25th Anniversary Sets Starting to Ship

Starting today, it seems that the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets are starting to be shipped to customers.

Some collectors who placed their orders shortly after the start of sales on October 27 at 12:00 Noon have had their status changed to “Your order quest has been shipped” and have been provided with a tracking number.

The start of shipping occurs earlier than anticipated. The US Mint had previously indicated that shipping was expected to begin in “late November 2011”.

Many collectors and readers of this blog are palpably excited about the prospect of receiving this limited and much anticipated set within the next few days.

Once the sets are actually received, more robust secondary market sales activity can also start to occur for those seeking to sell their sets. One of the largest markets for quick resale eBay imposed certain requirements on the sale of the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle set which effectively served to eliminate pre-sales.

For previous quickly sold out US Mint products, steady pre-sales activity would usually take place leading up to the actual shipping of the products. Once the products were received, sales listings would usually to increase, sometimes depressing prices.

In the case of the 25th Anniversary Sets, there might be a much larger rush of listings taking place once products are received since pre-sales were prevented. There will also likely be a great deal of pent up demand at the onset from the many collectors who wanted a set, but were unable to place an order.

Other News

In other news, it seems likely that there will be another price increase taking place for US Mint numismatic gold products. The average London Fix gold price for the period (excluding tomorrow’s AM fix) falls into the $1,750 to $1,799.99 range. In the most likely scenario, as long as tomorrow’s PM fix price is in the same range or higher, the US Mint will increase product prices by $50 per ounce proportional to the gold content.

The impacted products would be the 2011 Proof Gold Eagles, 2011-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle, 2011 Proof Gold Buffalo, First Spouse Gold Coins, and 2011 commemorative gold coins.

The US Mint has generally implemented these weekly price changes around mid-morning on Wednesday.

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  1. AE says

    no one on this site can make a definative statement for the mint no matter what cust svs says. at this point if i answered the phone, be polite check order and give answer on screen. can you imagine all the calls into mint & what they have had to hear true or total bs stories from customers. we can guess and specu-calculate on whats left and when lists kick in. but thats all. i have a 3838 and my date of ship get pushed back but i will not cancel till the fat chick sings. to ship 100k units of anything. we all want to think 10k units aday out the door in perfect world. how about closer to 6-8k and then shipping teams get smaller as 60% is shipped so less per day out the door. has anyone seen 100k of anything. or even 10k of these boxes at a shot. i know processed shipping at it best but be realistic. its gov. contract 2nd party. try cashing that postdated check. have faith and who knows whats stuffed in that turkey. Happy Holidays to all. oh i ordered the chinese new year lucky dollar. could never hurt.

  2. GMS says

    Some will still trickle through for one reason or another, but most of us are screwed unless we wanna pay the premium to those who seem to have ordered an unlimited number if you look at eBay. It’s a business.

  3. JD says

    Rich, Mine haven’t been cancelled either 38381xxx….My guess some are cancelled due to other issues…ie credit card changes etc…

  4. says

    My order went in on 11/27. My order # is 383978XX and is time-stamped 6:51 PM. The Track Order page I downloaded from the mint says ‘… your order request is in process.’ Under Item Status it says ‘Expected to ship on 11/27/11. And here come the big ‘but.’ But every time I check my order the mint has moved up the shipping date. It now says expected to ship on 12/05.

  5. says

    PS: If I receive my order I will be very pleasantly surprised and will let you know. Also thanks to all who have posted very helpful and much needed information.
    PPS: What are the TPG’s charging to grade the set(s)?

  6. says

    1:22pm west coast time. Checked my order status and was informed ‘out of stock’ and ‘line was canceled.’ Too bad, it would have been a nice set to have.

    Thanks again to all who posted updates and info.

  7. vaughnster says

    Order number:38468439
    Order Date:11/11/2011 at 08:04 AM
    Order Status: Your order request has been cancelled.
    Item no longer available.

