25th Anniversary Set Update

It seems that the majority of orders for the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set have shipped, although each day a few collectors report their orders finally shipping. The last post on this topic has continued to be updated by readers with their latest status, shipping dates, and other observations. The post has now reached 879 comments. I wanted to start a fresh post with some brief updates and for collectors to provide new status reports.

To recap, the 25th Anniversary Sets went on sale at the US Mint on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. After just four and a half hours, the Mint received orders for the entire 100,000 maximum production. Orders continued to be accepted for placement on a waiting until the following morning. The Mint started shipping the first sets to collectors the week of November 7, a few weeks earlier than expected.

Unique Coins of the Set

The sets are particularly desirable because of the inclusion of two coins (or possibly three) unique to the product offering. The confirmed unique coins are the 2011-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle and the 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. Each of these coins have a mintage of only 100,000 pieces, which rank as the second lowest mintage American Silver Eagles ever issued by the US Mint.

As collectors have started to examine their sets, some have identified a potential difference for the bullion Silver Eagle included. Some initial reports found a difference in the finish compared to bullion coins issued through the regular channels. Later reports have identified a “dent” or “dimple” on the middle tail feather of the eagle on the reverse, which seems to appear only on the bullion coins included in the 25th Anniversary Sets.

Capsules Opening During Shipping

There have been many reports about the plastic capsules containing the coins opening during shipping. In some cases, readers have reported finding individuals coins rattling around unprotected within the box. This is understandably upsetting and particularly unfortunate for this product offering since if returned for quality issues, it is probably unlikely that replacements sets could be issued.

Third Party Grading

Some collectors are choosing to send their sets to third party grading companies such as PCGS or NGC for encapsulation and grading. In order to have all five coins in the set identified as coming from the 25th Anniversary Sets, the companies have required submission of the coins within the sealed US Mint shipping boxes.

Some early information seems to indicate a high proportion of coins grading MS70 and PR70. This is surprising since the coins must be submitted “blind,” i.e. collectors do not have an opportunity to view the coins and select the best ones for grading. It is also surprising given the problem of opening capsules mentioned above.

For the 2006 20th Anniversary Sets, around 10-20% of coins seemed to be receiving the top grades. For the 2011 25th Anniversary Sets, the earliest population report data available shows more than 50% of coins receiving the top grades. This may change or shift lower as time passes and more coins are graded, but it is certainly something to watch if contemplating paying a big premium for top graded coins.

Separately, there has been some controversy about policies for returning the original Mint packaging. You can read more in this CoinUpdate article.

Waiting List Status

As mentioned, the US Mint accepted orders for placement on a waiting list after orders were received for the maximum mintage. Orders are fulfilled from the waiting list in first-in, first-out sequence in the event that sets become available due to the order cancellations. The waiting list period seems to be from around 4:30 PM ET to the following morning around 10:15 AM ET.

There have been reports of some orders placed near the end of the waiting list period having been canceled by the Mint. Presumably, there were so many waiting list orders ahead in the list that these would have no chance of being fulfilled. There still seem to be a large number of collectors with waiting list orders that have not yet been canceled. When checking the status with the US Mint’s Track Order function, these will say ” Your order request is in process.”

The latest order numbers that have been reported as “in stock and reserved” or “shipped” seem to be #38382xxx. If anyone has any later order numbers that have shipped or other information, as always, please post in the comments.

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  1. BDF says

    Tim, I believe you’re right, sure are a lot being graded with less and less in OGP. Might be very interesting in the years to come!!

  2. Dave says

    Yeah, I had all the government packaging and COA’s returned with the graded Slab/Coins. Mine were all graded Special Anniversary label.

  3. Tim says

    One of my favorite coin web sites has many slabbed sets in all the various grades in the 10 – 20 range for their amount of sets. For a OGP regular set, a total of “1”.

  4. BDF says

    The non graded mint box sealed sets could fetch a bigger premium than the opened sets. Without the added cost of having them graded. Win Win

  5. BDF says

    Not sure there’s a lot of readers on this anymore but just curious how many mint sealed sets readers still have. All 5 of mine are, anybody else? Something to hand down to my kids/grandkids someday.

  6. Dave says

    I would have either sent them in to be graded while sealed; however, you won’t get the Blue Annivesary Label, but will still get anniversary label of some kind (NGC). OR I would open them and put the coins that came out of the capsules back into them or at a minimum, make sure the capsules that are coming open or out of their slots are properly stored.

  7. BDF says

    I still can. I think they’ll accept for about a year. My ship date was after the Early release time anyway so that was not a factor. So you feel I should have them graded?

  8. lee says

    Hi: BDF, As you my know, if you open the mint box you can only get the P and S coins graded as 25th Anniv.set. The other 3 coins were made all year and the grading co. can’t tell one from the set from the other millions made. In 1995 the 10th ann. set had a silver dollar and 4 gold coins and the ones still in the set do not sell for more now. They only made 30125 of those and sell for$3500 in 69 and $7 to $15K in 70. There are est. that as many as 1/2 to 2/3 of the 25th ann. set got opened. If that is true, than the 3 other coins in those set are gone as far as grading go’s. That meens that there is only 33000 to 50000 of them that get graded. With a pop that low, they will be the lowest pop other than the 30125 in the10th ann. sets. That will make them worth much more in the long run, even more than the P mint and S mint coins. That is why I had my set graded…. GOOD LUCK!

  9. Dave says

    BDF (Yes, I would get them graded and have all the orig. Mint package/COA’s returned) — Lee, is correct on the two (2) coins that can get the Blue Label, IF the box is NOT opened; HOWEVER, IF the box has been OPENED, you can still get a brown (I think it is actually dark/red/maroon), label, signifiying 25th Aniversary — it will also have a digitized eagle picture. I believe I saw one of these for sale on e-bay and it was as I described. Here are the exact (See para 4, below) instruction’s from NGC’s web site. Hopefully, they will not mind this post, since I am crediting them (NGC) with the following:

    Label Submission Instructions

    Coins must remain in the sealed US Mint shipping boxes, and the entire unopened package must be sent to NGC for certification.

    NGC must open these boxes in order for the coins to qualify for the
    25TH ANNIVERSARY SET pedigree.

    Note: If NGC receives the package unsealed, only the reverse proof and S mintmark coins will receive the NGC 25th label. All other coins will get NGC’s standard brown label with 25th Anniversary in the coin overprint.

    Select the Modern Special Tier or higher.

  10. Dave says

    Note: I believe an open set (3-coins of 5) will get the brown/red label, ONLY if sent in as a set.

    If anyone decides to send in anniversary sets, I recommend calling them first to validate this information.

    The above information was posted to NGC’s website on 10/26/2011, Titled:

    “NGC Offers Label for 25th Anniversary Eagle Sets”

  11. Dave says

    CORRECTION: Post on February 18 @ 6:41 p.m.. The two (2) coins will only get the Blue Annivesary label if the set IS OPENED (Other’s will get brown/red label). If NOT opened all coins should still be able to get Blue Label.

  12. BDF says

    Dave, Thanks for the info. Checked the NGC site and shows I have until Nov. of this year to get sent in for grading. My ship date on box is 12/9/11 so no Early Release label possible if I read the info correct. Thanks to you too, Lee, all info helps!!

  13. Dave says

    BDF — Your welcome. You are correct, the Cut off date for “Early Release” label, was December 09, 2011 — they had to be received at NGC by that date.

  14. Dave says

    BDF — Your welcome. You are correct, the Cut off date for “Early Release” label, was December 09, 2011 — they had to be received at NGC by that date.

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