20th Anniversary American Eagle platinum Proof coin available July 6

The Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2017 20th Anniversary American Eagle 1-ounce platinum Proof coins (17EJ) tomorrow, July 6, at noon Eastern Time.

The Mint made numismatic history on June 6, 1997, under the tenure of Mint Director Philip Diehl, when it introduced its first legal-tender American Eagle platinum Proof coin.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of production of this coin, the Mint has revived the original designs. The obverse features the “Portrait of Liberty” design. Liberty looks to the future in this modern interpretation of an American icon, the Statue of Liberty. Inscriptions include LIBERTY, 2017, IN GOD WE TRUST, and E PLURIBUS UNUM. The reverse depicts an Eagle soaring above America. Inscriptions include UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, .9995 PLATINUM 1 oz.,” and “$100.” The mintmark, W, is just above the eagle’s left wing.

Each coin is encapsulated and packaged in a custom-designed lacquered presentation case with a 20th Anniversary certificate of authenticity.


Denomination:  $100
Finish:  Proof
Composition:   99.95% Platinum
Diameter:  1.287 inches (32.70 mm)
Weight:  1.0005 troy oz. (31.120 grams)
Edge:  Reeded
Mint and mintmark:  West Point (W)

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  1. Buzz Killington says

    It is disappointing that any money whatsoever goes into these boxes. They should charge extra for the boxes, for those who want them.

  2. Tinto says

    I guess the Mint had to make up for not having a unique design for the this 20th Anniv. edition (sheer laziness.. on their part but they still get (over)paid. ) by supplying an over sized box with it.

  3. says

    Platinum appears to be not far off from testing a drop below $900 per ounce, which was last seen in December 2016.

  4. Tom says

    I bought the 2 previous years because of the new design. This year’s issue would have been more interesting had the design been upgraded. Not the case though. Pass.

  5. MarkInFlorida says

    I hate paying for fancy boxes. I keep all the proof PM coins in 2 x 2 x 10 boxes in my SD box at the bank, and the boxes in cartons in storage. Boxes should be optional.

  6. cagcrisp says

    I see NO reason to purchase the Platinum TODAY.

    As KCSO pointed out we are nearing the magic $900.00 level that would save you $50.00.

    Why buy TODAY?

    Chasing a Label? IF So…then by all means

    I’m Not a buyer, however, IF I was, I would not be a buyer Today…

  7. cagcrisp says

    How weak is the PM market?

    Virtually every major equities market in the World is Down a minimum of .50 % and the PM market can’t get a Bid…

  8. Scott says

    @ Cag, I see very little reason to buy anything directly from the mint. The overwhelming majority of US mint products will be cheaper on the secondary market within a year of release because these products are so overpriced when issued.

  9. Joe#2 says

    Tinto: I couldn’t agree with you more. The United States Mint is L-A-Z-Y..
    Hopefully our great President can do something about it.
    As far as the fancy box? they can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  10. cagcrisp says

    @Scott, I agree unless you can find an item that will have a rapid SO and you can Flip…

  11. cagcrisp says

    How Dismal is bullion sales from the US Mint for CY2017 vs. CY2016?

    6 months CY17 vs. 12 months CY16
    12,233,500 oz. vs 37,701,500 oz. ; prorated Down 35%

    6 months CY17 vs. 12 months CY16
    192,500 oz. vs. 985,000 oz. ; prorated Down 61%

    6 months CY17 vs. 12 months CY16
    66,000 oz. vs. 219,500 oz; prorated Down 40%…

  12. So Krates says

    With the same mintage and HHL and a $50 higher pricetag, last year’s Proof Platinum sold out within the hour. Granted it was after the highly flippable 2015 Proof, none the less, if you are one of those buyers who wants zero chance of receiving someone else’s return or 69 rejects, it’s quite possible they won’t be on sale for a while

  13. vonbob says

    We continue to believe that these are unique and beautiful coins that will be very important both as numismatic rarities — and as excellent investments for the future.

    Negativity about nickels and dimes seems misplaced… perhaps these are brokers, not collectors. The value-add is that these are not ingots, but beautifully crafted coins with artistry and history combined. And they are unique in U.S. Mint issuance history, etc.

    Agree that the boxes and packaging could be optional, but government is so ineffective and broken, God only knows how they would interpret any change in presentation or packaging — perhaps they would slice the coin in two?

