2015-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle

Today, March 26, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will start accepting orders for the 2015-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle. This represents a collectible uncirculated version of the popular bullion coin.

The US Mint introduced the collectible uncirculated or “burnished” version of the Silver Eagle in 2006. That year the coins were first incorporated into the 20th Anniversary Set and subsequently offered individually. For the following two years, the coins were offered individually as well as within the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. The offering was canceled in 2009 and 2010, but made a return in 2011 as an individual offering as well as within the 25th Anniversary Set. From 2012 onwards, the coins have been offered individually as well as within the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set.

2015-W Silver Eagle

The 2015-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle carries Adolph A. Weinman’s iconic design featuring a full length depiction of Lady Liberty with one hand outstretched and the other carrying branches of oak and laurel. She walks confidently forward towards the rising sun. The reverse design by John Mercanti features a heraldic eagle with a shield at its chest and an olive branch and bundle of arrows in its talons.

Each coin is struck in .999 fine silver with a weight of 1.0000 troy ounces and diameter of 40.60 mm.

The coins are offered for sale individually, packaged in a blue velvet, satin-lined presentation case and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. There are no mintage or household ordering limits established.

The price of the offering is $39.95. This compares to regular pricing of $43.95 for the prior year offering, although the coins were also available at the discounted price of $39.55 if ordered through the US Mint’s online subscription program. The subscription program discount is no longer available.

The annual sales level for the collectible uncirculated Silver Eagle seems to be bouncing back after hitting a low of 221,981 for the 2013-W issue (broken down between 178,941 individual sales and 43,040 through the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. The 2014-W issue reached individual sales of 224,532 at the time of sell out and the 2014 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set has reached sales of 26,336 units according to this week’s sales report. Across both options, this makes for 250,868 pieces and climbing since the set option still remains available for sale.

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  1. MikeinPa says

    fm, i agree, these guys are nothing more than modern day carnival barkers tring to seperate the dupes from their hard earned cash

  2. thePhelps says

    “Larry says
    March 29, 2015 at 11:47 am
    HSN guy will be buried in a red oak presentation case.”

    Let’s hope his family overpays for this presentation case – like all the naive people he sales to pay for his.

  3. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    Received my 2014 First Spouse Medal sets. Looks like the whoever packed them for shipping grabbed 20 of them with 2 hands, plopped them down in the box, put 2 pieces of that worthless brown packaging, taped and shipped.

    When I opened the box, some medals (in cello) were out of their envelope (Mint envelopes); they (envelopes) were not in any other protective packaging. Some of the envelops were damaged/torn. What medals I did look at, I am not sure about — I will look closer later. I am wondering if these were re-shipped “seconds?”

    Suffice it to say anything going back — shipping will be paid for by the Mint, I will be calling for an RM label. I am really to my wits end with the Mint. I have received auto parts by mail, packaged more carefully than this!! It as though the shipping company/Mint does NOT seem to understand what they are shipping here!!!!!

    What’s it going to take to get through to these “numb-nuts!”

  4. says

    Thanks guys for the kind words, it means A LOT! 🙂 And yes, next year will be the big one not to miss and I hope I have my head above water by then.., until then, I’d like to blow a kiss out to a very “special” friend, anyone have a emoticon of blowing a kiss? I’d like to send it up North where the sun don’t shine 😆

    GF – enjoy the time with your son. I think tonight in the season finale, so I’ll be glued to the TV for a double dose of Maggie, they should put her on the HR! Prov released the next Zeek design – Trade $, looks sharp!

    Buy up the winner’s for me guys…, peace out!

  5. says

    Same here…after waiting over 6 weeks for the 2014 First Spouse Bronze Medal Sets more than 75% of the sets packaging material was damaged with bent /ripped envelopes. The medals them self where all loose in the box and the box was just to big.
    It’s a shame that they would ship them the way they did.

    It’s unacceptable!!!

    Very dissatisfied !!!I’m going to return them all!!!

  6. fmtransmitter says

    Someone in the shipping department is trying to send a message. They are not very happy with their job. Maybe a ten year old helping a parent after school? Not sure as it is a CONTRACTOR…Mint won’t comment, NO Director!

  7. fmtransmitter says

    @CF: Sounds like this will be the 10th return for those medals, and they will go right back out to whomever is next in line in back-order status…

  8. fmtransmitter says

    I am not happy you all are receiving crap product but if it was meant for flipping them, I am kinda smirkish about it. Again, nothing personal…

  9. Ralph says

    The Real “Cool” Dave & CF:

    Same here also. I have commented on this on here before. Unreal! My boxes were the same. One had 20 set’s in it. They dumped them into an over-sized box with 2 lousy pieces of packing paper. During shipping they all smashed into each other. Most of the flimsy envelopes they pack the medals in were damaged. There were over 100 loose medals on the bottom o f the box.
    I have had $20 socks from LL Bean packed with more care.
    Totally disgusting! Only word I can probably post on here without getting banned!

  10. thePhelps says

    Guys… the mint shipping department appears to be nothing more than a box and drop process. There is no “thought” that they are actually supposed to pack for safe shipping anymore.

    As far as the assumption that your receiving returns – keep in mind the initial sales for the Spouse coins was only around 2,000 units… I doubt they are getting that many returns to reship. It sounds more like poor production issues.

  11. Ralph says


    Agreed! I don’t think they are returns. If they were it wouldn’t have taken 6 weeks to ship them out.

