Approved and Proposed Congressional Gold Medals

medalTo follow the previous post on upcoming commemorative coin programs, this post will take a look at the approved and proposed Congressional Gold Medals.

The Congressional Gold Medal is an award bestowed by Congress to persons who have performed an achievement that has an impact on American history and culture that is likely to be recognized as a major achievement in the recipient’s field long after the achievement. American citizenship is not a requirement, so the medals are sometimes awarded to foreign citizens.

The United States Mint is responsible for designing and minting the approved gold medals. After they are awarded the Mint typically will make bronze versions bearing the same design available for sale to the public.

In the 113th Congress, there have been thirty different proposals for the award of the Congressional Gold Medal. At the time of this post, four of the medals have been approved and another four await the President’s signature to become law.

Included below is a summary of the enacted bills, bills which have passed in one or more chambers of Congress, and bills which have been introduced and await further action.


Doolittle Tokyo Raiders

Public Law 113-106 enacted May 23, 2014

To award to the World War II members of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, for outstanding heroism, valor, skill, and service to the United States in conducting the bombings of Tokyo.

American Fighter Aces

Public Law 113-105 enacted May 23, 2014

To award collectively to the American Fighter Aces in recognition of their heroic military service and defense of our country’s freedom throughout the history of aviation warfare.

First Special Services Force

Public Law 113-16 enacted July 12, 2013

To award collectively to the First Special Service Force, in recognition of its superior service during World War II.

Design candidates for the medal were reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and Commission of Fine Acts earlier this year. The images of the design candidates and recommendations can be found here.

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

Public Law 113-11 enacted May 24, 2013

To award posthumously to Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley to commemorate the lives they lost 50 years ago in the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, where these 4 little Black girls’ ultimate sacrifice served as a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement.

The medal was awarded on September 10, 2013 when the United States Mint also made bronze duplicate versions available for sale. Coverage of the medal release was provided in this previous post.

Passed in both House and Senate

Civil Air Patrol

S. 309 passed Senate on May 20, 2013, passed House May 19, 2014
H.R. 755 introduced February 15, 2013

To award to the World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol.

Shimon Peres

H.R. 2939 passed House May 19, 2014, passed Senate May 20, 2014
S. 1456 passed Senate March 13, 2014

To award to to Shimon Peres, a Polish-born Israeli statesman.

Monuments Men

H.R. 3658 passed House on May 15, 2014, passed Senate on May 20, 2014
S. 1862 introduced December 19, 2013

To award to the Monuments Men in recognition of their heroic role in the preservation, protection, and restitution of monuments, works of art, and artifacts of cultural importance during and following World War II.

65th Infantry Regiment

H.R. 1726 passed House May 19, 2014, passed Senate May 22, 2014
S. 1174 introduced June 18, 2013

To award to the 65th Infantry Regiment, known as the Borinqueneers, a Puerto Rican regiment of the United States Army.

Passed in one Chamber

Jack Nicklaus

H.R. 2203 passed in House May 19, 2014
S. 1040 introduced May 23, 2013

To award to Jack Nicklaus in recognition of his service to the Nation in promoting excellence, good sportsmanship, and philanthropy.


U.S. Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society

H.R. 4693 introduced May 20, 2014

To award to to the U.S. Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society, in recognition of the ceaseless efforts of American aircrew members to escape captivity and evade capture by the enemy forces in occupied countries during our foreign wars, and the brave resistance organizations and patriotic nationals of those foreign countries who assisted them.

James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner

H.R. 4409 introduced April 4, 2014

To award collectively to James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner to commemorate the lives they lost 50 years ago in an effort to bring justice and equality to Americans in Mississippi during Freedom Summer.

First Rhode Island Regiment

H.R. 4045 introduced February 11, 2014

To award to the First Rhode Island Regiment, regarded as the first African American military regiment, in recognition of their dedicated service during the Revolutionary War.

Freedom Riders

H.R. 4041 introduced February 11, 2014

To award to the Freedom Riders, collectively, in recognition of their unique contribution to Civil Rights, which inspired a revolutionary movement for equality in interstate travel.

