50th Anniversary Kennedy Silver Set Limited to 300,000

Ahead of the start of sales next week on Tuesday, October 28, the United States Mint has announced a product limit of 300,000 units for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection.


The eagerly anticipated product will contain four 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars struck in 90% silver and carrying the original 1964 portrait by Gilroy Roberts. The four coins will each be struck at different mint facilities and carry a different finish. A coin struck at West Point will have a reverse proof finish, a coin from Philadelphia will have a proof finish, a coin from San Francisco will have an enhanced uncirculated finish, and a coin from Denver will have an uncirculated finish.

Up until now, the US Mint had not indicated a product limit for the silver coin collection, although a household ordering limit of five sets had been specified. The price will be $99.95 for each collection.

In anticipation of high demand for the launch, the US Mint will have more than 180,000 units immediately available when sales begin on October 28. The collection can be purchased online at catalog.usmint.gov or by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT.

Ahead of this major product release, the US Mint has once again asked customers to log into their online account to reset their password if they have not already done so. After the launch of the US Mint’s new retail website and order management system on October 1, a password reset was required for all existing customers.

Updates on Other 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Products

A product limit of 200,000 units has now been established for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set. This product originally went on sale July 24, 2014 and contains clad composition half dollars from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints struck with an uncirculated finish and bearing the original 1964 portrait design.

The product experienced opening day sales of 68,974 units, which has since risen to 134,631 units as of the latest weekly sales report. The set remains available for sale priced at $9.95 per set. An ordering limit of five sets per household remains in place.

There has also been a change to the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin, which went on sale August 5, 2014. This coin is struck in 99.99% gold with a weight of three-quarters of an ounce, carries the original obverse portrait design, a dual date of “1964-2014”, and an inscription indicating the precious metal weight and purity on the reverse.

The product reached opening day sales of 56,694, but sales slowed considerably after the opening weekend. The most recent sales report shows cumulative sales of 64,303 for the product. Initially, there had been an ordering limit of five coins per household.

Effective October 14, 2014, the US Mint removed the household ordering limit. So far, this move seems to have had little effect on sales. The product does not carry a mintage limit.

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  1. says

    Ohh, boy. 300K units? On a website which has an unproven ability to withstand crashes from high traffic? The stampede next week is going to be epic. I originally predicted opening day sales of 75K. I am now predicting a full sellout in 24-48 hours. This is honestly not welcome news; I was one of the few who supported unlimited mintage when it was announced for the gold Kennedy.

    Good luck to everyone next week. You all are going to need it!

  2. Sith says

    I was going to wait a few days to order one, forget that…once more unto the breach dear friends.

  3. Roy E Wiggins says

    All the big T.V RIPOFF Shows will have all hands on the switch board i did get my gold coin in 2 weeks this time no chance with BIG T.V. RIPOFFS I CANT MENTION OR BE SUED I have complained to the US Mint for years NOTHING!!!!

  4. Hawkster says

    Cag and Pitt,

    In light of the Mint’s decision to impose a 300,00 mintage limit, our high first day of sale estimates are suddenly looking a lot more realistic.

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    Agreed C.O. and Sith – I, too, had planned to wait 2-3 days, but now that a production limit has been established, I’ll be fighting in amongst the masses for a meer two sets. At least they still plan to hold that “5 units per” limit. Then again, I haven’t seen that stop the Big Boys during any previous, limited releases.

    So, is anyone else still having problems w/ the scripting errors? Seems to be primarily in IE browsers, but some office networks only allow the use of that one browser. Clearing those errors is a real PITA!!!

  6. Smiledon says

    The way I am reading the above message, I have to do another password reset?
    I did this already after the new web site was up and running.

  7. Brad says

    It’s great to see a mintage limit on this one, as that should help it retain collectible value for a while. The actual silver value certainly is lacking at this time.

    It’s good too that the mintage limit is high enough that many who want it should stand a decent chance of snagging it at Mint issue price. However, I do think that the household ordering limit should have been reduced to only 2 sets though. 60,000 orders can be racked up in a hurry, and theoretically that’s all that will be needed now to wipe out the entire mintage.

  8. says


    They’re intermittent for me and often show up only in specific circumstances. (on computers in my company’s office but nothing bad at home). I’ve had problems with IE popping up error messages, and Firefox just outright freezing and crashing. That’s why I am seriously concerned about next week. In addition to me being skeptical about the mint’s site not crashing, people who haven’t done anything with the site since it launched might start getting those scripting errors and not know what to do about them.

    I’ll reiterate, I think limiting the mintage like this on an unproven website for an already high demand product was a mistake. The site needed to be “stress tested” at least once before something like this, and traffic was already going to be very heavy as it was, even with mint to demand. Now it will be even worse.

  9. cagcrisp says

    There goes my estimate of 400,000 Total. I needed Day 1 to be Hugh. This changes everything…

  10. Larry says

    I think that is a reasonable limit. If you want one you should get one. Similar to the Silver BHOF. Should be available a few days at least.

  11. CasualCollector says

    I would like them to clarify “Product” Limit — because to me that leaves the door open for the same coins being part of a different offering (i.e. a separate “Product” such as the “Kennedy 50th Collection” — consisting of the Gold, the 2-Coin Clads, and the 4-Coin Silvers Set). NOTE: I just made that up just as an example.

    Now if they said “Mintage” Limit, then that would tell us the ceiling on how many of each coin can be produced…

  12. KEITHSTER says

    I to was having problems with the work computer every 6 seconds or less a message and freeze up till you hit the yes or no? Didn’t think that would work well on the opener:>:>:> So I took the day off and will enter the ruckess from Mom’s puter and will put her on the phone should work?CC I just used the 400 zoom and while very simular there is slight differances I’m thinking they use air to clean the coin after a rinse and if the coins were put in the same way a simular pattern could happen? They seem to have fixed the problem on the work puter problem also they must have adjusted the air dry but think the metal flow thing is giving them the hevey geeveys hence the new limits Good Luck All On Half Day Or Anyday:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  13. Mr. Kairu says

    Wow pros and cons was hoping to avoid the rush and ask for one for Christmas from family… now I will have to get it myself… I am sorry my poor wallet. But mintage limit means (possibly) rarer than it would have been. GLHF all!

  14. says


    One of my plans is to go home during lunch hour and order if I start having issues at work. 🙂

    You might also wish to try another browser such as Google Chrome.


    This is indeed a game changer. I am expecting a sellout in the first two days. Probably the best “guidepost” would be the sales of the silver BHoF, and then assume an acceleration given the popularity of Kennedy halves and the 100K less mintage.

  15. cagcrisp says

    Comments are Mostly about the Limit on the Silvers. For those that want a cheaper alternative, take a Second look at the Clads. Limit of 200,000. Last week total sales of 134,631 leaves 65,369. This puts some Life in the Clads also…

  16. Hawkster says


    Could you please re-post the first day sales guesstimates that were submitted as part of your “contest”? Thank you. I’m now feeling more optimistic that our estimates are now within reach because of the new urgency to acquire the sets before a sellout is reached.

  17. Hawkster says


    You’re right. All of a sudden, the clads look like a much more attractive offering, as the mintage limit for these is 2/3 that of the silver set.

  18. cagcrisp says

    Just Limited out on the Clads. Do I want any Clads? Nope….but I just bought 5…

    This could be game changer as to How the Mint does All their new Offerings. IF there is No secondary market Early there will be no Demand after the Initial sales and the Main goal of the Mint is to Sell Coins…

  19. cagcrisp says

    Opening Day Only Sales Silver Kennedy (Sorted lowest/highest)

    • TimTom 55,000 10/14
    • Dustyroads 64,000 08/09
    • CaptainOverkill 75,000 08/08
    • thePhelps 85,500 08/08
    • bg35765 87,281 08/25
    • GoldFishin 88,844 08/09
    • HiCal 93,564 08/08
    • Sith 100k 08/09
    • VA Bob 105k 08/08
    • Louis 115k 08/09
    • VA Rich 100k on 08/08/14 ; 137k 08/09
    • Pittsburgh P 148,888 08/08
    • Bob R 169,000 08/08
    • Hawkster 184,546 08/08
    • cagcrisp 212,125 08/08

  20. cagcrisp says

    @CaptainOverkill, The Only thing stopping the Silvers from Selling out Rapidly would be the New Website and YOU WOULD THINK that with all the problems and complaints about the New Website that SOMEONE has convinced SOMEONE that the NEW Increased demand will NOT crash the website. Time will tell…

  21. VA Rich says

    Opening days sales –

    BHoF –
    The sales figures for the coins as of the March 30, 2014 reporting date are as follows:
    Proof Unc Total
    $5 Gold Coins 32,000 18,000 50,000
    Silver Dollars 155,523 73,002 228,525
    Clad Half Dollars 67,236 44,144 111,380

    “Kennedy Half Dollar Clad Set First Day Sales Reach 68,974”
    “Opening Day JFK Gold Coin Sales Reach 56,694”

    2013 WP ASE – “Sales for the product were very strong out of the gate with orders exceeding 180,000 units through the opening weekend. After some ups and downs during the course of the offering, the final few days saw a boost in orders bringing the last reported sales figure to 281,310 units.” – MNB

    300,000 is A LOT of sets – any thoughts on the whether this set may hold its numismatic value?

  22. RSF says

    Good thought Casual C. You nailed it. We probably will see another ‘Product’ with these coins in it. Probably be a bit on the pricy side – for the stackers.

  23. ABC says

    The following was originally posted by bg35765 on the 2014 Platinum Eagle thread on

    October 21, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    “When you buy a 69 coin, you know you’re not getting a “perfect” coin.”

    “They have you brainwashed, ABC. That 69 is just as likely to be perfect as a 70.

    Do you really believe that 88% of the Kennedy coins brought to Chicago were perfect? But non-Chicago coins where the submitter did not pay extra for the First Strike label were given a 70 only 47% of the time?

    Remember that there was no cherry picking in Chicago. Pretty much every coin sold there was graded.

    Eighty-eight percent.

    And frankly that number is low because some of the 69s were resubmitted the next day and now live in a 70 slab.

    A 69 vs a 70 has little to do with the coin. It is about who submitted it and how much money the submitter makes for the TPG.”

    Well, if you had bothered to read my statement carefully, you will note that I had the word “perfect” in quotation marks. This was meant to convey that I don’t necessarily agree with the TPGs grading. I don’t buy modern coins graded by TPGs, I buy them directly from the mint. I do this for several reasons; I trust my own eyes and would rather save my money for other things besides giving it to the TPGs for their “70” labels. I will, however, use them if I want to buy a classic coin. This would be for authentication reasons.
    I have purchased a few modern coins many years ago that were labeled as “70” coins, but I disagreed with the grading and had to send them back for a refund. There were flaws that I saw on the coins under 7x magnification. I knew from the beginning that grading coins (even from TPGs) are subjective and not everyone will agree with a given grade.

  24. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- the US Mint is just pandering to the big retailers. They have been hit hard lately with the JFK gold flipping disaster and falling demand in the secondary markets. This will be a boom and bust scenario for sure. I will wait a few months or longer to get my graded versions and will purchase the limit of 5 sets with the intention of offsetting some of my costs. 😉 300,000 is a lot of sets and if it does sell out, there will be very little if any long term value. JMHO (Just my humble opinion)

    My contest guess for first day sales was always based on the US Mint ability to receive and process orders, so now I for sure will have to rely on some “disturbances in the force” or my guess will be blown away!