    Giving just a little credit, but believe me, not very much, these set’s are doomed from the start. 4 good sized heavy medals put into a very flimsy envelope is a bad design. There is no way to stack these without them crashing and falling over with the medals spilling out all over the place. These 4 medals need a better, more secure package. At least they could put the medals inside the folded inset card and then put it in with the folded edge at the top. This might contain the medals in the envelope a little better. Now the folded edge is upside down with the medals slid in.

  12. Brad says

    Yeah, my medal sets arrived in similar fashion, with some of the medals loose in the box and some envelope flaps worse for wear. It took a few minutes to get them all re-sorted back into sets and placed back in the empty envelopes. At least there were no errors in my box as far as duplicates of some medals and none of others. The way these sets are packed seems to beg for such mistakes. It looks like these sets might be assembled by hand at the distribution center.

    Do you guys think these will recover any value after this new supply dries up, or has that ship already sailed? I’m just wondering if they should be dumped for the current depressed prices or if the gamble of waiting a few weeks might pan out. I don’t ever see these getting back to the insane level they were at before the “second wave”, but was hoping to do better than the present price level. Heck, you can barely make $10 a set by the time you pay all the fees and postage!

  13. D Rittenhouse says

    Pretty sure people are complaining about their bronze First Spouse medals and nobody can say how many have been sold — the Mint doesn’t report sales of its junk bronze products.l

  14. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @fmtransmitter says, March 29, 2015 at 7:21 pm
    “I am not happy you all are receiving crap product but if it was meant for flipping them, I am kinda smirkish about it. Again, nothing personal…”

    Nothing personal either, when I say who gives a damn about what flippers do or not do — why should we care? Really?

  15. Tinto says


    That HSN guy was selling 1 oz slver bar bullion for almost 28 bucks and 10 oz version at almost 280 bucks apiece …. I think it was stamped with a walking Liberty design can’t remember since I switched channels almost right away … but over 10 bucks above spot price .. and it was a no name brand … I’ve heard of Sunshine Mint, Johnson Matthey,Engelhard, PAMP etc. but no mention of who the manufacturer is … why pay so high a premium for a no name manufacturer … unless you’re a sucker .

    AND I saw this HSN guy on another TV coin show on ….. CSNTV and on their website the same bullion design is being offered for $21.95 an ounce and a differently designed 10oz for 219.50

    Sooo glad I never got into the habit of ordering from TV shows …

  16. fmtransmitter says

    I Don’t buy the gold FS so i did assemble a collection of the bronze amd they stay nice and perfect in a dansco album and display quite nice, almost like looking at gold versions. It was mentioned before here i was losing value for dping this. I lost value the minute i bought them and the expensive album. That isn’t why i collect the bronze set. But we still have not figured out why they went up in value on secondary in the first place. Guess folks thought they were low mintage. U want anything low mintage, stay with the gold version, they are by far the lowest mintage of any US Mint product. Good luck all.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    Ten dollars over spot is sad and then u have shipping and tax. Local shops will do better and 99% of online dealers fot bullion…@Tinto

  18. fmtransmitter says

    Agreed cool Dave, seems most i have met here just d. It in order to supplement buying another item amd lowering the premium as much as possible. I haven’t got the time to sell but see myself doing that as well eventually. ..

  19. fmtransmitter says

    I was just at a store and the cashier had brand new Mt. Rushmore quarters out the roll. I asked if i could buy all he had, he gave like five dollars worth all nice ans shiny. Gem BU. Gonna stash em away. Love that design.

  20. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    “Mt. Rushmore quarters ,” Yeah, I really liked that design too and also bought a few S.F. rolls. 🙂

  21. Clark says

    The unanswered question is why the Mint produced so few 2014 first spouse bronze medals in the first place and then quickly ran out? Now the 2013 FS medal sets now command a premium and were unlikely to see the 2014 fs medal sets return to previously high prices.

    This situation is a cautionary reminder that the Mint may crank out medals anytime it wishes, even years after the originals were introduced, as is regularly done with presidential medals. As fm rightly noted, stick with coins if you want a chance to see values increase. Medals are tokens, not coins with unique and mostly limited production runs. I collect–and really like–some medals series (spouse and code talkers) to augment the story of my overall collection and not necessarily its dollar value.

  22. jeff says

    When items go from the mint to a third party fulfillment center stacked, racked, cracked moved more times than one could imagine then repackaged treated like sh*t during transportation to 1 America drive in your home town. Like I’ve said in the past I don’t buy this crap from the mint Ebay they have more stringent rules and the customer is always right But if I did speak on the mints behalf we thank you idiots for your supporting our excessively over priced products day in and day out peace out suckers

  23. fmtransmitter says

    @Clark: I would suggest they were misplaced in transit to new facility and just took them awhile to find them….Lots of inventory to go through and catalog..

  24. fmtransmitter says

    The Real “Cool” Dave says
    MARCH 30, 2015 AT 12:56 AM

    “Mt. Rushmore quarters ,” Yeah, I really liked that design too and also bought a few S.F. rolls. 🙂

    Yes, I went so far as to have my S rolls stamped twice by the USPS and paid a premium for them. I got the DC stamp from day of release, then the PO near the quarter launch and the flyer from the event. That is a near and dear part of my collection, clad or not, goes well with my 5 ounce bullion and P Minted Rushmore…Those are specail coins IMO and the World even said so by awarding this design an award at the COTY..

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