25th Anniversary Sets Starting to Ship

Starting today, it seems that the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets are starting to be shipped to customers.

Some collectors who placed their orders shortly after the start of sales on October 27 at 12:00 Noon have had their status changed to “Your order quest has been shipped” and have been provided with a tracking number.

The start of shipping occurs earlier than anticipated. The US Mint had previously indicated that shipping was expected to begin in “late November 2011”.

Many collectors and readers of this blog are palpably excited about the prospect of receiving this limited and much anticipated set within the next few days.

Once the sets are actually received, more robust secondary market sales activity can also start to occur for those seeking to sell their sets. One of the largest markets for quick resale eBay imposed certain requirements on the sale of the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle set which effectively served to eliminate pre-sales.

For previous quickly sold out US Mint products, steady pre-sales activity would usually take place leading up to the actual shipping of the products. Once the products were received, sales listings would usually to increase, sometimes depressing prices.

In the case of the 25th Anniversary Sets, there might be a much larger rush of listings taking place once products are received since pre-sales were prevented. There will also likely be a great deal of pent up demand at the onset from the many collectors who wanted a set, but were unable to place an order.

Other News

In other news, it seems likely that there will be another price increase taking place for US Mint numismatic gold products. The average London Fix gold price for the period (excluding tomorrow’s AM fix) falls into the $1,750 to $1,799.99 range. In the most likely scenario, as long as tomorrow’s PM fix price is in the same range or higher, the US Mint will increase product prices by $50 per ounce proportional to the gold content.

The impacted products would be the 2011 Proof Gold Eagles, 2011-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle, 2011 Proof Gold Buffalo, First Spouse Gold Coins, and 2011 commemorative gold coins.

The US Mint has generally implemented these weekly price changes around mid-morning on Wednesday.

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  1. Broooster says

    I for one am very happy that these sets are finally shipping. I have 5 single sets ordered. 2 now have tracking numbers, I am confident all 5 will have tracking numbers by days end. I personally feel that single sealed sets will do very well on the after market.

  2. says

    Mine haven’t shipped yet, most likely because of my credit card number change. I anticipate it may still be a wait of a few days for me. My friend who ordered at 12:15 has not yet received a tracking number. I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when my charge finally shows up. I’m really looking forward to receiving this – I cannot wait.

  3. Egger says

    there are not any on ebay , because ebay is canceling them, no pre-sales they must be in hand to sell

  4. David says

    12:34 order still “in process”. although my order time now says 12:34AM instead of 12:34PM. weird. credit card shows an available balance reduced by my order amount, but charge has still not come through. waiting…

  5. Ben says

    My brother ordered a set for himself but had it shipped directly to me so I could submit them to NGC. Imagine my surprise when I checked my email yesterday and got a cancellation notice from our friends at the Mint. I called customer service and they basically told me “You’re SOL.” I called the Mint bullion number but they don’t answer. I called customer service again and they told me the same thing, they don’t give out specific explanations but just read the script. No recourse, no way to talk to the people that made the cancellation decision, you’re just SOL.

    So to the next person on the waiting list, enjoy my coins.

  6. Broooster says

    Give it a little more time Samuel, my order times are 12:06, 12:07, 12:09, 12:11 & 2:30. I have 3 tracking numbers now. You will probably have one before long.

  7. Wes says

    Order at 12:03 UPS has created a shipping label. Weight 3.8 pounds seems kind of heavy must be that fine lacquered wood case they are packaged in.

  8. Samuel says

    Broooster, you are so efficient! what kind of computer and browser you use? I think the hour after 12:00 is the best time to order.

  9. Anon says

    Mine still shows in process, order 38380xxx. Would I have gotten a cancellation email if I wasn’t getting the coins already?

  10. Clair Hardesty says

    David, you just never noticed that it always said AM. This bug has been in the track order page from the beginning over a decade ago. It is just a display bug, the actual time is stored in 24 hour format. All times before 13:00 display as AM.

    Ben, had you placed an order for yourself or was it cancelled because it was being shipped somewhere other than the billing address? That usually isn’t a problem because the mint web site has an address book feature specifically for shipping directly to others. Most likely either something about the CC didn’t work or something caused the household limit to activate. Since your brother ordered it, try having him call. If you were playing by the rules, don’t give up too easy, it is not too late to have a valid order reinstated.

  11. Gerald R. Lampton says

    My order, 38351***, is still “In stock and reserved” as of 1:39 PST.

    On a related note, here are the contents of two e-mails I received from PCGS regarding their policies as they will apply to the 25th Anniversary Silver American Eagle set:

    On 11.02.2011:

    “1. PCGS will return all Mint packaging as long as you request this on the submission form, there is no additional fee for this.

    “2. Each coin will be designated as 25th Anniversary Set as long as they are received in the original Mint shipping box unopened, if the box is opened PCGS will not designate that they are a part of the set.

    “3. PCGS will designate First Strike for the 2011 with the S mint mark and the reverse proof. The other three coins minted earlier in the year and will not qualify for First Strike.”

    A few days later, on 11.07.2011, PCGS sent me an e-mail modifying #3:

    “This is a courtesy email to inform you that PCGS is now designating all 5 coins in this set as First Strike, as long as they are submitted in the original unopened shipping box from the Mint they will receive the First Strike designation (once this cut-off date has been established it will be posted online at: http://www.pcgs.com/services/firststrike.html.”

    When I asked whather there would be a web page posted to deal with these issues, PCGS responded, also on 11.07.2011:

    “We are currently working to update our website, as of now there is nothing online regarding this set or the processing of this set. We will be updating this soon, please refer to the “product spotlight” section of pcgs.com for future updates.”

  12. Clair Hardesty says

    The new PCGS notice is at http://www.pcgs.com/Articles/Detail/7008

    Thanks for the info about mint packaging.

    I sure hope that PCGS straightens out its coin numbering before the coins start coming in for grading (day after tomorrow?). Whoever entered the new coin numbers into their system wasn’t paying much attention to detail. They show three MS coins in regular & FS for the anniversary set but the coins listed are: 2011, 2011-S, and 2011-(W). They got one right, it should be: 2011-S, 2011-W, and 2011-(S). In the proof listings: 2011-W and 2011-W(FS) (both with 25h set labels and without), but they show three types of reverse proofs: 2011-P and 2011-P(FS) with the anniversary set label but also a 2011-P without the anniversary set designation. Looks like internal communication at PCGS is as good as it is at the mint.


  13. Tom says

    If when checking the order status it says ‘in process’ and nolonger says ‘on hold’, does that mean I will be able to get the one set I had ordered on the wait list at 38381*** ? ( I sure hope so).

  14. In the Middle says

    This is not a right or wrong argument, this is for all those planning on getting these coins graded.

    If coins submitted in an unopened box NGC will mark all coins submitted in the first 30 days as Early Release along with 25th Anniversary label for no additional cost. I called PCGS, they will mark all as First Strike and 25th Anniversary, but they still want the $18 per coin first strike fee. Kinda seems like a no brainer with a savings of $375 for using NGC.

    Does anyone think PCGS will fall in line NGC with this issue? Otherwise I would think PCGS should be a big time loser for this this set.

  15. Coin Man says

    Anyone that ordered 5 individual sets where you have 5 different shipping orders got their set reduced to 1. That is what happened to me and many that I know. But if you ordered it together in one shipping package then you get all 5. They are trying make everyone happy.

  16. Broooster says

    Coin man, I ordered 5 single sets, so far 3 are being shipped. There must have been another issue with your order if some of your single sets got cancelled.

  17. Clair Hardesty says

    That is not globally true. I ordered my five sets one at a time and all five are past the checkpoints and CC has been charged. The first order has already been issued a tracking number and the others will as soon as their turn comes. Do you know for sure that your other orders were cancelled and if so what the reason for cancellation was? The mint has never imposed a one order limit on multi-unit household limits before and they made so such imposition this time. Are you sure that there wasn’t some other reason for cancelled orders? Did you do something that made them think you were violating the limit or were the cancelled orders late in the day? At what point did the cancellations occur?

  18. Clair Hardesty says

    It is possible that if you tried to ship each set to a different address, that some of the orders may have been cancelled. Ben above stated that his brother ordered a set and had it shipped to him and that the order was cancelled. Perhaps the mint decided that shipping addresses that differed from billing addresses were a bad thing for this product. I can’t say they have ever done this before but I can’t say they haven’t either. If you believe you were ordering within the rules then contact the mint and explain the situation. It may not be too late to get truly valid orders reinstated.

  19. G says

    I guess the one positive about Ben’s brother sending him his coins without asking is… Ben gets his brother’s coins!

  20. says


    Many coin dealers have a policy of only shipping to the billing address and not accepting any alternate locations. I skimmed the Mint’s shipping policies page and did not find anything about it, though.

  21. Salacious Crumb says

    The whole First Strike label thing is total joke. To get all my 5 sets labeled with First Strike will be hundreds of dollars when three of them shouldn’t even get it and the other two should qualify even if you open it because they all sold out in 5 hours!

  22. alan says

    just check my credit card account on line ,coins have shipped have not charged card yet ,maybe tommorrow

  23. Clair Hardesty says

    CO, the mint has an address book specifically for shipping to family/friends so they don’t globally reject redirection. One’s CC may, at least initially, deny a charge with what it thinks is an inappropriate shipping address. A denied CC may cause order cancellation.

    I am guessing that orders that changed to shipped later in the day will not make it to UPS until tomorrow for Thursday delivery. I looked at my recent orders and all that actually shipped were posted by the mint between 3 & 4PM ET. Some weren’t scanned at the UPS origin until after 2AM but were still delivered next business day from ship day. On my most recent AtB-P order (last week) the UPS tracking info didn’t go live until the coin was already out for delivery. My first tracking number is still not recognized by UPS, which makes me think that it won’t make it out tonight (#38326XXX, 12:14).

  24. John says

    Will UPS deliver on Veterans Day (Friday)?

    I have a feeling that mine will not ship out until Wed. My CC has a lower available balance but the charge hasn’t posted.

  25. joe says

    “The whole First Strike label thing is total joke. To get all my 5 sets labeled with First Strike will be hundreds of dollars when three of them shouldn’t even get it and the other two should qualify even if you open it because they all sold out in 5 hours!”

    This is one of the best points I’ve ever read on the FS/ER designation. I have several of both and purchase them if they are reasonably priced; however, the second sentence truly highlights the “joke” of this designation. If they all sold out within 5 hours, at least the two never-released-before eagle coins should have these designations from NGC and PCGS…even if the box has been opened. The other three may be a different matter.

  26. Philip says

    I have discussed the First Strike & the Early Release designations with several reputable coin dealers and other long time collectors. The concensus is that this is a marketing gimmick and anyone who pays more for a cion with this designation is being ripped off. The U.S. Mint also agrees.

  27. Philip says

    My sets are in process. I cannot wait until they are in my hands. I did not purchase them to have them graded, (they would all grade high). I will not sell them to anyone to try and make a profit. These outrageous prices on ebay will sibside soon. You may not beleive this, but I bought these sets for the pure enjoyment of collecting. Something I have done since I was 6 years old.

  28. SmallPotatos says

    I am still seeing “In stock and reserved”. my order about was about 1:30. #38338xxx.

  29. says

    SP, I’m still stuck with “In Stock and Reserved,” though I don’t know how changing my credit card over the phone with the Mint will affect things. My order was also at 1:30.

  30. Broooster says

    Considering its first in first out, those who did not get a tracking number today should not worry. CaptianOverkill, I would imagine your number will get called either tomorrow or Thursday, I would not be worried if I was you. I still have 1 more single order, ordered at 2:30, that is “in stock and reserved”. Considering my bank account shows 5 pending transactions from the Mint, I am not to worried about the 2:30 order, it will come.

  31. Davo says


    My Order status says “In stock and reserved”. Just checked and found a pending transaction from the Mint sales! Gotta say I’m very excited to get these in hand. Can barely wait to see them. One for me and one is a special Christmas gift for my brother. He is gonna love it!!! Order time was 1:11pm

  32. EvilFlipper says

    My first 5 sets have shipped( got it at 12:05 if u can believe that) and my second 5(1:40) are still waiting.

  33. Tallon says

    And finally from the US Mint:

    We shipped the items listed below today.
    Thank you for shopping at the United States Mint Online
    Catalog; we hope you’ll visit again soon.
    Registered users may track their order at http://www.usmint.gov/
    catalog and guest users with inquiries about their order
    should call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). If you have questions
    about returns or cancellations, please visit http://www.usmint.gov/
    Thanks again for shopping with the U.S. Mint.
    Electronic gift certificates are now available!

    Order #: 383250XX – 1 Order Date: 10/27/11

    Sold To: XXXXX, ROBERT

    Ship To: XXXXX, ROBERT

    Date Shipped: 11/08/11

    Amount Charged : 1504.70

    Tracking ID


    Items included in this shipment:


    And that’s that.
    So, now what can I worry about? Let’s see, hmm, maybe UPS will lose the package. Yes, that’s good, maybe UPS will lose the package. I can worry about that! Really though, that’s no big deal because the US Mint has it all insured and all. If UPS loses my shipment, the Mint will just send out another… Oh, wait …

  34. Konde says

    Are those completed 25th ann. sales on ebay binding? Most pre-sales got canceled but some quick BIN items went through before ebay could cancel them. They are averaging $700 per set.
    I am sure there will be a lot of issue with the sales once the real coins come out flooding the market and prices start falling. Any thoughts?

  35. philip says



  36. Broooster says

    Konde, I dont see the prices falling, IMHO, there just is not enough sets to go around. A lot of ppl will not be selling, and single boxed sets from the Mint will go for premiums for those who want to get these graded.

  37. EvilFlipper says

    Got a network workin for me. Hence the name EvilFlipper. Will not argue with you cause I dont want to get comments taken off. Separate addresses and names so they’ll all ship. I worked three weeks straight to make this happen and made 372 calls to get through for the second round of five. I was going for 20 sets originally but it was quite the day I tell ya!

  38. EvilFlipper says

    Konde the way I see it they won’t all hit at once. Lots will be sent for grading lots will be kept to complete collections or as gifts and they will ship in staggered amounts if this is an indication. I won’t sell all mine right away. 3 for kids one for me and six to pcgs. This will take time for sure.

  39. Clair Hardesty says

    EF, if you paced two orders for five sets, you will only be able to send in one box of five to PCGS for 25th anniversary set labeling. If you open the mint shipping box, only the two unique coins will be labeled as coming from the set. The individual sets are not sealed inside the mint shipping box. And, as long as you did not violate the rules (different names, different addresses, CCs that match those, and all real people) I don’t have a problem with what you did. The big dealers do the same thing on a much larger scale.

  40. Jarrett says

    WOW, complete disappointment and dismay! Received my confirmation email for my ONE set I ordered. I just received a cancellation email! WHY? I’m serving in the Army in the Middle East. Would they cancel my order because I have an Army Post Office (APO) box? it was an option during ‘check out’. That just seems unfair. I stayed up late that night (time zone difference), received my confirmation, got excited, and BOOM, the Mint cancels…

  41. jason says

    anybody having trouble getting their gettysburg silver coin? mine has been on back order for about a month. i received my glacier silver coin last week, which i ordered with the 25th anniversary set.

  42. Hidalgo says

    Does anyone think that an average secondary market price of $600 – $700 is low for the 2011 Silver Eagle set? With two hard to find coins, I think it is. JMHO.

  43. Jon says

    I am having the same trouble w the Gettysburg coin. I have received several backorder notices from the Mint and each day my order status shows that it will be in stock the next day

  44. alvaro says

    evil flipper, did you order from the same PC or did you ran to your neighbords PC to place second order. Cause if you use same pc for both orders the mint will catch you because of same IP address. And same PC, the mint can tell those things, the pc leaves a trail is like an internal pc id number, how do you think they catch online predators. Lol. no use if different name and address if same pc or same IP address.

  45. Philip says


    You are such a mofo. The mint is hot on your trail. I tipped them off last night. They have your identity. You are welcome!

    What goes around, comes around.

  46. Philip says

    I hope all of you that bought the sets to make a profit experience extreme difficulty in selling them. I also hope silver plummets to $5 per ounce.
    What goes around, comes around!

    Have a great day you greedy punks.

  47. Russ says

    Kudos Philip
    Karma itself has a way of handling these people. You will never know just how ther lives will be affected but, like the coin phrase says “IN GOD WE TRUST”

  48. Clair Hardesty says

    Don’t worry, Samuel. This is typical of a package that was processed at the mint at the end of the day. My order has the same status and I have been through this before. I got a ship confirmation email from the mint but my TN is still not recognized either. This is normal, our sets missed the last UPS pick up last night and the label info was probably not even sent to UPS. They will be first out this morning and we will have our sets tomorrow. It is still remotely possible that they will show up today but I doubt it. My second order, placed at 12:14 is still processing and it and the one after it (five one set orders) have a chance of shipping today. I think it will be sometime next week before shipping concludes.

  49. Russ says

    To all of you that were able to place an order and recieve an order congradulations. I myself tried for 6 hours straight on both internet and phone, I finally got thru at 6:00pm I recieved an email today from the mint that I am indeed on the waiting list. I have come to terms that I will not get a set of these for my collection. It’s ok, life goes on, but for those of you throwing mud in the faces of good hard working folks who will probably never get a set of these for what you paid, read my post above “IN GOD WE TRUST”

  50. vaughnster says

    I’m not sure that the prices will soar on eBay once everyone has sets in hand and floods the market with them. I think the real frenzy already passed with those able to sneak through presales. I’m sure they’ll still sell for a nice premium.

  51. In the Middle says

    Phillip, Grow Up! Your comments are not on topic especially dealing with EF, and anyone who plans on flipping their sets. This is how the comment section was taken away before when individuals let emotion dictate their keyboards. Be a man or go away, negativity like yours is toxic.

    Anyway back on topic, my 5 sets which I plan on holding forever are on their way.

  52. Clair Hardesty says

    New listings are starting to show up. One more claims to have 2 sets in hand and is selling them individually but has not posted the required picture of the actual item for sale (and is a highly rated seller). The one claiming to have five sets in hand since last night posted a fake picture to prove it. The box shown is way too small to contain five sets and no one had sets in hand yesterday. It will be interesting how many of the people who actually receive orders today post as EBay is requiring and show us real photos of the offering. It looks a lot of the flippers are parting out five set orders, which will render them ineligible for much of the special labeling that is so popular these days. I personally would only buy from a seller that was telling the truth and following the rules they agreed to. No matter what their ratings, I would find it hard to trust a seller that feels no need to honor their contracts.

  53. Russ says

    Here is the eamil I recieved this morning from the mint, my order was placed after 6:30 pm est the day of the sellout 3839xxxx, I doubt I will make the cut, but thats life.
    Dear United States Mint Customer,

    Thank you so much for your interest in the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set.

    Due to overwhelming demand, the product reached its production limit in sales quickly and the United States Mint accepted a limited number of orders on a waiting list in the event that products became available due to order cancellations.

    At this time, we can only confirm that your order is on the waiting list. As we continue to process orders for the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set, there may be cancellations that allow us to fulfill some portion of the waiting list orders.

    Should we be able to fulfill your order, you will receive a shipping confirmation notification from us once your order has been shipped. If your order will not be processed, you will receive an order cancellation notification confirming this when your order is cancelled from our system.

    The United States Mint

  54. Tallon says

    Got ’em! Signed, sealed and delivered. I am now holding this 15 lb ugly, brown, cardboard box in my hands – wondering what to do next.

  55. Tallon says

    Strange tracking info from UPS. In the shipping details, there is no origin or departure scan from Indianapolis, IN. The first scans are from Louisville, KY. at 2:34 AM. That’s never happened before. The rest of the details are the typical route from the Mint to my location.

  56. Broooster says

    Well, 3 of my sets arrived today. Really big box for single sets of coins. very intertesting packaging. Who would have thought that 1 single set of coins would have shipped in such a large box. I dont recall the UHR coming like this. Makes me wonder if the Mint and E-Bay was working together to take down phony sales, at least for the sales showing pictures of small unopened boxes.

  57. Samuel says

    “>>> UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later.” whats the problem?! this never happened to me. Not even label is printed or something. Anybody the same situation?

  58. Clair Hardesty says

    Samuel, see my post above. Everything is OK. Our sets were prepared for shipping at the end of the day yesterday and were not delivered to UPS. They didn’t even send the last batch of shipping info. It will activate sometime today. This is SOP and has happened before to me.

  59. Clair Hardesty says

    Brooster, you are right. The UHRDE shipped in a very small box that I suspect was made by whoever made the wood display case for it. It had tight fitting Styrofoam packing around the display box. The UHRDE box was barely big enough to hold the UPS label. This time, the packing is probably being done by PBGS and they probably have a limited set of box sizes and are using the smallest one that has room for the set(s) and packing paper. EBay is continuing to yank listings, even ones that claim to have coins in hand but haven’t posted actual pictures as required.

  60. Coin Master says

    I wasn’t able to place my order until 4:03pm, so glad I got through though.. I wonder when mine will be shipped, my order still says “in stock and reserved”. I was originally planning on keeping all 5 sets or passing some out for Christmas gifts, but seeing the premium they’re selling for on ebay I am considering selling 3 of my 5 sets, does anyone have a fair resale price for these coins in mind? I know apmex was offering $425 for someone selling their sets recently. Is anyone planning on opening their mint sealed box before grading, I personally don’t like the holders they are put in when they are graded.

  61. TxCoins says

    My wait list order was cancelled this morning as well. Still glad to see other collectors are getting their coins. Even though I spent a full day of trying to order a set for my 8-yr old son, I have no complaints. The Mint personnel I talked to over the last few days were very professional and I’ll make another run at it in 5 years!

  62. David says

    mine finally shipped. 5 sets. now just wondering when the tracking number will hit the ups system…

  63. 11 Brushes says

    Received order today .. Box dimensions are 15L X 11W X 8D & weighs in @ 4.1 LBS , for only 1 set !! The WORST part of it is that I can clearly hear the coins moving/rolling around inside !!!So much for PBGS getting this one right.. Packaging is a TOTAL FAILURE , IMHO. Not interested in TPG so they were getting opened anyway, just hope there is no damage.

  64. iasoup says

    Received the letter…”Unfortunately…” for second order 38410XXX. I then confirmed with US Mint 🙁 Good news, first order will ship today! 🙂

  65. mitch says

    Recived 2 ind. sets 11.55 #38324XXX ordered @ 12.03 &12.07 3rd set @6.05 pm #38329XXX says backordered i guess no chance on that one .Owell good luck everyone im keeping my 2.

  66. JBK says

    Here is a different perspective – I have a P.O. Box so mine was shipped today by USPS. I have no idea what sort of service they use. Whereas UPS gets upgraded to next day air, I assume USPS still goes Priority Mail. We will see how long it takes.

    My order from 12:17 shipped today, and my friend’s order from about 4:45 (3837xxx) is still “in process” and backordered. I had hoped for her sake that the cancelations were over with by now but apparently some are still being cut for one reason or another. She thought she got her order in just as the wait list was implemented, but based on what the Mint said that did not start until 5:00, so who knows.

    As for future value of the sets? It is purely speculation since the mintage places it well below the 20th anniversary reverse proof, but well above the 1995W proof and there is nothing to directly compare them to. I would estimate that the set will settle in at around $1000.

    One last thing….I ordered three of the 20th anniversary sets and on two of the three sets, some or all of the plastic capsules had some cracks from the coins floating around inside the case during shipping. I wonder if the 25th anniversary sets will have the same issue.

  67. alan says

    got my set was looking at the information card that come inside the coin.The information from the mint ,before the sets were ever struck said,the one eagle is from san fran ,but no mint mark ,the card inside with the coins states it could be from san fran or west point ,is this a mistake on the authenticity card or is this a true statement

  68. 11 Brushes says

    Update : Box opened , no damage , coins safe.. Kudos to the Mint for presentation. Truly beautiful set .

  69. Broooster says

    JBK, I opened one of my sets, couldn’t resist. All of the coins were in place and no damaged capsules. Also, I now know why the shipping box is so big. The blue box that these sets come in is 14 inches long. Yes, thats right, 14 inches. Another thing that I found was, behind the flip up shelf that holds the coins is a little desiccant packet. I must say, it was worth the hassle to order, and the wait for them to get here.

  70. Brad says

    Off-topic, but it appears that the Mary Lincoln Proof coins are finally “sold out.” I never thought they’d go the distance, but they did last longer than I thought they would.

  71. 11 Brushes says

    JBK , see my earlier post @ 11:20..Broooster , I agree totally , definitely worth it . My newest prize for the collection.

  72. Travis says

    @ Anil, order 38366*** @ 3:59PM here still backordered. not canceled yet so i’m still keeping the faith!

  73. Travis says

    @ Anil, order 38366*** @ 3:59PM here JUST CHECKED on mint set, changed to “in stock and reserved” in the past 5 mins.

  74. MadHatter says

    What gives? My two orders both 3835xxxx were authorized on my credit card yesterday (confirmed with card company that all was well), were in stock and reserved as of yesterday, then today I receive an order cancellation notice for both orders?? Working on resolving this with the mint, but anyone ever head of anything like this? A non-AE coin that was on the same order as the first AE order was shipped yesterday. I haven’t exceeded the 5 per household limit, as confirmed by the mint.

  75. Keith says

    Some of the ebay listings appear to have hijacked, photo shopped images from other legitimate listings.

  76. vaughnster says

    Can anyone who received 5 sets in one box give me the dimesions of the shipping box? Thanks 🙂

  77. says

    MadHatter, please let us know what happens with your order. I’ve been anxious about it being randomly cancelled ever since I changed the CC number on my order over the phone yesterday.

  78. 11 Brushes says

    vaughnster… For me ,box dimensions are 15L X 11W X 8D & weighs in @ 4.1 LBS , for only 1 set , plus ALOT of packing paper .

  79. Tallon says

    Can anyone who received 5 sets in one box give me the dimesions of the shipping box? Thanks 🙂

    5 sets in one box: 14 1/2″ L, 11 1/8″ W, 8″ H. 15.05lbs.

  80. Ben says

    MadHatter –

    My order was cancelled when my brother and I both had our orders shipped to my work address, something that we’ve done numerous times in the past. I got nowhere with customer service, they basically said that the decision was made by an internal review board, it was final, there was no recourse, it didn’t matter what the explanation was, they weren’t going to give out phone numbers or offer any other advice other than a heartfelt apology. If your experience turns out differently let me know, I am out of luck on this one.

  81. anil says

    @ Travis thanks for the info still no change in status I am keeping my heart in my hand. Hope something happens today.

  82. MadHatter says

    Captain – will do. I’ve had problems in the past for various reasons, but I ensured all of them were fixed for this order, which it obviously was if a coin from one of the orders already shipped.
    Ben – sorry to hear it, I can feel your pain. Fortunately I have no other orders shipping to my address, so this one seems truly out of left field.

  83. Clair Hardesty says

    For JBK: the slow boat shipping used by the mint is FedEx/USPS. You will get a FedEx Tracking number. FedEx takes the package to your USPS hub and then USPS delivers from there. For me, in Central Texas, It usually takes one week from ship to receive. Tracking is good while in FedEx hands but less than stellar when USPS has package.

    Ben, sorry to hear about your order but the household limit will kick in for any orders shipped to same address. You could have both lost out if anyone else had coins shipped there before you. Basically, anything that evaluates to one household, same name, same address, same credit card, same cardholder info, same billing address, etc. will cause the mint to reject any orders that go over the limit. It won’t help for this product because those decisions are always final. Next time be careful to avoid anything that might raise a flag. A work address is never a good choice for a limited offering, too much chance that someone else will use it first.

    MadHatter, call your CC company again and make sure that they didn’t do something stupid or that their software didn’t flag the charges for some reason. If you act quickly, this kind of issue can usually be resolved and your order(s) reinstated.

  84. JBK says

    CH: thx for the info on USPS shipping. I will have to wait it out I guess.

    As for Ben’s predicament, I agree with your assessment. This was one product where there was sure to be strict enforcement of the houseolf limit, and no second chances so that “misunderstandings” could be straightened out later. Imagine if a person worked for a large company and multiple people used their company address for delivery – that address becomes their “household” and they could all get cancelled (beyond the lucky first one). Orders for this set should have been straight up with no extenuating or alternate scenarios for either credit card used, or delivery address. I am sorry that Ben got cancelled, but those orders with the same delivery address walked right into the Mint’s “trap”.