  25. cagcrisp says

    For those keeping up with Differences between New website and the Old. You can no longer go and see the “difference” between orders placed back/back and calculate how many orders have been placed in a time frame (There Also is No Time stamp just a Date stamp). I made 3 orders today. 1 order was made Several minutes before the other two orders. The last two orders were back/back. Identical orders, I just wanted two separate boxes. The 1st order that was Several minutes Before the other two was assigned a number BETWEEN the back/back orders. The back/back orders (maybe a minute between) showed a difference of 75. The 1st Order showed a number 35 MORE than the 2nd order and 40 LESS than the 3rd order…

  26. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- well with no time stamp along with what you are describing……it will stop anyone from being able to complain that earlier orders were being fulfilled later than later orders. Seems like a win/win for CS.

  27. stephen m says

    Yep, It’ll be a quick sellout. I’m not a Kennedy half fan but will get a 70 grade reverse proof after the dust settles at a reasonable price hopefully.

  28. GoldFishin says

    @VA Rich- after thinking about these 180,000 units ready to go on day 1 a little more…I think I will just buy the 2-3 sets I want to keep and call it a day. It will be entertaining to watch the flippers try to undercut each other’s price to see who can flip their sets the fastest. 😉 They have to hope that more than 36.000 customers aren’t able to purchase on the first day and then have to hope that even more folks can’t get in on the 300,000 units available before a possible sell out. Too much hoping for me to get involved with. 😉

  29. Hawkster says

    Getting back to the two -coin clad Kennedy Anniversary Set: Is there anyone that can tell me if there is truly a significant difference between the coins in this set and the P&D clad Kennedys that are part of the 2014 Mint uncirculated set?

  30. TMMSR says

    VA Rich…

    The 20th anniversary silver eagle had a mintage of 250,000 – and prices are still fairly high…

  31. VA Rich says

    Thanks GF for validating a few things for me. While I believe sales will be very brisk, I keep coming back to the ’13 WP ASE that priced at $40 more per set, contained a full 2 ounces of Ag, are followed by a lot more collectors than JFK halves, and resulted in a little more than 180,000 units sold through the opening weekend. Will the 300k sale out – absolutely, though may linger like the $1 BHoFs for a week, IMHO.

    If a situation prevails whereby 35-50% of collectors do not receive their coins due to a shipping delay like what we saw with the BHoFs, then I could see flippers doing well, otherwise with 150-180k sets ready on game day, it WILL BE entertaining to watch the flippers. The mint seemed rather committed to have those sets ready from what I’ve read.

  32. VA Rich says

    TMMSR – I should have added, 4-5 weeks ago I picked up a PCGS FS 70 set for a little over $200 which is lower than my estimated out of pocket expense had I had the coins graded, and received 70’s.

  33. Boz says

    The game changer is 180,000 going out immedately. No 6 month delays in satisfying the market. I don’t see any potential at all for quick buck artists on this deal. I would predict a quick sell for 100,000 amongst die hard collectors and Kennedy addicts, but the remainder will take a full yer to sell out.

  34. Tinto says

    I was going to wait a few days too, now I’ll have to jump in within the first minutes just so I can order 2 sets …

    Hope the Mint website will not crash but that probably won’t stop the big boys from getting their people trucked in electronically and get first crack … maybe they have a secret special electronic lane that will bypass all the website mess and get their orders in while we small fry get fried by the so called new and improved Mint website …..

  35. Gary says

    300,000 mintage with a 5 per household limit equals 60,000 orders? So its possible there will be a 1 day sell out.

  36. GoldFishin says

    @VA Rich- A very well written article by Louis….I agree with the majority of what he says. The key to this release is the “180,000 sets” ready to go. If the 180,000 are all fulfilled and hit the market within a relatively short time frame(like two to four weeks), I believe it will put a huge damper on short term aftermarket performance. However, like you eluded to, if the 180,000 takes months to fulfill, it could be a another boon for early orderers if a sellout is reached rather quickly. Either way, I will wait months if not longer to buy my graded examples. Keep those thoughts coming….I am really just thinking out loud here and appreciate other people’s thoughts.

  37. says

    I think the limit of 300,000 for the silver set will be interesting on the secondary market. The silver BHoF coins had a huge premium early on because the Mint did not ship out very many at first. With 180,000 sets ready on day one, I don’t see any appreciation in price for anyone that receives the first wave of sets.

    I guess I’m really on the fence about how these will sell…I know they will sell well, but 300,000?…who knows.

    I’m surprised that the clad set has sells of less than 140,000.

    But, I’m still trying to decide two silver sets or five….as Louis did a great job on Coinweek of pointing out all the positives of this set.

  38. Louis says

    Thanks, GF and Steve. I’d like to revise my day 1 sales prediction to 150K sets and I predict a sell-out sometime during the first week.

  39. Louis says

    But I wish these major product releases did not keep coinciding with the coin show in Baltimore. How are we supposed to have any walking around money at the show during a week when we are betting the house on silver JFK sets? And esp. with metals down? Oh well, I can always look around.

  40. Louis says

    I would just add that perhaps I was too optimistic about how things will work out, but I was just so pleased to see a mintage limit for a change. If the site gets bogged down, it may be 2011 all over again. God help us all! Have multiple machines going if you can.

  41. Hawkster says


    Cagcrisp is meeting with the rules committee to determine if your first day sales estimate revision request will be granted. The window may have already passed for revisions, but I’m sure Cag will have an answer for you shortly.

  42. Ends in Error says

    My virtual busload of 40 buyers will be juiced and ready to click on the appointed day. Just give me my 200 sets and I’ll be happy.

  43. Pittsburgh P says

    Hawkster yep… Our estimate look a lot better…

    Repeat cag “GAMECHANGER”

    I’m still getting my 5 but all of a sudden so is everyone else.

    CO I agree that luck is goin to be needed now for next tuesday… I might be calling as I log on my computer/phone/tablet VaRich will be!

    Good luck all

  44. Ends in Error says

    Just kidding. I had wanted 1 or 2 sets but now I dont know. Looking at SAE history I have to say 300,000 Kennedy sets seems too high.

  45. Hawkster says

    Barring any problems with the new website, our estimates are beginning to look better and better. Did you notice that even Louis wants to bump his estimate up to 150K?

  46. VARich says

    Pitt ~ don’t forget to coral up some carrier pigeons over the weekend as well.., I tell ya, that site is going to implode! Keithster has me thinking that maybe I had better plan to burn a few hours of PTO come waiting room time!

  47. Pittsburgh P says

    Yep I did Hawkster… No changees this late in the game 😉
    Great article by the way Louis!

    It’s gonna be WILD on Tuesday – Idk what to really expect VaRich!
    I’m gonna sleep all weekend to prepare for getting mind screwed by the mint on tuesday… I only hope they call, or send a confirmation email after!

  48. Ikaika says

    @ Steve

    Thanks for the link. In the past some of us discussed that sales of the baseball HOF coins would not be that attractive to baseball fans because fans want something that is linked to their teams. With NGC have the rights to print labels for specific teams will for sure increase sales.

    The gold baseball HOF in ms70 can be purchased these days for just over $500. Quite a change from earlier this year.

    @ Louis

    Thanks for the article on the JFK silver set. Just read it. Sales on Tuesday is going to be like a box of chocolates. We really don’t know what we will be getting 😉

  49. VA Bob says

    Dealers, TV coin hawkers, flippers, and speculators start your engines! I fully expect half the mintage to be purchased by these groups. The Mint has delivered them an early Christmas. Unfortunately, those of us in for long term, not looking for the quick buck, will have to wait a long time. 300K basically means these will never be rare, and they are already, way over priced to start with. I’m still in for 2 sets, to keep my collection current (the extra as insurance as to getting a bad set).

    Past few sales of ASE sets have shown that there are probably 180K collectors for this coin (probably a little less due to dealer buys, but I’ll call it the saturation point) and those are still not hard to obtain today, how many JFK half collectors are there out there? Not certain, but I say a lot less than 300K. The Mint has been making about 1.8 million clads each from the P and D mints for most of the last 12 years or so. The smallest quantity one could get them is in the 80 coin two roll sets. Assuming we don’t even consider the 100 coin bags, that makes 45,000 two roll sets, and those are available all year so we don’t know if they sellout each year.

    I’m sure the silver JFK’s will attract some collectors outside of the clad collectors, but 250K more? Doubtful. Some people that wouldn’t have looked at this twice will now have to have their limit. With a few exceptions, the best coins for an escalating value in a collection has been the sleepers, coins that not many wanted at the time, or few just paid no attention too.

    The reverse proof and enhanced half is a first, and was bound to garner some attention, but if the Mint decides to make RP annual sets, it’s going to kill the golden goose. One just has to look at the 2013 West Point ASE anni set (RP and enhanced) to see how interest declined. It’s important to remember all coins have final mintage numbers, some are not known until after the run is over, some never meet that final mintage. If anyone can tell me the benefits of pre-posted mintages, especially this high, let me hear your thoughts. As for posted low mintages, well I know all you guys that regularly purchase Perth Mint and RCM low mintage coins must be millionaires by now 😉 . There are few high mintage winners, 2001 Silver Buffalo being one. IMO the Mint did not do collectors any favors by setting the final maximum mintage.

  50. Hawkster says


    Unfortunately, I’ll be on the road Tuesday traveling from L.I. to Cincinnati. Most of the mileage is racked up going across your great state of PA. I think that I’ll have to stop at one of service plazas along the PA Pike, that hopefully has wifi, so I can use my ipad to get on the Mint website.

  51. VA Bob says

    Also curious to know why some might believe a set that without a mintage yesterday, and would have been lucky to sell 150K – 200K, was, not necessarily a dud but, nothing wonderful either, now believe the same set that sells 300K is all of a sudden a winner? I know an appropriate answer (that I doubt many would admit to), but would like to hear others thoughts.

  52. Jerry Diekmann says

    Very strange that the Mint waits until a couple of days before the sale to impose a mintage (product?) limit. Sounds like the big dealers are running the Mint. And this decision will just magnify exponentially the stress on the new system – another BAD decision by the mint. Thank God they weren’t in charge of WW II or we would all now be speaking German or Japanese.

  53. Government Drone says

    Hawkster @ OCTOBER 24, 2014 AT 6:41 PM:

    “Getting back to the two -coin clad Kennedy Anniversary Set: Is there anyone that can tell me if there is truly a significant difference between the coins in this set and the P&D clad Kennedys that are part of the 2014 Mint uncirculated set?”

    The Anniversary Set coins have a different obverse than the regular issues. It’s hard to describe, but the obverses look as if they had used a circa 1964 hub, but with the current date. The portrait is also like it was in 1964, with a higher relief & a less-“spaghetti-ish” look to the hair (the part is also much less well-defined). The field also appears to curve up to the rim, unlike the regular 2014 issue, in which the rim seems to be an almost squared-off, narrow raised bit.
    The reverse, on the other hand (& much to my disappointment) appears to be the standard 2014 version.

  54. VA Bob says

    Government Drone – Good description. You just left out one thing. Many of the anniversary sets are plagued with milk spots.

  55. Jon in CT says

    VA Bob wrote on October 24, 2014 at 10:28 PM:

    IMO the Mint did not do collectors any favors by setting the final maximum mintage.

    I agree with you about the 300K product limit. If only the limit had been set to 180K, the number of sets on hand and ready to ship, the situation would be very, very different.

