American $1 Coin and Currency Set Back on Sale

The United States Mint has resumed accepting orders for the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set, which contains a 2014 Enhanced Uncirculated Native American Dollar.


The product originally went on sale November 20, 2014. As discussed in previous articles, the US Mint’s press release and product page originally stated that the $1 coin included in the set carried an “uncirculated finish” simply making the product a repackaging of a coin and $1 note readily available elsewhere.

Some readers had noted the term “enhanced uncirculated” appearing within images of the packaging. When the first sets began to arrive in the hands of collectors on Monday, November 24, the use of a different finish was apparent. The growing awareness of the special nature of the product seemed to lead to a jump in sales and the product went out of stock on the same day.

The US Mint has since officially confirmed the use of the enhanced uncirculated finish and described the use of three different finishes. The product page was also updated to indicate a quality of “enhanced uncirculated” for the coin.

Opening sales for the product had reached 9,720 units through the reporting date of November 23, 2014. In this week’s sales report, the cumulative sales total rose to 14,073. The 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set carries a product limit of 50,000 units and is priced at $13.95.

Although orders may be placed for the set on the US Mint’s website here, the status is indicated as “Back Order”.

The US Mint’s website FAQs describes the status as follows:

Back Order: When products are in “Back Order” status, this means that the product is available for sale, however there is no inventory in stock and a future ship date is displayed on our website. Products in this status can still be ordered online or through the customer contact center.

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  1. Bernie in FL says

    Just went into the Mint and ordered more $1 C & C’s. It said “Back Ordered” on the Red Button. I ordered the quantity and then a new box opened that said “The expected in-stock date is Mon Dec 08 2014”. Great! Now we know the Mint resumed the Minting of the $1 C & C set. How many is still up for discussion ……….

  2. Bernie in FL says

    Not getting caught with my pants down again. 🙂

    Ordered 25 of them. My hunch is that most of us will be ordering more than usual and that probably means this production limit of 50,000 will go Fasssst if the Mint still sticks to their limit. But don’t hold your breath either way….

  3. Bernie in FL says

    No, I did not get one either. I just happened to read the Blog here and then off to the Mint. Wonder how long it will take for everyone to be notified by the Mint that we can re-order again. Does anyone think that we are reminded Only after they are available again or even when they are available for “Back Ordered”?

  4. Dave says

    Just ordered the Coin/Currency Set; it said “out of Stock” and then switched to Back Order,” so, I placed. Accidentally ordered more than intended, oh well, not going to try to change it!

    Never did get an e-mail, so I had been on a US MINT item watch,(like a death watch) or nwould not have known.

    I also did not see an ORDER limit.

  5. Frankie says

    I’m fairly sure MCM will order a few thousand, have them all graded and flood/corner the market.

  6. Dustyroads says

    I just made two orders of 4 each 10 minutes apart. In that time span there were 51 orders. Assuming the average order consists of 10 sets and the pace remains steady the rest of the day, it will take 11.9 hours for the sets to sell out. With all the hype though, I’m betting that a great number of the orders will be much higher. I’ll be looking for an SP70 to be the big winner in the series.

  7. says

    Thanks for the heads up here! Didn’t hesitate this time. Got my order in for 5 & glad to get them for $13.95 each. No email notice from the US Mint though and the Mint website is confusing as they only updated the product page.

  8. Boz says

    Just noticed there is a “last chance” section on the website, which I don’t recall being there before. Remaining baseball coins are shown there as “limited.” Some proofs and commems that are not shown as limited.

    I wasn’t going to get any of the “enhanced” golden girl, but why not…they will be Christmas gifts for this year if they arrive in time, next year if they don’t.

  9. Dustyroads says


    I just looked at the ASE UNC. recently, it was not out of stock. It must have just happened.

  10. Dave says

    Okay — finally into site and now OUT of STOCK — that US Mint, those guys, they re such a tease — LOL!

  11. Mr. Kairu says

    I too am glad I didn’t pass up this opportunity again and ordered two sets. Maybe (hopefully) they will be sold out for good now! 😀 We shall see. Perhaps the Ebay prices will stay the same seeing as they are sold out again.

  12. Boz says

    My order went thru fine 23 minutes ago. First email said a confirmation would follow within 24 hours but it came in less than ten minutes

  13. Brad says

    It looks like they’re having trouble getting the pages “on the same page.” Before the list page showed “out of stock” while the product page showed “back order.” Now the list page shows “back order” while the product page shows “out of stock”, with the “back order” icon still present as well.

    So, I wonder if they took enough orders to fulfill the rest of the nearly 36,000 sets yet to be sold, or if they plan to make a smaller second batch for now?

  14. Dave says

    @Brad says-December 3, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    They are now probably crunching the numbers — we will see, eh?

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Frankie says
    DECEMBER 3, 2014 AT 2:38 PM

    I’m fairly sure MCM will order a few thousand, have them all graded and flood/corner the market.

    Frankie said it…lol

  16. Dave says

    @fmtransmitter says – December 3, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    Yeah — them and all the other large dealers, their cousins and their dawgs! LOL!

  17. Dave says

    @fmtransmitter says – December 3, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    You mean “e-bay,” right — I mean with all the auction sites springing up

  18. John says

    Just called in at 3:30 and they said that they just took product off backorder and they are not available. Someone had just called in and ordered 5000 units on backorder. Wish they would have emailed they were available as I signed up to be notified.

  19. mark says

    Put in 2 orders within 1 minute apart. One order shows on hold, but the order total is $0.00. Second order says backordered with same order total $0.00

  20. Bernie in FL says

    WOW!!! Just went into the Mint site again and now it is “Out of Stock”. Could they have Sold out or just run out of the quantity they have minted so far. Crazzzzzzzy! Gotta love the Mint. Only happy I got some before this crazy mess continues. Let the Soap Opera brought to you by the Mint continue 🙂

  21. Tinto says

    It would be interesting to get comments on the quality of this second batch of Sac’s vs. the first batch …. did the Mint hurry things up this time around in order to sell, sell, sell as fast as possible

  22. Tinto says

    I just went to the C&C webpage it shows both “Back Order” and “Out of Stock” but no ordering option …

  23. Bernie in FL says

    I got my confirmation only minutes after making my order. Would be interesting to find out how many sold. I bought mine at 1:46 pm USM027609xx. Anyone else have any numbers?

  24. Dustyroads says


    That’s understood. The 2014 W ASE is not a key coin now, but the 2013 W is in the lowest mintage for the series.
    Funny thing is that 2012 W is presently a more popular coin with 2013 W MS70’s selling at around at $70.00 still and the 2012’s selling in the $100.00 range.

  25. maddogdday says


    Snagged 10 sets at 11:30 AM my order number is about 1100 earlier than yours

  26. samuel says

    two questions:
    -do we know when it began to be available?
    -can these be returns? seems quantity is small.

  27. Bernie in FL says

    @Mark, I just back and double checked my email confirmation from the Mint ordered at 1:46 pm. I have a total of $348.75. I assumed mine went thru. I will be interested though to fine out went they ship even though during my ordering process it said “The expected in-stock date is Mon Dec 08 2014”. Anyone else order today and see the same?

  28. Boz says

    Mine was about 15 minutes after yours looks like around 100 orders per minute. Does anybody know what time the window actually opened? Apparently closed at 2 PM Memphis time.

  29. GoldFishin says

    Just opened my Saq’s from the first order and gave them the scrutiny they deserve. They ARE nice looking coins and I like the packaging. However, I only had one coin out 5 that Maybe would get a 69, but I think most of them of 67’s or 68’s. I Will Not be submitting mine for grading and I would encourage anyone thinking about doing so, to screen them well before you decide to send them in.
    I had four sequential bills out of five. One was 20 numbers off the other four.

    I am not sure the quality will be very appealing to the big dealers for submissions. I guess we will see. Maybe the second batch will be better. Looking forward to hearing from somebody when they receive theirs.

  30. Boz says

    In theory even if just one coin per order, they were selling thousands per hour that the window was open.

  31. mark says

    Yes i got email order confirmation, .But you need to log in the US Mint web site and check you order history to see if your order total shows $0.00

  32. says

    I agree with others that have posted that the 50K Sag coins were probably minted in Denver in one day. I visited the Denver mint in July and took their tour (you have to reserve a spot 3 months in advance) and they would have no trouble with that. I got to watch them minting the Baseball HOF uncirculated half dollar. The slow part is the inspection and placing them in the plastic holders. I believe the Mint has all of the materials ready for these C&C sets and these “batches” are based on manpower to put the sets together and sealing them in plastic (as I have heard some people mention). So it looks like next week’s second batch is sold out.

  33. Dustyroads says

    Bernie in FL,

    I made an order 43 minutes after your 027613 order. According to our order #’s, that would be around 350 orders in that 45 minutes.

  34. oldfolkie says

    Got mine yesterday, not a big deal, not a looker, and can’t imagine this ever doing much unless we actually start using these things and get rid of the paper. One for my album is plenty. I hope everybody that wants one gets it. Good luck.

  35. ips_stuff says

    I placed a total of 6 orders and they where not for just one set…
    just saying.

    Maybe have buyers remorse later, and have to set them next to the box or two of silver HOF I have now, time will tell

  36. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin & @Keep Calm & Stack On
    Opportunity knocks. Greed and Fear. Which side to be on. hmmm….

  37. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- you know me…they are clad coins, I was happy with my first five and didn’t enter today’s frenzy. They are nice, I just wish they were gold!

