American Fighter Aces and Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Congressional Gold Medal Design Candidates

The United States Mint has released the design candidate images for upcoming Congressional Gold Medals honoring the American Fighter Aces and the World War II members of the “Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.” These represent two of the six medals which were authorized by Congress during a one month period during the summer.

An American Fighter Ace is a fighter pilot who served honorably in a United States military service and destroyed five or more confirmed enemy aircraft in aerial combat during a war or conflict in which American armed forces participated. Under Public Law 113-105, a single Congressional Gold Medal was authorized to be awarded collectively to the American Fighter Aces in recognition of their heroic military service and defense of our country’s freedom throughout the history of aviation warfare.

The US Mint provided six different obverse and eight different reverse design candidates for the American Fighter Aces Congressional Gold Medal.

Under Public Law 113-106, a single Congressional Gold Medal was authorized to be awarded in honor of the World War II members of the 17th Bombardment Group (Medium) who became known as the “Doolittle Tokyo Raiders” in recognition of their military service during World War II. The Doolittle Raid was an air raid by the United States on the Japanese Home Islands, serving as retaliation for the Japanese attach on Pearl Harbor and demonstrating that Japan was vulnerable to American air attack.

The US Mint provided sixteen different obverse and nine different reverse design candidates for the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Congressional Gold Medal.

Both sets of candidates will be reviewed by the CCAC at a meeting held today and by the CFA at a meeting held later this week. Both groups will offer their recommendations for the designs to be used on the medals. The authority to select the final designs rests with the Secretary of the Treasury.

American Fighter Aces Congressional Gold Medal Design Candidates


Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Congressional Gold Medal Design Candidates


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  1. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The war has been over for almost 70 years, we have peace with Japan now. What would a Japanese think if he she saw this? Why dredge up old ghosts?

  2. cagcrisp says

    the US Mints excel spreadsheet it out and it is NOT in the same format as previously. Had to do a filter and sort to get apple to apple from previous week…

    Mint Kennedy excel spreadsheet update for 10/12/14 (change from 10/05/14 spreadsheet):

    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN (K15) 64,098 (up 154)
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY UNC CLAD SET (K14) 133,818 (up 890)

  3. cagcrisp says

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 10/12/14 (change from 10/05/14 spreadsheet):

    Gold proof BHOF 32,495 (down 0)
    Gold unc. 17,694 (down 0)
    Silver proof 267,878 (down 10)
    Silver unc. 131,922 (down 5)
    Clad proof 217,711 (up 1,409)
    Clad unc. 133,374 (up 410)
    Young Collector 22,018 (up 242)

    Gold BHOF 50,189 oversold 189
    Silver BHOF 399,800

  4. Sith says

    @merryxmasmrscrooge – Hopefully they would feel some sort of sadness, or remorse…’Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it’,

    @thePhelps- (from previous thread)
    “Yeah you collected a coin – that everyone who wanted got – and now you can’t sell it to anyone either.” IMHO that is not true, the UHR was mint-to-demand and look at its secondary market value, if that happened you just picked the wrong coin(s) to “collect.” But even if it is true why would this bother a collector…creating artificial demand by limiting the mintage is only beneficial if you can get the coin at or near its issue price. Just for clarification mint-to-demand may hurt some “collectors” because they can’t resell it for a profit later but you make no mention of all the additional collectors who do not have to get the coin in the inflated secondary market, that is unless they anticipated getting it for a lower price at a later date, but failed to anticipate “collector” demand.

  5. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, We now have an “Program Item” for the 2014 US MINT COIN DISCOVERY SET. “YC1”. We have a price but no detail as to what we are Buying…

  6. cagcrisp says

    The Mint has added lines on the excel spreadsheet for Upcoming Items, even those items that they do Not have listed on the “Upcoming Products” tab…

  7. cagcrisp says

    Gold Kennedy Guesstimates (resorted from low to high)

