225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Set gets a price tag, disappears from calendar page

As of late morning on July 21, 17XC has been restored to its original August 1 place on the Mint’s calendar page.

Updated at 8:45 on July 21 to correct the statement that the set was removed from the calendar page. It was actually given a new “date” and location on the page; see the second paragraph.—Editor

The Mint has set a price of $29.95 for its 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Set (17XC), which is scheduled for release on August 1. Although that may seem a lot for 10 coins with a total face value of $2.91, it’s far more reasonable than some have been expecting.

Shortly after posting a price, the webmaster changed the availability date on the calendar page to “Summer 01” and moved the listing above the June 1 listing. (The main product page remains in place, and the availability date there remains “August 1.”) Items have vanished from the product page before, only to be restored soon afterward. It’s unclear whether this is a glitch in the website, an oversight, or some mysterious bit of Mint housekeeping. This particular change is a new one, however, and seems likely to be a clerical error. I’ve contacted the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications about the change and will post the reply here.

The new date and placement:

The Mint has struck Enhanced Uncirculated coins on special occasions since 2013. The selective application of “enhancements” has varied, depending on the design of the coin. The 2013-W American Silver Eagles were struck with a soft, matte field and frosted devices, except where certain areas were carefully polished: on the obverse, the “blue” field behind the stars of the flag, the “red” stripes, the straps of Liberty’s sandals, the suggestion of the ground she walks on, and the date; on the reverse, the olive branch and arrows, the stripes and trim on the shield, and the ribbon in the eagle’s beak.

The 2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated ASE. (Images courtesy of APMEX)

One of the several 50th-anniversary Kennedy half dollars of 2014 was struck with an Enhanced Uncirculated finish. In this case, however, there are no polished areas on the obverse, and the frosted devices are set off against a soft, matte field. on the reverse, the devices are frosted except for the stars and the details on the shield, which have a polished (but not mirrorlike) finish.

The 2014-S Enhanced Uncirculated Kennedy half dollar.

The obverses of the 2014-D and 2015-W Native American dollars that were included in those years’ Coin & Currency Sets had frosty fields with a smoother, Uncirculated finish in the areas of the skin and hair and in the stripes on Sacagawea’s sleeve. The reverse of the 2014-D coin has a frosty field, while the devices have a finer, matte finish. The 2015-W reverse has generally Uncirculated devices, with the flattest of these—the steel beam, the raised denomination, and the incused legend—reflecting more brightly than the detailed areas.

The obverse and reverses of the Enhanced Uncirculated Native American dollar coins in the 2014 and 2015 Coin & Currency Sets.

For the 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Set, the product page states that the coins have “laser frosted areas and an unpolished field that accentuates design details, creating a unique contrast distinctly different from the mirror-like finish of proof coins.” Sadly, the catalog images don’t capture the finish, so collectors will have to wait to get the product in hand—or for unboxing photos to be posted online—to see what the enhancements look like.   ❑

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  1. says

    KML – after further thought and taking into consider input from the crew here, I think A&L is spot on and that they’ll be 180-200 available on the website, if no packaging issues arise. So where’s it headed? My Guesstimate – 80% chance of a SO on Day 1; 100% chance of a SO within 96 hours.

  2. KEITHSTER says

    Should be fun this one summer 01 would still put it on august 1 but whose counting? Yep this one has big boys and weak hands all over it but fun none the less. now I just have to find where that card went or maybe a sign ! We’ll See “>”>”> Well Good Luck All”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>:”>

  3. Dustyroads says

    This issue just may have received enough ad time and hype to accomplish a much faster sell out than expected.
    I still think that 225,000 is on the high side, but it still constitutes a new low for the coins.

  4. cagcrisp says

    I don’t give a Flip for the 225 EU.

    Go For It.

    Be Careful. With the Initial Success of the 2017S , EVERYONE will be on this and the Nightmare will be Much faster than the 2017S

    It’s a Quick Flip at Best.

    Better yet. A Pre-sale.

    My Guess there will be 25-50k Available at The Show.

