25th Anniversary Set Update

It seems that the majority of orders for the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set have shipped, although each day a few collectors report their orders finally shipping. The last post on this topic has continued to be updated by readers with their latest status, shipping dates, and other observations. The post has now reached 879 comments. I wanted to start a fresh post with some brief updates and for collectors to provide new status reports.

To recap, the 25th Anniversary Sets went on sale at the US Mint on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. After just four and a half hours, the Mint received orders for the entire 100,000 maximum production. Orders continued to be accepted for placement on a waiting until the following morning. The Mint started shipping the first sets to collectors the week of November 7, a few weeks earlier than expected.

Unique Coins of the Set

The sets are particularly desirable because of the inclusion of two coins (or possibly three) unique to the product offering. The confirmed unique coins are the 2011-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle and the 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. Each of these coins have a mintage of only 100,000 pieces, which rank as the second lowest mintage American Silver Eagles ever issued by the US Mint.

As collectors have started to examine their sets, some have identified a potential difference for the bullion Silver Eagle included. Some initial reports found a difference in the finish compared to bullion coins issued through the regular channels. Later reports have identified a “dent” or “dimple” on the middle tail feather of the eagle on the reverse, which seems to appear only on the bullion coins included in the 25th Anniversary Sets.

Capsules Opening During Shipping

There have been many reports about the plastic capsules containing the coins opening during shipping. In some cases, readers have reported finding individuals coins rattling around unprotected within the box. This is understandably upsetting and particularly unfortunate for this product offering since if returned for quality issues, it is probably unlikely that replacements sets could be issued.

Third Party Grading

Some collectors are choosing to send their sets to third party grading companies such as PCGS or NGC for encapsulation and grading. In order to have all five coins in the set identified as coming from the 25th Anniversary Sets, the companies have required submission of the coins within the sealed US Mint shipping boxes.

Some early information seems to indicate a high proportion of coins grading MS70 and PR70. This is surprising since the coins must be submitted “blind,” i.e. collectors do not have an opportunity to view the coins and select the best ones for grading. It is also surprising given the problem of opening capsules mentioned above.

For the 2006 20th Anniversary Sets, around 10-20% of coins seemed to be receiving the top grades. For the 2011 25th Anniversary Sets, the earliest population report data available shows more than 50% of coins receiving the top grades. This may change or shift lower as time passes and more coins are graded, but it is certainly something to watch if contemplating paying a big premium for top graded coins.

Separately, there has been some controversy about policies for returning the original Mint packaging. You can read more in this CoinUpdate article.

Waiting List Status

As mentioned, the US Mint accepted orders for placement on a waiting list after orders were received for the maximum mintage. Orders are fulfilled from the waiting list in first-in, first-out sequence in the event that sets become available due to the order cancellations. The waiting list period seems to be from around 4:30 PM ET to the following morning around 10:15 AM ET.

There have been reports of some orders placed near the end of the waiting list period having been canceled by the Mint. Presumably, there were so many waiting list orders ahead in the list that these would have no chance of being fulfilled. There still seem to be a large number of collectors with waiting list orders that have not yet been canceled. When checking the status with the US Mint’s Track Order function, these will say ” Your order request is in process.”

The latest order numbers that have been reported as “in stock and reserved” or “shipped” seem to be #38382xxx. If anyone has any later order numbers that have shipped or other information, as always, please post in the comments.

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  1. Tom says

    I’m surprised to see my late backorder for 1 of 383819xx is auctually being shipped. Wow thats great!. I guess many earlier orders must have fallen out for a variety of reasons, (hope I don’t get a rattler.)
    And I hope that Mike’s slightly later order is also fullfilled by the mint
    (They should probably just give Him one for free! )

  2. Scott Allen says

    I placed my order in to late, and like most people, I got my order canceled.
    I had to pay more than twice as much for the same item on ebay. Because of the us mint not placing a order limit of 1 item per household, the money I would have spent on future item purchaces from the us mint were spent on people who horded the whole lot, and made a killing doing it. And the us mint wonders why no one is buying anything from them. I was a long time customer who got treated like dirt, I Believe! I think the us mint cut its own thoat on this sale. Karma says you Get what you Give. Have a Happy Karma Day! 🙂

  3. EvilFlipper says

    I would say there is definitely a finish difference on some coins. That was one of the first things I noticed. I wish I could upload pictures but 3 of my burnished S coins have a different finish than th other 7. I wouldn’t have made a fuss except my wife notices the difference right away as well. I’m still gonna hold my sets and wait to see what unfolds.

  4. Doug says

    My order number 38396xxx placed at 6:40PM that day has been cancelled. Oh well I will have to skipp this one then. I couldn’t afford thi high price item.

  5. Tony says

    Order # 383809XX was just delivered by UPS. Wow!! Don’t know what to do with it. Open it and enjoy it or leave it sealed. If I let the wife know how much they’re going for on the Bay, she’ll tell me what are you waiting for? Now to make some room along side my other hoarded worthless Mint purchased products.

  6. Wylson says

    I tend to agreed some hh limit of 1 or 2 would be fairer. Maybe 1 per day. That was suggested in some article I read.

  7. Alan says

    Although I began the effort to order these sets shortly after noon on the first day, I was not able to get through and get the order placed until a few minutes after 6 p.m. My order number is 38390XXX and, as of today, the Mint’s website says the order is expected to ship 12/09/2011. Since it hasn’t been canceled as some others have reported above, I guess there is still hope of receiving them.
    P.S. That’s the third “Expected to ship” date I’ve noted for this order since I placed it. The first was 11/14/2011 and then 11/28/2011. So, we shall see.

  8. Harry Adair says

    Harry says:
    There is a difference in the finish of the 25th Ann. sets bullion eagle as compared to the other bullion eagles. As for the dimple/dent I believe it exists
    although I will have to study it further. The finish is way different. My set was received Nov.9th, order# 38325XXX.

  9. Mike says

    I received my 5 sets on 11/14 and on 11/24 I finally decided to open the box. This is what I discovered – one coin, Unc. W was loose under the display slab out of the capsule and the capsule was in the slab sealed, strange. All of my Bullion and Unc. S have the dimple in the feather, most definitely the Bullion coin looks whiter. All the coins, even the loose one look perfect to my eye except 3/5 of the Unc. S have a small mark in the same spot bottom left on the Liberty side.

  10. Konde says

    Some of you guys who was able to get more than 5 sets limit should give Michael a break if he is not able to get one. As for myself, my order of one set was cancelled a few days ago (# 383969XX @ 6:43 pm) after it was “in process” for a few weeks. I’ll wait until the price stabilize before I decide or I’ll just buy the 2 unique coins. The price of graded coins have been steadily going down to below $2000 for 70 grade set.
    Thank you Micheal and have a wonderful holidays.

  11. DT says

    Can someone help me with advize how to submit this sets for grading. I never did it before and would like to try to set my 5 sets there. What better PCGS or NGC. And where is a cheaper. Please let me know. Thanks for your help.

  12. Richard says

    Mr. moderator thank you for the update.Seems a shame buyers are receiving damaged material with no means of returning for replacement.I would have thought there would have been a mintage allowance for replacement of damaged pieces,of course had they done that buyers would have opened and cherry picked sets,and there would still be loosers.As i wrote earlier i have two orders for 1 set each,38381xxx,shipped thisAM and 38384xxx still in backorder status.I would like 2 but if not 1 set will please me.Looking forward to reading future material.Thanks.

  13. In the Middle says


    I have five sets. Right now NGC is far cheaper than PCGS. I personally prefer PCGS but wasn’t about to pay 375 more dollars to have what NGC was charging for essentially the same thing.

    If you are planning on keeping you OGP then NGC is charging a $1 a set plus actual shipping. PCGS is charging like $30 if you have five sets. Oh and if you forget to add the additional $$$ PCGS will just keep your OGP (which I imagine will be for sale at APMEX or some other big name coin seller soon enough.)

    So first pick which TPG company you want to use then you can learn how to join and how to submit coins. Either way, you can have your coins en route to CA or FL tomorrow if you wanted too.

  14. Val says

    I could not get over the care the mint took in producing each one of these coins. They are perfect in every respect.

  15. Tom says

    I think NGCs holders seem to have a tighter seal and you can see the coin better. I have a few of both and in some cases pcgs coin can start to tone up a bit where coins in NGC holder still look bright and new. I heard somewhere that graders have been known to switch and work for on of the two or more.
    Having said that I can almost always find something wrong with a 70 from both companies. Although pcgs seem a bit better in this regard. I have seen some 70s from NGC that deffinitely should’ve been 69s or lower, and I have seen 69s from both companies that almost look like they may have been used in a short game of floor hockey.

  16. DT says

    Thank you, guys. I live in South California. Is there any place so I can go and drop my sets for grading?

  17. DT says

    If I would like to ship them to NGC, what is safest way to ship them? USPS, UPS or FEDEX? Should I insure them?

  18. Hidalgo says

    Has anyone reported on the quality of the sets that have recently been shipped? I’ve always been curious if the US Mint ships out “returned” coins/sets that others do not want because of personal preferences (versus actual defects).

  19. In the Middle says


    Since you have to place your mint box into an even bigger box for safety in shipping. I would send it via USPS, Insured for at least $1500. I sent mine parcel post to save a little on postage but the safest would be Registered, this way there is a chain of custody the whole journey.

    I don’t think UPS ships to PO boxes.

    I’m not sure about Fedex, hopefully someone else can chime in..

  20. Shutter says

    I’m not sure about Fedex

    You can ship to PCGS using FedEx express (no ground):

    Incidentally, if you use Registered mail, you must use paper tape (no plastic) for your package. Learned that the hard way. Had to spend an extra half hour taping over plastic.

  21. SliderMaker-mp says

    “Val says:
    November 25, 2011 at 5:13 pm
    I could not get over the care the mint took in producing each one of these coins. They are perfect in every respect.”

    I’m so glad to hear someone had Lady Luck in their corner. Personally, I still can’t get over the utter disregard of ‘Quality Control’ in properly shipping/protecting these ‘masterpieces’ and the interior cases by adding 10 cents worth of bubble wrap to keep them from arriving in a jumbled, scarred mess. How can you possibly explain the open (and even empty sealed capsules) and loose coins found rolling around and even underneath with the COA?!

    No, there is no way 50% of these puppies could grade out at 70’s. Can’t be possible with this level of shipping damages, rim dings, scrapes, spots (to include shiny AND brown)… Not from the 4 I received…

    For those who submitted sealed cases direct from the mint for grading to insure uncherry-picked ‘top quality’, better be sitting down when your PCGS/NGC order comes in…

    Thank goodness I was able to make one Super Nice set for my daughter out of the 4 sets opened and inspected. Have 2 nice/decent sets, and a cull/junk set that is looking for a good home (or burial at sea if the impulse gets the best of me).

    Sorry, but I just can’t agree that the 25th Ann Set is ‘perfect in every respect’. 1 out of 4 – maybe. Nope, not even close… Just my 2 cents…

  22. simon says

    I have often utilized simple priority mail with tracking – it is really your option. Neer lost anything yet but keeping fingers crossed.

  23. DT says

    Did you guys heard if grading companies are fair? I mean if I send seald coins without look at them, how will I know that are PCGS or NGC will ship me my coins.

  24. simon says

    This is always a good question. I personally do not trust TPGs and PCGS in particular. I keep all my coins in OGP where they rightfully belong – in my collection. I also save all my mint receipts and the COAs.

  25. J pay says

    i dont believe i was on waitlist orders place at 5:10,5:12,5:14,5:16 the guy i talked to last said i was never on any wait-list got 2 today and other 2 shipped today hop to join all monday morning when i caleed the last rep told me i was good to go and that i was never on wait-list ???? dont know 38379xxx-38380xxx

  26. Berneck says

    My order number is 38389xxx.with a ship date of 12/9. Trying to remain optimistic. Really angers me. I tried much earlier, but just couldn’t get onto the site.

    These sets will come down in price eventually, but you will probably never see the issue price again….

  27. Johnnie says

    Whoever was responsible for setting the limit of these sets to 5 per household needs to be moved to a different position within the US Mint. They surely don’t know anything about the customers they are suppose to be serving. Everyone knows the popularity of the Silver Eagles. Unfortinuately myself nor my father was successful in getting an order placed in time. We ended up on the waiting list but eventually our orders were cancelled.

  28. limalo says

    To SliderMaker-mp at 8:02 p.m., who wrote, “…and a cull/junk set that is looking for a good home (or burial at sea if the impulse gets the best of me).” Before you give the cull/junk set a burial at sea, please know that I would be perfectly happy to give your set “a good home.” I’d much rather have a cull/junk set than no set at all.
    I’d even be willing to give you a cull set price for it to save it from burial at sea. Thanks for considering this.

  29. Tom says

    It was way to difficult to get on to the site and to get it moving.
    I tried one repeated window over and over for 51/2hrs to get on
    the backlist for one set. I’m surprised it going to ship.

  30. DNA says

    50% of them are coming back 70’s? Glad I kept my Sets in the OGP! That high population of 70’s makes the grade meaningless. Heck, my OGP Sets may be worth more than “70” Sets ten years from now (and that would be hilarious!). I’ve already bought some extra empty 25th Anniv. OGP boxes, one of which I plan to use to display a PCGS 70 25th Anniv. slab set after the market calms down.

  31. Francisco J.Z. says

    This set is overhyped and overvalued ; I have been a long time collector of coins and have seen nice and rare coins pass by my hands; the trick in collecting is buying “cheap” as much as possible as to have good and positive equity in the product(s) being purchased; currently, my guess, some folks probably have negative equity in these coins if purchased in the secondary market at a PREMIUM; senseless to say the least; 100,000 mintage, low volume coinage doesn’t necessarily makes it rare; take the 1995 w proof silver eagle, low mintage <35000 and rare in PR70 grade (</= 5 coins in the world in the past 16 years at a cost of $30000 each) ; collectors shouldn't regret not having been able to purchase this set – prices will continue to go down dramatically; the hoarding of these sets from the get go doesn't make them particularly rare by any means; in contrast, take the 1995w 10th anniversary gold/silver set: back then, when it was released for sale you could choose if you wanted the "bonus" coin which ended up being the most valuable specimen out of the 5 coins in the set ????? these specimens are winners b/c nobody new that a few years later, it would command an out of this world premium; also, take into account the competition when selling on Ebay : what would make your set different than 500 or 600 other competitiors who are fighting for the same client base? NOTHING; harder still to sell; as an example, earlier in the year the mint released the 2011 uncirculated gold eagle – one ounce; what's the population of PCGS MS70 first strike burnished gold eagles? less than 80 last time I checked; this specimen is both low volume and mintage; these are smart buys and the price has tripled in front of everybody's eyes and nobody hyped it as much as this individual set:

  32. Alex says

    When I opened my set, I had coins in the wrong order (didn’t match the order in the coin info sheet) and one was loose, sliding inside the box, well, there is nothing I can do about it. Honestly, it is sad, that in the best country in the world small things are not thought through, resulting in damaged or bad products. Poor quality is almost a norm these days. I hope things change for better in the future.

  33. Sidney says

    Three sets submitted to PCGS for grading, cost $500 (Modern Service). Out of the 15 coins graded, two graded MS70 and one PR70DC. One reverse was graded PR67. The rest MS69/PR69. PCGS is sending packaging back free, however, my submission was prior to Nov 18 and now according to PCGS email, they ae charging a return fee for the Mint packaging.

  34. Wylson says

    Francisco J.Z. All I have to say about your above post is “AMEN”. Seriously this is a neat set, but it has got all blown out of proportion. 100,000 mintage is not easy, but not rare either. The big problem is that they didn’t have a lower hh purchase limit. With the 95 the price of the set made for the purchase limit.

  35. SliderMaker-mp says

    Ha- apologies if the ‘Burial at Sea’ reference was disturbing, but it accurately conveys the disappointment and frustration level when opening ‘pristine’ sets direct from the mint. As advertised in the 25th Ann promo announcement, “Stunned” was an accurate descriptor when opening up more than one of the sets…
    Careful what you wish for: scuffed rims (from inserting into capsule?), shiny dot spots (1 brown on S coin reverse), scratches (loose from capsule), more dot spots/fine scratches/dings, capsules scuffed and dented, even the inside of case is dinged/scratched/banged up. A nice table display at arms length, but better keep that magnifier at a distance…
    In good faith, I wouldn’t dream of passing this set off on anyone without full disclosure, and don’t want to turn this blog in to a traders forum… But if you really want to save it from the deep (or more accurately, the USM refund furnace) and promise to provide a good home and take care of this poor, abused puppy, then you are welcome to it. I’ll even add 10 cents worth bubble wrap to hold everything inside the case in place while shipping so a noisy, jumbled mess doesn’t arrive at your doorstep…

  36. vaughnster says

    “Jim B says:

    November 26, 2011 at 8:20 am
    2 sets were shiped from a wait list. box still closed.”

