America the Beautiful–Ozark National Scenic Riverways quarters officially launched


Alley Spring Mill. (Photo by Jimmy Emerson, DVM)

Today marked the Mint’s official launch of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways quarter dollars. The event kicked off with the 11 a.m. launch ceremony at Alley Spring and Mill in the park followed by the noon release of the bags and rolls of Uncirculated coins on the Mint’s website.

One of the area’s most popular photo sites—and the subject of the 38th design in the America the Beautiful quarter series—Alley Mill sits on the Jacks Fork River near Eminence, Missouri. The building, which contains a steel roller mill for grinding wheat into flour, was erected in 1894. According to Aaron J. McKeon (America’s Beautiful National Parks),

Ozark National Scenic Riverways, formed by the Current and Jack Fork Rivers, was the first national park founded to protect a wild river system. The rivers are fed by more than 300 springs, including the largest concentration of first-magnitude springs in the world. A first-magnitude spring has a flow of at least 65 million gallons of water per day. The aptly named Big Spring has a daily water flow of 286 million gallons! The springs, especially Blue Spring, are a particularly beautiful shade of blue.

Blue Spring. (National Park Service photo)

Blue Spring. (National Park Service photo)

Each reverse depicts a view of Alley Mill in the middle distance, situated on the Jacks Fork River, which flows from the mill toward the viewer. Trees frame the scene at left and right, with a suggestion of forest in the deep background behind the mill. A wide, plain rim holds the incused legends OZARK RIVERWAYS (at top), MISSOURI (at lower left), and E PLURIBUS UNUM (at lower right). The date is placed on the rim at the bottom of the design.


Clad quarters are composed of outer layers of copper-nickel (.750 copper, .250 nickel) bonded to an inner core of pure copper, for a total composition of 8.33% nickel, 91.67% copper. Each weighs 5.670 grams and measures 24.26 mm in diameter. The edges are reeded. The products available from noon today are as follows:

100-coin bag (P) $34.95 17ABG
100-coin bag (D) $34.95 17ABH
100-coin bag (S) $34.95 17ABJ
2-roll set (P,D) $32.95 17ARG
40-coin roll (S) $18.95 17ARH
3-roll set (P,D,S) $46.95 17ARJ

The three-coin set (17AF), which contains Uncirculated quarters from the Philadelphia and Denver mints and a Proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint, will be available at noon on June 26. The 5-ounce silver Uncirculated version of the coin should follow shortly thereafter.

Click here for more images of Alley Spring and Mill.   ❑

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  1. Barry says

    I’m waiting for a e-mail on the silver Krugerrand for 30.00. I’ve seen it on a couple sites for around 50.00 so maybe the ice will crack some more on that one.

  2. Barry says

    OT- Apmex is selling random year proof 1 oz. AGE’s in OGP for 100. over spot.

  3. KC&SO says

    Erik H says
    JUNE 8, 2017 AT 7:58 PM

    Hidalgo & KCSO,

    I just opened my email and saw the MCM e-blast! LOL

    While funny, isn’t it sad?

  4. KC&SO says

    Barry says
    JUNE 8, 2017 AT 8:09 PM

    I’m waiting for a e-mail on the silver Krugerrand for 30.00. I’ve seen it on a couple sites for around 50.00 so maybe the ice will crack some more on that one.

    We’re down to $43 on one site..,

    Wait patiently.., my strike price is <$30,

    & it's coming, in due time

  5. gatortreke says

    There has been a lot of discussion about the Liberty medal and the price and I’m as shocked as anyone. That said, one point that has been raised is that it is not a coin. In some circumstances I can see the merit in this argument because there is value in the it being dollar denominated.

    Yet there are coins that are dollar denominated such as much of what the RCM produces that to me have no added value to it because the item is dollar denominated. The RCM appears to randomly attach dollar amounts to their various commemorative coins, leaving me perplexed as to what the dollar denomination is supposed to convey. The fact that these have been practically demonetized as illustrated by their $20 for $20 program and the inability to cash these in at any financial institution tells me they are in essence, glorified medals.