  14. earthling says

    Instead of this Rerun APE, I want a 1 oz 1998 and 1999 Proof. I got back into Coins in 1999 and got a 1/2 oz APE Proof but the full oz Coin had sold out. I don’t even want the 1997 because of the plain jane bullion design used. Ditto the current 2017 design, it’s the bullion design and a retread all in one.

  15. KEITHSTER says

    Don’t see this one selling out mercy killing later maybe but who knows? If they would have put 20th. anniversary on the coin like under America it might have had a chance! But on the C.O.A. who cares they should have Teed off congress and went with the palladium design that would have soldout in platinum in a hurry. Never did like this design and with all the bullion out there way too many already !Well Good Luck In All You Do “>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>

  16. says


    You mean like, in SO LAZY they couldn’t even put a 20th Anny PRIVY on it????

    That sort of lazy?

    Couldn’t even put the Special Philadelphia Eagle Privy mark on it – NOW THAT’S SAD!

  17. Erik H says

    Unless you REALLY like platinum I’d stay away from Proof APE’s. My past experience is most dealers don’t want to buy it unless you sell it for melt. The platinum numismatic market is too small.

  18. Mike in NY says

    I see that the 2017 Proof APE is still available – no fast sell out this time. It will be interesting to see the first day sales. These may be around for a while. I purchased both the 2015 and 2016 Proof APEs but have no interest in this recycled design.

  19. Dustyroads says

    Different people are saying different things about where the bottom for gold will be. It will first have to test $1,200.00.

    A privy mark on the APE would have been a good move. Anything to distract from the plain design and say, I don’t know, maybe… 20th Anniversary?!

    There is a bright side during this weird slow year…bullion Buffaloes may be good buys soon.

  20. Tom says

    You can now pre order your platinum proof from MCM. Or buy from the Mint and get the fancy box, or….save your money for something more appealing. Like a $ 20.00 lib.

  21. Gary says

    Too bad China does not make the platinum Panda anymore. THAT was worth collecting!

  22. Hidalgo says

    Silver is tanking. It’s below $16 an ounce now. An opportunity to buy and stock up.

  23. says

    As a Stacker.., & trying to Keep Calm..,

    I must admit.., it’s been some dead money in PM’s for the past 5 years…,

    Perhaps when North Korea lobes one over for keeps, things will brighten up for PM’s…, 🤔

  24. Tom says

    Our new Platinum Proof hasn’t sold out! It hasn’t even reached “Limited” status. What happened? What happened?!!

  25. earthling says

    Do not despair US Mint fans. Leave those APES in their cage , like the First Spouse Coins, and maybe one day…………. hopefully one day…….. ….. they will be gone.


  26. cagcrisp says

    One of my long standing mantra’s in the stock market is “IF you do NOT participate on the Upside, You WILL participate on the Downside.” In other words IF the stock market is moving UP your stocks better move UP or when the stock market turns negative your stocks will turn DOWN.

    You had the North Korean’s launch an ICBM missile and the PM markets SHOULD have reacted positively and did NOT.

    You had the FOMC minutes released and the PM markets SHOULD have reacted positively and did NOT.

    You had the WORLD WIDE stock markets sell off yesterday and the PM market SHOULD have reacted positively and did NOT.

    Today you had a STRONGER than expected jobs number and the PM markets SHOULD have reacted negatively and DID.

    “IF you do NOT participate on the Upside, You WILL participate on the Downside.” …

  27. cagcrisp says

    CURRENTLY Silver is trading at $15.73.

    It has just turned Negative for the Year for the first time.

    Silver has Lost 15.06% in the Last 3 months…

  28. Dustyroads says

    Why should this coin sell out? It’s just what they wanted, a platinum coin to take up space on the website.

    The negatives:

    • Premium of $400.00
    • Reusing a design that was lackluster from the beginning
    • Price of Platinum not rising but falling
    • The 2017 Platinum proof will lose money in the secondary market
    • And once again the USM established a household limit of one

    The positives:

    • You can maintain your set
    • If you can hold, you may someday see an increase in value when Platinum rises

    Any other positives?

  29. Dustyroads says

    In addition to the PM markets falling out of favor, market capitalization for crypto coins has reached $95,300,090,493 and rising very quickly.
    Of course my questions is, is any of this money coming from metals?

