Alice Paul Proof Coins, Making American History Set Sold Out

Alice PaulAccording to the US Mint’s website, the proof version of the Alice Paul and the Suffrage Movement $10 Gold Coin and the Making American History Coin and Currency Set have sold out.

The Alice Paul coins are an issue of the First Spouse Gold Coin Program, as required under the authorizing legislation. The coins represent the Presidency of Chester A. Arthur, who served in office without a spouse. Alice Paul, who was instrumental in gaining women the right to vote, was born on January 11, 1885 during Arthur’s Presidential term. For other Presidents who had served in office without a spouse, the legislation had required an image emblematic of the concept of Liberty as represented by a United States coin issued during the period of service. These four coins containing classic U.S. coin designs came to represent the popular “Liberty Subset.”

The Alice Paul Suffragist Coins were offered for sale beginning on October 11, 2012 after a lengthy delay caused by production issues for the series. This issue represented the first of four 2011-dated coins released in rapid succession during the final months of the year.

According to the latest numismatic sales data released today, the proof version of the coin has reached sales of 3,502 units. This figure comes in below the last reported sales for the proof coin mintages for the 2011 First Spouse Gold Coins. These figures were 3,907 for Eliza Johnson, 3,969 for Julia Grant, 3,885 for Lucy Hayes, and 3,655 for Lucretia Garfield.

Since the US Mint may have fewer proof coins for the 2011 releases, it may also be possible that they have produced fewer uncirculated coins. This would be significant since a few of last year’s uncirculated issues came in with significantly low mintages for the series. At the present time, all 2012-dated uncirculated coins continue to be available, with last reported sales ranging from a high of 2,486 for Alice Paul to a low of 2,015 for Frances Cleveland Second Term.

The 2012 Making American History Coin and Currency Set is also listed as sold out. This product contains one 2012-S Proof American Silver Eagle and one $5 note with a serial number beginning with “150”. Along with the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, this was the only product to contain a 2012-dated Proof Silver Eagle with the “S” mint mark.

Sales for the product initially began on August 7, 2012. Initial production of 50,000 sets was indicated, with an established production limit of no more than 100,000 sets based on the availability of $5 notes with the special serial number.

According to the latest figures, sales reached 60,000 units at the time of the sell out.

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  1. high low silver says

    Agree Dan !! Can’t wait to get a final mintage on the 2012 S Proof coin !!

  2. Hawkster says

    You mean to say that they actually sold 50,000 of these MAH sets? Exactly what history was made by these sets, and whose brilliant brainchild was behind this oddball Mint offering? Was it a creative way to dispose of 50,000 surplus 2012-S proof silver eagles, while at the same time ticking off buyers of the San Francisco Silver Eagle set who thought the S-Proof would be exclusive to that set?

  3. Hawkster says

    high low silver,

    Yeah, I think you’re correct. It was a bad attempt to marry a coin product with a currency product. Let’s keep them separate from now on.

  4. VA Bob says

    PC gold finally sells out. I don’t blame those collecting the set, but who wants this PC stuff? I’m sure President Authur would have felt slighted that he didn’t get a classic design like the others.

  5. VA Bob says

    I like the Coin and Currency sets. I have the Thomas Jefferson set. It had a commemorative silver dollar, a two dollar bill, and a nickel with a special finish, That nickel is a big winner.

  6. high low silver says

    Hawkster : I got 3 of these sets early and sent them right back for a full refund !!!

  7. Hawkster says

    VA Bob,

    I can understand you liking the 1993 Jefferson Coin and Currency Set because the two coin items and the one currency item depicted Mr. Jefferson. From a history perspective, it did well. But the coin and currency items in the 2012 MAH set have no common theme and make no sense at all.

  8. says

    So,the final mintage of the 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle is 284,981…a new low for the proof silver eagle (excluding the 1995-W).

  9. Jerry Diekmann says

    The reason that the First Spouse coins have so low mintages is because they have always been too expensive and they portray events and people, with a few exceptions, who are completely unknown to the American people and numismatists alike, and the events being portrayed are better off never having seen the light of day, at least on a gold coin. I never bought any of them and I doubt that there will ever be any aftermarket for them, kind of like a modern version of the ill fated gold medallions the Mint struck back in the early 1980s. Do you ever see any of them being offered anymore? These medals and coins awill never be work more than bullion value, kind of like the US Mint’s version of a new Franklin Mint, IMO. It doesn’t matter how few of them have been minted over the years. If there is no demand for them, they are worth only the value of the PM they contain.

