Arrival: 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set

A few weeks back, I received my order for the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set from the United States Mint. I wanted to share some images of the set and in particular note the finish on the included bronze medal.

First some background on the bronze medal- The United States Mint has long offered a continuing series of bronze medals issued to honor the past Presidents. The US Mint currently offers a limited selection of these medals, which includes the most famous and most recent Presidents. At various times in the past, the Mint seems to have offered or made available the complete selection of medals covering all Presidents. These complete sets can be picked up at quite reasonable prices. At the time of this post, there are sets priced as low as $49.95 on eBay. My personal collection of these medals can be seen below (click any picture in this post to expand).


The 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set originally went on sale at the Mint on December 22, 2014. Each set includes the 2014-S Proof Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar, 2014-S Proof Roosevelt Dime, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Medal struck in bronze and struck in 1 oz of .999 silver, and four USPS stamps.

While the two included coins are readily available through other products, the 1 oz silver medal was offered for the first time in this set and remains exclusive to the set. Although not noted in the product description or press releases, the bronze medal also appears to be a unique version to the set, carrying a different finish than previously released 1 5/16-inch bronze medals.


Shown above are the basic contents of the set. An outer sleeve holds a folder and booklet. The folder contains the coins, medals, and stamps, as well as includes a brief biography and the certificate of authenticity. The illustrated booklet includes information on FDR’s four terms as President, coinage laws approved by the President, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the President’s National Park legacy.

fdr2Here the folder is opened to reveal the coins, medals, and stamps with the design of each briefly described. The coins are placed in capsules, which are removable with some effort. The stamps are held under plastic and are not removable.

FDR Silver MedalHere is a close up of the silver medal included in my set. According to the Mint, these are struck on the same planchets used for American Silver Eagles. The design comes from the Presidential Medal, which includes a portrait on the obverse and a seated figures on the reverse to represent a sorrowing nation. As opposed to the original bronze medal, the obverse field for the silver medal have been given a more textured look which provides a unique and compelling appearance.

fdr-bronzeHere is a close up of the bronze medal. Once again the obverse field has a textured appearance not seen on the previously issued bronze medals. Additionally, this version of the bronze medal carries an antique style finish. To my knowledge, this has not been seen previously on any 1 5/16 inch Presidential Medals issued by the US Mint. (A reader has mentioned that the larger sized 3-inch bronze medals have had varying patina applied over the years.)

fdr-compareShown above is a side by side comparison of the antique style finish medal from the recent set next to the previously issued bronze medal, which carries the finish that I have seen on all other Presidential Medals. Whether or not the appearance of the medal captures any widespread interest, it certainly makes the set a more interesting piece to add to one’s collection. The most recent sales report shows total sales of 8,868 units out of a 20,000 maximum product limit.

This year’s US Mint product release schedule shows Coin and Chronicles Sets to be issued for the 33rd to 36th Presidents, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. If the silver and bronze medals follow the same format as the FDR set, this could form the basis for an ongoing collection of the modern Presidential Medals in unique style.

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  1. VA Bob says

    I thought the FDR bronze looked less “brassy” than previous medals. IMO probably not too big a deal, since these are medals and not coins. It does highlight the Mint’s recent pattern of throwing “curve balls” in their product descriptions. Thanks for the side by side comparisons Michael.

  2. thePhelps says

    I like the antique effect. Roosevelts image appears more pronounced in the newer release.

    While I like this set as a whole – I actually thought the Theodore Roosevelt set was a better presentation. I am looking forward to the next 4 this year.

  3. Hidalgo says

    I have all of the Presidential Coin and Chronicles sets to date. I definitely plan to obtain the next 4 that the US Mint releases this year! 😀

  4. JBK says

    I have not seen the FR set but I am cinfused by comments that the bronze medal has a finish unlike any other bronze medal issued by them Mint.

    Historically, the large bronze medals the Mint has always offered have a patina applied. The techniques used and subsequently the look of that patina has varied over the decdes, but the large medals have always had it. As for the smaller versions, they have been issued in BU condition (no patina). The FDR medal in this set looks like it has a patina.

    As for the silcer, I have to wonder if what some are reporting as a coating or haze is just a patina there as well.

  5. says

    I received this a few days ago and was also very happy with it. The stamps, the various medals and coins, and the folder itself make for a very attractive package. In particular, I thought the bronze medal was the centerpiece of the set. A number of people I showed the set to seemed to like the bronze better than the silver medal. The antique style finish really enhances the medal, IMO.

    The negatives: I still don’t like the FDR presidential dollar. I don’t think it looks like him at all. I also thought they really should have used a proof silver dime instead of just a regular proof dime.

    As always, the best thing about this product is the presentation. I’m starting to lean towards getting the Truman and Eisenhower sets and not just the Kennedy one, simply because the last two coin & chronicles sets have turned out so beautifully.

  6. VA Bob says

    JBK – You have it right. The comparison is between the bronze medals of the same size, not a mix of the small and large sizes. That’s what makes this one stand out.

    I agree wholeheartedly with CO. The patina definitely sharpens the image and provides added depth on the bronze, which is an exceptionally nice chocolate color. Also disappointed they didn’t use a silver dime, although the proof clad dime is nice, the Mint when cheap when they didn’t have to.

  7. says


    It’s a bit early to say. The surge of the last two days has been driven heavily by the reaction of the market to the Swiss National Bank’s decoupling of the franc and the euro.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    No patina on my returned set. Was left over soap, I know what it looks like by now. I’ve listened to Tomaska go over and over about it for years and he writes about it in his books AFTER consulting Mint Director. New silver medal is nice but my bronze was much darker than my first set. Interesting observations…

  9. Tinto says

    @VA Bob

    Yeah, I too would have liked to have seen a silver proof dime. The “dollar” definitely stinks and that to me reflects the incompetence of the Mint’s design people and the so called approval process…. what were the people seeing when they were reviewing this? Were they high or what?

    I like the bronze medal it is definitely different from the current batch and doesn’t have this new cent look IMO. I think if I accidently touched the surface of this medal I might not easily leave a fingerprint either but I’m not going to try.

    Definitely happy that I bought two but I like the TR C&C better.

  10. CasualCollector says

    OK, so after seeing the pictures here of the silver, I can understand a Patina finish. The picture above (in case there’s a quiz later) has a smooth uniform patina finish throught the surface. The 2 coins I sent back were very “blotchy” (if it was full uniform surface coverage I might have kept them — but the “blotchiness” was killing me to look at them…)

    Here’s what mine looked like:

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Ah, muffle the sound of a nuclear shock wave by detonating it underground, decoupling…ha

  12. JBK says

    Thx VABob for pointingthat out and for MNB for the in depth asessment which I just re-read. I may have to pick up one of these myself. I wasnlt going to but the special medals (aside from the soapy silver ones) look great.

  13. VA Bob says

    Tinto – I like the TR set as well, wish it could have had a little more to it, but as there is a lack of Mint related TR items it was to be expected. It will be interesting how they handle the Truman, Ike, and LBJ C&C set, as these presidents have little current monetary, coin, currency, or stamp, related materials available to include. It would be awesome if they were authorized to strike a 2015 dated Ike dollar in silver, for his set. 50K would sellout fast. Not going to happen, but it would be nice.

  14. VA Bob says

    JBK – NP. Not sure how it will play out as far as collectability. If it were a coin, we’d probably have had a sellout by now because of it. I’m not a big FDR fan, especially his dollar coin’s depiction, but I did pick up two of these (to cover problems), but in the end didn’t experience some of the problems others had.

  15. says


    The Swiss had pegged their currency to the Euro at 1.20 to 1 a few years ago in order to try to stabilize the exchange rate. They gave up on that peg yesterday, which sent shockwaves through the market and the CHF (franc) skyrocketing and the EUR tumbling. Some of the people who had their money in EUR likely ran to gold.

  16. Mint News Blog says

    JBK- Thanks for your comment. I have only ever purchased/seen the 1 5/16 inch sized Presidential medals. So you may be right that varying patina has been added to the larger sized medals. I have added a note of this.

  17. cagcrisp says

    ONE thing we learned from the US Marshal Early Release Clads IS:

    ……………………..There is NO HH limits (at least on the clads)

  18. Brad says


    The Euro is the currency the European nations use. Like our Dollar, only the Euro is worth more.

  19. JBK says

    I am dating myself but I recall many years ago (1980s?) the mint sold off a miscellaneous batch of obsolete bronze medals it had on hand -– many of these were decades old (some perhaps from the 19th century). I did not buy any, but they had the old type of patina that you see on bronze sculptures – a darker brown, applied with a mix of acids and heat. The modern patina on the 3” medals is a more expedient process, I think a simple chemical bath or wipe that adds the patina (glorified tarnish) to the medal. The patina protects the surface and can also be very attractive if done right. I know that the still currently available medal designs (such as Lincoln, etc.) that were made years ago with the old style patina sell for a premium.

