Additional Details on 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Products

Details continue to emerge for the United States Mint’s 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products. Release dates have been provided for two of the three products, pricing for all three products is available, and a preliminary product page has been posted for the first product.

Preliminary details for the products were available last month. In addition to an individual proof gold coin, the Mint would also offer a two coin uncirculated set containing copper nickel clad coins and a four coin set containing 90% silver coins in four different finishes. The gold coin would carry a dual date of “1964-2014” and the remaining coins would carry the “2014” date. All products would include coins which replicate the portrait used on the original 1964 design.

Across all products, there will be an initial ordering limit of five per household. The US Mint indicates that the order limit will be re-evaluated as necessary over the period the products are available for sale. There have been no specific mintage limits indicated suggesting that the products may be minted to demand.


The first product available for release will be the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set, scheduled to go on sale July 24, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET. Each set contains two 2014-dated half dollars struck in the standard copper-nickel clad composition at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities. A preliminary product page has already been posted on the United States Mint’s website here.

The coins are packaged in an illustrated coin card and folder, which will contain information about the 50th anniversary of the coin design in addition to coin specifications and a certificate of authenticity.

The set carries the lowest price point of $9.95 per set.

Gold Kennedy Half Dollar

A release date of August 5, 2014, 12:00 Noon ET has been provided for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin. The coins will also be available for purchase at the ANA Chicago World’s Fair of Money starting on August 5.

Each coin will contain three-quarters of a troy ounce of .9999 fine, 24 karat gold. Packaging will consist of a custom designed, brown mahogany hardwood presentation case with a removable coin well. The coins will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Pricing will be determined based on the US Mint’s flexible pricing mechanism used for gold and platinum numismatic coins. The initial price will be established based on the average weekly price of gold during the period leading up to release and may be adjusted weekly. A pricing chart for the coin is scheduled for publication in the Federal Register. According to the chart, for an average gold price in the $1,300 to $1,349.99 range, the coins would be priced at $1,277.50. For each $50 price range increment, prices move higher or lower by $37.50.

The third product will be the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection. Each collection will contain four 2014-dated half dollars struck in 90% silver. One reverse proof coin will be from the West Point Mint, one proof coin will be from Philadelphia, one enhanced uncirculated coin will be from San Francisco, and one uncirculated coin will be from Denver.

The coins will be packaged within an embossed leatherette-type folder which includes the image of President Kennedy from the coins. The capsules are removable from the folder, which can be displayed as trifold or stored in a protective outer sleeve. A booklet with information and images of the design of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is included along with a certificate of authenticity.

Each set is priced at $99.95. At this point, the US Mint indicates that the set is scheduled for release in the fall of 2014.

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  1. stephen m says

    I like the idea of a 24k gold Kennedy half. As I get older with income getting smaller I’ll have to wait and see if I purchase or pass. It will be a last minute decision. This will be an awesome addition for the Kennedy half collectors.

  2. Don says

    Have any of you seen the editorial in the latest Coin World in regard to the Kennedy anniversary offerings? It was fairly negative in its tone, basically saying that the offerings were not well thought out. The editorial mentioned that it seemed a bit strange that there would be a gold Kennedy coin to commemorate a series that has never used this metal. It also stated that this is an older baby boomer thing in regard to the coin enthusiasts the commemoratives would appeal to. And, the over saturation of the different types of 2014 Kennedy halves was pointed out in the editorial.
    The main point made was why was the Kennedy coin, which hasn’t been in general circulation for years, being commemorated.

  3. VA Rich says

    At the $1,300 to $1,349.99 goldrange, the premium over 3/4 oz spot ranges from $265 to $302. IF these sell over 40,000 and seeing just how the bottom has fallen out of the oh so very unique gold BHoF at a $424 price point, I may be watching from the sidelines on this one. Would be very nice to own, may not be the wisest use of $$$ though. Hey, anyone need a ’13 WP ASE set, just $20 over gov cost!

  4. says

    It looks like I will be joining you on the sidelines when the Kennedy gold is offered. It is not so much the questionable profit margin that would be realized by a Kennedy gold, it’s more that, to me, a Kennedy gold half dollar just doesn’t seem right.
    Yes, I realize that the Kennedy collectors will jump all over me and exclaim that I will have a hole in the collection, but I don’t feel that is the case.

  5. Steve says

    I think I’m going to pass on the gold. I just don’t see these appreciating all that much.,

  6. VA Rich says

    Yeah, for more reasons than I have time to write here, I’m thinking the mint really underestimated demand/enthusiasm for the BHoFs and is overestimating demand/enthusiasm for the cited JFK offerings.

    Regardless, it’ll be a good year for the mint and has been a great year for collecting!

    I will make one prediction, that the dealers/retailers will go gangbusters on the gold and offer variations of the silver coins, and will have a much larger supply on the their hands come the fall/early winter than they’re accustomed too.., and at some point, you’ll see a mass sell off like what we experienced yesterday from MCM. Oh, and one more…, supply will greatly exceed demand for 1st Day of Issue labels on this go around. My 2 cents…

  7. Sith says

    @Hawkster – I think you the only Kennedy collector here so your voice has value, and as such I think nobody should jump on you for not buying the gold Kennedy. All I will say it once again its not what I think or what you think it is what market thinks, and if you have been collecting Kennedy’s I would try to have an open mind, after all the Kennedy’s s have undergone 3 changes in metal type. I’m also glad you have refrained from saying it is not a “true Kennedy.”

    Personally I don’t think I can justify the gold coin…unless it looks like it will be a winner, and right now the people who collect Kennedy’s are not happy with it, so everything will depend on the gold coin collectors, maybe if someone put together a nice set with the gold Jackie O coin, then again that might be something I could do on my own, and something to think about…if I can afford it

  8. Ray says

    I’m also passing on the gold offering. If I can get one graded in Chicago, I’d do that, but other than that, I can’t justify buying the gold Kennedy. Now if for some reason the sales are low, say sub 10k, I’d reconsider buying.

    I hope they have issues wuith getting the silver coin sets produced. The more time we burn off of the calendar, the less time the US Mint has to make these coins. I’d love to see a sub 100k mintage ,but i think i’m dreaming.

  9. JOSEPH says

    Looks like there will be no mint limits for any of the Kennedy 2014 products, definitely pass. will get them in a much cheaper price years later.

  10. Sith says

    As a FYI both the Gold FS and the $.50 piece will fit in a H39 airtight capsule so displaying them together can be done as long as the gold Kennedy has the same dimensions as the current $.50 piece.

  11. thePhelps says

    With all the various coins I have purchased so far this year – the Kennedy gold is looking like the odd coin out for me. The 2 coin clad doesn’t interest me much, but @ $9.95 I might pick up a set when I do buy a couple of the silver sets.

  12. says


    I just want to make it clear that I am not a Kennedy collector in the sense that I have never attempted to put together anything approaching a complete run of this series. The closest I have come in this regard are the Kennedys that are in the broken string of Mint and proof sets I have obtained over the years.
    With that said, I have always liked the Kennedy half dollar –ever since the collector frenzy it created in 1964. It seemed like everyone was scrambling to get them at banks back then.

  13. says


    As per your prediction, yes, I agree that the mega dealers will be all over the Kennedy gold. I’m sure the HSN guy will proudly proclaim that he bought up 10-20 per cent of the mintage and than spend the next several months trying to sell them off.