  30. Tom says

    Is anyone familiar with Jonathan Sayers at Monumental Metals? What is their relationship with Penn Metals that went upside down last November?

  31. earthling says

    Dusty sez

    “The positives:

    • You can maintain your set
    • If you can hold, you may someday see an increase in value when Platinum rises

    Any other positives?”

    Well this IS a Coin and NOT an IED , sitting on side the road.

    Or is it…………………..?


  32. earthling says

    Dustyroads says

    JULY 7, 2017 AT 10:29 AM

    In addition to the PM markets falling out of favor, market capitalization for crypto coins has reached $95,300,090,493 and rising very quickly.
    Of course my questions is, is any of this money coming from metals?

    History Repeats !

    Looks like the fabled Dutch Tulip Craze has returned in another form …….. ” crytocurrency” ? Well I’ll give it one thing over physical Gold or Government issued Paper Currency, an illusion is certainly easier to carry around.

    Crytocurrency. Jesus, it’s time Lord. Please return soon.

  33. Erik H says

    With France wanting to get rid of gas and diesel engines by 2040 the upside in platinum is getting smaller with every Tesla made.

  34. says

    Erik H says
    JULY 7, 2017 AT 11:29 AM

    With France wanting to get rid of gas and diesel engines by 2040 the upside in platinum is getting smaller with every Tesla made.

    And hence why I’m stacking LIT,
    There’s just no compelling case for PM’s for the immediate future. I’ve had enough of this PM roller coaster, you all have good luck with it!

  35. says

    Wow! That is bad, and the person is just on administrative leave while caught on video, that’s the government for ya

  36. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “There’s just no compelling case for PM’s for the immediate future.”


  37. says

    Digital LIT,
    Need to understand the top ten holdings, the theme seems like a no brainer, though not a recommendation nor endorsement 😉

  38. John Q. Coinage says

    Crypto currency I just sold my house & bought $1,2000,000 worth, moving into an apratment….can’t wait to be reel rich……then I am buying some pigs….in a p0ke

  39. Dustyroads says

    $365.00 per roll of ASE’s w/check from Provident sounded like a good deal to me.

    Crypto currencies…

    It’s mostly a speculative market that’s in it’s infancy. Several countries around the world are considering creating their own regulated digital currency using blockchain technology.
    For years Bitcoin and other alternative currencies have been overlooked, but as most of us can attest, we have heard news of recent movements in prices, mostly referring to it as a bubble. There’s no denying that a bubble has occurred in crypto, but the jokes are beginning to cease as more investors are testing the waters. Call it what you want, but every time someone says it’s nothing, it only grows.

  40. cagcrisp says

    2017 “S” update

    One of the larger suppliers of PCGS PR70DCAM 2017-S Sold one Today (BO) for $165.99

    On 04/29/17 I said I would Short a 70 at $239.00
    On 04/29/17 I said I would Short an OGP for $156.50

    There have been a Few OGP’s sold for Less than $100.00

    Still TOO early to cover my shorts

    The 2017S will be a Nightmare before it is Over…

  41. Larry says

    @ Erik H, Good point. I bet in ten years most cars will be electric. That will definitely put a dent in the price of Platinum.

  42. So Krates says

    “There’s just no compelling case for PM’s for the immediate future”

    Here’s one:

    “Money is gold, and nothing else.” JPM

  43. Mike in NY says

    Great article as always Louis! The first day numbers are about what I expected. I would not be surprised to see the APE linger for a while like the Standing Liberty and Walking Liberty gold tributes.

    I received a second email from the mint today promoting “Our Most Precious Coin in 99.95% Platinum!”. They are really trying to drum up enthusiasm for this boring, overpriced coin. Good luck with that.

  44. says

    Nice Lou!

    “The Mint’s spokesman Michael White reported that first-day sales were 5,230 coins, or 52.3 % of the total mintage, assuming all coins are produced, which remains to be seen.The Mint’s spokesman Michael White reported that first-day sales were 5,230 coins, or 52.3 % of the total mintage, assuming all coins are produced, which remains to be seen.” – Louis Rock Star Golino

    That’s not a good opener, it’ll be done (sales will trickle) come Monday

  45. Dustyroads says

    Louis, A set of 1/2 oz. Platinum coins would have been a hit in my book. I only wish I knew really what the story is with the mints choice of keeping a low key through the anniversaries recently.
    I decided a few years back that the USM may do these things in an effort to save better ideas for future releases, though it would seem a better reverse could have been used.

