2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set


Tomorrow, July 5, at noon ET, the U.S. Mint will release the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential One Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Set, which is available for $9.95 and includes both an Uncirculated Reagan dollar struck in Philadelphia and a Nancy Reagan First Spouse Bronze Medal. The coin and medal come affixed to a dense plastic card featuring portraits of the President and the First Lady, with historical information printed on the back of the card. A certificate of authenticity is also included.

The bronze medal shares its obverse and reverse designs with the Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins, released on July 1. The Reagan $1 coin is the third and final Presidential dollar to be released in 2016.

There are no listed production limits for this item. While last year’s Kennedy $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set sold an unusually high 24,183 units before being discontinued, many sets are cut well before reaching 10,000. The previous issue in this series, which features a Gerald Ford dollar and a Betty Ford medal, debuted on April 8 and has reached 4,264 sales. The Nixon coin and medal set launched on March 3 currently shows 5,091 units sold.

The releases of coins featuring Ronald and Nancy Reagan mark the end of the Presidential dollars series and the First Spouse gold coins program, which were launched in tandem in 2007. Thirty-nine Presidential dollars have been issued in all, excluding only Presidents who are still living.

For more information on the Presidential dollars program, please visit the Web site of the U.S. Mint. You can also watch a brief clip of Mint engraver Phebe Hemphill discussing her work on the forthcoming Theodore Roosevelt National Park ATB quarter below. Happy July Fourth.

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  1. DBR says

    @ Leo regarding FS series’ long term prospects:

    I’m a Gen X-er and my dad was a history teacher. I still don’t have interest in the FS series.

    Call me crazy but some of the presidential dollars deserved to be minted in real gold as collectors’ pieces. Why the FS coins in gold?

    As mentioned, the FS series has low mintages going for it and it’s hard to spot and predict trends. The public can be fickle. One day you’re in style and the next day you’re out of style.

    Gold is always out of the reach of most people no matter what it’s price. The collecting base for the FS series has to be affluent.

    As future presidents and First Ladies/Husbands emerge there could be some standout figures that spark interest in FS coins, but the collecting base will always be elites and not average collectors for this series.

    I dare say that even if we do away with coin and paper currency altogether and only go with those new IOI PayCards (rechargeable cards that act like debit cards now given out as “paychecks”), coins will still be valuable because collectors cherish antiquated things.

    There’s a lot of psychology in trends and in explaining the desirability of any given collectible.

    For instance, there is a subset of millennials who are really fond of vinyl records again. They may like iTunes but they are intrigued by vinyl records and their sound. Go figure!

    You see, there’s “old” and then there’s “vintage.” Snob appeal kicks in and collectors love it too. Don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia either!

    If you can own something from your childhood – from a bygone era- that has tremendous appeal to all people unless your heart is made of ice.

  2. Sith says

    @NcCoinCollector – Its actually worst, The Fed blackmailed Congress, so they would go against the majority of their constituents, for their own good of course.

  3. Zaz says

    “Memphis, we have a problem.”

    Has anybody’s APE gotten out of processing purgatory with the brand new to the Mint UPS Express Worldwide Express Saver Signature shipping method to a PO box yet? I bet the managers are unwilling to release the orders because of the signature requirement from a third party instead of the actual recipient’s signature. Order on hold Most likely for “better address” or better yet a street address for high dollar amount orders. FedEx Smartpost POB orders would’ve gone out the door by now. Don’t know why they switched from USPS priority mail signature to save a buck if that per order? Means gotta make a call to straighten out yet another hapless Mint. It’s like dealing with the Russians.

  4. cagcrisp says

    @Zaz, “Has anybody’s APE gotten out of processing purgatory with the brand new to the Mint UPS Express Worldwide Express Saver Signature shipping method to a PO box yet?”


  5. cagcrisp says

    There will NOT be a Gold increase this afternoon.

    There WILL be a Platinum increase this afternoon…

  6. data dave says

    @cagcrisp – But will there be a silver price increase? I think someone has posted before that it takes a month and has to be posted in the federal register or something? So the first step is to take the coins into Unavailable status, then post the new prices and then bring the coins back? With silver at 20.20 this morning the Mint might wake up and start thinking about it.

  7. Dave SW FL says

    Low mintage modern collectors beware! Just take a look at the “premium ” coins of the past decade.
    ALL First Spouse coins are severely down around (even BELOW) melt.
    Atlanta Olympic golds ALL drastically reduced to near melt.
    Bimetallic- the premium coin- huge drop.
    Jackie Robinson, FDR, Capitol Visitors Center, and on and on…….

    NOW is a great time to START collecting these, but those who jumped on the bandwagon when they were low mintage hype wonders got severely burned. I know I did with the Olympic flag bearer.

    But now most can be had at or near melt, so if you expect gold to continue up, you can get some nice ” bullion ” COINS at a great price – if you are patient. Look at SOLD prices on the Bay and you will see that some are still way overpaying yet others are getting fantastic deals on the same exact coin!

  8. baldwin says

    Silver prices dropped at $20. If it triggered a price drop why would it trigger a price increase?

  9. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    That is the ugliest coin I have seen in a while. It is a shame that it’s the only presidential coin issued with a president who served while I was alive.

  10. says

    Has any one received their APE yet?

    This is the one coin in which the mint hasn’t released a pre-release photo of it, I’m anticipating a nice “Wow” to accompany it.

  11. jy says

    @kcso, got my APE today. wow indeed. personally it is one of my favorite purchases from the mint so far. looking forward to the gold centennials (if they ever release them lol)

  12. chris says

    I did order a unit – due for delivery tomorrow by UPS gnd.
    FYI – coinnews posts good photos when the coin is in hand.