    This order went in during a very brief glitch on the Mint’s website where the sets were back on sale for less than an hour. It was fun to dream 🙂

  8. says

    After a week and a half of waiting for a decision from the mint concerning damaged coins in the anniversary set, I called them today and was told that If anyone has any damaged coins there will be no replacements available. So if anyone got a dinged or scratched coin or coins in their set, its live with it or sell it. However they will accept sets for refund.

  9. J pay says

    no cancel here 38379xxx mike ??? dont know where did you see wait list cancelled? my order was at 5:10

  10. says

    Mike, that’s too bad…..several of us have orders under yours that have not been cancelled…mine is 38379xxx.
    I called the mint today, but they really have their hands tied and can’t give you any useful info. Bottom line…if your order hasn’t been cancelled, you may still get it.
    Good luck everyone!

  11. Francisco J.Z. says

    Last time I posted something here, it got deleted; I believe the moderator didn’t enjoy the fact that I confirmed the blatant scams going on with Ebay and Paypal especially how there is no respect or protection for Sellers; anyhow, today I add PCGS on to my list (black) : did anyone get an email (notice) of the charges involved startiing Nov.18 for you to have your OGP for this set mailed back to you (up to $150 x 5 boxes)…..oh my my my another way for PCGS to make more money as an opportunistic entity given the high demand this product has had; another clear example : UHR double eagle- how many people sold their UHR PL for pennies before PCGS officialy acknowledged the variety ??? I know of the hoards of UHR coins that were shipped back to PCGS ???? for re-grading or variety attribution , LOL; I’ll let you decide who is laughing “his” way to the bank? do you know?

  12. Terry Tempel says

    The US
    Mint’s stated policy is to ensure the broadest distribution of limited edition coins AS POSSIBLE by setting household limits. The stated policy is the mint can change limits at any time to achieve this policy. With this in mind, check E-bay sales. At this writing, there are 13 pages of 50 offers per page with many offering 5 sets. Look closer and you will find many resellers advertising more than 5 sets. These sellers will say they are consignment sellers. Truth be told, they paid shills to order maximum sets for them for a small fee and then more than doubled the original price when they resold them. One reseller had 30 sets. A dealer will not make enough money to stay in business doing consignment versus paying shills to order the maximum sets. Check the E-bay sellers who have more than 5 sets advertised. Wouldn;t you expect them to have other coin items listed besides these SAE sets if they were dealers who bought other sets from folks? Why didn’t the mint exercise their option to change the orders to 1 set per household for maximum distribution and fairness? The picture of one resellers unopened 5 set box clearly shows the box to be 5 of 7 delivered that day. The mint enabled cheats to screw the true collector. Were you one of the true collectors who ordered one set and got cancelled?

  13. J pay says

    no cancel yet and a TRUE collector ,,also the people that buy these just to flip well they may get there $ but its wrong and they know it they don’t care if anyone gets a set as long as they get paid most likely they don’t even collect coins,,,, read 1 in here that said Lucky that they came across this as it was a true money maker and thats why he got in just to flip hope the mint learned a lesson here and flippers you will get what is just deserved maybe not today but 1 day make it right and at least sell a set to a true collector that tried but got left out not that that will reprieve you but its a start! MINT LEARN BY YOUR MISTAKES SOME CAN LAUGH AT THIS BUT DEEP DOWN ALL KNOW ITS TRUE

  14. Tim says

    I am a true collector that bought only 2 sets. Sure I could have bought the limit but did not, so someone got 3 or part of 3. That is called being fair, for those who weren’t fair, it is written down, guess where? I am not a saint simply forgiven.

    For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  15. Anon says

    @Tim “So you think that money is the root of all evil?” “Have you ever asked what is the root of money? Money is a tool of exchange, which can’t exist unless there are goods produced and men able to produce them. Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value. Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product by tears, or of the looters, who take it from you by force. Money is made possible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil?”

    “When you accept money in payment for your effort, you do so only on the conviction that you will exchange it for the product of the effort of others. It is not the moochers or the looters who give value to money. Not an ocean of tears nor all the guns in the world can transform those pieces of paper in your wallet into the bread you will need to survive tomorrow. Those pieces of paper, which should have been gold, are a token of honor–your claim upon the energy of the men who produce. Your wallet is your statement of hope that somewhere in the world around you there are men who will not default on that moral principle which is the root of money, Is this what you consider evil?”

