25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set Announced

The United States Mint has just announced plans to issue a five-coin American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set. The maximum mintage would be 100,000 units, with an ordering limit of 5 per household, and anticipated start of sales in late October.

From the available information, the set seems to contain two coins unique to the set. If this is correct, these two coins would be tied for the second lowest mintage Silver Eagles, after the key date 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle.

The US Mint’s press release indicates that each set will contain:

  • one Proof Silver Eagle from the West Point Mint
  • one Uncirculated Silver Eagle from the West Point Mint
  • one Uncirculated Silver Eagle from the San Francisco Mint
  • one reverse proof Silver Eagle from the Philadelphia Mint
  • one bullion Silver Eagle

The 2011-W Proof Silver Eagle is currently available for sale from the US Mint individually, priced at $59.95. The 2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle has been scheduled for individual release on September 29, 2011 with the price not yet announced. Bullion versions of the Silver Eagle have been available since the start of the year, produced at the West Point Mint or San Francisco Mint without a mint mark.

The two potentially unique coins included in the set are the 2011-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle and the 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. Provided they are not released in any other format, these coins would have a mintage of 100,000 each, in line with the maximum production level established for the set.

In 2006, the US Mint offered the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set, which included the 2006-W Proof Silver Eagle, 2006-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle, and 2006-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle, priced at $100, limited to 250,000, with a limit of ten per household.  Additional offerings included a 20th Anniversary Gold Eagle Set, which included a similar line up of one ounce gold coins, with the sets priced at $2,610, limited to 10,000 units and ten sets per household. Finally, the 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Eagle Set  included the one ounce 2006-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle and 2006-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle, priced at $850 per set and was limited to 20,000 units. The first two sets sold out within weeks. The final set sold out after a few months.

Following the release of the 20th anniversary sets, the US Mint later offered the uncirculated coins with the “W” mint mark separately. The reverse proof coins remained unique to the set.

Earlier in the year, I had speculated that the US Mint might offer a 25th anniversary set for the American Silver Eagle. From the details released so far, the offering seems to be an excellent opportunity for collectors. Barring any unforeseen factors, the sets should sell out quickly and move on to secondary market success.

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  1. Vaughnster says

    I’m stoked! What a great set this sounds like. I’m guessing it will cost between $350 and $400 if silver doesn’t spike above $45 oz. I’m in for 5!

  2. TMM says

    THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!!! I am also in for 5 sets. Start calling at Noon the day of the sale, I predict a sell out within hours – I know this is bold, but I think a sell out will be possible within the first 3 hours, we will see.

  3. Louis says

    Regarding the San Francisco coin, I don’t see anything in the Mint’s announcement that specifically states that it will have an “S” mintmark. So it is possible that only the reverse proof will be unique, but even if that is the case, it will be a great set.

  4. Michael says

    I noticed that too, but it would kind of defeat the purpose of having separate uncirculated coins from the West Point and San Francisco Mints if they didn’t use mint marks. Also, since these are collectible versions, there is really no reason to not include the mint mark. They left the “S” off the bullion coins because they were bullion. Finally, CoinWorld published an article indicating that mint marks will be used for all coins except the bullion.

    If it is not confirmed by the mint elsewhere, I will confirm the “S” mint mark on the uncirculated version before the sets go on sale.

  5. JA says

    Very exciting news indeed. Sounds like it will be an awesome set that every collector will want to own at least one of.

    Sign me for 5!

  6. says

    This is great news!!

    One question/problem. In 2006, if you wanted to have a set graded and get the “official anniversary label” you had to send the set in the unopened mint shipping box.(this was to autheticate all the coins were from the Anniversary set and not purchased individually). So, keep that in mind if you plan on purchasing five sets, but only want two sets graded. You will need to make two separate purchases.

  7. Brad says

    Wow! I’m in for five sets for sure. I just have to be sure to have enough funds available when the time comes!

    I’m glad the Mint plans to allow more than 1 per household, but it’s also kind of scary. The first 20,000 orders placed could wipe out the entire issue. There will definitely be a LOT more than 20,000 collectors competing for these!