  20. thePhelps says

    For the LBJ Coin and Chronicles… I suggest they use some of the extra CRA coins…scratch off the date and dollar sell them as medals… then again people might avoid that set as well.

  21. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- now out of stock on the ml’s we purchased. I don’t know if it is temporary or permanent. I just know you have to get them early or you won’t get them at a good price. Let me know how yours look if you got any that were not sealed.

  22. JBK says

    That is an interesting coin. Niot sure if that is a true applies patina or a darkener applies to the coin and then the high points polished up. . A real, artist quality, patina on bronze involves chemical liquids (I think acids) and a blowtorch. That used to be the standard but at some point it turned into a simpler/streamlined process for most medals. It may be nitpicking, but sometimes an antiqued finish is an applied darkener (esp on silver) whereas a true bronze patina is part of the medal’s surface, like toning (but much heavier). I am sure modern day bronze medals get a bath in something that turns the surface darker in one fell swoop, father than a long process of heating and treating. tehn sometimes the high points can be lightly rubbed to bring out detail.

  23. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – I just got a lesson in “can’t see the forest for the trees.” I wasn’t quite ready for the uptick today and hope it plateaus back to 16 soon for a bit longer. We really don’t need a bounce in Ag when my CC (Christmas shopping) and gas bills, on top of my new year 401 and HSA contributions are all hitting at once. And who REALLY cares what the Swiss do anyway???!

    I’d like to see silver drop down for a few more months and then establish a sold, committed climb, though there’s just too much volatility, who knows what next week will bring.

  24. MikeinPA says

    Keepcalm &stack on–Thank you for you kind and inspiring words, may all your endeavors be “70s”

  25. Ralph says

    Speaking of medals, would anyone have the sales numbers on the First Spouse Medal Set’s?
    I don’t see them in the US Mint Sales Report.
    I see the 2014 set selling for over $200. Must be a low mintage.

  26. thePhelps says

    Ralph… the 2014 set was for sale for a exceedingly short time – and sold around 7k sets.

  27. Ralph says

    thePhelps: Thank you for your answer. I was just checking the 2014 schedule and they didn’t get released until 10/23. Only around a couple months.
    Is 7000 low compared to the other years?

  28. Ralph says

    Brad: Never pulled the plug on the ER UNC as of yet. Waiting to buy some silver. Waiting for it to go back under $16. Isn’t cooperating as of yet!

  29. Louis says

    You folks like KCCO that are waiting for a drop in pm’s: Good luck with that. And who cares about what the Swiss do?: a heck of a lot of people, markets, etc. Why be so ethnocentric? You really think the world still revolves around the U.S.? If that were the case, gold would be going down.

  30. Bob R says

    I really like this C&C set. One thing about it IMO is the reverse medals, the death design is kinda creepy, but great artwork.

  31. Tinto says

    The way things are going with the price of gold nowadays and my budget …. I might just stick to buying some of the silver US Marshals … and a set of clads during the introductory discount period .. hopefully gold will be down later in the year in which case I might revisit buying the gold … and with a mintage of 100k I don’t think they’ll sell out anytime soon ….

  32. Jerry Diekmann says

    Michael – thank you for sharing your medal set with the rest of us. I have seen in times past where the Mint has offered medals for all the Presidents. Maybe I am just not a true collector, meaning I don’t have to have every one of a certain coin or medal series, but I just cannot buy (or would even take for free) some medals of Presidents who were not any good for this country, my definition of that being presidents who left this country in worse shape than it was when they began their presidency, or presidents who did next to nothing during their terms. So, my “complete” collection would consist of about half of the 44 presidents. The only presidentail medal I have after Kennedy is Reagan,, and the only ones I have in the long period between #7 (Jackson) and #26 (Teddy Roosevelt) are Polk, Lincoln, and Grant). I reached my conclusions from my study of American history.

  33. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob – Nice idea for a 2015 Ike dollar, but like you said, it probably won’t happen. But 2015 is the 125th anniversary of Ike’s birth. And since the Mint inexplicably didn’t issue a coin in 2008 (there was only one commem series that year – for the bald eagle), on the occasion of TR’s 150th birth anniversary, maybe they could right the wrong and issue a dollar coin for him in 2019, the 100th anniversary of this great President’s death. My God, if he was good enough to get on Mt. Rushmore, he ought to be good enough to get on a U.S. coin, and not just medals or “golden dollars”. Any old president got to be on those, but TR was indeed special, and our country is a better country today because of what he accomplished during his presidency.

  34. RollTide says

    Can some tell me the difference in a type 1 and 2 or A and B on the 2014 C&C sac , and is one more valuable than the other ? thanks ROLLTIDE

  35. Eagle One says

    I grew up in Hyde Park NY. My brother and I use to stomp around the FDR property and the shores of the Hudson as kids. I hiked the Appalachian Trail as a Boy Scout. My family and I would climb the lemon squeezer at Mount Mohonk. We use to ski at Silver Mine and Stratton. My parents would hang out at the Valhalla and listen to the Satchmo play. As a coin collector, I keep waiting for a Platinum Roosevelt Dime.

  36. jhawk92 says

    @mgm-You and me both on the Broncos. Glad there was a parting of ways between coach and team. Next year could be tough.

    @KCSO- I agree…nearly pulled my silver eagle trigger last week, but wanted to pay some bills and also get my 2010 DMPL pucks. Guess I’ll hold and see where things go. Maybe this is a small dead cat bounce?

  37. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    jhawk – hope so! This is my first PM cycle (up and down real quick), it’s been educational and made me think through Why of the What I’m stacking. My fingers are crossed the Ag hangs out at its trailing 30 day low (or more) at least through Kisatchie release

  38. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – opening day sales guesstimate for the USM’s?

    It would be interesting to see the input from the blog and compare that to those mintage limits.., them some big #’s.

  39. Hidalgo says

    I really like the reverse side of the gold, silver, and clad US Marshalls coin. It would be awesome if we could see designs similar on the gold and clad commemoratives on our current currency.

    I also noted that the maximum mintage amount for the gold US Marshalls coin is 100,000. I believe the US Mint has several, but not 100, thousand gold coins minted. So you can imagine that the coins will be on backorder soon after they are offered for sale. I doubt we’ll see the same frenzy to get these coins as last year’s Baseball Hall of Fame coins. But who knows?

  40. thePhelps says

    I actually like all the designs for the Marshall coins. I think the 3 coin set will sellout quickly (IMO) with the 15,000 limit, and agree the half dollar in MS70 out of Denver will again be a rarity. I think my favorite though is the $1 coin, because of the old western look they managed to give the Marshall – it actually carries through to the coin.

  41. CasualCollector says

    Off Topic. Just posting a follow up to an earlier discussion on how long the Mint takes to process a return.
    1) Thursday (1/9/15) I used the UPS Label the Mint sent me to return my FDR Chronicles Sets
    2) The Mint received the return package on Tuesday – 1/13/15)
    3) They credited my card on Friday 1/16/15

    Side Note:
    I decided to order replacement sets before they credited my account. To my surprise they showed up yesterday in the mail (Fedex Smartpost. These Silver Medals are great compared to the blotchy / soapy / hazy versions I originally got. I’m glad I did the return.

    Side Note 2:
    Kudos to the Mint for their easy return processing and fast credit to my account.

  42. cagcrisp says

    The Two Contests for the Gold and Silver US Marshal coins have the Usual Entry Fee and the Usual Prizes

  43. cagcrisp says

    No link on the Mints page to the Proof Silver US Marshal. It’s going to be Rare If you can’t buy it…

  44. Ikaika says

    I wonder why some of the US Marshall coins are labeled as Out of Stock, while others Back Order and others none.? Aren’t they supposed to be released on the same date?

  45. cagcrisp says

    The Mint JUST corrected their website. Took off the two Clads and Now have the Proof Silver…

    WIP (Work In Progress)

  46. Ikaika says

    OT, while looking a the US Mint website I noticed that the JFK gold coin is still on sale. Seems like sales have really died out.

  47. thePhelps says


    US Marshal Gold Proof – 8,500
    US Marshal Gold Uncirc – 4,750
    US Marshall Silver Proof – 13,650
    US Marshal Silver Uncirc – 6,550

    I of course have no idea what the real interest in the coins will be… but as I said I like the designs.