    The Big Boys Love First Day of Issue and Show Coins.

    The Mint Loves the Big Boys.

    With No HHL and mintage of 225k these will Not last Long…

  5. Dustyroads says

    It’s easy to see these selling for $45.00 two weeks after release. 225,000 is a lot of coins, and not many less than last years mintage of 314,032.

  6. Dustyroads says

    Louis, I see now the email that Pat at Don Bailey numismatics sent out with the “good…bad…and the ugly” news about the BU gold coins. We’ll see if that holds true.

  7. NCM Collector says

    Quick sell out followed by a price jump to 60 per set. Tens of thousands of sets will be sent off for grading and with hopes to have them available before Christmas. If the mint produced all 225k already.
    I’ll pick up a few sets as gifts but I’m not gonna flip.

  8. Gary says

    This is the future. Mashups of enhanced uncirculated and mint marks. Doing this with $2.91 in copper nickel junk for $29.95 is truly spinning gold from straw. Kudos to the Mint!

  9. earthling says

    “Thanks to Kitco’s summer intern Sarah Abu-Shaaban, we know that an American quarter contains 3 cents worth of copper and zinc.

    An interesting factoid from a marketing email I just got.

  10. earthling says

    I want a couple tubes worth of Quarter Buffalos . Proof or BU , maybe both. At this point nothing else begins to interest me about the US Mint.

  11. Scott says

    How many of those buffalos would you buy at the same prices the mint gouges collectors for the 2016 centennial SLQ coins?

  12. cagcrisp says

    CW is reporting that the Mint will not allow sales at the Denver Show to start until 3PM ET.

    That’s 3 hours later than sales can start at the other venues.

    That Also means that there will Not be Near as many coins on hand at the Denver Show than I anticipated.

    What happens IF coins Sales are Halted On Line between 12 ET and 3 ET and yet they are still Allowed to sell coins at the Denver Show?

    It Could happen…

  13. Tinto says

    Whew, the price is lower than what I expected .. but if the big boys had budgeted for a price of say, 35 bucks they can now buy more if they want … wonder how HSN (recently bought by QVC) Mike the coin guy is gonna hype it up

    I’m gonna jump in to have a complete type set of EU to date

  14. theofie says

    I wonder what the high grades will turn out to be with PCGS and NGC.
    what are the chances these coins make sp69?

  15. Barry says

    btw, I never see ANACS coins at the big dealers or at least the ones I frequent. I do see ANACS holders on the bay though. Could be they won’t buy them.

  16. earthling says


    I see what you mean about the Mint gouging on those SLQ Quarters. On a Buffalo Quarter I think around $400 for a BU and $410 for a Proof ought to be right. I just looked up Quarter Tubes and found each one holds 40 Coins so thats a bit much for me. Maybe 10 or 20 would be good but 40 would be a bit too much to chew.

  17. says

    cagcrisp says
    JULY 21, 2017 AT 5:25 PM

    “CW is reporting that the Mint will not allow sales at the Denver Show to start until 3PM ET.

    That’s 3 hours later than sales can start at the other venues.

    That Also means that there will Not be Near as many coins on hand at the Denver Show than I anticipated.

    What happens IF coins Sales are Halted On Line between 12 ET and 3 ET and yet they are still Allowed to sell coins at the Denver Show?

    It Could happen…”

    KCSO has one word to say..,


    2014 ring a bell? 🤔

  18. Tinto says

    IMHO the higher grades 69, 70 will mainly go towards the bulk big boys who use the TPGs the most.. including possibly including complete 70 all from one set(!!!) label hype … yeah don’t think the TPGs will wanna piss of their best clients .

