2015-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle

Today, April 30, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2015-W Uncirculated $50 American Gold Eagle. This is the collectible uncirculated or “burnished” version of the coin, which typically experiences a much lower mintage compared to the bullion and proof versions.

2015-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle

The obverse design of the coin features the classic depiction of Lady Liberty by Augustus Saint Gaudens. Liberty is shown holding an olive branch and lit torch as she steps confidently forward against the backdrop of the rising sun and the US Capitol Building. The reverse design of the coin by Miley Busiek depicts a male bald eagle bringing an olive branch to a nest containing a female eagle and eaglets.

The 2015-W Uncirculated Gold Eagles are struck on specially burnished blanks and carry a finish similar to the bullion version. However, the coins are clearly differentiated by the appearance of the “W” mint mark on the obverse. The bullion version does not carry a mint mark. Each coin is struck in 22 karat gold and contains 1 troy ounce of gold content.

The initial pricing for the offering is $1,475.00 based on an average weekly gold price within the $1,150 to $1,199.99 range. The price of the coin may be adjusted weekly based on changes in the market price of gold. There are no mintage or household ordering limits in place.

The United States Mint first offered the burnished American Gold Eagles in 2006. That year, the three-coin 20th Anniversary American Gold Eagle Set contained a one ounce burnished coin. Later in the year, a full line of burnished Gold Eagles were offered across one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce sizes, either individually or within a complete set. The same line up was offered the following two years in 2007 and 2008. The burnished Gold Eagles were not offered in 2009 and 2010. The offering was resumed in 2011, and has been offered each subsequent year in individual one ounce size only.

The recent issues have experienced low mintages within the context of other American Gold Eagles. The 2011-W burnished coin had a final mintage of 8,729, followed by the mintage low of 5,829 for the 2012-W. The 2013-W had a final mintage of 7,298. The 2014-W coin has been listed as “unavailable” on the US Mint’s website for many months after reaching sales of 7,902.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    I hope those of you who collect American Gold Eagles will enjoy this one. I have decided to forego collecting most gold coins. Prices are too volatile and the risk for losses is too high for me. In fact today, precious metal prices have plummeted.

    I think we’ll see dramatic price swings for awhile, until we have a better grasp on how the world economy will deal with a multitude of economic factors it now faces….

  2. Brad says

    Yeah, I don’t buy these anymore either. The only one I own is the 2006 in the 20th Anniversary Set.

    I hope today’s gold price drop lasts long enough to allow the Mamie Eisenhower coins to be initially offered for $790 and $770. It’s bad enough having to pay that much for those ridiculous looking coins. Her portrait is hideous. It looks almost like one of those goofy-looking cartoon characters!

  3. Dave SW FL says

    Post Fed meeting plunge now in progress as expected. Might even get a shot at those FS at lower levels.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    Yea and don’t let them take what you got stacked already with this Jade Helm 15 exercise they want to do….

  5. Brad says

    Well Don, that just seriously changed the game for those sets! I wouldn’t have given them a second glance before, but with those exclusive RP coins having such micro-mintages I’m now in for all four of them. If that article was correct about the product and ordering limits, they should all sell out on day one.

  6. Eddie says

    It is about time the Mint did something special for the Presidential coins. It would have been great if the Mint had had the foresight to do each of the coins this way with the RP. At least it will be the last few of these coins that are minted in this series.

  7. fmtransmitter says

    That is a smart move marketing wise. Any insider information on what silver image they will be going with? Those will move quite fast, hourly sell out.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    Ahhh, go it, even more genius! Reduce the size of the silver coin and charge same price!
    The Truman medal in the set is a silver reproduction of the bronze presidential medal originally issued by the U.S. Mint.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    One 1-5/16” silver Harry S. Truman Presidential .999 silver medal (produced in Philadelphia – no Mint mark).

    Is that 1 troy ounce? 5/16″

  10. Larry says

    The 17,000 mintage is ridiculous. Good luck getting that one. I wouldn’t mind it if It was just the dollar, but you got to pay for the silver medal too. Should be a limit of one set, NOT 5!!! I will certainly try to get one, but 17,000 sets, geez. Even HSN guy will have a tough time getting that one.

  11. Boz says

    Too much coming too fast anyway, so suspect that the boutique offerings only tend to depress sales of the tradiditional. Sure we can hold off now until December and skip a lotta stuff between now and then that we might ordinarily have sprung for.