  46. Louis Golino says

    Thanks, guys. It’s really not clear why they chose to go with the old reverse. Some say it is because it is not part of a series like the other APE’s. I read some comments on another site that were more positive than they are here, which is one of the reasons I said the coin has its champions. Some folks said they did not have the 1997 proof, for example, or they wanted to keep the set going, which are reasonable points, but not terribly compelling ones. It’s a coin for die-hard fans of the series you could say.

  47. Louis Golino says

    Dusty’s comment is interesting. When I was writing this earlier today, I originally ended by saying a special fractional set would have been great for the 20th birthday. The designs are out there among all those that were rejected for other series, which includes some great ones.

  48. So Krates says

    Thanks for getting the number Louis. Was a two thousand lower than I had expected but the HHL didn’t help. At the risk of sounding like DR, I did notice a small typo at the end of your article about the 2013 RP Buff

  49. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “Gold is Dead Money – Warren Buffet”

    That’s a good one.

    … And Yes…Warren Buffet has NEVER been on the precious metals bandwagon…

    …And..JPM died Over 100 years ago…

    WHEN Gold was Money…Circulating Money…

  50. So Krates says

    cagcrisp says, “@KCSO, “Gold is Dead Money – Warren Buffet” That’s a good one.”

    Not really… Somebody offered me a car for my gold coin yesterday.

    “… And Yes…Warren Buffet has NEVER been on the precious metals bandwagon…”

    What did I say about using “never”? I guess you missed the historic silver purchase in 1998 when Warren Buffet bought 129,710,000 ounces of silver through Berkshire (ironically with the assistance of JPM).

    “…And..JPM died Over 100 years ago…

    WHEN Gold was Money…Circulating Money…”

    So did Jesus (supposedly), so what?

  51. cagcrisp says

    @So Krates, you Are sounding more like your Buddy DR

    “And Yes…Warren Buffet has NEVER been on the precious metals bandwagon…”

    Berkshire bought the Silver NOT Warren Buffet…

    Just like Amazon is buying Whole Foods and NOT Jeff Bezos…

  52. So Krates says

    “Berkshire bought the Silver NOT Warren Buffet…”

    You’re kidding right?

  53. cagcrisp says

    @So Krates, “You’re kidding right?”

    Why would I kid?
    Warren Buffet has said MANY times that he and Charlie Munger do NOT always agree on investments and that MANY times Berkshire has bought INVESTMENTS that he personally did not endorse.

    … And Yes…Warren Buffet has NEVER been on the precious metals bandwagon…

    …And Yes…”you Are sounding more like your Buddy DR”…

  54. earthling says

    Things That Refuse to Die : The Penny

    A penny for your thoughts isn’t much of a bargain these days. Not only is a penny worth less than ever thanks to inflation, but the cost of minting each Lincoln has been more than its face value for almost a decade.

    Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries have deep-sixed their smallest coin, but the U.S. penny endures, as the U.S. Mint continues to churn out millions per year to replace the coins vanishing into change jars, vacuum cleaner bags and your car’s floorboards.

    Noted economists and the editorial pages of major national newspapers and journals continue to call for the penny’s retirement. But it has been years since anyone in Congress made a bid to kill the penny. One reason: While penny opponents are a diverse bunch, one group that’s deeply interested in its continuance is the zinc industry (a penny is actually 97.5% zinc and only 2.5% copper). And yes, Washington has a penny lobby, in the form of Americans for Common Cents (which is largely funded by zinc manufacturers).

    But it’s not just lobbyists. As an article in theHarvard Political Review put it, Americans’ “general apathy and resistance to change” is also keeping the penny around.

  55. So Krates says

    @ cagcrisp – If you want, you can say it a fourth and fifth time – but it still will not be true.

    The fact is Warren Buffett bought over a third of the worlds silver in 1998. He wasn’t just on the bandwagon, he was driving! You imply that he was not in favor of this decision because “MANY times Berkshire has bought INVESTMENTS that he personally did not endorse.” I have never heard or read anything that suggests that was the case. Quite the contrary, the financial press almost always refers to the Oracle of Omaha himself making the decision and often fails to even mention BRK (which I did).

