A quick look: Live images of the American Eagle palladium bullion coin

The Mint will begin selling its 1-ounce American Eagle palladium bullion coin to Authorized Purchasers (APs) on September 25. Until now, no photos of the coins have been available, and the curious have had to content themselves with photos of the plaster models or with graphic designers’ renderings. Around noon today (September 20), the Mint posted live photos of the coins (hover to zoom):

The palladium Eagles will be available to the public through the Mint’s AP network. Authorized Purchasers consist of major coin and precious-metals wholesalers, brokerage firms, banks, and other participating financial intermediaries. The coins will be made available to APs at a 6.25% premium over the prevailing price of palladium (which was $915 per ounce on September 19).

Mint News Blog sponsor APMEX is taking preorders for the 2017 American Eagle palladium bullion coins.

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  1. Ben There says

    That’s actually a nice looking coin. Much better than the plaster model and renditions. A lot of money though for a metal that is not really in much demand. Will be interesting to see how it sells. I wonder when the numismatic versions are coming out.

  2. Tinto says

    I clicked on the ad above for the Palladium bullion and there is even offering of a roll of 20 coins … for a mere $20,870.81 …

    Designs not bad ..since they were just basically copied from existing ones from many decades ago ..


    KSCO- You can add me to the list of purchasing the palladium coin. I ordered 1 today and since the plan is passing it on to my daughter near time value is no concern to me.

  4. MarkInFlorida says

    I bought one today and will sell a Russian palladium coin I have. That is whenever SunTrust re-opens the branch where I have it stored. Sign on the door says closed due to emergency (since 2 days before the hurricane) with no hint of when it might reopen. Beware of storing PM in bank vault if you think you might need them.

  5. cagcrisp says

    Gold Briefly Under $1,300.00 After FOMC minutes

    Silver Briefly Under $17.00 After FOMC minutes

    That’s the Future Prices for Gold and Silver IF the Fed does what it says it will do in the next 15 months .

    IF that happens you will Not see Gold and Silver above $1,300.00 and $17.00 respectively in the next 15 months.

    The Question is whether the Fed will actually raise rates 3 times in the next 15 months and whether Today’s Fed decision increases or decreases Yellen’s chances of being Reappointed.

    I Think it decreases her chances because Trump wands a Lower Dollar and a Stronger stock market.

    Today’s actions do not achieve those goals…

  6. Joe M. says

    @ cagcrisp
    “IF that happens you will Not see Gold and Silver above $1,300.00 and $17.00 respectively in the next 15 months.”
    Thank you for that info!!
    There go my plans to sell a little silver next year for the platinum coins I hope to buy in 2018.
    I guess I’ll just keep selling my modern high-grade coins and common “junk”. If silver goes below $15, I’ll be selling a lot of coins and fill up my silver “boat” until it can’t hold anymore 🙂

  7. cagcrisp says

    @Joe M. I wouldn’t discount your ability to sell a little Silver next year.

    I think Today’s Q&A sealed the fate of Janet Yellen and the 3 Fed rate increases will Not happen.

    With the proposed $1-$2 Trillion tax cuts , the stock market can’t afford 3 rate increases.

    It’s Amazing to me that for 8 years there was a Steady Drumbeat to “normalize” interest rates and now with that possibility to actually happen, The Fed chairmen will be replaced with someone that will Not ‘normalize’ interest rates because it is not on the agenda for a Higher and Higher stock market.

    The 52% of Americans that Own stocks will benefit and the majority of senior citizens that have No stocks will not get interest rates that would help them in their retirement years…

  8. cagcrisp says


    For those seniors that have Not been able to get any CDs rates that pay anything for the past few years.

    With Today’s bond market moves the Short end of the curve Greatly benefited.

    For one person that I advice I was able to get a 3 month FDIC insured CD that has a 1.25% coupon (effective yields 1.256% )Today.

    Currently the 10 year is yielding 2.27%…

    …SO…1.256% for an FDIC insured CD is a low risk alternative…

  9. CW says

    “The 52% of Americans that Own stocks will benefit and the majority of senior citizens that have No stocks will not get interest rates that would help them in their retirement years…”

    I question those numbers and would like to see a source. Without one it is baseless.

  10. cagcrisp says

    “However, stock ownership has slipped during that same period. According to Gallup, 52 percent of U.S. adults owned stock in 2016. Since Gallup started measuring this in 1998, that’s only the second time ownership has been this low. These figures include ownership of an individual stock, a stock mutual fund or a self-directed 401(k) or IRA.”


