Arrival: 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set

Just ahead of the release of the Baseball HOF Commemorative Coins, the United States Mint began shipment of the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Sets. This special product issued to honor the 26th President had originally gone on sale December 17, 2013.

The Coin and Chronicles Set includes the 2013-S Proof Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar, the Bald Eagle National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Bronze Medal, and a one ounce .999 fine silver Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Medal. The proof coin and Bald Eagle bronze medal had previously been released, while the silver Presidential Medal was a unique offering, representing the first time in United States Mint history that the medal had been struck in .999 silver.


Since I have received the set in hand, I wanted to share some images and impressions with readers. Shown above is the outer protective sleeve at left, which houses the illustrated presentation case at right.


The case opens to reveal the Proof Presidential Dollar at right with a quote below, “There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm.” A facsimile of Theodore Roosevelt’s signature appears beneath. At left are the Silver Presidential Medal and the Bald Eagle Bronze Medal, which features a full length portrait of Roosevelt on the obverse.


The left side of the case flips upwards to reveal a reproduction of a photograph of Theodore Roosevelt. The right side opens to the right to reveal an educational booklet containing information about Theodore Roosevelt’s history as a naval leader, war hero, President, and conservationist. Overall this is a nicely put together set that I am pleased to have added to my collection.

Theodore Roosevlet Silver Medal

The primary numismatic draw of the set is the Silver Presidential Medal. The Presidential Medal has previously been issued in bronze, most commonly found in 1-5/16 inch diameter. The one ounce silver medal has a wider diameter of 1.598 inches, the same as the American Silver Eagle.

In the past, the United States Mint has offered other silver medals individually or as part of certain numismatic products. After the initial offering, these medals tend to become overlooked, since most collectors focus on legal tender coins.

The US Mint offered the 1993 Philadelphia Set, which contained the 1993-dated fractional proof Gold Eagles and proof Silver Eagle (all struck in Philadelphia at the time) and a specially created Philadelphia Bicentennial Silver Medal. View one of the sets here. Total set sales reached 12,689, also representing the mintage for the included medal.

The US Mint has also offered the 1993 Benjamin Franklin Firefighters Silver Medal, which reached total sales estimated at 80,000. In 2003, four different commemorative silver medals were released to mark the 100th anniversary of the National Wildlife Refuge System, limited to mintages of 25,000 or 35,000. Most recently, the US Mint offered the 2011 September 11 National Medals, which reached sales of 177,342 across proof and uncirculated versions.

As of this week’s sales report, the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set has reached sales of 9,762 units, which seems surprisingly low. The product still remains available for sale at the US Mint, priced at $57.95.

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  1. Ikaika says

    Thank you for the article on the TR set. With all the attention to the BHOF, it was almost unnoticed when the delivery began. I also received my set and was impressed with the quality and presentation. The mint did a great job with this one.

  2. McLovin says

    I assume they grade medals or am I wrong? I haven’t seen any for sale on any of the dealer websites or on ebay, not graded silver medals at least.

  3. McLovin says

    Also, when I went to the NGC website, they don’t have the medal listed under their section with cutoff dates for early release coins.

  4. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx for the write up on TR set… I passed on it when release but for that price it may be worth picking up. I just may be waiting awhile before seeing it with all the BHoF shipments clogging up the process… Lol

  5. says


    Thanks for putting up this article. The TR set deserves some attention and it was almost completely drowned out by the clamor surrounding the Hall of Fame coins. I thought the presentation of the set was outstanding and that the mint did a good job with this one.

    I’m hoping next year the mint might decide to do a similar JFK Coin and Chronicles set for a similar price with similar pieces next year when the JFK presidential dollar becomes available.

  6. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks for the follow-up on this product release, Michael. Like you, I am most impressed with the contents of the set and product presentation, and am quite happy to have added one to my collection. I think it complements my four NWRS medals quite nicely. As a collectible, I certainly hope the Mint does not allow this item to languish in the sales catalogue forever. Another silver medal with 12K units or less would be awesome.

    I really wish the Mint had done more with the 9/11 Anniversary Medals. I picked up two of each at the time they were available; moreso for what they represented as I lost friends in the Towers and in the ‘Gon. While many thought those medals were too abstract, I thought they were very well done with artistry and craftsmanship. In hand, the transitions between PR and UNC finishes are quite impressive. I just wish the Mint had done more to advertise those medals to the general public, to include making them available to the Ground Zero Memorial operations that were coming on line at the time. I still believe that many visitors to the site would have purchased at least one – as part of the fund-raising, and as a reminder of the event and their visit.

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. Agreed on a JFK C&C Set. Lots of potential, but especially if the Mint continues to support the presentation format used in the TR set.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Michael – If I remember correctly, the Mint did not offer PR and UNC versions of the 9/11 Medal. Rather, the same Medal was struck at two different Mint Facilities – Philly and West Point; leading many to ask, “Why?” Those of us who bought both were wondering if we might find variety-types between the two strikes. I did not find any within my 4 medals, and had not seen anything discussed publicly.

  9. Hidalgo says

    I placed an order for the set on the day the US Mint had it for sale. I received my set and really enjoy it. The set is nicely packaged and is a welcome addition to my collection!

  10. oldfolkie says

    Got mine a few days ago and will order another as I was impressed with the whole package. It goes well with all the America the Beautiful coins as he was responsible for so many of them. And yeah I know it’s off topic a bit but Teddy used the Antiquities Act to give this country many priceless treasures that have greatly added to my life and the lives of millions. Presidents in both parties have saved countless treasures for our children as Teddy often said we should do. And yet too many Republicans led by Rob Bishop of Utah are trying to take the force of the Antiquities Act away because, “They know better” I wish Teddy Roosevelt was here today to stand up for that law, and our childrens’ children. I’d love to make a display with that silver medal surrounded by the National Wildlife Reserve coins and all the ATB parks he had a direct hand in establishing. It would have to hold quite a lot. Sorry for the political rant, but as a Utahn blessed by so many Antiquities Act treasures I get a bit upset when politicians claim to know what’s best for us. Thanks Teddy for a legacy that will last forever.

  11. Sith says

    Based on the photos and comments I may get this set, but I just hate that its a medal not a coin.

  12. gatortreke says

    I received my set earlier this week and have to say it’s probably the nicest packaged set I’ve seen from the Mint. I also like the fact the Presidential Medal is silver!!

  13. VABEACHBUM says

    Well stated, Oldfolkie!! Another aspect of the proposed modifications to the Antiques Act impacts upon another passion of mine – Antique Cars. Greater than 25 years old; for me, ’68 to ’70 and Fox-body Mustangs. Greater restrictions on current cars, whether daily drivers or concourse restorations, and overwhelming movements to close long-time, well-run boneyards and scrap their contents. Contents that often-times includes the potential for addtional restorations. I’ll be the first to admit that there are many yards out there that need to close, but there are several venerable institutions that continue to be the life’s blood of that aspect of our American History.

  14. Hawkster says


    You’re asking if TPG will grade medals? If it means money in their pocket, they’ll probably grade anything– including subway and parking tokens.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    NGC WILL grade medals! I know simply based on my request to grade a silver medal designed by Gassparro for the Queens FIRST EVER visit to the good ol US of A!. It is a stunner IMO because it was placed in a cheap plastic case that reacted with the .999 fine silver and created some of the most beautiful blue hues along with a plethora of rainbow toning. It is on my list for grading but it has to be kept in the original packaging and NOT removed from the holder. I need to check to see if I can get it graded in one of those GSM Morgan holders, I am sure I can. BTW, I finally got my short term disability to go through which allowed for my only other coin purchase, this TR set, until I am back to work making 100% of pay. Hopefully will be in enough time to TRY and spring for the Kennedy set later this year. My Everglades 5 oz sub has already been put up. I believe that is it for this year for me as health is #1 priority right now. Cheers all, this is a VERY well done set IMO. NGC will NOT put a 30 day counter up for ER/FR until they receive one for grading.