Pat Summitt

S. 1910 introduced January 9, 2014
H.R. 3836 introduced January 9, 2014

To award to Pat Summitt in recognition of her remarkable career as an unparalleled figure in women’s team sports, and for her courage in speaking out openly and courageously about her battle with Alzheimer’s.

Simeon Booker

H.R. 3655 introduced December 4, 2013

To award to Simeon Booker in recognition of his achievements in the field of journalism, including reporting during the Civil Rights movement, as well as social and political commentary.

Office of Strategic Services

H.R. 3544 introduced November 20, 2013

To award collectively to the members of the Office of Strategic Services in recognition of their superior service and contributions during World War II.

Dr. R. Adams Cowley

S. 1345 introduced July 23, 2013
H.R. 2782 introduced July 22, 2013

To award posthumously to Dr. R. Adams Cowley in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the advancement of trauma care.

Hank Aaron

H.R. 3186 introduced July 9, 2013

To award to Hank Aaron, in recognition of his contributions to the national pastime of baseball and his perseverance in overcoming discrimination and adversity to become a role model for all Americans.

Sally K. Ride

H.R. 2422 introduced June 18, 2013

To award to Sally K. Ridge, the first American women to travel into space, in recognition of her exemplary service as an astronaut, physicist, and science education advocate.

Rabbi Arthur Schneier

H.R. 2387 introduced June 14, 2013

To award to Rabbi Arthur Schneier in recognition of his pioneering role in promoting religious freedom and human rights throughout the world, for close to half a century.

Constance Baker Motley

S.1150 introduced June 12, 2013
H.R. 3097 introduced September 12, 2013

To award posthumously to Constance Baker Motley, African American civil rights activist, lawyer, judge, state senator, and Burough President of Manhattan.

Father Mychal Judge, O.F.M.

H.R. 1224 introduced March 15, 2013

To award posthumously to Father Mychal Judge, O.F.M., beloved Chaplain of the Fire Department of New York who passed away as the first recorded victim of the September 11, 2001, attacks in recognition of his example to the Nation of selfless dedication to duty and compassion for one’s fellow citizens.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods

S. 1587 introduced October 28, 2013
H.R. 1186 introduced March 14, 2013

To award posthumously to each Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods in recognition of their contributions to the Nation.

Muhammad Ali

H.R. 1084 introduced March 12, 2013

To award to Muhammad Ali in recognition of his contributions to the Nation.

Alice Paul

S. 457 introduced March 5, 2013
H.R. 874 introduced February 27, 2013

To award posthumously to Alice Paul in recognition of her role in the women’s sufrage movement and in advancing equal rights for women.

Shirley Chisholm

H.R. 852 introduced February 27, 2013

To award posthumously to Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to Congress in 1968 where she served until 1982.

Stewart Lee Udall

H.R. 750 introduced February 15, 2013

To award posthumously to Stewart Lee Udall in recognition of his contributions to the Nation as hero for the environment, a champion for conservation, a civil right activist, a Native American crusader, and an advocate for the arts.

Lena Horne

S. 397 introduced February 27, 2013
H.R. 715 introduced February 14, 2013

To award posthumously to Lena Horne in recognition of her achievements and contributions to American culture and the civil rights movement.

Filipino Veterans of World War II

H.R. 111 introduced January 3, 2013

To award collectively to the Filipino Veterans of World War II in recognition of their dedicated service during World War II.

Malala Yousafzai

H.R. 60 introduced January 3, 2013

To award to Malala Yousafzai in recognition of her devoted service to education, justice, and equality in Pakistan.

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  1. Dave says

    @ PittP
    Why not buy on credit card and if not right, simply dispute and get your $ credited back?

  2. Kraw says

    Yesterday my CC had the charges pending for the Au BHoF coins, and today the charges have vanished. Order still says ‘in stock and reserved’ on the mint page. Are others finding similar phenomena?

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    @Dave I was going to do that but then once I’m having my personal information and credit card number. Only being safe but maybe a little too cautious I guess. I don’t like having to go through the hassle either.

