All 2013 Presidential Dollar Rolls, Bags, and Boxes Sold Out

WilsonLate last week, the United States Mint marked as “sold out” all remaining available rolls, bags, and boxes for the 2013 Presidential Dollars. These products contain circulating quality examples of the $1 coins honoring William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.

The sell outs come as a surprise for the latter two issues since they had not yet been available for an entire year and sales records show that ample supply of additional circulating quality coins should still exist.

On all of the product pages for circulating quality roll, bag, and box products, the US Mint has been indicating: “This product will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year timeframe.”

In practice, certain products have remained available for sale well beyond the specified one year period. Earlier sell outs have occurred for certain product sizes, particularly the 100-coin bags. This seems to be the first time that a particular issue has experienced an early sell out for all product sizes across the board.

The William McKinley Presidential Dollar products went on sale February 19, 2013. The Mint’s circulating coin production figures show that 4.76 million coins were struck at Philadelphia and 3.3651 million coins were struck at Denver. Recent product sales figures show the total distribution of about 4.18 million Philadelphia coins and 2.83 million Denver coins.

2013 WILLIAM MCKINLEY $1 COINS Units Coins (P) Coins (D)
$25-roll (P) 49,869 1,246,725
$25-roll (D) 44,805 1,120,125
$250-box (P) 9,685 2,421,250
$250-box (D) 4,834 1,208,500
$500-box (P) 754 377,000
$500-box (D) 753 376,500
$100-bag (P) 1,320 132,000
$100-bag (D) 1,283 128,300
Total Coins 4,176,975 2,833,425

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar products went on sale April 11, 2013. The Mint’s circulating coin production figures show that 5.3107 million coins were struck at Philadelphia and 3.92 million coins were struck at Denver. Recent sales figures show the total distribution of about 4.49 million Philadelphia coins and 3 million Denver coins.

2013 THEODORE ROOSEVELT $1 COINS  Units Coins (P) Coins (D)
$25-roll (P) 54,599 1,364,975
$25-roll (D) 48,518 1,212,950
$250-box (P) 10,236 2,559,000
$250-box (D) 4,976 1,244,000
$500-box (P) 817 408,500
$500-box (D) 775 387,500
$100-bag (P) 1,538 153,800
$100-bag (D) 1,486 148,600
 Total Coins 4,486,275 2,993,050

The William Howard Taft Presidential Dollar products went on sale July 9, 2013, representing just under a year of availability. The Mint’s circulating coin production figures show that 4.76 million coins were struck at Philadelphia and 3.36 million coins were struck at Denver. Recent figures show the total distribution of about 3.86 million Philadelphia coins and 2.53 million Denver coins.

2013 WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT $1 COINS  Units Coins (P) Coins (D)
$25-roll (P) 49,842 1,246,050
$25-roll (D) 44,381 1,109,525
$250-box (P) 8,943 2,235,750
$250-box (D) 4,213 1,053,250
$500-box (P) 558 279,000
$500-box (D) 571 285,500
$100-bag (P) 989 98,900
$100-bag (D) 861 86,100
 Total Coins 3,859,700 2,534,375

The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Dollar products went on sale October 17, 2013, representing about eight and a half months of availability. The Mint’s circulating coin production figures show that 4.62 million coins were struck at Philadelphia and 3.36 million coins were struck at Denver. Recent sales figures show the total distribution of about 3.45 million Philadelphia coins and 2.5 million Denver coins.

2013 WOODROW WILSON $1 COINS  Units Coins (P) Coins (D)
$25-roll (P) 47,546 1,188,650
$25-roll (D) 41,763 1,044,075
$250-box (P) 9,114 2,278,500
$250-box (D) 4,380 1,095,000
$500-box (P) 507 253,500
$500-box (D) 503 251,500
$100-bag (P) 1,250 125,000
$100-bag (D) 1,071 107,100
 Total Coins 3,845,650 2,497,675

Circulating quality examples of each of the coins still remain available within the 2013 Presidential $1 Four Coin Set, with separate sets available containing coins from either Philadelphia or Denver Mint. These sets are priced at $12.95 and originally went on sale August 15, 2013. The Mint indicates that the products will be available for one year from the release date or until inventory is depleted.