  16. fmtransmitter says

    . Quarterly Inventory: Due to the United States Mint’s quarterly inventory, expedited shipping will not be available for orders placed from April 16 through April 20, 2014. Orders over $300 and orders containing gold or platinum United States Mint collectibles will receive a complimentary upgrade, but may experience a slight delay. Expedited shipping will be available again for orders placed on or after April 21, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    Yea Sith,, when I emailed NGC they said it could be graded because it was made my Medallic Art Company who also makes most US Military medals ie purple heart etc. Medals ARE collectibles, just not as big of a following as say coins with a Government denomination.

  18. Pittsburgh P says

    FMT…. Thats been up for awhile. When I called and asked about it I was told it would only affect new orders and you couldnt purchase expedited shipping. Will still get over 300$ or gold complementary expedited shipping but would experience the delay. All regular shipping would still go out as normal. That being said I’ve had several orders in process & in stock and reserved for over 7 business days, 2 expedited and 1 regular, so there does seem to be a delay.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    @PP, yes, just thought I would share on this thread for newbies. Sorry PP…I am in same boat. Just curious, are the orders still being sent out?

  20. JagFan says

    The Baseball Hall of Fame has produced a specail Bronze Coin set honoring the 75th Anniversary which will also include the Commemorative Silver Dollar. The first three volumes contains One Bronze Coin in each one and the upcomming fourth volume will include the silver dollar (I’m assuming)..

    I wonder if NGC or PCGS will grade these as a set?

  21. oldfolkie says

    To Vabeachbum….. I agree they need to actually just do the jobs they were elected to do. It sure would be nice to see a classic from the 50s, 60s, or 70s on that Blue Ridge Parkway coin

  22. CasualCollector says

    Modern Coin Mart

    Looks like they got more BHOF MS Silver Dollars in (prices are slightly higher now than their original mailing a couple of days ago).

    MS69 – $119
    MS70 – $219

  23. Pittsburgh P says

    I figured but wasn’t sure if you had just seen it. Thought I’d tell you what I heard… From what I was told they are but the only coin I have received was the GSM AtB sub. A few days ago. All my BHoF coins, gold proof and both silver, have been in stock and reserved since last wend. & my ASE subscriptions have been the same since last friday.

  24. J. Allen says

    I ordered 3 of these sets, and all the coins and medals are in perfect condition, except that the back of the silver medal is a little “off center” with the front of the medal. Did have a problem with the presentation box of one of them, unfortunately the mint won’t send a new presentation box, so I have to send the whole thing in for a replacement. It really is a nice set and I am surprised that the sales are not better then they currently are.
    Theodore Roosevelt is one of my favorite Presidents as he had the foresight to set aside some of the most beautiful land in the U.S. for all of us to enjoy. I which the current politicians in Washington DC appreciated the National Parks as much as the people do, and increase funding to the Forestry Service so these National Treasures can be properly maintained for generations to come.

  25. fmtransmitter says

    @PP, yea, I assume since its been about 15 years since the Mint has seen such a desire for their product, accompanied by a change in S&H contract, heads are spinning in the fulfillment centers to “get it right”, which will take time… Bad for those waiting but not new to us…

  26. Eddie says

    I received my set a month or so ago and it looks great. If the Mint could have minted the dollar in silver just for this set it would have been a very unforgettable set to own. I don’t know if the Mint can even do something like that. I guess congress would have to get involved to make that happen.
    If the Mint would do a Kennedy set and put the regular dollar in it and have a silver dollar in it also with a silver half dollar with a matte finish along with a silver proof half. That would be a set for the ages.
    Well enough dreaming I have gotten my clad BHoF halves and I believe the Mint is about to send me the silver dollars and I guess in June they will send me the gold ones.
    It would be nice if the Mint would make a nice box to hold a set of 6 coins in it or someone would make one.

  27. Jim says

    My silver proof BHOF coins that had been in stock and reserved since last week shipped this morning.

  28. fmtransmitter says

    @Eddie, keep looking online as sports displays are always made, There are companies that make that stuff exclusively. The HOF site may even contain a link or contract with someone to make a display for the set, WITH the Official HOF logo of course…

  29. fmtransmitter says

    Also Medallic Art Company sells displays and will even make a custom one for you. Contact them.

  30. Clark says

    I love this T Roosevelt set. I originally got it just for the silver medal, but decided to keep the set intact once I saw how well everything goes together…perhaps better than Lincoln Chronicles, but it’s close.

    On MCM’s new, higher prices for BHoFs…it appears that the mint’s slow and unpredictable deliveries of HoF coins is working to the financial benefit of early sellers and staving off the flood of secondary market inventory many of us (myself included) expected by now. Many people who ordered coins still don’t have them. Many who missed out of gold & silver still want them. It’s fun to watch, but still impossible to predict long term values. At least the mint seems to be treating the large warehouse purchasers and consumers the same as far as delivering HoF coins is concerned.

  31. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx jim, yeah my gold unc is backorder too but the gold proof and both silvers are in stock and reserved bought at 1:27 so hopefully they will go out today. Thx again

  32. Steve says

    The outlook for BHOF silver flippers isn’t looking good. There are buy it now listings for $85 $1 proofs that aren’t selling. And this is before the majority of coins has been shipped. The only ones making money are the gold and those who get their silver graded FS or ER in time.

  33. Pittsburgh P says

    Steve, IDK if Im seeing different listings but Ive seen some selling for 99$ and more… Graded for 150$+ and thats not the Baltimore label. Sell prices have seem to come down though. Personally I am not a flipper but am not against those who do or making a quick buck. The real tragedy is people are buying clads for 35$+ when you can still buy them at the mint! I know there’s a wait but come on…

  34. says

    Pittsburgh P, my first order that included Silver proofs was placed at 1:15ET and they have been ‘in stock and reserved’ since last Wed and I just checked and they have not budged…

  35. HIdalgo says

    @Steve and @Pittsburgh P – are you surprised that secondary market prices are falling for the silver BHOF coins? As more and more investors, speculators, collectors, dealers, etc. receive their coins from the US Mint, purchased at retail prices, the demand to buy the same coins at inflated secondary market prices will fall.

    It makes you wonder what the equilibrium price range on the secondary market will fall…..

  36. Blair J Tobler says

    Regarding the stalled shipping, the rep I talked to yesterday said that because of inventory almost nothing is shipping, and that my order, which also has been in stock and reserved since last week, would probably ship next week.

  37. Mike says

    Received my gold proof HOFB coins today all have mint marks. I was studying mine and looking at the pictures sent with the mint mark not showing, IMO I think there is something wrong with the holder. If you look at the first E In E PLURIBUS UNUM and the lower stitching of base ball the stitch that lines up with this E , I count 13 on my coins but in the pictures I only count 11. Like I said just my opinion but I think the other 2 stitches are obscured by the rim of the holder as well as the W and it does look like the holder overlaps that side of the coin because that holder looks diffrent than the way my coin sits in holder or could just be PICS. I hope it is gone but I think once the holder is removed it will be found.

  38. Pittsburgh P says

    @cag… That sucks, Wonder how jim’s order got out before yours… I guess I should stop trying to figure the mints shipping schedule out, its impossible. Just be patient, at least I got some from the mints gift shop.

    @Hidago… Not at all. A little suprised prices went so high in the first place, or should I say that people paid that much!

    @Blair… that makes no sense if they have them ” in stock and reserved” it should have nothing to do with inventory. Unless they are trying to build inventory up but they are a first order in first out structure. So that shouldnt matter… IDK

  39. Ray says

    My order of 1 $1 proof and unc BHoF coins just shipped. I placed my order at 4:21 PM EST. Really looking forward to seeing these in person. And they mighht be here in time to send of for FR/ER designation. I hope they are 70s but I’m not holding my breath.

  40. Ray says

    Also just got charged for my 2014 unc silver eagle. I’m hoping they assign a tracking # to that today.

  41. Pittsburgh P says

    My card was just charged for both my ASE Sub & my silver BHoF coins!Guess they are shipping out…. 😀

  42. Eddie says

    @fmt thanks for the advice. I know there will be others that want something to put a set of BHoF coins in.