  19. earthling says

    A bad scene at the ANA in Denver. Tabasco People try to steal the spotlight from Coins by selling a special Denver Broncos edition of their fast selling Scorpion Sauce. And the SEGS people set up near the Tabasco Booth to certify and preserve for eternity this new reincarnation of the Holland Daze Craze.


    instead of pyramiding Holland Tulip Bulbs they’d try a Ponzi Type scheme with bottled Pepper Juice… oy vey…. try to beat that as a hottt fad… 😖

  20. Tinto says


    Just wondering … the EU set has no HHL … is that also true for the sale of these sets at the Mint’s physical sales booths (not sure of how to word it) and of course the Denver Show? If so some big buyer could just be at the front of the line and buy up all the sets there .. not that realistic of a scenario but could happen …..

  21. says

    As of July 20, the U.S. Mint had not disclosed whether any ordering limit would be in place for those trying to acquire the coin sets at the four in-person locations.


  22. says

    “U.S. Mint officials in Washington said July 19 that Mint officials at the show will not allow a line to form for the sets until 1 p.m. MT when the bourse opens to the public.” – CW

    How many things are wrong with this approach?

  23. KCSO says

    Giddy Up!

    Let’s have some fun Denver!

    You just make this stuff up..,

    “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, …” 😉

    I do love the mint so.., even with a lack of product this year.., they do make it entertaining.

  24. cagcrisp says

    MCM Sold a 2017S ASE @ auction Last night for $74.00.

    Total of 14 bids and 7 bidders SO this auction did NOT sneak up on Anyone.

    Get ’em while they’re Not…

  25. cagcrisp says

    With the Delayed sales at the Denver Show vs. 3 hours Earlier at the Denver Mint, I see the Potential for some to Try to get slabbed Show Coins that were Not bought at the Show.

    I know at least one of the TPG’s say they have protocol in place to prevent this from happening.

    I Bet that even IF you bought at the Denver Mint there will be some type of deception in place on the slab that some will Think it was bought at the Denver Show…

  26. KCSO says

    Haha! You called that!

    Yep, one BIG LINE shifting to another Big LINE.., just a quick pivot for .4th of a mile and 7 minute stroll.., 4 minutes if you boogie on up.


  27. KCSO says

    For you Sly Dog Dealers that read this blog and never post or share anything useful..,

    Here’s how you need to approach Denver if you’re making the trek,

    Don’t bother with hiring actors and by standers to line up for ya, just get one of these and be first in line –


    You can fit 300 sets, easily, into this buggie and show a doll or to in there, it has support suspecnsion, and then you can high tail it over to the convention center with your 500 sets –

    Better yet, hire a female nurse to make the sprint for ya, in uniform! You’re Welcome, Sly Dogs!


  28. Erik H says

    cagcrisp, maybe I missed your post but a “S” eagle sold on 7/19 for only $70.

    My question, is Gem proof the equivalent of PR68 or even lower grade?

  29. cagcrisp says

    @Eric H, Thanks. Yes I missed the $70.

    You bring up good points. No idea what the Gem Proof designation is unless they just have a Really cheap deal with NGC to just slab the coins and Not grade them .

    There are Still Some being offered at Higher prices in OGP …SO…you would think they would have gone that route, however, Maybe they miscalculation about the price a Gem Proof would Eventually sell for…

  30. Mattarch says

    Question: has anyone asked the Mint if the cent and nickel will have the enhanced finish, or will it be like the silver proof set where the cent and nickel are the standard coins?

    At that price I will buy two sets. One to break up to put the coins in Dansco Date Set books and one to keep intact and possibly flip if there is a quick sell out.

  31. Brad says


    According to the first paragraph on the product page, the set contains 10 coins with enhanced uncirculated finishes. So, every coin in the set will be “enhanced.”

  32. Tinto says

    I remember vaguely a long time ago when a “Gem Proof” was given to a proof coin if it was at least a Proof 65 ….

  33. earthling says

    I remember the World Trade Center Recovery Coins were slabbed in a similar fashion. Some were graded with a number grade , like MS-69. The majority were graded with Brilliant Uncirculated or maybe Gem Unc, I can’t remember exactly.
    The numbered graded ones of course were put up with a higher price. I’d expected the same with the 2017-S Silver Eagles.

    Better get in fast because the new Coins will surely be in Doiley Slabs and go for much higher prices. You know how valuable rare labels can be. They only print em for a limited time.


