American Eagle 2018 One-Ounce Silver Proof Coin to go on sale January 4, 2018, at noon

The Mint’s first product scheduled to be released for 2018 will go on sale January 4 at noon. The American Eagle 2018 One-Ounce Silver Proof Coin, struck by the West Point Mint, contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Additionally, it possesses no mintage, household order, or product limits. The coin has a denomination of $1 and bears a reeded edge as well.

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The obverse of the coin features the classic Adolph A. Weinman depiction of Lady Liberty. Liberty is seen holding branches of oak and laurel and she is flanked by a rising sun on the left. Inscriptions include LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, and 2018.

On the reverse, we are treated to a heraldic eagle and shield. The eagle holds arrows in its left talon and an olive branch in the right one. Inscriptions include UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E. PLURIBUS UNUM, and 1 OZ. FINE SILVER~ONE DOLLAR. Additionally, the “W” mint mark of the West Point Mint can be seen on the reverse as well.

Each coin is placed inside of a blue velvet presentation case. The interior is satin-lined and each American Eagle 2018 One-Ounce Silver Proof Coin comes accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. For more information on this coin in addition to many others, please visit the website of the United States Mint.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Don’t get these every year but maybe a few of the S’s ? Did just finish My last chance shopping! Well Good Luck All “>”>”>

  2. cagcrisp says

    Keep in mind that ALL Commemoratives go Off Sale @ 11:59 PM ET TOMORROW…

    The Gold Proof Boys Town will be the All Time Low Mintage Wonder
    The Silver Proof Boys Town will be the All Time Low Mintage Wonder
    The Clad Proof Boys Town will be the All Time Low Mintage Wonder
    The Silver Uncirculated Boys Town will be the All Time Low Mintage Wonder
    The Clad Uncirculated Boys Town will be the All Time Low Mintage Wonder

    I’ve posted this for months. Nothing has changed…

  3. Hidalgo says

    Low mintages do not necessarily translate to high secondary market values. For example, many of the gold First Spouse coins, most of which have very low mintages (comparatively speaking), are worth their bullion value or barely higher.

    It is clear that there is little demand for the Boys Town coins at this time. Time will tell if the low mintages will translate to higher future values. Personally, I am not willing to speculate. We all win a few and lose a few. If the values go up, then so be it.

  4. NCM Collector says

    Boys Town does not deserve the surcharges if the mint even covered their costs. Boys Town’s promotion of this program was abysmal.

  5. Buzz Killington says

    The one bright spot of this program is that Boys Town WILL NOT get any surcharges, because the sales are too low.

  6. KEITHSTER says

    That’s also the sad part they seem to pick lesser designs so that they will sell some but not enough to have to payout? Sad indeed as they are mostly good causes ! But how often have they had to payout that might change with great designs butt don’t count on it??. But Good Luck Anyway All”>”>”> “><"

  7. Buzz Killington says

    The surcharges are just kept by the Mint to offset production costs. I hope I’m not speaking too soon, but based on the Girl Scouts silver dollars, I find it hard to imagine that this issue will offset production costs.

  8. earthling says

    I went over my Mint Orders this morning and found that way back in about April I actually did order a 3 Coin Proof Set and 1 each of the BU Examples of the Boys Town Commemoratives. That’s all I want. Don’t need any extras.

    When Chuck E Cheese puts out an ICO…. I might need to get in on that. Every $1,000.00 I can put in might get me that $1,000. 25 return. You never know.

  9. Rick says

    Alert! I heard that Two big orders of ford and Nixon gold coins Were canceled earlier today.
    US Mint should investigate dealer manipulation!

  10. Datadave says

    Hopefully the mint will change their return policy. Other than that I don’t think the big buy hurts collectors at all. Everyone could get one if they wanted and there is no secondary market for these things. I think the big return hurt the enhanced unc sets more earlier this year because it caused a first day sell out.

  11. Old Big Bird says

    Cagcrisp – perhaps I missed any conversation about this, since I have been busy working (novel idea)
    I just looked up the 2018 product schedule on the US Mint site and I see that in the summer of 2018 they are planning a 2018-S Silver Reverse Proof set and in the fall a S Limited Edition Silver Proof set, ths another S American Eagle!!!1

  12. cagcrisp says

    @ Old Big Bird, Yep. Another round of the “S” in 2018 just like 2017. It worked in 2017, try it again in 2018…

  13. Erik H says

    PROOF 2017 silver Krugerrands at APMEX $100 off!!!

    Still expensive but price is almost cut in half.