  56. Hawkster says

    Va Bob,

    I think the key point in your above comment is the collector base for Silver Eagles is much greater than that of Kennedys. How this will play out with the Kennedy silver set remains to be seen. Perhaps a saturation point will occur that will prevent a full 300,000K mintage from taking place. It’s just difficult to predict the outcome of this offering.

  57. Jon in CT says

    Jerry Diekmann wrote on October 24, 2014 at 10:45 PM:

    Thank God they weren’t in charge of WW II or we would all now be speaking German or Japanese.

    Was ist Ihr Problem mit Deutsch?

  58. Pittsburgh P says

    Louis no problem – maybe I’ll run into you in Baltimore. It’s probably a good thing they are not selling the JFK silver setsvat the show…
    I can only imagine the devastation it would bring to the inner harbor!

    VaBob I am indifferent on the pre set max mintages. I was already in for my 5 that you questioned the need for. It’s high yes but it’s what everyone wanted. It’s 100k less the the BHoF max & 200k less than the Buffalo commem you mentioned… personally I believe they would have sold more in the next two months but now 300k sell out is all but a certainty. I don’t feel it’s too high for a silver release … free to have your opinions as I am to have mine but I think you are overlooking quite a few potential buyers. This set will not be purchased by only JFK collectors and a few others as you say and we have disagreed from the very beginning about this set being overpriced. So many people will want this the RP and EU alone will bring in 50k buyers minimum alone. Yes, the older generation will be buying these but they will buy several for their grandchildren also who will fall in love with them hopefully and continue on collecting. Then there are collectors like me who was not around for JFK but fell in love with the coin in its history and cannot wait for this set.
    I do buy a few Perth mint coins here and there but stay away from the RCM. I’m more of a semi numismatic bullion type guy from major government mint but I actually have made some good money off a few of those “low mintage” coins you speak of… personally I’m no flipper and rarely sell but if I can sell a few of my extras to pay for other endeavors I’m all for it – I know all you guys who sit back, watch and ridicule others collecting/investing techiques must be millionaires by now 😉

    its just funny how everyone’s a collector and when the mint had a No max mintage policy it was hurting the collectors. Now when they say the max mintage is 300,000 its hurting the collectors!
    I love it and will sit back get my 5 sets and enjoy the ride…

    Good luck to everybody who will be buying sets on Tuesday!

  59. Pittsburgh P says

    Hawkster that’s a beautiful drive this time of year. I think you said you would be taking the Turnpike – I think the Blue Mountain service station has wifi & know the one by the McKeesport exit does also. Not sure about the one over Eastern PA… Hell they might all have it these days!

    Think positive and have a safe trip buddy – you’ll probably be able to get one when you arrived but you won’t receive it until next Christmas 🙂

  60. Jerry Diekmann says

    Jon in CT – Ich habe kein Problem mit Deutsch – ich bin ein Amerikaner deutscher Abstammung . Aber die Deutsch Ursache im Zweiten Weltkrieg war falsch. Hitler war ein wahnsinniger Teufel.

    Danke, Jon – This gave me a chance to practice my German, which i am trying to learn – I would like to make a trip over to der Vaterland some day and I would like to be able to speak at least conversational German and maybe be able to read street signs and store fronts. But I don’t think their coins are all that great – except the Brandenburg Gate on some of the Euro coins; the French and Italians are much better with allegorical images, IMO.

  61. GoldFishin says

    .@VA BOB- agreed…. IMO it’s all for the big retailers…..I was quietly hoping for mint to demand and final sales less than 100K or even lower and I believe that is exactly what we were going to get until this 300k limited release? I think that would have made the set a long term winner. Now, I am afraid just another possible short term boom and long term bust. Made to order for the cable guys and retail pimps. You can only burn the little guys so many times with the boom and bust cycle before they get mad and stop playing the game. I can take it either way, I am in this hobby to stay. However, I don’t believe it is healthy for the hobby if you consistently and repeatedly burn the newbies. Thanks for you post…well thought out and expressed! Humorous as well.

    I would like to echo partially what you mentioned about the stealth winners. If the US Mint really wanted to provide some long term successes it might be better if they were less transparent about mintage limits and offering durations. Even now and then just end an offering because you(US MINT) can or because you improperly estimated demand. In my opinion that would create excitement and intrigue about more offerings and some very lucrative returns as well. Sure, there would be a lot of cry babies that would scream and fuss that they didn’t know….if I would have known….whaaaa… tears and such. LOL But, it would make the US Mint offerings much more appealing to retailers and hobbyists alike and since both would share in the potential profits or risks, it seems to me it would also level the playing field somewhat. I mean why let these ATB 5 oz, coins languish all year and into next year? End one of them every now and then with an unexpected low mintage and/or early sellout. It would create some excitement and aftermarket value that would translate into more buzz and would bring more customers into the fold instead of driving them away the way they are doing things now. Thinking out loud here, don’t shoot the messenger. 😉

  62. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – Of course I can’t be sure, but I believe there are much less JFK half collectors than there are ASE collectors. Will the sliver JFK’s with new finishes generate interest? Sure. And some will want them for that reason, above the usual half collectors. IMO I just see a gut coming on with these, that wouldn’t have happened without the added hype of a set mintage.

    The same thing happened with the 2012 ASE San Fran set. People remembered the craziness of the 2011 Anniversary Set, so they bought into the hype on the 2012 set. A set that had over 280K in orders before cancelations took it down some (if I recall correctly). Even then it was way over its saturation point and it hurts this set to this day, and will for a long time to come.

    If the JFK design were as popular as the Buffalo design used for the silver and current gold Buffalo, or even the Walking Liberty (another classic design) I’d say 300K is fine. The numbers for stand alone JFK coins currently just do not bear this out. The Mint just killed any long term potential. Short term flippers will do just fine though, as the label chasers will be tripping over themselves for their ER 70’s.

    I like the halfs. Their big canvas make the coins look clean and uncluttered, but it’s far from the top of my favorites. Almost any presidents profile would look as good on this coin. The seal on the reverse is good too, but not great.

  63. VA Bob says

    PP – Well if you believe $24.80 of (granted pretty) silver (4 coins) for $100 is great, you are certainly entitled to that opinion. But, I do recall you expressing your dismay (I could be wrong, if so I apologize) over the 5 oz. ATB prices. If the Mint applied the same pricing scale to the 5 oz. ATB’s as they are the silver JFK’s they would cost $342.60 each. I recall you mention you were in for 5 sets, long before today. Nothing wrong with that. What’s going to be “wrong” as far as the limits go, is the person that didn’t need that many (or none), and now because of the inevitable hype, will buy as many as possible. Over saturation of a particular coin has never been a good thing, pre-determined mintage or not. I have never believed set mintages are good. It encourages speculation and floods the market. It is good for flippers because the Mint just can’t seem to get them in the hands of some quick enough for their tastes.

  64. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – Thanks. I firmly believe the Mint is not in business to make the collector rich, or even a profit at all. I’m completely fine with that. I wish I can say it was true for the big dealers, unfortunately I can’t. Naturally, I’d like to see my collection appreciate in value, as one day it will be sold off. The kids have no interest in coins, better to just hand them cash, than let them sell it at a loss. Like I said, I’m in for two sets, regardless of the Mint shenanigans, that’s all I need. If for some reason I missed out, I would not even bother to look for them elsewhere. I’m not particularly thrilled with the PM to cost ratio of this set to begin with.

  65. Jon in CT says

    Jerry Diekmann wrote on October 24, 2014 at 11:24 PM:

    Danke, Jon – This gave me a chance to practice my German, which i am trying to learn

    Mark Twain was famously a student of German and wrote frequently about the language’s peculiarities. His longest essay on the topic was an appendix to this book A Tramp Abroad titled:
    The Awful German Language. It’s funny even, if you understand nur ein bisschen Deutsch.

  66. A different Jeff says

    GoldFishin says
    “…I would like to echo partially what you mentioned about the stealth winners. If the US Mint really wanted to provide some long term successes it might be better if they were less transparent about mintage limits and offering durations. …”

    If ever there was a ‘stealth’ coin, the Civil Rights coins meet that criteria. On sale since Jan 2 and have just cracked 80K total. Get ’em while you can; only two more months of availability!

  67. Jerry Diekmann says

    Jon in CT – I guess we’ve gotten off-topic here, but thanks for the info on Mark Twain (whom I love) and his take on the German language – i will check out what he thought about Deutsch. It’s a very interesting language with some words taken into English and the meaning changed a little – weinen (to cry) – “whine”; krank (sick) – “cranky”; Hund – (dog) – “hound”; many othe.wr examples. Unlike English, it does have some order to it (as you would expect in Germans). I’m lucky as I have an ex-pat niece in Berlin that I can ask questions of the nuances of the language. Thanks!

  68. VA Rich says

    Awesome thoughts/comments above – thanks for sharing & keep’em coming!

    What the heck, you all want to throw down on when this puppy will sell out? I’m quite curious to see the over all consensus of the group out here –

    For starters I’ll throw out – 3 pm, Monday, 3 November.

    If interested, include a Time of Day as many of you all will have it sold out out on the 28th. Well call it by when MNB calls of a sell out.

  69. VA Rich says

    For the next mint surprise, it would not surprise me one bit if come Monday, the household limit was reduced to 2. As I’m perusing the Fall catalog that arrived in the mail yesterday, low and behold, what’s that on page 5? It doesn’t do anyone any good to dedicate an entire page to a Flagship one-of-a-kind offering only to have an immediate sell out, the mint took enough criticism over the BHoF sell out and management of household limits on that offering.

    The loser come Tuesday and the one most justified to a p’ed off is the average Joe collector/casual mint buyer who opens up his/her Fall catalog, is intrigued by what they see on Page 5, goes to make an order and it’s sold out (AGAIN), by a bunch of us that placed 5 orders because we could and somewhat eccentric about these roll outs, with no clear vision of what we’re really going to do with 5 or 10 sets.

    Perhaps it would serve every coin collector interests in the spirit of fair and equal distribution to come back and revisit the household limit?

    To say 2?

  70. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    300,000 JFK silver sets? That’s a lot. Probably same old story, a mad rush for 24 to 48 hours then slow steady sales. The clads are the sleepers to watch. With only 64,303 sold to date, they will have maximum of 200,000 which takes 3rd place after the 1964-2014-W gold (which I can’t afford) and the 1998-S Matte.

  71. Dave SW FL says

    On the Bay these sets have sold for $149-129 with latest price at $129. Take away the 13% bay & PayPal vig and there is very little flip value in the set.
    Interest outside the collector base is very low, and as I mentioned when silver was over $22 per ounce, the set is overpriced.
    You will be able to buy graded RP & enhanced versions at a great savings to the set price down the road.
    No mint ordering for me. Just can’t trust the quality for the price since they altered their return policy.

  72. Pittsburgh P says

    VaBob said:
    “But, I do recall you expressing your dismay (I could be wrong, if so I apologize) over the 5 oz. ATB prices. If the Mint applied the same pricing scale to the 5 oz. ATB’s as they are the silver JFK’s they would cost $342.60 each. I recall you mention you were in for 5 sets, long before today. Nothing wrong with that. What’s going to be “wrong” as far as the limits go, is the person that didn’t need that many (or none), and now because of the inevitable hype, will buy as many as possible.”

    VaBob you are mistaken – I have never said the AtB pucks were overpriced, I was disappointed in the loss of the subscription discount but that was for all eligible products. I don’t collect all the pucks – only the ones I like and even without the discount I think they are a deal!