    At least the presidents/First Ladies are about over. And they are doing a better job of staying current on the ATB pucks thankfully.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Can you say Auto Enroll? Does it come with a wood presentation box? I can’t wait to hear more hype about RP clad zinc junk coins because it has that “special” finish. I am starting to think there are many “special” people working and advising the Mint.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: Read your article about the 2015 Wedge Tails, nice article and thank you for the information. You said in the beginning about the 1 ounce gold HR then you said a little more down that there was ALSO a new 1 ounce gold HR version? What is the difference?

  14. Louis says

    Thanks, FM. They are the same and sold out from GM but probably coming in the summer through Aussie dealers, and then a 5-ounce (!) I believe also HR later but no date yet. Personally I am sticking to the silver.

  15. Louis says

    I am also troubled by the household limits and may write something on that. The December sets look like a replay of the C&C set madness last year. The Mint’s gift for the holidays you could say, if you can get one that is.

  16. Ends in Error says

    I’m seriously beginning to be offended by the US Mint and their proliferation of these reverse poofs – get em quick – or **POOF** they’re gone.

    So those Mint bozos think they got my number with low number garbage? Think again – dummies! I’ll be idly sittin here – sure as I’m shittin here.

    So when will we be getting to the 500 product limits of 1,000 different variations? Keep squeezin Mint , there’s still some blood in them turnips somewhere – you think?

  17. Hidalgo says

    Thank you Don for sharing the Coin World article about the reverse proof presidential dollars. The article sheds some light on the US Mint’s plan to have a reverse proof set this year. Clearly, if the reverse proof dollars will be available only in the special Coin and Chronicles sets, then the standard proof sets for 2015 probably will only have a reverse proof penny, nickel, dime, ATB quarters, and half dollar. I am uncertain about the status of the Native American dollar….

  18. A Bob says

    I question the details in the article about the reverse proof Truman dollar. We need a little clarification on this.

  19. Dustyroads says

    Well, the CW article reads concise enough, but now that Hidalgo has mentioned the RP Silver Proof Set, I don’t know how that’s going to work without the RP Presidents. Maybe the idea was scrapped.

  20. Dave SW FL says

    Too many products, too much confusion, too close together. I get an email almost daily from the mint nowadays. You suppose this is how it felt right before the older commemoratives got overdone? Really – FOUR C&C sets in one month with Christmas shopping & New Years partying?! MasterCards around the nation will surely get maxed out his year!!!

    It would be interesting to determine the expense if one were to buy just one of every mint product.

  21. A Different Jeff says

    There has been nothing mentioned about RP sets for this year in this year’s program. There was an article last year speculating that there may be one.
    Regarding the silver medal, it will probably be along the same format as the 2013 and 2014 Coin and Chronicles sets: upsized presidential medal struck on an uncirculated ASE planchet. At last we have some info on the C&C sets – might improve sales for this year’s which have been truly lagging. While not truly a variety, it may fall into that category of interesting packaging, kind of like the 2008 attempt with the Historical Signature Sets. If ever there was an overpriced and under subscribed offering, that has to be near the top of the list. While the coins are just ordinary, the packaging is nice if you can find it for a reasonable price – say $5 per set maximum.

  22. Ends in Error says

    Have all the Artists and Executive personnel from the Franklin Mint found new careers with the US Mint, by any chance? I’m experiencing a sense of deja vue in the US Mints marketing methods and products, lately. Anyone out there have the wherewithal to look into that angle? I know we are in the company of some very capable individuals on this forum. We definitely have some talent here.

  23. Metals Man says

    I personally am not a big fan of the burnished gold eagle series. How much less creative can the mint get. Stick a w on the coin and change the finish. Charge an extra $200 and sell 8000 of them. Its time to put the eagle in its current form to bed. Too long a series and too expensive to collect. I would love to see a new design at least instead of the burnished series. Come on mint, you can do better.

  24. longarm says

    If I had to choose between the burnished or the proof, I’d go with the proof.

  25. longarm says

    I’m still waiting on my box from SDbullion they haven’t shipped yet and all I get is a run around when I try to find when I can expect my order. I guess I better stick with apmex for large orders.

  26. longarm says

    SDbullion – I appreciate your feedback and to help us get better I’d like to know how we’ve provided you with the “BAD” service that you’ve stated.