  85. Ben says

    It appears that the mint is trying to pull a new rabbit out of their hat. They are evaluating shipping addresses for the 25th ASE set and if they find multiple orders to the same address then they are cancelling the multiple orders or in some cases, cancelling all of the orders. They haven’t done this in the past, I’ve received orders for ATBs and way back when the First Spouse was one each, received multiple orders at my work address that would have put the total over the limit. I think they realize they really screwed this up and are trying to spread the remaining sets out as far as they can get them to go, but are screwing up that process as well.

  86. EvilFlipper says

    Everyone I used had different cards and different addresses. You have to leave no room for error.

  87. says


    I think it may be an issue of human error, in your case. Some people who made multiple orders to the same address seem to be okay. I suspect they’re rushing madly through the list trying to get everything shipped out and are making careless mistakes.

    This is why I am so nervous about my order. I’m worried the slightest “irregularity” might cause someone not paying attention at the Mint to cancel first and ask questions later. I doubt the Mint has anything like adequate staff to handle this problem.

    Unfortunately it does seem the suspicion and fear of random order cancellations has some merit.

  88. says

    38374xxx placed at 4:43 pm says back-ordered expected to ship on 11/23/2011. Spoke to mint they said my order is in “gray area” may get or may not. Another rep told me to check my email to see what will be with order. And another lady rep told me it will be fine.

    Also my cc company said someone tried swiping for 1500? didn’t go through cc doesn’t know why.

    This is a borderline order.

  89. Chuck says

    You can find out regular updates from collectors throughout the day and night if you will go to CoinTalk. It looks like everybody there ordered these sets. They have even posted some real nice pics of the coins and sets. Beautiful coins!

  90. vyandnhi says

    My order # 38408xxxx just got the notice of cancelled. I guess I can’t complaint seeing people with number much lower than mine got the boot….. I have the 1995W, 2006 set so I guess I will have to get my hand on this 25th 2011 one for a premium. So far for a single set unopened on Ebay is going for around $700. I probably wait for a few days to see if the price is going down or not and hold my stomach and get one…..

  91. Michael says

    “Michael, What is your status was your order canceled?”

    I haven’t received the cancel notice and status still says in process, but I really doubt I will get it. My order was placed around 530.

  92. vyandnhi says

    My brother ordered 1 set and his said in stock and reserve. Does anyone know if you only order 1 set how do they ship the item. Is it still UPS or USPS? does is qualify for upgrade expedite shipping?

  93. Aleks says

    I just checked my order status, order #3833xxxx and its says closed,shipping label created and will ship out today. Thank God !!!

  94. EvilFlipper says

    It looks like they’re going in order my 3834xxxx is still in process. 3832& 3833’s look like they’re out. Hope mine is next!!

  95. Fosnock says

    38329XXX just shipped, 38337XXX is still reserved. I can breath a sigh of relief at least I know I got one

  96. Clair Hardesty says

    My 38330XXX order marked as shipped just before 1PM ET today. My 38335XXX order is still in process. All of the orders that are shipping today have most likely already gone out. My data says that the mint sends the shipment data to UPS between 3 & 4 PM ET and that orders that “ship” after that won’t really go out until the next day.

    Ben, again, you have our sympathy but the mint should have always been rejecting orders for earlier products that went over the household limit to the same address. For them to have to determine whether an address is or isn’t a business is too much to ask and even then, if it is a coin business then it probably is trying to violate policy. If they weren’t properly enforcing the policy before, I can’t think of a better time for them to start than now.

  97. JL says

    OMG!!! just checked my order 38333xxxxx, it marked as shipped and a tracking number to UPS but then on UPS site, it doesn’t have a label created yet. Is this mean I will get it tomorrow or Friday? I can’t wait for my two sets to come in. YAHOOOOOO.

  98. Piotr says

    From my observations, it seems like the Mint is updating order status on the hour. Anybody else had similar experience?

  99. Clair Hardesty says

    12:14 – end of day yesterday- actually ships today
    12:34 – “shipped” at 1PM ET also really ships today
    1:06 – still in process

    So after a day and a half, they haven’t made it through the first hour’s orders. Looking a lot like 6 or 7 working days to ship all 100,000 sets. Looks like they will finish before T-Day but it will be close. A few waiting list orders might get pushed past FS & ER cutoff dates. NGC requires coins in their hands before cutoff but ER is free. PCGS goes by package shipping date but charges $18 per coin (doubling total cost of grading).

  100. Hidalgo says

    Why is everyone so interested in when their sets will ship? I am just happy to be getting my order — that means more to me than when it arrives…. JMHO

  101. says

    Clair, I greatly appreciate your steady stream of updates. It’s very helpful to keep a running summary of where the Mint is in the order stream. I’m thinking I won’t see a tracking number for my package until at least Friday or Monday, since I ordered at 1:30 on the dot. The latest I’ve seen so far is 12:40, so they should probably get out of the first hour on Thursday and then maybe to the middle of the second hour by Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  102. MadHatter says

    No news yet on the mysteriously canceled 3835xxxx sets… gone through many, many levels of mint support so far.

  103. Two Cents says

    To alan [Nov. 9 @ 12:30 pm],

    You wrote that you received your 25th Anniv. Silver Set and that the enclosed card stated that the non-mintmarked bullion coin could be from the mint in San Francisco or West Point. I’m surprised that the Mint now says that.

    In his initial announcement of August 19, 2011 at a collector forum held at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money, Deputy U. S. Mint Director Richard A. Peterson said that the non-mintmarked bullion coins in the sets would be struck from either the San Francisco or West Point Mint.

    From 1986 thru 1988, silver American Eagles were minted only at San Francisco (SF Assay Office and SF Mint); from 1989 thru 2000, they were minted at both the San Francisco and West Point Mints; from 2001 thru 2010, they were minted only at the West Point Mint; and in 2011, the coins were struck only at West Point, with San Francisco coming back on line beginning May of this year. None of the bullion coins have a mintmark.

    On Oct. 12, 2011, Tom Jurkowsky, director of the Mint’s Office of Public Affairs, told Coin World (Oct. 31 issue) that the non-mintmarked bullion coins in the 25th Anniversary Silver Set were in fact minted at the San Francisco Mint. This made a lot of practical sense, as the sets were assembled at the San Francisco Mint, where bullion coins were and are still being struck.

    I have a feeling that the certificate of authenticity in your set might have been printed months ago, before the origin of the non-mintmarked bullion coins was known.

  104. Clair Hardesty says

    TC, I agree completely with your assessment. The copy for the COAs was certainly sent to print before the decision to mint the bullion coins in SF was made or at least announced. One hundred thousand coins is probably only a couple of days production at most. West Point has done far more than that, averaging over 200,000 per day last January. PCGS has taken Mr. Jurkowsky at his word and designated the coin as a 2011-(S).

  105. JBK says

    Good point on Friday being a federal holiday, but I wonder if the third party fulfillment company is working that day (I know I am). I assume they already have the coins so they don;t nee the Mint to be working (am not sure who updates the tracking details, though).

    On another note, my USPS tracking details finally updated – looks like they sent via Priority Mail (it used to be a two day service but several years ago it went to “2-3 days” and now who knows.)

  106. John says

    Got my set and opened it! I think that everyone will find the packaging quite nice. I can post more later, but I did find that two of the coins came loose during shipment and weren’t in their holder. At least they have the plastic capsule to protect them. The box is about the size of a set of baseball cards, and about as heavy.

    BTW, I had one of the first orders placed. I only ordered one and I opened it to admire no. No flipping, selling, grading, etc, and I tried to leave room for others to get theirs.

  107. John says

    JBK says:
    November 9, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Priority Mail (it used to be a two day service but several years ago it went to “2-3 days” and now who knows.)

    I’ve have sent small First Class packages that were delivered before Priority Mail several times in the past. My experience is 3-4 days but if a weekend or holiday is involved add a few extras days. If you live near a hub your time will improve.

    My brother just told me his order shipped today, his order was placed around 1:30. My order was placed around 2:20 a difference of 8,000 orders. I hope mine ships tomorrow. CC charge is pending.

  108. says

    Re: Bullion designation…i see that PCGS will label it as 2011 (S)….I’ve talked to NGC and they said they will not do that as they can’t confirm where the bullion coin was minted.
    The Mint really ought to clarify this. The COA, from what I’ve seen, states that the bullion coin could be from either SF or WP.
    Does anyone have a link from the mint that could reference the bullion coin as a SF minted coin?

  109. Konde says

    Those who are pretty much denied the coins should get an email from the US Mint by now. Here is the text of what they sent out.

    Dear United States Mint Customer,

    Thank you so much for your interest in the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set.
    Due to overwhelming demand, the product reached its production limit in sales quickly and the United States Mint accepted a limited number of orders on a waiting list in the event that products became available due to order cancellations.
    Unfortunately, based on the time your order was taken, we can now confirm that your waiting list order will not be processed. Please note you will receive an order cancellation notification confirming this when your order is cancelled from our system.

    The United States Mint

    This message was sent from a notification only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail messages. Please do not reply. Visit http://www.usmint.gov for more information.

    As far as the Mint tracking number is concerned, it still shows “in process” with expected delivery date of 11/23/2011.

  110. says

    Jim, I see your link…but it doesn’t indacate that NGC will give ANY (S) mint mark to the bullion coin. Are you seeing something that I’m missing?

  111. simon says

    My order will come in early next week due to the holiday, unless the mint ships them out tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to seeing them in hand. I will keep ALL in OGP. Ain’t worried what TPGs have to say about anything, starting with the weather.

  112. jim says

    No you are right, but when I called on Monday NGC said they will use the S on the bullion. I need to learn how to read.

  113. Clair Hardesty says

    The information about the bullion coin is published in the October 31 issue of Coin World. From another post “On Oct. 12, 2011, Tom Jurkowsky, director of the Mint’s Office of Public Affairs, told Coin World (Oct. 31 issue) that the non-mintmarked bullion coins in the 25th Anniversary Silver Set were in fact minted at the San Francisco Mint. ” The Coin World article confirms this and says that the decision to mint all bullion for the set in San Francisco was made after the 19aug2011 announcement of the set by Deputy Director Richard Peterson.

  114. EvilFlipper says

    Just looked at pcgs’s fees and almost threw up. It’s a hassle, I’ll have to wait 20-30 days its and extra 18$per coin to add first strike designation on top of Modern Fee’s Plus a s#$tload for shipping and insurance. I’m a flipper and it only makes sense if a set comes back MS70. Out of 10 sets it’s seems like historical average is 8-10% for MS 70grading from modern mint coins. I’ll pass on these guys. I usually just buy what I like and flip what I can make money on and I’m a “special coin society” member anyway. I can grade my own stuff thank you very much NGC/PCGS. I guess I could just to NGC but prices are about the same.

  115. John says

    Mine shipped next day air, shipped yesterday (technically origin scan was 2:00am this morning) and arrived at doorstep this morning (though signature required, so I picked it up at UPS tonight) UPS will be delivering orders on Friday, so it stands to reason that if your order is shipped on Thursday, you will have it Friday.

  116. jim says

    NGC is about 1/2 the cost of PCGS to get them graded. 25 coins will cost $474.45 for ER and to get the boxes back.

  117. EvilFlipper says

    So I was admiring my coins and noticed something peculiar about the 2011 s burnished eagle. On all five fronts of the eagle they all had the same kind of gloss/burnished finish but three of the reverses had a more matte finish and two of them had a gloss finish. When I compared them to the regular silver bullion eagle in the set the 3 reverses had the same white matte-like finish. Anybody else notice this!?!? My wife said she could definitely tell a difference and it was under my kitchen light. I will take one more look in the am in the sunlight: but if my wife could see a difference……

  118. Aleks says

    Check it out: 2006 American Eagle 20th Anniversary Silver Coin Set (ungraded) sold today on Ebay for $450 http://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-American-Eagle-20th-Anniversary-Silver-Coin-Set-/120732124751?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c1c32064f

    Same 2006-W 3-Coin Silver American Eagle Set MS-69 & PR-69 PCGS selling for $399.99 at Apmex

    EvilFlipper was right if you get MS70 and PF70 you are making money,but if u get MS69 you loose lots of money.Ungraded set will be worth more than a graded MS69 and PF69.Cause people will buy ungraded with hope to get MS70. But who knows…

    What do u guys think about it?

  119. simon says

    There are subtle differences in the finish. I have noticed these differences even in the various P-5-Oz ATBs unit-to-unit and year-to-year. This year’s ATBs have a nicer matte look. Clearly the mint experiments with die fabrication quite a bit, as is their artistic right to, without necessarily letting on to us collectors. You may want to look at some of the forums and magazines to see if there are any listed varieties cropping up as sets are released. I’m sure the Red Book will have compiled these in the compendium.

  120. Chrome says

    I can remember a time when I was working at a US disc drive manufacturing company in Bang Pa In Thailand as an engineer (1998). One day on a lunch break, I was walking the outer perimeter of the factory, and noticed a Thai guy squatting in front of two propane stoves with two woks. He was melting down dense gold inlaid circuit boards and gold chains in one wok and silver coins and silver jewelry in the other wok. I stopped and talked to him[in Thai] about the toxic gasses that could be produced from those circuit boards. At that time, I noticed that he was melting down silver coins from the PI, China, and the US. Then I noticed that he was melting down 1964 silver proof sets and American Silver Eagles – some proof and some UNC. I asked him about the American Silver Eagle Coins in his pile and he said that he buys them from the American Engineers all day long. As a collector of American Numismatics far from home I wanted to kick his boiling woks in his face and beat the crap out of him. However, I refrained. It dawned on me that those melting American coins were no doubt national treasures and yet maybe they were not anymore – probably because there were so many of them made that they were just considered scrap metal, even across the Pacific. That event convinced me that far too many proof silver eagles and silver proof sets were being made by the mint. Proof American Silver Eagles Coins are a National Treasure for the Citizens of this Nation and should only be owned by those that will respect them and are willing to preserve them. But, with sky high mintages – there is no respect and there is no numismatic commerce. With the introduction of the low mintage 2011 25th Anniversary set – I am so happy in knowing that that these highly desirable rare American Treasures will never make it to the melting pots of SE Asia. So, I give my special thanks to the US Mint for this awesome low mintage ASE treasure. These coins are a National Treasure. Additionally, the mint should also consider lowering the mintage of all future proof ASE issues. I personally own every ASE issue ever made and every variety ever produced by the US Mint and these 25th Anniversary Sets add respect to my family collection and renew my faith in the US Mint. Thank you to the US Mint for getting it right with the mintage number of the 25th Anniversary ASE Set. Cheers.

  121. alvaro says

    what in the world. My set has 2 S-mint coins, i think i got an extra S instead of the the bullion no mint mark coin. Should have got 2 reverse proofs better. I guess somebody gonna get 2 bullion ones and no S-mint coin probably the set in front of me or behind, ops the mint employee made a mistake.

  122. Two Cents says

    What do people think about the wooden case itself? Does anyone know what kind of wood the Mint used?

    From the photos I’ve seen, it doesn’t look very impressive, especially the blue color. The brown mahogany box that the Mint used for the Ultra High Relief gold was much nicer-looking.

    Any opinions?

  123. Ranger says

    I will gladly take a set of blue box with coins; but hopes have faded. Most of my orders at 3838XXXX have been cancelled. Looks like most waitlist orders will not get filled 🙁

  124. Wighty44 says

    Wow! Order number: 38331xxx (Date: 10/27/2011 at 12:52 AM) shipped on 11/09/11. Just now checked the package tracking and it is supposed to be delivered today (11/10/11) by 12 Noon – signature required.

    It seems the Mint upgraded the shipping method for these sets – next day, signature required…

  125. Piotr says

    38335xxx just shipped this am! Already!? Mint employees must start early.
    Placed @ 1:06.
    38349xxx from 2:29 still in process.

  126. Clair Hardesty says

    The mint has been using UPS for shipping the AtB-P 5 oz coins as well, both when they were selling for $279 and now, when they are selling for $229. It makes perfect sense that they would ship the single set orders that way as well since they surely want the signature requirement to minimize delivery issues.

    My 1:03 order (38335XXX) has just been marked as shipped this morning (posted as 11/10/2100). It looks like they are working early today.

  127. pl.mark says

    Ranger: Order 383780XX still in process, but no cancellation notice sent. I still need one more digit from your orders to be able to offer more help.

  128. Piotr says

    The time of order should give you a greater clue. They just moved past the first hour of placed orders. 4 (hours) more to go.
    Seems like they’re pickin’ up pace though.

  129. Davo says

    My order number is 3833XXXX and it is showing as shipped today. I have a tracking number but it is not valid yet. Wooo Hoooo! Can’t wait to see these beauties in hand!!!!

  130. Jeff says

    How much will the five coin set sell for on the secondary market? Conventional wisdom is that we will see a rise in the immediate price followed by a decrease. Maybe.
    But I think the long term prospects of this set is very strong. In 1995 I bought the four coin proof gold set so I could get the 1995W Silver Eagle. I knew the gold set was not worth the $999 charged, but the silver eagle with approximately 30,000 mintage would go up in value. Today the price is almost $3,000. In 2006 I bought the three coin silver eagle set for $100. Now that set, with one coin unique to the set with a mintage of less than 250,000, is at $355. Yes, the 2011 may take time to rise to those levels.
    But consider this. The 2011 set has two coins unique to that set and their production will be limited to approximately 100,000. I can only wonder how many of these sets will be broken up and the coins sold individually. We are seeing these sets on ebay selling for upwards of a $1000 this date. I suspect the 25th Anniversary Set will continue to incerase in value.
    I was one of the lucky ones. My order for five sets was accepted. Two of the sets I am selling for $300 each plus postage to two friends who could not get through to the mint. One I will put on the market to pay for my three sets. One will go into my collection. The final one may be sold in the distant future. How about for $5,000 in ten years.

  131. Samuel says

    Just got the sets. Big box, heavy, beautiful and all coins off the holders! So, I don’t know the sequence they were originally. And, when I approached from passenger side of the UPS truck to get my delivery I heard the UPS driver yelled inside the truck “Signature! Damn it!”. Then the next second, he saw me stood there.

  132. David says

    Order 38339xxx at 1:32 pm is still showing in process/no tracking number yet… Come on PBGS! 🙂

    I’ve been reading all the posts, but haven’t posted in a while, so here are some thoughts…

    @Egger – great subtitles in the video, I don’t think it was exactly what Hitler was saying though LOL

    @ClarieHardesty – always appreciate your posts and inputs, very informative

    @EvilFlipper – I don’t criticize, we all had the exact same chances to plan and purchase these, it’s a free market (called CAPITALISM) and congrats for your diligence and planning

    @Philip & @Russ – stop whining that you didn’t get sets – you both have been scathingly negative in attacking some people on this list, and the negative energy you put out will not come back positively to you at all. You had the same chances to purchase, sometimes it is the luck of the draw. If you’re so intent on buying a set, wait until the eventual (and IMHO very temporary) price decline on eBay and pick up a set there for $500 or so…

    Thanks everyone, I really enjoy most of the posts and information presented here and wish you all the best in your collecting/selling/flipping whatever…


  133. Coin Collector says

    Loved the video with Hilter complaining about the coin ordering mess. I especially loved the line where he complains about buying annual sets every year which always drop to near face value after a few years. So true! And it is very frustrating that loyal customers who buy money losing products year after year get shut out when potentially profitable products are released. IMO, long time loyal customers should get first crack at new products, let the speculators and dealers cry in their beer for a change.

    Personally, the mint received my order around 4:45 pm, number 38372xxx, so I’m either one of the first people on the waiting list or one of the last scheduled to get a set. I’m very interested to hear which order numbers go to in stock status today, and which numbers get cancelled, although I’ll probably be one of the last to find out for sure about my own order.

  134. Russ says

    Hey David
    Opinions are like _ _ _ holes everybodys got one! You must be a dealer.
    I truly happy everybody that got sets recieves them. Your correct in your statements about capitalism. Im ok about not getting my set, what is dissapointing is when people are boasting and bragging about how they beat the system in place. Remember this though, more folks did not get the coins than got them. I dont blame anybody but the systems in place, so please have a little compassion for those people that weren’t so lucky. All the best., IN GOD WE STILL TRUST.

  135. Clair Hardesty says

    I just received two single set boxes from UPS. Even though the UPS info on the internet says the boxes weigh 4.3 & 4.5 pounds, the boxes both say “3 LBS” on them. My scales confirm the internet numbers and the lighter one clearly has less packing material as the contents slide around in the box quite drastically. The heavier box has the contents held much more tightly. I will now hope that my next three boxes weigh at least 4.5 pounds as the 4.3 pound box clearly does not have a proper amount of packing for a $300 coin purchase. Both boxes are 14″ x 11″ x 8″. My third and fourth sets will ship today for sure (38335XXX, 1:03 and 38339XXX, 1:26), I have tracking numbers for them. I don’t hear any coins moving around in the light box but it does bother me that I can’t do anything about it before sending them out for grading.

  136. David says

    Order placed at 1:32pm marked as shipped around 11:35 am today! WOO HOO!

    @Russ, I’m not a dealer, just a collector who sometimes sells extra coins to pay some bills when the opportunity is right. I was more directing my comments at Philip – your comments were much less caustic but I still felt them a bit negative and on the attack, and I did nothing wrong here – IMHO, neither did EvilFlipper – he set up to work within the system and place the orders he could… People like him (and sometimes me) selling on eBay help prevent you from having to buy from APMEX at $1000 a set or more… Just remember that next time you tell us that karma will come back to us

  137. Russ says

    First let me say congradt’s on you getting your coins. I did not accuse anybody of doing anything wrong. I just don’t care for the bragging and boasting, and as far as Karma goes, let everybodys own mind be thier guide.
    Have a wonderful day David.

  138. David says

    Anyone try to calculate about how many orders are getting shipped out a day? I am estimating maybe 5K-8K per day… any more detailed estimates using the data here?

    @Russ – I get it, and appreciate your comments. Mostly I felt Philip was out of line, but it is a free country and we all have the opportunity to express our opinions as long as it doesn’t border on hate speech.

  139. JL says

    I got the tracking from the mint said shipped 11/9/11 and went on to UPS website to look but got this…..
    >>> UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later.
    Haven’t seen any UPS truck comes by yet….. does anyone gets anything similar to this?

  140. JL says

    One of my sets (I got two) marked shipped 11/9/11. Will the ones order around 2:00pm get shipped today? I see the latest post by David said his 1:32pm shipped….

  141. SmallPotatos says

    JL & CO

    I just saw that i received a tracking number today (11/10/11), and when i clicked the link, i got the same response. i believe that it has been labeled, but not yet picked up by UPS. My order number was 38338xxx (1:22pm)

  142. Wes says

    JL, UPS has created a label but is waiting to receive the package. UPS won’t show any tracking info until they have them. My first order shipped on the eighth I received it before 10:30 on the ninth. Second order shipped yesterday morning expecting it this morning.

  143. says


    My friend’s coins “shipped” on Tuesday night, but the actual shipment did not start until almost 24 hours after the tracking number was generated. Until then it was “UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request.” So don’t worry, your situation is normal so far.

    Oh, and for those keeping track of where the Mint is in the “order stream,” my order number was 383402xx, and the order was made at precisely 1:30.

  144. Wes says

    Claire my first order weighed 3.8 lbs., second order just arrived label says 3 lbs, so they may be running short on packaging paper.

  145. Joe K. says

    Order number: 3833xxxx

    Order Date: 10/27/2011 at 01:15 PM

    Order Status: 2 units (1 order) shipped on 11/10/2011

    One is for me and the other is a Christmas gift for my brother. Started the process at 12 and put more than I needed in the cart. Took about an hour to get the order the way I wanted it and the rest of the time trying to place it. 20 Meg broadband, i5 processor and palemoon browser. Used quick order too. Thanks for all of the great information on this blog!

    Joe K.

  146. Drew says

    Got my 5 sets this morning. They live up to the hype for sure. Absolutely gorgeous. What really surprises me is the size of the ease display case. About twice what I thought it would be. I am so glad to have received them.

  147. Clair Hardesty says

    If the order get marked as shipped after about 3PM ET then it probably won’t really ship until the next day. The mint transfers shipping data around 3:30PM ET and orders that “ship” after that won’t go out. Those of you that have real tracking data from UPS (or received orders), if you look at the timestamp for “Order Processed: Ready for UPS” it will be between 3:00PM and 4:00PM. The UPS link won’t have anything meaningful until the “Origin Scan” (if that even gets recorded) which can happen at 2AM or later on the day of delivery. It looks like PBGS is working overtime today to try and get these out, my first set to be marked shipped today happened before 8AM ET.

  148. Clair Hardesty says

    My first set was the lighter one , so either they are getting better about packing them, there is a lot of variation from one packer to another, or because the first order was “shipped” late in the day (so it really shipped the next day) that they do run short on packing paper each night. I suspect that packer to packer variation is the culprit.

  149. JL says

    CaptainOverkill and Clair, so that means I won’t see the coin until tomorrow 11/11/11 right? That is odd since on USMINT site it marked shipped 11/09/11. Thanks for any info. You guys have been great.

  150. says


    From my friend’s experience, and from what Clair has been describing, it is fairly likely that your package will ship over the am tonight and reach your address on Friday. His tracking number was generated early Tuesday afternoon and remained “dormant” until about 4:30pm EST yesterday, when it went live. The coins arrived at his house today just before lunchtime.

    So, since my tracking number was generated around noon today, I’m expecting a similar wait, with an arrival on Monday.

  151. says

    Seems like a longer comment I made didn’t post and got eaten…

    In short JL, the answer is yes. On average it seems to take about 24 hours after the tracking number is generated for the product to ship.

  152. John says

    CaptainOverkill (and others keeping track)

    The processing of numbers is close to being in order but I noticed that CaptainOverkill posted his was shipped about 3 hours before mine. My order was placed about 1800 before Captain’s.

    Also I think Captain ordered one, I ordered five so maybe that why his processed first.

    Last, it looks like the mint is getting close to 8K – 10k orders out the door per day. My brother’s shipped yesterday and his was about 8.5k before me.

  153. David says

    FYI: Received box of 5 sets this morning. Order was placed at 12:34pm. 38330xxx. Arrived UPS Next Day Air.

  154. JBK says

    If I have one compliant about the outsourced shipping process it is the packaging. In virtually every case the coin set packaging (at least the outside cardboard envelope or sleeve) is damaged, dented, or scuffed during shipment. I can’t say this never happened back when the Mint did their own shipping but it was not nearly as common.

    On sets like these that cost $300 each are already worth 2 – 3 times that before they are even shipped, it would be nice if they took a little more care with the wrapping.

  155. joe says

    If the Mint ships at the same rate as yesterday, orders before 2:00pm ET will be cutting it close. My guess is that they will make it out at the very end of today or early tomorrow.

  156. JBK says

    I have also heard that some people are getting sets where the coins have popped out of the holes in the fitted tray and the capsules are floating around inside the cases.

    That is what happened to my 20th anniversary sets. I had ordered three and wanted to sell one to pay for them all, but never did it because some of the capsules were cracked and broken and I figured it would be seen as “defective” (with all the slabbing that goes on maybe that is not as much of an issue).

    They really should have a strip of bubble wrap or wrapping inside the case to keep things in place during shipment.

  157. JBK says

    I have also heard that some people are getting sets where the coins have popped out of the holes in the fitted tray and the capsules are floating around inside the cases.

    That is what happened to my 20th anniversary sets. I had ordered three and wanted to sell one to pay for them all, but never did it because some of the capsules were cracked.

    They really should have a strip of bubble wrap or wrapping inside the case to keep things in place during shipment.

  158. Tim says

    With all the talk about how the most minor problem with your CC will kill an order, I find it odd that I had my 2 sets delivered to me nearly a full 24 hours before the CC was charged. This is the first time that ever happened to me. Many, many orders have always charged the CC before they ever shipped. Strange news I know, on another note, love my sets, all coins except 3 out of 10 were loose. All the OGP was without any blemish. Good luck all fellow collectors !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. anil says

    any chance of order #38366### going through still says being processed I am just a collector and intend to keep. If not what is the best time to go for EBAY. Any suggestions.

  160. Clair Hardesty says

    In truth, all orders for one day ship at the same time near the end of the day. The time that the track order page changes to shipped is roughly when your order has been assigned a tracking number. Batches of orders are assigned to pickers and depending on how things work out, one batch can get ahead of another as they go from picking to packing. If this happens at the end of the day, as the last orders are readied prior to UPS pick up, it is possible that some orders can truly ship out of FIFO sequence. It does mean that someone with a higher order number might get their order a day ahead on one with a lower order number but it will only happen in cases like that and it is not a deliberate violation of the FIFO policy. They do seem to be doing a pretty good job this time and my only real complaint so far is about the skimping on packing material in some cases. My 2:10 order hasn’t been marked as shipped yet and we are getting pretty close to cutoff time for the day, at least in terms of making it onto the UPS truck(s).

