24 Karat Gold 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars

2014 Kennedy Half DollarThe agenda for the forthcoming meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) has revealed the United States Mint’s plans to offer a special product featuring a 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar struck in 24 karat gold.

Specifically the agenda includes “discussion of a 2014 24K Gold Kennedy Half-Dollar Special Product.”

Collectors have known since last year that the US Mint was evaluating potential numismatic products to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series. A survey distributed in the spring had mentioned a range of potential products, which mixed various combinations of mint marks, finishes, and compositions. The mint marks had included “P”, “D”, “S”, or “W”. The finishes had included proof, reverse proof, or uncirculated. The compositions had only mentioned copper-nickel clad and 90% silver. Initially, two-coin, three-coin, and four-coin sets had been considered.

As yet, the Mint has not confirmed the specific configuration for the set or sets to be offered. The offering of a set including a 24 karat gold version of the Kennedy Half Dollar would serve to create a more upscale set and create some considerable excitement for collectors.

The US Mint has broad authority via the Secretary of the Treasury to mint and issue gold coins. Under 31 U.S.C. § 5112(i)(4)(C), the Secretary may prescribe procedures and specifications for the minting and issuance of new gold coins, including the diameter, weight, fineness, or design. This authority was used to produce the immensely popular 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin.

Back in 1999, the US Mint had also struck a limited number of Sacagawea Dollars in a composition of 22 karat gold, which carried a denomination of five dollars. The Mint had planned to sell such coins to collectors as numismatic items, although the plan was halted. Twelve examples of the gold coins carrying the “W” mint mark were sent into space aboard Shuttle Columbia and then placed in storage at Fort Knox where they still reside.

matte-finishThe US Mint has previously released a numismatic version of the Kennedy Half Dollar carrying a special matte proof finish. The coins were issued in 1998 as part of the Kennedy Collector’s Set which was available to order during a six week period. The set included the uncirculated version of the 1998 Robert F. Kennedy Commemorative Silver Dollar and a 90% silver 1998-S Kennedy Half Dollar struck with a matte finish. The coins had an approximate mintage of 62,000 pieces.

The CCAC meeting will be held on February 11, 2014 during which additional details on the 24 karat gold 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar and special set should be revealed. Coin Update News will have coverage of the meeting and Mint News Blog will circle back with some additional discussion.

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  1. vaughnster says

    Some really good news! Looking forward to seeing what kind of set this will be but I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying 🙂

  2. Nick says

    If the big dealers are allowed to purchase mass quantities I’m ordering NONE. They have killed the hobby for me as far as modern coins are concerned.

  3. stephen m says

    For all the Kennedy collectors this will be a must have and will be a great addition to their Kennedy sets. Unfortunately Nick the big dealers will be at the trough getting their fill.

  4. KEITHSTER says

    Looks like our little Eddie got his wish:) Way to call it Eddie might have to start calling you the Profit? Should be fun for all us Kennedy buffs whatever they come up with but they’ll make so many that I dought they’ll be calling all of us profiteer’s Good luck with this one and All:>:>:>

  5. Dustyroads says

    The 1999 Sacagawea wasn’t released, but even if it had been released it would have been a variation, not and identical duplicate. The 2009 was a tribute to the 1907 UHR Gold Eagle which wasn’t being produced at the time for any reason. It would be exciting to see our Kennedy in exact form in gold, but it looks like from my view point that it would be the first time in history the US Mint has done something like this. If this the case, I have to wonder if a variation of the half is what we will see.

  6. Samuel says

    we need some innovation, not just mint “classic” coins in different finish, different size, different metal etc.

  7. Boz says

    I am interested as long as it comes in a blue Chinese box with a faux-felt lining. I send my boxes off to a TPG for certification.

  8. Dustyroads says

    Boz, lol. Ya, I’m hoping for American made too, but what’s funny is that manged to kill two birds with one stone!

  9. thePhelps says

    I’m with Nick on this one… if the mint does nothing to limit the massive purchases from resellers… I’ll pass as well.

    I like the idea of the coin – but – if they end up being bought graded and resold before I even have a coin in hand after ordering on day 1… I am out.

  10. Teddy Salad says

    This is really excellent news. I am glad the Mint is thinking outside the box on this one. Based on the size of the coin, it should contain an ounce of gold. I hope they put a deluxe set together with 999 silver versions from all 4 mints plus the gold coin. I wonder which Mint will strike the gold version?

  11. says

    my question is: has the usmint minted half dollars kennedy 2013 coloured (red and blue) cupronickel coins with a different writing on the side with the head? And the writing is: A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but america lives on.

  12. Brian says

    I like the idea, but like the others if there are no household limits — at least for the first day — then I will pass too.

    I do hope that they make it same diameter and thickness as the standard half dollar.

    Also, I would like to see it with a W mint mark. I am afraid that if they make it with a S, D, or P that in the future a company will gold plate the regular proof or business strike. Those gold plated coins would make their way to ebay and cause unknowing customers to get ripped off.

