25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

Tomorrow, October 27, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set. For many collectors this set represents the mostly highly anticipated US Mint product of the year.

Information about the offering has slowly trickled out during the year, with the final details only recently confirmed. Very early in the year, I had suggested the possibility that the Mint might issue a special set to mark the anniversary, especially considering the success of the 20th anniversary sets issued in 2006.  On August 19, the US Mint confirmed their plans to issue a special 25th anniversary set and indicated the five coins that would be included. On October 13, the Mint confirmed the release date for the set as October 27 and provided the first image. On October 20, the pricing for the set was confirmed with the maximum production limit indicated shortly thereafter.

The 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set will contain the following coins:

  • 2011 Proof Silver Eagle (W mint mark)
  • 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle (W mint mark)
  • 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle (S mint mark)
  • 2011 Reverse Proof Silver Eagle (P mint mark)
  • 2011 Silver Eagle bullion coin (no mint mark, but struck at the San Francisco Mint)

The five coins are packaged in a “custom-design, highly polished, lacquered hardwood presentation case.” Each set is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The maximum product limit has been set at 100,000 units. There will be an ordering limit of five sets per household in effect for at least the first week of sales, after which point the limit will be re-evaluated and either extended, adjusted, or removed. Pricing for the sets is $299.95.

For purposes of comparison, the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set issued in 2006 contained three coins, one proof with W mint mark, one uncirculated with W mint mark, and one reverse proof with P mint mark. The sets were limited to 250,000 units with an ordering limit of ten per household.  The price was $100 per set. At the same time, the US Mint also released a 20th Anniversary Gold Eagle Set and a 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Eagle Set. It took approximately two weeks for the silver set to achieve a sell out. It took about two and a half months for the silver sets to sell out. Secondary market prices rose as high as $600 per set, before settling to their current levels around $300. [Updated after further research. It’s also worth noting that the peak price wasn’t reached until around June 2007, or ten months after the sets initially went on sale. Thank you Steve for your comments.]

Based on the available information, the 25th Anniversary Set will include two very significant coins in the American Silver Eagle series. These are the 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle and the 2011-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle. Provided these coins are not offered in any other format, they would have a maximum mintage of 100,000 pieces. These two coins would become the second lowest mintage Silver Eagles across all years and formats, after the rare 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle, which has a mintage of 30,125.

A complete sell out for the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle is a near certainty, as are probable US Mint website problems during the first few hours of availability. The most recent stampede for a newly released US Mint product occurred for the 2010-P Hot Springs Five Ounce Uncirculated Coin. After accepting 6,000 web orders in the first hour of sales, the Mint’s website went down and was not restored for 45 minutes. At that point, web orders were processed at the “normal capacity” of 120-150 orders per minute. After nine hours, there were more than 19,000 orders received by phone and through the website.

The fastest US Mint sell out within recent memory was for the 2009 Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set, which had a production of 50,000 units, one per household ordering limit, and price of $55.95. After five hours, sales had reached 29,919 sets. Sales continued until a sell out was reached the following day at 6:00 PM, after 30 hours of availability.

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  1. Two Cents says

    Kevin [Oct. 28 @ 10:48 am],

    Good point that you made about the set selling out earlier if the Mint did have an upgraded ordering system.

    Whether the set sold out in an hour because of the latest hi-tech computer system, or in five hours because of an inadequate antiquated system, is not the problem.

    The problem here is that the Mint set the maximum limit of 5 sets per household. It is not surprising that they sold out quickly. Improving their computers would only mean that the sets would have sold out even quicker. The Mint should have set the limit at 1 per household (with the option of increasing the limit after a week).

    Actually, a better idea would have been to have no mintage limit at all, but a deadline for ordering (one month, three months, six?). That way, everyone who wanted them would be able to get them, and after the deadline, the marketplace would determine whether the value goes up or down (good ol’ supply and demand).

  2. Two Cents says

    T1 browserman [Oct. 28 @ 11:19 am],

    It would appear that orders made before 4 pm are likely to be fulfilled, so your order at 3:23 pm seems safe. This is taking into consideration that many orders will be cancelled by customers because of inadvertent multiple checkouts and/or cancelled by the Mint because of over-the-household-limit multiple orders.