  34. Larry says

    225,000 X $29.95 is about $6,738,000. A lot of money, but if someone with enough funds felt they could easily make a quick million or two by buying the whole mintage, could it happen? What if somebody called the mint and said “I want to buy them all”. Even though there is no household limit, is there limit based upon how much the mint will accept dollar wise from one customer? Could someone really call up the mint and buy all of them?

  35. Dustyroads says

    I found an ebayer pre-selling the Faukland Islands 2017 1 oz. RP non-logo coins.

    I didn’t know that the Pobjoy Mint was able to continue with the rest of the production. I thought they had gotten in hot water for the snafu.

    Louis, I believe you said you were writing about this? If so, when will that be?

  36. Dustyroads says

    Larry, No. The USM has a limit on the amount of funding a person can try to spend.

  37. Larry says

    @ Dustyroads says – how much? So even though there is no household limit, really, there is.

  38. Tom P. - MA says

    2 words from a few years ago. “Satin finish” Does anyone even care about that today?
    Enhanced finish may be a tiny bit more meaningful since they are being produced along with the regular sets.
    I predict a fairly quick sellout (within a week), but no one has ever called me Nostradamus.

  39. earthling says

    Certainly if there is a sellout in a few hours, a few days or even a week, we’ll know something about the shape our flippers are in. But more telling will be the speed at which any flipping takes place.

    A few months ago I walked my sealed unopened box of 15 – Congratulations Set ’17-S SAE’s around the Macomb Coin Show and I never saw so many sourpuss unenthusiastic keepers of bright shiney junk that no one seemed to be interested in.

    If anyone can get excited by even more bright shiny junk, I’d be hard pressed to figure who that might be.

  40. Dustyroads says

    earthling, I sold my problem 2017-S ASE’s for roughly $190.00 each on the bay in OGP. They loved them there.

  41. gatortreke says

    @Dustyroads: Regarding the Falkland coins by Pobjoy, I believe they minted 7,329 with the Britannia Rules the Waves verbage before the cease and desist but will mint the rest of the 50,000 mintage without the verbage or with something that suits the legal limitations on that phrase. Their website now has the saying removed from the image and the mintage is now 42,761 (50,000-7,329). Like you, I am awaiting Louis’ article with the details.


    I fortunately read Louis’ comments here soon after posting and bought several at $31.95, before the ebay seller started moving the price up. I’m betting he’s kicking himself now for not waiting to sell them until word of the limited mintage was sufficiently spread in the numismatic community.

  42. gatortreke says

    Correction, new mintage above should be 42,671, not 42,761 (inverted two digits).

  43. 1964dollarpeace says

    Should have done it in silver an also should have made the penny 95% copper.

  44. Dustyroads says

    gatortreke , Hey thanks, I was curious if the Pobjoy mint was going to be allowed to finish out the remaining coins, or if the program was going to be discontinued all together.
    My thanks goes out the Louis also for the heads up. I think these will be a good coins to own.
    I just love the coins with a good story to go with them.

  45. Buzz Killington says

    @gator —

    To the contrary, that seller is thanking his lucky stars that he found a way to move so much “Falkland Islands” product at a multiple of spot. 7K is *not* a low mintage these days, and I’d never heard about this series before, and I don’t love it now.

    This is just another case of jumping on the bandwagon. If I bought some of these at $30-odd, I’d be dumping them RIGHT NOW.

  46. earthling says


    Sounds like you are in it to win it. And you are doing very well.

    Me on the other hand, I’m better off just maxing out on OT with my Motor City job. I’m doing 12 hrs tonight and will be back for more tomorrow.

    Haven’t sold anything on ebay since about 2003. Don’t even like the thought of that game anymore. Unless the Mint comes out with something really extraordinary I guess I’m done for good.

    My pattern has been buy it with dreams of cashing in but then I never bother to sell anything. All I do is watch things fizzle and die.

  47. David says

    I may pick up a set or two as I have been considering building a nickel and dime set and will need those coins. I’d probably sell the rest of the coins in the set.