    When compared to much of what the RCM produces, these Liberty medals appear to be a “bargain”. By US Mint standards, these are outrageously priced. There is a part of me that says the truth probably is somewhere in between. I’m conflicted as to whether I should buy one or not.

    Opinions? Advice?

  6. cagcrisp says

    You can mark June 7, 2017 as the Start of the End for the US Mint as we know it…

    (Technically you could say the 2016 Mint summit was the first domino to fall)…

  7. gatortreke says

    cagcrisp: Can we change the date to June 6? It would be symbolic and a lot easier to remember as the USM’s D-Day.

  8. Dustyroads says

    gatortreke, The medal is uniquely American, produced by the USM, and carries the same features as a denominated USM coin. Taking all those facts into consideration, one could easily put it into a much higher category than a simple round from a private mint. Is this one going to be a hit that will go down in history and be fondly remembered? I wish it were. Maybe you should consider this one because it marks a time which caused so much of a disruption that I doubt any of us will be ever able to forget it. I can’t really think of a better reason to buy it. Surely it will lose some value before long.

  9. HarryB says

    @gatortreke: as to an “opinion or advice” as to purchase, is the Liberty medal within your collecting interest or do you like the design? If so then purchase, if not, pass, or, as others have noted, pick the Liberty medal at some future point when the price stabilizes close to melt on the secondary market. As @cag observes, the Mint has chosen the worst possible path on marketing the Liberty medal offering. Sad. Harry

  10. cagcrisp says

    Another blow to Populism in the UK. Major blow to Populism in the French election and now the UK.

    Love it…

  11. earthling says

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  12. sharks2th says

    I didn’t think they would publish a notice in the federal register for the medals since the news release earlier the week, but it will be published Monday:

    United States Mint
    Pricing for the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver Medal
    Agency: United States Mint, Department of the Treasury.
    ACTION: Notice.
    SUMMARY: The United States Mint is announcing the price of the 2017 American Liberty
    225th Anniversary Silver Medal. Each medal will be priced at $59.95. The silver medals will be
    minted at the United States Mint at Philadelphia.
    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Katrina McDow, Marketing Specialist,
    Numismatic and Bullion Directorate; United States Mint; 801 9th Street, NW; Washington, DC
    20220; or call 202-354-8495.
    Authority: 31 U.S.C. 5111(a)(2)
    Dated: June 5, 2017.
    Jean Gentry
    Chief Counsel
    United States Mint
    [FR Doc. 2017-12034 Filed: 6/9/2017 8:45 am; Publication Date: 6/12/2017]

  13. You Can't See Me says

    I will wait for the price to come down on the Liberty medals before purchasing. It is usually a good idea to buy medals as close to melt price as possible. The prices just don’t hold up over time.
    You can pick up the 2003 National Wildlife Refuge medals at close to melt with mintages of 25k for three of the four. 9-11 medals,at melt as well. Also the 1965 Liberty Series for little over melt. Their mintages are 5k and under.

    Still interested to know the mintage on the four medal set. I think that one will be 50k which may be the next flipper opportunity.

  14. cagcrisp says

    Fractional Gold American Liberty coins.

    As I’ve said before the Mint HAS to come up with more revenue and fractional Gold whether it is a Buffalo or an American Liberty is what the Mint HAS to do.

    There should be virtually NO debate on the merits of whether to do fractionals or not.

    The only suggestion I would have is a 1/20 oz. Gold that I have proposed in the past.

    The Mint NEEDS the income and Gold is the way to get there.

    There are some on the CCAC that do NOT want any more re-hashing of “Old” designs , thus the American Liberty Gold fractionals vs. Buffalo fractionals.

    For me personally, this is a Hail Mary ( Too Little Too Late)

    The Modern Mint ship is taking on water…

  15. Mattarch says

    I will not be ordering the 225th
    anniversary silver medal from the Mint. Waiting for the secondary market price to stabilize seems like a good idea.