  43. says

    Pittsburgh P, here is a thought. On the Mints website they specifically state that while your order is on hold other latter orders can be processed and when your order is taken off hold you will then get back in line at that point. I would guess some larger $$ amount orders that included gold probably were on hold longer and smaller orders moved up in the queue. I would think if your order is under a predetermined dollar amount that it goes through faster. Just a theory…

  44. Sith says

    @HIdalgo – Adding my two cents to the mix . The cheapest buy it now listed is for $84 but it is also a presale. The lowest buy it now price with the coin in hand is $93 (newly listed).

    As far as the price falling I’m just surprised that the gold is holding up so well..

  45. Pittsburgh P says

    @cag, that definitely makes sense. I read that also but thought it was for orders on hold due to credit card issues. None of my orders were on hold except the largest one & it was on hold for a day.I’m just thinking out loud here but thanks for the theory…

  46. Dave says

    My TR C&C sets arrived today along with a Roosevelt Youth Set. I must say I AM impressed with the quality of the youth set. I have a grandson who will be attending TRHS (Theodore Roosevelt High School) in a few years and he will get this set now as an intro to Teddy. I also taught mathematics there for over 20 years, so there is also that attraction for me.

    The activity book included in the set is very cool ( for an elementary school kid) and the factual info on TR is well done indeed . I would recommend it to any parents As a great supplement to the ATBs . You collecting the 5 oz set and your kid collecting the quarters would be an educational method of getting a child interested in coin collecting.

    Well, now I’ve got to go check out the C& C sets. Hope they are as nice.

    Also got the Annual Unc.$1 set and upon checking the ASE under magnification, I must say I really hope they do not change any part of the coin. It IS a classic work of art!

  47. MK says

    My very small silver order placed at 1:30pm on the 27th, has been in stock and reserved since last Thursday (10th). There was a brief cc hold before it went to an in progress status. I can’t be grumpy though, thanks to Pittsp ( I owe you a beer btw), I should have my Denver order soon. As far as prices dropping, did anyone pick up the curved Australian Crux coin from 2012? I believe the coin listed at around the overinflated price of $100. It’s now selling in the $300+ range. Granted it was a much smaller mintage, but it seems to be holding in popularity as a curved coin. I’m hoping that the Bhof coin follows a similar suit and if not, I’m still’s a beautiful coin.

  48. MK says

    Figures, I got an email right after my post, my silver order just shipped. For those still waiting, there is hope…

  49. thePhelps says

    I also got my TR set about a week ago and was quite happy with it. It is book sized and opens up like one. The enclosed literature is also a nice chronicle of TR. Well worth the money to purchase the set, and I like medals just fine.

    I got my GSM ATB’s today and they are perfect – not a flaw on either of them.

    My 2:06 silver proof and unc HOF coins also shipped today.

  50. VABEACHBUM says

    @ MK – The RAM domed coins are quite nice. I’ve picked up one each of the 2012 (Crux) and 2013 (Pavo) coins from the mint as they were issued; approx $ 108 US. The 3rd coin in this series should become available in late June or July.

    I took delivery of my UNC ASE coins today. Clean w/ strong strikes. Meanwhile, my Ag BHOF coins have shown in stock for a couple days, but have not been released. Like others have said, probably because of the inventory.

    I will say, though, this new Contractor “Novitex” has been more proactive in communicating information to the customers through the main page of the Mint website. Currently 3 different messages posted. I won’t declare that they are so much better than PBGS, but they are moving in the right direction.

  51. Steve says

    I just got bag #4 from UPS. Had to sign for it. Funny thing is I cancelled the order on it after the bag was shipped and the mint refunded my $4.95 shipping. They shipped 2nd day air. What a waste!

  52. bigguy says

    Yes, i have a civi war dog tag graded by ngc, thete are so many fakes of those they need to be looked at by a gading company

  53. Steve says

    @Hidalgo- I am a little surprised silver prices have fallen a little they should continue to do so once everyone gets their orders from the mint. I think 3x issue is out of the question for silver and now I’m even doubting 2x issue. Maybe they settle in the $75 range? Not enough for flippers to make a profit. Once you factor in shipping costs and 13% to Fleabay and Paypal, it’s not worth it.

  54. Dan in Fla says

    Steve- I have seven of these bags each shipped by the Mint and each charged 4.95.

    Heads up as I was just checking the list and the 2014 Buffalo and gold American Eagle are coming soon.

  55. HIdalgo says

    @Steve and @Pittsburgh P

    The last sentence of my original post on the subject should have read:

    It makes you wonder what the equilibrium price range on the secondary market will be (for the silver Baseball Hall of Fame coins)…..

    When the frenzy to own one of these BHOF coins tapers off, prices will definitely fall. The question is how much…..

    I totally agree that a secondary market value of say, $75 is not high enough for flippers to make a profit. In addition to the eBay and PayPal fees, the cost to drive to a shipping center (e.g., USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.), the time involved to package the coins, etc., a mark up of say, $10 – $15 over the retail prices is not worth it. (And it wouldn’t be worth it to me, as I value my free time).

  56. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago… I figured that’s what you meant since fall didn’t make sense but I wasn’t sure… honestly right now it is hard to tell. I agree with everything you said so for flippers to continue even offering the BHoF coins after it cools down it will have to be close to 2x retail, without a grading. At least for the silver and clad… I think most will get in when its hot then leave it to the big boys after it does level off. Probably won’t even be to many offered on ebay exept someone trying to off their personal collection imo…

  57. HIdalgo says

    @Pittsburgh P – I would really like to add a First Strike/Early Release MS70 gold and silver BHOF coin to my collection. However, the secondary market prices for such certified coins are outrageously high.
    I am fairly confident that after the frenzy for the BHOF coins dies down (like this time next year), secondary market prices will have fallen. How far down remains to be seen….

    Right now, we’re in a seller’s market. A year from now, I believe we’ll be in a buyer’s market. That will be the time for me to buy.

  58. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago I hope you are correct. I too would like to add those to my collection. I already got a clad unc. 70 FS/ER & a silver proof 69 FS/ER because I got fairly good deals on them… For the gold and silver 70s I will wait like you. Good luck….

  59. Hawkster says


    So NGC is also an authority on civil war dog tags? Again, they’ll grade anything for a buck.

  60. GoldFishin says

    My Silver HOF Proofs shipped today after being in reserved status since 4-10. Order Time 1:03 pm EST 3-27.

    Open question…..does a sealed box from the Denver Mint qualify for First Strike at PCGS says months down the road if I choose to keep it sealed? Thanks
    I am assuming that it does but my coins were sent in some kind of trail mix box from the Aramark Gift shop.LOL

  61. says

    GoldFishin…I think it would qualify as long as 1. there is a ship date on the package or 2. The invoice inside the package is dated. But to be sure, I would call PCGS and verify. Months down the road PCGS could say the coins were not in a Mint sealed box…it really shouldn’t matter imo, so I’d ask.

  62. Pittsburgh P says

    Goldfishin… I think that it has to come from the mint not one of it’s affiliate gift shops. I’m not positive though you may be able to research it on one of their websites.

  63. GoldFishin says

    The Denver Mint package has a clear date and the invoice is sealed on the exterior of the box. I will call PCGS to verify. Thank You

    OT- from this thread. I am starting to believe from the scarcity of shipments of the $5 HOF unc. Gold that this coin graded First Strike or Early Release is going to be a long term keeper. Mine ordered at 12:58 has shown no movement at all and I am seriously starting to doubt that I get shipped before the cutoff date. I hope things pick up with it soon! Thanks again!

  64. Clark says

    Get ready for the next iteration of Baseball Hall of Fame coins. I just received an ad for a G$5 HoF with a genuine FACSIMILE of Nolan Ryan’s signature for a whopping $1799. It’s graded NGC PF70 ER, but why such a mark-up for a copy of Ryan’s signature? I might pay a premium for the real deal, but a facsimile? At least it’s cheaper than the Baltimore First Stroke labels.

  65. Clark says

    Post Script to my post above:

    You can buy a “authorized facsimile” of Nolan Ryan sig on an MS70 G$5 BHoF coin for only $2099. Wow!

    Note the $300 increase for the uncirculated gold HoF.

