Andrew and Eliza Johnson Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

On May 10, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will release the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set featuring Andrew and Eliza Johnson.

The uncirculated 2011 Andrew Johnson Presidential Dollar and Eliza Johnson First Spouse Medal are mounted on a durable plastic card. The front of the card includes portraits of the President and his wife, while the back contains issuance information.

The packaging has been slightly redesigned starting with this release. The lower portion of the card displays a black bar with the new US Mint logo. Previously, this space included a ribbon of red, white, and blue. The rest of the design appears to be unchanged.

Each set is priced at $14.95. The price for this product line has now been increased on three separate occasions. For 2007 and 2008, the sets had cost $7.95 each. This was increased to $8.95 each for the 2009 sets. Another increase brought the price to $11.95 for the 2010 sets. The new pricing level of $14.95 for the 2011 releases, nearly doubles the original price level.

The previously released Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets featuring Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln still remain available for sale on the US Mint’s website. These are currently priced at $11.95.

First Spouse Bronze Medals

Last week, on May 5, 2011, the US Mint began sales of the Eliza Johnson Bronze Medal. The start of sales coincided with the release of the one-half ounce gold coins.

The bronze medals have a diameter of 1-5/16 inches and feature the same design as the gold coins, but with some inscriptions removed. The medals are struck to demand, although for previous First Spouse bronze medals, the US Mint has eventually concluded production and sales.

The Eliza Johnson Bronze Medal is priced at $7.95. This is up from the $5.50 price for the 2010 medals, and original $3.50 price for the 2007 to 2009 medals.

The 2011 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set, including all four of this year’s medals will be released on December 1, 2011 and priced at $19.95.

Previously issued First Spouse Medals featuring Sarah Polk, Margaret Taylor, Abigail Fillmore, Jane Pierce, James Buchanan’s Liberty, and Mary Todd Lincoln remain available for sale on the Mint’s website priced at $5.50 each. The 2010 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set also remains available priced at $15.95.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I figured you'd mention something about the declining popularity of this product on the secondary market. Despite very low reported sales figures, the 2009 sets just don't seem to sell for much of anything. The 2007's still bring a ton, though. A nice little windfall for those who bought them for $7.95 each! Unfortunately I was not one of them!

  2. Anonymous says

    Not interested in Eliza in any form, but thanks for the update.

    Just spoke to Mint to see if limit may be raised for the Hot Springs 5oz. Told by Mint sell-out will happen "soon" and limits will not be raised.

    Personally, I think the coins look very aesthetic (as opposed to Eliza and most of the non-Liberty subset FS's) and will be winners. I'd collect them even if they were in clad (because of the fairly low max mintage).

    Those who cancelled their orders based on spot silver falling from $46/oz to $36/oz will regret it!

  3. Anonymous says

    Please cancel your orders so maybe they can change their minds and let me order more. Seriously, did folks really cancel their order based on a $50 drop on the melt value of the coin? I won't mention the dollar amount range for the "upside" of owning it, but I'm betting a lot of upside!
    Sorry about hijacking all blog topics for the ATB discussion.
    Lots of blogging for (at this point) one $279+ shipping coin!

  4. Anonymous says

    Being one who bought into the hype with regaurds to last weeks release of the Hot Springs ATB 5 ozer…
    I've got to say: The one week drop in value did make me wonder if my purchase was sane. However, the reason why we buy is a double bladed sword and with a little patience, once again we will be on top of the world.

    With regards to the metal; Pretty. I am a graphics designer and I could have made this portrait much nicer to look at. A grin would have taken away the droop in the cheeks. Why is she so sad ?

  5. Leo S. says

    Was hoping that the gold price would stay down for a week of so but it is up $20 to above 1500 now so looks like I'll have to pay the current price to get them. I think the FS coins are very historic and worth collecting even if they don't produce a premium.

  6. Anonymous says

    The release date of 5/17 for the Yellowstone 5 oz. P coin has finally been confirmed on the Mint's release schedule. There's still no product page for it that I can find, though.

  7. Anonymous says

    Also, Julia Grant's First Spouse coin has been pushed back three weeks to June 23. I hope that doesn't make a difference in the price (going up, anyway), but three weeks is a long time anymore to go without a price change (mostly up, it seems)!

