Cromwell medal commemorating his death .. Then maybe a few more at regular rates this year as a current member … (thinking of getting the 2 dimes from the MOD set slabbed)

  130. GoldFishin says

    I can’t get logged in to the US Mint website, anyone else have this problem?

  131. says

    I have a 12 year old niece that is very excited about her coin collection that I gave her for Christmas.

    I also think that it is natural that, as people like me, that reach retirement age have more time and money to devote to our hobbies. In fact, when I think of how the internet and computers have changed how I collect stamps and coins I generally feel that it has been a very positive thing. In the old days I had to wait for a coin show or stamp show and then try to figure out which dealers were honest and not trying to cheat me. Now I have much more collector to collector interaction on the internet.

  132. GoldFishin says

    I can do everything but log in. Maybe I have passed my spending limit. I did refuse to do a survey earlier, maybe they are punishing me? Thanks Dusty…

  133. Jim says

    It is up to us to teach the young kids how much fun collecting coins can be. I was the coach for my grandson Soccer team at the YMCA this year and at the end of the season I gave each one of the boys A Barber Dime. You see it is not what you gather in life that counts it is what you scatter in life. I’m a collector of Morgan’s (Redfield & GSA). Enjoy . Jim

  134. GoldFishin says

    If I would have a coach like Jim I may have started coin collecting much earlier in life. I still have a bell my Sunday school teacher gave me after I performed in a Christmas play when I was about 5 years old. I think all I did was speak one line and ring the bell. I wasn’t expecting to get the bell and it has stuck in my memory all these years. 😉

  135. Louis says

    Yeah, I am very surprised you folks have not been talking about the huge gain in the graded MOD sets.

  136. Sith says

    @jeff – Such nice contributions, then your out of left field comment, its not even remotely funny. FYI giving you the benefit of the doubt your post could be taken as an insult to Jim, if it was meant to be so I hope MNB bans you from further posts.

  137. Sith says

    @Louis – I will be more interested in the pricing once I get my set in hand…if the graded sets are still that high in August I will send my set to be graded, and try to catch lightning in a bottle, or if unopened sets are at a premium I could go that way, or I could just keep my set.

  138. MarkInFlorida says

    I have a different opinion than Larry. I think a roll of SL silver quarters will rise nicely with the price of silver over time, especially if our fiat money has a crisis, but that an MS65 SL quarter will have less collectors chasing it in the future. Probably it will go up like most hard assets, but I think there’ll be less premium as there are less collectors. Meanwhile junk SL quarters have no premium over melt, so they will follow melt up. I remember buying junk silver at 3.3 times face. I expect it to continue to rise as our currency depreciates.

  139. Gary Not Dave says

    Some people must just be in misery! I don’t get it at all. There are so many websites available for people to get onto and complain and be little biotches! And for some reason they show up on this Coin site and start insulting people.. Makes zero sense!

  140. fmtransmitter says

    Funny to watch low mintage PM’s fly out the door the second a spike is seen…Wish they all knew it is always manipulated. Still would rather have IT than paper..

  141. JBK says

    Diversifying into art I get, but I never understood wine as an investment. Somewhere in the chain of ownership it gets drunk and then the value is gone. That money ends up being flushed down the tubes, quite literally.

  142. cagcrisp says

    @Samuel , The current excel spreadsheet shows that there were an additional 507 Unc Eisenhower’s Sold last week. That number will PROBABLY be revised tomorrow but it is in the Ball park with the number of Unc Truman’s before they went “currently unavailable”.

    This weeks excel spreadsheet shows TOTAL Unc Truman’s sold at 1,161 and TOTAL Unc Eisenhower’s sold at 1,094 Before today’s sales…

    @Mark, Was there more than 40 when you first looked at the Unc Eisenhower today? I am wondering IF there were less than 100 available After the numbers were cut off Sunday night?

  143. thePhelps says

    @Louis…got my package from Gatewest today… thanks for the tip on the Eagle set! Nice looking set of coins…in a wooden box!

  144. TMMSR0127 says

    Any thoughts on whether or not the mint will produce more Truman/ Eisenhower Gold coins? If not, these mintage numbers have to be some of the lowest in the history of the US mint. I feel bad for collectors of the set, they may not be able to get a Truman or an Eisenhower without paying a large premium. It is really crazy, three of four 2015 FS are “currently unavailable,” but there are still plenty of 2013 and 2014 FS available (with a few exceptions).

  145. mark says

    Funny how they really did not start selling really fast, until I posted the numbers. Seems we have alot of followers that never post comments.

  146. frank says

    question for the group.in future years would there be much difference in value for a graded ngc ms69 first spouse or an ungraded one in the original box?thanks.

  147. Zaz says

    Sprung for a proof Mamie just to keep the set current. It probably will have the same initial numbers as Truman . As another poster said, perhaps the Mint is saving gold blanks for Jackie and waiting to see how those are selling before running more of the other ’15 FS coins. The Lady Bird FS will probably be the lowest of year I’m guessing as it will be totally overshadowed and overlooked by the Jackie release.

  148. Sith says

    @jeff – Your last comment left no doubt about your intentions. If it happens I will be glad to see you go.

    @Gary Not Dave – People tend to feed the trolls here, just like I did, but in my defense I just confirmed he is a troll. As for the why, the lack of social context creates an element of anonymity, which allows users to feel insulated from the forms of punishment they might receive in a more conventional setting. As some people just enjoy making other people uncomfortable or angry, it allows insensitive people to express themselves online without a filter. But new research suggests that Internet trolls are clinically awful people, who’s personality traits exactly lined up with what is known as the “Dark Tetrad” of personality traits: sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

    @fmtransmitter – Wine? that is just crazy….but to each his own.

  149. Dustyroads says

    frank~ When it comes to moderns, there are only two grades buyers are looking for, a top of the line 70, or a less expensive 69. Some people will decide to buy in OGP (original packaging) if they think they may get lucky and find a 70. If a coin is already graded, then there’s no question about what they’re getting. If you plan on selling the coin at a later date, then you may want to offer it in OGP and allow for some suspense to be present in your add. When it comes to moderns the only reason one would want to grade a coin would be to get a 70 or authenticate the coin. To answer you question, yes, there is a difference, a coin in OGP means you have avoided the dreaded 69 grade.

  150. Mark says

    Lots of graded 69s are cracked out and put back in ogp that is why i either buy a 70 or a ogp straight from the mint.

  151. NC_Stacker says

    “Funny how they really did not start selling really fast, until I posted the numbers. Seems we have alot of followers that never post comments.”

    They can’t post comments because they have been banned from posting 😉

  152. Dustyroads says

    Sith~ This morning as I was outdoors working, I had jeffs comment cross my mind. It occurred to me that he may have meant it in terms of being falsely accused as a result of working with children. jeff is already at odds here with a lot of the commenters, so he’s not going to feel like trying to defend himself. I agree, it’s not a pleasant thing at all to through out, but if he is being taken the wrong way, I would hate to simply ostracize him. After all, we know that once something is put up on this blog, there’s nothing one can do about it.

  153. Mark says

    MOD sealed boxes still rising…….. one sold at auction for around $540.00 incl shipping. Even the opened ones are now pushing $100.00

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