  8. Brad says

    One thing that would have made this even better would have been including an uncirculated coin from Philadelphia with the “P” Mint Mark, and making the reverse proof coin at Denver with a “D” Mint Mark. There has NEVER been a “D” Silver Eagle before, and that would have been a really nice addition to the set.

  9. says

    I’m in. I was just starting grad school in 2006 and so poo’ I couldn’t afford all the letters I needed to type. So I got one of the silver. And cursed myself for not getting at least two and now with the gold one so friggin’ high … yeah, I’m in for 5 of this and 5 more if I can convince a friend.

  10. CaptainOverkill says

    FANTASTIC! I can’t wait for this! Hopefully they’ll be reasonable about the price and set it around $300-$315. I agree with the rest of the posters, this thing is going to vanish within hours. I am really excited now.

    Outta the way, AtB-Ps, King Eagle is here! 😉

  11. Ikaika says

    Time to unload the 2006 Reverse Proof. It will not be one of a kind anymore, plus the 250K mintage is more than double of the 2011. I wonder if the Mint will use the same process to produce these Reverse Proofs. Milk spots were a major problem.

  12. fosnock says

    Thank you!!! I hate the mint they are going to make a killing on this I wish they would have used less coins, but its a game I will have to play.

  13. Paddy says

    Agree with Julie, first week one per customers after that increase to whatever they like. But give the collectors a chance. I will order mine on the first day. This will be a crown Jewel Set.

  14. David B says

    Sell out ahead!!! especially if mint marks are added. If mint marks are not added than this set may be packaged to set the S bullion coin apart from the standard bullion coin . 5oz of silver in this set, mintage of 100k, set should sell for $285-$350

  15. Keith says

    I’m excited for this set! My wife is going to kill me though. I’ve spent some serious $$ this year on mint offerings already.

  16. fosnock says

    Julie I agree with you in principle but its a risk they take in able to flip for a profit. As far as the mint is concerned they usually know what they are doing. The Hot Springs ATB coin was suppose to sell out in a day, it didn’t. The
    2009 Abraham Lincoln Coins and Chronicles Set was suppose to sellout in a day, it didn’t (close but no cigar), even the normal Lincoln Commemorative was suppose to be untouchable and it was not. Although it may not be in this case what I’m saying is that so far the hype of sellouts has yet to match the reality. Basically if you want a set you may have to struggle a bit but you should be able to get one.

  17. CaptainOverkill says

    Speaking of silver, it looks like they may have suspended the 2010 silver quarters and silver proof sets. It’s possible they just ran out of stock – the message says “This product is temporarily unavailable” as opposed to “This product is temporarily unavailable for product repricing.”

    Folks who want the 2011 sets should get them while they still can.

  18. RSF says

    They must have decided that the 2011 ATBs weren’t going to sell well and there will be plenty of silver available for 500,000 more silver eagles. Wasn’t it just over a year ago that there was a shortage… New management??

    I look forward to buying a set. However, just a P D S W group would have been more unique, especially with the D as a reverse proof.

  19. VA Bob says

    I agree with the others that want 1 set per household. If but just to keep the pressure of the mint website for the first day or three (after the usual 12 noon rush of course). Then they can open it up for the flippers. At 100K they won’t have a problem selling out quickly.

    You have to hand it to the mints marketing team, adding more coins to maximize profits. The collector squeeze of 2011 continues for those needing the Mints PM offerings this year.

  20. rpw says

    Do anyone know if there will be a 25th Anniversary Gold Set?
    With prices breaking $1850 now, it could be very pricey.
    Then if prices drop below $1000 after this bull run tires out, it could sting pretty bad.

  21. ultra-crepidarian says

    The only thing they could add to improve the set would be a 2009 Proof Silver eagle.

  22. jim says

    Daniel Carr has a nice 2009 Proof Silver Eagle, I will get me 5 sets you can bet on it. Thanks Michael for the good news. Jim

  23. jason says

    please help me. i am out of money, but need this. if i can’t sell any more of my presidential dollars i will just have to take them to the bank. i have already purchased the 2011 proof eagle and was planning on getting 2011-w uncirculated silver eagle(release date 09/29). what mint is the 2011 proof from? will the single 2011-w uncirculated be the same as the one in the set? still looking forward to my sep 11 medal. i guess they just went off sell

  24. DS says

    “What mint is the 2011 proof from?”