    Can you post the order number??

  37. Curt says

    I ordered 5 sets. ALL 5 sets had coins displaced. One set had the “S” totally out of the capsule. One set didn’t even have an “s”. had two bullion coins. The Mint says “sure you want to return it?” and I didn’t because I know I wont get it back. Royal screw job.
    I am not too impressed.

  38. Norm says

    Wonder what the stats are going to be for the number of graded vs. non graded sets. I would imagine the majority of the sets to be graded will be sent in by the early releases/first strike deadline of Dec. 7th and hopefully will know something by January. With many of the sets broken up and having the 2 key coins graded and the other 3 sold off separately ,it maybe difficult to determine how many complete sets will be in the hands of dealers/collectors.

  39. Konde says

    Is there really a deadline for “First Strike” or “Early Release” if the coins sold out in less than 30 days? I remember calling PCGS a few years ago and I was told deadlines don’t apply to those sold out less than 30 days.

  40. John says

    Francisco J.Z. & Wylson, your right 100,000 sets is not rare but there are probably more that 100K people wanting the set (graded or OGP), lower supply plus high demand = bigger $$$.

    If 20K collectors received 1 set directly from the mint that would mean 80K sets are in the hands of flippers / investors / coin dealers. If an investor or dealer has the means to hold inventory this could cause higher prices in the future as supply will contract after the flippers have sold off their inventory.

    This is where the risk of investing is, we don’t know if prices will rise or fall.

    I broke 6 sets and sold coins separately which paid for my remaining 9 sets. So technically 6 sets have already left the market permanently and the other 9 will not hit anytime soon. If others followed a similar strategy (and I know many that have) prices could start moving higher.

  41. New River George says

    Ordered in the first hour, set arrived on November 12 but the tape was already pulled off the outer box in transit, so that eliminated any chance of sending them in for grading. All of the lenses were popped out of the holder, but none of the coins had come out of the lenses in my case.

    The “bullion” coin had a scratch and a rub mark. I think this “bullion” one is going to turn out to be the “sleeper” of the series. As many have said, they are a distinct type, they just “look” different, and with the poorer quality control, getting a “certified” one is going to be tough. The other four seem to be very nice, I don’t have any problems with them.

  42. firstcoinboy says

    Please allow me time to give my thoughts.
    If the Mint had employed 100000 operators on 100000 phones; the sale would have concluded in 5 minutes. Callers after that would have been placed on a waiting list. And, there would have been those who would suggest and whine that the Mint should update their phone system or purchase one that would functions well. If the Mint had 100000 computers networked togather with a server that could handle the computers; the sale would have concluded in less than 1 minute. Those who signed on after that would have been placed on a waiting list. But there would have been those who would suggest and whine that the Mint should update their computer system or purchase one that would functions well. I know the situation above is, logically speaking, a straw-man, but it does illustrate my point that no matter what there will be those who will complain. I am making this point to encourage those who email the mint to focus on relevent points (e.g. the order limit was too high).

  43. Matt says

    Amazing that so many people who seem to have recieved sets are dealers, investers and so many of the people who didn’t get a set are the small time collectors.
    John said; I broke 6 sets and sold coins separately which paid for my remaining 9 sets. So technically 6 sets have already left the market permanently and the other 9 will not hit anytime soon. If others followed a similar strategy (and I know many that have) prices could start moving higher.

    This is whats wrong with the mints 5 set limit Too many people are able to get more than the limit. I read that someone got 25 sets by using credit cards in other peoples names.
    I am on the waiting list and as yet my order hasn’t been canceled. SHipping date of 11/28. I hope I still get one. If not, there is no way I’d ever buy one on the secondary market. just because I dont want to help people who gamed the system make a profit.

  44. DT says

    I need advize from experts. I got my 5 sets and they are sealed in mint shipping box. I am planning to keep 2 sets for my kids, and another 3 for few years and maybe will sell. Should I grade them now or I should keep them ungraded. What is the best way to get more money when I want to sell them. Please help me out. Thank u so much !!!

  45. Steve-O says

    I received two sets in a single package from the Mint.- I opened the box since I never seriously considered having them graded – although given the prices for MS 70s, maybe I should have. I just feel that the whole grading concepthas spun wildly out of control with designations and rules being created to serve the grading companies. The rule that only unopened packages can be designated as 25th anniversary sets is not necessary, IMO. The only requirement need be that only a full set be submitted. What’s the concern? That people will swap out the proofs, uncirculated or bullions that are not unique? If they are from the same dies and finished the same, so what? If they are different, or look different, then the grader should be able to determine that and a swapped out piece will be rejected.

    I was lucky – several capsules were loose, but no coins out of the capsule. But this kind of problem is really inexcusable, IMO.

  46. chris says

    This sort of conditional service is well known to the business community. It establishes the facade of a “Premium Transaction.” It has only one purpose – to charge the unwitting customer (who is willing to believe cheap rhetoric) for utterly dubious services. It is bit like Paypal suddenly blocking access to your account for 6 months after you make a $2000 sale just because “they suspect” you have suddenly become a crook. They get money to invest for free, you are in deep stress because your bills are unpaid, and you borrow from the system “temporarily” to cover those bills. It primes the system.

  47. richard says

    I believe at this point the sealed sets may have the most potential,unfortunate for those selling the distribution of these sets has taken such a long time the early deliveries had a hugh advantage,and at this point the market is flooded,and i believe there are still some mint deliveries yet to be made.The graded 70 sets are fading and i believe they will continue.The graders have put far to many labels on them and charged accordingly especially #1 .The graders played a mayor role in the initial hype lined and continue to line there pockets.With so many 70 sets out there the rarity scale has evaporated and will continue.In my opinion the sets in omp will hang in especially 1 and two set in omp.Just my opinion.Buyer set back your day will come.

  48. tim says

    With so many collectors missing out on the set. Why must some still post their set amounts that at times brag their numbers above 5? Some of these folks are really hurt on here that were left out, not good to ignore them, while asking questions that have the answers already on here or in the other posts.

  49. Art says

    Are you guys that are reporting that your sets are so perfect using a good enough magnifier? Are you getting 70’s from the grading companies? I find it hard to believe that so many are reporting that their coins look so good and that there is such a high percentage of 70’s. I’ve examined five sets and will tell you that half are flawed, some badly flawed, including cuts, scratches, dings, various surface marks including spots that can be easily seen with the naked eye. You guys must be a lot more fortunate than me!

  50. J pay says

    got 2 sets opened 1 and they looked FLAWLESS!!! AND i have some 70s that don’t look this good waiting on opening other set don’t know why keeping both and after reading about graders switching coins well i like the way they look from opg sets as i said the first set looked super!! under glass and all they are at very least 69 all of them but i am not a grader i can only compair with my other coins i have had 69s look better than 70s i think sometimes its just a money scheme anyway just my opinion people waiting keep the faith if no cancel yet you will get them

  51. Rudyard says

    Hey SliderMaker-mp: Was the brown spot on the flat field, on the left side between the banner and the leaf? Something got onto the die for the S Unc, and left a shiney spot on three of mine in this same location. I was just wondering if you got the culprit on your coin.

    I agree, at least with the S Unc. Each one I got had small shiney marks.

    As for the unmarked San Fran bullion, has anybody compare these with the previous San Frans. I only have an earlier bullion to compare mine to. Mine definately has the tail dimple and satin finish compared to the generic.

  52. John says

    I just took a look at my set.

    I can not tell a difference in finish between the buillion and the unc in the same set. The finish between my buillion and one that I have purchased from earlier in the year also appears to be the same.

    It does appear to me that the dimple in on the buillion coin as well as the S mint coin, but not on the W or P coins. If that is the case, does that confirm that the buillion coin is from S. Is the dimple in and of itself a “mintmark” indicating S mint? Does anyone know if the dimple is on other buillion coins not from the 25th set, but from S?

  53. Jeff Swartz says

    Well I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, I just recieved my set today. My order number was #38379357. Good luck to others still waiting.


  54. Chrome says

    It looks like the early flippers have already flooded the market with the certified sets and Ebay is currently log jammed with NGC 70 stuff. I submitted my five sets to PCGS two weeks ago and they said that I should expect to get everything back by January 1st – maybe later (30-45 business days). Since PCGS and NGC are both currently swamped with orders; I believe a majority of the TPG submitters are still in this 30-45 day boat. However, most of these people are most likely private collectors that will surely keep the best and sell the rest. So, the 25th Anniversary ASE market will probably wax and wane considerably until the shortage occurs. I’m thinking that the shortage will occur sometime around March or April of 2012. Dealers and ebayers may want to pull back a bit to maintain pricing. Yet, a future shortage is eminent. The big question is “WHEN.”

  55. limalo says

    To SliderMaker-mp and Michaell,

    Thanks for your comment at 7:36 a.m, which read in part, “In good faith, I wouldn’t dream of passing this set off on anyone without full disclosure, and don’t want to turn this blog in to a traders forum… But if you really want to save it from the deep (or more accurately, the USM refund furnace) and promise to provide a good home and take care of this poor, abused puppy, then you are welcome to it.”

    I can promise you that I would give that “poor, abused puppy” a good home with me and my two boys and would not turn around and sell it. I am trying to build some sort of collection, however meager, to pass on to the boys when I am dead and gone. I am certain that the boys would cherish it and care for it as much as I would.

    I whole heartedly agree with you that we “don’t want to turn this blog into a traders forum.” So before doing anything like that, I would like to ask Michael, sir, if you would be able to pass my email address on to SliderMaker-mp if that is possible. I am not sure if you are able to access the email addresses of posters or not. If you are, I respectfully request that you please pass my address to SliderMaker-mp so that he could contact me directly off the blog. If that is possible, then we could take it from there if that’s okay with all concerned.

    Thanks for considering this request.



  56. SliderMaker-mp says

    LL & Michael,
    It would be an honor and a pleasure to aid a fellow enthusiast in need, especially during this holiday season. If interested, I would even toss in a Whitman album page so you could make sliders of all of them, and cherish them forever like a few of us old timers still do!
    Best Regards,

    And to John at 10:58pm: Yes, the dimple shows on my previous San Fran bullion coin purchased months ago too. It does look like a marker for the S mint for 2011.

  57. John says

    Rich V says:
    November 26, 2011 at 6:19 pm
    John,Your a PIG’

    I prefer small business owner, entrepreneur, investor, job creator, philanthropist and numismatists. I’m also part of the 99%, but I believe with hard work and sacrifice I just might become part on the 1% (and sorry there’s nothing wrong with that.)

    I think 25th Anniversary Sets and Black Friday have a lot in common, just because you waited in line at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. didn’t guarantee that you would get what you wanted.

    BTW, a commodity is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it, currently 25th ASE Sets $750 (unsealed) – $850 (sealed). The 2010 ATB 5 oz “P” are bringing in less than the issue price. What if the mint sold 1 million 25th ASE sets to satisfy everybody, the current price would be about $155 (spot silver times 5) a loss of 50%.

  58. SliderMaker-mp says

    To Rudyard at 10:39pm,
    Ha – No, the brown spot is below the right talon, just above the initials ‘JM’. This coin is clean at the location you described. Also a small pit below the ‘M’ above the right wing tip at 1 o’clock, and another smaller pit/indention/(scratch?) beside the feathers below the ‘R’- not the typical random shiny spot variety found in 3 or 4 places on each side.
    Just some background info- but this capsule was not opened, so shipping can be ruled out as a culprit. I was fortunate enough to get my order in to the mint in the first 15 mins and was at the top of their shipping list, so does that mean this was an early production run? Probably not, I suspect they had 100,000 sets prepped and sitting in a pile waiting before the phones ever started ringing.

  59. jason says

    i have broken up 2 sets and sold them on ebay. everyone has been happy with the reverse proof and uncirculated s. i sold the other coins as 3 coin sets with the mint box and certificate. one customer is not happy with the bullion coin. he paid $185 for the 3 coins and box. i posted no returns accepted, but offered him $35 (little more than bullion silver ase) for the return of the bullion coin. he said the coins averaged $61. not sure where he came up with that figure. i am not trying to buy the coin back from him. i know how much a w proof and w uncirculated cost at the mint. how much does the box cost? how much should a bullion coin cost?

  60. Drew says

    This is an absolutely beautiful set. I ordered and recieved my 5 sets and I think I will just sit on them for a while and see where the market ends up. Two are for my kids. One for me. The other two….well, we will just see.

  61. Drew says

    I think $35 for the bullion coin is a bit low myself. Yes it’s slightly above spot, but it’s not a junk silver bullion coin with no value besides the metal itself so I would think a premium should be placed if you wanted to be fair. What that is, well who am I to say. I think $40-45 is a fair price. $60 is a little high. Maybe somewhere in between. Good luck.

  62. Rudyard says

    $35 is right on. You are looking at about $60 for the proof, $50 for the W Unc, $35 for the bullion and $40 for the box comes to $185.

  63. Shutter says

    I think $35 for the bullion coin is a bit low myself. … I think $40-45 is a fair price.
    Currently, APMEX is selling them for between $34.74 and $37.33. So $40 may be a bit generous. Of course it isn’t junk. If it was junk, it’d be worth $32.

  64. limalo says

    “SliderMaker-mp says:
    November 27, 2011 at 8:48 am
    LL & Michael,
    It would be an honor and a pleasure to aid a fellow enthusiast in need, especially during this holiday season. If interested, I would even toss in a Whitman album page so you could make sliders of all of them, and cherish them forever like a few of us old timers still do!
    Best Regards,

    Dear Sir,

    I really appreciate your willingness to help out a fellow enthusiast in need and especially for the possible legacy to my two sons. I can assure you we would cherish them as long as I am around (can’t guarantee forever as I don’t believe I am immortal) and most likely during my sons’ lifetimes. This would make a great gift to the boys to share, “especially during this holiday season,” as you wrote.

    As it seems that Michael doesn’t have any objections (I’ve seen others post email addresses) and I’m not sure he even has access to our email addresses, I’m going to go ahead and post my email address if you wouldn’t mind getting in touch with me directly. My email address is ***. Please feel free to write when you get the chance. Take care.
    Sincerely yours,

  65. John says

    jason says:
    November 27, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    The mint sells bullion to Authorized Purchasers (APMEX & others) for $2.00 over spot. APMEX then charges a premium to its customers plus CC fees if you don’t wire the money or pay by check.

    However, after reading this blog the bullion / burnished coin in this set maybe unique with the “dimpled” tail feather. Also keep in mind that if you bought the set for $299.95 each coin basically cost you $60 a piece (if you don’t factor in the box).

    As an eBay seller I like to make my customers happy, if you sold the “RP” & “S” at a decent profit take a small loss here and hopefully receive “positive feedback” that will help increase sales later.

    Rich V says: “John,Your a PIG”, but I treat all customers the way I would like to be treated. I play fair and it pays off. I hope it does for you too.

    Rich V… it’s “You’re” not “your”

  66. Portland, Oregon - Scott says

    The coin store I buy from always sold Silver Eagles for $5 above spot.
    And $10 above that for proofs. Today spot is $31.81. I would charge
    more though myself. Of course they went out of business. They could’nt
    make a profit with Government TAXXXEESSS! I shop ebay these days.

  67. SliderMaker-mp says

    Hello LL,
    Check your email for 7:06pm message- that’s me, and not some prankster.
    Now I’m getting excited for the boys, funny how the venting might have a bright ending.
    Talk to you soon,

  68. Broooster says

    So I am wondering if anyone has compared their Bullion coin and “S” Minted coins in the Anniversary Set to any regular bullion coins, and I would like some feedback if you have. I honestly think the Mint used a vapor blast finish on the regular bullion and the “S” minted coins. After comparing the Anniversary Set coins to regular minted Bullion, and the 5 Oz Quarters, I am leaning towards a vapor blast finish in the set. What do you guys think ????

  69. Jose says

    My wife laughs every time I tell her that my three sets are on
    backorder, every day the ship date changes. She says it might
    arrive by Christmas 2012.
    At 04:40 am this morning 11/28/2011 I received an email at from
    the mint saying my sets will ship on 12/12/2011. You know my wife
    might be right, but I’m dreaming I’ll wake up soon.
    I hope everyone haad a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  70. richard says

    Jose,Order 38381xxx out for delivery by 10:30 Today Order 38384xxx Backorder.The email I believe everyone with an outstanding request received it.