  48. Dustyroads says

    Earthling, I know you’re overworked and ready for a change, but don’t forget you’re living the American dream. Many people are nowhere close to having what you have. So regardless of what you are putting up with, hold you head up!

    Yeah, the 2017-S ASE’s sold well on the bay and I got to keep a perfect one. I don’t see much worth getting excited about with the uncirculated mint set. If my predictions are correct, for the people who do have intent to flip on the bay, I’m only seeing about $8.00 to $10.00 profit from these @$45.00 aftermarket. If there were only 100,00, or better yet 50,000, the gloves would be off!!
    The next set up is the LESPS. That one may be worth buying a few more than what I would normally want to keep for myself.
    And of course, if the dream boat sets sail and the fractional Buffs, are let out to graze, I can see that one getting more than a few aroused. But then the USM would probably step in shoot the little white one for no apparent reason! More making of less sense than ever…

  49. Xena says

    “Cool” Brad – I got a shipping notice today on the Britannia, so looks like shipping has started. Did you get notice on yours?

    Louis – thanks for the tip!

  50. Xena says

    You guys are always so cynical about everything the Mint does! I like the EU finish and the EU set. Sure, I’d like to pay less (when isn’t that true?), but the price doesn’t seem that out of line with other US and world mint sets. I do not expect returns on regular mint issues, and I only buy a couple so not a big deal, IMHO. I am going to happily (and hopefully – I predict an early sell out*) purchase 2 EU sets – one for filling holes in books and 1 for OGP. If the HHL stays off might end up with 4, since I’ll probably ask my brother to go to the Mint store and pick up 2 in case of a quick sell out.

    *truth in advertising – never been anywhere close to predicting the outcome on any mint offering…

  51. Gary Not Dave says

    I am in for 10 of the 225th sets. For the Nickel…should be a rare Nickel with only 225k mintage…and the Nickel rarely gets any action!

  52. Yes, But...U Can't Take It With U says


    I also received my shipping notice for the Falklands Britannia. Five sets on their way!

    For the record: I’m not complaining about the price or number minted on the EU sets. I do wish, though, that the appropriate coins had been done in silver instead of clad. The PM factor always adds that extra kick, IMO.

  53. Goat says

    Thanks Xena for the good words. You bring me back to how, when and why I started this quest. In these down days (low mintage, high prices due to a downward market) some want to run away, but truth is ones who stay the coarse will win in the end.

    It is kind of funny to read that many would not purchase until the price hits $30 (when price is at $35) but when price hits $30 they won’t buy until it hits $25 and so on. But now at $16 but won’t buy until it hits ten. Note; I am buying all the way down and back up again.

    When one purchase no matter what, your in for the price increase as well as decrease. Yes, it would be nice to say all is a winner. As one has stated here many times, we do have cycles. Time will tell what/were this cycle is , but I would say this part will be a profit one.

    It is nice to have a fast buck, but I try to look far in time. Playing with money that I don’t need will serve me well.

  54. gatortreke says

    Xena & Brad,

    My Britannia from the dealer in Carbondale, IL shipped yesterday and per USPS, is in town and should be delivered tomorrow. I’ll report back tomorrow evening on what they are like.

  55. Donnie says

    The enhanced uncirculated finishes look great on the American Silver Eagle (2013) and the Kennedy half (2014). The larger canvasses of these two coins display the enhancements especially well.
    I assume that the Kennedy half in this 2017 offering will receive the same enhancement as the ’14 Kennedy. We, therefore, know what it will look like. We also know what the Sac dollar will look like, as it has also been done in an EU finish.
    It should be interesting to see how the other coins in the Uncirculated Set do with the EU finish on the smaller canvasses of the cent, nickel and dime.

  56. earthling says

    An update on Tabasco Scorpion Sauce

    Despite just going on sale on Wednesday, the sauce quickly sold out on Tabasco’s website, so heat lovers will have to get creative to track down a bottle. On Thursday, eBay sellers were already offering the small batch Scorpion Sauce for as much as $80 for one bottle.