    Kraw yeah that is normal. They check your card when they are in stock and reserved then again when it ships if the funds have already been redeposited in your account or the charge falls off your CC. It’s usually 2 or 3 business days after they originally hit it. Never know with the BHoFs though… I’m hoping they go out today or tomorrow.

  4. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry voice recognition…

    @dave I was goin to do that but don’t like giving them my personal info and credit card number if its an untrustworthy site.

  5. Dave says

    Gotcha . Does PayPal give the same protection without giving out CC #?

    Same with my account.

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    @dave yeah I woulda used paypal since as you mentioned the seller doesnt see the CC# but to order they asked for personal info such as address & date of birth… I sent an email asking their location and phone # with no reply. It just was a red flag to me… Even if they shipped the coin may have been counterfeit also

  7. joe says

    My gold BHOF coin still shows as temporarily authorized with no movement over the last week.

  8. Louis says

    no movement on any of my orders. nothing.

    how come no one is talking about the Poseidon coin? Perth site was maddening. just error messages. anyone get through?

  9. hw says

    Perth Mint site is extremely slow probably due to volume. Just be patient. I was able to order only one Poseidon.

  10. DOUG says

    In regards to the BHOF gold coins, my order times were 1:31 , 1:38 , 1:54, and 2:08. They were all showing pending charges last thursday. Today all the charges were removed from my credit card. All the coins still show in stock and reserved. I called customer service at the mint, and was told they are all in the “picking” stage at the warehouse, and should be recharged, and shipped in the next couple of days, with the coins arriving 5 to 10 days later. I am not concerned about the wait, and am just posting this to help anyone else who may be wondering about their order.

  11. hw says

    P.S.: Perth Mint wait time is 166 minutes if you are lucky. I would come back later.

  12. Mk says

    No movement in my BBHOF orders…Today, I get a random email from one of my orders letting me know that the coins are still backordered. Thank you US Mint for keeping me informed. Lol

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Don’t know why the Poseidon series selling so much better than the NZ mint ones. maybe people don’t like square coins but I am staying the course. That square series is the highlight of my collection among others. The way the columns line up, the size and weight, the stunning quality of the strikes. That series is gonna be a sleeper imo…

  14. Clark says

    The mint just shipped my 3/27 1:07 p.m. $5 gold UNC BHOFs this morning. I also received UPS tracking. No movement yet on the proof $5 BHOFs I ordered just minutes later on the 27th.

    Sounds like they are slowly working their way through orders, but any forward movement is positive. However, I received a strange backorder message last night re: BHOF clad proofs stating they are backordered to 6/25, which is odd because I have over 200 other $1s and more unc clads that have backorder dates change frequently without email notifications. The US Mint moves in strange and mysterious ways.

  15. hw says


    No. By the time the checkout clock wound down, the Poseidon was unavailable. I will try again tonight around 9:00 pm MT.

  16. Mk says

    @fm- I’m east far east as one can get, unfortunately.
    @Clark- My random email was for half clad proofs as well. I’ll just keep buying world coins until they figure out their computer “glitches”.

  17. says

    WOW……….”Well, bust my britches!” Them there gold are a shippin’………..PLAY BALL !

    Finally, after all this time, my gold is on the way. Never thought this day would come. I got 2 of each and destined to stay in OGP in my collection. Here’s my original details, if it helps at all.

    Order number: ….6403

    Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 01:09 PM

    Order Status: Your order request has been shipped.

  18. KEITHSTER says

    My last two Great Smoky Mountains 5ozers will get delivered in the morning. As far as I can tell they only pressed about 700 in the last batch so maybe thats the die life on those honkers or something went wrong and that was the last one they had left? Any one know the die life on the 5ozers? Had a hard time paying full price but glad I did any one else getting delivery of their Smokies tomorrow? let me know how they look compared to the first ones with only 700 in this batch they should all be nice!! Well just saying Good Luck All:>:>:>

  19. Mark Rex says

    Wanted to gives a heads up. About 5 mins ago I was able to order from the Perth Mint a Poseidom coin. I was told it was successful and got a confirmation email. They already pulled $1 from my card. I missed the noon launch.

  20. Dustyroads says

    Ok, after seeing how popular the Poseidon is, I decided to try to get one for myself, and I can’t because their unavailable. How do I work this? Are they going to show back up on the site?