    • GoldFishin 66,532 – 73,185 07/31
    • Jeff 70k 07/10
    • TimTom 70k 07/31
    • Longarm 70k 08/01
    • VA Rich 50k +/- 8k 07/10 ; 71,293 07/31
    • Louis 50k 07/10; +/- 75k 08/01
    • zeeman 75,000 08/03
    • bg35765 75,920 08/01
    • Dustyroads 86,500 07/31
    • Pittsburg P between 88,000 and 110,000 07/31
    • gary 92,586 07/31
    • SilverFan over/under 100k 07/11
    • VA Bob 100k +/- 5k 07/31
    • A Bob 100,000 07/31
    • VABEACHBUM 07/16 do not think it will either garner the interest or come anywhere close to 109k
    • Sith 60k 07/11; 100k to 120k 07/31
    • thePhelps between 75 and 100k the first week and a total of 125k 07/31
    • Stephen m. 150k+ 07/11
    • Clark exceed 200k 07/26

  8. Sith says

    It looks like GoldFishin will be the winner…thank you for keeping my original guestimate, of course their maybe renewed interest when the silver Kennedy is launched

  9. cagcrisp says

    @Sith, Agreed there should be a Pop once the Silvers come out. The Average for GoldFishin is 69,859. He’s the leader in the clubhouse. He’s going to be hard to beat…

  10. cagcrisp says

    Opening Day Only Sales Silver Kennedy (Sorted lowest/highest)

    • Dustyroads 64,000 08/09
    • CaptainOverkill 75,000 08/08
    • thePhelps 85,500 08/08
    • bg35765 87,281 08/25
    • GoldFishin 88,844 08/09
    • HiCal 93,564 08/08
    • Sith 100k 08/09
    • VA Bob 105k 08/08
    • Louis 115k 08/09
    • VA Rich 100k on 08/08/14 ; 137k 08/09
    • Pittsburgh P 148,888 08/08
    • Bob R 169,000 08/08
    • Hawkster 184,546 08/08
    • cagcrisp 212,125 08/08

  11. CW says

    The fact that some people want this stopped due to political correctness made my day. It’s sad the things we fought for in WWII is so quickly forgotten.

  12. thePhelps says

    @Sith “Just for clarification mint-to-demand may hurt some “collectors” because they can’t resell it for a profit later but you make no mention of all the additional collectors who do not have to get the coin in the inflated secondary market, that is unless they anticipated getting it for a lower price at a later date, but failed to anticipate “collector” demand.”

    So – collectors are “collectively” favored by mint to demand? I don’t buy that at all…

  13. VA Rich says

    cag – not to worry Sir! The 4-coin AGE set is now on back-order with an expected ready date of 26 Sept ’14 – the mint has a plan (& a new website)!

    With respect to my Opening Day Only Sales Silver Kennedy guestimate – please disregard my prediction. Here’s my new prediction – come 28 October – total website implosion!

    The old website could handled about 100 to 120 orders per minute (determined by many of you all sharing your order # and time stamp (oh, time stamp is no long avail on orders)), …Come 28 October.., I’ll have 1 cell phone, 1 tablet, 2 computers, 1 girl friend on ipad, a landline, a three passenger pigeons at the ready to place my order.., all working different O/S’s.., except the pigeons, which I think will likely have a higher probability of success navigating though Dulles air traffic and making it to Memphis than my laptops at placing the order. So, now you know what I think of the new customer friendly website improvements! 🙂

  14. VA Rich says

    Well ahh be….

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SHDOAH 26,860 10/12/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – ARCHES 26,860 10/12/2014

  15. joe says

    @merryxmasmrscrooge – If I recall my history correctly, the USA didn’t start the war with Japan. It started with a little surprise attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. But I’m sure the history revisionists would disagree with my comment along with the concept of a coin celebrating an American response to an attack that killed roughly 2300 Americans.

    In the immortal words of Will Smith in Men In Black, “If you don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.”

  16. TimTom says

    cagcrisp – can i submit my guess for opening/total sales of silvers. i must have missed your initial post. I’ll go 55,000 on day 1 and 125,000 total. I know it’s a bit contrarian. I think people will not jump as much as before on day 1 seeing that you can sit back and avoid the chaos. AKA mint to demand seems to be here to stay. Also I wonder how many “bullets” these flippers have left to fire at these potential profits on something lots of people just got burned on. Just my take. Again, that’s 55K day 1/125K total.

  17. JBK says

    Anyone who has to ask why we are honoring the Doolittle Raiders needs to go back and read a little history. The only question I have is why did we not do it sooner?