  48. says

    Jerry D.,
    I’ m in your camp as concerns the glut of redundant Presidential medals that are available. How many ways are really necessary to “honor” all the presidents, irregardless of whether they were judged as good, bad, or mediocre? The outstanding (or popular) presidents have long been depicted on coins and currency. ALL of the dead presidents have been, or will be, represented on the Presidential dollar series. Enough is enough–I’m no fan of these medals.

  49. Ralph says

    I also think they are working on the web site as we speak. They are adding prices to the 2015 schedule.

  50. cagcrisp says

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 8,500
    • cagcrisp 8,085

  51. cagcrisp says

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 4,750
    • cagcrisp 4,036

  52. cagcrisp says

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 6,550
    • cagcrisp 7,085

  53. cagcrisp says

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 13,650
    • cagcrisp 14,127

  54. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Cag – has the USM Museum board commented on how they plan to market these coins to achieve $5M in surcharges?
    Or have they spoken to what actions they have undertaken thus far?

  55. Ikaika says


    This is the price that was just listed on the mint website product schedule. Some of us were waiting to see what kind of price adjustment the mint would implement for the ATBs.

  56. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Nothing Published that I am aware. I was Surprised when they UPped their numbers. $35/$10/$3. I have to assume they are getting their number Estimates from the Mint. To achieve $5 million they are going to have to Sell a BOATLOAD of Golds. I don’t see anywhere near the demand for them that they do…

    The Main reason I’m in is because there is Supposedly going to be a $50 million museum in my backyard and for generations to come my linage can say “I have One of those coins. My grandfather/great grandfather/great great grandfather was here opening day and he bought some of those coins and I have one”

  57. cagcrisp says

    3/5/2015 2015 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinTM – Homestead National Monument of America (NE) $149.95

  58. cagcrisp says

    4/2015 2015 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinTM – Kisatchie National Forest (LA) $149.95

    7/2015 2015 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinTM – Blue Ridge Parkway (NC) $149.95

    10/2015 2015 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinTM – Bombay Hood National Wildlife Refuge (DE) $149.95

    12/2015 2015 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinTM – Saratoga National Historical Park (NY) $149.95

  59. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2015 AtB Pucks – $149.95 – That SUCKS! A FIVE frig’n dollar price decrease!

    New low!

  60. Keep Calm & Stack On says


    Well, that answers that GF – the net margin on the AtB P is at or greater than 20%. I worked the number, will probably revist the calculations later this weekend during half-time, they’re making more $$$ selling less coins (OR figure with the weak designs this year that they’ll sell less anyway).

  61. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Ikaika – it’s more like you _____ in my cheerios! 😉 Oh well, I needed to throttle back anyway…

  62. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Cag – I’m going to go a little higher with my guesstimate as the Board really has shown up with a plan and seems to be well thought out on this offering, otherwise the #’s would be considerably lower, and it may get a bump from Longbeach, so here we go as I’m what, 0 for 3 now? ~

    US Marshal Gold Proof – 12,250
    US Marshal Gold Uncirc – 3,500
    US Marshall Silver Proof – 17,500
    US Marshal Silver Uncirc – 5,000

  63. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I would LOVE to read an article as to how the mint determines the price of the AtB P’s, in all seriousness, I really would. If anyone has insight into the key aspects that factor into how the price is determined and/or the sales objectives for the P’s, I’d love to hear that as well. I just don’t get it.

  64. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I guess that AtBs can be repriced with notification in the Federal Register(?) Or is that to come and we’re getting a pre-look?
    Seem like an Ag price adjustment without FR notification would be a party-foul

  65. thePhelps says

    Louis…nice article. I think the Marshal coin will do well this year compared to other weak offerings we’ve seen of late. The last 2 years the mint has given some pretty bad commemorative coins to purchase – outside of the BHoF. I think that will help prop up the sales – since they actually have marketable coins to offer.

  66. Hidalgo says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On – I think a price of $149.95 for the 2014 America the Beautiful (ATB) P 5 ounce silver coins is a good price. We all have the option of buying or not. And we have the option of buying the collector’s version or the bullion version. I have been and will continue to buy the collector’s version,.

    When you consider the increase in employees’ salaries and production costs with time, a price of $149.95 for the collectors’version is fine with me. I recall when the 2010 ATB P 5 ounce silver coins were first sold, they were going for $280 each. Becuase of the drop in silver bullion prices, many of them are selling in the $150 – $250 range. My, have times changed!

  67. jeff says

    I’ll say this program will be a bust, nothing unique design substandard 3.5 times spot I’m in for a couple of the silver and clads but that’s it. Way to go mint a 3 year process and this is the best you can do laughable. I won’t even guess first day issue but it will be low. And as well over minted no future premium here. I don’t buy coins to loose money down the road I need substantial appreciation just my out look. There should of been another sports theme this year but not. Let’s see bhof fever screamed another coin this year but let’s see I guess it was not good enough laughable.

  68. MN says

    St. Patrick’s Day release but no price is entered yet… 03/17/2015 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set 2014

  69. cagcrisp says

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 8,500
    • cagcrisp 8,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 12,250

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 4,750
    • cagcrisp 4,036
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 3,500

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 13,650
    • cagcrisp 14,127
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 17,500

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 6,550
    • cagcrisp 7,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 5,000

  70. cagcrisp says

    @Louis, in the article it quoted you as saying ” In his estimation, it could sell enough to generate as much as $4 million in surcharges.” That was 6 months ago. You still feel that way?

    I don’t see it hitting $2.5 million so if you still see up to $4 million you either see a Lot more demand for the Gold or Silvers than I do. Which ones, the Gold or Silvers?

  71. Larry says

    A guess at 5 OZ ATB coin costs. I deal with the costs of manufactured goods in my job, so I think this is a pretty good guess.
    Silver cost at todays price about = $88.50
    Packaging = $2.50
    For labor, I will guess 10 minutes total per coin (striking, packaging, inspection etc…) @ $15.00/HR labor cost = $2.50.
    Overhead = labor X 4 =$10.00
    Total cost = $103.50
    Margin = $149.50-$103.50/$49.50= 30.7%

    That is a reasonable margin if you want to stay in business. Anyone else care to guess? Any other business folks out there in manufacturing want to enlighten us on what real margins should be? If your not in manufacturing, you may be surprised.
    I may be off a bit on labor costs, hard to know what the mint actually pays employees. I based overhead on 4X labor, which is reasonable for this country.

    I just find it weird that the 2014 LESPS doesn’t come out until March 2015.

  72. Larry says

    These darn US Marshall’s coins have me torn. I was going to give up on commems and stick with real coins, but they just look so good. What to do, what to do.

  73. Louis says

    @CC- You are probably right. I think they will sell much better than some recent programs that were not popular due to their designs, but I do not see a sell-out of anything except the 3 coin proof set. The silver dollars will do the best and are the only ones I would buy extras of to give as gifts for example.

  74. Ikaika says


    In my opinion, one of the biggest problem associated with the sales of US mint products is marketing. Just ask how many people outside the hobby ever heard of the FS , 5 oz ATBs and others. Occasionally some of the products make national headlines like the release of the JFK gold coin in Chicago. The stampede created by those coin dealers to inflate the coin prices did more damage to the hobby than good. People that were drawn in an paid $4-5K for those fancy labels can’t even get 2K for their coin today. Many got burned and turned off. The dealers might have profited, but they will not get repeat customers. I do not even want to go back to the $100K fairytale coin.

    Regarding the US Marshall coins, I think the reverse of the gold and clad coins look great. My criticism as with all other $5 gold is their size which makes it somewhat difficult to see the design. Maybe that is just the eyes of an old timer collector 🙂


  75. Louis says

    @Ikaika- good points for sure. Check out the cover of the latest issue of the magazine American Hard Assets, which covers coins, metals, real estate, etc. for some stunning images of the Marshall $5 gold that should at least attract some buyers in the 1%.

  76. Louis says

    I would also have liked to see the reverse of the $5 gold on a larger canvas. Perhaps it will be used on one of the silver medals they will be issuing in the coming years.

  77. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    America the Beautiful Quarters 2014 Silver Proof Set $31.95
    America the Beautiful Quarters 2015 Silver Proof Set $31.95

  78. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2014 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set $44.95
    2015 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set $46.95

  79. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2014 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin $43.95
    2014 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set $44.95

    2015 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin $39.95
    2015 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set $46.95

  80. jeff says

    Here’s the mints best sellers on the featured page of their Web site, 2014 silver proof set, 2014 proof set, 2014 uncirculated coin set, 2014 $1 presidential proof set, Really best sellers please get a clue these are by no means best sellers please wipe out this page.