  14. Ray says

    Off topic, but is anyone waiting for a Great Smoky Mountain AtB to ship? My status is still backordered with an expected ship date of 7/17, which has been moving backwards one day every day. Anyone have one recently ship?

  15. says

    I posted this on the last thread. I wonder if I will get a star by my name for actually posting something in the correct thread?
    One thing that has not been commented on is the packaging for the Gold Kennedy. Every time I do a survey with the Mint in the ‘suggestion’ box I list more than one suggestion. One suggestion is always that when they do the Gold Kennedy that they do something similar to the Buffalo. For those that have never bought an OGP Buffalo it is nice packaging. Looks like the Gold Kennedy will be done the same as the Buffalo. Here is the comment from the Mint’s press release:
    “The encapsulated coin is packaged in a single, custom-designed, brown mahogany hardwood presentation case with removable coin well.”
    The Mint should do the same for the Gold 1 oz American Eagle. Anytime you spend that kind of money on one coin you need something better than a little blue or tan box…

  16. Jake says

    cagcrisp, I do not want a “single, custom-designed, brown mahogany hardwood presentation case with removable coin well.”

    I want a little blue or tan box.

    The mahogany box is huge, takes up a lot of space, will not fit in a safe deposit box thus I have to separate the two Plus, I do not want to pay for an expensive box. I am a coin collector not a box collector.

  17. Hidalgo says

    I like the Kennedy half series. My collection would not be complete if I left out any of the special 2014 offerings.

  18. stephen m says

    cagcrisp, I did notice the packaging and agree it will be nice as it should be.

  19. says

    @Jake, If you can afford a $1,277.50 Gold Kennedy then you can afford to get a bigger safety deposit box. Three Gold Kennedys that I plan on buying (if there is a limit) will go to people that will NOT put them in a safety deposit box. They will be displayed and there really is NOTHING that the Mint has for display purposes that is better than the Gold Buffalo mahogany box.

    All my safety deposit boxes are 10 x 10’s and I have no problem putting things in there. My problem is the weight and picking them up …

  20. VA Rich says

    Just FYI – Mint CS said it looks like my $5 PRF on 3/28 at 7pm is scheduled to become available to ship on 07 July… hmmm, fingers crossed!

  21. says


    Bite your tongue! I’m a Kennedy collector. I’ve got ’em all! 🙂

    I’m dedicated enough I’ve been buying up the 50th anniversary Kennedy products that mints around the world have been releasing (including San Marino, Ireland, and Samoa). So I’m definitely going to be picking up the gold Kennedy regardless of pricing or mintage.

    I do agree the mint’s being way too aggressive on pricing though. I am beginning to be persuaded by arguments on the blog that these may not have long term value. But, we’ll see. I certainly like the packaging and packaging options being presented, though I’d like some confirmation on mintage levels. I am hopeful for not having to sweat through the gold Kennedy release in August.

  22. says


    At 10 by 10 feet you undoubtedly have the world’s largest safety deposit boxes, What are the annual rentals on these?

  23. says

    @Hawkster, The range is from $50 to $110 per year depending on the bank. 30 years ago I used to make bank deposits daily and I paid spot price for Silver from one specific female teller that could find Silver in change. Fast forward 30 years and now she is the bank branch manager and she still remembers when I used to buy coins from her. Her bank gives me one for $50 per year…

  24. guama says

    I will be picking up a couple of the half sets and the 4 coin set. But, not the gold. A bit steep for a 1/2 dollar size (If I read that correctly)

  25. says


    Actually, I was just kidding with you, as you used the symbol for feet (‘) instead of inches (“) in your 1:42pm post in stating the size of your safety deposit boxes. In your reply to me you make it sound like the 10 foot size boxes actually exist. Could you please verify that they are, indeed, 10 footers. If so, your bank must be incredibly large to accommodate boxes that large.

  26. Sith says


    You got me!It is nice to see a collector that likes the coin. I don’t think the coin will be a loser, but it might not be a winner, and with the grocery and gas bills going up…I may bite the bullet and get one but the Reverse Buffalo burned me so far. I can’t justify another coin that just sits their at about the issue price

  27. Sith says

    @guama – Size does not matter 🙂 it’s 3/4 of an ounce of gold with the usual mint markup

  28. Brad says


    If you get any gold Kennedys in Chicago, you’ll almost certainly be able to make something on them in the short-term. That’s what I plan to do with some extras I hope to get there. As far as long-term value though, I would say that is most likely a resounding “no.” Many of us have been playing this game long enough to know that fads come and fads go. Today’s hot item is tomorrow’s junk. I no longer sit on anything I plan to sell thinking “this will be worth more later.” That philosophy almost NEVER works out. No, my motto these past few years has been “strike while the iron is hot.” Due to the time it took to get my orders in, I didn’t get the big money for my Baseball Hall of Fame gold coins. But, I got a lot more than they’re currently fetching. I didn’t wait, I put them up for sale immediately. Like others here, I knew they would keep falling. I’ve seen it many times before.

    I’ll be keeping one of the gold Kennedy coins for my own collection, as well as the clad and silver set too. I’ll probably get an extra set or two of those as well. I don’t look to be able to make any real money on them of course, but they will be nice coins to have regardless. I always liked the original sculpt of Kennedy better than the one in use today anyway, similar to how I like the original Washington for the quarter better than the “spaghetti hair” version. I’m glad it was resurrected for the ATB series. Maybe 2015 would be a good time to go back to the original Kennedy sculpt as well.

  29. says


    Let’s just say they are quite a challenge to store at times!


    I basically agree on the faddish nature of things. I rarely buy except when planning to keep something as I don’t flip. I am definitely not going to be running out to Chicago to try to buy these things. Let the Mint do the work of getting them to me!

  30. Jon in CT says

    Sith wrote on JULY 2, 2014 at 12:26 PM:

    As a FYI both the Gold FS and the $.50 piece will fit in a H39 airtight capsule so displaying them together can be done as long as the gold Kennedy has the same dimensions as the current $.50 piece.

    I’m not sure why anyone would expect the upcoming 0.75 troy ounce gold Kennedy coin to have the same physical dimensions as the 0.50 troy ounce gold First Lady coins. The Kennedy coin should be 50% larger than the First Lady coins.

  31. Eagle One says

    From my view of things; the Kennedy coin market is on fire. The 2012-2013 Silver proofs are expensive and difficult to find in PR-70 DCAM FS. The 2014-S Silver Proof could be another low mintage winner. Now, let’s go back to the beginning. The 1964 Accented Hair Cameo coins are very rare and difficult to obtain – not to forget mentioning beautiful in DCAM. Even a plain 1964 Proof in DCAM is a piece of eye candy. Let’s talk about some of the other rare Kennedys. 1965-67 SMS Cameos are beautiful and rare. The 1968-70 proofs in PR-69 DCAM are eye popping beautiful too. The 1970-D in MS-66/7 with no spots and a proof like finish is another hot coin. The 1982-P no FG in MS-66 or better, again, another great coin. The 1976-S Silver in MS68 – A beautiful coin. The 1998-S Silver Matte in SP70, one of my all time favorite coins, because of its glowing pearlescent finish and 63K mintage – IMO another booming coin. The sleepers are the 2005-2010 SMS Matte Kennedys in SP68-69. Now add in the 2014 Anniversary Coins – the high relief BUs, an assortment of special silver coins, and a gold proof. What an incredible series this has turned out to be. If the series ends this year – I expect collector interest to be off the freaking charts. In time, people will realize that this series has given so much enjoyment to collectors. The design is historically true to life and with purpose. So many different coins, metals, finishes, and varieties. What a masterpiece of a series. Count me in for all three offerings – 5 of each.