  8. Anonymous says

    Maybe there won't be such a rush to buy these right at noon on release day, since the Hot Springs didn't sell out.

    I guess I'll get to the party at noon, but if the website is crawling again I might just bail and come back in a couple hours. The only thing is, will Yellowstone be more popular than Hot Springs, and actually sell out faster?

    Decisions, decisions.

  9. Anonymous says

    The first coin in the series will command a premium over time.

    Yellow stone looks quite cartoon with the cow spray.

  10. Anonymous says

    Sorry to get off topic. But does anyone know what the platinum eagle reverse side will be coming in the next weeks? I'm hoping for the AEP-R-02 design. If so, this will be the most beautiful woman ever to adorn a coin. Thanks

  11. Anonymous says

    Man! What's a regular average Joe collector to do now days with all the price gouging by the mint. I had to stop collecting silver commemoratives because of price increases, and now the clad stuff is getting too expensive! I'm down to collecting from circulation. At this point between the mints outrageous prices, and the rip-off artist on eBay, I think it's time to put all my coins away and move on for a while.

  12. Anonymous says

    Got my Hot Springs from the Mint today.
    Looks like an MS70 to me!
    Very happy with product.

  13. Anonymous says

    Got mine too. Very nice coin.
    Ready for the next round.
    Think I'll wait until 1pm next time! I assume the Hot Springs will sell out this week…

  14. Anonymous says

    While we're "off topic", I thought you might like to hear my ATB 5 Oz report.

    I finally received my set of 2010 Bullion ATB 5 Oz coins from APMEX. I didn't feel comfortable releasing personal information or sending bank wires in the "hopes" of receiving some coins of questionable quality from some of the other companies. I waited for APMEX because I've done business with them before and felt they would ensure a pleasant experience…I wasn't disappointed.

    I picked up my package at the Post Office today and the box was quite a bit larger than I expected. I opened the outer box and saw an inner box surrounded by high quality molded foam…like the stuff they pack your stereo or computer in. The inner box was suspended by the foam within the outer box.

    I opened the inner box and the slabs (yes…NGC slabs!) were snug inside another fitted block of foam.

    I really didn't know what to expect at this point. All they promised was a "BU" designation. That would still be better than the ones friends of mine received from other companies. Their coins were slid into plastic sleeves and not packed very well. Some were pretty banged up.

    The first coin I pulled out was graded "BU", but was really nice. I was pleasantly surprised as I looked at the others; two (2) were MS68 and the other two (2) were
    MS68PL!! To be honest, I couldn't see any difference between them.

    I've heard speculation that the AP companies have their coins slabbed then cherry-pick the MS69s and MS70s. I've even hear that they purposely bang up the other coins they sell to make the ones they keep (or sell to their valued customers) worth more.

    I guess those are all plausible "theories", but given the way these coins are shipped (in tubes), I'm happy with the coins I received. They cost a bit more buying the set from APMEX $1008.70 (credit card payment and S&H included).

    I risked not getting any at all by waiting on APMEX, but after all is said and done, I'm glad I waited.

  15. Anonymous says

    I got my apmex set today too, all were graded by Pcgs FS, 4 were MS68DMPL and 1 was MS69PL,i think i score a home run but what you guys think, how i did?

  16. John says

    That's interesting I figured apmex was going to ship out slabbed Bu coins without any grades. I'm waiting on my set to be delivered and now I'm a bit more excited.

  17. Anonymous says

    Got my APMEX today.
    Nice box and packaging. Mine are PCGS First Strike BUs. Disappointed no numeric grades. Does "First Strike" help? I know its a gimmic, but are all the PCGS ATB BUs "First Strike"?

    My numismatic version came today too. Matte finish and cannot see any imperfections with 2X loupes. Definitely a winner. 27k mintage makes me happy.

    Anyone besides me still waiting for Dillon Gage?

  18. Anonymous says

    AMPEX says BU OR BETTER, it seems to me you did really well. Mine is on its way from AMPEX, scheduled to be delivered Wednesday.
    I did get my Hot Springs from the mint today, I can't complain at all, very nice.