    The Doolittle Raiders accomplished a near-impossible feat by launching bombers from an aircraft carrier and dropping bombs on Tokyo despite the US having no bases anywhere in that part of the world. And all of this was done just five months after Pearl Harbor.

    There were 80 Raiders originally and four are still with us today. The tribute is long overdue but better late than never.

    I had the great honor of corresponding with General Doolittle a few times some years ago, and with a few of the other Raiders more recently. They are true American heroes.

  18. cagcrisp says

    Opening Day Only Sales Silver Kennedy (Sorted lowest/highest)

    • TimTom 55,000 10/14
    • Dustyroads 64,000 08/09
    • CaptainOverkill 75,000 08/08
    • thePhelps 85,500 08/08
    • bg35765 87,281 08/25
    • GoldFishin 88,844 08/09
    • HiCal 93,564 08/08
    • Sith 100k 08/09
    • VA Bob 105k 08/08
    • Louis 115k 08/09
    • VA Rich 100k on 08/08/14 ; 137k 08/09
    • Pittsburgh P 148,888 08/08
    • Bob R 169,000 08/08
    • Hawkster 184,546 08/08
    • cagcrisp 212,125 08/08

  19. Smiledon says

    The US Army has a saying “least we forget.” I do not hate the Japanese; I do not drive imports. I have several Citizen Watches. I do not hate the Germans; not sure what I used that is German made. I still believe that remembering the past helps to prevent it from happening again. How many young people even know who the Doolittle raiders where and how their actions help to defeat the Japanese at Midway? Learning the past does not mean teaching hate; we are seeing that in the Middle East today. I would bet my last dollar that for too many young people really thinks the Red Barron was a pizza guy. History is not hate, how you express it may be hateful. This PC stuff has reached the point where you cannot even be honest about things. For all that think the Doolittle raiders should not be honored, I would like to ask if we should not remember the USS Arizona, and honor the dead inside her?

  20. Sith says

    @thePhelps – Why not? I stated my point clearly, if you want one you can get it at issue price, without going to the secondary market. I will also state that restrictive mintages can discourage potential collectors if your talking about a series, just look at the ATBs. In other words yes I agree mint-to-demand has a negative impact on the secondary market, but are you stating you prefer artificial mintages? If can you please explain how forcing me to buy on the secondary market help me as a collector? Just curious…

  21. VA Rich says

    Yeah, something like that, haha – from what I’ve experienced, I’m not confident that they beta tested it, and if not, at a minimum two weeks now we won’t be sitting around saying, “oh, well that was a vastly improved experienced.” You’ll have to forgive my sarcasm, I’d love to know the planned budget for the new website, it’s been an utter degradation IMO. For that reason and those cited by Timtom, he’s probably right, first day sales will be far less than my guesstimate.

    cag – from the time you pulled the #’s and 2 pm, YC1 was yanked from the .xls

    Two weeks out from the Silver JKF! (& 2 unknowns yet to come) – if you paired up a JKF silver with currency to comprise a “Coin & Currency Set”, what bill would you use? (just speculating here for fun)

  22. Eddie says

    There are so many connections between Kennedy and Lincoln so you would have to use the $5.00 dollar bill.

  23. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, there was a total of 17 items that were yanked from the excel spreadsheet between this morning and this evening…

  24. thePhelps says

    @Sith “If can you please explain how forcing me to buy on the secondary market help me as a collector? Just curious…”

    That argument makes absolutely no sense. So you are telling me – that you as an informed collector are forced to buy what coin on the secondary market? You have been as informed as any collector on the market via this web site and many others. Yet you can’t be bothered to step up and purchase the coins when they are available? So you are “forced” to buy at inflated prices on the secondary market? Very few people here on this site have missed any recent offering – even with finite minting.

    I think your argument is about someone else and not for yourself. Your taking up the flag for “someone” but if you expect me to believe you can’t be bothered to be present and accounted for when a coin is released – I call BS. I don’t call stated mintages as “artificial” either, unless you are going to mint cafe style like they do in Canada and the Perth mint and roll out 3,000 or 5,000 coins.