  13. Sith says

    Per the survey the mint sent out it will be an ounce of gold. The silver versions would be medals not coins. I could be wrong but I don’t think they have the authority to produce silver coins

  14. Dave says

    I would like to see a true collector’s coin or set – limited to ONE PER HOUSEHOLD (mailing address) with a limited mintage and ordering window and the coins being boxed and shipped IMMEDIATELY on order day!
    I am getting weary of waiting months to get my order shipped!
    I prefer a P,D,S Silver and W Gold set in an American made solid oak box.

  15. says

    I wish they sell the gold coin separately as there is no VAT on goldcoins from USA but on silvercoins in general (as far as Germany is concerned). VAT means that UPS charges a lot of extra money for the customs clearing. Besides the VAT of 19!!! per cent. and as stupid as UPS is they will charge VAT for the whole set if the gold coin is in the set.

  16. Brian says

    Sith – they already make a Kennedy half in silver every year for the silver proof set. I don’t see why they can’t do the same thing at a different mint or modify it a little by making it a reverse proof or enhanced.

  17. says

    I don’t see the big retailers playing a major role in a gold coin in the mint survey listed price range of $1200-$1400. The big boys like to buy a ASE for $2 over spot, put a slab around it and self for 2x or 3x what they have in it. All they are interested in is a percentage ROI. They just can’t do that flipping a coin that will sell for $200, $300 or $400 over spot. The risk/reward is just not there for the big guys.

  18. Rob says

    Here is an idea for the Mint that would produce great demand for these Kennedy coins or even the ASE coins:

    Produce a series of coins bearing each of the 4 mint marks, but have one of the mints only produce 25% of the mintage from the other 3 mints. (i.e. for ASE have a series where 50,000 are minted in S, P, D and only 12,500 are minted at W.)

    The mint that will produce the lowest mintage figure on these coins will not be revealed until after the product is sold out. The coin you will receive will be random.

    This would create demand to buy more hoping to get the one that is the lowest mintage. This would also create a flurry of aftermarket demand once the lowest mintage numbers are revealed.

  19. thePhelps says

    @achmed… yes I am sure the US Mint did not produce that coin. The coin itself might be a US Minted coin – but the US Mint has never colorized a coin and that wording has never been on a US Coin that I am aware of.

  20. Brian says

    cagcrisp – The big dealers bought a ton of reverse proof gold buffalos last year. Their margins may be lower on a percentage basis, but they still made at least a few hundred dollars for every 70.

  21. Ed says

    I think they the mint should mint should mint to demand this coin, a one month window. But remember this was one of our greatest Presidents let just sell this coin only for U.S. release.

  22. JohnT58 says

    An explanation for the extra 6 million halves minted in 2013 taken from Dave Harper’s Blog today:

    I was told that the Mint struck more half dollars late in 2013 because it had received an order for the denomination from the Federal Reserve.

    That, I am sure, was as much a surprise to the Mint as it is to me.

    The denomination has been dormant since 2002. Coins are made only for collectors.

    What could the Federal Reserve be thinking?

    Apparently it wasn’t. After the order was placed, it was cancelled. The Mint has nearly 6 million coins on hand that collectors are not likely to want unless they are shipped them out at face value much as Presidential dollar coins were earlier in the series.

    – See more at:http://www.numismaticnews.net/buzz/time-for-half-measures

  23. says

    2 Ed:
    don’t forget: John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a Berliner. So why not sell the coin to Germany? His grandfather was IRISH, wasn’t he? So why not sell the coin to Ireland?
    He forced the american space program. so why not sell the coins to everywhere?

    Think about that. 2 minutes. Yes u can.

  24. joe says

    I don’t have a problem with a gold kennedy coin, but will definitely purchase it directly from the mint if I get one. Wonder if the reverse will have Marilyn on it?

  25. CW says

    Will this be another mint-to-demand catastrophe ala the RP Buffalo? As Nick said I am pretty tired of the mint railroading the little guy who cannot order on minute 1.

  26. gary says

    This is truly GREAT news! JFK was a hero of mine when i was a child. Still have the same 2 proof sets I bought from the Mint in 1964.

    For the gold Kennedy I sincerely wish & hope for THE ORIGINAL Gilroy Roberts obverse portrait & I hope the denomination is changed to 10 or 5 dollars.

    SInce John F. Kennedy made so many poignant quotes in his inaugural address, a depiction of him at the podium on that day would be a fabulous reverse!


  27. Brian says

    I hope the gold coin is a half dollar. This is not the 50th anniversary of his death. It is the 50th anniversary of the coin.

    Since it is the coin being celebrated, it should be the same denomination. That is also why I want it to be the same diameter and thickness.

