Acadia Quarter Three Coin Set

Today, June 12, 2012, the United States Mint began sales of the America the Beautiful Three Coin Set featuring the Acadia National Park Quarters. This immediately follows the release of numismatic bags and rolls of the coins yesterday.

Each three coin set includes one uncirculated quarter from the Philadelphia Mint, one uncirculated quarter from the Denver Mint, and one proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint. These coins are mounted onto an illustrated plastic display card, which contains a description of the site and coin on the back.

The product type was redesigned to include color images from the site and had its price reduced by 33% starting with the 2012 releases. This briefly seemed to spur some additional interest in the product type, but this seems to have already somewhat dissipated.

The Acadia Quarter Three Coin Sets are priced at $9.95 each. There are no stated product limits and no ordering limits.

No indication is provided regarding how long this product will remain available for sale. In fact, all of the previous twelve releases for the product type still remain available for sale on the US Mint’s website.

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  1. simon says

    This is definitely on my list – it was about 12 years ago I was hanging on for dear life among the rocks in high winds trying to get a stable photograph of said lighthouse. What a treasure !

  2. george glazener says

    You know it Simon…!!
    I’ve never experienced fierce winds like that either except there. If you liked Acadia, you’d love Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, too. Breathtaking and rugged.

  3. Dave in CT. says

    George, We were there a few years back. Breathtaking ? No words to describe
    the beauty that is seen from God’s little wonder.

  4. simon says

    Great comments! On a non-numismatic note I went there on vacation and truly enjoyed the early spring soft shell lobster and microbrewery offerings. One memorable stop was a roast beef sandwich on sourdough made from 37-year old starter at a small family restaurant.

  5. Dave in CT. says

    George, Sorry, missed that part, it was very rushed as we only stopped because
    a local recommended it and said not to leave without taking it in. We were in the area on family business. Not coins , Not Mopars, just clearing up business
    problems. My father never spoke of this beauty and to see it secondhand (after missing it all these years, I mean) is a tragedy. I could, or we could have been a part of this if he just spoke of it. He did take us to the north side of the Grand Canyon-lol !

  6. Zaz says

    I like these little cards with the coins. It is too bad they aren’t a little cheaper $6.95/$7.95 so kids with a budding interest in coins can collect them. It is odd that they would wait two years to add the pictures to the product, the Mint should revamp and reprice the 2010-11 cards with photos as they are still currently offered for sale.

  7. george glazener says

    Yes they should. But at least they’re making incremental improvements and learning that packaging and presentation = higher sales. Some half-wits never learn that lesson. They could do a better job with the Presidential Dollar Rolls too. There are 3rd party coin dealers that package the dollar rolls with full color portraits of the President and they look awesome.

  8. Zaz says

    I saw their very attractive ATB subscription, George. Each card has two quarters and cost $4.95, has good information about the parks/sites depicted and they give you an informational illustrated storage box to store the cards in. I am really tempted to subscribe only because the packaging is so darned attractive. The President cards are nicely done.

    CoA puts the Mints efforts to shame, until I remember the bewildering diversity of products they had to discontinue back in 2008 (the state quarter silver spoons, anyone?) Seems like the Mint is back in the same hole 4 years later, not having learned anything from the product revamp: more products in a confusing array of packaging styles, new products introduced in the middle of a series, etc. There is no rhyme nor reason to what they put out on the release calendar. It’s as if the sell by dates are at the whim of the Deputy Director or the most senior Marketing VP.

  9. larry says

    just got one of these out of a vending machine today.. not sure to spend or collect.. does not feel like a normal quarter.. think for now.. going to put in a bag and put up somewhere… advice?

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