  14. cagcrisp says

    Would you Rather own a 2017 “S” ASE Proof with mintage a little less than 125,000 for $129.99 OR a 2017 Silver Krugerrand Proof with mintage of 15,000 for $129.99?…

    (OR Neither because prices will come down for both?)…

  15. joe#2 says

    I would rather own the 2017w gold proof buffalo hands down.. Never liked the Krugerrand or the gold proof eagles… it’s 24k for me or nothing

  16. cagcrisp says

    @joe#2, The Mint still has the Buffalo, Ellis Island and Trump puck on CU. They can’t make anymore after 2017 …SO…It makes NO sense to list these items as CU unless they plan on reopening sales.

    This close to the end, if you’re Not going to reopen sales then just mark them Sold Out and move on.

    The Mint marked the 4 coin AGE proof SO today so that still leads me to believe there is hope for the Buffalo…

  17. joe#2 says

    I hope they have a S O on the 2017 gold proof buffalo soon. I purchased (2) 70’s n g c’s f.d.o.i.
    Still my favorite coin the U S Mint has made IMO. Over 100 were returned i see this past week. If they reopen sales, They reopen sales. Regardless, Still a happy camper. 🙂

  18. Dustyroads says

    Louis, I may be wrong, but I think there were some great deals this year. I’m lovin me some low mintage ms70 commems along with several other cool issues. What an amazing year 2017 has been!!

    Gold is following an interesting channel. So is this a bullish move, or a bear flag?

  19. joe#2 says

    Hi Louis… Do you see the 2017-w Proof gold buffalo at sell out since it’s unavailable, Or will they have more available in your opinion. The reason being of course, IF it ends now, I do believe it would be so far the lowest mintage proof gold buffalo beating 2015’s.

  20. Numismatrix says

    Louis, Dusty : What an amazing year 2017 has been!!

    Great article – I did get a copy of each of the Boys Town commems
    and also like the 2017-S ASE proof and the 2017-W burnished
    which I buy each year. I missed the 2017 Buffalo.

    Happy New Year to ALL !

  21. Louis says

    Thanks, Numismatrix.

    @joe#2- I agree it is most likely sold out, like the Rogers P puck, but with this series we have seen so many new lows in recent years, yet only the 2008 coin really has much premium. if you collect the series, it is worth getting, but I would not pay extra 6 mos. from now because it is a new low.

    In that article I only wanted to bring these matters to the attention of readers rather than try to predict how much the lows will matter, which is so tricky.

    For the commems, if I had to hazard a guess, I think the gold BT will retain a good premium at least in the next few years since the 2008 breast cancer and 2019 moon landing gold will sell more, but for the others, I doubt it will matter a lot since the demand does not seem to be there.

    Another way this year was like 2008 is that there were so many lows to buy that most people could not hope to get them all, but those 2008 coins are still looking very good (Buffs and fractional burnished platinum and gold) to those who bought from the Mint.

  22. Ron says

    Great article Louis, I bought a lot less from the Mint this year than in the past. No ASE singles, no pucks, and no silver medals, the price is just way over bullion..
    Thanks for all the useful information and everyone have a wonderful New Year and stay safe.

  23. Asherspapa says

    Why do you think the Mint is sticking with its foolish plan to pair each WWI Service Silver with an identical WWI Proof Commemorative Dollar? Other than some of the greedy big guys who know who to separate a fool from his money, who is their right mind would be these five sets (99..95 each = 499,759 and be stuck wondering 5 WWI SDPs? I will NOT be buying them. Maybe they’ll come with something when sales a virtually non-existent,

  24. Buzz Killington says

    I enjoyed Golino’s end-of-year comments in Coin World — a lot of energy is wasted on complaining about things that end up resolving themselves.

    However, I think the idea of Congress collaborating with anyone on the coin program is unfortunately a pipe dream. It is nice to imagine it, though!

  25. joe#2 says

    Right Louis. I did buy (2) graded ngc-70 f.d.o.i. 2017 Pf Buffaloes because i love them.
    :).. Thanks again for your expertise response…

  26. Jerry Diekmann says

    Since 2018 means that the ASE with the Walking Liberty obverse will now have been str4uck longer than the Walking Liberty half dollar’s run of 32 years (1916-1947). Isn’t it about time to replace the bland reverse with Weinman’s original reverse which is infinitely more attractive?

  27. Louis says

    @Buzz- Thanks, but keep in mind that most coin programs come about through some form of collaboration between numismatic stakeholders. For example, the platinum eagle coins were suggested to the Congress by the ANA and dealers. The same is true of most commemoratives, which usually originate with someone in the coin community or member’s district, who suggests/lobbies for the idea to their rep, who then builds support for it within the Congress.

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