Anniversary Sets Sold Out

The US Mint’s 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets are now officially sold out.

The sets went on sale yesterday October 27, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. As expected, it was extremely difficult for customers to place orders by website or phone. The US Mint indicated that they received orders for approximately 25,000 sets within the first hour.

Around 4:30 PM ET, the US Mint posted the “waiting list notice” on the online product page, indicating that orders had been received for the entire 100,000 production limit.

Based on comments in the previous post, it seems that the extreme difficulty in placing orders continued for the entire duration of the offering. The problems even continued for several hours after the waiting list notice was posted.

Order numbers from the comments in the previous post range from 38324xxx placed at 12:04 PM to 38370xxx placed at 4:17 PM. This represents a difference of about 46,000.

An order placed at 5:24 PM after the waiting list had been imposed  had a number of 38381xxx, which represents a difference of 57,000.

This morning around 10:15 AM ET, the US Mint stopped accepting orders for the waiting list and officially marked the online page as “sold out.”

Ordering problems are unfortunately nothing new for highly desirable, low production US Mint products. As in the past, they admit that they are aware of the problem and offer solutions at a future point in time. The following message was posted on their Facebook page:

We are committed to improving your online ordering experience and have recently awarded a contract that will result in a new, state of art order management system. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work toward implementing this new system in 2012.

There have been indications that a majority of customers placed orders for the household limit of five sets. In retrospect, it seems that the US Mint should have considered a lower limit if they wanted the widest possible distribution. At times in the past, they have indicated that they establish limits with this goal in mind.

The former US Mint Director Edmund Moy even went so far as to completely cancel the 2009 Proof Silver Eagles because it was apparent that some collectors who would want them would not be able to obtain them  due to the limited number the Mint would be able to produce. Under his watch, it was apparently preferable to have everyone end up with nothing, rather than disappoint some.

Many readers have been posting questions about what various statuses represent for their orders. I have not personally studied their various statuses in any detail. I will re-post a comment from “Two Cents” with some explanations:

The Mint uses the word “backorder” in a different way that most people are familiar with.

Most companies are sellers, not manufacturers, so when an item is on “backorder,” that means that they have run out of that item, and need to order more from the manufacturer. That may take days or weeks or even months, so the company is telling the customer that he has to wait until the product comes in.

The Mint is both manufacturer and seller, so when they say “backorder,” they mean that the order is backed up until the coins are minted, assembled, and then shipped to the fulfillment center for mailing.

The Mint uses “hold” to mean that they need time to verify that the order is legitimate (in this case, not more than 5 sets per household) and that the customer’s credit card has sufficient funds. “In process” means that verification has been done, and now all it takes is for the Mint to see if there are enough sets ready for mailing.

“In stock and reserved” means that the coins have been assembled into sets and ready to be shipped to the fulfillment center, and that all verifications have been made. At this point, the Mint has ACCEPTED the order — prior to this, the Mint has only RECEIVED the order. Once the set is labeled for mailing, then you will receive a “Shipped” notice and tracking number (though the actual mailing date may be the next day).

“Suspended” is something new to me. I suppose that is used when a later order is made after the household limit has been reached. I have never seen a “Waiting List” message on the online order receipt or email confirmation, but then, I have never been put on a waiting list.

To sum up, once you see “In process” and/or “In stock and reserved,” you can safely assume that you will get your coins. “Hold” and “Backorder” are used routinely and does not mean that you will not get your coins.

Other readers have had questions about the waiting list.

I am not sure about the prospects of any particular waiting list orders being fulfilled. The US Mint fulfills these orders on a first-in, first-served basis in the event that coins become available due to order cancellations. There are likely tens of thousands of orders on the waiting list based on the order numbers indicated in comments. It seems that at least some of the earlier ones will be fulfilled as the US Mint cancels duplicate orders placed either inadvertently or intentionally.

I don’t believe there is any way to determine if your order was placed after the waiting list was imposed based on the order receipt. My own order was placed at 5:39 PM after the US Mint implemented the waiting list. The receipt does not make any indication that the order is for the waiting list and shows the status as backordered. Generally, any orders placed after 4:30 PM (or so) are most likely for the waiting list.

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  1. Dan says

    Clair the US government doesnt back silver eagles in any way, They guarentee there purity. Its the dollar they back with the full faith and trust of there bankrupt government

  2. J A says

    Order 38337XXX just changed to ‘In Process’ over the weekend.

    Cancel buttons still there.

    New shipping date pushed back from 11/18 to 11/22.

  3. Parker says

    J A ; This info you’ve provided is pretty MUCH USELESS. as does the info provided by Winn.
    Pls QUIT posting useless IN PROGRESS comments; they do NOT mean anything.

  4. J A says

    Parker that’s your opinion, if you don’t like a comment or don’t find it useful just move on and keep reading.

    There are others who want to know the progress of the orders in the Mint’s system so please allow each reader to decide for themselves if the information is useful or not.

  5. Jake says

    Parker is right, the information is useless. I will prefer that you hold off on the useless information.