    ME – You could ship my coins……….WTF?

  27. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis: 5 ounce gold HR..Wow…That is where the real profit for GovM is! I agree, I am a silver bug!

  28. Ends in Error says

    Very likely there will be a very narrow feeding on those Coins.

    Good one.

    But I always wondered about the new holders that show the edge of the Coin.
    Still, no interest from my gullible self.

  29. Mr. Kairu says

    People are mentioning Wedge Tailed Eagles… my excitement increase every day we get closer to the High Reliefs. Already have the 1 oz silver bullion and proofs for my soon-to-order custom Dansco album! 😀 And on topic I can never afford gold. lol

  30. Ikaika says

    2015 Wedge-Tailed Eagles

    @ Louis

    Did GM call you to offer the 2015 gold 1 oz HR WTE? If yes, could you share with us the asking price? Last year they were asking an arm and a leg for it. For the 2 oz gold HR WTE they were asking the whole body. I did not see any takers for that one since it stayed forever in their website. I do not answer calls from GM anymore. Cheers!

  31. Goat says

    @ DON .Thanks Don
    We Thought Black Friday was over now the mint creates a new one . This is a good one the 2015 CC will be gone before the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Gold spouse coins.
    The mint’s survey never once addressed the mint’s overstock of back products (my thinking that was produced and held for future orders) . To the mint it’s not how you ask the question it’s what answer you are going to get by asking a certain question ? POLITICS ?
    This is the response I got when I asked the mint why 2013 and 2014 was still on sale.
    At this time the Gold Spouse Coins for the previous years are available. If you are interested in receiving these coins if you have not already, we advise you to place an order for the product availability for these coins may become obsolete without a tentative date.
    We apologize for inconveniences this matter may cause you at this time.
    So I sent a reply again why are the 2013 and 2014 still on sale? That was 1 1/2 days ago no response.

  32. bobo says

    The USmint really needs to invest in hiring top-level, gifted artists. This series should end if only for the awful rendition of the flying eagle. What eagle has one wing that is twice as long as the other? It could never fly let alone bring an olive branch to its young. Or maybe that is actually an eagle in front of a gator or lungfish? A real flying eagle looks like the one on the back of the standing liberty quarter. And even if an eagle is stylized, like St. Gaudens’, it should be beautiful. Some recent depictions, like Mrs. Truman or Eisenhower on the FS coins, or the JFK dollar, look cartoonish and amateurish. Come on mint, these are America’s coins! Our art should be inspiring, beautiful or magnificent, not amateurish or cartoonish.

  33. MikeinPa says

    I received my four P turkey pucks today, not damaged but very poorly packed, couple of sheets of brown paper on the bottom, nothing on top

  34. thePhelps says

    I got my bullion pucks from APMEX today- night and day difference between the Homelystead puck and this one. These came in near perfect condition – and don’t look like someone used a sandblaster on them.

  35. Hidalgo says

    Off topic – for those who love Third Party Grading (TPG) labels… News of the latest label can be found below. Clearly there is a market for labels, otherwise the TPGs would not be creating them….

    Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has created a special label for the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set, which the United States Mint will launch at noon ET on Monday, May 4.

  36. Sith says

    My turkey pucks looked real good. I bought an extra just to be safe but it was unnecessary, but the extra silver can’t hurt.

  37. Sith says

    @MikeinPa – That is why I buy my pucks from APMEX. They still include the capsule, and are very well packed. IMHO the few dollars I save buying from somewhere else is just not worth it, then again I don’t buy in real bulk.

  38. Ikaika says

    Received the Kisatchie 5oz P with 2 big spots. My first 5oz. that I am sending back 🙁

  39. longarm says

    And I still can’t find out when my order from SDbullcrap is going to ship, so I said screw it and ordered another box from apmex which will probably be shipped before the order from SDbullcrap.
    The lamest service possible. Period.

  40. longarm says

    SDbullcrapper –


    I apologize for any treatment by our staff that was less than satisfactory to you, I’ll handle that internally with my team. In regards to shipment of the product, we can only ship as soon as we receive the products from the mint and I’m not sure why Apmex was able to ship out prior to us on this release.

    I hope you do offer us the chance again to earn your business and serve you with our low prices as well as our great service. We likewise would like to build a relationship centered on trust and honoring a commitment. Thank you for your business!

    Yeah right….