    West Point Mint (the W mintmark)

    “Will the single 2011-w uncirculated be the same as the one in the set?”

    Yes, the UNC-W as well as the Proof-W in the five coin set will be the same as the individual coins released by the mint. The unique coins to the five coin set will be the reverse proof and the UNC from San Francisco (if it includes the “S” mintmark as many expect it will).

  25. bob says

    Based on current pricing and estimated pricing, this set should cost no more than 1 2010-P ATB:

    2011 proof silver eagle – $60 x 2
    2011 unc eagle (guesstimate) – $50 x 2
    2011 bullion eagle – $45

    The $265 price would include a nice profit margin for the Mint, based on current pricing of individual coins.

  26. Two Cents says

    I was kind of hoping that the 25th Anniversary silver eagle would be a 5-ounce, 3-inch coin, like the ATB ones. The obverse and reverse designs would have looked pretty spectacular in a big size.

    And since we’re speculating on what the price of the 5-coin silver set might be, here is my two-cent’s worth: $375, to account for future increases in silver prices, and for the wooden presentation case.

  27. Henry C says

    This is awesome news. I am just worried about the number of US Mint products that are up for sale. This set will add to it. Very tough for the average collector (like me) to keep up. Because of the ATBs I had to bypass the ASEs.

  28. stephen m. says

    Five silver eagles. Why not a mint mark on the bullion eagle? It is an anniversary special set. It is getting hard for me to purchase all the silver being put out by the mint but i’ll somehow find a way, maybe a loan?

  29. Brad says

    There is absolutely no WAY the San Francisco unc coin WON’T have a Mint Mark. Think about it. How many times have we ordered a set of encapsulated coins from the Mint where it arrives with the capsules loose inside, out of their holes? Even if there were labels under each hole saying which coin belongs in that hole (that’s never happened as I recall), once they were dislodged there would be no way to differentiate the SF Eagle from the bullion eagle!

  30. Wylson says

    I think Jimmy and “Two Cents” have the pricing right. The $245 is way to low with melt at $210 for 5 ounces. With all the special packaging and 2 unigque coins, no way below $350.

  31. fosnock says

    Everyone it will be at least spot + 30% just like the other coins (I’m thinking about the 2009 UHR, which also came in a nice presentation box). The current spot price is around $43 but lets take it up to $50 so the coins themselves will be worth about $250, and 30% of $250 is $75, so at that calculation we are looking at $325. But if we look at the cost and spot price of the 2011 silver eagle when it was released, we have a spot price of $37, and a cost of $59.95. That is roughly a 40% markup so now we are looking at least $350, but being the mint they will sell it at just under $400

  32. Otis Criblecoblis says

    Ahh yes. these sets could easlily be $350 or more depending on what the price of silver is 2 months from now. silver was up over 5% just yesterday and could easily be well over $50 oz and at an all time high by the time these sets are available for sale. lets hope silver prices stay below $50oz by then but if not it could cost close to $2000 to get 5 of these sets.

  33. Don says

    with the set coming out im trying to save money and may not purchase the American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin since it is in the set.

    Are you all buying the uncirculated one coming out at the end of Sept?

  34. Wylson says

    I concur. Why buy the ‘W’ separately, unless you want to order a large amount of UNC ‘W’s.

  35. Tim says

    “All five coins will be mounted in one custom-designed, highly polished, lacquered hardwood presentation case accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity”

    Add another $75 for packaging.

  36. simon says

    There may be some advantage to having the W uncirc in OGP if you are a collector if series.

  37. vaughnster says

    All the talk of a sell-out within hours is laughable. If a sell out happens within 24 hours of release it will be a surprise. As a previous post pointed out, several issues were considered a lock to sell out within a day which never happened. This set at a mintage of 100,000 is a huge number and just because there is a limit of 5 per household doesn’t mean everyone will order 5. People have plenty of time to plan to purchase this set in October and there’s no reason whatsoever that those wanting a set who order within the first day or two can get one. You snooze, you lose………

  38. jimmy says

    be sure the mint include the (S) mint mark on the San Francisco uncirculated silver coin. if not i won’t buy it. if there is no s mint mark. that’s mean two bullion coins that can not be differentiate.and will make confusion. two other coins. composed of one proof and one uncirculated. both with (w) mint mark. these two coins already have their own. mintage are huge. and lastly, the only left is the reverse proof. that will be the real good one. mintage only 100,000. but if (s) mint mark include it. then two coins both have a mintage of 100,000. that will be the great. and i will buy.