  19. Anonymous says

    I also got mine today from apmex. All were PCGS first strike. One MS68DMPL, 2 MS68, and 2 BU. I have never ordered from before. I got on their waiting list fairly early. Also has anyone got thier coins from Prudential? My order was accepted almost 2 weeks ago and I have not heard from the shipping company about sending the fee for shipping.

  20. Rich G. says

    "Anyone besides me still waiting for Dillon Gage?"

    Just received an email from Dillon Gage this morning that the ATB set shipped UPS Ground!

  21. Anonymous says

    slabbed modern coins. anything less than ms70 or proof70 is a garbage. better to keep the raw coin with box and c.o.a.

  22. Anonymous says

    modern coins are mostly ms70s…. wonder what's the point of grading them?
    To keep the grading companies in business?

  23. Anonymous says

    i'm sick of all these modern so called "rarities" that the Mint offers for a premium. These are not rarities because you can buy them directly from the Mint. Even if you have the money, it is totally boring. It takes the "fun" and "search" out of the hobby. Why don't the Mint make some CIRCULATED coins rare like making only 2,000,000 quarters, or putting the mint mark on the reverse of some of the Lincoln cents, or making CIRCULATED "S" or "W" coins. Then you actually have to "look" for the coins in change like my grandpa did finding "S" coins from the 1930s. This would by much more fun.

  24. ~grandpa says

    OK, let Grandpa chime in. Got an email from the Mint who advised the Hot Springs Unc. was shipped yesterday. As is custom for 45+ years, the box will be tucked away intact, unopened, with the contents left mint-raw. Not everyone agrees that some items should be opened and checked to ensure no blemishes, or just how mark free or proof-like / unc. they may be. I'll leave that to my heirs to open and discover one day. All boxes generally have the old style postcard sized order receipts, or PC printer order pages attached. If unavailable, at minumum everything is marked as to ordered contents with fountain or ball point pen. I hope the kids and grandchildren enjoy them all. I predict this coin will be shockingly high valued and desirable whether the series continues or not, or if the mintage totals increase or decrease.

  25. Anonymous says

    Hope DGs end up nice and not cherry picked.
    My numismatic arrived and looks "da bomb" (great). Can't believe they are not sold out yet.

  26. Anonymous says

    Not happy with the way APMEX sent my ATB set UPS ground. Was sent out on May 5th will be here Tuesday the 11th. for a 1,000.00
    you think they could send them 2 day delivery

  27. Anonymous says

    5:32 == The US Mint is not in the business of creating "rarities" that people can profit on in the aftermarket.

    6:33 == Unlike APMEX, the US Mint sent the 5 ounce Hot Springs ATB coin via 2-day UPS.

    No, I do not work for the US Mint. Just stating facts.

  28. Anonymous says

    > slabbed modern coins. anything less than ms70 or proof70 is a garbage. better to keep the raw coin with box and c.o.a.

    > modern coins are mostly ms70s…. wonder what's the point of grading them?
    To keep the grading companies in business?

    Have to agree with you both. Amazing how much money is spent on cheap plastic caskets for coins these days and the opinion is subjective despite the "scale". Besides this they mishandle and process your coins and you can do nothing about it. What a racket – and us folks buy in completely.

  29. Anonymous says

    I've never had a coin graded, and it's safe to say I never will. I don't go for those gimmicks. I spend my money where it's treated best (in the words of the wise old "Grandpa" who frequents this site), and my money is best spent on coins or metal itself, not a plastic slab that displays a label with someone's opinion.

  30. VABEACHBUM says

    On topic – It looks like the Mint is getting better at incorporating their Market Branding into the rest of the existing Mint Product series. The overwhelming black bar continues to be gaudy, but it fits better into the graphic schemes of the Presidential UNC Set and the Coin and Medal Set. Sadly, the Mint screwed the pooch on the packaging of the Presidential PR Coins Set and the First Day Coin Covers.

    Off topic – while perusing the Mint site this morning, I noticed that all references to the 2010 PR Buffalo have been eradicated as of 10:35 AM EDT. Apparently, the very slow and painful trip to 50K coins has ended – just in time for the 2011 issue.