  32. Jon in CT says

    It appears many people are operating under the assumption that the Mint intends to sell up to 5 gold Kennedy coins to each person lined up at its booth at ANA in Chicago on August 5. Is it inconceivable that the Mint might limit its gold Kennedy coin sales to one per customer at the show in order to stretch its limited supply so it can “satisfy” as many individuals as possible?

  33. says


    When you head out to Chicago to pick up some extra Kennedy golds for resale, I hope you are factoring in all your travel expenses such as air fare, lodging (which is very expensive in Chicago), and the food bill for the deep dish pizzas. This will definitely cut into any profit margin you can hope to get on the Kennedys.

  34. says


    No need to apologize, as I certainly realized that your safety deposit boxes couldn’t possibly be10x10′. A bank vault maybe, but not a box.

  35. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – I did not ask if gold Kennedy would have the same dimensions as a first spouse coin. I said they would use the same capsule type if the Kennedy had the same dimensions as well a circulating Kennedy fifty cent piece. IE if the Mint manufactured the Kennedy with exact same dimensions as the current coin but used gold they could easily be displayed together. The H39 is a Ring Type Air-Tite, this means it can hold different shape coins in a common capsule size.

  36. KEITHSTER says

    No window no mintage what are they thinking seem’s like some are dropping out? Till soldout?Man need a little more info there Mint? Ray the last of the SM’s shipped out 5-29 should have been enough time to ship the returns think you have the NLA comming soon! Good luck to those that can wait? or something like it!AsAlways Good Luck All:::>:>

  37. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – Just because I can I believe you meant to use the word conceivable. That is unless you really feel that it is “inconceivable” that the mint will only sell 1 coin per customer….“”Inconceivable.” You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  38. says

    Eagle One,

    Agreed. The Kennedy series has been a great and interesting one. It existed many years as a circulating/collector series and than evolved into a strictly collector series in 2000 (I believe). To the best of my knowledge, this is the only U.S. coin besides the Susan B. Anthony and Ike that has been removed from the mainstream and offered only in collectible versions–but the Kennedy has lasted far longer than the aforementioned ones.
    I do wish that the series will conclude with the 2014 offerings. It needs closure–especially for collectors such as Captain Overkill, who are already experiencing storage issues with the complete collection.

  39. Brad says


    No worries, this trip is actually killing two birds! My wife has been wanting to go to Chicago for a few years now. So, she finally gets to go and I have a chance to have the Mint help pay for part of it. Our lodging is being paid for via some sort of Hilton points system she’s involved in, so all we have to pay is the room tax each night. We have expensive eating habits and eat out a lot anyway, so no worries there. And, we are driving and not flying. It’s only about a five hour drive for us. We don’t have to spend too much on gas ordinarily, since we work at the same place and live less than 5 miles from there. So, all things considered it won’t be too bad for us as far as expenses goes. Getting to experience the coin show and the rest Chicago has to offer will be fun, so the chance to get something to sell will really just be a bonus, not the primary reason for going.

    And, I don’t plan on going overboard with the gold Kennedy’s. While I would probably get more than just one for each of us if the limit is higher than one per person, I’ll make due if that’s the way it is. I’ll just sell them both right away before everybody and their brother has them and order more online later.

    Do you have to be a member of PCGS to get the onsite grading, or can anyone who forks over the fee do it?

  40. Clark says

    I’m sure the mint spends a fortune designing and producing packaging that many of us toss off so here’s an idea for the mint: Offer a package or no package option so we can opt into OGP we like and opt out if we don’t want or need it. I like gold buffalo boxes, but they are too bulky for the vault; I don’t like gold BHoF and most other US Mint packaging, yet all of it increases the prices we pay. I’d rather pay for the coin, not OGP. A lower priced no packaging coin option would be nice as long as they ship it in the plastic airtight capsule.

    Looking back, other than gold buffalo OGP, the only truly stunning box, in my opinion, came with the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle gold. All my safe deposit boxes are now too heavy and crowded, but I still keep that UHR box and book set in the vault.

  41. Brad says


    The way it was phrased, I believe Jon in CT used the word “inconceivable” correctly in his post. And, it is a valid point and one that I had considered myself. Unless the Mint has a truckload of them on hand for the show, there may well be a limit of one per person on the gold Kennedy.

  42. says

    In regard to Mint packaging being too bulky for safe deposit boxes: keep the boxes home and only put the encapsulated coin(s) in the safe deposit boxes. This will free up a lot of space without having to rent larger and additional boxes. It’s the coins that need the security, not the packaging.

  43. Dave says

    Premium, premium, premium! How steep is it?
    Gold 21% over melt. ( using VARich’s numbers)
    Silver. 325% over melt
    Clad. 900% over face

    I will be adding one of everything just because I have been developing a complete Kennedy set. If I were to do multiples, I would do gold unless the mintage on the silver sets was low (which would be a REAL surprise if that happened.). If PM prices zoom, the gold would appreciate a greater % than the silver. The clads? Well, I just need one of each. They will never be worth much (unless you want to spend a fortune for a TPG label.). JMHO

    I believe the gold could end up with low numbers. It really is only a collector coin. And it is very expensive. There is no cross appeal. He WAS popular back in the day, but the looks you get when spending the Kennedy is a pretty good reflection on his current popularity. Many clerks think it is a dollar coin!

    Kim K. might get as many sales with the younger generations!

  44. lucky43113 says

    I for one have always liked coins that come with nice packaging. I see people complaing that it won’t fit in there safety deposit boxes never an issue for me since i don’t believe in putting anything there to start with. i don’t trust it if your bank goes under say bye bye to your coins that you have there.

  45. Jon in CT says

    Sith wrote on July 2, 2014 at 3:54 PM:

    @Jon in CT – Just because I can I believe you meant to use the word conceivable. That is unless you really feel that it is “inconceivable” that the mint will only sell 1 coin per customer….“”Inconceivable.” You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    I’m sure you know I was trying to suggest that it’s very possible the Mint has learned from the recent fiasco/resentment about how it handled the first-day gold coin sales at the last ANA show. Perhaps I should have used the rhetorical double negative “not inconceivable” to be strictly grammatical. BTW — your allusion to “Princess Bride” was not lost on me. It is one of my favorite all time movies.

  46. thePhelps says

    @Hawkster…actually the Kennedy has not been removed from circulation – it is just not minted for circulation.

  47. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – I know exactly what you were trying to suggest, I just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine, no mater how lame of an excuse I needed to do so. I also noticed you ignored my post correcting your condescending observation on the H39 capsules…

  48. Sith says

    The Kennedy might have been officially removed from circulation in 2001 but Gresham’s law took care of it in the 60’s

  49. simon says

    Eagle One – Re: Kennedy’s

    I have followed a long term strategy to acquire ALL the silvers in as high a
    grade as possible. I should mention that I prefer OGP so I have both the MInt
    issued sets as well as TPG graded.