  81. Ends in Error says

    I’m so happy someone wants these Marshall Coins. I see them as being as exciting as the recent Jamestown or Library of Congress Coins. I didnt buy any of those, by the way. I’ll be watching the hi-relief Golds for this year and possibly the BU Silver Eagles. Nothing else from the US Mint holds interest for me.

  82. D Rittenhouse says

    Some musings on the prices of US Mint 2015 uncirculated finish pure silver coins.

    The Mint offers two such coins, each of which is a numismatic version a bullion coin sold by the Mint. They are the American Eagle one ounce silver uncirculated coin (AES) and the America the Beautiful five ounce silver uncirculated coin (AtB).

    At the close of 2014, the Mint’s prices for these uncirculated finish pure silver numismatic coins were:
    2014 AES – $43.95
    2014 AtB – $154.95

    Now, the Mint has released preliminary 2015 prices for these coins in their 2015 Product Schedule:
    2015 AES – $39.95
    2015 AtB – $149.95

    It is clear that the 2015 AES price is $5/ounce less than the 2014 price while the 2015 AtB price is only $1/ounce less than the 2014 price. However, on the basis of cost/ounce, the 2015 AtB will still be significantly lower ($29.99) than the 2015 AES ($39.95).

    Also, total sales of the 2014 AES were last reported as 224,532, whereas total sales of any single 2014 AtB design are unlikely to exceed 30,000. So rarity, a strong predictor of long-term future value, also favors collecting AtB over AES.

    IMHO, it’s very hard to argue that 2015 AtB coins will not remain a superior value to 2015 AES coins.

  83. says

    Speaking of wondering about decision making at the Mint, I wonder if this will be the year they return to looking like they know math and how to count and give us our 30th ann. ASE? I think the last time they used real math was 1995 for the 10th… I’m thinking .9999 gold Enhanced Uncirculated Eagle with edge lettering copies of signatures of Adolph Weinman, Ronald Reagan and John Mercanti. Also, change back the U in United States to a capital, what was that all about?

  84. Tinto says


    My opening day USM sales guess

    Gold proof – 7,700
    Gold unc – 3,000

    Silver prf – 16,000
    Silver unc – 4,000

  85. D Rittenhouse says

    I believe it is a very rare event when the US Mint bothers to report a product’s opening day sales and I don’t see that happening with the launch of the US Marshals commemorative coins on Jan 29.

  86. Hidalgo says

    Has anyone heard from Ralph, the gentleman who was searching for the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse proof gold coin? I would like to contact him. How can I do that?

  87. Ralph says

    Hidalgo: I was part of the frenzy 2 Friday nights ago. I got coins 78 – 77 – 76.
    Very happy with them!

  88. Hidalgo says

    @Ralph – great! I believe it was you who was asking for the 2 gold proof coins. Glad you were able to fill that hole in your collection. I personally have no desire to own one.

  89. says

    In referring to the upcoming commemorative offering, some commenters have used the spelling, “Marshal”, while others have used the spelling, “Marshall”. So which is the correct spelling? Although the Mint uses “Marshal”, either way is correct.

  90. D Rittenhouse says

    Marshall is NOT an accepted alternative spelling of the English word Marshal.

  91. fmtransmitter says

    Samuel says
    JANUARY 17, 2015 AT 4:28 PM

    in the silver coin, why that guy carries the gun that way? he is lefty?

  92. says

    Yes, I am fully aware that the U.S. Marshal’s Service uses a single “l”. But, according to Princeton’s WordNet: marshal, marshall–
    “A law officer having duties similar to those of a sheriff in carrying out the judgement of a court of law”.
    Other than when referring to the U.S. Marshal Service, “Marshall” is an alternate spelling. Check the dictionary.
    I am in agreement that commenters on the MNB should use, “Marshal”.

  93. GoldFishin says

    Concerning Silver and Gold offerings this year, I think I am going to be a contrarian and stay away from the most sought after issues. If everyone wants the Marshal 3 coin proof set, I think I will purchase the gold unc. and maybe the silver unc. only, if anything. The 3 coin proof set will cut into sales of all the uncirculated versions as many folks that pony up the cash for the set will not make further purchases. Just pondering out loud….

  94. jeff says

    Question in regards to 2014 Limited Edition Silver Set. Evidently they are all struck and since they can not strike anymore in 2015, what’s everyone idea on the mintage I think it will be a new low in the series 17,500 sets that’s it.

  95. Louis says

    @GF- that is true probably and happened with the SSB gold, but in the end I don’t think it will be low enough to have much of a premium. I think collectors should not look to commems to make money,

  96. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- I agree…plus the proofs are almost always more desired regardless of mintage. Unless the unc. mintages were way out of whack with the proofs it normally isn’t worth noting. I think I will probably just be in for the ATB’s this year and the 3/4 oz gold special commemorative. I like the designs, but I don’t think the Marshal coins are in my budget this early in the year.

  97. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – to Louis’ point, it’s the ugliest of the ugly that make you money – it’s true, check it out though I’m sure you know what I’m taking about. In life, the same is true, they just don’t cost ya as much (per pay check;) Hey I was expecting a product limit of 20,000 or more on the 3-coin given the high mintage limits, 15k is interesting. Had it been 10k like the Generals, I’d say SO in a 72 hours.., though like you, wish I had bought more of some privy’s. Though I really wish I could turn back the hands of time to 2008 and 2009 knowing what I know now, it would have been so obvious to me then.

  98. fmtransmitter says

    jeff says
    JANUARY 17, 2015 AT 5:37 PM

    Question in regards to 2014 Limited Edition Silver Set. Evidently they are all struck and since they can not strike anymore in 2015, what’s everyone idea on the mintage I think it will be a new low in the series 17,500 sets that’s it.

    See if you can email the Mint and see how many sets of packaging they ordered..Then you will know..

  99. Dustyroads says

    There’s no question about what makes a great coin great…you simply never forget about it. Most of these offerings get squeezed out of our minds by cooler stuff, leaving behind nothing more than a faint memory and an acceptable intrinsic value.
    The old west is no doubt a cool topic, and should make the Marshals coins sell well enough. It may just be one of the coolest commemorative coins the Mint has made over the last few decades. I don’t meen to draw away from the curved bhof, but the Marshals silver dollar will without a doubt strike a note with more than a few of us, living near water or not.
    My own plans for these are to wait a while, watch sells, and probably pick up some PCGS graded silver dollars, if the price is right of course. As for the gold, I’ll continue to watch sells, but stay in the same frame of mind about them as Louis will be. I’m not a fan of the clads unless they are 70’s or lowest mintage.

  100. Louis says

    Thanks to Dusty and others. No one has a crystal ball needless to say, so I plan to follow the Hidalgo approach and just buy what I like! But seriously, it may be possible if you are patient to snag some good deals on 70 silver dollars or $5 gold, and I have been collecting the $5 series for some years in MS70 so I will try to get one of those if the price is right. For the 3 coin proof set I just like having them all together, and if they get a bump from the artificial mintage limit all the better.
    For those who think this will be hum drum year for U.S. coins, keep hope alive! You never know what the Mint may have in store for us. And for the rest just think of all the money you will save.

  101. VA Bob says

    Good thing these Marshal coins were designed early last year. Otherwise the PC police, in keeping with the CR design, probably would have had the U.S. Marshal shooting an unarmed petty thief on the obverse, and “Hands up don’t shoot” or “I can’t breath” on the reverse.

    There were other design candidates that I preferred over these, especially the 50 cent piece, they had to go PC on one I guess. IMO, they could have given the whole canvas to a female and it would have been better. The lady depicted in this one just seems like an after thought. The Mint appears to keep trying to go for the demographics that just won’t, in significant numbers, buy their products, from GSA to the CR and others before. Also don’t know why they won’t offer a three piece UNC set along with the proof. It would save on packaging. Many collectors probably will want at least one example of each.

  102. Dustyroads says

    Reminds me of the time I was flipping a pristine Led Zeppelin ll Vinyl album and dropped in on the turntable.

  103. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- if IF’s and But’s were candy and nuts, we would all be fat and happy(or have diabetes). You are learning so fast, and luckily you have a young memory, so you will be able to apply what you learn. I don’t have an unlimited budget(or memory), so I have always been rather cautious and only looked for items that could help support my goals. I got off off track a little bit last year, but I intend to stick with my goals a little closer this year. I think there are going to be some real good opportunities coming if silver price stays relatively low and US Mint prices stay relatively high. We will see I guess. On the topic of profit margin at the Mint, I have searched all sorts of US Mint docs and financial statements and I have found a few answers. Still searching for more recent US Mint objectives. From what I have read from Annual Reports and Projections the US Mint seems to stay in a profit margin range of 15-20% on Numismatic products.
    This is from US MINT website: Year 2000
    Annually deliver 15 percent profit margin on numismatic products and 2 percent profit margin on bullion (excluding circulating commemoratives.