  161. JBK says

    How many people are still “in process/backordered”? My friend’s order 38376xxx from about 4:45 is still in that status. I am holding out hope that she got in but I think she is balancing on the cutoff point.

  162. Chris B says


    It all depends on how many orders were/will be canceled. I am on the early 3838xxxx. Still in process with ship date 11/24. I hope I don’t get the “Dear John” or the big “C” notification from the Mint.

  163. Tim says

    So glad I did not send to have graded. Upon close inspection of my 2 sets, the RP has a ding smack dad in the center of the eagles shield, my other RP has 2 smaller dings slightly more to the right of center. Looks like there was something on the die, also notice a small crack line also on both reverses that run from the tip of the longest arrow in the eagles claw to the last letter (A) of “AMERICA”. Both UNC-W coings on the reverse look like they were spun in a circular motion. The obverse on both do not have this pattern. These are not scratches that are faint circular patterns that blend in to the coin. Later on we may find that for some of the coins in the set will have lower than expected grades. Still great sets, not for sale.

  164. Bobby says

    I Ordered The Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set On October 27th. On November 4th, I Recieved A Message From The Mint Telling Me About The “PROBLEMS” They Had With The Orders?! Today, November 10th, I Recieved A Message Telling That My Order Will Be Cancelled?! I Think That’s Absolute B.S.!!! I Think The Only “PROBLEM” Is That They Took All The Orders Before The Official Sale Date! Exellent Way To Promote Future Business!!!

  165. Shutter says

    It makes perfect sense that they would ship the single set orders that way as well since they surely want the signature requirement to minimize delivery issues.

    They didn’t need to ship via UPS Next Day Air Early A.M. to require signature. UPS has 6 cheaper options where you can still require signature. For us mere mortals, the differnce is huge. PBGS is probably getting a ginourmous discount, so it doesn’t matter as much.

  166. Wes says

    Tim after the quality problems with dings on the 5 OZ ATB coins I am wary of ordering any coins that are from the Philadelphia mint were the reverse RP coins were minted. I still haven’t opened my sets but plan on keeping them both.

  167. Piotr says

    Jim G,
    I was counting the time the orders were placed. 3-3 1/2 hrs of time at which the orders were placed are probably left now. For example the first day the mint was shipping orders placed between 1200 – about 1212. That leaves us probably over 4 1/2 hours till 500pm when most likely the order fulfillment cutoff will occur.
    Today it seems like we’ve gone thru orders that were placed until after 1:30 so we have about 3- 3 1/2 hrs of massive ordering frenzy to ship. I don’t know how many orders got canceled between 12-5. That will be a huge variable. But don’t listen to me. I work nights and those were my AM thoughts. Lol. Just a different perspective.

  168. Tim says

    Wes, I thought about mentioning where it came from, seems to be an issue with that one in particular.

  169. Broooster says

    I can tell you this about the coin quality in the one set I opened. All 5 coins looked awesome. I did not look at them under a loop, but to my 43 yr old eyes, they looked fantastic, and I don’t need glasses. I will not be opening the other 3 mint boxes I have left, no need to. I am happy with the 1st set I looked at. The 5th set I ordered went to a friend who was not able to order due to work. I am sure I will get feedback once his coins show up at his place.
    I hope everyone has the same experience with their sets that I did.

  170. JL says

    @Captain Overkill
    {“Seems like a longer comment I made didn’t post and got eaten…
    In short JL, the answer is yes. On average it seems to take about 24 hours after the tracking number is generated for the product to ship.”}

    You are right… I just check again and now my tracking is valid at UPS and no longer has that “no tracking found…..). I am so excited knowing that I will get to see my set of “fabulous” coins.

  171. Clair Hardesty says

    They actually use a contracted version of the UPS next day air saver, which for us mortals has guaranteed end of day delivery but when a contractor is doing bulk shipments, UPS “parcels” them out to even the load on its delivery systems.For domestic shipments (at least to lower 48), they only use this method for expedited orders (whether paid or gratis) and for “standard” they use only FedEx/USPS, which is a holdover from the DHL/USPS partnership that FedEx acquired when it absorbed DHL.

    My 1:26 order is shipping today but my 2:10 order has not yet been marked and even if it does get tagged tonight, it is already too late to really go out for Friday delivery, unless PBGS has made special arrangements for tonight, which they probably didn’t do. That means that its Monday at the earliest for delivery of sets that aren’t on the truck already.

    It was 23 hours from the time my 12:34 order was tagged as shipped until my 1:26 order was marked at about 1:30 ET today. My 1:03 order “shipped” at right about 8AM ET this morning. It looks like a rough pace is about 1 hour of orders per day but with lots of variance. On the first day (part of Tuesday) they didn’t even get through the first 15 minutes before what they had processed went to UPS. If they take tomorrow off and don’t work Saturday either, it will be Tuesday, or more likely Wednesday before the last shipments are made. That will not leave much time for those who are going that route to get the coins to NGC for ER labels, if they require them to be received at NGC by the 27th.

    Tim & Wes, Philly is a powerhouse of circulating coin production but they do seem to have long standing quality issues with high end coins. Even in 2006, when way fewer proof & uncirculated SAEs received 70s, the RP-P coin was even worse. This year, over half of PR-W and MS-W coins submitted are getting 70s but I don’t expect the RP-P to reach that mark, I just hope it does better than it did five years ago. It would be a very dark spot if the bullion coin returns more 70s than the RP.

  172. Tim says

    Sadly Clair, that branch continues to s*ck. We will all find out before long when the numbers start coming in. Still love em though, so I’m good !!!!!!!!!!!

  173. PrinceVegeta says

    I keep seeing that the 4 1/2 hours mark is when the waiting list was put in place.

    Well, my order went through at 4:29 EST, #38370xxx. If the 4 1/2 hours is true, I’m right at the borderline of getting one or the big ZERO, lol. I really hope I can just get one set. It is still in “process”, and I’m going to check at least once everyday on the stat.

    I’ll post update on my situation when it change so other that are behind me can know of their fate. Like the old saying goes, “Second place is first to lose”. I really don’t want to be the first to lose, especially not on this one.

  174. PaulM says

    My order has shipped, and have a tracking number, but no info on the tracking number yet. I placed my order at 1:40, order #38340XXX if that info helps anyone. Sorry to hear the fulfillment center, or the mint cannot seem to pack coins to not come loose. I have had this problem repeatedly and have sent some gold coins back, particularly gold commems. Good luck everyone!

  175. Louis says

    Both my orders have been charged but still say “in stock and reserved.” Looks like nothing will happen before Monday with the holiday tomorrow.
    I think they will ship on Monday or Tuesday. Orders were placed about 3:30pm. I have to have them by next Thursday, but I think I should be okay.

  176. Clair Hardesty says

    Shutter, thanks for that pointer. The last time I looked it had not been posted. I was wondering if they were going to make adjustments for the delayed shipping and the TDay holiday and they have at least done the former. I was concerned since they used to set it closer one month after an item goes on sale but it looks like they are using the first ship date more recently.

    Joe, getting close. My last order 38346XXX at 2:10 hasn’t been tagged yet. Of course they won’t really ship tonight and only will tomorrow if PBGS is at least partially active. Otherwise it will be Monday before they really leave UPS in Indianapolis. Looks like the 1 hour of orders processed per day is holding.

  177. MadHatter says

    Results are in: My order was canceled because “my credit card address doesn’t match my address on file.” This is despite the same credit card and same addresses working for 3+ years. Apparently I hit some internal limit on order volume which triggered a review of my account, which found that my two addresses (which are identical except, perhaps for a space or something else like that) didn’t match. As a result, my orders were cancelled. While the mint was sympathetic, they refused to reinstate the orders, even though I had no reason to think anything was wrong, and part of the same order as one of the AE sets shipped two days ago! No opportunity was given for me to remedy the situation. This is outrageous. To the waiting list: you’re welcome. If any of you would like to sell me a set, I’d be very appreciative…

  178. JBK says

    MH, that is cold! They have some nerve to reject the sets but ship other items from the same order. Unfortunately, there is absolutley nothing that can be done since they are sold out. If it were a private business they would try to make it up to you some other way, but I don’t expect that from a govt bureaucracy.

  179. Clair Hardesty says

    MH, that is just plain wrong and you should keep complaining. If it was the household limit hunter that got you it will be difficult to fix but if it was just a CC issue you have a chance. The mint should be using address normalizers to compare addresses so even slight mis-spellings shouldn’t cause such problems. If you have it in you, don’t give up until the mint says all sets have shipped.

  180. joe says

    Okay…I can understand if a person loses the Mint lottery on actually being able to place an order. That I can understand. But having your order cancelled and not reinstated because your billing and shipping address are off by a space is complete BS!

    MH – I am upset for you! What a complete farce! I know it sounds over the top, but you should write your congressman, senator and copy the Director of the US Mint. I would send them all registered letters. You just never know what can happen…

  181. PaulM says

    Looks like unsealed sets have sold for between $700-$900 each on Ebay. Haven’t checked the sealed boxes yet.

  182. MadHatter says

    Thanks for the sympathy, I spoke with David at the mint (among a bunch of others) who is a supervisor of the team leaders as I understand it (i.e. relatively senior) and we discussed for 1/2 hour and he still said nothing could be done, not even added to waitlist. There’s no issue with household ordering limit here as no one else ships to my address and I only ordered my fair share. Both orders (one for 1 plus two other coins) are 3835xxxx so I know I’m well before the sell-out. If it does not work out in the end I may very well contact those that you suggested, Joe. Claire, do you know of anyone that has ever had an order reinstated for a sold out product? and if so how? I’d definitely be grateful for any suggestions.

  183. JBK says

    If you have any chance of getting reinstated you need to rattle the cage now. Once all the coins are shipped there is nothing that can be done. Officially, nothing can be done now, but that does not mean someone can’t unofficially put you #1 on the wait list, or first in line in case any sets come back as undeliverable (I am sure it happens),etc.

  184. MadHatter says

    JBK, what would you suggest in terms of rattling the cage? I have talked to four different levels of management at the mint over more than a dozen calls, and have not gotten anywhere. I ask simply because I’m running out of ideas at this point.

  185. Eric The Red says

    Boy I am really pissed off! I tried all day to log on to their antiquated web site eventually when I got on, placed my order for one set and waited a week they finally they responded. So much for customer loyalty, and the tens of thousands of dollars I spent over those years. I hope you flippers choke on them.

    Dear United States Mint Customer,

    Thank you so much for your interest in the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set.

    Due to overwhelming demand, the product reached its production limit in sales quickly and the United States Mint accepted a limited number of orders on a waiting list in the event that products became available due to order cancellations.

    Unfortunately, based on the time your order was taken, we can now confirm that your waiting list order will not be processed. Please note you will receive an order cancellation notification confirming this when your order is cancelled from our system.

    The United States Mint

  186. joe says


    Call your congressman’s office. Then call your senators’ office. Then call the Mint Director’s office. What do you have to lose?

  187. J pay says

    i took off work spent 4+ hours still dont know and have spent thousand of dollars also if i get the boot ill buy 1 some where made over 400 calls and just as mant refresh of puter

  188. Philip says

    @Eric The Red:

    I could not agree with you more dude. These people that bought more than 5 sets just to turn a profit to feed their fat families or their drug habit should be ashamed of themselves. Greed is not good.

    I do have to say that the US Mint should have limited the quantity to one set per person, address, etc.

    @russ: Thanks for your support

    @ david & evilflipper: eat it.

    What the US Mint should do is produce another 100,000 sets and anyone that received one or more in the first round is prohibited from buying again.

  189. Shutter says

    My order was canceled because “my credit card address doesn’t match my address on file.”

    Was this the mint’s decision, or did the credit card company rejected the charge? I know you said that the charge was authorized by your credit card company, but the merchants can submit a charge for a pre-authorization (to lock up available credit) and then submit the actual charge when they are ready to ship. Restaurants use this system to validate you card first and then submit the real thing after you’ve written in the tip. Some credit card company use weird algorithms to make charge authorization decisions that even its own people can’t comprehend. Bottom line is that if the error was made by your credit card company, rattling the cages at the mint likely won’t help.

    I agree that this sucks mittens, but don’t make yourself crazy over this.

  190. says

    WTF…Moderncoinmart has a sell for a NGC PF69/MS69 set on ebay and they say “IN STOCK”

    Or, more simply, ebay item/auction #160680284372

    How do they already have these “in stock”?

    At least they are doing a “true auction” starting at 99 cents…probably to get a feel for what to charge for these on there web-site

  191. jim says

    Hey Steve
    you were right. I called again & NGC said no S on the coin, same from PCGS no S on the 2nd coin.

  192. Eric The Red says

    Joe I appreciate the advice but call my congressman or senator Chuck Schumer give me a break even if I can get through like he can do anything anyway? The ship has sailed. The mint really screwed up all of us collectors should be hopping mad. I’ll be really reluctant to spend anymore of my hard earned cash at the US Mint until they level the playing field. Come on they weren’t aware this 5 per household deal was primed for a flippers paradise.

  193. Aleks says

    To STEVE.

    How do they already have these “in stock”?

    He may have a friend who is working for NGC or maybe he is working there. Looks like he got connection there.

  194. birdman says

    today is a sad day…my order was cancelled because I was too far back on the waiting list :(…I had been looking forward to buying the 25th anniversary set for a long time…life goes on

  195. says


    Really sorry to hear this. I hope you can find a way to still get them for a reasonable price. I can’t think of much you can do except continually harassing the upper levels of Mint customer service.

  196. mark1026 says

    just got an email an hr ago saying mine shipped today! im very relieved to know they didnt screw up on my order like some others. i hope to keep one of my sets in OGP, maybe certify the other.

  197. thomb says

    I’m sorry that people will get orders canceled but everyone had the same time frame to get some. I will tell you up front that I used the system that the Mint used for these and had several family members also use the system of 5 per household. Yes , I will make a very nice profit but that is the way business is done. When you see or in this case absolutely know you can make lots of money very quickly , then why not. I played and bought within the rules, so don’t be upset at those like me you thought ahead , be upset at the Mint who didn’t think about what they were doing at all..

  198. says

    Put up a post with some pictures of my friend’s sets, they are fantastic. I’m hoping mine come tomorrow.

    Also, let’s not bash EvilFlipper, guys. He’s a regular contributor, and the real abusers are the big dealers who hired people to order dozens or even hundreds of sets, not a person who finagled a few extra. I don’t really see a problem with individuals selling extra sets on EBay.

  199. Vickievail says

    My set arrived today (order #38327xxx), ordered placed at 12:15 via the telephone. They are beautiful, however be careful as you open the inside box, one of my coins had popped out of the plastic case. Today is a wonderfuly day.

  200. Hidalgo says

    I just received an email stating that my order, placed at 1:59 PM (order number 38344###), was shipped yesterday. So the US Mint is making progress.

    I really don’t care how quickly I receive my order. I will hold onto my coins to treasure them — like they were meant to be. I love collecting coins. Anyone who thinks that they can become rich from selling coins needs to find a job…. LOL!

  201. vaughnster says

    Yes Birdman, what was your order number that was cancelled and what time was it placed? Seems a little early for wait list cancellations. You sure it wasn’t for some other reason?

  202. John says

    Steve says:
    November 10, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    WTF…Moderncoinmart has a sell for a NGC PF69/MS69 set on ebay and they say “IN STOCK”…….

    Both NGC and MCM are located in Sarasota. MCM grades alot of coins there, I’m sure they have VIP treatment.

    Question of the day… will the employees at PBGS be working today???

  203. John says

    Also, MCM web site still says price unknown for the sets (graded & ungraded). They may want to wait until they have more in stock and have a few auctions sold to come up with a price.

  204. Hidalgo says

    Everyone knows that the 25th anniversary ASE set has two unique coins with a mintage of approximately 100,000 each: the reverse proof silver eagle and the 2011-S silver eagle.

    Since a reverse proof eagle was previously issued in 1996, I am thinking that demand for the unique 2011-S silver eagle will be higher than for the reverse proof. I guess time will tell….

  205. says


    Most likely what has happened is that the grading companies got orders in like everyone else, immediately graded some of their coins MS-69 and MS-70, and proceeded to sell them to dealers, who put them up on EBay in advance. I would expect this was arranged in advance.

  206. John says

    I don’t think TPG sell coins to anybody (it would be a conflict of interest).

    Also, I forgot to say that the owner of MCM used to be “NGC Grading Finalizer”… it’s all about who you know.

  207. alan says


  208. Jim G says

    Just checked the U.S. Mint site and my order has shipped. Order placed at 2:00PM (Order # 38344XXXX) Didn’t receive an email saying it was shipped. Have tracking # also. Bank acct. hasn’t been debited yet. Looking forward to checking this bad boy out!! I have the complete set so far since 1986 and will continue to buy them as long as I can. Thanks everyone for all their input through this horrendous ordering process. OMG!

  209. toby says

    still waiting for my 2:17 pm order to get shipping info and off in stock and reserved …..getting nervous

  210. MadHatter says

    Shutter – checked with the CC company, everything is fine. This is truly a £ü¢k up on the US Mint’s part. As far as EvilFlipper goes, I’m glad he’s around – maybe I’ll actually be able to get a set without selling my kidney first.

  211. MadHatter says

    Anyone know how to call the Mint Director’s office? Having trouble finding the phone number.

  212. HarryB says

    Back in 08 when the “Rev of 07” Burnished “W” Silver Eagles appeared, MCM auctioned several on Ebay, graded in 69 and 70, before listing them on the MCM retail web store. I won their first Ebay auction for a 70, at $260. By auctioning the first 25th Anniversary Sets back from NGC, MCM looks to be determining market value.

  213. pl.mark says

    An order CAN be reinstated fairly easily if you force their hand, but then Clair firmly believes that this is a “lottery”; so be it. If my one order for just one set is borderline waitlist (38378XXX), I would prefer getting it than giving it up to some “lottery”, whose proponent has five sets and can easily sell you one of hers @ cost.

  214. Russ says

    Your correct, I ordered a set a few minutes ago got order number and reciept. I dont know whats going on but its Veterans Day and I am a veteran. What a nice Veterans Day present form the U.S. Government if this order goes thru with success. Thanks for the heads up, it gives me back some hope. Maybe that “In God We Trust” has an eye out for us. 🙂

  215. alan says


  216. Anthony Lopez says

    Just ordered 3 more sets. Wow! It’s 5;20 PST. I guess the early bird does catch the first worm. Got to go. Back to bed.

  217. Russ says

    The Mint is closed for the holiday, but someone did something to be able to order again. Keeping my fingers crossed, I think all this excitement about getting them or not may be more fun that actually recieving the coins. Emotions go up, down, and sideways for all of us who do not yet have a confirmed order of “reserved and in stock”
    Thanks again Alan for the heads up.

  218. MES says

    I really don’t understand why the Mint let you buy 5 sets. When the Lincoln silver dollar came out as a set couple of years with I thing the 4 pennies and Gettysburg address for 59.95 you could only buy 1. Also, the Amer Eagle 20th anniversary 3 coin set is going for over $300 now so every flipper in the world knew there was no risk and guaranteed a quick profit.

  219. alan says


    they have probably gone thru all the bad credit cards and also no matching address and cancel alot of orders,,IT IS NO GLITCH,TRY TO ORDER AND YOU WILL SE!!!!!

  220. Frankie says

    Yes, I did order, but why would they make it available again a few days after sending out thousands of cancellation emails? This does not make sense.

  221. joe says

    “Joe I appreciate the advice but call my congressman or senator Chuck Schumer give me a break even if I can get through like he can do anything anyway? The ship has sailed. The mint really screwed up all of us collectors should be hopping mad. I’ll be really reluctant to spend anymore of my hard earned cash at the US Mint until they level the playing field. Come on they weren’t aware this 5 per household deal was primed for a flippers paradise.”

    Some congressmen and senators will actually respond. I’m sure up in the Northeast it may be a different story though (unfortunately).

  222. MES says

    Remember there are 100,000 sets so there might be alot of potential for errors so it is probably worth a chance, but realistically a very small chance.

  223. Tim says

    I put 10 in the cart and it took it, that tells me major glitch or cruel joke. They either got hacked or a disgruntled employee. I think it is bogus.

  224. Jim G says

    Alan they open up at 8:00AM. I just got off the phone with a Cust Svcs. Rep and she said that was an error. I almost hung up after being on hold almost 10mins. The Rep. said that they have been inundated with calls since opening about the Anniv. Set.

  225. Russ says

    Oh well the drama continues, I called the mint as well but got a message that the office was closed. Any hope is better than no hope 🙂 I think you are all correct, slim chance if any. It was fun while it lasted.

  226. mitch says

    Did anyone’s coins get shiped with order #38360XXX or 38365XXX ? Is there a chance with these #’s

  227. Ikaika says

    One key question: If the US Mint is indeed taking new orders, will the previous ones that were canceled be reinstated?

  228. Ikaika says

    I was looking at the their webpage when it switched to “sold out” again. This must have been a glitch because they canceled many orders from the wait list.

  229. BigHock says

    I ordered mine at 4:01PM and the status on the us mint web site says “your order is in process”. The expected ship date is 11/25.

    Separately, I did get the following e-mail from PCGS, and I wonder how it affects the value of these? Here it is:

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: November 10, 2011. We have received the first submissions of the 25th Anniversary Coins. The mint sealed packaging includes a Certificate of Authenticity. That certificate lists all 5 coins. In that list the bullion coin with no mint mark is reported to be minted in either San Francisco or West Point. This information conflicts with earlier reports so PCGS contacted the mint directly. We were told by a mint official that while most of the no mint coins were minted in San Francisco there is no guarantee that all of the no mint coins were minted there. Consequently PCGS cannot label the no mint coins as (S) as originally planned. Those coins are still eligible for 25th Anniversary Labels and for First Strike according to the already published guidelines. We apologize for all the confusion.

    PCGS will recognize all five coins as 25th Anniversary coins if they are submitted in their original, unopened mint packaging. Since the “S” mint and Reverse Proof have only been made for the 25th Anniversary set, they can be sent in from an opened mint package and still receive the 25th Anniversary designation; however, the other coins in the set cannot. In order to have all five coins designated as 25th Anniversary they must be submitted in their unopened mint packaging.

    All five of the coins are eligible for recognition as First Strike. Standard First Strike rules apply; see our submission form to select this option

  230. Ikaika says

    @Mitch 9:06am

    I am on the same boat as you. I ordered just after 3:30pm EST. With similar order number. Still “in stock and reserved” with cancel button gone. CC has been verified. We will receive our coins, but probably will take longer than most since we were in the tail end.

  231. MadHatter says

    pl.mark, Clair (or anyone else that might know) – would love any strategy tips you might have on how to get an order reinstated. Tried everything I could through the US Mint line, don’t have the number for the director’s office. How can a lowly consumer like me force their hand? I couldn’t imagine a congressman (I’m in NY) taking action fast enough to make a difference…

  232. J A says

    Order #38337XXX
    Yesterday, I saw the status change to ‘Delivered’ with a tracking # on the site but like many others, no tracking info available on UPS site. I got the email last night that the order shipped.

    As of this morning, UPS site says the package is coming this morning!

    Definitely excited to get my 5 sets!

  233. Davo says

    I just got my two sets!!! They are BEE YOU TI FULL!!! I’m so excited to have these. One for me and one for my brother. I’m not a flipper, I’m just a regular “lowly” collector. My order was placed at 1:11pm.

  234. Vickievail says

    Alan Thanks so much for the “tip” I told a friend that could was not able to get an order the fist time. Let’s wait and see what happens. Thanks again and GREAT looking out!

  235. chris says

    Hatter : it may be useful to wait a few weeks/months till the price of a sealed set stabilizes, and then pick one up in the aftermarket. IMHO pursuing bureaucratic avenues usually ends up with a “no” at the end and frustration in between – not worth it – save your energy!

  236. joe says

    My teenage daughter has been saving up a very long time to make an investment in something worthwhile. About a month ago I told her about this set and she was really interested. Together I ordered us a couple sets (after much pain), and they just shipped. I can assure you that these sets will be held and not auctioned off on eBay. The point of this story is that this particular set has peaked her interest in coin collecting, which I believe should be the Mint’s primary purpose with their numismatic offerings.

  237. Vaughnster says

    Thanks Alan. I ordered 5 sets at 8:04 am est. and it went through and is currently on hold. It would be mind blowing if anyone ordering today would get them. More of the waiting game….

  238. joe says

    One of the main reasons I contact congressmen and senator is that they will never know there is a problem unless someone tells them theirs a problem. If nothing else, it might put pressure on the Mint to do something to fix fiascoes like this.

  239. Nu-bie says

    Picked my set up at the UPS office last night. Was horrified when I opened the box and saw the two end coins were popped open. The one on the right (burnished W) was completely out, with the holder lid halfway on top of it. Didn’t find the one on the left until I removed (with difficulty) the “tray” piece… it was underneath that (thought it was missing entirely at first!). Remarkably they didn’t show any damage. There was a nick across Walking Liberty’s thigh on the bullion coin, which was still in it’s holder.

    Was interesting to compare the burnished W coin with the bullion coin… almost imperceptible.

  240. VA Dave says

    #383404XX, 2 sets ordered 1:39pm received this morning and in hand!!! No damage in perfect shape!

    Hoping to 38368XXX, 1 set ordered at 4:07pm will change to in stock and reserved.

  241. Clair Hardesty says

    To MH and others thinking of asking for congressional intervention. Call your Representative’s office but don’t bother trying to talk to them directly. Do your best to talk directly to a senior aide. These are the people who really get things done and can act on your behalf very quickly, especially if you are calm and concise when you speak with them. Make it clear that people who’s credit card has issues are being allowed to get things corrected and you are operating entirely inside the rules but have been caught by a system that, while designed to do the right thing, has made an error in your case. If you were rejected because of a typographical difference between two addresses you have a strong case. Orders are being processed today, my 2:10 order (38346XXX) was marked as shipped this morning so they are nearing the halfway point in shipping and there may still be time, especially with the weekend, for intervention to help. Good luck.

  242. says

    My set arrived early this morning. I took some pics and uploaded them on my blog if anyone cares to look. I also included some commentary about the whole shipping mess in last night’s post as well.

  243. JBK says

    MH: It sounds like you have done about all you can, but sometimes in a situation like this I do have success by gong for broke and throwing a Hail Mary pass. In this case, I would do as other suggested, but also I would try to get to the office of the Mint Director. The 800# at the Mint is the customer service center – there is only so much they can/will do for you. I would call or even write (and then fax) a letter to the Director. Finding his address could be a challenge, as I am not sure if he cooperates out of Washington DC or Philadelphia.

    In any case, it is all a long shot and it might be easier to just buy the set on eBay, but I have learned some good lessons from crusades such as this. It is never easy but if you persevere you MIGHT get some satisfaction. The odds are against you here, since the mintage is set and the supply sold out, but it is up to you how far you want to take it.

    I would also want to know the name of the one person who made the decision (or who could change it), not to suggest that you are going to try to get them in trouble, but so that you can give the Mint Director their name when you call him so that he knows who he can speak with to straighten this out if he decides to help (that might wake someone up). .

  244. David says

    @Russ – hope you got a set, sincerely.

    @Philip – I am glad you didn’t, seriously. You are clearly the most negative person on this board and the amount of bile you are spewing is horrific.

  245. Steve says

    For anyone keeping track, my order 38348xxx placed 2:22 pm just marked as shipped today 11/11 at 7:30 am EST

  246. PaulM says

    I was wondering if anyone knew how the mint sets mintage limits? What is the reasoning behind a small limit for such a popular set? There is no congressional approval needed for them. The 2006 set was 250,000, the 2011 was 100,000. Does this mean the 30th will be 50,000? They should have made 500,000, and stated that more could be struck if demand warranted. That way the collectors would receive as many sets as they wanted, and the secondary market would not be so great that the large dealers would buy so many to make a profit. The UHR was struck to demand, and other than the price of gold going up, prices have stabilized. Other than the rip off artists, known as TPG service MS70’s. Am I the only one that fails to see a difference in these modern coins between a 69 and a 70? It will be rarer to have a 68 or 67 from this set.

  247. Russ says

    Thanks David
    I have no set yet, but today again gave me some hope thanks to Alan. Without hope and faith we have nothing. I see it like this, today being 11-11-11 maybe, just maybe, the mint did something special by the opening of the shopping cart for orders. Lets say 111 sets for sale to those who kept trying or maybe 1,111 sets for sale on Veterans day, unanounnced to anybody and made to look like a computer error. I ordered one set, “I Have Hope” call it Karma, and “In God We Trust”
    Have a great weekend everybody, thanks for all those people keeping us up to date.
    Congradulations to all those who got lucky!