  28. Zaz says

    Thank you, CW. Not a peep recently about the oversubscribed RP Buff which has a minuscule premium over issue price other than yours. Seems like the Kennedy gold coin might follow the RP Buffalo down that rabbit hole of too many coins ordered by the big boys with a glut in the aftermarket. If the Sect’y of Treasury has broad powers to issue NEW gold coins, does that mean an entirely new design as well? I assume that if they tried to alter the original legislation with a change in composition of the half dollar from clad to 24k gold, would require Congressional approval? Sounds like a half baked idea not fully thought out by the powers that be. But after three years of revenue from “special” sets, the Mint is hooked on that annual product type like a drug user after cheap heroin or ecstasy… Might have to pass on the gold offering if ill-conceived.

  29. says


    Thanks for the details on the gold half dollar. Sounds like we’re in for a real treat from the Mint this year. As someone who’s collected every Kennedy half dollar, I’m more than a little excited for this.

    I do suspect any gold piece will come later in the year, though. They will have to figure out how to overcome manufacturing hurdles (given the frequent troubles the First Spouses give them, I am concerned about the same kind of issues cropping up here). Then they have to get packaging for it. As Louis and I discussed in a prior thread, it would be unsurprising if they do these releases in “chunks” – the clad and silver sets on one date, and the gold coin on another.


    Thanks for linking to that column. Seems like the mystery of those half dollars have been solved. Now the question is what will the mint do with them? Some kind of special sale? Try to circulate?


    They should have no problems producing the silver coins given that they already produce silver and clad proofs every year. I don’t really see a reverse proof or an “enhanced” proof requiring special authorization. I’m pretty sure that the silver eagle sets of prior years did not get Congressional authorization (though someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

  30. Eddie says

    Yes a gold half dollar that is the same size and thickness as the silver one is now. This could be great.

  31. DCDave says

    I’m happy with my (one) RP Buffalo. Nice looking coin. Never intended to flip it so who cares. Hope they don’t do any more special ASEs for a while!

  32. vaughnster says

    Don’t think the Mint would have problems with a gold Kennedy half as it has much more surface area than the First Spouse coins do and should have less striking issues.

  33. thePhelps says

    Looks like the 2014 Halves minted in 2013 theory got shot down in flames!

    I wonder why the mint didn’t just shred them when they found the order was canceled. They’ll need to come up with some plan to rid themselves of 6 million half dollars.

  34. Samuel says

    if it is the same size and thickness, will it be more than 1oz? no time to do a quick calculation.

  35. GMS says

    Wow!! Even I like this one. Let’s hope the mint doesn’t screw up the sales and distribution. They will probably come in a cheap box made in China lol.

  36. thePhelps says

    I just happened to think – the mint did flag the 2013 half as being on sale for 1 year or until supplies are exhausted. With that in hand and knowing the have 6 million extras…perhaps there will be a bonus buy this year.

    “On-Sale Date: To ensure that all members of the public have fair and equal access to United States Mint products, any order placed prior to the official on-sale date and time of June 20, 2013, at 12 noon (ET) shall not be deemed accepted by the United States Mint and will not be honored. This product will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year timeframe.”

  37. Dustyroads says

    After watching Mint going-ons and website d-bockles over the past few years of following, it’s not surprising that someone at the fed could make such a large screw-up. Then again, maybe the fed just needed a cheap way to ad three million dollars to their books!

  38. Dustyroads says

    Big time off topic, GovMint sent me an e-mail this morning letting me know they have sent the 2014 Wedge Tailed Eagle proof I ordered from them Sunday night.

  39. EvilFlipper says

    Not sure I like this. Presidents have been done to death. It’s gotta say something that a country worships people on its coins more than ideals. Not excited about this in the least.

  40. Don says

    So now the Mint has to come up with some type of creative solution to dispose of or distribute 6 million 2013 Kennedy halves. How about the customers who shelled out a premium for the 200-coin bags or the P & D two roll sets? They can’t be feeling particularly happy with this news. With over 9 million of these in uncirculated condition, there is suddenly a glut of 2013 Kennedys.

  41. says


    I mostly agree with you, though I’ve always thought Kennedy was the only president that looked any good on a coin and have always been a fan of this specific series. Broadly, though, I’d prefer the presidents be removed from the general circulating coinage and be replaced with depictions of liberty in the classical style.

    I think presidents, if they should be on coins at all, should primarily be on “rotating” coinage like the presidential dollars or commemoratives.

  42. JBK says

    Re: achmed

    Yes, you are correct, the gold JFK should be available for purchase by international customers.

    JFK did indeed proudly proclaim himself to be a Berliner (or a donut, depending on the translation), and I am sure there are many Irish who consider him to be one of their own, so the coin should be available to anyone who wants it. (It is just too bad about the VAT situation).

  43. Jeff says

    Are those extra Kennedy’s 2014 or 2013 dated? I’m sure its not possible but a fifth mint would be cool like New Orleans (O) minted Kennedy is this even remotely possible, or a coin minted in JFK birth place with a special mint mark.

