25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

Tomorrow, October 27, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set. For many collectors this set represents the mostly highly anticipated US Mint product of the year.

Information about the offering has slowly trickled out during the year, with the final details only recently confirmed. Very early in the year, I had suggested the possibility that the Mint might issue a special set to mark the anniversary, especially considering the success of the 20th anniversary sets issued in 2006.  On August 19, the US Mint confirmed their plans to issue a special 25th anniversary set and indicated the five coins that would be included. On October 13, the Mint confirmed the release date for the set as October 27 and provided the first image. On October 20, the pricing for the set was confirmed with the maximum production limit indicated shortly thereafter.

The 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set will contain the following coins:

  • 2011 Proof Silver Eagle (W mint mark)
  • 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle (W mint mark)
  • 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle (S mint mark)
  • 2011 Reverse Proof Silver Eagle (P mint mark)
  • 2011 Silver Eagle bullion coin (no mint mark, but struck at the San Francisco Mint)

The five coins are packaged in a “custom-design, highly polished, lacquered hardwood presentation case.” Each set is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The maximum product limit has been set at 100,000 units. There will be an ordering limit of five sets per household in effect for at least the first week of sales, after which point the limit will be re-evaluated and either extended, adjusted, or removed. Pricing for the sets is $299.95.

For purposes of comparison, the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set issued in 2006 contained three coins, one proof with W mint mark, one uncirculated with W mint mark, and one reverse proof with P mint mark. The sets were limited to 250,000 units with an ordering limit of ten per household.  The price was $100 per set. At the same time, the US Mint also released a 20th Anniversary Gold Eagle Set and a 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Eagle Set. It took approximately two weeks for the silver set to achieve a sell out. It took about two and a half months for the silver sets to sell out. Secondary market prices rose as high as $600 per set, before settling to their current levels around $300. [Updated after further research. It’s also worth noting that the peak price wasn’t reached until around June 2007, or ten months after the sets initially went on sale. Thank you Steve for your comments.]

Based on the available information, the 25th Anniversary Set will include two very significant coins in the American Silver Eagle series. These are the 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle and the 2011-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle. Provided these coins are not offered in any other format, they would have a maximum mintage of 100,000 pieces. These two coins would become the second lowest mintage Silver Eagles across all years and formats, after the rare 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle, which has a mintage of 30,125.

A complete sell out for the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle is a near certainty, as are probable US Mint website problems during the first few hours of availability. The most recent stampede for a newly released US Mint product occurred for the 2010-P Hot Springs Five Ounce Uncirculated Coin. After accepting 6,000 web orders in the first hour of sales, the Mint’s website went down and was not restored for 45 minutes. At that point, web orders were processed at the “normal capacity” of 120-150 orders per minute. After nine hours, there were more than 19,000 orders received by phone and through the website.

The fastest US Mint sell out within recent memory was for the 2009 Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set, which had a production of 50,000 units, one per household ordering limit, and price of $55.95. After five hours, sales had reached 29,919 sets. Sales continued until a sell out was reached the following day at 6:00 PM, after 30 hours of availability.

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  1. samuel says

    When the thing is really shipped, the ebay will be about $380. Not much profit.
    So, I assume the sell out will be about 20hrs.

  2. Frank says

    Only $450 on ebay now. The flipping profit will be around $100 (after fees), much worse than 2006 20th set and 2011 Ausie dragon typesets.

  3. Ben says

    I’m surprised no one has posted this, so I’ll toss it out. I got this email yesterday from one of those big coin dealers in Florida. They were careful to not exactly name the product they want, but they are clearly ready to jump all over it. It answers the question about how do they get so many graded sets, and also what the minimum secondary market price should be.

    Dear *** Inc Customer,

    The United States Mint is offering a product for $299.95 with a limit of 5 sets per person, per household on Thursday, October 27, 2011, at noon ET at their website. Here is the link that describes the product:

    U.S. Mint Product Listing

    We are in need of several hundred of these, and as we have done in the past are willing to pay a premium for you and your friends and family to buy them for us. We will pay a total of $360.00 for each 5-coin set we receive provided the US Mint price remains at the expected $299.95. That is $60.05 over your cost of $299.95 per set of 5 coins. Since each household may purchase 5 sets that is a profit of $300.25 over your cost of $1499.75. The sets must be shipped to us within two business days from your receipt.

    Please be advised in case of price changes, we will adjust our purchasing amount accordingly. If the price by the US Mint goes up, we will increase our purchasing price. If the price goes down, we will decrease our purchasing price.

    The coin set(s) must be sent unopened in the original US Mint packaging or we will return the coins to you.

    The boxes must remain sealed for two reasons:

    1) No tampering of coins can take place
    2) The grading services we use require the coins be sent to them in sealed outer boxes.

    The shipper’s address on the package from the US Mint will appear as

    PBGS, Plainfield IN 461268

    and not as US Mint. PBGS is hired by the US Mint for fulfillment.

    Insurance and shipping charges are your responsibility, unless you are selling us five or more sets. In that case, we will pay your actual shipping & insurance cost – not to exceed $35.00. Our payment to you mails by First Class within 48 hours of our receipt of the coin. Overnight payment is available upon request.

    If you are interested in this opportunity, please respond to *** and she will then email you step by step instructions, otherwise you will not hear from us again about this opportunity.

    Throughout the year opportunities like this present themselves and sometimes you can make a quick and easy profit. It isn’t too good to be true, it’s 100% real and quite simple to understand. When the U.S. Mint makes a product that has anticipated high demand and restricts the number that can be bought to everyone including dealers, we need your help. Why you say? Because we have 15,000 active customers that want new and exciting issues and aren’t willing to grade the coins themselves or wait months only to hope for the matched graded set they desired. We’ve been doing this now for years with no problems; it is straightforward and backed by our longstanding reputation.

  4. Samuel says

    Good luck to you and to myself.
    I will begin to work on them at about 12:30 to avoid the crowd.
    I experienced the Hotspring and Dragon typeset. So nothing can be worse.
    I think Hotspring is hotter from ebay perspective at that time. You know what happens to it now. So, don’t expect too much from this one.

    Alan posted this info a couple of days ago.
    When the AtB was first released, another big dealer also sent out similar email to ask for 400 sets. I wonder why they did not send email this time.

  5. Broooster says

    I cant see a sell-out by 5:45, first of all, most if their employee’s will be on vacation or call in sick tomorrow, so there will be maybe 3 operators taking phone orders, and second, there web site will crash and it will be really slow going ordering on-line. But none the less, good luck to everyone ordering tomorrow, I know I will be trying.

  6. vaughnster says


    I think you’re underestimating the desire for this set. ALOT more people collect Silver Eagles compared to those collecting the new and somewhat awkward 5 oz. silver ATB coins. There is a 25 year history with this issue and a broad base of collectors. The two unique issues, the reverse proof and a first ever S-uncirculated eagle will make this set very attractive both short and long term. Unlike the ATB’s, the five Eagles fit nicely into a compact display case that’s easy to store and handle. Put me down for 5!!!

  7. says

    The pre-sale prices on ebay are way short of what these sets will sell for later.
    I keep an excel spreedsheet of all my ebay sales and I went back and looked at the 2006 Anniversary set sales and when they peaked. I bought 10 sets and had them all graded by NGC. The first NGC69 reverse proofs I sold were in Feb. 2007 and they sold for $180. Prices did not peak until June/July 2007 when the same coin sold for $375 and complete 69 sets were $600.

    All I’m saying is…be patient…I don’t expect prices for these sets will peak until after the first of next year. I think that these early “pre-sales” are those that are looking for a quick buck and don’t even have a clue about the price potential of the 25th Anniversary sets.

    Anyway, good luck to all of you tomorrow.

  8. EvilFlipper says

    Steve that info was fantastic!! Thank you for sharing that with us. I dont plan on flipping immediately so i’ll keep an eye out;)

  9. says

    Michael, could you verify when the 20th Anniversary set went on sale and when it actually sold out? I thought it was on sale for a couple of months, not weeks. I was not even aware of if until I received the 2006 “Mint Holiday Collection” pamplet from the Mint. At that time the 3 piece gold set was sold out, but the silver and gold & silver sets were still available.

    I looked at my purchase history for the 2006 Silver Anniversary sets and I purchased some on 10/12/2006 and some on 10/26/2006…and all of these were delivered on 12/20/2006.

    So…my point is, these sets were for sell well before I ever bought any, yet I bought some two weeks apart….so I don’t think the Silver set sold out within two weeks. Could you try to get some more info of this? Thanks

  10. jim says

    The Vault Wholesale is offer $200.00 for the 5 sets plus the $1,505.00
    sell out in less then 8 hours and these sets will go for over $600.00 on e-bay
    when the dust is gone. You can bank on it. Jim

  11. jim says

    I will get 10 sets and my Grand kids will get all 10 of them, well maybe 9 of them. NOT FOR SELL

  12. Michael says

    “Michael, could you verify when the 20th Anniversary set went on sale and when it actually sold out? ”

    I just checked into this and you are right. I wasn’t blogging back then, so I didn’t have any of my own information to refer back to.

    It seems that the gold set actually sold out first. This was followed by the silver set, which actually took about two and a half months to sell out. They went on sale August 30, 2006 and sold out by November 13, 2006.

  13. says

    First, on the condition of the website, I’m expecting it to be about as bad as it was during the Hot Spring sales. The main difference between the US Mint and Perth is that the Mint’s checkout process requires fewer clicks (this is very important as it means fewer chances for the order process to fail), so it will be easier to complete the process and not get locked out of a chance to make the purchase. However, I do expect a website crash and a flood of angry customers, as well as the usual complaints about the Mint’s stubborn refusal to upgrade their capacity.

    On the subject of a sellout, I’m going to be a bit more conservative in my predictions. I remember people (including myself) were expecting a massive, immediate sellout of the Hot Springs coin and it did not happen. So my prediction is we will have a sellout in two days. This of course is not going to stop me from trying to be first in line to get one, as I want mine delivered as soon as possible!

    I’m also predicting an epic comments thread on this site tomorrow. 200+ comments or bust! 😉

  14. SunTzu says


    I’d love to know whose flippin’ and whose keepin.’ Sad part of the hobby but a reality. Also whose grading and whose OGP’ing?

  15. says

    No flipping here. I’m going to buy one, and keep it in OGP. I’ve read too many horror stories about coin grading companies dropping things on the floor, sending back damaged coins, etc

  16. jim says

    I will get 5 sets graded by NGC and I will not open the other 5 sets. That will be up to my grand kids.

  17. Keith says

    I want to own 2 sets, one for my collection and one for my son’s, but I’m going to buy the limit anyway and leave in OGP. I haven’t decided what I will do with the extra 3 sets. Just going to wait and see. I don’t see how you can lose money on them anyway.

  18. EvilFlipper says

    Im Flippin 17 and keepin 3 ( If i get em all). Michael was the 250k max mintage known right away?
    Im not flippin all at once and if i do well enough on the first 10 i will end up keepin 4- 1 4 me three for the progeny. I might wait and get em all graded however.PCGS is the preferred grader. I dont want to sell right away in case of errors. 10 will be opened and ten sold unopened.

  19. mark1026 says

    i just saw a coin show presale for these at $800 for 1 set!…i hope to get 2…1 to keep for myself, and 1 to sale later in unopened state as shipped by mint

  20. VABEACHBUM says

    I’m definitely in for the one set. Just not sure when I’m going to jump into the fray.

    Michael – With regards to other product sell-outs, I seem to recall that the 2007 premiere of the Martha Washington First Spouse Gold Coins ended with a sell-out of 40,000 total pieces, with PR and UNC coins priced above $450, in a little over 6 hours. The Mint had not imposed any limits on these products, while rumors had it that several of the Big Boys ordered those coins in bulk. I definitely remember that day, and it was ugly. Even so, still looking forward to Noon on Thursday!!! Good Luck to All!!

  21. says

    I think they will sell out in about five hours. I really want to buy five seperate boxes, but I’m afaraid of the difficulty remembering how hard it was to buy the Lincoln Chronicles two years ago and the second rolls of Lincoln pennies, (LP2). So I might just try to get all five at once and spare the headache!

  22. fosnock says

    Sorry about the bad info about the 2 week sellout in my defense I pulled it from another site. I can provide the reference if needed.

    I will buy one set and debating getting another to flip. I will not grade any of them.

    As far as the sellout I think everyone who wants a set will be able to get a set but in my humble opinion the sellout should occur in approximately 24 hours…revised my estimate up again from 12 hours.

  23. David says

    I plan to get 5 sets and grade ’em all. WIll look to flip 3 sets and keep 2. Hoping for good PCGS grading – but I know it’s kinda like the lottery….

  24. jason says

    i will probably buy the glacier 5 ounce silver and at least one anniversary set. still have some presidential p&d rolls to take to the bank. that should cover another anniversary set. heck, just put me down for 5! i just hope they hold off on the rest of the 2011-p atbs for awhile.

  25. vaughnster says

    I really hope the display case is different from the one pictured. It would make a big difference. I’m not thrilled about the blue one…..

  26. Samuel says

    will the grading agency return the “custom-design, highly polished, lacquered hardwood presentation case.”?

  27. Clair Hardesty says

    I ordered my 2006 set on August 31, 2006 at 1:26PM ET, which I believe was right after it went on sale (at noon). It was originally back ordered with an expected ship date of 12/08/06 and was actually shipped on 10/30/06. My records indicate that a shipment actually occurred much earlier but that one appeared to have been recalled somehow and a later one sent. My order clearly did not receive FIFO handling. I remember thinking at the time that they might have started to ship some sets with some sort of error but when I realized that others were getting their sets I just assumed that there had been some sort of SNAFU, possibly my box was on the floor at a DHL warehouse somewhere. I started to track it and it stopped moving and another tracking number appeared and that one made it to me. The off thing is that the mint never sent me a ship notice email for the original shipment (the tracking number was on the track order page) but the packaging that the set came in had two shipping labels, one from the earlier attempt and the final one over it.

    Anyway, since these sets won’t ship for a while like in 2006, I hope that no one has to go through any of that sort of thing this time. Best of luck to all, only a little over three hours to order time! I am not sure how long a sell out will take but I expect all sets to be sold long before the first one ships. This is why I also think that the TPGs should forego First Strike or Early Release labeling, all sets minted will qualify and the labels will have no meaning (except perhaps to people who don’t know that, but since I am a member of ANA I really couldn’t claim that a coin so labeled was in any way special when trying to sell one).

    NGC has stated that all coins sent in before the cutoff date (not specified yet) will receive Early Release labels unless you ask then not to. PCGS (as of last night) has not detailed how they will handle things but they don’t have part numbers for First Strike coins yet. Since thay normally charge for such labels, it would be proper for them to either not offer them this time or just mark all coins sent in sealed as first strikes. After all, not only will a sell out occur before shipments begin, all of the coins are already minted before sales begin. They are in capsules in SF and are being put into the boxes at this time.

  28. Clair Hardesty says

    NGC has stated that you must request return of the mint packaging and will charge an extra $1 to do so. PCGS normally returns it on request but I have not seen anything specific about this set. ANACS is not labeling the coins in any special way and does not want the mint packaging at all. They are not going to recognize the three non-unique coins as coming from the set.