    I do have all of the coins in the series you mention,
    including the Accent Hair in Cameo, the regular 1964 in DCAM, the 3-yr
    ’65-’67 in MS / CAM / DCAM (68), the ’68-’70 in DCAM 69, the ’76 in 69 DCAM,
    the no “FG” 1982, and all the silvers 92-Pres 70 DCAM, and finally as you
    describe the “Gem” of the collection the 1998-S “SMS” of which I have two
    MS70s and one set in OGP which is my real preference. The OGP set is
    also MS70 both coins are flawless to my personal “high” grading standards;
    i.e. I do have eagle eyes !

  50. ips_stuff says

    Those attending the show in Chicago might see an added benefit of actually getting the coins they order.

    I would have thought after the week for inventory the mint might actually process some more of the BHOF orders, but here we are over 3 months into the waiting game on many many orders.

    Can we start a pool or lottery on when these Kennedy coins will ship?

    Kind of reminds me of the Sienfeld episode at the car rental “so you know how to take the reservation, just not how to keep the reservation”

    I have orders still showing ship dates of 6/19, 6/30

    maybe household limits on all products or reducing the number of offerings would resolve some of the issues with the US mint.

    done venting!

  51. SilverFan says

    I wish the US Mint would just start canceling the HOF orders they will not fulfill and hope they do not significantly delay delivery with the Kennedy coins.

  52. VA Rich says

    ips – big chuckle on the Seinfield reference! Or how about the soup nazi “No BHOF for you!”
    Sad that folks like Sith and other are just getting their first coins.

    I’d like to start a pool as to how many gold JFKs the mint shows up with at Chicago. For the RP Buff, the mint showed with 1,000 for day 1 and another 1,000 for day 2 as I recall. The BHoF Baltimore, the numbers for the $5s on day 1 was ~600 for each. On day2, there was only 3 $1 PRF per buyer. On day 1 of BHoF at the mint kiosk, they sold out w/i 45 minutes and had only Unc halves, though I got to meet the mint director which was cool. I hope it works out for Brad, Ray and Pitt, I really do, and the mint is smart about how they release the new coin at ANA. As I recall from last years articles, there was quite the ugly side to things that evolved during the show

  53. fmtransmitter says

    I do wish that the series will conclude with the 2014 offerings.

    Agree, along with reverse of the SE’s…Go out with a bang…

  54. Eagle One says

    @ Simon

    Good minds think alike. Sounds like you have some really great picks. Kennedys were once thought of as toxic waste and in 20 years they will be the hottest thing going. Providing they are made of silver and in high grade. Same for the ASEs. Collect what moderns you like, identify the keys, and hoard the rarest & most beautiful pieces you can find for cheap because they are new. Put them back proper and visit them from time to time. Once toxic waste and now rock stars. That’s how it works.

  55. says


    Would the statement, “beginning in 2001, Kennedy half dollars are no longer sent to the Federal Reserve Banks from the Mint” meet with your approval?

  56. Eddie says

    Can someone tell me what was changed from the 64 half though the years? I know the unc’s aren’t as detailed but the proofs seem the same.
    I am going to get 5 of the unc’s and 5 of the Silver sets but I’ll wait a while if I get a gold one. I do have a complete set that I put together myself.
    Does anyone know if they will be putting the Mint marks on the back again for these?

  57. dave92029 says

    The critical question is what will be the Maximum mintage of each set?

    When will the Mint tell us what the Maximum Mintage is for each set?

    Thank you

  58. simon says

    Eagle : I have to admit I just really like the Kennedy Half and hence the collection. I am planning to get the full set of 2014 OGP offerings for sure, and selectively graded units to complement my graded collection. I’m will also get just a single copy of the Gold in OGP.

  59. says

    put me in the on hold camp. with a mint to order policy the sales will be way high. look at the reverse proof Buffalo you can get them for the lower first issue price now. might still drop. I’ll look into the Kennedys when the dust settles.

  60. bob says

    If the JFK coins have no mintage or short ordering time limit – then I would like to nominate the BHOF Gold and Silver coins for Coins of the Year… LOL

  61. Jerry Diekmann says

    Michael – PLEASE go back to the original format. These 70-year-old eyes, even with prescription glasses, have a tough time reading dark gray on light gray. What’s wrong with black on white, or white on black – thje greater the contrast, the better. Just add me to the list of other bloggers who would like to go back to what you had originally. Change for change’s sake is not always good. Thank you!

  62. Jerry Diekmann says


  63. MikeD says

    I agree with darkening the font of this blog. It would take less than $10 and a few minutes by a web designer on one of those freelance sites to accomplish the job. Just a suggestion.. and so I don’t get blasted.. I appreciate the info asnd hard work provided here.. just want it easier to read.

  64. says


    I think the half dollar has the potential to begin circulating again if the government does away with the $1 bill. The coin would need to be relaunched, though, and it would be critical for vending machines to be able to accept them.

  65. Jerry Diekmann says

    Eddie – starting in the erly 1990s, “spaghetti hair” came into fashion on the JFK halves and Washington quarters. The lobverse legends were made a little smaller, including the date, and they were moved farther from the edge of the coin. Same thing for Roosevelt dimes, but not as noticeable on a smaller coin. Quite evident if you look at a JFK dhalf or a Wahington quarter fromm the silver 1960s or clad 1970s, and compare it with a silver or clad half from the 1990s or 2000s. May have been done to flatten the relief even more and preserve die life.

    Fortunately the ATB quarters reverted to the older and much more pleasing look of the older quarters.. No change in the JFK halves that I can see in recent years, but hopefully this will be the last year for this coin. It has no been minted for 51 years, five years longer than JFK even lived. Enough is enough.

  66. ips_stuff says

    For those of you who can’t see … and are using a PC to view this
    hold your control key and roll up(away from you) the scroll wheel on your mouse, it won’t darken it, but it will enlarge it.

  67. Louis says

    The one from Russia is probably fake . This coin always goes for $150 and up. Why would they take $89 when they go fast at $150-200? Not to mention $450. I got a fantastic one, probably a 70, for a little over $150 from France.

  68. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    sorry about my post before where I was trashing the Mint.
    I’m happy I received my $1 baseball coin. I think it takes
    time to mint these special coins and the $1 coin is awesome.
    Thank you Mint.

  69. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I’m not an expert at these things, but I think the reason we
    don’t use the $1 coins is we do not have an extensilve train system.
    I think maybe in NYC they use the coins for train fare.
    I know Japan uses $5 and $1 (500 and 100 Yen) coins.
    They are very convenient for train and subway. But in an
    automobile society like we have here, who wants to
    have heavy and bulky change in your pocket while driving?

  70. fmtransmitter says

    merryxmasmrscrooge says
    JULY 3, 2014 AT 6:28 AM

    sorry about my post before where I was trashing the Mint.
    I’m happy I received my $1 baseball coin. I think it takes
    time to mint these special coins and the $1 coin is awesome.
    Thank you Mint.

    WOW, an apology? The tide is a changing!!

  71. fmtransmitter says

    Email from US Mint-uncirc HOF silver-shipping date of 7/18….3/30 order….

  72. fmtransmitter says

    Did we mention silver HOF’s as sold out on Mint website? They are SOLD OUT!!!

  73. VA Rich says

    Morn’n Cag – anymore intel on the HoFs intent to have a sell out of the clads or to market them? Guess we’ll see the sales numbers adjust accordingly when they do, I’m still surprised that the household limit remains.