  248. JBK says

    I agree that the mintage should probably have been higher, but the set is more special because it is so limited, which was probably their thinking. But…the order limit should DEFINITELY have been lower.

    The Mint has been doing incredible things in recent years – I recall the days when there were NO commems or bullion coins or extra things that Congress has mandated lately. Now we have several new quarter and dollar designs every year, two commemorative coin programs – each with multiple coins, edge lettering, FIVE OUNCE silver coins (nice idea, but the original proposal ignored the fact that the Mint had no ability at the time to produce these), etc. etc.

    It is a small miracle that the Mint could even conceive of and produce a set like the 25th anniversary Silver Eagles in the short time it took from announcement to production.

  249. PaulM says

    I received my sets this morning. I just opened the first set and one coin had come out of its plastic casing. Of course it was one of the unique coins, the S. It looks great except there is a small ding on the Eagle’s shield. The bullion coin has a soft strike, but the other three look perfect. I wonder if the bullion coin is taken from stock, or made for these sets. The soft strike tells me it is probably from stock.

  250. TheCoinKeeper says

    The plain silver eagle bullion coin has always been sold by dealers.

    Am I correct… Is this the first time it has been sold by the US Mint directly? …in a set or otherwise.

  251. David W says

    @Paul – I had heard from NGC that the bullion coins are taken right off the press and never put in rolls etc, so they are expecting a higher proportion of 70s than normal for the bullions… Then again, only time will tell and we need to wait until the population reports start updating (I only have access to the NGC population reports myself as I am not a PCGS member)…

  252. Michael says

    “The plain silver eagle bullion coin has always been sold by dealers. Am I correct… Is this the first time it has been sold by the US Mint directly? …in a set or otherwise.”

    Bullion silver eagles were included in the 2000 Millennium Coinage and Currency Set and the 2002 Legacies of Freedom Set.

  253. Piotr says

    Two of my sets arrived yesterday. When I opened first case I was surprised to notice that only two coins were in their appropriate spot.
    In the second box I already expected a little chaos, but my expectations were to say the least- ruined. The coins were floating around and the reverse proof popped out of the capsule! Good thing I did not plan on grading those. What failure would that be.

  254. PaulM says

    DavidW, Looked at two more of my sets, and the bullion coin up at the top of the flag looks soft. All three so far have the same appearance. The other four coins have a sharp flag. Just seems people that are going to try to get a 70 set are going to be disappointed. The coins all look great. The reverse proof looks much better the the 2006 and I think there will be a lot of 70’s. I think that bullion coin is going to be the bane of all the dealers and flippers.

  255. NaplesMike says

    Order number 38349xxx placed at 2:27pm est. just received shipping label. Order was for 2 sets…Today is a good day!!

  256. GMS says

    Anybody have a guess on how many people were able to place orders this morning? I placed an order at 8:31 am and my order # is 384684XX. Anybody with a status other than “on hold”? Thanks.

  257. JBK says

    With all due respect, no one who placed an order this morning should expect anythig other than a cancellation notice.

    There was a waiting list from the first (and last) day or ordering, and the list is being gradually trimmed down. There is no way the Mint is going to take new orders while cutting people from the waiting list.

    On occassion in the past, the Mint has re-opened ordering on items marked as “no longer available” (I scored three rolls of low mintage Sac $ this way a few years ago when they went back up for a few days), but in this case with an oversubscribed limited mintage there is no way it can happen.

  258. Russ says

    Please stop raining on my parade, let me at least have some hope. The Mint might have set aside lets say 111 sets or opened the sales up for 1:11 in honor of Veterans Day being 11-11-11. They did it on 08-08-08! If they told anybody about it they would have had the same mess that they have now. Yes I agree its probably not gonna happen but I still can hope 🙂

  259. JBK says

    It would be great if they did. THAT would be a bigger (and better) story than the fiasco a couple weeks ago.

  260. Mike says

    I couldn’t get through until 7 PM and such my order number out there #: 3840xxx

    so if there was only one per household limit, I think I would have received my order……..unless those that ordered from 2 to 10 sets are willing to sell to me at cost.

  261. Broooster says

    For those of you looking for a set, may I suggest you leave some contact info, email address or something. You might get lucky and get a hit. Then again, you might get a lot of spam. Not even sure Michael will allow it, but I can’t see how trying would hurt.

  262. stephen m. says

    TO: Clair Hardesty, You seem to have excellent and accurate info up to date. I and i’m sure others appreciate it. Would the box with 3 sets be the same size as the box for the 5sets and what is the shipping weight of each? Thanks ahead

  263. shouldBbassfishin' says

    So many views on the quality of the low volume of this run. A 67-68 could be rarer. so a pristine set in in the box could be the big winner in the end (if ups does not destroy them first). Best of all I dont have a closet filler but a custom useable box. I have my pcgs 70’s of all 3 and one extra sf so thats great.
    (wait) i know bizzare but just thought could pcgs or ngc cert. the box and put a plastic shield over coins with company seals. not a graded set but an authentic certified from mint with no coins exchanged.
    I know a rant but much shorter than others. i have a ship date now of 11/25 ordered 3:30 cst on the 27th all is good and i will receive my one set.
    gotta like all the updates but think of how many bass we’ve missed doing all this.

  264. John says

    Before somebody labels me an EvilFlipper…

    I just received my 5 sets, all coins were out of place. All “S” coins had a milk spot, one “S” had areas that seemed polished (inconsistent finish).

    All 5 reverse proofs had a tiny area just left of the bottom of the “Y” that was “shinny” not “burnished” with a second area that near Liberty’s right foot that looks like a small scratch, so must be from the die. (You might have to tip the coin slightly to see the light reflect from the area).

    My next two orders of 5 shipped today 2:30P & 2:45P. The main reason I order 15 was for insurance against the mint. One from accidental cancellation and two from quality issues. I do plan on selling some extras but over the past few years I have had to return a lot of poor quality product. I didn’t want to take a chance and order a few and then be disappointed. Last, I will not sell modern coins of poor quality, so if a coin is bad it goes back to the mint. I realize that some on the waiting list might get a reject but I can’t sell garbage to my customers, can’t same the same for the mint. None of my coins will be sent the TPG.

  265. John says

    “can’t same the same for the mint” shoud say… “can’t say the same for the mint” sorry.

  266. David says

    @John… it’s a free market, doubt anyone other than Philip will call you EF… and he’s just bitter with a capital B.

  267. Clair Hardesty says

    Stephen, I don’t have a definitive answer for you but here is my best info. They appear to be using the same box for all orders. My single set orders are arriving in a box that measures approximately 14″x11″x8″. They are all marked “3 LBS” but weigh in at 4.3 to 4.5 pounds, exactly matching the weights posted by UPS. The 5 set boxes I have seen labels for all weigh just over 15 pounds and it appears that five sets almost fill the box.it looks like set weighs about 3 pounds, the box weighs about one pound, and up to half a pound of packing is used (all rough numbers). Using those numbers, a three set order should weigh just over 10 pounds. Maybe someone here that has ups info on a three set order could chime in and confirm or correct. I do know of one case where the UPS weight was mis-entered for single set order. the UPS page said 15.4 pounds making the buyer think they might have sent the wrong order but when it arrived it was the one set he had paid for, just a data entry error.

  268. EvilFlipper says

    For those of you buying secondary please do not bid. Go to the EBay Buy It Now tab and then click “price plus shipping lowest first” to get the cheapest set. I hate to see people bidding up without knocking out the cheaper sets first.

  269. J pay says

    well if they had sets avalible and i hope they did that would mean all who is still in process and cc # checked out and all ok should get theres correct??? am i correct??? just wonder why all ones got cancelled if there was coins to be had??? anyone have ideas on this lmk as i have been cleared just waitng for in process to move to reserved and NO I DID NOT GET ANY CANCEL NOTICE thats why i wonder why they would put back up as some was canceled ??????????????????

  270. Alex says

    Guys, check on Craigslist, you can buy cheaper there and you can inspect coins before you buying. In San Diego where I live 1 guy is selling this set on Craigslist for $700. You always can negotiate there. Better then eBay.

  271. JBK says

    All reports indicate that they are whittling down the waiting list. Some people who are “in process/backordered” are still getting cancelled. I imagine that as the sets ship, they get closer to the actual number of valid orders vs. coins available, and as the number dwindles the order cancellations proceed. Presumably they will ship the last set and then cancel what is left of the waiting list and then that will be it, although they probably keep a small list in case any sets are returned.

    As was discussed last week, “in stock and reserved” is when you can start to breathe easy.

  272. J pay says

    yes i understand but why put back up for sale? and whos to say they cant make more really who is stopping them and who will know? really who?

  273. PaulM says

    EF, I did what you daid to check prices. Lowest price is $725. I put one up in an auction for .99 today. I will let the market determine what it’s worth.

  274. Clair Hardesty says

    Let’s make sure that everyone understands the track order page. “in process” is an order status and “in stock and reserved” is an item status, as is the “backordered, expected ship date …” message. The order status will stay at “in process” when the item status changes to “in stock …”. When your order “ships”, the order status changes to “Your order request has been shipped”, the item status changes to “X unit(s) shipped on mm/dd/yyyy”, and a real tracking number appears which is a link to the carrier tracking page for your package (but it doesn’t work yet). In truth, only one shipment occurs each day, all orders go out at once, apparently between 3 & 4PM ET. Any order marked as “shipped” after that really goes out with the next day’s shipment.

  275. J pay says

    john 15 sets IS EVIL SORRY BUT IT IS with most of use would be happy with 1 set yes you are a flipper and a trying to say that you are not after getting 15 sets well if not sell to others to each one of us for what you have in them and prove it 15 sets really???? ill buy 1 from ya prove that your not a flipper and yes i spen all day trying to get a set from 12-5 i also took off work to do so so i am asking prove it sell the ones you dont want to us that havent got a set!

  276. Jon [in CT] says

    Woohoo! UPS tracking number now works and indicates a weight of 4.60 lbs for the single set I ordered (order confirmation email datestamp was 10/27/11 2:34PM ET).

    Seems to be heavier than some earlier reports, suggesting more packing material was used. Maybe all my coins will arrive still-nestled in their slots, instead of rattling around in the box.

  277. shouldBbassfishin' says

    Now that we’ve seen a 15 set customer. how many are out there that never see this or dare not post. Sad to see this tun from an anniversary release to a divorce. for the collectors of long term and being a conservator of old family coins and passing on to next generation. we’ll make it through very well thank you. to all the flippers your a tarnished coin in the lot and will be long forgotten before these coins are.

  278. Ikaika says

    To all the great investigators in this blog: Have anyone found out if the sale of the 25th Ann set this morning was a glitch on the US Mint system or was it for real. If it was real, I hope the people that were in the waiting list and got their orders canceled will be able to purchase the set. It would be a big injustice to the hard working that day.

  279. alan says

    i called again this morning and the lady from the mint said she did not what was going on,but they were working on the system and they did not have any more ,they were still sold out. I figure it was to good to be true

  280. pl.mark says

    It might have been a computer glitch, but it just might have been the computer program working as it was supposed to work. If a mass email notice was sent out last week saying that orders on the waiting list have been cancelled and if some earlier orders were then cancelled because of credit card issues, their computer system could have realized that some excess inventory was still available. I hope that this is the case, not because these new orders might be filled, but because this situation will now force the mint to go through the original waiting list and figure out which orders were cancelled due to lack of inventory and which orders were cancelled due to credit card issues, household limits, etc. This serves them right, because as other posters have said, what goes around comes around, and it seems to have bit the mint back very well, and rightfully so.

  281. In the Middle says

    I sent an E-Mail to earlier in the week to PCGS that went like this:


    I have a question concerning the 25th Anniversary Set and grading. I really want to do business with PCGS for this release. Here is the issue, NGC is offering the coins to be labeled 25th Anniversary along with their Early Release designation for $17 dollars per coin. PCGS will cost at least $32 per coin, $14 for the Modern Issue grading and $ 18 for First Strike designation. I have 5 sets, I am having a hard time justifying the $375 dollars difference for essentially the same service.

    Is PCGS planning on matching the NGC offer or something similar? I would hate to take my business to NGC for this release but in these tough economic times every penny counts. I look forward to your response.”

    PCGS response:

    “Dear Collector Club Member:

    The arrival of the highly anticipated, limited edition 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle 5 Piece Set from the United States Mint is right around the corner. What a better way to commemorate such a stunning addition to your coin collection than to have them graded and encapsulated in a PCGS holder! We have two options for you when it comes to getting your coins into a holder.

    The first option is the “Ultimate Bulk Package.” For a minimum of five (5) sets: you can receive each of your coins numerically graded by PCGS. The insert is specially designed to showcase an autograph by the 12th Chief Engraver of the US Mint and designer of the reverse of the Silver Eagle, John M. Mercanti. An autographed letter from Mr. Mercanti congratulating you on your historic set, will also be included. Each coin will also be eligible to receive First Strike® designation. All of this can be yours for $250.00 per set.

    The second option is a new insert specifically developed for the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Eagle.

    For a minimum of five (5) sets: You can receive each of your coins numerically graded by PCGS. Each coin will also be eligible to receive First Strike® designation. This option is available to you for only $200.00 per set.

    Simply send in your US Mint sealed boxes to receive either of these special offers on your PCGS Submission Form, request which insert you would prefer and all coins will be placed into a tamper-evident holder. The coins must come sealed in order to receive both the “First Strike” and the “25th Anniversary Set” designation. Feel free to contact myself or our Bulk Staff should you have any further questions regarding the grading of this set. We are at your service and look forward to hearing from you!

    Miles Standish

    Vice President – PCGS

    Senior Grader – PCGS

    If you would like to participate in this program, please sign up for our bulk program here: http://www.pcgs.com/bulksubmissionagreement.html.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
    Thank you”

  282. PaulM says

    CoinKeeper, if you look at that set, it is an amalgamation of various sets. Look at the numbers on the coins. I wonder how many sets were graded to get the 70’s?

  283. In the Middle says


    Crazy, right? Of course they don’t mention the turnaround time but that is still steep.

  284. shouldBbassfishin' says

    @in the middle – (The second option is a new insert specifically developed for the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Eagle.) In the responce from pcgs could this mean there is a certified capsule that will insert into the blue box?

  285. David W says

    @In The Middle – isn’t that nice that PCGS is offering the option of only $250 or $200 per set, when you can do a normal submission with First Strike designation for 5 x $32 = $160 per set. Maybe they think that coin collectors can’t do simple math. I would have expected a response closer to matching them at $17 per coin or $85 set – but sounds like a great deal they offered you for this new special service, even more price than their regular special service!

  286. Clair Hardesty says

    $1000 for five sets in “special” anniversary set labels is more than it costs to just send them in. I calculated it would cost just over $850 including shipping to them to get five sets graded and slabbed with 25th anniversary First Strike labels. Instead of trying to compete with NGC, they offered you two even more expensive options than the basic one. PCGS is actually a little cheaper than NGC without the FS labels but it is a minimum of $450 to have them put “First Strike” on the labels of 25 coins. Maybe I’ll just go to ANACS at $10 per coin (except they won’t treat the three normal coins as anything special). Total cost to grade 5 sets and return them to you, $280. Maybe this set will have some effect on the perception of the value of all of these “unique” labels. I for one think it would be nice if we could go back to just grading the coins and not trying to create artificial rarities by using creative labeling. Unfortunately, as long as there are people out there who will pay way too much for a coin in a special holder, we will be more than willing to service them.

    For all of those who are really getting down on those here who managed to work with family/friends to get a few times the household limit, try to put your anger in perspective, there are large dealers out there that obtained hundreds or even thousands of sets. Our friends here are not at all evil in comparison, are they?

  287. David says

    Just picked up my 2 sets opened them up and wow all you can say is wow I decided not to grade this set and now I am glad this has got to be one of the best displays boxes from the mint. Outstanding………….

  288. J pay says

    there just not in here gloating about it 15 set REALLY! just dont talk about it simple when they do its gloating……….

  289. VA Bob says

    Just got home from UPS with my three sets (I’m always at work when they try to deliver). Thought I’d give a mini review.

    I opened one set. Let me say I’m not a huge fan of fancy packaging. I’d rather pay for the coins than the extras. That said, this packaging is beautiful. Heavy and well made, it definitely compliments these coins. It’s almost a shame not to put these on display somewhere. It consists of a blue/black cardboard box with a like-colored sleeve. Inside is a fiber cloth covering the lacquered wood presentation box, again of the same blue/black color (not as blue as the Mint picture). The coin holder has a cut piece of blue cloth coving the coins. The coin holder keeps the coins in place with a cloth liner in each hole. The COA and two desiccant packs are beneath the coins. The coin hold can be stood up at a 45 degree angle to display the coins.

    Now the bad. Two of the five coins were loose, but still in the capsules. The San Fran “S” has a bad rim ding on the reverse. Although the other surfaces are nice, this one would not have graded. I’m glad I don’t put much faith into those services. All my sets will stay OGP. Nothing wrong with the others. This is a keeper. Besides, even if someone gets a bad set, it would be foolish to send it back as one would not get a replacement.

    I’ll probably look at the other two tomorrow

  290. chris says

    My unit is still sealed – I haven’t decided whether to open it up or keep it sealed – I mean there are photos of the set everywhere, and I am stretching my imagination a bit for now!

  291. RSF says

    At this point, I guess a collector/investor has to decide if the pleasure of opening and exploring their new set now, will be equal to or greater than the pleasure and financial gain of being able to bring to market the both real and potential rarity of an unopened and unexplored set in a few years.

    A delivered mint box has never remained unopened for more than a minute in my years of receiving them. But as I hold this still sealed box, I think this might be the exception. Will a significant, but very rare variety be discovered in the next few months? Will the possibility of still qualifying for a fancy label in a couple years be incredibly lucrative?

    I’ll have to find out the hard way once again I guess, cuz a minute’s up and they’re open and they are a numismatic treat!

  292. VA Bob says

    I would agree a 70 PF or MS is a nice coin, but if it is going to stay in my hands… who really cares? If stored properly, it will be the same coin 50 years from now. Do I need a label and a slab to tell me that… for a modern? No. I realize a lot of people have bought into that, and they are welcomed to it. Collect what you want. For me, it’s a waste of my hard earned dollars as it adds no extra enjoyment to the coin. I don’t feel compelled to pay extra for a piece of plastic, a label, and an opinion, when it’s mine that really matters. Some need reassurance. Then again I wouldn’t seal a 55 Corvette in Lucite either. One day in the future graded slabs may fall from favor, or at least be treated for what they really are. I just wouldn’t want to be the last person to figure out, if that happens.

  293. chris says

    I was just wondering if I should wait till Christmas to open this set as one of my “gifts.”

    No plans to slab any of my coins, and I do at the moment have a few nice ones in OGP, where they will remain. I made mistakes once with PCGS and that was the end of my affair with coin grading.

  294. joan says

    HSN tan guy….selling sets last night…..one lie after another…..(quote) sold out in one hour—went on sale last wenesday at noon—-over one million orders cancelled—-said his order placed at 3.00pm was cancelled…had to turn it off.

  295. VA Bob says

    Joan – Those HSN guys crack me up too. I tune in once in a while for the entertainment value. People must be buying or these guys would have been gone long ago. You hear the horror stories when those folks bring their stuff to a dealer and find out what the real going rate is.

  296. vaughnster says

    Birdman’s order is 3840xxx and his got cancelled. Mine is 3838xxx (placed at 5:43 pm est) and is still in process. With the sets going back on sale very quickly Friday morning and his higher numbered order already cancelled, it makes me wonder if most cancellations are due to a CC or address conflict and not a complete sell out of the sets…..yet.

  297. Walt says

    According to the Mint on friday the sets going back on sale was a mistake and when they realized it they promply removed them. Makes sense that a mistake was made and the sellout stands but how could they let that happen?

  298. vaughnster says

    Not sure I buy that. I don’t believe someone just pushed a button by mistake that put them up for sale. What do you expect the Mint to say? Their computer program checked the total number of available sets left versus the total number of valid orders and noted the difference. At least that’s what I’d like to believe. Why haven’t they cancelled those orders already from Friday morning? Mine is still on hold.

  299. stephen m. says

    vaughnster, I worked for the government and multiple government contractors for 25 years. The government is slow but sure and sometimes appears to be acting without ryme or reason. This is SOP.

  300. B Mackey says

    My order number is 38372xxx and was received by the mint at 4:45. Since they announced the sellout right around 4:30, I’m figuring that this number is pretty close to the cutoff between order fulfillment and being on the wait list. I’ll be one of the last to find out whether I get a set or not, and most people with numbers lower than this are probably safe.

  301. Clair Hardesty says

    HSN is showing images of coins that are labeled as 2011-(S) and as coming from 25th anniversary sets. The labels also indicate “first day of issue” and (in one case) “#005 of 300”, the sets are MS/SP/PR/RP69s. They also claim to have had 200 sets of “first day of issue” sets in MS/SP/PR/RP70. They have to mean the 27th as “first day” (and there is nothing unique about that, is there?) because I would doubt that they received enough of the first (half) day’s shipments to put together 200 70 sets and 300 69 sets. With that kind of acquisition, I really think that those of you who got your hands on 10 or 15 sets should not feel guilty at all, you are not the ones who prevented anyone from getting a set. Even so, they got at least 500 (and probably many more) of the sets delivered in the first couple days. Also, I am sure that I saw information that ANACS was not offering 25th anniversary set labeling to average collectors, that they did not want to be sent mint packaging at all and would not attribute any of the three non-unique coins as anything special. Have they changed that stand or do they only do it for contract customers? It looks like there isn’t anyone left authenticates, grades, and slabs coins for what they are and not for what they hope to become by adding deceptive labeling. HSN wants $1500 for a set of 69s ($3K for70s) and they don’t even give you the mint box, substituting a third world wood case made to hold five slabs. Very disappointing.

    I was seriously considering having my sets graded to enhance their value but with each passing day I am leaning more strongly toward opening one box to enjoy in my collection and saving the other four sets in their individually mint sealed shipping containers for either sale at a later time or to pass on to my kids. From my point of view, this set has done what I feared it would. It has brought this labeling fiasco to a hideous and disgusting pinnacle. It ought to bring about the downfall of third party grading. I know it won’t, but it ought to.

  302. Clair Hardesty says

    For those of you who ordered on Friday morning, I know you want to believe that sets came available and to be honest I am pulling for you in my heart but I have to say that my cold heartless brain is telling me that some goober was making changes to the website and published the wrong file. The website software is not at all sophisticated enough to monitor inventory. It is at least 10 years old and has remained virtually unchanged in that time. Errant publishing of pages is not at all uncommon and it, as Murphy would have it, tends to happen when a lot of people are watching. Again, good luck but brace for disappointment.

  303. Art says

    I am estimating about one third of the coins in my 5 orders have problems. Several popped out of the holes during shipping with a couple of capsules completely opening. Undecided if I should send at least one box back to the mint or just hold on to the flaws. They sure don’t make them like they used to. To those who are not inspecting, I’d be a little concerned.

  304. Clair Hardesty says

    I am curious, did any of you who have opened your sets to discover loose coins have any indication that they might be that way before doing so? I have slowly rotated my boxes and cannot hear any evidence of any movement inside, save for one of the boxes moving in its entirety in the package that only weighs 4.3 pounds. One shipping box weighs 4.4 pounds and the other three weigh 4.5 pounds. In the heavier ones, the set inside seems to be held well in place by the packing material.

  305. simon says

    OGP is the acronym for Original Government Package (Packaging) which includes the case, sleeve, and most essentially the signed COA or certificate of authenticity which is a guarantee by the US government of PM (precious metal) content and purity, weight, and dimensions.

    I often fantasize about having coin sets from the 19th century in OGP – Wow!

  306. Tim says

    ‘They sure don’t make them like they used to. To those who are not inspecting, I’d be a little concerned.”

    Art, I agree with you 100%. Both sets I have contain scratched shields on both Philly RP. The 70 grade I think will be low for that one. They still will not be going anywhere.

    People listen to Clair on how the mega-vendors have pulled off as always, their crappy, “stab the little guy in the back.” Fellow enthusiasts on here that got more than 5, 10, 15. You did what most would do if they had the money. The vendors would have bought them all, if they knew they could get away with it. They are the CROOKS. As corrupt as society has become, some of them probably have moles in the Mint.

  307. Tim says

    Clair, I never heard any sound of loose coins in either of the 2 sets. It may be because there isn’t enough room inside the box to move very much.

  308. Russ says

    Thanks Clair
    I’m still and always will be a believer of “In God We Trust”. The 11-11-11 thing going on here led me to only order 1 set (did not want to mess up the numbers) 🙂 I have the same feelings about bracing for dissappointment. But until they send me an email saying, “Cancelled”, I still have hope!

    Thanks for all your wonderful information here, your a real asset to this blog.
    ps. Thanks for not popping the bubble of hope 🙂

  309. VA Bob says

    Clair – PCGS is also going to give FS designation to all the coins. That pretty much sums up the true value of the label. I guess it’s nice to be able to go back in time and say three coins previously issued and labeled with the fantasy FS have some “new” company.

    I couldn’t hear anything rattling with the loose coins. There is a piece of blue cloth material that covers them. It could muffle the sound. Someone with excellent hearing or a stethoscope probably could tell.

    Buck- OGP = Original Government Packaging.

  310. Clair Hardesty says

    Maybe if I go to my doctor and say “OW!, I got this box stuck to my arm and it really hurts, can you X-ray it to make sure nothing’s broken?” I can find out where everything is inside without opening the box.

  311. Broooster says

    Art, hold on to the flaws, I seriously doubt that the mint set any sets aside for returns and replacements. It would be a risky gamble to think you would get any kind of replacement. With that said, you could always sell them at a discount to someone else, so you are helping a fellow collector that didnt get any sets at all. I am sure someone would be happy with a “not so perfect” set versus no set at all.

  312. Buck says

    Thanks for the clarification Simon and VA Bob. I ordered 2 sets at 5:13. still in the ordered status, however the ship date keeps getting pushed back 11/26. I am still hopeful though. I have not gotten a cancel notice..knock on wood.

    I love this blog. Came across it by accident and everyone here is nice and knowledgeable.

  313. Michael S says

    Clair and everyone enjoy your comments, very informational! I could not get my order in until 3:30, 3838XXXXX, still has not been cancelled, not too hopeful. Bought a set on Ebay yesterday for $750, ouch! Good luck to all that still have orders that have not been cancelled!!

  314. stephen m. says

    Tim, you are correct. The vendors not only wanted to buy a greedy amount of the25th sets thay were trying to purchse all sets and settled for as many as they could purchase. The dollar rules. Only in America.

  315. microdon says

    Anyone thinking they had a legitimate order starting with a # below 38376xxx and has received a cancellation, could you post? Still in process, but not holding breath.

  316. VA Bob says

    Buck – Your welcome. Hang in there, it isn’t over until the last one ships.

    Update – For those that may not want to open for resale or investment reasons. Just looked at the other two sets (of three that I orders, one shipment). Both had loose coins, just like the first set. 2 of 5 and 3 of 5 loose capsules. No coins outside of the capsules, as some have reported. Some lite scuff marks on some of the capsules, as one would expect with the plastic in contact with another. Also note the capsules are of the same type as used in other mint products (I compared). If you’ve seen issues with these before, then you know what is possible. That’s not to say they are bad. They should hold up well, and protect your coins if handled carefully. So if your holding your sets unopened, I would recommend not handling the shipment box too much, as the potential for capsules to open or crack is there. We all know how “gently” the UPS guys handle our packages, and their first ride (for many) was next day air. Not sure I’d want one in a sealed box 10-20 years down the road without knowing it’s history.

  317. VA Dave says

    Clair, I received two sets yesterday #383404XX – the shippng box was like brand new – I was surprised that it had no scuffs, crushed ends, etc. It was as though the person packing it, walked to my house afterwards to deliver it. The coins in each set were all securely in place. No complaints here. Examined each coin (eyeball) under bright light – each looked fine – didn’t see any of the flaws described by others above. Good enough for me, not worried about grading them – just wanted to maintain my set of coins from 1986. I guess I got lucky from the sound of things. One set is mine and one for a good friend serving overseas who was unable to order.