  41. Louis says

    @Ikaika- No, they only contacted me about the 5 oz silver WTE probably because I have never and would never buy the gold versions. Then I asked the guy there about the gold prices so I could include that in my article, but I never heard back. I hope to get a 5 oz silver in July from an Aussie dealer for a better price. I want one un-slabbed too, which GM did not offer.

    My Kisatchie bullion puck arrives in a few hours from Gainesville.

    @Longarm- That bites and is surprising as I have had good service from them.

  42. longarm says

    Thanks Louis, I’ve only done small orders with them that were fine, but I’m learning the hard way how it is with large orders. My advice to anyone one out there looking to load up on bullion is to break your order up into multiple orders. For instance, if I’m buying 5 monster boxes I will order them one at a time and as soon as the first order ships and it’s on it’s way then I’ll put the second order in and so on.

  43. Barry says

    Has anyone had issues with Guardhouse capsules being undersized ? I usually use Airtite but, thought I would try them. They didn’t work. I thought it was possible that Provident mislabeled but, they denied it. They fit fine on a coin 1 mm less.

  44. GoldFishin says

    @Barry- by chance are you using the H38 size capsules for Maple Leafs and equivalents. If so, most of the Airtites do not close completely with some of the Canadian 38mm coins, but they close well enough. If you purchased Britannia’s, they need H39 size capsules and they won’t fit in a 38mm capsule. I have no experience with Guardhouse, I normally purchase Airtites from a vendor on ebay that I like.

  45. GoldFishin says

    @Longarm- I have following pricing for the Kisatchie bullion pucks for a couple weeks and what I have seen on SDBullion has always said that their offering is a presale and will not ship until 5-8-15. They even make you check the box acknowledging such, did it say something different when you ordered? Apmex is a primary distributor in the AP network for the US Mint and they usually get their coins a little sooner than some of the other vendors. If you want your coins in the fastest time possible you should probably purchase from them or another primary distributor in the future.

  46. Mister Kairu says

    @FM I would order a custom album from the danscoalbumstore.com for $28 plus the pages and shipping. Probably about $50 total. Link to the silver round pages is below. I heard you just email their sales team and they will make an album with the front and side lettering whatever you want.


  47. Mister Kairu says

    It would go great with my 7070 and other danscos. Looks great on a bookcase :D. Again back OT… Gold is expensive. Maybe looking to get one in the VERY far future.

  48. Ralph says

    I ordered 10 turkey picks from SD Bullion on 4/26. They were delivered to me 5 days later on 5/1.
    Very happy with my first purchase from them!


  49. GoldFishin says

    @Ralph- I ordered my turkey pucks from Provident on 4-9….made the mistake of paying cash to save money. They deposited my check on 4-15, held it for 7 days after that and by the time they cleared the check, they were out of stock and now I am still waiting. I am in the queue for whenever they get their next supply. I have paid cash before and I know it is a long process, but I thought for sure I was so early sending in my payment, that the check would clear by their expected shipping date of 4-29. It did clear on the 22nd, but I guess they were already sold out and put me in line for the next shipment. Oh well, I am not in a hurry….I just hope the quality is as nice as some have reported.

  50. Tinto says


    I bought one bullion turkey from APMEX and got it on Thursday (in an airtite capsule, as usual) and it was much better than the Arches bullion also purchased from APMEX last year. No noticeable nicks or spots on the turkey so I am happy with my purchase.

  51. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Scrooge here. Rev PF Truman? This is nothing new. We already have Rev. PF Washinton through Lincoln by a private mint that polishes the portrait and sandblasts the flat fields. They go for about $20 a pop.
    But good strategy. Let’s keep making “modern rarities” every year to get people to buy.
    By 2020, we will have rev., or enhanced everything under 1,000 mintages.
    Too bad there will be so many junk metal coins with 1,000 mintages or below out there, none will be worth anything.
    This follows the axiom: When a beautiful woman walks into a room full of men, everyone notices.
    But when a beautiful woman enters a room full of beautiful women, no one notices.

  52. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    However, I always notice my womantotally even if there are other beautiful women in the room..

  53. Hidalgo says

    A few notes and comments….

    * I wonder why there is so much interest in the bullion (vis-a-vis the US Mint’s collector’s) version of the America the Beautiful 5 ounce silver coin. Could it be because the cost is lower? Or buyers prefer the finish? (Since I have been collecting the US Mint’s versions since the Hot Springs coin, I will continue with the series.)