  38. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, Same here. I think some on here are so excited they may have peed on themselves…

  39. says

    Big day today. The ordering both reopened and closed again for the C&C Set. The hoarding of the sets was back in swing for a second time.

  40. Bernie in FL says

    Sent in an Unopened box of 3 Sags from the Mint I got on Monday to PCGS. I indicated to them to use a Special label if they had one, and if not, to use a First Strike label. Although I have heard that PCGS will not grade them as First Strikes nor have a Special label. I thought I’d send in the box of 3 unopened Sags and see what in the heck PCGS will send me and what they see them as with this new Brush Enhancement. I will let you know what comes back, label, and grade given for the 3. Should give everyone a good indication if they are worth sending in to PCGS or not.

    On the other Sags I bought today from the Mint. I will just put them away and give out to my Kids for Christmas. To all here have a great Christmas and Good Hunting…..

  41. Bernie in FL says

    Speaking of the Devil. As I was leaving the last tag here. I got an email from PCGS that they are now grading the 3 Sags from the $1 C & C set. We’ll have to see what they have to say about the the new enhanced Sags. Will be very interesting. Anyone else send any in to PCGS?

  42. Sith says

    Why isn’t PCGS giving them a first strike label? Using that logic none of the Kennedy gold or silvers would qualify for a first strike, because the clads were released first.

  43. Sith says

    8:52, wow I guess as other posters mentioned the “Remind Me” feature would just remind you about how you missed out…

  44. Ralph says

    Just logging on to see what I have missed today. Dang it! Missed it by a few minutes. They had a “remind me” button which I clicked and gave my email address so they could notify me when they went back on sale. I never got the email. Bah humbug Mint! Did anyone get that reminder form the Mint?

  45. Bernie in FL says

    Called PCGS CS and they told me that they will not do a First Strike in the $1 C & C sets. They would not elaborate why. They also told me they have no special label neither. Any guesses why?

  46. maddogdday says


    I don’t believe anyone received an email. I just happen to login around 11 AM this morning and saw A and L Futures post that they were available.

    BTW- @A and L Futures, thank you for the heads up.

  47. cagcrisp says

    The Mint was just trying to be Efficient. Instead of sending out an email that they were Available, they just waited until they are Again Not Available. They just saved themselves an email…

  48. ips_stuff says


    Now that is one of the best posts I have read here in some time.
    Thanks for the laugh.

    I won’t even go down the path of any government agency being efficient.

  49. Tinto says

    @Bernie in FL

    Maybe their biggest customers the dealers and bulk buyers don’t have them because this EU caught them by surprise and they didn’t buy much or any …. and they (the biggies) don’t want us small time collectors to get any benefit from what is really FS/ER and a special finish if they can’t. And the TPG will oblige, of course who wants to lose all that business ….

  50. Tinto says


    Wouldn’t be surprised if some smartXss in the Mint used that logic in their performance review …..

  51. Sith says

    Well this has been an interesting set. First the mint does not let marketing know the coin is special. Then the “Remind Me” feature works as expected, which is to say it does not work. Then the PCGS is treating this coin as just another Uncirculated Native American Dollar, while NGC is giving it a special label and making them eligible for the NGC Early Releases or NGC First Releases designations. As PCGS has to be competitive I wonder how long their stance will last…I would say not long,

    As PCGS eventually always plays ball, it makes me wonder if its because they have a shred of integrity about the label game, that is until upper management see the dollar signs, or if they are simply clueless.

  52. Boz says

    I asked gain at my bank today about new money. Sorry Charlie Brown but there is none left. Their ordering window closed Nov 15 and they only do it once a year. What they ordered is gone.

    The post about special serial numbers hits a raw nerve. Where they go is purely an insider trading deal…the average citizen has no chance. BEP finally started selling some “special” currency like Chinese new year numbers relatively recently. Should they want to do things the American way, they should auction all new bills to the highest bidder in a public forum instead of slipping the good stuff under the table.

  53. mark says

    Do you think yesterday might have been the cut off date for returns. So today they put up all the returns, cancellations, bad credit card orders.

  54. thePhelps says

    I think someone mentioned earlier… the email probably never got sent because these technically weren’t available from what many have said. They were in back order status with a ship date of next week. It might be the system is setup to trigger the email only when they show “available” and the change to back order doesn’t fit that bill. (it is a theory that makes sense to me 🙂

    It will be interesting to see if the dollars are still from the same range as the earlier orders or a new range of bills.

  55. Bernie in FL says


    Makes since. But I will be more than interested to see how PCGS Grades this New Type of Sag. But I agree, they will eventually miss out on the dollars and upper management will pull the trigger and establish a special label. If that occurs will they allow individuals that have had them graded earlier to return them for the new label at NC?

    But I agree on your idea that being the most prestigious of the labeling companies that they are trying to Hit the Big Guys so they do not gain an advantage over us little guys……

  56. fmtransmitter says

    Dave says
    DECEMBER 3, 2014 AT 3:31 PM

    @fmtransmitter says – December 3, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    You mean “e-bay,” right — I mean with all the auction sites springing up

    I hear you Dave, i actually picked up that slang being on here for years…the bay, fleebay, all kinds of acronyms used on here…

  57. Wes says

    Ordered at 1230hrs 2760XXX. Received an email 15 minutes later showing order total and CC info. Order was in process. Now on order history it shows the 0.00 total and status back ordered.

  58. Dustyroads says

    Wes, You don’t have anything to worry about, that is if you were wondering. The coins will ship in several days.

    thePhelps, That makes sense. It’s just a case of working with the new website.

  59. fmtransmitter says

    Well, if your into flipping, you can now bid on the “Bandit” Trans AM owned by Burt and remember the Bat Mobile went for $4.2 million. The current bid is $110,000 for the TA…

  60. mark says

    @Wes..Same as mine…but credit card has been (pinged) for full amount. Just not charged yet. I think every thing is o.k. …Shows back ordered because that is what they are. Wont ship until Dec. 8th ..then credit card will be hit and it will show shipped. At least that is my thinking.

  61. M says

    These coins are mounted to the panel with a traditional capsule. They can be removed without any harm to the OGP. Which makes me wonder again why NGC wants the packaging?

  62. BFN says

    Unable to order, but allows posting to wish list, then says item not available, remove from wish list! ????

  63. Wes says

    Dusty and Mark, Wasn’t really concerned. Was just posting the info as others had done in previous post. Thanks.

  64. Dave says

    @fmtransmitter says – December 3, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    I’ve also heard some seller’s refer to it as. “Fleece-bay.”


  65. Darek says

    Hello. I just spoke with US Mint CS supervisor and she told that this set was not for sale today at

  66. Dave says

    When I ordered twice, my order’s indicates, sales of approx. 25, every 4 minutes. That was at approx. 2:25 p.m., Eastern.

  67. Dave says

    @Darek says – December 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    Well, then that CS Sup. better lay off the Crack pipe!

  68. Dave says

    @jj says — December 3, 2014 at 8:47 pm
    [@dave looking for 10 sets lmk if you or anyone gets way too many]

    Copy that — track me on this blog & I will notate my record’s, as you are first to ask — “First come First served!”

    “The Real Dave”

  69. Darek says

    Dave call them and ask about this product and after they tell you the product was not in stock today give them your order number and we will see if they going apologize you about false statement. They don’t know what is going on there.

  70. Dave says

    @Darek says – December 3, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    “Dave call them . . . ”

    Heck NO! You are right, some of them don’t have a clue; therefore, I don” want them to f-up (excuse French) my order.

    I have called them recently, and they had no idea, I had to give directions to the Rep on how to navigate their own website! Too many smoking Crack, I think/

  71. NC_Stacker says

    M if what you are saying is that easy. Someone will try to swap out the coin for a standard SAC to see if they can get an error coin in the C & C set from NGC. I know they would catch it, but some dishonest people might try to be sneaky.

    It would be interesting to see what people have attempted to get graded.

  72. Tom D says

    As of 8:17 pm CST, this page was marked “out of stock” and “backorder” and there was no button to click to add it to the shopping cart . . .

    If I understand the mint’s definition of “out of stock,” it would seem to mean that they are still making more? Or, at least there is a possibility?

    Don’t understand why you can’t order it and at least ‘get in line’ while they make more. Seems rather silly.

  73. Michael Zapolski Sr. says

    Mint website now “Out of Stock” and will not allow orders to be made….

    Somethings wrong here!

  74. KEITHSTER says

    Man missed all the hupla was on at 9:30am but didn’t get back till3:00pm out of stock again. But am ok with it now hope you all are too? Still sticking to my first thoughts though that 25,000 in the first pressing so with the #’s known that would leave the big boys order at 10,000 wow must be nice so if 1 out of 10 are keepers and for Denver that’s being kind you all just ordered 9,000 and if backordered from the get go He’s not done looking them over yet but should be by the 8th. The #,s should speak loudly next time? My lucky 7 came today ordered 10:00am on Sunday but he gets to back the truck in right so it should not be to much longer 7 days is 7 days! So that leaves 28 days to press the rest bet they use the remind me and maybe the 100 limit on those or not ? The paper #,s should be higher as he got the last order that day but man what’s with all the scratches o not opening that box? Hope I’m Wrong So Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  75. JimR says

    As of 16:45 pacific time the website indicates out of stock and backorders at the same time but no order appears to be possible

  76. jhawk92 says

    I am just getting to reading the blog now as I have been in events for the Orion launch tomorrow morning. I see the mint is showing out of stock again and I can’t back order. If there are folks who got more than they need, let me know and I would take two to help reduce your overage. These will be going to the kids as a way to get them interested in collecting. Thanks.