  29. Mike S. says

    I’m in for 3 sets. No more ATB for me. I got the 2010’s only and wished I waited for the Mt. Hood as the price dropped. Lesson learned..

  30. DR JOE says


  31. DR JOE says

    Sorry about the all caps. Not yelling at all. Hit the post and not the review button. No offense meant to anyone.

  32. says

    A suggestion to those who are wavering on whether to pick up the Glacier AtB.

    Silver prices have hit $34 today on what appears to be a resurgent “fear trade” due to concerns about Eurozone stability. Having had three days of this in a row, I believe we could in for another wild upswing in the price of precious metals, similar to what occurred when the USA was downgraded.

    So, when you pick up your 25th Anniversary Set, I strongly recommend picking up the Glacier AtB as well. I am very concerned that the moment the anniversary set is sold out, all the numismatic silver products will be suspended for repricing upward. Indeed, if this had happened just a day or two ago, I would have been concerned they might yank the anniversary sets for repricing too. If you want the AtB, this might be your only chance to pick it up for $220.

  33. simon says

    I will purchase my unit for keeps in OGP. No plans to assist any of the schemedealers or to send out for any redundant TPG opinions.

  34. jason says

    my gettysburg just got put on backorder again. whats up with that. wish i could tack on what i am ordering today to that order so i could save on shipping

  35. Prince Vegeta says

    I will try to get 5 set. I will open 3 to keep, and order the 2 other separately just in case I want to get them graded or sale it latter on as unopened box. The extra shipping cost is not too much. I just hope it pay off in the end. This is the first time that I am thinking of doing this, so it kinda fun and risky at the same time. I didn’t do it for the 2010 AtB set; thus, it would be a better idea to do it on this set. I’m going to order after I get home from school. Good luck everyone…this is a winner for sure, Yah!

  36. Jay says

    I have already been offered $2100 for an unopened box of 5 sets. Over 30% profit before they even go on sell!!

  37. Brad says

    Man, the website is ALREADY lagging. It usually doesn’t start until a couple of mintutes before. I tried logging on 10 minutes early and am still not logged in. Sheesh!

  38. Brian says

    Thanks for the suggestion on the ATBs, Captain Overkill. I’ll order them separately, though, since I want the 25th sets to arrive in their own box.

  39. Coin Man says

    I made the mistake of selling my 2009 gold Ultra Eagles, I will not make that mistake again even though I made a nice profit on them, look at them now. This one is a keeper.

  40. John says

    Order placed!

    The site loading is kind of spotty and slow, but it only took me about three minutes to place the order.

  41. Stephen says

    Got one in the cart for myself but cannot click either of the Checkout buttons without an error. So close.

  42. 100K says

    Guys… just wait 1hr before ordering … there’s 100K of these… they are NOT gonna sellout today… what’s the rush really?

  43. SmallPotatos says

    on the later Atb-P offerings, i waited an hour or so, and got right in. i’ll check back at about 1pm.

  44. John says

    Oh, and backorderd until 11/10 and I only ordered ONE…which I intend on opening and fingerprinting the little plastic capsules upon arriving.

  45. SmallPotatos says

    “… what’s the rush really?” I guess it’s like the friday after Thanksgiving, the day after Christmas. it’s fun for some, and a headache for others. me – i’m gonna wait.

  46. Michael says

    If anyone is posting order numbers, please X-out the last two or three digits. Years ago, there was a security flaw in the US Mint website allowed someone to cancel other people’s orders. The flaw has been fixed, but better to be safe.

  47. says

    Quick Checkout is godly, I am almost through.

    I also can’t believe the website started crashing BEFORE noon. The traffic is definitely on par with the Dragons, even WORSE than the Hot Springs.

  48. SunTzu says

    16 minutes – 5 sets ordered – Order #: 38326XXX

    I was battling the site, but the quick checkout feature worked great knocking out a few steps. The women in the office were staring at me as I kept muttering “Come on” at the computer screen.

    Now I can rest!

  49. ken says

    What are you guys talking about – the Mint computer system is error free is error free is error free

  50. simon says

    I am sure whoever wants a set will get one! The USMint always comes through and I applaud their efforts.

  51. Stephen says

    Hooray, order placed. Got my one set for personal enjoyment. Most expensive item I’ve bought from the Mint. Excited to see what this product looks like.


  52. Stephen says

    If Frank typed in his numbers correctly, that would mean at the least around 3,000 orders have been placed. My guess would be an average of 3 per order, with a lot buying 5 and some buying 1 or 2. So that is around 15,000 sold in the first 15-20 minutes.

  53. VABEACHBUM says

    Kudos to that Quick Checkout – Definitely. In and out by 12:06 with my one set. 383248XX.

    I’ll be interested to see how close they stay to their “planned” ship date of November 10th, but especially when they have been saying late November.

    Good Luck All!!

  54. chris says

    Looks to be about 1500 orders every 10 minutes. These could be multiples but interesting and high rate for the first hour.

  55. vickievail says

    Made it in via the phone at 12:10, only dialed 5 times.
    YEA!!!!!! Thank you Katy at the Mint.

  56. dave says

    my items are stuck in my cart just wont let me get to checkout yet ha sooo slooowwwww and this is for the past 30 mins

  57. hcc says

    US mint website unresponsive … again. I was hoping for better performance after the apology issued last time. I should have known with .gov behind it.

  58. David says

    Got ’em. 5 sets. finally! took several attempts, “problem loading page”s, etc. etc. can’t wait/ good luck to all!

  59. Phil says

    This is ridiculous. I’ve been trying for 40 minutes, and keep getting “network error” every time I try to get to the mint page. I don’t know how people are buying it.

  60. ken says

    I wish the server would just go ahead and completely crash – that allowed me to get my hot springs order in very fast after waiting the 45 minutes – because 90% of people will go away after a crash!

  61. William says

    Im in the same boat as you Phil. Also, when i try to call in, I always get a busy signal. Maybe everyone at the Mint is out to lunch??

  62. A&L Futures says

    Per unit sales on the “Bay” range from $400-$425 per set. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming months.

  63. Stephen says

    Seems the earliest order recorded on the comments is from John @ 12:04pm order number 38324XXX and latest is now at 12:36pm from TheCoinKepper w/ 38330XXX, roughly 6,000 orders in 30 minutes. At this point I’d guess we are around 20,000 sold.

  64. Frankie says

    Got through at 12:47 with order number 38332###
    I used Firefox as IE kept going down.
    Good luck to all!

  65. Frankie says

    On a different note: silver us up above $35.20/oz. A price increase is imminent – get the 5oz ATB’s while you can for $229.95…

  66. TomP says

    Got thru at 12:11 by phone. I was shocked, it took me 3 hours for the Hot Springs by phone (I’m overly cautious with my credit card online plus some online orders for Hot Springs were accidentally deleted I believe). Five orders, 2 for grandkids, 3 to keep long term in OGP. Order #38326xxx.

  67. Stephen says

    Wow, some serious ordering going on today for this set.

    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324XXX
    Latest order = TheCoinKeeper @ 12:55pm order number 38333XXX

    Totals are up to around 9,000 now. Keeping my average of 3 per order, that is 27,000 sets sold in first hour.

  68. says

    Still can’t get through. Got a website error that emptied my shopping cart so back to square one. I’ve got a bad feeling about this one, I think it may turn into silver dragons again for me.

  69. JA says

    Tried at 12 using IE and couldn’t get through, tried again at 1 and still couldn’t get through. Called the 1-800 and busy signal, oy vey!

  70. says

    So since I have the exact order numbers …. over the 17 minutes between mine and the friend’s we were going at a rate of just over 178 sets per minute.

  71. Dan says

    Took a while but got 5. May have helped that I was able to Log into my Acct at US Mint and then once in… seemed like the connection/loading was more reliable. Started with Safari but had no luck with it and then moved to Firefox. Order placed at 1014 and number is 38336xxx.

    Best of luck to the all,

  72. Samuel says

    according to my previous experience with mint, the order # may not be necessarily for the set only. it is mixed with other orders.

  73. fosnock says

    Based on order numbers over a thousand orders were placed between 1:11 PM, and 1:18 pm…it looks like those that decided to wait a day or two may miss out…good luck to everyone (again)

  74. fosnock says


    Combining items I can see, but only a fool would be ordering other items during this time frame.

  75. ken says

    The lag is starting to be must less the last minute or so… so lets all do a second rush to order and crash this baby! w00t!

  76. MintSince74 says

    Wow, signed in @ 11:45e , tried all sorts of ways to get five into my
    cart to quick checkout. Finally @ 01:20e I was successful. Used Firefox over Explorer.

    Order # 383377xx

  77. Brad says

    Man, I FINALLY gave up and made my first ever order the old-fashioned way…over the PHONE!!! Even then, it took countless redials before finally getting past the busy signal. WHEW! At least it’s done now!

    I had never failed online before, dating back years. This is the worst I’ve ever seen!

  78. fosnock says

    Last one from me for a while based on my order numbers, and time generated by the mint’s e-mail I have 7,992 orders placed in 46 mins with the first order placed at 12:30

  79. Davo says

    Finally 1hr and 11 min later I have got an email confirmation of two sets!
    all right all right all right!

  80. John says

    Lots of assumptions….

    Appears that about 13,000 orders have been placed. Sure, a few may not have been for this set, but one can assume that most orders were.

    It appears that orders are being placed at rate around 170/minute.

    How many sets are sold? Depends on how many per order. 13,000-65,000. I’d be curious what the average number of sets per order would be? If one says 3, then looking at 39,000.

    *It took a few minutes to write this post, so all numbers are probably outdated already. 🙂

  81. mark1026 says

    38341xxx…looks like traffic may be slowing down…i ordered only 2…glad i FINALLY got through!!!!!!!!

  82. DR JOE says

    Next time your doctor is late to see you, he’s not playing golf, he is on the mint website for over an hour trying to get an order placed! 5 sets #383422xx at 1:47cst. Good luck. Never did get thru on the phone with autoredial during the process

  83. Louis says

    Been trying for two hours and I can’t even get to the product page or sign in. I’m tempted to wait a while before trying again, but this thing could be gone in a few hours.

  84. jason says

    finally got it. ordered 1 glacier atb and 5 25th anniversary sets. only took 1 hour and 20 minutes. i kept getting kicked off at the payment validation step. cant wait to get them!!!

  85. ken says

    With silver spiking, the $300 price may not last past today – the Mint website is under incredible pressure still, 2 hours in!

  86. jason says

    hope silver goes up and stays up for awhile. i would rather sell some of my junk and hold onto these sets as long as possible.

  87. ASE25 says

    crashed at last step several times. I’ve been ordering all the hot items from Mint but this is the worst ever.

  88. Louis says

    This sucks! I have managed to get them in my cart, but I can’t sign in, let alone check out. I signed in at noon, but the Mint only keeps us signed in for 30 minutes. That really needs to be changed. It adds an unnecessary step. This is the worst Mint ordering experience ever for me.

  89. Wylson says

    Free at last. Free at last. Thank god almighty I’m free at last. Time for a beer. 2 hours for 2 sets.

  90. Dan says

    My Mom got her order in just a short while ago. Her order was placed about 35 minutes after mine and the number of orders had increased 6600 in that period of time. She was trying Safari too but after I advised her to go with Firefox… she was checked out 10 minutes later.

    At this pace, these might be gone in the next couple hours!

    Best of luck to all…

  91. SmallPotatos says

    after several re-logins from getting locked up, i finally got an order 383383xx! time wise…who knows?

  92. DR JOE says

    LOL Sam!
    Not sure whether you refer to her seeing the patients or trying to get the order placed. Either way, probably better at both than I am but I try to not let that info get out!

    Louis-Took over an hour to get signed in and then kept wanting me to edit my info so I could continue. Info was ok last week on another order. Can hardly wait till the same people at the mint are my bosses in medicine. NOT!

  93. Stephen says

    Updated Estimates:

    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324xxx
    Latest order = DRJOE @ 1:47pm order number 383422xx

    Totals are up to around 18,000 now. Keeping my average of 3 per order, that is 54,000 sets sold in under two hours. If these don’t sell out today, they will tomorrow.

  94. SmallPotatos says

    looking at the previous posts, it looks like my order was taken around 1:30pm, and my confirmation was 45 minutes later.

  95. Joe says

    Thanks for the link. Checked it out last night and discovered some of my payment info was outdated and was able to correct it. Picked up 2 sets. Got logged on fairly quick and somehow put more than I wanted in the cart. Took quite a while to remove them with many timeouts. Mint sent me the confirmation email at 1:14 pm, #38337xx. Thanks again.

  96. Samuel says

    Dr. Joe,
    Let me tell you a joke.
    I know a group of people who are sellers at bay. They call the bay- hospital, they call themselves- doctor, they call the people who help them order limited quantity deals – nurse.

  97. Stephen says

    Updated Estimates:

    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324xxx
    Latest order = Soapy @ 2:03pm order number 38345xxx

    Totals are up to around 21,000 now. Keeping my average of 3 per order, that is 63,000 sets sold in two hours.

  98. bob says

    Although the average coin collector is wealthier and has more disposable income than the average person, I think assuming that each person is spending $900 is probably an overestimate. We will know next wednesday for sure.

  99. SunTzu says

    Louis says:
    October 27, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    This sucks! I have managed to get them in my cart, but I can’t sign in, let alone check out. I signed in at noon, but the Mint only keeps us signed in for 30 minutes. That really needs to be changed. It adds an unnecessary step. This is the worst Mint ordering experience ever for me.


    What you needed to do is sign in 10 minutes beforehand and update your account to keep your credit card on file and select the enable quick checkout feature.

    I was able to get my 5 sets. Once they were in my cart I was able to bypass a few clicks because the above features were ready to go.

  100. John says

    Now is the time to order. I have slow internet so it took me 2 1/2 hours to order my first set. About 15 min. to get a second.

    Funny thing is I received my email conf.# before the last page loaded.

    Look like 25800+ orders have gone though as of now.

  101. Louis says

    Thanks, but I know and did all that. I signed in about 10 to noon and have quick checkout, but because I kept getting kicked out, the Mint signed me out as it does after 30 minutes. I have a pretty fast connection and am trying on different browsers and different devices, and I am getting nowhere. Will just have to keep trying, but I am tried of this. Am thinking of trying the phone soon, but it will probably be worse.

  102. alan says

    i order mine about 3 minutes adter 12 o’clock my order #3832**** so i don’t know where you guys are coming from

  103. says

    SuTzu – Yes, the reason I made it through this process is unquestionably due to the Quick Checkout feature which skipped all the ordering clicks.

    I will agree with Louis, however, with the exception of the battle for the painted and silver dragons, this is the least pleasant ordering experience I’ve EVER had with any Mint. Even with the Quick Checkout did not save me from almost an hour’s worth of attempts to get the coins. Fortunately I did get through in the end and managed to get both the anniversary set and the Glacier AtB (luckily).

    Best of luck to those still trying to get through, I sincerely hope you succeed.