  21. Mark Rex says

    There not showing as ‘Sold Out’ just ‘Unavailable’. I guess there releasing them in batches every few hours. Just keep checking the site. I missed out at noon but got one at 8:37pm.

  22. VA Rich says

    cag – previous page, on the 69’s – mostly a result of observations and personal preference, and the fact that baseball isn’t going to go away any time soon.., and neither is this coin. It’s so unique and a one-off that interest will be strong and it will have staying power for quite some time, with that said, here comes the subjective part –

    a. I’ve been buying coins off fleabay since 2006, I will only buy a slabbed, sealed, or coin that’s been with a one-time owner with “the pictures are of the coin you see will be the coin that you will receive” stated in their listing.
    b. There’s know production/quality issues with the proofs, I’ve seen it first hand, too risky down the road to buy someone’s rejects when the dusk settles, I’ve shared my success (or lack there of) with good Proof $1 & Halves – perhaps this the reason for the shipping delays(?)
    c. I personally would rather buy a 69 of a known quality at a little more of a premium than risk an OGP given the some of the junk I’ve received on fleabay from unscrupulous sellers.

    Observations –
    a. I’m looking a acquire an ’01 Buff set and ’93 WWII $1 in 70, in doing some research, those 69 that present well carry a premium over OGP of the same coin. I’m not making an argument for one over the other, but it just does, and this is what I’ve seen lately.
    b. Labels- oh boy, here we go (Good Lord help me!) – a label is nothing more than ‘curb appeal’ – just like good landscaping around your house or breast implants under a furry sweater, it adds no functional value, though you just can’t stopping looking when you see it done well, and it creates perceived value/interest. I personally think a $5 & $1 BHoF strapped to a FS American Flag in a clear PCGS holder.., is an impressive combination, it stands out from the others, and it has curb appeal. So I guess I should have said pedigrees of 69 will do better.
    c. BG summed it up with this input on the grading – I have some 69’s that look better than some 70 without question that I know could and would grade 70 if resubmitted.

    So that’s just some thoughts for discussion sake (or not) in getting back to you on the Off Topic. A lot of wise ol souls out here say ‘buy the coin, not the label’ – & I so hardly agree. I’m not making an argument for labels or 69s – but curb appear does carry some merit that I’ve observed and that’s why I think some will do better than others. Besides, if I had to guess you’re probably in your late 30’s/early 40’s, right? There’s about 6 of us out here that fall into that category that posts regularly, and we’re far more analytical than our more seasoned, wiser posters and it shows in the postings (though they’re still smarter than us – that’s a compliment :), well, this younger generation is all about image and flashiness, so that will drive interest in time to come as well.., but that’s another topic and I’m off my soap box now… G’day!

  23. Pittsburgh P says

    Mk I don’t know but that’s insane! at first I thought it might have been a shill raising the price but there has been a lot of bids placed on it… misinformed people I guess

  24. Samuel says

    i think they hint there are some problems with the coin, so u better take a good look at it. i am wrong?
    —“the pictures are of the coin you see will be the coin that you will receive” stated in their listing.

  25. Pittsburgh P says

    Samuel thats usually a good thing. Id rather be able to see the coin even if its a pic. But if we are lookin at the same listing those are stock photos…

  26. fmtransmitter says

    VA Rich, wait, more about the breast implants under a furry sweater please….

  27. says

    @VA Rich, Thanks for the well thought out analysis. I buy very little and have never sold on the bay so I have not come across the problems that you describe.

    As for being analytical, I majored in accounting, minored in economics, taught Business Statistics at university level , General Manager for three separate S&P 500 companies. Left the private sector years ago so I could trade stocks and gamble on sports full time. Don’t receive a check or subsidy from anyone. What I kill is what I eat, so yes I would say that I fall in the analytical camp…

  28. Jon in CT says

    Tomorrow the U.S. Mint will lower the prices of its gold products by one tier/rung if tomorrow morning’s London fix is less than $1257.50 and tomorrow afternoon’s London fix is less than $1250.00. At this moment, with spot gold quoted near $1243, the likelihood this will happen seems very high.