  66. ClevelandRocks says

    On topic: Great article Michael!
    I’m not a medal collector, but think the silver and the great historical presentation make this set worth purchasing.

  67. M says

    I love the product but the packaging is horrible. First the way the foldout is designed…it will only take a few times of looking at the product before the case starts to tear up. The material seems to show wear easily at the folding creases. Also, the coins/medals are blistered in and can’t be removed without destroying the product. The packaging of the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set was superior and they should have stuck with that format.

  68. GoldFishin says

    @ Samuel… my order from the D mint came Fed Ex. It was a decent size order, but if they tell you when you order you will get your purchase in two days it is Fed Ex for sure.

  69. M says

    I figured these medals were struck at the Philly Mint in their medal area? But Medallic Art strikes them?

  70. VA Bob says

    If anyone wants a BHoF ER or FS, just send one to me and I’ll write it on there for you with a Sharpie. I swear it will be just as accurate as any TPG saying something similar.

  71. Samuel says

    Goldfishin, i placed the order on Tuesday, was told will get it on Friday. but i did not.

  72. Steve says

    @Goldfishin- I also placed an order with the Denver mint on Tuesday and did not receive it. For those who got their orders from them via Fed Ex, did you have to sign for it?

  73. Pittsburgh P says

    @samuel… I placed an order on tuesday also thru the denver mint and was told they used fedex. I called yesterday to get a tracking # and spoke with the same lady who took my order and she said that she took so many orders tuesday she had to split them in two seperate pickups cause she couldnt package them all. Apparently she was the only one working there and fedex only comes mon & wed! Some went out wed but most won’t go out til monday since they are closed fri-sun… She told me Id have it by next wed

  74. Ips_stuff says

    You Denver in Philly purchasers thanks for the update

    I ordered from them both on Tuesday received the Philly coins today still waiting on the Denver myself

  75. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster says
    APRIL 18, 2014 AT 6:47 PM


    So NGC is also an authority on civil war dog tags? Again, they’ll grade anything for a buck.

    Not GRADE necessarily but AUTHENTICATE sometimes. They do it with paper, comics, etc…

  76. hw says


    Denver Mint gift shop orders ship by FedEx as already noted by others. However, no signature is required. My package was left on the porch,

  77. bigguy says


  78. HIdalgo says

    Does anyone know if there are any corporate / managerial connections between Modern Coin Mart (MCM) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)? I noticed that both companies are in Sarasota, FL and just 12 miles apart.

    Do any of the owners or corporate staff/board members in one company participate in the affairs of the other? Just wondering. I find it odd — and a potential conflict of interest — that two major players in the certified coin business should be so close in proximity to each other.

    I previously read on this blog that MCM is able to obtain discounts from NGC for mass coin certifications. And MCM is able to tell NGC that it will accept coins with certain MS/PF grades….

  79. JagFan says

    *HIdalgo – they may not be official connected however I’m sure there are deep friendships between the two companies.

    ModernCoinMart owner John Maben entered the coin business full time in 1978. He is one of the world’s premier grading and authentication authorities. His more recent experience includes over eight years at NGC as Executive Vice President and a Grading Finalizer. John was a part-time grader at PCGS in the late 1980’s and has personally bought and sold well in excess of $100,000,000. in rare coins. His experienced staff is ready to help you achieve your numismatic goals, whatever they might be.
    With a staff that has over 75 years of experience, John Maben Rare Coins, Inc (JMRC) trading on eBay and online as ModernCoinMart, is one of the nation’s leading dealers and one of Florida’s largest full service numismatic firms. We are nationally known and recognized, and purchase U.S. coins and currency nationwide. We offer appraisals at your home or bank, if warranted.

    John Maben Rare Coins, Inc is an NGC, PMG, & PCGS Authorized Dealer and a CCE/FACTS Exchange Member. John Maben is a Life Member of ANA, FUN, CSNS, GSNA, and a proud member of the prestigious and highly regarded Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG).

    Tom Thomas is a Professional Numismatist who has been involved in coins since 1977, and has wide experience assisting both wholesale and retail clientele. He is an integral part of the ModernCoinMart team and delighted to be your personal eBay contact.

  80. HIdalgo says

    @JagFan. Thanks for the information. Where I work, such close business relationships are frowned upon. Others (collectors, dealers, the general public, etc.) could easily raise allegations of improprieties, inappropriate influences, and conflicts of interest.

    IIt is apparent that the Modern Coin Mart (MCM) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) have a symbiotic relationship. In other words, they depend heavily on each other. MCM is a major customer of NGC (most of their coins are graded by NGC (vs. PCGS). And NGC raises huge revenues from MCM because of the volume of coins sent to it for grading.

    I trust that the NGC is fair and above-board in its grading practices to all of its customers. However, when it comes to business services, I am certain that huge-volume dealers obtain benefits that the average collector would not.

  81. JagFan says

    Quick Update:

    The American Bald Eagle High Relief Coin is almost Sold Out… The only place that you can still get it in OGP is at modern coin wholesale (see link below).

    It is sold out at both Silvertowne & the Coin Vault in OGP.

    It is sold out on all three sites in NGC/PCGS 70’s

    It is a pretty impressive coin and another one that kind of sneeked up on everyone that appears to have been gobbled up by collectors..

    Only 5k minted.

    And by the way, The new Disney Coin is no longer available at Perth (Gold or Silver). In the states, a few dealers had them in addition to the Disney Fan Club (D23) however they are long gone.

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  82. Hawkster says

    fm transmitter and bigguy,
    Maybe it’s just me, but if I wanted a Civil War item authenticated I would bring it to an expert in such items. I would not put my faith in a TPG. They should stick to coins and not pretend that they are the authority in items out of their realm.

  83. Sith says

    @HIdalgo – I guess you did not read the earlier threads, PCGS all but admitted to being biased when Tulving went bankrupt the first time, now read below.

    “Dealers own the grading firms. I don’t know if the grades come out any different, but the dealers get preferential treatment…its hard to prove” American Numismatic Society Curator Robert Hoge told The Toledo Blade in May 2005, when reporters learned that embattled coin dealer Tom Noe owned stock in NGC…When inspectors seized Noe’s remaining coins, they found some of them “in the same building and suite” as NGC headquarters in Florida.

    Background on coingate:

    How this one worked…in one example Tom had the fund buy a 3 dollar gold coin at 150K (which he determined was undervalued) and had a grade of MS64 . He then sent it to a PCGS. PCGS determined it was really a MS65 deep cameo, the coin is now worth 200K. Tom made the fund 50K on the regrade. Now saying all that Tom was imprisoned because among other things… After sending the coins to be certified, they were stolen from the mail on the way back. IE if he had not had stolen the coins he would not be in jail.

    ANACS does not appear to be in bed with the dealers, which is why they don’t use them, IE they are less biased, but saying that HSN does use them, and it was mentioned as a possible conflict of interest, so pick your poison.

  84. Jon in CT says

    VABEACHBUM wrote on APRIL 18, 2014 at 4:15 PM:

    I will say, though, this new Contractor “Novitex” has been more proactive in communicating information to the customers through the main page of the Mint website. Currently 3 different messages posted. I won’t declare that they are so much better than PBGS, but they are moving in the right direction.

    This is too funny. Novitex was formed last year after Apollo, the huge private equity investment company, bought the Pitney Bowes Management Services unit from Pitney Bowes for $400MM. The only thing that’s changed is the name — everything else is essentially the same as before. And Novitex’s involvement as a Mint contractor will completely end within six months after PFSweb takes over.

  85. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – You maybe right but usually when a company is bought by an equity firm, the firm will streamline operations.

  86. Jon in CT says

    Sith wrote on APRIL 19, 2014 at 11:27 AM:

    @Jon in CT – You maybe right but usually when a company is bought by an equity firm, the firm will streamline operations.

    My point is that Novitex is using the same worker bees and the same craptastic IRIS software that Pitney Bowes had been using,. Nothing significant will change until you see your Mint orders shipping from Memphis, TN instead of Plainfield, IN later this year.

  87. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – Yes but the compliment was that they were improving communications, IE they give you more information on why your coins are not being shipped.