  104. Stephen says

    Updated Estimates:

    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324xxx
    Latest order = Jim @ 2:34pm order number 38351xxx

    Totals are up to around 27,000 now. Keeping my average of 3 per order, that is 81,000 sets sold in 2.5 hours. I really think a sellout today is possible.

  105. Piotr says

    Did you try google’s browser- chrome. I tried different strategies and found that was the one. Good luck!

  106. TheCoinKeeper says

    It looks like ebay sales are starting to heat up too. A lot more bids on auctions, and higher prices than this morning… ALREADY.

    $2,225 for 5 sets with 2.5 hours left.
    $454 for 1 set with 3 hours 42 minutes left.

    Over $2500 and $500 by Saturday?

  107. alan says

    i don’t think it would be 3800 orders or definely not 38,000 so i do not believe the order #’s mean anything

  108. Ezra says

    I agree with Bob that $900 seems like a high average order. My guess is the average order was for 1.5 sets.

  109. B Jasmin says

    If you are successful in getting as far as the shopping cart, I have found that, even with glitches, crashes, and time outs, when you finally do get back in, the items likely will still be in the cart. Not sure how long the site “memory” holds things like that, but it has for several hours at least. Once you hit the “quick checkout”, at least, you have a pending order that will stay there for a while if the order page crashes. Once back in and you hit the “place order” block, you are in and should have an order number, even if you don’t get an email right away or an answer page to let you know what it is.

  110. Broooster says

    I ordered 5 single orders, 1st 4 was put in the 1st 10 minutes. Last order went in not long ago. Difference between my 1st and last order is 24,693.

  111. MadHatter says

    Ordered my 5, placed two orders 15 minutes apart with a difference of 3339 between the two orders, or ~222 orders per minute.

  112. alan says

    it’s truly amazing the amount of money the mint makes just in one year, and they could install the best phone and internet system in the world and they have the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. lobodave says

    The mint asked me to take a survey today! Today was not the day to ask how their service was.

  114. Louis says

    The Mint deserves an F for this nonsense. Totally agree with last comment. On my laptop I can’t even get to the Mint site. On another device I can’t checkout. This is totally absurd. I do not understand why some of you even those who say they have slow connections finished a while ago. I will be writing about what a mess this has been. I honestly don’t know if it is worth it. The Mint and the flippers have ruined the hobby.

  115. Steve-O says

    I just ordered two

    Much patience required.

    Do quick checkout if possible. Seems to work better.

  116. Brian says

    In the Midwest and have been trying for 3 hours to get past the first checkout page. Not made it yet. I can’t believe that in 2011 the Mint can’t have a server that can handle this traffic. They should limit it to 1 per household for the first 24 hours and then open it up to five.

  117. Wylson says

    It would be funny/ironic if one of the “limited” coins from the set is made part of another set before year end.

  118. buffalobob says

    Two hours on web, finally got through-just got all 5 at once!
    NEVER seen a jam like this-lools like the interest in these sets may lead to a sell-out, it is HIGH.

  119. says


    I’m not even sure if this can be blamed on the flippers, I think it is the coin dealers who have hired people to just keep hammering the site and ordering over and over which is the real problem (as opposed to some guy who just orders his alloted five and then flips four). As for ordering, the only reason I got through was really pure luck, and because of having experienced this twice before, both for the Hot Springs coin and for the Perth dragons.

    I agree though, that this has been about the worst ordering experience I’ve had with the US Mint, and I think only the silver dragon battle was worse.

    Keep on trying, eventually you will get through, either by phone or by internet. Keep reloading the checkout screen in multiple windows until you hit the “place order” screen.

    I will be looking forward to your column on this when it is all over.

  120. Louis says

    Thanks, Captain, but I have gotten to place order and it will just not go through. Maybe they are all gone.

  121. joe says

    The government robs us of taxes to fund their lazy voting block, and the Mint is probably the only revenue GENERATOR for the government; yet they are too inept to put in a 21st century data center to handle the customer load.

    I would love to know the general location of those who are able to get their orders in quickly (East coast, West Coast, or Flyover country).

    Did anyone else notice they change in the phone system so that you HAD to listen to all the choices before you could select one? A huge example of intentionally making their system worse.

  122. says


    Try keeping your email open and check to make sure you have not received an invoice. One of my friends who was trying to order for himself actually got through at 12:15 but didn’t realize it because the site crashed on him before it could display the “order summary” screen. He wasted almost an hour after that trying to get through for no reason.

    If the order has not gone through, then just keep hammering away at “place order” until it does or until the Mint confirms a sellout.

  123. joe says

    If I had to ABSOLUTELY be optimistic, the slow system COULD potentially even out the access to order coins. Everyone has to wait (including flippers), so PERHAPS the chances are more even. Probably not…

  124. TheCoinKeeper says

    119 results found for “25th anniversary silver eagle set” on the bay.. and rising.

  125. Art says

    Anyone know what the following status order message means?

    “Your order request has been suspended ”

    My order screen crashed during the “review” stage. I have an order number and it shows the 5 sets I ordered at the bottom of the screen as “back-ordered”.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  126. William says

    ive given up on placing the order online. dont understand why their phone system wont just add you to a queue in the order it was received. i’d rather be 500th in line than calling over and over again just to get a busy signal.

  127. Stephen says

    Updated Estimates:

    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324xxx
    Latest order = Don @ 3:25pm order number 383605xx

    Totals are up to around 36,000 now. Well if the 3 per order average were to be true that would be over 100,000 sets sold. Even with just 2 per order average, we are at 72,000. Wait List Status I would say has got to be close.

  128. Scott says

    I tried from noon on to order with my Blackberry at work and had no luck. I would time out or the site would crash. Got home at 3 and had 5 sets ordered at 3:20. Order was # 38359xxx.

  129. Neil says

    Well, after a bunch of fits and starts, I finally got my order in at 3:22. Number 38359xxx. The order was for the wrong quantity, but I was not about to spend another 2-3 hours trying to straighten out the number.

  130. says

    It’s 330pm ET and it took me about an hour to place an order. It is very frustrating but just keep trying and you should be able to get in.

  131. Stephen says

    Updated Estimates:

    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324xxx
    Latest order = MarkInFlorida @ 3:35pm order number 38362xxx

    Totals are up to around 38,000 now. Going on average of 2 sets/order now, which equals 76,000 sets sold.

  132. MarkInFlorida says

    Has anybody noticed that silver is up another $2 to over $35. (due to Euro rising, dollar falling.) If this keeps up some prices will rise!

  133. Wylson says

    All this interest in the 25th set. I’m thinking all the gold and platinum products may be ready for another price adjustment up by next Wednesday.

  134. Ikaika says

    It appears that the US Mint website is improving somewhat. After a very hard fought battle got my order in via the internet at 3:34pm.

  135. says


    I think some of this rushing to acquire the set is probably also due to price increase fears. At $35 I think a price increase for all silver numismatic products is coming, that is why I went to the trouble of ordering a Glacier AtB today. We are seeing a perfect storm.

  136. Brian says

    Success at 3:50pm & Order Number: 38363XXX !!!! That was worse than watching 4 hours of the Oprah Winfrey Network with my wife!!!!!

  137. Wylson says

    I may order a glacier tonight after the 25th frenzy calms down. It’s still FS strike eligible if gradings your thing and more importantly it’s still 229. But for how much longer?

  138. Louis says

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the tips and encouragement. You are right. I finally got an order through and the confirmation showed up in my e-mail before the page loaded saying the order went through. I wanted to get the glacier and had it in my cart yesterday, but for some reason it was removed. Will just pay the extra $5 and get it separately. Things seemed to have eased up finally as I just got a 2nd order in for grading. What a relief!! I

    Now the question is whether to send to NGC or PCGS. Thanks again to everyone. I suppose it is best to wait a while but you never know when they will be gone. Plus let’s hope they don’t cancel our orders like the Hot Springs fiasco!

  139. David says

    5 sets order placed 3:09 PM EDT
    Order # 383559xx

    Any guesstimate on where that puts me?
    Yes the website was bad but eventually got it through. Doesn’t look like it’s sold out yet, but I’d guess by 5pm or so.

  140. joan says

    just got off phone…around 3.30 et…placed 5 seperate orders…will be receiving mine in 5 indiviual boxes…38361xxx…38361xxx…38361xxx…38361xxx…38362xxx.

  141. Stephen says

    @ Louis

    Congrats on finally getting an order through.

    My only thoughts at this point are can the US Mint even update the page with the way the servers are getting bogged down to inform everyone of Wait List status. I’m hoping none of these late orders are going to get bumped to Wait List.

  142. scott e says

    I placed an order around 11:30 and the screen went blank.I have been trying ever since and the screen goes blank when I get to quick checkout.I just now looked at order status and it shows an order for thursday october 27.when I click on that I get another blank screen.Does this mean the order was taken?

  143. Leo S. says


    Gave up on the website and used the phone. Spent 3 1/2 hours trying to get through on website but only 1/2 hour dialing a couple of hundred times and finally go through on the phone. I got an order number but God only knows if I’ll get the sets. Good luck to the rest of you. The mint really needs to fix their computer system.

  144. John says

    They should sell stuff like when you buy tickets to a concert or event. There’s limited quantities, but also a timer than gives you a certain amount of time to purchase your seat before it is released to someone else.

    Based on order numbers, I truly wonder if they can update their website and order system fast enough if a wait list is needed.

    They really should have done an order of limit of just 1 or 2 for the first week, then opened it up to 5 after that. With a 100,000 limit, 5 just seemed like too much. 1 or 2 would allow COLLECTORS to get a set rather than allowing investors and flippers trying to make a buck ruin the hobby.

  145. CRS says

    Got on the mint website this morning at 11am to get ready to go, finally got my order placed at 4:06, got the confirmation email before the confirmation page loaded. Tried calling 97 times, got a busy signal every time. I did get selected to complete a survey 7 times…. not a good day for me to rank them on their service…

  146. Stephen says

    @ William

    Keep trying, I’ve gotten through recently to see if the site was still working. You’ll be happy when you finally do get that order through and regret it later if you didn’t keep trying.

  147. Louis says

    Thanks Stephen and CaptainOverkill. PCGS sets will be worth more if they are 70’s but you are more likely to get a 70 from NGC. 69’s sets will be worth the same from either service. The best option would be to send one to each. Sets for grading will need to be mailed, not dropped off at a coin show.

    Maybe I overreacted, but at one point I was questioning whether it’s really worth all the trouble. But then if it were easy, premiums would not be high.

  148. SunTzu says

    Louis says:
    October 27, 2011 at 3:52 pm
    The Mint and the flippers have ruined the hobby.


    That’s what I said last night. A sad but true part of the hobby. It happened with baseball cards too. I remember I was 12 years old when Dwight Gooden was a rookie. My dad took me to see him at a show and had to pony up $25 for an autograph; a bit difficult for my Dad back in the day. That’s when I learned of dealers opening wax packs, pilfering and resealing them.

    However Louis are you now changing your tune given a previous article you authored back in July? Think you’d still feel this way if your order went through in 15 minutes?


  149. Alex says

    Decided to place a 2nd order for a 3rd set… if i get lucky its probably sold out by now. Order was 383628xx 30 min ago.

  150. Travis says

    ordered 5 at around 12:30 eastern, ordered another 5 about 10 minutes ago. order number spread was 40,768 from the first order to the most recent.

  151. Louis says

    Not sure what you mean about changing my tune. I have always said the Mint does some things well and others not well. But I think things have gotten worse this year with quality, for example. Read the most recent article I wrote about the Mint, which was in Coin Week. Like everyone else I have always said the Mint needs to enter the 21st century and update its web site. The point is they knew this mess was coming and did nothing to prepare for it.

  152. Wylson says

    Somebody used the f word a few posts back. I would appreciate it if you used f#!@! the next time. We’ll get the point and probably agree.

  153. Stephen says

    Updated Estimates:

    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324xxx
    Latest order = David @ 4:17pm order number 38370xxx

    Totals are up to around 46,000 now. Going on average of 2 sets/order now, which equals 92,000 sets sold. This thing has to be wait listed by now, I just checked the site and it is not labeled as such. I have a feeling a few collectors are going to be given some bad news in the upcoming days.

  154. Leo S. says

    If the first order number was John at 38324xxx and the mint in up to the 3836xxxx thats 40678 +/- orders. When I got through to the mine an hour ago, she said everyone was ordering 5 sets. I have a bad feeling that a lot of us who have order numbers after the first couple of hours will not be getting any sets. I hope I’m wrong.

  155. stephen m. says

    Started trying at noon by phone and online. I live on the other side of the sticks and don’t get the six o’clock news until 7:30 but finally got my set online at about 4:05. Had a busy signal for four hours at the mint. Crazy but well worth the effort, i think.

  156. In the Middle says

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2011 American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

  157. Art says

    I wanted to get a Glacier too, but the website was so bad today, I just couldn’t do the extra clicks and get the constant “Server HangUp” . All of you that got the Glacier must of had a lot of patience to get it into your shopping cart.

  158. Louis says

    What bothers me is that the Mint has a stated commitment to ensure broad access for collectors to its products, yet many of its actions seem to cater more to the needs to dealers and people looking to flip. There is nothing wrong with being a dealer or a flipper, but there are a lot of silver eagle collectors who will be forced to pay absurd secondary prices to maintain their sets. The limit should have been 1 or 2 for the first week.

  159. jeffro says

    Hats off to the Mint!…finally some excitement…low runs, lots of competition, it was fun….and if I didn’t get a set -oh well -that’s the game….I was prepared for dissappointment. The next blood rush is to find one on the secondary market before these take off.

    Wish they’d do more cool sets and specialties….I stopped buying for awhile until the 5oz’rs came out and now this 25th SE set.

    Gets the blood moving again.

    Good job Mint !

  160. Louis says

    If you got your confirmation before 4:30 I think you are okay. Later today after things settle down, I will check online to make sure the orders show up. What an ordeal, but worth it in the long run.

  161. BigHock says

    I trieds ordering a set and I got blanked at the website earlier. So, my mom made me some cupcakes and I felt better. A hour later and I did get a set. I hope it is worth something…. Then maybe I can stop living with my mom. Go coins !

  162. says


    In regards to the Glacier, I cheated. I put one in my shopping cart around 11:50 before crunch time started. 🙂

    100,000 sets sold out in four and a half hours. Wow, that’s epic. Boy am I glad I decided to get right in and grab one. When the dust settles from this I’d love to hear from Louis, Michael, or any other Mint experts about whether this is the fastest/biggest sellout in Mint in history. I think even the Lincoln sets took longer to sell out, didn’t they?

  163. BigHock says

    Oh man. This great. I did get a set! I hope the premium numbers are right. My goal is to move out of my moms house before my 48th birthday (sorry mom if you see this – I do like your cupcakes but want my own pad)

  164. Louis says

    CO: It’s either a record or very close. I believe the first gold spouses sold out in 2-4 hours and now they are only worth a little above bullion. But that’s because they made 40,000 and those coins don’t have the broad collector demand of eagles. I checked and both my orders are safely in the system. Phew!!!

