5-Star Generals Opening Sales Figures

5-starThe opening sales figures are now available for the 2013 5-Star Generals Commemorative Coins. The individual proof and uncirculated gold coins, silver dollars, and half dollars, along with a three coin proof set went on sale at the US Mint on March 21, 2013.

The opening figures have come in below the levels of the prior year programs as well as this year’s Girl Scouts Silver Dollars.

Shown below are the sales totals per coin through the reporting date of March 25, 2013. The totals for the proof coins take into account the coins sold within the three coin sets.

For the full sales report and breakdown of sales, see Coin Update News.

5-Star Generals Commemorative Coins Debut Sales Figures
2013 5-Star Proof $5 Gold 6,209
2013 5-Star Unc $5 Gold 1,674
2013 5-Star Proof Silver Dollar 13,010
2013-5 Star Unc Silver Dollar 8,110
2013 5-Star Proof Half Dollar 13,438
2013 5-Star Unc Half Dollar 6,372

For comparison purposes, here are the debut sales figures for the 2012 and other 2013 commemorative coin programs.

Other Commemorative Coin Debut Sales Figures
2012 SSB Proof $5 Gold 9,267
2012 SSB Unc $5 Gold 2,355
2012 SSB Proof Silver Dollar 50,643
2012 SSB Unc Silver Dollar 18,763
2012 Infantry Proof Silver Dollar 42,484
2012 Infantry Unc Silver Dollar 12,191
2013 Girl Scouts Proof Silver Dollar 29,331
2013 Girl Scouts Unc Silver Dollar 12,293


Some things to consider when drawing comparisons:

The Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Coins, which showed the strongest opening figures, went on sale on a Monday. This means that the opening figures included a full week of sales. The other programs went on sale Thursday or Friday. To some extent the lower sales of the other programs may be the result of the shorter initial sales period covered in reporting.

The Infantry Proof Silver Dollars were initially available within special limited edition sets, which provided a boost to sales numbers. The special limited edition sets for the Girl Scouts and 5-Star General programs will be released at a later date.

Numismatic Gold Coin Price Increase Possible

Based on the available information, a price increase for the US Mint’s available gold numismatic products may occur tomorrow.

The average price of gold for the weekly period will most likely be within the $1,600 to $1,649.99 range. This is one tier higher than the range currently in use, which suggests a price increase. However, the US Mint has a secondary criteria that the Wednesday PM London PM Fix price must agree directionally with any change.

As such, in the most likely scenario, if the Wednesday PM Fix price is $1,600 or greater, then a price increase will occur. If the price is below $1,600, then there would be no price change.

Price changes are usually made effective around mid-morning Wednesday, after the Fix price becomes available. Impacted products would include the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins and the products containing the 2013 5-Star Generals $5 Gold Coin.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    No real big surprises. Here is what I wrote on March 25th:

    I would expect that first week sales will be fairly high. Major coin dealers often by large quantities of these new releases, have them certified by PCGS and NGC, and then sell them for large profits because they have the “Early Release” designation. Quantities above and beyond a core numbers are purchased by average collectors/dealers and the public.

    Coins in high demand by average collectors/dealers tend to sell more coins that the less popular ones….

    Consider the fairly broad appeal (outside of this blog) for the Girl Scouts the higher number for the Scouts coin makes sense….

    I know that others will dispute or want to contradict this point of view. However, we are all entitled to our opinions…

  2. posterhunter says

    Since they went on sale on Thursday sales are probably very close to the SSB coins except for the Proof Silver Dollar.

  3. Dan in AZ says

    Hopefully everyone hear goes for the shiny proof thingy and stays away from the dull uncirculated thingy

  4. posterhunter says

    The spouse coins better enjoy the sales, once the proof gold eagles come out in three weeks they will probably fall back to the doldrums.

  5. zwiggy says

    Wow the Eisenhower effect did fail. The silver dollar sales are rather poor even for a Thursday release.

  6. Wade says

    I hope the sales get better. I have been collecting the Silver and Gold Commemoratives since they started back in 1983. I only buy MS70’s and Proof 70’s. Their a few 1983 and 1984 Silver ones I don’t have. The reason is because the population of these are 1 or 5 in existence. Maybe one day I will get them if I’m still alive. LOL

  7. Dustyroads says

    Taking into consideration the four additional days of sales for the SSB commemorative coins, this is what opening sales for the 2013’s appear to be:

    5 Star Generals 1/4 oz. proof Gold +25%
    unc. Gold +15%
    Dollar proof silver -50%
    unc.silver -20%

  8. Dustyroads says

    I don’t know if this is old news, but I just noticed the Limited Edition Silver Sets are about to be gone.

  9. Dan in AZ says

    @Wade: The population report for graded coins is a little misleading since it’s based purely on the number of coins submitted to that grading service which is often just a fraction of the total number of coins minted. I like the grading services more for their authentication of older and rare coins that can be easily counterfeited or altered.