    The clads really haven’t been shipping en masse and I suspect the Unc clad have all been going to the packaging vendor for the young collectors set. If that’s true, when will the Unc clad sales numbers reflect the coins directed to the sets, when they’re sold? I’d really like to see a joint mint/HoF advertisement start running 28 July, think about it, run that advertisement from now thru the World Series directing viewers to the HoF and mint website.., now that would could possibly be a game changer and add an all new dimension to the BHoFs. Thinking out loud here…, I”m in your ballpark, I think we’ll see another surprise or two out of the BHoFs, it’s not over yet.

  74. gary says

    After looking at all the many Kennedy commemorative offerings & variations, I came to the conclusion that I am simply OUT on this new circus concoction from the U.S. Mint. What will the wider appeal of these be beyond aging baby boomers? (as myself) A commemorative in honor of the anniversary of a coin design (any design) is really dumb in my opinion. As much as I greatly admire JFK, I’m content just to have a nice specimen of “the real deal”, a 90% silver 1964. What makes this happy birthday design ludicrous is the fact that as functioning, circulating money half dollars have not been used for at least 40 years. When you consider that the younger generations (under 40) never saw a half dollar in circulation, just what real enduring appeal will all of these have for them? So anachronistic is this denomination, it has not even been minted for circulation for more than a decade!!! Yet it will be available in just about every Baskin-Robbins flavor of finish and mint mark. Worst of all is celebrating the design in gold! I’m afraid that the U.S. Mint is now well down the road to making “boutique” coins just as many other world mints have been doing for years.

  75. SKM says

    Off Topic: BHOF my new shipdate per the US MInt email is 7/10. The first email had a 7/3. The Mint’s website had a 6/19 ship date.

  76. Sith says

    @Eddie – Outside of the bicentennial coins the only changes I know of are composition. They went from 90% silver to 40% silver to copper-nickel

  77. Sith says

    But before anyone jumps on me I don’t collect them, but I do buy them as junk silver.

  78. fmtransmitter says

    I had a clad HOF ship last night-tracking sent last night. 3/30 order…

  79. Pittsburgh P says

    Louis says
    JULY 3, 2014 AT 1:24 AM

    The one from Russia is probably fake . This coin always goes for $150 and up. Why would they take $89 when they go fast at $150-200? Not to mention $450. I got a fantastic one, probably a 70, for a little over $150 from France.

    Doubt it’s a fake… Prob just get an empty box! Hard to fake domed coins… I just got one for 110$ & was happy. Cannot believe one went for over 400$!!!

    Back on topic: someone asked when they’ll release mintage max’s… They already said clad was to demand & imo and alot of others the gold & silver will be too.
    This isn’t inconceivable! 🙂

  80. Pittsburgh P says

    Also the guy sellin the ’09 astronomy coin was based in the US but shipped from Russia… Red flag anyone?

  81. Eddie says

    I want to thank the two that took the time that answered my question. Thank you so much.

  82. says

    @VA Rich, It is hard to sell or market something that you don’t have in hand. I think MOST will agree that the BHOF are in hand more than you thought they would be. IF you can get some Clads out there for someone to see then sales would improve. Last week there was 1,679 Silvers canceled and there was + 4,656 Clads sold. I say + because there could have been 6,000 Clads sold and 1,344 Clads canceled. We only see net figures so there is no way of knowing how many Clads are being purchases and how many Clads are being canceled. One thing is sure without any intervention the Clads MAY not sell 400,000 by year end at the current pace they are being sold. I too am surprised that the limits have not been raised, however, to me that would indicate lack of production capacity/ability. It sure is NOT because they have to limit sales so that they can assure that everyone that wants one will get one. The Mint, MLB , BHOF and fans all lose out if the Mint does not get its act together.
    I think I am positioned well with the Clads whatever happens. Increasing exposure and mintage heightens awareness and helps the Silvers and the Golds moreso than the Clads.

  83. KEITHSTER says

    Taft &Wilson sold out in rolls & boxes. Also the 2013 FS. bronze set is gone thats the set I was thinking would go but was also going to order some of the Taft yesterday but thought today would do?ohoh! Did get some of the bronze sets early thou! Live and learn? Good Luck Looks Like We’ll Need It.:>:>:>

  84. grampa dave says

    ips_stuff says

    July 3, 2014 at 12:10 am

    For those of you who can’t see … and are using a PC to view this
    hold your control key and roll up(away from you) the scroll wheel on your mouse, it won’t darken it, but it will enlarge it.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  85. Clark says

    With or without production or household limits, I’m in for one gold Kennedy. I like that it will be the same dimensions as previously issued Kennedys and I’m especially eager to see if it will have the same or a better “eye popping” quality than the 1967 gold plated Kennedy I bought by accident two years ago. I purchased it from a bad ebay photo, but when the coin arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the gold tone. (*Note to new collectors: unless you like the way they look, NEVER buy gold plated or colorized coins for their numismatic value; they are a waste of money and usually a scam. )

    I’m looking forward to adding one, and only one, genuine gov’t issued, solid gold Kennedy 50-cent piece for my collection of Kennedy halves even if they mint a million.

  86. says

    This is how I am playing the Kennedy rollout.
    Zero Clads for $9.95
    Zero Silvers for $99.95
    5 Golds if mintage is under 100k, 3 if under 150k, Zero if it is unlimited, window, mint-to-demand. I know several of you want this option so that you can insure that you get a Gold. I have NO problem if that happens. If you have been collecting Kennedy’s all your life then you deserve a Gold Kennedy if that is what you want. You are a collector and want to get something to complete a set and my interest is strictly monetarily so I do HOPE that anyone that wants a coin has an equal chance as anyone else to get a coin.
    I have, however, purchased 6 boxes of the 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar 200-Coin Bag – Philadelphia and Denver (K11). I give $100 face value of SOMETHING every Christmas to 6 little ones. My HOPE is that 2014 will end the Kennedy series and that these cheaper clads will be the way to play this out. I am HOPING that $100 face value of Kennedy on the last year of production could be worth 3 to 5 x’s face value.
    Anyway, I’m out $844.65 for something that is worth exactly $600.00. Other than stealing someone else’s coins, this is the cheapest way to play the 2014 Kennedy…
    So far there has been 8,172 K11 sets sold. You can see that not many share my enthusiasm…

  87. thePhelps says

    smiledon… I don’t think the mint can actually do it on their own. With the laws passed requiring them to produce the coins – there needs to be a change in the law – that would allow them to cease production. I suspect as is the case with the Kennedy’s they would have to request congress permission to cease production altogether before they could stop producing the coins. (that said they do seem to skirt the legal issues – such as the $1 coin being required to be minted at a certain level in regards to the $1 presidents)

  88. Mk says

    @Pitt-Louis. I made contact with the guy selling the France Astronomy coins… He has sold the coins before with positive ratings left by the buyers. Maybe they got scammed and are holding fakes. I agree with you both, the price appears too good to be true. Though if they turn out to be real, someone got a good deal. He sold out all 5 he had available really quickly of course.

  89. Zeeman says

    MK@ i dout they will be fake, one thing somone mention is he might ship empty package, its hard to fake the Curve coin, let alone mint a real one, ask US mint. For $80 dollars even fake , i cannot see him making too much money after e-bay , paypal fee, fake coin, packaging. well it also depends on my defination of “too much money”, anyway good luck to whoever order it.