  165. Brad says

    I thought I’d check the website to see how things were going, but it’s STILL bogged down! I can’t even see the wait-list notice since the page won’t load for me.

    This is nothing short of incredible. I predicted a one-day sellout, but I honestly didn’t see it happening short of 5 hours! I figured they’d all be gone by 24 hours in.

    I’m glad the Mint went ahead and sold them for $299.95 even though silver was rising. It might have crossed their minds to delay the sets for re-pricing, but the hatred that would have ensued might have made them think better of it. Kudos to them for that, regardless of their motivations.

  166. Shawn says

    i got order number 38374XXX at 4:42 for 5 sets. no indication of waitlist. availability says backorder with 11/11 ship date. i probably had them in my shopping cart for 20 minutes before i was actually able to check out

  167. Two Cents says

    Congratulations to everyone who got an order through. It’s not surprising that there was a sell-out after 4-1/2 hours or so, considering that people could order up to five sets.

    Keep in mind that even if your order has gone through and you have an online receipt and email confirmation, you are still not out of the woods.

    If you notice on the Online Order Receipt, under Order Acceptance Terms, that “Orders are not valid until accepted by the United States Mint.” Remember the Grand Canyon “”P” ATB coin — the total sales were above the maximum limit, and they are still deducting from that amount. In addition, the confirmation email only says that the Mint has received the order, with no mention that it has been accepted.

    I won’t breathe a sigh of relief until I get a shipping notice and a tracking # from the Mint.

    Also note that the Mint “reserves the right to limit quantities.” Actually, I hope that the Mint does reduce the five-set limit to a one-set limit. That way, more people (especially collectors) will be able to get a set for themselves, instead of flippers/dealers/investors.

  168. SunTzu says

    Hey Louis, I had no intention of calling you out! It was clear that you were voicing your frustrations until your order was placed. I had a bit of a laugh at your expense as your road the emotional roller coaster. You went from the pudgy kid pressed up against the bakery window to finally gorging on the pastries!

  169. BigHock says

    Seriously. I hope my order is through because I am going to be great by moving out before 48!!

  170. bob says

    I personally didn’t think they would sell out this fast, but it’s not that surprising either. The wait list may not be a lost cause though – I received a Lincoln CC set and I was wait listed… but its not likely.

  171. Silver Sam says


    I got an order confirmation at 5:03pm via email. Will I get my sets???

    Thanks to you who can give me an answer!

  172. Louis says

    Sun: No problem. The comraderie on this site helped me stick with it!

    I agree that until our orders are confirmed, we are not home free. But in my view it is one thing if you orders went through about an hour before sell-out like mine, as opposed to getting in a couple minutes before sell-out. Those are more likely to be cancelled.

  173. bob says

    Even though the wait list notice has been up for 45 minutes, the mint website is still being hammered – I expect they will stop taking any orders very soon to save their servers… because obviously people have decided they will keep swinging until the bat is taken away and the pitcher leaves the field.

  174. chris says

    My 2 cents : Please blame the flippers, dealers and their accomplices, e-bay and paypal, and TPGs (just read the comments here about the debate on whether PCGS or NGC are the better value) – please do not blame the USMint – they do their best with the circumstances at hand, and most collector customers are very well satisfied with their performance. Kinda funny how many on this blog were railing at Mr. Moy for this exact same scenario just a year ago. Now that he has moved on who is there to blame? Also kinda funny how many posters here discuss resale value, to make a healthy profit but still criticize the USMint. Here’s one for thought : years ago the USMint released the 1995-96 32-coin olympics commem sets – only 160 were made – the format was a mail in postcard. Every one of the USMint customers received a card. Only ~ 160 of these complete sets were sold.

  175. alan says


  176. kevin says

    By the time anyone actually received thir sets (late november) the prices will probably be higher then they are right now… plus APMEX wont buy from you unless you already have them, they require 24 hour shipment to them last time I checked.

  177. Brian says

    Second comment of this post by Wylson:

    “Wait list hits at 4:45. That’s my prognostication.”

    Congratulations, Wylson!

  178. David says

    kevin says:
    October 27, 2011 at 5:23 pm
    By the time anyone actually received thir sets (late november) the prices will probably be higher then they are right now… plus APMEX wont buy from you unless you already have them, they require 24 hour shipment to them last time I checked.

    This is not true with these sets. You can call up and sell them right now. If you happen to not get your sets from the mint, you will have to pay a $35 cancellation fee plus market loss (if any)

  179. Louis says

    Were you able to get an order in? Also, do you know if the first two spouses were a quicker sell-out? I think they were between 2-4 hours.

    For all you purists out there, if people did not care about premiums, there would be almost no market for Mint products. This segment of the market is driven in large part by concerns about secondary market value and there is nothing wrong with that. But it certainly should not be the only concern. This is supposed to be fun!

  180. brother says

    I really despise the US MINT. Limit 5 per household. What the heck were they thinking. The UHR had 1 per house until orders stabilized. Why are they trying to create chaos and waste peoples valuable time?

  181. qlipoffs says

    sadly i forgot about this … tried the internet on explorer and firefox and crazy lag … takes forever to add to cart and forever to even try to login.

    called in and was able to get thru in a few tries. placed my order and was told it’s waiting list 🙁

    weird thing is she said looks like you already ordered this and it already has a confirmation #. She process my phone order and gave me a confirmation # and I check my email and saw there was an order placed with a different confirmation # but it was not me because I never completed my online order (did not enter my credit card #).

    hopefully there’s other duplicate that gets canceled and my wait list gets filled? here’s hoping!

  182. Brian says

    This sucks. I wasn’t able to get an order to go through. I tried at lunch and between meetings all day. Congrats to those who end up getting a set.

    – Brian

  183. Louis says

    For those worried because order says “on hold”: That is what it always says until they check for people trying to place more than the max on the same card and address, etc. Within a couple days, it should change to “in process.”

  184. Michael says

    Were you able to get an order in?”

    No…. today of all days was my wife’s office halloween party. I had to take my kids there. They both dressed as Spider-man.

    Got back home after 4:30, saw the comments on waiting list, wrote article for CoinUpdate, just placed order for the waiting list that probably won’t get fulfilled.

  185. houTX says

    They are not on a wait list. don’t believe the hype on this board. at 5:45pm est I finally got through after trying throughout the day and ordered 5 sets.

  186. John says

    I can’t believe the site is still slow @ 5:48 PM and the phones are still busy even after the waiting list went up. I hope there are no issues with “accidental order cancellation”.

    I wonder how many people were ordering one coin at a time to get them in “sealed” boxes for later flipping. I just ordered my five at one time, I couldn’t risk the sell out, plus too much frustration.

    Firefox saved me, with IE couldn’t get more than 1 in the cart without crashing.

  187. 100K says

    Where did you guys see the waitlist?
    I just did an order; no waitlist there… says in stock and reserved

  188. andy says

    My order status says 5 units backordered. Expected to ship on 11/11/2011. Does that mean im on the wait list or not on the wait list?

  189. joe says

    Wylson –

    Care to run my investment portfolio? You just about exactly hit the waiting list notice to the minute. Freak’n Awesome!!!!

  190. mitch says

    Michael for CEO of the U.S.mint. We need someone to manage the mint because they sure cant.I got 1 set @ 12:04 2nd set @ 12:07 3rd set i could not get locked out, my buddy got 1 for me @ 3:54 U.S Mint wake up and answer your phones.Fire the head of the mint.

  191. Mike S. says

    How many people tried to order more than once? I’m sure there are multiple duplicate orders and most people on wait list will receive their coins. Maybe the mint will cut the max to 2 or 3 per order and fill more orders that way. I remember they did that before.

  192. EvilFlipper says

    Went for 20…. Only got ten:/ I will definietly wait AT LEAST 2-3 weeks before i even consider selling. And with christmas comimg up i bet prices shoot up a bit faster. Those buying today at 450-500$ have bargains on their hands. As a matter of fact im looking to snipe some right now before prices explode…. And they WILL explode.

  193. Frank says

    If you think about the order # difference 38381XXX – 38324XXX, ~57000 orders have already been placed by far. I believe the Mint hits the record today.

  194. Penny For Your Thoughts says


    You are so evil. On Halloween, you can go as yourself (just joking).

  195. fosnock says

    Those of you who are worried that they will not get their set because they were close to the wait list status, don’t be worried, the exact same things were said about the Lincoln Chronicles set if you have an order number you will get a set. I image that they cut to a wait list before they actually sellout.

  196. Louis says

    Sorry to hear the news. Hopefully something will work out. I don’t know what the latest e-bay prices are but earlier, there were buy it nows for $475. To make sure your set is complete, it is probably worth it to buy now before prices go a lot higher. With APMEX paying $425, $475 would be fair, but that was before the sell-out. I will take a break from all this and check e-bay later.

  197. SunTzu says

    Sorry to hear that Michael. Nothing like a pre-Halloween spouse office party on the day of the single most important Mint issue in a long time.

  198. fosnock says

    Read the posts it will be on hold until they verify that you have not exceeded the household limit

  199. 100K says

    This is real strange; I can still place orders now and it says backordered; not waitlist

    IT states: 1 Unit backordered/ Expected to ship 11/11/11

  200. fosnock says

    Yes I can place an order (have not done so) and it does not mention wait list just backordered

  201. John says

    To: 100K, your answer is the very first line you read on the produce page – US Mint web site:

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2011 American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list.

    I will say… this site kept me motivated during the drama of ordering.

  202. don says

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2011 American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

    When we place your order on the waiting list, we will send you an order receipt. This is not a guarantee that you will receive your order. If we are not able to fulfill your order, you will receive a cancellation or sold-out notification. If you paid by check, you will receive a refund.

  203. mookem says

    Please don’t get peoples hopes up. All orders placed get an order number. That way the waitlist is first in first out as well. I could place an order right now and get an order number. That means nothing. And to the certain someone saying their status is in stock and reserved?? Doubt it. I ordered at 12:30 and I’m still backordered and hold status and orders are reserved in order.

  204. 100K says

    I guess we’re probably still not close to a sell out yet then. Probably everyone who order today will get their orders.

  205. fosnock says

    I did a full order to see what was happening. My earlier orders are on hold which is normal, my latest order is suspended.

  206. SmallPotatos says

    i am trying to login in to my account on the usmint.gov and i cannot even get past clicking the ‘Sign In’ button. it freezes up at that point. wow.

  207. 100K says

    You guys are just kidding yourselves…. there’s no sellout yet… anyone ordering today will get this set.

  208. alan says

    I just got on the site 30 seconds ago and when you click on the set a waitng list shows up,so i don’t know who is not seeing this,but even with the waitig list if you order and the list they will still give you a number to be fair for the list

  209. mookem says

    The mint website says it has taken enough orders to meet the max! What more can they say to alert you my friend??

  210. mookem says

    If you click on the blue header for the anniversary set on the catalog home page to get to the actual full page for the set, you’ll see the wait list notice.

  211. Bob says

    I placed two orders. One set at 2:30 EDT over the phone order #38349XXX. I just a placed a second order via the web for a set that was still in my cart from trying earlier this morning unsuccessfully. Order #38391XXX. The first receipt I got from the Mint said back-ordered until 11/10/11. The second receipt I just got said back-ordered until 11/11/11. No indication of a wait list on the receipt. We’ll see.

  212. mookem says

    What is your true order status? At 5:48 you had in stock and reserved and now at 6:22 you have on hold. You were the one telling everyone to relax and wait awhile. “plenty of time” Now I think you missed the boat and trying to save face. What are the first 5 digits in your order number?

  213. Stephen says


    Earliest order = John @ 12:04pm order number 38324xxx
    Latest order = David @ 5:24pm order number 38381xxx

    Totals are up to around 57,000 now. Going on average of 2 sets/order now, which equals over 100,000 sets sold.

    My guess would be if you have an order number under 38344xxx you should be able to breathe since this would mean that all 20,000 orders would have bought the 5 set max, I doubt this was done.

    If you have an order number of 38364xxx, I would say you are ok. This is for 40,000 orders with the dead average of 2.5 sets/order.

    Anything beyond that I will let you determine your level of comfort.

  214. David says

    Seems like there is a lot of negativity in the last few posts – I think everyone need to chill just a little. Some thoughts:

    * For those who hate flippers, it’s a fact of life – get used to it. In fact, the flippers probably help to keep prices lower by selling directly on eBay instead to APMEX etc who will pay $425 and then sell for $600-800 or more.

    * For the people wondering about waitlists, if the website said waitlist was reached around 4:34 pm, then I think that is a good indication – you can still place an order even now, and get a confirmation number, but that is mostly so you can have a place held on the waitlist.

    * All orders show “on hold” until the Mint clears out duplicate orders from the same household… Then it will go to “in process” then eventually to “shipped” assuming your credit card clears.

    I’m just suggesting people hold back a bit on the hateful talk, there’s no need for it and no need to lash out at people. This is a free market and people have the right to order up to the Mint limit and do whatever they want with those sets. End of my two, three or four cents.

  215. says

    Good one Andy! At least you got a response…I can’t remember ever having a harder time online trying to get someone to take my money…a lot of money.

    All i can say about today’s ordering debacle is…Good Job, Brownie!

  216. Kieran says

    Hey there,I just placed an order after bloody hours of trying,it is down as number 383941xx,the timing on the transaction is 6.28.Hope this helps K

  217. Whirls says

    Remember that the Mint is a business. How do you draw new excitement into your business: Offer something that is possible but not probable ! Two Questions for everyone.How many out there really expected there to be a 1 or 2 set limit and thought ” okay , I buy when I get home” ? How many out there saw the 5 set limit and said “Wholly Crap I’m buying 5 at noon” ? I as a business owner I put the caveat that I can reduce the amount I sell you after I see how much excitement this tactic has caused. The mint will look and reduce the amount , so that the people on the waiting list get one. I see emails going out Tuesday saying limit has been reduced to 1 or 2 !!

  218. drmx123 says

    Are the aftermarket prices being tossed around just for sets in sealed boxes? I ordered five sets and was planning to use two for Christmas presents (I was going to order those two sets separately but decided to get all five together given the website problems today). Would my other three sets be worth substantially less outside a sealed box?

  219. Bill says

    I ordered from Kathy.

    She said the site was having a lot of problems (a real understatement) …and indicated that many orders were in fact multiple orders. She guessed that many of the orders will eventually be cancelled.

    My two orders for a total of four sets are both on “Backordered”.

    Some times, life can be a real crap shoot and who knows, the Mint may issue more coins and sell them individually. Good luck boys and girls.

  220. alan says


    I agree how many times have people order stuff of the mint ,everyone acts like this is their first time.you go though this all the time with the mint and e-bay nothing new. The big dealers are not intrested in the collector only MONEY nothing else. when i get and e-mail from a dealer wanting fro me to order sets for him you know wahat he is intrested in ..I will not do that but if someone else seems nothing wrong with it so be it

  221. fosnock says

    Thanks mookem. I now see wait list status, so that means my last order is wait list. The browser must not have refreshed.

  222. fosnock says

    “She said the site was having a lot of problems (a real understatement) …and indicated that many orders were in fact multiple orders. She guessed that many of the orders will eventually be cancelled.”