  44. Sith says

    Thank you CO, and Brian:

    The only question being if they can manufacture coins why are they going with medals, I understand the whole one ounce thing, but if I wanted to stack their are cheaper ways to do so. Anyway I’m just saying medals don’t sell as well as coins, so IMHO it would be another mint mistake to use medals if using coins was an option.

  45. smiledon says

    I hope that the US Mint does not price people out of this.
    I could go for a 5 oz coin in silver, a 4 coin set in silver with each mint mark, or wha tothers have asked that an UHR coin be done.

  46. Ray says

    its neither technically. This is the 51st year that the Kennedy Half Dollar has been issued. 1964-2014 is 51 years if we include the starting year (base year).

    This is all very interesting. I have gone through this calculation several times and it doesn’t seem right to me. What is the weight of a 24k gold Kennedy half that has the same dimensions as the current clad/silver half?

    The specific gravity of gold is 19.3 grams per cubic cm.
    The diameter (D) of a half is 30.61 mm = 3.061 cm
    The thickness (H) of a half is 2.15 mm = 0.215 cm
    Pie equals 22/7

    Volume = (D/2)*(D/2)*Pie*H
    Weight = Spec Grav * Volume

    I get 1.582813583 cubic cm.
    With a Spec Grav of 19.3, that would equate to a coin weighing 30.54830216g. Maybe that is right? It just seems a little high to me. What have others calculated?

  47. Samuel says

    Ray, i just did a rough calculation based on the silver half.
    90% Silver, Balance Copper, 12.500 grams.

    silver is 10.5 g/cm3
    gold is 19.3 g/cm3

    assume same size, ignore the copper in the silver, assume all silver:
    the gold coin will be: 19.3/10.5*12.5~=23 g.

  48. Samuel says

    the problem with ur calculation is that your D and H are not accurate, the coin is not flat and edge is reeded. so u cant use that equation.

    since the volumns of silver and gold coin are exactly the same, you dont need to go into the details, they will be cancelled out. so it burns down to the ratio of their densities.

    it is rougly, 3/4 oz.

  49. Leo S. says

    Something to Think About

    Jackie Kennedy is going to arrive in 2015 in the 24 karat gold 1/2 oz FS coin. If the JFK is going to be a 1/2 oz, it would make a very nice set to collect.

    Just a thought.

  50. RSF says

    I think that a year set of Kennedy halves would only have 50 holes to fill since they did not issue a 1975 dated half. So it is in fact the 50th issuance/anniversary in 2014.

  51. says


    I’m expecting Jackie to be extremely popular and sell well. I might even pick it up. I’ve thought for awhile that as we got towards the more modern presidents, First Spouse sales might pick up.

    The JFK presidential dollars might also perform well.

  52. Ray says

    @Steve, if I had one Kennedy from each year since they started making them, I would have 51 in 2014.

  53. ClevelandRocks says

    The Kennedy reverse will look great in gold.
    Captain: That’s what they said about the Lincoln FS and still not popular.

  54. VA Rich says

    Yeah, I’ll echo the sentiment of many posters.., if there’s no household limit or mintage limit <50K.., $1,200 to $1,300 is a lot of money for .73 oz of Au & I will pass!

    The RP Buff has validated that a mintage of 43,000 is well beyond market saturation and today I can still pick up one of those for $1,640.

  55. fmtransmitter says

    Well remeber VA Rich as the hobby gows, which we know it is by leaps and bounds, your RP Buffs will go up. 10 15 years the hobby says, we have to many impatient collectors because we are forced to be impatient on new releases and chase low mintage popular coins, then we get upset when don’t double right away, Wedge Tail being the exception of course. lol

  56. VA Rich says

    Wedge Tail being the exception of course, Brother! No comparison here…, I’ll hedge my bets… 😉

  57. PdBallerina says


    They should slab all the Fed Kennedys.. with a special label that says..

    “First Fed devaluated collector coin” and sell them for $35..

  58. Jerry Diekmann says

    Some very good poits being made on this website by many of you. I will add my 2 cents – the Mint needs to do whatever it needs to do to make sure that the big dealers aren’t the ones who get most of the coins and then run up the prices with their TPGs. I’m a collector, not a flipper – I collect for the beauty and history of coins. I don’t collect coins that I think are ugly or inappropriate. For the gold half dollar, I would hope that it would be the same size and thickness as the silver and clad half dollar. It could be 90% gold or 99.9% gold, and whatever that amount of gold in the coin comes to, that is how the coin should be priced. I also like the idea of the idea of silver half dollars from each of the four mints.

  59. says

    Ray…it’s an anniversary…not how many have been made. Look at the silver eagle 25th anniversary in 2011…if you had one coin from 1986 you would have 26…but it’s an ANNIVERSARY

  60. Dave says

    I was in Carson City last summer and stopped for a visit at the mint. They were doing a special pressing on the old coin press. Maybe the gold Kennedy could be struck as a CC mint marked coin. THAT would be pretty special.