  71. Berneck says

    Every time I get that email from the Mint I hold my breath… Lol. Looks like I still have a chance. My order number is 38389xxx.

  72. GMS says

    My experience is that the email notifications are usually anywhere from a few hours to a day behind the web page status. Still holding my breath here at #38384XXX.

  73. Random Name says

    I also received an e-mail at 4 A.M. today stating that my order 3839xxx was backorderd and expected to ship 12/12. Does anyone know what the chances are of receiving a set?

  74. Mammoth says

    The article says, “The latest order numbers that have been reported as “in stock and reserved” or “shipped” seem to be #38382xxx.”
    I was finally able to get through to the Mint at around 5:30 the day these were available. Still waiting for word on my order #38382xxx.

    Haven’t received any order update emails from the Mint since that day.
    Still hoping…

  75. Sam says

    I received an e-mail with an expected ship date of 12/12/2011 — the order number is #38394xxx — I do not know if this means I will get the set, or if they are just dragging out the wait listers

  76. PrinceVegeta says

    #38382XXX near the 3000 mark

    I saw that the cc was pending on 11/23 or 11/24, but now it is gone. I’m a a little worry now. It is still at “in stock and reserved” with no check box. What is up with the mint. My cc is in good standing. Has anyone have this problem?

  77. says


    I had a similar issue with my credit card. I was not charged until more than a week after receiving the product. There are clearly some problems with the Mint taking payment for this set as well the order fulfilment. I would not worry about it at all. You may well get your set (or sets), and then get charged out of the blue a week or two down the road.

  78. simon says

    PV – this has to do with your CC issuer. This happens to me too – the charge disappears when the transfer of funds is in progress and then reappears as a completed transaction after the funds transfer is complete – just a procedural issue.

  79. NightHawk says

    I just received this notifacation this morning.

    Order #: 38394***
    Exp Ship: 12/12/11

    I’m not holding my breath, but it would be nice to get at least ONE SET considering how many people used their friends and family’s addresses to order 20 or more…. :o(

  80. vaughnster says

    Hard to believe that one month after the 25th Anniversary sets were sold out the Mint is sorting through all the orders…Still! Mine is #38385xxx. I would be stunned if I get my sets, however, I check the Mint’s website 6 times a day. Hopefully we’ll have a new round of shipments going out today and get updated on those shipped order numbers.

  81. Merlin says

    Spoke to a lady at the mint today and she said my order was right on the cusp. #38389XXX may or may not get filled. Best of luck to all who remain.

  82. Winn says

    38382xxx in stock/ not shipped yet; 38384xxx still backordered
    All orders are for one set each only.

  83. richard says

    38381xxx delivered this AM Pacific ST.Box in perfect condition.Reverse Eagle loose in set stayed in capsule.Have yet to see damage of any kind.All coins look to be in excellent condition.One capsule has what looks like a strand of hair.Coins all present as described in mint blurb.Drop dead beautiful.After all the negative feef back i’ve been reading i’m relieved and happy.Know i’ll waite and see what happens to order request 38384xxx.Good luck.Don’t any of you collectors cancel,it took a painfully long time,but well worth the waite

  84. CoinPerson says

    Sam & Nighthawk
    We’re in the same boat! I also have #38394xxx
    Still in process expected to ship 12/12/2011

  85. vaughnster says

    “Spoke to a lady at the mint today and she said my order was right on the cusp. #38389XXX may or may not get filled”

    How in the heck would she know? They barely know what products they’re selling. I wish there was a way to know how many sets have shipped to date. If that order is really on the cusp, there must have been literally thousands of duplicate or troubled orders.

  86. threebee says

    Ive decided not to open my sealed box. I was able to get one set my order number was 3832456x placed at 12:04 on the phone. I dont know why Im not opening it though. Every day I have to tell myself not to open and inspect. Should I or shouldnt I open? That is the question.

  87. Bryon says

    I just got another email showing back ordered but I had already been told be a different email that I wouldn’t be getting one. So now I’m not sure what to believe. I guess I’ll wait and see what Santa brings me. The date for shipping is now listed as 12/12/11.
    The date of the email with the order not being fulfilled is 11/14/11. Wish me luck.

  88. Broooster says

    Threebee, If you are not going to flip it, you might as well open it and enjoy it. It really is an awesome set to look at.

  89. threebee says

    Im not a flipper, as a matter of fact I have never sold a single coin I have bought. I was just watching the price difference between sealed and open sets and was amazed at the difference. I am one of the lucky ones to get one in tact with no coins loose.

  90. vaughnster says

    “threebee says:
    November 28, 2011 at 4:39 pm
    Should I or shouldnt I open? That is the question.”

    If is your only set you should open it and enjoy it. I just showed a set to my sister-in-law today who knows nothing about coins and she loved the reverse proof one the best out of the five.

  91. EvilFlipper says

    I want to make a comment on the finish difference. On three of the ten sets I have the front finish of the S eagle has a different finish from the back. the front looks burnished/polished and the back looks bullion/matte/blasted. I swear on the precious that the difference is VERY noticeable to the eye. My wife and kids can all spot the difference. Anyone else notice this? It’s driving me crazy so check her coins and let me know what you think. All of my other coins have same finish front and back.

  92. Mammoth says

    Update to my 10:25 a.m. post today:

    I just checked order status and was pleasantly surprised to find that my order (of ONE set) shipped today. It was Order #38382xxx.
    After trying since 12:00 noon on Oct. 27, I was finally able to get through to the Mint at around 5:30 that day.

    Planning on sending the unopened box to be graded.

  93. richard says

    All i can say regarding finish is that i think there knock down gorgeous.I believe the quality of my 1 set is outstanding.I’m happy as a fox in the hen house.Taking another look,i belive the eagle on the reverse of the S mint piece has a higher gloss finish even different than the reverse field.Let me know what you think.Close to the look of the proof coin.

  94. mac says

    EvilFlipper says:
    November 28, 2011 at 6:39 pm
    I want to make a comment on the finish difference. On three of the ten sets I have the front finish of the S eagle has a different finish from the back. the front looks burnished/polished and the back looks bullion/matte/blasted. I swear on the precious that the difference is VERY noticeable to the eye. My wife and kids can all spot the difference. Anyone else notice this? It’s driving me crazy so check her coins and let me know

    Nice to get 10 sets Heh?

  95. richard says

    My set 1 by the way has the same finish Bullion SF W on the OBV the variable in the Reverse of the SF Coin which is distindtively unique.Possibly as this cooks down ther will be finish varities.Interesting stuff,have you be able to identify any die varities?

  96. silver sam says

    Just curious…..I am wondering what percentage of the 100000 sets were sold as single sets……which could mean…to collectors who will not be reselling them…..? I say 15%.

  97. Chrome says

    Next time around, I think the Mint should try working with a holographic security seal to seal the anniversary sets on both ends. Once the official security seals are broken – the set is then known to have been openned. This way Mint customers can open their shipping box and decide what to do with the individual sets in the box, instead of keeping the entire box sealed forever. The grading companies would have to be onboard with this. This would also make the FS cut-off date for real and still insures that set specific coins still get their appropriate set designation on the holder.

    Presently, if the shipping box is opened; it is assumed that all of the individual sets in the box have been opened too. This hurts value. The seals would be a simple value added feature. Just a thought……

  98. richard says

    Forget inscripting holograqphics there are always going to be bottom feeders.The little guys and gals just need to get mad and don’t support these outrageous price demands.If ther are no buyers the price will collapse and all collectors will benefit.

  99. Winn says

    If there’s not gonna be of value, what’s the point of collecting it?
    We dun collect rubbish for a reason; nobody wants them!

  100. Val says

    I’m sorry to hear about all of the problems described above. As for myself, the coins I received are flawless to my eye. I am not a grader. Also, my experience evaluating coins is limited, but I too, have received coins from the mint with scratches and dents. I’m going to guess that different workshifts at the mint may have produced different results when producing the entire run of coins for the 25th Anniversity Set. As far as I’m concerned the Mint did an excellent job producing and finishing all of the coins I received. I also think the Blue Wood Presentation Case really looks great.

  101. Winn says

    Bottom line, a collectable has to be desired. If no one wants it, it’s probably not. If it is desired, it’s value increases in more ways than one, and we’re not just talking about dollar value.

    You can’t have something of value that NOBODY wants.

  102. fosnock says

    I collect things because I enjoy it. I happen to like coins and the stories behind them, if it increases in value so much the better. What people find valuable is very finicky I remember a while back that people collected (for it value) Beanie Babies. Speculators nearly destroyed the comic book market (I just read the #1 Superman comic is going for 1.5 million) as speculators grabbed all the modern stuff up for profit. Anyway I just posted so you would know some collectors do so for personal reasons not just for profit. And yes some people collect what other would consider to be garbage, license plates are a good example.

    I’m glad as far as you are concerned the mint did an excellent job. As far as I’m concerned even thought they did a outstanding job they once again demonstrated a lack of attention to detail. The order limit was a fiasco, and then even though the coins were minted months ago it looks like they put the sets together at the last minute, which caused the a lot of the coins to be displaced. You would have thought that they would have simply had the cases ready to be placed in boxes and sealed for shipment, and if they did that then nobody actually tested how the coins would reacted during shipment. Again it was an excellent effort but tarnished by the initial misdiagnosis of demand, then the last effort of shipping the items. Both of these issues are not new and have been issues in the past but the mint still can not seem to fix them, I feel that this is because they do not seem to have the pulse of their customer base and can’t not seem to hold the contractor’s responsible for shipping issues.

  103. AE says

    we can say what we want about the types of collectors, but thats what generates intrest from so many angles. pocket change – rolls – mints – proofs… your able to collect like our grandfathers pocket change in jars and non slab coins to purchasing just the 70’s of all. i see a problem in years with all the slab coins, to many preserved to well. you have 25K pr 70 SAE now, how many disapear or get removed from slab. all the flippers of today existed through the years. named diffrent same tactics. only now with credit cards. thats business but none i find appealing or willing to bank on. to all you 10+ unit owners take as long as possible on your credit card payments. please.. no rush even miss a payment or two credit card co. they don’t mind there like family. my one set ordered will be enough for me. stand fast and please do not purchase for 3x the price. if only we could make flippers sit on them for 3 months then lets see what the price starts at in Feb.2012 I’ve
    (been collecting & trading since 1972 12yrs old)

  104. AE says

    just one more thought.
    If the mint required a bank transfer or money orders for payment, and NO credit cards, do you think any set would be $720.00 – $900.00 or would have had so many problems? or be sold out in 4 hours? I believe not.
    honest business, is not making something from nothing.

  105. Ed says

    Hi Richard,
    Keep doing what you’re doing, you have things figured out!
    Now….where the h*** are my 5 sets of A25’s. Still wait on my 38384XXX.

  106. David says


    Just got my grades back on my coins. One of my 2011-W’s was graded by PCGS as 92-cleaned! – and I sent them all in the original mint packaging! Has anyone encountered coins from the mint that have been cleaned prior to sending?

  107. linux2216 says

    I just received a second backorder email with a new estimated ship date of 12/12/2011. My order number is 38394XXX in process. I don’t think I have a chance if they’ve only shipped to 38383XXX and are about done. I hadn’t heard from the mint since a backorder update on the 14th and hearing again today gives me hope I’m going to receive my order. I hope it’s not false hope.

  108. Shutter says

    If the mint required a bank transfer or money orders for payment, and NO credit cards…
    Sure, the mint wouln’t have sold out in 4.5 hours. All the dealers/flippers/speculators/investors would have used fax and wire transfers. All the collectors would have relied on checks and snail mail. By the time the first check had arrived from a collector, all the sets would have been claimed. If you’re lucky, the mint would have returned your check or money order.
    Yep, that would have been so much better.

    Alternatively, the mint could have stamped out a few millions of these, and they would have sat around the warehouse for years like the Susan B Anthony dollars.

  109. John-1 says

    David says:
    November 29, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Just got my grades back on my coins. One of my 2011-W’s was graded by PCGS as 92-cleaned! – and I sent them all in the original mint packaging! Has anyone encountered coins from the mint that have been cleaned prior to sending?

    Sounds like B.S., how could it come back “cleaned”? Ask PCGS for your money back or something, maybe you can re-submit it for free. Did you get any PF/MS70’s????

    Personally, if I buy direct from the mint it will stay in OGP. The only coins I buy slabbed are “classics” or “rare” modern coins. 100K not rare unless they are all put in circulation.

  110. David says

    John-1: I spoke with PCGS about it. They said that “cleaned” could mean that somehow the coin was processed by the mint and may have had some fibers on it or was otherwise damaged in the box they sent. PCGS said it happens sometimes and it’s not so rare. I did get some 70’s. Actually, the summation of grades was:

    [7] 70’s (1 in 2011-S, the rest in the proof and bullion versions)
    [15] 69’s (including all 5 reverse proofs)
    [1] 68
    [1] Genuine (92-Cleaned) in the 2011-W uncirculated

  111. Shutter says

    7] 70′s (1 in 2011-S, the rest in the proof and bullion versions)
    [15] 69′s (including all 5 reverse proofs)
    [1] 68
    [1] Genuine (92-Cleaned) in the 2011-W uncirculated

    That’s only 24 coins.

  112. Ed says

    My 38384XXX has gone to “In stock and reserved”!!!!!!!!! credit card has a pending charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. richard says

    using a loop take a look at the revese of the SF ase on the lower part of the banner between the n and u,do any of you see an indentation like an inverted dot.I suspect contaminate on the die or a defect in the planchet maybe a bubble very small i can’t even see it with a hand magnifing glass.Let me know

  114. Henry says

    This is one order I didnt think I would get. 38388xxx just went in stock and reserve and no cancel button!!! Happy holidays everybody.

  115. Virginia says

    My order (#38388***) status now says in stock and reserved! I am still crossing my fingers, though. Sitting, waiting, wishing. Anyone know if they have been canceled after this status?

  116. richard says

    Wow there really pumping them out today,were seeing numbers i thought would never come up.I’m happy for all of you guys and gals.Well worth the nail bitting

  117. Vaughnster says

    Order # 38385xxx just moved to “in stock and reserved” ordered at 5:43 pm est!! can’t believe it. The wait was worth it. Just goes to show how many orders were invalid for one reason or another.

  118. Todd says

    My order #38389xxx is “in stock and reserved” also my credit card has the amount pending! Wow, 4.5 hours on the website, getting my order in of 1 set at 4:58 CST an hour and a half after of what people said the waiting list started. After following this blog for over a month now I didn’t think I’d have even a remote chance of getting this set. I’m glad that I’ll have this in my collection.

    Michael, thanks for this very informative blog and the forum where people can talk about this fun hobby. Well for me it’s a hobby for some a business, 🙂

    Happy holidays to all!

    Todd in Minneapolis

  119. Tom says

    When I opened my set the coins and capsuls were all over the place,
    the S mint one was loose out of it’s capsule.(luckily two were’nt out).
    Once its all put together though the set looks great!
    I’m Surprised they didn’t use nice a silver box like they did with the 20th?

  120. Richard says

    Virginia,Normally you would be good to go,but this hasn’t been normal release,having said that i believe from the looks of things falling into place your in good shape,alot of these should go into shipped mode tomorrow,then you will know for sure.Good luck.You might look at your cc to see if has been hit by the mint.

  121. Brad says

    I’m so glad it’s working out for so many of you guys! I hated seeing some of my fellow regular posters suffer so long with the wondering and waiting! I was very lucky to get my order in (by phone, no less!) after “only” 1 hour and 17 minutes of failed attempts online!

    So Michael, is your order going to ship after all? Hearing that will be the icing on the cake!

  122. Virginia says

    Thanks Richard, my dad has bought the whole collection for me since I was a year old and I would be heartbroken if this one was left out. I think I’ll help him find out if his card had been charged tonight. Good luck to everyone:)

  123. threebee says

    Wow Ive been watching sets on Ebay go without any bids and not selling. I just saw a NGC 69 set for $1200 not sell.

  124. mike says

    My order #38388xxx is “in stock and reserved” also my credit card has the amount pending. I placed my order at 5.54 EST Hope to have a shipping date soon.

  125. Adrian says

    These sets are awesome! My buddy got his order placed early and has his coins in hand. They are beautiful.

    I tried for hours to order these sets. My order finally went through @ 5:46 EST.
    I’m guessing alot of customers got frustrated with web site & phone lines being slow or busy and eventually gave up.