  11. Sith says

    Fed rate increase More Likely in December…”if you believe that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you”

  12. cagcrisp says

    @Sith, we have Had 4 Fed rate Increases since 2015 and I believe you have been on record that we would not have Any of these rate increases.

    You have said Many times that we would have another round of QE, which has Not happened…

  13. gatortreke says

    Re: the Fed normalizing interest rates, I wonder if they can do that and shrink the balance sheet at the same time. I’ve read where their plans to reduce the balance sheet is equivalent to raising rates .75% per year or 3 of their .25 rate increases.

  14. Tom P. - MA says

    Not interested in palladium. It’s more of a curiosity than anything else. If they had a 1/10 ounce piece, I would consider it. As someone else alluded to, where is my local palladium dealer? Maybe next to the local niobium dealer.

    Just a really odd occurrence. I’ve received 7 wheat pennies from 4 different locations in the past 2 days. All 40’s and 50’s.

    cagcrisp is a bullion market bear. Not sure why (you don’t have to explain), but everyone has their own opinion. I remember when the Fed claimed they were going to raise rates multiple times years ago. Then they turned around and raised them only once per year. You can’t believe a thing they say … like every other politician. Yes I know they claim to be non political HA!

  15. cagcrisp says

    “Fed funds futures also jumped, now showing odds of a rate hike this year at 64 percent from 50 percent. Economists expect a quarter-point rate hike at the Fed’s December meeting. Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s term ends early next year unless she is reappointed by President Donald Trump.”

    This article was posted 12 minutes ago. Long after I made my posts about the Probability of a Fed rate increase.

    I made my Prediction after watching the Live Q&A of Janet Yellen.


  16. cagcrisp says

    @ gatortreke “Re: the Fed normalizing interest rates, I wonder if they can do that and shrink the balance sheet at the same time. ”

    From ^ Article: The Fed sent a strong message that it plans to keep raising interest rates, even as it unfurled plans to shrink its mammoth-sized balance sheet.”

    Whether the Fed can actually Do that is a Valid question…

  17. says

    CW says
    SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 AT 4:59 PM

    “The 52% of Americans that Own stocks..,

    Dude, stock ownership is at an all time low, the 52% is kinda general knowledge..,

    Answer this for me, as you’ll want to know this as well..,

    What’s the average retirement account balance for gen pop Americans?

    Look it up, it’s more dismal than ’17 US Comm sales,

  18. says

    cagcrisp says
    SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 AT 4:24 PM

    “With the proposed $1-$2 Trillion tax cuts , the stock market can’t afford 3 rate increases.

    It’s Amazing to me that for 8 years there was a Steady Drumbeat to “normalize” interest rates and now with that possibility to actually happen, The Fed chairmen will be replaced with someone that will Not ‘normalize’ interest rates because it is not on the agenda for a Higher and Higher stock market.

    The 52% of Americans that Own stocks will benefit and the majority of senior citizens that have No stocks will not get interest rates that would help them in their retirement years…”

    While true, those seniors have us Gen X’ers slaving away for the man to fund our own retirement plans, without pensions, and ALL THOSE retiree’s entitlement programs.., so a strong market does incentivize us slaving away to fund those programs through our work and to keep hauling the chains..,

    Here’s a conundrum – will my Generation have a stock market to retire into, have an opportunity to benefit from entitlements, and what will inflation/interest rates look like then?

    It’s all a trade off…

    You don’t have to answer, I think we know the answer to that..,

    At least I’ll have my 2017 Palladium Booya coin in 2030 to pay for a month’s worth of medical insurance. 😃👍

  19. says

    @ Jarhead –

    Thanks, Congrats, & Good Plan!

    I bought the coin for the same reason as I believe it to be a terrible < 10 year investment, though I just absolutely love the design. I can't wait to pop that beauty in a capsule next to the gold Walker that I got at a steal courtesy of Lou on Monday in a '15 APE box and sit those Eagles side by side – will be Amazing.

    By the way, the Corps has a good representation out here on MNB, there's you, Silky, Paddy, and I think a Joe. Used to be a couple others. I have a few close friends that are Devil Dogs and one of the great honors of my life was to climb Mount Suribachi and associated beaches.

    Anyhoo, happy collecting!

  20. says

    All metals down now.., as opposed to when all metal EXCEPT PALLIDIUM were down earlier,

    Pd within $29 of Pt,

    …there’s a shift in the Force 😱

  21. A&L Futures says

    Question for the masses –

    With the recent string of hurricanes damaging what may be 1-1.2M vehicles, what impact, if any will this have on the PGMs?