    Well there you have it, Tabasco that sold for $8.95 or so, being flipped for $80.00 ! To keep it Coin related, you could probably dip Coins in this acidic sauce to remove corrosion. 🤑

  57. cagcrisp says

    AM Gold Fix $1,255.85

    IF Gold stays at this level there Will be a price Increase on Wednesday afternoon…

  58. KML in KY says

    Regarding the 2017-S ASE’s, I only got $64 to $68 each for them on Great Collections. On eBay 69’s were going for over $100. Of course if I had sold them on eBay I would have had to pay them 10%, a little to PayPal, and shipping to individual buyers.The 70’s went for over $200.00 each on CG which is comparable to eBay.

    Since I need a new car I sent another big box of coins to GC. Right after that I got an offer from eBay for 50% off final value fees for 5 auctions and I’m selling a few coins on there also. I’ll let you all know how they do.

  59. Gary Not Dave says

    Go ahead and post that Scorpion Sauce for $80

    Never mind what @cagcrisp says! He is just flapping his jaws!

  60. earthling says

    Sorry, this Tabasco Scorpian Sauce seems to be a rare bird. I found where a 2 bottle lot was offered on the bay but… its gone at a BIN of $150.00. That’s $75.00 / bottle for something that was purchased at $7.95. The same seller is offering something called Tabasco Roasted Pepper Sauce at an opening bid of $25.00 or a BIN of $50.00.

    I acquired the Hot Sauce habit from my first 2 years in the Army, stationed in Georgia. I like Texas Pete or Franks on scrambled eggs , grits and SOS just like with my Army breakfast. Wow, I’m getting a wave of nostalgia remembering those Army days in Georgia. … it was the best of times……. it was the worst of times.

  61. earthling says

    Blair J Tobler

    Anyone paying $4K for a bottle of Hot Sauce certainly needs it Slabbed and Certified so no one “accidentally” opens it and spashes some in their Bloody Mary. As soon as PCGS and NGC branch out into “Sauce Certification” I’m sure the values will launch into a much higher orbit.

    Cut a deal where you personally autograph the slab labels and soon you will be the new King in the Coin Universe. Next stop, 1793, 1804 , 1913, ……….

  62. Dustyroads says

    Thanks Louis for the write up. I plan on also buying a couple of the new version to exhibit the difference between the two. I also will make a copy of your article and store it away with the coins for future reference as I’m sure someone will not understand the significance. Thanks for the light house service, it’s much appreciated.
    It’s really too bad we will probably never have the ability to all sit down together in some setting and meet and greet. I made plans back in 2014 to fly to Chicago, but my trip was sidetracked. Lately though I have begone to lose sight of any type of event like that happening. Here’s to the big unknowable future..cheers.

  63. gatortreke says

    @Louis: My 2 Britannia coins arrived today from Son Montuno still in part of the original Pobjoy sleeve. The coins in hand are much nicer than the original photos though the photos associated with your article are much more representative. Montuno had a listed price of $32.95 but he offered a discount of $1 per coin if ordered in pairs (at least this was the case for the two I ordered). The effigy of the queen is obviously different from that used by other mints of the empire

    I’m curious how you think this will fare long term? I see “rare” coins like the 2017 Australia Silver Swan (25,000 mintage) selling for higher than this Falkland variant on eBay and it isn’t a nicer coin IMO. Whatever it does, it is not a big financial bet for me either way given I only purchased two, probably should have ordered more.

    I will probably order two without the trademarked phrase just to have as a set so this issue will lead me to buy 4 coins I probably would not have purchased otherwise. Thanks for the early heads up!

  64. Louis Golino says

    Thanks, guys. I think $50-60 seems like a fair bet, and some have already sold for that, plus I agree the Swans are 25K and they got to over $70, though back town to high-50’s now. Both are nice elegant designs, and the Swans have the advantage of being first of series and being from a high profile mint. Though Pobjoy is well-known around the world and has made more collector coins for different countries (I believe) than any other private mint.