    From 2013 Annual Report
    in FY 2013, numismatic revenues increased 6.5 percent to $512.4
    million mainly because of an increase of $52.7 million in gold and platinum product
    revenue. Numismatic net income increased 29.6 percent to $95.8 million (before
    protection expenses). Numismatic net margin increased to 18.7 percent compared to
    15.4 percent last year

  104. cagcrisp says

    For 2013 the Numismatic Net Margin on Silver coin Products was 31.9%

    Silver Coin Product Units Sold 1,521,000
    Sales Revenue $129,500,000
    Gross Cost 88,200,000
    COGS $75,600,000
    SG&A $12,600,00
    Net Income & Seigniorage $41,300,000
    Numismatic Net Margin 31.9%

  105. cagcrisp says

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 8,500
    • cagcrisp 8,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 12,250
    • Tinto 7,700

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Gold Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 4,750
    • cagcrisp 4,036
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 3,500
    • Tinto 3,000

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Proof US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 13,650
    • cagcrisp 14,127
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 17,500
    • Tinto 16,000

    Contest for Opening Day ONLY Sales of Silver Unc US Marshal coin:
    • thePhelps 6,550
    • cagcrisp 7,085
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 5,000
    • Tinto 4,000

  106. Bernie in FL says

    Guy’s, has anyone of you ever taken a coin out of their Mint Capsules or even Graded Slabs just to be able to touch the coin directly, with out gloves, just to feel what the hell you paid SO much for?

    Well for Christmas I decided to pop out a 1995-w ASE PCGS PR69 out of the slab. I just had to feel the coin on my fingers as I did when I was a runny noised kid just starting in my numismatic endeavor. We touched every coin we ever came across. Mainly on the Rim, but we touched them.

    Now we just look thru Capsules and Slabs and never touch our Coins any more. I just miss that!!!! I just had to make it a bucket list. How many of you guys have stories of doing the same to a coins Most would tell you Never to directly touch, but you did it anyway?

    By the way, I enjoyed every moment of feeling that Coin in my finger, like the Old Days……….

  107. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- I guess you saw these also….LOL! How about those margins on the Pres. & FS Medals? Looking at the last 3 years, I guess it is obvious where the highest margins are. 2011 Silver Numismatic Coins 41.2% ,2012 Silver Numismatic Coins 32.7%, 2013 Silver Numismatic Coins 31.9%

    2013 Net Margin on Numismatic Gold & Platinum Offerings, 13.8%
    2013 Net Margin on Numismatic Presidential & FS Medals, 50.3%

  108. GoldFishin says

    @Bernie in Fl- I have a jar of nickels that I washed the smell out of with soap and water. Whenever I get the urge to get “sticky with it”….I pull them out of the corner cabinet and dump them out on the table and go to town. I admit it is kind of silly to never be able to touch our prized possessions, but I could Never have done what you did. Congrats!! 😉

  109. Tinto says


    Thank goodness the Prez dollars and FS will be over soon … and the proof and mint sets will be thinner and hopefully cheaper too ….

  110. merryxmasmrscrooge says


    No they won’t, there is a law of nature that says the number of coins in proof and mint sets must always be increasing. 2017 will bring the Big Cities Dollars honoring all our cities with pop. over 750,000, or how about the VP dollars,
    or even the “Famous Criminal” dollars with Dillinger’s mug on the obv, that’ll put some rev in the Mint’s coffins.
    Last but not least, thet forgot to honor Jefferson Davis, Prez of the Confederacy.

  111. Bob R says

    @Bernie in Fl- I always carry a ASE in my pocket along with my pocket change and keys. You would be surprised how many cashiers asks what is that when I pull my change out to pay.

  112. stephen m says

    Bernie in FL. With all due respect, A bullion ASE would have felt the same way. A 1995W pf69. Wish I had one to look at through the slab.

  113. Ends in Error says

    There will soon be a Civil Rights Martyrs Series dedicated to all those brutally shot by racist White Cops. The slogan ” I can’t dream without taking your money” will be prominent on each coin. And then the Mint will have an ad campaign featuring a weeping Al Sharpton explaining how each modern day martyr was sacrificed while unemployed unarmed and docile as a newborn spring Lamb.

    That cop said my boys was assaulting them and wishing to shoot them with they own guns? Theys all racist lies. Buy these Coins to support the memory of all our innocent young children denied they dreams.

  114. fmtransmitter says

    What is “with the exception of CIRCULATING COMMEMS’..What commem circulates? The NA or Prez dollars?

  115. Dante says

    @Bernie in FL – I keep a jar of Kennedy half dollars that I got from the bank (in rolls) while looking for the odd 40% silver coin. I was going to turn them back in, but instead I grab them by the fistful whenever I get the urge to touch coins. I also use them as ball markers when I play golf. I give them to my nephew and niece. I even spend a few.

  116. Hidalgo says

    The US Mint has a “surprise” this year for collectors, dealers, and third party graders (TPGs): the 2015 reverse proof set. I can collectors, flipprs, and dealers getting their coins certified by TPGs. The TPGs will have special labels to go with the coins.

    I can also see the U.S. Mint selling the U.S. Marshal and March of Dimes commemorative coins at coin conventions. I’m sure there will be TPGs, dealers, and long lines. there We’ll talk about the high prices for coins certified at the convention too.

    Bloggers will talk about the post- WW 2 First Spouse gold coins, the ATB P 5 ounce silver coins, American Silver Eagles, and more. And the quality of US Mint products, the fluctuation in precious metal prices, and ways to make a fast buck.

    This will be an exciting year! I’m looking forward to it. There certainly will be plenty to talk about…! 🙂

  117. john says

    hsn got the one dollar coin and currercy set again,over 2000 EU 69 for 149.00,how does that guy get them.and he said last night that is the high grade,NO EU70. well I know pcgs,and ncg.both have 70.

  118. Hidalgo says

    Here’s a list of US circulating commemorative coins:

    1932 – George Washington quarter (200th anniversary of his birth). There were no quarters minted in 1933. 1934 became the regular issue coinage design.

    1975 – 1976: Bicentennial quarter, half dollar, and dollar.

    1999 – 2009: State and U.S. Territories quarters program.

    2009: Lincoln bicentennial pennies (4 designs)

    2004 – 2005: Westward Journey Nickel series (4 designs)

    2010 – 2021: America the Beautiful quarters.

    Arguments can be made whether or not the Presidential dollar and Native American dollar series should be included in this group.

  119. Tinto says


    Of course the criminal stuff should include modern day folks like the financial “wizards” who gave us the RE mortgage mess, the LIBOR fix, the F/X fix ….etc. maybe the Mint won’t run out of candidates anytime soon ….

  120. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – as a long time Packer Backer, I thought you guys should have won last week’s game. Would have been for a nice match up today, just hoping for a good game and for Bradly to get stuck a good few times today! 🙂 Appreciate the net margin input from you, Larry and Cag.

  121. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- don’t mistake me for a Cowboy fan…I was just tweaking any Dallas fans here on the site. I thought it was a bad call, but payback was due from the week before. 😉

  122. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    K15 trailing 4-week trend to SO at 75k (195 avg/wk) – 24 weeks, or late June ’15

    8-week trailing trend K15 (captures the Holiday buying season, 427 avg/week) – SO in ~ 11 weeks, around April 1st.

    2014 has been a great that’s come and gone, let’s bring it to an End!

  123. Erik H says

    Bernie in FL saysJANUARY 17, 2015 AT 11:23 PMGuy’s, has anyone of you ever taken a coin out of their Mint Capsules or even Graded Slabs just to be able to touch the coin directly, with out gloves, just to feel what the hell you paid SO much for?

    The answer is yes! I just had to crack out a 1911S PCGS EF40 Quarter Eagle. It was the first “circulated” gold coin I’d own. I wanted to know what it felt like to hold a piece of gold that was actually used in commerce. When I sold it the dealer took my my word that it was cracked out of the slab and agreed with the grade so I didn’t really so any $$.

  124. Teach says

    I get to hold proof halves all of the time when I find them coin roll searching. I think it’s cool to actually hold them. I hate to see them circulated though. I save everyone I find to keep them from being further beat up.

  125. Dustyroads says

    KCSO, Was hoping for the K15 to be gone by now, oh well, still think 75,000 is not bad. Someday, we will be remembering the stampede that caused the coins to be pulled in Chicago, and talk about how cool it was for the Mint to produce the half dollar in gold.