    However, please tell us when the cancel button is gone. That would be useful.

  6. Piotr says

    I actually would like to know if there are any “on hold” orders left. Also I think the mint will not progress untill they cancel everything over 100K. Any cancelation is a valuable data. I haven’t heard of many yet.

  7. vaughnster says

    My order is now “in stock and reserved” with the cancel box still there.
    Order # 3832xxxx

  8. Piotr says

    I had 5 orders placed separately. Between 12:45 and 2:30 all are in stock and reserved. Shouldn’t be longer than a week now.

  9. Clair Hardesty says

    All five of my orders have gone to “in stock and reserved” but still have the cancel option and no CC action yet.

  10. Alex says

    My order is now “in stock and reserved” . Order #3833xxxx Does anyone knows how long it usually takes untill they will ship it out after status “in stock and reserved”?

  11. Clair Hardesty says

    Someone is already trying to post an “in stock and reserved” set on EBay and wants $1795 for a single sealed set on a buy it now listing.

  12. Clair Hardesty says

    Two of my cancel buttons have been removed (first two orders) and the CC has been hit with holds (pending charges) for them.

  13. Clair Hardesty says

    The US mint sometimes ships the same day that they charge your CC but not always. Sometimes it takes a couple days to ship. My recent AtB shipped same day but I expect that as all of these sets start to ship that many will not ship until the next day or even later. If you order is being prepared for shipment on Friday afternoon, it might not actually ship until Monday. Sometimes you will even get a tracking number the day before it actually ships.

  14. vaughnster says

    I’m guessing many of us should have our sets by the end of the week! It’s going to be almost anti-climatic after the nearly two weeks of waiting and worrying. What are we going to be able to look forward to?? 🙂

  15. Michael in Bama says

    Here they come!!!!! Looking for tracking numbers tonight. I am trading 1 set (sealed) for a 20th anniversary set and a 2001 Buffalo set, all in OGP.

  16. NaplesMike says

    Just had a change to my order status. Reads “in stock and reserved” My order was for two sets and was placed at 2:27pm est. Order number is 3834xxxx.

  17. says

    The cancel boxes have disappeared from my order and my friend’s order as well. I got in about 1:30 EST on order day and he got in at 12:15 EST. And to the person who asked, In Stock and Reserved is essentially a pre-ship status. The sets will almost certainly ship either tonight or tomorrow night. I have never had “In Stock and Reserved” last for more than a day before shipping commenced, though others may have had different experiences.

  18. RichardS says

    Can anyone provide me with an internet address to contact the Mint? I want to voice my frustrations with the October 27 situation. Thanks.

  19. Wes says

    Has the Mint ever combined more than one order going to the same place to save on shipping cost? If they do that with these sets for people who placed more than one individual separate order that would ruin any plans to have some graded and keep some in OGP.

  20. Clair Hardesty says

    No, the mint will not combine orders. They will ship as ordered. Sometimes they will split an order but they never combine them.

  21. lobodave says

    The cancel button is no longer on my order and I have changed to “In stock and reserved” !

  22. Wes says

    Thanks for the quick response. Like everyone else here my orders have been In stock and reserved with the cancel boxes gone. Both orders went through in first 20 minutes.

  23. Broooster says

    4 of my 5 sets have the cancelled button removed, the 5th set has “in stock and reserved” but still has the cancel button. My bank account is showing 4 of the 5 hits. The 5th order went in a little later than the first 4, it went in at 2:30. Maybe tomorrow for that set.
    Also, what happened to all of the E-Bay sales?? I only see 1 set for sale, I can’t believe E-Bay managed to take them all down at once. Any thoughts ??

  24. VA Dave says

    First of three orders changed to “in stock and reserved” Order 38340XXX, 2 sets made @ 1:39pm. Cancel button removed. Other two orders 38368XXX, made @ 4:08pm est, 1 set and 38397XXX, 2 sets made at 6:54pm est, still in process. Not holding breath for the late order – that’s on hold. Expect the 4:08PM order to change status tonight/tomorrow – hopefully.

  25. VA Bob says

    RichardS – It’s the government, they could not care less about complaints. If you’re lucky enough to get a survey form, that’s as good as it gets. There are some phone numbers floating around as well. Even if you get a sympathic ear, I doubt much will happen. The Mint said it’s upgrading their ording system, ETA sometime in 2012. I’m sure that would be their response. If you really want your fustrations noted, I would recommend you write your congressman/woman instead, it will get a little more attention.

  26. alan says

    thats strange ,all the years i have ordered from the mint,they never charge my credit card until it was shipped

  27. alan says

    matter of fact,my order says in stock and reserved,my card has not been charged yet,and it won”t until they ship

  28. Piotr says

    Order 3834***. Placed @ 2:29. CC just got charged this AM and the cancel box vanished this morning as well.

  29. FedUp says

    Take a chill people. It’s only a box with a few coins in it. No need for updates to your order every 60 seconds. Thanks.