    I was persistent and persistence usually pays off.

    I could care less of all the negative comments regarding these coins and the US Mint. Some people complain about everything and anything.

    Thank You US Mint and Thank you to all the people posting with the positive comments.

    Happy Holidays

  126. Oak says

    Order number 38382XXX in stock and reserved! Placed at 6 EST. As a teacher, I didn’t feel I could call in sick that day. (No personal days at our school.) I sucked it up and even went to a required faculty meeting till 5:30. I believe teachers have to model even greater commitment than they are asking their students to show. It is nice to do the right thing and have it work out. Congrats to all who got their sets. Don’t give up hope if you haven’t. Michael many thanks for the great blog which has taught me a great deal!

  127. John-1 says

    David says:
    November 29, 2011 at 4:20 pm
    John-1: I spoke with PCGS about it. They said that “cleaned” could mean that somehow the coin was processed by the mint and may have had some fibers on it or was otherwise damaged in the box they sent. PCGS said it happens sometimes and it’s not so rare. I did get some 70′s. Actually, the summation of grades was:

    [7] 70′s (1 in 2011-S, the rest in the proof and bullion versions)
    [15] 69′s (including all 5 reverse proofs)
    [1] 68
    [1] Genuine (92-Cleaned) in the 2011-W uncirculated

    Maybe you should just crack out the “68”, “Genuine” and three “69’s” and put them back in their OGP (hope you asked for it back). It will look better than the dreaded PCGS “Genuine” label.

    I still think “cleaned” is B.S. if it came sealed from the mint (NGC wouldn’t have done that). Should have lower grade or just “Genuine” IMO

  128. David says

    John-1: Thanks for the suggestion. The 68 and the Genuine are both the same coin unfortunately! Thought about cracking out the Genuine and selling it as part of a 3-coin set in OGP minus the two “keys”. Alternatively, I’ve been thinking of keeping the genuine as simply a bullion coin and selling off the rest of that set 1 by 1. Or possibly even trying to sell the “Genuine” in the slab on ebay – which could be interesting. I would maybe get silver spot plus a few bucks… I called the mint and they said they were surprised as well and will have me speak with someone in their headquarters department tomorrow. Should be interesting. I think, overall, I’m happy with the grades I got. I was expecting it would take some creativity to sell some of them in the best way and leave myself with a set and a couple keys for long-term storage. I was not expecting a grade outta left field like this one!

  129. Konde says

    Why is that all of a sudden the price of graded coins on Ebay took a tumble. Some NGC-70 for $1750 didn’t get any bid. PCGS is down to less than $ 1900. Looking at the number for offerings, they may have trouble selling.
    Anyone knows exactly what is the breakeven cost to get NGC and PCGS graded?

  130. Chrome says

    $304.90 to the Mint + $160 to PCGS. Blue Label with FS. $464.90 Total Cost to Acquire a graded set. This excludes shipping both ways for PCGS, e-bay’s fee to sell ($63.00 per $1000), PayPal’s fee to process the charge, and any loser grades (rejects). Figure $600 per set + your time.

    The glut should clear in about month and then prices should start to increase.

  131. Don says

    I got this interesting post in numismaster.com

    P.S. Now that the Mint has shipped the bulk of the 25th anniversary silver Eagle dollar sets, many people are looking to cash out their sets. We put one opened set in our showcase offering to sell it at $775, but no one bought it. A number of people asked what we would pay to purchase more sets, but nobody took us up on our offer. Late at the MSNS show, another major dealer dropped his bid on these sets to $550. I would not be surprised to see prices drop further in the coming weeks.

    Unfortunately, it was obvious ahead of time that the U.S. Mint was underpricing these sets that would have two low mintage coins. As a result, a large part of the demand to purchase them came from those looking to make a quick profit by selling them. Normally, the bulk of demand for commemoratives and special issues comes from collectors looking to keep the coins in their collections. But, because so many were purchased by those wanting to sell them right away, I suspect that prices will continue to decline from their peak over a week ago. If past track records are an accurate guide, their price will likely fall too far, then take several months or maybe even a year to recover to a sensible level.

  132. Tom says

    I’m not going to get my set graded but a person should be able to send in just the reverse P or the S mint coin and automatically be graded as being from the set,.. duh?… Like where else would it have come from?

    The 20th year set jumped from 100 to a fairly consistant 350
    I think this set being considerably rarer should settle in to around 900?

  133. AE says

    could not agree more with your post. thanks
    what if you worked for a co. buying as many as possible. so, i offer you an approved credit card in your name for 2k your told buy 5 sets and we can sell the no problem. now there are people who, could not afford the card in their name but now has bills to pay. what if your job was on the line (not stated but team player speach) Guaranteed a few quick bucks stay a team player.
    I am not at all saying all purchases have dried up. far from it. all will sell. the mint & the credit card companies are huge winners and single & double non graded owners (quiet smile for all). gotta love collecting great coins & the madness thats a perfect stike anyday.

  134. Konde says

    Thanks Chrome.

    So basically to sell 70 grade coins at $1800, the guys make about $1200 profit for the set direct from the Mint. If they pay $700 a set from Ebay and get it graded then the cost will be about $1000 a set and they make about $800 a set. For anything graded less than 70 they will loose money for selling less than $1000 a set. Plus time and capital of course. Nice profit.

  135. says

    It was great to see the mint move those 7000 orders to “in stock & Reserved”
    and now to “Shipped date”……………..Thanks Mint.

    Olde Sailor Bill

  136. Winn says

    One of my friends just told me he heard so e of his friends cancelled their in stock/reserved orders. Probably flippers that are already holding on to too many A25 already.

  137. hq says

    Has anyone noticed that ebay sellers and some coin dealers for some reeason block out/hide the PCGS certification numbers on the graded sets? I checked some of the earlier ebay sales that did not hide the PCGS certification numbers and found that there are more perfectly graded coins (70s) than near perfectly graded coins (69s) as it pertains to the two unique coins in the 25th ASE set. The PCGS population count is around 700 to 500 for perfectly graded and near perfectly graded coins, respectively, for both the 2011-P and 2011-S coins. If this ratio holds true for the entire coin population, then it means that you have a likely chance of getting the two exclusive coins in perfect condition..

    This is only an observation and may not mean anything as the population mix may change as more sets are graded. However, In my opinion, the current premiums do not seem justified based on the grading results.

    Your thoughts . . . .

  138. Terry Tempel says

    FYI for those who did not get a set of the 2011 25th anniversary SAEs, E-bay as of this writing has 18 pages of sell offers representing 50 offers per page and the total number of sets for sell are 1350. This does not include those already sold to date estimated at 4500 sets. Conservative estimates of expected sales on E-bay alone are 15,000 sets. Just a guess, but including all secondary sales sources, 30,000 sets would be a lowball estimate. I contacted 6 sellers who were advertising between 10 and 30 sets to ask how they got so many sets. They got them directly from the mint or had proxies order them. Using different credit cards, different shipping names, different addresses? Could the mint detect these cheats if they wanted? Can they investigate like I did? Should they have known this would happen and only offered 1 set per customer? Should they have a screening mechanism in place to detect cheaters? The folks who are collectors and did not get a set can answer these questions. Here’s another question: who is responsible for screwing you….the cheats, the mint or both?

  139. Jerry says

    My order for 1 set has now moved into “instock and reserved” 38388XXX YEAH! I have been a Mint Customer since 1979 , never have sold anything I have bought from them and plan on leaving my collection to my god son. It is nice to know that I will have a complete set of American Eagles to pass on 🙂 Good luck anyone still waiting, I hope you get your set!
    Happy Holidays!

  140. Jose says

    As of 4:40 am 11/30/2011 my order 38385xxx is in stoc, and reserved.
    I will let everyone know when it ships.

  141. Tom says

    My order number 38386xxx is in stock and reserved on 11/29/2011. Good luck to anyone still waiting….

  142. SilverStacker says

    Received my 5 sets yesterday order 383821xx, ordered at 5:25 EST.

    3 of the sets had loose capsules but the coins were intact in the air-tites.

    All the coins look great!

    I’m pleased 🙂

  143. limalo says

    Michael et al.,

    Just wanted to share that there are some great coin enthusiasts on this blog. Referring back to the posts by SliderMaker-mp and me on 11/25 at 8:02 p.m, 11/26 at 7:36 a.m, 11/27 at 12:14 a.m., 11/27 at 8:48 a.m. and 11/27 at 7:01 p.m, things worked out well to save a set from the Mint’s smelter and give a good home to a beleagured 25th Anniversary Set.

    Kudos to Michael for providing this blog as a forum for collectors, enthusiasts and others interested in US Mint coins; SliderMaker-mp for his willingness to help out a fellow enthusiast; and a certain William in Kodiak, who turned down the set due to quality issues thus making it available for my boys and me.

    Through the efforts of these folks, the set that faced possible extinction (“burial at sea,” the smelter or other impending doom) will now find a good home. Furthermore, a family which would not otherwise have gotten a set at Mint issue price will now have one as a possible family heirloom. Thanks, Michael, SliderMaker-mp and the aforementioned William in Kodiak.

    Take care, all!


    “SliderMaker-mp says:
    November 27, 2011 at 8:48 am
    LL & Michael,
    It would be an honor and a pleasure to aid a fellow enthusiast in need, especially during this holiday season. If interested, I would even toss in a Whitman album page so you could make sliders of all of them, and cherish them forever like a few of us old timers still do!
    Best Regards,

  144. vaughnster says

    ” Terry Tempel says:
    November 30, 2011 at 7:25 am They got them directly from the mint or had proxies order them. Using different credit cards, different shipping names, different addresses? Could the mint detect these cheats if they wanted? Can they investigate like I did?”

    Even if they wanted to, how could the Mint distinguish a “real” account versus a “proxy” account. If the account is set up with a valid credit card in which the billing address corresponds to the household address, it’s a legitimate account in the Mint’s eyes. They take the order, bill it to the credit card and ship it out. That’s it. That’s their business. There is nothing legally wrong with what people did setting up friends and family accounts. Morally, it’s a different issue.

  145. Berneck says

    Oh man, I’m at 38389xxx in the mid range. Some people in that range are reporting in stock, I’m still backordered!! I’ll be so mad it I missed it by a few hundred orders! I was on that site for hours trying to get my order in!

  146. Winn says

    I think anyone whose orders are still not cancelled by now will eventually get their A25 sets. So sit tight and just enjoy the X’mas. Santa will come eventually:)

  147. Berneck says

    Yeah, I think you are right. I called the Mint. The woman said she couldn’t guarantee anything, but the fact that I’m not wait listed or canceld is a good sign….

  148. John-1 says

    Terry Tempel says:
    November 30, 2011 at 7:25 am
    FYI for those who did not get a set of the 2011 25th anniversary SAEs, E-bay as of this writing has 18 pages of sell offers representing 50 offers per page and the total number of sets for sell are 1350.

    Not all those auctions are for “Full” sets, some are for single coins or “3 coin” set, some are for the box alone. The auctions listed are based on your “key” word search which include other coins with some of the same words like “25th”.

  149. Chrome says

    Looks like the sales of the graded sets are starting to get soft. Especially the NGC 69 sets. However, the raw opened sets are holding steady at $725.00. Yet, these sets are most likely pick-outs that didn’t go to the graders or cracked out sub 69 coins. The glut is here with 950 auctions on eBay. Good deals on the graded sets are right around the corner and should get cheaper before Christmas. Prices will more than likely escalate after New Years when the glut clears. I estimate that the raw unopened sealed sets should see $1250 each by January 2012. The PCGS 70 sets with the Mercanti autographs should be the real winner over time. PCGS charges $250 to certify one 5 coin set with the Mercanti autographs. Also, the 2008 Reverse of 07 is grossly under priced.

  150. Howardt says

    My order was stuck in the “cart” and I was unable to complete the transaction until the waiting list banner went up on the product page. It went through at 6PM. Had given up hope on getting a set from the Mint but today that order changed from Backorder ship date 12/14 to “in stock and reserved”. The order # is 38389XXX.

  151. AE says

    looking at sets for sale. if the perfect coin is so important with labeling. no one states the numbering of the coins is as importamt for that perfect or not so perfect set.. found a set on ebay took the number looked it up on pcgs(20713526 rev pr69 pop452) you can tell it’s from multi sets joined together $900.00 or so. whats seems odd if your selling coins why block out the pcgs last numbers. (other sales) i want as much info as possible before a purchase. any ideas why the yellow out.

  152. Chris says

    Order number: 383856xx 5 sets

    Order Date: 10/27/2011 at 05:43 PM

    Order Status: Your order request has been shipped.

    By the way I was 5 times ready to cancel my order as some suggested but paid to wait to the end.
    Now the question is ?
    One game is over now who is play the next one wot the name of the game is .
    Grade them open them etc…

  153. says

    I am totally shocked! My order 38386XXX is in stock and the credit card has been hit! I didn’t get my order in until 4:45 pm despite trying non stop for five hours. Now open or don’t open? Good luck to everyone else that is still waiting.

  154. Jon says

    38394xxx In process. I know all that should be posted are those “In stock and reserved” but I have been checking every day since I put the order in at 6:24pm. I have moderate (with mild justification) ‘hope’ this set will ship. I have been crossing all pairs of fingers and toes for this.

    I think that once shipments stop, the secondary market will show a rebound but not reach the initial market “hype” prices. Also, if the lincoln chronicles set would provide example, interest will slowly decline to an inflection prompted solely by a similar offering (20th anniversary for example, on a bit of a rise?). So, to all profiteers I would recommend pushing them out sooner than later, or I may scoop your desperate sale (desperate to recover initial investment). On that note, maybe 30th anniversary will bring more hype and the 25th will be another LC or 20th…

  155. Richard says

    I’m no expert,just a collector with no intent of selling,i managed to get two sets one in hand and one shipped today.This offering came at an awkward time for many (Christmas)Those on ebay at this time have urgency written all over them.Those receiving early shippments are the big winners for now .The early buyers are the weiners,a lot of these sellers need to clear the cc balance,too bad.The sellers will still recover especially those with pcgs 70 sets,and the smart ones breaking sets and selling 70 keys off.Those with 69s and lower will be marginal or better they had let these sets boxed up,when you play that’s the gamble you take.I believe this set has really good potential,it’s one hell of a collectible,but i believe the mint still holds the Ace and the ace is what do they do next ,will they mint the SF coin as part of the series years to come,will they do a coin withthe P mint mark will they mint a reverse proof annually.There are a mountain of ifs.What they mint next year and thr year after that will tell the story of the real furure sets,but this set will still always be worth more than $300. BUCKS It will always be a very cool collectible..This is just a simple mans opinion

  156. Winn says

    It seems everyone is getting their A25 sets after all and this item is not as HOT as we had all wished or anticipated it to be – hence the diminishing and growing lack of interest, not to mention the falling prices on ebay.

  157. silver sam says

    Seems the early flippers, the TPG’s, and of course the geniune collectors who got their set at Mint Price…are the winners here…

    Hope that all of you who are collectors…got your sets!

  158. AE says

    shipping 12/1 of 3838xxxx. nose now pressed to window looking for that backfiring brown truck to roll up. brown never looked so good. i was a 4:35 est order. good luck to all & happy holidays.

  159. PrinceVegeta says

    The number of order fullfilled are getting larger and larger. There must have been a lot of ordering over the limit or something. I’ll keep all 5 set with me for awhile, so the price movement is no problem.

    I may think about selling it when the price goes over $1,000 because you must factor in the dollar value, which is always going down.

    For those that are still waiting, I hope you get your chance or try to get one on ebay when the price drop too low.

  160. vaughnster says

    Order #38385xxx just switched to “shipped.” Should hopefully arrive Friday!!

    Michael–Have you any status on your order??

  161. AE says

    no tracking number yet nothing to track untill it’s out of shipping and in ups hands. later today or this eve.

  162. vaughnster says

    All is right in this world since Michael has his sets on the way 🙂 With all the work you do for us on this blog, you should have been the first. Happy Holidays!!

  163. Richard says

    The lowering price trend is to be expected ,any product that is being over sold will follow that patern doesn’t matter what it is.For those of us that were fortunate enough to by these sets direct,as collectors it’s been a truly sweet experience.As collectors of modern mint material few worthy offering come from the mint of the good old USA.For the early flippers it was wine and roses.For the early frenzied buyers of these flipped set hoping to make a profit reselling i hope they can afford to hold on ,because it will be a good while until we see an up trend,it will come,but not real soon,i’m going to repeat something i wrote days ago.The US mint i believe holds an ace,in regard to future dollar value of the now key coins in this set.The SF The P The W The RP.Will these become common in this terrific series.One more comment.Mr.Peterson PLEASE MAKE THE ASE BULLION COIN AVALIABLE TO US COLLECTORS DIRECT FROM YOUR VAULT.AFTER ALL YOUR PAY CHECK IS COMING FROM US COLLECTORS.