  77. Jerry Diekmann says

    No way to order the set – out of stock – again! Are there a bunch of insane people running the Mint now? I only wanted to get 2 of them, but I’m not going through this hassle. Maybe they’ll have their act together by Dec. 22 when the FDR set goes on sale. I didn’t want to pay extra shipping for this set anyway. I wonder what all those buyers who paid big bucks for this “rare” set are thinking now. “Once bitten, twice shy”. A hell of a way to run an organization if you ask me.

  78. A&L Futures says

    @ jhawk92 & Mike Palmer,

    One more thing — if you’re interested, be sure to point out that you’re MNB’ers when you submit your Best Offer.

  79. Bob R says

    You are a good guy A&L helping our fellow MNB’ers who could not order because of work schedule, my hat off to you.

  80. jhawk92 says

    @A&L- do you have a case that is already opened? I just need two and not sure I would know what do with 27. 🙂

  81. jhawk92 says

    And yes…I do appreciate the gesture. It is a nice community I have come to know here. Thank you!

  82. Larry says

    I wonder when we will see the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Seems the mint is running out of time for this year. Maybe it will go on sale 12/31 for one day?

  83. Louis says

    @Larry- they can sell the limited set into 2015. In fact, the 2013 set only went on sale early in 2014. Only the commems have to end sales in Dec. by law.

  84. A&L Futures says

    @ Bob R,

    When I began collecting coins (circa 2005/6), it was the Sacagawea Dollar that started it all. It was one of the few coins I could afford given my “fixed” Gov’t salary. Each year the set grew, but I found it difficult to break into the Top 10 on PCGS’ Set Registry. Elusive coins (e.g. the Cheerios Dollar, the Glenna Goodacre, and the Wounded Eagle) were completely out of reach. So I asked myself, “How can I continue to collect the coins I love, without breaking the bank?” Then it occurred to me, STOP BUYING other peoples certified coins. So I got educated. I bought all the right/wrong books, subscribed to any/all blogs, opened accounts with several world-renowned Mints, and opened a PCGS account.

    Over the years, coins have come and gone…but the joy remains. Today I buy to flip. I flip so that I can buy those elusive coins (e.g. 1995-W ASEs, ’08 Buffalos, PAEs, and UHRs), which once eluded me.

    I’m sure others here have similar stories; this is mine!

  85. A&L Futures says

    @ jhawk92,

    Unfortunately, no. The only sets I have (right now) are sealed. However, I was able to get an order in today. Send me a line (via eBay); I’ll reply with my terms/conditions once they arrive.

  86. Dave says

    For those of you asking, I will save this information and get back to you, as I might have extra’s. However, I will not know until if and when I get them, et cetera, et cetera.

  87. Eagle One says

    Today, in 2014, the Internet and the Blogosphere has become a mass marketing tool to any person that wishes to engage in commerce or business. Forget transmitting factual scientific information between scientists – those days are gone. Any moron can now pollute your mind with their own personal mental disease as to why you should buy their goods. Additionally, they now have the power of video. Publishers, hard back pages, and copyrights have no historical significance these days. Text copy write pages written in stone by Aristotle mean nothing. Yet, information that constantly morphs on the web has social significance to the niave. The degree of internet information corruption is unbound and the recent true historical information of this country has been compromised by the internet. Additionally, today, the degree of misinformation on the internet is out of control. People these days are educated by watching television talk shows, reading the blogosphere, and using aliases to communicate with others on a personal level. If you can read between the lines – hopefully you can get a shard of truth. Most importantly, you don’t personally fall prey to mass media marketing mind control. Additionally, some people use the blogosphere as a way to viciously attack and psychologically hurt others. The internet is a virtual beast. Use it at your own peril. The only thing the internet is good for these days is ” Price, Availability, and Estimated Time of Delivery.” As for anything else; take it with a shot of SoCo. The Internet Has Changed Everything, it too has changed, and will continue to change.

    This has been a message of the Emergncy Brodcast Systm.

  88. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    For my hobbies or anything, i have never used FaceBook, Twitter or anything online that will reveal personal info. This used to be the norm, now it’s the exception. also i don’t use iphone because they all have a satellite tracking device that zeros your position coordinates every time you make a phone call or send text messages, i will not buy into that crap. make no mistake about it, there are people that collect and archive all this info, your FaceBook profile, all pics you ever posted, etc. maybe im paranoid, but i don’t want to live in a transparent society. Someday all this is going to bite this society in the u know what, i will have no freakking part of it, i just enjoy the coins with no worries.

  89. Erik H says

    A & L,

    You had me beat to the blog post by about a half hour yesterday.

    I was planning to buy on the first sell-out day but somehow forgot to log on to MNB on my lunch break to see if there were any updates. That day I also got home from work a little later than usual and by time I saw the confirmed pics it was “sold” out.

    I knew that Tuesday’s sales numbers would be the key to me getting some (or none) so I just decided to leave the Mint’s web page up and refresh every time I was near a computer. I was a little late for leaving to lunch yesterday but once I saw that you could place an order on the Mint’s site I didn’t was a second!

    Next I went to MNB to share the news and I saw you had already posted the “Breaking News”, congrats to you and all your sets!

    Also, I bought one set from the bay just to make sure I had something (pre-Tuesday’s sale numbers). Hopefully when I get this batch from the Mint I can sell a few extras to dollar cost average down for the few sets I plan to keep. I should have my ebay set in hand today!

  90. fmtransmitter says

    Ok, it came to me how this all went down, finally! (Mint Marketer) Hmmm, how do I sell $2 to all these people for almost $20 w shipping? Hey Perth guy, cmere man, how do I get rid of these? (Perth Guy) as he’s walking through the tool and die shop, “Oh Mate, you got all kinds of possibilities here mate. Look, look here at that machine with the wire brush sticking off it and the computerized machine, MATE, look, all you have to do is run those coins sitting ova there thru that there machine and brazen them up a bit, hear me mate? Are ya listening? (Mint Worker) Yes I am. (Perth) Ok Mate good, now your have a UNIQUE coin, see there mate, but it doesn’t look that unique so you have to tell them it is on this here cardboard thingy that the dollar bill is going in. (Mint Worker) Shouldn’t we use a $2 bill, would make more sense wouldn’t it with the theme and all. (Perth) What is this for? (Mint) Thanksgiving, the first meal we shared when we came to the New World. (Perth) Oh Mate, no mate, didn’t your Country slaughter those people and take their land? No mate, this here is marketing with a capital L. Give them a $1 bill and just have the printer change the wording to, uh, what’s hot right now? (Mint Worker) Enhanced Uncirulated seems to have been quite popular, we can’t sell it as a proof, it is just a small coin run we do every year. This Native series is giving us a headache, we can’t seem to sell them. (Perth) Ok Mate! There ya have it, just run them there coins thru this here machine, call them whatever you just said on the package, and watch these fly off the shelves faster than a ticket to a Kangaroo fight! See here Mate? This is how you sell them there coins, cheers mate, where is that Pub again in Denver?

  91. fmtransmitter says

    *Marketing with a capital M, ha, typing in the dark. (Perth to Mint) when asked what should we use, (Perth) Umm well mate, looks here on this list the Enhanced Uncirculated finish has been used the least, correct Mate? (Mint) Yes. (Perth) Ok, let’s make this here lil baby a EU. (Mint) How? (Perth) Umm, by this here machine over here mate. and on the issue of $2 bill? (Perth) Look here Mate, using a $2 will cost you $50k!!! Do you like losing money OR making money Mate? See, that is your problem here Mate, that is WHY I AM HERE. I want to get to me children Mate. Put a dollar in there an be dun with it Mate. Pub address again? Umm, do you have that Mint Business Credit Card you promised me?

  92. fmtransmitter says

    Larry says
    DECEMBER 3, 2014 AT 11:43 PM

    I wonder when we will see the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Seems the mint is running out of time for this year. Maybe it will go on sale 12/31 for one day?

    Yes, Larry, that set was designed to clear out excess inventory and I assume, returned coins, unfortunately…

  93. fmtransmitter says

    @jhawk92: I am trying to watch this launch, is that YOUR boat entering the launch site making the launch go to HOLD? I have to go to work! lol

  94. fmtransmitter says

    albumaccumulator says
    DECEMBER 4, 2014 AT 7:00 AM

    From Coin World:
    “In announcing the resumption of sales, U.S. Mint officials said Dec. 3 that the bureau plans to produce the maximum authorization of 50,000 sets. ”

    But of course! Did you think any different??

  95. cagcrisp says

    I wish we had a Like button (like FB) and an Unlike button (not on FB) for Posts. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so much Pumping on this blog. FIFO have a Chance of making some $. LIFO haven’t got a Chance. Caveat Emptor…

  96. Goldfinger says

    I checked in the morning at around 7-8am(ish) CST and the C&C sets were out of stock still. I went back around 2 or 3pm (while taking a coffee break at work) and was able to order more sets on back order.

    @ Anyone, is this really the last year for Sac’s/Native American dollars? I was hoping to see a coin image on scalping as part of former Native American culture. Bummer.

  97. CasualCollector says

    FYI – asof 7:36am EST I was able to place an order for the Coin and Currency Set. 🙂

  98. Larry says

    This got me looking at the Goodacre Sac coins on Ebay. I read somewhere that she had 2500 coins all graded by ICG of all people. But on Ebay you also see PCGS and NGC. Why would you take then out of the ICG holder and have them regraded? Seems to me if I buy one, I would want the original ICG holder. Am I missing something (probably, I am always missing something)?
    Those Goodacre coins really look nice, though. Very tempting.