Uncirculated versions of the coins remain available within the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set priced at $44.95 and the 2013 Uncirculated Coin Set priced at $27.95.

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  1. zeeman says

    Sorry of topic, went ahead and cancel my order of 10 proof and 5 unciculated BHOF coins, got tired of mint pushing the dates back and forth.

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    I’m fascinated by the discrepancy between the quantities of coins struck as compared to the quantities of coins sold across all product lines. Especially, WHT and WW; that was fast! However, I don’t think we’ll see anything along the lines of those William Henry Harrison Rolls selling for $200 a set; still don’t get that one.

    When looking at all 8 coins, there are several million coins still unsold and apparently set to be written off as a loss. Since these coins no longer are sold to the Fed for further distribution to the Banks, if they are not written off, the only option would be a trip to that recently expanded Golden Dollar warehouse, joining the rest of the golden misfits to become part of the next GSA Hoard.

    I have to wonder if this event is indicative of the future of the series, with further reductions in the number of strikes and total coins sold. Could be interesting, but especially when considering that the 2014 and later coins will have generational and name recognition appeal that could lead to increased sales – FDR, Ike, Johnson, Kennedy, etc.

  3. SilverFan says

    The presidential dollar series has been a complete bust. It does not make sense to produce a dollar coin series that is not used in commerce. I am putting together one complete set for my collection and that’s only because I started it and want to finish it now. These almost qualify as tokens even with their $1 face value…lol. They already had the Sacagawea dollar coins, so these Presidential dollars could have just been an ongoing commemorative series.

    HOF: The US Mint is hoping people cancel so they can send out fewer cancellation notices. It is sort of a game of attrition. All gold and most silver HOF produced should have shipped out by now. They may be waiting for returns to fulfill orders on the wait lists now.

  4. Wes says

    They appear to have overproduced the annual 2013 Uncirculated dollar set after selling out the 2013 ASE Uncirculated dollar by itself a long time ago. That alone is enough to make me think about not making any more purchases from the mint. Then the delays. Just got an email telling me my ship date will be another month for BHOF silver order. Has me really reconsidering ordering any of the Kennedy coins I was looking forward to getting. The mint has taken all the fun out of collecting for me.

  5. says

    @SilverFan, I would agree with your statements on the BHOF coins. The Mint is letting the customers cancel their own order. Get mad at yourself vs. getting mad at the Mint. I would think that the Mint does not want to get under the 400k mark. That would add insult to injury for the quickest sellout of a Silver commemorative coin, to not actually sell out the full allotment. I bet if it comes down to the wire as to whether the 400k is in jeopardy, all of a sudden, a lot of Silver coins will become In Stock And Reserved with cancel boxes gone.

  6. jeff says

    cagcrisp I predicted 10% decrease in mintage for the silvers bhof due to this problem I might have to re-evaluate
    with that being said I’m not particularly happy that may are cancelling their orders it’s just that many don’t have patience and those that continue to stay the course will benefit in the loooooooonnnnnnngggggggg term…

  7. Clark says

    Collecting the $1 Presidential coin series makes me question why I do it. I’ve diligently bought every single P & D mint roll since George Washington just to build a complete presidential collection to go with my first spouses, which are pegged to the presidents. For all this effort since 2007, with very few exceptions, the $1 rolls are worth little more than what I paid and the bronze first spouse medals are worth even less. (My gold unc/prf spouse collection was thoroughly discussed a couple weeks back). Hats off to the mint for hooking insufferable collectors like me on a series that go on and on and on for almost 10 years with little return other than the ‘joy’ of collecting. It’s a good thing my wife accepts me for who I am ; )

  8. Wes says

    Less customers now only helps collectors if it becomes more popular in the future. That doesn’t appear to be the trend lately.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    Wait until 2017 when the series completes and folks will be crying for more dollar coins…Seems to keep happening…Also all Presidnetial Dollars not circulated will increase in value as collectors hoard them up…