  29. VA Rich says

    FM – just like labels.., it’s all window dressing! Though you all have much better window dressing down there in Tampa than I do up here!

    cag – impressive, very nice! I am so ready to become independent, & this work thing is so over-rated!

  30. VA Rich says

    Oh cag, BA/MA – in economics/finance here, a MS in being fleeced on fleabay, & a PhD in floggings on MNB.., though circus clown by trade! I have only up from here to go! lol

  31. Bob R says

    Just received 2ea ATB NR2, both coins have a scratch or mark at exactly the same location on Washington’s face between mouth and nose looks like a backwards 7. Guess I better send them back for replacements.

  32. smiledon says

    I wish that instead of making the above gold medals that the rest of us can get in bronze, the mint would make as commemorative coins. This nation, in my opinion, as really lost its way. Who we now look up to and look down upon is as messed up as the day is long. Some of who they wish to give a gold coin to is, well, off. However, this is just my opinion. To each, their own.

  33. simon says

    Interesting story on PM price fixing in – quotes

    June 3, 2014 4:04 pm
    Trading to influence gold price fix was ‘routine’
    By Xan Rice

    When the UK’s financial regulator slapped a £26m fine on Barclays for lax controls related to the gold fix, it offered more ammunition to critics of the near-century-old benchmark. But it also gave precious metal traders in the City of London plenty to think about.

    While the Financial Conduct Authority says the case appears to be a one off – the work of a single trader – some market professionals have a different view. They claim the practice of nudging a tradeable benchmark in order to protect a “digital” derivatives contract – as a Barclays employee did – was routine in the industry.

    In the case of gold, this means trying to move the benchmark price, which is set during the twice daily auction “fixing” process run by four banks, including Barclays.

    That is what the Barclays trader, Daniel Plunkett, did on June 28, 2012. Exactly a year earlier, the bank had sold an options contract to an unnamed customer stating that if after 12 months the gold price were above $1,558.96 a troy ounce, the client would receive $3.9m.

    By placing a large sell order on the fix, Mr Plunkett pushed the gold price beneath the barrier, thus avoiding the payout.

  34. GoldFishin says

    @Bob R – just list them on the Flea as the good ole” backwards 7 mint error” or the “washington bloody nose variation”. You are bound to double your money!

    I sent a couple back last week and they received it on Friday. Haven’t heard a squeak back yet, I wonder how long before I hear something. I will let you know if you want me to.

  35. Bob R says

    @GoldFishin- I like the “Washington bloody nose variation” should start the bidding at $2000 HA

  36. VA Bob says

    OT – VA Rich was that 69’s or 70’s under that fuzzy sweater? Just asking because be cause I drove past Headlights gentlemen’s club in Portsmouth a few weeks back and thought I saw her name on the marquee.

    To keep this coin related, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to use coins, PM or clad, OGP or slabbed, at a gentlemen’s club. Though any currency probably should be carefully handled with gloves. 😉

    BTW just humor guys, I’m too old for that stuff, and too married. Happy collecting.

  37. GoldFishin says

    @MK- the listing you gave for a Baseball Half Clad is being bid up for one reason for sure. The seller used the words Silver and Dollar in the first line of their description, very deceptive in my opinion and might even try to pass it off to an unsuspecting customer. They have sold at least one before for over $100.

    Not to worry, I reported them to Ebay. Seller will either have to change the description or suffer Feebays wrath. Yea right!

  38. VA Rich says

    Haha – Definitely 70’s VA Bob – without a doubt, I’ve seen that sign before …, can’t recall whether I was trying to beat feet out of Hampton after doing good things for the Fleet, or just along for the ride after a long day…, but definitely 70’s as I recall.. 😉

    I can’t image the currency exchange rate having shown up with a handful of proof BHoF clads in Thailand.., fifteen years ago…, yeah…

  39. Mk says

    @Pitt, Gf- yeah really sad these folks are getting taken for a ride. Bidding is up to over $102.50 for the clad.
    Jeez, I missed some of comments going on here.. Fuzzy sweaters, breast implants, good landscaping and slabbed coins. Lol too funny!

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