2015 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

Today, April 27, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2015 Uncirculated Coin Set. This long running core annual set containing uncirculated coins is often referred to as the “Mint Set” by collectors.


The 2015 Mint set includes two folders, containing 14 uncirculated quality coins each, from the Philadelphia and Denver facilities. The 28 coins in total are blister sealed into the folders, illustrated with flag imagery on the front and including coin specification information and a certificate of authenticity inside.

The following coins are included in each set:

  • 2015 P & D Lincoln Cents
  • 2015 P & D Jefferson Nickels
  • 2015 P & D Roosevelt Dimes
  • 2015 P & D Homestead National Monument of America Quarters
  • 2015 P & D Kisatchie National Forest Quarters
  • 2015 P & D Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters
  • 2015 P & D Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge Quarters
  • 2015 P & D Saratoga National Historical Park Quarters
  • 2015 P & D Kennedy Half Dollars
  • 2015 P & D Harry S. Truman Presidential Dollars
  • 2015 P & D Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Dollars
  • 2015 P & D John F. Kennedy Presidential Dollars
  • 2015 P & D Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Dollars
  • 2015 P & D Native American Dollars

The uncirculated quality coins included in the set are struck on special presses using greater force than circulating coins. This results in sharp and intricately detailed images.

Each 2014 Uncirculated Coin Set is priced at $28.95. This price reflects an increase of $1 compared to the regular price of the prior year set. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits in place.

In recent years, the United States Mint’s annual sets have experienced declining sales. This seemed to culminate with the 2012-dated Proof Set, Silver Proof Set, and Mint Set, which each sold out early at historically low sales levels. These sets each went on to see higher prices on the secondary market. In the following year, the 2013-dated Proof Set and Silver Proof Set both saw higher sales, although the 2013 Mint Set marked another new low. The 2014 Mint Set still remains on sale with last reported sales of 334,560, finally breaking the streak of declines.

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  1. Boz says

    Too many things coming out all at once. Including the expensive P Kisatchie tomorrow. Can’t keep up.

  2. Sith says

    Define expensive….they use to cost a lot more., but then again they were cheaper last year by a little bit 🙂

  3. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    According to a detailed report from The Wealth Watchman JP Morgan Chase has been amassing a huge stockpile of physical silver, presumably in anticipation of a major liquidity event.

    Here’s a breakdown of the Comex’s most recent silver deliveries to JP Morgan:

    April 7th: 1,110,000 ounces
    April 8th: 1,280,000 ounces
    April 9th: 893,037 ounces
    April 10th: 1,200,224 ounces
    April 14th: 1,073,000 ounces
    April 15th: 1,191,275 ounces
    April 16th: 1,183,777.295 ounces

  4. Philboy says

    Funny. Chase will not let you keep precious metals in your safe deposit box at their branches, yet they are hoarding silver big time.

  5. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    That is true and this — Chase began restricting the use of cash in selected markets, including Greater Cleveland. The new policy restricts borrowers from using cash to make payments on credit cards, mortgages, equity lines, and auto loans.

  6. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    In a letter to its customers dated April 1, 2015 pertaining to its “Updated Safe Deposit Box Lease Agreement,” one of the highlighted items reads: “You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value.” Whether or not this pertains to gold and silver coins with no numismatic value is not explained.

  7. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    One has to wonder, could it be possible that Chase is anticipating another economic crisis?

  8. fmtransmitter says

    I am anticipating one. You cannot print trillions of paper dollars, put them in circulation and expect them to maintain their value. It has already been written.

  9. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    Yeah, me too — it’s coming. Have you heard information about the military wanting some of their own to sign a document stating they would be willing to fire and/or disarm US citizen’s if ordered? So far, it appears to be a rumor, however there might be some basis in fact (all I can say).

    Many will leave the Service if this is the case.

  10. Dave SW FL says

    Questions – Why are the San Francisco ATB quarters NOT included in the uncirculated coin set? Is there ANY other business strike coin which is not included in the set?