  61. Jerry Diekmann says

    Ray – they did have an uncirculated 40% silver bicentennial JFK half, so maybe that could count for 2 coins. It was the only time the mint ever issued an uncirculated silver half and a clad half in the same year. FYI, 1974 quarters and halves were issue in 1974 and the first half of 1975, and the bicentennial quarters and halves were issued the last half of 1975 and all of 1976. This 18-month period of striking coins explains the large mintages of both the 1974 and 1976 coins. The 1964 JFK half dollars were struck for 2 years – 1964 through 1965, and the date was frozen, and the mint mark removed in 1965, which helps to explain, in addition to the demand, the large number of 1964-dated halves, and why the 1964 mintage is almost twice that of the 1964 mintage.

  62. Tom says

    Please, just forget about it, I’m sick of seeing Kennedy on Anything
    and certainly not More of it. Maybey they can show him doing Marilyn
    or ‘that intern’. The heck with this unwarrented long run. I’d rather see
    Teddy or even almost anybody on a coin, Instead of Yet More Kennedys.

  63. VA Rich says

    Oh yeah, pre-order request notifications for the Smoky Mountain puck are beginning to show on retailers sites!

  64. fmtransmitter says

    Keep us updated on who has the lowest pre order VA Rich, for the SM puck.
    @Jerry Diekmann:and why the 1964 mintage is almost twice that of the 1964 mintage. ???

  65. Sith says

    @VA Rich –

    Not sure how you determined market saturation at 40+K when the UHR was 100+K and you can’t touch them for under 2K an most auctions sell closer to 3K. Its a little premature on the RP Buffalo. I suspect any gold Kennedy’s demand would depend on if people think its a one year design (UHR) or the mint could come out with another similar coin in a few years (RPs.)

  66. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, That 2014 Australian wedge tail eagle coin has a resemblance to the USPO logo eagle. It’s a nice looking eagle on the coin.

  67. VARich says

    Sith – Wasn’t making a comparison between the RP Buff and UHR; I’m making a comparison between the RP Buff and a JFK offering at $1,200-$1,300 – apples and oranges in my opinion.

    Recall back to Day One of the RP Buff ordering…, those that ordered within the first hour received them on the front end and those that ordered later in the day or on Friday had to wait months while the big boys had their orders fulfilled which lead to the influx of the all the slabbed RPs. The price of those RP Buffs followed a sine curve and if you were to check retailers now, RPs are still everywhere and have come back down to a price point of a few hundred dollars above the lowest point I saw. Sort of representative of the WP Sets

    The draw for the RP Buff was the 100th Anniversary of a historic and allegoric classic.

    The draw for the JFK sets is an association to a political figure. Many of you like my father, loved Kennedy; some of you above obviously do not; and then there’s some of us with no association that could take it or leave it.

    Will the RP Buff gain strength and bounce back – absolutely, though it’ll be a while. I love mine regardless. A mintage of 50,000 for the JFK coin @ $1200+, personally I think you’re going to see a tremendous amount slabbed and sitting around for sale for quite a while…, it ain’t no Buff, hence the why I think the mintage will be way too high.

  68. VARich says

    stephen m – photos do not do it justice, in proof or high relief! Hopefully the us mint will take note and up their game a bit!

  69. fmtransmitter says

    Those extra 6 million Kennedy’s being cancelled is funny. I wondder if who ordered them has to pay the Mint anything for the time it spent making them?

  70. David says

    I’ll have to pass on the gold version. Gold is way out of my league. I think if the half is minted in its original 90% silver composition then I’m in. Hopefully all the coins will be available individually. And I wonder if its time to change the design….it’s been longer than 25 years so I think it would be eligible for a change.

  71. says


    To be honest, the draw for me is less “a beloved political figure” and more “my favorite circulating coin.” If I thought the Kennedy half dollar was ugly, I probably wouldn’t be collecting it and would pass on the sets. I certainly respect Kennedy as a decent president but I don’t worship him either. 🙂

    I have to think at least some buyers will be motivated by a desire to collect a product like this if they enjoy collecting the Kennedy half dollar series in general.

  72. VARich says

    CO – yes, I think that’s awesome that many of you all got to experience first hand the development, alterations, and history of many of these coins that get celebrated now in special sets and the like. I can’t say that unfortunately and I find it intriguing when someone posts about the history and variations of a coin. With the exception of the state quarters and AtBs, it mostly either plain jane clad or strictly numismatic nowadays that new collectors experience nowadays…, I’m envious of you guys!

  73. Sith says

    @VARich – Not sure were your going with your point, are you saying the Kennedy would be too expensive? As far as availability the RP Buff was available for a month while the UHR was available for about a year with collectors waiting for months to receive their coins until the initial ordering backlog was overcome. This also benefited the “big boys” or people who were lucky enough to order early.

    All I’m saying is your comparing the proposed Kennedy to the RP Buff is valid but maybe you should compare it to the UHR instead.