  10. Don says

    High Low Silver:

    Why did you send those three MAH sets back? Was it buyer’s remorse? Good decision.

  11. high low silver says

    I didn’t like them Don, just me I guess, didn’t like the quality issues either.

  12. Don says

    high low,

    Those 2012 San Francisco proofs and reverse proofs certainly did have quality control issues. There were a large number of negative comments from MintNewstBlog readers in regard to the quality of the coins, with many customers having to send them back for replacements.

    In contrast, the 2013 West Point SE coin sets have generally gotten high praise from the commenters. The three sets I received were flawless. They are doing a nice job up there on the Hudson River.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    I will know by Sat. Don, mine are in the mail..Oops, I already know, they are graded 70’s,,,Thanks Steve for the 2012 SE Proof final numbers. Glad I added one to the collection.

  14. Dustyroads says

    VA Bob~You mentioned the Coin an Currency set earlier, I have only recently discovered the `97 Botanical Gardens Coin And Currency Set. According to what I have read, the first 25,000 orders by mail got one, and it contained a special matte finish P Jefferson nickel unique to the set. That one just made my want list!

  15. Hidalgo says

    The 2011 First Spouse Alice Paul uncirculated coin will not sell out at a new low — the Lucy Hayes uncirculated coin sold 2,263 pieces. So it will be interesting to see if any of the 2012 coins will sell fewer pieces.

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    hot. But she looks like Bowie in drag singing Suffragette City. Coincidence? Alice Paul was indeed a suffragist. did she really look like this? hot

  17. VARich says

    Careful what you say MerryXmas (regarding the compliment to Alice)..,with the anger she harbors in the those eyes and pursed lips, that’s one p’ed off woman…, she could probably kick your butt, and mine – at the same time.

    Those that collect this series have my utmost admiration for your patience and staying the course, seriously. I hope someday you make a lot of money off of it. Though I could only hope the entire series could be delivered by year’s end, so we could speak no more of it.

    Disclaimer: my post was totally pointless and a waste of energy, just like that being into this PM series, IMHO.

  18. VARich says


    Anyone know anything of the supposedly Theodore Roosevelt special set to be released this year? Set contents? Thanks

  19. VA Bob says

    High Low – No thanks on the $2 bill offer. I have a full sheet of them I bought a while back. I’ll probably cut them out and spend them when they reach $.10 in value. 😉

  20. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – I agree, if they do C&C sets there should be more of a common theme besides a serial number on a bill. But I don’t mind if one fits that description. The Lincoln Coins and Chronicles set would have IMO benefited from having a 5 in there, especially since the silver dollar and cents were available separately.

    Dusty- That Botanical set did do well. I wonder if it would happen the same way today. That came out before ebay got big and low mintage watchers were unable to see it as a sleeper. I miss those days.

  21. Brad says

    When the Mint finally gets around to releasing the actual mintage figures for the 2011 unc spouses, I would bet that Lucretia Garfield will have a mintage comparable to Lucy Hayes, possibly even a bit lower. There were a lot of cancelled orders for that one due to heavy ordering overshooting the remaining inventory that final week. It would be nice if the Mint would reflect that in the sales figures, but they don’t.

  22. dan says


    I agree wisth you 100%. If I remember correct, lucretia went from high 1900’s to over 2400 the week it sold out. In addition, I remember sending back three coins becuase the quality was poor and I had ordered them in the begining so these were not returns from others. If that was an indication of the quality on that run and if it is true about the mint not sending out returned coins, could ultimately be a surprise. In an earlier post (I dont remember the topic) , I believe Louis had contacted the mint and he was able to confirm that a higher number of lucretia were sold than Lucy.

  23. VA Bob says

    OT – Ever notice that recently gold always seems to spike on Wednesday mornings then drops off? When does the Mint make their gold buys? Perhaps an attempt to manipulate their product prices?

  24. Samuel says

    my thought abt the FS coin, (from the value point of view, not “i like it” kind of point of view), there r maybe a couple of or several winners in the series, but if u average out with other “losers”, it is still not a good value, also considering the up and downs of the gold spot..

  25. William says

    My great grandmother was a suffragette.
    She participated in many of their walks and eventually was able to vote because of her commitment to their cause, the right to vote…

    Yes, I was happy to have the opportunity to purchase this beautiful coin.

    The Alice Paul coin will always hold a special “place of honor” at our ranch.

    Thanks great grandmother, your the best.