  31. Anonymous says

    " Need honest opinion should I buy 2011 ATB now or wait. Thanks for any advise"

    Hard to say. I have not purchased yet but waiting till all 5 are available as a set. Then I may buy if I have the funds and can clearly see the value. There's always the caveat that the early birds get the first pick if they are interested in the gems and needn't worry about the price. For bullion value buy at the low price.

  32. Anonymous says

    Another quick word – I just received my unit of the "P" 5-Oz Hot Springs. The coin is awesome, and the mint packaging is perfect. Just love that hugh capsule and the COA which states this is a "COIN," and NOT BULLION! It will stay that way. No grading for yours truly.

  33. Anonymous says

    I believe it would be a big grin with a "Thank You – it's mine now!" There would also be a ka-ching which would be the sound of a clad quarter dropping into the cash box from the clerk's pocket.

  34. Anonymous says

    I agree with the post from 8:01. I received mine today and just love the "Perfect" COIN.

  35. Anonymous says

    I just spent my 5 Oz quarter… on a ? What can one buy these days on a quarter?

  36. Anonymous says

    Some of the kids working at the fast food restuarants would probably refuse to accept it! They wouldn't believe it was real I'll bet. 🙂

  37. Anonymous says

    My order still in stock and reserved; what's holding it up?

    I ordered within the first 15 minutes on launch date.

  38. Anonymous says

    In any case you can't buy a big piece of metal with a quarter… so the fast food kid shld just accept it and swap it with his own quarter

  39. Anonymous says

    Some of those kids might be so poor, they might not even HAVE their own quarter on them to trade it for!

  40. Anonymous says

    My order still in stock and reserved; what's holding it up?

    I ordered within the first 15 minutes on launch date.

    May 10, 2011 8:59 AM


    maybe they are waiting to send out returnsto you LOL



  41. Anonymous says

    More likely the Mint is waiting for returns to come back before shipping your orders

  42. Anonymous says

    All 10 of my Hot Springs 5 ounce were received today. I was able to order under various names including my pet ferrets.

  43. Anonymous says

    I received my Hot Springs Uncirculated "P" 5 ounce coin today!! The coin is monstrous! lol…it barely fits in my palm. But the coin is stunning, absolutely beautiful! I hope to be able to collect all of these coins; however, I'm not sure my pocketbook can afford the whole series 🙁 …

  44. Anonymous says

    no kidding… I think they were not SOLD OUT; but rather, thrown out (or into the smelting pot) to make way for 2011 Proof Buffalo

  45. Anonymous says

    I call BS on Anonymous at May 10, 2011 9:40 AM.

    Different names don't make any difference. You have to have different addresses and different credit cards or other forms of payment for multiple orders. Orders under different names at the same address will be cancelled. Sorry, but no one is buying your BS.

  46. Anonymous says

    Why would anyone buy 10 5 oz P ATB?
    What do you wanna do with 10 of those pieces?

  47. Anonymous says

    You folks that cancelled your order because silver dropped, or because there was not an immediate sell-out, will regret the day you lost out! The UHR's were made to demand but only one per household, and today even a raw coin is worth almost double melt value. Look at how happy people who have their Hot Springs 2010-P are. Mine will be here tomorrow!! For the 2011 bullion ATB's, your best chance was last week when you get them for $210-220 each from companies like gainseville and Provident Metals. APMEX and others charge more for the coins, way more for shipping and make you buy both issues. Shop around!

  48. Anonymous says

    The difference between the UHRs and the 5 oz ATB coins is that the UHR is a one of a kind, single item coin.

    The 5 oz ATB coins, although each has a unique design, is part of a series. And if a series in unpopular, that can impact multiple (but not all) coins.

    Keep the First Spouse series in mind when buying coins in the ATB 5 ounce series….

  49. Mint News Blog says

    Anonymous posts like this:

    "I just bought a 5 ounce P Hot Springs at my coin dealer for $125 only. People are dumping them at a loss after the silver collapse. Dealer paying $95 each."

    and this:

    "All 10 of my Hot Springs 5 ounce were received today. I was able to order under various names including my pet ferrets."

    Are obviously false. I don't know why people get a thrill out of posting this type of thing.

    Please stop. You're not fooling anyone and you're not amusing anyone.

  50. Anonymous says

    My 5 Hot Springs arrived. I just had them come to different addresses. Nothing better than beating the system.

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