2016 Native American Dollar Design Candidates

The 2016 Native American Dollar will feature a reverse design recognizing the contributions of the Native American Code Talkers of World War I and World War II. The Code Talkers had served in the United States Armed Forces and used their tribal languages as a means of secret communication, which proved to be unbreakable.

Code Talkers from individual tribes have previously been honored with the award of Congressional Gold Medals. In 2001, Navajo Code Talkers were recognized for their contributions during World War II. Late last year, an additional 25 tribes with members who had served as Code Talkers during a foreign conflict in which the United States was involved were to be similarly honored. An additional eight tribes will be honored at a later date.

The US Mint created almost entirely unique obverse and reverse designs for each of the Congressional Gold Medals awarded. As customary, bronze duplicate versions were also made available for sale to the public. Images and descriptions of the medals can be found here.

For the reverse design of the upcoming 2016 Native American Dollar, the US Mint recently provided 18 different design candidates. These will be reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, Commission of Fine Arts, the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate, the Congressional Native American Caucus of the House of Representatives, and the National Congress of American Indians, who may each provide their feedback and recommendation. The final design will be selected by the Secretary of the Treasury.

Detailed coverage of the CCAC and CFA discussions and recommendations will be forthcoming on Coin Update News.

For now, here is a look at the design candidates. Click any image for a larger version.

2016-NA-R-01 2016-NA-R-02 2016-NA-R-03 2016-NA-R-04 2016-NA-R-05 2016-NA-R-06 2016-NA-R-07 2016-NA-R-08 2016-NA-R-09 2016-NA-R-10 2016-NA-R-11 2016-NA-R-12 2016-NA-R-13 2016-NA-R-14 2016-NA-R-15 2016-NA-R-16 2016-NA-R-17 2016-NA-R-18

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  1. ABC says

    They’re probably trying to kill off the FS series. They’ve delayed the release of these coins for the past couple years. They were saying it was because of production problems (fining). Really? They’ve been making coins for hundreds of years of different compositions and sizes. What’s different about this series that is giving them “production problems” that they haven’t been able solve for over two years?

  2. says

    2016 designs already? I’m surprised at how fast they’re moving forward with them.

    I like nearly all these designs except the bottom two and would be happy to see almost any of them on a coin. We’ve gotten some quality designs for the 2015 and 2016 native American coins. We should get some of these artists to work on the AtB program! 🙂


    I suspect the mint just doesn’t care about the Spouses and is designating less resources, as opposed to actively trying to kill the program off.

  3. VARich says

    A&L posted the MSN link to the HOF article on the previous thread…, though look at what is on page 1 of 10 – talk about from Front Page coverage and total exposure now…. http://www.msn.com/

    Anyone ascertained that they’ll be for sale on the 27th in Baltimore? Aaachhhoo, excuse me, I feel a cold coming on.., might have to take a sick day! lol

  4. Sith says

    I have to admit CO, they all look nice (even the bottom two), some look better than others but the fact that all of them are at least decent makes me wonder about the ATB series.

  5. Leo S says


    Called the mint today to find out about my missing subscription to the 5 oz coins. They said they were having computer problems with the site. Also ask them about the FS coins and was told that they were trying to find the best designs for the coins and it was taking more time than they had anticipated. They will all probably come out in Oct thru Dec. again. Oh well, what can you do?

  6. Dustyroads says

    07 is nice, but 09 with it’s simplicity looks more like the coins produced by our mint.
    OT~ Crimea, Soviet Union, sanctions, and China= volatility.
    I’m beginning to think we could see AU at 14+.

  7. thePhelps says

    @Dusty – you said exactly what I was thinking. 09 looks like what they will do. I have the code talker medals…don’t need a smaller medal – which is all these look like to me.

  8. Jerry Diekmann says

    Ii never fails to amaze me the prices some people get for some coins on Ebay. Maybe it’s a training ground for sellers – if they pull enough ripoffs they can join the HSN coin guy.

  9. says

    Baseball Hof Gold coin will be $441.90 for the proof and $436.90 for the unc…if gold stays in the $1350-1399 range. The first 30 days will be $5 less..

  10. Ray says

    Some people treat paypal funds like funny money. I know I have knowlingly way overpaid for things before simply because i felt the need to spend some of my paypal hoard. also maybe there are purchasers from other countries where the mint wont ship, or buyers who dont want their info in a govt database. the later are valid reasons to pay 2-3x for something imo.

  11. Ray says

    Why hasnt the mint published prices for the HoF coins? I understand why the gold coin isnt priced, but the clad and silver? anyone know the skinny on that?

  12. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps, The Mint has done a very good job of honoring native American Indians on coinage. Our short history does have it’s share of wonder.

  13. Dustyroads says

    Ray, The buyers of the HOF’s quite possibly may have been smoking a green leafy substance know in Colorado as medicine.

  14. says

    Ray, as I’ve said, you can look at the Mint’s pricing grid to see the price of the gold coin…you can look at the priice of the silver Civil Rights coin to see what the baseball coin will sell for and you can look at last years half dollar prices to see what whey will sell for..