    Nothing new just people who bought more than 5 which is why their is a wait list

  223. fosnock says

    Wow in 5 hours 43 minutes. The Mint processed 62,231 orders based on my order numbers and times

  224. Hidalgo says

    When you consider that each individual, flipper, and flipper’s family member could order up to 5 sets, it’s no wonder that the $et$ $old out $o quickly…..

  225. MarkInFlorida says

    Knowing how hot this would be the Mint should have limited it to 1 per household so everyone could have a chance. Maybe they prefer to ship 20,000 packages of 5 rather than 100,000.

    That said, I couldn’t help but buy a few extras. It’s like buying a lottery ticket that you for sure get your money back, and maybe a winner.

    My first order for 3 sets went through at 12:35 and I tried again at 2:50 for one more set plus a Glacier 5 oz., since silver is going up. I had to leave for 15 min in the middle of the order process to pick up my son at school, but when I got back the payment screen finally appeared and I finished the order.

  226. VA Bob says

    Got my order in at 1:33 est. for three sets. I figure that’s all I need, give someone a chance that wants one or two. It was a bear, good thing it was a slow work day. All three will remain OGP (there will probably be less of them then graded examples, since many want to squeeze max profit from these). Oh my order number was 38340XXX.

    For the waiting list folks, keep up hope, it’s pretty amazing how many credit cards are maxed out or expired when the orders get ready to ship. The Mint doesn’t contact you and ask for an update or another card either on that day. I suspect this is a bigger problem with the “friends and family” plans as they are usually doing it as a favor to begin with and might forget to leave $$$ space on the CC.

  227. EvilFlipper says

    Whirls- no way that’ll happen. The mint would have an a$$load of dealers up their shizzle.

  228. Two Cents says

    The Mint uses the word “backorder” in a different way that most people are familiar with.

    Most companies are sellers, not manufacturers, so when an item is on “backorder,” that means that they have run out of that item, and need to order more from the manufacturer. That may take days or weeks or even months, so the company is telling the customer that he has to wait until the product comes in.

    The Mint is both manufacturer and seller, so when they say “backorder,” they mean that the order is backed up until the coins are minted, assembled, and then shipped to the fulfillment center for mailing.

    The Mint uses “hold” to mean that they need time to verify that the order is legitimate (in this case, not more than 5 sets per household) and that the customer’s credit card has sufficient funds. “In process” means that verification has been done, and now all it takes is for the Mint to see if there are enough sets ready for mailing.

    “In stock and reserved” means that the coins have been assembled into sets and ready to be shipped to the fulfillment center, and that all verifications have been made. At this point, the Mint has ACCEPTED the order — prior to this, the Mint has only RECEIVED the order. Once the set is labeled for mailing, then you will receive a “Shipped” notice and tracking number (though the actual mailing date may be the next day).

    “Suspended” is something new to me. I suppose that is used when a later order is made after the household limit has been reached. I have never seen a “Waiting List” message on the online order receipt or email confirmation, but then, I have never been put on a waiting list.

    To sum up, once you see “In process” and/or “In stock and reserved,” you can safely assume that you will get your coins. “Hold” and “Backorder” are used routinely and does not mean that you will not get your coins.

  229. DCDave says

    I finally got my order through at 6:30 ish order# 38389*** wait list I think.
    I placed another order for a Mt. Hood a little after 7pn order# 38396***

    So 7,000 orders came in around 45 min, but my order for Mt. Hood had no 25th Ann coins, so I’m hoping my 6:30 order will come through.

    I tried for hours before. Very frustrating, especially knowing big time flippers got most and I just wanted some for my family 🙁

  230. ultra-crepidarian says

    I have five (individual) sets ordered. The Mint should have initially limited sales to one per customer (as was suggested by a number of members of this community). It is not right that I get five sets when another collector can’t get one.

    It is not a matter of first come first served because people were trying to order at 12:00 noon and couldn’t get through because of inadequate computer systems. The Mint created this mess and it is up to the Mint to correct it in a manner that is equitable to all Mint patrons.

    So even if the sets are on “wait list” status put in your bid. You don’t know how the Mint will address the equity issue. They messed up and they need to step up and distribute the sets in an equitable fashion.

  231. CBH says

    Well, it’s 7:20 pm. My wife on a cell phone… me on a land line…have tried redialing for over 7 hours. Wish someone would explain …..

  232. Brian says

    “Are the aftermarket prices being tossed around just for sets in sealed boxes? I ordered five sets and was planning to use two for Christmas presents (I was going to order those two sets separately but decided to get all five together given the website problems today). Would my other three sets be worth substantially less outside a sealed box?”

    The prices being quoted are sealed sets. Your sets will lose considerable value if opened because then some will not be eligible for First Strike and/or 25th Anniversary Set designations. I would suggest looking at buying the two sets you need on the secondary market, just so you can keep your five sets sealed. Do an analysis and see which one makes more sense.

  233. dave says

    so I finally got through the phone system after 50 attempts or so. Lady says sold out at 3PM central time.

    I them get home check the mint.gov and the sit lets me place my order no problem, am I am on wait list or something?

    What a joke

  234. SunTzu says

    Phone lines still busy at 7:30pm EST.

    I wanted to call to confirm with them that my credit card number is accurate! Just a piece of mind knowing that I got all the digits correct. My order went through at 12:13pm so I’m not worried. Just want to rest easy.

  235. VA Bob says

    Remember three coins in this set are all ready ineligible for FS, because they have been available a long time. Only the Reverse Proof and San Fran UNC. can be FS along with the 25th anniversary. If the TPG do otherwise, it will hurt the all ready gimmicky (my opinion) FS label. I’d never pay extra for that meaningless, when you realize what it really is, two little letters on a piece of paper. Always amazed to see folks buy into that, I guess if it makes them feel better about their purchase, who am I to judge. I guess the mint could stamp a serial number on them, a ‘la Franklin Mint, and really take the doubt away.

  236. Andy says

    Does anyone know whether other coins sold out this fast? Also, I think I remember with the Lincoln thing that either me or a friend ordered after the wait list notice went up and he still got his. Really hope I get mine.

    -Andy Order #6,000,012

  237. Konde says

    If the set sold out within 30 days, it is eligible for 1st strike (ER) no matter how and when you send it in to the grader. I am talking about the unique coins here; the reverse and the s mint. I just got home from work and placed an order and it was taken after a little congestion in the website. I guess at this point we can say who put enough effort to buy it can still buy. Good luck to all!

  238. auxmike says

    They can stuff it.
    4.5hrs to a sell out due to ridiculous 5X per on the first day? What happened to the “fair distribution”? Ebay will be flooded with these in a month making for fierce competion on the 2nd hand market and a glut of product that will keep the flippers profits low.

  239. deacon says

    this is off topic but today i took a partial list of my collection to a dealer to sell,these were only the coins i was willing to part with as we were looking to have a little more to put down on a house. He was only interested in my 07 08 09 10 and 11 proof,silver proof, and unc sets. He showed no interest in my presidential rolls with the red white and blue wrapper. they range from george washington to lincoln. he said he would be stuck with themand suggested i open them check for errors re-wrap thm and deposit them. (i’m not going to unwrap the william henry harrisons so you can put your hearts back in your chests now) it doesn’t sound wise to me. he said nobody wants them. he also didn’t want anything to do with my 5 LP1 sets. seems strange to me. i don’t think i’ll be selling anything to him. he even really lowballed the proof and unc. sets

  240. Paul H says

    It took me until just after 5 to get my order for 5 sets in. Right after that a freind of mine logged on and bought 5 sets in about 4 minutes . The site was very sluggish but we got our orders in. The final order confirmation page never did load fully.
    I am also buying the 2011 Red Back Spider – russian edition – 2000 mintage

  241. Wylson says

    Well this set is now toast. It looks like the price of gold and platinum products may be toast also, since they are nearing the 2 tier increase level.

  242. Broooster says

    Everyone assumes that the flippers had better luck at ordering than the average collector. I can’t see how. I called the Mint early to see if they would put me on hold until Noon, and notta. They would not take any orders by phone if you called early. I do agree that 1 or 2 should have been the household limit, but hey, it is what it is. My suggestion to those who did not get from the mint, get from E-Bay as soon as possible, these will only go up in value.

  243. John says

    I tried to call a few times to confirm my CC# as well but I will just wait until Friday. The mint doesn’t bill until the item is shipped.

  244. David says

    Saw a post from the US Mint Facebook page that stated that orders were placed for approx 25,000 sets in the first hours of sales. If you consider that orders might have tapered off just a little after the first hour, and that they were receiving orders 25k sets per hour in the initial hour or two, then the wait list time of 4:34 pm might prove pretty accurate. Thought I would share.

  245. Dolores says

    Would appreciate a response from someone. I ordered 4 sets on my credit card. My daughter ordered 5 sets on her credit card (different name). We live in the same house (same address). I didn’t know she was ordering – will one of us be cancelled? Should I cancel my order, so as not to risk both being cancelled? Thanks for your help.

  246. MrBeeg says

    Me and a friend starting trying the website at 11:55am using IE. What a freaking nightmare. We both have accounts at the website, and we both got product into our carts by 12:10, but we NEVER got the orders processed before the waiting list notice. Quick checkout just hung, as did every other attempt to try and buy these sets. The phone line was busy every time I tried. I can remain hopeful, but I’m now pretty sure I that won’t be seeing any sets.

    HEY US MINT: Thanks for wasting 4-1/2 hours of my time with your horrible system. If you were an actual person, I’d find you and slap you across your stupid face.

  247. Dolores says

    Thanks. I really don’t want any more than I am entitle to, it was just one of those things – I don’t see where I can cancel on-line, I’ll call tomorrow morning. Thanks again for the quick response.

  248. SunTzu says

    I called the Mint and got through to have them check my credit card number. It was OK. I spoke to a nice woman and she said tomorrow is a much better time for people to check on existing orders placed today if they want. I joked with her on how busy she is. The credit card will not be charged until the time of shipping. Just a heads up to make sure everyone’s got their bill paid!

  249. Brad says

    It’s a little early to think this far ahead I know, but for the 30th Anniversary Set in 2016 I’m betting the mintage will be the same, but the limit will be only 1 per household. 🙂

    That set should be mixed up a bit. Make the Proof coin an “S”, the Reverse Proof a “W”, and a Burnished Uncirculated “P”, “D” and “S”. I hope that’s the way it plays out. We only have 5 years to wait!

  250. says

    I had been trying to place an order for 5 sets from 12:30pm EDT until 5:00pm EDT and gave up. Just tried at 8:00pm EDT and got right through and ordered 5 sets Order Number 3840xxxx. I don’t know what to say about this????

  251. says

    I wondered if any of those still lurking on the thread could clarify an issue for me.

    I noticed that many people seemed to be putting in multiple orders for one set rather than just ordering five all at once. What was the reasoning behind this? I have a friend who ordered five sets at once, and is now concerned about his order being altered or even completely cancelled.

  252. fosnock says


    To play it safe I would cancel my order, but during the Lincoln chronicle sets they let people with one order, but of course it was a limit of one per household. I would cancel your order to assure you get the extra set from your daughter’s order. Just make sure it was before 4:00 o”clock (officially 4:30) or you will cancel an order to get a wait list order

  253. Konde says

    1 order of 5 sets is the same as 5 individual orders of 1 set. I have done it in the past without any problem as long as there is a total of no more than 5 sets per household.

  254. Andy says

    @Konde “AMAZING ! Sold out in 8 hrs. It is officially on the wait list now.”

    what does that mean, officially on the wait list now?

  255. Andy says


    Its been like that since 4:30 p.m., is there something new that would tell you it sold out in 8 hours not 4.5 hours?

  256. Keith says

    I believe the reason is that the graders require unopened boxes from the mint. People who want to keep some and have some graded are placing separate orders and will submit sealed boxes to the grading companies. If you order 5 on one order then you must have all 5 graded or none.

  257. fosnock says

    Surprised with your question Captainoverkill, I ordered my two sets separate so I could keep one in the original mint shipping box…basically it increases it’s value on e-bay. Your friend’s order will not be canceled and he saved on shipping

  258. Gerald R. Lampton says

    I have been tracking the “pre-orders” on E-Bay. They are moving in a fairly steady upward arc: $405.00 a few days ago, to $510.00, $561.69, and $575.00 today.

    Also, I must say that NEVER before in my dealing with the mint web site have I had to make attempts for almost 3 hours, starting from the moment orders were first accepted, in order to get an order placed successfully on line.

    All I can say is: I hope it all turns out to have been worth it.

  259. says

    Thanks for the explanations, Konde, Keith, and Fosnock. I was doubtful that he was in any trouble but it’s nice to have some confirmation. I am not a flipper (in fact, I don’t even have an EBay account!), so I wasn’t quite sure why people were doing this. It makes sense, though, now.

    By the way, if anyone’s interested, I posted my take on this affair on my blog. I will be greatly interested to hear Michael and Louis’ retrospectives as well.

    And it seems we have greatly exceeded my prediction of 200 comments as well. Maybe we’ve hit a new record for comments on this site! 🙂

  260. T1 browserman says

    The last time I experienced such a bottleneck was for the 2010 platinum eagle. I tried every angle to get into the website. I was logged in at noon but the system overload would not allow me to click around as I normally could. At 12:15pm I had ordered the set 4 times but could not get to the cart. Around 3 pm I entered the site not via the normal route. I got into the product catalog not having been signed in and hit shopping cart. From that page I was able to sign in kinda like a backdoor to the site. I was able to get to my cart and adjust the quantity from 4 to 1 then crashed. I did the backdoor sign in method again and was able to make it to the checkout around 3:15pm. I hit place order and got the spinning circle. I exited the browser and checked my email and low and behold I received an order # along with the ATB 5 ounce. The bottleneck was still apparent around 8p.m. I had to use the backdoor method once again to access the site to track order which is ON HOLD. ON HOLD is better than WAITING LIST. Waiting lists orders are orders that are dependent on cancellations of orders for various reasons credit card invalid, customer cancellation, violation of mint policy etc. Even for the platinum eagle I was able to get through within 1 hour. This one was an ordeal to be reckoned with. A shame collectors will now have to go to Ebay where the premiums will exceed intrinsic value. As far as grading goes; a modern proof is slabbed by the mint and sold as a proof. Slabbing it again and giving it a number is redundant. I prefer all my mint purchases to remain “raw” as the mint intended. Grading service is for older coins and ancient specimens which did not have the opportunity to be slabbed in the first place. Well good luck to you waiting list customers. ATB 5 ounce still worth buying; hope I live long enough to obtain all 56 RAW ISSUES.

    T1 over and out

  261. T1 browserman says

    Also, I am a bit disappointed that this did not sell with the 1 per household limit for the first week. I had full faith in Deputy Director Mr. Peterson to enforce that restriction so that all could equally have a chance at obtaining this rare issue without being raped on the secondary market.

    T1 over and out

  262. Dan says

    looks like anyone who got an order in has cause to celebrate. Two of these coins are VERY special pieces.