  39. Brian says

    I remember it took quite a while for the 2006 20th anniversary silver eagle set to sell out, and that had a mintage of 250,000 and a household limit of ten. With the higher price and the lower household limit, I think this 25th anniversary set will take days to sell out, not hours.

    And I would love to see a five-coin 25th anniversary GOLD eagle set. That would be, as Katy Perry would say, AWESOME Mom!

  40. jimmy says

    the mint make a mistake by not include the (s) mint mark on those bullion unc silver eagle.

    the mint make a mistake by not issue the gold eagle. while gold is very popular now.

    the mint have to change the director again.

  41. Otis Criblecoblis says

    Ahh yyes, the mint will likely charge a nice premium for these coins esp with the nice presentation packaging. But these coins with the “custom-designed, highly polished, lacquered hardwood presentation case” will be a nice set to own – probably the nicest coin set since the Lincoln C & C set in 2009.

  42. Otis Criblecoblis says

    maybe with even more coins for collectors to buy this year this might help slow sales of other coins like the unc AGE and the proof gold buffalo – unless they release a 25th ann. AGE set also.

  43. John says

    I have to admit I was late to the game and never bought a 2006 Reverse proof. Looks like my dreams have come true. I can pick up this year’s and it will have a lower mintage. I was also planning on buying a few Unc. ASE now I don’t have too.

    I will most likely buy 5 sets & maybe a few extra using the friends & family plan. I will have to sell my remaining 2011 ASE bullion which includes two NGC 2011 “S” bullion that I speculated on to pay for these sets. I knew that the “S” bullion eagles were a gamble but as long as silver hits $50 than I can break even. It will be nice to have a San Francisco Eagle with a “S” on it!

    Has anybody received shipping confirmation on their Unc. AGE? I received an email saying shipping was expected on Sept. 2nd then the next day I received another saying that it had shipped. I hope I’m not getting somebody’s return because my first order had a HUGE scratch between the “B” & “E”. I sure hope that they melted my return or somebody else is going to be pissed to receive my old one, at $2,000+ they need to do a little better inspecting!

  44. says

    They will be expensive. IMVHO they’ll run around $400 to $500 a set because
    the price of silver is starting to come alive now: and they need a good premium to put these together for PROFIT!

  45. The Dude says

    “probably the nicest coin set since the Lincoln C & C set in 2009.”

    I agree Dude, finally soething worth buying fro the int. The last thing I bought was the LP5.

  46. CaptainOverkill says

    I would not be in favor of an anniversary gold eagle this year. I have already spent so much money on the Medals of Honor, the AtB-Ps, and the platinum eagle… this silver set is a good idea both because it’s a nice product, AND because it’s relatively affordable.

  47. Rich says

    I am hoping that someone, maybe even Michael, can clarify this issue.

    I see several people on here believe that the Uncirculated Silver from the San Francisco Mint will bear the “S” Mint Mark. However, right now on HSN they are selling a “2011 MS70 Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Coin Struck at the San Francisco Mint.” They have them in both the ANACS and ICG slabs.

    First of all, are these not the same Coins that are being mentioned above?? If so, how are they selling them already?? And secondly, and even more importantly, they are saying that these Silver Eagles from the San Francisco Mint DO NOT have any Mint Mark on them whatsoever. They claim that the only way that a person can tell that they were made at the San Francisco Mint is due to the label that is on the slab.

    Not that I would ever consider buying any Coins from HSN, but can anyone clarify this issue for us???

    Thanks much!!

  48. Otis Criblecoblis says

    they have minted some bullion silver eagles at the SF mint this year as Michael has mentioned in some previous posts and the only way to differentiate these SF bullion coins from the WP bullion coins is from the labels on the green monster boxes. But these collectible S eagles will likely have an S mint mark but the mint hasn’t yet confirmed this for certain.