  99. Bernie in FL says

    The Mint is using some mystical ordering method. They are opening ordering in the Morning and closing after a certain amount are ordered. Then all over again! Only time will tell or is it just random to drive us Crazy and coming back to the Mint pages everyday for some reason that is totally unknown and designed by someone at the Mint that is having a bit of Fun with everyone out here. Any ideas?

  100. Frankie says

    What I don’t understand are household limits, or the lack thereof to be precise. With only 50k sets available and considering the low cost of the set it is quite easy to order a large quantity. If you have some money at your disposal you can easily order 1% or more of the entire mintage. This is not good from the mint and they will face a lot of criticism for that later on…

  101. Bernie in FL says


    Your absolutely right! If you read some of the the older threads in this blog there is a guy that talks about he has bought about 1% of these and goes into exactly what you said. Not to mention the big Coin guys like MCM, APMEX, SilverTown, and every other Flipper. Reminds me of Stock manipulation. It’s a thought to consider. Nice point. The mint should have had a limit to avoid this possibility. But again, it’s the Mint 🙂

  102. CasualCollector says

    At 8:53am EST – you can add them to your bag — it does NOT show as BACKORDER anymore…

  103. says


    What’s going on with the Coin & Currency set is actually pretty typical for the Perth Mint. and so something I’m used to They often initially put some of their “hot” items up for sale on the website, allow it to sell out for a few hours, and then put up some more quietly with no fanfare. The second time it goes up, it’s done to to allow for some Australian customers to buy it, but after that the “up and down” seems random.

    I can’t say I’m pleased with the practice, but it seems like in the future we might end up with a situation where we need to monitor MNB comments in order to see when something goes back up for sale.

  104. A&L Futures says

    @ Alfred E. Numismatic,

    Let me know if you were able to get your C&C Set order in (this morning), so I can reply to and/or cancel your Best Offer on eBay.

    This goes for you too jhawk92. :o)

  105. Sith says

    The irony is apparently this batch is ready to ship, but then my order is processing. But then again my order contained multiple items

  106. A&L Futures says

    @ Everyone

    Anyone else notice that your order(s) from yesterday has moved from BACKORDERED to PROCESSING?

  107. Bernie in FL says


    I just went into my account at the Mint and my order from yesterday has reversed to “Back Ordered” also…..

  108. stephen m says

    I got caught up in the excitement(hoopla)and ordered five sets this morning. Maybe nice Christmas gifts? The mint appears to be teasing us.

  109. A&L Futures says

    @ Bernie in FL,

    Mine still shows PROCESSING. Who knows what’s up with the U.S. Mint these days? I’m just happy that so many of us were able to get our orders in when we did.

  110. Bernie in FL says


    Went in this morning to Order more for Christmas Gifts and the order is currently “PROCESSING”. I bet it will go to “Back Ordered” by this afternoon. But I am also happy I could get my order in as I know the Big Guys out there with deep pockets will totally drain these faster than the average guy like you and I can get our hands on them. Especially since the “Remind Me” from the Mint does not seem to work and I had to email a bunch of my friends to get them before the Large Coin Sellers eliminate them before they can get them at this Price…..

  111. stephen m says

    Received processing email @0856. Confirmation email followed @ 0912. The only sac’s I have are the ones in the 2009 proof sets that I purchased for the bronze cents. The mint, so I understood at that time, said that was the only avenue to get the original composition cent. Later a 2009 4-piece cent set was available separate. I ended up with both. I’m going to make my fortune when the 2009 bronze penny becomes ridiculously high priced. I don’t know what the actual worth of one currently is.

  112. Bernie in FL says

    Has anyone seen a PCGS graded $1 C & C Sag anywhere? I would love to see the Label that PCGS has out and if it is true that they are Not designating them as First Strike. Especially how they are Grading them since NGC has a special label and grading just about all of them 70’s………….

  113. Teach says

    So how long will these coins be available? Will we see a sell out today now that they opened up ordering again? This also makes me wonder what yesterday was all about. Is the window only open for a few hours again today? Too many questions on what the mint is up to these days. They sure make it interesting. I just ordered some more and my account states it is “Processing”.

  114. jj says

    just picked up a set – nothing like paying a total of almost $19 (with shipping of course) for $2 worth of stuff. hope this retains/gains value in the future. i like the enhanced frostings…mmm

  115. says

    By the way, not sure any of you noticed, but in the Coin World article the Mint says they were “caught off guard” by the stampede.

    Were they really? A “sleeper” coin with a unique finish, with the two previous varieties (Kennedy and Silver Eagle) both being big hits, no ordering limits and also a low mintage? That’s a recipe for a stampede and high premiums!

  116. Bernie in FL says

    Ordered a few $1 C & C Sets yesterday and today. Here are the numbers I have and time frames:

    USM02760xxx 12/3/2014 1:48pm This order contains 1 item. BACKORDER
    USM02764xxx 12/4/2014 8:52am This order contains 1 item. ON HOLD

    Anyone else with numbers for today and (or) yesterday?

  117. VA Bob says

    Extended order history is now back on the Mint Website, in case anyone is interested. Back to Jan 1, 2008 in my case.

  118. Larry says

    I would have thought this would have sold out already. Maybe the big boys are staying away. Not really that much money in it for them.

  119. CasualCollector says

    Any information on the dollar bills — and any more news on the Serial Numbers? Has a range been established yet? I would really like to have a note that ends in 8888 or 888 (if anyone want to sell one?)

  120. VA Bob says

    I stand by what I said days ago, the Mint was very clever being hush, hush about the C & C set and then dribbling these out. They’ll sell all 50K no problem. They will have a future premium, but unfortunately 50K for a non circulating coin is not a rarity. The big money will come from the initial flipping, and scarce high grades. If these golden dollars ever circulate that could change things, but for better or worse, I don’t see the $1 bill going away any time soon. In any case you have one of each with this set.

  121. J. Allen says

    Ordered $1 C&C at approx. 9:55 CT, Order #2765XXX; backordered to 12/08.
    I ordered over the phone and was surprised to receive Free Shipping as order was over $100.00; I was under the impression the Free Shipping was only available to “on line” orders?

  122. Larry says

    @ VA Bob, 50 K is not a rarity, maybe. But it all boils down to supply and demand. 2000 First Spouse coins would seem a rarity, but nobody wants them. Gotta be a lot more Sac collectors. Maybe this won’t be a huge rarity, but 50K for an everyday coin is still pretty low. The 62K 1998-S Kennedy has held up pretty well. I would think this would do about the same. Plus IMHO it is a neat coin, it grows on you. It has gotten me interested in the Sac series, which I was not before. Maybe this has happened to other collectors?

  123. Ends in Error says

    OMG my OCD has kicked in again. Before I realized what I was doing I clicked in 2 more orders of 5 sets ( refuse to be manipulated by free shipping ; ) ). Now what will I do with all these sets? How do I cancel ? God help me with this OCD Numisdisease . 🙁

  124. Ends in Error says

    What I want to know is – can I get my unopened boxes of 10’s & 5’s slabbed by anyone? PCI ? Uncle Fidos’ Specialty Slabbing Service? Anyone ?

  125. JBK says

    Re: Goodacre Sacs.
    It was my understanding that she sold off half of them and held onto half. Not sure who did what slabbing but this might acount for the different labels. Also, those really have value based on the provenance, so I would think that the actual label is of less importance than the fact that thet are cetified as part of the Goodacre source.

  126. Dave says

    @Eagle One says – December 4, 2014 at 3:10 am
    “Gary, Blow me.”

    Thought you were married — you are gay? I mean, if you are that’s fine, just asking?

  127. VA Bob says

    Larry – Oh, no argument that it is a nice coin. As to how many SAC collectors there are, well that’s subjective. To have a complete set one would need the Cheerios SAC (5500 mintage, fewer known) and the Goodacre pieces (5000 minted different finish). So that in itself would limit the number of hardcore SAC collectors. Don’t forget when the SP JFK 1998 S came out the half dollar was produced for circulation and it had a much larger following than the SAC ever had. There are people that still don’t know these golden dollars exist.

    I hope you’re right and this coin stimulates interest in collecting, but I have my doubts. You have people buying 100’s of C & C sets, presumably to sell to others, so I doubt many new collectors are going to be drawn in by an inflated secondary market. If these reach CV or HSN in quantity, they will hype them up and reach the crowds that shop there. The Mint hasn’t helped this reach new collectors one bit. Collectors, such as yourself, are smart enough to research blogs like MNB and others, so that’s a leg up. Many don’t. I’m not being down on the coin, the SAC collectors, or even the flippers. My guess is that this years special clad and silver JFK offerings that have already sold, far outstrips the JFK collector base. I feel it will be the same with the SAC’s even with the 50K.

    BTW of the widely distributed SAC’s the 2008 P satin finish (sold in the annual mint set) is the lowest @ 745,464. It was also the last year of the State Quarter Program.

  128. Bernie in FL says

    WOW!!! Here we go again. The Mint has Closed the “Back Order”. I’m beginning to think the Mint is releasing a certain amount of these everyday thru Christmas. Could the Mint actually be thinking of us little guys and not allowing the Big Coin Company’s from absorbing the rest and inflating the prices on the Secondary Market? Would be a first, but it seems this way for now. Only time will tell……..

  129. VA Bob says

    From the Mint today @ 11.26 (I inquired yesterday late evening):

    Please be advised that at the moment TA9 (American C&C set) is currently on backorder and will be available for purchase in the future. Remember to stay informed about all of our new products by referring to our full product schedule on our website. It will let you know the dates for all of our product releases. Also make sure to check your span in case you did not receive a reminder for a certain product. We advise that you also look in the secondary market for availability, or check back with us regularly. Again we apologize for the frustration this may have caused, and hope that you can continue to enjoy our services at the United States Mint. Thank you.