    As to your point about the JFK pricing – we’ve had this discussion before so we’ll agree to disagred…
    I do see your point about the hype and those who will now buy the limit or as many a they can afford just because of the mintage – not the brightest move imo but to each their own…

  73. David says

    Personally I feel that this set is overpriced for only getting 4 silver halves. Will I buy one? I don’t know. But it could be profitable flipping it!

  74. Flave says

    I’m going to wait and watch. 300k is a lot of sets. $99.00 is a stiff price to pay for the silver content. But, as coins go, these are some sharp looking coins.

  75. RSF says

    Here’s a little thought experiment for consideration. What if we had no idea what the duration of sale or the mintage limit was for this or any other mint offering?

    The mint’s management would make their plans and would certainly know, but would just never announce it. I’ve long thought that this would be the best way imaginable for all participants in this hobby/industry.
    Except maybe for the speculator. They would no longer be able to sit back and let the mint announce which product will be valuable enough for them to devise schemes to get around the rules of acquisition. They would be forced to do some research, take some risk for a change!
    And as Gold Fishin put it so well earlier :
    ” ….. it might be better if they were less transparent about mintage limits and offering durations. Every now and then just end an offering because you(US MINT) can, or because you improperly estimated demand. In my opinion that would create excitement and intrigue about more offerings and some very lucrative returns as well. Sure, there would be a lot of cry babies…..”
    The mint shouldn’t be in the business of creating a product that are known in advance to be a “scarcity”, and thereby offering some in this industry/hobby who are less than honorable, the opportunity to spoil it.

  76. jeff says

    I was hyped earlier on this release however not now with a know production limit these will not sell quickly imo. I see no appreciation what so ever unless silver hits $50 oz. Plus there’s the quality issue which history does not favor the mints ability to produce stellar coins. I’m out not even 1 set from the mint. I will buy a PCGS FS 70 set off the bay this will be my only purchase. I don’t buy coins to hold and look at so I’m not like most here.

  77. Jon in CT says

    The Mint catalog’s product page for the K13 Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection states:

    • Sales for this product will be online and by phone only.

    Does that imply that K13 will not be available for sale at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint (Aramark) gift shops or at the Mint’s DC headquarters kiosk?

  78. fmtransmitter says

    The 2 coin SP set was at 286k? That’s where they get their info on issuing a limit. What I like, and it may have been mentioned but I haven’t read ALL comments yet, is that it means only 75k of each version…I like that…

  79. VA Bob says

    PP – Sorry if I miss characterized what you wrote (about 5 oz. pricing). Frankly, I couldn’t recall exactly what was written, and I’m not anal enough to go back and try look for a gottcha moment. Besides, I believe I made my point with the 5 oz. ATB using the silver JFK pricing structure. An ASE would cost about $68.52 if it used the same pricing applied to the JFK silver set (for the benefit of those that don’t buy 5 oz. ATB’s). While I don’t expect astronomical appreciation of coin prices (nice if it does, better if it stays that way), I really dislike buying anything I know is immediately worth much less. In this case about 50%. The 5 coin silver ATB quarter set goes for $31.95 (about $15.50 in current silver value), this set (JFK) IMO should have been around $50.95 (about $24.80 in current silver value).

    I committed myself to the gold and clad JFK, have the 96 matte, and like so many collectors I’m like a complete set. So, there’s the dilemma. Had it been priced more in line with other silver Mint products, I might have bought more for gifts. Now it going to be more of a sickly feeling hitting the place order button for two sets. Nothing against you or anyone that believe this is a good or fair price. I’d just like to see some sort of consistency in the Mints silver pricing model.

  80. VA Bob says

    FM – I would agree 200K would have been better for the long term prospects on this coin, however the lower the mintage, the more flippers and volume dealers get involved. The Mint could have decided on the approximate mintage and not released it. But again, the Mint is concerned about their bottom line, not mine or yours. That’s not in of itself bad, but it does, intended or not, benefit the flippers and coin marketers.

    The Mint doesn’t pre-announce how many annual proof set or ASE, to name a few, that it is going to make each year. People still buy. Why the pre-posted mintage hype? The only purpose is to drive sales, which in this case is an expensive (for what you really get) product. I expect we will see more and more of this as the Mint shark smells blood in the water, and the secondary market believes it can make even more. The Mint needs revenue from somewhere to offset the failure of their two highest denomination coins to circulate, and their two smallest denomination coins which cost more to make that their face value. That leaves the dime and quarter as the only two “profitable” circulating coins. Just like the circulating coins, the Mint would like nothing better to flood the market with expensive collectables. Nothing was learned from the trading card and postage stamp hobbies. The coin hobby will suffer too, just a matter of time.

  81. Wes says

    First day sales for clad sold 68,974 units. Some have left comments implying that is the total units to date sold. According to the blog 134,631 units have sold to date as of the last sales report. 200,000 units is the new product limit for the clad set.

  82. Wes says

    I am also rethinking if I will buy the silver set. If I don’t get through that morning or find out they are shipping them in January I will walk away from this set. I am sure the HSN guy will have them within the first week. I did buy the clad set and I have seen no problems with it. Looked for spotting after reading the comments about them.

  83. Wes says

    The price is alright considering a faux leather holder comes with it. They are putting alot of work to make these coins at the four seperate mint sites then put them together. If the RCM was selling these they would be limited to 20,000 sets but they would likey charge 200 or 300 hundered per set. Even with the price of silver coming down.

  84. cagcrisp says

    @fmtransmitter, “it means only 75k of each version…I like that…” I don’t see it that way. 300k Product Limit. The Product is 4 coins. That’s the way I see it…

  85. TimTom says

    @fm and cag – yep. in the post it says UNITS, not coins. so there will be 1.2 million coins produced at a max mintage of 300K.

  86. MN says

    “Thank you for your letter to the United States Mint concerning the word “limited” next to certain items .

    The popularity of sales of many of our products, the United States Mint is stating there is a limited amount of this particular item available for purchase. The word limited is not stating the item is a “Limited Edition”.”

  87. VA Rich says

    The definition of “Limited” as found on the mint’s website (per the mint):

    “Current products that show “Limited” means we only have a limited supply of that product available in our inventory at this time. Once we produce more of the product the tag will be removed from the product page. ”

    MN – that’s funny, we must have received our email response about the same time.

  88. VA Rich says

    300,000 sets (1.2M coins) at $99.95 = $29,985,000

    300,000 sets at Ag content ($24.80) = $7,440,000

    Diff = $22,545,000

    Sorry Bob if I made you a little more sickly when pushing the ‘Confirm Order’ button 😉

  89. Hawkster says

    The Mint is obviously attempting to impart a sense of urgency for buyers of the Kennedy sets by its 11th hour decision to impose mintage limits. It seems to be a contrived attempt to hype the sales of the clad and silver Anniversary sets. Buyers who were originally thinking of getting 1 or 2 silver sets are now of the mindset that they should get the limit of 5. Does the Mint have a resident psychologist on staff who is adept at influencing customers’ purchasing patterns?
    What is everyone going to do with the multiple sets they will be buying? Put them in a drawer and forget about them? Try to flip a few while competing with 100’s of other flippers? Some of us are hoping that Cag plans to award one to the winner of his guesstimate contest.

  90. A Bob says

    300,000 is plenty for the long term market. I will get them later when half the mintage is waiting to be sold after certification. I can see a quick buck to be made in the short term though. That is not for me. I do love the gold one that I bought. It will be in my collection until I die.
    No real price increase on the 1998 S matte. Still a bargain around $140.00.

  91. G says

    I will stick to 2 sets to keep my collection going. Not happy about price, but it is wat it is. Maybe a graded set down the road when prices fall. I’ve already learned my lesson buying more then I really needed.

  92. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, “For starters I’ll throw out – 3 pm, Monday, 3 November. ”

    If it’s just heads up between the Two of us, I’ll take the Under…

    My Guesstimate for Day One is 212,125 so I wouldn’t think it would be but a couple of More days to get the 300k Limit…

    So….10 AM EDT Friday 31st There will be an Announcement from SOME news source about a sell out…Not just MNB…

  93. VA Bob says

    VA Rich –

    “300,000 sets (1.2M coins) at $99.95 = $29,985,000

    300,000 sets at Ag content ($24.80) = $7,440,000

    Diff = $22,545,000”

    It must be the high cost of that faux blue leather driving up the cost. lol I’ll be here with the sickly look on my face Tuesday (with the rest of the gang), also getting the bronze FS medals too, probably another waste of money, but something else to finish soon.

  94. Dave SW FL says

    The $22,545,000 is not a fair view from a profit to the mint standpoint, but 4X melt IS EXCESSIVE!
    Sure, they have minting, shipping , and packaging costs, but the price is way out of line. I guess they just think they have a big winner here…..apparently they have not recognized their inability to judge what will be a hit.
    I could be wrong, but I’ll take my chances in the aftermarket.

  95. mark says

    180,000 sets ready to go… 300,000 limit. Means no surprise early sellout or long shipping delays. Means no profit for flippers. Buy them only if you want one for you collection.

  96. TimTom says

    Speaking of the Matte Kennedy, I got lucky sniping one about a year and half ago before all this Kennedy Anniversary madness. It’s mintage is obviously not going to be touched. Even if you include the gold Kennedy in the series, which I don’t, it’s still King. SP-70’s will be going up, up, up from here on out. I’m just fine with my ngc 69. I see it as taking the sting out of not getting the 2012 silver at price when I had the chance. Hopefully they will come down with these 4 silvers coming in at most 300K and the clads at most 200K.

    What do ya’ll think about the 2012-S Silver Kennedy Proof’s prospects with it going from the 2nd lowest mintage to the 9th lowest mintage?

  97. Tinto says

    @Dave SW FL

    The Mint is a monopoly here, their attitude towards the small fry collector like myself is basically ….take it or leave it …. we pander to the big boys who buy in bulk…..so go suck an egg…. nyah, nyah

  98. Hawkster says


    Although the Mint supposedly has 180K sets ready to go, don’t assume that your order will be shipped out quickly. It could still be two weeks or more before your order is shipped.

  99. A different Jeff says

    From a price standpoint, it is not much different than the Commemorative dollar coins. Consider that one proof and one uncirc have the same silver content and are priced at $104.90. Deduct $20 for the surcharge and you are at $84.90. If you really want to complain about prices, consider 2 proof and 2 uncirc BHoF half dollar coins. They are $93.80. Deduct $12 for the surcharge and you’re spending $81.80 for ZERO silver content and coins which are above the 300,000 mintage level, with a potential for 750,000. That is essentially unlimited; clearly it won’t be anywhere close but I haven’t seen any negative commentary about these coins.

  100. MarkInFlorida says

    Today the Mint’s fall catalog arrived with the JFK silver set featured. Maybe I’ll order by mail and see what happens.

  101. VA Bob says

    A different Jeff – The pre-surcharge price for two commemorative dollars is still less for the silver content you get, than the silver JFK will net you. $26.52 in current silver value for the two commem dollars, verses $24.80 for the four silver JFK’s silver value. As I mentioned earlier, there seems no rhyme or reason to the huge disparity. I can see maybe if they were putting it in a nice wood presentation box, but they aren’t and I don’t think a lot would want that anyway, due to storage issues.

    As VA Rich pointed out with the total cost, the buyers of this offering. are not just keeping the Mint from incurring cost to the taxpayer, we are paying for someone’s free lunch too. When the gains (minus production costs) are 3 times the material costs, is really above and beyond. Maybe this is subsidizing other coins , but everything has a stiff premium, I don’t know what those could be.