  26. A&L Futures says

    PMs are on the move. No doubt in response to today’s on-going testimony by Fed. Chairman Ben Bernanke.

  27. Brad says


    Yes, several of them have nice premiums. The 2008 Jackson and Van Buren Liberty coins sell high, as do the 2009 Julia Tyler coins. Both the proof and uncirculated versions of those do very well. In fact, the 2009 Julia Tyler proof seems to be the most valuable coin in the entire series now. At some point it passed the uncirculated coin in value, despite having a higher mintage. I’m not sure when that happened.

    The 2011 Lucy Hayes and Lucretia Garfield uncirculated coins sell for large premiums as well, due to their extremely low mintages. The proofs of those two do not, though.

    Most of the coins in the series sell for small to moderate premiums, but those listed above are the best.

  28. DCDave says

    Alice Paul “First Spouse” coin is a joke and a disgrace to the Mint and Congress.

  29. fmtransmitter says

    @A&L Futures : Geez, everytime that guy (Fed. Chairman Ben Bernanke) speaks I cringe…

  30. high low silver says

    thePhelps : I am still waiting for a good answer to why Alice Paul was added to a first spouse series. I hope it does good for those that purchased, but the coin is way off-topic.

  31. Micro says

    I can understand DCDave’s sentiments. Regardless of Alice Paul’s accomplishments, she was not a “First Spouse”. Blame Congress — the Mint just does what Congress orders.

  32. says

    I don’t really expect Paul to be a winner on the secondary markets. I think the “liberty” coins, the low mintages (Hayes/Garfield) and the popular spouses like Jackie Kennedy will probably be the big movers. It’ll be interesting to see whether the mintages of any of the 2012 coins sink below Hayes/Garfield.


    While it’s possible spot prices of gold are manipulated, the US Mint’s numismatic business is relatively small. If there is manipulation it would be centered around the actions of the COMEX and the big bullion banks.

    The retail market where little guys like us play is a completely different world from the big hedge funds and sovereigns who trade around literal tons of gold bars like they’re casino tokens.

  33. Zaz says

    The same question question in ’12 is still being asked today: who is Alice Paul and why does she deserve to be on a legal tender coin of the United States? Glad the proof is gone, it was never an attractive coin to begin with. One of Morgan’s patterns, ie, the 1879/1880 $4 Stella or the schoolgirl silver dollar pattern would’ve been a better match for the Arthur dollar, instead we get Alice Paul. Thank you, Congress.

    At least the FS are getting more interesting if not better designed. If the Edith Roosevelt designs as chosen by the CFA are actually minted I might spring for it. The comment above that the series contains a few winners and a considerable number of losers is spot on. We are in the era of the handsome woman, and that never translated well on coinage, although Julia Tyler, Julia Grant, Lucy Hayes, and Caroline Harrison are exceptions. The reverses except for the Harrison coin are deplorable. Perth and Popejoy Mint “coins” otherwise, and a largely forgettable and hideously expensive series. More power to those staying the course. You have my admiration. Really

    What Congress and the Mint has done right are the 5oz. ATB in either the proof like bullion or matte uncirculated finish, they are for the most part real winners. The latest “coin,” Great Basin is a superb testament to coinage design and the care that was the hallmark of the White Mountain issue. A good populist series that should only increase in appreciation, if not value.

  34. im just a bill says

    merryxmascrooge “But she looks like Bowie in drag singing Suffragette City. Coincidence? ”

    lol Wham bam thank you mam

    i can see it, so where were the spiders?

  35. fmtransmitter says

    @CaptainOverkill: big hedge funds and sovereigns who trade around literal tons of gold bars like they’re casino tokens.

    Mind boggling…How can I get in THAT club?

  36. thePhelps says

    hls – good luck with that answer. We are in the world of PCism… I am shocked we actually had a 5 star generals release and there was a push to have a woman inserted onto one of the coins – for balance and all…

  37. Ray says

    I wish i was into coins when the classic obverses were released. i know who alice paul is but id much rather have a classic coin obverse than her mug on a 0.5 ounce gold coin. i’m not one to start buying coins from other years. maybe some day i’ll do that. im just not intereste din it roght now.

    thanks for the info. i’m in for the jackie o coin, and maybe another in the coming years. gh bush should be dead by the time his coin is due. sorry bush lovers, but the truth is the truth

  38. high low silver says

    My 2 WP orders jumped ahead 2 weeks.Keep an eye on them, I didn’t get an email about it (yet).

