America the Beautiful Quarters Pictorial Cancellations

A few weeks back, an article on Coin Update News provided a first hand account of the official launch ceremony for the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Quarter. The conclusion of the article mentioned having one of the quarter rolls obtained form the ceremony marked with a special cancellation. Since there were some questions and interest on the topic, I wanted to explore it here in more detail.


For each release of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, the United States Mint and National Park Service have held an official launch ceremony. Typically these take place either at the site depicted on the quarter or a nearby location. There are representatives present from the Mint and the NPS, along with other important figures from the state or associated with the park. The ceremonies are open to the public and often attended by area school children. The ceremonies usually include a presentation, remarks, speeches, a ceremonial coin pour, and a free quarter for children in attendance. Members of the public are given the chance to exchange currency for $10 rolls of the new quarters.


For each quarter launch ceremony, a nearby post office has served as a cancellation station where the public may have rolls or other ceremony items marked with an official pictorial cancellation. The cancellations have been prepared by Chuck Taylor, who is not directly associated with the Post Office or the US Mint, but who promotes the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Rolls or other items containing the pictorial cancellation become an intriguing type of collectible that attests to an origin from the official launch ceremony. For attendees of the ceremony, the items provide a unique type of souvenir for only the cost of a stamp. The specially canceled rolls are also sometimes offered for sale on eBay or other secondary market sources at a typically modest mark up.

programI was lucky enough to obtain a roll of quarters and program with the pictorial cancellation from the first release of the series featuring Hot Springs National Park. These were sent to me by a contributor to Coin Update News who had covered the ceremony. Once there are some launch ceremonies within driving distance, I plan to attend and obtain canceled rolls and other items to remember the event.


I was able to get in touch with Chuck Taylor who provided an image of the pictorial cancellation for the upcoming Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter and details of the availability.

The launch ceremony for the quarter will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 10:00 AM MT at the National Guard Armory, 527 Montgomery Street, Custer, SD 57730. The pictorial cancellation will be available at the United States Post Office located at 643 Mount Rushmore Road, Custer, SD 57730. First class postage is required and must be affixed to each item to be cancelled.

Due to a late change in location for the launch ceremony, a different pictorial cancellation will also be available at the post office that serves Mount Rushmore National Memorial located at 111 Winter Street, Keystone, SD 57751. This will be the first time that two cancellations will be available. Custer is about 30 minutes away from the park while Keystone is next door.

The next launch date for the quarter featuring Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee should take place in late January or early February. If readers are interested, I will post information on the availability of future pictorial cancellations for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program ahead of the launch.

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  1. VARich says

    Thanks for another very informative posting Michael, & that’s a ‘Yes’ on the interest!

    Glad to see we’re within 3 months of the ’14 AtB releases!

  2. Mike Hudson says

    As a creator of first day coin covers (and a collector), my biggest beef with the ceremonies and these cancellations are that they have NEVER been on the ACTUAL date of the release of the coins from the Federal Reserve. The ceremony is usually several days if not weeks AFTER the official release. This wasn’t the case for the Presidential coins (back when they had launch ceremonies). If memory serves me correct, most of them had their launch ceremonies on the same day they were released. And the coin covers the U.S. Mint made for the ‘state quarters’ were all postmarked on the Federal Reserve dates.

    As an example of what I’m talking about…
    for the Mount Rushmore quarter, the ceremony is on Wednesday November 6th, 2013. However, you will be able to get the actual quarter from your banks (I get mine from the Mint kiosk at the Treasury building in D.C.) on Monday, November 4th, 2013. As a “first day coin cover” collector and creator, I would love to have the pictorial postmarks… but for them to be truly “first day” covers, they need to be postmarked on the ACTUAL day they are released… not when the ceremony is. And this causes great confusion on several occasions when my coin covers get sent to the post office and sent back to me postmarked on the wrong day. Ugh.

    Anybody know why the U.S. Mint doesn’t make these two days the same? And/or if someone like Chuck Taylor can make pictorial cancellation stamps for the actual Federal Reserve release date?

  3. fmtransmitter says

    I mentioned before I had already paid Chuck for two rolls. One for me and one for a gift for a friend with the same name as Chuck! lol Anyway, Since I get only 5 each of the P and D’s for albums, I actually was able to order my “S” Mint rolls from Chuck. He is having those overnighted and will cancel and sign those for me he said. He charged me $35 a roll shipped. Not bad. Here is his website where you can contact him if interested. He takes paypal. and the paypal email is Yea, on topic! Go Mt. Rushmore and the 5 OZ P puck…Thanks Michael for another great post!

  4. Dustyroads says

    OK, I see now who Chuck Taylor is, artist for the cancellation stamps received at the post office. Now I get the interest, but dare I mention…..labels in this thread?

  5. Brad says

    Mike Hudson,

    You’re still doing those coin covers? I’m the one who got the cancellations on your Hot Springs and Yellowstone covers for you back in 2010. I didn’t know you were still making them. Do you have a complete set so far?

  6. VA Bob says

    I have a problem with these rolls. Why would I want to collect 40 coins that I can only see one side of two coins? If you open it, it’s ruined (well it will be worth $10). Even years from now there is no way to know the coins look good or not. The Mint does not handle these any differently than other uncirculated coins, that often grade no higher than MS65. Wouldn’t a blister pack or card be better, at least you could see both sides of the coin and know what you have. But if anyone enjoys wrappers that’s what they should collect then.