  22. data dave says

    Reversal of QE and 3 more rate increases, sounds like they are dreaming but maybe it will happen. Even though inflation has been short of the 2% target, it has still been higher than short term interest rates. That hasn’t been the case since the late 70s. So maybe a few rate increases just puts it back to normal. But anyone that thinks that the FED really knows what they are doing, is fooling themselves. They don’t know any more (or less) than cagcrisp. I think they try their best but history shows that they are often wrong.

    Mathematically though, higher interest rates are going to run into record debt levels which puts us back in the early 80s but with the baby boomers entering old age instead of their peak earning years.

  23. So Krates says

    A little while ago someone asked which, if any, APs don’t cherrypick.

    I’m pretty sure most DO NOT cherrypick (for 70s) on most modern issues. I don’t think it has any effect on the outcome. The TPGs come up with an approximate percentage of 69s and 70s for each issue and then apply them more or less randomly to a bulk submission. The best customers most likely get a better percentage of 70’s (within the established range) regardless of an individual coin’s condition (within reason).

    For example, on a new ASE box that a smaller dealer might submit for bulk grading, they would get back something like 80% MS70 and 20% MS69. So 400 70s and 100 69s. Then they’ll grade a handful differently just so it doesn’t appear like an exact even %. If someone like MCM sends 10 boxes in it might be something like 90/10. I highly doubt Provident, Apmex, etc. have employees sitting there all day grading boxes of Eagles, Buffaloes, and $25 Palladiums when it essentially makes no difference.

  24. data dave says

    @So Krates – I agree on your cherry picking comments with respect to APs on bullion issues. I don’t think they have time to search through 1000s of coins trying to determine if it is a 69 or 70. It is possible on smaller issues that they pre-screen before sending to TPGs. But again, same as with US Mint issues, buying early in the process probably gives you a better chance at getting good (non-returned) merchandise. I buy all of my US mint stuff within 3 weeks of first offer in order to avoid returns.

  25. Blair J. Tobler says

    OT – I was in DC last week and stopped in the Mint’s gift kiosk. I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he knew anything about this year’s $1 Coin and Currency set. He told me they are doing it, and that it is expected in November – we shall see!

  26. KCSO says

    A&L – Check out the 30 day chart on Pd.

    Back around 01 Sept., Pd spike upwards $48 in a single session, and touched $970.

    Pt was down for that Sam e session – from what I read, that was you’re Harvey/Irma industry impact, and subsequently, Pd has traded asymetically to all other metals.

    At this very moment, the gap between Pt and Pd is:


    Therefore, we’re probably seeing it play out now

  27. KCSO says

    From a speculative perspective, IF Pd were to overtake Pt by, say $50 – $100 per ounce, I’m curious as to the industrial ramifications and what may be the long term changes/impacts, if any.

    Interesting times…

  28. Scott says

    A dealer told me the big boys can submit modern coins to the TPGs requesting only grade the 70 coins be slabbed. Coins that don’t make the grade are returned no charge and therefore the TPGs have an incentive for their sloppy grading. I think that’s the biggest reason 70s are much more common than they were 10 years ago.

  29. Ikaika says

    I like the Pd eagle bullion. I dislike the premium. I will pass.

    OT: Anyone knows when the 10 oz Griffin Queens Beast silver coin will be released? I like the series very much. I am in for the 2 and 10 oz coins. Thanks!

  30. Z. Barolo says

    Not a big fan of the metal (Palladium) but I do like the artwork. Purchased one from APMEX. Looking forward to the proof version next year.

  31. Old Big Bird says

    @Blair J. Tobler

    Thanks for the info about (the possible) 2017 $1 Coin and Currency set.

    I do not believe it is listed on the US Mint Product Schedule though.

  32. So Krates says

    @ Scott – The highest minimum grade one can request is 69. Although I suspect they skew the percentage of 70s higher for the big boys, they still hold them to that minimum grade. Just take a look at the MCM site, plenty of 69s for sale there. 67s and 68s are another story, have to search far and wide for those.

  33. Larry says

    It has always seemed wrong to me that the mint’s bullion coins have a dollar amount on them. All a bullion coin should have on it is its weight and fineness. Like the Krugerrand.

  34. Tinto says

    @Blair J. Tobler

    Thanks for the info on a possible C&C set for 2017. Hope the Mint really goes forward and issues it .. that is the only Mint product I buy regularly now ..