  39. ann says

    It is possible 2012 MAH may be a big success for the collector who scored
    this set and the 2012 S set. Thinking, even with MAH adding to the ASE Proof’s total but minus the RETURNS, which were many due to poor quality. The final
    total could be quite impressively LOW!!!! Am I drinking here or am I making

  40. high low silver says

    Ann: I don’t know why those 2 coin sets don’t take off either. You make sense to me, maybe its everyone

  41. fmtransmitter says

    My order, 416XXXX has not moved from the 9/17 ship date. I will keep a look out. Feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Day for my graded set to arrive any day.

  42. high low silver says

    Fm: my 9/30 changed to 9/17 and the 1st day order from 8/9 to 7/22 since yesterday.

  43. Roy says

    Still no news on when the Mint will finalize 2013 spouse designs and get them into production?

  44. Louis says

    Last year when everyone freaked out about the MAH sets because it meant more S-proof eagles than were in the San Fran sets, I predicted in writing elsewhere that instead of getting upset, it made more sense to pick them up as these sets would probably do well because the proof coin was likely to end up being very low in mintage. It may take a while, but both those sets should do well long-term.

    On the spouse coins you folks sure like to keep fighting the same battles over and over again. Don’t you ever get tired of it? Do think maybe it’s time to get over the Paul coin seeing as how it’s been out for over a year now?

  45. thePhelps says

    hls – I got my graded 70 set yesterday. I am quite happy with it and look forward to my 1st day order shipping tomorrow. I may hold that box and not open it – since I have a last days set coming as well. Temptation may win out on that anyways…

    The thing that impresses me about the Enhanced coin is the fact you can tell that liberty is wrapped in the flag – very clearly with this coin. The reverse is actually very nice as well – with the details being more pronounced.

  46. VA Bob says

    CO – Yeah the Mint might not be a big player in gold, but it just seems strange PM’s seem to jump on Wednesdays. Did you see it today? I doubt if the gold offerings would have had a price change, but it does look a bit funny. Last week a last minute surge kept us from a price decrease. Maybe it’s just because I’m looking closer than usual, waiting to pull the trigger on this years proof Buff.

  47. high low silver says

    thePhelps : I think I’m gonna like all the Bling from the 2 coins myself.

  48. Dustyroads says

    I’m not sure why I missed it before, but I just found a type 2 (clear S) Susan B Anthony in a proof set of mine. It doesn’t look like there’s a huge demand for them, maybe $250.00 in pr69. To grade or not to grade?

  49. Hawkster says

    According to “ann” and “Louis”, some collectors bought the ill-conceived MAH set in the hope that the 2012 SF proof will ultimately be a big winner because of the mintage figures. If that is their justification for buying these sets, I hope they didn’t get bad quality SF proofs, of which there were many.

  50. Hawkster says

    I also might add to my above comment that the only way you can inspect the 2012 S proof in the MAH set is to open up the plastic wrap. By doing this, it immediately kills much of the resale value the set may have had–not that this set is that desirable to begin with. Most collectors would only buy unopened sets on the secondary market.

  51. says

    @High Low Silver: The Mint has been telling me for over a week now that my sets are due to ship out on this Friday the 19th. Funny no pending charge on the CC!

    About the other coins, the Platinum coin goes for $1800 tomorrow. I also noticed that Gold seems to spike every Tuesday! Maddening!

  52. simon says

    Dusty : my 2c – I wouldn’t do it. IMHO the set has more “collector” value. If graded and the grade is < 69 the coin will not sell as well as the set.

    Hawk : I picked up 2 sets and opened up both. The coins in both are perfect – no flaws. I ordered on late last year and the second early this year.

  53. wdg5 says

    Any thoughts about the 1800 buck price tag on the Platinum proof releasing tomorrow? I am not sure if this coin has the new technology like the U/C ASE that the mint uses…….Maybe Mike could clarify.

  54. Dustyroads says

    Simon~Sounds like good advice, since I would have to go through coin shop in San Antonio, looks like a 69 to me. I have been getting ready to sell some coins that don’t really mean much to me.

    A word to the wise, NEVER store valuable coins in a Century fire safe! I did for a couple years until I could upgrade, many of the coins have become cloudy, and that was with the door open most of the time!

  55. fmtransmitter says

    @Dusty: In my experience ALL silver will tarnish eventually if any hint of air/moisture can get to it, hence direct fit air tites.I swear by them unless you WANT to achieve natural toning to hopefully increase premium when ready to sell or eye appeal. I have heard and seen comments about the “milk spots” from certain Mint products, particularly the CRM for their silver maples.