  16. Davo says


    Tim wrote “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. He didn’t say money itself was evil so you should cool down a little and read carefully. Most people will agree that money is not evil but when people love money more than other people or God then that is the root of all evil. The LOVE of money NOT money itself. I’m sure Tim would accept your apology.

    Let’s have fun collecting coins because we like to collect them and enjoy looking at them once in a while. We are not or should not be about making a quick buck.

  17. vaughnster says

    “DT says:

    November 22, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Just checked my order status #3838xxxx and its says In Stock And Reserved”

    What is the next digit?

  18. JBK says

    Congratulations to those who are showing up today as “in stock and reserved.” I imagine that these are the last batch and the final handful of sets are being doled out.

    As for those who are spewing venom about the order process, I wonder why they don’t spend their energy focusing on the right target. Write a letter (that’s right – with actual paper and a postage stamp) to the Mint Director and Secretary of the Treasury, and maybe even your Congressman. There is no changing the way things worked for this offering, but if you make a polite and persuasive argument then maybe the fiasco will not be repeated.

    As for the dealers who have many sets to sell, they are in business to sell coins and make money. Many of them got others to buy sets for them – whose fault is it? The dealer who is offering a profit to buyers? The buyer for ordering his/her limit? The coin business? The hobby? The collectors who are responsible for making all of this profitable for the dealers by being willing to buy the coins on the secondary market?

    As for one person’s claim that a dealer had ordered multiple times himself because on eBay “the picture of one resellers unopened 5 set box clearly shows the box to be 5 of 7 delivered that day”, the Mint did not send two orders to one address, so that dealer did not get 7 boxes with five Silver Eagle sets in each one delivered to him.

    Ultimately, the problem is that this was a limited offering and the demand far exceeded the supply, and it was going to sell out no matter what was done. A better ordering system would have simply meant a faster sellout, but lower limits would have allowed a few more people to get in. I did not want to miss out so I was online a few minutes before noon and even though I had lots of issues, I was done by 12:17. If I was not able to do this at work like I did it, I would have taken a day off from work. I was willing to do what needed to be done, and I was not disappointed.

  19. Chris B says

    My order #38380xxx just changed to “in stock an reserved”. I can’t believe I will be getting my sets!!!!!!

  20. Mike says

    Nice…. I read there are some who cancelled their 38380XXX orders…. they should have hold out a little longer

  21. Shane says

    Nice…. I read there are some who cancelled their 38380XXX orders…. they should have hold out a little longer

  22. J pay says

    supposedly got mine also but there is allot to be learned from this all of us and the mint it is the ones that fell into the trap of sellers offering profit even before went on sale i personally got e-mails fro 3 different big dealers wanting set i remember them doing the same for the 1 oz. UHR gold coin we need to stop catering to them thats where collectors need to take a stand any ways good luck to all who hasn’t got theres yet

  23. mookem says

    Maybe the proof “sold out” is a fluke because the 5 oz Glacier ATB is showing sold out as well?

  24. spjegues says

    IN stock and reserved for my 383792XX order

    Looks like they went from 3837899 to 3838200 any body after that

    3838200 order number have one in stock?

  25. Buck says

    Just found out that I have an “in stock and reserved” status as well. My credit card shows the pending amount. I am happy! Thank you all who scored early for keeping the faith for the rest of us. I can’t wait to get my set! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  26. mookem says

    Given the fact that the ASE proofs are now sold out with the shipping of the 25th Ann. sets, I will now have my set graded as follows:

    2011 W Proof Silver Eagle – Pedigree of “Nearly last strike!” or “Late Release”
    2011 W Uncirculated Eagle – Pedigree of “Middle of the road releases”
    2011 P Reverse Proof Eagle – Pedigree of “First, Middle and Last Strike”
    2011 S Uncirculated Eagle – Pedigree of “The one WITH the S!”
    2011 Bullion Eagle – Pedigree of “The same as/but different from others”

    Only $95 extra for these premium labels from CGS!