    They didn’t even get “spam” spelled right. BTW check the secondary market… lol 😀

  130. CasualCollector says

    Interesting note: If you add the C&C Set to your “WISH LIST”, they give you the following message:

    Item No:TA9
    This product is currently unavailable. Please remove it from your list.

  131. Jeff says

    It may well be that the mint is rationing orders, if large numbers are ordered by a few customers. Even though there is no household limit, they may be reducing large quantity orders and blocking new ones while those orders are reviewed. In the olden days (pre-web ordering) that was a common practice when there was a particularly popular issue. This was also before TPGs existed to create ‘label rarities’ and simply performed the service of grading coins.
    If this is the case, the we may see this recur over the next few days. I hope this is the case; if not, then there will likely be a big uptick in prices for a while in the secondary market, followed by fire sales to empty inventories of non-moving items. We shall see.

  132. Phil says

    I’m getting really disgusted with the US mint. This coin is pretty much the last straw for me. First, the never emailed me that it was back in stock, after I signed up for the email list. Second, they go on sale late in the evening and then say “out of stock” shortly thereafter. I think it’s all a scam to benefit the big coin dealers and other of their large customers. I am through buying anything from the mint. A similar thing happened last year with the proof buffalo 1 oz. I was forever on the backorder list, with an estimated shipping date that kept pushing out, and then after a couple of months of waiting, was told that it was not available. They don’t cater to the single coin collectors at all, but cater to the big coin dealers who buy in big volume, flooding the market later and depressing the return on investment.

  133. Bernie in FL says


    Could it be that the Mint is allowing around 5000 to be ordered everyday? This way they do not send a reminder out to the Big Coin guys and the little guys has a chance? Seems way too simple, but just might be the case. We’ll know tomorrow……..

  134. Ends in Error says

    Looks like they’re doing a small daily production run and then opening up orders for that many. Great idea. Keeps Labor at a steady pace. No need for layoffs or new hires.

  135. Larry says

    @ JBK – RE- Goodacre Sac, I read her family kept 2500. The other 2500 were sent to ICG. So to me, I see no good reason to submit to PCGS or NGC. But that is just me. There must be a good reason, many on Ebay are PCGS or NGC.
    So really, the number available to collectors is 2500, unless someday the family decides to sell the rest.

  136. Bernie in FL says

    @Ends in Error

    The following post by JEFF was made earlier and I think he has it right……

    “It may well be that the mint is rationing orders, if large numbers are ordered by a few customers. Even though there is no household limit, they may be reducing large quantity orders and blocking new ones while those orders are reviewed. In the olden days (pre-web ordering) that was a common practice when there was a particularly popular issue. This was also before TPGs existed to create ‘label rarities’ and simply performed the service of grading coins.
    If this is the case, the we may see this recur over the next few days. I hope this is the case; if not, then there will likely be a big uptick in prices for a while in the secondary market, followed by fire sales to empty inventories of non-moving items. We shall see.”

  137. JBK says

    Re: Goodacre Sacs: no idea, either, why someone would resubmit to another svc. Also seems risky, if the new grading svc did not carry over the attribution. (I have a PCGS slab with a silver coin from the WTC vault with special label attesting to such, and the coin is badly rotated in the slab. I wanted PCGS to reslab it but they said they would not recreate the WTC label/attribution!).

    As for 2014 C&C sets, I guess these are being made to order. I wonder how many “sell outs” this product will have before the final one.

    As far as I am concerned,this method of selling only enhances their desirability on the secondary market.

    As to who collects them? Probably the same people who account for the millions of circulation quality Sacs sold on the Mint’s website every year. Not to mention lots of people who don’t specifically collect the series but like the unique verison in this set. I have no estimate as to long-term value, but I am confident that it will settle in at a price that is soldly above issue price.

  138. VA Bob says

    Bernie – Good theory, but I believe the big guys know. There isn’t a big profit margin, after grading costs, right now. They are holding them until they are sold out completely, then they could ask for mad money. Too much little flipper completion right now. I recall when the Washington golden dollars came out, CV had them in NGC holders non-graded with BU designations for $18. I believe they are holding out for more.

    Besides it will also be difficult to get 70’s. While the dies might be special, the way they produce them probably isn’t. In fact I’d venture to guess the entire mintage of enhanced SAC’s have been struck over the course of a day or two. It isn’t one guy on a press doing one at a time (although I have watched them do that for medals at the Philly Mint and it moves along quickly). I believe Cag said he had one with a scratch, which means no special handling, and why would they for a $14 set?

  139. Larry says

    Backorder, out of stock. Backorder, out of stock. Seems to be two buttons, and a mad man. Just take the danged orders until you sell 50K, then have “sold out” light up. I mean how hard can it be?

  140. VA Bob says

    JBK – Tap the holder on the edge to rotate the coin. Plenty of videos on youtube to show how this is done.

    Also don’t for get many of the SAC’s sold are in rolls and bags, yes there are millions out their, but each coin doesn’t represent one collector.

  141. IPS_STUFF says

    Well as far as shipping, they are not messing around. I have some C&C orders from yesterday that already have a tracking number.

  142. NC_Stacker says

    For new collectors in coins, the SAC’s is a good set the start with. They have been out for fourteen years. That would be something a new collector can build ( minus the Goodacre and Cheerio coins) to have an almost complete set. And since their popularity isn’t like other coins, over time these forgotten coins will IMHO gain in value.

    P.S thanks to this forum, today I ordered a case.

  143. JBK says

    VA Bob says – thx for the advice – i will give it a try. My couin is not a SE – it s a South American coin of some kind (Peru?) that was in the WTC vault, so probabaly was not a good fit in the holder.

    True that the millions of Sacs sold every year are in rolls and bags, but someone is saving them (who??). 50,000 mintage is 1000 per state – I do not consider that excessive. Were the EU 2014 $ a lot more expensive,then it might not have as much after-market potential for increase, but it is low priced enough that many will go into collections never to be seen again, and the availability on the market for anyone looking for one might be a bit limited. This is once the dust settles, of course.

  144. Bernie in FL says


    I found that if a Coin is in a PCGS and not straight. I just put it in a Freezer zip lock bag. Put the bag and coin in the Freezer for an hour. These causes the Coin to contract as well as the holder around the coin. Then you just take it out of the Freezer Bag and “Lightly Tap” the holder until it straightens out in the holder and set it down until it reaches room temperature. Works all the time………

    I have not yet tried it out on a NGC holder yet as I have not gotten one out of straight. But I assume it would do the same.

  145. Bernie in FL says

    @Dave SW FL

    Can I ask how many you Ordered? Mine should have gone thru since yesterday’s early order. But I decided to bite the bullet and buy 25 of them and get it over with for Christmas Presents.

    I have a hunch that the Mint is holding back on Large Orders (whatever their definition of Large is) as not to allow the Big Coin Guys the edge on getting them graded to Flip early.

    I’m wondering if my order was for 10 or less they would have sent out like yours already? Or do they just have singles ready to go?

  146. Frankie says

    Here are a few numbers:
    “J. Allen” posted December 4, 2014 at 11:16 am:
    “Ordered $1 C&C at approx. 9:55 CT, Order #2765XXX…”
    I placed my last order Dec04 at 8:30am ET with Order #27640xx.

    This means that between 8:30am and 10:55am ET the US Mint received approx. 1000 orders. And this was just today’s ordering window. My yesterday’s order was Order #27605xx; i.e. 35k orders fewer than mine today!

    The last sales report shows that 14,073 of these sets were sold thus far. Considering 50k being made, this left approx. 36k left for sale since Monday.

    With >1000 orders today and xxxx orders yesterday I think it’s safe to assume that this set is now SOLD OUT.

  147. says

    Thanks to everyone that ordered all they can get, some of us only wanted one at mint price not from the flippers price. you suck

  148. Dave SW FL says


    10 sets alone in my order.

    2 sets ordered with Glades pucks on original offering arrived last Fri, but I just got them because I was out of town

  149. Bernie in FL says

    @Dave SW FL

    Thanks for the update. I still figure that more than 10 puts a Hold on the processing. I’m starting to think the Mint is really starting to think over there. But past performance is not indicative of Future performance! I just hope they have figured out how to let us small guys have the same opportunity as the Big Coin Guy’s. You’d think the Chicago ANA Kennedy fiasco taught them something.

    Thanks again for being honest here and letting me know again.

  150. Ray says

    I’m with you, @Brian… WTF… some of us just wanted one or two for our own collections, not hundreds to flip.

  151. fmtransmitter says

    Larry says
    DECEMBER 4, 2014 AT 1:31 PM

    Backorder, out of stock. Backorder, out of stock. Seems to be two buttons, and a mad man. Just take the danged orders until you sell 50K, then have “sold out” light up. I mean how hard can it be?

    Like the activate deactivate enrollments, which means nothing BTW…

  152. Mr. Kairu says


    Sorry you were unable to get a set, but that doesn’t mean it is anyone’s fault here. If it weren’t for some of the guys here many others would not have noticed that the set came back on sale (thank you for that btw A&L and others). Plus I have already seen a couple on this thread that were willing to sell some of their extra sets to people who asked and let them know they were MNB. So sorry you feel differently but I for one am grateful for the updates/posts/camaraderie of the people here on Mint News Blog.