  15. Larry says

    The mint’s website has the following mintage limits for the Baseball Hall of Fame coins. The mintages are across the product lines, so they include the unc and proof:
    Gold $5.00 = 50,000
    Proof silver dollar = 400,000
    Clad Half = 750,000

    I think everyone that wants the silver dollar and half dollar will probably get one, however, the gold $5.00 may be gone quickly. While 50,000 pieces would be more than enough for normal commemoratives, because of the uniqueness of this coin I can see them going quickly. Heck, HSN guy will probably get 5,000! The reverse proof buff did almost 50K, and that coin was almost 4 times what this coin will cost. Many more people will be able to buy this one. So if you want one, may be a good idea to pounce on it quickly. I’m just sayin……….

  16. says


    Something is clearly going on in gold. A few weeks ago ZeroHedge noted it was the best performing asset since the taper started. Don’t know if the taper is the reason for this sudden surge (it doesn’t make much sense for this to be the case) or if the reality of the very strained physical gold supply is finally beginning to have an effect. I’m sure the chaos in the emerging markets is having an effect too.

    We’ve also finally busted through $1350 finally, something gold kept bumping up against in the last couple weeks, so I guess we’re headed to $1400.

    Too bad this surge didn’t hold off before the baseball coins went on sale!

  17. Ray says

    Got it also. Says the price could change but that they’d email us before the change. Hope that’s a standard statement for the year. Was the ASE proof email similar?

  18. Dustyroads says

    CO, I agree with your sentiments. Hopefully we’ll see a quick and peaceful resolution to the Crimea problem. I don’t like the idea of paying any more for the HOF’s than I halve to at this point. With a little luck we will get the “supposed” Kennedy half at a decent price.

  19. Dustyroads says

    Looks like I got the same e-mail. I’m with you Louis, I haven’t forgotten the complaints expressed here about the US Mint shipping out 5 ozer’s ahead of a price reduction. Hopefully we can actually get our puck’s on schedule with no funny business.

  20. thePhelps says

    I got the same email last night – luck held and the mints website not showing the subscription was just a visual issue and nothing else. Glad to see these finally get on the schedule. Looks like the next few weeks are going to be pricey…

  21. MarkInFlorida says

    Got the email too. $139.95 is such a great price for it that I wonder if I should have subscribed to a few more! Remember when they were $279.95?!

  22. Paul says

    Does anyone else think the first coin reverse looks like the German Eagle (reichsmark) from WWII?

  23. VARich says

    2014 Great Smoky Mountain 5 oz ‘P’ – SOLD OUT!!!

    We’ll.., not yet, but that’s the headline for 14 April ’14 when they do if AtB puck mintage hasn’t been hiked up to 30k+

    Mark – & yes, you should do so now.., deal of the decade!

  24. VARich says

    It’s going to be so interesting and fun to watch how the subscriptions have an impact on AtB sales and what the final mintage has been increased too, let the games begin!

  25. says


    I think you’re going to see a gigantic leap in “first day” sales due to the subscriptions. I also have high hopes for the 2014 AtBs to perform well because the art quality on nearly all of them is pretty good. Don’t know about a first day sellout, but I expect sales to be quite brisk.


    A number of my friends have expressed interest in buying the AtBs now that the price has come down so much. Affordability really helps sales.


    Good catch. I hadn’t even thought of it until you mentioned it, but it does look a bit like that.

  26. Samuel says

    they r doing something on the “my sub” section? my sub (not the 5oz, which never showed up) is gone.

  27. VARich says

    Thanks Mark – you just cost me more money with your comment! lol just added 3 more..

    Not a first day sell out – thinking a 7-10 day sell out if mintage is ~25k

    It appears the bullion puck will be priced within $8-12 of the P puck.., so P is kinda of selling a bullion

    For reference –

    “The Mount Rushmore design was available for the shortest amount of time, having gone on sale November 7 and selling out on a little over a month later on December 12.

    This week’s sales report indicated total sales of 23,477 units with the pace of sales accelerating following the other sell outs. It seems likely that the US Mint may have sold the entire maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces.”


  28. VARich says

    “so P puck is kinda of selling ‘like’ bullion” – anymore increase in silver and bullion may surprise P price – bet the mint never anticipated that inverse

  29. Ray says

    Has the US Mint announced mintages for the 2014 AtBs? This 139 prince is incredible, and two thumbs up to the the mint for getting these started in March. If they keep the mintage at 25k, I think these will sell out within a month. I really like the 2014 designs. I’ll be buying them all, which is a first for me. I havent bought anything from the mint in 4-5 months. I’m getting pretty excited over some new coins!!

  30. thePhelps says

    Steve – it will just add another subscription. No need to cancel the other. I found that out last year – when I double subscribed to the Silver ASE proof.

  31. Tom says

    Like how can Anyone have the baseball coin yet,…
    Really … It Hasn’t Even been Released Yet…???
    Whats with That???

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