  102. VA Bob says

    MarkInFlorida – lol, you know I don’t recall ever having any issues back when I used to order by mail and they seemed to be processed pretty quickly too. Maybe they had the coins ready when the mailers went out.

  103. VA Rich says

    Sounds good cag –

    JFK silver set sell out predictions

    Time Day Date
    cag 10am Friday 31-Oct
    VA Rich 3pm Monday 3-Nov

    No one for 31 Dec? lol

  104. Pittsburgh P says

    I was at. the PAN coins show in PIitt yesterday so I’m just now scanning through all of yesterdays comments while having my coffee. Seems like a hot topic – who’d a thunk it?

    VaBob don’t worry about the mistake – I’ve done it before, I understood your premise about the value of silver vs what the mint charges for each product & it not being uniform. I was not aurguing that, I just see it as you’re comparing two different things where you see it as it all being silver. I see several other factors going into the JFK Silver Anniversary sets that warrant the higher cost that I don’t see go into annual releases. Imo only and I respect your veiwpoint so we’ll just agree to disagree.

    All these numbers: 75k, 300k, 1.2 mil… Huh! I see it as 300 max mintage for the set period lol! 300k sets & 300k of each coin.
    Fm how do you get 75k sets? Well I know how you came to that conclusion but do you really think the mint would do that? And yes they’re will be 1.2 million coins made but what does that have to do with anything? When you buy the silver quarter set each year and look at the final mintage say 800k for example who says well there were 4 million coins made in this years release??? Idk, 300,000 is fine with me but unlimited was fine with me, I just want my sets and realized that no matter what the mint does people will cry…

    Jeff, unless you are now a different jeff 🙂
    You are now saying the max mintage is bad and will curb sales??? Really, weren’t you the one laughing at the gold version stating that was the exact reason no one bought it? NO max mintage – who would want to. That you can buy any time for three quarters of the price? Saying the reason the BHoF coins were and will continue being such big hits was because they were limited and wouldn’t even sell their max mintages(even if it was 5 or 6 less lol)
    So now when the JFK Silver is set at 100k less than the BHoF(albeit it was across two different options) you are reconsidering buying this?
    I am only trying to understand your thought process & if you are a “different” Jeff I apologize in advance.

    VaRich my sell out date is Nov 3 by 6pm… Oct 31 is a definite possibility though but I’ll give it a week…
    Never know Jeff could be right and they could last through Christmas…

  105. VA Bob says

    IMO two factors caused the BHOF silver sell out. First, no one can deny it is a unique coin for the US. It’s no surprise that people would want the coin. Second, LOTS of these coins were purchased for the secondary market. How many? No one can be sure, but these will never be rare in most of us here in our lifetimes. Secondary market prices are still being driven by hype and sales gimmicks (ER/FR, a plethora of “special” labels).

    The same will most likely occur with the JFK silver. Big secondary market sellers were disappointed they couldn’t make more money from the gold JFK and apparently expressed their concern to the Mint, which caved to their demands. Does it matter that so many sets are ready to go, and everyone has an “equal” chance? Look at the RP Buff, and to a lesser extent the JFK gold (where those that had them at the shows scored big).

    Yes, the big dealers will have their silver JFK’s first. Delivered to their nearby drop boxes, they will truck them directly to the TPG’s and have them slabbed , with those special labels that those who like that sort of thing crave. All while Joe Average is still waiting for the Mint to process and mail their sets. That’s when the eBay hype begins, with people that just can’t wait, and since the bay is an indicator of what a coin goes for instantly (verses the red book or grey sheet), that what people pay.

    I personally don’t engage in buying/selling of “fresh” US Mint products on the secondary market, as I refuse to feed the beast. I don’t have a problem with those that do it to get a coin they want at a fair price, but I have to shake my head at those, for example, that bought the BHOF gold for $1200 only to have it fall a few weeks later. That’s the kind money that drives the hype. Artificial pre-set mintages help drive the hype. It usually means more coins will be made than are needed to fill collections, causing a glut of the particular coin, with or without a gimmick added to the price. Mint to demand means everyone that want one right now gets one. Every new collector that wants one must now find one for sale, and pay the fair market value for the coin to obtain it. Secondary market sellers and folks that base the long term value of their collections on today’s eBay prices mostly don’t like the later. That’s their stand and are welcome to it.

    So why do I care? Because like most of you I want my collection to appreciate in value. It’s not going to do that if most of the coins are easy to find in the secondary market when I do go to sell. when that happens, I don’t want to have to find some sucker to buy it at an inflated price. I’d much rather sell at a fair price, that rewards my choices, joy of collecting, and time maintaining it, while leaving the buyer feeling like he/she made a good purchase too, without giving it away.

  106. fmtransmitter says

    I had that Bronze FS set on sub, did anyone else and if so did it ship with the new online company?

  107. AkBob says

    FM – I don’t have the subscription for the FS Medals but I ordered them the first day of their release and they have shipped (10/24) already if that helps you at all. I would have thought yours would have shipped too.

  108. fmtransmitter says

    Just got off the phone AkBob with them. What a mess. I am scared come Tuesday. She said something about my accounts being merged and that may be holding it up. I said I had NEW ORDER #’s placed on 10/6 for subs SO I WOULDN’T RUN INTO ANY PROBLEMS and that is exactly what happened, a problem.

  109. fmtransmitter says

    Not to mention she states my order says SHIPPED but in MY account it says being processed. Then she said the ATB said shipped too! It hasn’t even been minted yet! Ugh..

  110. AkBob says

    FM – Great!!! That’s very reassuring, NOT!!! Hopefully by Tuesday things will be worked out and we will ALL get our orders in with little or NO problems:))) The cups half full.

  111. mark says

    Even if its two weeks before your order ships out. It will still be first strike eligible. Only good flips are very low mintage surprise sell outs. High demand coins with web site crashes. Not going to happen with these . I will sit it out and watch the flood on ebay.

  112. Hawkster says


    I’m sitting here reading the latest comments while watching the Steelers -Colts game. Two touchdowns in 21 seconds by your hometown team. You gotta love those yellow jacket-style throwback uniforms that they donned for the game. But where are the leather helmets?

  113. Hidalgo says

    I’m looking forward to buying 2 of these special silver Kennedy half sets. With a production limit of 300,000 I’m unsure how much demand there will be for them.

    @Hawkster – the Steelers are wearing uniforms that remind me of bumble bees.

  114. Hidalgo says

    @Steve – if you read the description, you’ll see that this eBay auction is for pre-sales. Sellers can make huge profits from pre-sales, provided that demand drops with time.

    The seller clearly plans to buy more than 10 silver Kennedy half sets…. which isn’t hard for a major coin seller to do…..

  115. says

    @Hildago…I will be clearer. I understand why you said what you did. But what I meant was that he is planning on having at least 10 or more 70’s available down the road. I was really trying to point out his high price and arrogance for “knowing” he will have that many. It’s funny that no one seems to advertise the 69’s they will have.

    I may want a graded reverse proof 70 at some point, but no where near his asking price.

  116. bg35765 says

    Steve – It isn’t arrogance. NGC bulk submitters will pay $35 for each 70 and $12 for each 69. Those prices include a special label.

    Considering that price structure, is there any chance the NGC graders won’t give more than ten 70s to that seller?

  117. Pittsburgh P says

    Hawkster yeah I love thr throwback jerseys! most think of the bumblebee when they see them lol…

    They played well but I thought they were going to throw it away at the end again….

    About graded JFK Silvers that seems to be the MO for eBay flippers… I do think there will be many more 69 and 70 S for the silvers than the clad but all the flippers have to do is cancel the orders if they don’t get what they want… They don’t care. I would never buy a pre ordered graded coin regardless – or ungraded for that matter but that’s just me. I may decide to buy a RP and/or EU 70 down the road when all settles down but will be content with my sets from the mint…. If the site allows it 😉

  118. Pittsburgh P says

    Bg where do you see that they charge more for 70s?
    There is no way they would or could do that!

  119. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry Steve, missed your post….
    You are correct but I only have dealt with PCGS before – is there that much of a difference in price depending on the amount submitted?
    35$ to 12$ – I’m assuming Bg just misunderstood but the amounts were correct. I could be wrong, just too lazy to look it up right now

  120. A different Jeff says

    @VA Bob – You’re right – the dollar contains slightly more then twice as much silver as two halves. 87 cents more at $17.50. The point was not so much the absolute numbers as the hugely inflated prices relative to the metal value of the coins. This hasn’t changed over time. For example, many have alluded to the 1998 special Kennedy Matte Proof. That was available only in the Special Collector’s Set for 6 weeks in early 1998 (Jan. to mid Feb.) priced at $59.95. Silver weight was about 1.1 oz. when silver was averaging about $5.75 an ounce for a total silver value of about $6.50 for both coins – a bit under $2.25 for the half dollar, which cost $30 based on equivalent pricing of the rest of the issue. That is far and away more egregious than the current markups. If the mint used that markup for the K13 set, it would price out at about $350 or so.
    And since the TPGs hadn’t yet become abusive, there was no such thing as early release or first strike. And the mint didn’t ship any until the ordering period had closed, so it would have been difficult to determine what would have been an early release candidate.

  121. Larry says

    I have seen many 1998-S matte proofs, and they are nice coins. I have also seen the 2014 Reverse Proof and it is an order of magnitude cooler coin. That is why I am buying a set. I am looking forward to hearing on this blog what everyone thinks of this set after they actually see it. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

  122. jim b says

    I am very much looking forward to having one of these sets in my collection. The most resent item I have bought is a 1950-s pcgs ms66 Booker T Washington silver half dollar. I am happy to say I paid 30.00 less then the lowest ePay asking price. I have never bought off ePay. But I know I paid well over melt. LOL. I like looking at this site from time to time for up dates and news. But I must say there are some heavy flippers and trippers blogging in.

  123. VA Bob says

    Larry – I’m sure the RP JFK will look great. All photos to date bear that out. What is disappointing is that the Mint is considering adding a RP annual set to its proof, silver proof, an unc mint sets. If it happens, you can get an RP JFK every year. The Mint is building a reputation of taking something special and making it common. before you know it they will be making an annual “curved” coin set.

  124. bg35765 says

    I am not mistaken.

    NGC does charge different amounts for 69s and 70s, but that applies to bulk submitters only. (Minimum of 100 coins per submission.)

    There is a post on the Collectors Universe forum from a bulk submitter complaining about the $35 for a 70. That will make their cost for a 70 set $240 and that doesn’t include shipping both ways. Add in ebay fees and shipping to the ebay buyer and it is going to be difficult to make money on these.

  125. Larry says

    @ VA Bob – if the mint makes a RP set every year, oh well. For a while, at least, I will still enjoy this one. The mint makes proof sets every year, I still enjoy them, well the silver ones anyway.

  126. VA Bob says

    jim b – I don’t believe anyone expects to pay melt prices for a new coin from the Mint, much more goes into getting it made and packaged. However, when PM’s like silver are used that (should) constitute the large part of the production expense. The finial prices appear to be arbitrary on some products, such as the JFK. The 2012 (149.95 each) and 2013 (139.95) two coin ASE sets contained 62.20 grams of silver each set (plus silver was more expensive at the time), and for sake of costs, they came in a lacquered wooden box. The JFK set contains a total 50 grams of 90% silver, at significantly lower silver prices, encased in a beautiful faux leather fold out. So either those ASE set were a bargain or the JFK’s are over priced. As with many moderns PM content is important to the value as plenty of moderns are available for purchase, even the low mintage examples. I’m not trying to sway anyone’s purchase tomorrow , people should buy what they like, but let’s be up front about it.