  90. says

    There have been rumblings from some posters (and even COIN WORLD) as to why we are celebrating or commemorating a coin series, especially one which is no longer minted for circulation, Well, didn’t the Mint do the same thing in 2009, producing several versions of the Lincoln cent in commemoration of its 100th anniversary?
    And yet it remains that the 50th anniversary Kennedy offerings will essentially be a baby boomer product. It’s the older baby boomers who became attached to the Kennedys, many putting together nice sets. Perhaps the Mint should title these offerings “Baby Boomer Kennedy Half Dollar Reward Sets”.

  91. Clark says

    The flood of gold $5 BHoF continues and seems to be picking up for the holiday weekend. I just picked up a gold MS70 for a little over $700 and am going for more of the series key. It will be interesting to see how low they go before hitting bottom and swinging back up. Let freedom (and free markets) ring!

  92. Dave61 says

    Hi, sorry to piggyback on another thread but I have a question about the

    2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set™ – Great Smoky Mountains National Park (P87)

    I recently got a notification from the Treasury Dept about an error with the 3 coin set. The packaging incorrectly states 1962 instead of 1926 in the date the park was created.

    Are these kinds of errors worth saving? Are they being corrected in subsequent issues or will they continue to sell them with the error?


  93. Scott says

    @ Hawkster, Actually 2009 was the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, and the 100th anniversary of that event was commemorated with the first Lincoln cent in 1909. The 2014 “anniversary” Kennedy half dollars celebrate nothing more than the 50th anniversary of the first Kennedy half dollar, which if you stop to think about it, is really pretty stupid.

  94. gary says

    @Hawkster… I get your point, the cent is seldom used but it is still manufactured with intent to circulate. By the way, 2009 was the Bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth, that was the reason for the separate issues commemorating his life. It had nothing to do with the birthday of a coin design.

  95. thePhelps says

    I guess I’ll find out if it is real – an empty box or a fake. I snatched it up using eBay bucks to pay for most of it.

  96. says

    Gary and Scott,

    If the Kennedy half hangs on for another few years to 2017, will we have still another commemorative to celebrate the 100th anniversary of JFK’s birth as we did for Lincoln’s 200th?
    Maybe that one will be platinum.

  97. Wes says

    It is celebrating a Coin that commemorates JFK not really that stupid. IMO it is far better reason than the 2012 ASE set to mark the 75th anniversary of the current mint facility in San Fransisco.

  98. Pittsburgh P says

    @thePhelps keep me updated on that. I’m intetested to see what comes of it. I don’t think its fake & if anything is fishy at all it’d be stolen like I said earlier & that shouldn’t affect you. I got mine for 30$ more so it isn’t a huge stretch… The one that went for 400+ was an anomoly imo. Did it come with the OGP & COA?

  99. Mk says

    @thePhelps- good luck, let me know how it turns out. Hopefully the tip turns out to be a good one.
    @Pitt- 100% profit….that’s okay too! Lol

  100. Mk says

    Oh and if it turns out to be the real thing, you can owe Pittp a beer, because I still owe him one and I’ll pass on my debt to you….lol Oh and the $400 eBay coin included all OGP, box, outer sleeve, COA, etc.

  101. Pittsburgh P says

    Mk That one better have! 🙂
    Shoulda been clearer, I meant the one for 80$ that Phelps just picked up.

  102. Mk says

    Hahaha… Yeah buyer should have shipped with a case and then some. Though it does boggle my mind that someone didn’t do a little a homework and realize with a little homework and patience, the coin could be found in the $150 range.

  103. Mk says

    Someone asked about who has the latest BBHOF order shipped. Not me, I have a silver proof with an estimated ship date of 06/12 and proof clads est. 06/18…lol

  104. Mk says

    @Louis – NGC has only one proof France astronomy coin graded PF70… Hope it’s yours! 🙂

  105. fmtransmitter says

    no one answered my question…anyway happy fourth…sounds like many can’t see the font to well. i agree it needs an upgrade to darker…i used my bay buckaroos for the buffalo 2014 hr tuvalu…cheerios….

  106. thePhelps says

    Mk-Pitts… the seller has sold a few of the coins and gotten positive feedback on them. I see he even auctioned 1 off and only got $19.50 for it… the rest are in the $80 range. I typically don’t buy from international sellers – but figured since most of it was eBay bucks – I decided to roll the dice.

  107. thePhelps says

    Update: the seller just sent me an eBay message indicating the coin has shipped. So far so good – better than many sellers.

  108. says

    Progress people Progress… I have a 04/03 and a 04/04 order for Proof Clads and both went In Stock and Reserved this morning…Progress people Progress…
    MAYBE just maybe, I will have them for July 15th’s All Star Game…

  109. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich that is a SWEET bat… Idk about 250$ though. If it had the 1$ BHoF coins instead of the .50 cent’ers I’d be in like flynn!

    Phelps thats good, can’t believe someone got one for under 20$!
    That guys probably happy as hell!
    Did you ask the seller why he shipped from Russia & it says he’s located in the US? Does it come with COA & box/sleeve. . .

    Cag thanks for the update off to the mint website to see whats up…

  110. john says

    stolen coins I got a email from a coin shop I know back east.I guess that guy at hsn,mike got rip off for some hall of fame gold coins.there looking for so,so, about 40 of them. In mint issues boxs.I guess that what happen went you use someone else to order for you.

  111. says

    It’s pretty amusing how the Mint, as is the case with the Kennedy half, produces special sets and commemoratives geared around “anniversaries”. How about all the “anniversary” silver eagle sets that have been offered since 2006? Some of these “anniversaries” leave you scratching your head. Anyone remember the Marine Corps commem, which oddly celebrated their 235th anniversary?

    So, yes, the Mint utilizes “anniversaries” as a marketing tool–and usually very successfully.

  112. says

    All of the comments bouncing back and forth regarding Russian coins, astronomy coins, ebay sellers of these, etc, is confusing the hell out of me. What are you guys trying to say? And why?

  113. says

    235th anniversary must be the reason I could buy a PF70 last year for $45 delivered! And yet I can’t touch a 2001 buff same grade for under $250. Semper fi!

  114. thePhelps says

    Hawkster it is a Russian seller – who had a 2009 Domed Astronomy coin for sale on eBay. Yesterday Mk posted a note pointing to the coin and I purchased 1. They have varying price points – but this one was $80 plus shipping – so I used my eBay bucks and paid for much it on a gamble.

    Pitts… I don’t see where you are finding the seller in the US. I checked his profile and see no US reference.

    flaier26 – Based in Russian Federation

  115. says


    Thanks for the explanation. I hope your domed coin is not doomed. But what is the big fascination with theses coins anyway? Are they really that desirable that collectors are suddenly scrambling to snap them up?

  116. Pittsburgh P says

    Phelps if you click on the seller it says
    Here’s a link..

    It ships from the russian federation.

    @Hawkster these have been popular with collectors for a while now and seldom come up for sale especially at that price point. First domed coin ever with the nice design and 10,000 max mintage.
    That’s why it was odd this guy had more than a couple for so cheap.

  117. fmtransmitter says

    john says
    JULY 4, 2014 AT 11:49 AM

    stolen coins I got a email from a coin shop I know back east.I guess that guy at hsn,mike got rip off for some hall of fame gold coins.there looking for so,so, about 40 of them. In mint issues boxs.I guess that what happen went you use someone else to order for you.
    lol classic greed….