  10. Brian says

    Dusty – I don’t think it is as simple as dividing the total orders by the days available and then adding a few more days at that rate.

    I am sure that the large dealers who submit large batches of coins for the First Strike/Early Release designation put in their orders on the first day. They know the MS70/PR70 examples will sell at their highest premiums when they first come out, so they don’t want to wait a few days to let their competitors get a head start.

    And the individual collectors had all weekend to get their orders in.

    I guess we’ll find out next Tuesday, but demand appears to be pretty low.

  11. says

    I’m a bit surprised at how poorly the silver generals coins are doing. I expected sales to about match the infantry coin. I wouldn’t be surprised if the silver commems start to attract the attention of speculators if sales remain this anemic.

    By the way, I don’t know if anyone’s keeping track, but it appears March silver eagle sales are probably going to beat the previous all-time record from 2010. The 2010 high was 3,381,000 and the current total is 3,356,000, with four days to go still. We have had three record-breaking months of silver sales in a row, now.

  12. Rich says

    The Command and General Staff College Foundation has been touting up the series for some time now on their website, http://www.cgscfoundation.org/

    I can’t help but wonder if this initial day is reflective of the GSCF base (which would have a fair amount of discretionary and would appreciate the purpose of the set) or general collector interest…, guess we’ll know next week.

  13. Fosnock says


    I track that information, been saying for a long time I need to get my spreadsheets online. I also agree this coins might get interesting but nobody seems to care much for the commemorative coins

  14. Dan in Fla says

    I just checked the price of gold and of course it is 1604++ so the prices will probably be up soon.

  15. says


    If you ever get the spreadsheets on line, let me know. I’d like to see them.

    I don’t particularly like the generals coin but I think there is some possibility, given how weak sales are in the silver coins, that we might see speculation happen near the end of the year. Of course it’s also possible weak sales may be due to people waiting on the special set that Robertson mentioned in a prior thread.

  16. Brad says


    I find it strange that it’s taking so long for the “Limited Edition Silver Proof Set” to sell out. The basic 2012 Silver Proof Set has been selling on the secondary market for sometimes as much or more as the LE set’s issue price. For about the same money, you can get a limited set in a fancy package that has nothing BUT silver coins in it (including a Proof ASE), instead of a set that’s padded with five clad one-dollar coins, a nickel and a penny. Is the standard box and COA worth THAT much, or are those paying so much for the basic set not aware of the LE set’s existence? If I was paying that kind of money on the secondary market, I’d opt for the LE set at Mint issue price for certain. The opportunity will soon be gone, though. The final sales number will probably be 49,XXX when it’s all said and done.

  17. Samuel says

    the LE is not sold out, right?”2012 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set™ (LS1) Product will be available for shipping 05/15/2013″. usually they will have more on the way, like the SSB Unc.

  18. Brad says


    No, the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is not sold out yet. I’m not sure why the Mint put up the backorder notice for the last several thousand units, but there are still a couple thousand or so left. My guess is the final sales number will not be the even 50,000 limit, but rather 49,XXX due to returns being deemed “unsellable.”

    I’m wondering what will happen to the secondary market values of the basic Silver Proof Set and the LE set once the latter is finally sold out too. The mintages of the 2012-S silver dime and half dollar coins will beat the previous low mintages by quite a large margin. From the prices being paid for the basic set, the LE set directly from the Mint is quite a bargain right now. After all, $5.06 in clad coins is replaced by a one-ounce Proof ASE. If you’re going to drop $140-$150 for the basic set, it’s a no-brainer.

  19. Robertson says

    Just received my order of three Proof and three Uncirculated 5-Star Generals silver dollars and I would agree with Louis. They are far, far, FAR more beautiful than the Mint’s pics, which distort the facial features of both Eisenhower and Marshall in a strange way. I examined each one with a loupe and their likenesses are right on the money.

    I just may have to order several more of each, especially if everyone else ignores them!

  20. Dan in Fla says

    CO thanks for the heads up on the update for 2014 Baseball HOF coins. That sounds interesting about the concave convex gold coin that looks like a baseball. I will be in for that it will be a first time strike for the US Mint.

    Robertson- glad to hear your coins look good as I am still awaiting my UPS delivery on mine.

  21. Zaz says

    Glad I sprung for the gold unc when I did, I thought I bought it last week but it had been in my cart for days. Saved me a whopping $12.15!

    Btw, posters & you FS affectionados: Coin World reported on the CCAC meeting that featured not only the baseball HOF designs but also 2013 spouses. The spouses are looking way better than the 2012 FS, particularly the Edith Roosevelt. Might have to spring for that proof… Looks the latter years are going to be much better looking than the 18th & 19th century spouses. If I find the link I’ll post it here.

  22. says

    Dan and Rich,

    Yes, I am pretty excited about the convex design. The last coin I got with a convex was the Southern Sky coin from the Australian Mint, a fantastic piece, so I have high hopes for the baseball coins. I am also a baseball fan so am pretty enthusiastic about the coin.