  126. jhawk92 says

    @KCSO-Yes, I’d really like AG down under $16 to help DCA some of my ASE’s that were bought in the $40s.

    Really a bummer on the 5oz puck pricing. I had hoped it would have been around the subscription price. I guess I’m in. I’m glad I got a few with the sub pricing, now just have to keep things going, since I’m in this one for the long haul.

  127. jhawk92 says

    And to see the price of the uncirculated ASE drop $4 and to only get $5 savings on the puck…grrr. I looked back in my records, and the subscription price on the uncirc ASE was $39.55. So the mint is basically using that same pricing for 2015 version. But us puck collectors get to pay $10 more than 2014 subscription pricing, GRRRR!

    While the pucks will be better cost average than the uncirc ASE, I will still get that coin (x2) to keep the ASE collection up (proofs, uncircs, bullion coins). I can only hope things get a bit lower and stay there for a couple of the 2015 pucks.

  128. Ralph says

    Seems my system of having a PO box for my address so UPS can drop packages off without me having to be there to sign is backfiring today. I have some Mint packages that are on the truck today. But, being a holiday, the PO is closed. I suppose I could camp out in front and try to catch him. Probably just wait until tomorrow!
    Hope everyone has a great day!

  129. Hidalgo says

    The US Mint has changed its coin production methods. Previously, it stated that it would mint an initial supply of collector coins to prevent waste. If demand exceeds the initial supply, the US Mint would mint additional coins to meet the projected demand or to reach the mintage limit.

    With that being said, if you plan to have your coins certified by a third party grader, you should purchase your coins quickly since no one knows what the demand will be for some of the US Mint’s products.

    By the way, I agree with Louis – you likely will not realize any significant profits from buying U.S. commemoratives…. unless you flip. I looked at prices for ungraded 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame and 2014 Civil Rights Act coins. The uncertified commemoratives, in most cases, are selling for a small percentage above the U.S. Mint’s original sales price. When you consider seller’s fees (eBay, PayPal, free shipping option, etc.) one must make a decision if it is worth the time to sell on the secondary market.

    I plan to buy the silver and clad U.S. Marshal’s coins because I enjoy them. They will make a great addition to my collection!

  130. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, In regards to the mint’s changing production methods, I would assume demand would have to be worthwhile in quantity for them to produce more collector coins. We will see what happens.

  131. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks for the info about circ. commems…Appreciate any and all knowledge I learn from you all!
    About holding the coin, I almost always buy raw and enjoy holding a coin by the edge, always with a NEW set of cotton gloves, which I bought a huge package of for really cheap. Always careful not to drop and have a soft towel or something underneath in case I do…:) Great great game yesterday in Seattle, sorry Packer fans but at least you got beat by a Wisconsin Quarterback!

  132. dan says

    I believe that there might be a few others out there that are still awaiting C & C sets that were ordered on December 4th 2014, in the AM. The reason I sent this letter was that it appears other orders that had been placed as far back as the 11th, had been shipped by the US Mint fulfillment center. As a result of my inquiry, I was informed that I have been placed on a waiting list and should the product become available, I might get one.
    Below is a copy of my letter to the Mint and their reply. Bottom line, anyone still needing a set better hit the secondary market. In addition, it appears that even receiving conformation numbers from the mint does not mean anything. They also did not address why orders received much later were shipped out when they supposedly follow a FIFO policy.

    US Mint Support

    Jan 18 at 12:12 PM
    This letter is in response to your recent correspondence to the United States Mint
    We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention regarding the order you placed for the American $1 Coin and Currency Set. Due to overwhelming demand, the product reached its production limit in sales quickly. The United States Mint accepted a limited number of orders on a waiting list in the event that products became available due to order cancellations. Waiting list orders are not guaranteed and are only fulfilled if inventory becomes available. At this time, we can only confirm that your order is on the waiting list. As we continue to process orders for the American $1 Coin and Currency Set, there may be cancellations that allow us to fulfill some portion of the waiting list orders. Although you may have received an order confirmation and backorder communications, these should not have been taken as a guarantee that your order would be fulfilled. If you no longer would like the American $1 Coin and Currency Set you may request to have your wait listed order cancelled. Should we be able to fulfill your order, you will receive a shipping confirmation notification from us once your order has been shipped. If your order will not be processed, you will receive an order cancellation notification confirming this when your order is cancelled from our system. We hope you will continue to support the United States Mint’s numismatics programs. Sincerely, The United States Mint Customer Service Center.
    For general information, you may contact us seven (7) days a week from 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight Eastern Time. Hearing and speech impaired customers with TTY equipment can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time or by visiting us online at To contact us by email, please reply to this correspondence or send an email to
    We appreciate your interest in United States Mint products, programs and services.
    United States Mint
    Customer Service Center
    1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)
    TTY 1-888-321-MINT (6468)
    Visit us at to check on your order status, update your US Mint profile and to place new orders
    Original Message Follows: ————————
    Name = XXXXXXXX
    Email =
    Order Number =USMO276XXX
    My Question = Order Status
    Comment = Can you advise me what the status on this order is? It would appear that orders placed well afton its status and why other orders after this order where shippeder this order for the same product have been shipped by the US Mint. When ordered it stated that the product would have been available by December 18th. Please advise to the status of this order and why orders placed after it have been shipped when the mint supposedly follows a first in first out policy on shipping. Thank You
    This email was scanned by BitDefender.

    This email was scanned by BitDefender

  133. Hidalgo says

    @Dan – thank you for sharing your email. As I suspected the US Mint has shipped some, but not all of the American $1 Coin and Currency orders since there is a waiting list. The odds of receiving an order are fairly good if you ordered early when the US Mint re-opened sales of the product. If you ordered late, your chances may not be so good.

    Never give up hope….. I remember I placed an order for the 2012 Hawaii 5 ounce silver P coin when it was “backordered.” After months of waiting and plans to cancel, I received the good news that the US Mint was shipping my order!

    In terms of shipping order – I am uncertain if the US Mint posted its waiting list “rules” for this product. I would tend to think that the US Mint would go down its waiting list and fulfill orders for 1 or 2 sets vs. 5 sets at this time. Especially if the returns are small (1 or 2) in quantity. However, those are my thoughts.

  134. jhawk92 says

    @”Cool” Dave-

    I did see your response, just didn’t get around to replying with the busy weekend. Will do so tonight.

  135. jeff says

    It’s the mint for crying out loud. You can’t hold them to anything get over it . If you want one go to ebay and buy one for 45$ I was only able to get 10 dozen sets. When they went back on sale the site told me I exceeded the HH limit of 5 imagine that.

  136. Hidalgo says

    On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday holiday….

    * I received an email from the US MInt, reminding me that the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Corretta Scott King bronze medal is available for purchase. The 1.5 inch medal is $6.95. The 3 inch medal is $39.95.

    * Lady Luck must be smiling at me. I pre-ordered a 2015 American Silver Eagle bullion coin online. About a week later, I received a call, saying that I won a lottery for a free 2015 ASE bullion coin. So that’s two coins for the price of one. How lucky can one get?

    Hope y’all find a double die coin in change this year!

  137. Tinto says


    I have never cracked open coins in TPG or mint capsules since I am too clumsy and will gouge the coin in the process. But about 15 years ago I purchased a holed and plugged and cleaned raw 1795 $1 with fine details and boy did I enjoy holding that coin .. too bad my finances meant I had to sell it a few years later … I had to get it TPG’d first though (done thru the dealer..) Won’t get that opportunity again .. but nice while I had it.

  138. Louis says

    Hidalgo- Congrats on the lottery? Do you mind saying who that was from?

    I didn’t win any lotteries, but I did pre-order a roll of 2015 ASE’s when APMEX had the best price anywhere on the Bay a couple weeks ago, and the same rolls are now $60 more.

  139. VA Bob says

    Hidalgo – I got the same MLK and wife medal announcement, which I thought was nice being MLK Day. What I found curious was the “You May Also Like ” section of the email. It had the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Victims 2013 Bronze Medal 3 Inch and the Nelson Mandela Bronze Medal 1.5 Inch represented. I found that to be pandering just a bit, and seemed to make the day about race. They could have put just about any medals there, it just seems a little strange. Of course the Mint may just be trying to move inventory.

  140. Dustyroads says

    VA Bob, No, it’s not racism, it’s human nature to be drawn to our own kind. Racism is to demean another couture not our own.

  141. VA Bob says

    I didn’t suggest it was racist, just they seemed to make the email about race. Of the other two medals only one was related to civil rights in the US. Mandela’s group, the ANC, killed more blacks than the white South African government ever did. Look up South African “necklace” if you’d like to know more. I realize Mandela is a hero to some, but this in now way goes with MLK’s philosophy of peaceful protest. The presence of PC these days I suppose.