    For Comparison Shipping purposes I ordered a 2017 Silver Proof Set and 2017 Uncirculated coin set from the Mint on Wednesday. The same day I ordered the 2 oz. Queen’s Beast Dragon and some other silver coins from an online bullion dealer. The bullion is scheduled to arrive on Saturday, the Mint’s web site still shows Processing.

  16. Throckmorton says

    I just picked up my UNC AGEs at the post office. The box was handed to me half opened so I made the agent wait while I confirmed the contents. I was able to open the pack with my hand because it was only half sealed with sticky glue. When I shut it back, there was no evidence that it had been opened.

    Fortunately the contents were as expected. I can’t believe how slack the Mint and it’s contractors have become.

    I also noticed that Priority Mail is only insured for $100.

  17. Tom says

    Same problems just a different day. I have, and will have to continue complaining about the SLOPPY way products are allowed to be shipped. When anyone spends any amount with OUR mint, the product should be handled with care and just a little bit of pride. I guess I ask for too much.

  18. earthling says

    ” The Modern Mint ship is taking on water… ”

    Cagcrisp the Mint people won’t realize whats going on till the ship has slipped beneath the waves.

  19. Throckmorton says

    There are some on the CCAC that would like to perpetuate the current Liberty design. Maybe they should just go ahead and have that design for all of our coinage and be done with it.

  20. earthling says

    The comments in the MNB Post linked above are really interesting. Having a blast reading them !

  21. KCSO says

    SD Bullion now has the Privateer Whale, while a low price relative to other retailers, still priced too high for my blood. This to, I shall wait out…, these coin retailers are really helping me work on a personal improvement goal, my patience.

    I’ll buy the Whale when it’s at $42-$43.

    I have yet to purchase a Silver Krugerrand, and have no intentions until it comes back into earthing’s orbit of high $20’s, maybe $33 I’ll go.

  22. KCSO says

    Per the Mint’s website –


    Our dads lead by example, and Father’s Day is that special time for letting them know how much you appreciate their leadership. This year, consider Father’s Day gifts honoring leaders they might admire, such as Presidents Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama.

    Something very fundamentally flawed of the association in the last sentence.., I think I may barf 🤢

    Speaking of 🤢’ing, I still can’t fathom how the mint is justifying, IN THEIR OWN REALITY, a price of $59.95 for that medal.., unbelievable.

  23. KCSO says

    Per Sharks2th posting above –

    The FR notice stated –

    “Each medal will be priced at $59.95”

    That just jumped out at me, that is worded very odd. While I may be reading into it too much, it sure leaves one with the impression that the above notice was written to be leveraged for the next medal release as well. The wording is just strange.

    Surely in the 4 medal set, each medal WILL NOT be priced at $59.95 as well.

  24. Xena says

    KCSO – agree with you on the White Whale. Not sure why this one is coming out so much higher, but I am going to wait also. Spot was quite a bit higher the only time I paid over $43.

    I have my 10 oz QB Lion sitting out on display in my… coin office?? Anyway, it catches my eye every time I walk by – a great looking piece, still not tired of it.

  25. KCSO says

    If I had earthling’s overtime bank roll, this is how I would blow it –

    2017 GB Prf 1 kilo Gold Queen’s Beast Unicorn (Box & COA)

    One of 25 coins to be minted,

    this magnificent coin features a magical Unicorn leaping over a shield. Part of the incredibly popular Queen’s Beast series, this coin is sure to be a sought-after collector’s item.

    APMEX has there Unicorn QB Proof’s pre orders almost ready to be release.

    MNB – you all may want to post your link when that happens, I’ll be dropping some good coin

  26. KCSO says

    Xena – isn’t it awesome? I love mine, I’m committed to the 10 oz series now, dropped the pucks like a hot potatoe and doing QB’s.