    * I have noticed a shift in blogers’ preferences. At one time, some bloggers complained that APMEX “cherry picked” its coins. Other bloggers stated that Provident did not cherry pick. How times have changed.

    * I previously stated that the US Mint would continue to issue reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated coins. Limiting the two finishes to American Silver Eagles only would have limited the US Mint’s flexibility to issue more collector coins. So it’s not a surprise to me that the US Mint issued an Enhanced Uncirculated Sacagawea dollar and will issue a reverse proof 2015: proof set, Roosevelt W dime, and Presidential dollars. Expect more offerings of both finishes in the future….. (And perhaps some changes in metal compositions, as we’ve seen with the gold Kennedy half dollars, some of the upcoming silver Presidential medals, etc.)

  54. Sith says

    Provident increased its prices and after starting the trend eleminated including the capsule. APMEX actually listened to its customers and improved service, and more importantly their coin’s quality seemed to improve.

  55. longarm says

    GoldFishin – Yeah, when I first order it had a shipping date of 5/01 and that’s what I agreed to but when I heard the other dealers were shipping I contacted SDbullbiscuits and they said they were released earlier then expected and would be shipping soon. But then all these problems started coming up. Let me start at the beginning, my girlfriend has been watching me acquire bullion for the last few years and sees the stack I now have and now she wants to start acquiring bullion also ( she pulls in six figures) so she opened a account in her name that we use just for bullion purposes and thats the account I paid for my order at SD with. Well SD didn’t like the fact that the billing address was our home address and not the shipping address which was my work address which is where I am 5 days a week So they demand that she takes a picture of her drivers license and sends it to them, fine and it’s done. Then they write and inform me that they can’t ship to the address I requested and they’ll ship only to the home address. Fine no problem just ship already. Then last week after still not shipping I contacted them to see if they had any idea when they’ll be shipping my order and all I got was a run around and no idea when they’ll ship. That wasn’t fine. Then I get an email saying they will not deal with me anymore and only with my girlfriend who knows nothing about coins. I guess they failed to realize that I’m the one making the orders and choosing who to order from and I am not impressed with their service. They don’t realize that collectors want their coins as soon as possible and I did learn a lot from this experience. My goal is a thousand pucks and I’m almost half way there and if my girlfriend ever wants me to put a ring on her finger she better have a thousand pucks also. And I hope everyone understand my rants against SD, I’m just frustrated about this order and hoping that they finally ship this week.

  56. paul G says

    i’ve bought ta few gold eagles and gold buffaloes in the past but my wallet and my efforts to keep up with the expanisive list of offerings by the mint has prevented me from buying these particular gold coins of late. i’ve given up on the burnished proof pucks in favor of the bullion because they are more visually pleasing. i think the mint is, historically speaking, in a phase in which it is creating a plethora of offerings which may not be sustainable in the long-term. if it’s previous treatment of the ase and kennedy half dollar are any indication, i am looking forward to the reversed proof or enhanced version of the atb bullion puck . wouldn’t that be something?.

  57. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, yes I think collectors like the shiny bullion 5 ounce ATB’s along with the lower price also. I ordered one vapor blasted turkey puck from the mint. It arrived yesterday and looks stunning, along with a very nice finish with excellent quality. I’m happily satisfied with it.

  58. Gary not Dave says

    I placed an order for a roll of turkeys from Mint Products on Apr. 24th and they have not shipped yet. Still being processed. Mint Products always has good quality but the ship sloooooooooooooooooow! Even if its just a roll of Silver Eagles! I did order 2 P turkeys from the US Mint, but these will probably be the only ones I order for the year. I usually only buy 1 or 2 bullion pucks a year,but I think the turkey design will be a nice winner as long as the Mint doesn’t bump up the mintages.

  59. fmtransmitter says

    and if my girlfriend ever wants me to put a ring on her finger she better have a thousand pucks also.

    wow, good for you, bad for her…

  60. fmtransmitter says

    Sith says
    MAY 3, 2015 AT 9:52 AM

    Provident increased its prices and after starting the trend eleminated including the capsule. APMEX actually listened to its customers and improved service, and more importantly their coin’s quality seemed to improve.