  142. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- Have you come in from the front porch yet? I have to say that was the most exciting comeback and memorable game I have ever seen, except for maybe when Arizona lost to Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. What a roller coaster game that was. I feel so sorry for that Bostick player, I hope he realizes at some point that it is just a game and keeps it in perspective. Heck, that game was so crazy Seattle may have got the ball back and won even if Green Bay handled the onside kick.

    Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Airless Football Coins

  143. thePhelps says

    I imagine a lot of Packers fans are more deflated than a game ball in New England… I agree that was the craziest finish to a game I’ve seen in a while – and think the lack of guts to go for TD’s in the 1st quarter had more to do with the finish than a bobbled onside kick…

    Ok… back to coins, silver and gold…and that pesky deflated football coin

  144. I started collecting yesterday says

    Hello. I like this article about the FDR Coin and Chronicles set. The set itself is fantastic. I think the packaging is superior to the TR set. I saw a question a few weeks ago and I wonder if anyone has any information about the stamps in the FDR set. Are they reproductions? Is there anything that distinguishes them from original issue? Thank you.

  145. Dustyroads says

    I started collecting yesterday~I don’t remember who it was, but someone commented on this not long ago in another thread. It does appear that these stamps are actual legal stamps.

  146. Dustyroads says

    VA Bob, I hope you don’t take offense to my earlier comment, I like you too much to mess with you that way. I can sometimes come across as though I’m against someone and that’s not what I want to do. Enjoy your evening…

  147. Erik H says

    Louis, I’m glad to hear you got the APMEX roll at such a low price and I hope others took advantage. I don’t know if you saw my original post about the deal or if you stubbled on it yourself but it almost looked “too good to be true”. Looks like they started shipping out on Saturday.

  148. Bob R says

    @GoldFishin, I feel sorry for that player who did not catch the onside kick, the coach was all over him on the sideline for that, It was the coach that lost the game in the first quarter, no guts to go 4th and goal from the 1 foot line, maybe it should be the 1 fool line. Game over.

  149. Tinto says

    @Bob R

    ” ….no guts to go 4th and goal .. ”

    Yeah even the play by play guy was astonished as he had been saying just before this play that the coach would usually go for it in this situation.

  150. MikeinPA says

    is the UHR going to be a coin and medal set or am i mistaken, the article seems to indicate a coin medal set, either way i better start saving my pennies

  151. Dustyroads says

    Larry, Thanks for the link.

    MikeinPA, First of all, it is to be a gold coin in a set with a medal, and the gold coin will be high relief not UHR….sorry. I am already saving my money for it, so I’m hoping it’s going to be a nice one….adding a $100.00 to my fund tomorrow.

  152. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, I started reading back posts on my phone a.d had to scroll up over twenty times to get to a post by dan. I didn’t have time to read it. But I did read briefly about a $75 face value gold coin. I am not sure but I was just thinking about this today actually. The 30th SE. I bet it’s going to be one ounce gold. No change in design, just HR. The mint really loves selling gold, it fills their accounts up quicker and there is less production costs IMHO…

  153. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    $75 Face Value = New Column on Pricing Grid (read, higher premium) – if it’s to be sold solely as a coin/medal set, then perhaps the reason for the FV change(?).

    I’m curious to see if they’ll be an adjustment to the USM $5 (’15 Comm) pricing grid, which would carry over a $400/ounce premium over spot when compared to B31/32 pricing.

    GF – ahhh, that was a great game, that’s what you want to see come playoff time.., certainly not 45-7 games.., which won’t be the case in two weeks. Hope we get some good commercials out of it too that are more representative of those 10 years back or so.., they’ve gotten too lame, and too PC.., which is really counter-intuitive to a football fan audience, eh?

  154. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I’d like to get your all’s thoughts on something (before we get too emotionally involved in a UHR/HR gold coins and see the designs come Thursday) –

    For a modern, one-off 1 oz .999 gold coin, what do feel the collector saturation point it? Or put differently, the mintage that would create sustainable numismatic demand/appreciation?

    Just putting a number is fine – I’d like to see what some of you all think and hoping for at least 10 inputs, appreciate ya throwing it out there.

  155. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Should read – For a modern, one-off 1 oz .999 gold coin, what do YOU feel the collector saturation point it?

  156. thePhelps says

    KCSO…I think it depends on the price. I think we already have an established number based on the number of reverse proof Buffalo gold pieces sold. I don’t see this selling a lot more or a lot less than those. If the mint tries to make a large profit off these – then I think the number will be less than the Buffs.

  157. Larry says

    @Keepcalm, who knows? Too many variables. The 2009 UHR sold 100K and it is still very popular and sells at a pretty good premium. The RP Buff sold like 50K and it sells for right around what it costs in OGP, The 2006 RP Eagle, well that only sold 10K and boy I would like to have one of those. I tried to buy one at the ANA show this year and could only find a couple and they would only sell the whole 2006 set of three gold coins, which was way over my budget. But if they made a UHR version of the silver eagle, that may be a great coin no matter how many are minted IMHO.

  158. VA Bob says

    Dusty – No worries about the comment yesterday. I didn’t take it in a negative way, in fact I was concerned I came off the wrong way. So your comment helped me to clarify. Thanks.

  159. stephen m says

    A gold silver eagle? The 25th ASE anniversary 5-piece set is obtainable plenty and it was limited to just short of 100K. Maybe more so than the 20th anni. set that has a mintage of somewhere around 250K. The 10th anniversary set with a much lower mintage, around 30 something K, can still be collected at a high price. Of course it is still very early in the ASE game. I’m sure the mint will have a nice 30th anniversary set for us.

  160. cagcrisp says

    Just like I said last week. Seems like lasts weeks numbers were Not correct. All the 2013 FS have been revised Sharply downward and Most of the 2014 FS were revised downward. K14 and K15 both revised downward.

    What a cluster………………….

  161. Dustyroads says

    KCSO~ That’s a good question and a hard one to answer right now. It looks obvious to me that the Mint is grabbing for as much revenue as they can at the moment, my guess is that it’s at the top of their list. Therefor I’m expecting them to shoot for the stars with as many of their greatest designs and ideas that they can lay out on the table for the foreseeable future and attempt to offset the saturation they plan on creating until they change their present “MO”.
    I’m afraid that Washington is locked into the “grow bigger and spend more” campaign with the Mint filing suit right behind with the central orders to create…create…create. We must be living in the best of times, and the worst of times…

    So I have to say that a saturation point for a really nice gold and silver set would be 100,000+.
    The saturation point for a mediocre set would be 50,000.
    Then 500 for a far less than attractive set…you know, the one you buy because you’re too drunk to know what you’re doing set. A set that might have the pawn stars “stars” lined up on the obverse with a heraldic Elvis on the reverse. We can leave that one up to the fine producers of any number of private mints that operate around the world today.

  162. anita says

    a lot of analysts are predicted this year gold and silver will go up. said 30% for gold and 60% for silver. and the UHR gold and silver coin will come out late this year. that bring these two coins mint initial prices at the highest..

  163. Tinto says


    For me the number of mintage will depend upon the attractiveness of the design, the buffalo commemorative is still selling at a premium to the OGP …

  164. Tinto says

    cont’d from prior posting (had a fat finger episode) and gold/silver set mintage of about 25k … it’ll also depend, as someone said before on the mint’s selling price.

  165. Dan says

    I have been following this mint blog for 5 years. I don’t chime in, but I have a question regarding the 2014 coin and currency set. Thanks for the ones that spilled the beans on the special finish coin.I bought a couple dozen. My question is the finish on the face of the native, I have one coin that looks proof like. While the others are grainy. Are the one that are grainy the finish or is the one I have that is proof like a special coin? Thx Dan

  166. Ikaika says

    Anyone have an idea how much will the US Marshal coins be sold for? Gold, silver and clad. Also the 3 coin proof set.

  167. fmtransmitter says

    you know, the one you buy because you’re too drunk to know what you’re doing set. A set that might have the pawn stars “stars” lined up on the obverse with a heraldic Elvis on the reverse. We can leave that one up to the fine producers of any number of private mints that operate around the world today

    Or a Pete Rose signed HOF coin? LMAO, nice one Dusty!

  168. Dustyroads says

    Dan, The wire brush technique used to create the almost proof like appearance on the 2014 Native Hospitality EU coins does apparently vary some as the planchets are prepared for striking. It’s a new technique for the Mint which may or may not be used again. I was let down by the varying finish of the wire brush technique, but as these things go, if you should find a really nice looking example, then it will only add to the value.