    I did make a second order for 1 more set #38368XXX at 4:07pm for backup in case the mint dorked up the first order. That one is still sitting….I’m hoping for a change to in stock and reserved…..seeing as I got my first order, I’ve already told another bud that one is his if I get it – he tried from an iphone to get an order in without success….Trying to spread the sets around 🙂

  318. Richard says

    Microdon, I have 38381xxx and 38384xxx.I have hope for 381 placed at 5:22 est.Both are for one set each.I’ll be estatic if i get one.The true collectors are getting screwed again.I for one will not go into panic mode.If i’m not rewarded i’ll set back until the fools all buy the price will flatten out,they always do.If i’d scammed over the 5 limit i wouldn’t be bragging.Good luck.

  319. says

    I got my set yesterday. After looking at the coins for the second time I noticed what looks like a fingerprint on the “s” coin. Its not a fingerprint. Its a flaw in the finish like 4 small streaks on the right side above the “L” in Liberty. They are not scratches just streaks slightly darker than the finish.
    I called the mint today and the Customer Care person took down the information and then after a long pause she asked me to wait until the supervisor contacts me next week probably on or by Wednesday. I bet they don’t have any replacements and now the problems are getting worse for them. I have a second set that I am expecting Monday. I wasn’t going to open it and leave it sealed but I may have to open it to inspect the coins even though it will reduce its value because I open the shipping package. I wonder if anyone else has had defective coins and may want replacement sets.

  320. Ed says

    Great blog, found by accident searching for some coin info.
    I collected coins in the 60’s and early 70’s. Used to go to the bank and go through every coin in the place! Sold my collection in the early 80’s and wish I never had. Recently had a very dear Uncle pass and received his coins, a lot of Morgan’s and many other coins. He also had Silver American Eagles from the Mint up until the last two years. Researching Morgan’s has rekindled my collecting interest! So starting at noon of the infamous day I spent 5-1/2 hours trying to log in and call in. I am a little dumb founded how some of you managed to call in several times and got through to order. About 5:30 I got through on the phone and told the girl her voice was the sweetest I had heard all day! But then she told me the 25th’s were sold out and I could be put on the list. She encouraged me to get on the list as many orders would be rejected. Well I am 38384xxx and I remain optimistic. “Shipping” date keeps moving further out and is now 11/26. Interestingly the cancel button disappeared several days ago. It was about the same time Gettysburg went to “in stock and reserved”. My Uncle purchased 5 American Eagles of each year up to two years ago. He didn’t get any of the 20th anniversary sets and I have started looking for one or two of those. I hold hope that I will get 5 of the 25th’s and if not may have to pay the big bucks for a least one set.
    I can’t quite see not opening the boxes and enjoying the coins. A friend mentioned several weeks ago how his favorite coin is the Buffalo Nickel. Went to his house yesterday with the two coin commemorative set, one-Silver Uncirculated and one-Silver Proof. He really enjoyed seeing them. Collecting is about sharing, community and relationships. Yes it is also about making money, but I feel it’s important to keep things in perspective. The wait continues!

  321. Clair Hardesty says

    They should have plenty of replacements, even for the two unique coins. I doubt that they minted exactly 100,000 of each coin. There probably have an extra one or two thousand coins. The real question is will they admit it and will they do single coin replacements, something they don’t normally do.

  322. Wylson says

    Clair, they are maxed at 100K. If someone returns one at this point for replacement they will get a credit. This happened to some people with the Hot Springs P ATB limited to 27K. They were out of luck. Then again after the hype died down, they may have felt lucky to get the refund rather than the replacement for that coin.

  323. J pay says

    Richard very well said!!! i am in 3837xxxx and in process and hope status i also believe what Clair said i would say they have extra coins now whether they admit it or not well its the u.s. mint what would you all truly think?

  324. Richard says

    If that is the case and they have minted extras,and do allow for some returns and exchanges,they the mint will pick winners and looser who’s to say Dave doesn’t get in exchange my crap i sent in for exchange.

  325. Art says

    Brewster, thanks for your input. I am certainly considering holding on to the flaws for the reasons you state. I do believe that the mint does produce more than the stated mintage strictly for returns and replacements and to hold to the stated max. mintage. Does that mean I would be able to exchange? Maybe, maybe not. A risk to think about.

  326. Richard says

    I purchased the 20th anniversary 3 coin sets with no quality issues,does anyone recall quality issues in that offering and how the mint handled them.I believe this is another should have issue.the mint should have made special disclosures for these limited addition releases.If they are going to allow returns for replacements it has to apply to all not just a few.The buyers at the high end of the lst will be nixed.

  327. Clair Hardesty says

    To be honest, I don’t think that extras would have been minted for the purpose of replacing returns. They would have minted for the replacement of coins rejected during assembly of the sets. That is why I don’t think they would admit to having them. They are not going to say that they have some extras but won’t give them out and in fact any extra and rejected RPs or MS-S coins may have already have been waffled if all 100,000 sets have been assembled and shipped to PBGS. I am sure that they had a number of extra blue boxes and COAs and all the other bits.

  328. Richard says

    I’m sure you’r right there are going to be bobbles that occur in the packaging process.This an expensive collectable for most of us,to bad there,seems to be far too many disenchanted buyers.

  329. Clair Hardesty says

    This is a very different situation than the 2006 set. That set was still for sale while many were within the return period so replacements could be made from sets not yet sold. This set was sold out prior to first shipment. If there are any extras, they are probably still in SF and may or may not have been assembled into sets (most likely not). With the 7 day return policy now in place (was 30 back then) things are very different.

  330. Art says

    They’ll do what it takes to meet the max. stated mintage. If some are rreturning their Anniversary sets, will the final mintage be less than 100,000? No way. There are sets in reserve. Although the mint did get caught not meeting the stated mintage for the Grand Canyon 5oz. ATB’s due to excessive flaws. The mintage numbers for the G.C.went well above the 27,000 max. by using up all of the reserves, before ending well under due to all of the returns.

  331. John says

    5 oz Grand Canyon “P” will have a lower mintage than the other 2010 ATB, why? Too many bad coins, some were recycled to other customers but others will be melted… same will happen for the 25th ASE if the returns are rejects.

    For those keeping sealed boxes… over the past two days the pemiums on eBay have been much smaller when compaired to single opened sets.

    I’ve seen auctions for the single Reverse Proof sell for $429, $449 & $489.

    The “S” unc. has sold for as high as $369

  332. John Q. says


    I bought 5 sets with the intent of selling 3, but now that someone bought one set for $750 from me and I’m guaranteed at least $600 for my other set, I almost covered( or will cover) the price for keeping 3 sets. Hey, I love collecting coins and have ZERO intention of having them graded (why, I’m never going to sell them and grading is overrated and completely subjective). So I’m going to sit on my three sets and give one to each of my kids. I”m still waiting on my dad to fork over all his silver coins from the 1910’s and 20’s that he has-and I know he has some nice ones….

    At least I got my wife off my back for buying five sets when she saw the first one go for $750 and the next one going for who knows how much.

  333. ALAN says


  334. ALAN says


  335. PaulM says

    Alan, it was sarcastic. I never have any moderns graded. They are all 69 or 70 anyway, unless you get a damaged one. As a note, I noticed they already sold 148 of the 69’s. Where did they get so many???

  336. Hidalgo says

    Despite all of the comments about the 30th anniversary ASE sets, I got a much better deal buying the Perth 2012 Year of the Dragon Typeset. For about $330 (US), my 4-piece silver typeset is not selling for about $800 – $900 (US). The ASE sets are selling for about $750 right now…

  337. Shutter says


    Do the math. Using your numbers. $8000-$900/$330=2.42-2.65. $750/$300=2.5. Meaning about 150% appreciation in both cases. Don’t really see how one is “much better” than the other.

  338. Hidalgo says

    Hi Shutter – you’re looking at appreciation. I am looking at net gain. You’re comparing apples with oranges.

    If I found a 1960 small date Lincoln in change, perhaps I could get $2.00 for it. That’s a 2,000% increase. Yet the net gain is only $1.99….

  339. Rick says

    Hidalgo, please send your 25th set(s) back to the mint. It almost sounds like you don’t appreciate it that much. Someone else would take it and not complain about it’s performance against a perth mint product.

  340. John says

    I agree with Hildago.

    The bank pays me .75% interest so if I can save 25 – 50% on a purchase who cares what dollar amount it is.

    Yes I could sell a coin for $1000 but if it cost me $900 that’s a smaller margin compaired to selling a 1964 Kennedy half that I found in change for it’s silver melt.

  341. Shutter says


    Fair is far. Perth dragon set had a limit of 1. Meaning that you could have made $500. 25th Anniversary set had a limit of 5. Meaning that you could have made over $2,000. Looking at it that way, sure, one is certainly “much better” than the other. Just not the one you thought. Even if we assume 1 set each. That’s the difference between $450 and $500. Big Deal!

  342. VA Bob says

    Well this it the US Mint Blog. We’d have two new topics a week if we broaden to discuss Perth Mint’s rarities of the week. They are nice but you’d be way down if you bought each one hoping for a payday. Same for the Canadian Mint or the Franklin Mint for that matter. If the US Mint makes Barbie and Transformer “coins” I’ll be finding a new hobby. Besides,most serious collectors aren’t too much bothered by what their 25th Anniversary Set is “bringing in” right now anyway, just the flippers and speculators. Collect what you like, leave the investment advise to T.D. Waterhouse, let talk about coins.

  343. Buck says

    Nice take VA Bob. I agree. I like to collect coins for the enjoyment, history and patriotism of it all. I love my country and it’s coinage!

  344. Chunga says

    Just got a back order email from mint for order#3839xxxx ship date of 11/28 expected. We’ll see what happens. At least it’s not a cancellation email

  345. Ikaika says

    Hi Folks,
    My 25th Ann. ASE set order 3836xxxx has been shipped by the US Mint. A little faster than I was expecting, but great!

  346. Anon says

    I just got an email from the US Mint titled Backorder – Order #38380***. in the email it just says:

    Order #: 38380*** – 1
    Sold To :
    Ship To :
    Item: A25 Qty: 5 Exp Ship: 11/28/11

    This is a system generated e-mail. Please do not reply.
    If you have questions, please visit the Help page at
    http://catalog.usmint.gov or call us at 1-800-USA-MINT.

    anyone else get that one?

  347. Jim_D says

    I got one too and I’m hoping it’s an automated email for orders over 2 weeks old. My number was3837XXXX.

  348. Richard says

    Anon,I as well received the message for #38381xxx and 38384xxx what is next number in the eight digit series

  349. Richard says

    From what’s been written earlier you receive a cancellation notice,but i have no clue. look at your order

  350. Phil says

    Both orders shipped today 11-14-11.

    Good luck to all of you still waiting for the ship notice!!!

  351. Mike S. says

    I also received the backorder email #38371xxx I believe we will get our sets as we did not get a cancellation notice. My status is in process. I see orders # 3836xxx have already shipped. Keep the faith.

  352. Chris says

    I received an email on 11/11(Friday) that says my set shipped, however it’s now 11/14 and my credit card hasn’t been charged and the UPS tracking number they provided is still not valid. I called them this morning and asked about it, and they said that Friday was Veterans’ day and that UPS actually was not running on Friday, which makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how they can send you an email telling you something shipped when it didn’t. That’s a seriously flawed system they have going there. If the tracking number still isn’t valid by the end of today and my CC still hasn’t been charged, my next phone call will be a bit more heated. Anybody else get an email that theirs shipped on 11/11? If yes, is your tracking number valid yet?

  353. Clair Hardesty says

    The backorder notice is not a guarantee that you will receive your set(s). It is an automated, Monday morning notice sent out for orders that are in process with a backordered item status. It does mean that your order has not been cancelled yet but that could still happen any time. A mint order is not truly a confirmed order until the item status changes to “in stock and reserved” and is not a sure thing until the order status and item status change to shipped. In between those two events your CC should get a hold, which is one more confidence builder that your set(s) are really coming. In some cases (like the last three of my five one set orders) the hold will expire before the order ships. My CC for my third and fourth orders was not charged for real until after I had the sets in hand and it looks like the fifth will follow suit since it is out for delivery now (should arrive any minute) and my CC has not yet been hit again.

    It looks like we are nearing the end of the 100,000 sets and that may happen today but almost certainly will tomorrow. Good luck to those still on backorder. If you stay on backorder past the end of shipping it probably means that you are on the short waiting list and that you may stay there until the last return window passes, roughly eight days after the last shipment. Fortunately (and unfortunately) it is possible that some sets originally obtained by some companies may be returned. I say (and …) because there is no way for the mint to know whether or not those sets that come back are the rejects of cherry picking. That is normally a significant possibility but in the case of these sets, even opened, possibly cherry picked sets are reaping significant premiums, so a large amount of corporate returns is not likely.

  354. Winn says

    This is silly… I kept checking the order status of my wait list eagles 3879xxxx and with each passing day the chance of getting one fades: now I’ve decided to cancel this order and and just get on with it. Really a waste of time for me here.

  355. Clair Hardesty says

    Winn, why go through the process of cancelling if you are sure that the mint is about to do it for you? I see no penalty for letting it ride and the potential reward is high and the risk appears to be zero.

  356. Winn says

    Thought it will be better to just cancel and stop wasting my time with it. In any case, 38379xxxx stands a pretty low chance.

  357. Ikaika says

    @ Clair and others with HSN comments

    In between channel hoping for college football games on Saturday, I came across the HSN selling these sets. I wonder if it is illegal to lie that much about the Mint sales on the 27th? The tanned guy kept saying these sets soldout in 1 hr, 1 million cancellations were made, etc…… We collectors that were in the war zone that day know this is totally BS. As I posted, I ordered slightly after 4:30 pm EST and my set just shipped this morning. Any lawyers/collectors in this blog that can comment on this? I am sure for most of us, watching the HSN sale is a form of entertainment, but I feel for those that get fooled by them.

  358. William says

    @ Ikaika
    Don’t know if i should be thrilled or disappointed because I placed an order via the phone at 4:10 EST and my status is still in process. Let’s see what happens.

    As for HSN, I wonder how they got their hands on at least 500 sets. Anyone dumb enough to buy from them before first doing 10 minutes of research online deserves to get ripped off.

  359. Ikaika says

    @ William

    If your order is #3836xxxx or lower you will be fine. Others with 3836xxxx also had their order shipped today. But I feel we are getting towards the end of it. The wait list should be coming up soon.

    The HSN definitely was one of the reason we had such chaos with the ordering systems that day.

  360. Clair Hardesty says

    The HSN number is actually north of 700 sets, The 69s are a series of 500 FDOI sets and the 70s are a series of 200 FDOI sets. They probably had to have over 1000 sets to get 200 70s.

  361. B Mackey says

    Based on the information posted on this blog the day of the sale, it looks to me like the original waiting list probably began somewhere in the neighborhood of 38370nnn. I see one message saying that 38365nnn is shipping today. Looks like a very good possibility that shipping non waitlist orders could finish today. I’m at 38372, not too hopeful at this point, but I’ll ride it out to the end. As Clair Hardesty says, there is absolutely no risk in waiting, but a nice payoff if I am lucky enough to get my set.

  362. Clair Hardesty says

    I am not sure what HSN means by “First Day of Issue”, a label tag that they have exclusive access to at ANACS and ICG. If it means first day of sale, big wow, all sets would qualify if collectors could order it. If it means first day of shipping, then they had to have obtained those 700+ sets in the first half hour or so of sales.

  363. Hanover says

    I bought two sets. One to keep and one to sell. The buyer on eBay has asked for a copy of my mint invoice for his records. Does this make sense? Any problem in giving him a copy? It only has my name and address but I am a little worried.

  364. Ikaika says

    @ Clair

    Wow. If they have 1000 sets for sale, around 200 people ordered for them (I am sure all ordered 5 sets). That is a lot of bodies.

  365. William says

    No biggie, but they are selling 300 (not 500) of the graded 69s. But I dont disagree with your estimates of how many in total they were able to buy.

  366. Ben says

    The first two MCM sets closed on ebay, here’s the closing prices:

    NGC 69s: $1,276

    NGC 70s: $3,800

    It’ll be interesting to see what the sale price on their website is for these sets.

    My theory on how a set got graded so quickly: some NGC grader (and/or his brother, sister, neighbor, etc.) bought five sets like the rest of us, took his five sets to the office, opened it up, picked through it and selected the ones he thought would get high grades, pushed them through the grading process in one day, then drove them over to MCM that afternoon. If you look at the serial numbers on the coins you’ll see that the proof 70s is number -002. If you look up the NGC verification for that invoice, there’s only two coins on that invoice, and they’ve both 25th anniversary proof 70s. The only way for that to happen is someone opened the box and picked through the coins without having to worry about losing the special label pedigree, anybody else would have had to submit all 25 coins on one invoice.

  367. MarkInFla says

    Don’t forget that anyone with several sets for sale would benefit from having his friends bid up the first set so future buyers would think that’s the going price.

  368. Clair Hardesty says

    You know what, when I looked at the HSN page for the 69s a few days ago, I saw the number on the pictures set as 005 of 500, so either they changed the image or (much more likely) my eyes failed me again. Sorry for the misinfornation.

    MCM got way more ($800 more) than HSN is charging outright for the ANACS 70 set! ANACS is apparently not assigning regular serial numbers to the HSN sets, just using the #xxx of yyy FDOI numbering.

  369. vaughnster says

    I don’t understand the rationale, but thank you Winn for moving those of us on the wait list up a notch by cancelling your order. Clair is correct: zero risk and high reward if you’d have waited it out.

  370. G says

    MCM got more because MCM uses NGC. HSN uses ANACS, which has no credibility on the grading number. A ’70’ ANACS doesn’t mean what a 70 NGC means, and a 70 PCGS means more. How much for a 70 PCGS set? 7500?

  371. G says

    As far as what is ‘legal’ to say in ads, it has to do with the Federal Trade Commission, as well as state laws. Basically, the laws against unfair/deceptive acts are case by case, and you need to basically get people to buy based on something not true, but exaggeration is not treated the same- so if HSN says ‘an hour’ and it was a few hours, but they have a specific way to back it up (say, the actual orders processed in an hour), then that type of exaggeration wouldn’t rise to the level of somebody selling vitamins that make your eye-sight “Twice as clear”- the intent is to keep people from getting fleeced completely, not as much to keep people from getting convinced, since all ads are deception of sort. (your life won’t be as great as the people in the ad if you buy that car, i.e.)

  372. JL says

    How the H….**** did HSN and MCM got that many sets????? I still don’t get it. Thanks Ben for the info on the MCM NGC grading…. what you described sound pretty good to me.

  373. G says

    In any case, the punishment is usually a ‘don’t do it again’ notice and maybe a mandate to give refunds or run an ad stating the error/mistruth. Commonly, other competing businesses sue to stop the ‘unfair business practice’- and this is how it ends up before a court. In California, you can sue as a private consumer, but you have to show injury- lost money, i.e. So, in this case, it could be a matter of did you think a 1 hour sell-out was much more valuable than a 5 hour sell out, AND did you suffer as a result (lose money).

  374. Ranger says


    I cancelled my remaining orders at 3838XXXX too. Basically , these are dead sticks. But I did get my one early order at 3836XXXX.

  375. Hanover says

    Does anyone see a problem giving a copy of your invoice to someone you sell a set to on EBAY? I realize if you sell an unopened box then they will get the invoice, but why would someone ask for a copy of an invoice for an open set. A buyer asked for a copy for their records and it seemed weird. Thanks

  376. Clair Hardesty says

    When comparing 70s from different companies, you can’t really put an equivalent like that on it. To say a 70 at NGC is like high end 69 and up from PCGS or a 70 at ANACS is like a mid 69 and up from PCGS or a 70 from ICG is like low 69s and up from PCGS is a more accurate way to put it. The range of what qualifies as a 70 gets wider but some of ANACS 70s would still be 70s at PCGS.

  377. Broooster says

    The whole grading system is really a big joke to start with. PCGS is better than NGC is better than ANACS. I guess we are all free to believe whatever it is we want to believe. But it is a known fact that the same coin has been sent in for grading more than once, to different companies, and even back to the same company and came back with a different grade. On top of that, the majority of the time, you can’t see anything different between a 69 or 70. If collectors would get back to collecting coins, and stop collecting labels, then these businesses would stop dreaming up sales pitches.

  378. Clair Hardesty says

    Modern special coinage, as it comes from the mint, is not well served by the current grading system. Proof and uncirculated coins pretty much leave the mint at 68 and up (and today, 68s are less common than 70s) and that means only three grades for the entire range of coin conditions. 69 and 70 are almost non existent for circulation strikes. Even circulation strike Kennedy halves, which are no longer minted for circulation and only sold directly by the mint, virtually never reach 69.

  379. simon says

    The issue to keep iin mind is to purchase the coin and ignore the slab. The difficult part and problem, as is alluded to in the above discussion, is that the grades 70 or otherwise are a poor reflection of the coin, its appeal, and its quality. These TPG grades, particularly the MS/PF70, “force” you into making a purchase based on an opinion WITHOUT HAVING THE COIN IN HAND AND TAKING A CLOSE LOOK AT IT YOURSELF.
    Apart from this, the high value attached to PCGS reflects more its business plan and strategy than the quality of the coin in hand. I have both NGC and ANACS coins which are actually better specimens than PCGS equivalents.
    Personal Note: I will NOT have my 25th Anniversary ASE set graded. It will remain in OGP.

  380. Shutter says

    some NGC grader (and/or his brother, sister, neighbor, etc.) bought five sets like the rest of us, took his five sets to the office, opened it up, picked through it and selected the ones he thought would get high grades, pushed them through the grading process in one day, then drove them over to MCM that afternoon.

    Doesn’t have to be quiet as nefarious as all that. Both MCM and NGC are located in the same city. John Maben of MCM is a supposedly is a former big shot at NGC and probably has connections there. He could have received coins on Wednesday, took them immediately to NGC. Got someone to push the grading through in one day and posted the auction on Thursday, Based on cert numbers, it’s pretty obvious that there was a bit of mix and matching after the grading. IOW, all those MS70/PF70 did not come from the same blue box.

  381. Shutter says

    The issue to keep iin mind is to purchase the coin and ignore the slab.

    Generally I would agree. But with 25th Anniversary ASE the possible value of NGC and PCGS grading is that it validates that the 3 non-unique coins came from the set and not as the result of cherry picking from the general population that numbered in the millions. I haven’t decided yet, but that’s the only reason that I am considering mine graded.

  382. B Mackey says

    If 2 coins produced by the U.S. mint are completely identical down to the microscopic level, there is no basis in reality for one coin to be worth a lot more simply because a grading service label says “25th anniversary”, “First strike”, “First day of Issue”, etc . . . Someday the suckers who buy these will wake up and figure this out and these marketing labels will lose their premium value. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the collapse in value were triggered by someone with a safe deposit box full of them filing a lawsuit.

  383. Jim_D says

    I’m not seeing a lot of activity as far as shipping notices lately. I’m hoping it has more to do with most people already receiving their coins and dropping out of the discussion. However, as we get closer to that magical cutoff number, it’s beginning to feel like nail biting time. No news may be good news, but with a number like 3837XXXX, I’m feeling less confident by the hour.

    Is the mint just slow on Mondays?

  384. BigHock says

    I am #38367 and not shipment yet. I did get a “in process” e-mail that it will ship on or before 11/28. I did call the mint and spoke to a woman there. She said I will make the cut. ” You should be ok. It is looking good”. So, we’ll see!

  385. Ikaika says

    @ BigHock

    You should be fine. Do you have “in stock and reserved” status? Many of the 3836xxxx were shipped today, including my set. I think the people with 3837xxxx are the ones in the bubble.

  386. Shutter says

    B Mackey,

    You’re probably right, but until the suckers do wake up, you can’t ignore the value of a definitive pedigree. Let’s face it, you can pick up a bullion version of the coin for a lot less than what it is costing you when it’s part of this set.

  387. Ikaika says

    @ Winn

    The people with the 3837xxxx orders should be reporting soon on their orders. The amount of cancellations will play a major factor on the the depth of the waiting list. Hang in there.

  388. mike says

    Just an update from my post from a day or two ago…….If anyone wants to sell off one of their sets to me, I’d gladly go for that.at uconnmass from the great AOL Maybe the guy with the 15 sets 🙂

    My order was 3840 and received an email Thursday from the mint saying based on the time of my order, it will be cancelled.

    Finally today I received my ‘official’ email letter. To get me more angry is I work from home and started at 12 to get on and couldn’t get an order trhough until 7 PM. Around 3:30 I finally got an order page to come up and added one set but had to sign in and then couldn’t get past that screen until 7.

    I guess this 25th anniversary silver eagle product doesn’t fall under Public Law 99-61

  389. Joe K. says

    Order #: 38337xxx – 2 sets
    Order Date: 10/27/11
    Time: 1:15pm

    Would have received Friday but was at work. Delivered today before 10:30am. Gorgeous.

    Joe K.

  390. Richard says

    Hang in,nothing to loose and a great collectable to gain,alot of speculation,no one knows the real numbers.

  391. buffalobob says

    I tried for 3 1/2 hours to get through, just wouldn’t go past the first page. My wife saw me getting not happy, handed me her business lap top and it took just a few seconds on each page to load, order, and secure a place in history. WHY the difference??? Even after 6 hours, mine still wouldn’t go through to veiw the history page to verify the order!
    They shipped today!

  392. PrinceVegeta says

    I guess I will know my fate tomorrow, #38370xxx or until 7 days latter after the last return.

    All the people with 3837xxxx, just hang in there until the end, it’s not over until the Fat Mint Sing.

    Also, don’t buy those over price set on Ebay. Invest your money into silver bullion and you’ll make more money that way. If I don’t get one, I’ll never buy it for over $500 because of the dumb Mint limit of 5 per household. Don’t play by their game unless you got to much money and don’t know what to do with it.

  393. Jon says

    Received this from the mint today:

    Greetings from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently on backorder. Please expect your item(s)
    to arrive within the timeframe listed below.
    Track your order at http://catalog.usmint.gov
    Thanks again for shopping with the United States Mint.

  394. G says

    Ikaika, sure thing. Back to the TPG (third party graders)- I think that probably the majority of people will admit that it is very subjective and that there are subjective qualities (a 70 could certainly be a 70 in any one of the big 3- since, after all, it’s perfect), but for me, the one thing about it that I like, is it makes handling the coin easy to do, and it gives you a degree of assurance when you are buying online that it’s not fake or hasn’t been cleaned. Of course, there are counterfeit holders… oh boy…

  395. Eric The Red says

    Oh I am so glad a mint representative will give me a hand selecting another product. What a bunch of jerks. Let’s just add insult to injury. Who the heck is in charge over there? I am done with these idiots. Thanks again for screwing another loyal customer.

    Greetings from the United States Mint.
    Thank you for ordering from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently sold out. A customer service representative
    will be happy to assist you in finding an alternative item.

    Order # 384070XX – 1

    Item: A25 Qty: 1

    This is a system generated e-mail. Please do not reply.
    If you have questions, please visit the Help page at
    http://catalog.usmint.gov or call us at 1-800-USA-MINT.

  396. B Mackey says

    I think the original idea of third party grading is sound, which is to have an unbiased party grade a coin and place it into a durable holder. In theory, this should give buyers confidence in what they are buying. But grading services don’t always grade consistently, as has been frequently reported, it is possible to resubmit the same coin repeatedly until the service gives a higher grade.

    My main beef is with the way they market their services for new issues, putting labels on that contain phrases like “First Strike”, or “Early Release” that have no real meaning for U.S. coins. Some people pay a lot of extra money to get coins with their labels and I am not convinced that most of the buying public is aware of the facts. At a minimum, the grading services and coin sellers should be required to disclose in writing that these are marketing terms only, and have nothing to do with the quality or grade of a coin.

    Some people pay substantially more to buy coins with these marketing terms on the labels, and they are not getting anything for their money except for an ego trip. It reminds me a lot of the psycology we saw during the late 90’s when everyone was willing to pay outrageous prices for tech stocks, because “everyone” knew they would only go up in value (at least until they crashed a few years later). We saw this psycology again with the housing boom a few years ago, where people way overpaid for houses because “everyone” knew that they are an incredible investment. There is a very real threat that the rare coin market will suffer a big drop in value should buyers lose faith in the grading services due to their aggressive marketing practices.

  397. John says

    Two of my “S” coins were completely out of their capsules! In one instance the capsule was sealed shut so I’d like to know how that happened.

    Sucks, why couldn’t it have been the “bullion” coin to pop out.