    I will also add to the label:

    Set #001 of 001 for worldwide distribution. So get yours now!


    BTW, these sold out in .003 sec. setting a new record.

  27. Silver Sam says


    I think a lot of us were ready for a tad of humor…

    Thanks..and have a great holiday!

  28. GMS says

    We’ve got to be near the end. If your still hanging on and get any news today please pass it on. Good Luck!

  29. GMS says

    That’s the same group I’m in. We will either be the last to get one or some of the first too late.

  30. MadHatter says

    Great news! After hard work hounding the Director of the Mint and my senator’s office, my A25 orders were finally reinstated and the coins are now in hand. This does not resolve the problem that orders like mine should never have been cancelled in the first place (due to a mint system error), but I am very thankful to not be missing out on this wonderful set. I am also grateful to the many helpful, courteous and professional US Mint employees that I spoke with during this affair.

    Thanks again to Clair, JBK Captain and others for the support and advice, and good luck to those still awaiting their sets!

  31. silver sam says

    Congratulations MadHatter……..it shows that sometimes one person can right the wrong…wish it was that easy with our country!

  32. JBJK says

    MadHatter: that is incredible news! From experience I know that this sort of thing can be accomplished, but it takes someone willing to do the hard work, someone able to effectively prsent their case, and a little luck. Sounds like you had all three. It is a lesson that will pay off in other ways down the road….

  33. threebee says

    MadHatter: Congratulations on your success. I was a lucky one and got my order in by 12:04 that day for one set order #3832456x I had an issue with the mint about my cc but when I found out that orders were being shipped and I was one of the first ordered without a shipped email, I called and took care of it immediately, even with the problem my order was showing in stock and reserved.

  34. spjegues says

    Wonder if I need to call the mint my order 383792## shows in stock and reserved but no Tracking number. I see people after my order number have shipped. They are supposed to ship in order number FIFO right?

  35. Clair Hardesty says

    spjegues, once your item status goes to in stock, you should check to make sure that your CC has been charged. If there is an issue, fix it and then call the mint and get your order moving. FIFO is followed but not down to the individual order number. Orders are picked and shipped in batches and it is possible for a batch to get ahead of the one that had been before it. If this happens at or near the end of the day, they can ship slightly out of order as well. You won’t get a tracking number until there is a label on your box. At that time, the order status will change to shipped but if that happens after about 3:30PM ET, your box won’t actually go out until the next day. If shipped via UPS, the tracking number won’t give any meaningful information until the wee hours of the delivery day. Initially UPS won’t acknowledge the number, then they will only acknowledge it, then they will have real tracking info, then your set arrives. After all of the waiting, shipping happens in the blink of an eye. “in stock and reserved” is the closest thing to an actual order confirmation that the mint gives out and as long as your CC works, you are going to get your order.

  36. Winn says

    please post any further updates on the latest silver eagle blog page; this page is just getting way too looong

  37. Wild Bill Hickup says

    Order 383811xx (5:24pm) was charged to my card today, cant cancel at this point so I think I have them but will wait for delivery to celebrate. Best of luck to those in limbo….

  38. Walt says

    38395xxx – received a system generated e-mail at 5:16 AM this morning that said “Greetings from the United States Mint.
    Thank you for ordering from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently sold out. A customer service representative
    will be happy to assist you in finding an alternative item. “

  39. Matt says

    I got 2 orders 1 set each 38384XXX, 38385XXX; really look like hopes are fading.
    I guess I’ll be OUT OF LUCK on these – the Mint will confirm with me soon.

  40. Tony says

    My order #3841XXXXX was cancelled, no surprise. My brother was able to put in an order for 5 sets #3834XXXXX at 2:00pm. I sold 2 sets for him on ebay and made back the original cost of 5 sets. Gave me a set for free. Nice guy!!!