  25. jeff says

    thePhelps says

    Look who’s trolling, talk about confrontational attitude don’t question someone feelings when they don’t align with yours. Take it for what it is an opinion dude R E L A X

  26. jeff says

    Hell of a deal going on Ebay right now. Complete set (6) gold, silver, clad BHOF all graded 70’s that’s less than what most of you paid for that lonely gold 3/4 oz. Kennedy got to laugh, someone going to get a steal if it remains at this price 1175.00

  27. Pittsburgh P says

    Jeff how much stock do you own in eBay?

    Apparently the BHoFs aren’t as strong as you’ve been indicating as your own post says… Got to laugh

    That being said I can’t see a complete set of 70s selling for that price – why no link?

  28. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich I hope your not correct…
    Sarcasm aside I think you might be though.

    Baltimore show in 3 weeks, you still attending?

  29. silverhawk357 says

    For once, I don’t have a lot of criticism for these medals, It’s about time we honored these heroes. Never forget. I would just say I prefer R 07 over R08. I get shivers thinking about the sacrifices these men made. Look again at the Fallen Heroes medals. Think about it. I may have to order another set. Thank you all who sacrificed so much for American freedom.

  30. VA Rich says

    JBK – I envy you. I would absolutely cherish the opportunity to correspond with any of the Doolittle Raid aviators. If you could provide any of their personal manuscripts I would gladly give you my email. I have flown off Iwo Jima and Guam (that’s where JASDF sends the Navy out of NAF Atsugi due to noise restrictions which is not a bad thing as often there’s protestors with spot lights or lasers at night when you’re on final and that really sucks) and have explored the islands intimately, actually I’m meeting a veteran from the first day wave on Iwo Red 2 beach in the next month, I can’t wait to hear his story. Everyone, male or female that contributed to that war effort & ever since 1861.., were truly of the Great Generation!

    – 17 items that were yanked from the excel spreadsheet within 2 hours that I missed and me not knowing what YC may stand for… guess I need to up me game.., thanks Gentlemen.

    Pitt – yep, got a hall pass & good for Baltimore (Fri/Sat). There’s many out on MNB that I would like to meet and buy a cold one for, while we might often disagree, at the end of the day, we’re on the same team, so after I buy my Volcanoes DMPL 70, the rest goes to beer bongos… 🙂

  31. VA Bob says

    Some nice designs for both medals. I really like the 04 (in part because the F-4 Phantom is my favorite bird). Though I know they will pick one with the faces on them… 02 and 03 are nice (and lean toward what designs are usually selected).

    01A for the Doolittle raid. Some of the others are a little busy (but nice) and it would be hard to pull that detail on the medals themselves. I wish they would do high relief medals, so some of those busier designs would pop. Come on Mint, be bold, people buy these for the art. It could only help sales. Unfortunately, quiet a few of the recent medals have been very flat, sort of weak strikes.

  32. Bob R says

    Way off topic but today I pulled out a pocket full of change to complete my local purchase in cash, and low and behold I had a mercury dime in change. I must have received it the last day or so from change at the electronic checkout counter. I feel as though I won the lotto for the day.

  33. Jerry Diekmann says

    merryxmasscrooge – yes, the war has been over almost 70 years now, but the Japs started the war with their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, and we finished it. Japan, unlike Germany, has never apologized for the death, destruction, rapes, and carnage they caused from the time they occupied Korea in 1910, attacked China in 1931, and joined the Axis powers in 1941., AFTER they destroyed our battleships on December 7, 1941 and Force Z of the British navy on December 6, 1941, including the battleship Prince of Wales and the heavy cruiser Repulse. FYI, the Prince of Wales was the battleship where FDR and Churchill had signed the Atlantic Charter earlier in 1941. These diabolical marauders were every bit as bad as the Nazi SS troops, and yet they have a shrine in Japan to honor these murderers. All I can say, is thank God for Doolittle and his raiders and all the other U.S. military which finally vanquished these bastards. Payback is a bitch, as the Japs eventually found out. One big mistake that was made, and it is the fault of Mac Arthur, is that Emperor Hirohito was allowed to keep his “divine” throne, instead of being hanged as a war criminal. He was involved in every part of the planning and execution of all the Japanese aggression in Korea, China, and in World War II.