  398. Richard says

    Eric,Sold out,i don’t think so.This message has to be an error>I read today on a forum that 63,000 set have been shipped,i dont know if this credible or not.9:00am put call into the mint director,follow it up with a letter certified,i believe you will get this cancellation reversed.Good luck

  399. Ed Jones says

    @ Eric, I feel your pain. My number is 3838XXXXXX I am sitll keeping my fingers crossed. My buddy who has been ordering from the mint since 2002 got an wait notice but order is still on backorder. The Mint needs someone who knows what they are doing to run that web page. I guess I too will stop ordering form the mint. What coins I need I will get them on auction and I will start buying from the Canadian Royal Mint.

    It is what it is.

  400. Hanover says

    Sorry for repost but does anyone know why a buyer would want a copy of the original mint invoice? Really only has my name and address on it but don’t w
    ant to get scammed.

  401. Anil says

    Off the topic what would be the price of 20th anniversary set. Thanks for any advise. I mean the fair price now.

  402. simon says

    Anil : I would wait till the next year and see where the prices stabilize. This initial spike is not realistic, and historically it takes prices 6-12 mos to get to realistic levels.

  403. Broooster says

    Hanover, maybe to just make sure you are the original owner. There isnt any good info on there for them to scam you with, so I wouldnt worry about it. Actually, any mint sealed box will have a invoice in it, so there will be a lot of them floating around. You could always request it back if you need it for something. Otherwise, I wouldnt worry about it myself.

  404. VA Bob says

    Hanover – If the set is open, I’d give them a copy of the invoice with my name and address completely blacked out. I can understand the invoice is kind of like the sets “birth certificate” and can see the value in someone wanting that. I keep my mint invoices for historical purposes. On the flip side,for those sending sealed boxes, if the address is a private one, I’d be a bit leery. Would you really want a paper saying a coin collector lives here or at least someone that can afford such an expensive hobby? Even though the odds are small someone would pursue a break in or other mischief, one has to be careful.

  405. VA Bob says

    Anil – just look at ebay to see what 20th Anni Sets are bringing. Those have been relatively stable for a while now, but the 25th Set might have sparked a little interest and gave it a small bounce.

  406. Jeff says

    I received an email this evening that a UPS label had been made for the shipment of my sets. So it is somewhere between the mint and UPS. My order number was 38363xxx.

  407. mark1026 says

    got my set today. im still unsure whether or not to open it due to the sealed value of it. i bought 2 sets and had intended on selling one eventually, and keep a set for myself. i cant believe they are all selling for over $800 a set on ebay! i would love to get a certified set, but also have a raw set too. that was a secondary intent when i bought 2 sets, to send one in and keep the other. i have seen 69 sets for around &1400 and 70 sets around $3000 and up on ebay and TV…wonder how long these prices will stay that way?

  408. Broooster says

    For those thinking of flipping your set, I noticed that if you sell the RP and the S mint separate, then the other 3 as bullion, you come out ahead. Just food for thought.

  409. FallingGator says

    There are some serious jerks, edited language so not to be censored, on this forum. Who cares if people ordered more than 5 sets. Everyone had an equal opportunity to order. The strong, intelligent, and well prepared thrive in this country. GET OVER IT!!! I ordered 20 sets, and I finished by 12:45pm…Anyone got a problem with that? Too Bad! Yes, I plan to make a fortune off of this deal. You should have as well. I also ordered 20 more sets on presale. Can anyone say perfect 70’s? My average price per set was around $400. Also, I agree that the current price is actually too low for including 2 coins that are limited to 100,000 as well as 3 other coins that will only have 100,000 labeled anniversary editions. I’m going to sell some to get my investment back more or less, but I think I will hold on to a large number of them. Also, for the record the mint does not trace IP addresses. They go by credit card numbers, billing address, shipping address, phone number, and name. If you have unique versions of these then you are fine. Hooray for prepaid Debit Cards, UPS stores, and family. All 20 shipped to me, and off to PCGS. I’m getting them all labeled 25th anniversary first strike. It is worth the $18 even though first strike is a sham, particularly for these since they are all “First Strike.” It’s worth it to have PCGS since they sell for a premium over NGC. One last thing, the updated announcement is that the bullion coin will be labeled without a mint mark since most are S, but some are W.

  410. Jim_D says

    @Hanover– I’m the paranoid type, but if the buyer bought all the sets from the shipment, they might want documentation from the mint beyond the included COA for completeness. If you sold one set out of multiple sets, I would just send a redacted copy of the invoice. I’m the suspicious type and I see no real need for the invoice, they know how much the sets cost.

    @Anil– Are you talking 20th or 25th sets? Since the 20th only had one unique coin, the RP, the value would be mostly based on the value of that single coin. Although seeing someone get $211 on eBay for the 25th set minus the 2 unique coins has got to make you wonder.

  411. Two Cents says

    To Hanover [Nov. 14, 2011 @ 2:28 pm]

    Why don’t you ask the buyer why he wants the invoice?

    Assuming that you did not include that in your eBay auction description, you are under no obligation to give it to him. You can always tell him “Sorry, but for security reasons, I don’t want my full name and street address to be available on any paperwork out of my hands,” and leave it at that. If he insists, then he is probably up to no good.

    Perhaps he will attempt to re-seal the Mint’s mailing box to make it look as if it were never opened, with your invoice inside. Then he can submit the “unopened” box to a grading service, or sell it to an unsuspecting buyer as a sealed box. (The latter seems more likely.)

  412. Two Cents says

    For anyone interested, the latest issue of Coin World (11/28) addresses the confusion about where the 25th Anniv. Silver Set’s non-mintmarked bullion coin was struck.

    The certificate of authenticity enclosed with the set states that the coin was struck either at the West Point Mint or the San Francisco Mint, despite an Oct. 12 Mint announcement that these coins were indeed minted at the San Francisco Mint.

    PCGS issued a statement on Nov. 10 that “we were told by a mint official that while most of the no mint coins were minted in San Francisco, there is no guarantee that all of the no mint coins were minted there. Consequently, PCGS cannot label the no mint coins as (S) as originally planned.”

    In its current issue, Coin World states, “Tom Jurkowski, director of the U. S. Mint’s Office of Public Affairs, reconfirmed to Coin World Nov. 11 that the bullion coin in the set is exclusively from San Francisco Mint production. Jurkowsky said Nov. 11 that the certificates of authenticity were likely produced before U. S. Mint officials made a final decision restricting the bullion coin production for the set to the San Francisco facility.”

  413. Hanover says

    I did ask the buyer and he said that he wanted it for his records. I think I will black out my name and address and see what he says. It did make me paranoid. I didn’t think about someone trying to use it to repackage the set. Thanks everybody.

  414. paul h says

    I have been notified that my 5 sets and my friends 5 sets scheduled to ship on 11/28/20011. that is exactly as it stated when i placed the order.
    my order was placed 5 pm and her order was placed at 5:15
    I will be pleased if i get my sets however I will not buy them on the seconday market .
    I bought 3 2006 SETS- PCGS 69 with box and coas in fall of 2008 sets at 400.00 each . they sold for 250 each 2 years later :0(
    I bought the coins sets for an investment…lol …as fate would have it i had $60 bucks in melt value and thats what they give for moderns.I was actually happy to recover the 250 for each set selling them on ebay . after the fees and shipping i recovered 1/2 my money back.
    this was my very first “coin investment” and it turned out to be the “worst investment”
    I will not be paying 1 c more that 300 no matter what the grade or situation. as sure as i am living and breathing when interest rates go up metals will fall like a rock and so will the cost of this set. And at the same time BAC stock will return back to 50 a share.
    do yourself a favor and instead of spending 2500 a graded set buy 400 shares of BAC while its still at Its bottom, in 10 years when you sell it at 60 a share for 24,000 your silly little 25 anniversary set in plastic holder will be worth about 500 bucks , minus the ebay fees you might get 400 .by then you will begetting a 10-99 from pay pal on all sales because ebay will be your direct competion and will want to limit you in any way possible.
    now even if i am only off buy 50 % (AND I AM NOT) what do you think you should be buying now. Even if i am off 99% you are still ahead…lol
    stay thirsty my freinds

  415. tmarkc says

    If selling be sure and break the set up. Prices for the 2 unique coins from the set fetching $700+ and for the balance of 3 coins and the case $200+. Complete sets of 5 selling for $150 less than this. If you are a seller why sell a complete set?

  416. Ranger says

    I got a friend’s order at 38381XXXX being cancelled this morning. Is the Mint canceling orders already?

  417. stephen m. says

    paul h. The proof silver eagles and the silver anniversary eagle sets are for collectors not investers, however a quick flip can make you a tiny small bit of change. You sound like your intelligent enough to have known that.

  418. BigHock says

    @Ikaika and others :

    I am 38367XXX and still in the “in process” status without the “in stock and reserved” notification. The estimated ship date now moved to 11/29/11. So, I called the mint again just now, and the gentleman there said there is no problem with my credit card. I asked him if there would be a supply issue for me. When I requestioned him he said “sir, I do not know what else to tell you, you are guaranteed your sets” He then reaffirmed the shipping date. …… I think he was getting annoyed at all the calls because he got testy quickly with me. I am however satisfied with content of his response.. ….. We’ll see!

  419. William says

    Yes! The status of my order just changed to “In stock and reserved” within the last 5 minutes. Im 38368xxx

  420. says

    Just recently discovered this website and have enjoyed reading all the comments. This morning my order was updated to in stock and reserved, #3837xxx. I spent 4 1/2 hrs on the computer trying to get in an order for 5 sets. Would have given up early on but it was important to my husband and I had hoped he wouldnt be disappointed. Good luck to everyone else with higher order numbers.

  421. TMM says

    I am also cautiously happy that my order # 38371XXX went to “in stock and reserved,” I do hope this message is real and not a systems generated error.

  422. Silver Sam says

    TMM…and ALL

    Was in your situation…….but now see that my credit card has been charged…..don’t think this is any systems gnerated error!


  423. B Mackey says

    38372xxx “In stock and reserved”. I’m cautiously delighted, hoping to see the shipped message soon for my set. If I do receive it, it will get an honored place in my collection, in the original government packaging.

    But I’m still miffed about having to spend over 4 hours trying to get my order input, and I still think it was wrong for the mint to set up a process that prevented tens of thousands of long time loyal customers from getting this special product, especially since 99% of mint products assume either face value or bullion value within a few years.

  424. TMM says

    Silver Sam,

    Thank you for the heads-up, I just checked my credit card, and I see the charge for the coins was debited from my credit card. Things are looking up – but I will be much happier when I have them in my hands, :).

  425. JBK says

    This morning my friend’s order 38376xxx went to “in stock and reserved”.

    Those people at 3838xxxx who cancelled yesterday were a bit premature. I assume my fiend’s order is part of the last batch to be shipped, but who knows where the cutoff will be.

  426. Ranger says

    I’m thinking 3837XXX would be among the last batches to sent out; 3838XXXX will stand little chance on waitlist

  427. vaughnster says

    On a humerous note, my order #38468XXX placed on 11-11-11 at 8:04 a.m. during the Mint’s short “glitch” just moved from “on hold” to “in process.” What would happen if…………….. 🙂

  428. BigHock says

    On a related note, I saw that the government of China announced today that they will be decreasing silver exports by 5%. This should increase the value of silver, especially if other foreign countries begin to hold on to their supply in response to China beginning to hoard it.

  429. BigHock says

    @ Vaugnster

    I find your post intriguing because it means your order placed this week may still go through. I wonder if the Mint had a data glitch causing it to end sales too early, and that this is the reason why the site began accepting orders again on 11-11-11. This is the same thing that happened with the Grand Canyon 5oz ATBs not too long ago. I do hope you get your order. Please keep us posted!

  430. John says

    MCM Auction Price 11/13 (MS70 / PR70) $3,800
    MCM Website Price 11/15 (MS70 / PR70) $2995

    Waiting two days could have saved the winner $805

  431. GMS says

    My order #38468XXX placed on 11-11-11 at 8:31 a.m. during the Mint’s short “glitch” just moved from “on hold” to “in process” also. Seems funny that they didn’t cancel if the story is as some think.

  432. vaughnster says

    That’s why I don’t understand why some who claim they want these rare and now-very valuable sets would actually cancel their order before the Mint would act one way or another. There’s absolutely no down side to keep the order open. I am certainly not expecting to receive the sets but as they say, “You can’t win if you don’t play.” I will keep you posted.

  433. Brian says

    Someone on another coin forum observed that the finish on the bullion coin in the 25th anniversary set is burnished, unlike the finish on the regular bullion coin. Can someone who has the two coins in hand comment?

  434. anil says

    My order number 38366xxx is stock and reserved. I thank everyone in this blog for a very insightful info. You guys have been great. I dont know if there will be such mad rush again. I thought the same with 2010 ATB bullion, I thought i will miss the fun but this experiance was much more fun, may be I am the lucky one who could get hold of a set, even if I did not receive i would have bought one from ebay. I will be following this blog but i dont know if there would be a mad rush again. once again I thank Michael and everyone.

  435. joe says

    Received my coin set yesterday from the US Mint. While I am excited to have the set in hand at last, I found something crazy when I opened the box.

    All of the coins were where they were supposed to be except one. There was an empty SEALED airtite where the ‘S’ burnished coin was supposed to be. I panicked and thought I was going to have to ship it back. I removed the internal holder and low and behold, there was the raw ‘S’ coin just laying their without an airtite. Fortunately, I couldn’t see any damage to the coin although it had to be bouncing around in the box.

    I am happy to have the set, but am shocked at the carelessness and disregard by the US MInt for those who spent hard earned cash and time to pick up a set. In this case, there can be no other explanation except that their quality control notice the coin was not in the set and just tossed one in raw. It is incredible that they would be so lazy as to not even try and make the effort to put a coin in the airtite.

    If one of their profit branches would disregard/disrespect a voluntary payment for a service or product, what makes them believe they deserve more “involuntary” payments (i.e., taxes) that will be treated with even more contempt of the person who sacrificed time and effort to actually earn the money.

  436. microdon says

    Mint has removed cancel button and changed status to “in stock and reserved.” Again, my order #38376xxx. To those close to my number and thinking of cancelling, think again. I am surprised at this turn of events, but now am cautiously optimistic.

  437. JBK says

    38383XXX is only is only 6 or 7 thousand beyond the order #s that are being changed to “in stock and reserved” today.

    I don’t know if the orders being processed today are within the normal ordering period or the wait list, but I wouldn’t be surprised if successful orders push above 3838xxxx tomorrow.

  438. Chunga says

    The mint hasn’t cancelled many orders my 2 orders #3839xxxx are still in process and back ordered so these people saying orders in the 80000’s are cancelled are full of crap and just trying to fool us into canceling them on our own that’s all. So don’t believe the hype till you get your own cancellation notice from the mint

  439. JBK says

    Good point. I guess I am operating on a different playing field, but you are right – some people (not necesarily anyone here) might very well try the old fake out to get others cancel so their own late order might slide by.

  440. Tim says

    Joe, I am not surprised, nor is anyone else.

    “I am happy to have the set, but am shocked at the carelessness and disregard by the US MInt for those who spent hard earned cash and time to pick up a set.”

    They could care less and are not held accountable. More than likely, most are political hacks with a cushy job to start with.

    Demand excellence, wait a minute, too much to ask for.

  441. Chunga says

    Not that I think a chance in hell of getting a set but you never know. I think a lot of order numbers were duplicated or tripled because of all the website problems. Alot more people will get sets than think they will. Keep the faith people

  442. Chunga says

    My sister had order # 38414xxx that was placed next morning around 9:30 eastern time that order was cancelled by the mint. So if you haven’t received one yet chances ate you probably will get your order filled

  443. JBK says

    I had heard that some new Mint customers (first time ordering) got a letter in the mail giving them 10 days to confirm their address or their order would be cancelled. I suppose a lot of those never were returned, in which case the waiting game may last a bit longer as the final availability is slowly determined. It would also not surprise me if a few people returned the sets due to defects, etc. Not everyone is following the price/value so many not realize that even part of the set is worth more than issue price. And then there are the wives/girlfriends who will find the credit card bill and demand the sets go back….

  444. vaughnster says

    It seems to me that if all the sets were sold, shipped and accounted for that those on the waiting list would ALL get a cancelled order notice at the same time. It leads me to believe that these cancellations so far are for CC or info problems and not because all the sets are gone….yet

  445. PrinceVegeta says


    Two of my order changed to “In stock and reserved” and the cc is pending. I could not believe it when I first saw it. Order number 38370XXX and 38377XXX are both ready to go if everything goes well. I just hope it does. Each is just one set each.

    I still got an order at 38382XXX and it is still in process, with 3 set in this one. I will never cancel until the fat mint sing. I don’t have much hope for it though. All I wanted was two set. If I am lucky enough to the my next order, I’ll try to sale it at a good price to true collector out there.

    To all of those still waiting, don’t give up until you get the cancel e-mail from the mint. I hope order goes up pass 38380000 so more people can get it.

    I wonder what order number will the the last to go out?

  446. JBK says

    I would have to disagree – I think the sets are sold out (and were on Oct 27th at about 5:00 PM) – but there are always some loose ends to clean up. I don’t think the mint will know for sure WHO will get set #100,000 until they process the order. I assume the waiting list is kept until they send that last order out and also the 7-day return period ends. As the end gets closer, the waiting list can be cut down, which I believe is what is happening now.

  447. tmarkc says

    Would you mind sending me an email and let me know why my posts aren’t being kept up? Yesterday I had requested that a couple of them get taken down but today I tried again and they got nixed.


  448. says

    I received my first set on 11/10/11 and the “S” coin has a bad flaw in the finish between the L and I in Liberty. Its not a scratch but more like a lack of the burnish finish. Looks like a large fingerprint but is not a fingerprint. I called the Mint on Friday and was told that a supervisor would have to review my complaint about the damaged coin and what to do about it. They said they would call me sometime this week. I called them late this afternoon and they were in the middle of a discussion as to what to do about damaged coins and was told to call back in about 2 hours. So I called them back tonight at 7:15 and was told that my phone number and info would be given to the supervisor and I would be called back by him/her this week when a resolution is decided. I don’t think they have any replacements and I know I am not the only one of 100,000 sets with at least one damaged coin in the set.
    I got my second of my two ordered sets yesterday and was going to keep it sealed but decided not to because I wanted to see if that set had any damaged coins in it. All the coins in that set are real nice.
    I am not going to send my first set back for a refund but will keep it even if they cant exchange it. I may even decide to sell it but only after sending pictures to a buyer so they wont get stuck with a pig-in-a-poke like I did. I wouldn’t buy a sealed set either. Notice on Ebay how many are selling sealed sets saying “returns not accepted.” I don’t think damaged coins are gradable. So sending in a set for grading is a crap-shoot as far as I can see. Grading would only be necessary to ensure that the reverse proof and the “S” coin are genuine, as fakes will appear in the future. I wouldn’t waste the money on grading the other coins. Labels are getting like baseball cards. One of these days people wont care. There will be so many different ones that type of labels will become irrelevant.

  449. John Brown says

    well, I just didnt get a chance to get this set, i been a long long time collector of silver proof eagles from the mint, along with gold, and this set i couldnt get from the mint and i wasnt going to go on without it.

    I paid 725 for mine off Ebay, and within hours someone bought 2 sets this same guy had for Buy Now price, couldnt believe it.

    Just glad to have this set for my collection. i dont care, i had to pay up.

  450. Nunzy says

    My order went into in stock and reserved this morning but no shipping yet, an my order number is 38368. They will probably go out wed eve………. Good luck to all

  451. tbrokmeier says

    It’s so interesting to read all the complaints people have on here about both their Ordering issues and receiving their Coins.

    I had little to no problem getting 5 individual orders placed for these Coins from my home computer. In addition, I have already received all 5 sets of these Coins on Friday, Nov. 11.

  452. Art says

    Dave, three out of my five “S” coins have shiny spot damage in the burnish finish, spots that can be seen with the naked eye. I will call the mint tomorrow to discuss this. By the way, all 5 of my bullion coins from the sets are junk wiith multiple surface mark damage, but I’m not as concerned about them.

  453. says

    Art, just imagine buying one of these sealed sets on Ebay for 800 and open it up to find a junk “S” coin and can’t return it for exchange or refund. What a bummer. I would never buy or keep a sealed set after this. I think there are a whole bunch of crap coins out there in these sets and now the mint is in a quandary wondering what to do next. My second set “S” coin has a little tiny spot of extra metal but is extremely small and right next to the rim so its not so bad. I would still say its a ms69. Maybe the other one is too. I would be very upset if I paid more than 300 and couldn’t get a refund or exchange.
    Lots of surprises for sealed boxes when opened. There must be lots of bad ones for them to have a conference over several days as to what to do. Maybe they will have the replacements with a “SC” meaning minted in
    San Francisco, China mint.

  454. Wylson says

    It seems every other product I buy comes shipped with the capsule loose from the display box. I’m convinced they just don’t give a damn about finding a way to get these to us without them coming loose. They would be best to package the coins separately from the holder, tightly wrapped, in foam packing or cardboard designed so that they don’t move around.

  455. Jim G says

    Dave @ 12:27AM:

    When I opened my set on Monday the “S’ coin has the same burr on the rim of the coin. Mine is at 10 o’clock on the obverse.

    Brian 11/15/11 @ 3:32PM:

    I have both coins and after looking at them side by side there is a difference between them. Another coin on eBay going for a huge markup! Thanks gentleman for you inputs.

  456. Chunga says

    That is true about the letter from the mint for first time customers. A few years ago my brother in law bought a one ounce platinum coin from the mint. A couple of days later he received a letter from the mint to confirm he made the purchase. He had to sign it and sent it back. They do this for first time orders over $500 or $1000 so someone doesn’t use a stolen card. Because you could order something then wait for it to be delivered and take it. So hopefully people that used multiple shipping addresses and Po boxes trying to beat the five set limit didn’t know this and don’t get their orders leaving more for us true collectors that want one.

  457. B Mackey says

    This experience has been a good lesson about government and I hope everyone is paying attention – creating a sale with too few coins to meet demand and still letting people order 5 at a time, a computer/phone system unable to handle the load, long time loyal customers getting nothing while dealers and speculators buy up thousands, valuable coins coming out of plastic capsules during shipping and flopping around the box, getting dirty and scratched, many defective coins being discovered on a product that should be near perfect, and the mint not having a procedure in place to handle defect replacements. All this for coins that were sold at nearly twice the value of their metal content on the day of the sale.

    Just think, the government is now in the process of taking over the health care system, enabling it to deliver this same level of quality and cost to the public.

  458. stephen m. says

    Well i believe the mint has done a beautiful job in putting out a semi rare, low mintage, gorgeous 25th anniversary silve eagle set. Think about the disappointment for all if the mint would have made say 300,000 sets or more. There are still 100,000 sets that have been sold and if a body wants a set they are available. No, i didn’t get a set yet but i know i can if i want one. You can’t make everybody happy all of the time.

  459. Chunga says

    There is no replacement coins no matter what customer service says and there supervisor. The supervisors don’t have the authority to buy a peice of paper. I had an issue with my hot springs 5oz got coin on first day of shipping had a big scratch on it. Called the mint was told to send it back that they had replacements put aside for this problem. Talked to 3 supervisors to confirm this. Told them I would keep it if I was not guaranteed a replacement was told I definitely was. So the same day I received coin I shipped it back about two weeks later nothing but a credit and basically told tough sh** from the mint. Had almost the same issue with a 2008 legacy set with a damaged case. They sold these out almost two months before shipping them to people. Tries to get just a replacement case and was told to bad either keep it the way it is or send it back for a credit. So anyone who thinks they will get a replacement set is sadly mistaken. Sad but true you a below standard item for your hard earned $$$$$

  460. Art says

    Dave, I pretty much got the same song and dance from the mint. Send back the sets and you may or may not get a replacement. The rep was unaware of any special handling or meetings regarding “S” coin damage. She did speak to her supervisor and then told me to write in the return that should a replacement not be available, to return my set. I don’t know if I like that idea. Regarding unopened sets, no way I would go anywhere near them above the mint price. Buyer beware big time.

  461. Rick says

    upon opening the set you get a fresh whiff of the stain/laquer, kinda like when you get a new car or that special tool, good feeling.

  462. Hidalgo says

    I just got my 2011 ASE anniversary set. I noticed that unopened sets are selling for a bit more, on average, than unopened sets. I’m not sure why.

    Should I leave the box closed? Or should I open it?

  463. Silver Sam says

    I consider this an ignorant question as I have never submitted anything for grading. You send in 25 coins (5 sets) in sealed mint packaging. TPG grades each coin on their merit and so slabs. I assume they would mix and match if they could put together a PR/MS 70 set(s) or PR/MS 69 set(s) as opposed to grading existing set of 5 and either they are all 70/69 or no go!

    Thanks in advance for enlightening me.

  464. Ikaika says

    The eagles have landed folks. I received my set last night. Coins look fine, however, it does seem that the mint workers were in a hurry to pack them and ship it out to the customers. Lot’s of work to get this one set (4 hrs and a half), but definitely worth it. Hopefully for those that are in the 3837’s will get their sets soon. From the reports, it appear that we are approaching the 3838’s orders. Good luck.

  465. Clair Hardesty says

    Sam, each coin is individually graded. The fact that they are being delivered in sets makes no difference at all. To 99.999% of potential buyers, whether a set of 70s originated in a single blue box from the mint is irrelevant. At best, the odds of a single set getting 5 70 coins is somewhere around 1%. The odds of being able to put together a set of 70 from five sets is much better, basically five times the percentage of 70s for the lowest coin in the set which is probably the bullion coin. Of course, probability and low sample sizes are not exactly compatible so your mileage may vary but it looks like there is something less than one set of 70s for every five sets of coins out there. Fortunately for resellers, the odds for the two unique coins coming back as 70s are probably higher than those of the bullion coin.

  466. JBK says

    In regard to complaints about the quality of individual coins, I am wondering if some people are setting expectation too high. The Mint does not guarantee MS70 or PR70 coins, or even MS/PR69 for that matter. Obvious and unreasonable damage, such as a scratch across a proof coin, is one thing, but a tiny bright spot on a die used for a coin that is normally matte finish is another thing. These are the small differences that make an MS70 worth more than an MS69, for example. In any case, I doubt that there will be any chance to exchange coins for this issue. Even if there were, the Mint normally requires that the whole set/order be retuned, not individual coins.

    On a separate issue, people are calling some of the coins in the set “burnished”. I am just wondering if this is the accepted tem for the coins. I am a bit out of the loop on this and I was just curious. To me, “burnished” means that they polished the coins after striking, as was the case with the 2000 Sac $ in the Millennium Set. As far as I know the collector uncirculated Silver Eagles are not burnished themselves, but the dies are treated differently than the bullion strikes (perhaps the dies are burnished?). Thanks for any clarification or perspectives on this.

  467. Nunzy says

    I checked my order status a few minutes ago an I have a tracking number. Anybody else? Good Luck……..

  468. B Mackey says

    What about ebay and paypal costs? On many things this can run 12% of the amount collected from the buyer, or more.

  469. Bri says

    I got mine yesterday, but the reverse proof coin was not in the holder, the holder was put together, the coin was lying in the box. I called the mint they said I could return it, but they could not gaurantee a replacement. Which was my first thought anyways. I carefully placed back in the holder using latex gloves. I figure that quality control was off on that day.

  470. Clair Hardesty says

    JBK, what is burnished are the blanks, before going through the upsetting mill and becoming planchets (although I do not know if the mint or a vendor does the burnishing/upsetting). The die are specially prepared. They are “sand blasted” and hardened before use. The finish on the coin is really a function of the die, the burnished planchet contributes more to a consistent result of the struck product than it does to the finish on the coin. The 2011 reverse proof die are made in a different way than tie were for the 2006 RP as well. The entire die is first brought to a high polish then they use the laser system to create the field texture. Then the entire die surface is vapor coated with chrome-nitride to harden and protect it.

    While on the subject of coin surfaces, if you have one, take a close look at the 2011 September 11 National Medal, which also starts life as a one ounce silver blank. That medal actually has five different surface treatments. There is the hard mirror used for the fields, a slightly rippled mirror used for the raised background of the reverse lettering, a fine matte used on Miss Liberty and the Eagle, a course matte used for the sky and reverse lettering, and finally a sort of medium matte used on the rim.The edge of the medal is smooth and still shows the lines that come from cutting the blanks from silver sheets.

  471. JBK says

    Thx for the excellent explanation of planchet and die prepapration. And I do hav9/11 medal (both mints) – I will definiteley check out what you mentioned. . I think ea lot of people sold that one short, but it sounds like a lot of work went into it.