  41. says

    I see that there are a few people whose order got canceled and want to buy a set. I have an extra set. I would be willing to sell it for a fair price. If interested let me know and maybe we can work out a deal. davecochrane@yahoo.com

  42. says

    I consider a fair price to be $750.00. Anyone emailing me please put coin set in the subject line so I don’t delete your email as spam.

  43. VA Bob says

    Pretty darn generous Dave. You’re only asking for a bit over 100% profit and the buyer gets the pleasure of saving you the costs associated with eBay. Personally, I’d say $750 is the “flip” price not a “fair” one, and definitely not in accordance with the friendly nature usually found here. Each can decide for themselves. Of course Michael might not appreciate sales on his blog. I imagine you caught him enjoying the holiday with family and not moderating today.

  44. spjegues says

    383792XX shipped today. Weird how it went out of sequence on order numbers but it shipped . I am very happy.

  45. stephen m. says

    Sales of the 25th anniversary sets need to be posted on ebay or other sites that sell merchandise. Free sets need to be given out in an orderly fashion on this site. Dibbs on being the first receiver.

  46. says

    I was not aware of the policy of this site that items could not be offered for sale. That being the case I withdraw my offer to sell my extra set. I don’t want to violate any of the policies of this fine site. Thanks for informing me of the policy.

  47. DT says

    Can someone help me with advize how to submit this sets for grading. I never did it before and would like to try to set my 5 sets there. What better PCGS or NGC. And where is a cheaper. Please let me know. Thanks for your help.

  48. VA Bob says

    DT – I’ll assume you’re not a PCGS or NGC member. Members can submit coins directly. So you’ll have to take your coins to a Coin dealer that is a member. They can submit them for you. As a rule of thumb NGC will be a little cheaper, but PCGS usually commands a bit more if you intend to sell.

    You can also go to one of the larger coin shows in your area. PCGS and NGC usually have tables at the bigger shows. The nice thing about that is you will get to see your coins prior to grading that way. If you use a coin shop they will have to follow the sealed box rules. Good luck.

  49. PaulM says

    I sold two sets on ebay. One sold for $720. and the other for $770. After ebay fees, paypal fees and shipping, I netted $1275. So it cost $215. to sell the two. Wish I had thought of calling a local dealer as a commenter above did. Could have saved a lot of time and headaches.

  50. AE says

    i think your math is a bit off. try $675.00 after you pay your bills unless you plan on long term payoff, then figure your credit card intrest rates. pay off as fast as possible so you can keep what profits are left.
    good for you on multi sets.

  51. Aleks says

    Hi guys.I need some help.I am NGC member, just got membership,but never submitted coins there for grading.I would like to send them my unseald box of 25th Aniv. sets,please help me, how should I do that right. Thanks a lot.

  52. Bill says

    Don’t give up recieved e-mail this morning order #38394*** exp ship 12/12/11….got excited checked web site and says in process. good luck to all, Don’t give up.

  53. Randy says

    My order with the mint got cancelled somehow but after a few conversations with the Mint they have now reinstated my order and i recieved them yesterday. Thanks Alex (supervisor at the mint) went out of his way to help me . Great job.

  54. Douce says

    Has everyone recieved their sets in there entirety? I got through at 1:30 pm on order day and ordered two sets. My shipment came and it showed 2 each shipped, 2 each paid for and 2 each on the invoice.
    Opened the box to find one set. Immediately called the Mint and I have been waiting on the NRV form (non receipt verification) which I had to fill out and send to their headquarters.

    I’ve been calling but no answer from them yet on the resolution. I’m feeling that someone took my set at packaging. The box looked unopened and was full of packing material. Another set would not have fit.

    Someone has my set which I don’t think I’ll ever see after this amount of time. Customer service says they have ways to find out where it went. Unsure what those ways are, other than shipping weight?

    Anybody have a similar issue or did I just get “the short straw”?

    Disappointed –

  55. KEN says


  56. Douce says

    Well, the US Mint came through with my missing set. Received it yesterday. Quite shocked and pleased. Nice to see they did their research and came to the conclusion that the shipping box was “really” short a set.

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