  35. samuel says

    @So Krates
    I asked the question before. I probably should have asked “which AP does not send coins to TPG?”.

  36. 1964 Dollar Peace says

    Let’s have copper bullion coins also, we could use the large cent designs from the 1790s-1800s .

  37. Ryan says

    Palladium right here is overpriced IMO, but what do I know….I sold most my palladium at $800 so take that for what it’s worth. PGM’s tend to crash in recessions and we’re due for one before 2020 is my best guess.

  38. earthling says

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen an MS-70 2017-P Lincoln Cent? I’m really curious what the value would be on such a Rarity? Or IS IT a rarity?

    Also whats the latest on those Silver Bullion Eagles from a few months ago? The ones slabbed as P – Minted that were mint-marked as W ‘ s or whatever that story was. I can’t remember how the story was spun.

  39. Gary Not Dave says

    I believe that was the US Mint trying to defuse a rarity. It didn’t work. Silver Eagle Monster boxes minted in Philly, and are designated with those serial #s carry a HUUUUUUUUUGE premium!

    The US Mint NEVER wants to produce a rare coin!

  40. says

    Blair J. Tobler says – Old Big Bird, Tinto – I’m skeptical too, with it not being scheduled.

    For what it’s worth, those gentlemen that work the HQ kiosk are good guys and straight shooters, I’ve asked them on several occasions about future product offerings, and while they may not have answered directly, they said enough to confirm or kabash my thought and were dead on.

    So that’s enough for me to go on,

    I also think we’ll see another 225th Anniversay offering, perhaps something more upscale.


  41. earthling says

    Hey how about a 225 gram Gold Something? Lets do it !


    Or…. could we at least get something in 225 grams of Silver ?

  42. earthling says

    7.23 oz = 225 grams

    If it was a great Coin….. at least a few would sell ?

    Mintage limit of 225?

    Order limit = O

    ha ha …. kidding

    HHL = 1 of course


  43. earthling says

    How about an Ivanka Trump Lady Liberty Coin ? First Lady Trump Liberty Coin?

    Hillary Troll Lady Liberty Coin?


  44. KML in KY says

    KCSO – I think I’m passing on the Pd coin. I love the reverse design but just don’t have as much coin money to play with as I used to. I’m much more gun shy about buying than I used to be. From looking at the AP’s offerings I get the feeling the Mint made quite a few.

    I will try for the LESPS though on Oct 5th though.

    If we get 225th Anniversary surprise that’s good I may try for that too.

  45. Mintman says

    It seems there will be 15,000 Pd Eagles in this first year release; no collector version or proof version this year.
    First year, limited production, late in year, no collector versions, enough for me to take a chance on a certified MS70 coin.

  46. Jerry Diekmann says

    KCSO – cagcrisp might have more knowledge on this subject than I do, but I believe it is NOT a coincidence that pensions began to disappear at the same time that 401ks were introduced, back in the 1970s. It was a win-win for the government and Big Business. The government deferred collecting income taxes but then charged those who reached retirement age the maximum ordinary tax rate – no capital gains treatment, even though stocks which made up most of the 401 (and 493b and 457) portfolios would normally receive lower capital gains tax rates. And Big Business profited handsomely too – no more defined benefit plans (pensions) where they had to pay a certain amount to retirees based on their age and years of service, and hire actuaries every year to make sure they were contributing enough to fully fund these retirement plans. Now all they have to do is maybe match a small percent (2% or 3%) of an employees wage into a defined contribution plan and they’re off the hook forever, no matter what happens in future stock markets. Always remember, when anyone in government says they are out to help you, you are better off by running away as fast as you can.

    P.S. – I was never in the service (too tall for Vietnam) but my best friend, deceased now almost 20 years, was a Major in the USMC. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego County and is buried at Fort Rosecrans Military Cemetery in San Diego. You could not have had a better friend than Phil was to me – we were friends for 33 years and each of us was a godfather to our oldest child – both daughters. He was only 51 when he passed away from colon cancer.

  47. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The FED will NEVER increase interest rates. Their policy:
    Keep rates low.
    Get people to borrow, borrow, borrow.
    We putting away money from our hard work get rock bottom interest rates 1 or 2 percent.
    Meanwhile the billionaires with $10,000,000,000 in stocks
    make 1,000,000 with 0.1% rise. The system is geared to the rich.
    However, I will buy this palladium, it’s better than buying out of this stock bubble.

  48. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The FED along with the crooked media always find a twist to make our economy look bad to keep interest rates down. But metals are good investment.

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