  164. AE says

    im glad the flippers are working in coins and not budgets & portfolios. you think they took a lesson from the euopean banks & MF Global on how to speculate, calculate and execute. one bailed out & the other out of business.
    not gloating about any shippment being made to me. sorry for those who were promised so much for the use of their cards. grandma may have been run over by that reindeer. I hope not.

  165. Winn says

    Looking at the order numbers shipping, it looks like anyone who actually ordered on the day of sales will be getting a set at least, which means there’s actually not so many sets on wait list being cancelled as many potential buyers dropped out when the wait list came on early in the afternoon.

  166. Mammoth says

    PrinceVegeta said, “The number of order fullfilled are getting larger and larger. There must have been a lot of ordering over the limit or something.”
    I think that he nailed it. What other explanation could there possibly for so many people – including me – to be getting their sets after the 4:30 EST cutoff time?

    So at least there is one thing good to say about the US Mint’s system – that they have a working built-in BS detector which successfully screened out at least some of the over-limit orders.

  167. richard says

    To me the story has been told as the process has unfolded.I’m amazed the number of what I thought were late requests have and continue to be filled,I’m delighted for the collectors.I’m disturbed by the numbers of buyers who chose to procure more set than hh limits but not suprised I believe many legitimate requests were canceled my the mint in pursuit of cheaters,if i were to delegate blame it would be on the cheaters.The TPG groups really aided in putting a hugh spin on perfection.Lots of greed,also fellowship,offers to share such as the gentlemean who offered a set to another gentelman who had been denied.Virginia who’s father has bought the ase series for her,boy is she ever lucky.I really hope her request is filled.Ther are a host of folks that have express points of view.Im older than the majority,and i know my view point reflects from my age.Thanks to all of you.Enjoy your hobby.It’s been thouhgt provoking.

  168. nightowl7 says

    Just saw where my order shipped today…oh happy day! I didn’t think i had much of a chance with 38386*** but all the guys on here who told us to hang in there and be patient had it right. what a great christmas present. Thanks to Michael for all of his work on our behalf, and Thanks to the US Mint for making the best of a tough situation.

    I am sure the Mint will come up with some positive improvements and hope they also continue selling some fairly limited editions of US silver coins that spark the interest this 25th Anniversary set generated. And no, the Mint should not be turned over to private industry for any reason. In the end the Mint belongs to all Americans and it should remain that way.

  169. Howardt says

    Order 383893XX 6PM shipped to me today. This one must be on the very edge. I am amazed I got it. The order I placed 40 minutes later canceled weeks ago- that was for a single set that I hoped to grade. Now I have to decide whether to open or not open.

  170. robb0429 says

    Does anyone have a 38389*** (mid range) order that has shipped or in stock?? I’m waiting on 3 sets still??? My orders keep getting pushed back on a DAILY basis!


  171. Richard says

    Michael,Doyou intend doing a continuation of the A25 blog.Also would you do a summary ,I’m sure alot of folks would be interested in your take.Thanks it’s been fun.

  172. pl.mark says

    To those of you who felt aggravation about ordering these sets, even if you received them or not, here is some payback directed at the mint. First, the mint screens more than just making sure that your credit card billing address matches your shipping address. An order will cancel if more sets are ordered than the household limit attributed to a given email address. Second, if you have more than one credit card (meaning more than one billing address), the mint will verify which address may not be accurate by checking with a given state’s driver license division (they have that capability).

  173. pl.mark says

    It may seem that I have great hatred at the mint, but I only ordered one set and received it (38378070) and overal did not like the presentation. However, the rudeness which I experienced from headquarters, particularly their supervisor, Carolyn Brown, should not be tolerated by anyone. Also, you may not know, but when calling the customer service line, each inquiry about an order is noted under that order, including any suspicions that the representative may feel about your call. Simply based on these notes or suspicions, your order may be cancelled.

  174. pl.mark says

    Finally, I revealed this part of the mint’s household limit policy and how it is enforced. To the mint’s head supervisor at headquarters, Carolyn Brown, you can now make good on your threat of referring me to the mint police.

  175. says

    383893xx – 1 set shipped. I am very, very happy!
    38390xxx – This was another single set I ordered as a “backup” because I had so many problems getting my first order in. Both orders were listed as backordered at the time I placed them. This second order has not shipped. I don’t really need this, but if it actually does ship, I’ll take it 🙂

  176. AE says

    I also called. i made one call to the mint cust. serv only when it turned from in process to item secured in stock what ever. saw nothing on CC and know it could take few days to go through. no problem but just cautious. said good morning stated i had one question and gave order number. her first reply to me was “what would you do if it was canceled”. i paused remembered all my skills and what’s been written. & stated that would be a shame if it was. she paused… then laughed and said your order is ok. somehow i dont think they will be reviewing her side of the conversation. swing & a miss.
    have trracking # just waiting for info to update. i got 4 of a kinfd with a rev pr kicker. I win

  177. pl.mark says

    It’s not so much for this set, but for the four commemorative gold coins (two proof, two uncirculated) which are to go off sale in two weeks. The way that I feel is that I am begging to buy them and this one supervisor just keeps cancelling the orders. If ever there was a person who would hurt mint sales it would be her.

  178. Dan says

    I placed my order (38388xxx) on 10/27 at 4:57 PM. It was shipped on 12/01.

    I am curious about the Mint’s fulfillment system. As coins are struck and packaged are they placed into a bin in a FILO order? If so, it would make sense that “first strikes” might be the last ones that were shipped. Just curious.

  179. Ed says

    To all who are still waiting for their ASE 25th Set hope is around the corner.

    Not to keep hitting a dead horse but I could not get on the Mint order page till 5:45PM (EST) and my order went through at 05:57 PM (EST). Well today 12/01/11 I got an email from the Mint stating that my ASEs were on the way. Check the Mint page and it read SHIPPED:) . So to all those still waiting do not give up hope. My number was 383888xx. When I called the mint about my order being on backordered she told me they are waiting fro the coins to arrive before they shipped them out.- that was Monday. I ask her “was I on the waiting list” all she could tell me that the wait list was 5pm. So I knew I must be on the list even though I did not get an email from them stating it.

    So hang in there and maybe you will get a Xmas gift like I just did.

    I ordered two sets and was going to send them to NGC but now I will wait to see if my friend, a fellow collector who ordered then @ 6:25 PM(EST) ,will get his. He was put on the waiting list. If he gets cancelled then I will sell them to him at cost $304.00 That is what collectors do for one another.

  180. JC says

    Order number 38384xxx placed at 5:36 PM. Received my set this morning via overnight shipping so I’m very happy.

    It seems like more people on the waiting list than expected will be receiving their set(s). In regards to the customer service, I had nothing but positive experiences when calling the US Mint.

    Good luck to all who are still waiting!

  181. Jerry says

    Confirmed 383886XX was shipped and being delviered on 12/2. My order confirmation time was also 5:57pm and I did spend 6 hours to order and confirm 1 set. The $64,000 question? Do I grade or not 🙂
    Happy Holidays everyone

  182. Berneck says

    As a guage for some of you, I just got a shippment notification for three sets. My order number was 38389xxx. I finally got my order in at 6:01pm EST.

    Bought them for my twins who were born this year. I have a feeling the OGP set will be worth more in the future.

    Even though I did get three sets, I feel like the limit should have been 1 set per household for at least the first few days. Perhaps they should have that limit on all new products for the first week. It should help to weed out or at least reduce the dishonest people, and give regular schmo’s like me a better chance to pick up something nice….

  183. Henry says

    I received my order 38383xxx on 12/01/2011 . The sets were up side down in the shipping box . The plastic disc were out of the holder , but the coins were intact inside the plastic holders . I believe they were not really pushed very hard in the individual holder spots , because when I replaced them they were very hard to retrieve out of the holders .

  184. AE says

    38386xxx delivered. (1 set) gave a little shake no noise. smile & sigh of relief, in my home & hands. NOW open or not. i want these for many years so with knife cutter at the tape. i did it, after 10 min. seeing the coins was all worth it. the rev p amazing just does’nt do it. the s is just a kick to see the proof looks better than my pcgs 70 fs. ok you w & bullion are perfect also. i’ll never send any in to be graded. set stays the way it is.
    so with that. I want to thank michael again for all his work and to all that never cancelled you wont be dissapointed. It’s been a full year of ASE on our wallets. but every 25 years you gotta go nuts. and we all sure did.
    happy holidays to all.

  185. Doug Edinger says

    I just recieved my Set. The box is in hand, and Not opening It. My order number is 38387xxx. Ill Tell you what there must have been a good amount of extra orders or alot of people trying to order over the limit, Because I didnt think I was gonna get it for sure. And I literally Tried calling at 11 58 over and over. REdial hang up Redial hang up. And trying on the computer and I ended up making it to the last and final Step for checkout and then my computer would freeze. I never ended getting through on the Phones. It was a joke. And just for kicks I tried calling later that night after I placed my order and the lines were still busy and this was at like 9 or 10pm E Time. Long story short I finally got through on the computer around 5:50 Pm E. It was sooo frustrating. But I never gave up because I knew this was going to be one of the hottest sests to come out. And I knew it would sell out but I figured not til the end of the day. I was soo mad because I didint even get to eat anything Until 6:00. No lunch and no breakfast. Wow. Good Luck everyone

  186. tmarkc says

    Ordered 5 sets, 2 within the first hour of sales, received them on 11/9. Second order for 3 sets placed @ 17:51 eastern time, the sets arrived this A.M. I am a happy camper. I am opening all of the sets, forget the TPG services….they ain’t getting my $$$. I will hold onto all of the sets and cross my fingers that values increase in the future. Enjoy your coins people!!!

  187. Henry says

    I recieved my sets this morning. Everything was perfect. My order # 38388xxx
    I couldnt be happier.

  188. In the Middle says

    I’m guessing the quality issues that are being reported did not affect my coins. Sent to NGC On Nov 10th, Received @ NGC on Nov 18th. Being shipped back today Dec 2nd. I’m rather happy.

    2011 P EAGLE REV PF 25TH ANNIVERSARY SET S$1 PF 70 5 for 5


    2011 W EAGLE 25TH ANNIVERSARY SET S$1 MS 70 5 of 5

    2011 S EAGLE 25TH ANNIVERSARY SET S$1 MS 70 4 of 5

    2011 EAGLE 25TH ANNIVERSARY SET S$1 MS 70 4 of 5

    I was hoping for 1 MS/PF 70 set. I got 3, that is not too shabby. Good Luck to everyone else getting theirs graded, and to those who choose not to…. Congrats on picking up a beautiful set.

  189. jim says

    Just got my December Coin World in. On page 47 it confirms that the 2011 bullion coin for the set was struck in San Francisco.Mint confirms the origin. This is big because San francisco has about 2 millon & West Point has about 45 millon.
    Michael you do a great job, Have a great day

  190. jim says

    Just got my December Coin World in. On page 47 it confirms that the 2011 bullion coin for the set was struck in San Francisco.Mint confirms the origin. This is big because San francisco has about 2 million & West Point has about 45 million.
    Michael you do a great job, Have a great day

  191. Virginia says

    Hey Everyone! I got my set today, It is beautiful and flawless in my eyes. My collection is complete. My order number was 38388*** Hope you all have a good holiday season.

  192. Jerry says

    Some thoughts as i look at the un-opened box sitiing in my office and weclome your response:
    1) looking at all the auctions, all the individual coins that are being sold broken out of sets, how many complete sets wiil remain ?
    2) How many of those sets NOT graded are made up from multiple sets where the best coins were pulled out and the sets that are being bid on may have flawed or less desireable coins. Buyer beware?? You will never know if your set was an original!
    3) hmmm 50 years from know when I get my 75th AE anniversary set ( I will be 104 ) maybe I will still have my un-opened box and quite possibly have the only complete original set left 🙂

    I am thrilled my set arrived today but I ponder that question of getting it grading or not? Never got the 20th AE Anniversary set graded. I hope my fellow collectors who cherish just to have one set are lucky enough to get one . Have a great weekend everyone

    Proud owner of # 38388627 🙂

  193. jim says

    To In the Middle says:
    December 2, 2011 at 2:19 pm
    I’m guessing the quality issues that are being reported did not affect my coins. Sent to NGC On Nov 10th, Received @ NGC on Nov 18th. Being shipped back today Dec 2nd. I’m rather happy

    I Sent my set to NGC On Nov 10th, they Received it on Nov 14th. Being shipped WHO KNOWS WHEN !!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of b/s

  194. linux2216 says

    My order 383943XX is still backorder in process and the est. ship date has been pushed back to 12/16/11. The uncertainty and carrot dangling is hard to take. I’d rather be waterboarded.

  195. Chrome says

    If your set is graded 70, all of you holders are designated “25th Anniversary Set – First Strike,” and tucked neatly inside of the original mint packaging – you have absolutely nothing to worry about. This is as good as it gets. No mystery, no doubt, no work, and no worry. When leaving unopened boxes to your heirs – I guarantee you; some unknowing person will open them like it is christmas. Or, you will drink to much one night and say what the heck!


  196. Richard says

    Admire the boxes for a time,but what has this adventure been all abuot if you don”t lay your eyes on those beautiful medallions.You orderedyou received.the true reward as a collector is when you view.Enjoy

  197. VA Dave says

    To – Winn, Dec 3 2011 at 3:48am

    Excellent comment – feel the same – couldn’t wait to open my boxes and look at this beautiful set versus looking at a cardboard box wondering about the condition of what was inside….at the end of the day it is all about coin collecting which is hard to appreciate if you stash away a safe full of boxes….Can’t wait to see what they do for the 30th anniversary, but I do hope the mint has their ordering system updated by then 🙂

  198. Tim says

    Do some of you feel the blue box might really be highly polished plastic like I do. Just wondering, nobody has brought it up. Seems toooo perfect.

  199. pl.mark says

    After what the mint put all of us through and an idea from Tim above, here is another piece of information which the mint does not want us to know. The boxes were probably made by Jonathan Virginia Luxury Packaging Solutions (www.jvi.com). They are made of regular wood which is heavily painted (in this case, blue), then foil printed in silver, and finally, lacquered with clear gloss to cover any imperfections in the wood. The plaque on the inside lid of the box is made from molded sawdust which is painted in blue. This company also makes the boxes for the first spouse gold coins as well as many other coin packaging options which have never seen the light of day because the mint decided that is was not in our best interest to have such packaging options available (ie. army commemorative three-coin proof set). Take a look at their website and you will see all of the prototypes.

  200. Jerry says

    Winn, VA Dave,
    your 100% correct, thank you for knocking sense in me, I opened up my box and the set is maginificent! no loose capsules, coins, everything in place. Coins are beautiful.

  201. says

    Order #3838596X received. The backorder ship date had gotten pushed out five or six times, most recently to 12/23/2011. I was on a business trip when my wife called me to tell me that the coin order I thought was going to be cancelled had arrived.

    … she knew for sure because she opened the box.

    At least the order came. I had given up hope.

  202. lee says

    Hi: Don”t open the mint box! The s and rev pr we all know 100,000 pop. The 2011, 2011w and 2011pr will be much less than 100,000. Every mint box that is opened will lower the # of these coins that can get the 25th anniversary set designation. Those 3 coins in the long run will be much more rare. Looks like about 33% of the ebay sales are from open mint boxs. Only the sealed mint boxs sent to a 3rd party grading services will get the 25th set designation. That said maybe only 66,000 of those 3 coins (or less) can get designation, far fewer than 100,000!!!!!

  203. Winn says

    Anyone still receiving orders shipping? I just had my last set delivered today. 38387xxxx. Reckon that the mint should be very close or done with the A25 shipping by now.
    Anyone still sitting on their orders?

  204. sam garcia says

    i am wondering if they are done now..and whether they are waiting for any returns or any other stuff. i can’t imagine i am going to get 38392xxx. i am keeping my fingers crossed. i wish i can get mine. my order ship date says 12/19. any thoughts ?