  13. says

    It has occurred to me that an ideal display case for the three 2016 Centennial Gold coins would be the same case used for the 2008-W Buffalo Gold 4-Coin Set. One would fill the 1 oz slot with a 2016-W uncirculated Buffalo gold coin, which would provide a representative of the nickel coin that was in circulation in 1916. If one discards the outer sleeve and COA, there is nothing indicating “Buffalo” coins remaining.

    Here’s an example of one which is currently for sale:

    Too bad the Mint missed a golden opportunity to issue the 2016 Centennial Gold coins as a set.

  14. Leo S says


    Thanks for the comments. I guess it will just be pot luck if these ever go up. I still like the series but I’m a history buff and all the president stories are interesting.

  15. says

    I wonder what the US Treasurer actually does all day — the position seems to be yet another unnecessary layer of government management. According to the official job description:

    In 2002, the Office of the Treasurer underwent further reorganization. The U.S. Treasurer advises the Secretary on matters relating to coinage, currency and the production of other instruments by the United States. In addition, the Treasurer serves as a senior advisor and representative of the Treasury on behalf of the Secretary in the areas of community development and public engagement.

  16. says

    Why does a Treaurer step down with only 7 months left on the job after a 7 year tenure?

    The final 7 months are a free pay check.., if it’s personal, take a leave of absence.., hmmmmm…

  17. cagcrisp says

    Those that own a 2016 Platinum Proof now Officially own a $1,400.00 coin …
    …and…If things don’t change it will be a $1,450.00 coin this time next week…

    …and the Winged Liberty dime will be a $220.00 coin this time next week…

  18. Dave SW FL says


    The fringe benefits far outweigh the salary. Lifetime pension, private jumbo jet, lifetime security, private limo, etc.

  19. So Krates says

    They should promote the jarhead at the mint, he’s doing such a great job.

  20. Jeff says

    Platium spot price 1 oz. $1072.40 platinum bought from U.S. Mint $1400-$1450 depending on the day $400 profit per coin. Can’t make this up suckers. And try to sell in an emergency to your local coin shop or pawn shop haha haha haha, can’t fool me no suckers here.

  21. So Krates says

    @ Zaz – I’m in processing purgatory as well. I got in @ 12:01 but I think the reason is something other than the PO Box/UPS/upgrade situation.

    In my case, I used a debit card. I went to the bank a couple of hours before kickoff and deposited enough cash to cover the APE. To my surprise, the transaction did not go through. I found out from my bank that the charge was denied because the balance wasn’t available until a few hours after (noon). Since bank systems have been “live” for 30+ years? I assumed cash was instantly available. Not at this major regional bank! Seems they only stamp your receipt by hand and the transaction gets processed a few hours later at the back office. Cash included. I checked Regulation CC which governs funds availability and the law only requires next day availability for cash deposits. NOT SAME DAY. Seems you can ask the branch manager to override and make cash instantly available if time is of the essence. Wish I had known that little loophole BEFORE the APE launch.

    So the mint rep resubmitted the charge successfully at 8:00 am Friday and it was debited from my bank acct. but the credit card people at the mint have since failed to release the order due to being “backed up”. This morning a rep said in 1-2 business days it should be released and email w/tracking should be generated.

  22. Erik H says

    As many have said before, there is no such thing as “First In First Out” at the Mint.

    First order @ 12:01 has posted to CC but has not shipped. Method: UPS Worldwide Express Saver direct to PO Box.

    Second order @ 12: 40 has not posted to CC but shipped today. Method: UPS Ground to PO Box via street address.

    Customer service says economy shipping could take up to two weeks for orders but had no explanation of how a later order using “Economy Shipping” could ship first. I also explained that orders of $300 or more get upgraded shipping but again she had no answer.

  23. says

    Oh, & the shear add a nice dimension to it, it flows really well I think and bring out the depth among the devices

  24. earthling says

    I got 3 shipments coming in from the Mint, BUT, no current tracking data shows. It’s all that ” upgraded” shipping from UPS, FED-EX, and USPS.

    How does one line up that shipping during ordering that will bypass all this budget shipping and 3rd rate upgraded budget shipping?

    I’ve searched my US Mint profile so many times but just cant figure out how to change my shipping options.

  25. Goat says

    how to change my shipping options.?
    In checkout at the address is a drop down box ,choose address. Default to address.

  26. Erik H says

    Goat & earthling,

    If you have a PO Box, the only shipping option they give you is “Economy”. Why can’t the “US” Mint use the “US” Post Office for shipping priority anymore?

  27. earthling says

    Eric H

    Thanks for finally giving me some understanding about my shipping options. I’m stuck in the Detroit Metro area so shipping to a PO Box is the only option I will ever go for. Something about a box of US Mint products just dumped off for the vultures just doesn’t seem right. Having something delivered to Ratts in a Post Office doesn’t seem much better …. but what else is there?

    I guess I’ll give the physical address of the PO option a try.

  28. Jeff says

    KCSO I just hate seeing juveniles taken advantage of, even if they think there adults and should know better when someone is being run over . Being blind is no excuse bruh.

  29. Goat says

    Eric H;
    Much about what you asked (shipping) has been asked many times here at MNB, I don’t think/read the matters have been resolved. Wished I had the answers , I like most are looking for the best quality and have ordered early and late (months latter) and end up with better coins sometimes .

    My platinum in hand WOW !!!! Outer sleeve is not tight so when I opened the shipping box up ,the box the coin is in slid out onto a soft landing thankfully . Dad got his today also but only stated he got it , find out later what he thanks?

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