    If your getting your rolls from the Mint, besides never getting to see the coins, you can at least trust they are there. If you collect older rolls, be careful. Anything on paper can easily be faked (and probably has if the price is high enough). Here’s a discussion about it here:

  7. fmtransmitter says

    That is why I am ONLY buying a roll of the S Mint Rushmore’s and getting the P and D singles for my albums. I can look at both sides for the ones for my albums but for an extra $10, IMO, it will be nice to have the stamped pedigree, plus these will be the only ones with TWO zip code cancellations. Not a big deal to some but unique to me. And again, he is having the US Mint wrapped S Mint ones overnighted to do this. I would imagine there will not be too many out there so looking forward to doing this one time. I do not see a trend long term. Just personal preference I guess and my OTHER friend named Chuck Taylor has patiently been listening to my coin collecting talk so will be a neat gift idea.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    @Mike Hudson: I would call or email Chuck. He is VERY approachable and we talked for a good while over the phone about his plans for the trip. I am sure he could change the stamp to whatever you want BUT he is only attesting to the LAUNCH CEREMONY date because he is THERE. Because they are out on the 4th in D.C. he said he was having a box sent to him by a friend in D.C. Maybe he could get his friend to get it stamped in D.C. for you. Just ask him.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    It was a simple choice for me because I was going to buy a roll of S Mint anyways so decided to go this route for an extra $10.

  10. says

    I don’t collect them, but I can see how a first day of issue well designed card with a single specimen of a coin sealed into in to show both sides of the coin could be an interesting & educational collectable. A USPS postage cancellation mark of the 1st day of issue would be meaningful. An entire roll of them? Not really so special to just have a rubber stamped roll of them that anybody can make if so inclined.

  11. VARich says

    Gary – the past three Coin and Chronicles sets have contained a silver One Dollar coin… looks like they’ll be a break from the trend on this one.

  12. William says

    is that a pic of the know-nothing, do-nothing Treasuer of the US? When something finds out what she actually does on a daily basis to collect her big fat government check, please give me a call….

  13. says

    VARich The coin and chronicle sets are something that I don’t collect but they certainly are very well worth while collectables. Very well done items. The 3 coin sets of the ATB circulation quarters are also a wonderful way to collect ATB. They are very well done. I don’t collect them though. I gather my pennies together to pay for the 5 beautiful ATB 5 oz. silvers which look so magnificent on in the large size. Oh, I also get just one regular ATB silver quarters set to round out each year’s offerings. I’m really looking forward to the Mt. Rushmore. I think it will have a good selling start just like the Ft. McHenry has.

  14. Hidalgo says

    @VA RIch – I’ going to speculate. The Teddy Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles set will include a proof Teddy dollar and a set of proof 2013 America the Beautiful quarters.

  15. VARich says

    Hidalgo – interesting thought, I hadn’t conceived of the combinations.

    Sorry to dwell on this set again as I know you all out here are tired of me bringing it up again as I’ve done so over the past half year. It’s funny though that its been posted now, with nothing known about, and there’s no price.., so you still can’t freak’n derive what’s in the set! Geez…, unless you draw a comparison to all the remaining items yet to be released whose price is TBD.., which just happens to contain a precious metal.., keep your powder dry, Gents! 🙂

  16. Gary says

    Thanks VA Rich…I asked the question and you answered it. I know the Lincoln Chronicle Set the new cents..I was just curious what this set was going to be about?
    What was the first chronicle set?

  17. says

    I don’t understand all the interest in the 2013 LESPS…the only thing “Limited” about it is the packaging.
    You can buy the 2013 Proof Silver Eagle for $52.95 and the 2013 Silver Proof Set for $53.95 and have ALL the coins included in the LESPS PLUS the Presidental Proof 4 coin set(a $18.95 value), a proof native american dollar and a proof clad nickle for LESS than what the LESPS will cost.

    Now last year, with the early/unexpected sell out of the 2012 Silver Proof Set, I could somewhat understand the interest in the 2012 LESPS when it came out as if offered a means to acquire the Silver Half Dollar and Dime without going to the secondary market. However, this year, all the coins in the LESPS are still available.

    All the above is on the assumption that the 2013 LESPS contains the same coins as the 2012 LESPS…and I see no reason to think otherwise.

    Anyway, I’d just like to hear rom those planning to buy the 2013 LESPS. Thanks.

  18. simon says

    OT : FYI : Last day / hour order RP Buffalo still on BO till 11-19. Keeping my fingers crossed !

  19. fmtransmitter says

    I think they will put an enhanced in this years LESPS…Mix it up…Would make sense and be a great way to get rid of all those cancellations…

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Also I might add, if this is the LAST year for Kennedy Half in Proof Silver, I would want that in that set as well being such an iconic coin for the Mint.

  21. says

    Also, the LESPS is for proof silver coins…the enhanced eagle is not a proof coin.

    It would be helpful though, if the mint would go ahead and release some info of the LESPS.

  22. Jeff says

    What will you pay for a cancelled stamp on a coin roll? Not in OGP possibly cherry picked. Not how about a serial number on the mint package in OGP directly from the mint …

  23. high low silver says

    I wonder if Chuck destroys the stamp at the end of the day? If not, it would be worthless IMO..

  24. thePhelps says

    Samuel… Mt. Rushmore only has 4 presidents on it…to make it fair we could add presidents or remove the ones on it… life isn’t about being fair.

  25. thePhelps says

    Samuel – look closely at the mounment…they are building it as shown by the guy hanging off the rope and the scafolding in the back round. I believe the intent is to show it was being sculpted and as such they only had this much done… hence there are only 2 faces in view…

  26. Jeff says

    If i’m correct they are finishing, not a work in progress that’s what the coin is depicting …

  27. Bill says

    Nice article, as always.
    Yes, would like to know where the ceremony & cancelation locations are.

  28. high low silver says

    Am I posting to the Civil Liberties Union ? If so…..I digress. They are worth a quarter……RIGHT ??

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