  205. sam garcia says

    does anyone know what the stats are with ngc getting these things graded. i sent 3 full boxes in today. i needed to get them in to them by thursday for the early release. i am hopping 8-10 sets come out 70 out of 15 sets that i just sent today

  206. Still Hopeful! says

    38389xxx 6:06 PM Your order request is in process. Guess I missed out. Ordered as soon as I got home from work. Collecting since 2006 really wanted a set. Guess I’ll have to go and pay the extra money to get one. Won’t cancel till the fat lady sing. Going to wait for the prices to drop a little and get me an NGC 70 set. Hopefully by early Jan. Thanks for all you posters.

  207. Berneck says

    Well, I received my three sets last week. Order#38389xxx. All three sets had a couple of coins pop out of the holder, but I saw no apparent damage. All coins look beautiful!!!

  208. G says

    That poor guy who canceled his order in 38 range and kept asking people for the last number should have just waited

  209. Quickas says

    Ordered my sets at 6:02PM. I received my 5 sets on Friday, 12/2. My number was #383894xx.
    Good Luck!

  210. AE says

    glad to hear that people are still receiving and multi sets.
    how do you display your sets: looked on net for all types of cases and now going custom. slab of marble 15x6x6 with glass box over coins. channel cut in marble to seal in frshness. have seen wall mounted and other types but for 150.00 it’s done. anyone else figuring out what i am?

  211. vaughnster says

    “Andy says:

    December 5, 2011 at 11:33 pm
    i cant imagine these sets staying this expensive for very long.”

    The 2006 20th Anniversary ASE sets sold at the Mint for $100 with a mintage of 250,000 with one unique coin out of the three and still sells for $300 on eBay. This set has TWO unique coins out of five with a mintage of 100,000. I frankly don’t see how they cannot hold a premium price.

  212. Richard says

    As long as the USA mint continues this series the keys will have strength,the secondery market is now ebbing from its peak at some point it will flat line and stay steady for some time.Those who purchased sets or keys will have serious buyers remorse an those who sat it out patiently are going to get real deals,this group in my mind are the true collectors.The only real winners in the early going were the profiters and the TPG group they seriously went to the bank.When not just a few but all of the dealers have these set or broken sets in stock the true market will develope.that to me will the most interesting watching the true market develope.I was fortunate to get two sets from the mint opened them and will enjoy there beauty.I too apreciate value but value to me isn’t primary.

  213. jeff72 says

    “Andy says:

    December 5, 2011 at 11:33 pm
    i cant imagine these sets staying this expensive for very long.”

    The 2006 20th Anniversary ASE sets sold at the Mint for $100 with a mintage of 250,000 with one unique coin out of the three and still sells for $300 on eBay. This set has TWO unique coins out of five with a mintage of 100,000. I frankly don’t see how they cannot hold a premium price.

    Somewhere on this site, it was stated that the 2006 sets did not peak in value until almost 10 months after release. Even today, these sets remain 3 times their release price.

    Personally, I think this set will remain a high value item with dips and peaks but overall, should see gains once “other” SE collectors who were not “in-the-loop” on this one, discovers it and it’s availability (in raw form) dwindles.

    The economy also has to be factoring in here as well ….but this product sold out in 4.5 neck-snapping hrs!!

  214. Shutter says

    I frankly don’t see how they cannot hold a premium price

    Look at it this way. The 2006 set sells for $300. That’s roughly $65 per coin over scrap value. The 2011 set ungraded can be had for $700. That’s roughly $105 per coin over scrap value. I’m sure that it will continue to command some premium, but there is plenty of room for lower price. That and the economy that’s circling the drain is not helping. When people have to choose between shiny objects and a mortgage payment, there is a good chance that at least some people will make a practical choice.

  215. vaughnster says

    No question that the economy always has an impact on purchasing. My point was that after 5 years the 20th Anniversary set still commands and gets a $200 return on investment. The 25th set, with the extra coins and wood display box, should sell for at least $600 for the near future. Once the glut subsides in a month or so, I think demand will remain steady for some time.

  216. avsfan77 says

    I think that this set will rise again in a few months and eventually will level out around $1000 and that is not factoring in a potential rise in silver prices again. This has the potential to be numisatic gold due to the unique coins and rarity. Also, take a look at the number of sets being broken up for 2 unique coins and you add another case for a price rise in complete 5 coin sets. JMHO.

  217. Sam says

    Ok, so what is the last update on the waiting list, anyone get a shipment within the last two days — I’m still sitting at 38394xxx and hoping to see mine before x-mas!

  218. Drecollector says

    This set has not seen its full potential yet.. The problem right now is everyone else is spending money on christmas gifts and all kinds of other stuff, ANd also it doesnt help that the market is flooded with everybody trying to sell their sets. But Eventually people will end up realizing that this set is a Key set for the Silver Eagles. ANd 10 times rarer than the 20th anniversary set, And plus the Fact that it out shined the 20th annv. set in every category,. Youve got more coins, 1 extra rarer coin, the fact that it sold out after 4 1/2 hours, Silver price now was around $30 per ouce. When the 20th annv. set came out silver was right around $10 if I remember correctly, So there is no doubt that this set will Continue to see high premiums in the future. Also back in 2007 almost a year after the set came out. NGC and PCGS MS-70 PF70 sets were selling at close to 2 grand. And that was for 3 coins. Also now look at the UHR it took a couple years and look at the premiums. ONly time will tell,
    Also I am still waiting for my second set to come. Still on Backorder. Order Number 38392XXX— Anyone else get any shipments recently. I think the last sets that were delivered stoped around 38388 or 38389XXX

  219. Richard says

    This is a teriffic collectible,it will take sometime for supply and demand to determine true value.Release date right before Christmas wasn’t good for alot of folks.It will be interesting to watch.

  220. David says

    FYI: I spoke to an NGC representative today — she advised that 2011 Silver Eagle Anniversary sets are in the process of being graded back to November 22, 2011; meaning anyone sending them in recently, such as myself (Nov. 06, O-night) have a long wait ahead – so, that is 2 weeks. If turn-around time is normally 12 days, it will now be at least (estimate, considering last minute rush) 5-6 weeks before I get them back (maybe longer) — hopefully by at least mid January. Although I am not in any hurry, I am somewhat apprehensive.

  221. GMS says

    Looks like I may be one of the last then, my order #383896XX just shipped and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

  222. Drecollector says

    Winn says:
    December 7, 2011 at 1:41 am

    Why is the 25th Ann 10x more rare than the20th?

    I didint mean literally 10 times rarer. But Take into account all of the factors that I named.
    20th anniv. set has almost 3 times the mintage of the 25th.
    #1 You also have to take into account the fact that silver was around $10 an Ounce in 2006. And the initial sale price I believe was $100.so you figure that set was 10 times Spot price for silver = For a total of 3 Coins.
    If you did the same kind of equation for the 25th anniv. with silver spot at around $30 an ounce now. so $30 spot times 10 = $300. which was the exact price that it sold for. Ok basically that equation was pointless.But you could look at it that way.
    #2 THe fact that you 2 more coins in this set.
    #3 Also the 25th anniv. Set has 2 Rare Coins. The S-mint and the R-PF
    and the 20th anniv. Had one rare coin which was the R-PF.
    #4 Take into account the 2 Rare coins in this set now are the 3rd lowest silver eagles thus far. The lowest obviously is the 95 W, then you have the 2008 Reverse Of 07. , Then you have The S-Mint And R-PF
    #5 It sold out in 4 and half hours. And how long did it take for the 20th anniv. to sell out. no where near that. So I guess you could say its Alot RARER…

  223. Drecollector says

    Has anyone gotten a Set shipped with an Order Number After What (GMS Said)??? Which was 383896XX???? IF so what is the Order Number???

  224. J pay says

    got 5 opened 2 sets look great!!! 3 other sets still sealed for after first of year the sets i did open look at least 69 all look better than my 70 slabs think the last sets shipped are the first ones stamped as they all look GREAT! not going to grade as i think they look just fine in opg!! will be selling 1 or 2 sets after holidays my order times 5:10-5:16 GOOD LUCK TO ALL IS STILL WAITING KEEP THE FAITH

  225. brother says

    Still keeping the hope alive with two orders at 383919xx and 383927xx in process and not cancelled. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

  226. Drecollector says

    Hey (Brother)

    Your order must be exactly at the same time as mine, Because my order is 3839278X What time does your order say it went in at??? mine says 6:18PM EAST

  227. joe says

    >>FYI: I spoke to an NGC representative today — she advised that 2011 Silver Eagle Anniversary sets are in the process of being graded back to November 22, 2011; meaning anyone sending them in recently, such as myself (Nov. 06, O-night) have a long wait ahead – so, that is 2 weeks. If turn-around time is normally 12 days, it will now be at least (estimate, considering last minute rush) 5-6 weeks before I get them back (maybe longer) — hopefully by at least mid January. Although I am not in any hurry, I am somewhat apprehensive.<<

    Hello David,

    I sent in a sealed box of five sets to NGC on November 23rd, they were completed on Monday, and are now being shipped back. I just went the standard route, but NGC had an extremely fast turnaround. I doubt very much that your coins will take 5-6 weeks based on my experience.


  228. Konde says

    Can anyone offer a suggestion if this is a good time yet to buy graded 70 set. Prices have been falling like rock in the past few days may be because of the amazing number got MS70. The choice is between unopened box or graded 70 set. Are they still going to fall further? Thank you.

  229. joe says

    As for value, my two cents on this set is that it is going to drop near-term (3-6 months) because it’s going to be readily available as the flippers will be trying to get a quick return on their investment. After that, the supply will play out and this set will become more rare with specific coins (the reverse and S) becoming more difficult to find…especially in MS70/PF70 grades. Because it’s such a special set (5 beautiful ASEs, two rare, and a nice case), there will be demand for it long-term. The sets I purchased were for me and my kids/grandkids…they’re not going anywhere. I have a hunch others are of the same mind as well.

  230. joe says

    The market should be flooded over the next few months with everyone trying to sell. It will be a buyer’s market no doubt, and a person should purchase in that timeframe if they want the best price.

    Although the 2009 Gold UHR coin is not really apples to apples with this set, I certainly expect them to act similar from a purchasing standpoint. Initially, the UHR was the talk of the town and people were trying to get more than the single coin per household. But once the Mint relaxed on the household limit, the coin wasn’t exciting people as much. By the end of the UHR in early 2010, they weren’t selling too much higher than gold prices comparatively speaking. Fast-forward about 6 months and the UHR started getting legs. Now it is selling for a significant premium about its mint price. It should be kept in mind that gold is gold and silver is silver. Also there was significant foreign interest in the UHR (I’m not sure about the ASE from that standpoint).

    All that said, near-term flippers are going to get between $1K-1.5K at best because they’ve flooded the market; however, I can see an PF/MS70 set going for $2K a couple years out, and much higher 10 years out. I’m not one for labels, but the “set” labels on the non-unique coins (reverse and S) are also going to continue to garner a premium over the non “set” labels for 2011 ASEs (just as they are now).

  231. Winn says

    Silver px may take a dip early next year, and interest in the A25 sets will wind down further with diminishing interest and flippers clearing their stocks. Time is on your side…. I see no rush to buy at today’s price.

  232. Richard says

    I agree with Winn,at some point A25 will flat line,just set back.There will always be sets for sale.The days ahead will be interesting.I have no idea what the true number of ASEcollector is,but there plenty of collectors like you setting and waiting .

  233. Walt says

    The numbers reported are just starting. There appears to be a lot of 70’s.
    509192 2011-P $1 Silver Eagle Rev PR 25th Anniversary Set PR 8 45 24 77
    509191 2011-W $1 Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set, DC PRDC 6 55 29 90
    509299 2011-S $1 Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set MS 1 1 57 18 77
    509409 2011-W $1 Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set First Strike MS 1 4 101 1,291 2,274 3,671
    509408 2011 $1 Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set First Strike MS 2 11 86 1,549 2,045 3,693

  234. Richard says

    As a collector i wonder if it may be better just buying an unopened set when the timing is right,just have the cash in hand.Are there still open mint orders that have not been canceled?

  235. Dan says

    My experience with silver prices is that they go up sharply whenever either the euro or dollars are being heavily printed. The US share in the IMF fund is 17% so if the IMF lends money to stabilize the euro, the US will print more money (not to mention that they are printing a lot today). That said, silver prices as well as gold and platinum can only rise in the future (i.e., the trend should be upward), so if anything I see a premium above the price of silver being added to the A25 sets. I understand the comment that it’s a buyer’s market, but the buyer’s market was directly from the US Mint at $299.95, not at $700+ (but I know what you meant).

  236. Tim says

    Can anyone give me their thoughts on my error label 25th anniv set coins….I have 2 s mint mark coins with the Mercanti signature pcgs ms 70….but label has 2011 w on it…..then I have 2 coins with w mint mark with Mercanti signature pcgs ms 70 and the label has 2011 s…..one more thing….the serial numbers for both sets of s & w coins are consecutive…thanks for any input or advice….

  237. Richard says

    I can see your point of view,but if you will allow me to be the devils advocate.What i write is only my personal point of view. I doubt silver bullion cost has little to do with market value of the A25 sets,the collectors will determine the value(supply and demand).I need to do some research i would really like to know what the collector base is for this series.Thanks

  238. DCDave says

    Even though the numbers are high, the unexpected sell out of the proof ASEs will help the long term value of the set if you are a supply v. demand thinker.

  239. brother says

    My order 383919xx went in at 6:14PM and it is now on stock and reserved. Wow. Now only if my other order goes through, this will be a Merry Christmas.

  240. Drecollector says

    Mine is at 6:18 stil on backorder. I think by the end of the day it will be In stock and REserved

  241. Richard says

    That’s fantastic,good for you guys holding those late numbers,Dre keep us posted.Good luck.

  242. jim says

    383904XX I stock and reserved as of today. Ordered at 6:07pm. Woo hoo. Thanks to all the updates.

  243. Living on the Edge says

    Just got order shipped. Order #38389xxx, order placed at 6:02 pm. My Christmas list is complete! Good luck to those still waiting. As Jim said, thanks to all for the information and updates.

  244. mitch says

    I placed my first order at 12:03 pm #38324849, my next order was 383925XX about 67500 orders.With all the 5 set orders placed did the mint have some extras ? Just trying to figure this madness out still happy i got a 2nd though.

  245. Konde says


    You are right. I too was wondering myself. Will we ever find out if the Mint over produce the sets to meet the complaints from collectors? People on Ebay probably feel that way too. The flippers are dumping graded 70 coins for $1400.
    I thought it was a good buy at $1500. WOW.

  246. Richard says

    I can’t believe people returned sets.It will be interesting to see the final set production numbers.I’m happy for all of you.I wouldn’t be mad if they did mint a few thousand more set .The only one it would hurt would be the flippers.I wouldn’t be suprised to see these 70 sets to get down to a grand before Christmas.

  247. David says

    joe says:
    December 7, 2011 at 10:15 pm
    >>FYI: I spoke to an NGC representative today — she advised that 2011 Silver Eagle Anniversary sets are in the process of being graded back to November 22, 2011; meaning anyone sending them in recently, such as myself (Nov. 06, O-night) have a long wait ahead – so, that is 2 weeks. If turn-around time is normally 12 days, it will now be at least (estimate, considering last minute rush) 5-6 weeks before I get them back (maybe longer) — hopefully by at least mid January. Although I am not in any hurry, I am somewhat apprehensive.<>Hello David,

    I sent in a sealed box of five sets to NGC on November 23rd, they were completed on Monday, and are now being shipped back. I just went the standard route, but NGC had an extremely fast turnaround. I doubt very much that your coins will take 5-6 weeks based on my experience.


    Hi Joe —

    Hmmm, I would like fast turn around — lets hope so. I will post when I either get them or see that they are on the way back. Joe — you don’t happen to work for NGC, eh? (LOL!).


  248. says

    Every order number in sequence was not necessarily processed. There were many many orders that got to the checkout page and where kicked out of thier system and that order number was never actually issued. It happend to me several times in 6 hours before I finally got through. This just means that those numbers were skipped in the actual order sequence. Even though there may have been 67,000+ order numbers between 12:00 and 6:00 does not mean that all of those were actual orders. Probably about 20,000 – 30,000 of those were actually legitimate orders that went through without any system glitches. Once this is all over the supply will calm down and the prices will rise again. There just seems to be a glut of sets right now and it is completely understandable. They will dry up quickly after this initial rush.

  249. Dolores says

    Has anyone received shipping notices on any 3839100 numbers? I’ll be glad when this is all said and done. I’ve been ordering from the mint a very long time and never had this much suspense. It’s a good thing my heart is good 🙂
    All your info is very much appreciated.