  88. says

    I think it will just be a matter of time before the 2 big TPG’s holders/labels will be worthless like they themselves have tried to make the next 2 big TPG’s! It is always about the money, follow the money… It will really be interesting to see who else falls with them. Example: Noe.

  89. Jon in CT says

    Sith wrote on APRIL 19, 2014 at 11:53 AM:

    @Jon in CT – Yes but the compliment was that they were improving communications, IE they give you more information on why your coins are not being shipped.

    It’s not clear that Novitex is allowed to make changes to the Mint’s website — Novitex only manages the call center, ships orders, and handles returns. Being purchased by a private equity investment company frequently makes existing employees unhappy — see And the likelihood is ZERO that Apollo will invest ANY money to improve how the Mint contract is serviced — their Mint contract expires within a matter of months.

  90. bigguy says

    Hawkster they have been grading items like that for a very long time if you do your research you will find that ngc had been grading and authenicating othet things besides coins for a long time ,and if you can name someone bsides ngc or any other grading company that does this good luck, you can not just take these to anyone. If you every buy anything like that tokens, dog tags, store tokens , and you want to have it graded you will find you do not have much choice in companies , plus i do not know to many experts in this field and i have plenty of books and they all recomemend ngc this one i brought was already graged by ngc, would not buy a loose piece

  91. Hawkster says


    There are numerous museum curators, some specializing in civil war items, that can give you a definitive answer as to the authenticity of such items. I’m glad that you put so much faith in the TPG companies. What do they do, look at your dog tag for 30 seconds and deem it legit? Gee, I wonder if TPG’s could authenticate my arrowhead collection.

  92. ClevelandRocks says

    Michael: Old format please!
    This is too cartoonish, spread out and annoying that the comments are broken into 100 increment blocks.

  93. Clark says

    Michael: Please keep this new format!

    Very clean and crisp. Having comments broken into blocks of 100 is great.

  94. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – No it is not clear who updates the website so lets give the mint credit for the improved communication, and move on.

    @2cents – I don’t think the TPG can be punished, coin grading is too subjective, and its not like they are being obvious. For example everyone know that the coins in the older holders were graded harder than they are today, and they have a higher chance to get a higher grade if resent for grading. What causes a coin graded as a MS64 in 1997 to jump to a deep cameo MS65 in 2014? Was it a mistake on the original graders part, where they grading harder in past, or do they know more about grading now then in the 1997…Who knows

    IMHO the only way for this to end is for people to realize for at least modern coinage that PF70 is no more valuable than a OGP which should grade at least a PF69, and that is only going to happen when the public tries to sell their coins, and they can’t get what they want out of it or maybe even paid for their collection, and when that happens I fear for the entire hobby. Look what happened to comic book prices when “collectors” discovered their “special edition” comic would not come close to value as Action Comics #1. Until then the band plays on…

  95. Pittsburgh P says

    Michael I also like this format. Thank you for taking the time to continue tweeking it until now. You will probably never make everyone happy but if you feel this is it, I think it’s a winner. It shouldn’t be about the font or the format regardless but the articles and conversation/comments provoked from it. Again, thank you.

  96. says

    @Sith, thanks for your comment. True it used to be that TPG’s used to grade a lot harder than they do today. Today it’s all about making the most money by grading the most coins and in order to do that they need these big boys who are pals with the mint and pals with the TPG’s.
    Grading has become a by-product. I have examples of big TPG’s grading coins that we had to wait months to get graded 70 and I can clearly see they are well below that grade. But since they went through the big dealers they got what they wanted.

  97. bigguy says

    Yea when i ever go to sell the dog tag someday ,i will tell i took to and old lady at a museum and i’am sure it will sell in a heartbeat,that would be alot bettet than a holder from some grading company

  98. mark says

    That gold coin missing the w mint mark….update…it has a w mint mark according to ngc

  99. Jon in CT says

    mark wrote on APRIL 19, 2014 at 6:38 PM:

    That gold coin missing the w mint mark….update…it has a w mint mark according to ngc

    Huh? Link?

  100. Hawkster says

    I suppose the next thing that you’re going to tell me is your dog tag was graded on a 70 scale, which is exclusive to numismatic items. If that’s the case, how bogus is that!

  101. HIdalgo says

    @Steve –

    What is the latest news about your gold Baseball Hall of Fame coin with the missing W mint mark? See Mark’s post above.

  102. Hawkster says


    Did your almighty grading company bother to undertake any research to document the Civil War soldier whose name was on the tag? I can give you the answer: NO, because it would have taken up too much of their time. This would have been a very important part of the authentication process, as any Civil War museum curator or researcher would know.

  103. bigguy says

    For your information we do know who it belongs to, we have paperwork , that was provided by some other company , you sure are taking alot of concern about this dog tag, why don’t you go talk to someone about something you might know a little about

  104. Hawkster says

    Oh, so now you’re resorting to insults, BIGGUY. Enjoy your tag. I will say that your grammar and spelling did improve with your last comment. That’s my compliment to you.

  105. bigguy says

    This is my last comment to you, your the reason i normally never talk on thses blogs , there always has to be one person —————————————

  106. Pittsburgh P says

    Jon in CT says
    APRIL 19, 2014 AT 6:47 PM

    mark wrote on APRIL 19, 2014 at 6:38 PM:

    That gold coin missing the w mint mark….update…it has a w mint mark according to ngc

    Huh? Link?

    John in CT… Huh? Why don’t you go back to the original story & look for an update. Its all right there. For someone as astute as you it should be simple.

  107. says

    Regarding the possible missing mint mark…here is a copy of what I sent to Michael last night…no point in keeping this from anyone any longer.

    Hi Michael,

    I’m a little upset at NGC. I was told to send the coin to the attention of the
    customer service rep (Lisa Berzins), write personal & confidential on the outside
    (which I circled with a blue highlighter), and then she would take my package to
    her boss, Operations Manager, Scott Heller, and they and others would open the package.
    Well, that didn’t happen. The receiving department opened it like any other submission.

    I received a call this evening from NGC as I had note “possible Mint error” on the
    submission form. This was from the manager of receiving (he didn’t have the box
    my coins were sent in, so he was not aware that it should of gone to Lisa.)

    He first indicated that the capsule of the coin in question was different from the
    other $5 gold capsules (I also sent another $5 proof and unc). He said it had
    an extra ring that was covering up part of the mint mark, but that he could clearly
    see the mint mark…and he said he was surprised I didn’t see it…I told him I was
    surprised he did…as he had not removed the coin from the capsule…if he had, I would
    of been fine with that. Soo, unusal/different capsule?

    About 5 mintutes after our conversation, he called me back. This time he said
    the capsule was the same as all the others, but he did notice something different
    about how this coin looked in the capsule. He said he used his fingernail to pry the
    capsule open a little and the coin shifted to the center. He said originally (what I was
    looking at) the coin was not centered in the capsule and that’s why some of it was
    not visable. But I asked him, if the coin was not centered, the capsule wouldn’t close right?
    No response.

    Bottom line…not missing the mint mark. I didn’t mean to give a long explanation, but
    wanted to convey what I was told. As I write this, I’m more upset that the procedure
    I worked out with NGC was not followed than I am dissappointed in the results.

    Now I feel like a fool and I apologize for stirring up things, but it was an honest mistake
    on my part. I really regret not opening up the capsule in the first place.

    But it is what it is I guess.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

    Best regards,

  108. Leo S says

    Collectors waiting on Silver Baseball Coins: Called the Mint this AM and they said they were in the middle of inventory this weekend and that any silver dollars that were to be shipped 4/16/14 will be shipped next week.

    Those with later dates will take a while longer.

  109. CasualCollector says

    Regarding BHOF PR70’s and MS70’s graded by ANACS (as sold by HSN). I have now seen 2 different coins (one Proof and one Uncirculated) that have a white spot on the baseball side just under the “L” in PLURIBUS.

    First, should the coin grade as a 70 with this white spot (milk spot? or something else?)

    Second, to be in the same area on 2 different versions of the coin is very interesting, and I am wondering if ANACS is somehow putting that spot there during the grading process? Or is it just a coincidence?

