Alice Paul Coins Debut at 3,202

Over on Coin Update, the latest US Mint numismatic sales report has just been posted. It contains the debut sales figures for the Alice Paul Suffragist Gold Coins.

From the start of sales on October 11 to the reporting date of October 15, orders have been placed for 1,808 proof and 1,394 uncirculated coins. The total sales of 3,202 coins accounts for 24.63% of the maximum authorized mintage of 13,000 coins.

In the post leading up to the release, I had discussed some of the factors working both for and against the offering. It seems that the net impact was positive, as the opening sales have eclipsed the levels of the prior three releases of the series. The table below shows the debut sales figures for the 2011-dated releases compared to the most recent release.

First Spouse Gold Coin Debut Sales Figures

Proof Unc Total
Eliza Johnson 1,331 777 2,108
Julia Grant 1,581 1,017 2,598
Lucy Hayes 1,265 857 2,122
Lucretia Garfield 1,478 874 2,352
Alice Paul 1,808 1,394 3,202

The US Mint has still not provide a schedule for the release of the other three 2012-dated First Spouse Gold Coins. Whether these are released in rapid succession or at a more gradual pace may play a factor in how sales develop for these releases.

The price of gold has turned down over the past few days, but it likely will not be enough to result in a price decrease for numismatic gold products. The higher market prices for earlier within the weekly period keep the average price within the same tier. The same is true of platinum.

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  1. Louis says

    Interesting how the two most criticized coins, Paul and Johnson, had the strongest opening sales.

  2. KEITHSTER says

    Yet the ugly one was asked out the most. My Alice is on the way see you at the dance. Better get there before all the big potato’s pick all the cherry’s. Good luck to all……..

  3. DCDave says

    They gotta pull the ’11 gold buffalo, 1 1/2 years for a gold offering!
    This is getting ridiculous!

  4. hi ho silver says

    I would also like to know when the 2011 buff will end.?? (The Mint givith,and the Mint takith away)

  5. KEITHSTER says

    How many of those things do you guys have?? I belive it go’s no man knoweth the day. Lighten up and enjoy them. Good luck to all??

  6. Anthony M says

    After that “truthful” letter I got explaing the release delay because of an inability to perfect the strike I”m afraid to open the box thursday to see what a disaster I might have purchased.

  7. ABC says

    They should take what’s left of the 2011 Buffalo proofs and melt them so that they can start making the 100th anniversary Buffalo Gold proof sets.

  8. ClevelandRocks says

    Has there ever been a Mint gold product available for 18 months like the 2011 proof gold buffalo?

  9. says

    Yeah, I am not surprised at these numbers. I had a gut feeling we’d probably see better sales for this coin due to pent up demand.

    I also think the mintage levels have gotten so low the speculators are starting to sit up and take notice of the series again. Lucy Hayes seems to have opened a lot of peoples’ eyes. We may have finally hit the true bottom of the spouses.

  10. DCDave says

    When do we get the final (audited) #s for Hayes, Garfield and the San Fran Silver Sets? I’ve seen posters here not get an order filled for the FS, so I assume they were part of the original sales #, but final #’s will be adjusted downward. I think I remember Michael saying SF would be this month, soon and would be nice to see SF less than the ’06 #’s.

  11. scott says

    hi to all. first time poster here. was wondering if hi ho silver could tell me where he or she found info on the 100th anniversary gold buffalo on the kitco website. i checked there and the kitco blog and found nothing. thanks

  12. hi ho silver says

    Also some comments @ Coin Talk. Nothing set in stone but its looking better for an RP Buffalo

  13. Rich says

    Why not add a reverse proof buffalo silver dollar to the set ? Since we all readly have a proof and and uncirculated version that was minted in 2001.

  14. stephen m. says

    A gold RP buffalo would surely be pretty but gold is out of my reach and it’s not an eagle. Silver eagle proofs are my level and passion. I could maybe get my 1995w silver eagle at the price of a RP gold buffalo, the only silver eagle proof i haven’t aquired.

  15. phillip says

    Alice arrived today and I was relieved to see no problems with the coin at all. That and she looks a lot nicer than the depictions of the coin here and on the mint site. It’s a beautiful coin, one of my favorites and a fitting tribute to the movement to get women the vote. I think it fits great with this collection, none of the first spouses before her could even vote! Imagine that!

  16. Ed says

    I wish I could say that my Alice Paul arrived in good shape. Obverse had two 3mm scuff marks visible with the naked eye. I ordered within the first hour on the first day of sales so it can’t be a returned rejected coin. Now I have to send it back just as I did with L Garfield and waste all that time and money. You would think after such a long delay over “quality” that the mint would have improved. Very disappointing. Some unfortunate collector will probably spend a lot of money just to receive the defective coin I’m returning back. Sad.

  17. POP says

    I ordered three FS coins & the order arrived today. Only problem one of the boxes was empty. I called & the mint is sending me a form to fill out (?).

    The two received look okay – but I’m not a pro grader.

  18. hi ho silver says

    You think the 1\2 ounce difference shipping weight would set off bells & whistles Pop. I delt with the Mint for over 20 years and have never been short changed. I’m not sure but they might x ray gold shipments.

  19. dan says

    Received 2 uncirculated Alice Pauls yesterday and this was the first time in quite a while that both coins are keepers. Some times I think that the reason for the recent low mintages was because of so many returns.

  20. POP says

    @ hi ho:

    I was quite surprised (even “shocked”) when I opened the empty box. Been buying from the mint since 1986 & never experienced this before. If you’re interested I’ll post a follow-up when this gets resolved.

  21. hi ho silver says

    Ok Pop. Better check with Mom and make sure she didn’t tamper with it before you got it lol! I watched a video on the Mint site that said if an ounce of silver is unaccounted for no one can leave until its found. I would be tempted to fly to Plainfield In. if it happened to me. Good luck!

  22. POP says

    @hi ho:

    Not interested in comments or advice from someone who is so stupid that they can’t spell a simple word like “dealt”. The mint will replace the missing coin.

    “Envy is ignorance” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  23. karl meyer says

    @hi ho:
    I think some one was heavy into the sauce late at nite to make that last comment to you. Always a pleasure to read your comments.

  24. Nancy says

    Ordered 2 unc & 2 pf Alice Paul’s on 1st day of issue. Not one is perfect – scratches, scuffs, nicks & some of the rim edges are rolled. They will all have to go back. Anyone else seeing this? What a disappointment.

  25. Dan says

    I returned my Garfield unc coin three times for a scuff over the date. Couldn’t find any other complaints online and finally just kept it thinking I must be too picky. Wish I had seen posts like this sooner.

  26. phillip says

    RELEASE DATE: November 09,2012

    Frances Cleveland (first term) First Spouse Gold Coins Available November 15

    WASHINGTON – The United States Mint will accept orders for the Frances Cleveland (first term) First Spouse Gold Coin starting on November 15 at noon Eastern Time (ET). The .9999 fine (24-karat) gold coins will be available in proof and uncirculated versions.

    The obverse (heads side) of the coin features…

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