  250. white lightning says

    At last I never thought I would make it.Credit card charged , shipping in process . one set #383899XX, one set approved for shipping 383917XX

  251. limalo says


    Thanks to you and your blog, I was able to get a 25th Anniversary set for my family from a fellow enthusiast. A contributor who goes by the name of SliderMaker-mp (not sure he would want me to post his real name) posted a note about a certain set with some flaws that he was contemplating giving “a burial at sea” or returning to the Mint. In response, I wrote a note that I would like to save it from certain doom. Because of this blog, we were able to get in touch with each other and work out a mutually satisfactory deal.

    Today, the set that was facing “burial at sea” arrived at my house. I must say, it is one beautiful set. Whatever flaws may have existed in the eyes of the original owner are not visible to me. I am very happy with the set.

    Thanks very much to Michael, SliderMaker-mp, and his friend (William of Kodiak, who originally rejected the set) all of whom contributed to making this possible. This is what collecting and the hobby are all about.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!


    limalo says:
    November 30, 2011 at 9:10 am
    Michael et al.,

    Just wanted to share that there are some great coin enthusiasts on this blog. Referring back to the posts by SliderMaker-mp and me on 11/25 at 8:02 p.m, 11/26 at 7:36 a.m, 11/27 at 12:14 a.m., 11/27 at 8:48 a.m. and 11/27 at 7:01 p.m, things worked out well to save a set from the Mint’s smelter and give a good home to a beleagured 25th Anniversary Set.

    Kudos to Michael for providing this blog as a forum for collectors, enthusiasts and others interested in US Mint coins; SliderMaker-mp for his willingness to help out a fellow enthusiast; and a certain William in Kodiak, who turned down the set due to quality issues thus making it available for my boys and me.

    Through the efforts of these folks, the set that faced possible extinction (“burial at sea,” the smelter or other impending doom) will now find a good home. Furthermore, a family which would not otherwise have gotten a set at Mint issue price will now have one as a possible family heirloom. Thanks, Michael, SliderMaker-mp and the aforementioned William in Kodiak.

    Take care, all!


  252. Drecollector says

    Tim says:
    December 8, 2011 at 10:42 am
    Can anyone give me their thoughts on my error label 25th anniv set coins….I have 2 s mint mark coins with the Mercanti signature pcgs ms 70….but label has 2011 w on it…..then I have 2 coins with w mint mark with Mercanti signature pcgs ms 70 and the label has 2011 s…..one more thing….the serial numbers for both sets of s & w coins are consecutive…thanks for any input or advice….

    Hey Tim,
    Just to give you a little advice. This isnt very uncommon at all. Things like this happens all the time at TPG. Now you basically have 2 options.
    1- You can either leave everything the way it is. or
    2- ON the back of the PCGS Forms it describes stuff like this and what to do.. I believe up to 14 days after you have received your sets if there happens to be an error on the labels you have that amount of time to send it back. And If you dont send it in by that time, You wont be able to get it switched down the road. I beleive thats what It says. But double check just in case…

    And If this had happened to me. I would advise yoou to send it back and get them switched back to the correct way. Thats what I would do.
    Because its not like your gonna be able to get extra money for this. Because techniquely that doesnt qualify as an error. Because it was a mistake by the grader. NOt an error from the mint.
    And for example I had a similar situation happen to me. And this is why you always have to be careful what you buy and make sure everytthing is right before you buy something. About a couple years ago I bought a silver eagle graded by NGC it was A MS-70 . I believe it was like a 2000 and Thats what the label said so I get the coin home, and the funny thing Is im looking over the coin and I read the date on the silver eagle and Its a 1998 or something like that. And at first i was excited because whatever date the actuial coin was would have been worth alot more but they said the only way I could sell it would have to be the date that is on the label. So the only other option I had was to crack it open and send it in, but then if for some reason it came back a lower grade or whatever then I would have lost some money.. Thanks and Take Care, Hope this helped

  253. Jack says

    The mint sent me an email yesterday. My order3839#### shipped! Looking forward to the sets. A friend sent his to NGC for grading. One was noted out of capsule, came back MS70

  254. vaughnster says

    Seems to me if the coin graded an MS-70 but an incorrect date was on the label that NGC would just relabel it and not have to re-grade the coin. I would have sent it back.

  255. Tim says

    to drcollector…thankks 4 advise….I think I will keep 4 now…I think being that I have both coins that go together with each having the other coins label may be worth more in future…with this set anything can happen with the rarity and excitement of the s mint mark coin…good luck to those waiting for orders….I was lucky and got mine ordered after working the phone for 2 1/2 hours after went on sale….

  256. Bryon says

    I noticed my back ordered set now has the expecting ship date of 12/24. Earlier this week it was the 12th. The weird thing is I’m still not sure if I’m even getting one! Time will tell.

  257. Broadwing says

    Today I received an e-mail from the mint that my order was shipped on 12/9/1011. Order # was 38390xxx

  258. Richard says

    This has nothing to do with the coins or delivery of said.It has to do with the the blue(what appears to be plastic)holders.One side is vertcal the other being a 45 degree angle.I discovered totally by accident if i took the two 45 edges and put them together they seem to be magnetic and attract each other.If anyone has two opened sets and at all interested give it a try.What the heck.I wonder who built ths packaging

  259. Dolores says

    I wonder how long it takes from the point of “your order has been shipped” to when it’s received by the buyer. You think 2-3 days?

  260. Still Hopeful! says

    Finally got my 3 separate orders shipped by the mint. I am very excited. Now, should i be an evil flipper and sell them sealed on that auction site? I do want a MS/PF 70 set to match my 20th set and i have noticed price are slowly going down. I should have them in hand by tomorrow. Anyone’s thoughts on this?

  261. Chrome says

    There are so many of these puppies on eBay right now………..geez……..and the Mint is still shipping. Hope the glut clears soon or people will be giving these things away. You would think 100K would have been a real choke hold on demand. Just 2K per state. This economy must be really bad.

  262. Richard says

    Ebay currently has over 1500 for A25 items,so many catagories it makes my head spin.The crazy wild prices are still out there,but what isn’t ther are the wild bidder.To me it has now becoming a market that is gradually bocominga market controlled buy the buyers telling the flippers what hey will pay.Just scroll page one them scroll the page 30,anyone that wants to sell currently will have to please pardon the expression,but drop your pants.To me the buying opportunity is coming for the key pieces in ms 69 or 70 is coming that is if you want to hold long term.The price at some point will flat line,and stay steady and slowly recover and create a stable market.There are some sellers at this point and days to come that will not be able to recover there cost of doing business. Those that have deep pocketswill hold and those that don’t will be forced to dump.Just my opinion.

  263. Bill says

    Email today order#38394xxx and #38395xxx back ordered ship date of 12/26. Still hope for a Xmas present. Talked to mint on fri and was told if order wasn’t cancelled by now chances are customers will be getting sets.

  264. Dolores says

    A friend received 3939xxx – today. IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. The case has about a quarter inch little ding on the inside ridge of the presentation box – the third from left coin was popped out of it’s spot, but still in the capsule. All in all I think the Mint did a beautiful job with the presentation box. I saw the set but didn’t see the desciption of the product – does that come separate? Usually the description of the product comes right in the case – right?

  265. Dolores says

    Thank you so very much … we finally figured it out after calling the Mint. We hadn’t want to risk damage removing the holder. Usually the COA is right where you can readily see it. Love this blog and support. Thanks again.

  266. CoinPerson says

    Bill, regarding your numbers: 38394xxx and 38395xxx -what time did you order the 38394xxx and if you don’t mind, can you give the 6th number? I’m trying to find out where my number fits in 383940xx. I also have expected to ship 12/26/2011 -Thanks!

  267. Sam says

    I’m right there with you with an order time of 6:32 — #383947XX

    I guess hope is still alive — the expected ship date is always 14 days from the current date (until you get off the ‘backordered’ list).

  268. Anon says

    As predicted, A25 prices have come down significantly from the first shipping receipts. Auctions for 5 A25 sealed boxes went for $4,200 plus early on. Prices have fallen just above $3,200 plus on the same sealed sets. I would think prices will continue to fall until they reach a more realistic number. Granted these will likely always have some premium, but it will take a long time for these sets to reach their prior peak.

  269. Drecollector says

    Ill tell you one thing about these sets that are going to be key in the future. Is having a full set. My boss and I were talking about this the other day,, I am a huge collector and I work for a coin shop. ANd i go to alot of shows small and some big shows. BUt the one thing that we have noticed is that the mojority of people that have these sets have opened them. Alot of the collectors just wanted a set and it didnt matter to them wheather or not it was opened. Which in the long run is goin to make the complete full sets worth even more. So sets that are kept in their Original Goverment Package and MS- PF 70 sets are gonna have significant premiums. And not only that but it will also help out the 69 sets. So when I think about this, It makes me wonder. How many sets are their out there?? And I mean full sets.?? Either sealed in the ogp or 70 sets and 69 sets.

    I would say there is going to be a small population compared to the 100,000. Which I can tell you right now. For the people that already have 70 sets or is thinking about getting a Perfectly graded 70 set. Is on the right track. And not mention with the prices for 70 sets as low as they are out their. Its almost crazy to not get a set. I mean I am shocked at how low some of thsee people are selling them . ITs almost giving them away,. And this set will definitly be a key set. A Long sleeper in my opinion. And what Im wondering might happen is now that their are so many sets that have been opened and will not qualify to get graded. Im wondering if this might raise the prices for the certified graded PF, W and Bullion. The 3 Non Key Coins. because think about it like this., if it happens to come out that there arent many full sets and Thay they have a very low population. Or how low will the non Key coins Populations be.?? It will be even lower because anybody that opened the sets can still send in just the S mint and Rev. Proof. Which is what alot did too. But on the other hand they wont be able to get the other 3 graded , Which means there will be a very low number of those coins out there. Just something to think about… But Full 70 sets are going to be KEY and right now is the best time to be buying them,

    .Because once all of the sellers sell all of their sets, the number of people selling these sets will slowyly get lower and lower. Right now the market is just flooded with them. And especially before christmas. People need money and people are tempted with the easy quck profit.. There are legitimate collectors that are thinking about selling or have already sold them due to the profits. And the reason why it keeps getting lower is when you have 500 sets on ebay. How are you supposed to get your site seen when there are so many out their. THe only way to compete is to offer something special to get people to bid on your auction and not the otehr guys. Which is why people are offering all kinds of stuff. Free shipping. Returns and they just keep lowering the prices, trying to out compete the comepetitor.

    Long story short. Once the amount of sets have gotten lower then people will be holding firm on prices, and there will be less of them out their.Then the people who were only buying them to sell them for a profit, wont be able too. Which will create a demand for the coins and this will raise the pricess.. This is just my opinion. It usually takes some time before the prices go crazy. WE still need to get an idea on what the popuilation is out their. FOr everything. And once peopple realize that this is a key set to have. Then more people are goin to want these sets, So just make sure your carefull out their. Some people might be waiting to see if the prices keep going down, and you never know you might end up waiting to long and then they might end up going back up before you know it…. thanks everybody and suggestions let me know. Take care

  270. Richard says

    Doug,Good Write.Up til recent days this A25 sell off has been driven by emotion,not one buyer on this secondary market buying spree has rflected an ounce of common sense,and it pretty much proves a point the 100,000 set will not satisfy the base collectors of this ASE series.This is one hell of a popular series.But what goes up with such furry will also come down it’s as old as the earth and with the Christmas buying season putting the pressure on the old cc balance the two will take a toll on those not having deep pockets or various other reasons.Lots of variables,i believe the price willcontinue to slip at least till after the first of the year and possibly some longer at some point it will flat line and stay steady.At sometime it will begin to recover .There will be plenty of buying opportunities.As long as the mint continues this series it will remain healthy>The mint could screw it up if they were to mint the SF and reverse proof annually,Hope that dosen’t happen.I have a set open on my desk as i’m writing .,damn there beautiful.i’m still excited.Good night.

  271. jim says

    I thought for sure I was out of luck. I had 5 sets in my shopping cart around 12:30. I kept getting kicked off while checking out, I even got as far as confirming the last step (Billing Address vs Shippng address.) I see people that have # 38394xxxx that were placed 6:15 or so. My order was confirmed at 6:32 PM with an order # 38392xxxx. I recieived the coins yesterday (Next day air).

    So it may depend on when you put the coins into the shopping cart also.

  272. Dolores says

    Sorry – the Dolores comment at 11:35 should have read “3839xxx” instead of 393 – probably readers figured that out.

  273. Dan says

    If a fellow collector is unable to obtain a set, how does one go about helping them out (with an extra set) at a mutually agreed upon price? I don’t know the rules to this site & don’t want to get into trouble. Thank-you.

  274. Drecollector says

    Hey Richard,
    Thanks for the comments, I think your right.. Your dead on.. ANd I agree with you too. I really hope they dont make the S Mint and Reverse Proof anually. That would totally screw things up.. Because those kind of designs should only be special to an anniv. set. But who knows with the mint. They might end up doing something like that just for the people who wernt able to get a set or something like that. Hopefully they wont.. I also love looking at the set too. Its simply remarkable. Some times the mint just doesnt get it.. But then their are other times where the mint suprises you.. I am actually still kinda shocked that the price was as low as it was for the set.. I mean i really thought that mint would have charged alot more just because they can. I am always excited when there is a low mintage product out there for a good/ fair price. IT makes the set something worth collecting. And thats what coin collecting is all about. Trying to get something that is not only RARE, but something that is highly sought out by others.

    ALso just a little update on my other set. It seems from what Ive read so far the mint has shipped up until 6:16 Pm Easter Time. which i believe was right around order number 383925XX. So far i dont thin any have shipped after that. I am actually only 2 min after that order. And my staus is still on backorder. But for example I got a letter yesterday saying expected ship date 12/26. Well my brother ordered a set and he said that the mint sent him the same letter about 4 or 5 days before they ended up shipping out his set. SO what ive been able to conclude is that. I am pretty sure everone that recieved one of those letters yesterday will most likely get a set.. Good luck everyone..!!
    Also my 2nd Order was at 6:18 Pm. East tme. My order number is 383927XX. So I think I am litterally the next person to recieve a set. ANd I will update everone on here as well.

    Also lets try and figure out what the latest order number is that recieved an email from the mint. SO anybody who reads this and has recieved a letter with the backorder status, let us know your order number so we can try and firgure out when or what might be the last order to receive a set.. Thanks to all

  275. says

    In checking the internet auction sales (ebay) of these 25th anniversary sets, it seems that the graded sets far exceed those still in the original government packaging. Of course this is driving down the population of the OGP sets. In the long run maybe these sets will be the more desirable ones to the true collector.

  276. Rusty Shackleford says

    Still waiting on my order like many of you. 38393XXX Back-ordered/Still in process. So is the general consensus that if orders were not canceled by now then you should receive a yet at some point? Also I went to my local coin shop today they had a set open on display for $950…OUTRAGEOUS

  277. threebee says

    I am sitting here watching the coin vault on tv and they are stating that the early release pedigree is no longer available. That is just fine with me. Now that the majority of sets sent in are with the pedigree early release or first strike what will the population be of sets without that pedigree. It seems to me that there will be a whole lot less of the normal pedigree compared to the early release. Just a question and thought.

  278. Drecollector says

    Hey Threebee,
    IM not sure if that is entirely true anyways. Because As far as what I remember is that as long as the sets that you recieve are still sealed in the original OGP. You can send them in anytime and get the Early Releases Pedigree. I think what they are refering to is if the set is opened up, and your sending in just the S mint and The Rev.PF. then you cant receive the early releases pedigree. But you should always call PCGS or NGC and ask because I wouldnt believe the COIN VAULT. Because techniquely alll of the sets were sold out in 5 hours. SO they all should be able to get the Early Releases. I know they have done it like that before where anyone can get the early releases just as long as your willing to pay for it.. I know they did that with one of the 5 Ounce Uncirculated ATB Quaters. I forget which one. Because they sold out in like 10 days. But I really am not sure about this set. Actually now that I think about it.. I just remembered. They wont offer Early Releases for anybody if the set has been opened. Since they offer 3 of the 5 coins seperatly , there is no way to know wheather or not somebody switched some of the coins.. So What I think it is, is that anyone that sends in the box in OGP I think can get the early releases anytime. Also if you send in just the 2. The S mint, and Rev. PF. then you should be able to get those 2 as early releases whenever you want.. Because those 2 coins only came in this set which was all sold out in 5 hours. SO as far as I know thats what it is..