  263. DCDave says

    Michael: Is this a record: over 400 comments to date!
    IMHO the Mt. Hood is a great value while it lasts.
    Most were sold for $279 and this will sell out.
    Just got another one today (after finally getting through to order a 25th anniversary set..on wait list…).

  264. Brian says

    “… I called the Mint early to see if they would put me on hold until Noon, and notta. They would not take any orders by phone if you called early …”

    Ha, ha. I had never thought of that. What if you called early and then talked r–e–a–l s–l–o–w?

  265. T1 browserman says

    Called the mint @ 9:45pm …..LINE BUSY !!!!

    Im sure more than 100K in posts but can only post so many

    3836xxxx @ 3:23pm one set for me; no grading necessary. I like my collection RAW including the buffalos and platinum eagles

    ATB’s 5 ounce still great collection

  266. vaughnster says

    I’m guessing that since the Mint had a 10 per household limit on the 250,000 minted 2006 20th ASE Anniversary sets, they figured it was fair for a 5 per limit for mintage of 100,000. I’ve been through a lot of crazy times buying on the Mint’s web site over the past 5 years and NOTHING compares to this. Lincoln Chronicles was the worst before today. Luckily I didn’t have to go to work until 2 pm and needed every minute to order from my home. Totally crazy. As bad as it was, I don’t think the Mint should change the household limit.

  267. buffalobob says

    I wanted to order 2x2x1 but after 3 1/2 hours of trying to get a order through, {+phone during that time, never answered}, I just went for all 5 just before wait list notice appeared! I could tell by the web delay this was going to sell out.
    I just collect for fun, no grading stuff! I lke to see things in OGP. Thats their beauty to me and other collectors

  268. Don says

    im going to guess the easiest way so far that i have been noticing if you are on the waitlist or not is the ship date. seems most people early on have ship dates of 11/10/11. the later ones after waitlist seem to be 11/11/11.

  269. iasoup says

    Does anyone know what happens if you orders two separate orders of 3 sets by accident? I website site was extremely slow with many time out errors I thought the initial order process. Will they cancel both orders, cancel one order or send the maximum limit of 5 (complete order from first process and 2 sets from the second)? What should I do?

  270. Don says

    the worst that can happen is they cancel both orders. they definitely will not revise one order. so best case u get 3 sets worse case 0 sets. I would cancel one. You can always call them as i dont work for them – jmho

  271. Piotr says

    I ordered with google’s browser- chrome. Initially was timing ot but got thru after 1Pm. Also ordered 10, 11 ATB silver quarter sets, but I added them to cart before noon, so when the masses came I had few clicks saved. I also used as my browsers: firefox, iexplorer, and safari. No luck with those.

  272. Chrome Dome says

    After today’s online ordering fiasco, I have only one word for the Mint’s IT Manager – “Bandwidth.” Your current architecture does not meet the needs of your business. Today was crazy.

  273. Two Cents says

    From the chatter on this blog, it looks like there are a number of people who inadvertently ordered more sets than they thought/could because of the online checkout snafus. I wonder if that would cause people to cancel orders and the Mint to reject orders in significant numbers.

    There may be hope for the people stuck on the Mint’s Waiting List.

  274. rcn says

    Anyone notice that the listing for the 25th Anniversary Eagle Set is NOT even posted on the Mint’s website any longer???

    I’m curious what that is all about?? Are they changing their minds about how they are going to distribute the coins to those of us who sat around for hours on end just to make sure we got our orders in???


  275. EvilFlipper says

    As an aside, wbat was the max amount of calls you made to get through- i called 372 times before i got my second 5 sets!

  276. Clair Hardesty says

    Hey ya’ll, I just ordered my ATB at 1AM ET and got order 38411xxx. Closest order I saw to noon ET was 38324xxx so roughly 87,000 orders were placed in the last 13 hours. That is only slightly few orders per hour than they have been averaging per day this year. In fact, in the last month they have only averaged about 3500 orders per day so in 13 hours they took about as many orders as in the previous 25 days.

    I placed 5 orders for 1 set each as follows:

    38326xxx @ 12:14ET
    38330xxx @ 12:34ET
    38335xxx @ 13:03ET
    38339xxx @ 13:26ET
    38346xxx @ 14:10ET

    and for the ATB:

    38411xxx @ 01:06ET

    A coworker and I were ordering together (I talked him into buying these sets as his first silver purchase) and he got two orders in before my first one. His first was 38325xxx at 12:08ET.

  277. MLA says

    OVERKILL & Keith FYI,
    PER PCGS FIRST STRIKE “There are two ways PCGS can verify if a coin was shipped out from the mint within the first 30 days. The first is when a coin is shipped to PCGS from the customer with a postmarked date before the cutoff date for that particular coin. In this example, PCGS only needs the coin to be mailed in. No extra mint packaging is needed (i.e. boxes, certificates, etc.).

    The second way PCGS can verify that a coin qualifies for First Strike designation is when a customer does not open the sealed package that came from the mint. In this instance, the package must remain completely sealed and unopened. The customer then can send that whole package in to PCGS and the receiving department will go by the postmarked date from the mint. As long as this date is prior to the cutoff date for that particular coin, it qualifies for first strike”

  278. Rick says

    I hate to be a whiner but i tried from noon on using internet and phone. I was not able to order until 5:45 pm my one set. Status is on hold with delivery triple 11.

  279. Clair Hardesty says

    All orders get the hold status initially for releases like this one because they have to confirm limits (all 5 of my orders are on hold, this is normal). The delivery date is bogus, PBGS always says that they will ship in two weeks from today, Often, the date keeps incrementing until it changes to in stock (which it really was all along).

  280. Winn says

    How does one tell if one is on wait list or not from the order page?
    it seems all the same to me? Orders that went thro at 12 noon and after 4:30pm

  281. yoyo boing says

    what happened? the ASE 25th anniversary set is no longer on the mint’s website. did they sell out?

  282. Piotr says

    Does anyone have tips on their ordering process. How did some of you guys were able to complete orders so fast?

    I ordered with google’s browser- chrome. Initially was timing out but got thru @12:47. Also ordered 2010, 11 ATB silver quarter sets, but I added them to cart before noon, so when the masses came I had few clicks saved.
    I also used firefox, iexplorer, and safar as my browsers. No luck with those.

  283. Ikaika says

    Now that the CHAOS is over we should be getting a message from the US Mint with the same old apologies for the problems with their web server and telephone lines. As mentioned before: “It never fails: the website will crash and the telephone lines will be busy”. Was able to order a set via the internet after 4 hrs 23 min.

  284. Two Cents says

    Let’s all take a short breather from the 25th Anniv. Silver Set.

    Lost amid yesterday’s hoopla was the Mint’s announcement on the upcoming 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar, and the release of line drawings for the obverse and reverse designs. Curiously, there is no indication in the designs of what the coin is commemorating.

    Here are the links:



    Okay, back to the 25th Anniv. Silver Set …

  285. vaughnster says

    YoYo Boing–

    The ASE 25th Anniversary set is still on the Mint’s website. You have to click on “American Eagle Coins” on the products menu on the left side of the home page and the set is still for sale with a delivery date of 11/12……..

  286. Zeeman says

    OK Guys i am going to keep my fingers cross, it was a night mare, i have been through Lincon CC set and Hot springs ATB chaos, but i always got the product, yesterday was different game, tried for 5:30 hours both online and phone, on the phone always got a busy signal, and once a while it will say u have to take the survey once u place ur oder, when i heard that my heart start running faster the Usain bolt, but then busy signal again, i never cussed so much in my life like i did in those 5 hours, so now i am in wait list, i hope there are alot of duplicate orders, it hard to believe the mint website can take about 60000 orders in 4 hours, i donot think they are that fast,i hope there are a lot of Delores out there,or maybe EvilFlipper might give me a set at cost, and then i woke up.

  287. Anil says

    I thank everybody on this site and and this thread, as I feel only because of this site I was able to order my sets, of all the days my girlfriend decided that I was not spending enough time with her so she wanted me to meet her in middle of work at 12 noon abut 50 miles from where I live( that is where she works). So i called the mint while driving up there and coming back more importantly I was checking update on this site, and once I came back at 3:30 I was able to order my sets with great difficulty on line. Thanks once again. Same thing with 2010 ATBs.

  288. Silver Sam says

    Would anyone consider selling me one set at cost so that I could have one????….sniff sigh tears 🙁 🙁 🙁

  289. EvilFlipper says

    I want to thank michael for all the hard work he puts in to this sight which definitely enriches my life and my business/hobby. It is MUCH better because of people like him.

  290. Merrill says

    I ordered several orders from 12 noon all the way to 5:50pm.
    But I can’t seem to tell the difference between the order status of the various orders.

    How does one differentiate a wait list order and a order that’s confirmed?

  291. Rudyard says

    The only tips I have on getting through are:

    1. Have a phone in your left hand…hit redial repeatedly
    2. Have a phone in your right hand…hit redial repeatedly
    3. Type on your computer keyboard with your left elbow, and refresh with your right.

    Actually, it is the luck of the draw. Do like everybody else (myself, included) and redail and refresh as quickly as possible. The only real tip is to log into the Mint’s website 10 to 15 minutes early and poke around so that they don’t boot you. You will still experience the slowdown, but you will have eliminated a couple of page loads. I forgot about this offering until 1 PM, but somehow managed to score by 1:30.

    The funniest part of my phone adventure was…TWICE I was selected to do a survey after I placed my order, then promply got a busy signal…Boy, I wish I could have taken that survey!

  292. Piotr says

    Mint’s phone- busy. Lol! Just trying to find out if CC info is cosher. I don’t want to be stuck with nothing.

  293. Piotr says

    Finally got through!
    My CC info is ready for billing.
    I spoke with Tom from the mint. I asked if the sets will be shipped after the 10th Nov. Tom said that the date was moved up! He said that some orders should be delivered by the end of next week! Can’t wait to get mine!

  294. birdman says

    I tried for three hours to get 1 silver american eagle set (calling and on the website simultaneously). Boy, am I glad that people on this website managed to get multiple sets of 5 american eagle sets…….I guess my poor internet speed is to blame. What do they say? the rich get richer and the poor get poorer???

  295. DCDave says

    Sorry to digress, but I tried getting an order in at noon, phone and computer and with my actual work I must do for a living was able to get an order in at 6:30 ish. At the time I thought I got the order through, but reading the blog, realized I must be on a wait list. I hope the order comes through.

    Private industry would not stand for outdated computers.
    If Obamacare happens, good luck getting care!
    Chest pain? Sorry the Cardiac surgeon is not taking the government health plan….

    Those of us that have to work, cannot devote every minute of the critical 4 1/2 hour windo to get an order placed. If I’m on my computer at noon, there is no excuse why I am on the “wait list”.

  296. Samuel says

    To be fair, we cant blame mint too much.
    no industry will design their capacity based on this kind of crazy peak traffic.
    we here compare crazy peak traffic with other retailer’s normal traffic experience.

  297. BigHock says

    I am solid on getting 5 sets. My order went through just before 4pm. Hope others find theirs. I am excited to see such a product that sells out. Keeps the coin market lively and fresh.

  298. Winn says

    Maybe we are the ones that’s crazy; killing one another and causing the servers to crash… We could have all taken our time and make this experience more enjoyable rather than blaming the mint for our own actions

  299. says

    I see the sets are now completely listed as sold out. I wonder how many orders ended up on the wait list before all was said and done? It must be in at least the tens of thousands – the website was still very slow for a good hour and a half after wait list status was announced.

    With these sets now sold out, I cannot think it will be very long before the silver products are repriced upward. Get your Glaciers while you can guys!

  300. Peter says

    Good thing we were able to buy this set. I’m sure it was close to repricing. With silver in upswing again, we’re lucky the Mint went ahead with the sale.

  301. DCDave says

    Captain, with that in mind, I think the Mt. Hood may be the best “value” out there since most went for $279….

  302. Brad says

    I don’t know, maybe silver’s spot price right now is within the Mint’s tolerance to leave the prices alone. They might not re-price the ATB 5 oz. back up until silver gets back to $40. Then they’ll raise them back to the original $279.95 level. That is, unless silver continues to climb after suspension. Then they might build a little more into it and make them $299.95 in hopes to avoid a second suspension on the heels of the first.

  303. DCDave says

    My point is not matter what silver does, or the Mint does about pricing, the Mt. Hood sold the vast majority for $279 and you can buy it now for $229.
    It will sell out. I’m not a flipper, I’m a collector, but other that the 25 yr set that I hope to get (off the wait list), I personally think the Mt. Hood is almost a guaranteed winner and once the sell out happens, people will realize this.

  304. kevin says

    If the Mint had upgraded their ordering system that would just have meant a 1-2 hours sellout instead of a 4.5 hour sellout. We’ll see how that plays out with hot releases starting in 2012! The 30th anniversary set will be a 90 minute sell out is the new servers are two or three times higher capacity than the current servers. 🙂

  305. Dolores says

    HI … Cancelled my mistaken duplicate order this morning – it was on a waiting list, so who knows? What does anybody think about number 3839…. any guess if it will be filled? Wow, this is frustrating isn’t it?

  306. Mike S. says

    WOW what a day yesterday. It was crazy but at the same time fun. As you can see MANY people ordered five times for five sets which makes the order # get higher. Hope everyone who ordered a set fairly gets one.

  307. PhillyDog says


    25TH ANNIVERSARY AE 5 COIN SILVER SET 2 $299.95 $599.90
    2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 11/11/2011.

  308. says

    To go off topic a bit, I believe the “winner” AtBs will probably be the ones after Gettysburg. I’m expecting sales of Olympic and Chickasaw to be especially dismal (Vicksburg seems well-liked in terms of the design so that might get a little boost). With sales so low, I think they will accumulate premiums the same way the first spouses are doing. Glacier might get more sales than I originally expected due to a combination of it “piggybacking” on the anniversary set sales plus collectors trying to snap it up before a silver price increase hits.

    But regardless, I expect by the time we hit Chickasaw, first week sales will be under 5,000 per coin.

  309. T1 browserman says

    $300 x 100,000 = $30,000,000 for the Department of the Treasury

    see my other posts regarding my ordeal….there are alternate methods to signing in and I used an altermate route which I hope proved successful until the government uses the proceeds to EXPAND its retail website when it announces future rarities

    track order shows triple 11 as ship date ordered @ 3:23pm ( I hope I cleared the window)

    Dont forget folks….The United States Mint’s order management system processes all orders on a first-in, first-served basis. First-in, first-served means that from the time a customer receives an order confirmation number, his or her order is processed in the sequence it was received. Inventory is immediately reserved for that customer and the customer’s order begins the order management and fulfillment process.


  310. Phil says

    I had the better luck with the phone yesterday. Had tried for over an hour on the website with no luck. After about 10 minutes or so of trying the phone, I was able to get through. Just ordered one set, as that was all I wanted/needed, being a strict collector and not a flipper.

  311. T1 browserman says

    I never even tried the phone….figured that would be on overload just as the website.

    I feel sad for the waiting listers…..all could have been avoided if there was the one per household limit for the first week.

    Bad move on the part of the Deputy Director.