  118. says

    Pittsburgh P,

    O.K., I went on ebay and looked up this 2009 astronomy coin. Although the Phelps says this is a domed coin, I did not see any indication, either in the photos or in the description, that the coin is, indeed, domed.

    The 2013 Australian astronomy coin is, however, domed. It is also colorized. So I’m still confused as to what coin the Phelps is alluding to.

  119. Pittsburgh P says

    @hawster I don’t think there are any available on ebay right now. The domed one is 1 oz made in gold and silver. They also made a 5 oz one in silver with the same design that isn’t domed & thats the one your probably seein on the bay. Yes there are 2 austrailian southern sky colorized domed coins also with the final one of the series coming out this year but those are not the ones we are talkin about.

  120. VA Rich says

    Happy Birthday America!

    Boy, did I ever win the lottery when I was born in this country!

  121. says

    Pittsburgh P,

    Thanks. By the way, are you a Pirates fan? If so, you may remember a player by the name of Keith Osik, who was Jason Kendall’s backup catcher. Keith was my former next door neighbor on L.I.

  122. says

    Happy July 4th everone….VA Rich…well said!!! We really are very lucky.

    I thought I’d share the letter/article below…if anyone wants to know where it came from, I’ll be glad to give the source…but I just thought the message is right on target…we need to do a better job of educaing our young on our Nation’s great history.

    It was 238 years ago today that 56 men pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” for the freedom of a new nation, signing a document that might have been their death sentence, the Declaration of Independence.

    Their act of courage, like that of the patriots at Concord a year earlier, reverberated around the world. Their words did, too, stating the cause of the Revolution (and of many revolutions to follow) with a clarity that no one has ever matched.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” they wrote: “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    With these words on that hot summer day in Philadelphia, the Founding Fathers changed the course of human history. The United States became the first country on earth to be established on fundamental principles of freedom. And for more than two centuries, our nation has continued to be defined by these big ideas. They are the basis of our system of government, the subject of our political debates, and at the heart of what makes America exceptional.

    Most Americans still understand these timeless ideals. In 2010, a Gallup survey asked respondents, “Because of the United States’ history and its Constitution, do you think the U.S. has a unique character that makes it the greatest country in the world?” 80 percent of all Americans affirmed their belief in America as an exceptional nation, including 91 percent of Republicans, 77 percent of Independents, and 73 percent of Democrats.

    Unfortunately, we are failing to pass on our appreciation for America to the next generation of Americans. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that only 34 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 say they believe America is the greatest country in the world.

    The problem begins in our schools. Our students are failing to learn American history–and without understanding our country’s past, they can’t possibly understand what makes America an exceptional nation.

    For two generations now, we have taught our children revisionist or politically correct history–like the strange idea that our Founding Fathers risked their lives out of greed or self-interest. As a result of this failure to teach the truth about our history, we are beginning to see our nation’s memory of the past slip away–especially the values and principles for which our founders actually fought.

    Recent results of a Department of Education National Assessment of Educational Progress survey suggest how great a challenge we face in correcting this problem. Just 20 percent of fourth-graders, 17 percent of eighth-graders and 12 percent of twelfth-graders are at grade-level proficiency in American history.

    Only one in three fourth-graders can identify the purpose of the Declaration of Independence that we celebrate this week. Less than half understand why George Washington was an important leader in American history. And most fourth-graders don’t know why the Pilgrims left England.

    These are alarming findings. It seems we are doing a poor job of helping the next generation understand both our amazing history and the great privilege of being American.

    Those of us who are proud of our country and committed to passing on the lessons of its past must find creative ways to tell the American story.

    Children’s books can be a good way to introduce young people to American history. As the author of three children’s history books (including my most recent, Yankee Doodle Dandy, about the American Revolution), I have visited classrooms across the country to share the adventures of Ellis the Elephant, my time traveling pachyderm, with four to eight year olds. Most young people I meet are eager to learn and are excited to discover our nation’s pivotal moments.

    Interactive online courses, television programs like Liberty’s Kids, and educational video games like Oregon Trail can also teach critical history lessons. And of course, visits to historic sites like George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon or Independence Hall in Philadelphia are wonderful ways to inspire a love for American history.

    This Independence Day, take a moment to appreciate the courage and sacrifice of those who signed the Declaration of Independence–the youngest just 26 years old. And then, take the opportunity to share with the young Americans in your life the meaning of that extraordinary document.

  123. says

    btw…my BHoF order for proof clads placed on 4/4 is in stock and my cc pinged. Also, today I received 5 proof silver dollars that were ordered on 3/31. Other orders still pending.

  124. Pittsburgh P says

    ThePhelps I see what you are seeing now. I posted that link from my phone and it should’ve taken you to ebay mobile site not a welcome screen. If you use your phone and go back to the link posted yesterday and click it then click on his user name that’s where it states location US… I don’t expect you to do that and it’s probably a glitch on ebay but if you want to check it out.

    Hawkster- I am a die hard Pirates fan and have been all my life and do remember him! Didn’t play too much but that is awesome he was your neighbor!

  125. Hidalgo says

    Can anyone recommend a store where I can purchase the bullion version of the Australian 2014 Wedge Tailed silver Eagle coin?

    I checked The price is reasonable. However, the company charges $6.95 for shipping and handling (for one coin) and adds another $1.80 for tax. Total: $38.70. For just $3.30 more, I can buy a PCGS certified version of the same bullion coin.

    Any recommendations?

  126. says

    Mint Website question. I have 9 open orders for BHOF coins. Yesterday 2 orders (04/03 & 04/04) for Clad Proofs went ISAR WITH cancel boxes. Today cancel boxes are GONE. No problem with that, HOWEVER, on both of those order I have orders for Silvers and unc. Clads where the backorder status still shows BUT the cancel boxes are GONE. My other 7 orders still have backorder status with cancel boxes. Has anyone ever seen cancel boxes disappear before an item went ISAR? Is it possible that once my Clad Proofs are shipped that the cancel boxes will reappear for my remaining unshipped items on that specific order?

  127. Pittsburgh P says

    @hildago the govmint site has an exclusive deal to sell in the US…
    Those coins ara also certified by PCGS GEM GRADE but I’ve found out they’re anything below 69. Not 65 like on older coins… they’re also signed by Mercanti so I’d have to say thats your best bet even though I’m not their biggest fan. I wasn’t charged tax either though… You must live in the same state as them.

  128. VA Rich says

    Cag, canx boxes will reappear once the proof clads clear…, I’ve seen it on other mixed bag orders

  129. thePhelps says

    Pitts… you are right on the phone it shows US… must be an eBay issue with their mobile app.

  130. VA Rich says

    & just FYI – regarding JFK mintage, for reference, the RP Buff sold 12+k in the first day and ~21k by the following Sunday & has ended around 43-44k. It’ll be interesting to watch JFK sales to Buff sales for the first week & should be a fair predictor of where JFK may end up

  131. says


    Thanks for providing the link to Louis’ excellent article. I guess a collector now has the opportunity to obtain either astronomy or sports related domed coins. The FIFA World Cup ones are nice looking. The HSN guy has been pushing them on his show.