  27. KCSO says

    Xena – there’s a lot of gamesmanship going on with the retailers now, that’s why.

    They released it internationally, and then systematically releasing to various retailers to support an artificial floor.

    Provident is own by Elemental, the manufactured. Provident has yet to offer it for sale, they will, and when they do, the price then will be lowered. I’ll wait until Provident offers it, and then buy from them, SD BU, or JM BU. The price will come down in line to the Captain, this summer.

    The same thing is happen with the Silver Krug.., as more domestic retailers offer it, the price has been coming down. SD BU offered it 2 weeks ago for as low as $39.., so it’s happening.., just gotta wait these things out.

    Soon it’ll be yesterday’s news, MCM will have 800,000 left of the 1,000,000, mintage, and then they’ll be fireside sales.

    Talk about collusion. It’s really beginning to irk me and I’m growing tired of it.

    Going forward, I’m sticking with buying near spot with the QB’s, the Call of the Wild golds, Privateers, and that’s about it.., reduced my outlays about 80% this year.

  28. Xena says

    Louis – really liked your Numismatist article about the Aurora Australis. All that technical detail about the Southern (or Northern) lights way more interesting and understandable to me than economics and monetary policy (although I do thank all you smart MNBers that have taught me a lot about that over the past 3 years).

    The Southern Lights coin is a bit too pricey for me for 1 oz of silver so probably won’t be picking one up. But seeing the Northern lights (or Southern Lights for that matter) are on my bucket list.

  29. earthling says

    ” KCSO says

    JUNE 9, 2017 AT 7:31 PM

    If I had earthling’s overtime bank roll, this is how I would blow it –

    2017 GB Prf 1 kilo Gold Queen’s Beast Unicorn (Box & COA)

    One of 25 coins to be minted, ”

    Hey wait a minute here. If I were in the market for 1 kilo of anything…. it sure couldn’t be Au. Maybe 1 kg of sand for an Ant Farm?


  30. Karl Meyer says

    cagcrisp I think it is time to start a poll on the four coin am. liberty medals after seeing what the mint is pricing the individual medals and MTD my uneducated guess is they will mint 50,000 coins in 12,500 sets priced at $225.00 per set and a 5 min sellout. that will be the anniversary bone thrown to the flippers.

  31. Scott says

    My guesstimate: Who cares? I wouldn’t buy them at 20% over spot, much less the sky-high rip-off prices the U.S. Mint will charge. If these sell out in five minutes, you can bank on the big boys getting most of them and flipping them to fools at even higher prices.

  32. TemplePriestess says

    It seems the mints thought process is, sell the over priced coins and medals to the big coin dealers. Over time the coin dealers will be forced to put the coins on sale, at which time true coin collectors will get what they want. It’s like the U.S. mint doesn’t want the small time collector to deal directly with them anymore.

  33. cagcrisp says

    $59.95 for the American Liberty Silver Medal

    Everyone is asking Why ? Why ? Why?

    …And I’m asking…

    Why Not? Why Not? Why Not?

    In 2016 there were a Total of 24,359 American Liberty Silver Medals sold @ $34.95 for a Total of $851,347.05

    To get the SAME Revenue as 2016 the Mint will only need to sell 14,201 of the 2017 “P” medals.

    My Guesstimate is they will Ball Park 20k sales on Launch Day

    ~ 20,000 @ $59.95 = $1,199,000 or an Increase in Revenue of 41% and a Considerable Increase in Profit

    …SO…I ask Why Not ? Why Not? Why Not?

    The Mint has created these non monetized medals for a revenue/profit stream SO…

    …That’s what you are getting…

    The Mint will Continue down the road of Higher and Higher prices and Lower and Lower mintages…

  34. cagcrisp says

    @Karl Meyer “liberty medals after seeing what the mint is pricing the individual medals and MTD my uneducated guess is they will mint 50,000 coins in 12,500 sets priced at $225.00 per set and a 5 min sellout.”