  10. fmtransmitter says

    ‘joy’ of collecting.
    WHy I am here…If I want to “invest” I can think of much better ways…Glad your wife is understanding Clark..IMO they look great in the albums and are nice keepsakes and always a go to in emergency situation without getting rid of PM’s…

  11. fmtransmitter says

    silver HOF uncirc set to ship today…I just got one of each for the ol collection…Too many other nice coins I am wanting…

  12. GoldFishin says

    @jeff – agree with you completely on the HOF coins …….and I certainly wouldn’t be cancelling any orders based on what the US Mint distributes with an automated email. I learned that lesson the hard way with previous issues. They will send you some kind of disheartening backorder email one day and ship the next week. I sold some OGP silver HOF coins in the last week of April and got around $95 for them, here we are in July and they are still selling for $90 on average. A 80% return for waiting a couple more weeks…nah that doesn’t make sense to me. Keep cancelling those orders. I got the same emails and I wish I could take the cancelled orders right now. I would buy all I could at issue prices.

    @Clark – I get it …talk ’em down with one hand and buy ’em up with the other. Nice strategy! I picked up a nice pair of PCGS FS Silver’s over the weekend. They are almost extinct on Ebay now. 😉

  13. Clark says

    Thanks, fm, your words hearten me.

    GFishin’–Indeed. I like it when coins I want to buy get cheaper!

  14. Wes says

    I like to collect too but I also like to see monetary value in what I collect. Who wants to pay more for something they can buy for less later? Not I.

  15. gary says

    Sometimes it seems you can make money simply in not buying the stuff to begin with. All of the Presidential dollars will be available for decades in flea markets. Same goes for BHOF clad & silver.

  16. VA Rich says

    Clark – previous thread, regarding “silver $1 BHoFs will be easy to come by at slightly over original mint price points.” Hey, I really appreciate your posts, and hold your thoughts in high esteem – your batting average for accuracy out here is rather quite high if you’ve been keep track; as I’ve said before, it comes down to creditability and consistency out here and you’ve got that nailed. So with that said…

    I want to say back in early June you felt that the $1s would take a dip and then rebound back, not flounder. So what has changed? Just curious here. I’d like you’re honest assessment, while I’m still very bullish on BHoF offerings, I’m still trying wrap my little head around why a unique, one of a kind, domed coin that connects precious metals, coins, and baseball all together in a perfect lil combination appears to have lost so much enthusiasm in 3 1/2 months. And if the BHoF do flounder, I’m wonder why this combo that has created so much excitement in the US market peters out so quickly when unique World coins seem to do quite well and exponentially well over US offerings (thinking out loud here). Anyway, appreciate your thoughts, & why you don’t think there’s more sustainment power behind them – thanks!

  17. says


    I don’t understand your reasoning. I’m sure than there are more than enough customers on the wait list that would enable the Mint to produce the maximum 400,000 silver HOF units.
    The people that received the infamous Mint bag and then later canceled their order have already been charged the $4.95 for shipping. In other words, they paid 5 bucks for a bag worth about 50 cents.

  18. Bob R says

    At this time with the $5 HOF selling in the low $600 numbers that is a steal IMO. They will be playing baseball in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032. 2033, 2034, 2035, 2036, 2037, 2038, 2039, 2040, 2041, 2042, 2043, 2044, 2045, 2046, 2047, 2049, 2050 etc etc etc…. the mintage of these gold coins is so low years from now they will be the real gems IMO.

  19. Jerry Diekmann says

    A couple more years and we collecors should be done with the Sacagawea/Native American and Presidential dollars. The general public was done with them before they were ever minted. As I have mentioned before, in the entire history of the United States, the dollar coin has NEVER circulated very much. Yet the Mint keeps playing the insanity role – keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. The ONLY way dollar coins will ever circulate will be if the paper dollar bill is no longer printed.