  153. fmtransmitter says

    For new collectors in coins, the SAC’s is a good set the start with. They have been out for fourteen years. That would be something a new collector can build ( minus the Goodacre and Cheerio coins)

    great, give them a series with two virtually unattainable coins to start with…lol

  154. fmtransmitter says

    JBK says
    DECEMBER 4, 2014 AT 3:28 PM

    Thx for the tips on fixing crooked coins in slabs – will try them out.

    Agrre! Thx, learn something new everyday in here! Thanx MNB!

    Does anyone suspect our old friend Jon has been finally blocked? It has been so pleasant lately..

  155. mark says

    My two orders from yesterday have both shipped. One box of 25 and one box of 8….Order #USM027604xx

  156. Mr. Kairu says

    I assume my two sets are going to take a while since I put a JFK unc. set in with the order and they were back ordered to who knows when…

  157. IPS_STUFF says

    >>> RAY & BRIAN
    Why didn’t you order some then? there have be multiple times to order these, many days before these two windows on Wednesday & Thursday !!!

  158. JBK says

    Well said Mr. Kairu. On the one hand, some on MNB have ordered (far) more than their share, but on the other hand, this is THE place to get up to date information on what is happening with the Mint and its products. MNB readers do not hesitate to share information, so regular readers will be kept informed and will have a chance to get in on whatever deals there are to be had. Even the flippers and hoarders are forthcoming about availability and new discoveries.

    A few days ago I decided to check around to see what other sources were saying about the 2014 C&C set, and another site that will remain unnamed (OK, it was Coin World) had the lamest article imaginable. It had no details on the frenzy caused by the discovery that the dollar coin was enhanced, and it only mentioned the first sales figure that represented sales prior to the discovery of the EU coin; he left the impression that there were lots of sets left for people to order. I felt bad doing it but I sent the author a frank email and was not too complementary, and I suggested that he check out MNB if he wanted to know what was going on, and I suggested that he could then share the details with his CW readers. Well, today he posted a new article and it was far more informative and up to date, and represented a much better analysis of the situation. So, everyone benefitted.

    My advice – check MNB on a regular basis and you will stay informed. With that knowledge, you can act accordingly to make sure you get what you want/need from the Mint.

  159. says


    If you want to know when the sets go back on sale, keep an eye on the comments section of this blog, both the posts and comments together are the best source of information on the internet for US coins, bar none.

    I probably would have missed ordering a set for myself and one for my friend during “round two” of ordering if not for A&L Futures.

  160. Bernie in FL says


    Sorry you missed out on the Set today. But if history has something to do with it. They may open up tomorrow again. One of the reasons I read this Blog and threads.

    If you trust the Mint to email you on the reminder list. All of us here would be in the same boat. Its the reason this Blog works……..

  161. Bernie in FL says

    Ordered a few More C & C’s yesterday at 1 pm and still on Back Order. Anyone have theirs on the way with an Order Number higher than mine? USM027643xx

  162. Ray says

    I really like this blog. It’s the only one I read on a regular basis related to coin collecting. I’m just a simple collector. I collect mainly OGP stuff from the mint, although I have a few slabbed coins. I did buy 2 of the C&C sets on the first day/minute of availability, even before news broke about the uniqueness of the Sac coin. I was merely venting a little frustration with those who buy tons of these very limited sets to flip. As a regular coin guy, it just makes me mad. I wish the mint had put a household ordering limit on them of 5. It just feels like the BHOF fiasco all over again. People buy everything up and wait for it to sell out to flip for profit. What ever happened to just collecting one or two for personal appreciation? It all just feels like a business, not a hobby anymore.

  163. Bernie in FL says


    Feel your frustration. I ordered 25 sets two days ago. I am Not a seller, I simply have been collecting from the Mint for most of my life now. The reason I got so many, as some here would state. Is to get individuals interested in collecting again. I give them to my Mail person, UPS person, my yard guy, my children, and my friends. They make great gifts for Christmas and in some respect better than Gift Cards.

    If we do not catch the younger generation in Coin Collecting and away from Collecting the next Grand Theft Auto Video game, all will be lost.

    Just a thought……….

  164. Mr. Kairu says


    I, and many others here I am sure, feel the same way. Too much of the hobby has shifted to a profit focus instead of the collection focus. I will admit there were times I too wanted to buy some things and resell for profit (got burned too many times so that is why I stay away from it now). It is just something we have to live with unfortunately. Collect what you like and hope you can get some deals wherever you shop for them!

  165. mark says

    I will give some as gifts to..Just hope they do not say..that cheap bastard only gave me 2 bucks!!!!

  166. TimTom says

    @NC_Stacker – Bust Quarters or perhaps 3 cent nickel and silvers but proof only … jk LOL

    Almost every coin has a key. Lincoln cents – 1909-s vdb, matte proofs if you include them. Jefferson nickels you’ve got the matte proofs. Roosevelt dimes are reasonable but do contain PM so not great for beginners. Washington quarters – 32 d and s. Kennedy halves? No, not with this year lol. Maybe Franklin halves if you exclude proofs and don’t go for FBL. Dollars? Ikes are my fave but T2 are elusive as are most early year Gems. SBAs are a short run, but 81 type 2 is a huge key.

    If I had to pick I’d go with Circulating Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes (only the 96-W could really be a key) or Ikes/Sacs-NA. Older series were precluded for obvious reasons in the above.

  167. jhawk92 says

    @fmt-nope not my boat. I was on dry land as close as they would allow. I’ve been on the program for 10+ years, and have sat on console, so I know how days like this go. Watching the various issues to see if we try again tomorrow.

    @A&L-no joy on mint order today, as I didn’t have the ability to surf while at the launch, and the mint is back to unable to order. I’m happy to proceed as I will have limited net capability for the next several days..

  168. Tinto says


    How true. I would not have known about the enhanced unc SAC if I had not been reading MNB regularly. I bought two and turns out I am actually collecting enhanced uncs too since this is only the third one made by the Mint (so far) and I already have the other 2 as part of sets.

  169. Wes says

    My order from yesterday at 1230 shipped this morning. Interesting since site said expected in stock 12/8. Ordered two sets. I couldn’t care less how many sets anyone else has ordered. Good for you if you were paying attention and got one.

  170. fmtransmitter says

    NC_Stacker says
    DECEMBER 4, 2014 AT 4:33 PM

    fmtransmitter Then what would you suggest to be a good coin to start a collection with?

    Depends on what one likes…Don’t take it the wrong way NC. Sacs could be a good one, I was only saying that to COMPLETE it would be difficult. Like when I was a kid, it was the satisfaction of getting the LAST “whatever” to COMPLETE a series of “whatever” and give that huff of breath out of your lungs, look upon your accomplishment with pride, and then start to ponder your NEXT mission…Here is a start..

  171. fmtransmitter says

    @jhawk92: was almost late to work waiting for the “scrub” words to come from MC. Better luck in the morning and God speed!

  172. jhawk92 says

    Starter coin sets…I’ve been giving that some thought recently as my son has started expressing an interest in collecting. The Sac set seems like a good way to go…not PM and so most coins should be readily available. Yes, there are a few key coins, but that give them something to chase on their own and give them the thrill of finishing the set if they want.

    I also put together a set of raw Ike’s and while the Type 2 is tougher, and is still on my watch list to round out. Did the same with Franklins, raw, and have a pretty nice set there. I may decide to get graded coins, but for now, I like what I’ve done. I think the kids will enjoy it as well. May also do pennies with them, though my son pulled a 1934 Mercury dime out of a roll, and seemed to have caught the bug. 🙂

  173. Bernie in FL says


    Never thought of it that way. LOL

    Might have to drop in a Gift Card this year too……… 🙂

  174. NC_Stacker says

    @TimTom lol. I think the 64 peace dollar is a bear to find as a Key date for Peace dollar series. 🙂

    @fmtransmitter – you don’t have to worry about feelings, they are left on this side of the keyboard. Always open for a good discussion.

    But both of you do have a good point that I now remember as told a long time ago that Jefferson nickels are a very good way to start. I still find in pocket change dates from the 40’s and 50’s from time to time.

    But finding the 45 steal nickel……………

  175. NC_Stacker says

    Mark you will know that they will say that by the look on their face. WTF. Is this.€%#^|37

    Too funny.

  176. says

    Mr. Kairu, I just collect for myself I do not flip for profit. People do what People do, just when there’s a limited amount I wish the mint would limit the amount allowed. If you want to sell me one for mint price plus shipping send me a email for arranagements. Sorry about the last comment. Brian

  177. thePhelps says

    I think if you are going to start collecting coins… an place to start would be the Lincoln Memorial pennies. There are plenty of variations – and error coins to be sure… but a new collector can find many in change and the ones they can’t are still relatively inexpensive when compared to some sets.

  178. Gary says

    I ordered 2 the first day they came out and received them before Thanksgiving. I ordered 5 yesterday just to see if the order would take and low and behold, they shipped out already. So I will sell you one for cost if you would like.

  179. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    @ A&L

    Let me know if you were able to get your C&C Set order in (this morning)

    Thanks A&L. Just got home. I did place an order this AM, #2674xxx for some more. What fun!

  180. VA Bob says

    NC_Stacker – The Civil Rights coin is a good one to start collecting. Plenty of them to be had! LOL 🙂

  181. Sith says

    I also like the penny to start out…you have wheat cents, memorials, now the Union Shield, steal war pennies, then add the 4 bicentennials. If not foreign coins (2 Euro commemoratives, or ancients?) also do the trick. Then their is the tried and true State\ATB quarters.