    Or are the S quarters struck with extra force on one of these presses? If so, it is not mentioned on the product order description . Are any other circulating coins struck at San Francisco? is the “uncirculated ” quality achieved by a pressure adjustment on a regular press, or is a special press really required to get this quality ?

    TIA for any and all clarifying answers.

  11. longarm says

    If we get hyperinflation then let the seller beware! The German citizen/investor who put away a few rolls of 20 mark gold coins in 1918 would have done so at 119 marks per ounce. By early 1920 the previous rapid inflation had suddenly given way to deflation. Had that gold owner decided to cash in on gold’s significant gains thinking runaway inflation was over, a 100,000 mark investment would have made him or her a millionaire.

    The glow, however, would have quickly worn off.

    By late 1921 the runaway inflation had resurfaced but now with a vengeance. Gold shot to 4,000 marks per ounce. By mid-1922 gold reached 10,000 marks per ounce and the wholesale price index went from 13 to 70. By late 1922, the roof caved in. Gold traded at 134,000 marks per ounce. In January, 1923, it cracked 1,000,000 marks per ounce. By midyear, it broke the 100 million marks per ounce barrier and at the peak of the hyperinflationary breakdown, it sold for over 100 billion marks per ounce.

    The individual who thought he or she had the cat by the tail and cashed-in his or her golden chips during the 1920’s deflation became a millionaire. In short order though, that millionaire became a pauper as wave after wave of hyperinflation washed over the German economy. One moral from this somewhat frightening tale is that becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire on one’s gold holdings was inconsequential. Another is not to give up one’s hedge until there is ample evidence that it is no longer needed.

    Momentary nominal profits can be illusory.

  12. Tinto says

    @The Real “Cool” Dave

    Re the updated safedeposit terms …. thanks … I hadn’t read mine …. not that I have a big box but good to know …

  13. Ends in Error says

    The British are comming the British are commig. Wait the British got kicked a long time ago. Yet someone is seeking to tie the citizens up yet again. Someone is comming someone is comming.

    Wait. They’re already here.

  14. Dustyroads says

    Dave SW FL~ When it comes to the meanings of uncirculated and circulation quality, I think it’s all semantics. A coin that’s released into circulation, compared to one that’s not. In the case of the “S” quarters, they’re never released into circulation, so they don’t meet any criteria. The terminology has to be reworded for the “S” quarters. As for the pressure adjustments, I think the Mint prefers to work with what they know works best, and most likely won’t want to have problems such as broken dies or premature wear occurring as a result of increasing pressures. However, it is suggested that the Mint may be trying to cause the “S” quarters to appear a little more proof like, but that’s nothing concrete. In my opinion, they are most likely the same as all the others. Of course, this is all just my opinion and I would also be very interested in knowing if any adjustments are tweaked for production of any of the mentioned quarters.

  15. Larry says

    The last time I bought a mint set was 2009 because I thought the 2009 mint set would be a good investment because of the four Lincoln cents in 95% copper, but it hasn’t gone anywhere. Not a big fan of these, I will stick with the silver proof set. You would think because these are somewhat special and relatively low mintages they would be a reasonably good investment, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

  16. says

    @Larry, I don’t know if you are familiar with the “Red Book”? The 2009 cents from Uncirculated Sets are listed at $10.00 each. I think the 2009 cents are still asleep and will wake up one day. IMO

  17. MarkInFlorida says

    I used to get several of these every year to send as Christmas gifts until 2004 when they cut off sales long before Christmas. Haven’t bought any since. Looks like they have been selling about 200,000 less sets most years since then. The Mint’s screw-ups can be expensive in the long run. Once they lose a collector we don’t come back.

  18. The Coin Doctor says

    I received my U.S. Mint Silver Proof set with a small diagonal slash extending from the right side rim of the dime moving left across the bottom of the “5” in the 2015 date mark and then stopping under the “1”. Any clue what this would be considered error wise?