  49. Otis Criblecoblis says

    Michael posted this info on Aug 1:

    “As expected, the major third party grading companies are providing special encapsulation for the coins minted at San Francisco, identifying the origin. In general, it has been necessary to submit an entire sealed Green Monster Box to have the coins identified as such.

    On the secondary market, there are many examples of 2011 San Francisco Silver Eagles available in individual PCGS or NGC holders graded MS69 or MS70. A general price level for MS69 grades is about $50, while MS70 coins are around $100. These prices are not much different than other 2011 Silver Eagles not identified by mint origin. Some channels also sell sealed Monster Boxes of 500 coins with the identifying markings from San Francisco or 20-coin tubes, sealed and identified by PCGS.”

  50. jimmy says

    do not buy any modern slab coins. there are all ms69 to ms70 or proof69 to proof70. what more you want?. don’t be foolish to pay more for slabbed. collect modern with original box and certificate. keep them neat and clean. including box and accessories. just like you just bought it from the u.s. mint. period.

  51. vaughnster says

    Jimmy, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you are incorrect. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that the Mint has quality control issues. Many people, including myself, have had to send coins back due to obvious and major imperfections. Many of the 2010 P ATB 5 oz. coins I’ve sent in for grading have come back SP68’s. The days of tight quality control are gone at the Mint. Some collectors rightfully want a coin graded before purchasing to know EXACTLY what they are getting. Some are happy having a coin in its OGP. As they say “There are two sides to a coin.” BTW…. Julie, hope your back issues go away soon 🙂

  52. Wylson says

    I’m not sure if I missed anything, but I don’t see a press release for the ASE uncirculated that is being released on 9/29. I’m wondering if it will only be the ‘W’ like in the past or if they may do something similar to the 9/11 medals and have 2 versions available. Would dilute this set if that happens.

  53. John says

    Thanks Julie for your update on the shipment of the Unc. AGE., looks like they maybe from a new batch.

    I can’t speak for others but I would like to explain my reasoning for multiple purchases of mint products. First this year alone I have returned about 20% of the product that I have received from the mint for quality issues. I hope that the mint destroys these products upon return but my guess is they just reship them. I’m hoping after receiving 3 bad G.C. coins that maybe I might just get one good coin out of the new order that I placed once the limits were lifted. Second, I do sell coins online to help supplement my income. This is the second business that I have started since the recession but by far the most enjoyable.

    I started my first small business while working full time for others & now I work full time for myself and part time for others. Hopefully one day I will just work for myself. This blog & other online sites have helped me grow my coin sales and I have offered my tips to others so they can turn a hobby into extra cash. So if I was confident that I could receive five beautiful 25th Anniversary Sets then I would just buy five but my guess is that I will have to return at least two because I will not sell my customers anything that I wouldn’t want in my own collection and I definitely want one of these!

    Not to sound like a “SHEISTER” as you put it Julie but I often roll search for silver halves. If I receive $5.00 worth of 90% silver should I only sell them for a small profit over face value or should I sell them for what the market considers a reasonable price of over $150? This is well above the 100-200% profit you are talking about.

    I support small business & I hope other do too. If you’ve ever thought for working for yourself start with a skill that you already have. If your current employer pays you $10 an hour then you should know your work is worth $20 an hour.

  54. William says

    I’m excited about this set, but I think the Mint is getting a bit too greedy with these “anniversary” sets. I assume there will also be a 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th and 50th anniversary sets as well?????

  55. G says

    Why not announce a gold set at the same time? Holding something back until the holidays, maybe? When the 06 set was released, what time of year were the silver and gold sets released? Btw- this is gotta be the coolest thing released this year, right? And I think by not offering all 5 ATB 2010-P’s at the same time (would have sold out in 1 day), have they doomed the series? Who’s buying the 2011 ATB’s? I bet most people are burned out on the series. Not only did they burn people out by spacing out the releases, I think they hurt their other offerings as well- the W gold and buffalo, i.e. since everybody was fixated on the 5 oz’s

  56. Brian says

    25th and 50th anniversaries are considered significant. It might also be appropriate for the Mint to do something for the 30th and 40th, but not for the 35th or 45th.