    1964 Peace dollars rare? I have a whole roll of them , they are right next to my 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel. 🙂

    My order also shipped

  182. VA Bob says

    Ray and Brian – IMO I believe you both will have another chance. It says out of stock at the mint, which we know does not mean sold out. I recommend you look at the Mint web page each morning early and check MNB. The window is getting smaller, so you’re going to have to be vigilant.

    I agree, personally I don’t know why anyone would need more than a few for gifts or their own collection. That said, someone is going to by quantities of these. I’d rather it be the good company here on the MNB that the huge resellers. I don’t have an issue with someone making a little money, it’s going to happen. Just because it’s not my style, I’m not going to put it down. Those guys also take a risk with their own cash.

  183. jhawk92 says

    @fmt-yeah I hear you there. We were there for the duration and figured things were done earlier but the program certainly wants to get this mission off. My brother was watching on the west coast and was in the same boat.

    I like the Lincoln Memorial penny idea for kids. I would like to go after a Peace dollar set or maybe a Walking Liberty. But those would be slabbed.

  184. fmtransmitter says

    I have that 4 coin set of first year Presidential dollars with the aluminum ring around them..Ya’ll know which ones I am talking about? They are rare but garner little interest right now. I am banking that one day when that series ends and someone has to have them ALL will pay a pretty penny for them. They are all in NGC holders as well…

  185. VA Bob says

    For new collectors, Ike’s and SBA’s are a good start and still obtainable in the no longer made catagoy. So are the JFK’s, along with the SAC’s. For a twist, one could also try the modern commems, either half or dollar pieces, there are some tough ones, but most are plentiful and available. The old commems are also good, many were made, they are plentiful, but high quality will be more of a challenge. One could fill a set, then upgrade as time and funds permit.

  186. VA Bob says

    Sith – Funny you should mention the 64D Peace Dollar. You can collect them in a way. I have a few of the Daniel Carr examples. I wouldn’t sell them but, they do pop up from time to time on the bay. They seem to be doing well.
    For those that never heard of them, they are actual Peace dollars that Mr. Carr re-struck on his personal ex-Denver Mint press. I’ve seen others, but none look as true to the original as these do. Perhaps because of Mr. Carr’s actual experience with coin design and manufacture. I believe one of his designs was selected for a state quarter.

  187. Small time collector says

    off topic of this post: how ary you guys handling the k13’s that are sent out with blemished coins?
    I ordered 2 sets had to return both because both s mint’s had blemishes consisting of tool marks on the rim and ding marks on the lettering at 11 and 2 o’clock (or so) on the obverse.
    I marked my return to be replaced with another set. After about 2 weeks I heard nothing but had a credit to my cc account. I had to call cs and get a new order placed after confirming that one was not on the way.
    Today I received my new order, and the uncirculateds (both) have damage, one a chunk missing from the rim next to the “Y” of liberty and the other a spot growing from JFK’s chin that looks like a wart growing from it, and a very apparent crease on his neck. The balance of the coins are fine. I realize I have to return the entire set, yet have considered keeping these as the proofs and enhanced look good. I suppose I can buy off the bay the unc’s, BUT wth is the mint doing about qc these days?

  188. VA Bob says

    Bob – Some of his stuff I like some I don’t, but I think he did a great job on the Peace and the JFK. He also made a proof-like ASE for 2009, so people could fill their albums.

  189. stephen m says

    VA Bob, I had almost forgotten them. I have one of DC’s 1964 peace dollars. If I remember right he re punched 2 different versions. Looks like they are doing well indeed. I remember they were limited to 1964 pieces, I think. Looks like the real thing except for the DC mint mark. He also struck some 2009 proof ASE’s that look nice to fill the gap for the year the mint didn’t make any plus some of his own creations. Very talented man.

  190. Erik H says

    My order shipped today as well. I see “Buy it Now” prices are under $28 with free shipping on bay. One guy is selling 5 for $125 with free shipping. Current auction prices are still in the $28-$32 range, but looks like prices are slipping.

  191. VA Bob says

    Stephan M – those Carr Peace Dollars only have a “D” mint mark on them. He did place diagnostics so one can tell the Mint didn’t produce them.

  192. jj says

    @ Dave still looking as i guess don’t know when to look to order the cs rep told me wouldn’t be up till the 8th but was apparently there this morning I am still looking for 10 some how need to make e-mail contact with ya I see there is another jj on her but Iam the 1 who asked THE REAL JJ

  193. jhawk92 says

    @fmt- he is in Portland. We are a “go” to try again tomorrow. Same time. Valve issue is fixed. Weather forecast is not as good but we will see how things go.

  194. Jeff says

    Interesting note to all this. I was able to get an order in for 4 C&C sets this morning, and added a couple of K14s which also show as back ordered, but my order seems to indicate the K14s will ship soon along with a proof set, as they show a charge and the 4 C&Cs do not show a charge, but my card has been hit with the full order amount.

  195. Mr. Kairu says


    No problem sir we understand your frustration. Unfortunately I, like you, am not a flipper and only have ordered two sets that still haven’t shipped yet. According to an earlier post of his in this thread, though, it seems A&L Futures has some for sale and says to mention you’re from MNB. I think you will be able to get another chance with this coin though so good luck to you!

  196. Dave says

    @MikeinPA says — December 4, 2014 at 9:10 pm
    “anybody think there will be in upward movement in silver in the upcoming year?”

    Affirmative — it is already creeping back up. It appears we’ve had the big correction.

  197. Dave says

    @jj says–December 4, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    “@ Dave still looking as i guess don’t know when to look to order the cs rep told me wouldn’t be up till the 8th but was apparently there this morning I am still looking for 10 some how need to make e-mail contact with ya I see there is another jj on her but Iam the 1 who asked THE REAL JJ”

    The Mint had some for sale this morning, if you can use the Internet and never mind the customer Reps, I don’t know what they are thinking!

    Anyway, I do not know if and when mine will be delivered — my ship stau is “Back Order” with no date.

    A little FYI, I have 20, in my order bag from this morning; however it will not let me purchase them at this time. I will try to get them, as soon as the Mint shows stock again.

    Did you also check with the other Blogger, who posted yesterday, he had some for sale?

    You asked me first, if I recall correctly. What I’ll do if I have extra’s or can get some more, I will post a temp address on this site and then proceed with you from that point.

    Until then continue to track me here — sometimes, I will post only that “I am checking in.”

  198. fmtransmitter says

    @VA Bob: I love Carrs stuff, and it is catching on, but my Feast dollar looks way too cool to spend $500+ on a fantasy silver dollar re-strike. The work in stellar, I just can think of many other things to drop 5 bills on…

    @jhawk92: Good Luck, I will be watching. Never heard of Portland except Maine and Oregon. I am Tampa Bay.

  199. VA Bob says

    FM – I agree. I bought my Peace Dollars from Carr directly when they were much cheaper. No way I wouldn’t do it today, at the secondary prices.

  200. Dave says

    @Brian says–December 4, 2014 at 2:58 pm
    “Thanks to everyone that ordered all they can get, some of us only wanted one at mint price not from the flippers price. you suck”

    Hey, hey — now, be careful that is not nice . I am not a flipper and ordered more than a few — whether you flip or not that is sometimes the name of the game, regardless of how one feels.

  201. Sith says

    @MikeinPA – In what currency? Speculatively speaking of course it should go up, but with the deflationary spiral that appears to be happening it will have to wait for QE4.

  202. Mr. Kairu says


    Blast, that is like my favorite number right there! If it was really important to me I would ask about a possible trade, but it isn’t… 😛 we will see what my two sets will be!

  203. Dave says

    @VA Bob: Your comment:

    “I agree, personally I don’t know why anyone would need more than a few for gifts or their own collection. That said, someone is going to by quantities of these. I’d rather it be the good company here on the MNB that the huge resellers. I don’t have an issue with someone making a little money, it’s going to happen. Just because it’s not my style, I’m not going to put it down. Those guys also take a risk with their own cash.”

    Affirmative — that is how the free market/enterprise works, said very well. I make a little pocket change here and to support this habit; I also have a young son, who get’s to learn about coins and more this way.

    My suggestion then to those that are frustrated — be proactive, take some risk, play the game, learn from this blog and this knowledge base. And know that most of us paid (cost of hobby/business) for our education this way — Numismatic/Coin University (NCU) if you will.

  204. M says

    I think its as simple as the new website preventing orders once the item drops out of stock or until the US Mint turns the item back on. It has something to do with not being able to take orders for items on credit cards unless they are in stock. It is silly to me as in past backorders worked fine…just charge when it ships.

  205. Dave says

    Can’t find my glasses for this small device I am using, probably a few spelling/grammatical issues.

  206. Dustyroads says

    Yes, sold out, that’s what it says. Nothing is surprising at this point. I’m calling the Mint CS.

  207. Dustyroads says

    CS rep wasn’t exactly very much help. Just got off the phone with him and he told me he didn’t know, but that it would not be certain until the product was removed from the website.

    I guess know by whether it’s tomorrow or not.

  208. Senior says

    What I write is my prospective which to most of you has no meaning.First of all our host as I see is working to keep us informed and I applaud him as should you .These offering have become corrupt not by the mint but by those choosing finicial gain which seems to be dominate..for ever action there is a reaction believe it or not there are still grass root collectors of modern yes there is a lot of crap but crap to you may be a potential gem to others.Marketing adjustment buy the mint is reaction to guess what your actions.Seem the todayers are screwing up guys like me that buy selectively yes what we choose.Ok even I see fault in the mint choices of distribution of this current product but stop and listen your juvenile repores are the cause.This is my opinion and I wish all collectors of moderns reach there goal,bless the true collector and thanks to our HOST

  209. Dustyroads says

    MikeinPA says

    December 4, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    anybody think there will be in upward movement in silver in the upcoming year?