    I wouldn’t be too attached to the “Expected to ship on …” date in the Online Order Receipt. The Mint puts in a two-week future date to all orders. This does not mean that they are having a problem with your order or with supplying you with the coin. This is routine, to give them time to verify orders and to prepare them for mailing. If you notice when you check on your order online, this date will increase every day so that the ship date is always two weeks ahead, until the product is actually shipped. From personal experience, the Mint has always shipped before the latest ship date, and often well before. (In the past, I believe the posted ship date was one week ahead.)

    And a clarification on the Mint’s first-in, first-served policy. This does not apply if there are problems with the order, such as they are unable to quickly verify the credit card or address or household limit (especially multiple orders). In those cases, the order will be pulled from the queue, and the next order moves up. When the problem is resolved, the pulled order is put back into the queue, next in line (not in the original position and not at the end of the line). If the problem is not resolved, the order is cancelled.

  3. T1 browserman says

    TY 2 CENTS and now switching to gold…..7 years of Buffalo design is enough:

    ‘‘(2) INITIAL DESIGN.—
    ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided under subparagraph
    (B), the obverse and reverse of the gold bullion
    coins struck under this subsection during the first year
    of issuance shall bear the original designs by James Earle
    Fraser, which appear on the 5-cent coin commonly referred
    to as the ‘Buffalo nickel’ or the ‘1913 Type 1’.
    ‘‘(B) VARIATIONS.—The coins referred to in subparagraph
    (A) shall—
    ‘‘(i) have inscriptions of the weight of the coin
    and the nominal denomination of the coin incused in
    that portion of the design on the reverse of the coin
    commonly known as the ‘grassy mound’; and
    ‘‘(ii) bear such other inscriptions as the Secretary
    determines to be appropriate.
    ‘‘(3) SUBSEQUENT DESIGNS.—After the 1-year period
    described to in paragraph (2), the Secretary may—
    ‘‘(A) after consulting with the Commission of Fine Arts,
    and subject to the review of the Citizens Coinage Advisory
    Committee, change the design on the obverse or reverse
    of gold bullion coins struck under this subsection; and
    ‘‘(B) change the maximum number of coins issued in
    any year.

  4. Jim says

    I got through to the mint in the first few minutes and then got bounced. After three hours of constant attempts on-line and on the phone to the mints 800# and local # I finally got through and was able to place my order for five sets. I really think that they should have limited the sets per household to 2 or 3 to give more collectors a chance at the sets before what will most likely be a $200 to $400 mark-up on sites like eBay.

    I just checked on eBay and someone has 10 sets offered for $10,000, and several sets of 5 are in the $5,000 range. There is a set with 15 bids that is over $1,500 that ends within the hour. If you sleep you pay.

    I love collecting coins.


  5. Richard says

    Greetings,Just discovered your blog this am.I believe i have a order update alot of you will be interested in.I put in 2 orders for 1 set each,my order status at 8 am pst was on hold,at 8:30 has gone to( in process.)
    order 1 38381XXX at 5:22 pst 1 unit backordered
    order 2 38384XXX at 5:36 pst 1 unit backordered This give me hope,my late submission and all of you hopeful SAE collectors will be sucessful.Good luck to all of you

  6. LD says

    The change in status to “in process” just occurred today, Sunday?
    When did you actually place your orders?

  7. LD says

    I see that you listed the times you placed your orders, but still curious if there was a status change during the weekend.

  8. Clair Hardesty says

    The account and order information has just gone off line at the mint website. The entire site blinked briefly so it is possible that a database update is in progress. Give your information a look over as soon as it is back on line to make sure that all is OK with your orders.

  9. Clair Hardesty says

    That was weird. It is working now and it doesn’t look like anything changed. I could not even log out but now just did and went back in and all looks unchanged.

  10. joan says

    i think your computer is still messed up after all that refreshing…logging in and out,,,,sweat pouring on your keyboard…etc…ect.

  11. Richard says

    L.D. The status of both orders is currently in process.1 unit backordered expect to ship 11/13.The ship date move from 11/14.What is the status of your order.This change ooccured this am approx 8:30 10/30 pst.