    IF I was the Mint that would be very similar to what I would do. Maybe not agree with your pricing or your sales numbers but I very much agree with your Thought process (along with KCSO’s)

    IF I was the Mint Before the Launch of the 4 coins set, I would take the TOTAL sales numbers for the American Liberty Silver medal and take a percentage of that numbers, reduce the price/coin SOMEWHAT and put a mintage limit on that

    Let’s say there are a Total of 25,000 medals sold Before the Launch of the 4 coin set, then I would put a Mintage Limit of 20,000 and a 4 coin price of say $189.95 (KCSO’s number) and then…

    …Buyers will break the door down to get the “Limited” mintage at the “Bargain” price…

    Let’s say that exact number is sold of the 4 coin set: 20,000 @ $189.95 = $3,799,000 plus the Already mentioned 25,000 @ $59.95 = $1,498,750 for a grand Total of $5,297,750 with still available “P” to be sold @ $59.95

    That compares to a TOTAL of $851,347.05 for the 2016 American Liberty Silver medal

    …SO…Just like the 2017S ASE, the Mint is playing people like a drum…

  35. Barry says

    The risk may be if over time prices fall in the secondary market then there will be reluctance to buy in the future. The comem coins are a example. btw , I wonder if a organization will ever get money again except for once in a blu moon.

  36. Gary Not Dave says

    Yep..i will be rght! Under 22k….With that price for sure!

    Now if they would of said $59.95 and a total mintage of 14k….SELL OUT!

  37. says

    It would be very wascally wabbitty of the mint to sell it out at 22,500 unannounced..,

    Then run the 4 coin set unlimited MTD

  38. earthling says

    I once thought I was waiting on the Apollo 11 Commemorative and possibly a HR 1921 Peace Dollar Tribute from the US Mint. Well I bought a small hoard of “1917” Peace Dollars, and “1964” Morgans Dollars from Dan Carrs Moonlight Mint and as of now I really am done with the US Mint. There’s really nothing about the US Mint that interests me except their puzzling marketing moves. I suppose I can relate to someone on a Lifeboat as they watch the Titanic go down.

  39. Dustyroads says

    earthling, it’s good to spread out your interests. The USM aren’t total losers, there will be some cool things coming from them before long. I like the idea of the Pd coins which will hopefully hit the market. And I like the way Pd keeps inching up. Not your premier metal for coins, but it’s definitely slowly moving higher. There may be a stronger market for Pd coins if it continues up and gets some attention. Anyway, I should be able to snag one when the time comes.

  40. Louis Golino says

    @Xena- Thanks for the feedback on the So. Lights coin. But did you see the cover?? That’s mine too. The long article on how to improve the designs on our coins. Also, what do you think of the new price guide from the Greysheet company? I am waiting for the silver and gold ones in the coming months.

    As for the MCM blast on 2017-S- once again only the 69’s are discounted, and the price still represents a solid profit esp. on high volume. 70’s are still five times issue or more if special labels.

    As for the whales- You guys and girls should shop around. I have to be careful about recommending specific companies but there is one that has a better price than the one mentioned above and they have free shipping over $100.

  41. Louis Golino says

    Also re: fractionals- For bullion we may see 1/20th but if the Liberty gold is made smaller, I highly doubt it would be that small, more like a 1/4 oz. and also it was not the CCAC’s idea. It is a Mint proposal, which the CCAC is going to discuss.

  42. Barry says

    I would also suggest getting on the e-mail list for the large dealers and you’ll get info on sales and so on.

  43. Xena says

    Louis – love the design of the cover coin, but sorry I didn’t notice that was also your article. I don’t usually have time to read the whole magazine, but I do read your usual monthly article as soon as the mag comes.

    Although now I’ll also check to see which version of the greysheet is in that month. I think it’s great that ANA and CDN have teamed up this way.

    Have a houseful of people coming over tomorrow – will check out your other article whenever I decompress from that.

  44. Louis Golino says

    Thanks, Xena. I understand completely and hope your event goes well. You’ve been a great online friend.

