2016 Mark Twain $5 Gold Coin Design Candidates

In 2016, a commemorative coin program will honor American author and humorist Samuel Clemens, better known to the world as Mark Twain. The program will include $5 gold coins and silver dollars with designs emblematic of his life and legacy.

The United States Mint has just released the design candidate images for the two coins in conjunction with the review by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee during a meeting held yesterday. The candidates will also be reviewed in a subsequent meeting by the Commission of Fine Arts. The Board of the Mark Twain House and Museum also plays a role in the design selection process.

For the $5 gold coin, the US Mint prepared 16 different obverse design candidates and 10 different reverse design candidates, which are shown below. Coverage of the CCAC and CFA’s review and recommendations will follow.

You can also view the design candidates for the silver dollar in this post.

Obverse Design Candidates

g-o-1 g-o-2 g-o-3 g-o-4 g-o-5 g-o-6 g-o-7 g-o-8 g-o-9 g-o-10 g-o-11 g-o-12 g-o-13 g-o-14 g-o-15 g-o-16

Reverse Design Candidates

g-r-1 g-r-2 g-r-3 g-r-4 g-r-4a g-r-5 g-r-6 g-r-6a g-r-7 g-r-8 g-r-9 g-r-10

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  1. cagcrisp says

    I like #1 on the Obverse. Since we are talking a $5 Gold Comm, it’s going to be on a small canvas. Just don’t know how the Reverse’s will transfer. I would think something with less detail like #2 or #3…

  2. gary says

    Got a real good chuckle from the Halley Comet ones!
    Some of them make the comet look like stepped-on chewing gum on a hot sidewalk.

  3. A Bob says

    Better portraits on the gold designs and I do like R8. It would look great on the silver dollar.

  4. GoldFishin says

    I like O-1 as the best image, but I really like the signature on O-7 but they cut his hair off. I wish they could somehow combine the two. R-5 would look nice in gold.

  5. TJC111 says

    couple “decent”choices:
    GOLD see O-3 Definitely w/ reverse would love to see if R-8 or R-10 ;
    only if they could do another type of ingenious style as R-8 would think look great if able design “outside the box” ? something along lines BHoF, ? 3-D/Curve , ? convex/concave on R-8 as same ole same ole gets boring and mint needs new fresh blood for designs and maybe a chance for coin of year?

    any chance we can submit notes to CFA/CCAC w/ our opinions? since we are the consumers ?

  6. Jerry Diekmann says

    O12 and R08 would be nice; somehow, either on the gold or silver coin. , Maybe having a steamboat on the obverse and reverse is too much, but there has to be a steamboat!

  7. Tinto says

    I really hope not, but maybe those PC folks in the CFA (and maybe the CCAC too) might wind up recommending O-16 ……

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