  12. Clair Hardesty says

    Once your order changes from on hold to in process it normally means that your order is valid has been cleared for shipping. When the expected to ship changes to in stock and reserved it has actually been sent to fulfillment. At that point you can watch your CC to see when the mint charge appears. It can still be several days after that before the order actually ships and a tracking number might show up a day or more before the package actually leaves the warehouse. Once the tracking number works and shows that UPS has your package your coins will arrive the next business day.

    All five of my orders are still on hold.

  13. LD says

    My orders are showing expected ship dates of 11/13 and 11/14 as well. I ordered the first at 4:01 and the second at 6:45 eastern time. 38364xxx and 38397xxx. Hope the first one makes it as it is prior to the wait list, but who knows. Just have to wait and see I guess. Good luck.

  14. Richard says

    LD,Thank you for your feed back,it is appreciated,i as i’m sure many were were disapointed when the mint suspended this program.Itis a rare ocasion to see so many so pumped.Hope you are able to take delivery of the sets you have requested,at this point i feel encouraged.Let me and others know of your rewards. Richard

  15. Jim says

    Just received confirmation(5:23AM) on my order(38344XXX) from the Mint that it will be shipped on 11/14/2011 with a complimentary upgrade ship method.

  16. Richard says

    I too received an email 4am pst we regret to inform you your order request is on backorder please expect shippment on 11/14.I believe its safe to say i’m in with 38381xxx and 38384xxx.Nothing regarding shippment upgrade.Regards and good luck. Richard

  17. Richard says

    Andy,History,The whole sonerio fits a pattern,I could be wrong,but i doubt it.my order is currently in (procesing mode) backordered expect to ship 11/14.Tell us what you think.Do you look at or belong to pcgs coin forum.THANKS

  18. Andy says


    I’m a little new to the US Mint game; I have a few UHRs and got a few of the Lincoln coins; I even got one of the $10 circulated gold eagles. My order number for this set is 3838xxxx. I am pessimistic about getting mine. So I was hoping for some positive sign that I’m getting mine this time.

  19. Richard says

    Andy,i still believe the 3838xxxx numbers are good.I believe possibly thousands of requests were canceled by the mint for variious reasons,order limits,credit card limits,experationson and on.Oh yes angry wives girl friend,rent or morgage due,buyers remorse.Hang in there,let mo know.Good luck

  20. says

    I think it is terrible what people are doing with the coins that they have won and have not yet recieved. I was on line on 10/27/2011 at 11:00am untill 2:30pm trying to get the chance to get the 25th aniversity silver eagle coin set. I actually had 3 phones , and was online and just couldn’t get thru. Finally I got lucky and got thru just to find that I am backordered. I went on ebay the next day and there were so many people selling the set it was really unsetting to me. I have been a collector foe years. The artwork and the beauty of the sets are breathtaking. I tried so had to get the set for my collection. I have been so lucky I have evevy eagle in my collection, not to mention how many error coins. I am so upset to see these people get the coins, that they do not even have yet. The goverment hasn’t even shipped them out. Theses people are selling them at such a outragous price. What about the true collectors, like me, who what to have a complete set of those beautiful coins. Agaain the artowrk and beaty of our american coins cannot be touched by an other county. And to think these people are ripping evevryone off. I know someday I will pass on and my children will get my coin set, thats why I always buy 3, 3 kids, so that they won’t find. You know how family’s can be after a parent dies. But the point of being a avid coin collector for 50 years and this stunt of the people selling their sets that they were lucky enough to get, but it on ebay beforre they even get it shipped to them. I really do not think they should have the right to them. I think the true collectors should really have a change first. I am a registered coin collector with many organizations and really feel insulted with this ongoing deal that people pull with the ebay stunt

  21. T1 browserman says

    Just a reminder to those who purchased mutiples sets:

    •Orders are not valid until accepted by the United States Mint.
    •The United States Mint reserves the right to limit quantities and may discontinue accepting orders at any time.
    •The United States Mint reserves the right to accept or reject coin orders in any combination or option(s) it determines to be in its best interest.
    •In the event a particular coin option is sold out, the United States Mint reserves the right to either process partial orders and make refunds, or return orders in their entirety.