  45. Dustyroads says

    I don’t know about some of you, but I suspect you have been watching, but Palladium is continuing an upward climb.
    If the USM doesn’t release their new Pd 1 oz. this year, I’m inclined to think they really are off their proverbial rocker.

  46. billsey says

    Quick PSA for collectors of the Austria Niobium series. If you haven’t ordered the Microcosm for 2017 yet, you may want to check in with Apmx today. They have a fairly “competitive” price, 10 left as I write this. Don’t say I didn’t tell you…

  47. Dustyroads says

    The latest on Palladium-

    From the article:

    “The background for palladium is for good industrial demand and likely a significant market deficit this year, and on top of course you’ve got this speculative squeeze,” Mitsubishi analyst Jonathan Butler said. “The backwardation has got a lot steeper in the last day. Metal for immediate delivery is very tight, and that is being reflected in those forward rates moving into an even steeper backwardation.”

  48. johnaz says

    Boy that guy on HSN had new labels Black eagle,One day only labels I think its time to put a stop to this.


    johnaz- I am watching , and listening to that same crap. New collectors will think that labels, are more important than the coin itself. IMO this will kill the hobby when they find out they have been played.

  50. Drew S says

    I would love to see someone show me one of those ‘HSN’ labeled Silver Eagle Coins. Cause I’d be able to tell who’s the Donkey in the room.

  51. gatortreke says

    Thanks to billsey (and confirmed by Louis) re: the new Austrian niobium coin. APMEX is currently $15 less than the Royal Scandinavian Mint.

    Speaking of the niobium coins, did anyone else here order the Palau Solar System Saturn niobium coin from First Coin? The coin was supposed to be shipped first in April, then in May. It is now almost mid June and they are telling me it will ship soon. I see a listing for the coin by firstcoin on ebay with the note it will ship in 3 days from order. Why can they promise such quick shipping via ebay but slow shipping for someone who placed an order back in February?

  52. MarkInFlorida says

    It looks like the platinum proof will come out the first day of the July Orlando F.U.N. show. Does that mean the Mint will probably have them on hand at the show?

  53. KC&SO says

    There’s is no reason to have a HHL on this year’s APE,

    just another example, among a sea of examples, that if there’s a Product Manager at the U.S Mint, they simple have no understanding of their core customer base across so many facets

  54. KC&SO says

    It still boggles my mind that the USM would release a first of its kind, complementary silver piece to the successful gold ’15 Liberty, limited release Silver Medal with a potential of ONLY 6,250 orders across 25,000 of a ‘W’ & ‘S’ offering at $34.95.

    And then within 10 months release another Proof finish medal at $59.95 and unlimited, with a big honking box.

    All about the revenue and sticking it to the base.

  55. says

    225th Anniversay Uncirculated Set –

    Is most likely up next in late July or August.

    Has anyone read or seen elsewhere if this will be a PM or clad offering?

    I suspect more overpriced clad, though that’s just a hunch.

  56. earthling says

    Marketing people are all about the money. Come to think of it…. hmmmm….. isn’t everyone, everywhere , all about the money? Maybe the demand for that Gold version is known to be high but folks aren’t biting because the price is a bit high (being Gold and all). The marketing people see big potential to rake it in with the Silver?

    Well if the Silver medals sell 500,000 @ $59.95 someone will deserve an ovation! If they sell 40,000 over 2 years then they still get a hi-five from me – at least. ✋

  57. cagcrisp says

    ANYONE want to put a Guesstimate out for Launch week sales for the Liberty Silver Medat @ $59.95 ?