  472. says

    FYI, since we will be sending our coins in for grading spoke with both UPS and USPS today. UPS said they will not accept coins for shipping. My postmaster recommended sending registered/ insured because of the contents and value. As for UPS policy it states shippers are prohibited from shipping articles of unusual value, coins are specifically listed. You can check it out at http://www.ups.com/media/en/terms_service_us.pdf. Not sure why the mint is able to ship the coins if its prohibited but its not my problem. Would suggest anyone reselling or mailing coins for grading to investigate before making what could be a costly mistake.

  473. Bax says

    Order # 3872XXX shipped today, it was placed at 4:57 pm. Good luck to all of you who has not received it yet !

  474. Chunga says

    Joanne I work for the post office and have shipped very expensive coins through the mail. The safest and best way is to send them is registered mail but people need to know that it is the safest way but also the slowest way. I sent a coin from Mass. To Ohio and it took almost two weeks and there is no way to track your package. You can only see when it was shipped and received. So anyone thinking about it just remember it is a very slow way to ship. But it is the only way to insure items over I think $800 or $1000 with the post office.

  475. vaughnster says


    What you do at the Post Office? You are incorrect about the maximum insurance. You can insure a Priority Mail package up to $5000 when creating a shipping label at the USPS web site. With tracking and signature confirmation options, why would you need registered mail anymore, except for possibly legal documents?

  476. Clair Hardesty says

    One of the reasons that registered mail is slow is that it is supposed to remain under lock and key during its journey. Whether that is true anymore is anybody’s guess but it does slow things down.

    The reason that UPS accepted the contract to deliver for the mint is that the mint is self insured, UPS has no responsibility for the items being shipped. For the mint, it is far cheaper to operate this way, as it is for anyone who can afford to self insure almost anything. Insurance providers operate at a profit and over the long haul, self insurance is cheaper.

  477. says

    First of all, Clair Hardesty is to be commended for her insightful and intelligent postings. Secondly: keep on top of your order if you have not received the set(s). A coding mistake by the phone representative did not allow my credit card company to be electronically notified for authorization. This mistake certainly delayed the shipment of my order. Thirdly, in regard to the issue of grading vs. non-grading, think of this: as more and more sets are slabbed and graded, the population of the original government packaged sets declines. In effect, this makes the OGP sets more desirable. There are many collectors, myself included, that prefer OGP.

  478. John says

    Joanne G says:

    … Not sure why the mint is able to ship the coins (UPS) if its prohibited but its not my problem. Would suggest anyone reselling or mailing coins for grading to investigate before making what could be a costly mistake.

    I’m sure the mint has the funds to cover any loss (self insured) or insured by a third party. I have a PO Box so my mint stuff is sent using USPS, when my items are shipped the insurance the mint alway purchases is under $200 even if the value is well over this amount. I really don’t know the answer but when you send out thousands of items or insure thousands of people the risk is spread out. I know that my local gov. doesn’t insure any of it’s properties for this reason, I know millionaires who don’t insure their homes because it’s to expensive so they self insure. So maybe that’s why the mint uses UPS???

  479. Richard says

    I read earlier someone had a 3838 canceled.Quess we have hope,seems as though the process is creeping along.

  480. Chunga says

    I apologize i was mistaken. I work in the back room and I haven’t worked the window in a few years so yes you are correct it is in fact $5000 they changed it a few yrs ago. My supervisor is not positive but pretty sure they recommend that coinage be sent registered mail. Also Clair is correct about ups. If the customer shipping the package doesn’t purchase additional insurance they only cover $100 in loss for each package. They ate self insured the post office uses a third party insurer.

  481. Mike S. says

    My order shipped #38371xxx I made the cut 4:21pm eastern. Looking forward to receiving them. Good Luck to all still waiting.

  482. says

    Yeah!!! Our order shipped today, #38374xxx. For a while thought we wouldnt get it, what a huge relief! Its been a real roller coaster ride, understand why some might cancel out of frustration. Hang in there, hoping everyone gets their orders.

  483. says

    To elaborate on the mint’s coding mistake that delayed the shipment of my 25th ann. order, here’s what happened: I was able to get through to a phone representative on 10/27, who took my order at approximately 1:35 PM. I checked my order status on a daily basis on the “track order” feature of the mint’s website. The first several days it stated “on hold” and “backordered”. After about a week the status changed to “in process” and “in stock and reserved”. On Nov. 7, I noticed the status reverted back to “on hold”. I asked myself what’s going on here? I then called a customer representative by the name of Barb on 11/8 who caught a coding error made by the representative who took my phone order. This coding mistake did not allow the information to be sent to my credit card company for authorization. The mint’s automation process picked this up as a declined credit card. Fortunately, Barb corrected the mistake and entered the correct code for me and got me back to the “in process” status. However, the mistake bumped me back in the ordering process greatly, and delayed by many days the shipment of my order. So, keep vigilant on your “track order” information if you have not yet received your order. Mistakes can also be made in the shipping.

  484. pl.mark says

    Up to 38378100 are all in stock and reserved in the process of shipping. This was about 4:50 CT (5:50 ET) so I guess that we are somewhat into the waitlist.

  485. John Q says

    Remember that the post office will only pay the inurance amount of the actual value of the item (the price you paid from the Mint) for the item if it is lost and you have to prove its value (receipt from the Mint). Insurance is for the SENDER of the package and not the receiver, so what the SENDER paid for the coins, so $300 for the ASE set is the max you will get out of USPS.

  486. iasoup says

    My order arrived (38353xxx), USMint did a wonderful job with presentation and packaging despite the roller coaster ride.

  487. Anon says

    Peter –

    So now instead of having a small chance of getting your coins and being stressed about, you have zero chance of getting your coins, and you’re still stressing about it.

    Smart move.

  488. Silver Sam says

    I surely appreciate the updates of those who have a tracking # and shipping has commenced…….for orders after 38378100…

    I am still kinda pessimistic even though I have in stock reserve status, cancel box has been removed, and they have debited my cc.

    I am happy for those who have survived!!!!!

  489. Tony says

    There’s many of us waiting patiently for our status to change. I’m at 38380XXX and I’ve called the Mint. They have no new info. “Everything looks fine” so I’ve been told. All we can do is wait. I wonder if the order I placed Friday morning will be honored. You just never know with the Mint.

  490. PrinceVegeta says

    #38370XXX is on its way with 1 set. I hope it will come on Friday. #38377XXX is still in stock and reserved for 1 set.

    #38382XXX is still in process for 3 sets. It look like the mint is slowing down. Maybe they are waiting for return or something.

    I’m just so happy I’m getting two set. I was thinking of keeping it in the shipping box, but after reading all these problem with it, I’m going to open both of mine when they arrive.

    Good luck to all those who are just waiting for one set. I know how you feel. There were moment where I thought I wouldn’t get any. Thankfully I got to get two set. I don’t really need the 3 other ones, but I’ll just keep the order around just for fun, until the cancellation notice comes.

    Also, I wonder if this place is going to pass #700?

  491. says

    Can someone that has opened a set, give me the dimensions of the inside of the blue mint box. I’m wondering that if you removed the insert that holds the coins, would the box be big enough to store five slabs? Thanks

  492. theofie says

    have order # 38380xxx does anybody think they will get this far and do you think it will happen this week?

  493. One4thebooks says

    So here’s a strange one! I got an order in and everything looked good 38365xxx but on the 11th I got a cancel email! Bummer! So I get a package on the 15th check my card and bam there’s the charge for 1500…. Check the mint site with my order number show line for 5 set is canceled! So I got 5 sets in my hands and all i can say is what the hell is going on at the mint?

  494. Norm says

    Has anyone received their NGC graded non mintmarked S bullion coin with the (S) designation? The early bullion graded coins do not have this. I heard they were going to put this on the label, any show up yet?

  495. David Kimball says

    Supposedly, the USPS pays fair market value for lost coin shipments, not the purchase price. So, if your set gets lost on the way to the graders, you should get 800.00, not 299.00.

    “Fair market value of stamps and coins of philatelic or numismatic value, as determined by a recognized stamp or coin dealer or current coin and stamp collectors newsletters and trade papers.”


  496. MarkInFlorida says

    People ship registered mail because the insurance is MUCH cheaper than priority mail for expensive packages.

    If you need it there fast then Express Mail is overnight and the insurance is even cheaper!

    Here’s the insurance costs for $5000 coverage:
    Priority $54.00
    Registered $20.00
    Express $15.00

    This doesn’t include the postage which of course depends on the weight and distance.

    Go to the USPS.com web site and try a few ways.

  497. MarkInFlorida says

    As you can see, Express mail can actually be cheaper than regular mail if you need a lot of insurance! Yes, it is because registered mail is locked up and express mail is there so fast there is lest time for someone to steal it!

  498. alan says

    If I just spent either $1500.00 or $3000.00 on the eagle sets ,depending on how many you purchased from the mint or some people up to 25 sets!!!!!!!I I really do not think I would be talking about what shipping costs!!!! That is like buying a $50,000 sports car and then BI-CHING about how much the tires cost to replace.I wish people would talk about coins and quit talking about all of the the stupid things all the time!!!!!!!!!!!

  499. Mike S. says

    Received my sets today. I’m grateful the wait is over. 38371xxx shipped yesterday. Good luck to all still waiting.

  500. stephen m. says

    order #38367 in hand as of 0945 on 11-17-11. I gratefully have received my unique, nice looking and to be treasured (1) set and extend a hearty thank you to our us mint. Only in America…………………………………

  501. microdon says

    38376xxx now marked shipped with tracking #, though I suspect it won’t be here until Saturday. Let’s hope the coins are cosmetically sound.

  502. PrinceVegeta says

    #38370XXX was delivered this morning and lucky that my dad was there to sign for it. I can’t wait to come home to see it.

    Also, #38377XXX is shipping today, probably will get it tomorrow. Now I know for sure I’m getting my two set.

    I also have an order at 5:30 EST. I really doubt that it would be fulfilled. Good luck to all those in the 3838XXXX number. If some one is in that number range order status change, please post it up.

    Question: Can you just grade the two unique coin in the set by them self? That is what I’m thinking of doing latter on.

  503. Jeff says

    Prices are going up……..have read a few coin commentaries indicating pricing will hit the $1000 mark. Lots of good pricing still on ebay considering the millions of SEs collected and only 100,000 S and W marks!

  504. JBK says

    38376xxx shipped this morning. My friend will need to take a day off from work to signfor them – it is reliably overnight delivery?

  505. Tom says

    My order is number 3838XXXX and it is still on backordered and in process. I have not receive any waiting list or cancellation notices. I place an order around 5:46 p.m. November 27, 2011. Good luck to all still waiting…….

  506. Anon says

    Wow, got my hopes up here.. I posted on November 14, that I got a generic email from the Mint stating my order. I had pretty much lost any hope of getting my sets. I called the Mint today and the guy on the phone said I would be getting my sets. He said that email was sent out to tell me I’m on the wait list. He said at 4:45 the wait list started and there were many duplicate orders. He said there has been a problem getting the coins to/from the warehouse. My order number is 38380*** placed at 5:12. Guy said I should have them by first week of December… Still have hope…

  507. Ben says

    “Can you just grade the two unique coin in the set by them self?”

    Yes. From the NGC website: Note: If NGC receives the package unsealed, only the reverse proof and S mintmark coins will receive the NGC 25th label. All other coins will get NGC’s standard brown label with 25th Anniversary in the coin overprint.

    “it is reliably overnight delivery?” Enter the tracking number on the ups.com website. It’ll show you where the package is and when it should be at your door. If UPS says it’ll be there, then it’ll be there.

    “I wish people would talk about coins and quit talking about all of the the stupid things all the time!!!!!!!!!!!”

    It’s a discussion group. We discuss things. Shipping is part of the discussion. Yes, some aspects of the discussion may not appeal to you. Scroll to the next post. Some topics get beaten to death. Keep scrolling.

    To those listing your order number, please show at least five digits. Once your order has been shipped, it’s not going to get cancelled, so don’t worry about revealing your order number.

  508. J pay says


  509. Anon says

    Seemed believable. I don’t see a reason to lie to me. I’ve been told before they couldn’t guaranty anything. Who knows. Ill find out when I get the coins or get canceled.

  510. Jim_D says

    I discovered why the mint uses UPS for delivery, they have time warp capabilities. In looking at the tracking progress, my 2 sets (38370XXX) were checked out of Louisville, KY at 4:40AM this morning and checked into Birmingham, AL at 4:43AM, amazing!

    On a serious note, some on this blog have complained of the coins being received separated from the holder and in some cases, from the capsules. In my case the two sets were in the bottom of the box side by side. One set was right side up and the other was upside down. In my excitement of inspecting the coins, I didn’t notice that the other set was upside down because it was covered by a sheet of thin white tissue paper. The first set was pristine, all coins in their proper place and the coins all looking like 70s. The second set made noise as I flipped it over. On opening, I found all the coins out of their slots and the blue felt that lays across the coins had an area about a half inch wide along the side edge where it appeared to have been pressed down on by the lid. So it appears that sets packed upside down might be the ones that suffered separation. The coins in the second set all appeared fine except the no-mint bullion coin had an extra heavy case of burnishing on the obverse with tiny, shiny specks showing through at at least 3 points. There is also an oval area that covers the upper body and extends to the sides where the finish is whiter, if that makes sense.

    I’m keeping my sets in any case.

  511. Silver Sam says

    well my order has shipped…38378….I am grateful….and hopefull for all of you who are still waiting………

    I don’t think UPS delievers on Saturday….somebody above was expecting a Saturday delivery….

  512. PrinceVegeta says

    I got my first set this morning. I got home around noon to open it. When I opened it, all five of the coins were separated from it holding place. It is a good think they were all in their capsules.

    I hope my next set come in alright. The blue holding box is really nice. Now I just have to find a good place store it.

    All of the people who are still wait, keep your hope up, and maybe you might get one. Hang in there….

  513. Shutter says

    once I have a tracking number, how long before UPS will have any further information?

    Typically, the UPS site doesn’t show anything useful untill very, very early next morning. This is pretty typical:
    XXXXXXXX, XX United States 11/11/2011 9:57 A.M. Delivered
    11/11/2011 7:04 A.M. Out For Delivery
    11/11/2011 6:30 A.M. Arrival Scan
    11/11/2011 5:57 A.M. Departure Scan
    11/11/2011 5:07 A.M. Arrival Scan
    Louisville, KY, United States 11/11/2011 3:32 A.M. Departure Scan
    11/11/2011 1:29 A.M. Origin Scan
    United States 11/10/2011 3:35 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

    Once you have the Departure Scan, UPS will usually have estmated delivery listed as well.

  514. Terry Tempel says

    My wait list order for 1 set was cancelled. I have been watching e-bay. Since the day of first shipment there were 6 pages of 50 offers per page and the pages averaged 106 sets per page. Since then, 2 pages have sold daily and there are now 16 pages of sell offers. Before the secondary market supply is exhausted, I suspect that tens of thousands will have been resold on e-bay alone. As a collector, I paid a premium for 1 set. The idiot had opened the package so they cannot be graded with the 25th anniversary label. The seller also indicated that he had multiple sets of orders of 5 sets each. So much for the US Mint’s mission to serve the collector. The collector got screwed. Screw the mint!

  515. JBK says

    Terry Tempel ; thx for the updartes but it is helpful if peoel know your order # (ior most of it) so they know where the cuts are being made.

    As fot the “idiot” you bought your set from who opened the Mint package, not everyone is impressed with or motivated by the concoted collectability of the TPG service labels. I opened my box of 5 and my friend will do the same. I am not concerned about chasing the 70 grades and ending up with most if not all 69s. Based on reports of loose or even opened capsules, I personally want to check everything out for myself.

    In any case, if you wanted to submit for the special labels on the 3 non-unique coins, you should have bought an unopened package. There are plenty being sold that way.

  516. vaughnster says

    Terry Tempel says:
    November 17, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    My wait list order for 1 set was cancelled.

    This would be more helpful if the order number and the time the order was placed is mentioned. If it’s canceled there’s no reason not to post the entire order number.

  517. stephen m. says

    Looks as if all will be finished shipping tomorrow or Monday for sure. My set came this am and was ordered at 4:06. Has been a wild ride from the start to my finish.

  518. Peter says

    Time to throw in the towel for all those on waitlist…. Guess 38378XXXX will be among the last batch.

    All my orders will be out of luck 🙁

  519. Chris B says

    My order was placed @ 5:16pm 3838xxxx. Still in process with ship date 12/01/11. Not giving up until I receive the big “C” notice from the US Mint. Game still on.

  520. J pay says

    i was told today by the mint that they are still processing coins and sets as long as no cancellation notice that it was still good to go?? i ask that if they was still putting sets together she said absolutely

  521. Tony says

    J pay you are correct.

    Just called the Mint and spoke with one of thier representatives. If you haven’t received a cancellation notice and they keep moving up the expected day of shipment, you’re still good to go. Please stop popping our bubble with half truths and misrepresentations. I’m at 38380XXX and I’m keeping the faith.

  522. J pay says

    if you don’t have facts or good news keep it to yourself i been riding this bubble for over 2 weeks now its not over till the fat mint sings!!!!

  523. JBK says

    I assume that successful ordfers may stretch into 38380xxx, but I would not place too much trust on something a customer service rep tells you. It is not their fault, but they are just giving you the standard responses. Orders that have alrerady been cancelled are cancelled, and orders that remain “in process” may still be cancelled, and only time will tell. The last cancellations will not be made until every last set is delivered – the last thing the Mint wants is to have leftovers, especially after all they went through.

  524. JQDOE says

    I am just curious where the cut off number is going to wind up.

    They charged my CC, it says they shipped it, and I have a USPS tracking number . . . although they haven’t sent me a confirmation e-mail yet . . . which seems odd to me.

    I am in 38378 . . . actually closer to 38379 and that is all I am saying , , ,

    Anyone with a number higher than that showing their order has shipped yet?

    I know that I spent HOURS dialing and redialing . . . while trying the Internet at the same time . . .

    So I think it would be really cool to be the very last order that made it.

  525. Grampa Dave says

    Order #383743xx arrived today 10/18 and all coins look great. Yes, many of the 5 sets had coins loose in the display boxes but were still in their clear plastic coin capsules, no damage done. But one of my coins (s-mint) was completely out of the capsule and laying in the bottom of its display box under the certificate of Authentity. I inspected it and it appears fine.
    GO FIGURE??????? Also One of the 5 bullion no mint mark Eagle appears to have the same burnished finish as the W & S coins. All 4 of the other no mint mark bullion Eagles look like typical bullion coins. My wife really could see the different finish on this coin, and she doesn’t even have a clue about coins. It really looks as though the Mint used a burnished blank on this bullion coin. Has anyone else noticed this????
    WOW, the mint really made these sets look nice!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  526. threebee says

    Due to the fact that so many single sets are being sold on auction sites and with the strict guidelines by NGC and PCGS, I wonder how many actual sets are going to be graded?

  527. mark1026 says

    im glad i made the decision to open my box of 2 sets of coins…as others have stated, there were coins floating around in the box….that sux!…i doubt i would have gotten a full set of matching 70s and if i had, i wouldnt have sold them anyway…monaco coin is selling 69 sets for $1349 and 70 sets for $2799…not a bad deal!….screw HSN and anacs sets!….there is something fishy about a grading service that can guarantee you a certain amount of 69 and 70 sets…plus, NOTHING you buy from HSN will bring you a profit for at least 30 yrs!…mike mezac is a d=== good pitchman and suckers alot of uninformed people into buying his monetary wares….BUY NGC AND PCGS FOR LONG TERM INVESTMENT(and sometimes ICG)…thats just my opinion

  528. Wild Bill Hickup says

    Was torn between opening my single sealed set to view it today, as sealed sets are going for $200 to $250 more than the open sets. My wife insisted it remain sealed as we have another 3 sets on back order (83831xxx fingers crossed) until I promised to sell the other 3 if we got them. Glad to have one for me as these are inspiring sets and have me shopping for the 2006 set now :o)

  529. Silver Sam says


    I hesitate to inquire anymore on the 25th anniversary sets as topic has rolled over to second page, and some here seem to want to move on to other discusssions.

    But you seem to know the most in general about these things. I received my box of five sets, and first wonder why the box weighs 15lbs. Did mint send me a bowling ball instead??..lol..

    It is unopened, but am concerned by what other posters have found on opening. Are sets in other individual mailing boxes?

    What do I stand to lose by examining contents and then sending in for grading. I am willing to discuss via my cell phone if you don’t mind.


  530. DeeJay says

    My order went in after 5:00 and I never had any hope of getting anything, but my order arrived yesterday. They are beautiful! It worked out well too, because the charge hit my credit card just a couple days after the new billing month began so I won’t have to pay off the 1504.95 until December. I looked on ebay and saw that individual sets are averaging around $750-$825, and decided to sell 3 to pay it off.

    I figured that if I could sell sets on ebay for $825 each, costs for ebay, paypal, and shipping would end up being around $100 per set, leaving me with about $725 each. Before listing, I called a large regional coin dealer on November 17 to see if he is buying. This is a mega-dealer with multiple locations and a lot of employees, and they immediately put me through to the owner. After some discussion he offered me $750 cash on the spot for any sets that I am willing to sell, provided that I brought them in immediately. I agreed to sell him 3 sets. The first 2 sets paid for all 5, and the remaining $750 will help a lot with Christmas bills, with the last 2 free sets going into my permanent collection.

    After we were done, he told me he had been unable to buy any himself, and that I was the first person to bring in any to sell, and that my sets were the first he’d actually seen. I would suggest that anyone thinking about selling try their local coin shops before selling on ebay, as I would have had to sell for $850/set on ebay to end up with a profit of $750 per set, plus I’d have had the hassle of listing, dealing with the buyers, packing and shipping the packages, the potential of dealing with an unhappy buyer, and the hassle of getting my money from paypal.

  531. JQDOE says


    As I posted earlier, I am in 38378 . . . actually closer to 38379 and that is all I am saying.

    My coins arrived today.

    HOWEVER there was NO sealed packaging!!! The box box was packed at the bottom of a MUCH bigger plain brown box with a bunck of corrugaated paper stuffed in the brownb bix as padding, I guess.

    Has anyone else seen that? I am a bit disappointed not to have a sealed set, but I guess it is better than nothing, huh?

    BTW, I had one loose coin, outside its clear plastic case. Yep, of course it was the 2011-S mintmark. What the heck is up with that?

    The mint really needs to get its act together IMO.

  532. JQDOE says

    That should have read . . .

    “The BLUE box was packed at the bottom of a MUCH bigger plain brown box with a bunch of corrugated paper stuffed in the brown box as padding, I guess.”

    I need more coffee. 🙂

  533. says

    You did receive a “sealed” box. When anyone refers to a “sealed” box they are referring to the “brown” mint shipping box that has never been opened.

  534. says

    JQDOE…I meant to say a “sealed set” is a set that is in an unopened brown mint shipping box. None of the sets inside the brown box are sealed in any way.

  535. JQDOE says


    This brown box is huge. 8 inches by 11 inches by 15 inches. MUCH bigger than the blue box. I have a ton of other sealed brown boxes from the Mint for proof and uncirculated coin sets, and they are all just a little bit bigger than the packaging inside. I can’t imagine why they decided to send this with such a wasteful amount of cardboard and corrugated paper stuffing/padding. If they thought this was going to protect the coins from moving arounf inside, well that was a total FAIL as my 2011-S was floating around naked inside the blue box, as was one piece of its two-piece clear plastic holder.

    There is nothing on this box that indicated to me it was from the Mint. It was so big, and I was expecting 3-4 other packages, that it never even occurred to me that this huige box would have my coins inside.

    Oh well, I guess I blew it.

  536. Mike says


    The Mint contracted with UPS and the box size is is what was negotiated and they used that size whether 1,2,3,4, or 5 sets where sent.


  537. vaughnster says

    “There is nothing on this box that indicated to me it was from the Mint”

    Of course not. That’s so no one else does and doesn’t steal it before it gets to you.. Were you expecting any other package that was shipped next day UPS? Didn’t you get a shipping notification from the Mint?? My gosh……

  538. JQDOE says

    “Were you expecting any other package that was shipped next day UPS?”

    Yes. And two of them were delivered at the same time as this package. I am still waiting for another one.

    “Didn’t you get a shipping notification from the Mint??”

    Yes – late last night.. If I had to guess which of the three boxes had the coins, this one would have been my last pick, and even then I would have assumed that there must be a smaller sealed brown box inside. I have been ordering mint and proof sets for more than thirty years and never received any box even remotely close to this large. If I had thought it was even conceivable that this box had the coins inside, I would have checked the tracking numbers. But I didn’t, So again . . . I blew it.

    “My gosh.”

    If you say so.

  539. mrbeeg says

    Does anybody have any further info on order numbers? Looks like things are stalling out. My 3838xxxx is still backorderd, and no emails from the mint yet…

    A friend’s 38374xxx was delivered yesterday morning. What a gorgeous set!

  540. spjegues says

    No word yet on a Order number 383792XX. I saw someone posted their 38378XXX was shipped . hopefully we can get into the 38379XXX ‘s

  541. Clair Hardesty says

    JQDOE, sorry to hear about your misunderstanding. PBGS has been using one box for all 25th set shipments. Whether one set or five, they are all being shipped in the 14x11x8 box. The shipping label says that it is from PBGS in Plainfield, IN, which is the fulfillment center for mint direct products (and has been for about three years). This is actually the smallest box they have that the set fits into, so that is why they are using it and it just happens to be big enough for five sets. Only a few mint products are actually sealed as sold (as opposed to the shipping seal) and those are things like annual uncirculated sets, the circulation quarter sets, etc. which are sealed by the nature of the packaging they use. The seal on the uncirculated sets isn’t airtight but it is tamper evident. Proof sets and their kin are not sealed, they can be opened and raw coins removed/swapped without showing any evidence. I do wish the mint would use some sort of tamper evident seal for many of its products (one or two strips of holographic tape would do) just so volume buyers could not get away with cherry picking and returning rejects and so dealers would have a hard time selling CPed sets as mint fresh. This set could have had such seals but if the mint was sure that it was going to sell out fast, there would be no need from their point of view. What they really messed up on was not putting a foam pad inside the sets to hold everything in place during shipping.

    SILVER SAM, the sets weigh almost 3 pounds each. The single set boxes are labeled as being “3 LBS” and the five set boxes are usually a little over 15 pounds. The single set shipping box actually weighs about 4.3 to 4.5 pounds, so PBGS seems to be putting the net weight on the box labels. Opened boxes will loose the ability to get FS or ER, and 25th SET labels on the three non unique coins if sent in for grading. Selling prices don’t to appear to be vastly different, opened sets are getting almost as much as sealed boxes. There is a difference but it is small enough that some are still choosing to open first and people are still buying opened sets, in large part because the two unique coins are the major part of the value here.

  542. J pay says

    JUST DONT understand if you have your order in front of you why not let others know your # what is going to hurt if i missed somthing please tell me??

  543. spjegues says

    @mrbeeg – Yes it is still “back ordered”.

    @J pay – I would not put it past some one calling and canceling an order if they found out enough information about an order to get it canceled so theirs would move up. If it is shipped already I do not see the harm in sharing the info out.

  544. JBK says

    My friend’s sets were marked as “shipped” on the Mint’s website yesterday morning. UPS tracking show logged into UP in Kentucky in the early hours of this morning, but since then no coins on the doorstep and no update online. She called UPS but they only have the same details as shown online.

    Any ideas? Are these ever delivered late in the day? Has anyone had a next day air shipment arrive more than a day later?

  545. Dan says


    This is not sour grapes, I was fortunate enough to get a set. If you should ever have the oppurtunity to talk to the mint something else might be worth mentioning. The mint might want to even consider limiting hot items to residents of the USA first also for a period of time. If you look at the very last listing on ebay, it is shipping from Ireland. I recently tried to purchase a set of coins from Britain but was told no because I did not live in the UK, it is listed on their web site ( anniversary set for the queen mum . HAd same issue with the Central Bank of Ireland, on a minimum quantity item they would not sell out of ireland. Just food for thought.

  546. JBK says

    I might be able to be convinced that orders on items like this should be limited to the USA, but then again I lived in Germany for five years, and as a US citizen overseas I would have been prevented from buying from the US mint under this policy. Also, I am not sure what benefit there really is (other than to retaliate for other countries’ policies) for this kind of exclusion. If it is a bad idea for the UK or Ireland to do it then we should not copy it.

    I am generally in favor or expanding access to foreign coins/mints, not restricting them. I have ordered from foreign governments a number of times (including Bank of Ireland). As for the UK, I am not sure but I think they established an official destributor in the US so that all US orders are supposed to go through them and not the UK mint itself.