  22. Russ R says

    Kudus to you Charles T, this is the same way I feel. Ebay is only making the problem worse, all these images of the coins are copyrighted from the U.S. Mint website. This is a complete violation of the copyright laws of the Unites States, but they continue to let them be for sale, you know why? Greed, Ebay is making a killing and the money is more important to them than the las they create anmd the government create. Shame on you Ebay, and all the copyright violaters!

  23. Russ R says

    Thanks for posting a ray of hope, but money and greed seems to be overtaking the mints common sence. I am in my fiftys as Charles is and am in the same situation, but I will not buy a set from anybody that out right wants to rip people off.
    PS sorry for the spelling errors, it the way it goes when Im trying to write whats on my mind to fast.

  24. Clair Hardesty says

    T1, you are absolutely right. A mint order is not truly “confirmed” until your track order page says “in stock and reserved” and your CC has been charged. That does not typically happen any earlier than a few days before product ships. Sometimes it does take more than a few days after the CC charge appears to ship but not very often (anymore, anyway). I suspect that with the number of orders taken for this product that some orders will be “in stock and reserved” for over a week before shipment. However, the mint is not going to change the 5 set household limit at this time. They will cancel orders that violate the policy and if they find evidence that someone was doing something sinister in an attempt to get around the policy they might take steps against that individual. They won’t do anything about people who get more than five sets by using friends & family or employee networks because there is nothing they can do about that. They will do everything they can to prevent more than five sets being shipped or charged directly to one person or one household but that is about as much as they are able to do. If they were even thinking about lowering the household limit for this sold out set, they would have already said so. They are processing orders as they normally do for popular and sold out products. I you simply ordered more than five sets they will simply cancel all orders that cause your total to go over five. If you ordered two sets, then four, then two more (and all orders were prior to the waiting list) you will probably get four sets because the second order will be cancelled because it takes the total to six but then the third order is good. It is also possible that they process backwards and might cancel both the second and third orders but I don’t think that would happen. What they mean when they say that the might process partial orders if a product sells out is that if you ordered six different products at once and two of them are sold out by the time they get to your order they might send what they have or they might cancel the whole order. That statement was not written to refer globally to how they handle all orders that caused a sell out. The first three bullets are the meat of mint policy. What they do not specify is what they mean by “accepted” but in my 11+ years of buying from the website, it is clear that an order is not truly accepted (AKA confirmed) until they charge your CC and the charge isn’t rejected. However, experience also leads to the conclusion that when an order goes to “in stock and reserved” it has been delivered to fulfillment and will ship as per the track order page (again, with good CC).

  25. T1 browserman says


    Ironic that Lincoln’s adapted quote of John Lydgate applies to the mint’s offering of raritiy issues which I will now adapt:

    “You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time but you cannot please ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”.

  26. T1 browserman says


    Ironic that Lincoln’s adapted quote of John Lydgate applies to the mint’s offering of raritiy issues which I will now adapt:

    “You can please SOME of the people ALL of the time, ALL of the people SOME of the time but you cannot please ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”!

    is the correct adaptation.

  27. Richard says

    order request 38381xxx still in process backordered 1 set but cancel box has disapeared
    order request 38384xxx still in process backordered 1 set cancel box still there. this change occured Fri. am around 6 am pst

  28. Richard says

    Right i need to report my cancel box has reapeared,i may have had a mint nightmare,who knows.Seems there should be reports of order approval by now,but as i wrote previously i believe the mint is screening over and over for violations of policy and it sound as though requestors made lots of honest errors.I had one additional set i wasn’t aware of until i received conformation be email.I wanted 2 set ended up with 3 canceled 1 set i’m a collector and love this series.Im not a flipper.After suspending previous years production the mint came up with a nice set.They screwed up a great series again.My thought is they should have produced 200,000 set and put a hh limit os 2 sets,a lot of collector would be happy.Oh yes one more thing ebay should install and enforce a ban on selling before the item is in the sellers hand.