    I’m not keeping up with Long Term Sales because they will be around for a couple of years


  58. says


    Driven by mostly delears, they must feed the machine

    I won’t be participating,

    When it’s all said and done, I’m of the opinion that sales will be lacking, maybe not dismal, but lacking

  59. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimate for Launch Week for the American Liberty Silver Medal:

    KCSO 17,000
    cagcrisp 20,157

  60. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimate for Launch Week for the American Liberty Silver Medal:

    KCSO 17,000
    cagcrisp 20,157
    Tom 20,158

  61. says

    Palladium (PALL) Surges To 16-Year Highs

    The ETFS Physical Palladium Shares (NYSE:PALL) is in focus these days, as the underlying precious metal rises to levels not seen since 2001.

    Palladium jumped 7% on Friday alone, spurred by co-called backwardation in the market. Backwardation is a phenomenon in commodities where the futures prices for an asset are below the spot price, which normally causes a sharp short-term rally.

    Reuters reports that a combination of rising demand and weak supply are also partially to blame for palladium’s run:

    “The background for palladium is for good industrial demand and likely a significant market deficit this year, and on top of course you’ve got this speculative squeeze,” Mitsubishi analyst Jonathan Butler said.

    “The backwardation has got a lot steeper in the last day. Metal for immediate delivery is very tight, and that is being reflected in those forward rates moving into an even steeper backwardation.”

    Traders reported a reluctance to lend the metal, suggesting tightness in near-term supply.
    Chart patterns indicate that the metal is vulnerable to a sell-off from these elevated levels, however, technical analysts said.

    Palladium continues to be a standout among precious metals. As gold and silver continue to trade in a tight range, the lesser-known palladium’s rally has gained serious momentum, with the metal gaining nearly 60% over the trailing twelve months.

    The ETFS Physical Palladium Shares (NYSE:PALL) closed at $84.38 on Friday, up $2.44 (+2.98%). Year-to-date, PALL has gained 29.40%, versus a 8.89% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

    PALL currently has an ETF Daily News SMART Grade of A (Strong Buy), and is ranked #4 of 33 ETFs in the Precious Metals ETFs category.

    Was a SMART Buy, a year or two ago 😉

  62. jayjaspersgarage on ebay says

    KCSO says
    JUNE 12, 2017 AT 10:16 AM

    Bloody FANG Monday!

    Yeppers KSCO, from Friday to today and how many more days? Greed has a way of coming back to slap us in the wallet from time to time. This summer might be quite painful for the younger investors.

    I listen to Jim Cramer and FANG is one of his better coined acronyms.

  63. cagcrisp says


    Taking a Hit on Friday and Today…


    I would NOT be crying for anyone that has been in these stocks for a period of time…

    Down and Dirty YTD for the FAANGs (Point in time as of Posting)…

    FB YTD +27%
    AAPL YTD +27%
    AMZN YTD +29%
    NFLX YTD +20%
    GOOG YTD+ 20%

  64. Xena says

    earthling – no, not everyone, everywhere is all about the money… although I agree with you that it certainly seems that way sometimes – we like to hear about the flashy, not the subdued.

  65. sharks2th says

    @KCSO – The rise in Pd could also be due to the “large” bullion purchase by the USM for the possible Pd Mercury Eagle. They would need to garner the 10k+ ounces needed to make these later this year. That is a pretty big demand all at once. I’m just guessing they will set the mintage around 10k based on what they have done in recent years with the Pt eagles. If they go with 25k , 50k or 75k, then the drag on the Pd market would be greater to fill that big order. It does seem the precious metals tend to rise before many of the USM offerings. Occasionally we get lucky and get a category drop just before a release.

    You also have to keep in mind they will need more than the number of ounces they sell because the planchet manufacturer will stamp the planchets out of sheets of the metal. I’m not sure what the excess is. Cag or Louis may be able to provide a reference as to how many ounces you get out of a sheet weighing X ounces. This would allow you to figure out how much excess you’d need to stamp out each ounce. Of course the excess can be melted down into new sheets, but you will always have some excess. It is like making biscuits. When you cut out the biscuits with your circular cutter, you have extra dough between the circles you either re-roll and reuse or just make some odd shaped biscuits.

  66. MintyFresh says

    77 yr old collector leaving the hobby and sharing lessons learned.