  279. threebee says

    I just looked NGC’s website and the cut off date for early release pedigree for the 25th anniversary set was Dec. 8th.

  280. Richard says

    Michael,Will you be writing a final summary,including final mintage numbers?Thank you for your work.It’s been fun and informative.

  281. Jon says

    Any new shipments? Just curious; order is still in process. Hope? I hope if the mint is finished shipping they will let us “in-process” group down easy… Especially during this time of year 🙂

  282. bill says

    just checked mint site order#38394xxx and 38395xxx cancelled. total bummer . had hope i might get a xmas present but guess not

  283. Rusty Shackleford says

    Order 383837XX Canceled. I really thought I had a chance. Some people got tons of sets and I couldn’t even get one. Wonderful.

  284. Sam says

    Order 383947XX – Item is no longer available.

    Thank you Mint for dragging this out for all this time — and I thought I had a chance!

  285. Coin says

    All my outstanding orders 38397xxx – 38399xxx are now cancelled!!!
    Thanks for letting me know Before x’mas, Mint! Well done, now, i dun have to wait no more. Will wait for 30th anv now.

  286. Russ says

    I know it hurts to be waiting all this time, but the sets are cheaper now than they have been ever. I too had to purchase from the secondary market. 383955XX canceled 3 weeks ago. The prices are still falling, but who knows for how long, they will flaten soon and then go the other way.
    Thanks Micheal For all that you do.
    Merry Xmas to all

  287. ED says

    38393648 cancelled today. must have been about 5-6 minutes too late in the ordering process at 6:21, Oh well, life will go on

  288. Brian P says

    Well I see the Mint is finally out!!! I too was on backorder 38393xx until this morning. Another mint fiasco to add to the list. I called the Mint and voiced my concern over the handling of this set. I’ve been a long time customer, and my father was a customer for over 40 years. I’m done with the mint. They did give me an address to write about my concerns and experience and I’m going to do it. She said the letters will make it to Washington. Address is: Fullfillment Center, 2799 Reeves Rd., Plainfield, IN 46168. I urge all of you coin enthusiasts to do the same so WE can make a difference!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian

  289. brother says

    My order at 383927xx is still live and I believe I have a 6:17PM time stamp. If an order placed at 6:21PM was canceled today and the last shipment of coins when out at 6:16PM, where is cutoff? Very stressful.

  290. Richard says

    The sets have all been distributed,was it perfect,no.Did we all know there were a limited mintage? Yes.Where there a lot of scammers?Yes.Coud the mint weed out all the scammers?No.Did a lot of people get denied for various reasons?Yes.Were there issues that were not fair ?Yes.So what am i saying?Get over it.One hell of a lot of collectors got denied.Under the conditions i believe the USA mint did a reasonably good job..

  291. Drecollector says

    Hey Brother,, IM not really to sure when the cutoff is but it has to be really close.. My order I think is literally gonna be the last one or a min. behind. Because my order status still says backorder, I still have hope..

    My Order was placed at 6:18pm Eastern. And AS far as I know they have delivered up untill 6:16 Pm. Eastern. So far,

    My Order # is 383927XX.. So that is really close.
    ANd the last order number that received a set, If i can remember was order numner 3839 Somethin.. SO im like right there.
    Take CAre Everyone.. ANd for everyone who didint end up getting one.. IM sorry to hear that and good luck in the future.

  292. Dan says

    I too have noticed that the sets are falling online. Seems like the people who made out were those that corralled their friends and family and maxed out on multiple sets and were one of the first to receive the sets. Sets are now available for sub $600 which for the true collector still hurts as it’s 2x what he could have gotten it for.

    I wrote a letter to the US Mint stating that I have been a long time customer (since 1973), and would have preferred that they adhere to a strict 1 per household set at least for the first week allowing the true collectors a chance to obtain at least one set, or raised the mintage limit. It’s a special set, and I understand the need for some limits, but it’s a great disservice to the long time customers.

    Does anyone know if there is a service whereby one can get US Mint Proof and Uncirculated coins unofficially graded to help determine which coins are worth submitting to the TPG’s? I have sets going back to the 1950’s through today that I’d like to grade – not all of them, but just the ones that might grade 70 or close to it. Thank-you

  293. Chrome says

    I also think those early sellers had special pull with the grading companies too. I am finally getting everything back from PCGS today after submitting five sets on the 18th of November. For those who were able to sell certified sets in hand on eBay by the last week in November; that required big capital, man power, excellent planning, and connections. Let’s hope the glut clears soon and prices trend upward. I have one 70 set to keep for myself and four 69 sets that I will sell and give away for Christmas.

  294. silver sam says

    Never thought this topic would get so buried…:)…with all of the action on EBAY….sets being sold as only the box, 2 unique coins being pulled/graded and sold, remaining 3 coins being sold with box….etc. was wondering out of 100000 sets, how many remain either complete as is and opened, or sealed….I am guessing abourt 50%….how about your input??…

    And happy holidays to all of you on this site!!!!!!!!!

  295. Richard says

    Thank you Sam,there are all sorts of angles to be explored.I guess once the final deliveries were made people just lost interest.Looking at Ebay sellers have come up with all sorts of packaging for A25.At this point the smoke has pretty much cleared.Flippers are trying to get rid of odds and end of split sets.I personally have no idea what the number of split set would be but if i were to make a quess i would say 20 -30%.At that 70-80 thousand remaining sets in tact,graded and raw.I would like to know how many collectors of ASE there are.Do you know what the number of graded sets and singles is?Also are people satisfied in the way ther sets are grsded?Are ther mint quality control issues?I myself see these issues.Possible planchet defects.They appear to be perfect until looked at under x5.Being a collector i’m not all that concerned.My sets will always be kept raw.With little interest in selling.I like the idea of natural complete raws set myself.Merry Christmas

  296. stephen m. says

    silver sam, 50% might be pretty accurate but i would just make a guess at no more than 40%. I don’t have the numbers of graded sets graded by PCGS, NGC etc. availiable to me. I would like to see any updated figures on the number of graded sets. I also wonder how many sets have been violated (meaning that the sets are incomplete now.) We may never know for sure but i think there are educated guesses or real figures that other bloggers may have in mind. And a Merry Christmas to you too!!!!!!

  297. Dolores says

    Silver Sam – I have observed the same thing. My impression of this set on Ebay is that a huge percentage is graded and sold without a box. There are an abundance of these right now and sooner or later the original set in the original box will become scarce. I went to a monthly coin show this past Sunday in my neighborhood – the dealers that are “movers and shakers” had numerous unopened Mint mailed boxes in their spots. I observed one person selling one set to one dealer for $600 – the odd thing to me was the dealer hardly inspected the box. There are all kinds of predictions from “prices will go down,” to “the set will reach $1500” after the holidays. We shall see. My prediction is the prices will settle between $600 and $800. That’s my two cents. Happy Holidays!

  298. Chrome says

    Two weeks ago, there were 1800 sets on eBay – these being complete, raw, graded, sealed, or partial. Today, there are 1000. My best estimate is that the PCGS FS Complete 70 set with OGP will be the winner. The 2006 20th Anniversary set in PCGS FS 70 with OGP is going for $2400. If you submit five 2011 Anniversary sets to PCGS for grading – you will probably yield 1 full 70 set and the rest will be partial 69-70. The 2011 reverse proofs in PR-70 are elusive. The 2011-W in MS-70 seems pretty common; yet it will be the lowest minted burnished Unc of the series. The Reverse Proof, S-Mint, and the W-Unc will always demand a growing premium – especially if they are FS 70 certified. Also, outside of the set, the 2011-(S) may show strength with an estimated mintage of 3.0M. Its mintage is less than the 1996 Unc (3.6M).

  299. Tim says

    chrome…..great entry….what are your thoughts on the mercanti signature pcgs fs 70 set….merry xmas everyone….

  300. Drecollector says

    Hello Everybody just a little Update.. Today I got some really good News My order is IN STOCK AND RESERVED, so awesome..
    My Order # 383927XX

    SO anybody else that is still waiting and hasnt been canceled should check the site today.. And if you have any updates. Post them.. Thanks

  301. firstcoinboy says

    Richard you read as if you are very level headed. Good Job. Question please. You wrote that you do not want to have your coins graded and that you like them raw. What about the Idea of encapsulatting keeping the coins safe from the environment?

  302. Chrome says

    Hi Tim,

    Per five coin set, the Mercanti signed inserts from PCGS were an additional $110 over the standard FS Blue Label certification. Where it cost $250 to have one set graded with the FS Mercanti signature inserts and $140 for the standard FS blue labels. I also believe that some people paid an additional $100 per set to expedite the grading of their signature sets to get them to market early. The signature inserts should add $100-200 to the retail cost of the signature sets over the FS blue label sets in the market place. However, I have an entire set of Proof & Unc ASEs (1986-2011) in PCGS blue labels and I preferred to have everything match. So, for me, I decided not to go with the signed inserts. There may be others that think this way too. Also, I saved $550 in grading costs when having my five sets graded with the blue labels vs. the signed labels.

  303. Natatack says

    Got my coins back from NGC today all the S and no mintmark coins have the dimple in the tip of the tail.

  304. Richard says

    Firsrcoinboy,I live about 40 miles south of San Francisco.Typically we do not have excessive humidity or wild temperature swings.My collection of ASE are stored in a safe.I have had no envriromental damage and little of what is refered to as milk spotting.I would quess certain geographical areas might possibly have more of these issues.I’m sure a controlled climate would be ideal.Metal sweat when they go through cooling warming process,i would think that moisture would be enemy number one.

  305. Jesse says

    I need some advice on a problem that I have with the 25th Anniversary sets. I incurred as Dave Ramsey might say, a stupid tax. I decided to buy five sets before Xmas on Ebay. Seller said box was unopened but when it arrived all OGP identification had been scratched off (supposedly post office made him take it off). Yes he did not put into another box for shipment. I opened the box not realizing it to be the OGP. It has so much Priority tape on it that I could not tell if the box had previously been opened. I examed all five sets and found one set that was missing the “S” coin and in its place a no mint bullion coin. So question is how likely is it that the MInt messed up on this set. or would you assume that the seller switched the coin. Any advice other than to look in the mirror and say “stupid”. My recourse at this time is nil.

  306. Drecollector says

    I received 1 set on Dec.27th. I think Im one of the last orders

    Hello Jesse, To answer your question..

    Truthfully it sounds like the seller switched it on you.. And the reason why I think this is because I think he figured that you were going to either A- Keep them sealed in the box. Which means you wouldnt have noticed untill you sold it or got it graded. OR B- He figured you were going to send the whole set to get graded, and by the time NGC Or PCGS got back to you and told you that they wont except it, becasue it has been opened. BY then it would be too late to return it on ebay… In which case he would have gotten away with it..
    Its a win win situation for the seller. ITs not right but it doesnt suprise me. And my guess is when you received the sets from the seller you probably wrote the feedback right away.. So not only would you not have been able to return it but you probably would have given him good feedback too…

    Now Im not saying that this couldnt have happend from the mint, but I think it was the seller, from the way you described it.. Im wondering why he didint send it inside of another box..
    P.S. Just make sure you watch the seller on ebay from here on out and see if he happens to sell of a Single S minted coin.. then youll know.. I doubt they would be that stupid but you never know… Take care and hope everyone had a happy holiday..

  307. Dave says

    As I stated in a previous comment — I shipped my Silver Eagle Anniversary sets overnight mail on December 07, 2011. I received them at the post office yesterday, January 09, 2012. Thus, processing time was approx. 1 month.

  308. Dave says

    Grades (NGC) are as follows:

    2011-W 4-MS70 and 1-MS69

    2011-W (Proofs) 3-PF/UC-70 and 2-PF/UC-69

    2011-P (Rev. PFs) 3-PF70 and 2-PF69

    2011-P 2011-S 4-MS70 and 1-MS69

    2011-(Bull) 4-MS70 and 1-MS69

  309. Dave says

    CORRECTION to remove 2011-P/is 2011-S

    Grades (NGC) are as follows:

    2011-W 4-MS70 and 1-MS69

    2011-W (Proofs) 3-PF/UC-70 and 2-PF/UC-69

    2011-P (Rev. PFs) 3-PF70 and 2-PF69

    2011-S 4-MS70 and 1-MS69

    2011-(Bull) 4-MS70 and 1-MS69

    Note also, I look to see prices climb back up once market supply comes down. Silver is also going up and will affect price.

  310. BDF says

    Tim, I believe you’re right, sure are a lot being graded with less and less in OGP. Might be very interesting in the years to come!!

  311. Dave says

    Yeah, I had all the government packaging and COA’s returned with the graded Slab/Coins. Mine were all graded Special Anniversary label.

  312. Tim says

    One of my favorite coin web sites has many slabbed sets in all the various grades in the 10 – 20 range for their amount of sets. For a OGP regular set, a total of “1”.

  313. BDF says

    The non graded mint box sealed sets could fetch a bigger premium than the opened sets. Without the added cost of having them graded. Win Win

  314. BDF says

    Not sure there’s a lot of readers on this anymore but just curious how many mint sealed sets readers still have. All 5 of mine are, anybody else? Something to hand down to my kids/grandkids someday.

  315. Dave says

    I would have either sent them in to be graded while sealed; however, you won’t get the Blue Annivesary Label, but will still get anniversary label of some kind (NGC). OR I would open them and put the coins that came out of the capsules back into them or at a minimum, make sure the capsules that are coming open or out of their slots are properly stored.

  316. BDF says

    I still can. I think they’ll accept for about a year. My ship date was after the Early release time anyway so that was not a factor. So you feel I should have them graded?

  317. lee says

    Hi: BDF, As you my know, if you open the mint box you can only get the P and S coins graded as 25th Anniv.set. The other 3 coins were made all year and the grading co. can’t tell one from the set from the other millions made. In 1995 the 10th ann. set had a silver dollar and 4 gold coins and the ones still in the set do not sell for more now. They only made 30125 of those and sell for$3500 in 69 and $7 to $15K in 70. There are est. that as many as 1/2 to 2/3 of the 25th ann. set got opened. If that is true, than the 3 other coins in those set are gone as far as grading go’s. That meens that there is only 33000 to 50000 of them that get graded. With a pop that low, they will be the lowest pop other than the 30125 in the10th ann. sets. That will make them worth much more in the long run, even more than the P mint and S mint coins. That is why I had my set graded…. GOOD LUCK!

  318. Dave says

    BDF (Yes, I would get them graded and have all the orig. Mint package/COA’s returned) — Lee, is correct on the two (2) coins that can get the Blue Label, IF the box is NOT opened; HOWEVER, IF the box has been OPENED, you can still get a brown (I think it is actually dark/red/maroon), label, signifiying 25th Aniversary — it will also have a digitized eagle picture. I believe I saw one of these for sale on e-bay and it was as I described. Here are the exact (See para 4, below) instruction’s from NGC’s web site. Hopefully, they will not mind this post, since I am crediting them (NGC) with the following:

    Label Submission Instructions

    Coins must remain in the sealed US Mint shipping boxes, and the entire unopened package must be sent to NGC for certification.

    NGC must open these boxes in order for the coins to qualify for the
    25TH ANNIVERSARY SET pedigree.

    Note: If NGC receives the package unsealed, only the reverse proof and S mintmark coins will receive the NGC 25th label. All other coins will get NGC’s standard brown label with 25th Anniversary in the coin overprint.

    Select the Modern Special Tier or higher.

  319. Dave says

    Note: I believe an open set (3-coins of 5) will get the brown/red label, ONLY if sent in as a set.

    If anyone decides to send in anniversary sets, I recommend calling them first to validate this information.

    The above information was posted to NGC’s website on 10/26/2011, Titled:

    “NGC Offers Label for 25th Anniversary Eagle Sets”

  320. Dave says

    CORRECTION: Post on February 18 @ 6:41 p.m.. The two (2) coins will only get the Blue Annivesary label if the set IS OPENED (Other’s will get brown/red label). If NOT opened all coins should still be able to get Blue Label.

  321. BDF says

    Dave, Thanks for the info. Checked the NGC site and shows I have until Nov. of this year to get sent in for grading. My ship date on box is 12/9/11 so no Early Release label possible if I read the info correct. Thanks to you too, Lee, all info helps!!

  322. Dave says

    BDF — Your welcome. You are correct, the Cut off date for “Early Release” label, was December 09, 2011 — they had to be received at NGC by that date.

  323. Dave says

    BDF — Your welcome. You are correct, the Cut off date for “Early Release” label, was December 09, 2011 — they had to be received at NGC by that date.

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