    APMEX will be the FIRST ones to tell you they have no control over the quality of coins they sell, especially bullion. They say they ship them as they get them from the Mint. I think I remember getting some rounds in a capsule and they weren’t a full roll so it still had the plastic wrap left ripped off to the amount I ordered so I know no one looked them over before sending them.

  61. Hidalgo says

    @fmtansmitter – Many of the major silver bullion dealers state that their coins may come with imperfections. That’s why I’m a bit surprised to read about some of the shifts in purchases by a few of the bloggers.

    Also, regarding the 1 oz Proof Silver States of Mexico from APMEX… Based on the advertisement and website found at the link below, it appears these coins are legal tender worth $10 (Mexican dollars) and produced by the Mexican Mint.


  62. Samuel says

    I don’t buy bullion coins from dealer who sells graded coins at the same time.

  63. Tom P. - MA says

    Numerous topics. In regard to reverse proofs I have 2 words. Satin Finish. No one cares anymore about satin finish.

    Samuel, sometimes the primary dealer selling the bullion coins is also the dealer selling graded coins. You’re generally not going to get a better deal elsewhere. I personally don’t care if my bullion coin is a 65 or a 69. Just as long as it’s not dinged up I’m happy.

    Why, why, why did it have to be pointed out there is a Mexican issue of 31 individual proof 1 ounce silver bullion coins? Now I’ll have to look into it.

  64. D Rittenhouse says

    Never heard of “Mexican dollars” before reading Hidalgo’s recent comment above. This prompted a quick Google, which revealed this definition )click here). 🙂

  65. Hidalgo says

    LOL D Rittenhouse! I rushed to prepare my previous post. I should have said Mexican PESOS. The “$” sign is used to designate amounts in pesos. Thanks for the correction!

  66. Brad says

    Regarding the March of Dimes set, my money’s definitely on the one-day sellout. Two unique silver dimes with a mintage of only 75,000 each coupled with such a low price point will be too good not to gamble on.

    Short-term prices on the set after sellout (or should I say 3-month “currently unavailable” status?) should be at least double issue price, and probably more.

  67. Dustyroads says

    OT~ The SR7 3 coin proof commemorative Marshals set is back on sell with a back order notice.

  68. Dustyroads says

    Brad~ I consider myself a student and dare say there will be a sell out in a day, so I will just say it will be interesting to see what the buying public will do with this one. I personally like it and plan on getting one or two, that is if the rains don’t wash the bridge out and I won’t be able to order. Have fun all…

  69. Ralph says

    GoldFishin: I was a little taken back by having to pay the extra 3% to use a cc. And SD Bullion wouldn’t let me charge over $1000. I was going to buy 11 coins, but could only get 10. Luckily the price has gone up enough now to make it up.

    Brad: I’m with you on the MOD set’s!

  70. mattarch says

    I don’t expect a MOD Sell Out. Do expect OOS back and forth and not worth the hassle of will I get one or not just to flip. I do not collect Roosevelt dimes. If they issue a reverse proof Capped Bust dime in gold or silver I would be ordering.

  71. MarkInFlorida says

    The MOD was in the big color catalog I got from the Mint last week. If there is a first day sell-out, would they have put some aside to fill mail orders, so as not to disappoint? And are these dimes sure to not appear in any other sets?

  72. Brad says


    It would appear that the dimes are exclusive to the set, but technically there are no guarantees. The product description states the set is the “Only U.S. Mint set in 2015 to include a reverse proof silver dime from Philadelphia and proof silver dime from West Point, along with March of Dimes proof silver dollar.” However, what’s to stop them from including those dimes in some sort of set WITHOUT a March of Dimes proof silver dollar?

    Still, in order to avoid backlash from angry customers who would feel they were duped if the dimes appear elsewhere, I’d bet the Mint won’t include them anywhere else. I know they did that with the 2012-S ASE in that currency set, but nothing like that has happened since.

  73. Dave SW FL says

    Mint site up & logged in. MOD set order page loaded and awaiting refresh. I will buy 5 of these and would buy 50 if there were no limit. I think they will be a big hit, but if not, my grandkids will reap the benefit down the road. For silver coinage, this is very low mintage issues . My brother will be really excited to get his birthday gift this year!!…………and next year, too, with the walker & Mercury coins.

  74. thePhelps says

    I didn’t buy the proof MOD – since this set is only a bit higher – I was waiting for it. With the mints new process of marking items out of stock after inventory is depleted – I doubt this sells out today. The way the GS coin played out and the mint over producing the coins and then having to pay for the destruction of the surplus coins – I suspect they’ll have a max of 50k of these available today. Either way I’ll order mine at noon.