  57. Louis says

    Rich, The coins HSN is selling are not at all the same as the upcoming 25th anniversary set coins. I am pretty sure that what they are selling is coins made in san francisco (which as I explained in my recent article on Coin Update) are identified by the monster box label and then these coins have been given a 25th anniversary label by one of the grading servies. The grading companies have been using special 25th ann. labels all year, but don’t be tricked by HSN. They are not at all the same. Hope this helps.
    My article is here:

  58. jimmy says

    i hope the mint will issue 1/4 oz american eagle proof and unc with (S) mint mark to commemorate the 25th anniversary. late november is o.k. in time for x’mas.

  59. John says

    To Julie Ann,

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    From your last post you seem to have experienced the same rate of quality issues as myself & others.

    Since the mint calculates mintages by final sales numbers that would indicate that all the 5 oz ATB which are considered sub standard coins are re-sent to new buyers, this is a shame.

    As for what happens to the gold issues I would really like to know. Also in the past I have eaten the return shipping cost but this time I filed a claim after reading a post on this blog that says you can get the return fees sent back. However it’s been two weeks & I haven’t received anything from the mint yet.

  60. CaptainOverkill says

    Silver has been tapping up against $44 in the last two hours since the markets opened. I would suggest to any posters who still want a 2011 silver proof set or a 2011 silver proof quarters set to get them now while they still can. Given the suddenness of the suspension of the 2010 quarters, I have a feeling we might see the 2011s get pulled tomorrow if prices hold up around $44.


    Very sorry to hear about your condition. Hope you feel better soon.

  61. Louis says

    To Julie Ann,
    Hope your condition improves. I have some issues in this area too (won’t go into details) so I have at least some idea of what it must be like. Glad to hear the coins and the comraderie on this blog help you. Also, you are right about a 1 per household limit for the first week. I’d suggest sending the Mint a letter recommending it. Address it to the deputy director or acting director. The deputy’s name is Richard Peterson. It can’t hurt anyway. Good luck with your AGE. Maybe a nice one will lessen your pain perception a little. Take care.

  62. G says

    Julie- I love the libertads. They’re so beautiful, and insanely rare. You’re going to be really happy with that coin. All I can say about them is, if you think American Mint coins are rare, the mexican mint coins are out of control. I’ve been putting together a set of 1/4 oz proof silver libertads, and the 98 has a mintage of 300, and the 96 has 600. I’m missing 6 from 92-11, and I keep a watch for them, but man they NEVER come up for sale! Enjoy the coins, everybody.

  63. imissmichaelsoldblog says

    I’m very disappointed with this new blog Michael set up. I have followed Michaels blog for years and it was very interesting and helpful. There were a few “bad apple” posters, but most posts were short and to the point. This current thread is now way off topic and in my opinion, just as “rambling” as the reason why Michael shut down the old one. If Julie and her buddies want to talk about their personal issues, take it outside this blog please.

    Normally posters post on the current “topic” or whatever the latest Mint issues are (ie. Buy the ’11 silver sets now because they may get pulled for repricing today).

    Michael, PLEASE HELP! I thought the WordPress was so you could control the “rambling”. I really am grateful for Michael’s work/ blog and am sad to see it becoming worse than the old one.

  64. Ditto says

    I concur with the poster “imissmichaelsoldblog.” I’d rather put up with the “few ‘bad apple’ posters” than this new breed of “personal issues” ramblers. It would be great if the lonely hearts club members could take it outside this blog and communicate directly with each other.

    Why don’t you all just exchange email addresses and IM with each other or whatever the kids today call it? Not meant to be as mean as it sounds, just a suggestion. Thanks.

    COG (aka Crotchedy Old Grandpa)

  65. Two Cents says

    I would hate to be the one to censor other posters’ comments, or to delete off-topic comments. Like a face-to-face conversation, the subjects of the conversation will go all over the place, and it’s often interesting to see where it goes. Of course, if I am not interested in something, I’ll ignore it, and go on to another post.

    Anyway, here is an on-topic post. What price do you think the Mint will put on the 25th Anniversay Silver Eagle set and why? I think it might be $375, to account for the rising silver spot, and for the wooden presentation case.

    I know this is just speculation, but it’s fun to see what other people think.