  19. Larry says

    @2cents, I looked at some ebay listings, they seem to be at or below the original price. But that was the whole set.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Boz says
    APRIL 27, 2015 AT 6:18 PM

    How t he heck does the bank know what you put on your deposit box?

    My point too!

  21. Hidalgo says

    I buy 1 or 2 mint sets, silver proof sets, uncirculated presidential dollar sets, annual uncirculated ATB quarter sets, and uncirculated dollar sets each year. I really don’t care if they go up or down in price. They simply are a fantastic way to round out my collection.

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Larry says
    APRIL 27, 2015 AT 4:33 PM

    The last time I bought a mint set was 2009 because I thought the 2009 mint set would be a good investment because of the four Lincoln cents in 95% copper, but it hasn’t gone anywhere. Not a big fan of these, I will stick with the silver proof set. You would think because these are somewhat special and relatively low mintages they would be a reasonably good investment, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Actually the FIRSt thing I read when entering this hobby is NOT to expect increase on coins for 10 plus years…

  23. Dave SW FL says

    On the safe deposit box issue, there was an article not too long ago on Zerohedge about how someone’s safe deposit box contents were confiscated and they never got it back. If we ever get to the Greek bail-in situation, I would not put it past the bankers to lay claim to your safe deposit box contents as well as your account monies. Technically, if you give them your money, it is no longer yours. They loan it out 10X over. And if you think FDIC will save you, there are bridges all over the U. S. That your banker will also sell you. Possession is not 9/10 of the law – it’s 100%.

    After all, Jon Corzine lost all those account holder’s gold and instead of going to prison, he’s opening a hedge fund. The legal system is being turned on its head – be careful who you allow to hold your assets.

  24. Boz says

    I had also wondered about the “storage locker facilities” being promoted by bullion dealers as being a safe and foolproof way to store physical metals. You buy from them sight unseen and they send it to a storage partner, also where the buyer never actually sees what he or she owns.

    Any comments about this relatively new service industry?

  25. sharks2th says

    MCM has the Homestead PCGS MS69DMPL FS pucks on the bay for 199. This is the lowest price i’ve seen so far on these. They want $30 more for the Mercanti ones.

  26. MarkInFlorida says

    If ever there is a hint of a new worldwide crash starting, I’m going to go to my SD box, replace the gold with my copper bars, and hide the gold in the walls, under cabinets, under the floor, etc. If the gvt. tries to “call in” gold and silver to save the economy, they’ll probably require the banks to audit your SD box whenever you go to it.

  27. MarkInFlorida says

    Last time gold was called in and made illegal (1933) they exempted numismatic items, so I think proof gold, and old silver would be more likely to be safe. (Barber dimes, quarters, halves in bulk are almost the same price as newer junk silver.)

  28. John c says

    Michael, I believe the last reported sales for the 2013 unc set was 375,967 so that would put the 2014 set unc currently at a new low with only 334,560. Thus, the low mintage streak would still be continuing.

  29. Dave SW FL says

    Ummm, that would be re hypothecated , nonexistent gold. It was done before and will be done again. Works great until everyone wants their gold. How do you KNOW it’s really there? Foolproof, or proof you’ve been fooled?
    If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!

  30. mattarch says

    If you want a real life example of off site storage of valuables search Google under hurricane Sandy wine. Took over a year and bankruptcy court to get anything.

  31. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @2cents says, APRIL 27, 2015 AT 4:47 PM
    “I think the 2009 cents are still asleep and will wake up one day. IMO”

    Oh, absolutely – I agree.

    @Boz says, APRIL 27, 2015 AT 6:18 PM

    Very astute, thought it was just me – I don’t trust those b_st___’s. I don’t bank at banks, I use credit unions (still be concerned). Your safe deposit box is not FDIC insured.
    And I agree with, “Dave SW FL says.” Those B’s will do whatever they want to do, especially if they think they can get away with it – look to the last fiasco on Wall Street as an example.