  29. Clair Hardesty says

    Two main things have to happen for them to send a batch of orders to fulfillment. They have to have enough orders at the start of the list (FIFO in effect) that are OK to go if CC works and they have to have enough product in stock. Either of those could be a hold up today. They probably won’t start fulfilling until they have enough orders cleared (from the earliest orders) and enough stock in house for several batches of sets. I would rather they get it right and in FIFO order than rush and screw up.

  30. Anon says

    Called the mint to find out my order status. It was in process. The lady said that if there is an expected ship date you will probably get the order. She said the orders without a ship date are the ones on the wait list. No guarantees though.

  31. T1 browserman says


    Reading through your posts reminded me that Lincoln C&C’s were tough to come by at the time of issuance and I did not have the opportunity to be online for hours to get an order in (too busy with keeping my little daughter in check). Got one from Ebay today for little over original list price and set looks in great condition; but many are flipping for 2.5 to 4 times issue price. This will undoubtedly be the same fate for this issue. This is the flipper’s bread and butter and premiums will need to be paid at the collector’s expense.

    Just wished to thank you for reminding me of that Lincoln collectible.

    Happy Holidays to all and thanks to the site owner’s for allowing us to post !

  32. Mike says

    In the article you state that the set will contain:

    2011 Silver Eagle bullion coin (no mint mark, but struck at the San Francisco Mint)

    The Mint website page for this product makes no mention that the bullion coin was struck in San Francisco. Do you have a source for the information that you could link???

  33. says

    Just checked my order from the mint.#38380xxx is in Process in stock and reserved.Shipping date is around 11-18-11.I hopes this helps someone.

  34. Clair Hardesty says

    That is a little odd, I have never had a mint order say “in stock and reserved” and still have an expected ship date. Usually, the former replaces the latter. Once the item status says in stock … your CC should be charged very soon so keep an eye out for that and the order status should change to shipped as the next step. The time from in stock and reserved to shipped is usually a matter of a few days, sometimes the same day (like my AtB early this week).

  35. J pay says

    talked to mint today all my orders are in process and have a backorder date he said that in process means that all money was checked out and oked and that was first step of “in process” it does not mean that i will get them for sure but due to all of the orders that was made breaking rules ,order too many, no money, bad cc, and all ,that there was many sets made availible they had some people having 25 sets he said it was going to be a long process but they are doing there best also side note anyone that talked to a rep. was noted and thats why some went in process before others , the rep. got all info in order and due to website order and reorder that has what made it a nightmare due to lack of info site issues and such hopefully things will be better next time somthing like this happens again that what was told to me today at 4:30est.

  36. says

    The mint keeps moving the shipping date (out). It may hurt auction sales as the excitement is dying down. I also question the FS and Early Release designations. It appears as though the mint will be sending these sets out within a 30 day time frame. If so, all the sets are FS. It certainly costs a lot to get a designation that means nothing. Of course, it never has meant anything. But slab collectors seem to like it.

  37. vaughnster says

    PCGS bases the 30 day First Strike window when they start shipping, not when they were ordered, to take into account delays such as this. I agree that if you were to get these graded, First Strike is a waste of $18 per coin, but people still pay a premium for that on the holder.

  38. Clair Hardesty says

    NGC has stated that they will mark all coins submitted before the cutoff (not yet set) as Early Release unless requested otherwise, so it appears that they will not be charging for it. PCGS has not listed cutoff dates either and has not even posted dates for the Glacier AtB-P. The two services treat the First/Early issue differently. PCGS allows sealed mint packages to be submitted for First Strike labeling for a very long time, the 2006 20th anniversary sets apparently still qualify for First Strike labels if the postmark on a mint sealed package is on or before October 24,2006. NGC must receive the mint sealed package before the cutoff date they set (which is generally one month after shipments begin) and they must be graded within one year of the cutoff date (NGC will hold large amounts of coins for dealers for possible grading and special labeling for up to one year). While some have stated that PCGS representatives have related policy for these sets, their website does not yet mention them. It does appear that all 100,000 sets will be shipped over a period of less than one month, making all of them FS/ER whether labeled as such or not. It looks like NGC will label early submissions as ER gratis and PCGS will charge for FS labels no matter when submitted, as long as the sets are still in the mint sealed shipping container.
    In my opinion, this would be an ideal time for the two services to buy some big time customer satisfaction and either announce that FS/ER will not be offered for this set or that all submissions will receive the special labels no matter when they are submitted for grading. Otherwise, they are only going to succeed in proving that the labels are utterly meaningless and not ever worth paying for, either by submitters or buyers in the secondary markets. For NGC to attempt to differentiate the coins by when they are submitted for grading or for PCGS to do so based on whether or not you pay for it, when all of the sets initially qualify for the labeling, will only do harm to the notion that coins so labeled are somehow special.