    “We had a lot of silver once, but we don’t have it now—and we didn’t make much on our prior holdings.” He went on to say: “I bought [silver] early and sold early. Silver was my fault. [Speculation] is wildest at the end.”

    Your statement would be true if you change “PM” to “gold” but his MONUMENTAL silver investment directly contradicts your claim.

    You, sir, are sounding more like TP when he insisted the common expression was to pound “salt”

  56. cagcrisp says

    @ So Krates, My statement was ” And Yes…Warren Buffet has NEVER been on the precious metals bandwagon…”

    …AND…I will stand by that statement.

    You can Google ALL you want and come up with ALL the quotes that you want and you and other HARD asset people will use the Berkshire Silver purchase as a defacto that Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger were hypocritical in the fact that they have NEVER been on the precious metal bandwagon.

    Berkshire Bought. Berkshire Sold. And Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger have NEVER been on the precious metals bandwagon.

    I’ve NEVER been on the Silver bandwagon and yet I SOLD 6,000 oz. of Silver on the way to $40.00

    I’ve NEVER been on the Silver bandwagon and yet I bought a 1,000 oz. Silver bar and GAVE it away

    I’ve NEVER been on the Silver bandwagon and yet I have TUBES of the turkey pucks

    I’ve NEVER been on the Silver bandwagon and yet I TRY to purchase ROLLS of Bullion ASEs EVERY YEAR IF the SPECIFIC price is right

    Just because I do these things in NO WAY say that I am a FAN of Silver. I have been CONSISTENT every since I have been on here to those facts.

    I do NOT like Silver (and have NEVER been on the SILVER bandwagon) and YET about 5% of my CURRENT precious metal holdings are in Silver.

    I do NOT see that as being ANY different than what Warren and Charlie have done with Berkshire

    …And Yes…”you Are sounding more like your Buddy DR”…

  57. cagcrisp says


    …AND…I’m still NOT on the Silver bandwagon…

  58. KCSO says

    No.., not DR, just Jon in CT, No wait, DR was Jon in CT’s better half! I mean evil twin.., 😉

  59. KCSO says

    For those that want the 225th UNC Clad set –

    Just a thought, you may want to line up early, just a voice going off in my thick head echoing around a bit that they could actually go swiftly, for the following reason:

    ANA World’s Fair of Money first stop to get limited-edition Enhanced Uncirculated set
    Numismatic product debuts Aug. 1, same day Mint offers online and by phone
    By Paul Gilkes , Coin World,

    Collectors and dealers attending the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Denver Aug. 1 to 5 will be the first to have the limited-edition 10-coin 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin set in hand directly after purchase.

    The U.S. Mint plans to have the sets available for sale at the Denver convention beginning the opening day of the show. Mint officials have not announced if there will be purchasing restrictions at the show.

    Personally, I think this Clad set is a gimmick and a waste of money,

    Though if the USM plans to sell them for 5 days at a convention surrounded by a bunch of dealer’s with an addiction to 1st Day of Issue and with the USM NOT having ANYTHING ELSE that may intrigue buyers or anything they want, this set may generate above par interest.

    So, let’s say, they plan to sell 4,000 a day (my guess), you do the math on that.

    Not a recommendation to buy or jump on the hype that will ensure, just saying if you want one, this thing could go quick, and of course, certainly not go at all.

    Just depends if the Big Boys jump in with the Unlimited HHL and all their label making machines.

  60. KCSO says

    Cag – Come the week of 07 August, I look forward to seeing if there’s an up tick in the sales numbers for the Liberty HR and medal, may be good predictor if the dealers are capped out and it’ll be pure individual purchases going forward. That 47 sold for the medal was unexpected, for me anyway.

  61. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO , I Think one Frenzy fuels Another Frenzy.

    The “S” Frenzy (by dealers) Fueled the Medal Frenzy (by dealers)

    The Medal Frenzy has (for the most part) played out until the dealers see demand for the Graded

    The Gold Liberty Started out Weaker than anticipated (because dealers didn’t know what to expect) and have Finally gotten Some Traction

    Just as you have pointed out ABOVE, IF the dealers Participate on the 225, Without a HHL, even a 225,000 number is Possible …

  62. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, YOU Think the 225 will be ~ $34.95 and I was Thinking ~$50.00.

    I’m starting to Lower my Pricing.