  132. Sith says

    @longarm – IMHO Steve is not a troll, but I will paraphase an old British quote to dampen the mood, “why are the greatest cries for freedom from the owner of slaves”

  133. Louis says

    Thanks, Mk and Hawkster, for the kind feedback. I just picked up the Galileo coin from the Congo, as you may have seen in the comment I added. It was $80 from Gainesville, and I could not be more pleased with it. I think the shape could apply to other themes too, but those that involves balls and the earth or sky come to mind first. The main point I was trying to convey is its less the novelty of the shape (there were oval and other unusual Roman coins, for ex.) and more the way the shape is used to effectively capture the subject matter. That is why the domed coins have done better than some of others were the shape is not as associated with the theme. I am also very pleased with the French silver astronomy coin. I have a large 3D frame and may try putting all the domed coins together and see how they look. I should say all the silver domed coins, as there is no way I could get the French gold astronomy coin.

  134. Louis says

    By the way, there is a new HR buffalo coin similar to the HR eagle, which I got today. The eagle is better, but it’s a nice coin and just $78-80 from Silvertowne with free shipping.

  135. fmtransmitter says

    silver HOF in stock cancel box gone 3/30 order…Somebody got some overtime pay at the Mint this Holiday!

  136. fmtransmitter says

    Louis says
    JULY 5, 2014 AT 9:55 PM

    Has anyone received their Poseidon coins?
    VA Rich did…

  137. fmtransmitter says

    founding fathers came today…huge folder for two notes…cool that the numbers match between the notes…

  138. Louis says

    Me too on the BHOF clad and silver, but I think it is system generated, not employees working overtime.

  139. VA Rich says

    Louis – PM Poseidon showed last week; they really know how to package for international shipment!

  140. stephen m says

    I would think a back log will justify overtime @ the mint. It’s the government way. It’s your money not theirs.

  141. fmtransmitter says

    @stephen m: They operate outside tax dollars, completely independent of tax money…

  142. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, true but you and I purchase from the mint. It’s our money. I ‘m hoping for a set mintage and not an open window for the gold Kennedy? Either way it will be a nice looking proof gold coin done in .9999 gold.

  143. Howard says

    Have a gut feeling the Mint will discontinue the Kennedy
    this yearbecause of all the hoopla with the many finishes.
    What will this do desirability of this coin in the future??

  144. hw says

    Off Topic. PM Poseidon delivered on June 24. Donald Duck gold coin shipped Friday.

  145. Pittsburgh P says

    Email from Mint this morn.

    Silver unc’s pushed back til 7/31
    Silver Proofs til August

  146. gary says

    What reason would cause the Kennedy half dollar to no longer be minted after 2014? They have ready customers every year for the clad coins produced for collectors/investors. Would make no sense at all to lose the revenue. Only a mandate by Congress to stop producing it will bring about the end of the denomination. The absence of a half dollar in proof sets would make the sets less interesting with the absence of a big coin.

  147. Paul says

    Well I just cancelled my baseball proof and unc silver dollars. The mint changed the date for the 5th time. I do have one of each coin on order, so I will keep those. I figured I would spend the money on some Kennedy sets and hope to have them by Christmas.

  148. says

    @Pittsburg P, my 04/03 order for Silver Proofs pushed back to 08/07. Silver Unc was left along (showing 06/19)

    @Paul, That is the exact reason that I think the Mint is not releasing the Silver Kennedy in August. Before Today’s numbers come out the Mint only has a 32,291 sales cushion over the 400k sales limit for the Silver BHOF. I truly believe that if the Mint said today that they would release the Silver Kennedy with the Gold Kennedy that there would be more than 32k cancellations of the Silver BHOF coins.

  149. Clark says

    In the wake of recent precipitous price decreases for gold $5 BHoFs, I expect large scale cancellations Silver $1 BHoF orders. By the end of this year, silver $1 BHoFs will be easy to come by at slightly over original mint price points.

  150. says

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 07/06/14:
    Gold proof BHOF 38,743 down 33
    Gold unc. 21,804 down 29
    Silver proof 283,634 down 501
    Silver unc. 147,911 down 245
    Clad proof 192,976 up 2,744
    Clad unc. 111,229 up 2,071

    Gold BHOF oversold 10,547
    Silver BHOF oversold 31,545

  151. Pittsburgh P says

    Clark I agree with the cancelations but not bein able to get em at mint cost… The gold dropped a ton from their peak but are steady at a few hundred+ over mint issued pricing. I believe the silver will level at about the same ratio if not better. We all have our own thoughts on these but won’t know until years down the road…

  152. jeff says

    Keep cancelling those bhof and wait for the Kennedy’s lol will just make my Silver bhof be worth that more with less mintage. Remember you can’t buy um back there SOLD OUT

  153. Joe says

    got this email from the US MINT today initially promised 7/14/2014

    Greetings from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently on backorder. Please expect your item(s)
    to arrive within the timeframe listed below.
    Track your order at
    Thanks again for shopping with the United States Mint.

    Order #:
    Sold To :
    Ship To :
    Item: B33 Qty: 2 Exp Ship: 8/14/14

  154. Howard says

    @Gary, one reason is the Mint has too many issues of coin types.
    Lookk at the so often delays of shipping in a timely fashion.

  155. Paul says

    Also, the Mint charged me 4.95 for the bag they shipped 3 months ago, as i cancelled one order.
    jeff: There will not be much of a premium down the road. You’re still looking at 375,000 silver dollars. Probably not to many gold cancellations, I did not cancel mine.

  156. Clark says

    PittsP–I would not be unhappy if you turn out to be correct . Still, 300,000+ silver $1s pouring into homes and businesses this fall is a lot of supply for the “buy and hold” collector demand that we see with the gold $5s. I’m guessing gold $5s graded 70 will stabilize in the high three digits and grade 70 silver $1s in the high double digits AFTER a precipitous drop in price once the mint gets around to fulfilling orders. ER/FS/Baltimore labels should command a hefty premium if current trends hold. JMHO. With all that said, I am scooping up all the gold BHoFs I can while prices are low and will do the same once silver $1 BHoFs dip.

  157. says


    I don’t think that HOF cancellations will result in lower mintage figures. There is a wait list of customers that the Mint utilizes until the mintage limits are reached.

  158. Louis says

    What I find odd is the Mint removed the cancel boxes but said they will not ship for a month.
    In the past when the cancel box disappeared the coins were shipped within a week plus or minus.

  159. Ray says

    @Louis , all of my cancel boxes are still there, for gold proof, silver proof/unc.

    Any updates on where they are for shipping gold bhof proofs? Have we started seeing 3/28 order dates start to ship?

  160. says

    Anyone who chooses to cancel their HOF order has already paid the $4.95 shipping charge with a “free” bag thrown in.

  161. Jerry Diekmann says

    Back in 1996 there was a special dime in the uncirulated set only, with a W mint mark, marking the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime. Not much hoopla about that anniversary, but the coins do sell at quite a premium now, after being broken out of the sets. Something like that could probably have worked just as well for the 2014 Kennedy half dollar, but I think the Mint went overboard on marking and marketing these 2014 coins.

  162. JOSEPH says

    So what is the average price of BHOF Gold PCGS PF70 FS and MS70 FS? anyone has an idea?

  163. BFN says

    Well, 28 October is the day for the release of the four Kennedy Half Dollars – shine your running shores and update your calendars….

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