  169. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says

    January 20, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Another Gold price Increase tomorrow. Just in time for the US Marshal Golds…
    Seems to always be that way…

  170. jeff says

    US Marshal

    *Mintage Limits:
    •$5 Gold Proof Coin – 100,000
    •Proof Silver Dollar – 500,000
    •Proof Clad Half-Dollar – 750,000

    Nothing really worth writing home,. GL on the gold price increase just in time hey.

  171. achmed says

    I hope the mint will not make a set of the 75 Dollar coin together with a silver medal. Such a goldcoin should be in a box separately. I assume it will be a 1,5 ounce goldcoin in UHR, so it should have the same diameter as the buffalo 1 ounce gold coin.

  172. CasualCollector says

    Regarding the PL Coin and Currency Sacagawea you have — did you buy that set directly from the mint or on the secondary market?

  173. cagcrisp says

    @Ikaika , US Marshal
    Coin Introductory price Regular price
    Silver Proof $46.95 $51.95
    Silver Uncirculated 43.95 48.95
    Clad Proof 14.95 18.95
    Clad Uncirculated 13.95 17.95

    The Gold are TBD. Using current Mint Grid with Gold being between $1,250-$1,299 the Golds would be;
    Gold Proof $417.60
    Gold Unc $412.60

  174. Dan says

    Casual collector..
    I bought 3 dozen 2014 coin and currency sets from the mint directly. Out of the 3 dozen this one caught my eye. This one is just different very shiney and proof like unlike the other coins. I sent pictures to Michael. So maybe he has some advice or input. Thx Dan

  175. cagcrisp says

    I’m thinking about passing on the US Marshal Gold. Had planned on Buying several. I don’t like what I’m seeing in the Market. The Marshal’s will be available All year so I don’t have to make any decisions at this time. This is a train I Can miss and I will Not be hurt…

  176. Tinto says


    Gold’s on a strong run .. it’s even pricier than platinum now, change of plan for me, I’ll just go with the silver Marshals bec. of the design … forget the gold and clad (too PC) …. save up for the UHR/HR combo hopefully good designs will be chosen … like that platinum design (R-17) for the 2015/16 proof which the Mint production people wimped out on …

  177. cagcrisp says

    @Ikaika, Using Info on the Mints Grid, it says the commemorative 3-coin mulit-metal set would be $478.60 IF Gold is in the $1,250-$1299.99 range…

  178. Tinto says


    Thanks for the price breakdown of the US Marshals

    I will buy the silvers maybe 3 or 4 ea Prf/Unc during the intro pricing period .. the discount is too good to pass up there

  179. The Real"Cool" Dave says


    Still waiting —

    USM0277XXXX $2XX.00 12/5/2014 This order contains 1 item. PROCESSING

    –Go Patriots!!

  180. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    Still waiting —

    USM0277XXXX $2XX.00 12/5/2014 This order contains 1 item. PROCESSING

    –Go Patriots!!

  181. CasualCollector says

    That’s good — I was afraid if from the secondary market that they switched out the EU and replaced it with a Proof. But since yours are direct from the Mint then that cannot be the case (which is good). Now I’d love to see the coin — maybe it’s a variation of some sort…

  182. fmtransmitter says

    Yea cagcrisp, it is a hard decision, I was just scanning over this years offerings…The Marshals gold reverse looks stunning but then the HR silver and gold and then the March of Dimes…Ugh, the Mint knows how to entice us numismatists…

  183. Dan says

    I sent Michael the pictures fo the sacawegea cc coin. As I mention the first time it is the face on the front of the coin that is super shiny. If Michael thinks some thing is unique to the coin maybe he will post the pictures. Thx dan

  184. dan says

    “Real Cool Dave”

    I sent an additional letter to the mint support group and received another reply yesterday evening becuase the two prior letter from them contadicted each other.. In their letter they state that I am in fact backordered and will receive the order as soon as they receive the product. In addition they did admit to a screw up in their system which allowed orders placed at a later date than mine and your orders to be shipped. If you or anyone else is intrested in the last exchange of letters, I can post them if you like. Maybe you should fire off a letter and see what status your order is really in. By the way, my order does not now or has ever said processing just on hold and then backordered.

    AFter the order is finalized one way or the other, I intend to send copies of all the correspondence to the new Mint Director just to let him know that there might be problems in the system.

    By the way, there are 2 dans, one with a capital D and one (me) with a small d. I have been on this site for many years also but do not post regularly, only If I can help someone or Post something of significance.


  185. Frank A says


    I am definitely interested in seeing your last correspondence from the Mint. Please do post the last reply. Thanks.

  186. dan says


    As per your request here are the copies of my inquiry which is below their reply. Each time I contacted them I did so in reply so that they could follow the history of my request and their responses.

    US Mint Support


    Jan 19 at 6:00 PM

    Dear James Kelly,

    Thank you for your recent inquiry to the United States Mint concerning your coin order.

    We sincerely apologize for the miscommunication regarding your order. As of 01/19/2015 order number USM0276XXXX is on backorder. You are correct, the fulfillment center will ship as soon as inventory becomes available.

    The distribution center did experience an issue which caused a small portion of total orders for the American $1 Coin and Currency Set to ship prior to other orders which were placed on past days. All orders which were placed prior to this issue will still be allocated inventory and shipped when available. We apologize for the delay in getting you your order and appreciate you shopping with the United States Mint.

    For more information, you may contact us seven (7) days a week from 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight Eastern Time. Hearing and speech impaired customers with TTY equipment can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time or by visiting us online at To contact us by email, please reply to this correspondence or send an email to

    We appreciate your interest in United States Mint products, programs and services.

    United States Mint

    Customer Service Center

    1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)

    TTY 1-888-321-MINT (6468)


    Visit us at to check on your order status, update your US Mint profile and to place new orders.

    Original Message Follows: ————————

    Your emails are very confusing. One says that I am on a waiting list, which in the past pretty much means you are out of luck, and the second leads me to believe that I am definitely going to receive this order. In the past backordered products usually meant the fulfillment center was waiting for packaging or product to ship out but the product was available, whereas when a waiting list was posted it would mean that the mint was in fact sold out of the product but in case of cancellations or returns, you might receive it. So I guess the question is, am I waitlisted and hoping on returns or cancellations or is this order backordered ( available) and there is just a shipping problem.

    IN addition I am now asking for a third time, as to why orders as far back as December 11th shipped out prior to this order of December 4th…..? Thanks again

  187. dan says

    I sent the copies of the letters but for some reason they do not post. Michael must have the system set up as to not post copies for some reason. When I posted the communications last time the same thing happened and after a short period of time michael let it post, hopefgully he will do the same this time.

  188. VA Bob says

    dan – you have to copy and paste the body of the letter (edit out any personal info). Also, for the more proof-like SAC’s I believe these were the dies used just prior to replacement. The wear on the dies smooths out the brushed marks. Not to worry though, many people seem to seek out these “proof-like” coins and even pay a premium for them.

  189. dan says

    VA Bob

    I did copy and pasate and removed my personal infor but now that I think about it, it still had the mints website address in it. Do you think thats what causes the problem? The issue with the SAC’s is the other Dan’s question, he uses a capital D in the name. I know its confusing but neither of us post all that often. Thanks for your help.

  190. VA Bob says

    dan – sorry about that. If it was lengthy that might be the issue. Not sure if Michael would pull it due to the Mints address, as that is common knowledge, easily found on the net.

  191. dan says

    VA Bob

    I appreciate the help and guidance, like I said I dont post all that often. There are many great posts made here by many and over the years have learned much more than I would have on my own but I hate it when you get a few with attitude and attack other posters. Shame they dont make an attitude or hate mail screener or filter..

  192. VA Bob says

    dan – The negatives are pretty far and few between (at least lately). I’d like to think everyone has something important to say here about coins, even the occasional agitator. I try not to let it bother me, though sometimes it’s difficult to do. Most everyone here is nice and helpfu, as I’m sure you’re aware. I comment when I believe I can add something and let others more knowledgeable comment on ebay, TPG specific issues (other than my personal opinion of them), or selling. I enjoy when members pose questions, because chances are someone else wants to know too, just didn’t want to ask. Those get everyone thinking and often clear up misconceptions. Don’t be a stranger.

  193. I started collecting yesterday says

    Hello again. Thanks for the help regarding information about the stamps in the FDR coin and chronicles set. Unfortunately, the 1 answer on another thread only talked about the importance of looking at both sides of a stamp. I think it might be helpful for some information about the stamps, especially if they are reproductions and how they might differ from 1st issue. I cant seem to find any information on these. Thanks!

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