    There REALLY isn’t anything there except a Gimmick…

  63. KCSO says

    Oh, I certainly believe it’s within the USM to charge more than $35 for the 225th set, I just figured they are bound by some degree of a reality.

    For example, the Proof set sells for $27 and the Silver Proof set sells for $48, and just over the years, it seems to me that the USM likes sale prices ending in x4.95.

    So bounding it by the other two offerings, that’s how I’m deriving $34.95.

    Maybe those that want one will get lucky and the price will only be $29.95.

    Regardless, it’ll be a $17 set within a few years.

    So when’s that stellar Pd design coming out?

  64. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO , “So when’s that stellar Pd design coming out?”


    Keep in mind this is Bullion…

    …SO…You are going to be buying AT/FROM (the Mercy) of the APs…

    We will see IF the Mint holds their Feet to the Fire in regards to Reasonable Pricing…

  65. says

    What also blows is if you want a 225th set and feel it may SO quickly, you gotta pay $4.95 S&H on something that should cost $1.20 to ship, oh well

  66. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “Soooo..,., $44.95 to $99.95 over spot. That blows, but better than $400 over”

    I Think it will be $200.00 Over Spot.

    …And…Yes…That’s for Bullion… (Unless the Mintage is a LOT Higher than I Think)…

  67. Tom P. - MA says

    What’s with the new absolutely horrific page set up on Ebay? It should be click, click, click. Instead they have you scroll over a whole bunch of pictures and other crap and you still don’t get exactly what you want.

  68. So Krates says

    cagcrisp says, “My statement was ” And Yes…Warren Buffet has NEVER been on the precious metals bandwagon…” ”

    If you want others to believe what you say when it seems to contradict common sense, you need to present some evidence (like I did with a quote from the person in question).

    Maybe when you repeat the same false statement six times in the White House it becomes valid…not here on MNB.

    Capitalized random words and letters also have no bearing on the truth of the statement.

    When you make lots of comments with the word “never”, you will often be wrong.

    I never said anything about them being hypocritical just that your broken-record type statement is wrong.

    Do you have some confidential inside info the rest of the world doesn’t? Do you have access to his personal accounts? Did you speak with him about his “like” of silver? Read his diary? I doubt it… you can’t even spell the guy’s name.

    First you try to say it wasn’t Buffett, but a company. Now it seems you are now trying to use different definitions of the highly technical investment terms, “bandwagon” and “like”, to wiggle out. If we can’t even agree on what “like” means, than this is a useless exercise.

    Only a masochistic investor would allocate 5% of a portfolio to an investment they didn’t like.

    Next you’ll say the Hunt Brothers were NEVER on the precious metals bandwagon either right?

  69. earthling says

    Alright today is a great day. I’m taking a day off from the slave factory. Weather in SE Michigan is beautiful . I just spent a ton of money with GEICO.
    Hey wait a minute …. aren’t I supposed to SAVE money with GEICO?

    …. UMMMMM maybe that claim only applies to new customers. I’ve been with them for a while now. Well maybe Warren lost money in Silver and he’s trying to make it up with GEICO ?


  70. Old Big Bird says

    @KCSO – Do you know how much those shipping boxes cost the USM?? Not cheap stuff

    So $4.95 minus $1.20 leaves $3.75 for the box and packing material.

    BUT when you order more than one they STILL only charge $4.95.!!!!!

    I usually buy 4 or more of an item so it is a deal at $4.95

  71. Justacoin says

    With all the negativity on the 20 anniversary design, I like it! sure, would have been nice if they had mentioned the anniversary somewhere on the coin but it’s OK…
    I now have complete set of the plates as issued from MINT all in original condition….bought one or set every year upon issue…anyone venture what that is worth in today’s market?

  72. says

    Old Big Bird –

    Valid point, though for $3.75 a pop, over the past few years, I sure wish they had not forgotten to include some packaging to protect the items I ordered during shipment.

  73. KML in KY says

    I believe the enhanced sets will sell out quickly and that dealers will buy a bunch. The enhanced coins will be necessary for album sets and 225K is not a high of a mintage for a mint set. I would like to have one out of curiosity just to see the coins.

    Before this year I have bought most of the platinum proof and burnished coins since the early 2000’s. Many of them were winners with great designs. I think the Mint missed an opportunity to do something really cool for the 20th anniversary. It’s disappointing but at least it saves me some money.