    Good call on the G.W. Carver, depending on the year (1951 -1954) and mint mark (or lack of one) some of these have quiet a small mintage. It’s nice when one can buy a coin without the hype and all the gimmicks. The early commemoratives are a nice pick up. Many had high mintages, but finding survivors (many were melted) in a good condition, at a fair price is always fun.

  127. Larry says

    When I buy the Kennedy silver set, I think I may pick up the clad set. For 10 bucks, what the heck. I was looking at the mint’s production figures, and saw the silver proof set is only up to 314,000. The high priced 2012 was 395,000. Maybe a sleeper? I wonder why the huge drop in silver proof set sales in recent years?

  128. VA Bob says

    Larry – I believe the drop in ASE proofs, is due to the better bang for the buck with bullion ASE’s. One can buy 2 bullion ASE’s for about the price of one proof ASE these days.

  129. Pittsburgh P says

    Bg thanks for the link to another blog but I couldn’t find the bulk submission rates on the NGC site. Did you find it? I rarely submit coins especially that many at once so I did not know their pricing was set up that way. That is insane imo & another reason NOT to buy slabbed coins. Now I see why the little guys are getting all the 69s while the bulk submitting big boys get 70s for the same coin or worse…. We pay the same fee for ANY grade.

  130. Eddie says

    The Silver Kennedy set is over priced but if it came in a wooden box I could see it.
    In the 2014 Limited Edition Silver sets will it contain the same coins as last years sets or do you think the mint might put any of these halves in it. It would be very nice to have all 5 silver Kennedy’s in it but most likely it is just wishful thinking on my part.
    When do you think our CC will be hit? Because the mint has never sent anythink out the same week it was released.

  131. Eddie says

    It would be decent if Dansco would make a page that included all of the Kennedy Anniversary Editions to go with all the other Kennedy coins in the collection.

  132. gary says

    The Mint sells the 2013 & 2014 ATB silver proof quarters for $31.95 each. Buying both sets cost $61.90 for approx. $31.00 in silver. The 4 coin silver Kennedy half set has $24.86 in silver at the ridiculous price of $99.95!
    A retail price of $50 to $60 would have been more than fair for the Mint’s bottom line and to the collector.

  133. says

    Dansco doesn’t include ALL JFK coins in ANY album they make. I don’t know of any company that does. Had to make my own with a big honking binder…

  134. Eddie says

    Does Dansco make a blank page? If not I should have gotten one when they came out with the new page and book ’cause they only had dates up to 2014. If they still have any left over I could get one of those and just add it to the album.
    I am really looking forward to getting this set. The silver set is going to be the best of all the Kennedy’s to come out this year.

  135. Pittsburgh P says

    I don’t understand why we are still talking about the price compared to silver spot… We have discussed this ad nauseum since even before the price of this set was released! Some thought it’d be more than $99.95!

    Now that silver has dropped even more you guys expect the mint to drop the price when it was obvious before it had nothing to do with spot… It is a numismatic anniversary set that now has a max mintage. It’s not bullion – I wouldn’t recommend to buy the limit to stack.
    If you feel it’s that outrageous don’t buy it. I feel it’s a fair price but I sure as hell wouldn’t be complaining if I didn’t think it was because I would be buying one anyway because I like & want the set.
    Companies/people charge what they feel they can get out of a product – if they sell 300,000 like I think they will apparently it was a fair price because people paid it.

  136. Pittsburgh P says

    2cents bet that is a giant binder of Kennedy’s 🙂

    Me neither Eddie, me neither… Tommorrow is the day!

  137. bg35765 says

    Pittsburgh P – those rates aren’t on their website to view unless you are a dealer or Collectors Society Elite member with a login.

    Who is willing to pay $275 to become a Collectors Society Elite member and find out for us?

  138. cagcrisp says

    Previously I have posted that I was “Zero Silvers for $99.95”. After the Game Changer I will be Max for my account and Max for another account…Zero to 10 in a heartbeat…

  139. VA Rich says

    Hey Pitt – this time to tomorrow, you and the rest of us will still be trying to get our orders in! haha

    cag – I’ve thought about all the comments above a lot over the weekend, where are you seeing the value or appreciation potential? I just really see what’s changed now that I’ve had time to digest the 300k mint limit.., it’s a boat load of sets.

    I’m remaining very objective with all comments and thoughts, I just see a unique, must have 4 coin silver set with great curb appeal that will also be worth around a hundred bucks for quite some time, and perhaps more in 10 years or so. I think those that are sold tomorrow will go predominately to us core base collectors of moderns (25%), flippers (25%) and the chuck being scooped up by the retailers (50%) which will in turn flood the market subsequent to it being flood by flippers again.

  140. says

    @Pittsburgh P, Yeah, it’s big and HEAVY! The sad thing is Dansco, the TPG’s and the Red book, etc doesn’t understand coin collecting therefore don’t provide proper storing/collecting tools.

    I disagree with your opinion that the silver JFK price has nothing to do with spot price. If that were the case then why wouldn’t it be $20? Like 4 of the clad JFK’s?

  141. VA Rich says

    After thinking about this over the weekend, it appears the mint has put in place a strategy that negates cornering the market by flippers and retailers, alike, and minimizes a scenario that encourages price inflation of the silver JFKs, in keeping with fair and equal availability/distribution – here’s how so –

    – 180,000 sets on game day – immediate availability
    – 300,000 sets total (well beyond the collector base) – wide distribution, and the well beyond the market saturation point
    – no ordering window
    – no declared end date
    – reasonable household limit, though I think 2 would be better
    – no opening day show
    – no kiosk sales
    – enough sets to avoid a first day sale out
    – sure there are others I missed

    If you’re collector, I would think you really wouldn’t have an issues with anything above. If you’re a flipper, you’re really out of the game, and if you’re a retailer, throw the dice and take your chance – that’s how I’m seeing it now.

  142. VA Bob says

    PP – It was overpriced from the start, before the big drop in silver. I don’t believe anyone here expects the Mint of lower the price of the JFK silver. As for people discussing it, you don’t have to participate if you don’t wish to.

  143. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, “where are you seeing the value or appreciation potential? I just really see what’s changed now that I’ve had time to digest the 300k mint limit.., it’s a boat load of sets. ”

    I do NOT disagree. I do NOT see the appreciation value Either, HOWEVER, I have a unique situation in my life so what I do may not be what I would subscribe for others. I have gone BIG this year on Gold BHOF coins and the Gold Kennedy. I have complete sets of the BHOF coins but no extras in Silver BHOF coins. I have a Boatload of BHOF halfs in both proof and uncirculated. So I have not been after too many items. On Friday I got 10 of the Kennedy clads, SO……I just decided to get 10 of the Silvers to complete the sets…

    I am NOT suggesting the purchase of the Silver Kennedy’s . I asked your opinion and Pittsburgh P’s and you two did not agree and so I went in a different direction. I do think the change to 300k is Big and I do think Day 1 will be HUGH. So basically I have a $1000 bet on tomorrow being big. If it is NOT then I have lost that bet. Keep in mind I am in a unique position. I will never sell a coin. I buy to either Give away when I am alive or Give away when I am dead. I bought more Gold Kennedy’s Friday so now I need to complete the sets so that is why I am Buying the Silvers. Long term I Still think the Gold Kennedy’s (just like the Gold BHOF) and destined for greatness….

  144. David says

    With a $100 price tag, I have broken it down like this: About $25 melt value and $75 for the presentation case.

  145. VA Rich says

    Thanks cag, appreciate you sharing, I just want to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I think time will be good to these sets, it just depends on one’s time frame. Besides, its just been my personal observation that those one-off coins of a circulated series seem to do better than Comms, or just one off’s.

    Well, enough of the over analyzing of this one – good luck to everyone tomorrow and may your Confirm Order button appear swiftly!

  146. VA Rich says

    Oh, and if a few of you that get in within the first ten minutues, if you could post your time (per a reliable/accurate clock) and order # down to the 10s digit, that would be helpful, would like to see how many orders are being processed per minute.

  147. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – I agree to a point, however, the big dealers have drop boxes located right near the Mints Fulfillment Center. Think of it as the mail boxes at a big apartment complex, real or even a string of virtual “mail box” numbers centrally located in a warehouse or even a parcel shipping center. These boxes are pretty inexpensive for a years rent. The big dealers, ordering personnel (only takes a few, people with a list of names and CC#s, place their maximum orders to these individual “addresses” all at the same location. The dealers truck just pulls up, loads up and is on its way to be graded while, Joe Average’s coin(s) are waiting for the FedEx plane to take off, then they have to mail their coin to the TPG, if they want it graded, once they receive them.

    Having a large amount of coins on hand actually helps the big dealers. They need fewer people online at the start time to place orders. As we have seen the people with the first coins have a distinct advantage on the secondary market, even if the coin flops there.

  148. VA Rich says

    JFK silver set sell out predictions

    Time Day Date
    cag 10am Friday 31-Oct
    VA Rich 3pm Monday 3-Nov
    Pitt 6pm Tuesday 4-Nov

    Any others?

  149. AkBob says

    VA Rich – I’m guessing the sellout will be Thursday, Nov 6th by 6:00 P.M. I think it could be even longer but will stick to this prediction. I think 50-75K for collectors/flippers, 100K for dealers the first day then it will slow down. First day sales I think will be around 150K. We’ll know soon enough though. Guessing makes this hobby a little more interesting and FUN:))) Thanks ALL!

  150. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, I don’t know if you saw my post from Friday or not :
    For those keeping up with Differences between New website and the Old. You can no longer go and see the “difference” between orders placed back/back and calculate how many orders have been placed in a time frame (There Also is No Time stamp just a Date stamp). I made 3 orders today. 1 order was made Several minutes before the other two orders. The last two orders were back/back. Identical orders, I just wanted two separate boxes. The 1st order that was Several minutes Before the other two was assigned a number BETWEEN the back/back orders. The back/back orders (maybe a minute between) showed a difference of 75. The 1st Order showed a number 35 MORE than the 2nd order and 40 LESS than the 3rd order…

  151. bg35765 says

    My guess for the 300,000 sellout date: Never

    I am with VA Rich on some of the reasons why:
    – collector base too small
    – too many ready to ship immediately
    – high grading fees x 4 coins

    I could also see it “selling out” within a couple of weeks but then having 10s of thousands of orders cancelled as ebay prices drop.

    I can’t decide whether I want to sit this one out completely, or buy three sets as Christmas gifts for my kids.

  152. cagcrisp says

    @bg35765, You gotta be careful with Cancelling on the New website. ONCE it goes “In Processing” you or no one else can cancel. On supplies that they have on hand it goes Processing fast. IF a High Dollar purchase (Gold Kennedy) is on HOLD you can call CS and get it cancelled. There is no cancel box anymore. Here is the detail from the Mints website:

    Can I modify or cancel my order?
    Answer ID: 117

    You may not modify or cancel an order after it has been processed for shipment. If adding items, please submit a new order.

    You may cancel your order at any time prior to processing by Contacting Customer Service:

  153. Hawkster says

    O.K. boys, starting tomorrow, we’ll see how big the Kennedy base really is. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it will be a struggle to reach 300,000 K.