    As an example, there is one on eBay at the moment (it is not mine — if you search on 2014 Baseball Gold ANACS) you should be able to see the pictures. There are 2 auctions at the moment — appears to be the same coin and the same seller. I did ask the seller for both auctions what that white spot is, but they have not replied.

    Any ideas what this white spot is? And why the same spot on an ANACS Proof and an ANACS Uncirculated?

  110. says

    I’ve got 15 HoF Silver Dollars that I purchased from the Denver gift shop that should arrive on Monay. All my other Mint orders have a 6/21 expected ship date.

  111. SilverFan says

    I was told my silver HOF coins originally scheduled to ship on 4/16/14 will be shipping on Monday 6/21/14.

    Hey Steve: Happy Easter!

  112. GoldFishin says

    @Steve…Sorry about how things turned out, especially with regards to NGC dropping the ball on the procedure that you had worked out with them. I am always a little suspicious of these grading companies anyway and that would really upset me, but I hope it was just honest mistakes made. Best wishes and I hope of all your silver HOF’s are 70’s! I would send them to PCGS just to spite. 🙂

  113. Mark Rex says

    @Steve; what did they end up grading your 3 coins as? What was the total cost of grading?

  114. says

    @Goldfishin….thanks, I appreciate that! Actually, I sent PCGS has 5 of my $5 gold proof coins right now, as NGC first indicated they would not be using the “edgeview” holders, but now they are. Also, I intially only bought 3 silver dollars….PCGS has 2 of them along with the 5 gold, NGC has one along with 4 gold.

    I’ll be happy to report how these coins graded if you are interested.

  115. says

    Mark Rex…they haven’t graded the coins yet…but should by mid-week. The cost vary by service tier…early bird is required to get the NGC Baseball HOF label….$30/coin.

  116. GoldFishin says

    @Steve- Yes, I would be interested. I currently still have my $5 gold and $1 Silvers in sealed boxes and am trying to get as much info from current sales data as possible before deciding which grader to send them to. I also was going with PCGS before NGC came out with the edgeview holders and now I am not sure the extra cost for PCGS will be worth it. But I only purchased one each of the gold for my personal collection so I may spend the extra bucks. Thanks!

  117. SilverFan says

    Oops. Meant to say 4/21/14 not 6/21/14. Looks like silver is being shipped next week!

  118. says

    Goldfishin….actually the PCGS and NGC cost are close…$30 NGC for the HOF logo label/ER/FR and $34 PCGS ($16 modern/$18 first strike) PCGS also has a promotion for $39 that includes their label you see that has baseballs on it…you see that on all ebay auctions…however, I chose the regular blue First Strike label as I didn’t the see the point in paying $5/coin extra…I don’t need baseballs on the label to know that these are Baseball HOF coins. NGC on the other hand requires the $30 early bird service in order to get the official HOF label..which I like. If you wanted the regualer NGC ER/FR label, it would cost $20/coin. In this case, I thought the NGC labels with the offical Baseball HOF label was worth the extra cost.

    So there are choices for whatever you like best.

  119. GoldFishin says

    @Steve- I always collect the traditional Flag PCGS First Strikes labels. I am not a fan at all of all these special labels, although I do understand the economics of it for dealer/flippers, even collectors. It has become very much like a circus as many posters here have made known and I agree with them. By the way, I will also be keeping at least a couple of sets of the Silver HOF’s In OGP. I like the way these coins are displayed and I would much rather give them as gifts in the OGP. Most people wouldn’t know what a MS70 or MS69 was if it bit them on the butt! LOL

  120. fmtransmitter says

    I hsve baseball HOF coins in my ebay search to notify me daily of new listings. Today there were 102 new auction listings. Gets bigger everyday. Happy Easter all…Jesus lives IMHO. …

  121. thePhelps says

    Goldfishin – there is no reason to leave your coins sealed in the boxes. If you send them in now you can get the wonderous labels TPG sell. I think I would open the boxes and view the coins for defects before I sent them in to be graded.

  122. Dave says

    @Steve. Sorry to hear about your coin & experience with NGC. It confirms my worst fears about sending away valuable items. Any coin I ever receive which I might think has an error will be hand carried to live grading at a show where it never leaves my sight! With all of the arrangements you made with them and the way you labelled the package, the resulting treatment sounds suspect, indeed. A possible error of the magnitude of yours should have had the entire company abuzz with anticipation, cameras, and a directive from management to all employees of the potential error and how they promised to detail the examination of your coin. Anyone not following the procedure should be fired (IMHO).
    Thanks for all of your info regarding labels. In the short run they have value for flippers. In the long run I am not so sure. Hope you get 70s.

  123. fmtransmitter says

    @Steve: Keep the treasure hunt going, you never know. A mis seated coin in a holder makes sense. These were new holders never tried and true. You may have just lost a prototype holder and with the way things are going make sure u ask for it back from TPG. May be worth a pretty penny.

  124. ClevelandRocks says

    Without discussing my opinions of the BHOF, I think it is outrageous that the Mint continues to offer coins that they don’t have in stock and then take months to release them. Even the Roosevelt coins and chronicles. This never used to happen in the 20th Century.

  125. Pittsburgh P says

    @Steve, shame about the way NGC open your package… you would think since you called previously and wrote on the box that they wouldn’t and it also seems suspect to me. It’s no big deal on your part because everyone does make mistakes. I’m just sorry it wasn’t real…

    About the Silver BHoF coins and inventory… Didn’t they just sent a bunch out on Friday? Like steve I should get ones I order from Denver early next week but I believe the ones from the mint shipped Friday also.

  126. Pittsburgh P says

    @CleavlandRocks I think that they should have a little leeway but do agree with you for the most part. At least have enough inventory to satisfy orders placed the first week or for limited mintage have a certain percentage produced and ready to ship.

  127. says

    I actually have a tracking number for Silver HOF coins that shipped TODAY 04/20/14. This order was part of my original order that was placed on 03/27 @ 1:15EDT. I thought I had read that nothing ever shipped from the Mint over the weekends…

  128. Pittsburgh P says

    @Cagcrisp… yeah that is odd especially since it’s Easter. I was told that they have shipped on Saturdays before but I’ve never heard of a Sunday.

  129. matt says

    My Silver Baseball Hall of Fame Proof shipped today too.

    Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 02:45 PM
    Order number: 42937xxx

  130. fmtransmitter says

    Pittsburgh P says
    APRIL 20, 2014 AT 8:10 AM

    Happy Easter all!

    FMT how you feelin, recovery goin well?
    YES sir…Thanks and Happy Easter to all!

  131. Zaz says

    They absolutely ship on Sundays and holidays. Might not get a shipped email from them until the following Monday though.

  132. CasualCollector says

    Thanks Steve and all for various info on pricing comparisons for submissions to PCGS and NGC. I am brand new to coin grading services, so I had a question regarding NGC. It looks like for me to submit 5 coins I can join the NGC Collector Society “Premium” membership for $125/year. This will give me a coupon for 5 FREE submissions. Would I be able to submit my 5 BHOF Coins by their deadline (May 8th) and use the coupon they give me — basically covering the cost of the “Premium” membership? So for a total of $125 (plus shipping charges) I will get the annual membership and 5 BHOF Coins graded with the “ER” Label?

  133. Ray says

    If you can join and receive your packet with coupons, that would work with ngc. That the TPG I use

  134. JBK says

    Steve – thx for the update. In all honesty, it turned out as I expected. HOWEVER – you did a generous thing by letting all of us know that you found something that might be an error. That gave everyone a chance to check their coins. This time it was not an error, but next time it might be….

  135. MK says

    Sorry Steve… It was an exciting article and I appreciate that you shared the possibility.
    My silver order shipped this past Friday too. However, it didn’t actually ship out the door, it was assigned a tracking number which is different. Lol

  136. Pittsburgh P says

    @MK… Yeah same thing with my silver orders. Got a tracking # and an email stating they shipped on Friday but they havn’t left the building. IDK how they have orders going out today when ones on Friday are still there with shipping labels…

  137. MK says

    As far as TPG grading on the silver coins, after much internal debate, I won’t be sending mine in. IMO-I don’t see the silver early releases ever becoming overly valuable. Coin cost plus the $30 grading fee, plus shipping, eBay/Paypal fees, and higher mintage, doesn’t seem to equal much of a profit in the future if I decided to sell a few. I think the gold coins would be worth it, but not the silver. I won’t have to worry about the gold ER designation though.. At the rate the mint is shipping out, I’m just hoping to have mine before Christmas. Lastly, I want to be able to hold the curved coin in my hand, in its case of course, and having it in a flat holder takes away from that experience. Can anyone tell me why I should send in silver for the ER designation? Am I overlooking something?