  74. smiledon says

    I was looking ahead to 2015, and the US Marshalls coin, and the March of Dimes coin will be out. Any one here heard what they may look like? We are all wondering what the new Kennedy coin(s) will look like, I might as well ask what all of you think they will look like.

  75. fmtransmitter says

    The March of Dimes I think it going to have the back of the Mercury dime on it. DON’T quote me! Assume the US Marshall’s is pretty obvious, the MArshall Badge they use on their insignia.

  76. Sith says

    @smiledon – As far as the other coins based on the current batch of bad choices it will be dull, but who knows maybe it will be a image of Tommy Lee Jones

  77. VARich says

    S – that there may not be the universal attraction that I perceive exists for the RP Buff which sold ~43-44k and there still seems to be a considerable surplus to-date. If the mint is considering a mintage of 50k (which I suspect is based off the recent RP Buff sales), think they’re aiming way too high which will lead to a glut on retailers sites – if I were to sink $1200-$1300 into the coin, I’d like to see a mintage limited to 30,000 with a household limit of 1 for one week. That’s all, I was burned bad on the WP Sets and RP somewhat, I’m sensitive to early purchases of ‘mint to demand’ now.

  78. VARich says

    CW – post Christmas and around NY’s there were some flash sales that were very attractive for PR 70’s <$2k. Just last week one retailer has an OGP for $1,640 and another has had 70's ~$2.1k – check mcm, s'towne, gm, often or snag one off the bay.

  79. VARich says

    CW – should have mentioned, Presidents Day is in two weeks, we may see some sales centered around that holiday, I’ll be watching – just a thought.

  80. thePhelps says

    @smiledon – here is the criteria used for the March of Dimes coin:

    Numbered H.R. 3187, the March of Dimes Commemorative Coin Act specifies that the silver dollar design contain motifs that represent the “past, present, and future of the March of Dimes and its role as champion for all babies.”

    Known today as the March of Dimes Foundation but originally named the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP), the organization was established on January 3, 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to combat polio. With vaccines ending the polio epidemic in the U.S. around the mid 1950′s, today the March of Dimes works to improve the health of mothers and babies

    I would assume it will reflect on those themes.

    The US Marshalls coin has the following design criteria:
    The Obverse will have a US Marshalls Service Star (aka Americas Star)
    The mint date – plus the dates 1789 and 2014…
    (plus the standard verbiage)
    The reverse…”The image should depict Marshals as the lawmen of our frontiers, including their geographic, political, or cultural history, and shall include the Marshals Service motto `Justice, Integrity, Service’.”

  81. thePhelps says

    I finally have a surcharge fee I don’t mind paying…the March of Dimes is a worthy organization!

  82. says

    Reading everyone’s comments about how they won’t buy if the “BIG” dealers get their hands on them. Well I hate to break it to you guys, that is a given. With that philosophy, why are you even collecting coins? The “BIG” dealers have their hands in everything. That is how they became BIG in the first place. Also, if this is the only thing that is keeping you from collecting this then I hate to say what you and everybody else already knows is true, you are not real collectors in the first place.

  83. smiledon says

    This is really why I like this place; funny comments that are both spot on, and from the heart.

  84. thePhelps says

    This is true smiledon. Nothing more BIG and heartfelt than a random note from beyond. 🙂

  85. fmtransmitter says

    jaceravone is a BIG dealer! lol From what I have read, we all just FAIR and EQUAL access at the same time as the BIG dealers! This is the US Mint who says “SO ALL PEOPLE HAVE FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS” on their website!!

  86. Eddie says

    If you think about it would be cool to have The March of Dimes Commemorative to be like a dime. It would be something different for a change. I would buy one.

  87. thePhelps says

    @fm – a real collector is a person who would rather buy a coin or a set of coins from a BIG reseller after they are graded. A real collector wouldn’t buy directly from the US Mint – that is old skool stuff. A real collector believes the BIG dealers deserve first crack at any mint offering – so they can make sure the BIG dealer has plenty of repackaged coins to sell to real collectors at marked up prices – before the non collectors buy them and keep them in non-collectors OGP. I am sure there are other “real collectors” who would help define what it is they do…

  88. Buzz Killington says

    A real collector is someone who buys coins for the enjoyment of coins.

    A speculator buys coins when he thinks he can make a profit on them, and therefore cares about what other people are doing, because it influences the market.

  89. KEITHSTER says

    Ya the dime size but it isn’t going to happen would have been nice and do it in Palladium please? While your at it how about a 3 coin kennedy set in gold platinum & palladium that should give your big boys somthing to do? Good luck all even tiny tims:>:>:>

  90. fmtransmitter says

    I just found this video of NGC. I love NGC! But why don’t they wear some sort of gloves? I realize they are ONLY touching the edge of the coin but still oils from your hands will get on the coin and be encapsulated with those oils which may make toning or spotting occur? Maybe not. I also notice the grader is grading the coin through a coin flip? And when it is out of the flip he is using his naked eye but a loupe when inside the flip. Any thoughts?