  75. longarm says

    Oh and one small point I forgot to mention is that even though we make about the same income the big difference is I have assets (coins, rentals and tools and equipment for my business) I have no debt. Everything I have is paid off but my girl has a big mortgage, a big car payment and a big credit card bill.

  76. GoldFishin says

    @longarm- If you have a girlfriend that sees the need to buy “any” silver is a win win in my book. I wouldn’t let her get away…..what if she buys 999 pucks and not 1000? 😉

  77. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – All that may be true, but it is an inherent conflict of interest, when you sell the very same graded coins…at a premium of course. Provident rarely if ever sells graded ATB…we all know Provident and Gainsville stopped selling the ATBs at one point due to quality control issues, yet APMEX seemed to have vast amounts of graded coins that they were willing to sell to you…at a premium of course.

  78. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – They are not rounds, they are a product of the Mexican Mint. If your looking at those you may want to look at the Mexican Pre-Columbian silver bullion. The proof, and some of the bullion mintages even put the proof libertads to shame. I just picked up a proof Pre-Columbian 1 oz silver coin for about $50. The mintage is 500 in proof, but more importantly it looks stunning. I also had to pay $95 for one because it was the key to my collection (not the series, as I don’t collect the series), its mintage was 1K.

  79. A Bob says

    Anyone know what product might me DM4?
    DM1 Proof dollar
    DM2 Uncirculated dollar
    DM3 three piece set I assume
    DM4 ?
    DM 5 special silver set

  80. thePhelps says

    A Bob…I don’t see a 3 coin set coming. The typical yearly release of commemortatives has the 1 set offering the gold silver and clad coins – with a 3 coin set. That was done with the Marshal’s coins. I also doubt there is a DM4 since there has been nothing floated so far but the special set and both the proof and uncirculated coins.

    I think we are looking at the complete listing.

    DM1 Proof dollar
    DM2 Uncirculated dollar
    DM5 special silver set

  81. longarm says

    GoldFishin – don’t tell her but I’d let her slide if she only had 500.

  82. thePhelps says

    I am kind of surprised that we have new rlease today and no new thread covering it….

    I stopped at UPS and picked up my Kisatchie pucks today… between these and the bullion ones – I might have gotten my best pairs so far.

  83. fmtransmitter says

    Sith says
    MAY 4, 2015 AT 10:18 AM

    @fmtransmitter – They are not rounds, they are a product of the Mexican Mint. If your looking at those you may want to look at the Mexican Pre-Columbian silver bullion. The proof, and some of the bullion mintages even put the proof libertads to shame. I just picked up a proof Pre-Columbian 1 oz silver coin for about $50. The mintage is 500 in proof, but more importantly it looks stunning. I also had to pay $95 for one because it was the key to my collection (not the series, as I don’t collect the series), its mintage was 1K.

    Very nice Sith, sounds like a great collection and a challenge. What I feel this hobby is all about.

  84. ABob says

    Thanks Phelps I don’t know why I was thinking there was a three coin set. brain fart. Still want to see uncirculated coin and Salk medal set.

  85. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps~ You’re right about the higher quality of the AtB bullion’s, mine is in much better condition than the out house was. Missing are all the tolling marks than ran around the entire coin. I haven’t gotten my P puck yet that is on the sub list, I’m just farther away from the Mint distribution house, if fact, they often spend too much time between Dallas and Fort Worth and end up coming in a day or two late.
    Yeah, that is odd. I wish Michael still had it. I felt he put a great deal of passion into his work. I know he still writes, but I don’t believe he can exercise the same freedom he used to.

  86. Barry says

    @Goldfishin- Sorry for the delay in responding. I had a family issue for a couple days. Thank you for the reply. The Guardhouse capsule was labeled 39mm but, it fit a 38mm Canadian Maple Leaf coin. I bought a silver round ( Hercules _ Mares ) that they mint and they list it as 39 mm. The round didn’t fit the 39mm capsule. Their is an issue with the capsule ( labeling or Manufacture ),the round is a little oversized, Provident denies any error on their part and only said to order Airtite capsules on future orders.

  87. rw says

    I am torn between silver coins and silver bullion. What is the best bang for the buck?

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