  20. KEITHSTER says

    Seems I’m one of the few that’s more than a little upset how this went? Should have had till the 9th on the Taft’s and till oct. on the Wilson’s? So were did they go to the warehouse or the waffler maybe they paid to much for both and sent some to each? I think they were just taking pot shots at all the fence sitters how else could all those options sellout at the same time? The TV guys buy them all up can’t see them trying to corner the market on these? They had been taking the S mint ATB’s off the market on time and that’s ok just don’t like being lied to whatever the reason! But they must think it’ll work or why would they do it? might never get to know the answer just know I’m mad too eddy! Bet there will be a few with the First Lady bronze set and wish they would let us know how many of those they made? Sorry enough venting Better Luck All:>:>:>

  21. jeff says

    Hawkster my assumption there’s only 20-30 k orders over the total allotment which we know ended on April 9th that being said I believe at some point in time the mint will not refund coin for coin and just issue refunds instead, secondarily many will cancel their orders it’s happening now because the have no patience or confidence in the mints abilities or will cancel for the Kennedy, I think it’s quite costly for the mint at this point and very difficult to make these silver $1 coins. I maybe over reaching on the 10% less being minted but I will guarantee it will be less than the 400 k just an opinion I have no inside information time will tell.

  22. Bob R says

    The mint will deliver all 400K coins, the wait list will eat up any and all canceled orders.

  23. stephen m says

    My unc. silver BHOF ordered on the wait list is still good at 2ea. Still haven’t received the clad proof yet at 2ea. All the large money on the BHOF gold coins has already been made. If you purchased for resale, and have yet to receive, you may have to sell and get your money back to put into another offering or hold until the price goes back up again and the beat goes on.

  24. says

    Bob R,

    Agreed. Even if the wait list didn’t take care of the cancelled orders, the Mint would simply send any remaining inventory to its Philly and Denver gift shops where the HOF silver coins would be quickly snapped up. Yes, we can expect the maximum 400,000 mintage–the Mint knows it has a winner.

  25. Louis says

    VA Rich- Don’t be so bummed out! The demand is still strong for the baseball coins. When MCM got some good deals, they sold like hot cakes.

    Clark- I hear you brother. Hang in there! And whatever you do, hold on to your very understanding wife. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  26. Clark says

    VaRich-Thx for the kind words and for all the secondary market price research you do for us. I too am just wrapping my head around the BHoF phenomenon, but the reason I’m bullish on gold BHoFs, but not so much on silvers, is the difference in their respective economies of scale. The significantly larger supplies of silver BHoF makes it easy for large warehouse retailers to sell large volumes for relatively slim profit margins. At lower prices, they will be able to move literally thousands of units and make a nice return,

    I assumed an $82 cost for each silver BHoF ($52 cost + $30 grading fee = $82) and considered that large warehouse retailers, like MCM, would be thrilled with a $17 ($99 – $82) or roughly 20% unit profit–more because of fee discounts for bulk grading.

    For raw silver BHoFs in OGP, there’s more room (almost $50) in the margins for competition because supplies are great and advantage flows directly to warehouse retailers with low distribution costs for moving large volumes at lower, but nice, profits. Warehouse retailers who don’t want inventory on their books for long can quickly adjust prices at points between silver BHoF grades 70 ($99) and the $52 raw unit cost. I expect a lot of competition this fall/winter, which should open opportunities to buy silver BHoF in OGP for just slightly over the original prices, around $62, and then stabilize a little higher for the long term. Of one thing we can be absolutely certain: the big guys have completed cost models for all silver BHoF varieties and labels and are ready to go once inventory arrives.

    Of course, this is all just “country math” and the guesses of anyone else here are as good as mine!

  27. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Some of the Pres. $1 coins are cool. I just buy 5 of the $1 coins included in the proof sets, that’s enough for me. But bought a unc roll of Van Buren 6 yrs ago. Looks kind a fantasy coin like P.T. Barnum, Larry of the 3 Stooges, or a clown. Wm. H. Harrison, Tyler, and Polk look like vampires. Think I may buy a roll of Hoover, he too looks like a vampire quite sinister and diabolical. Nixon might be an odd roll to buy, imagine flipping that coin in a bar.
    I think peole will start using these $1 coins when we realize we cannot emit CO2 in the air forever and more cities will have train systems. USE THEM 4 THE TRAIN.

  28. fmtransmitter says

    looks like BEP needs an overhaul too for online orders. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Low price had to have something to do with it. Lock up after lock up but I got it in…

  29. m green says

    What would it take to make the Dollar coin a highly collectable coin?