    Sure Mike, then down, then back up again.
    Surly you can see the trend, take advantage of it…a little at a time Mike. Think long.

  210. NC_Stacker says

    “Seem the todayers are screwing up guys like me that buy selectively yes what we choose”

    Stop playing the victim card. No one is screwing anyone here. Everyone has/had the same ability to order these, either online or by phone. No one here had special treatment from the mint to order these coins. No insider knowledge. I’m sorry if this upsets you, but your selectively can cause you to miss out from time to time.

    Life moves fast, so you have to keep up.

  211. Dustyroads says

    Senior and others,

    The US Mint is the source of more than a few coins for retailers, there are no lower prices anywhere other than the prices found at the US Mint, if not there, where will retailers find their inventory. Flippers are legally engaging in commerce, where is the foul?

  212. Dave says

    No offense, but HELLO! Have you folks calling the Mints, CS dept not been reading this blog?


  213. Dave says

    @Dustyroads says -December 5, 2014 at 12:24 am
    “Flippers are legally engaging in commerce, where is the foul?”

    Again, (for the record), I am not a flipper; however, how is engaging in commerce a foul? I don’t follow??

  214. Dave says


    Oops! I read that post incorrectly (commerce); I agree with you 🙂

    “The real cool Dave” LOL!

  215. Dave says

    @Senior says– December 4, 2014 at 11:45 pm
    “What I write is my prospective . . . ”

    Okay — here I really did miss something?

    Senior — what the Hell are you talking about??

  216. Dave says


    Although it could be your “prospective,” I think you mean “perspective?”

    Aunque esto pudiera ser su “anticipado”, pienso que usted quiere decir ‘perspectiva?’

  217. Dave says

    The Coin World Digital Newsletter (By Paul Gilkes , Coin World, Published : 12/03/14) —

    Had an interesting infographic: It outlined how the US Mint will shatter the 2013 sales record of ASE bullion coins; predicted at end of 2014.

  218. fmtransmitter says

    @jhawk92: Nice launch! The website went to refreshing seconds before launch, had to run in living room to watch…Millions were watching live stream!

  219. Frankie says

    Since it’s impossible now to add the American $1 Coin and Currency Set to one’s wishlist I guess it’s safe to assume that it has indeed sold out.

  220. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Hey Cag – to your Wednesday 4’ish post – my phone had a melt down (literally), I missed the WHOLE THING! Just as well, I’m good with the ones I order a two weeks ago and have enjoyed reading/catching up over the 200+ posts that occurred during that time – good to see the enthusiasm and folks caught up in a clad offering (& a not-so-dull December)!

    Hello US MINT – time to start posting the anticipated 2015 Product Schedule – you guys usually have released the schedule to deviate from by now, thanks!

  221. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Bob – I agree, I’m in on FDR. It’s FDR, plus I like the stamp and dual medals element (has a posterity factor to it)!

  222. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Frankie – IF SO(?), what’s your estimation where the fleabay price trend will head? Stagnation at $29…, or Up, Up and Away?

    And by the way, I think you and Bob called nailed it your assessment from a day or two ago (just FYI)

  223. NC_Stacker says

    Fmtransmiter & Jhawk92, couldn’t see it with my own eyes, fogged in :-(. Was always able to see the launches from the beach.

  224. cagcrisp says

    I’m Looking 1st week January for US Marshal coins. I would Not think the non Gold pricing would have been put up 09/30/14 IF the Mint was Not going to release Early January 2015. The much sought after Civil Rights coins went on Sale week 1…

  225. cagcrisp says

    Jobs Number Much Stronger than Estimated. Straight line down on Gold because of this…Stronger job numbers means interest rates Should go up sooner than later. Interest rates going Up is not good for Gold…Higher interest rates are Good for my Big Banks…

  226. Bernie in FL says

    Did anyone already have the US Mint ship your Thursday’s C&C order that has a higher number then mine here USM027643xx 12/4/2014?

    I have heard that some have shipped, but I’d be interested if the ones that got your shipped from Thursday are higher or lower than mine………..

  227. Mr. Kairu says

    Hi all, just curious about something off topic.. is it normal for an order that included both the C&C set and an Unc. JFK set to be split up into two? I got an email showing the C&C sets have shipped but not the JFK set… glad they shipped but why wouldn’t they wait to ship it all?

  228. stephen m says

    VA Bob, The D mm on the 64 peace dollar sounds correct. I purchased directly from DC and it was long ago. I need to get his coins out to take a look see. Memory not as sharp as it once was. It must be his 2009 ASE’s with the DC mm. Thanks. @cagcrisp, Interest rates going up, like life, is taking forever. Looks as if the metal prices have nowhere to go but down for an unknown time? @all, Anyone else finding interesting serial #’s on the one dollar bill besides Mark? Someone here said the bills were picked through before packaging but I don’t know.

  229. CasulaCollector says

    @Mr. Kairu
    From my experience, that is normal. They ship as products are available to ship.

  230. CasualCollector says

    Sorry if this is a double post — my handle was misspelled (so it says awaiting moderation)

    @Mr. Kairu
    From my experience, that is normal. They ship as products are available to ship.

  231. Mr. Kairu says

    Ok thanks for the clarification I was not aware they did that. Good to know for the future!

  232. stephen m says

    cagcrisp, I wish them luck because I fit that category. Interest rates going up and metals coming down equals a buying opportunity.

  233. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – can you repost the total sales predictions for the Gold JFK please? You’ll know why shortly

  234. cagcrisp says

    Someone help me out on Fees for the Bay and the Pal. I don’t sell on the Bay so I have No Idea. I have read on This blog that when you figure everything In it is Approximately 13% to sell something……WELL……I gave away some stuff that was Sold on the Bay and the Pal and I was told that the Fees were almost non existent. NO fee to List and Only 2% from the Pal. How can that Be? Just someone that doesn’t sell on the Bay and those are teaser rates? Help me out here?!!!

  235. cagcrisp says

    Gold Kennedy Guesstimates (resorted from low to high)

    • GoldFishin 66,532 – 73,185 07/31
    • Jeff 70k 07/10
    • TimTom 70k 07/31
    • Longarm 70k 08/01
    • VA Rich 50k +/- 8k 07/10 ; 71,293 07/31
    • Louis 50k 07/10; +/- 75k 08/01
    • zeeman 75,000 08/03
    • bg35765 75,920 08/01
    • Dustyroads 86,500 07/31
    • Pittsburg P between 88,000 and 110,000 07/31
    • gary 92,586 07/31
    • SilverFan over/under 100k 07/11
    • VA Bob 100k +/- 5k 07/31
    • A Bob 100,000 07/31
    • VABEACHBUM 07/16 do not think it will either garner the interest or come anywhere close to 109k
    • Sith 60k 07/11; 100k to 120k 07/31
    • thePhelps between 75 and 100k the first week and a total of 125k 07/31
    • Stephen m. 150k+ 07/11
    • Clark exceed 200k 07/26

  236. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Most ebay fees at 10% with another 3% going to paypal

    If you open a Basic store, it’s 6% for coin sales, and 3% to PP, therefore 9% off the top.

  237. cagcrisp says

    This is how the Mint’s website works. You go to “Gold Coin” and hover over the Gold Buffalo and it says” Add to Bag”. WELL…It let’s you Add to Bag and Checkout but then it has in red letters “This product is sold out and no longer available for sale.”

    SO……….you can put it in you bag but you can Not Purchase…IT is Not Listed as Out of Stock….

  238. jhawk92 says

    @fmt…yes my brother is in Oregon. Guess I misunderstood your question. Must have been lack of sleep. Totally successful launch today. Video is up on YouTube.

  239. jhawk92 says

    @fmt and NC…yeah, it was a good launch. Only got to see it for about a minute before it went into the clouds but have reviewed the video of launch. Splashdown was equally successful and getting to see the parachutes deploy was great. Nice to be a part of that program.

  240. mac says

    Isn’t there supposed to be a “remind me” function for out of stock items? I thought I saw it the other day but now I can’t seem to find it.

  241. SilverFan says

    mac says
    DECEMBER 5, 2014 AT 2:15 PM

    Isn’t there supposed to be a “remind me” function for out of stock items? I thought I saw it the other day but now I can’t seem to find it.

    It is probably sold out now but you never know with the mint.

  242. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Speaking of Kennedy, Congrats to NASA and for the successful launch, along with all the thousands of people who helped make this dream come true. Wish I could be part of it.

  243. achmed says

    the coin and currency set can be ordered at the moment (Backorder) with a household limit of 5. Former orders will be regarded. So if you have already ordered 5 or more you will not be able to order once again. I think that is ok, especially for those collectors who have not been able to order before.

  244. RayMN says

    They’re available for sale again although on Back Order. I was able to order 2 for my collection! Yay! (2014 Coin and Currency Set)

  245. randy says

    Thank you to all who comment on this site! That being said, I ordered a fair, H/L of 5. Thank you.

    Great Site!!!

  246. A Different Jeff says

    Noticed this evening that my status on the C&C went from ON HOLD back to BACKORDERED. I think that is a good sign, which should mean that when product arrives, my order will be shipped, as this was Dec 4 order.

  247. says

    Depletion of the existing inventory is believed to have been the result of collectors suddenly learning that the set’s 2014-D Native American dollar coin bears an Enhanced Uncirculated finish and is available only in the set.

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