  547. Walt says

    Delivered 2 days twice. UPS marked them as addressee requested a different delivery date. When I called them they said they didn’t know why they were marked that way. It’s simple, they were covering their *ss for not delivering them.The second time I gave them a hard time about it since I was sitting home all day (both times) and I haven’t had a problem in the last 6 orders.

  548. vaughnster says

    Haven’t seen any posts today about confirmed shipping or “in stock and reserved” status changes. I wonder if all the sets are now shipped and the Mint is waiting for any returns before issuing the cancellations.

  549. Shutter says

    There is nothing on this box that indicated to me it was from the Mint.
    The alternative is to have box that says: “Extremely valuable gold and silver coins inside. Please steal as soon as possible”.

  550. mac says

    Everybody that is so upset with how your sets were delivered or did not know where they were coming from. Contact me, you are OBVIOSLY first time buyers from the mint out to make a quick buck. I would like to buy a set to keep. When I got off work and got through it was 5:53, order # 38388###, hasn’t been canceled yet.

  551. Chrome says

    Today, I took my five unopened sets to the PCGS booth at the SC Coin Show for grading submission, where I was able to see the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set for the first time. For the sets placed inside of the shipping box upside down, all of the coins had all fallen out of the holes in the display case, yet none of the capsules were opened. Other people at the PCGS table reported open capsules with no damage. I was able to inspect all 25 coins before first strike submission while the PCGS security guard stood over me. All 25 coins were problem free and should grade 69-70. In addition, it was brought to my attention that 5 PCGS coin slabs will fit into the mint’s display case horizontally with a 1/4″ gap between the top and bottom. The display case is rock solid and of significant size. The certification of all 25 coins cost me $50 for a Silver PCGS Membership, $800 for grading, and $50 insurance for the return ship. The slabs will have the blue label, the first strike flag, and the “25th Anniversary Set” notation. I am into each set for $480 now. However, I am so pleased with the overall production quality of the coins and the display case is stunningly beautiful. I hope to have one PR/MS70 set for myself, give two to the grandkids, and sell two on ebay. Just imagine 5 PCGS slabs of different ASEs with blue PCGS labels, the First Strike Flag on each, and everything tucked neatly in a beautiful blue felt lined box from the Mint. How sweet it is. Good job US MINT. These sets are a masterpiece. Art-Qua-Art!

  552. J pay says

    this is just plain silly if you have your order sitting in front of you no one can cancel it so why not let us who are waiting see how close we are besides other than having the order with you you would have to have name street address and complete order # and payment info to cancel virtually impossible wake up people we are not robbers here just tring to get info where we are the ones still waiting!!!! some of the post in here really takesit coins moving around and such if you really dont like them i WILL BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  553. GMS says

    Yes J pay, it is agrivating for the few of us that have been left here waiting and hoping.by our fellow collectors. The next few days will decide our fate.

  554. VA Dave says

    For anyone still praying and tracking the very useful numbers reported in this blog by everyone, here is a recap of my numbers.

    #383404XX, 1:39pm – received order last week on 11/11 – 2 sets

    #383684XX, 4:07pm – received order Thursday 11/17 – 1 Set

    #383978XX, 6:49 pm – got canx notice from mint (2 sets) – was not due to error on my part, cc error or anything else – guess this one simply got in too late to make the cut.

  555. LD says

    Just checked my order status for 1 set with order #383972xx and it still shows in process backordered with ship date of 12/3/11??? I expected it to be cancelled by now. Highly unlikely I will make the cut.

  556. GMS says

    I know the feeling, I am # 38384XXX. Ordered as soon as I could get home from work and log on. Been collecting since I was 6, that’s 47 years but who’s counting and this is one of my most disappointing times dealing with the mint, and I’ve had a few. Good luck to the few of us hanging on.

  557. JD says

    I am also one of those hanging on but with not much hope for fulfillment….
    38381xxxx….Called the mint, they are very vague won’t even divulge any info at all. My guess is they have filled all the regular orders and are waiting for returns to trickle in…This is not a fun process…

  558. linux2216 says

    My order number 38394XXX shows “In Process” with an estimated ship date of 12/3/2011. This ship date has been moved forward from 12/28/2011 where it was just 6 days ago when I received my backorder notice. I’m still hopeful I’ll receive it.

  559. linux2216 says

    I meant my original estimated ship date was 11/28, not 12/28. Anyhow, it is now 12/3. I hope everyone who is “in process” and not yet cancelled will receive their orders!

  560. Rolling Thunder says

    My order #383973xx placed at 6:46 PM for 1 set must be very near the end of the train – but it’s still open!

    Whereas VA Dave posts above that his order #383978xx placed at 6:49 PM got cancelled.

    Just three minutes and 500 orders apart.

    I think based on last order #s posted here as shipped – my # is ~18,000 orders out – if it goes through I’ll start believing in Santa Claus again!

    Anyone with a higher order # that is still open?

    Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!

  561. Konde says

    Order number 383978XX placed at 6:50 pm (for 1 set) received email Cancellation Notice from the Mint more than a week ago. Yet order remains open and “in process” with back order delivery time of December 03, 2011.
    Apparently they decided to keep our names around just in case there is a massive cancellation like they had with the 5 ounce ATB. Let’s just play along with the Mint’s stupid game.

  562. Tony says

    Order # 38380XXX no longer exists. The Mint has cancelled my order. I was afraid of that. No choice now but to go to the Bay.

  563. Tony says

    I just checked again. The order is back up. What??? I don’t believe it!! They must be doing some maintenance on their site. Got to call in the morning.

  564. VA Bob says

    Chrome – You sound very excited about your slabs and labels, congratulations. I believe everyone should collect what they want. Just one question are you expecting all to grade 69-70? The reason I ask is you said your keeping one (70) for yourself, give two to the grand kids and selling two. That works out good if they all grade 70, but if you have to sell a 69 or less on ebay, do you believe you’ll recover your costs (ebay fees included)? Or do the grand kids get the low grades? You can always break them out for them and give them an OGP set.

  565. silver sam says

    Just curious……someone said in this blog that on average 1% of an issue of newly minted coins will gain a 70 grade

    Is there a percentage for 69 grade?

  566. Davo says

    I bought two sets. One for me and one for my brother. I showed it to him and now he is not excited about it at all and suggest I sell it and buy more silver. I am keeping my set but I am torn about what to do with the other set. Any suggestions? I was tempted to try ebay but I want to feel like a flipper.

  567. Chrome says

    VA Bob – I was able to inspect all of the coins before submission. I made sure all of them had good centering, no dings in the rims, and no distractions in the critical areas. Strike centering is critical to the 69/70 grades. Just like stamps and base ball cards. I did see several PCGS 68s on ebay and the photographs were good enough to see that these coins had centering problems. If I do get blind-sided by a bunch of 68s, which I am not expecting – I will crack them out and put them all back in the OGP. If the three keeper sets end up costing me $500 total; it is still a good deal. I still have three cherry 2006 ASE Anniversary sets that I could sell to minimize any losses or use to barter. I can only wait 35-45 business days to see how this all turns out. That is the lead time that the PCGS rep gave me on my submission. But yes, with the high cost of the sets and the high cost of the grading fees – there is an element of risk. Yet, I am expecting all coins to grade 69 minimum with maybe one or two 70s. A single stray 68 may not warrant the crack-out of an entire graded set. I would also be willing to buy any graded 69s to complete an odd-ball set. However, I do expect the PCGS 69 sets with the mint box to be selling for $1500 to $1800 down the road.

  568. Buck says

    Do any of you know what the last reported order time was that was fulfilled and shipped? Linux2216 gives me hope. The “not knowing” is killing me!

  569. says

    Buck, I think someone had an order shipped that was placed around 5pm. I have an order placed at 5:07 #38379XXX that is still “in progress. You might want to read a post by Alon at 11:43 on 11/17. I’ll keep everyone posted if I have an update as I think I have one of the lowest order numbers that has not been fulfilled.

  570. says

    I must be sitting on or close to the razor’s edge with 3838XXXX…”2 units backordered (and) expected to ship on 12/05″. I believe the original date was 11/05, but at this point i feel lucky just to have made it this far.

    Has anyone else got any updates or heard anything?

  571. GMS says

    This week should tell the tale on our orders. I’m still holding out remote hope with #38384XXX as I know many others are too. Good Luck to everyone here still waiting. All accruate updates and information is appreciated.

  572. BigHock says

    You may want to call the Mint and ask them about your order. I called, and they gave me a sense that my order would be ok, but the shipping date shown on their website kept getting pushed out. It was all the way out to 11/28 at one point. But right after I called them the status changed to “in stock and reserved”. I just got my order on this past Friday and I was 38368; however, I have heard that the 3838XXXX are beginning to ship, so you may be in luck. It may still be good to call the mint.

  573. GMS says

    I don’t call the mint, it has just added to the frustration over the years, but thanks. At this point we are either in or out, only time will tell.

  574. Clair Hardesty says

    I just stopped by to see how things are going (I received my fifth set a week ago) and it looks like we might be in the last couple days of shipping so I’ll take this opportunity to wish all those of you still waiting to go “in stock” good luck and to invite those whose who will be opening their sets to visit some of the discussions around the web about the coins in the set. There are threads that discuss possible varieties in the bullion coin, ones that talk about the details of the reverse proof, and more. For those who will be grading and/or selling their coins, there are threads that address grades from various TPGs, value of opened, sealed, and graded sets, etc. Again, best of luck to all!

  575. Grampa Dave says

    WOW, Clair!!!! one of my bullion coins has a complete different finish than that of the other 4 bullions in the other sets. This finish looks like the burnished s-mint and w-mint, both obverse and reverse. The other 4 bullion coins have the same blast white that all my other bullion Eagles have. I for one will check out the web site you stated. THANKS

  576. Mike says

    All me wait list orders are now officially cancelled. from 383788XXX – 38383XXX
    At least now, I won’t have to check the Mint site anymore 🙁

  577. Terry Tempel says

    The US Mint’s mission is to do business in the best interest of the collector. As of today, E-bay has one reseller with 29 sets and another with 20 sets. There are still 15 pages of 50 items per page averaging 106 sets per page for sale. Since the date of first shipment from the mint, E-bay has sold 2 pages per day. Do the math. Tens of thousands of sets for resale. How well is the US Mint serving the collector?

  578. BigHock says

    Just was thinking about this Terry, and want to comment. It seems that no matter how ubiquitous a product is distributed or how well the mint manages it, there will always be a reseller market that is as robust as the product is rare. Over the weekend, I thought about what a good year it was for collecting. On top of the booming buillion prices, the mint turned out new national park quarters, new 5 oz ATB coins, coins honoring the armed forces and now the 25th Anniversary Set that was so sought after that it sold out quickly. I think the US Mint is serving the collector well with these innovative offerings that has reinvigorated the hobby. I look no further than the 800 posts in this single article. So, while they will most certainly never please everyone, I have to say that I am pleased with them this year.

  579. AE says

    no one on this site can make a definative statement for the mint no matter what cust svs says. at this point if i answered the phone, be polite check order and give answer on screen. can you imagine all the calls into mint & what they have had to hear true or total bs stories from customers. we can guess and specu-calculate on whats left and when lists kick in. but thats all. i have a 3838 and my date of ship get pushed back but i will not cancel till the fat chick sings. to ship 100k units of anything. we all want to think 10k units aday out the door in perfect world. how about closer to 6-8k and then shipping teams get smaller as 60% is shipped so less per day out the door. has anyone seen 100k of anything. or even 10k of these boxes at a shot. i know processed shipping at it best but be realistic. its gov. contract 2nd party. try cashing that postdated check. have faith and who knows whats stuffed in that turkey. Happy Holidays to all. oh i ordered the chinese new year lucky dollar. could never hurt.

  580. GMS says

    Some will still trickle through for one reason or another, but most of us are screwed unless we wanna pay the premium to those who seem to have ordered an unlimited number if you look at eBay. It’s a business.

  581. JD says

    Rich, Mine haven’t been cancelled either 38381xxx….My guess some are cancelled due to other issues…ie credit card changes etc…

  582. says

    My order went in on 11/27. My order # is 383978XX and is time-stamped 6:51 PM. The Track Order page I downloaded from the mint says ‘… your order request is in process.’ Under Item Status it says ‘Expected to ship on 11/27/11. And here come the big ‘but.’ But every time I check my order the mint has moved up the shipping date. It now says expected to ship on 12/05.

  583. says

    PS: If I receive my order I will be very pleasantly surprised and will let you know. Also thanks to all who have posted very helpful and much needed information.
    PPS: What are the TPG’s charging to grade the set(s)?

  584. says

    1:22pm west coast time. Checked my order status and was informed ‘out of stock’ and ‘line was canceled.’ Too bad, it would have been a nice set to have.

    Thanks again to all who posted updates and info.

  585. vaughnster says

    Order number:38468439
    Order Date:11/11/2011 at 08:04 AM
    Order Status: Your order request has been cancelled.
    Item no longer available.

    This order went in during a very brief glitch on the Mint’s website where the sets were back on sale for less than an hour. It was fun to dream 🙂

  586. says

    After a week and a half of waiting for a decision from the mint concerning damaged coins in the anniversary set, I called them today and was told that If anyone has any damaged coins there will be no replacements available. So if anyone got a dinged or scratched coin or coins in their set, its live with it or sell it. However they will accept sets for refund.

  587. J pay says

    no cancel here 38379xxx mike ??? dont know where did you see wait list cancelled? my order was at 5:10

  588. says

    Mike, that’s too bad…..several of us have orders under yours that have not been cancelled…mine is 38379xxx.
    I called the mint today, but they really have their hands tied and can’t give you any useful info. Bottom line…if your order hasn’t been cancelled, you may still get it.
    Good luck everyone!

  589. Francisco J.Z. says

    Last time I posted something here, it got deleted; I believe the moderator didn’t enjoy the fact that I confirmed the blatant scams going on with Ebay and Paypal especially how there is no respect or protection for Sellers; anyhow, today I add PCGS on to my list (black) : did anyone get an email (notice) of the charges involved startiing Nov.18 for you to have your OGP for this set mailed back to you (up to $150 x 5 boxes)…..oh my my my another way for PCGS to make more money as an opportunistic entity given the high demand this product has had; another clear example : UHR double eagle- how many people sold their UHR PL for pennies before PCGS officialy acknowledged the variety ??? I know of the hoards of UHR coins that were shipped back to PCGS ???? for re-grading or variety attribution , LOL; I’ll let you decide who is laughing “his” way to the bank? do you know?

  590. Terry Tempel says

    The US
    Mint’s stated policy is to ensure the broadest distribution of limited edition coins AS POSSIBLE by setting household limits. The stated policy is the mint can change limits at any time to achieve this policy. With this in mind, check E-bay sales. At this writing, there are 13 pages of 50 offers per page with many offering 5 sets. Look closer and you will find many resellers advertising more than 5 sets. These sellers will say they are consignment sellers. Truth be told, they paid shills to order maximum sets for them for a small fee and then more than doubled the original price when they resold them. One reseller had 30 sets. A dealer will not make enough money to stay in business doing consignment versus paying shills to order the maximum sets. Check the E-bay sellers who have more than 5 sets advertised. Wouldn;t you expect them to have other coin items listed besides these SAE sets if they were dealers who bought other sets from folks? Why didn’t the mint exercise their option to change the orders to 1 set per household for maximum distribution and fairness? The picture of one resellers unopened 5 set box clearly shows the box to be 5 of 7 delivered that day. The mint enabled cheats to screw the true collector. Were you one of the true collectors who ordered one set and got cancelled?

  591. J pay says

    no cancel yet and a TRUE collector ,,also the people that buy these just to flip well they may get there $ but its wrong and they know it they don’t care if anyone gets a set as long as they get paid most likely they don’t even collect coins,,,, read 1 in here that said Lucky that they came across this as it was a true money maker and thats why he got in just to flip hope the mint learned a lesson here and flippers you will get what is just deserved maybe not today but 1 day make it right and at least sell a set to a true collector that tried but got left out not that that will reprieve you but its a start! MINT LEARN BY YOUR MISTAKES SOME CAN LAUGH AT THIS BUT DEEP DOWN ALL KNOW ITS TRUE

  592. Tim says

    I am a true collector that bought only 2 sets. Sure I could have bought the limit but did not, so someone got 3 or part of 3. That is called being fair, for those who weren’t fair, it is written down, guess where? I am not a saint simply forgiven.

    For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  593. Anon says

    @Tim “So you think that money is the root of all evil?” “Have you ever asked what is the root of money? Money is a tool of exchange, which can’t exist unless there are goods produced and men able to produce them. Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value. Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product by tears, or of the looters, who take it from you by force. Money is made possible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil?”

    “When you accept money in payment for your effort, you do so only on the conviction that you will exchange it for the product of the effort of others. It is not the moochers or the looters who give value to money. Not an ocean of tears nor all the guns in the world can transform those pieces of paper in your wallet into the bread you will need to survive tomorrow. Those pieces of paper, which should have been gold, are a token of honor–your claim upon the energy of the men who produce. Your wallet is your statement of hope that somewhere in the world around you there are men who will not default on that moral principle which is the root of money, Is this what you consider evil?”

  594. Davo says


    Tim wrote “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. He didn’t say money itself was evil so you should cool down a little and read carefully. Most people will agree that money is not evil but when people love money more than other people or God then that is the root of all evil. The LOVE of money NOT money itself. I’m sure Tim would accept your apology.

    Let’s have fun collecting coins because we like to collect them and enjoy looking at them once in a while. We are not or should not be about making a quick buck.

  595. vaughnster says

    “DT says:

    November 22, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Just checked my order status #3838xxxx and its says In Stock And Reserved”

    What is the next digit?

  596. JBK says

    Congratulations to those who are showing up today as “in stock and reserved.” I imagine that these are the last batch and the final handful of sets are being doled out.

    As for those who are spewing venom about the order process, I wonder why they don’t spend their energy focusing on the right target. Write a letter (that’s right – with actual paper and a postage stamp) to the Mint Director and Secretary of the Treasury, and maybe even your Congressman. There is no changing the way things worked for this offering, but if you make a polite and persuasive argument then maybe the fiasco will not be repeated.

    As for the dealers who have many sets to sell, they are in business to sell coins and make money. Many of them got others to buy sets for them – whose fault is it? The dealer who is offering a profit to buyers? The buyer for ordering his/her limit? The coin business? The hobby? The collectors who are responsible for making all of this profitable for the dealers by being willing to buy the coins on the secondary market?

    As for one person’s claim that a dealer had ordered multiple times himself because on eBay “the picture of one resellers unopened 5 set box clearly shows the box to be 5 of 7 delivered that day”, the Mint did not send two orders to one address, so that dealer did not get 7 boxes with five Silver Eagle sets in each one delivered to him.

    Ultimately, the problem is that this was a limited offering and the demand far exceeded the supply, and it was going to sell out no matter what was done. A better ordering system would have simply meant a faster sellout, but lower limits would have allowed a few more people to get in. I did not want to miss out so I was online a few minutes before noon and even though I had lots of issues, I was done by 12:17. If I was not able to do this at work like I did it, I would have taken a day off from work. I was willing to do what needed to be done, and I was not disappointed.

  597. Chris B says

    My order #38380xxx just changed to “in stock an reserved”. I can’t believe I will be getting my sets!!!!!!

  598. Mike says

    Nice…. I read there are some who cancelled their 38380XXX orders…. they should have hold out a little longer

  599. Shane says

    Nice…. I read there are some who cancelled their 38380XXX orders…. they should have hold out a little longer

  600. J pay says

    supposedly got mine also but there is allot to be learned from this all of us and the mint it is the ones that fell into the trap of sellers offering profit even before went on sale i personally got e-mails fro 3 different big dealers wanting set i remember them doing the same for the 1 oz. UHR gold coin we need to stop catering to them thats where collectors need to take a stand any ways good luck to all who hasn’t got theres yet

  601. mookem says

    Maybe the proof “sold out” is a fluke because the 5 oz Glacier ATB is showing sold out as well?

  602. spjegues says

    IN stock and reserved for my 383792XX order

    Looks like they went from 3837899 to 3838200 any body after that

    3838200 order number have one in stock?

  603. Buck says

    Just found out that I have an “in stock and reserved” status as well. My credit card shows the pending amount. I am happy! Thank you all who scored early for keeping the faith for the rest of us. I can’t wait to get my set! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  604. mookem says

    Given the fact that the ASE proofs are now sold out with the shipping of the 25th Ann. sets, I will now have my set graded as follows:

    2011 W Proof Silver Eagle – Pedigree of “Nearly last strike!” or “Late Release”
    2011 W Uncirculated Eagle – Pedigree of “Middle of the road releases”
    2011 P Reverse Proof Eagle – Pedigree of “First, Middle and Last Strike”
    2011 S Uncirculated Eagle – Pedigree of “The one WITH the S!”
    2011 Bullion Eagle – Pedigree of “The same as/but different from others”

    Only $95 extra for these premium labels from CGS!

    I will also add to the label:

    Set #001 of 001 for worldwide distribution. So get yours now!


    BTW, these sold out in .003 sec. setting a new record.

  605. Silver Sam says


    I think a lot of us were ready for a tad of humor…

    Thanks..and have a great holiday!

  606. GMS says

    We’ve got to be near the end. If your still hanging on and get any news today please pass it on. Good Luck!

  607. GMS says

    That’s the same group I’m in. We will either be the last to get one or some of the first too late.

  608. MadHatter says

    Great news! After hard work hounding the Director of the Mint and my senator’s office, my A25 orders were finally reinstated and the coins are now in hand. This does not resolve the problem that orders like mine should never have been cancelled in the first place (due to a mint system error), but I am very thankful to not be missing out on this wonderful set. I am also grateful to the many helpful, courteous and professional US Mint employees that I spoke with during this affair.

    Thanks again to Clair, JBK Captain and others for the support and advice, and good luck to those still awaiting their sets!

  609. silver sam says

    Congratulations MadHatter……..it shows that sometimes one person can right the wrong…wish it was that easy with our country!

  610. JBJK says

    MadHatter: that is incredible news! From experience I know that this sort of thing can be accomplished, but it takes someone willing to do the hard work, someone able to effectively prsent their case, and a little luck. Sounds like you had all three. It is a lesson that will pay off in other ways down the road….

  611. threebee says

    MadHatter: Congratulations on your success. I was a lucky one and got my order in by 12:04 that day for one set order #3832456x I had an issue with the mint about my cc but when I found out that orders were being shipped and I was one of the first ordered without a shipped email, I called and took care of it immediately, even with the problem my order was showing in stock and reserved.

  612. spjegues says

    Wonder if I need to call the mint my order 383792## shows in stock and reserved but no Tracking number. I see people after my order number have shipped. They are supposed to ship in order number FIFO right?

  613. Clair Hardesty says

    spjegues, once your item status goes to in stock, you should check to make sure that your CC has been charged. If there is an issue, fix it and then call the mint and get your order moving. FIFO is followed but not down to the individual order number. Orders are picked and shipped in batches and it is possible for a batch to get ahead of the one that had been before it. If this happens at or near the end of the day, they can ship slightly out of order as well. You won’t get a tracking number until there is a label on your box. At that time, the order status will change to shipped but if that happens after about 3:30PM ET, your box won’t actually go out until the next day. If shipped via UPS, the tracking number won’t give any meaningful information until the wee hours of the delivery day. Initially UPS won’t acknowledge the number, then they will only acknowledge it, then they will have real tracking info, then your set arrives. After all of the waiting, shipping happens in the blink of an eye. “in stock and reserved” is the closest thing to an actual order confirmation that the mint gives out and as long as your CC works, you are going to get your order.

  614. Winn says

    please post any further updates on the latest silver eagle blog page; this page is just getting way too looong

  615. Wild Bill Hickup says

    Order 383811xx (5:24pm) was charged to my card today, cant cancel at this point so I think I have them but will wait for delivery to celebrate. Best of luck to those in limbo….

  616. Walt says

    38395xxx – received a system generated e-mail at 5:16 AM this morning that said “Greetings from the United States Mint.
    Thank you for ordering from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently sold out. A customer service representative
    will be happy to assist you in finding an alternative item. “

  617. Matt says

    I got 2 orders 1 set each 38384XXX, 38385XXX; really look like hopes are fading.
    I guess I’ll be OUT OF LUCK on these – the Mint will confirm with me soon.

  618. Tony says

    My order #3841XXXXX was cancelled, no surprise. My brother was able to put in an order for 5 sets #3834XXXXX at 2:00pm. I sold 2 sets for him on ebay and made back the original cost of 5 sets. Gave me a set for free. Nice guy!!!

  619. says

    I see that there are a few people whose order got canceled and want to buy a set. I have an extra set. I would be willing to sell it for a fair price. If interested let me know and maybe we can work out a deal. davecochrane@yahoo.com

  620. says

    I consider a fair price to be $750.00. Anyone emailing me please put coin set in the subject line so I don’t delete your email as spam.

  621. VA Bob says

    Pretty darn generous Dave. You’re only asking for a bit over 100% profit and the buyer gets the pleasure of saving you the costs associated with eBay. Personally, I’d say $750 is the “flip” price not a “fair” one, and definitely not in accordance with the friendly nature usually found here. Each can decide for themselves. Of course Michael might not appreciate sales on his blog. I imagine you caught him enjoying the holiday with family and not moderating today.

  622. spjegues says

    383792XX shipped today. Weird how it went out of sequence on order numbers but it shipped . I am very happy.

  623. stephen m. says

    Sales of the 25th anniversary sets need to be posted on ebay or other sites that sell merchandise. Free sets need to be given out in an orderly fashion on this site. Dibbs on being the first receiver.

  624. says

    I was not aware of the policy of this site that items could not be offered for sale. That being the case I withdraw my offer to sell my extra set. I don’t want to violate any of the policies of this fine site. Thanks for informing me of the policy.

  625. DT says

    Can someone help me with advize how to submit this sets for grading. I never did it before and would like to try to set my 5 sets there. What better PCGS or NGC. And where is a cheaper. Please let me know. Thanks for your help.

  626. VA Bob says

    DT – I’ll assume you’re not a PCGS or NGC member. Members can submit coins directly. So you’ll have to take your coins to a Coin dealer that is a member. They can submit them for you. As a rule of thumb NGC will be a little cheaper, but PCGS usually commands a bit more if you intend to sell.

    You can also go to one of the larger coin shows in your area. PCGS and NGC usually have tables at the bigger shows. The nice thing about that is you will get to see your coins prior to grading that way. If you use a coin shop they will have to follow the sealed box rules. Good luck.

  627. PaulM says

    I sold two sets on ebay. One sold for $720. and the other for $770. After ebay fees, paypal fees and shipping, I netted $1275. So it cost $215. to sell the two. Wish I had thought of calling a local dealer as a commenter above did. Could have saved a lot of time and headaches.

  628. AE says

    i think your math is a bit off. try $675.00 after you pay your bills unless you plan on long term payoff, then figure your credit card intrest rates. pay off as fast as possible so you can keep what profits are left.
    good for you on multi sets.

  629. Aleks says

    Hi guys.I need some help.I am NGC member, just got membership,but never submitted coins there for grading.I would like to send them my unseald box of 25th Aniv. sets,please help me, how should I do that right. Thanks a lot.

  630. Bill says

    Don’t give up recieved e-mail this morning order #38394*** exp ship 12/12/11….got excited checked web site and says in process. good luck to all, Don’t give up.

  631. Randy says

    My order with the mint got cancelled somehow but after a few conversations with the Mint they have now reinstated my order and i recieved them yesterday. Thanks Alex (supervisor at the mint) went out of his way to help me . Great job.

  632. Douce says

    Has everyone recieved their sets in there entirety? I got through at 1:30 pm on order day and ordered two sets. My shipment came and it showed 2 each shipped, 2 each paid for and 2 each on the invoice.
    Opened the box to find one set. Immediately called the Mint and I have been waiting on the NRV form (non receipt verification) which I had to fill out and send to their headquarters.

    I’ve been calling but no answer from them yet on the resolution. I’m feeling that someone took my set at packaging. The box looked unopened and was full of packing material. Another set would not have fit.

    Someone has my set which I don’t think I’ll ever see after this amount of time. Customer service says they have ways to find out where it went. Unsure what those ways are, other than shipping weight?

    Anybody have a similar issue or did I just get “the short straw”?

    Disappointed –

  633. KEN says


  634. Douce says

    Well, the US Mint came through with my missing set. Received it yesterday. Quite shocked and pleased. Nice to see they did their research and came to the conclusion that the shipping box was “really” short a set.

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