  91. Don says

    John bought his collectible coins through a dealer. Bob got his coins directly from the Mint. Mike was given his Morgan silver dollars by his dad. They all have modest size collections, obtained in different ways. And they all enjoy their coins. So who is “real” collector?

  92. RSF says

    If you consider your coin collection to be a collection, then you are a collector.
    If you consider them inventory, then you are a dealer/flipper/investor.

  93. Sith says

    VA – I hear that but hopefully the RP will pickup. Just saying its not mintage, its demand that will drive the price. This offering being a unique one year coin, honoring a popular president means that demand should be higher than the RP…IMHO

  94. Sith says

    All this talk about real collectors buying coins…I would consider someone who went through their spare change for state quarters to fill a Whitman album a real collector, limited in scope but a “real collector.”

  95. says

    Acually, you can be a collector/investor/flipper all at the same time…that’s how I view myself.
    I have coins that are in my “collection” that besides being classics, have some special meaning to me. My 1882-CC Motgan (also the year my grandad was born)….my 1925 Stone Mountain half dollars…(I live near there and it is also the year my parents were born)….my 1955 Proof set (the year I was born). Those are coins I’ll always keep.

    Modern coins, I buy, flip and keep some too. As an example, I bought 3 sets of the 2013-P ATB 5 ozcoins…I sold two sets(made about $175/set) and kept one…so the set I kept only costs me $460.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to bore you guys with every buy/sell I do, but I just wanted to say I was first introduced to coin collecting at a young age… 7 or 8 with my blue Whitman albums…and I collected mercury dimes…and most were well circulated, but that didn’t matter to me…each different date and mint mark (especially the “S”) made my heart pound with excitement as I went through my dads change. And I stll have those Mercury dimes today…and while they may not be worth much, the joy and memories of my childhood they bring are priceless.

  96. fmtransmitter says

    @samuel: ok, lots of new members since then I assume. Great! So what are your thoughts? Do you have a link to the thread where it was discussed? Appreciate it, anyone else have any thoughts? Thank you all for ALL viewpoints. It really helps.

  97. Samuel says

    fm, thats long time ago. basically, no one like their coins handled by naked fingers, but u have no choice. i also shared my experience about a 70 coin with smooth edge, u can see finger prints there.

  98. Buzz Killington says

    Steve, you are right, you can be all of them. If you like coins, you may also speculate in them. But the original comment was right on target, if you are worrying about what other people are buying a coin, you are not buying it as a coin collector, you are buying it as a speculator, considering what the future price will be.

    Here is a good example, a speculator would say “I am not getting this coin, because the dealers will have big inventories.”

    A collector might say, “I am not getting this coin from the Mint, because I think the price will decline, and I can pick it up from a dealer who has to take a loss.”
    This was true for lots and lots of Modern commems — they did not retain the value of their issue price.

    I also bristled at the idea that windows where coins can be purchased without limits is bad for the hobby. It is the best and fairest way.

    I have been in the game long enough to remember when the White House silver dollar commanded a premium because of the “tiny” 200,000 mintage.

  99. Buzz Killington says

    Sorry, the “tiny” White House mintage was 500,000 that sold out. Those were the days!

  100. Dustyroads says

    Wow Steve, you remind me so much of myself. I had a grandparent born 1893 and a nice AU Barber half to commemorate his birth, but sold it not long ago. I’ll find another one someday that is uncirculated. I can testify to the fact that the S mint mark will always be a special one to me, that’s the reason I enjoy owning the complete sets of the AtB quarters with the S mint mark. I’ve never really like the word collect, since people can collect anything for all kinds of reasons, and too many instances end up with more stuff they know what to do with. I guess I’m blessed being that I am not overflowing with cash and buying everything in sight, so I do try to wisely buy what I feel will appreciate, and that is bringing a great deal of enjoyment when I hit it just right. I like the Kennedy half in particular because of the reverse and would like to see it remain if the gold coin is produced, but as Brian posted earlier, it would be easy for some to gold plate a 2014. The new gold half would half to be unique for sure, a privy mark would be excellent.

  101. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Michael’s blog is good because we can have our opinions heard. I think a lot of great designs in the past few years has been due to this blog.

  102. thePhelps says

    I started collecting coins in the 60’s when my dad pointed out that the US was no longer going to make coins out of silver. My initial foray was collecting war nickels. In the 80’s and 90’s I ordered select products from the mint via mail order, and in the late 90’s I started ordering online. (kind of fun to look in your order history and see what products you missed along the way – but they are listed all the way back to 2001).

    This trend of competing against large marketing firms for mint releases isn’t an age old thing – it is a newer trend driven by the internet and cable T.V. You can look at eBay and see many people buying brand new mint releases from resellers and realize that many people still don’t even know they can buy directly from the mint for much less.

    That is what the resellers a preying on. The HSN guy hyping his purchase of 5,000 1st day 1 of a kind special label can’t find it anywhere else set of these beautiful coins… (which are still available for purchase straight from the mint).