    People seem to ask me every day this time of year if I will be at the ANA, and I always have to explain how travelling is difficult for me due to mobility issues, plus I can’t afford to travel across the country, pay for hotels, etc.

    But next year it is in Philly, which I can reach by a 2-hour train trip, so that me the year for our big reunion!

  65. Louis Golino says

    Philly- The city where the 1933 St. G’s were minted and secretly stashed, sold, etc.!! Not to mention we have to have a real Philly steak ‘ n’ cheese!

  66. Tinto says

    Read somewhere that a silver $1 Kennedy commemorative is being introduced in Congress for 2020 …..

  67. earthling says

    They strike everything in Gold that collectors really want in Silver – Mercury, Standing Liberty, Walking Liberty, did I forget anything? Of course they already did the Kennedy in Gold so maybe that’s the reason for Silver ? But we’ve already had Silver, also.

    Will we get a Silver Peace Dollar for 2021? We probably won’t even get it in Gold, I know I don’t want it in Gold.

  68. Xena says

    Dusty – we had a really small meet and greet at Harpers Ferry, so I think it’s possible at a bigger venue. Just a matter of someone saying where and everyone making plans. Philly might be a stretch for some, but quite a few of us here can be there in a relatively short drive. It’s my home town, so I’ll be there. So just putting it out there early. Maybe Dianna can figure out how to sponsor some sort of booth or location we can all meet.

    Louis – I’d offer to give you a ride, but you have to clean up your language! It’s cheesesteak (not steak’n’cheese)

  69. gatortreke says

    Question re: the Falkland Britannia coin. If Pobjoy was violating the Royal Mint’s trademark, why did the RM allow the 7329 coins to go to market? Why didn’t they force Pobjoy to melt the coins? A cynical side of me says this story may be good for both entities, the limited release along with the story behind it generates buzz over the Falkland coin and the Britannia name and may benefit sales and consumer recognition of the term Britannia which benefits the RM with their bullion coin.

  70. Tom says

    Someone tell me what I’m missing . The Britannia coins belong to the Royal Mint. A government mint. How can a private mint produce a product, call it a coin and create a numismatic equal?

  71. gatortreke says

    @Tom: Government mints produce non-coins (medals) and coins for other governments while private mints produce non-coins and coins under the authority of an independent government. Pobjoy produced the Britannia coin for the Falkland Islands whose currency is the Falkland Island Pound (FKP, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falkland_Islands_pound). This isn’t any different than the number of mints that produce coins for Niue Island, e.g., Star Wars coins produced for Niue by the New Zealand Mint,or Geiger Edelmetalle producing the Noah’s Ark coin for Armenia.

    In the case of the Pobjoy Britannia coins, they were infringing on the Royal Mint’s trademark of Britannia, a name they associate with their bullion coin. I can certainly understand how the Royal Mint wants to protect the use of the term in order to prevent confusion in the general numismatic community.

  72. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    @Xena, I was wondering about that “steak n cheese” myself. I’m not from Philly but live about an hour and a half away and never heard anyone call it that. Plus, if I’m going to Philly and want a sandwich I’ll go to Paesano’s. I’ll applaud and defer to his knowledge in the coin department though.

  73. Louis Golino says

    Yes, ma’am, Xena!

    I imagine that if the RM tried to force Pobjoy to melt the coins, it would require a costly legal battle. Plus the ley point is those coins are now with their distributors and with collectors, and the RM has to legal authority it could impose on them.

  74. Louis Golino says

    MCM is selling the 2017-W APE for $100 under issue price, which is not a good sign.

  75. cagcrisp says

    PM Gold Fix $1,254.40

    To Have a price Increase tomorrow the Wednesday AM Fix has to be $1,261.15 or Greater…

  76. Tom says

    Thanks gatortreke. I just have a hard time believing that a private mint such as Pobjoy would create a coin without knowing what they could legally do. Regardless, it’s done and we now have their “coin” minted in error, stating it’s a Britannia coin when it really isn’t.

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