  56. fmtransmitter says

    What are you planning on selling Dustyroads? Just curious, I understand if you don’t want to post that information as well…

  57. Taribor says

    WDG5: I am killing myself over that coin (’13 Platinum Eagle). Between the Eagle Sets, ’13 proof buff, and RP buffalo next month, the Platinum Eagle is crushing my budge, but I love the design (even with the gears which I could do without). This one may be my first platinum coin.

  58. says

    wdg5: From what was said before the new platinum coin does not have the new technology but it sure would look good on this coin. Hopefully for next years coin. That surely would end this series with a bang! The price of platinum went up in just the last few days. I was hoping for $1700—$1750! Sometimes I like to dream too!

  59. high low silver says

    2for : Maybe it’s the new software the Mint installed last year.. I notice a difference in my account activity like never before also. I never had a 2 week jump in shipping before.

  60. Blair J. Tobler says

    Ray – even if Bush sr passes away, he still won’t get a coin unless Carter has passed as well. All previous presidents must be deceased. The series ends with the president before the first one still living.

  61. Blair J. Tobler says

    Also they have to have been dead for two years prior in order to be eligible

  62. VARich says

    @ Dusty – congrats on the fine! I had to look up what ‘Clear S’ meant – do a quick search of the bay, it appears that complete sets go for a considerable premium over loose or 69’ers. If a 70, you’re banking $200+

  63. Blackbeard says

    platinum proof or reverse buffalo what can you live without… what’s best to add to my collection in the long run.

  64. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. Haven’t seen you on the MNB pages lately. Nice to have you back. BTW – Are you planning any writing of your own in the near future?? No new posts on your site since JAN ’13.

    @ Louis – That Reality Check was AWESOME!! Damn near squirted some morning coffee out of my nose.

  65. says


    Thanks! Don’t worry, I am always watching MNB and I chime in if I have something worthwhile to say. I am thinking of doing some posts soon, as I got my hands on a somewhat decent digital camera via reward points from my credit card and can actually take decent pictures of my coins now.

    I might do something with that two-coin Kennedy set from the Central Bank of Ireland.

  66. Ray says

    Thanks @Blair, I didnt know that.

    If Carter passes, would we get a Nancy Reagan coin? Or would she also have had to pass? I am a huge Reagan fan. I wish there was a coin for him.

  67. thePhelps says

    CO – there was a recent post over on the coin community forum about taking pictures of coins. Interesting way it was done – using a plastic milk jug to shroud the target and filter the lighting. Jug had a larger hole cut out in the top to photograph through and 2 100 watt lights on the sides to illuminate the inside.

    I have never found a successful way to photograph coins and will be trying that idea in the future.

  68. thePhelps says

    CO – I found the thread.
    barryg posted it with this title in the US modern coins section:
    Just Got My American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Sets

    Includes photos that are quite good and his details on his photo setup were requested later in the thread.

  69. Dustyroads says

    fmtransmitter~Right mow I’m letting go of `80’s, `90’s, and some 2000’s proof sets, along with some silver commemoratives along the same years.

    VARich~Thanks, I’m thrilled. It’s just the kind of thing I enjoy owning.
    The way I understand it is the S mint mark on the die broke and was replaced very close to the end of the production of the 1981 SBA’s proofs. Clear S or type 2 Susan B Anthony proofs are thought to be at around 8% of the population for 1981.

  70. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    im just a bill
    lol! the spiders are all in my apartment have to get B Cratchet to clean it, but I doubled his wages and gave hin vacation time
    now i got Fee Weibill singing white punks on dope

  71. ClevelandRocks says

    Mrs. Paul makes some awesome fish-sticks and deserves to be on a First Spouse gold coin.

  72. phillip says

    From the US Mint:

    With regard to the total number of real women ever portrayed on U.S. coins, our records show the following:

    Circulating Coins:

    Helen Keller on the reverse of the Alabama quarter: 2003
    Sacagawea on the dollar coin: 1999-Present
    Susan B. Anthony on the dollar coin: 1979-1981

    Commemorative Coins:

    Queen Isabella of Spain on the Columbian Exposition Quarter Dollar: 1893
    Eunice Kennedy Shriver Silver Dollar: 1995
    Virginia Dare, with her mother Eleonor Dare, on the Roanoke Island, North Carolina Half Dollar: 1937

    All remaining US coins with people on them portray old dudes, which folks on this blog prefer. Because of PC tolerance, there are now equal benefits available for those with similar preferences.

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