  66. CaptainOverkill says

    The price “floor” right now is probably $300 – that’s about what five silver proof eagles cost at the moment. Because of the fancy presentation I think at a minimum they will charge $315, however, realistically (one purpose of these products is so the Mint can make money off them after all) the price is going probably be more towards the $350 range. I’m praying it doesn’t go much higher than $350 because I’m still tapped out from the flood of AtB products.

  67. Frankie says

    The mint already pulled the plug on the gold coins:
    This product is temporarily unavailable.
    Another price increase is imminent…

  68. SmallPotatos says

    I agree with CaptainOverkill. With the AtB’s being priced at $280 for 5oz’s, add in a little for packaging, and add in a little more for demand, i could easily see $325. After buying the AtB’s, my wife is not going to be a happy camper when i place this order!

  69. Jeremy says

    They obviously lost profits when the spot price nearly reached the price of the AGEs. Now they are no longer abiding by their policy and are attempting to preempt the price increases which might be speculative behavior. Will they be as diligent in reducing prices if gold has a minor retracement?

  70. Brad says

    In all fairness to the Mint, they DID disclose that they reserve the right to suspend collector gold coin sales when the price of bullion coins gets near the price of collector coins. At least they don’t stop selling them entirely. However, these rapid-fire price increases are getting old!



  72. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis from 08/21/11 I’ve been watching the 2011 AGB Proof. As of the last sales report, it is approaching 17,000 pieces and still has potential to be the key PR issue. Unfortunately, the Mint has previously demonstrated that they will sell the American Gold Buffalo PROOF coins into the following year if pieces are available.

    Each of the 2006 and 2007 specimens were sold well into their respective, following year and up to about 2 weeks prior to the release of the next edition. Since then, the series releases have either been poorly planned (2008), or sold out relatively quickly in 2009 and 2010 when the Mint focused on a maximum production of 50,000 pieces.

    However, the AGB and other numismatic issues must be STRUCK in the “planned” issue year. For example, the ATB-P were struck in 2010 and sold in 2011. The 2011 versions already have been struck, supposedly, and are to be sold across 2011 and 2012 – if at all.

    As for the ASE 25th Anny Set, AWESOME NEWS. Given the number and types of coins, combined with the packaging and anticipated demand, I am predicting $375. I’m in for one; I’ll be satisfied with one.

  73. G says

    Julie- I’d keep them unless you are guaranteed to get that same price point locked in- they are going to have the prices moved way up this week.

  74. Louis says

    Thanks, VABEACHBUM. 2008 was about 19,000. It’s hard to say at this point whether they will sell more or less than that number, so it may end up as the second lowest, but that should still bring a nice premium down the road.

    Too bad the Mint pulled them down early again today, but you can’t blame them for acting in their own interest. I guess the new price will be around $50 higher, or more if gold goes above $1900.

    As for the unhappy posters, I think a little tolerance is a good thing. But in general, yes, we should try to stick to coins.

  75. Louis says

    50 over spot is what an honest dealer pays for a bullion eagle. They should pay a little more for an AGE W coin. I would check around before selling.

  76. 2006-P SAE says

    Will the 2011-P reverse proof increase the value of the first 2006-P reverse proof do to it being the first reverse proof ever ?

  77. Louis says

    Thanks for the info., Julie. I agree, his prices sound fair. I forgot that was the one with spots. This stuff changes all the time anyway and depends on their inventory needs and all that. Enjoy your pandas. Chinese coins are very hot now.

  78. Bossman says

    I was hoping for this set to come out.. I have to agree with some of the other posters.. I think one per household for starters and then increase the limit later if need be. I can see every dealer calling pals etc and getting things lined up for 5 sets per order.. per pal and family member and the majority of the rest of us.. getting one if we’re lucky. The mint site will be overwhelmed again.. and phone lines jammed.

  79. ed says

    I believe if the uncirculated 5 ounce ATB’s are on a 1 per household limit, then I would hope this set will also be sold with the same restriction to prevent hoarding (I have great faith in the Acting Director Mr. Peterson’s jurisprudence). And I’m amazed at what the public at large has done with the Presidential $250 coin circulation program; ordering via credit card to drum up frequent flyer miles and then returning the unbroken rolls right to the bank; loopholers everywhere beware! The eagle’s eyes are on YOU; and it’s talons are waiting for YOU !

    I’m in for all 100,000 then I’ll see you on Ebay !!

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