The centenary anniversary of President Kennedy’s birth passes us by while many more are still concerned learning about his death

Following the initial release of 2,891 documents previously withheld by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Thursday, October 19, the Internet went up in storm. While many are satisfied with this initial release of documents regarding the president’s assassination, the international non-profit transparency group WikiLeaks is […]

A response to increasing cyberattacks and wasteful spending: The Coins Act

In the wake of the devastating Equifax breach, which exposed the private financial information of an estimated 143 million Americans, lawmakers in Washington are scrambling for solutions to the increase in sophisticated cyberattacks targeting private citizens. Other attacks like the WannaCry ransomware attack of May 2017 affected almost a quarter of a million Windows users […]

My first CCAC Meeting: A spirited discussion and a rare inside glimpse into the design process

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017 , I had the pleasure of attending my first Citizens  Coinage Advisory Committee meeting (on the phone, since I live in Atlanta and not in Washington). As a relative novice to the world of coin design, I understand the apprehension most collectors feel when first putting themselves into the fray with […]

Revisiting the Mint’s American Arts gold bullion medals

A recent email blast from the Mint reminded that October is National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM). While the celebratory occasion was initially established 30 years ago as National Arts Week, in 1993 it was reformed into National Arts and Humanities month in order to “raise public awareness about the role the arts and humanities play in […]