  138. IndenturedServant says

    I ordered the TR C&C sets with my BBHoF coins and they arrived all at the same time in the first wave. The sets are quite nice. The coins and medals are in capsules which press into an oddly frosted clear plastic recess. You can gently but firmly press the plastic recess from behind to remove the capsules but they are tight. I imagine a hair dryer to warm them up might help.

    I would have preferred a different image of TR on the medal but I still like them. I live out west and can certainly appreciate the wilderness that TR loved so much. A remnant of undisturbed old growth cedar forest exists about two hours from here and is named for him. There are massive cedar trees 12 feet in diameter. It’s so hard to imagine that most of the forests were like that.

  139. thePhelps says

    It seems most are fascinated with the labels… and apparently the only place to sell the labels is eBay? It really makes me glad I never was drawn to anything other than a coin and the quality of the coin… I can sell those to my local collector.

  140. hw says

    There has been a lot of negative comments on TPGs. I think you can nitpick all you want, but the reality is that it is a legitimate market play. For those of you who are lost in the trees, the overall purpose of TPG is that it allows coin traders to freely trade coins at their graded states without question. The reality is that eventually you will be transferring or selling your coins to a third party. If I were the buyer, then I would have to make a decision on whether to purchase a coin that someone has told me is graded as xx or to accept a TPG graded coin. Not a difficult decision IMO.

    I am not a dealer. This is just my observation on things.

  141. Jim says


    I had planned to send all my silver HOF coins to PCGS, but earlier today changed my mind for the reasons you state. I have a couple of gold I will probably send since they look perfect.

  142. Pittsburgh P says

    MK… The only reason I’d send the silvers in is if you genuinely like the way the slabs look and protect the coin. All the reasons you state are reasons not to do it if you are selling them especially on ebay. I feel you will make more with OGP than graded coins after all is said and done. I’m keeping all mine, even the gold, in OGP except one of each of the six. I will choose my best ones so I can have a collection of 70’s(hopefully :-D) Then if I ever decide to sell any it will probably be those ones.

  143. GoldFishin says

    @MK – I tend to agree with you about the HOF Silvers. I am struggling with the same issues. I currently have 12 in hand with a couple more proofs shipped Friday from the US Mint. When I crunch the numbers of what graded NGC or PCGS coins are currently selling for on the bay, with prices certainly to fall more now that the big players like MCM are cratering prices, unless you can get at least 40% graded 70’s at PCGS or 50-60% graded 70’s at NGC, it is not worth making everyone else rich except yourself. I still have mine sealed and they may remain so. It is a tough decision for me, but I have to decide before too much longer. It really makes no sense to not at least cull out some of the obvious 69’s before sending them to a TPG. I have had good success in the past thoroughly checking my coins out before sending them in.
    Like you, I also have coins that most likely won’t make the cutoff dates for ER/FS and I will enjoy opening them and holding them in the capsule. That is really what collecting should be about, enjoying your coins and hopefully enticing others to enjoy them as well. Of course, they are an investment, and as such, I try to be a realist and make the best decisions for the value of my collection. If that includes getting a coin graded with a McDonald’s label, well I guess I can chew on that one! 🙂

  144. Don says

    I’m happy to see that many of you are having second thoughts about sending in your silver HOF coin for grading. Yeah, it’s just not worth it. As more than one commenter has said, by the time you add up all the fees it just makes more sense to leave them in OGP. Keep the money in your own pocket, not a TPG pocket. For god’s sake, do your own examination of the coins when they arrive from the Mint. If they look flawed, send them back. If they look great, keep them. Trust yourself, not some anonymous grader that looks at your coin for about 15 seconds while eating a bologna sandwich.
    It seems that the subject of grading in creeping more and more into these threads. Frankly I’m getting a little weary of hearing about eligibility for first strikes, early release, label variations, etc., etc. Folks, it’s a scam.

  145. MK says

    Everyone thanks for the comments and advice..Pitt I hope you get your 70’s and GF nothing wrong with McDonalds every now and again, especially at 2am when nothing else is open.. Lol I will be keeping my silvers in OGP and pass on TPG.

  146. Peter says

    Don, you absolutely nailed it! Thanks for the wise commentary. This TPG insanity has officially gone too far. btw, love the BHOF issues. Great design and beautiful coins. Not so great service or communication from the mint, but all’s well that ends well?

  147. thePhelps says

    There is nothing wrong with graded coins – getting your coins graded – or selling your graded coins. I own several graded coins – there is nothing wrong with having coins graded.

    It ia just getting old reading in these threads – that people are buying coins simply to get them graded – FS/ER to sell.

    Grading coins is supposed to be about the quality of the coin. TPG have created a marketing tool – a label – to convince coin buyers they have got to buy coins and send them to be graded. TPG knows if you don’t get your coins graded with in 30 days of purchase, you probably never will. So they create a label – to say you got your coins were graded in the first 30 days – how awesome is that!

    eBay obviously has a lot of gullible buyers and profiteering sellers.

  148. HIdalgo says

    There are no guarantees that certified or uncertified US Mint coins will hold their values in the long run. As I previously mentioned, we’re experiencing a buying frenzy for the Baseball Hall of Fame (BHOF) coins that has inflated their secondary market prices. When the frenzy abates, we’ll see prices drift downward.

    Simon, on an earlier blog submitted the comment below. I believe we’ll experience the same drop in demand and prices with the BHOF coins.
    simon says

    A good collection takes ample time and abundant patience. A year is not too long a wait IMHO, and dealers will focus on the short and sharp demand immediately following a release to maximize profit. This demand will evanesce over time, and possibly even collapse as is the case with the 1999 Silver Proof set, and more recently the 2011 Anniversary sets which MCM listed for 3k (graded 70 with signature), same now are available for 1k or less on auction. For reference USMint issue price was $300. The 10x markup on these sets just goes to show the relative level of hype generated in the secondary market. Surprisingly people are willing to spend money but to me 2k is a huge amount to lose on idle speculation. I restrict myself to direct USMint purchases in OGP.

  149. Sith says

    I see we have gone back to TPGs. I agree their is nothing wrong with graded coins, but all I’m saying is their really that big of a difference between OGP and a holder, especially for a coin graded as a 69. I also agree if the market is willing to pay more for a coin in a McDonald’s holder, then go for it, but again all I’m saying is eventually a lot of those people will attempt to sell them and if they don’t sell for a premium…

  150. stephen m says

    My oldest daughter and crew was over yesterday for Easter lunch. When I showed off the new BBHOF coins she said she wants a necklace that’s made out of the silver proof. She said just drill a hole in it and put it on a chain. I explained why I could never do that and said maybe with a bezel on the coin. She’s 33 years old now with 18+ years of education. You can take her out of the country but you can’t take the country out of her. Maybe one of the other kids will get my coins when the time comes. It was a great day.

  151. Sith says

    You can get screw top bezels made, but I have even seen bezels for the UHR. Not sure if I would ruin a coin a good coin to make jewelry but I have not problem doing this with coins that have already been polished\cleaned or ones I get close to spot price. I had a small cottage industry putting together statehood silver coin chains for family members.

  152. Peter says

    My wife was angling towards a bezel for a gold unc?! Would be kinda cool, and the coin will get some appreciation and use that way…we’ll see. To clarify my earlier comment, I am not against TPG for collector coins, but these designation gimmicks are taking center stage instead of the coins, and that is wrong IMO.

  153. RSF says

    These baseball “coins” are the ideal style and look for jewelry. We will be seeing as many of these in gift shops as we will see in coin shops. They will be bezeled and drilled by the thousands. Many more thousands will become ornaments to be hung from Christmas trees.