    So maybe I’m not a real collector. I just think the mint needs to be a bit more fair in the ordering process. The WP set showed exactly how flawed it is. Deep pocket buyers can order months of production and wreak havoc on the system – within minutes of the product going to market. That process both inflated the original resell price – and has deflated the value of the sets as time goes by. The mint made a killing, the resellers made a killing, and collectors either canceled their orders or waited it out.

    Even a 1 week window of household limits would end most of that gaming the system for most of us.

  103. Don says

    Sooner or later, as a collector, you will buy or trade coins for many purposes, including upgrading your collection, streamlining and specializing the collection, etc. One’s interests change and evolve over a period of time. This is true of all types of collections–cars, antique tools, model trains, etc. So yes, you can be a collector-dealer at the same time.

    Dusty Road,
    I agree. The Kennedy Half reverse is a very impressive design.

  104. Eddie says

    When I said what I said about The March of Dimes being minted the size of a dime be still have 1oz content. This is what I had in mind:Niue 2013 $50 Fortuna Redux Mercury unique Cylinder Shaped 6Oz Proof Silver Coin.
    It would be something different unique. I know I would diffidently want a couple.

  105. fmtransmitter says

    Yes the Kennedy reverse is a Frank Gasparro design and I often look for his designs, how I came across the Wedge Tail Eagle. I respect Frank’s story, he was a humble man. He was proud of his penny reverse and often mentioned to people that they have his art in their pocket. With that said, I am plan to have a FG coin/medal sent in for grading as I received an email back stating they WOULD grade it. Looking forward to seeing what happens. Good luck all!

  106. Eddie says

    I want one of those so bad.but with the Gold Kennedy coming out this year I’ll have to wait until next year to saVE UP AND GET ONE.

  107. fmtransmitter says

    yea me too…they seem to be around but prices are going up as they get bought and who knows, another stunner may come out. They sure know how to keep us intrigued! lol

  108. reddirt says

    Couldn’t agree more….
    If the big dealers are allowed to purchase mass quantities I’m ordering NONE. They have killed the hobby for me as far as modern coins are concerned.

    The game is now rigged for the big online guys… The mint should stand up and take notice to this. How shameful the West Point set was. Do the right thing USMINT, do the RIGHT thing!

  109. Eddie says

    Are you saying the Mint will be minting a UHR gold Kennedy half? That might work. Because the Mint will have to make it thicker to mint a UHR. At least could make it the size of the Kennedy half but will be thicker than the regular half. Someone smarter than me might be able to tell us.
    That would be great IMHO.

  110. Jerry Diekmann says

    frmtransmitter – very sorry – I left off the “D” – twice as many 1964s as 1964Ds. Spell check wouldn’t catch that, if spell check worked on this blog.

  111. Jerry Diekmann says

    Smiledon – no more military or sports coins for me – so I won’t be buying a coin for marshalls, whoever that might represent. Given the kinds of commemorative coins the Mint churns out, you would think the USA is a reincarnation of ancient Sparta – all military and sports. There are other aspects of life at least as important or more important than warfare and the Olympics – I wish we would see more of people who were not involved in either endeavor – it’s been overload now for a long time, IMO.

  112. Jerry Diekmann says

    Why don’t they make the March of Dimes commemorative (if there is to be one) on the dime – it would be perfect on the reverse of the FDR dime since he was associated with the March of Dimes. Better yet, make it a 1-year circulating commemmorative. Probably won’t happen because it would be logical and logic is not in the Mint or Congress’ dictionary.

  113. Eagle One says

    I have been anticipating this Gold Kennedy coin for a long time now. Finally, it looks like it’s gonna happen. However, the thought of an UHR bothers me. I think the coin should maintain the exact dimensional specifications as the original coin. The size and shape should remain constant as a tribute to the coin itself. I think the Mint did a great job with the 1998-S Silver Matte Coin and this is one of my most favorite coins. If the mint could do the same with Gold and in a matte finish – that would be great. There is no need to target a mass of one ounce. Just make it out of gold and who cares what it weights. Put a “W” mint mark on it and make two silver mattes with “P” and “D” mint marks. And there you go; a perfect three coin set tribute. The end to an amazing 50 year run.

  114. Eddie says

    But the Irish Kennedy coin gets very tiresome .I thought like you did the more I Looked at it the more I bored I got with it.

  115. Eddie says

    I also hope the Mint doesn’t over price the coins ans sets so much over price the little guy can’t afforded one because that was what the first coins were all about putting one in about hand in not who’s hand could afford one hand. @ eagle On
    I agree I agree with you with all of the technology we have today the Nint should be able to make this happen.

  116. SKM says

    “Put a “W” mint mark on it( i.e. Gold) and make two silver mattes with “P” and “D” mint marks. And there you go; a perfect three coin set tribute. The end to an amazing 50 year run.”

    Well said, Eagle One!!

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