  154. Hawkster says


    You’re contemplating getting three sets as Christmas gifts to your kids? Somehow I get the feeling that, given the choice, the kids would rather have something in the realm of electronics.

  155. VA Rich says

    cag – oh geez, you’ve got to be kidding me! Well then, belay my last. 2mrow is going to get real interesting, real quick.., just part of the excitement I suppose! May I quote you? “Flipper Nightmare Coming!”

    bg – “never” – too funny!

  156. AkBob says

    Looks like the mint has placed the household limit of 5 back on the 2 Coin Clad JFK Set. I just tried to order 5 more and the website wouldn’t allow me to make the order:(( I thought they had discontinued the HH ordering limit.

  157. Brad says

    I think these sets will be a wise purchase for future appreciation. Remember that the raw 2012-S Silver Proof Half Dollar can fetch up to $100 or more all by itself, and it’s mintage is around 440,000. That helps shed a better light on this set. It seems likely that the 2014-W Reverse Proof coin will be perfectly capable of fetching a similar premium after the sellout, given it’s uniqueness and lower mintage.

    So, don’t think of it as “overpaying” for this set in relation to the silver melt value. Think of it as buying the Reverse Proof (already a highly-anticipated coin), and getting three more unique silver Kennedy Half Dollars as a bonus “throw- in” to the deal. Don’t forget that you could probably get about $10-$15 for the empty packaging too!

    And, even if these unique coins don’t command as big a premium as the 2012-S Silver, they may still fetch $50 each. Even that allows for doubling your money. So, don’t let the “high” price tag make you let this opportunity pass you by. It may be a while before the Mint throws us another bone.

  158. Brad says

    By the way, I wonder why the Mint hasn’t updated the Excel spreadsheet with the sales numbers yet? It’s almost always available on Monday morning. I was curious how many of the 2-coin clad sets sold this past week after the product limit was announced. Those sets are definitely worth a second-look now, given how cheap they are!

  159. Mark Rex says

    I ordered 5x K14 (50th Anv Clad Set) on the day that were released. As part of my getting ready for K13’s (50th Anv Slv Set) release tomorrow I placed an order last Friday for 5x K14 (would be my 6th-10th), 2014 Birth Set and a BHoF YC Set. The K14’s were a test on the household limits since I’m using the same account, card and address – the only difference is old and new site. I got an email saying all my items have been shipped.

  160. Mark Rex says

    Prediction for sellout is 10/29 10pm – very low mintages, $25 for a top 5 silver Kennedy is a steal!, a lot will flip and a lot will hold. Prediction for day 1 sales (they report about 6pm I think if it’s like the BHoF) is 225k.

    I thought I remember reading here or elsewhere that the shipping option you select determines processing timing. So those who select one day shipping for $20 jump ahead of the line? For those ordering 5 or orders $300+ get free upgraded shipping so most would select the cheapest for $5. Maybe my understanding is wrong but if it’s right would it be worth paying the extra $15 in shipping to get the faster processing and get your order quicker? What happened to first in first out?

  161. AkBob says

    Mark Rex – After reading your post I tried to order 5 more again and it still says in RED lettering, “Household limit reached for this product”. So, for some reason they are still limiting the purchases for this product. Maybe you got lucky on Friday. Seems like they have gone back and forth on the HH limit. One day it’s there and the next day it isn’t. If anyone notices a change on the HH limits please post it here as I’d still like to order 5 more! I did order 5 on Friday and it is being “Processed”. Thanx:)

  162. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, Since the Number didn’t make it today, Wonder if there is Anything happening tomorrow that might Over Shadow our weekly numbers update?

  163. VA Rich says

    cag – why Yes, there is! Someone what works at HQ needs to get up from their desk, walk around the corner, grab the dude hugging onto the water cooler by the ear, walk said dude by the ear back to his desk, sit him down, and say “now, please update the sales #’s” – that’s all, otherwise I can’t think of anything else more important!

  164. VA Rich says

    JFK silver set sell out predictions

    Mark Rex – 10pm, Wednesday 29-Oct
    cag – 10am, Friday 31-Oct
    VA Rich – 3pm, Monday 3-Nov
    Pittsburgh P – 6pm, Tuesday 4-Nov
    bg35765 – Never
    Hawkster – it will be a struggle to reach 300,000

  165. AkBob says

    VA Rich – Thursday, Nov 6th at 6:00 P.M. for the sellout! That’s if it sells out, it may NOT!

  166. Don says


    I’m pretty sure that the deadline for entries to Cag’s first day of sale contest has long since passed. Obviously, in throwing a prediction out there now, one has the advantage of the being armed with the latest news and information from the Mint. With that said, let’s see how your guesstimate fares.

  167. RICH D says

    Just spent over 4 grand on coins here’s my ship date.
    Mint tells me to call them when i receive my order and they will refund $4.95 shipping since it did not get shipped Expedited. Wonderful, coins get to bounce around on a UPS truck for a week !

    Scheduled Delivery:
    Thursday, 10/30/2014, By End of Day
    Last Location:
    Departed – Hodgkins, IL, United States, Saturday, 10/25/2014
    Special Instructions:
    Adult Signature Required

    Shipment Progress

    Next Scheduled Event: Wednesday,10/29/2014 by 5:00 P.M.

    Location Date Local Time Activity
    Hodgkins, IL, United States 10/25/2014 3:48 A.M. Departure Scan
    10/25/2014 1:56 A.M. Arrival Scan
    Memphis, TN, United States 10/24/2014 4:49 P.M. Departure Scan
    Memphis, TN, United States 10/23/2014 7:12 P.M. Origin Scan
    United States 10/23/2014 4:00 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

    Additional Information
    Shipped/Billed On:10/23/2014Type:PackageWeight:4.20 lbs

  168. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- I would like to think the flipper’s have learned their lesson. I don’t think even MCM will be offering to buy folk’s sets this time around. But it seems lately the sick dog always returns to its…well its dinner time so I will leave that out. My prediction for a sellout will be into 2015 since I can’t predict Never. I am not excited about the set’s near term or long term prospects. IT IS a set I want to own personally, but I just don’t see this mintage limit as a huge game changer, quite the opposite.

    If a sellout is not achieved within two weeks, it will not sell out. 2015 is my guess> if I have to be more specific “March 2015 or bust.” 😉

  169. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – I would agree 300K is more than enough for JFK half collectors. Problem is people that can’t even spell Kennedy or know what a half dollar is will be buying. Maybe not all tomorrow, but when they see on eBay how “rich” this coin will make them all bets are off.

  170. VA Rich says

    AkBob – thanks; the numbers above cag posted are for the silvers, get your guesstimate in!

    Here’s one that’s far from speculation, unfortunately it’s gonna be a long night for the Skins here shortly!

  171. cagcrisp says

    Opening Day Sales for Silver Kennedys (Sorted Lowest/highest) CLOSED

    • TimTom 55,000 10/14
    • Dustyroads 64,000 08/09
    • CaptainOverkill 75,000 08/08
    • thePhelps 85,500 08/08
    • bg35765 87,281 08/25
    • GoldFishin 88,844 08/09
    • HiCal 93,564 08/08
    • Sith 100k 08/09
    • VA Bob 105k 08/08
    • Louis 115k 08/09
    • VA Rich 100k on 08/08/14 ; 137k 08/09
    • Pittsburgh P 148,888 08/08
    • Bob R 169,000 08/08
    • Hawkster 184,546 08/08
    • cagcrisp 212,125 08/08

  172. VA Rich says

    JFK silver set sell out predictions –

    Ibex – 6pm, Wednesday, Oct 29th
    Mark Rex – 10pm, Wednesday, 29-Oct
    cagcrisp – 10am, Friday, 31-Oct

    VA Rich – 3pm, Monday, 3-Nov
    Pittsburgh P – 6pm, Tuesday, 4-Nov
    AkBob – 6pm, Thursday, 6-Nov

    EagleOne – Wednesday, 31 Dec
    GoldFishin – March 2015 or Bust!
    bg35765 – Never
    Hawkster – it will be a struggle to reach 300,000

  173. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, Make sure you have an End Date on when your contest Closes. After Tomorrow’s sales of 212,125 I don’t want someone coming in and red boarding me…

  174. says

    My guess for a sellout is Tuesday, Nov. 11 5pm…..if that’s too late, that’s ok.

    I’ve enjoyed all the comments for this set both pro & con…..as none of us really know.

    I think (as Brad mentioned) that the reverse proof could do really well….and I’m starting to think the entire set will.

    I went back and looked at silver spot when the 2006 Silver Eagle Annv. set was released….it had 3 oz’s of silver with a spot value in the $33-34 range and also sold for $100. It had a mintage limit of 250,000 and took a few months to sell out. That set does very well today. It had the first Silver Eagle reverse proof and also the first “W” burnished silver eagle (that product was sold separately later in the year).

    Sooo…while in relation to spot this set may seem high, the uniqueness of this set is what will make it do well…I hope!!!!

  175. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich we’ll probably just now be getting our orders in lol…

    2cents yea You’d think dansco and the rest of em would invest some time into seeing what coin collectors would want/need… You misunderstood my statement about spot – yes it’s still silver therefore worth more than clad but I was only saying the price point they chose had nothing to do with the silver spot price so wouldn’t be changed if it goes up or down… I should’ve been clearer.

    Bg thanks – interesting you can’t even see the prices unless you pay $275.

    VaBob I try not to and usually don’t but it seems every other comment is about how these prices are outrageous and silver has dropped when will these?
    As far as people actually thinking these prices should and could be dropped, from the comments I’ve read it seems yes to me… If I want to throw in my opinion for every 20 that says it’s overpriced I will. Don’t buy it if you really think that it’s a rip off but most of you still will?

    So Cag we won’t be able to track orders any longer… That takes some fun out of it! Oh well, at least we’ll be able to tell when(if) the sell out is.

  176. Pittsburgh P says

    Gf you’d think they’d have learned their lesson from the gold but I’ve already received 2 emails asking me to buy the max for them. One did say you were there had to be in by 2 p.m. and that they did not give a price per set lol! Only that it will be what the market commands when they receive them! No thanks…

    Can they sell these into 2015? I know they can’t produce any more after December 31st but they can sell what they’ve already made it correct?

  177. Hidalgo says

    I thought I would share the following information to put things into perspective. Will the US Mint sell all 300,000 silver Kennedy half sets on the first day (or even the first week? I’m not so sure. Check out the historical data below (the final sales numbers are approximate).

    * 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set (First day, 5 PM ET, 29,909 sold. Final sales: 50,000). Sold out in 2 days.

    * 2011 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Set: (100,000 first day. Final sales: 100,000). Sold out in 1 day.

    * 2012 San Francisco American Silver Eagle Set (First two days: 85,341. Final sales: 224,981). No sellout – minted to demand.

    * 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set (180,000 opening weekend. Final sales: 235,689). No sellout – minted to demand.

    * 2014 silver Kennedy Half Set ( ? opening day. Final sales: 300,000 ?)

    I guess if you’re a flipper OR want a “First Strike” or “Early Releases” label, then it may be worth waiting in line to place an order on the first day and/or buy the maximum number of sets (5).

    Decisions, decisions…. I will wait and avoid the madness. Maybe if I wait a few weeks, I might be able to buy a set at a lower price than on USMint.gov on eBay…. 🙂

  178. Brad says

    Pittsburg P,

    Yes, these sets can be sold after the end of this year, just no more of them struck after 12/31.