  154. fmtransmitter says

    Well as a rookie I struggled with what made a coin a 69 vs a 70 in modern and I learned it on the tv coin show. It is NOT looking at it under a 10X loupe. If you have any flaws AT ALL with the naked eye, it will be a min. 69 but to truly make a coin a perfect grade 70 it must have luster and eye appeal. That involves turning it at certain degrees under (for instance) halogen lighting and looking for the metal flow. Only a trained eye on such things will know, and if properly trained, will know right away. It is not rocket science but it IS a profession that deserves respect IMHO.

  155. Pittsburgh P says

    @RSF I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not… at least about the christmas tree ornaments. I guess to each his own but imo I can’t see people paying money to destroy a beautiful coin. I guess people are paying huge amounts of money for the labels… and wearing or displaying it is showing appreciation for the coins in some fashion. If that’s the case it will lower the number of coins available…

  156. fmtransmitter says

    Howard says
    APRIL 20, 2014 AT 11:17 AM

    Strange the parallel with Steve’s capsule and the 2013 LESPS

  157. Alex says

    It is interesting how unfulfilled orders from the US Mint waiting list  will affect demand and price  for  BHoF coins coming month. Will there be enough BHoF gold coins around  ? We can not find a complete set of 6 coins graded or in OGP for sale anywhere.

  158. Pittsburgh P says

    Alex… There is one 6 coin set on ebay in OGP for 2000$. At least there was yesterday…

  159. thePhelps says

    Fm…you left out strike quality in your analysis of a 69 or 70.

    I believe it is in the best interest of a collector to learn what makes a coin a 69 or a 70. When you are buying raw or OGP coins you are the only person standing there looking at the coin. Coin grading is often subjective and what passes one person as a 70 might pass the next as a 69 and vice versa. They usually get it right but not always.

    My level of respect for TPG has steadily dropped as the years go by. They are causing me to lose respect for them, by expanding into marketing beyond being a professional grading service. It is a good marketing ploy as I said earlier. Convince a buying public they just have to get coins graded in 30 days of purchase or miss out on this fantastic label.

  160. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P and others regarding Denver and Philly Mint packages- I just got off the phone with PCGS and talked to a receiving supervisor. I really pressed her for clarity on the issue of leaving packages sealed from these gift shops. so that at a later date past the cutoff date. the package would be eligible for FS designation.
    I was told that as long as the package received by PCGS had a distinguishable official date from the postal carrier, whether it be USPS, FED-EX, or UPS and the date preceded the cutoff date determined by PCGS for the particular coin, and that package has no sign of tampering it would be eligible for First Strike designation at any point in the future. I told her about my package from the Denver Mint gift shop that was shipped in a used trail mix box. She told me that any package from any person, not just an official mint, that had a time stamped date preceding the cutoff date and showed no signs of tampering would be eligible for the FS designation. I told her I had never heard that before, that even an individual sending a package to another individual would be eligible for the designation as long as the package was dated and not tampered with. I guess you learn something new every day! Still not sure I believe that, but I am confident now that my package from the Denver Mint Gift Shop is ok to keep sealed if I choose to. Decisions, decisions.

  161. Eddie says

    I like the slabs the TGPs put the coins into they keep your coins safe from scratches and hopefully from discoloration . Now having said that I would like to get some of my coins slabbed they are handy coin holders . But the thing is I would like to have some of my coins put in them but with NO labels just for protection. That is about the only thing I like about the TPGers.
    Paying for the slab and s&h but you can’t do that.

  162. Clark says

    Eddie–I too like the protection and ease of storing that slabs provide. You can buy slabs for various standard sizes from coin supply shops and add your own label. These slabs may not work for baseball HoF coins’ unique dimensions until/unless the manufacturers design slabs to fit them.

    As far as storage is concerned, the only problems I have is with PCGS slab storage boxes: NGC slabs will not fit in PCGS boxes, but PCGS slabs will fit in NGC boxes.

  163. Eddie says

    @Blair J Tobler and Clark

    Thank you for your help . I have some of those but from another place I found on Amazon.

    I am like most of you when you get something slabbed it should be unique and not just you everyday silver proof set or mint sets.The BHoF coins would be very nice to get slabbed but I am not going to pay them and outrageous amount of money to do that. Besides if you are one person( I have noticed) you usually end up receiving 69 grades and if you are one of the lucky ones that are ” randomly selected” to get a 70 grade it is because you have sent in a lot of coins to be graded just my opinion.

  164. fmtransmitter says

    Mint is shipping out all “regular” orders. Inventory is done, cancel boxes gone.

  165. fmtransmitter says

    @thePhelps, please provide more detail on “strike quality”? Does that not fall under metal flow?

  166. fmtransmitter says

    @Eddie, just remember self slabs are not sonically sealed and any air inside when closed may cause toning.

  167. matt says

    I bought only three BHOF coins. I sent them out to NGC for grading. Here’s how I did.

    What do you all think?


  168. hw says

    Michael may delete this post. So read fast.

    FYI: I purchased a set of NGC-graded PF/MS 70 BHOF (all six) from a TPG for $2700. I don’t think that is an reasonable price for a set that is quite unique.

  169. thePhelps says

    fm – by strike quality – I meant how crisp and clear the images are on the coins. Much like the difference between a cameo and a non-cameo coin. I’ve read many times the difference between a coin getting a 70 and a 69 – is the quality of the strike and how clean the images are presented. I’m not sure what you meant by metal flow…

    @matt – that would work for me – nice score!

  170. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hw… that doesn’t seem bad at all since I’ve seen nongraded go for 2000$ and up. If you like graded slabs I think that is a good deal. I honestly prefer NGC but think I am in the minority. That being said I don’t buy too many graded coins and usually stick with OGP.

    @Matt… You did well. Can’t always bat .1000 & the most important coin graded 70:-D

  171. CW says

    fmtransmitter said, ‘Only a trained eye on such things will know…’ regarding grading. Why not become that trained eye? Why pay someone with even less concern for the coin than you?

  172. Dan in Fla says

    I just spoke with the Mint and they said it would be sometime before BHOF coins shipment. .His reasoning was the warehouse is empty and they have no BHOF coins to fill orders with. I;m happy that I got my first order in and I can see all these beauties.

  173. Sith says


    “Only a trained eye on such things will know.” My point exactly and I could not have said it better myself.

  174. Pittsburgh P says

    @ Dan in fla… thats odd because one of my BHoF coin order shipped out today and one last Friday. I think they both actually went out today though… At least thats what the ups tracking says. If what you heard is true I am glad I have those coming…

  175. fmtransmitter says

    CW says
    APRIL 21, 2014 AT 5:06 PM

    fmtransmitter said, ‘Only a trained eye on such things will know…’ regarding grading. Why not become that trained eye? Why pay someone with even less concern for the coin than you?

    That is exactly my plan since I am off work I am planning to take a grading class and I encourage all collectors to if they truly are collectors and not say a flipper.

  176. fmtransmitter says

    hw says
    APRIL 21, 2014 AT 3:21 PM

    Michael may delete this post. So read fast.

    FYI: I purchased a set of NGC-graded PF/MS 70 BHOF (all six) from a TPG for $2700. I don’t think that is an reasonable price for a set that is quite unique.

    Who graded them? Makes all the difference when/if you go to sell…

  177. Ray says

    wow for 2700. i hope they are FS/ER. i personally could never spend that much on coins that just sold out or are still for sale at the mint. if i get coins in time, and in great condition, i will submit to TPG for the grades/ER FS labels. Guess I’m too green in this hobby. Honestly, I have yet to buy a graded coin from anyone.

  178. GoldFishin says

    @Matt….thanks for the information and congrats! That is the kind of info I wish more folks would post.

  179. matt says

    I’m glad that gold was a 70. Two out of three isn’t too bad.

    GoldFishin says

    April 21, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    @Matt….thanks for the information and congrats! That is the kind of info I wish more folks would post.

  180. CW says

    It is worth noting the Roosevelt image was done by Barber. One of the better images he ever created IMO. And worth it to have in silver.

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