  312. Brad says

    The 30th Anniversary Silver Eagle set will most definitely be a “1 per household” item. Maybe the Mint was caught off-guard because they still remember that it took 2.5 months for the 20th Anniversary set to sell out 250,000 units with a 10 per household limit.

    I think what made this one different was a combination of two things. First, in 2006 there was a companion 3-coin gold set at 26X the price to compete for collector dollars, while this time there was only a silver set. Second, it took several months after sellout for the 20th Anniversary Silver set to prove how lucrative it was for the original buyers, reaching 6x the issue price before settling down to current 3-4X issue price. With that memory still fresh in everyone’s minds, it’s no wonder that the 25th Anniversary set sold out in mere hours, with only 100,000 minted and 5 per household allowed!

  313. Fosnock says


    It looks like they are canceling orders so I would go check my status. I placed an order at 6:12 PM and it got order number 383919XX. I can’t tell how low of a number you have, but I would say your order would not be filled as it sounds like it was placed around 5:30. Based on my estimates for demand only sets that were placed in the first 30 minutes of wait list status would stand a chance of getting a set. To put it in perspective they are approximately 60K (60,000) orders between my last known good order placed at 1:17 PM and your order number That is my 2 cents hopefully I’m wrong

  314. Clair Hardesty says

    The ship dates posted in the track order info are totally meaningless. PBGS tries to make it look like they do a better job than they are doing by claiming items are not in stock until they are actually ready to ship so that it will look like they ship from stock quickly. Often, that date will keep incrementing daily until it suddenly changes to “in stock and reserved”. Also, if you look at any order placed before 1PM ET, it will say 12:XXAM on the track order page. This is a display goof and has been like this since at least January of 2009 and the UHRDE (probably has always been this way). The FIFO system isn’t strictly followed in the sense that order fulfillment is assigned to workers in batches and it is possible for a higher order number to ship before a lower one but there should not be any major line jumps. The mint has only been taking about 25,000 orders per week lately so it will probably take them at least two weeks just to ship the anniversary sets from stock even if they add temp help, which they might not do.

    Hopefully the TPGs that are thinking of selling or offering early issue labels will recognize that all of these sets are worthy of such labels if the customer wants them. All of the coins had been minted and put in capsules (and apparently boxed in SF and put in stock at PBGS) before sales began and clearly all have been sold before shipping begins. It would not be cool to penalize some buyers just because their orders took longer to ship.

  315. T1 browserman says

    Here’s a solution if the Deputy Director is out there pondering what happened yesterday…all those that ordered more than one set and those that only ordered one set up to waiting listers gets one set.

    Then all others that ordered multiple sets gets there sets in the order they were received. 4 sets sent separately 3 sets etc.

    May not be fair to multple orderers but at least some waiting listers will get a shot if they only ordered one.

  316. vaughnster says


    I’m a PCGS member and they give you 30 days from the first day the Mint starts actually SHIPPING the coins until they cut off the First Strike eligibility. And they have to be POSTMARKED within that 30 day window. Usually it’s on their website or you can call to find out the deadline.

  317. MG says

    I have a macbook air with chrome and Safari and a SSD drive. I noticed that Safari was able to deal with the “slowness” much better than chrome or chrome on my crappy PC. I also noticed that the servers were resetting connections meaning they were being rebooted about every 5 or 10 minutes. They can reboot the webservers because the database servers that take the orders are typically on a different box. THis was standard web design back in the 90’s and now as well. The advantages is that it is suppose to be scalable. “IF” you add more servers to scale. I’m guessing it looks like Load Balancer to Web Server to Database Server. That being said there are ways that if people had the the right resources can order quickly and without a browser. I’m guessing this was done by the big box flippers.

  318. Parker says

    Orders after 5pm are all gone imo. No need to keep up hopes on this wait list.
    6pm? Not a chance. It matters little ig u cancel or not; u won’t get the 25th set.

    Any orders after 5pm and on waitlist pretty much have no chance at all.

  319. MG says

    @ Merrill, Have you ever stood in a long line and the people in front of you leave because the line is too long. Maybe some people that ordered earlier will cancel with this same line of thinking or that don’t want the uncertainty of that $$$ floating. =)

  320. Keli says

    Ordered 2 sets at 6:37 pm with number of 38394…. for my cousin, and 5 sets at 6:45 pm with number 38396……. for myself. Both orders went through and have email confirmation for both. My cousin was on phone all day yesterday; since the Mint cancels his redial after 1 time, he continued to dial from 12:00 on. I used the web site and tried from 12:00 on with the green circles spinning around. Started fresh at 6:10 pm and was logged in rather promptly and able to complete my new order. Then cancelled the other 2 spinning circles. My cousin has numerous “theories” about what the problem is-“all phone personal don’t go to work that day” is one of them. Or, “they don’t answer the phone and take care of the web”; he doesn’t have a computer. Most fascinating reading the various blogs. Yesterday was a reminder of the Lincoln Chronicles which I was FINALLY able to order.
    MINT NEEDS TO UPGRADE THEIR SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of time for everyone! Yes, our government at work! REALLY?

  321. Terry says

    It took me 5 straight hours of trying to order thru the mints website. I kept getting further and further into the ordering process before their website froze up. Finally got my order thru at 5:15 ET. Lucked out and got five sets-
    By the way, I kept calling their customer service number as well and that was busy for hours!

  322. Clair Hardesty says

    For items like this there are two major reasons for having the coins slabbed. It is the only to get the provenance of the three non-unique coins attributed to the anniversary set and MS/PR70 coins do sell at a significant premium over MS/PR69s.

    Vaughnster, my point is that for this set, the only reason that a postmark would be past the cutoff date is if PBGS takes more than a month to ship all of the sets, which could happen, Since they were all ordered on the same day, it would seem rather unfair to shutout those who were unlucky enough to have their sets shipped last.

  323. Smart Guy says

    Anyone who pays extra to buy a coin labeled “first strike” is a fool. The U.S. Mint says there is no way anyone can tell from order numbers or shipping dates whether a coin is an actual “first strike”. Dies for special sets produce a small number of coins and then are replaced. Coins move from the production department to the shipping department in no particular order, meaning the last coin produced could be the first coin shipped, and the first coin produced could be the last one shipped.

    PCGS is the big winner as they make a fortune taking money from clueless collectors to give coins a meaningless designation, which in turn are sold to other clueless collectors at a huge markup.

    “First Strike” is a scam, and IMO anyone who perpetuates this fraud should end up in jail.

  324. Fosnock says


    My maths says you have at most a 10% chance of getting your set(s), and that is optimistic.

    I’m no expert, but your 45 minutes into the wait list, from 12:30-1:15 that represented just under 8,000 orders. Lets play it safe and cut that by 75% and say their are 2,000 orders ahead of you…you do the math but it looks grim to me.

  325. Fosnock says


    Not all of the orders will be for 5 sets but their are more than 2,000 orders ahead of you

    2,000 orders of 5 sets each = 10K or 10% of the total sets available

    10% of the orders in front of you have to be canceled for you to have a shot

  326. Mint process says

    In the zoo like atmosphere that prevailed on Thursday afternoon there is no way the mint could tell precisely when the sets sold out, especially when it took half an hour or longer for many customers to move through the ordering process from start to finish. In this situation, the smart thing to do would be to post the wait list notice a half hour to 45 minutes before actual sellout is anticipated so that most customers who begin the ordering process before the notice is posted are able to place good orders. This way most customers who began their order before the waitlist notice posted would actually receive their orders. Not sure how the mint actually does it but I wouldn’t be surprised if works this way.

  327. Brian says

    This is a case where I think the First Strike label could be a disadvantage. Only two of the coins will be eligible for First Strike. All five coins will get the desired 25th Anniversary label. I think people will want uniform labels on all coins comprising a set. Having two coins with First Strike and the others without would look ugly.

  328. Fosnock says

    Mint process

    I agree but I would suspect that they would put wait list status no more that 15 minutes before a sellout, but then this is the US mint and they can and do anything.

  329. Zwiggy says

    For all those cursing the USMint. The Perth Mint – extremely collector oriented, did NOT hold up much better during the dragon ordering craze earlier this year.
    In my mind, instead of creating rarities, why even keep mintage limits? Sell for about 1 year to as many would like to buy an item. The UHR was a good example of this. Everybody got a fair chance, and those who did hold on to their coin, made a killing!

  330. Brad says

    Has the Mint ever gone back and altered existing orders to enforce a lower household limit after the fact? I can’t remember that ever happening. I do remember that the Lincoln C & C set was originally slated to have a limit of 5 per household, but that was reduced to 1 per household PRIOR to sales beginning. I don’t know if they would try to change the limit on a sold out item afterwards or not. That would be a touchy situation. They would be making buyers both mad and glad at the same time. Since their customer base is already shrinking due to ever-increasing prices and such, they would probably determine that it’s best to just let it play out as it did and try to do better next time. There will undoubtedly be a limit of only 1 per household for the 30th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set!

  331. Brad says

    However, if the mintage is raised back to 250,000 sets for the 30th Anniversary, there might be a limit of 2 sets per household.

  332. Two Cents says

    Kevin [Oct. 28 @ 10:48 am],

    Good point that you made about the set selling out earlier if the Mint did have an upgraded ordering system.

    Whether the set sold out in an hour because of the latest hi-tech computer system, or in five hours because of an inadequate antiquated system, is not the problem.

    The problem here is that the Mint set the maximum limit of 5 sets per household. It is not surprising that they sold out quickly. Improving their computers would only mean that the sets would have sold out even quicker. The Mint should have set the limit at 1 per household (with the option of increasing the limit after a week).

    Actually, a better idea would have been to have no mintage limit at all, but a deadline for ordering (one month, three months, six?). That way, everyone who wanted them would be able to get them, and after the deadline, the marketplace would determine whether the value goes up or down (good ol’ supply and demand).

  333. Two Cents says

    T1 browserman [Oct. 28 @ 11:19 am],

    It would appear that orders made before 4 pm are likely to be fulfilled, so your order at 3:23 pm seems safe. This is taking into consideration that many orders will be cancelled by customers because of inadvertent multiple checkouts and/or cancelled by the Mint because of over-the-household-limit multiple orders.

    I wouldn’t be too attached to the “Expected to ship on …” date in the Online Order Receipt. The Mint puts in a two-week future date to all orders. This does not mean that they are having a problem with your order or with supplying you with the coin. This is routine, to give them time to verify orders and to prepare them for mailing. If you notice when you check on your order online, this date will increase every day so that the ship date is always two weeks ahead, until the product is actually shipped. From personal experience, the Mint has always shipped before the latest ship date, and often well before. (In the past, I believe the posted ship date was one week ahead.)

    And a clarification on the Mint’s first-in, first-served policy. This does not apply if there are problems with the order, such as they are unable to quickly verify the credit card or address or household limit (especially multiple orders). In those cases, the order will be pulled from the queue, and the next order moves up. When the problem is resolved, the pulled order is put back into the queue, next in line (not in the original position and not at the end of the line). If the problem is not resolved, the order is cancelled.

  334. T1 browserman says

    TY 2 CENTS and now switching to gold…..7 years of Buffalo design is enough:

    ‘‘(2) INITIAL DESIGN.—
    ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided under subparagraph
    (B), the obverse and reverse of the gold bullion
    coins struck under this subsection during the first year
    of issuance shall bear the original designs by James Earle
    Fraser, which appear on the 5-cent coin commonly referred
    to as the ‘Buffalo nickel’ or the ‘1913 Type 1’.
    ‘‘(B) VARIATIONS.—The coins referred to in subparagraph
    (A) shall—
    ‘‘(i) have inscriptions of the weight of the coin
    and the nominal denomination of the coin incused in
    that portion of the design on the reverse of the coin
    commonly known as the ‘grassy mound’; and
    ‘‘(ii) bear such other inscriptions as the Secretary
    determines to be appropriate.
    ‘‘(3) SUBSEQUENT DESIGNS.—After the 1-year period
    described to in paragraph (2), the Secretary may—
    ‘‘(A) after consulting with the Commission of Fine Arts,
    and subject to the review of the Citizens Coinage Advisory
    Committee, change the design on the obverse or reverse
    of gold bullion coins struck under this subsection; and
    ‘‘(B) change the maximum number of coins issued in
    any year.

  335. Jim says

    I got through to the mint in the first few minutes and then got bounced. After three hours of constant attempts on-line and on the phone to the mints 800# and local # I finally got through and was able to place my order for five sets. I really think that they should have limited the sets per household to 2 or 3 to give more collectors a chance at the sets before what will most likely be a $200 to $400 mark-up on sites like eBay.

    I just checked on eBay and someone has 10 sets offered for $10,000, and several sets of 5 are in the $5,000 range. There is a set with 15 bids that is over $1,500 that ends within the hour. If you sleep you pay.

    I love collecting coins.


  336. Richard says

    Greetings,Just discovered your blog this am.I believe i have a order update alot of you will be interested in.I put in 2 orders for 1 set each,my order status at 8 am pst was on hold,at 8:30 has gone to( in process.)
    order 1 38381XXX at 5:22 pst 1 unit backordered
    order 2 38384XXX at 5:36 pst 1 unit backordered This give me hope,my late submission and all of you hopeful SAE collectors will be sucessful.Good luck to all of you

  337. LD says

    The change in status to “in process” just occurred today, Sunday?
    When did you actually place your orders?

  338. LD says

    I see that you listed the times you placed your orders, but still curious if there was a status change during the weekend.

  339. Clair Hardesty says

    The account and order information has just gone off line at the mint website. The entire site blinked briefly so it is possible that a database update is in progress. Give your information a look over as soon as it is back on line to make sure that all is OK with your orders.

  340. Clair Hardesty says

    That was weird. It is working now and it doesn’t look like anything changed. I could not even log out but now just did and went back in and all looks unchanged.

  341. joan says

    i think your computer is still messed up after all that refreshing…logging in and out,,,,sweat pouring on your keyboard…etc…ect.

  342. Richard says

    L.D. The status of both orders is currently in process.1 unit backordered expect to ship 11/13.The ship date move from 11/14.What is the status of your order.This change ooccured this am approx 8:30 10/30 pst.

  343. Clair Hardesty says

    Once your order changes from on hold to in process it normally means that your order is valid has been cleared for shipping. When the expected to ship changes to in stock and reserved it has actually been sent to fulfillment. At that point you can watch your CC to see when the mint charge appears. It can still be several days after that before the order actually ships and a tracking number might show up a day or more before the package actually leaves the warehouse. Once the tracking number works and shows that UPS has your package your coins will arrive the next business day.

    All five of my orders are still on hold.

  344. LD says

    My orders are showing expected ship dates of 11/13 and 11/14 as well. I ordered the first at 4:01 and the second at 6:45 eastern time. 38364xxx and 38397xxx. Hope the first one makes it as it is prior to the wait list, but who knows. Just have to wait and see I guess. Good luck.

  345. Richard says

    LD,Thank you for your feed back,it is appreciated,i as i’m sure many were were disapointed when the mint suspended this program.Itis a rare ocasion to see so many so pumped.Hope you are able to take delivery of the sets you have requested,at this point i feel encouraged.Let me and others know of your rewards. Richard

  346. Jim says

    Just received confirmation(5:23AM) on my order(38344XXX) from the Mint that it will be shipped on 11/14/2011 with a complimentary upgrade ship method.