    I also hope the idea with circulating the half dollars goes somewhere. I would love to be able to scoop up rolls of them from the bank.

  23. says

    I’m also very excited about the 2014 Baseball coins. These coins should have a lot going for them….the American pastime, unique design…I can’t wait. I’ll probably buy the 3 coin proof set (I would think it will be an option) as well as all the unc. coins. Sells of these coins have the potential to be much higher than recent issues (you won’t see any new lows with these coins..lol), but the secondary market should do well as these will have such high demand…as always, a lot of folks will miss the boat on these and only find out about them after sells have concluded.

    Regardless, these are coins that will be in my collection forever.

  24. Rod says

    Just received 2 5-Star Unc $5; one has spots on it and must be returned. Do I have to pay the return postage for that, or is there a way to get the US Mint to pay? Thanks,

  25. says

    Rod…you have to pay return postage, but you can get a full refund. Call customer service if you have any questions. It’s a simple process…be sure to keep a receipt of your shipping cost.

  26. Buzz Killington says

    1309 = individual option sale
    6209 = total coins sold, including 3 coin proof set

  27. ClevelandRocks says

    Will there be premiums for packaging like the Lincoln set for the 10K limit of the proof set? logic says no, but what do readers think? Set is over 50% sold now…

  28. SmallPotatos says

    Mine had little ‘nicks’ and glossy spots too. I am sending mine back as well. I did notice that this coin is a Philidelphia minted coin. West Point has minted all of the moderns in the last decade, except for the obvious SanFran Mint coin minted at SanFran. http://moderncommemoratives.com/
    I wonder if it is a mint location related quality issue?

  29. SmallPotatos says

    Do you know any stated reason why the change from West Point to Philadelphia for this gold commem?

  30. SmallPotatos says

    I guess it helps to read the legislation:
    Public Law 111-262 Sec 5(b) MINT FACILITIES.—
    For each of the three coins minted under
    this Act, at least one facility will be used to strike proof quality
    coins, while at least one other facility will be used to strike the
    uncirculated quality coins.

  31. Rod says


    Thanks for the advice. You are exactly correct, you can get a refund for both the return postage and the insurance–and you can send it back using either USPS or UPS.

  32. VA Bob says

    $5 gold UNC MacArthur came in today. It looks awful and is going back. Two nicks, one on his neck, one on the second ‘T’ of trust. Both visible to the naked eye. The strike looks very weak as well. I’m very disappointed to say the least. The Mint raises their price, wish they would raise the quality to go with it.

  33. SmallPotatos says

    VA Bob,
    I think this is the first UNC gold commem from Philadelphia since 1984. I’m guessing they don’t have the process down quite like West Point!
    Mine is going back tomorrow!

  34. Tim says

    Can’t believe so many of the 5$ gold uncs are going back so soon, US Mint can you not get anything right anymore? Peterson are you reading this blog? You should! With the cost being what it is, these should be perfect.

  35. thePhelps says

    I got my silver proofs and uncirculated dollars the other day. These Generals are winners! I’d have to say the proof is stunning in person. I’ve heard others have had issues with the halves – but – my set is actually very nice as well. I may have to procure a couple more of each.

  36. tlake22 says

    Just recieved 20 of the $5 unc’s. 9 had problems and are going back. 20 more coming on Monday. We’ll see what these look like.

  37. thePhelps says

    “are you a swimmer that smoked pot ??”

    No – not much of a swimmer. I do like the beach and beer though.

  38. Dave says

    Picked up 3 coin set at PO box yesterday. Beautiful — and yes, they look better live. These will grade 70+. Does anyone knw if sold out yet?

  39. VA Bob says

    Dave – I believe we are safe on a sellout on these for a while.

    Sounds (from what I read here) the gold proofs look OK, and the issue is the UNC’s. As I said above, the strike looked very weak on the UNC example I receiveded. This might be a money maker for the lucky few that get a perfect coin, as I do believe these will be rare in that condition. Tlake22, almost 50%, that’s not very encouraging. My hat’s off to you having the means to spring for so many. Here’s hoping I don’t get one of your returns.

  40. KEITHSTER says

    They are on backorder the 3 coin set but will the package make that much differance I hope so but not getting one. My 2 FS’s ordered on the 26th are here monday will get the 5***** if the numbers are right in unc only .Good luck all *^*

  41. Dan in Fla says

    I got two of the gold uncs and upon closer inspection they may have some issues but they will be my issues. Who is to say that the replacement coin would be any better anyway.

  42. KEITHSTER says

    Ya here ya Dan just got my 2 unc FS’s yesterday and the Harrison was ok but the clevland the frist had a couple of issues also.By here nose is something small round not sure if it’s a hole or bump I’ll need to find my loupe to make sure? I call her My booger face Clevland also on the back on the .9999 a extra dot grease mark or toning make it look like .999.9 any one else get a booger face or send one back ? good luck with those*^*

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