  39. Richard says

    The bloggers and forum writers have all but lost there enthusiam,its good to see new writings.I believe unopened single sets in original fullfillment center packaging will be the real winners.What do you think?

  40. vaughnster says

    I believe the single sealed sets will be big winners, too. Many more people will be willing to buy one at say $600 than people having to shell out $3000 for 5 sets. Seems like that was the way for the 2006 ASE Anniversary set also.

  41. Richard says

    After the 2009 & 2010 Burnish Silver Eagle and 2009 Proof SAE mints failure to satisfy the collector they had a beautiful opportunity to smooz the collectors with this offering.With limited mintage like this houehold limits of 1 set,give the true collectors a chance.Those of you that don’t get a set and intend to buy on the after market,set back.The early buyers will get creamed,it will take maybe months,this set will be hot,but it to will settle out.

  42. David says

    Looks like PCGS has updated their numbers. Not sure I understand why one of the coins is listed as 2011-(W) when the “W” mint mark should actually appear on the uncirculated coin. At the same time they list a 2011-S when I would imagine is should be listed as 2011-(S) since the “S” mint mark will not appear on the coin….

  43. Clair Hardesty says

    It looks like they messed up the listing, they list three MS coins from the set: 2011, 2011-S, and 2011-(W). The set actually contains:2011-(S), 2011-S, and 2011-W. It also looks like they are planning on offering to let you pay $18 per coin for First Strike labels, even though it looks like all sets and coins will qualify, making the labels meaningless in all but one sense and that was pointed out by someone else. The First Strike label can only be used once so a coin that was broken out of another slab cannot get it. That has nothing to do with the intent of the label of course and a simple look-up of the cert number can confirm when the coin was slabbed.

  44. Clair Hardesty says


    PCGS has published an article that corrects the poor information initially given in their coin number listing ans shoeing that they will label the bullion coin as a 2011-(S). The coin number page that earlier had incorrect information has also been updated to reflect reality.

  45. alan says

    got my set was looking at the information card that come inside the coin.The information from the mint ,before the sets were ever struck said,the one eagle is from san fran ,but no mint mark ,the card inside with the coins states it could be from san fran or west point ,is this a mistake on the authenticity card or is this a true statement

  46. Two Cents says

    To Alan,

    I’m surprised that the Mint now says that the non-mintmarked bullion coin in the 25th Anniv. Silver Set is from either the West Point or San Francisco Mint.

    On Oct. 12, 2011, Tom Jurkowsky, director of the Mint’s Office of Public Affairs, told Coin World (Oct. 31 issue) that the non-mintmarked bullion coins in the 25th Anniversary Silver Set were in fact minted at the San Francisco Mint. This made a lot of practical sense, as the sets were assembled at the San Francisco Mint, where bullion coins were and are still being struck.

    The certificate of authenticity might have been printed months ago, before the origin of the non-mintmarked bullion coins was known.

  47. Richard says

    What happened,did you all drop of the earth?I have good news and no one to report to.My order request 38381xxx just now went to in stock and reserved one set A25.38384xxx backorded.Hopefully it shipps today.Happy thanksgiving to all.

  48. Richard says

    If we say please could we get our host to start a blog on a topic regarding the final acceptance and delivery of the A25 sets.Please.It may bring these folks back to the table.New input would be interesting.Thank you.

  49. Michael says

    I have been trying to gather some pertinent information on this for a post. Still working on it.

  50. Jose says

    Finally my order 38385XXX has shipped
    today with Two set 12/07/2011 UPS.
    Will arrive on 12/08/2011 by 10:30am.
    Thats 2 sets down, and one to go.
    Good Luck to everyone else who is waiting.

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