2010 American Gold Buffalo Bullion Coins Sold Out

Just when things seem to be improving with the US Mint’s bullion situation, it always seems that another sell out, suspension, or depletion takes place. According to a statement released to authorized purchasers today, the 2010 Gold Buffalo bullion coins have sold out. Additional inventory of 2010-dated coins will not be made available.

The latest figures indicate that 209,000 of the one ounce coins have been sold since the start of sales on April 29, 2010. This number may not reflect the final total, but it is the number currently provided on the Mint’s website.

The US Mint had managed to bring their bullion offerings closer to a state of normalcy this year, which led to progress with collector offerings. The Gold Buffalo and fractional Gold Eagles had been released earlier in the year, and rationing was lifted first for Gold Eagles, then for Silver Eagles. Until now, the only bullion product still disrupted was the Platinum Eagle, which has not been offered in bullion format since late 2008.

With the 2010 Gold Buffalo sold out, the US Mint is now missing two products from their bullion line up. Collectors are also still awaiting the release of the 2010 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins.

The sell out of the bullion version of the Gold Buffalo does seem to make the availability of the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo more uncertain. However, there’s no telling how many of the proof coins the US Mint has left and how long they might last. In 2009, the US Mint sold out of the bullion version of the Gold Buffalo on December 4, 2009, but it took until March 29, 2010 for the proof version to sell out. Last reported sales for the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo were 49,388.

In recent weeks, the pace of sales for the 2010 Prof Gold Buffalo has showed a marked increase. Over the past four weeks, sales of 5,426 coins were recorded. As of September 19, total sales had reached 31,896.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I'll bet the Mint struck at least 40,000 proof buffalos, maybe even 50,000 again. Either way, it's too many to command much of a collector premium like the 2008's. Better luck next year!

  2. Anonymous says

    Poll: Better to buy a '10 proof Buffalo or wait until next Thursday to buy a '10 proof gold Eagle?

  3. Anonymous says

    Speaking of the UHR, it sure proved those who insisted it would never have much collector premium wrong, didn't it? I sold one the other day for almost $700 more than the $1,289 I paid for it just a year ago!

    I guess for a beautiful one-year-only issue coin like that, even a 115,XXX mintage can't keep it down!

  4. Anonymous says

    Gold lovers must like baLLOOOOOns. Hug a balloon and what happens?


    There goes your hard earned money.

    Remember what happened to the housing market in the mid 2000s? Or the stock market in 2008?


  5. Anonymous says

    Actually, it wouldn't break my heart to see gold fall back down to $500/oz or even less. Think how many more of the gold coins I could buy then! The First Spouse prices are getting ridiculous! I long for the days of $429.95 proof and $410.95 uncirculated!

  6. Anonymous says

    Heck, I thought I was gettin' screwed when I paid 800 for an 06 buff 4 yrs ago. I say if the bubble pops its time to load up but I wouldn't bet the farm on it or even a cow pie from the farm.

  7. Anonymous says

    im not a coin expert so this may be a dumb question. ive wanted to buy a 2010 bullion buffalo directly from the mint, but its never shown up as for sale on their website. now its sold out??? can someone explain because i dont get it. thanks!

  8. Anonymous says

    The bullion versions can only be purchased from a member of the "Authorized Purchasers" that the Mint distributes the coins through. The Mint does not sell bullion coins directly to the public.

    From my personal experience, I highly recommend APMEX.com for your bullion needs. They have lower premiums on their coins than most, and their service is top-notch. I have never had a negative experience with them yet, and I've bought from them many times. They have the 2010 bullion gold buffalos in stock right now. Here is the link:


    Also from experience, I recommend you AVOID the Northwest Territorial Mint. They have a track record of not always giving the best service, and are sometimes painfully slow on delivery.

    Good luck!

  9. Anonymous says

    It's not a bubble yet. We need bigger moves than this. The rise has been done step by step with lots of liquidity and market activity. It's going to take a perceived shortage and/or a sudden rush of demand from a wider base of the population for a bubble to form.

  10. Anonymous says

    'Pop Pop Pop' Maroon like Dave Ramsey is in deep denial that gold is in a secular bull market, now 10years on.
    Or he is what inveterate gold bears like CNBC would have you believe is one of the 'legion' of unfortunate souls who piled in at the very top in 1980 in that one-month window of frenzy.
    Of course even the '80 top-chasers will who never sold at $875 will win before this bull is done!

  11. Anonymous says

    Looks like sales of Buchanan Liberty are way down and proof '10 Buffalo's way up, almost gauranteeing '10 will not be a special year for Buffs. I think the proof AGE may be the wild card.

  12. Anonymous says

    Yes, but to each his own. If you do sell it, and then want it back in a year or two, be prepared to pay much more by then as the dollar will be on it's last bum leg.

  13. Anonymous says

    Anon 1:16

    Funny you say that. I actually sold my '09 buff to fund my '10 buff. This year should be lower mintage than last. Who knows, maybe an "unexpected" end to it could trigger '08-like premiums for the '10 (or not).

  14. Anonymous says

    "Anonymous said…
    im not a coin expert so this may be a dumb question. ive wanted to buy a 2010 bullion buffalo directly from the mint
    September 27, 2010 8:54 PM"

    I buy from either




    They always compete for the best price on the internet. Both are excellent and reputable dealers. Comparison shop & get it from a cheaper one. That's what I do!

    Good luck!

  15. Stephen William Yates says

    Can any one give me a good value on a (2010-W $50 PCGS PR70DCAM American Buffalo – Moy – 523237). I know what PCGS is stating for the value. I am looking for a second or third opinion. If you wan you can send Email.

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