  347. Richard says

    I too received an email 4am pst we regret to inform you your order request is on backorder please expect shippment on 11/14.I believe its safe to say i’m in with 38381xxx and 38384xxx.Nothing regarding shippment upgrade.Regards and good luck. Richard

  348. Richard says

    Andy,History,The whole sonerio fits a pattern,I could be wrong,but i doubt it.my order is currently in (procesing mode) backordered expect to ship 11/14.Tell us what you think.Do you look at or belong to pcgs coin forum.THANKS

  349. Andy says


    I’m a little new to the US Mint game; I have a few UHRs and got a few of the Lincoln coins; I even got one of the $10 circulated gold eagles. My order number for this set is 3838xxxx. I am pessimistic about getting mine. So I was hoping for some positive sign that I’m getting mine this time.

  350. Richard says

    Andy,i still believe the 3838xxxx numbers are good.I believe possibly thousands of requests were canceled by the mint for variious reasons,order limits,credit card limits,experationson and on.Oh yes angry wives girl friend,rent or morgage due,buyers remorse.Hang in there,let mo know.Good luck

  351. says

    I think it is terrible what people are doing with the coins that they have won and have not yet recieved. I was on line on 10/27/2011 at 11:00am untill 2:30pm trying to get the chance to get the 25th aniversity silver eagle coin set. I actually had 3 phones , and was online and just couldn’t get thru. Finally I got lucky and got thru just to find that I am backordered. I went on ebay the next day and there were so many people selling the set it was really unsetting to me. I have been a collector foe years. The artwork and the beauty of the sets are breathtaking. I tried so had to get the set for my collection. I have been so lucky I have evevy eagle in my collection, not to mention how many error coins. I am so upset to see these people get the coins, that they do not even have yet. The goverment hasn’t even shipped them out. Theses people are selling them at such a outragous price. What about the true collectors, like me, who what to have a complete set of those beautiful coins. Agaain the artowrk and beaty of our american coins cannot be touched by an other county. And to think these people are ripping evevryone off. I know someday I will pass on and my children will get my coin set, thats why I always buy 3, 3 kids, so that they won’t find. You know how family’s can be after a parent dies. But the point of being a avid coin collector for 50 years and this stunt of the people selling their sets that they were lucky enough to get, but it on ebay beforre they even get it shipped to them. I really do not think they should have the right to them. I think the true collectors should really have a change first. I am a registered coin collector with many organizations and really feel insulted with this ongoing deal that people pull with the ebay stunt

  352. T1 browserman says

    Just a reminder to those who purchased mutiples sets:

    •Orders are not valid until accepted by the United States Mint.
    •The United States Mint reserves the right to limit quantities and may discontinue accepting orders at any time.
    •The United States Mint reserves the right to accept or reject coin orders in any combination or option(s) it determines to be in its best interest.
    •In the event a particular coin option is sold out, the United States Mint reserves the right to either process partial orders and make refunds, or return orders in their entirety.

  353. Russ R says

    Kudus to you Charles T, this is the same way I feel. Ebay is only making the problem worse, all these images of the coins are copyrighted from the U.S. Mint website. This is a complete violation of the copyright laws of the Unites States, but they continue to let them be for sale, you know why? Greed, Ebay is making a killing and the money is more important to them than the las they create anmd the government create. Shame on you Ebay, and all the copyright violaters!

  354. Russ R says

    Thanks for posting a ray of hope, but money and greed seems to be overtaking the mints common sence. I am in my fiftys as Charles is and am in the same situation, but I will not buy a set from anybody that out right wants to rip people off.
    PS sorry for the spelling errors, it the way it goes when Im trying to write whats on my mind to fast.

  355. Clair Hardesty says

    T1, you are absolutely right. A mint order is not truly “confirmed” until your track order page says “in stock and reserved” and your CC has been charged. That does not typically happen any earlier than a few days before product ships. Sometimes it does take more than a few days after the CC charge appears to ship but not very often (anymore, anyway). I suspect that with the number of orders taken for this product that some orders will be “in stock and reserved” for over a week before shipment. However, the mint is not going to change the 5 set household limit at this time. They will cancel orders that violate the policy and if they find evidence that someone was doing something sinister in an attempt to get around the policy they might take steps against that individual. They won’t do anything about people who get more than five sets by using friends & family or employee networks because there is nothing they can do about that. They will do everything they can to prevent more than five sets being shipped or charged directly to one person or one household but that is about as much as they are able to do. If they were even thinking about lowering the household limit for this sold out set, they would have already said so. They are processing orders as they normally do for popular and sold out products. I you simply ordered more than five sets they will simply cancel all orders that cause your total to go over five. If you ordered two sets, then four, then two more (and all orders were prior to the waiting list) you will probably get four sets because the second order will be cancelled because it takes the total to six but then the third order is good. It is also possible that they process backwards and might cancel both the second and third orders but I don’t think that would happen. What they mean when they say that the might process partial orders if a product sells out is that if you ordered six different products at once and two of them are sold out by the time they get to your order they might send what they have or they might cancel the whole order. That statement was not written to refer globally to how they handle all orders that caused a sell out. The first three bullets are the meat of mint policy. What they do not specify is what they mean by “accepted” but in my 11+ years of buying from the website, it is clear that an order is not truly accepted (AKA confirmed) until they charge your CC and the charge isn’t rejected. However, experience also leads to the conclusion that when an order goes to “in stock and reserved” it has been delivered to fulfillment and will ship as per the track order page (again, with good CC).

  356. T1 browserman says


    Ironic that Lincoln’s adapted quote of John Lydgate applies to the mint’s offering of raritiy issues which I will now adapt:

    “You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time but you cannot please ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”.

  357. T1 browserman says


    Ironic that Lincoln’s adapted quote of John Lydgate applies to the mint’s offering of raritiy issues which I will now adapt:

    “You can please SOME of the people ALL of the time, ALL of the people SOME of the time but you cannot please ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”!

    is the correct adaptation.

  358. Richard says

    order request 38381xxx still in process backordered 1 set but cancel box has disapeared
    order request 38384xxx still in process backordered 1 set cancel box still there. this change occured Fri. am around 6 am pst

  359. Richard says

    Right i need to report my cancel box has reapeared,i may have had a mint nightmare,who knows.Seems there should be reports of order approval by now,but as i wrote previously i believe the mint is screening over and over for violations of policy and it sound as though requestors made lots of honest errors.I had one additional set i wasn’t aware of until i received conformation be email.I wanted 2 set ended up with 3 canceled 1 set i’m a collector and love this series.Im not a flipper.After suspending previous years production the mint came up with a nice set.They screwed up a great series again.My thought is they should have produced 200,000 set and put a hh limit os 2 sets,a lot of collector would be happy.Oh yes one more thing ebay should install and enforce a ban on selling before the item is in the sellers hand.

  360. Clair Hardesty says

    Two main things have to happen for them to send a batch of orders to fulfillment. They have to have enough orders at the start of the list (FIFO in effect) that are OK to go if CC works and they have to have enough product in stock. Either of those could be a hold up today. They probably won’t start fulfilling until they have enough orders cleared (from the earliest orders) and enough stock in house for several batches of sets. I would rather they get it right and in FIFO order than rush and screw up.

  361. Anon says

    Called the mint to find out my order status. It was in process. The lady said that if there is an expected ship date you will probably get the order. She said the orders without a ship date are the ones on the wait list. No guarantees though.

  362. T1 browserman says


    Reading through your posts reminded me that Lincoln C&C’s were tough to come by at the time of issuance and I did not have the opportunity to be online for hours to get an order in (too busy with keeping my little daughter in check). Got one from Ebay today for little over original list price and set looks in great condition; but many are flipping for 2.5 to 4 times issue price. This will undoubtedly be the same fate for this issue. This is the flipper’s bread and butter and premiums will need to be paid at the collector’s expense.

    Just wished to thank you for reminding me of that Lincoln collectible.

    Happy Holidays to all and thanks to the site owner’s for allowing us to post !

  363. Mike says

    In the article you state that the set will contain:

    2011 Silver Eagle bullion coin (no mint mark, but struck at the San Francisco Mint)

    The Mint website page for this product makes no mention that the bullion coin was struck in San Francisco. Do you have a source for the information that you could link???

  364. says

    Just checked my order from the mint.#38380xxx is in Process in stock and reserved.Shipping date is around 11-18-11.I hopes this helps someone.

  365. Clair Hardesty says

    That is a little odd, I have never had a mint order say “in stock and reserved” and still have an expected ship date. Usually, the former replaces the latter. Once the item status says in stock … your CC should be charged very soon so keep an eye out for that and the order status should change to shipped as the next step. The time from in stock and reserved to shipped is usually a matter of a few days, sometimes the same day (like my AtB early this week).

  366. J pay says

    talked to mint today all my orders are in process and have a backorder date he said that in process means that all money was checked out and oked and that was first step of “in process” it does not mean that i will get them for sure but due to all of the orders that was made breaking rules ,order too many, no money, bad cc, and all ,that there was many sets made availible they had some people having 25 sets he said it was going to be a long process but they are doing there best also side note anyone that talked to a rep. was noted and thats why some went in process before others , the rep. got all info in order and due to website order and reorder that has what made it a nightmare due to lack of info site issues and such hopefully things will be better next time somthing like this happens again that what was told to me today at 4:30est.

  367. says

    The mint keeps moving the shipping date (out). It may hurt auction sales as the excitement is dying down. I also question the FS and Early Release designations. It appears as though the mint will be sending these sets out within a 30 day time frame. If so, all the sets are FS. It certainly costs a lot to get a designation that means nothing. Of course, it never has meant anything. But slab collectors seem to like it.

  368. vaughnster says

    PCGS bases the 30 day First Strike window when they start shipping, not when they were ordered, to take into account delays such as this. I agree that if you were to get these graded, First Strike is a waste of $18 per coin, but people still pay a premium for that on the holder.

  369. Clair Hardesty says

    NGC has stated that they will mark all coins submitted before the cutoff (not yet set) as Early Release unless requested otherwise, so it appears that they will not be charging for it. PCGS has not listed cutoff dates either and has not even posted dates for the Glacier AtB-P. The two services treat the First/Early issue differently. PCGS allows sealed mint packages to be submitted for First Strike labeling for a very long time, the 2006 20th anniversary sets apparently still qualify for First Strike labels if the postmark on a mint sealed package is on or before October 24,2006. NGC must receive the mint sealed package before the cutoff date they set (which is generally one month after shipments begin) and they must be graded within one year of the cutoff date (NGC will hold large amounts of coins for dealers for possible grading and special labeling for up to one year). While some have stated that PCGS representatives have related policy for these sets, their website does not yet mention them. It does appear that all 100,000 sets will be shipped over a period of less than one month, making all of them FS/ER whether labeled as such or not. It looks like NGC will label early submissions as ER gratis and PCGS will charge for FS labels no matter when submitted, as long as the sets are still in the mint sealed shipping container.
    In my opinion, this would be an ideal time for the two services to buy some big time customer satisfaction and either announce that FS/ER will not be offered for this set or that all submissions will receive the special labels no matter when they are submitted for grading. Otherwise, they are only going to succeed in proving that the labels are utterly meaningless and not ever worth paying for, either by submitters or buyers in the secondary markets. For NGC to attempt to differentiate the coins by when they are submitted for grading or for PCGS to do so based on whether or not you pay for it, when all of the sets initially qualify for the labeling, will only do harm to the notion that coins so labeled are somehow special.

  370. Richard says

    The bloggers and forum writers have all but lost there enthusiam,its good to see new writings.I believe unopened single sets in original fullfillment center packaging will be the real winners.What do you think?

  371. vaughnster says

    I believe the single sealed sets will be big winners, too. Many more people will be willing to buy one at say $600 than people having to shell out $3000 for 5 sets. Seems like that was the way for the 2006 ASE Anniversary set also.

  372. Richard says

    After the 2009 & 2010 Burnish Silver Eagle and 2009 Proof SAE mints failure to satisfy the collector they had a beautiful opportunity to smooz the collectors with this offering.With limited mintage like this houehold limits of 1 set,give the true collectors a chance.Those of you that don’t get a set and intend to buy on the after market,set back.The early buyers will get creamed,it will take maybe months,this set will be hot,but it to will settle out.

  373. David says

    Looks like PCGS has updated their numbers. Not sure I understand why one of the coins is listed as 2011-(W) when the “W” mint mark should actually appear on the uncirculated coin. At the same time they list a 2011-S when I would imagine is should be listed as 2011-(S) since the “S” mint mark will not appear on the coin….

  374. Clair Hardesty says

    It looks like they messed up the listing, they list three MS coins from the set: 2011, 2011-S, and 2011-(W). The set actually contains:2011-(S), 2011-S, and 2011-W. It also looks like they are planning on offering to let you pay $18 per coin for First Strike labels, even though it looks like all sets and coins will qualify, making the labels meaningless in all but one sense and that was pointed out by someone else. The First Strike label can only be used once so a coin that was broken out of another slab cannot get it. That has nothing to do with the intent of the label of course and a simple look-up of the cert number can confirm when the coin was slabbed.

  375. Clair Hardesty says


    PCGS has published an article that corrects the poor information initially given in their coin number listing ans shoeing that they will label the bullion coin as a 2011-(S). The coin number page that earlier had incorrect information has also been updated to reflect reality.

  376. alan says

    got my set was looking at the information card that come inside the coin.The information from the mint ,before the sets were ever struck said,the one eagle is from san fran ,but no mint mark ,the card inside with the coins states it could be from san fran or west point ,is this a mistake on the authenticity card or is this a true statement

  377. Two Cents says

    To Alan,

    I’m surprised that the Mint now says that the non-mintmarked bullion coin in the 25th Anniv. Silver Set is from either the West Point or San Francisco Mint.

    On Oct. 12, 2011, Tom Jurkowsky, director of the Mint’s Office of Public Affairs, told Coin World (Oct. 31 issue) that the non-mintmarked bullion coins in the 25th Anniversary Silver Set were in fact minted at the San Francisco Mint. This made a lot of practical sense, as the sets were assembled at the San Francisco Mint, where bullion coins were and are still being struck.

    The certificate of authenticity might have been printed months ago, before the origin of the non-mintmarked bullion coins was known.

  378. Richard says

    What happened,did you all drop of the earth?I have good news and no one to report to.My order request 38381xxx just now went to in stock and reserved one set A25.38384xxx backorded.Hopefully it shipps today.Happy thanksgiving to all.

  379. Richard says

    If we say please could we get our host to start a blog on a topic regarding the final acceptance and delivery of the A25 sets.Please.It may bring these folks back to the table.New input would be interesting.Thank you.

  380. Michael says

    I have been trying to gather some pertinent information on this for a post. Still working on it.

  381. Jose says

    Finally my order 38385XXX has shipped
    today with Two set 12/07/2011 UPS.
    Will arrive on 12/08/2011 by 10:30am.
    Thats 2 sets down, and one to go.
    Good Luck to everyone else who is waiting.

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