2016 First Spouse Gold Coins Design Candidates

The United States Mint has released design candidate images for the 2016 First Spouse Gold Coins. The designs released are for coins honoring the spouses of the 37th to 38th Presidents of the United States, Patricia Nixon and Betty Ford.

The authorizing legislation for the program links the issuance of the First Spouse Coins to the release of corresponding Presidential $1 Coins. The program concludes once every eligible President has been honored on a $1 coin.

When design candidates for the 2015-2016 Presidential Dollars were released last year, the 2016-dated coins only included Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. This seemed to exclude Ronald Reagan who meets the eligibility criteria of having been deceased for at least two years, but would have made the series go out of order by skipping over Jimmy Carter. I had questioned the Mint as to whether a coin would be issued to honor Reagan, or if this would remain dependent on the status of Jimmy Carter.

The response I had received was as follows:

The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 authorizes four Presidential $1 Coins to be issued each year in the order of the period of service of each President.  The program terminates when each President has been so honored, subject to a limitation that such coins may be issued only to honor Presidents who have been deceased for more than two years.  Accordingly the United States Mint cannot definitively ascertain the President who will mark the end of the program until at least December 31, 2014.

The response still does not specifically answer whether a Reagan $1 Coin would be issued or if this would be dependent on Carter also receiving a coin. Whatever the case, the final issues of the Presidential $1 Coin Program and by extension the First Spouse Gold Coin Program will not be set in stone until the end of this year.

For now, here are the design candidates for the coins honoring Patricia Nixon and Betty Ford. Articles covering the reviews and recommendations offered by the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee will follow on Coin Update.

Patricia Nixon First Spouse Gold Coin Design Candidates

FS-PN-O-01-C FS-PN-O-02-C FS-PN-O-03-C FS-PN-O-04-C FS-PN-O-05-C FS-PN-O-06-C FS-PN-O-07-C FS-PN-R-01-C FS-PN-R-02-C FS-PN-R-03-C FS-PN-R-04-C FS-PN-R-05-C

Betty Ford First Spouse Gold Coin Design Candidates

FS-BF-O-01-C FS-BF-O-02-C FS-BF-O-03-C FS-BF-O-04-C FS-BF-O-05-C FS-BF-O-06-C FS-BF-O-07-C FS-BF-O-08-C FS-BF-R-01-C FS-BF-R-03-C FS-BF-R-04-C FS-BF-R-05-C FS-BF-R-06-C FS-BF-R-07-C FS-BF-R-08-C

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  1. TimTom says

    These reverses from both yesterday’s set and today’s are getting kind of ______? I can’t put my finger on what it is. The older ones just seemed more official/traditional looking. As for the obverses, as others pointed out before, some seem to be just doing one rendition and hoping people don’t realize it’s garbage. Maybe they too want this series over. Makes me think of the laughable FDR obverse. WHERE ARE THE ARTISTS???

  2. VA Bob says

    Who knew Peru And Romania are in the same direction? I agree TimTom, the obverses on the modern spouses are lacking. They could have put a beer can and pill bottle on the back of Betty Ford’s and it would have been better than this, at least people would have got the reference. Can’t wait for Michelle Obama’s reverse; some kid throwing their “healthy” school lunch in the bin.

    At least put Washington or Lincoln on it and make someone in CT happy. 😀

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    VaBob that’s funny… Two first spouse articles in a row. Guess it’s obvious the Mints site is shut down & no releases for weeks 😉

  4. fmtransmitter says

    Yea, this looks like someone said get these done, and the worker did just that, got em done with a quickness…This is sad but for those who stood tall in this series, you deserve your OWN coin!

  5. MarkH says

    These coins are awful. Just awful. Which means no one will buy them and they’ll be the best possible investment you could make in coins. Go figure.

    I’ll just stick to other coins and leave these be.


  6. gary says

    As a body of task assignments under the Artistic Infusion Program, the last 6 coins in the series have a total of 79 designs. The Artistic Infusion Programs pays the designers a minimum of $2,000 to a maximum of $3,000 per design (depends upon the number of years an artist has been in the AIP) The 79 designs were created at an average cost of $207,500. Quite a heavy outlay of funds for a series of such extremely low general public interest.

  7. GoldFishin says

    Dealers are in panic mode on Ebay. So many great coins at bargain prices, just wish I had more $$$ to buy more…..or maybe it is a good thing I don’t?

  8. Jerry Diekmann says

    I will just have to continue my collection of FS gold coins – right now I have ZERO and I think that will be my complete collection! Didn’t cost me very much either!

  9. Clark says

    The Mint is being unnecessarily literal about the 2005 Act. It seems to be saying that if Carter lives past December 31, 2014, a Reagan coin would be out of order of the period of service each man served. Rather than terminate the series if Carter lives into 2015, the Mint simply needs to suspend production until he passes, then mint the Carter coin followed by Reagan in the same calendar year. Simple.

    Selfishly, I would like to see the program end with Ford, because it costs me a fortune to keep up. But, I would not be surprised if the Mint terminates the program as soon as it can find an excuse to do so because it really has treated almost all aspects of the FS program as an unwanted burden. To wit: chronically poor artwork, constantly inferior production quality, unexplainable production postponement until the last minute year after year. Go ahead, Mint, take the lazy way out and make my day.

  10. Tinto says

    Is this the best the US can do in an artistic endeavor?? Wow where did they get the “artists” for a lot of these FS (and Prez dollars) … did they pull winos off the streets and force them to draw under threat that otherwise they would never get back out? Are most of them suffering from a form of debilitating disease that prevent them from drawing human features?

    If these had been released April 1, I might have thought the Treasury was pulling an April Fool’s joke on the public.

  11. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    01-C cool looks a little like Sigourney Weaver
    07-C not bad

    Reagan I can take it or leave it, but NO Bushes, please.

  12. Jerry Diekmann says

    MerryXmasScrooge – The Bushes would have to both croak before they could be considered to be included on a coin. I guess we can hope but they’ll probably outlive this biggest mistake in a coin series the US Mint and Congress has ever made. They’re both a lot like Herbert Hoover – after he was ousted in 1932 for his failures, he still lived for another 33 years, with nobody caring one iota what he did or if he lived or died. The Bushs are this generation’s Hoover. BTW, is anybody even thinking of collecting a Richard Nixon dollar – what a disasterous series of coins to include the likes of Tyler, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, A. Johnson, Harding, Hoover, Ford and Nixon!!!

  13. Zaz says

    No has commented that Pat Nixon was never called “Patricia” during her lifetime. Pat was just a nickname, her full name was Thelma Catherine Ryan before she married Dick.

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