America the Beautiful Products Coming in November

Back in May, the United States Mint announced three new product types for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. Yesterday, they announced that the release dates for the products have been set for mid-November.

As I said in my original post, these products basically remix the various versions of the quarters available elsewhere into new arrangements and packaging. Although it would have been preferable to come up with some more innovative ideas, these new products might provide useful options for some collectors.

2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Three Coin Set – Hot Springs
Release: November 17, 2010
Price: $13.95

This product will contain uncirculated (satin finish) Hot Springs Quarters from the Philadelphia and Denver Mint, along with the proof version from the San Francisco Mint. The coins will be mounted on a “durable plastic card” containing a description of the site, coin design, and certificate of authenticity. This sounds like it would look similar to the Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Sets.

Only the Hot Springs Quarter Three Coin Set would be released on November 17, with the other 2010 coins to follow in 2011.

2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set
Release: November 19, 2010
Price: $9.95

The set includes all ten circulation strike 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The packaging allows the coins to be removed for easier placement into albums. This product does seem like a nice idea for someone who wants to assemble a basic circulating coin collection of the new series, particularly since the coins don’t seem to turn up in circulation very often.

2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set
Release: November 23, 2010
Price: $21.95

This set would include all ten of the uncirculated (satin finish) 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. This is similar to the separate uncirculated coin sets available for the Presidential Dollars Program.

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  1. Anonymous says

    RE:2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set
    Release: November 23, 2010
    Price: $21.95

    I think I'd rather just buy the complete Mint Set for $31.95 (you get 28 coins, or $1.14 per coin)

    vs 10 coins for $21.95 or $2.20 per coin

  2. Mint News Blog says

    Or there's the fact that 2010 Presidential Dollar Unc Set $18.95 + America the Beautiful Unc Set $21.95 = $40.90

    The full 2010 Uncirculated Mint Set containing all the above coins plus cents, nickels, dimes, halves, and Native American Dollars is $31.95.

  3. Anonymous says

    The set of circulation-strike quarters for $9.95 would be a handy way to get all of them, albeit a bit high for the face value you're getting. Still, to me it beats buying roll sets of circulation strikes.

  4. Anonymous says

    I was hoping there would be some packaging gimmick to lure collectors to the three coin sets, and that appears to be the case. Depending on how nice they are, I may just skip the Uncirculated and clad Proof quarter sets and stick with those.

  5. Anonymous says

    Just wait…after the ATB series will be the "50 State Flowers" series and then the "50 State Birds"

  6. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I'm tired of the mint starting all these coin programs. What do they think we are, coin collectors?

  7. Anonymous says

    They'd at least do a "state bird/flower" combo. It would be kind of cool, but for the fact that there is so much duplication on the birds. Several states have the cardinal as the state bird!

  8. Anonymous says

    Bird designs are awesome. The bald eagle commemoratives were the best ones in the last 4 years.

  9. Anonymous says

    Would be nice to see changes to the dime and nickel. I think we've seen Mr. Gold Thief on our dime long enough. Perhaps we can drop the presidents on them and the politics (but that would be asking too much).

  10. Anonymous says

    Wish I'd bought an eagle commen in 2008. Damn. Anyway, cheers to getting the 20th century presidents off the coins. Heaven forbid the Mint actually sponsor high quality, symbolic public art on its coins. Oh, wait, it has. The state and ATB quarters. Stop hating on these new coin series. Are the designs for all the states perfect? No. Will all of the ATB reverses be striking and great? No. Is it better than the militaristic crap on the commens through 2014? Yes. And screw the 5oz. bullion, that BS was announced before the ASEs were. Seriously, Moy, seriously? We have silver stock for 5oz planchets, but not for ASEs? How dare you. Good thing you approved the ASEs for 2010 release. It's only one of the best looking coins in the world.

  11. Anonymous says

    Not to get anyone's panties in a bunch, but how about putting Reagan on one of the coins! Say the dime or half.

  12. Anonymous says

    Agreed. No more politicians on coins or any other pop culture stuff like Elvis and Madonna or politically correct crap. Coin collecting is on the verge of being ruined like stamp collecting was when they started putting Elvis and the '60 Corvette on stamps.

  13. Anonymous says

    No offense…

    But there is one anonymous poster here who takes every opportunity to bad mouth Mr. Moy.

    Often, much of what goes on at the US Mint is based on law. Who decides what should be on the back of state quarters? National Park quarters? Commemorative dollars? and so on?

    It certainly ain't Mr. Moy…. Blame it on those right wing politicians….

  14. Anonymous says

    They aren't required by law to keep Roosevelt on the dime or Jefferson on the nickel. Obviously the law requires Washington on these America the Beautiful tokens. The main culprit is Congress to be honest, since they have to be "politically correct" and force their authority on us by honoring power and slobbering loyalist concepts onto us.

  15. Anonymous says

    Wow, I didn't know that "right wing polititians" control what goes on the back of quarters, etc. Could you now go ahead and keep your undesireable political identity away from this blog, and then go ahead and get a clue ? Thanks.

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