    I have also bought most of the proof and burnished Buffaloes and burnished Gold & Silver Eagles since they came out. Many of them have been winners also. I did go ahead and buy a proof Buffalo and burnished Gold eagle this year. I wish now I had taken that money and bought 100 2017-S ASE’s to flip instead of the 30 I bought.

  74. cagcrisp says

    2017 Platinum Proof…

    1. Don’t Blame the $400 premium for Not having a SO
    2. Don’t Blame the HHL of 1 for Not having a SO
    3. Blame the Lack of viable secondary market pricing on not having a SO

    In 2015 we had a Mintage of 4,000, a HHL of 1, a price of $1,200.00 and the Platinum Proof went CU in 6 minutes. We had a $400 premium (50% to Spot) and a HHL of 1 and it was Gone in 6 minutes. Initial Launch Week sales were 3,954. Final LKS numbers of 3,886. SO…Because of a viable secondary market pricing a TOTAL of 68 were returned/canceled/etc. 68 in TOTAL

    In 2016 we had a Mintage of 10,000, a HHL of 1, a price of $1,350.00 and the Platinum Proof went CU in 56 minutes. We had a $400 premium (42% to Spot) and a HHL of 1 and it was Gone in 56 minutes. BECAUSE of the lack of secondary market pricing the INITIAL Launch Weeks sales of 9,810 were reduced down to LKS of 9,151. A TOTAL of 659 were returned/canceled/etc. 659 in TOTAL. That’s almost 10x the same number returned/canceled/etc from the previous year when there WAS a viable secondary market.

    In 2017 we had a Mintage of 10,000, a HHL of 1, a price of $1,300.00 and the Platinum Proof Sold 5,320 Launch Day

    Same Mintage of 10,000 as 2016
    Same HHL of 1 as 2016
    Same $400.00 premium as 2016

    Could we have sold more with a better design? I would YES.

    HOWEVER, Could we have sold 10,000 with a better design under the current market conditions? I would say NO.

    There has ONLY been 1 time in the Past 16 years that the Mint has sold 10,000 Platinum Proof coins.

    IF a Platinum Proof coin is going to sell 10,000 coins under Current market conditions, there HAS to be a viable secondary market…

  75. Tom says

    earthling, your comment about the “penny” is interesting. For years I’ve searched for these mysterious US coins but have never found one.

  76. jhawk92 says

    @ Louis, Xena, and others on the Queen’s Beasts team-

    Totally OT, but I finally got a chance to relay some thoughts about all the various Queen’s Beasts items that I had ordered. The Red Dragon maintains the excellent 2oz series, both in quality and unique (to me) size and topic. I also really like the 1/4oz gold coins, as several of you had mentioned. Very cool to be able to compare the 2oz silver and 1/4oz coins next to each other. I will continue the 2oz series, as well as the 1/4oz gold. Tough to afford the full 1oz version, but I do like the size of the 1/4oz compared to my 1/10oz proof AGE.

    I also got the Lion in the 10oz size. Wow, what an impressive coin! I thought the 5oz AtB pucks were nice, but this one is amazing. I could certainly see keeping that version of the series going, depending on how silver pricing goes. Very cool to have the 2oz right next to the 10oz, and see all the features on a “5x” larger canvas, er, coin. And to be able to stack 10oz of silver for not much more than the price of a 5oz AtB puck is certainly something to think about.

    So now my dilemma is whether to go after the 1oz proof version of the series. I’ve done that with the ASE, and am happy I have as I think seeing the proof and bullion coins, as well as the uncirculated coin together makes for an impressive display. And while the proof ASE is certainly more expensive than the uncirculated and/or bullion version, I do like the quality. But for the QB proofs, you drop down to a 1oz coin, from the 2oz uncirculated, and even though they have a much lower mintage, is there enough demand to maintain that premium over the long term? I’ll have to give that some thought over the next few days and see how it goes. But I do really enjoy the QB series for variety in metals, designs, sizes, and relatively short length of run. It makes me think about why the US Mint hasn’t changed up the AGE/ASE designs in the 30 years. I did like how they did it with the APE, but I could only afford the 1/10oz versions. So, in short, good job Royal Mint!