    If the Federal Reserve Dollar Note is removed from circulation how many dollar coins would need to be minted annually to replace the FDR?

    Are we in a golden age of dollar coins where they are easily accessable in good condition? Twenty years from now will we be saying ” I remember when nobody wanted dollar coins. You could get MS67 quality Woodrow Wilson from the Bank teller. Hell they were happy to get them out of their draws. Now a’days your lucky to get a Bill and Hillary together in your change. Those were the days”

    @merry… If I had more artistice talent I would make some “changes” to some of the presidential dollars a la Hobo nickels.

  30. Longarm says

    FYI- that $100 bag of dollar coins is actually only worth $5.59 in metal value

  31. fmtransmitter says

    Just wanted to comment on the CR coin that arrived. The edge “texture” that was used on the flame side is actually stunning to me. I didn’t pop on one when first released but decided to add one and I am so happy I did. If you turn it in the sunlight that edge is almost diamond like crusting for lack of better wording. It truly shimmers and glisten like no other coin I have ever received and the mirror like flames. I really want the Mint to know they did a stellar job with this side of the coin and am looking forward to future offerings with multiple finishes, especially the one used on the edge of the flame side of the CR coin. I can see that “diamond crusted” texture being used in multiple format’s. On reverse of the Kennedy silver set would be a perfect start!

  32. fmtransmitter says

    @Longarm, I think many of us know those coins are worth more in FACE value than melt value and collector value due to non circulation…:)

  33. smiledon says

    @ fmtransmitter,
    The back side of the CR coin is what saved the coin. The front, well, enough was said about that. I also collect the proofs of the $1.00 Presidential coins. I had my collection appraised, and each coin was worth more then I paid for them. So get what you like; only time will tell what will be worth more.

  34. says

    I hope no one is buying the CR coin from the mint. You can get them for less on the secondary market. Same thing on the TR kit.

  35. says

    Progress people Progress… My 04/03 order for BHOF Proof Clads that went ISAR on 07/04 just shipped.

    AND……..On the same order my BHOF Unc. Clads just went ISAR today….

    SO…..I only have 8.5 orders to go… be complete…

    Progress people Progress…

  36. Zaz says

    That $10 Generations set issued today by the BEP is sure sweet, especially the full color booklet on the history & designs of the $10 FRN. $149 is a little steep, it’s as if they debuted a $100 Generations set for $1,500.00. The three different designs of the FRN is pretty unique together. Here’s hoping the BEP comes out with a $5/$20/$50 Generations sets as well.

  37. GMS says

    The 2013 Spouse bronze medal 5 coin set is also sold out, it had been on backorder several times since it went on sale December 13th. The 2010-2012 are still available.

  38. VA Rich says

    cag – I place 8 orders and each order contains one variant of each silver and clad, thinking that they would all ship in the same box when I placed the orders back in late-March. Nope, I now have 32 boxes en route.., my mail man is going to beat me! Never again will I try this approach, just wanted to have them together to give as gifts and such.., oh well

  39. JOSEPH says

    Really thank those ppl cancelled the BHOF orders. you have given other ppl a chance to own a piece of history.

  40. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeppers… Clads both proof & unc shipped today. funniest thing for my April 4th order off to each of the silver BHoF… I get these emails from the mint stating my order is on backorder pushed back til 7/31 & unc’s i n August some time as I posted yesterday…. 10 minutes ago I check & The proofs are IS&R!!!! Guessin the uncs can’t be far behind.
    Keep cancelin guys, maybe it’s speedin things up for the patient!

  41. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry, April 3nd right after midnight not the 4th… But I’m sure that order is not far behind on also!

  42. Pittsburgh P says

    gary says
    JULY 7, 2014 AT 7:36 PM

    Sometimes it seems you can make money simply in not buying the stuff to begin with. All of the Presidential dollars will be available for decades in flea markets. Same goes for BHOF clad & silver.

    To each his own… can’t say I agree but if I see a silver BHoF at a flea market for 50$ I’m buyin 🙂

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