    He seems to have 1 VERY important lesson to convey to any who would listen…

    • Do not purchase anything from the United States Mint

    • The U.S. Mint manufactures coins and commemoratives in such huge quantities that they are essentially worthless

    • Personal safety deposit boxes and dealer shelves are overflowing with U.S. Mint items that will never come close to selling at their original issue price

  67. Larry says

    The 77 year old collector is looking at collecting as an investment. Nothing wrong with that. I look at it as an enjoyable hobby, and if I happen to make some money when I sell that is fine, but that is not most important to me. I just enjoy the coins.
    When I do decide to sell, I know I will at least get melt value. So I may make a little money, or lose a little money. That does not include the enjoyment I got out the hobby. I don’t know how to put a price on that.

  68. earthling says


    Yeah I saw that one. I got tons of useless/worthless junk stored away. What to do with it all? The PM Stuff – no problem. The Clad State Quarters – spend them I guess. A new infusion of Minty 1999-on Quarters ought to create a smidgen of excitement.


  69. John Q. Coinage says

    2017 AG HR Medal, will sell 11,300 on opening day. Total sales after 1 1/2 years will be 55,000…… Palladium ‘value’ proof will be priced @ $1,44o……ya’ll will see, the mint loves to chum the waters….

  70. cagcrisp says


    Taking a Hit on Friday and Today…


    Guesstimate for Launch Week for the American Liberty Silver Medal:

    KCSO 17,000
    cagcrisp 20,157
    Tom 20,158
    John Q. Coinage 11,300

  71. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimate for Launch Week for the American Liberty Silver Medal:

    KCSO 17,000
    cagcrisp 20,157
    Tom 20,158
    John Q. Coinage 11,300

  72. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimate for Launch Week for the American Liberty Silver Medal:

    KCSO 17,000
    cagcrisp 20,157
    Tom 20,158
    John Q. Coinage 11,300
    Alex in MA 27,000

  73. earthling says

    Hurry Hurry Hurry … step right up folks 😃😀😆😊😎💩💕

    Currently there are 14 Jackie Kennedy BU First Spouse Gold Coins left at the US Mint. At only $820.00, this might be a deal. Especially if Gold were to shoot up to some really high spot value.

    When you compare it to a 1 oz HR American Liberty Gold Coin, you might see value. 👈

  74. Throckmorton says

    Cagcrisp – splitting the differences between the two current low ballers……..I say 14,150.

  75. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimate for Launch Week for the American Liberty Silver Medal:

    KCSO 17,000
    cagcrisp 20,157
    Tom 20,158
    John Q. Coinage 11,300
    Alex in MA 27,000
    Throckmorton 14,150

  76. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimate for Launch Week for the American Liberty Silver Medal:

    KCSO 17,000
    cagcrisp 20,157
    Tom 20,158
    John Q. Coinage 11,300
    Alex in MA 27,000
    Throckmorton 14,150
    Joe M. 11,111

  77. fmtransmitter says

    Hey MNB’s!! It has been awhile so I wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been learning heavily about the crypto coin world and has taken so many hours, like numismatics did. There are no short cuts and that world is even way shadier than actual coins! So please please please be careful in there!
    On a lighter note, my ARES GODS of WAR came today and I did an unboxing for ya’ll! Words cannot express the High Relief of this stunner in real life! It was worth the long long wait and with only 500 to go around, I will prize this as a major addition to the ol collection. Enjoy and please like and follow if you want. Here’s the link to it…BTW it looks 100 times better in real life. I will look under the loupe soon…

  78. Montana John says

    Medal opening day-16,470..Off Topic If anyone is close to Garryowen Montana and the Crow agency between June 23-25 stop and see the Little Bighorn re-enactment…Custer’s Last Stand.. It’s done quite well I’ve been to it or for the more adventurous coin collector check out you get to actually train and ride with Custer during the re-enactment…disclaimer…I.m not with the Chamber of Commerce

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