  77. Dustyroads says

    jhawk92, It’s hard not to like the QB coins. I’m not a large collector of her majesties currency, but these reverse designs are awesome. I really like the strong looking paws and claws over the shields and the serious demeanor of every one of the featured beasts. My plan has been to only keep three of the 2 oz. and one of the gold 1/4 oz. of every issue. I don’t see the need to try to keep up with all the different sizes. If I was only going to collect one size of all the issues I’m pretty sure it would be the 10 oz., but I didn’t know there would be one when the series began, so that’s out for me.
    In all reality, if you don’t plan on putting together a set of every issue I wouldn’t try to buy them all. The goal of the Royal Mint is to make one available for every type of customer, not to brake you’re bank.

  78. earthling says

    I recently got a US $3.00 Gold, which is a Coin I’ve been wanting for a long time. I was pulled in by the legend of the Old Green Holder and a CAC Gold Bean, which I’m a pure sucker for. I don’t buy into 70 graded moderns but the old mid-1800’s Coins are another story.

    Recently I canceled a big order on some private Gold stuff so the $3.00 Gold is a result of that action. What can I say? I’m just a fool for the old stuff. That modern contrived bullion junk can wait until bargain clearance time.

  79. So Krates says

    Speaking of 10 ouncers, anyone collect the Canada the Great series? I didn’t even know they existed until I picked up one of the 2017 10 oz Niagra Falls coins the other day for $160. Comes in a hefty fifty dollar denomination! with an older effigy (of a younger Queen). Same 3 inches but twice as thick. Although not spectacular, when compared side by side with several ATBs the CTG looks better. Since the Wildlife Series Wolf and Grizz first came out, the RCM has been doing a great job of incorporating several different finishes in the same design. Although there is plenty of texture in the latest Ozark ATB, it is muddled. The US sky is always a plain mirror, whereas on the CTG the Canadian sky over The Falls has a slight brushed finished.


  80. Scott says

    @ Cag, there’s no viable secondary market for APEs at anywhere near $400 over spot. I paid $200 over spot for the last 2016 APE I bought about three months ago and $110 over spot for a 2012 APE yesterday. Proof gold eagles have taken a similar premium haircut, one dealer yesterday had some 1/4s for $325. The current market is very soft for most of this modern stuff. Certified pre 1933 gold is a bargain compared to the modern stuff.

  81. cagcrisp says

    @Scott, Margins for certified coins have continued to Slide for generic Libertys and St Gaudens. There is Some strength in Lower denomination Gold, especially the Indian Heads.

    Some Lower denomination Indians are higher Today than they were when Gold was $75 Higher…

  82. Dustyroads says

    Here’s a youtube video covering some very interesting financial information including GLD, SLV, contracts and even some ideas on the future of cryptocurrencies. It’s only a few days old, so all up to date. I think some of you will find it relevant.


  83. cagcrisp says

    @earthling, if you got a very highly Graded CAC $3 , you Paid for it.

    There is something about Gold coins from the era that Jesse James robbed trains and banks for…

  84. Dustyroads says

    The 1880’s was a time when people felt like they could set out on their own and discover a new land and they did. The west was open and new, and it was being quickly taken up and populated or about to be over the next few decades. I can’t believe it’s been that long ago, but my very own grandfather was born in 1893 with a twin which was named Jesse James.

  85. earthling says


    Well it’s not exactly what you would call highly graded but the ” provenance” if you can could use that term for a sub $Million Coin, was just too cool to pass up. I got it from DWN and it’s a RYK DOG 1855 AU55 in an OGH PCGS Holder with Gold CAC Bean. Whew now tell me THAT wasn’t a mouthful ! 😁

    Anyway Ive been dreaming of 1855 for ages and one day I hope to have a complete year set. So far I have an MS62 Half Dime , MS62 $2.50 Gold , some forgot the grade circulated 3 Cent Silver , and now the AU55 $3 Gold.

    I could probably have bought a low MS graded $3.00 but DWN + RYK + PCGS-OGH + CAC-Gold was just too much to pass up. I figured pull the trigger or live with regret for a long time.

    I still need to fire off my payment but hopefully in a week or so I’ll be looking at Cool RYK /Dirty Old Gold.

  86. earthling says

    I also have an 1856 AU58 Bass $2.50 Gold. I think the RYK 1855 $3.00 is a perfect companion to that coin.

  87. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, The GLD and SLV are for TRADING . Like Most commodity ETFs they are VERY inefficient for the Buy and Hold crowd,..

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