    The way this may play out could be interesting, if there is no quick sellout. We already know that there is an initial batch of 180,000 sets ready to go. That represents 60% of the maximum mintage. If initial sales are brisk, then the Mint may have enough confidence to go ahead and strike the remaining 40% fairly quickly. However, if sales are slower, then the second batch that is struck may be smaller, and could be slow in coming. The Mint may take orders until mid-December, then declare the set “sold out” at that time and only strike the amount needed to fulfill the demand. I don’t know if they would strike an earlier second batch for quicker fulfillment and then one final batch for the last section of orders, or just let a “backorder” status stand until the entire demand in excess of 180,000 sets is known. We’re no strangers to long waits for product fulfillment, so the latter scenario is not out of the question.

    Personally, I don’t see the sets lasting very long. The price point is low enough that many will take a chance on it who did not do so with the gold coin, simply because the cash outlay required was so much larger. Four unique coins with different finishes and mint marks made of silver will be very appealing for many, and the generous household limit of five sets will allow the sets to move quickly.

  179. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P.- Yes, they can sell into the next year. I am not sure if they will however, the 180,000 will be gone in the first two weeks, after that I think the US Mint will assess further demand and will only produce what they think they will sell in a reasonable offering time. Fulfillment of orders could easily go into March 2015.

    I really am unsure about this offering. Part of me thinks it could do quite well in sales and may sell out within two weeks, but the unemotional side of me is thinking the big boys will not want to play into the next 120,000 of production. The household limit of 5 is prohibitive of a really quick sellout and I think it could be the main reason the momentum and hype will fade over time causing the offering to fall short of a sellout. I do believe there will be a short window for the flipper’s to make some money with 70 graded coins, especially PCGS graded ones. But, the $35 fees for NGC and $41 for PCGS will make it imperative for a very high percentage of coins to grade 70 or it will be a money losing game very quickly. IF I were playing that game I would only get the RP graded by PCGS and leave the other 3 coins for others to lose money over. NGC coins will be plentiful quickly and I expect the regular NGC PF and Unc. coins to be sub $100 quickly. The RP and Enhanced will start out above $100, but over time I believe only the RP will have a chance to stay decently above that level. I don’t really need to go into any more detail, but I have done the research and believe that only the RP and Enhanced graded 70 PCGS FS will offer the ability for flippers to make some decent cash much beyond the first 6-8 weeks. I will look to buy my graded coins 3-4 months down the road, if not longer, depending on the final mintage.

    I was really being sort of sarcastic with my sellout prediction. I am not sure there are enough real JFK collectors to support sufficient demand for 300,000 units and if the early ebay sales are disappointing, we may a see a repeat of the JFK gold offering with a lot of cancellations and/or returns. Some of you know I have been an active Ebayer for a long time and I will tell you that buyers are getting smarter about how much they will pay for a coin. There are so many moderns that are selling near or below the cost of purchase and grading that I can’t even tell you. In the past I have preferred to have my own coins graded, but lately it is a much better deal to just buy them on the Bay. I have also mentioned that I have seen big sellers on Ebay liquidating entire portfolio’s of inventory and leaving the game entirely. You can only lose money so long before it becomes an insane exercise in futility. Between ever increasing competition, Ebay/Paypal fees, and greedy TPG’s skyrocketing label and grading fees it is a game that I feel is really endangered or at the very least going through a hard reset. Sorry so long!

  180. NC_Stacker says

    My prediction for the Silver Kennedy’s tomorrow…….. it will not be a sell out.

    Total sold 195,000

  181. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks Brad and GF… that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure.

    It will be interesting to see what plays out. You would hope they wouldn’t strike the remaining 120k without already or almost selling out the intitial batch but this is the US Mint…

    I see this set doin well but 300k well in 2 months? Idk either a very quick sell out or none at all if that makes any sence…

  182. cagcrisp says

    @Pittsburgh P, “Idk either a very quick sell out or none at all if that makes any sense…” Agreed. For me…If the 1st Sales digit tomorrow is Not a “2” you will not see a “3”.

    With 180k locked and loaded there will not be any delays.
    With household limit of 5, anyone that wants one should be able to get one on Day 1
    Flippers don’t stand a chance.
    If the Demand is not there Initially, It can’t be created on the secondary market.
    Tomorrow will either be Boom or Bust…

  183. says

    I haven’t even decided if I’ll buy the set tomorrow. I still think it’s only a collectors offering and sells probably won’t be a blow-out. I have given up on believing that these will garnish much appreciation over the long run long, but because they represent actual coinage, though out of circulation, they will be interesting coins for the Kennedy lovers.
    I’m betting on them being available all next year, just to make sure ALL the Kennedy lovers get theirs.

  184. VA Bob says

    Just now on the CV, the Australian 1oz Wedge Tail in PCGS coffins, with Mercanti’s signature on the label: 50 bucks for the 69, and 100 bucks for the 70. I understand some folks here like these.

  185. VA Bob says

    Dusty – I don’t know if they will garner much appreciation either over time, but the Mint will garnish their books by taking a little of ones potential profits right of the top. 😉

  186. says

    VA Bob, No doubt about it.

    Hey, I just got around to reading the Louis’ latest article and he has made some interesting comments. It’s hard for me to imagine these being quick sellers, but tomorrow will be insightful. I may have to play this for what it’s worth.

  187. RSF says

    That’s just where the majority of these sets will end up being sold, VA Bob, by TV hawkers to non-collectors who lived through the Kennedy years.
    Those of us with fond memories of Camelot. Those who have a couple 1964 halves in a dresser drawer that they got as keepsakes in ’64. They will see these on TV and hear the pitch and just like that, part of another child’s inheritance will become plastic coated shiny objects worth a fraction of their cost.

  188. Rich The Elder says

    I being an elder have been in the mix a long time.Kennedy was on my first ballot,the Kennedy image did shine and he did have courage and he as all men have weakness ,nearly all presidential men have weakness.Do we need to justify a coin series for this man,was he perfect is this a perfect series,do we want to see a continuation of this series.Are we bored With the American Eagle replays.I am totaled out with the Silver Eagle variables (enough)I as a collector will support this momerial set .

  189. VA Rich says

    JFK silver set sell out predictions –

    Ibex – 6pm, Wednesday, Oct 29th
    Mark Rex – 10pm, Wednesday, 29-Oct
    cagcrisp – 10am, Friday, 31-Oct

    VA Rich – 3pm, Monday, 3-Nov
    Pittsburgh P – 6pm, Tuesday, 4-Nov (week 1)
    AkBob – 6pm, Thursday, 6-Nov
    Steve – 5pm, Tuesday, 11 Nov (week 2)

    EagleOne – Wednesday, 31 Dec
    GoldFishin – March 2015 or Bust! (about the time the ’14 LESPS will be available)
    bg35765 – Never (and can be said for a price reduction in the AtB puck)
    NC_Stacker – Never
    Hawkster – it will be a struggle to reach 300,000

    So far looking like 42% of the predictions favor a 1 week sale out, 58% being available for some time.

  190. cagcrisp says

    The Mint’s excel numbers are OUT

    Mint Kennedy excel spreadsheet update for 10/26/14 (change from 10/19/14 spreadsheet):

    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN (K15) 65,039 (up 736)
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY UNC CLAD SET (K14) 136,614 (up 1983)

  191. stephen m says

    VA Bob, I too saw the silver Wedge Tail eagle coin on CV. $99 for a 70 grade and on TV. That may be a considerable drop from the introductory prices, eh? It might be a good idea to wait a while if one wants to purchase any of the Kennedy offerings graded.

  192. cagcrisp says

    If you Don’t think the announcement on Friday regarding Limits did Not have an effect….Think Again

    The JFK clads had their Biggest week in 5 weeks
    The Gold Kennedy had it’s Biggest week in 8 weeks

    Halo Effect

  193. cagcrisp says

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 10/26/14 (change from 10/19/14 spreadsheet):

    Gold proof BHOF 32,495 (same)
    Gold unc. 17,694 (same)
    Silver proof 267,865 (down 8)
    Silver unc. 131,916 (down 2)
    Clad proof 222,269 (up 3,313)
    Clad unc. 134,198 (up 634)
    Young Collector 22,650 (up 494)

    Gold BHOF 50,189 oversold 189
    Silver BHOF 399,781

  194. cagcrisp says

    Gold Kennedy Guesstimates (resorted from low to high)

    • GoldFishin 66,532 – 73,185 07/31
    • Jeff 70k 07/10
    • TimTom 70k 07/31
    • Longarm 70k 08/01
    • VA Rich 50k +/- 8k 07/10 ; 71,293 07/31
    • Louis 50k 07/10; +/- 75k 08/01
    • zeeman 75,000 08/03
    • bg35765 75,920 08/01
    • Dustyroads 86,500 07/31
    • Pittsburg P between 88,000 and 110,000 07/31
    • gary 92,586 07/31
    • SilverFan over/under 100k 07/11
    • VA Bob 100k +/- 5k 07/31
    • A Bob 100,000 07/31
    • VABEACHBUM 07/16 do not think it will either garner the interest or come anywhere close to 109k
    • Sith 60k 07/11; 100k to 120k 07/31
    • thePhelps between 75 and 100k the first week and a total of 125k 07/31
    • Stephen m. 150k+ 07/11
    • Clark exceed 200k 07/26

  195. hw says

    This may be a duplicate post.

    The US Mint JFK product page shows a household limit of 5 for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection to be released today..

  196. Pittsburgh P says

    Stephen M that is the same as the introductory price for the 70 WTE… well 99.95$ other than on ebay it hasn’t moved since its release and is available on CV, Gov Mint, and MCM… The bullion version has the least potential of all the WTE, with a 50,000 mintage, as with most releases … The proof and HR versions are doing well. I wouldn’t compare this set with the JFK Silver set anyways.

    Thanks for the numbers cag… can’t believe the gold sold over 700 & nothing changed with it!

    Thanks hw but it’s always had a limit of 5, I thought maybe they would lower it when they capped the mintage at 300k, glad they didn’t…

    2 hours til go time!

  197. Dave SW FL says

    Someone asked earlier if the sets would be offered for sale at the Mint retail stores. Jeremy at the Philly store confirmed the NO response. Thus, the gold Kennedy fiasco has played out fully and the flippers wet dream has become a nightmare! They finally learned SOMETHING and made a change of policy. It will be interesting if there is no rapid sellout if they will reverse the policy and offer them in the stores to try to eliminate inventory.

    Someone has started torun the mint as a business (no, I did not say a well run business – it IS government, after all!). They are maximizing profit with the pricing model and return/ exchange policy. They will need the money if the new site is an indication of competency!

  198. thePhelps says

    Going to be an interesting event today. I expect this to sellout – similar to the BHoF silver offering…probably around November 13th or so.

  199. Mike says

    Talked to us mint rep on phones and he said phones have been busy and doing extremely well for set.

    11:30 a.m. Oct 28

  200. Dave SW FL says

    Although I do not like navigating the new mint website and losing my order history, I will have to give them credit for being able to handle volume without crashing and for rapid shipment of product.

    Thanks to all for the detailed ordering/ shipment reports. Hope they are reading MNB. It will help them tweak the site.

    Maybe these guys should have gotten the ACA website contract!

  201. foxman69 says

    am thinking initial batch of 180K sets might end op being the total; think about it…. why would the Mint halt production in all 4 Mints on an issue and leaving these lines not producing product? If they can resume production it involves workers to assemble and prepare all the dies and a host of other procedures to start back up…. with all the issues that remain and the calendar year running out, I think they might decide to end production…

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