  34. jeff says

    Stock market tanking, commodities tanking stay clear capitulation around the corner I’ll give the all clear in the next week or so, hold off on any bullion gold & silver going lower $1000 gold $15 silver that’s when you pounce on the metals..

  35. Dave SW FL says

    I am not disagreeing with your numbers, but I am curious how you chose them as the bottom . Please clue us in.

  36. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich – we are usually on the same page with our ideals & opinions but I agree I’d like to meet anyone from the MNB crew… Second round of bongo’s on me. I’m only going to be there on Sat but will be arriving Friday night.

  37. JBK says

    VA Rich:

    The four Doolittle Raiders who are still alive are Lt. Col. Richard Cole, 98, Lt. Col. Edward Saylor, 93, and Staff Sgt. David Thatcher, 92, and Lt. Col. Robert Hite, 93.

    All but Robert Hite (due to illness/infirmity) made it to the “Final Toast” held earlier this year.

    Based on my experience and knowledge, Edward Saylor and David Thatcher are still quite responsive to autograph collectors, and I think Thatcher is your best bet to actually get a longer reply. I do not want to post addresses here, but you should be able to find them with a little searching on Google. (Include a stamped return envelope when writing to them).

    The numbers of surviving Raiders has been dwindling in recent years. It sort of reminds me of the last half dozen WWI veterans who lived into the 21st century. They were all over 100 years old and time caught up with them , as it tends to do, and they all went in fairly quick succession. I am glad that at least four of the Doolittle Raiders lived to see this medal approved by Congress.

  38. VA Rich says

    Thanks JBK!

    Recently started a book called Flyboys, highly, highly recommend it for any history buffs

    Bob – I’ll second that! Or an “Anytime Baby” Tomcat ;7

  39. smiledon says

    @ VA Rich,
    I have to second that choice. I would also add Higher Call, and Hell above Earth.

  40. TimTom says

    Look at that Marshals Proof Dollar in gary’s comment. That thing has winner written all over it. It looks amazing in real life, well in photos of real life 😉

  41. Hawkster says

    In regard to the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Congressional Gold Medal Design candidates: Most of the designs have FIRST STRIKE in the lettering on the coin image. If one of these designs is chosen, everyone who buys one will truly have a “first strike” coin.

  42. gary says

    Better late than never! There are some truly great designs among these illustrations. It is very appropriate that these medals are made to honor these brave and heroic aviators.

  43. says

    I don’t think this ebay seller ever heard the phrase “buy the coin, not the label”. Look at what he’s asking for these gold Kennedy’s & what he thinks they could be worth (4 coins) in 5-10 years…$40,000-$80,000…so you better snap them up now while you can at only $13,250…and he has 6 of these 4 coin sets.
    I don’t know what he paid for these, but he needs to realize…that ship has sailed….be realistic or you will be holding these coins for a long time.

  44. Tinto says


    Thanks for the link to the US Marshals article. I saw similar news on and they had larger individual photos of both the obverse and reverse of all 3 proofs. They look very nice! The Mint must have taken extra care in minting these 35 sets of proof coins (could they be called presentation pieces??) they are beautiful, even the gold shows a lot of details on the reverse. The lawman on the reverse of the proof dollar is awesome, can’t fault the Mint on these! But then they did strike them for a very special occasion so they had to be on their best foot, wonder how the “regularly minted” coins will turn out. S

  45. jhawk92 says

    VA Rich/FM-

    Posted a penny question to you both on the mint production blog entry. Thanks. 🙂

  46. CasualCollector says


    In general, what is the criteria to make a coin “variation” become official? For instance, do you have to have at least “x” number of coins with the same “mark” before it becomes recognized as a “Variation?” Or is there other criteria involved?


  47. Sith says

    @thePhelps – I don’t understand your “new” argument as it now sound like you are now for mint-to-demand? If so then we are in agreement. It is also obvious you have not participated in any of the feeding frenzies which caused the US mint to upgrade their website, being present when a coin is launched does not mean you will get one when their are limited mintages.

  48. thePhelps says

    @Sith…what was “new” about my questioning the collective?

    The fact remains the coins have to have some long term value or they aren’t worth collecting – other than for the pretty objects they are.

    Collecting coins isn’t group therapy – it is an individual hobby.

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