    @Boz – yeah, no kidding, forget about it, those will be ripe for the Pickens’s. My opinion – those who do — not very freakin’ bright to trust in that – don’t have the space or time to discuss what happened back in the 80’s, similar situation.

    @MarkInFlorida – you’ve got the right idea; however, it will most likely be like this — the GOVERNMENT to audit your SD box AND YOU WON”T EVEN HAVE TO BE THERE FOR THEM TO HELP YOU “DO THE RIGHT THING.”

    @mattarch – EXACTLY my point.

  32. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Anyway, I’m not a pessimist, just realistic — look to history for your example’s, and what does history have a tendency to do . . ?

    On that note . . . SLEEP WELL, all 🙂

  33. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Hmmmm — now that I think about it, maybe soon to be, “SLEEP with one EYE open, all” — LOL!

    Good Night (again).

  34. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    What the heck is with Silver? Up, down, up/down, ditto, ditto . . .

    Okay, I need to stop blogging with myself . . .

  35. Erik H says

    Your home owners insurance should cover the contents of your safe deposit box. You will need a “rider” to increase the amount of coverage because coins & jewelry are usually covered at a fraction of the amount the policy.
    However, if the bank doesn’t allow you to store the items then the insurance policy will probably deny the claim if something happens.
    Last thought, it’s still a free market if you can’t store items in one bank just switch to another.

  36. Hidalgo says

    I have been reading the posts about precious metals and the economy with interest. We have had a bull market for more than 6 years. And we have been out of a recession for a part of the time. The economy and stock market will definitely reverse course at some time in the future. If you review historical cycles. we can expect a major correction and reversal of fortunes in about 2 years. At that time, expect precious metals to increase in value. It will bee agreat time to sell.

  37. Sith says

    What is up with silver? It is a very small market, as such it can be easily manipulated. Why would they do this, well it is the same reason they manipulate all the other markets, to make money.

    Out of a recession? That would depend if you define it by using Wall Street or Main Street. On Wall Street they don’t count those lazy bastards that dropped out of the work force, or got part time work to try to make ends meet. They also discount inflation based on the fact that the new iPod is faster than the old one , even though it may or may not cost more, and because if steak becomes too expensive they simply switch the index to use pork, and when that becomes too expensive they switch to chicken. After all protein is protein.

    As far as confiscation, they will not confiscate your PMs, they don’t need to as Helicopter Ben said he has a printing press, and that printer can print unlimited amounts of cash. Ie we no longer have gold to act like a fly wheel. In the 30’s the only way to print more money or in that case devalue it was to actually control/hold it. Now if the decide to go back on a silver/gold standard all bets are off but I see pigs flying first.

  38. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, You are right about historical cycles of good a economy and recessions. If we only knew when the down turn will be. Each cycle duration and circumstances are different in this changing world.

  39. byterite says

    To: “Dave SW FL”
    Look at the finishes on a 2013 Mt Rushmore “S” quarter and compare it to say a 2011 Chickasaw “P”. There is definitely a difference in the finishes of the S quarters compared to the P or D ATB quarters.
    They seem more proof-like, ex-2014 Shenandoah S, 2015 Homestead S (a big difference).
    Strangely enough the 2013 S White Mountain seemed more like the regular P and D strikes. I cant understand why thes S quarters arent more popular with collectors.

  40. fmtransmitter says

    @longarm: you are quite welcome. Figured you would like those reads. If we all only knew what goes on behind the scenes with those in public power. Private power, could care less but public power needs truthful oversight, not sweep under rug stuff.

  41. daveb says

    Since Jamie Dimon and his cohorts were responsible for the last financial crisis it wouldn’t surprise me that he sees the next one coming as he is probably orchestrating it as we speak. Given this, his big silver bet makes perfect sense. Back up the truck!

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