  30. Clair Hardesty says

    Wow, you get the prize for the earliest time and lowest time I have seen around the web. The first batch of “shipped” orders will probably be delivered to UPS this afternoon or evening and arrive tomorrow morning.

  31. iasoup says

    Order 38353***. Placed @ 2:53. CC not charged yet; however, cancel box vanished this morning as well.

  32. Walt says

    I noticed that the new order management system for the mint is being ordered from a British-based vendor at a price tag of ~$100 million. I don’t know all the details but with all the unemployment in this country and our government trying to reduce it how come this $100 million couldn’t have gone to a US firm? How much of this type of spending is still taking place and is there anyone monitoring it? Your thoughts. Order placed 9/19/2011.

  33. simon says

    Wow! $100 mil to a UK business for software – what are Oracle, IBM, HP, etc doing – sleeping ? That is why I watch labels these days when I make any purchases.

  34. alan says


  35. Chris B says

    @ Parker 1:17pm

    I am also curious about your cancellation. My order #3838xxxx is still in process with a shipping date of 11/22

  36. says

    Art, I called the Mint first thing after updating my information on the website. They said my order looked fine and changed the credit card number for me over the phone. I should be okay. *crosses fingers*

    Hopefully mine will ship soon, I think I almost didn’t make it in time.

  37. Clair Hardesty says

    If your order actually ships today it will be delivered tomorrow (perhaps unless you are outside the US). The mint only uses UPS for next day air service so the package should arrive tomorrow morning and will require an adult signature. Follow the tracking link to see if UPS has the package yet. They probably won’t get it until later today or tonight. Sometimes orders that are marked as shipped miss the last UPS pick up for the day and do not actually ship until the next day (then another day for shipping itself). This is especially frustrating when it happens on Friday because then it is Tuesday before receipt.

  38. Travis says

    order 38366XXX @ 3:59 PM still on backorder, no CC activity yet. hopefully it will get shipped tomorrow.

  39. Tallon says

    Here’s the latest from UPS on #383250XX:


    Updated: 11/08/2011 3:52 P.M. Eastern Time

    Order Processed: Ready for UPS

    A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.

    Label Created On:

    Special Instructions:

    Signature Required

    Additional Information

    Shipped/Billed On:
    15.10 lbs

    Shipping Information


    Shipped By

    UPS Next Day Air®

  40. Tim says

    Called today to check my order and the mint Lady was super friendly and told me my order had just shipped and it was number 3 !!! I had ordered at 12:07 2 sets. Must have been one of the earliest. I have also noticed a lot of fellow collectors further down the line that were part of the waiting list are getting theirs as well, YYYEEEEEAAAAHHHH !

  41. alan says

    got my set was looking at the information card that come inside the coin.The information from the mint ,before the sets were ever struck said,the one eagle is from san fran ,but no mint mark ,the card inside with the coins states it could be from san fran or west point ,is this a mistake on the authenticity card or is this a true statement

  42. Clair Hardesty says

    alan, PCGS is taking the word of the mint official who announced that the bullion coins being used in the sets were in fact minted in SF specifically for use in these sets. The original mint announcement about the set did say that the coins coulc come from either mint but that is not what ultimately happened. The PCGS coin number/info page at refers the the bullion coin as 2011-(S), which means a bullion coin minted in San Francisco. A bullion coin from West Point is 2011-(W) and one of unknown origin is simply 2011. I think this coin will be the true key for this set because it is the least likely to get a grade of MS70 and will be needed to complete “perfect 70” sets.

  43. Two Cents says

    To alan [Nov. 9 @ 12:32 pm],

    I’m surprised that the Mint now says that the non-mintmarked bullion coin in the 25th Anniv. Silver Set is from either the West Point or San Francisco Mint.

    On Oct. 12, 2011, Tom Jurkowsky, director of the Mint’s Office of Public Affairs, told Coin World (Oct. 31 issue) that the non-mintmarked bullion coins in the 25th Anniversary Silver Set were in fact minted at the San Francisco Mint. This made a lot of practical sense, as the sets were assembled at the San Francisco Mint, where bullion coins were and are still being struck.

    The certificate of authenticity might have been printed months ago, before the origin of the non-mintmarked bullion coins was known.

  44. richard says

    order placed 5:22 38381xxx in process order placed 5:36 38384xxx in process what do you think no cancellation notice,any good?

  45. says

    Just got my 25th Anniversary set. Really nice coins. They look great just scanning them with the naked eye. I’ll look closer later. They will stay in OGP.

  46. Eric The Red says

    The Mint Sucks! This is what you get after years of loyal patronage. All I wanted was one lousy set.

    Dear United States Mint Customer,

    Thank you so much for your interest in the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set.

    Due to overwhelming demand, the product reached its production limit in sales quickly and the United States Mint accepted a limited number of orders on a waiting list in the event that products became available due to order cancellations.

    Unfortunately, based on the time your order was taken, we can now confirm that your waiting list order will not be processed. Please note you will receive an order cancellation notification confirming this when your order is cancelled from our system.

    The United States Mint

  47. alan says


  48. alan says

    HEADS UP!!!!!!!!


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